You're A Good Boy, Harry Potter.

Harry glanced at where Ron was waiting in line, and mentally sighed. Ron had been right that they shouldn't be standing next to each other during this first inspection by the aurors, but he wanted him closer than four people away. He saw the Captain they had been introduced to earlier and noticed the mischievous look he had. Oooh, it was going to be one of *those* initiations.

A man with corporal markings walked up to their line and sneered at them. "I am *Corporal* Withseon. You are now *mine*," he told them, starting his inspection. He walked down the line, frowning and making pithy comments at each one, coming to Ron first. He looked this female over and sneered harder at her. "Thinking you can get past all these men, girly?"

Ron shrugged. "You have no idea what I can do, so save your judgement until I fuck up, thank you," Ron said back, smirking slightly.

"Ooh-ho! A *feisty* one, gentlemen. We'll have to watch out for this one. Thinks she's as good as a man." He looked Ron over again, staring particularly hard at her small tits. Then he looked in her eyes again. "You have to do what I say."

Ron laughed. "No, I don't. I have to do what *he* says," he corrected, pointing at the Captain. "He never said a thing about following you...sir."

"Really? Do you see these?" he asked, pointing at the stripes.

"No, I'm actually seeing the fact that it's not your shirt," Ron told him blandly. "The name you gave us and the name on the shirt's tag don't match...sir." He grinned. "Anything else you wanted me to observe? Like getting your ass kicked for staring at my tits?"

The Captain laughed and walked up to him. "He is not who he said he was, very well done, Weasley." Ron nodded his head. "This is actually Sergeant Witherspoon, he is in charge of training."

"And I already don't like you," he sneered at Ron. He snapped his fingers. "You'd be the wife," he said with a cold smirk.

"Yes, mine," Harry said as he stepped forward. "Stare at my wife's breasts again and we're going to have a problem," he told him. The Sergeant looked at him and Harry crossed his arms over his chest, giving him his best psychotic look. Incidentally, the Sergeant couldn't see his nametag now either. Best to set this off as an anonymous person for now. "Do continue, please, sir, we're all looking forward to the spell training we're supposed to be receiving after you get done. Much more so than standing out here in the sunlight getting sneered at. Oh, and you might want to see Professor Snape, he does that *so* much better than you."

The Sergeant walked down and looked down at the boy. "What was that, runt?"

Harry removed his arms. "I said there are others who sneer better and you should probably take lessons. My other husband can even do better and he's in a good mood today." He smiled his best impudent grin. "Anything else, sir? I'd really rather be in classes by now. Time's wasting."

The Captain coughed. "Potter, calm down. I don't need you to destroy him because he stared at Weasley." He pointed at the spot next to Ron. "You should be there."

"I thought so too," Harry admitted as he walked down there, "but Ron said not to." He kissed Ron on the cheek. "Don't fight him, it'll only take longer."

"I know, but he's an ass and I've had enough of that already today," Ron pointed out. Harry and the Captain both looked at him. "What? The other husband was in a bad mood this morning, you try dealing with him when he's like that."

The Sergeant licked his lips. "Three husbands aren't legally bound." Harry opened his mouth. "And she doesn't look like a husband, so I know something's going on." He walked back to look at Ron. "You're not a normal human," he sneered. "We don't teach *creatures* here."

Ron punched him, knocking him onto his ass. "I'm still not a creature, don't start. I haven't had my midol yet this morning, or chocolate." The men around them backed away as Ron glared at him. "Now then, we were accepted. We're not asking you to train us, but we are here for training. If you want, you can run back to your barracks and cry into your pillow because Harry and I are here. We don't really care."

The Captain laughed. "I like that. Boys, my office." Harry opened his mouth. "We'll have to send you two through some special testing to gauge your abilities," he informed them. "Is there anyone else who Misters Potter and Weasley have trained?" he called. A few people stepped out.

Harry looked at one of them. "I don't know you," he told her.

"No, sir, but my father was an auror and he taught me everything he had already. I want to be tested." She looked at the Captain. "Please, sir, if possible."

"Of course." He looked at a few of the other candidates, knowing some weren't telling the truth. He'd leave them for now. "Those of you who stepped out, head to my office," he pointed at it. "Sergeant, please give them the usual spiel since your devious plan to put them off balance has failed." He walked after the group, silently laughing. No one had done that to him in six years, not since Tonks had come in. He got them into his office and gathered around his desk. "I was led to understand that Mr. Potter was given the right to give you lot some extra training?" Everyone nodded. "Good. Which books?"

"Remus Lupin sent us the Defense set from when he went," Harry told him quietly, sitting calmly next to Ron and holding his hand gently. "Most of the people in here I've led through at least the fifth year book."

"Very well. I always enjoyed those." He smiled at them. "We'll begin your testing this afternoon. For now, wait across the hall. Not you, Mr. Potter, or you, Mr. Weasley," he said when they stood up. He smiled once the door was closed. "I know you had to do it, but to show him up like that demoralizes his command ability."

"He's an ass," Ron pointed out. "And if he thinks they're big now, he should wait and see them at full girth," he said with a small smile. "I don't put up with shit from anyone, sir. Training is one thing, outside of that I don't deal well with it."

"That's fine. Mr. Weasley, do you know if you're fertile?" the Captain asked.

Ron shook his head. "Not by all indications," he lied. Draco and Harry had both warned him. "Let me make this very clear from the start. No one's getting my blood. Not unless I *want* to give it to them." He opened his shirt to show the device Draco had gotten for him. "If anyone tries anything, this is set to deliver enough opiate into my bloodstream to kill me and muddy it."

The Captain pushed a button on his desk, bringing a mediwitch. "Is that what I think it is?"

She looked at it, then grimaced and nodded. "It's a suicide patch, sir, properly applied and linked into the superior vena cava vein." She straightened up. "You're a changeling?" Ron nodded. "Good placement. Opiate?" He nodded again. So she looked at her commander. "The patch is set to flood his heart with opiate, sir. It latches on right before the vein enters the heart, so the last few pumps will muddy his blood thoroughly. Whoever did this did their homework."

"I'll tell Draco you said so," Ron said quietly. He looked at the Captain. "As you can see, we are prepared."

"I do see." The Captain looked at Harry. "What about you? Are you prepared for this, Mr. Potter?"

"I've faced him each year, sir, this is only formally training me for the next time." He squeezed Ron's hand. "I know this is highly unusual, but Ron's supposed to be training for defensive magic, not offensive. I thought he was supposed to be in a different working group."

"He was to be, we forgot," the Captain admitted. He looked at Ron. "Is that what you want?"

Ron shook his head. "No, I've already been on the front lines. I can see the point of me not dying on the field or being captured but with this it shouldn't matter." Harry looked at him. "It shouldn't. If anyone tries to bleed me, I have a small switch I can push to set the patch off. No one knows where it is but Draco and I."

"If that's what you want," Harry said quietly. Ron nodded and gave him a reassuring kiss. "Then I won't argue since you can't be taken."

"What if he's knocked out?" the nurse asked.

"It'll go off and I'll have really vivid dreams, but no one can use my blood," Ron told her. She nodded. "Is that all right with you, sir?" he asked their commander.

"I can't argue with it," the commander admitted. "Mr. Potter, I was asked to remind you that you still have to set up formal truce relations with your former Headmaster?" Harry nodded. "Why?"

"Because Dumbledore's fatal mistake was trying to make sure I didn't have a real life," Harry said simply as he stood up. "We should join the others, it looks like favoritism." He hauled Ron up and they walked out.

The nurse looked at him. "I got Poppy Pomfrey's notes about them," she said quietly. "There's a reason his scar is now bigger."

"I noticed," he sighed. "He snapped?" She nodded. "Very well, we'll keep it subtle."

"I think it's a bad idea, sir. He'll do what's necessary without being pushed into it. You might want to train him the regular way." She walked out.

The Captain considered it. "That might help him win, but even so," he decided, "it won't assure that he fights that battle the correct way." He stood up and walked across the hall to watch over the testing. This whole section was very well taught already it seemed.


Harry flopped on the couch after his first week, this was their time off and he wanted to enjoy it. The only problem was that Ron was already asleep in the big, comfy chair he had staked out as his. He looked around. "Draco!" he yelled. "We're back!"

Hermione walked in. "He's outside on his broom," she said with a smile. "How did it go?"

"Didn't Tonks say we were supposed to start in on charms and hexes immediately?" Harry asked. She nodded. "We've gotten ethics lectures all week. That and physical fighting tests."

"Oh. Well, you could write her and ask her," she suggested, leaning down to give him a hug. Then she grimaced. "Harry, you smell, go bathe," she encouraged, stepping away from him. "Take Ron with you."

"Ron, Hermione says we smell," Harry said loudly.

Ron waved a hand. "Later," he mumbled, curling up on his side as best he could.

Vincent Crabbe walked in and shook his head. "Asleep already and stinking up Draco's favorite reading chair?" he asked. "We'll have to fix that."

Draco walked in and stole a kiss from Harry, then bent down to wake up Ron and get one from him. "Up, the both of you need a bath. I'll even wash your backs," he encouraged at the mutinous look Ron gave him. "Come along, let's bathe together," he soothed, pulling Ron up.

"I'm tired!" Ron whined.

Vincent took the direct route and lifted him up, carrying him up to the master bedroom for Draco. "You can sleep once you don't smell," he retorted, setting Ron into the bathroom. "There, start the water." He gave Ron a hug. "I'm proud of you," he whispered before walking away.

Ron gave the empty doorway a goofy grin, but started the water as ordered. Harry and Draco walked in together, quietly talking. He stripped off for them and kissed Draco. "I'm home," he announced.

"I noticed," Draco smirked, leaning down to kiss the hard nipple. "Into the water so I can taste more of you." That got them moving like no other incentive would have. He stripped off to join them, settling into the warm, bubble filled water to scrub the sweat and dirt off them. "How was your first week?"

"Full of ethics lectures," Harry told him, grimacing.

"With a lot of words like 'sacrifice' and 'duty'," Ron agreed dryly.

"Are they going to pull what Dumbledore did?" Hermione asked from the doorway. Ron nodded. "Are you sure?"

"Yeah, I'm sure," Harry agreed. "I'm waiting to see how long it takes them to get to the real training." He grabbed the extra sponge and started on Ron's back for him. Ron looked at him. "To get you done faster; I haven't touched you since Sunday night," he reminded him.

"Good point," Hermione said with a smile. "I'll see you three at dinner." She closed the door to give them some privacy, and to shield the rest of the house from the incredible noise those three could make.

"I think she was embarrassed," Ron quipped.

"I thought us having sex at the dinner table would have cured that," Draco agreed, then he pounced. He hadn't had any since Sunday night either. It wasn't fair. It really wasn't.


Harry walked back into the camp Monday morning feeling much better. Ron was behind him and they nodded at the guard. "Where are we supposed to meet?" he asked as soon as they were checked in.

"Field. You're getting more physical training," the guard told him, looking at Ron. "Didn't you used to be smaller?"

"I change around a bit," Ron admitted. "In a few weeks, I'll be male." He shrugged and followed Harry to the meeting area. He hated this physical stuff, he already knew how to throw a punch and a hex. "When do you think they'll start the real training?" he asked as they walked.

"As soon as the rest of you can meet the required physical standards," the Sergeant told him from behind them.

Ron looked at him. "That's wonderful, when?" he asked happily. "I do better at hexes when I'm in male form."

"Next week sometime," he said with a sneer. "What should we do with you next week? You can't stay in your current tent," he noted.

"He can," Harry told him. "The other female in the class knows he's gay." He walked Ron on, shaking his head and rolling his eyes. "You'd think he was a twelve-year-old Malfoy," he said bitterly. Ron burst into giggles. "He acts like it," Harry defended.

"I'm telling Draco you noticed that," Ron teased, then jogged to the group since it looked like they were about to start. Harry joined him at his side, facing the Captain.

"This week, we'll finish your physical training. By the end of the week, you'll have routines to keep you in shape," the Captain announced. He smiled at the two on the end. "Though some of you probably don't need the exercise." The group looked at them then burst out in laughter.

Harry shrugged. "It is cardiovascular training," he agreed dryly. Ron snorted. "Running again, sir?"

"No, Potter, not today. Today we're going to be teaching more hand-to-hand. Break into pairs." He stepped back, watching as the group matched themselves against the others. Interestingly enough, they all picked their equals. Most groups tried to pick people weaker than themselves. Potter even broke off with Weasley to go to someone his own equal, Ron was weaker in this form physically and he knew it. Interesting. He'd have to do an evaluation and put them with people that would make them work later in the week. "Begin," he noted. A few lackluster punches were thrown. "For real, gentlemen. And ladies," he admitted when he saw the other woman's harsh look. Surprisingly, Ron attacked first, knocking her opponent onto the ground quickly and making sure he stayed there. "Weasley, don't damage them," he called.

"Sorry, sir, I didn't like his insinuation about unicorns," Ron said with a shrug. He looked at his fighting partner. "Get up already," he said dryly. "Before you get both of us in trouble."

His partner stood up. "Didn't get any again this weekend?" he taunted.

Ron punched him in the nose, breaking it. "Yeah, I did. Multiple, satisfying times," he said with a smirk. "The same as I do most nights." He kicked the guy in the knees and watched him fall, then shrugged and went to butt in on the person who had already knocked their opponent out. He didn't know him, but he looked tough enough to be a challenge and a workout. "Care for a dance?" he asked with a grin. The bigger guy smirked and they faced off. He was pulling his punches though. "I've got five older brothers, mate. Go for it. I can fight." One more hesitant swing then Ron hit him as hard as he could.

"You hit like a girl," he laughed, then took a real swing at him.

"Only for the next five days," Ron noted. "Then I get to hit like a bothie, then like a guy again," he said happily. The guy laughed and it was on. The other pairs stopped to watch them, and to get out of their way as they danced around.

"You're good," the guy noted.

"I've been practicing with Crabbe," Ron panted, ducking under a swing. "You must run or something."

"Or something," he said with a grin. Ron nailed him with a heel strike to the chest and he grunted. "Ow! Grumpy bitch." He swung again and Ron laughed, getting him again. "No fair!"

"Give me a few days for this to be fair," Ron pointed out. "I'll grow three inches soon." He was tagged on the arm, but had shifted so his arm was the only target so he was mostly prepared for it. He got the other guy with a heel sweep but found himself on the ground as well. "Wow." He lifted his head to look at the other guy. "Truce?"

"Truce," he panted, holding out a hand to shake it.

"Very well done," the Captain said happily. "Henderson, how was she?"

