There appeared on Olympus a great light and the Gods were amazed.

"Who the fuck dared to teleport into our sacred garden!" Ares yelled, bringing the others running.

Cupid walked over to the limp body then gave his father a bland look. "Gee, maybe she was trying to get away?" he suggested dryly. "'Pol, she's gonna need your special touch." He got out of the healers' way, letting them work their miracles on the unconscious woman.

Hera and Zeus pushed through the crowd. "What is going on?" Zeus demanded. "We saw the flash of light."

"She's unconscious, she's been this way for a while, someone else had to have sent her," Asclepias reported as he worked. "She's also four months along with twins and has been lovingly taken care of." He looked at his rulers. "What should we do?"

"Is she one of us?" Hera sniffed.

"Celtic by her clothing," Ares said thoughtfully. "Possibly under Morrigan by the knots on her torque."

"Then help her, it can only help us stay at peace with the Celtic pantheon," Zeus decided. "Keep me informed of everything." The Healing Gods nodded and teleported the woman with them. He looked around. "We will make *discreet* inquiries about this matter," he announced, staring particularly at Ares and his house. "I want to know who she is so her own people can be notified and she can be taken home." He and Hera disappeared.

Ares looked around. "Anyone got friends over there?" he asked.

Artemis raised a hand. "I have one, she's a smith." Ares nodded. "I'll ask her when I see her next week."

"That'd be fine. If we don't find anything sooner, it's your ball," Ares agreed. Everyone slowly drifted away, talking about this extraordinary occurrence. Ares looked at Strife, who was looking thoughtful and more pale than usual. "Did you know her?" he asked bluntly.

Strife shook his head. "Nope. Sorry." He shook his head and looked at his uncle. "Morrigan was in Greece not six months ago."

"I remember," Ares said patiently. "So?"


"Good point," Discord said bitterly. "Can we call out to her?"

"No, but I know someone who can," Strife told her. Ares groaned and Discord gave him a 'get on with it' look. "She and Hercie-poo were awfully close," he reminded her. "She'd probably come if he called."

"Plus, as a do-gooder, he'd go into protective overdrive," Ares agreed. "Fine, do you want to ask him?"

"Me?" Strife asked, looking shocked.

"Never mind," Ares sighed, teleporting down to the mortal plane. He easily found his half-brother, looking in the center of the biggest disturbance in Greece. He killed the monster Hercules was fighting with a fireball and buffed his nails on his vest while he waited on Hercules to catch up to the present moment.

Iolaus spotted him first. "Gee, Ares, that was nice. Did it piss you off too?" he asked.

"No, we need to have a talk with my *adoring* relative," he said, nodding at Hercules' back. "We've just had a foreign Goddess dumped in one of our communal gardens and we're certain she's a Celt."

Hercules turned to look at him, arms already crossing over his chest. "Why would that concern me?" he asked.

"Because we thought you might want to tell your buddy, Morrigan," Ares said patiently.

"Oh." Hercules nodded. "I'll try to get through to her tonight. Thank you for the head's up."

Ares shrugged. "It keeps Mother from getting jealous," he said with a small smirk before disappearing.

Iolaus looked at Hercules. "That was odd."

"They don't want the bother of dealing with her," Hercules snorted, picking up some grass to clean off his sword. "Let's go back to the village and tell them that their problems are over with."

"Shouldn't we check for a nest?" Iolaus suggested, pointing at the cave behind the charred beast.

"Probably," Hercules sighed. This put a warm soak farther away, but he followed his best friend into the cave to look. They found a large nest and groaned. "We'll have to move them," he decided. "Echidna will take care of them."

"Sure, Herc, if you're sure," Iolaus agreed, looking at the eggs. He touched one and it jiggled back. "They're still soft."

"She must have been eating the local farm animals to gain a reserve to lay them," Hercules agreed, looking around to see how he could pack them up.


Morrigan, a little, brash redheaded woman, appeared in the clearing where Hercules was sitting. "You called?" she asked with a smile, hands on her hips.

"Ares passed on some information that he thought you might like to know," he said in greeting, making room for her on his rock. "A foreign Goddess appeared on Olympus. They think she's one of yours."

Morrigan sighed. "Is she safe?"

"Definitely," Strife said as he appeared. "Wasn't she before?"

"Not really. She was near a battle area and was knocked out during the opening salvo. We removed her to a safer spot, but apparently something called her to your sides," she told him, then she smiled. "May I look in on her?"

"Sure," Strife agreed, holding out a hand. "We'll have to pop in on Hera first. She's preggers and that's her area."

"She is?" Morrigan asked, starting to frown. "Since when?"

"Since about four months ago accordin' ta Apollo," Strife told her as he took her away. He decided to give Hercules a reward and sent him a coupon to get him out of trouble once with him. It would disappear when invoked and he would honor it for as long as he remembered. They landed in Hera's garden, next to her. "He found her."

"Hercules does have his uses," she said bitterly. She looked at the other Goddess. "Morrigan?" The Morrigan nodded. "Would you mind looking in on her?"

"Sure, not a problem, I like the woman. Always a great drinkin' buddy," she said with an impish grin. "Is he gonna be the tour guide?"

"No, I'll take you personally," Hera assured her as she stood up. "Strife, thank you. Please go back to your temple. The fewer Gods involved the better." He nodded and disappeared with a bright smile for the brash woman. Hera shook her head. "You'll have to excuse his manners."

"He's got some, it's a nice change," Morrigan pointed out. "I was raised around warriors. His kind are decent, better than some." They started to walk down the street to Apollo's. "She's really pregnant?"

Hera nodded. "With twins. Approximately seventeen weeks along," she shared. "Was she supposed to be unconscious?"

"She got caught in the middle of a battle and was knocked out nearly four moths ago," Morrigan told her.

"Did the father of the children do it?" Hera asked.

Morrigan shook her head. "Not that he should have been able to. He's a warrior wannabe. A real trier, but he never gets it done if'n you know what I mean."

"I do," Hera sighed. "We have a few of those taking up our own God of War's time. Even a few women," she said in disgust.

"They're mortal," Morrigan pointed out. She had met Xena, once a few years back. She was strong, but could out-stubborn a pack of mules. She seemed like a good enough fighter though and she guessed that's what mattered to someone like Ares.

"True, she will die some day," Hera agreed, sounding happier. She opened the door to Apollo's temple, smiling at the chaos inside. "Was Bliss here?" she asked the distressed God. Even his hair was out of place. His, bathing suit was crooked as well.

"He was singing to the unborn," Apollo said in a weak voice, eyes as wide as they could go. He looked at the redhead. "Who're you?" he asked in a tiny voice.

"I'm Morrigan," she said, punching him on the arm. "He can't be as bad as some of ours," she said with a smile. "We had one follower who had eight mortal ones together."

Apollo shuddered. "I'm so glad I don't have to deal with them," he said weakly then searched blindly for a seat behind him. Hera moved one up, making him jump. "Oh, thank you." He sat down, holding his head. "Please make Strife quit teaching him," he pleaded into his hands. "Bliss will drive me insane before he turns a century if you don't, Lady Hera."

"I'll see what I can do," Hera agreed, smiling at Morrigan. "Bliss is experience one has to be inflicted with to appreciate," she explained, leading the way back to the Goddess' room. "Here we are. I'll leave you alone while I check on Bliss." She walked away.

Morrigan opened the door and peeked in. Yup, still sleeping. She walked in and slammed the door, making the Goddess on the bed grunt and shift onto her side. "Get up!" she yelled. One eye opened and she was flipped off. "Now, you lazy scut! You're upsettin' them and they won't put up with it."

"The kids wanted to be here," the other Goddess mumbled before closing her eyes again.

Someone knocked on the door so Morrigan opened it. "She's into a regular nap now," she said at the confused look on Apollo's face. "'Tis a bear to get her up, but it can be done," she said with a smile.

"Okay," he agreed, nodding slowly. "What can I do to help? The children and she are physically fine."

"She said they wanted to come here," Morrigan said with a shrug.

"I knew Bliss had something to do with this," he muttered as he strode off to have a *word* with Cupid about his son.

Morrigan snickered and turned back to her secretary. "Get up," she whined. "I can't play with 'em if you're like that." A slim, tanned arm came out from under the blankets and flipped her off again. "You and Kaiya take all my fun, D'Nalia," she sighed.

D'Nalia lifted her head, giving her a bleary stare. "She doesn't like tummy rubs?" she asked. Morrigan shook her head. "Then I guess that means you'll have to get knocked up if you want to rub a pregnant belly. These two like to be sung to." She put her head back down. "Another hour and then I'll wake up."

"Fine," Morrigan sighed, pulling over a chair to sit next to her. "You sleep and then we'll leave."