"Good sir." He stood up and hauled Ron up with him. "For a recruit, she's damn good. I guess it's having five brothers," he said with a smile for Ron. He stepped forward. "From now on, I am your personal trainer," he called out. "I am Staff-Sergeant Henderson. I run the gym!" The group groaned. "I will see you at least once a week in there. Some of you will need more," he said with a look at the person who Ron had started out with. "Some of you need less," he said with a smirk for Ron and Harry. "We will be checking to make sure you come see me often enough," he said then he fell back. "Weasley," he said as Ron moved past him. "Who's Crabbe?"

"My other husband's bodyguard," Ron told him.

"Ah! No wonder. Professionals are often better trained. Good job. Keep up your breath training though, you'll want it in a real fight."

Ron nodded. "I remember." He went back to find his spot in the line.

"Huh?" he asked quietly, looking at his captain. "Sir?"

The Captain looked at him. "They've been in a few real battles already," he said quietly. "Weasley ran into a few things that distracted him and Potter was trying so hard. They were fifth years during the first real one."

"Oh. Damn!" He shook his head. "Potter, appear here," he said, pointing at a spot he was walking toward. Harry walked over. "I'm also the combat instructor. I'll be testing you and Weasley tonight, son."

"And a few others," Harry said quietly. "They've been there too."

"That's fine, point them out to me." Harry whispered the names in his ear. "Good boy. Go back to your wife." He looked at the Captain and opened his mouth, but the older man shook his head. "Fine. I'll be doing combat testing tonight," he announced. "After dinner instead of your run." He walked away, going to plan out a mock battle sequence using the next group higher. They needed it. These new kids were already better.

The Captain smiled at the group. "Good work, you impressed him. He's moving you ahead."

"Can we start on spell training?" Ron asked.

"Next week, Weasley," he said tiredly. "For now, we've got more rule and introductory instructions to give you. Report to the mess hall." He watched them walk away and grabbed Weasley. "Why do you keep insisting on that?"

Ron grinned. "Because the aurors we've talked to and worked with told us that was supposed to come first," he said quietly. "Not this sacrifice crap. Because that will make some of us leave very quickly." He got free and walked after the rest of the group, going to find a seat and hopefully some water.

The Captain frowned. "Which ones have they worked with?" he muttered, going to make a note to check up on that later. He had their files and only one was mentioned.


Harry finished writing the letter and sent Hedwig on her way, smiling at Ron as he finished his. "Letter to your mother?"

Ron shrugged. "To Bill. He's due in this summer and Mum hasn't told him anything yet. I don't want to have to fight with him." He looked up. "Bill's almost as protective as you are." He grinned to show he wasn't being mean. "It'll be a fight no matter what, but this way might make it easier and go quicker." He finished it by signing his name and read over it, only inserting one word before tying it to Pig's leg and letting her go off. "There, all done. What should we do now?" he asked nicely.

"Ron, we can't even cuddle," Harry groaned, leaning back on his bed. "The rules forbid it."

"I know, but I don't want to cuddle. How about one of those five minute thingies?" Harry leered and started to get up but someone opened the door. "Dammit," Ron muttered. "Yes, sir?" he asked the combat instructor.

"Boys, you're to get special training," he said quietly. He looked at Harry. "It's been noted that your file was incomplete so we want to debrief you both about your real combat experiences and that'll be your test. We want you to be honest and realistic about how badly you messed up and what you did right." The boys nodded. "Good. Come with me." He walked them to his office in the gym and sat them in comfortable chairs. "We can do this two ways: pensieve or orally."

"Both," Ron told him. "That way they can be compared. Humans remember things funny according to our friend Hermione."

Harry nodded. "There's probably some things I'll want to forget about each fight," he agreed. "The pensieve would pull them out anyway, right?"

"Yeah, that would work," Henderson agreed, pulling out the official pensieve and putting it in front of them. "Do either of you know how to work one?"

"No, but I'm a quick study at the moment," Ron said lightly.

Henderson laughed. "Keep that sense of humor, you'll need it by the end of next week." He activated it for Ron, letting it make copies of everything in his head from the last two years. Then he sorted through it to find all the fighting incidents, stringing them together. "Didn't you say he was your other husband, Weasley?"

"Yeah, he reformed," Ron said with a grin. "He learned how to use his tongue to do more than say nasty things to us."

"Ron!" Harry said, scandalized.

"I meant he gives compliments now," Ron sighed, rolling his eyes. "Perv!"

Henderson laughed. "Don't worry, we don't have a sexual harassment statue in the auror corps. You can say things like that and not usually get into trouble."

"He will when I tell Draco he said it," Harry told him. He frowned at Ron. "He'll tease you to no end."

"He'll do it anyway," Ron pointed out. He grabbed a general rubberband off the desk and pulled his shoulder-length red hair into a ponytail. "He's been dying to tease us for weeks now, Harry."

"Yeah, I know," Harry sighed, slumping down some. The watching was complete and it was his turn. It felt like someone was rummaging around in his head with fingernails, but he guessed it was all right.

Henderson looked at it, then at him. "What's that?"

Harry looked. "My cousin. He's dead now."

"I see. Bully?"

"That's putting it mildly," Harry told him.

The Sergeant nodded and went back to his viewing. When he was done, he saved them both down to show his Captain. He was on the *wrong* track with these two. Weasley would protect Potter and make sure he won, no matter what it cost him. "I see you've both had some problems keeping your focus."

Ron nodded. "That giant brain thingie wasn't that fun," he agreed. "Then again, we were younger and less experienced in real fighting."

"Good point. Harry, that was dumb."

Harry beamed. "Thank you, sir. I enjoyed it immensely though." He stood up. "Did you really want our oral accounts?"

"No, not since I saw all that. I'm going to suggest that a few of you enter combat training sooner. As soon as you start learning your spells and hexes. I'll also talk to your last Defense teacher to see how you learn best." The nodded and Ron stood up. "Dismissed, thank you both." They walked out and he flooed his boss. "I've got a pensieve full of both of their heads, sir, and you're mistaken," he announced. "Ron'll do it because he loves him, of his own free will."

"I'll be right there," the Captain announced.


Harry looked up at the morning mail, smiling as his owl came flying down in front of him. "Hey, Hedwig, did you enjoy your trip, girl?" He scratched her gently and fed her a treat before taking the large envelope. "From Moody?" She hooted and nuzzled him before taking off for the rafters. Harry opened it and looked inside. "Two letters," he said happily, pulling them both out, silently hoping one was from Remus. No such luck.

"Who's the other from?" Ron asked.

"Tonks." He handed Moody's over after he had read it, it was general and a bit of praise from the rumors he had gotten. Tonk's on the other hand, it made him quietly fold it back up and put it into the envelope. "I've got to put this in the trunk," he said quietly. "I'll be right back."

"Finish breakfast first," Ron commanded, holding out a hand. Harry shook his head. "I can take it from you."

"She said not to tell you," Harry countered.

"All the more reason to." Harry handed it over and Ron read the letter, then folded it back up and put it into the envelope. "My mother doesn't know, right?"

"I shouldn't think they'd have told her," Harry agreed, glancing around. "Why?"

"Call Hedwig, this is going to mum." Harry called down his owl and Ron handed the envelope to her. "Take this to my mother," he said quietly, scratching her neck ruff. "Molly Weasley and no one else." Hedwig hooted and took off, going to take the letter back. Ron looked at Moody's letter and shook his head. "He hasn't heard obviously."

"He's out of the loop that way," Harry reminded him, putting a hand on his arm. "Whatever you want," he promised. "I'll support you."

Ron looked at him. "I want this shit to be over with," he said simply. "I want our lives to be normal again." He stood up. "I'm going to beat up on a heavy bag. Finish my breakfast for me." He walked away, going to do what he said. How dare they! He was not a tool!

Harry looked at the head table, trying to figure out who was pushing to call for a formal duel with Voldemort.


Molly looked up from her breakfast with her son-in-law, smiling when she saw the owl. "Two letters?" she said happily. Bill grunted on the other side of the table. She took the letter from Hedwig, watching as it was petted by Draco. The envelope was opened and she was smiling up until she read the third sentence. Then she handed it to Draco. "I don't want them there."

"Mum, aurors get into danger," Bill pointed out gently.

Molly looked at him. "Read yours again, Bill."

Draco used his wand to summon the paper they had written on what to do with Ron's blood, handing it to Bill. "For your further edification," he said as he read. He had expected this. He looked at Molly and nodded. "He's wearing a suicide patch," he said simply. Molly relaxed.

Bill looked at the paper, then at Draco. "Why do I need to read this?"

"That's what Ron is," Draco said patiently.

"What?" Bill shouted, standing up. "What did you do to my baby brother, Malfoy!"

"Nothing, the twins did it," Draco said calmly. He looked at Molly. "You didn't tell him either?"

She pursed her lips and shook her head. "I thought it'd be better to show him first, or to let Ron tell him," she admitted. She looked at Bill. "The twins decided to make a candy that would allow young men like you to be a woman for a few days," she told him. "It backfired."

Bill's mouth fell open and stayed that way. He started to shake his head. "No!" he said finally, walking out into the garden.

"He'll be home in three days," Draco called. "He'll be at the inbetween spot again."

"Can you get him home sooner?" Molly asked. She looked at Hedwig. "I'm wondering which one sent her?"

"Ron did," Draco told her. "He's still furious. That would explain why." He stood up. "Perhaps I should talk to him?"

"No, I'll get George to do it." She stood up and walked out, taking him to the twin's store. "George, Fred, look who's in," she called over the crowd of returning students. Fred and George both smiled and pointed at the doorway behind them. "We'll wait for you for a bit," she agreed, pulling him that way. "Now you listen to them, Bill, and try not to lose your temper. Ron's mostly happy now." She put him onto the couch and left him there, going back to Draco's. She was enjoying helping him plan the next party he would have to throw.

Bill was scowling when the twins walked in. "What did you two do to Ron?"

Fred shut the door. "We've only got a half-hour," he said quietly, glancing around. "What have they told you?"


Bill looked up as Harry and Ron apparated in and the shields closed again. He looked over Ron, still frowning. Then he looked at Harry and his hand on Ron's back. "Go away," he requested.

"Sure, we'll talk later," Harry agreed. "Draco?" he called as he walked away.

"Hi, Bill," Ron said, giving him a hug. Bill scowled at him. "What? You expected me to still be sulking after a year?" Bill opened his mouth. "In another six days, it'll be a year. We're going to celebrate it with the twins if you wanted to join in."

Bill shook himself. "At least it's only warped you slightly," he admitted. He shook himself briskly. "You're not bothered by this?"

"I had a few crying jags," Ron admitted as he sat down, staring at his big brother. "That first day found me throwing a royal temper tantrum in the backyard at home. The day I started my monthlies. The last time Harry and Draco refused to have sex with me." He shrugged. "I try to control it. It has warped me, but mostly in good ways. I can now translate between couples." He pointed at the chair next to him. "Sit, I can answer questions."

"I got the long lecture from the twins, from your...mate, and from mum," Bill admitted. "Ron, that's just odd, even for us," he decided.

Ron looked down at his shrinking chest. "I'll understand if it creeps you out. Charlie couldn't quit staring the whole time he was up." Bill lunged over and hugged him. "Thanks."

"I'm not going to abandon you, Ron, but it's still weird and I need time to think about it."

Ron hit him on the arm, but he was grinning. "You're my brother, you're not supposed to think about them."

Bill laughed. "You're definitely still yourself." He gave him a hair ruffle. "What's with the hair? Mum always tries to cut mine, why hasn't she gotten to yours yet?"

"Because she thinks it's only proper to have me grow it out," Ron said with a naughty grin. "Keeps trying to get me to wear a kilt all the time so I'm never out of a skirt too." Bill burst out in giggles. "Sure, yuk it up, but I don't have the legs for it. I look better in slinky gowns, which is good because Harry and Draco like to see me in them." He beamed. "With high heels of course."

"Of course," Bill agreed. He noogied his younger brother before standing up again. "You're really okay with this?"

"I've learned to be philosophical about it," Ron corrected. "I can't change it so I might as well go with it." He stood up. "Besides, I look hot in my dresses. Come on up and I'll show you. They've *forced* me to allow them to spoil me, Bill. Threatened to tickle me and things if I didn't."

Bill patted him on the back, smiling at him. This was the Ron he was used to. "They like you to be pampered. It's not such a bad thing." He followed Ron up to their room, quickly heading into the closet with him when he noticed the two sucking each other off on the bed.

Ron looked at him, then at the bed. "Wait for me, you greedy bastards," he shouted.

Draco pulled off and looked at him. "We're entertaining ourselves until you're done talking with your brother."

"We'll get you after dinner," Harry agreed, going back to what he had been doing. His wand flicked, drawing the curtains around the bed closed.

Bill shook his head to clear away the bad images. "You put up with that?"

"Yeah, they'll lick me until I'm unconscious later. Harry likes it that way," he said with a smirk.

Bill patted him on the back. "I revise my earlier statement, you are very warped, Ron."

Ron beamed. "Just wait." He glanced around then shut the door, losing his smile. "Bill, I need advise about the training program," he said quietly. "I really do."

Bill lost his smile, nodding. "What's going on?"

"You know that I can be used as part of a power raising potion?" Bill nodded slowly. "The Captain over our training group wants to try and brainwash me to let them kill me."

"But a freely-given bit would have more power," Bill pointed out.

"And he doesn't think I'd do it for Harry," Ron told him, opening a small box to show him the three vials of blood. "But I have."

Bill closed the top of the box. Seeing the contents had made him queasy. "I'll stand behind you no matter what, but I won't put up with you being in danger, Ron. Neither will the folks. Do they know?" Ron nodded. "Then I'd drop out. You and Harry both." He scratched the back of his neck. "Mother told me about how Dumbledore made him snap and all that. If they're going to press it, I'd say leave. You're both well trained already and you can probably mimic the training here just as well."

"I guess," Ron agreed. He glanced at the door again and pointed his wand at it, sending a small burst of energy at it, making Draco yell. "Yes, we're talking about that stuff." The door opened. "I was going to tell him about the gun, just in case."

Draco nodded, rubbing his arm. "If you think he's trustworthy," he agreed. He closed the door and went back to the bed, considering what he had heard. He nudged Harry. "Are they doing it to you? Like Dumbledore did?" Harry nodded slowly, giving him a trusting look. "You can quit."

"I shouldn't. I could use the training."

Draco touched the scar. "We don't want a repeat of this, especially not if they're going to break you two apart," he said quietly. "I want you to drop out."

Harry sat up. "Draco, I can't. You know I can't. It could mean the difference between winning and losing that fight. The difference between dying and not having to see the world go to hell quickly, and living to make sure it changes in a good way." His eyes pleaded for understanding even as his hands stroked over Draco's chest and he arched up to give him a kiss. "You know I won't let them hurt Ron."

"I'm worried about the both of you," Draco told him, giving him a hard kiss. "There isn't much we can't train you to do here at the house, Potter. I don't want to have to get an owl saying you're in the hospital because you snapped again. Besides, your dog misses you."

Harry sighed and leaned against him, getting comfortable. "I promise, if it gets to be too much I'll quit. I won't let myself snap and I won't let myself go odd either. We need the training though."

"If you insist," Draco said bitterly. Harry hugged him. "We do have an extensive Dark Arts library in the study," he noted.

"We get our spellbooks on Monday," Harry soothed. "Next weekend, we'll look through it and compare notes." Draco nodded, relaxing some. "I swear, nothing's going to hurt Ron."

Draco pinched him hard. "I'm sure she'll be protected, you won't protect yourself, Harry."

"Yes, Draco."

Draco groaned and tipped Harry's face up so he had to look at him. "I'm starting to agree with the twins. This low self-esteem of yours is wrong and damaging. Where is that cocky boy who teased me back?"

"He's tired."

"I know," Draco soothed, understanding it now. Ron wasn't the only one getting pushed into sacrificing himself. He laid them down, cuddling Harry closer. "We'll have to work on your occulemencary lessons this weekend," he said quietly.

"If you think it'd be fun," Harry agreed in a lighter tone of voice.

"I do. That way I can get into your head and rearrange things in there," Draco noted, giving him a squeeze. "Maybe I'll even bring out that side that you showed the Dark One when we faced him down."

"I've gotten yelled at so many times about that," Harry said quietly. "All the 'how could you's are coming back."

"Then we'll handle it," Draco assured him. Ron opened the curtains and crawled in. "Are they being pushy with you too?" Ron nodded and cuddled in behind Harry. "Done with your brother?"

"Until after dinner. He's thinking." Ron yawned. "I think I want a nap, I'll jump you both later."

"Sure, Ron." Harry patted his hand and waited until he heard the snoring. "This isn't good for him," he said quietly. Draco nodded. "I want him to drop out, just so he's safer."

"We'll see what we can do," Draco promised, giving him a kiss. "You rest as well. You could probably use the nap too." Harry nodded and snuggled in, falling asleep while Draco thought and made possible plans. He would not allow this to go on. He wouldn't see the world ended because someone was getting desperate.


Draco walked into the Captain's office, sitting himself down across from him without being told to. "I decided it was about time for us to talk," he said complacently. The Captain looked up at him and started. "Yes, it's me." He looked around the room while the man put down his pen. Then he looked at him again. "I know you did a pensive reading of Potter's history. Do you understand what you've seen?"

"The boy's a loose cannon," the Captain told him.

Draco held up a finger. "He's not actually. He is not going to be pushed into anything. He knows what he'll have to do. He's accepted it and made plans in case the worst happens. He's also made a long-term goal to give himself something to look forward to." He crossed his legs. "On the other hand, you've about sent him back into the state where he tried to cut off his scar and present it to someone. I can't allow that. Nor can I allow the world to end simply because you're in a blind panic because your numbers are too low. If you continue to push Potter and Weasley, you will find yourself in the same place Dumbledore is at the moment, without him." He stood up. "This is your only warning. My mates and I know about, and have many plans for, the next few battles. Potter has had to rely on himself for too long, and you're making sure he knows he can't trust you. Do the math and then choose wisely, because I can and will train him better than you ever will." He walked out, leaving before his husbands knew he was there.

Outside the bugler started Morning Wake Up. The Captain frowned and looked outside, then shook his head. "I can't do that, Mr. Malfoy," he said quietly. "I can't risk the world on the whims of a damaged individual." He picked up his pen and went back to writing in his journal, including this incident for future note.


Draco walked up to Molly Weasley in Gladrags after a short nap and tapped her on the shoulder. "He is," he said quietly. She looked at him and he nodded. "Both of them are emotionally weary."

"Then they'll have to drop out," Molly told him. "They'll kill him and he won't win. Why can't they see that?"

Draco shrugged. "They're panicking and they don't understand." He pulled a robe down and handed it to her. "For Ginny. She'll need something spectacular this year to make sure Longbottom comes back for the Yule Ball." He paid the salesgirl for it and then went up to make his other call, checking on Severus. He walked into the dungeons and saw the man working on something. "An interesting case?" he asked, making him jump. He leaned against the counter with an assured air. "What are you doing?"

"I was asked to brew something for someone," he told him. "How are you liking your life so far?"

"It's decent enough. So far I've hosted Bill Weasley for a few days so he and Ron could discuss things. I've had to talk Potter back from the edge of the path that led to his last snap. Ron as well." Snape flinched. "If you're brewing for someone over there, you should know I installed the suicide patch myself," he said blandly, glancing around the room. "When were you going to get around to cleaning up the ink on the walls from last year?" He looked back at his guardian again and saw him staring him down. Or attempting to. He smiled, a disarming attempt that worked well on Weasley when he was in a bad mood. "Yes, they're doing the same thing. Perhaps you, as someone who had experience in causing it, should send them a letter suggesting that they not force another one," he said quietly. "Because he will leave. Or he'll do something brash and crazy. You of all people now realize how he can be." He nodded at the military-issued pensive in the corner. "Theirs?"

Snape pressed his lips together and nodded. "I've already told them they're on the wrong path with him. They haven't listened."

"I noticed the good Captain didn't seem very interested in my opinion either this morning," he agreed. "But it will happen if it has to." He push off from the counter. "Would you like to take lunch with me?"

"If you want. In an hour?"

"That's fine. I'm sure Ron and Harry could use some treats," he said with a smile. "I'll meet you in town." He walked away, heading out through one of the hidden doorways Harry had shown him.

Snape leaned his head against the wall and took a few deep breaths to calm himself. He couldn't finish the compulsion potion now. The boy was right, it would cause another incident. He took it off the fire, adding the last few ingredients anyway. He could always store it for later use on a student. It took too long to make if he didn't have some on hand.


Harry flinched as their cellphone went off, knocking his opponent out before grabbing it and silencing it. The number came up as 'home' and he looked at the person putting them through their hand-to-hand drills. "It's probably an emergency, sir, may I?"

"You're not supposed to have muggle technology here," he said harshly. "What are you? A muggle!"

"No, but if it's the only way for me to stay connected with home, then I'm going to do it." He walked away, calling Draco. "What happened?" He listened, then groaned and one hand drifted up to grab his forehead. "I'll be right there." He hung up and looked at the Corporal. "Sir, Weasley and I need to head home immediately."

"Why? Can't live without sex?" he sneered.

"No, actually it's my dog." Ron looked at him as he walked over. "Apparently Snickers was so bored he got free, walked to the nearest neighbor, and picked up their dog like it was a toy to play with. They're talking about having him quarantined." Ron snorted but followed him back to the floo point. They headed for Malfoy Manor then for the new house, just in case they were being spied upon. Then Harry led the jog down to where he could feel Draco getting ready to snap. "What happened?" he asked as he joined them. "Snickers, put that dog down!" His dog put down the little beagle and gave him a pathetic look. "I know," he soothed, getting down to pet him. "I'm not paying enough attention to you, and I'm sorry." He gave him a good, long pet before looking at the people around them. "He has had his shots," he promised. "He's usually such a good dog, it's only because I've been at training so much."

The owner of the beagle sniffed. "Can you prove he's had his shots?"

"I can," Ron agreed. "His records are somewhere back at the house." Draco looked at him. "He came with his shot records."

"I had forgotten about that," Draco admitted. "We would be willing to get him another one if it'd make you feel better." The woman nodded. "That's fine."

"It won't hurt him?" Harry asked. One of the spectators shook his head. "Then that's fine. We'll do that this afternoon." He stood up and his dog gave him an adoring look. "Come on, let's go back to the house and then we'll head to the vet's this afternoon." Snickers trotted after him, happy that his master was home.

Ron grinned at the woman, one of his innocent, 'trust me I'm cute' look. "He really was looking for a playmate." He jogged off after Harry.

Draco shrugged. "It wasn't an attack, I tried to tell you that." He walked after his mates. There wasn't any way he was going to run. He walked into the house and found Harry kissing his dog. "I'm not kissing you until you've cleaned your face."

"That's fine," Harry agreed with a smile for him. "Thank you for the call."

"You're welcome." He patted Harry on the head. "Thank you for showing up. He nearly got taken in to be watched over for two weeks." Harry glared. "Standard procedure." He walked away, finding Ron in the fridge gulping juice. "Are you all right?"

"Fine," Ron panted during a breathing break. "Tired." He got a hug. "What's happened?"

Draco leaned against him. "I had a talk with Severus. They've asked him to make a compulsion formula." Ron dropped the carton of juice in his shock. Draco nodded. Snickers walked in and started to clean it up for them, Harry not far behind.

"What happened?" Harry asked.

Draco looked at him. "I learned earlier in the week that they're trying to get a compulsion formula mixed." Harry's mouth opened. "It's so complex that no one with skills less than the most well-trained master can make it, Harry. They couldn't do it themselves."

"I see." He looked at Ron. "What did Bill advise?"

"To get out. Tonks?"

"To run away and hide." Harry leaned against the counter, watching his dog slurp the spilled juice. "I want to talk to Mad Eye. He's been doing this forever, he knows the Captain personally." Ron nodded. Draco opened his mouth. "We've been aware that they're trying to brainwash us, Draco, and we've been fighting it. I simply need his opinion in the matter." He walked away, going to call Dumbledore. If anyone could find Moody, it'd be him. And possibly Remus as well.

Draco looked at Ron, who shrugged. "He's torn. He's got to fight, and he could use the training, but he doesn't want to give up what little he's managed to achieve so far."

"I'm little?"

"No, but in the grand scheme of having a life, picking your own spouse is an issue." Ron kissed him. "To the both of us." Draco hugged him. "I hate this patch."

"You only have to wear it while you're in training or if you think you're going to be attacked," Draco soothed. "The faster the Dark Lord dies, the sooner you can take it off." He kissed him gently. "Come on, we've got to plan for Harry's birthday party. It's a surprise," he said with a wink.

"All right." Ron followed him back to the living room so they could make plans.


Harry walked up to the muggle restaurant and sat down in the booth, smiling at the waitress as she walked over. "I only need a small salad and a coke." She nodded and walked off. Someone sat in the chair next to him and he looked over. "Moody," he said with a sigh of relief. "I need your opinion."

"How bad is it, Potter?"

Harry leaned closer since there were people around. "We were right to protect Ron," he said quietly. "The same as we were right to worry about me being considered a tool and not a soldier." Moody stiffened. "Then I found out today that they've tried to get Snape to make a compulsion formula."

Moody relaxed slightly but Harry could see his magic eye scanning the surroundings. "That wasn't the Captain."

"It wasn't?"

Moody shook his head. "That was the big man himself." He smiled as the waitress came back. "Tea?" She nodded and got him a cup, bringing it and leaving them alone. "That's a healthy and small lunch."

"It's my afternoon snack," Harry admitted. "I had lunch before we had to leave to care of a problem with Snickers."

"What's your dog doing now?"

Harry grinned. "He got loose and went to find a friend. Picked a beagle up by the back of the neck and carried it around like a lunch pail." Moody laughed, clapping him on the back. That's when Harry knew something was up, Moody never would have done that. But Moody was sneaky enough to have sent another member of the Order in his place, so it was still probably worthwhile to ask. "So we're going to vets to prove that there's nothing wrong with him in about an hour." He dug in, spearing a large bite of salad. "What do I do, Moody? Tonks warned me, Draco's pushy, and even Ron's worried."

Moody thought for a second. "There's no better training for combat," he said quietly. "But to risk you having another...episode means that we will all lose."

"I think we've all pointed that out to him, and he's not listening. I'm starting to feel put upon again," Harry admitted between bites. He looked at his mentor, who was looking disturbed. "I slept both of my weekends off so far. Couldn't get out of bed. I'm starting not to get up in the mornings again too." Moody nodded. "And I don't know what to do. I want to stay to get the training, but I can't stay with that going on." He quieted himself and shrugged. "Is there another option? Draco said he'd help us train."

"He probably could. You have some training, they were going to refine it for you." Moody leaned closer. "If it were me, I'd do whatever was going to bring back that cocky kid for the end of last school year." He grinned. "There's nothing prettier than the Headmaster when he's fluttering about complaining about your taste in friends. Though I should probably smack you around a bit for that stunt you pulled with *him*. It sent *him* into a rage of epic proportions." Harry grimaced. "That going to the strip clubs probably wasn't the most pure thing you could do with Ron."

"I thought you were going to yell about me going to see Voldie," Harry sighed in relief.

"Hell, no! That was inspired!" He laughed, clapping Harry on the back again. "Remus was right proud of you, Harry. The strip clubs made him groan and moan a bit, but then so did Ron's condition."

"Where is he? He didn't even leave me a letter the last time we ran into him at the school. I haven't heard from him in ages."

"He's safe and we're working on it. I'll tell him to send you a letter."

Harry looked at him, then he pulled something out his pants pocket and handed it over. "A muggle post office box," he said quietly. "I check it every few days." Mad Eye put it in his pocket with a nod. "Thank you."

"It's the least I can do, kid. You needed the help. If only so you don't try to remove the scar again. Head injuries bleed like crazy." He stood up and walked away.

Harry finished his salad and soda, thinking about the problem. He paid his check and went out to his car, finding the parking ticket on the hood. He frowned as he got in and looked at it. "I didn't think it had been," he said quietly. "I wonder how they got the polyjuice and fake eye though." He put the warning aside and started the car, following the directions on it to the new meeting place. He found the real Mad Eye waiting in the park on him and walked over, giving him a hug so he could whisper in his ear. Mad Eye laughed. "I need advice."

"You need the training," Mad Eye corrected.

"Without the added shit coming down, which I can't handle," Harry pointed out. The auror, the real one, nodded. "So?"

"I still say you need the training, but if they're pushing you like Dumble does, then I'd dump them." He stood up. "What else did you two talk about?"

"I wanted Remus to write me. I haven't heard from him in forever."

"He said he ran into you at the school, before you went and plagued Malfoy senior. Walk with me, Potter." They walked around the park. "Better to be a moving target."

"I know, and understand, but I can't stand some of the shit, Mad Eye. The whole first week was about sacrifice and duty. All while staring at me and Ron."

"Do they know about the patch?" Harry nodded. "Did the fake know?"

"I only mentioned us protecting him. It can be taken multiple ways."

"Good boy, Harry." He nodded at the far group of trees. "I'd go that way if I were you, and I would find out if I could do the same training on my own."