Bliss appeared. "No!" he shouted. "Not taking her! Bad things will happen and I won't allow it!" He took D'Nalia, bed and all, to a hidden spot he liked to play in. He had shielded it so his father couldn't find him there so they'd be safe. There wouldn't be any grumpy old warriors to hurt the pretty lady and her funny kids. Besides, now he'd have someone to play with. He sat down to pout, thinking so he could make plans, just like his Grandfather Ares had told him to many times. Thinking hard led to good plans.


Ares was called before the Council, from the dead of sleep so he was trying to make his hair lie down as he appeared. "What?" he asked in a surly tone of voice

"Your grandson took that new Goddess away from Morrigan," Hera sighed in defeat. "We can't find him."

"Have you looked in his usual hiding spots?" Cupid suggested as he too appeared, Strife right behind him, literally because he was attached to Cupid's left wrist by a leash.

"Let me make this more clear, we cannot find his power signature," Zeus told them.

Ares looked at Cupid, then at Strife. "Where'd he go, Strife?" he asked. Strife grinned uneasily. "Where? You're interrupting my sleep."

"He said the babies were important and that he had to protect them from going back," he admitted. "It was in confidence, you know?"

"I understand how Bliss' mind works," Hera told him. "What was he protecting them from?"

"Not a clue," Strife admitted. "He only said that he had to protect them since they showed up here."

"He didn't call them?" Zeus asked. Strife shook his head. "Fine. Where are his favorite hiding spots, Cupid, or Strife? Ares even?"

"I taught him how to shield his presence from mortals," Cupid groaned.

"He's got a few favorite people, but I'm not sure about hiding spots," Ares admitted. He looked at Strife, who shrugged, but he could see the spark of mischief in his eyes. "Tell me," he said impatiently. "Or else."

"He's got six or seven places, mostly caves and one field. I don't know where they all are."

"You could try asking the Goddess of Youth, since she's over children, if she's heard anything further," Hera suggested. "Hebe?" Hebe appeared mid-yawn. "Where is Bliss hiding?"

"Corinth, big cave," she murmured, leaning against Athena's back. "Why?" Her eyes fluttered closed.

"He stole that new Goddess and her unborn," Athena said, shaking her off.

"Hmmm." She leaned backwards, falling against Ares' chest, and he had to catch her or she'd fall. "Big cave," she repeated.

Ares handed his sister off with a grimace to Aphrodite, then called a map into being. "Caves near Corinth. That's not a lot of space," he announced, highlighting the areas. "Hebe, can you be a bit more specific?" he asked. She snored at him. "HEBE!" She woke up and waved a hand. "A bit more specific? A height maybe?"

"Underground," she murmured, starting to drift off again. "Big cave."

"Underground?" Zeus asked. "I'd have thought he'd be scared of being underground with his air nature."

"He's not afraid of much," Cupid put in. He stepped up to look at the caves noted, drawing Strife up to stand beside him. "Underground?"

"Hades," Ares said, pointing. "He's got an auxiliary cave in that area. It's deadended now but Bliss might have found it. It would be big enough to hide him and a bed. It would also already be shielded."

"Or he could be in this region," Strife said quietly, pointing at a large cave complex on the other side of the city-state. "That's a large set of caves that mostly interconnect."

"Okay, so which do we do first?" Cupid asked. "I don't like him being down there unsupervised. I'm still getting flashback from the last time."

"First, could we ask Gaia if she's heard him?" Hera suggested.

"Good idea, let's do that," Zeus agreed. "Gaia, appear," he called. Nothing.

Ares looked over at him. "You're not going to wake her up. Hades?" Hades appeared in a flash of black sparks. "You're mostly underground, have you heard that peculiar noise Bliss calls singing recently?"

"I have," he admitted, looking pensive. "He said not to tell you where he was when I found him." He held up a hand. "He said it was important that he protect the Goddess until her babies woke up, whatever that meant. That Gaia and Hecate had told him so." He looked at Zeus and Hera. "I left him there with some bedding, a never-ending fire, and some supplies for camping. The goddess was still asleep." He looked at the worried father and grandfather. "He really is fine. I swear, I've set a shade to watch him." He disappeared again.

Ares looked at Hera. "Looks like that's it then," he said, disappearing. He was pulled back by Zeus, who was standing right in front of him. "You wanted that war in Crete and I need rest to run it. Pick," he said coldly.

"Fine, leave," Zeus said, glaring at him. "We'll assign your usual helpers to find the boy. I'm sure Discord can do so."

She snorted. "Yeah, right," she said, shaking her head. "Not a chance. If Hecate told him to do this, I'm not interfering. I happen to like my body exactly the way it is at the moment too much for that." She disappeared.

"Me too," Strife said, disappearing and taking Cupid with him.

Ares crossed his arms, giving his father a bland look. "Anything else? I agree, let's leave him. He's safe, someone knows where he is, and he can't cause trouble without being caught. It's a mild adventure for a young boy. Plenty of them go camping around his age." He disappeared again, going back to his bed. He really did need to rest up for Crete tomorrow. A more stubborn bunch of idiots hadn't been born in centuries.

Zeus looked at Hera, who nodded. "Fine, we'll leave the boy and the Goddess there. Someone tell Morrigan what we know so she can find him if she wants." He disappeared before anyone could say anything else, going to find Hecate. He woke her and had to duck a thrown curse. "Hecate!" he said sharply.

"I'll turn you into something so slimy you'll never get laid again," she threatened, rolling onto her other side. "It can wait."

"It's about Bliss."

"It can wait!" she said more firmly.

He left before she made good on her threat. That was one Goddess you didn't upset. Ever.


Bliss looked over from his roasting meat as a groan came from the bed. "I cooked," he said in his sweetest and most innocent voice. "Come eat, the babies need it."

D'Nalia sat up and looked around the cave. "Wasn't I in a room?" she asked, looking very confused. Bliss was used to that look though so he gave her a smile and the stick with the roasted meat slice. "Thank you, who are you?"

"Bliss." He stood up and walked over, giving her stomach a hug. "I told to 'tect them. They're gonna be neat," he told her, giving her a grin.

"Who told you that?" she asked, nibbling on the meat. "Any water?"

"We have water and juice," he said proudly, helping her over to where he had cleaned off a spot and laid down pillows to sit on. "Here you go. You warm up and eat. Hecate said so."

"Ah." She finished off the piece of meat and accepted the jug of juice from him. "Is Hecate a Goddess?" He nodded. "Is she one of those Goddesses you don't want to cross?" He started to frown. "Like if she tells you to jump, do you either say 'how high' or 'please, Goddess, I beg you, not this'?"

He nodded quickly. "Yup, that's Auntie Heccy. She's nice most of the time but she said it was my duty to 'tect the twins. They needed it." He nodded a few times to show how serious he was.

She poured herself some juice and then handed the pitcher to him, watching as he carefully poured himself some with two hands. "Where are we?"

"Special hiding spot. 'Des find us already," he said a bit sullenly, "but that's 'kay, he's the one who gave us juice." He grinned, happier again. "Aunty Heccy musta told him too." He sipped his juice, watching as she did the same. "Can I sing more?"

"So you're the one who was curled up around them," she said, smiling down at him. He was an adorable child, wings and all. "How about we do that later and you tell me how I got here?"

"I zappeded us from 'Polo's temple," Bliss said proudly. "Do it right too."

"I'm very proud of you, but how did I get *here*, Greece?"

"Oh, you appear in garden," he said with a wave of his hand. "No one knows, but the little redheaded lady, like Granma, knows."

"That'd be Morrigan," D'Nalia said thoughtfully. "Who's your Grandmother?"

"Strife say he like daddy so I get to call his mommy Granma," Bliss said proudly.

"Oh, that'd be Discord then," she decided, head starting to spin. She looked at him, then around the cave, then back at him. "Could I call Morrigan?" Bliss shook his head. "No?"

"Nope, not 'til babies wake up, Auntie Heccy say so. We call her tomorrow if you want. She gives nice cuddles when in nice phase."

"That'd be fine," D'Nalia agreed. It was a well-appointed kidnaping if nothing else, and the little boy seemed like he wasn't going to hurt her. He didn't seem like a monster. "Who's your mother?" she asked.

"She go 'way, that's why I get Daddy Strife and Daddy," he said, staring into the fire and pouting.

She pulled him over to hug, he was irresistible this way. "I'm sorry, kiddo. It'll be fine, you're still loved."

"I know, but sometimes it's a pain," he complained. He gave her a smile. "We like you."

"Thank you." She tweaked his nose. "For a kidnaper you're pretty nice too." He giggled and hugged her stomach, starting to croon at it. She let him, it made him happy and peaceful, but she did stick some more meat on her stick and start to cook it. She was rather hungry for some reason.