"That's part of what I needed to know," Harry pointed out. "You know what sort of training I'll need and I've only got vague ideas."

"Ah." Mad Eye gave him a smile, making him shudder. "Yes and no. Yes, you can be trained and you can learn the same things, but training with them means that you're going to have them at your back."

"No, they're not," Harry said, stopping to look at him. Mad Eye turned to look at him. "They're not behind me. There's only been one person who's tried to teach us anything and that's the combat instructor, Henderson. Everyone else has decided that we're tools of the system and should be treated like machines." Mad Eye nodded. "Is it supposed to be like that?"

"No, they're supposed to be telling you how to work as a team. Getting you up to speed and willing to go fight. The sacrifice thing is not standard, not even with the new rules. That's all the Captain's doing. Have you talked with him?"

Harry nodded. "I have, Draco did, everyone did. Um, did Dumbledore request the compulsion potion?" Mad Eye nodded. Harry smiled. "They're treating me just like he did last year."

Mad Eye shrugged. "Then I'd take the spellbook and run personally. You've got enough balls to get through most everything and a lot more combat experience than most recruits." He looked around then stepped closer. "I am proud of you, if not one else is," he said quietly. "You've become an incredible young man, Harry, and your mother would be very proud, even if your father would write you off as being too stiff to be fun." Harry's mouth opened. "Trust me, he would have. And remember, vigilance is everything." He walked away.

Harry walked toward the trees and found Remus sitting under one reading. "Hi."

Remus looked up at him, putting the book away. "How's the training?"

"It'd be better if I was getting trained," Harry said as he sat down. Remus frowned. "I've been told all about sacrifice and duty." The other man's face hardened. "That's why I wanted to talk to Mad Eye."

"I know it's hard, Harry," Remus said quietly, patting him on the hand. "Take the training and run."

"I'm about ready to just run."

"Can you train without them?" Harry shrugged. "Figure it out first." He gave him a hug. "That's for Ron when you see her next."

"She's mostly male today," Harry told him. "And hates being called a 'she', Remus." He grinned. "But I'll pass on the hug." Remus laughed, patting him on the hand again. "You're awfully calm."

"Molly made me drink a calming potion so I wouldn't go off on what happened to Ron," he admitted.

"That was the twins."

"Yes, but it was so very obvious that you've broken Ron in," Remus pointed out.

"Yeah, and the both of us are marked as well," Harry told him. Remus looked confused. "You didn't hear it all, did you?" He shook his head. "Dumbledore and Snape's big plan was to have Malfoy protect us since his father was the main changeling researching in the longest time." Remus opened his mouth. "He does an excellent job. He cares for us now." Remus swallowed and nodded. "He marked us first, then Ron's father found their family crest." He lifted the hem of his shirt and shifted so the marks were exposed. "See?"

Remus fought down the bout of panic that seeing the marks brought up. Now he knew why Molly had fed him the potion. He patted him on the hand. "Watch out for him, Harry. He's not changed that much from what some people have said," he said carefully, judging Harry by his response.

Harry shook his head. "He kept me from walking off after I snapped this spring, Remus. He does care for us."

"Still, can you trust him with Ron?" Harry nodded. "Are you sure he won't use it to his own ends?"

"How could he?" Harry asked. "He hasn't taken the Mark. He's gone with me and reviled the idiot with me. Hell, he's even gotten me drunk a few times and likes to spoil Ron with me." He grinned. "We're happy together, Uncle Remus. Even if you don't like him because of who his father is."

"I'm more worried about the blood telling, Harry," Remus pointed out. "He's still a crafty boy and he could be meaning to do you both harm to take over once the final battle's fought. Being beside you would get him there faster."

"You're being paranoid."

"Sometimes it's necessary, especially in today's life."

"He stuck up for me, Uncle Remus, even against Ron sometimes. Would he be nagging me about my low self-esteem if he wanted to toss me over?" Remus nodded. "Now I know why you haven't written," Harry said as he stood up. "It was nice seeing you again."

Remus caught him by the pants leg and pulled him back down, catching him before he could fall. "It's my job to watch out for you, Harry, you know that. With Sirius gone, it's only my job now."

"Then where have you been?" Harry asked quietly, getting free. He looked at the older man and saw the worry. "Ask Molly, Remus, she's talked with him a number of times so far. She knows he's not going to harm us."

"If you say so; I'll keep my opinion on the matter to myself for now," Remus said gently, giving him a smile. "Don't be mad, Harry, I'm only trying to do what's best for you."

Harry leaned closer. "He cares for me, Remus, which is more than I can say about nearly everyone else in my life." He saw the pain and corrected it. "Most people see me as a tool or some tragic hero, you and Ron, plus most of his family not counting. At least Draco and Ron want to get to know me as a person. Draco is very sweet to me and he's constantly on me to be myself because it makes me happier."

"Then I'm happy for you," Remus told him, giving him a pat on the cheek. The boy looked so sure so he would keep his own council for now, until he had watched them together for himself. "Now, tell me about what's been going on in your training."

Harry settled in to explain it to him. Remus usually gave decent advice.


Harry looked up from his plate as someone rang the bell. He glanced at the clock, then at Draco. "Friends?" he suggested.

Draco wiped his mouth off and got up to answer it. The house elf was staring at the man, jabbering that they were eating. "It's fine," he told it. It bowed and ran off. "What do you want?" he asked, looking over the uniform. "Potter and Weasley are eating, they weren't supposed to show up until after dinner."

"That would be rather hard to do since the camp got attacked," the auror said as he walked in and shut the door. "Where are they?"

"In the dining room," Draco said with a frown, leading the way. "The camp was attacked," he announced as he walked in.

"Is everyone all right?" Harry asked, putting down his water glass. "Was anyone hurt seriously?"

"No, there were a few people killed, but no one had any serious injuries beyond that," the auror said. "I'm with Internal Affairs, boys."

Ron swallowed his present bite of roast. "We weren't there."

"I know. I need to know why." He sat down across from them. "What was so important that you had to break the 'no muggle technology' rule?"

"The Captain knew we had the phone," Ron told him, pointing with his fork.

"It rang because I had to come explain my familiar," Harry said, pointing at his dog. "It decided to kidnap a neighbor's dog."

"Your nearest neighbor is over three miles away."

Draco cleared his throat. "Harry has another residence and we were there earlier," he said. "The dog got loose there."

"They flooed here," the auror told him.

Ron snorted. "Yeah, so we can hide that place. Think about how many people will try to bother Harry and me if they knew where we lived in our off times." He sipped his water and looked at Draco, then at the auror. "Who attacked?"

"A group of people wanting initiation. They weren't looking for Mr. Potter, they were looking for you, Mr. Weasley," he told him. Ron looked stunned. "Why would that be?"

"He's a changeling," Harry breathed. "They know that though and haven't tried anything so stupid before!" He stood up and started to pace. "This makes no sense. Voldemort wouldn't risk his newest candidates that way unless he wanted them gone. The attack on the school this spring made some sense, though it was a futile gesture. That doesn't make any sense at all. Draco?"

Draco shook his head. "It doesn't to me either. Nothing about this jives with what my father used to say about him or his cohorts." He sipped his wine then put the glass back down. "Are you sure they were Death Eater candidates?"

"He could have sent them there to make sure they died," Ron pointed out. "Getting rid of the useless. Sending candidates against a bunch of aurors would let them take out some of the enemy while wasting their lives. It's almost efficient if you want to look at it that way."

The auror nodded. "We thought that might be the case. We have one person who still needs identified. They're about your age."

"I'll go," Draco told him. He looked at Harry, then at Ron, both of whom looked sickened. "They've got weaker stomachs."

"Are we to report back tonight?" Ron asked. The auror shook his head. "Then tell us when."

"It'll be a few days," he said as he stood up. "Go ahead and floo the new Captain. He'll need to know how to get in touch with you." Harry nodded stiffly. "Thank you, gentlemen. Try to stay here." He followed Draco to the floo.

Ron looked at Harry, watching him pace for a few moments before putting in a few quiet words. "That's fishy."

"It is," Harry agreed thoughtfully. "Very fishy. I'm wondering if he has spies there."

"He probably does," Ron agreed. He looked around, then grabbed Draco's wine to take a long drink, handing the rest to Harry. "Here, you look like you need it."

Harry looked at him. "Mad Eye, and the fake Mad Eye, both encouraged me to quit," he told him. He finished off the wine. "Remus went off on Draco and warned me to watch him." Ron snorted. "He thinks Draco wants to become the next Dark Lord, using us to defeat Voldemort so he can take over."

"That's ridiculous," Ron pointed out.

"That's what I said," Harry agreed as he sat down. He took off his glasses so he could rub his eyes. "I'm just so tired, Ron. I don't know what to do."

"We'll see if this has made anything change. If not, then we'll quit," Ron soothed, reaching over to touch his arm. Harry nodded but didn't look at him. "If it does change things, it might get better. We might actually get the training we need."

"Hopefully," Harry agreed in a near-whisper. "I don't think I can take much more of this, Ron. This whole war needs to end."

Ron nodded. "I know, Harry. We could always plan some sort of preemptive strike. Maybe attack him one night like the last time, only this time with fatal wounds?"

"Why didn't I kill him then? I could have."

"Because you're a decent sort and killing someone is wrong," Ron noted. "It's a fight you'll have to win with yourself some day, but not yet. Soon though, huh?" Harry looked at him and smiled. "We'll do whatever we have to, Harry. Don't worry about that." Draco came back and fell into his chair. He was pale and shaking. "Harry, brandy," he ordered. Harry went to get it while Ron wet a napkin and wiped Draco's face for him. Draco's eyes shifted to look at him. "Who?"

"Goyle," he whispered. Ron hugged him. "Thank you." He accepted the large snifter of brandy and gulped it. "We're going to have to do something."

"We are," Harry agreed. He straightened up under Draco's look. "We need to talk anyway. Some people seem to think that you're going to become the Dark Lord after I defeat him."

Draco laughed bitterly. "Why would I want every petty wannabe in the universe gunning for me?" he asked derisively. "Ron, get off." Ron quit hugging him. "Who decided that?"

"Remus," Harry told him. "I defended you," he said at the opening mouth. "I told him that you cared for us and that there wasn't any hint that he was right. He's decided to give up and just watch us for now." He shrugged. "I thought you'd want to know."

"I do," Draco agreed, pulling him closer to give him a kiss on the cheek. "He's wrong of course, but thank you for giving me more bad news." He stood up. Harry opened his mouth. "I know, you're trying to be honest, but I can't take much more tonight. I'm going to take a long, hot bath. If you want, finish dinner. Send Vincent up to me when he gets home so I can tell him." He walked away.

Harry hung his head. "I'm sorry, Draco," he called. "I didn't mean to add to it."

Draco came back and hugged him. "I know, it's the same problem as you not being very good with people." He walked away again, this time heading for the door that had just slammed. The new couple was standing chatting in the doorway. "Vincent."

"Draco," he said, turning to look at him. All the happiness fled. "Ron?"

Draco shook his head. "No, an attack earlier while they were here. Goyle." Vincent went limp and Hermione had to support him. "And his father. They had them laid out together."

"That fucking bastard!" Vincent yelled. "I'll kill him myself!" Hermione let him go when he started to struggle. "Why?" Draco shrugged. "We don't know anything?"

"Not yet. We just found out ourselves. The auror came to tell Harry and Ron," he told him blandly. "I went to identify so they didn't have to." Crabbe nodded, starting to sweat. "Run and get sick," he told him, getting out of the way. "We'll plan what to do about this later. After we make arrangements for their burials." He looked at Hermione. "The others are in the dining room."

"Thank you, Draco." She gave him a short hug. "I'm sorry for your loss." She went to talk to Harry and Ron, knowing they were upset and needed her too. She found Vincent leaning against the bathroom door first. "Occupied?"

"I'm trying to keep it inside, it's not manly," he said, pulling her closer. He buried his nose against her neck and took deep sniffs. "I'm sorry we ended our date like this," he whispered when he was more calm.

She patted him gently, then stroked down his back. "We're in the middle of a war, Vinnie. It happens to everyone at least once. We'll all end up losing someone we care about. We can only hope it's not those closest to us." He nodded and clutched her tighter. "It's all right, I promise. I'll help make the arrangements if you need it and I'll be beside you the whole time." He nodded again, clutching her tighter.

Ron walked out of the dining room and gave them a sad smile. "I'm sorry, Vinnie." He got shrugged at. "I know you guys were friends for a long time and it's got to be hard. If you want to talk, you can always find me."

"Thanks, Ron," he mumbled into her neck.

Ron walked off, going to find Draco. He found him in the study having another large brandy and put his arms around his waist, cuddling up to his back. "I'm sorry, Draco."

"I knew it would probably happen. He relied on the wrong things during fights. His father was the same way," he admitted, turning to hold his husband. "I'm not the bad guy."

"I know. So does Harry, he didn't mean to tell you like that."

"No, it was right to tell me. And doing so now gives me another thing to think about instead of berating myself over how I could have gotten him free of them." He leaned his head on Ron's shoulder. "I don't like war."

"Neither do we," Ron soothed. "We'll do whatever we can to help you through this, Draco. No matter what."

Draco nodded. "Thank you." He gave him a squeeze. "How is Vincent?"

"Cuddling Hermione close enough to crack ribs," Ron said with a smile. Draco smiled back. "Go lounge in the water, let Harry apologize. He feels rotten."

"It's not his fault," he noted, walking away. He found Harry drawing him a bath and gave him a hug as well. "I'm sorry I snapped at you," he whispered. "You were only trying to tell me that there were other problems." Harry nodded, turning to hold him. "We're still fine, everything will go back to normal in a few days."

"I hope so. That and I hope they kick us out," Harry whispered.

Draco pulled back. "Instead of quitting?" He got a nod. "Well, that might happen," he agreed. "Bathe with me? You're very comforting in the water."

"Are you sure? I can get Ron for you," Harry offered.

"If I had wanted Ron, I'd have asked him," Draco said dryly. "Why do you do that?" Harry turned to fiddle with the faucets. "No, look at me," he demanded, turning off the water and forcing Harry to look at him. "Why do you do that?"

"Do what?"

Draco frowned. "Don't think about escaping this conversation, Potter. I want to know why you always put yourself down."

Harry opened his mouth. Then he shook his head and closed it. "It's stupid."

"Probably, but in order for me to counter it, I've got to hear it. So give."

Harry looked down again. "You're only with me because I was with Ron, he forced you to."

Draco snorted and shook his head. "You dumbass." Harry looked at him, looking a little hurt. "I had no intention of taking you on but I did it only because Ron would have felt more comfortable with me?" Harry nodded. "Then you really aren't as smart as everything thinks you could be." He sat on the edge of the tub and forced Harry to sit on his thigh. "Would I have taken you to bed if that were the case?" Harry shrugged and nodded. "You think so? I would have treated someone I did that to the same?"

"I guess," Harry admitted.

"Then perhaps you should go talk with Vincent." He pushed Harry up. "He can prove to you that it's not like that. Go." He shooed him. "Go talk to him and come back when you've got your head straightened out. I'll expect an apology for such insulting thoughts." Harry opened his mouth again. "Go!"

Harry walked out, trudging down to Vincent's room. He knocked gently and Hermione opened the door. "Is Vinnie in here? Draco ordered me to talk to him."

"He's in the bathroom. You can wait in his room and I'll get us something to nibble on," she decided after having seen the defeated look on his face. "Whatever it is, I'm sure he understands, Harry."

"How can he when I don't?" he asked.

"I'll take a long time." She closed the door behind her.

Vincent came out and looked at him. "What happened now?"

"I told Draco I thought he only liked me because Ron insisted," Harry admitted, still looking down at his feet. "He ordered me to talk to you."

"Those relatives of yours should be shot, Potter," Vincent decided as he walked over and dragged Harry to the settee he had stolen from downstairs. "Sit!" Harry sat and looked at him. "If Draco had only done it for that reason, he wouldn't have taken you to his bed, wouldn't humor you when you're in one of your odd and bouncy moods, and he definitely wouldn't be sharing Ron with you."

"But it makes Ron happy."

Vincent laughed oddly. "Trust me, it's not true." He took off his shirt and pointed at a scar on his shoulder. "If he only wanted you around because of Ron, and Ron insisted you come into their bed as well, you'd have marks like this. Draco gets ...harsher when he's in it for the stress relief. He draws a clear and distinct line between his personal enthusiasms and stress relief, and the line is physical contact. He doesn't touch *anyone* he's sleeping with for that reason except when necessary. No cuddling, no kissing, none of it. Stress relief is in and out, and then you're done and gone to him." Harry nodded and looked down again. "Why do you think that way?"

"I don't know. It's the little voice in the back of my head I guess," he said as the tapping, irritated foot started. He looked up at him, seeing the understanding. "It's like everyone wants something from me, except for a very few people and I have a hard time distinguishing sometimes."

"Yeah, I can see that. You're you and you're a hero. Big whoop." Harry smiled at that. "So? Has Draco done that?"

"The second time we met," Harry told him. "The first time he tried to chat me up, just in case I was the right sort."

"Pfft. At eleven Draco was as much a tool as people are trying to make you." He sat down beside him. "I think you need professional help. Draco may not always be the nicest creature in the world, but if you think he's with you out of some sort of obligation to Ron, you really need a professional to talk to."

Harry shrugged. "Maybe I do. Everyone seems to think I'm crazy anyway."

"Have I said that?"

Harry looked at him. "Not recently."

"See, not everybody." He gave the guy a shoulder squeeze. "I don't know what they did to you, Harry, but they were wrong. One hundred percent wrong. Everything they told you was wrong. The same as nearly everything Aunt Narcissa said about me was wrong. Get over it already and move on. Their opinion shouldn't matter." He smiled as Hermione walked in. "Did you have to deal with this often?"

"Sometimes." She set the tray of drinks down. "Harry, they were wrong. You are loveable, worthy, and very normal. You're only lazy when the mood takes you and you can't fight it off, or when Ron's got the ice cream out, and you're worth more than nearly everyone. Now go apologize and let Draco talk you out of this current funk." He nodded and walked out, leaving them alone. She sighed. "There have been a number of days when I wanted to slap his aunt, this is just another to add to the tally," she told herself.

"She was that bad?"

Hermione looked at him, then at the door, casting a shielding over it so they couldn't be eavesdropped on. Then she snuggled in beside him. "Harry Potter the early years consists of tales of child abuse, child neglect, and being locked in a closet." He opened his mouth and she kissed him gently. "He has these moments for a reason, but he's getting better. He was shocked his first year at school during Christmas because someone gave him a present. The boy never had a friend until he got to Hogwarts. He also never had anything that wasn't a hand-me-down until then either. And his cousin was twice your width and then some." Vincent swallowed. "So, yes, we've had this sort of discussion before." She hesitantly touched the mark on his shoulder. "What's that from?"

"Draco's teeth." She looked concerned. "Stress relief, nothing more," he assured her. She nodded and relaxed. He smiled and kissed the side of her head. "Most girls would have run away screaming if they knew I had been used that way."

"I figure he didn't know any better and that was in the past," she said firmly. "If it happens again, I'm going to beat him up." He laughed and hugged her. "You think I'm kidding, but I'm not. I'll wear out all my anger at Potter's Aunt and Uncle on him."

"I'm sure he'd be shaking if he heard you," he soothed, gentling her back into their earlier cuddling. "Thank you for telling me, Hermione."

"You're welcome. You're working with him and I think it's only fair that you realize how fragile that boy can be." She snuggled in closer, leaning against his chest. "I hope Draco understands."

"He will. Aunt Narcissa was a bitch, even to him sometimes." He kissed her hair again. "Thank you for deciding to stay until after the funeral."

"You need me, Vincent, that's all I need to know," she said, patting him on the thigh.


Harry walked into the Master Suite and stripped, then padded into the bathroom, slipping quietly into the water. "I'm sorry, Draco."

"I know you are. Do you realize now?" Harry slid closer, nodding against his chest once he was cuddled up to him. "Are you sure?"

"Yeah, Vincent told me off." He closed his eyes. "Hermione got into the act too."

"I thought she might." He put an arm around Harry's waist, holding him in place so he could look at him. "Look at me." Harry looked up at him. "Do you want to talk about it?" Harry shook his head. "You should."

"If I do it hurts more. I'd rather forget it."

"If you try, then it crops up at odd times, like earlier." He gave him a soft kiss on the forehead. "Tell me," he encouraged. Harry shook his head again. "I'll have to ask Hermione then."

"She'll rant."

"I've lived through one of those aimed at me, I'm sure I can survive this one." Harry shook his head. "Fine, then you should tell me."

"I don't want to talk about it." He started to move but Draco held him in place. "I'll let you bathe."

"No, you're staying. We'll talk about something else for a bit." Harry shifted so he kissed him. "What did you want to do if you don't become an auror?"

"I was going to train until that fight, then decide," Harry admitted. "That way I don't have to disappoint a boss too."

"That's fine," Draco agreed, starting to look concerned. If Harry had been watching him, he would have been frowning at the frown Draco was giving him. "I'll show you where the Dark Arts section is tomorrow if you want." Harry nodded, curling up on his chest. "You nap," he soothed, stroking his back. That was the fastest way to make him go to sleep. When he heard the snores, he rang the little bell, bringing one of the house elves. "Find Ron and tell him to come up and bring me a drink," he ordered. The house elf nodded and disappeared, going to do that.

Ron walked in a few minutes later, looking at Harry. His curled up, protecting-himself position said it all to him. "Another bout of self doubt?"

Draco nodded, continuing to stroke Harry's back. "I think it's time you told me everything."

Ron skimmed off his clothes and climbed in beside him, curling up on his free side. "I only know some of it, Draco. And most of that my mother probably told you."

"She told me things, a list of what she knew. Not details."

"Oh." Ron nodded and kissed the top of Harry's head, making him shift. "Harry, I'm going to tell him why we were in the flying car," he whispered. Harry patted him and he smiled. Ron looked at Draco. "That summer, Dobby left here to stop Harry from going back to school. He knew that your father was going to try and hurt him. So Dobby did things like do magic in the Dursley's house, which got blamed on Harry of course." Draco nodded, shifting a little bit. Ron waited until Harry had shifted himself and started to snore again. "After that happened, the Dursleys locked him in his room, putting bars on the windows and a little cat flap on the door so they could shove food in. Which they did infrequently." Harry mumbled something. "Sorry, they fed him regularly, but mostly a sandwich at best." Draco stiffened. "When we went to get him, we were in the flying car, me and the twins. We had to break the bars off the window and had to nearly beg Harry to come out. He was scared of his uncle, Draco. Too scared to move." Draco shook his head. "The next year, Dudley went on a diet, so everyone in the house went on it."

"Harry didn't need to lose weight after his second year," Draco pointed out.

"They decided it would avoid temptation. Harry lived on basically a sliver of grapefruit three times a day until he wrote to us and we sent him food." Draco groaned. He kissed him. "That's not the worst." Draco looked at him. "You know those confinement dreams he has?" Draco nodded slowly, he'd been thrashed off the bed a few times by them. "Until he got his first school letter, he was living in a small cupboard under the stairs," Ron said quietly. "Being their house elf basically." Harry was handed over and Draco got out of the tub, pacing out into their bedroom. "It's still for sale if you wanted to look," he called.

Draco came back. "It hasn't sold yet?"

"The housing market's down," Ron reminded him. "We could call and go around it, I can show you if you want." He stroked and petted Harry, making him let go of his chest. "Shh, Harry, you sleep." Harry mumbled something and eased up a bit. "It won't help getting mad now, Draco, but you've got to understand how his mind works."

Draco nodded. "I want to see this house."

"We'll head over tomorrow. What did you want to do?"

Draco climbed back in. "There are scene recreation spells," he said quietly, looking down at Harry. "I'm going to show him the Dark Arts section tomorrow morning and we'll go out then."

"Sure." Ron let him snuggle in again and got comfortable. "How are you feeling?"

"I'm pissed at a few different sources at the moment," Draco admitted. "I'm trying to decide which ones I want to smite first."

"I meant about Goyle."

"Greg was gone a long time ago," Draco pointed out, leaning his head on Ron's shoulder. "I miss the friend I grew up with, but he's been gone for a while. I'll mourn him with the others. He and Vincent were closer."

"I'm sure Hermione has him well in hand." Draco snorted but he smiled up at him. "I'm sure she does. She's very pushy when she thinks it'll do someone good." He shifted Harry up onto his other shoulder, waking him. "Hey. Do you feel better now that you've had a nap?" Harry nodded and yawned. "Why don't you crawl into the bed, Harry, we'll be in soon." Harry nodded and got out, padding in to climb in, barely taking the time to dry himself off.

"Good thinking, the sheets will be dry by the time we get in there," Draco said happily.

Ron kissed him harder. "You can't tell him you went there. He doesn't like to talk about it."

"I noticed."

"Promise me, Draco."

"I won't tell him I know more. Only that you told me about the flying car if he gets suspicious."

"Thank you." Ron leaned against him, getting comfortable. "His birthday's in two days."

"We need to get him something that shows we want him here," Draco agreed, knowing what Ron was thinking.

"I'm sure we'll find something tomorrow." He smiled. "No chocolate though, I'm tired of chocolate."

"If that's what you want," Draco agreed, stroking Ron's back gently to calm both of them.


Harry waved as his two husbands walked out together, going to find him a birthday present. He had a large book of spells to look through and he was content for now. At least he was until Vincent came in. "Hi."

"Morning," he said, handing over the paper. He watched as Harry read, then as the paper was dropped. "I think you might want to do something about that."

"I'm sure I do, but the pensieve only caught my last two years," Harry told him, staring up at him. "When did that come?"

"A bit ago. It hadn't been read yet."

"Vincent?" Hermione called.

"In here," he called back. "Discussing the paper." She walked in, looking confused. "During the attack, someone stole the pensieve from the auror training camp."

"That makes more sense than randomly attacking it," she pointed out, picking up the paper to read. "Oh, Harry," she sighed, hugging him immediately. "Where are Draco and Ron?"

"Heading to town," he told her. "To get me a birthday present." He shook himself. "There's nothing really damning is in there, Hermione, it's all right. I'm simply going to hide here until it's over with." She nodded, giving him a pitying look. "Don't look at me like that," he said coolly as he went back to his reading. "Go eat or something."

"Sure, Harry," she agreed, pulling Vincent with her. She reread the article and shuddered. "They didn't get much information," she agreed. He looked at her. "There's worse, Vinnie, trust me." She walked over to the other floo fireplace and bent down, tossing in some powder. "The Burrow." Molly's head appeared. "Have you burned the paper yet today?" she asked. Molly grimaced. "They didn't get much," she pointed out.

"Arthur said Fudge is already up in arms about this," she said gently, glancing around. "Where is Harry?"

"Reading in another room. He got his usual horrified look when it was shown to him. Said he's not moving for the day."

"I can understand that." Molly nodded a few times. "I'll talk with Arthur but we may be over later. Where's Ron?"

"Out shopping with Draco for a birthday present according to Harry," Vincent put in. Molly smiled at him. "Harry insists that we can't have a party but Draco said we are."

"I've gotten an invitation already," she assured him. "We'll be up in a bit probably." Her head disappeared.

Hermione stood up. "This is bad," she said quietly. Vincent looked at her. "That was fake cheer from Molly Weasley. This is really bad."

He gave her a hug. "We'll survive and fight on," he promised.


Draco smiled at the realtor. "We'll just wander around ourselves," he told her. She nodded and retreated to the front stoop to let them look in peace. He looked at Ron. "Where should we start?"

Ron pointed at a small door on the side of the stairwell. "Start there, that's where his day normally started."

Draco pulled out the copy of the scene recreation spell, casting it on the door. They watched as a young boy slid out of it and went into the kitchen, following him. It stayed with only him in view until Draco did the spell for this room, then they saw the rest of the family. Ron turned away after a few moments, going to look around and make sure nothing of Harry's had been left. Draco watched with clinical interest, frowning as the boy's image wavered, becoming an older shadow. According to the spell that meant that this scene was repeated at least once exactly. He canceled them both and walked up the stairs, frowning at the catflap still on one door. It had to have been Harry's room. He walked in there and recast the spell, noticing a flickering again. Him hoarding food. Bars on the windows faded in an out, but the boy shifted age back and forth. He canceled it because he was now sick and went to find Ron. Ron was staring in the small cupboard, not moving. "We'll help him," he said quietly, patting Ron on the back. He glanced inside then closed the door for him, walking him away. He smiled for the realtor's benefit. "We'll consider it. It does need some renovation," he pointed out.

"Yes, that room upstairs was used by a problem child," she admitted. "Bad behavioral problems and the like."

Ron looked at her. "I know the kid who used to live in that room. He's never been a problem child." He walked over to the car and got in, buckling himself in.

Draco looked at the shocked woman, pulling his wand stealthily. "Obliviate," he said before hurrying to the car. He climbed in and they went to the park to wander around and talk. "Ron?"

Ron looked at him. "Now you know." Draco nodded. "And you still can't let on that you know."