Hecate appeared the next time she was summoned to the Council chambers and nodded regally at everyone in the room. "Bliss is fine," she told them. "I did tell him to guard the unborn."

"That's nice, why?" Zeus asked in a tolerant voice.

"Because it's necessary, you oaf," she sneered. Then she saw Morrigan. "You know that she and her children are one of your strongest anchors?" Morrigan nodded. "There's going to be a raid in a few days on her resting spot. You might want to camouflage it and punish them." Morrigan nodded again. "Good. Now that that's settled. Leave the boy alone. I'll talk to her myself."

"I'd like my son back sometime soon," Cupid told her, smiling at her. "He's still very young, he doesn't even bathe by himself."

Hecate looked at him. "It's good practice for the Goddess. She'll need the patience that it takes to deal with Bliss in a bad mood to raise those twins." Morrigan laughed. "Was there anything else? I've got a dedication to go to."

"Go," Zeus said, waving a hand. She raised an eyebrow and he gave her a smug look. "While you're gone, set up a viewing portal so Cupid doesn't have to worry."

Hecate sneered at him. "That would defeat the purpose." She disappeared, heading to her mortal temples.

Hera looked at Zeus. "It's your own fault," she said smugly. "You ruined your own reputation." She walked down off the dias and took Morrigan's arm. "Let me show you around our home while we discuss further plans," she suggested.

"Sure. You've got a lovely bunch'a gardens up here. We don't have much time for that ourselves."

"Most of us see it as stress-relief. We created and destroy them often after dealing with my step-children, especially the one you seem to know so very well."

"Ah, him," she said with a smile. "Interesting fella."

"If you say so," she said with some distaste. "I personally can't stand the boy. He rages and destroys things for no reason. You'd think he was Bliss' age again."

Morrigan laughed. "It does sometimes, doesn't it!" she agreed, clapping Hera on the back. "Good one!"

"Thank you. I try," she said with a smug little smile.


Strife looked up as an important person appeared, smiling at Hecate. "Is the little booger fine?"

"Just grand," she said quietly. "Are you watching out for him?"

"Definitely, just like ya ordered," he reported. "How much longer? Cupe's gonna go insane soon without his son."

"He'll live," she reminded him. "Bliss is growing up and he'll have to let him go sooner or later." She pulled her hands out of her pocket, handing him an amulet. "Hand this to both of them, let him put it around her stomach. It will bind the twins to his energy so he'll know if anything's wrong. He'll need to continue to protect them throughout their lives." Strife nodded and tucked it into a tight pocket that hadn't been on his outfit before. "As soon as she feels the first kick, they may be released." He nodded again, smiling. "Go." He disappeared. She went back to her mortal temples, watching how Bliss was doing. "Yes, he's a fine addition to the family," she told the mirror she was watching him on. "The twins will give him an outlet for his mischief and he'll leave me alone when I'm working," she said with a catty smile.


Hecate appeared at the next summons, but this time she had on a bored facade. "What?" she demanded.

"Why aren't they back yet?" Cupid yelled. "My son is not old enough to spend that much time alone!"

"He's fine."

"He's not fine," Strife said quietly. Hecate looked at him, giving him a penetrating look. "He could protect her up here. Or you could help his father get down there to ease his fears. He believes he's been so bad he's never going to get a hug again."

Hecate rolled her eyes. "Fine, I'll take *one* of you with me. Cupid, choose!"

"Me," Cupid said, pushing past Strife to get to her. He stared down at her. "You'd better hope my son comes out of this well and happy," he hissed. "Or we will find out exactly how vindictive love can be." She yawned for show, staring up at him. He grabbed her and bound a part of her energy. "Never touch my family, Hecate, never again." He took the location from her mind and went to see his son, hugging him tightly. "Oh, you're okay," he sighed, giving him more squeeze.

"Breathe, daddy," Bliss complained. But he smiled at his father. "I'm good?"

"If Hecate told you to do this for her, then you're very good," he agreed. He smiled at the Goddess watching them. "I don't know why she picked my son instead of someone older," he said with a shrug. "Are you all right?"

"Just fine," she agreed. "There's not much to do, but he's very good at telling family stories."

"Just a bit longer and then Morrigan can safely take you home," Cupid told her, hugging Bliss as hard as he could again. A feather was yanked from his wing and he looked down at his son. "What?" he asked with a grin.