"I realize why he had that bout last night too. We'll have to do something about that soon."

Ron leaned over to hug him. "We need to get him something to prove that he belongs to us, Draco. Nothing else will do this time." He saw an owl winging their way. "Mail," he said, pointing at it.

Draco got out and sat on the hood, waiting on the owl. It dropped the letter and flew off. He opened it to read privately, frowning at the contents. As soon as he had sat down, Ron stole it from him. "We won't have to pretend that hard."

Ron blanched. "We should head home." He crumpled up the letter from Arthur Weasley about the content of the morning's paper and tossed it onto the floor of the car.

"Ron, can I suggest something outrageous?"

"Sure. What?"

"Let him handle it for now. He's probably fuming and doesn't want to be around anyone. He gets like that when people find out what his home life was like. For now, we'll take an hour and find him the perfect birthday present, then go home and act like we just got it. We'll be very sorry that someone invaded his privacy that way and vow to help him fight back." Ron nodded. "Nothing further unless he asks. If he wants to be soothed, he can come to us this time. It'll make him feel like he can trust us." Ron slumped down but nodded. "Good boy. Where should we go shopping?"

"Harrods? Or Diagon?"

"Or both," Draco decided. He started the car and pulled out of the parking lot, heading for their first destination. They missed the person who took their picture as they got out of the car in front of the Leaky.


Ron walked into the manor and found Harry in the same spot, still reading. He walked up and kissed him on the forehead. "I just found out," he whispered. "Are you okay?"

"I'm pissed," Harry told him, giving him a clearly attempted brave smile. "How was your trip?"

"Informational," Ron said with a grin. He sat in Harry's lap, giving him a real hug. "Is there anything we can do? Beat them up for you, send nasty letters, anything?"

"No, I'm hoping it'll die down," Harry admitted, taking comfort from the holding. "Where's Draco?"

"Looking for Vincent. He's now more determined to give you a real birthday party." He smiled at the frown. "Give it up, it's his way of trying to coddle you."

"I guess that's fine, but I don't want people to stare at me," Harry told him.

"I know, and they won't." He stole a kiss and stood up. "Come see what the naughty git bought me this time?" Harry put down the book and allowed himself to be led upstairs so he could see the new lingerie. Ron laid it out on the bed and waved a hand. "See? He's got bonkers."

Harry laughed, looking at the harem outfit. "Where did he find that?"

"In Knockturn, that's why the trip was so informational," Ron told him. Harry laughed and hugged him hard. "There's a whole shop down there with costumes in it."

"Maybe we can talk him into one," Harry said with a wink.

"Maybe," Ron agreed. He smiled at Draco as he walked in. "He likes the outfit you decided on, but he wants to see you in one as well."

"I could dress up like a sheik I suppose," Draco agreed. He walked over and hugged Harry between his and Ron's bodies. "Should we plan a raid on them as well?"

"No, I've already sent off a howler to the editor," Harry admitted. "Citing privacy and them stealing information from Death Eaters. Of course I insinuated that they were Death Eaters. I'm sure that'll go over well," Harry said with a small smirk. "Did you buy him any other costumes?"

"Just this one for now. He's to wear it after your birthday party." Harry chuckled and nuzzled Ron's throat. "I thought you might like that."

"It'll be a good end to all those people staring at me," Harry agreed. Draco picked him up and tossed him onto the bed. "Hey!"

"I didn't get any sex this morning, Harry, and it's your turn to pleasure me." Draco stripped down and let Ron move his outfit out of the way, then climbed in and stuck his cock in the waiting mouth. "Much better," he purred.

Ron shook his head. "You're amazing, Malfoy. One of these days you'll find that you're impotent from having too much sex in your youth."

Draco looked over his shoulder at him. "The human body doesn't work that way," he countered with a smug smile. "No matter what your parents tell you." He looked down at the light kiss. "Aren't you enjoying it?"

"I'd enjoy it a lot more if I were made to howl and thrash," Harry offered.

"I believe I can do that," Draco agreed, pulling back so he could take Harry's clothes off him. The metallic blue shirt's buttons gave him some problems so he ripped it. "It's a good thing I never liked that shirt," he said with a faint smirk and a dangerous glint in his eyes.

"Draco! I liked it," Harry reminded him.

Draco leaned down and captured his mouth. "Yay. I'll buy you something more pleasing to the both of us." He nipped the lower lip then shifted backwards to deal with the stubborn pants.

Ron helpfully did the stripping charm and got out of the way. He laughed all the way down the stairs, going to find Hermione. "I take it you saw?" he asked as he joined them in the kitchen. Vincent nodded. "So did we." He sat down between them. "Harry's birthday is still on," he said quietly. "Draco's putting him into a better mood right now, and we're going to be noisy that night. Fair warning," he said with a grin when Hermione looked at him.

"I'm sure he'll be too busy to protest much," Hermione said, patting him on the hand. "We'll make sure we can't listen."

Ron beamed. "Draco decided I needed costuming for after Harry's party."

Vincent shivered. "Ron, don't share that much. I'll get mental images and have to talk Hermione into it."

She smiled sweetly at him. "Fantasies are for bored couples," she assured him. "By the time you talk me into bed with you, we won't need them." He choked and stared at her, so she gave him her most innocent look. "What?" she asked.

Ron giggled like a hyena on crack. "You are so bad sometimes, Hermi." He kissed her on the cheek. "Go for him girlfriend, he could use the run."

She licked the jam off her lips. "I can do that," she agreed. Vincent stood up and ran off. She took one last sip of her coffee and got up to follow after him, walking sedately. He'd run out of steam soon enough.

Ron leaned on the table and laughed some more. Those two were so cute sometimes!


Dumbledore walked into the auror's meeting room and paused to look at the man in chains sitting behind the table. "You had me sent for?" he asked calmly, sitting across from him.

"I'm only the messenger," the girl said, smiling like she was insane - which was quite possible. "The messenger to remind you that you're falling behind in your end of the war," she said in a sing-song voice. "You haven't made a truce and the Dark One thinks you're kidding." She laughed like a hyena at the disgust on his face. "You're not the danger you think you are. That boy's all alone," she sighed in happiness. "All for us." He let out something that sounded like a growl. "You can't help him, only hurt him, and we all know you're not going to get him back." She giggled again because the disgust came back. Then she crunched on something. "Just the messenger, just the messenger, just the messenger. Bang!" she said before falling over dead.

Dumbledore stood up. "She did something," he called. Aurors rushed in and checked her over, shaking their heads at their boss. Dumbledore looked at the head auror. "Did you hear?"

He nodded. "It was noted that Potter did declare his own side to the war," he said gently. Dumbledore's mind must be going, this man used to count heavily on the boy during their meetings. "Albus, what changed?" he asked once they were alone. "Why did the boy quit?"

"Because we imposed a bit too much and he decided he'd rather be alone," Dumbledore told him, walking out to go sulk and think.

The head auror shook his head, staring at the doorway. "You mean you pushed and he snapped, just like he did at the camp," he said grimly. "Now I know we were dumb and why. I can't think of a way to fix it though, not without compromising the training program." He frowned as he walked back to his office. He walked back to his secretary's desk. "Send Mr. Potter two complete auror training sets," he ordered quietly. "Everything, all the field manuals." She looked stunned. "Now." She nodded and wrote the note, sending it to the person in charge of the stores. He went to his office and had a large, strong drink.


Dumbledore walked into the present house the Order was using, slamming the door. He was in a foul mood now and not in the mood for crap. He saw Remus and glared at him. "Find a way to get Potter back," he ordered.

Remus chuckled. "Not a chance, Albus; that boy was never taught to give second chances. I'm surprised he's still writing me after I impinged Draco's honor." He curled up a bit more. "What was said?"

"Voldemort sent someone to tell us that we needed a formal truce with Harry and his family," he said quietly, still upset. "That we weren't considered part of the fight because he had left us."

"Molly warned you," Arthur pointed out gently from further down the hallway. Dumbledore looked at him. "She warned you time and again not to push the boy, to nurture and make sure he was treated like a real boy, not like a toy." He gave a little shrug. "Harry said he's going to set up a formal truce, we can ask Ron if he knows when. It can only help us to share the information we have."

"Fine, talk to your son. He may be the only Order member that will ever see Mr. Potter again."

Arthur smiled and shook his head. "We see him during meals quite often. Draco makes sure Ron spends a lot of time with us so we don't storm his house." He walked off, going to write his son about this. It probably wasn't a good time with that article being put out, but then again maybe it would give the boy some stability.

Dumbledore sat down to brood, worrying over his past mistakes. "How did I not see this coming?" he asked himself.

Molly walked in and handed him a mug of tea. "Because you saw the war, not the boy," she said firmly. "If you had seen the boy instead of the boy-wonder, then he'd be here and we'd be training him ourselves." She left him with his thoughts.

He stared at an ugly picture as he thought. He had truly messed up and the war might be lost because they couldn't work together. The boy would never trust him now.


Draco woke up from his post-sex nap at the yell, frowning at the doorway. "What the fuck was that!" he yelled.

"Sorry, Draco!" came floating from the hallway.

He got out of the bed and grabbed his robe, walking out to see who had been screaming. "Did you step on her?" he asked his best friend. Crabbe gave him a grin and a wink before opening his door and carrying her in there. The lock was clearly thrown and he felt a silencing spell go up. "Well," he said with a frown. He walked back into his room, but he had been alone in the bed apparently. So he went hunting for his lovers. He found them together in the kitchen with Ron's mother and all the older brothers, except Percy. "Excuse me," he said, tugging Ron up and towing him off. "I'll bring him right back." He walked Ron into the nearest bedroom and slammed the door. "I just saw Vincent carrying Hermione into their room. She was over his shoulder and laughing," he reported.

"Good," Ron said with a smirk. "Sometimes she needs someone to hold her down and force her to feel the pleasure." Draco's mouth fell open. "We were involved for a bit," he reminded him. Ron looked thoughtfully at the ceiling. "She always hated it when I got her off by licking or nibbling. Thought it was odd." He shrugged. "I hope he can break her of that thought. She does deserve to have the multiple times that I get."

Draco stopped him by kissing him. "Suck, now," he demanded. Ron smirked at him as he slowly sank to his knees and sucked him into his mouth. He sighed and tipped his head back. "Much better," he decided. Ron laughed. "You, do more or I'm going to rev Harry up and watch him attack you tonight." Ron swallowed him and all was right with his world.

Someone knocked on the door a few minutes later. "Draco, Ron?" Charlie called. He opened it and peeked inside. "Ooh! Sorry!" He walked out and jogged back to the kitchen, his face so red it matched his hair. "They're involved."

"They usually are," Fred agreed.

George saluted him with his mug of tea. "At least there's no screaming this time."

"Screaming?" Molly asked.

Fred nodded. "Ron's a vocal little fellow," he told her.

"Very loud, we couldn't even sleep through it," George agreed. Someone screamed, but it sounded female. "Oh, sounds like Hermione just got off," he said with a wince.

"You'd know this how?" Bill asked, starting to look alarmed. "What have you guys been doing while we've been working?"

"Ron brought her over to hide one night while they were dating," Fred told him. "Ron grunted and groaned even then, but she only let out one single scream as she got off. Ron, now he screams a lot."

"Bloody fire engine," George agreed.

Charlie turned redder. "I don't think he'll be doing it this time," he told them.

"Good on Draco. Ron should learn how to give," Bill agreed. Molly stared at him, mouth starting to open. "It's only fair, mum. 'Specially since there's three of them. One of them has to bottom now and then."

Charlie looked at him. But it was George who answered. "Ron's a bottom. Adores it apparently unless his men aren't going fast or hard enough."

Charlie looked at his mother. "Knock me out or obliviate me please?" he begged.

Ron came back in, looking a little more rumpled. "Sorry, Draco woke up alone and horny." He sat down and sipped some of his tea. "Where did Harry go?" Hermione let out that scream again. "Good on her," he said with a fond look at the ceiling. "Hopefully he'll get her to like being like that." She screamed again, louder this time. Then everything was silent. "Excellent," Ron said with a smirk.

"She's not nearly as loud as you are," George said with a pat on Ron's hand. "Trust us."

Ron blushed. "I enjoyed it," he said with a smirk. "I have two gorgeous men who like to boff me into the middle of next month. I consider it a perk of this whole changing thing." Molly burst out laughing. "Sorry, mother, didn't mean to embarrass you."

"Oh, you didn't," she said with a smile and a blown kiss. "Your father came back and told me that the boys had complained about you keeping them up."

"What can I say?" Ron said smugly. "Draco has incredible stamina and he's managed to slow Harry down when he's in bunny mode." He sipped more of his tea. "Charlie, did you need something?"

"No," Charlie squeaked.

"The bathroom's the third door down the other hall if you wanted to go hide," Ron said with a smirk as soon as his brother took off to go hide. "It's not like he saw more than my knees and Draco's back," he scoffed.

Bill looked at Ron. "Did this changing thing make you hit your head?" he asked conversationally.

"Not yet," Ron said. "Why?"

"Because you're now odder than the twins, Ron." Ron beamed and blew a kiss. " are you changing?"

Ron looked down his shirt, then nodded. "I guess so. Draco said he was going to try and make me change off schedule so Harry could get a real present for his birthday." He finished his tea, and noticed his mother's look. "I should probably go change, huh?" She nodded. "Yes, mother. I'll be right back." He walked up to their bedroom and kissed Draco senseless. "I'm changing off schedule and fast again."

"I'm glad it worked," Draco said smugly. He looked as Ron took off his sweatshirt. "Take a few minutes, I'll try to make it finish before you finish dressing."

"Want to pick out my clothes again?"

"Wear the red silk," he said with a smirk.

"The twins have seen me in it," Ron reminded him as he strolled over to the closet. "I could wear the light green I guess."

"No, you were photographed in that. Wear...." He walked over and looked in the closet. "Wear that red one," he said, pointing at the other red dress in the closet. Ron pulled it out to look at it and gave him an 'are you crazy' look. "I adore you in it and you're not leaving the house."

Ron put it on the bed, shaking his head. "If my mother says anything, you tell her you picked it out." He went into the bathroom to shave while he finished changing, and came out to a new dress lying on the bed. Thin straps. Sleek design. Very naughty of his husband. "Draco, when did you buy this one?"

"Harry did," Harry called, coming out of the closet. "I think I'll like you in that one. Put it on for me, Ron?" He winked and went back to finish changing.

"Okay," Ron said with a shrug, slipping on the cool dress. The fabric stayed cool to the touch, even after he had sat down to put up his hair and work on his makeup. When he was done, he found the matching shoes waiting on him and a necklace. "Harry, you're not supposed to give me gifts for your birthday," he called as he put it on.

"It was my mother's," Draco called from their sitting room. He came to the doorway, purring in pleasure. "I like that one," he noted, watching as Ron put on the high heels. "Perhaps we should go out today for something." He stole a quick kiss, not wanting to mess up her makeup yet. "Go downstairs, we'll be right down." Ron nodded, giving him a pat on the crotch before leaving. "Harry, you naughty beast," he called. Harry came out and fell to his knees, enjoying it enough for the both of them.

Ron walked into the kitchen and everyone stared at him. "Harry picked it out," he told them, sitting in his former spot. "He wanted me to wear it. Draco liked it as well."

Fred looked around George to look at Bill. "Now you see why we think Draco's corrupting him. He turns into this slinky, pseudo-kitty Weasley when he's female."

"I enjoy my body in all it's forms," Ron assured him.

"I want tits like that," George sighed.

"They're heavy and they get in the way," Ron assured him.

Harry strolled in and grabbed Ron, pulling him after him. "Excuse us, Ron's got to help me with something."

"Charlie's in the bathroom," Fred called after him, making George and Bill both giggle.

"Boys!" Molly sighed in disgust. "You and sex and fart jokes."

George beamed at her. "I'm much more like you, mum," he reminded her.

"Yes, I know. That's why you're like that," she reminded him. Ron's screams of pleasure floated down from the nearest bedroom. "Oh, dear, you weren't kidding."

"Share, Potter!" Draco yelled. "You can't have all of her!" A door slammed and Ron's screaming reached all new heights.

Bill shook his head. "At least he's enjoying it." Molly swatted at him. "I'd like a girl to make those sort of noises some day for me," he assured her.

"If you'd date, that might happen," she told him.

"Yes, mother." He sipped his tea.

Charlie came back into the kitchen, looking down the hallways. "What are they doing to him?"

"You probably did the same thing to half your year," Bill teased. Charlie gaped at him. "Wait until you see the dress."

"Harry picked it out," George told him.

"I'm rather glad it's not that silvery one," Fred told him.

George nodded. "Indeed. That would be a bit embarrassing. Someone fell at Ron's feet in that one if I remember right."

"With his tongue out," Fred agreed.

"Boys," Molly warned. Ron strolled back in, still looking marvelous. "That was fast," she said, then she covered her mouth. "I'm sorry, Ron."

Ron hugged. "That's what quickies are for, mum, don't be sorry." He smiled at Charlie, making his poor brother moan. "Do you like this one or the red one better?"

"Turtlenecks," Charlie told him. "You need more turtlenecks."

Ron laughed as he sat down. "Harry says the same thing, then he puts me into things like this."

Bill gaped at him until George thoughtfully closed his mouth for him. "Ron!"

"What?" Ron beamed at him. "My men want me to be slinky and they reward me for it. Often."

Bill shook his head. "If you'd change, we could go eat."

"If he changes, I'm putting him into the blue velvet number I found today," Harry said as he walked in.

"Velvet, in the summer, Harry?" Fred asked.

Harry nodded. "Very cute dress. Ron, it's in the special closet if you wanted to change. You've got a spot," he said, pointing at it. Ron looked and got up, going to change. "Don't worry, that one's more tasteful, yet very pleasing to the eye." He hugged Molly. "I finally have good taste."

"I'm sure Ron appreciates wearing naughty clothes for you, Harry," she agreed, patting him on the arm.

Ron came back in the just-above-the-knee dark blue velvet strap dress and showed it off. "This one?" Harry nodded. "I think I can wear this." He sat down in Harry's lap since Draco was coming and there weren't any more chairs. "Look what else he bought me."

"I saw," Draco said appreciatively. "You should wear stockings with that." Ron shrugged. "Please? For me?"

"Fine, I'll put on stockings," Ron sighed, heading up to go change.

Draco sat down and smiled at his mother-in-law. "She does female so very well, don't you think?"

"I think it's much better than the sweatshirt and jeans earlier," Molly agreed. "Very feminine." She smiled at him. "We should take a picture of the three of you with her in that dress."

Ron came back a few minutes later and endured the photo taking. He had to slap the hand playing with the back of his thigh a few times, but that was Harry on a sex rip.

Hermione walked in and looked at Ron, then at Draco and Harry. "Can't you let her wear normal female clothes?"

"No," the boys said in unison.

Vincent groaned as he walked in. "It's better than the silver one," he decided.

Hermione looked at him, then at Ron. "Think you could let me borrow that one?"

"I think the red silk would look better on you," Draco told her. "You can borrow it as long as it comes back."

She smiled at Vincent. "Deal. We're having dinner out again tonight. I think I'll wear it then. I even have shoes to wear with it." Vincent groaned and kissed her passionately, knocking her back against the refrigerator. "Vincent!" she said, looking shocked.

"If you wear that red dress, we won't make it to dinner," he promised. Then he kissed her again.

"I approve," Ron called as he was led away by his mother for some planning. Ginny was getting married and they needed to look at bridesmaid gowns.


Arthur Weasley looked up as his door was knocked on. "Enter," he called. Ron walked in and his mouth fell open. "They let you out in that?"

"They insisted I wear it," Ron told him, handing over the sealed envelope. "From Harry and Draco. I am simply the messenger." He winked and sat on the edge of his father's desk, watching as he read it. "Besides, mum and everyone was with us."

"That's fine I suppose. Though I think that skirt's a little short."

"It nearly hits my knee, dad!"

"I'm your father, Ron, everything shorter than that silver dress is too short," he said as he read. "Thank you for bringing this. Was there an oral note as well?"

"Tell Remus Harry said hi, and that he's still wrong. Tell Moody he was right. And tell them both that I agree with Harry," he said, kissing his father's cheek and standing up. "We're going back to the manor. Hermi's going out for dinner with Vinnie and the boys are treating us all to take away. You're more than welcome to join us."

"I'll be there," Arthur agreed with a smile. He watched his son walk out in that stunning dark blue dress and sighed, remembering when his wife would have fit into it and looked just as amazing. Maybe he should stop off somewhere and buy Molly something that would make her look that wonderful. He thought he heard a scream so he stood up and looked out his door, but there wasn't anything out there. He shrugged and went back to his desk, going to call the Order of the Phoenix.


Ron woke up and blinked at the unusual wall coverings. Wallboard with a wood trim. This was definitely not any house he had ever spent a night in. He stood up and looked at the bed he had been lying on. "At least it's not a stone and there's no knife wielding idiot," he noted as he stood up. He patted himself down, nothing was horribly out of order. Nothing felt like it had been touched. He slipped on his shoes and walked to the door, surprised when it opened under his hand. What sort of kidnaper let you roam freely about? He walked out into what was obviously a living room. And found his captor. "Percy," he said quietly, glaring at his brother. "What are you doing? Where is this? Where are Harry and Draco?"

"Far away from you so they don't put you into more danger," Percy said firmly. He stood up and looked Ron over. "I know they're working their way up to doing things to you, but that would put you into even more danger. It would make He-Who-Should-Not-Be-Named pant with longing and I won't have you killed because they can't touch each other."

Ron shook his head. "Huh?"

Percy frowned at him. "I thought I had made myself clear, Ron."

"Percy, we've been having sex together for a while now," Ron told him. Percy gasped. "Draco's been very good about making sure we were shielded and careful. There's been no pain, no horror, and nothing that would create fear, unless you count the look on Harry's face when he sees me in his favorite bra and panties set," he said thoughtfully.

Percy groaned, walking over to shake Ron. "They're putting you into extreme danger! You must break it off with them, Ron! I cannot allow you to be hurt!"

Ron slugged him, knocking him on his ass. "Percy, I'm not going to be hurt."

"The auror camp was attacked so they could get you. Your school was attacked so they could get you," Percy reminded him as he stood up, wiping the blood off his lip. "You still hit rather hard."

"I should." Ron crossed his arms over his impressive chest. "I wasn't at either spot when the attack happened, Percy, not that it's any of your concern!" He walked over and sat down, curling up in the chair. "My men take very good care of me. Even mother and father agree that they do."

"They let you out wearing that!" Percy argued.

"Yeah, and Harry picked it out," Ron agreed. He shrugged at the shocked look. "Mum saw it and thought it looked cute, though she did say she liked me in the longer things, the same as father did. I could have worn one of my usual dresses I suppose but no one bowed at my feet this time." Percy opened his mouth. "No, we're not discussing this," he said warmly. "You're going to let me go and we're going to act like this never happened."

"I most certainly will not," Percy said firmly. "We're not leaving until you're safe. I can make a renewal potion if necessary," he said, staring at the small fireplace. He noticed Ron's look. "Don't even try, there's no floo powder anywhere in the apartment. The door is gone. We are staying until you are safe again," he said, managing not to stomp his foot.

Ron touched the mark on his stomach, thinking about his men saving him. He felt something but it was quickly squelched when Percy moved his hand. "Get off!" he shouted, shoving him away.

"I don't care what you think you're doing, Ron, you will not contact them. I will be a proper big brother and protect you. I should do the same to George, but I can't leave you long enough to retrieve her." He straightened up as Ron slowly got to his feet. "It won't work, I won't let you out."

"Percy, are you aware that I could kill you?" Ron asked, his voice deceptively quiet. "I can not only kill you, I might enjoy it soon. Harry's birthday is tomorrow!" Percy flinched at the yell. "Now, let me go and we'll walk away. I'll even make sure Draco doesn't murder you for this." He heard pounding. "I'm in here!" he shouted. "Help!"

"The room is soundproofed," Percy scoffed. The pounding came closer. "Even if they could find the way in, they can't hear you, Ron. Those are the muggle neighbors. You might as well sit down and relax. I'll get you some more decent clothes later, once you're asleep again." Ron lunged but he managed to catch the fists this time. "No!" He forced her back, putting her into the chair. "Stay!" he said, casting a sticking hex. He brushed back his hair. "You should be thanking me."

"For kidnaping me and holding me hostage!" Ron asked, sounding incredulous. "Harry! Draco!"

"It won't work, you might as well save your energy. Your wand has already been sent back to them. You are here so I can protect you from those nasty boys you've taken up with, the ones who want to see you in more danger." He sniffed.

"Did you ever think that what I am could *help* Harry so Voldemort dies?" Ron asked casually. Percy glared at him. "They already have some of my blood, I told Bill where it was."

"I'm sure it'll be destroyed soon enough," Percy said firmly. "You won't even need that device I took off you."

"You took off the suicide patch?" Ron asked, looking stunned. "You could have killed me, you idiot! That was hooked in not even an inch from my heart!"

"Better death than being used so horribly," Percy shouted back. "Now sit there and calm yourself like a proper woman!" He stomped off, going through the only other door.

Ron touched the marks on his stomach again. "Guys," he whispered. "Percy's gone nuts."


Harry looked up from his sundae, frowning at Draco. "Is that Ron?" Draco nodded, licking off his spoon. "You're not worried?"

"It's mild anxiety," Draco pointed out. "If she doesn't show up in exactly ten minutes, I'm siccing the twins onto this." Someone patted him on the back and he looked up, smiling at Arthur. "Did Ron already find you?"

Arthur sat down. "She did," he agreed. "She also looked quite stunning and told me it was Harry's fault," he said with a smile. Harry shrugged. "Why? I thought she was coming back to you."

"We thought so too, but the bond just sparked some anxious feelings," Harry told him, eating another bite. "Ten minutes?"

"That's when she said she'd be here," Draco pointed out. "She could have gone shopping or gone to bother the twins."

"Or she could be in the middle of a dangerous situation," Fred said as he walked up behind Draco. He handed the letter he was carrying to his father. "From Percy of all people." He sat down and took the sundaes so they wouldn't choke.

Arthur had the note snatched from his hand by Harry. "I'd like to read it also," he said gently, with a small smile for the worried looks it was getting.

"What?" Draco asked.

"Percy's gone nutters and taken Ron for his own good," Harry said, outraged. "I'm going to stomp his white ass!" He stood up but Fred caught him. "Let go!"

"We don't know where he is, Potter. We'll need to do a location or something." He handed the note to Draco and his father. "George is presently hiding because it says he should do the same to her. Or that I should lock George up in some sort of tower to keep him pure and safe."

Draco went pale and handed the letter over, then stole his sundae back to eat it while he thought. "He wants her to be safe, that should give us enough time to get the arsenal loaded up." Harry's eyes glinted and he nodded. "Arthur, can you find him for us?"

"Of course. Molly has a tracking charm for each child at the house in case something happened. I'll get to her right away." He stood up and walked off. Then he turned to look at Fred. "Take them to the shop. Call the others."

Fred nodded so he jogged off. "Come on, let's calm down George while we wait." He walked both men to the shop, making sure they didn't break away and do something foolish. "At least it's not the Dark Lord," he soothed. "Percy's not that bad in comparison."

Harry bent over, clutching his stomach. "She's pissed," he noted. "Percy's demanding she change."

Draco patted him on the back. "Into the living room. Weasley, work while we figure out a plan." The store was still open and everyone was looking at them. "Come on, Potter." Harry nodded and walked into the back room, going to flop onto the couch. "Can you get a location? We might be able to through the bond."

"No," Harry said weakly. George came out of the back room. "She's fine, just pissed."

"I have no doubt Percy's going to be bruised by the time we find Ron," George agreed. "What's the plan?"

"Draco, I want my gun," Harry ground out. "With the Cruciatus bullets." Draco nodded and went to get it. "George, did you want to help?"

"I'm not sure. Do you think you'll need me?" George asked. "I can beat him to death, but I figured you'd want that pleasure," he said at Harry's look.

"No, the killing blow comes from me, but Fred said you were scared so I thought it'd be nice to let you get in a few blows of your own."

"Thanks, Harry, you're quite charming when you're gallant. Now I know why Ron adores you both." He walked into the front, noticing how everyone was gossiping. "Our next oldest brother stole our youngest brother," he told them. "Nothing too unusual. Just against his will." The crowd nodded and thinned a bit.

Fred looked at his twin. "Percy has very bad timing."

"That is so true," George agreed. "We should kick his butt on general principles because of that."

"Yes, you should," Harry called. "We're going."

"That's fine," Fred called back.

"Hit him once for us, dears," George called after them.

Fred looked at his twin again. "You're sounding more and more like mum every day, George. Stop that. Before you scare me."

George laughed and hugged him. "She is the only female role model I have," he pointed out.

"Keep it up and I'm calling Bell and Johnson." George shivered. "And I mean it." He got away from the insane one and went to help a few kids decide what they wanted.

George walked over to ring people up, happy that they were doing such good business.