"Smooshing, daddy." Bliss grinned at him. "We be good?"

"Yes, you're being very good," Cupid agreed. He pointed a finger at a corner and created a mirror. "There you go, now you can both watch what's going on and you can show her some of the family stories. Okay?" Bliss nodded, looking extremely happy. "What did Hecate say you were going to get out of this?"

"Out of her hair."

Cupid blinked a few times and created a small portal to his father's study, where Ares, Discord, and Strife were waiting impatiently on someone. "Tell them that, son," he said with a smile.

Bliss waved at the people. "Hi!" They smiled at him. "Hecate said I'd get out of her hair if I did this. That and I'd have friends."

"I see," Strife said, grinning back. "Are you being good?"

"Most of the time," D'Nalia agreed. She looked around the cave. "Not to sound presumptuous, but wouldn't there be safer for me? I mean, Bliss might get into trouble down here and he is very young to be out on his own."

"That was my argument but Hecate outranks me and Zeus wasn't going to say anything to her," Cupid said grimly. Then he grinned a naughty smile. "And for this nice little stunt, she's never going to do sex magic again." He smiled at his father, who started to laugh and enlarged the picture to show Hera sitting there. "May they come back? They can have the empty corner of my temple if they want, or I'm sure Pops has a few empty rooms as well."

"She can stay here, what better place to protect her," Eris said firmly. "The room I had when I was pregnant has been sealed but she can use it. It's geared to give you whatever you need. I was on bedrest for six months," she said with an affectionate swat at Strife's head. He ducked it and blew a kiss at her. "Bastard."

"Yeah, and?" Strife asked, giggling insanely. "Come on, Bliss-guy, I'm sure the Muses have new stories for ya." Bliss wiggled and brought everything to the room the rest of them were in, including the bed, the fire, and the supplies. "Good job!" he congratulated, high-fiving him. "You deserve a nasty somethin'. Whaddya want?"

"Cookies," Bliss said firmly.

"Nasty cookies?" Strife asked.

Bliss grinned at him. "Nice ones for me and nasty for someone else?" he suggested sweetly.

"Sure, I'll give the nasty bard chick nasty cookies for ya," he said with a grin, materializing a plate. "There ya go, ambrosia and peanut butter chips." Bliss dove over to steal one, nibbling contentedly. "Want one?" he asked the pregnant Goddess.

She burped. "No thank you, Bliss just made me eat some more goat and sheep." She stood up and stretched and Ares thoughtfully put the bed back where it belonged and got her a comfortable chair. "So, what's the happenings?"

"I believe it was said that your resting place was going to be attacked," Hera said primly. "Eris, please go open that room for her so I can check her over once she's ready to be moved." Eris disappeared, heading down the hall. "Strife, go do something. This is women's discussion. You as well, Cupid, I'm sure there's things you could be doing with your son."

"I stay with babies," Bliss said firmly.

"Yup," Strife said, nodding. "I think he'll have to."

"That's cool. Pop, can we hog a suite ourselves?"

"As long as you and Strife don't keep me up this time," Ares said dryly. "Your old room's still yours."

"Thanks." He blew a kiss. "Come on, little man, you stink. We'll get you a bath and then you can curl up around the babies." He walked his son out, talking to him the whole way about what he had done.

Ares looked at the young woman. "D'Nalia, Morrigan has had to return home for a few weeks. You may use the facilities of my home, but it would be safer if you stayed inside it." She nodded. "If you want to go outside for any reason, tell us and I'll have a warrior or three escort you."

"Thank you, Lord Ares," she said with a slightly sultry smile. "I've heard many things about you, but none of them seem to have done you justice." He smiled back. "Being a secretary for Justice, and War, you find out how to read people very quickly." He laughed. "Sure, laugh now, but Morrigan has some of the ugliest, lacking in manners creatures ever to walk upright in her service. And they always seem to come on Tuesdays." She smiled at Hera. "Whenever you're ready? I could use a bath myself."

"Of course," she said, helping the young woman out of the chair and leading her down the halls. "You seem to have made quite an impression."

"Morrigan said he was usually fair enough if you didn't piss him off. No matter what Hercules said," D'Nalia told her. "I'd rather stay on his good side, he's a hottie."

Hera momentarily looked stunned, then cleared her expression quickly. "Don't worry, he's not seeing anyone," she told her, patting her on the hand. "That is a normal urge while you're pregnant."

"You mean it's supposed to go away?" D'Nalia asked.

Hera laughed. "Only for some. Some women feel that they'd rather be trampled by those Indian elephants than to have sex after giving birth." She opened the door of the room Eris had spent most of her pregnancy in. "This room is keyed to deliver you whatever you desire. It will soothe any and all cravings. As for the bathroom, it's this way." She opened a door to show the spacious room off. She then pointed at the windows. "You have a wonderful view of the gardens and the sunsets if you want to watch them. I'll have a comfortable chair brought in so you can watch out the windows while you're here."

"Thank you, Lady Hera."

Eris walked in with a chair. "She's not usually this nice, suck it up now," she advised. Her mother glared at her. "Sorry, Hera." She grinned. "It's true though. You were a bitch to me when I was pregnant."

"You were terrible to deal with, I thought it only appropriate," Hera said firmly. She settled the young woman on the bed and checked her stomach, smiling at the excellent condition they were in. "Being sung to by Bliss must agree with them. They're very healthy and growing at a normal rate. A bit over four more months and you'll have a fine set of twin boys."

D'Nalia sucked in a breath. "Boys?" Hera nodded, starting to frown. "No wonder!" she said, hitting herself on the forehead. "Their father's the only male child left in his line."

"So someone was going to hurt you to kill them?" Eris asked. D'Nalia shrugged.

"Probably either that or take her away to ensure that they were born and raised by the rest of the family," Hera told her. She looked at her daughter. "You'll protect her of course."

"Of course!" Eris snorted. "Men should all be shot, or the useful ones branded, corralled, and used like the beasts of burden they are." Hera patted her on the arm as she left. "Now that she's gone," Eris said, closing the door. She thought about it and a bowl of fruit and chocolate appeared. "For lunch," she said with a wink. "It was my favorite for the longest time."

"Thank you," D'Nalia said, giving her a hug. "I'll take it in with me to the baths." She climbed off the overstuffed bed and took the tray with her to bathe off the grime she had accumulated in the cave. She had gotten to the soaking part when Bliss came in and slipped into the water near her. "Nope, out, little man," she ordered. "No little bodies in the tub with the naked adults." He looked confused. "You're not allowed to see naked people, out. You can play and talk with them in a few, when I get out." She gave him a kiss on the cheek. "Okay?" He nodded and climbed back out, grabbing his sarong to wait in the other room.

Five minutes later. "Are you done yet?" Bliss called.

"Almost." She finished that apple and decided it was probably time to get out. She was well past wrinkly. She moved the fruit tray aside, making sure no water got into the chocolate, then grabbed a towel, ascending the stairs and drying off. She wished up a comfortable robe and put it on then took her treat back to the bed. Bliss was already snuggled on it with a book so she laid down next to him, letting him 'read' it to the babies. The book didn't have any words so he must have been making it up as he went along, but the kids didn't seem to mind.


Later that night, D'Nalia groaned as she rolled onto her back again. What she really wanted she couldn't have. These guys were treating her like a nice hostage, not like some princess. Now if only she could reach below her stomach, she could take care of it herself, but she was definitely carrying twins. Either that or two large balls side by side against her spine. She groaned in frustration, there just wasn't any way! She was nearly in tears. Then a flash appeared and someone coughed.

"Did you need something?" Ares asked with a smug look.

"I can't reach myself," she said miserably.

He laid down beside her, stroking her stomach. "I'm sure we can fix that. If that's what you wanted." She smiled and nodded, leaning up to kiss him. "Thanks. What would you like?"

"You're awfully calm for being called out of bed."

He laughed, a warm and growly sound. "I had a few children with Aphrodite," he told her.

"Ah!" She squeaked as a finger made it's way inside her. "Yeah," she purred, relaxing and letting him have it.

He chuckled again and decided to give her the full Ares experience. Even if it did addict her.


Eris knocked and walked in the next morning, stopping when she saw the lump that was too large to only be one person. She cleared her throat and D'Nalia smiled and waved. "Feel better?" she asked with a smile.

"Ohhh, yeaahhhhhh," D'Nalia sighed, stretching a little bit. She quickly quit when she felt a cramp begin in her calf.

"Careful, you don't want those," Ares said against her throat. "I might have to assign Strife to rub those out for you. Cupid said he's got great fingers." She laughed and kissed him, then let him go. He climbed out of the bed and smirked down at her. "Feel better?"

"Much," she agreed with a sated smile. "I think I'm going to sleep now."

"Good girl." He walked Eris out, ignoring her smug look until after she was dressed. Then he looked at her. "She needed it all," he said with a wink before going to try and bully the Generals into finally listening to him. It was like they couldn't hear him some days.

Eris leaned against the wall and laughed her butt off. She remembered those days *very* well. It's the reason Hermes and Apollo never said anything mean to her. Wearing out two Gods every night was more than fun for her. Made up for all that nasty morning sickness she'd had.


D'Nalia woke again and stretched, but this time wasn't fast enough to stop the cramp. She tried to reach it, crying with the pain, but she wasn't getting around her stomach for anything. "Help!" she called.

Strife appeared and latched onto a leg, kneading it to get the cramp out. "Shh, I've got ya," he soothed, stopping all the pain. He moved up her legs to her lower back, working there as well. "There ya go," he said, curling up behind her to let her finish calming down. "It's okay, I promise. The nightmares are gonna be held off by Morpheus, he promised, and Unc said I could take care of those nasty cramps for you." She nodded, turning over to rest her head and stomach on him. "Shh, princess."

"Not a princess."

"Really? Bliss swears you are. That's why he had to kidnap you, because all princesses need a handsome prince ta kidnap them."

She laughed. "Thank you, Lord Strife."

"Cut the lord crap, 'kay? I'm just like you, a minor deity with a penchant for mischief and gettin' others into my twisted world." She laughed against the leather covering his chest. "You ready to get sprung yet? I get ta give ya the grand tour. 'Dite's nightie closet. Hermes treasure room. 'Pol's room of naughty reminders and undies." She laughed again and forced herself to sit up with a hand on his chest. "Oooh," he groaned, rubbing it. "You're a strong one." He leered. "I like that in a woman."

"If I didn't think Ares would fry me after what we did last night, I might take you up on that."

He waved a hand, grinning at her again. "He won't mind. He was scratchin' a mutual itch." He winked and sprung up, helping her stand. He put her into a gauzy muumuu and sandals, leading her from the room. "C'mon, if we hurry we can even catch Hestia at baking time."

"Cookies?" she asked happily. "I could nibble some cookies." She pinched him on the butt. "And other things." He pretended to look shocked, but couldn't hold it for long, letting it fade into laughter.

"We'll see," he told her, winking at her. "After we see if anything in 'Dite's closet will fit you." He led her around Olympus, showing her all the hot spots. The Muses cooed over her when they saw her. One even handed her a few new scrolls for Bliss. Aphrodite's closet was *very* pink and gauzy, but entertaining until Hephaestus caught them. Then he laughed and changed her clothes to something similar that would show off her burgeoning chest and belly to its best advantage. Apollo's playroom was something that they both laughed over. The guy only liked to be tied down with silk scarves? How vanilla! Hermes treasure room was enlightening, especially when the God himself caught them and told them where half of the stuff had come from, namely other temples. He and Strife shared a look and then giggled insanely with each other. By the end of the tour, she had seen all the fun spots on Olympus, been fed, dressed, and Strife took her back to scratch that returning itch she seemed to have grown. It was good, especially when Cupid came looking and decided to add a helping mouth and a few fingers.


Strife looked up from his latest leg rub at the surprised noise his, patient made. "What's wrong? Too much?"

"No, kick!" she said, pushing on her stomach. "Right there!"

Strife grinned and laid his cheek on that spot, getting kicked in the head. He grinned up at her and produced the amulet. "Bliss!" he yelled. The boy, never far away, came flying in and he handed it over. "Put it around her tummy, Heccy said so." He got out of the way, but continued to rub the renewed cramp out.

Bliss carefully slid the chain under her back and around, hitching it over her stomach. It flashed once and he giggled. "I get friends!" he said, hugging both adults. "They'll be my bestest buddies." He flew off to tell his father and grandfather.

D'Nalia looked at Strife. "Did you just get a shiver of fear?" she asked quietly.

He cackled. "Oh, yeah, a future full of fun." He leaned up and gave her a kiss. "There, now that we're all oily down there, should we fix it somewhere else too?"

Ares strolled in and popped Strife on the back of the head. "Only if you're going to share. I believe she needs the full treatment again," he said smugly, cracking his knuckles.

"Ooh, between you two?" she asked, giving him the big eyed innocent look. "Really?"

"Works for me," Strife said quickly.

"Me too," Ares agreed. After all, there wasn't much those two *wouldn't* do.

The End.