They had found the wall that Ron was on the other side of, but no entry. Draco looked at Harry. "Blow it," he decided, getting out of the way.

Harry raised his hand, touching the wall, then he smirked. "I know where it is," he announced. "My mother's gifts are very handy sometimes." He walked over to where the invisible portrait was and opened it, glancing at everyone before he slipped inside. He found Percy sulking on his bed, facing away from the entry. He snuck over and pounced him, putting him onto the floor. "I should kill you for taking my Ron," he hissed in the man's ear.

"Harry, no killing this time," Draco said calmly, heading into the living room. "Ah, Weasley," he said with a smile. "You yelled for help?" He unstuck him and helped him up. Harry was pushed out of the bedroom by an arm that looked like it belonged to Charlie. "Come hug her, it'll make you feel better."

Harry walked over and hugged Ron as hard as he could, making her squeak. "I want to hurt him. Are you okay?"

"I'm fine," Ron soothed, looking at Draco. Draco shrugged, looking smug. "Does this mean I should say 'my hero' and pass out into your arms?"

Harry blushed. "Only if you feel like it," he said with some embarrassment. Draco patted him on the back. "Ron, where's your dress?"

"Percy used a stripping charm and made me put this one," he said, glaring down at the house dress. "It's ugly, Harry."

"I know," Harry soothed. He summoned one of Ron's most spectacular dresses, helping her into it. "There we are," he cooed, patting it into place with a few kisses to help it stick.

"No sex," Charlie said as he walked out. "Wait until you get home." Ron grinned at him. "Are you all right?"

"Mostly. He made me put on ugly clothes, Charlie," he said, pointing at the house dress. "He kept saying it was for my own good and all that rot."

"He has a point, your blood is more powerful now," Bill reminded him as he walked out. Ron's mouth opened. "Mum has him," he said with a smirk. Ron shuddered. "I'm sure he's going to be rather sorry." He looked at the new dress. "That's not hideous."

Draco used the tip of his wand to pick up the house dress. "He had her in this one. We thoughtfully redressed her since he took the other one." He flung it onto the couch. "Shall we go? I'm sure Ron could use a treat to calm herself."

Ron stole a kiss from each of them, and kissed each brother's cheek. "Thank you. You kept me from committing murder." She walked out between her men, sauntering in the new shoes. Harry stopped her and picked her up, carrying her outside. "Harry! I can walk!"

"Bet me," Harry countered. He got them into the Ministry car and looked at her feet. "I think you twisted something," he said gently, stroking over the swollen flesh.

Draco looked at the usually trim ankles and nodded. "Either that or she's changing back." He laid a hand over Ron's mark, concentrating. Everything female firmed up and he smiled. "There, how's that?"

"Still swollen," Harry told him, continuing to stroke it. Arthur got into the front and looked at them. "She twisted her ankle," he told him.

"That's fine, have her sit sideways so we can't see up her skirt." Arthur turned around and looked out the front window. "We're all going back to the Ministry. Ron, did you want to press charges?"

"I don't know, dad. Should I?" Ron asked. Draco nibbled on his neck and he swatted him. "Sex later, talk now. Should I press charges?"

"He was trying to protect you," Arthur pointed out gently. "It's up to you, Ron."

"You decide, dad, I'm feeling a little faint," Ron told him as he was leaned back against Draco's chest.

"You didn't get lunch," Draco murmured. "We'll feed you in a bit, Ron." Ron nodded, closing her eyes. He muttered an incantation and smiled as he felt it take hold. "Harry, for your birthday, I've found a small, *temporary* gender sticking charm. Ron will stay like this for the next month to even back out her cycle." Harry's eyes lit up.

"Draco!" Arthur sighed. "That's not nice."

"She's changing out of time again," Harry told him. He looked at Ron's chest. "It's not as big as usual."

"I'll fix that in a moment. You have to cast them five minutes apart," Draco told him. Harry nodded and went back to stroking the injured ankle. He muttered the second one, then the third, turning Ron fully female for a whole month. He drooled at how the perky breasts seemed to bounce up toward his mouth with each sway of the car. He noticed Harry staring at them. "Take a room in town?"

"Birthday party," Harry reminded him.

"That's tomorrow, I was talking about tonight. She can recover tomorrow."

"You could come back to the Burrow," Arthur suggested. He shot them a smile. "Of course, you'd probably have a better chance of getting cuddled by her if you weren't in her childhood bed."

Harry kissed Ron's stomach. "I think we'll crowd into the other house tonight," he said quietly. "Just so we don't keep anyone up." Ron moaned so he kissed him on the stomach again. "Calm down, we'll feed you soon." The Ministry car stopped outside the Leaky. "Should we head into the shop?"

"Go ahead. I'm going to deal with Percy," Arthur said grimly. He watched as the boys got out and Harry carried Ron into the inn, shaking his head. "That boy," he sighed.

"It's a good thing your ...daughter can keep him sane," the driver noted. "With his past, he'd have to have someone very loving. Now he's got two."

"He does," Arthur agreed with a smug smile. "Draco doesn't always understand, but I know Ron always does her best to soothe Harry when he has a sudden down mood. Let's go deal with my other son," he decided. "I guess we won't press charges." The driver nodded and took off, heading back to the office. Arthur walked into the meeting room where Percy was being held. "I talked Ron into not pressing charges against you," he said coolly. Percy looked up at him. "I can't say that I'm not disappointed, Percy. How could you think that they would hurt Ron?"

"He said he's already given some of his blood." Percy looked at his father. "I thought I was protecting her."

"You nearly caused her to be hurt, Percy. Ron and George are a lot more fragile than anyone seems to think they are. You nearly sent Ron over the edge into a blind panic, which would have affected Harry and Draco. What were you thinking! They could have really attacked you!"

"I'm sorry. I was trying to protect her. Did you know she's sleeping with them?"

"Yes, I did," Arthur said patiently.

"Do you know what that means?"

"More than most," Arthur said dryly. "After this happened, I did go to the archives and search out all the information. I noticed your name on it as well," he conceded at the look Percy gave him. "The same as I noticed Lucius' name and later Draco's. They treat her very well and are protecting her."

"That boy had a suicide patch on her," Percy sniffed.

"It was necessary. Up until a few days ago, Ron was at the auror training camp. Unfortunately they decided to do the one thing that neither he nor Harry could stand." Percy slumped. "You were already despised by Ron for what you said," he said quietly. "This will not help you gain any favor."

"I was trying to save her from being sacrificed once that ...thing gets done with her!" Percy shouted. "You may not care, but I for one do!" He stood up. "I will not see Ron killed because she's joined with a psychotic boy forced to be a savior or someone using her for their own ends!"

Arthur shook his head. "Draco's not using her and Harry's not got mental problems," he said quietly. "He's much more stable than what he could be considering his home life." He stood up. "You overstepped yourself. Had you come to me, I might have had a word with Ron, made sure she knew what was going on and the like. Instead you decided to kidnap her. You had better be very thankful that Ron had me decide not to charge you." He walked out, slamming the door behind him.

Percy sat down, holding his head. "Why can't they understand?" he complained. "I'm doing the best I can." The door opened and someone else walked in. He looked at them and froze. "You!" he said angrily, standing up to face Lucius. "What are *you* doing here? You should be in prison!"

Lucius sneered. "I came to welcome you to fold," he said, holding up his wand. "You have knowledge of the changeling."

"You'll have to get me to speak from the dead," Percy spat. He saw a flick of a cloak outside the door and suddenly there was shouting. He grabbed his wand and started to hex the creature in front of him.

"No!" Arthur shouted. He stopped Percy by grabbing his wand. "What are you doing?"

"Lucius!" Percy panted, pointing at a bare spot on the wall.

"Sir, I think he needs a spell check," one of the guards said respectfully.

"So do I," Arthur agreed. "Take him." He kept his son's wand, giving him a look of pity as he was led away. "Why?" he asked the ceiling. Fortunately it didn't answer.


Fred looked up as the door opened. "George!" He ran around the counter, coming to take Ron. "He hurt her!"

"I sprained an ankle and Harry won't let me walk," Ron complained.

George came out and helped Fred steal their baby brother, letting her hop into the back. "That does look like a nasty sprain. Let me pop around and get you something for it," he said quickly, as soon as Ron was on the couch. He hurried off.

Fred looked at Harry. "You scared me."

"She can't walk on it, it's swollen double," Harry explained. "Your father has Percy in custody."

"Good. That's where he belongs after a stunt like that," George said as he passed by again. "Going to the pharmacy."

"Bring me back some stomach mints," Fred called after him. He let Harry go into the back, but looked around. "Harry, where's the other one?"

"Draco went to get Ron some lunch," Harry called.

"Oh, good." Fred shook his head at the student staring at him. "Sprained ankle. A suitable problem after a kidnapping." The tiny Gryffindor female hugged him. "Thank you, dear. What did you want today? You know we give our own house a small discount." She smiled and handed over the stack of items. "All these?" he asked with a smile. "All right, if you think you can sneak them past Filch."

"I'm sure he won't care," she scoffed. "He's just grumpy because he's a nasty old man that no one likes. Not even Harry Potter's dog when it was there."

"Thank you for reminding me," Harry called. He walked out and to the floo, going home to get his dog and tell everyone Ron was fine. Vincent looked a bit shocked at that pronouncement, but once he heard the whole story, he calmed down. Harry came back with Snickers and led him into the back. "Draco isn't back yet?"

"Not yet," Fred agreed, shaking his head. "Him and his dog. At least Snape isn't around." Half the store giggled. He pulled out the new item's tray. "And here we have something to spike the old man's drink with," he announced. "To bring back that feeling." A few of the kids, including a Slytherin, took some as soon as he put it down. "Just a drop into any liquid and he'll feel like it's happening again."

Harry popped his head out of the back. "And remember," he said with a grin, "look innocent and ask him if he's okay after he drinks it and it's happened. Then make some reference to him looking good like that." He winked and withdrew. The kids who had laughed before laughed again and the others asked for it to be explained to them. The lone Slytherin told the story and the rest of them cracked up too.

Fred shook his head. "Definitely our influence," he said proudly. George came back with Draco in tow. "I put out the memory pops." George beamed. "Snickers is here." Draco laughed, shaking his head, so Fred rescued the food. "Thank you." He walked it back there and presented it to the poor dear. The princess looked like she could use the food with the way Harry was trying to talk her into bed, she'd need the energy.

Draco walked back and kissed Harry, making him go limp. "Let her eat first, then you can make sure she's fine," he said soothingly. He looked at Ron. "Eat faster," he suggested. "He's back in one of his bouncy moods." Ron stuffed her mouth as fast as she could.

The twins looked at each other and shook their heads before going back to work.


Harry looked up from his cuddling of the Ron as the door to the store opened. "Hey, Oliver," he said in the most mellow voice he had ever heard. "She's fine."

"I'm glad. What was Percy thinking?"

"Trying to turn her back into a virgin and protect her from them," Ron told him, holding out a plate of cookies Harry had baked. "Want one? He's in guilt baking mode."

Oliver took a cookie and nibbled on it. "At least he's good at it." He sat down looking at them. "So you're fine?" Ron nodded. "Nothing really wrong?"

Ron shook his head. "A small sprained ankle. Why?"

"Special edition of the paper," Oliver said between bites. Ron held out the plate so he took a few more. "Not that I should, I shouldn't gain more weight," he said with a smile for Harry. "The paper said Percy was taken to the hospital because he was hallucinating."

"That wasn't me," Harry told him.

"Or me," Ron agreed. He stroked through Harry's hair. He saw Oliver's glance around. "Draco went to blow up the paper."

"Ah!" Oliver nodded. "I saw that." He saw Harry's shudder. "Then it was true?"

"And weak," Harry agreed. "Don't ask."

"I wasn't going to," Oliver said gently. "I always wondered why you had those moments when it looked like you had found a place to belong." He finished off the next cookie. "It explains a lot about all the little things you noticed in the common room. How you sat and all that." He ate another cookie.

"I thought I was pretty normal," Harry defended.

"For the most part. Just little clues. That's all." Oliver smiled at him. "Are you three staying over?"

"No, we're going back to my house to make a lot of noise and make sure Ron's fine," Harry said smugly. Ron pinched him, making him moan. "Meany, I can't do a thing about that now."

"No, you can't," Ron smirked. "Save it for later."

"Okay. But I get first taste."

"You two can fight over me," Ron reminded him. "I'm going to be lying on the bed watching you and Draco fight over me while I do it for myself." Harry moaned and shifted so he could get a kiss before heading into the bathroom. Ron waited until they were alone. "So, which twin are you dating?" he asked. Oliver looked stricken. "Both times we've been here, you've shown up unexpectedly because of a family thing. I figured it was one of them."

Oliver blushed and mumbled something.

"Come again?" Ron teased.

Oliver glared at him. "You're pushy, Ron."

"I know," he said with a grin. "That's because I enjoy the hell out of embarrassing the twins." He beamed at Oliver's shocked look. "McGonagall said Ginny and I were as bad as all the older ones together," he said proudly.

Oliver looked stunned. "What had you done?"

"I was planning on how to get Malfoy to quit staring at my tits. He had, every single time he saw them. So she saw my planning and called me up there. I told her I was planning on trying out my feminine side, wearing a dress and all that. She told me Ginny and I were worse than all the older ones combined."

Oliver swallowed. "What dress?"

"Have you been to the Burrow recently?" Oliver nodded. "You saw the picture of me in the gray one?" Oliver nodded again. "That and little one inch heels."

Oliver smiled. "Did it work?"

"Malfoy stared so much he got into trouble," Ron said proudly. Harry came out of the bathroom. "I was telling him about the dress incident."

Harry rolled his eyes. "He's very proud of that. Wore this little flirty dress all day, with stockings and heels. He made every bloke in the school too hard to concentrate and Malfoy got into serious trouble for it. He had to have dinner with Snape and Malfoy." Oliver spluttered.

Ron grinned. "To try and break him of the nasty staring habit."

"And it worked, up until the laundry thing," Harry reminded Ron with a nudge as he sat down.

"True," Ron agreed.

"Do I want to know?"

"The laundry machines went down. I had to borrow some of Harry's clothes. The shirt only buttoned halfway up my cleavage," Ron said happily. "Draco was so stunned by it that he demanded I change shirts with him because his was bigger."

Oliver looked at Harry's chest, then at Ron's. "That must have been obscene."

"Hagrid forced one of his shirts on Ron," Harry told him, hugging Ron a little. "That was after the shirt change. He got this stunned look on his face and couldn't quit staring."

"And hey, the people who thought I had a charm before were really shocked that day," Ron reminded him.

"Yeah, it's too bad Goyle's gone. He'd have passed out if he had seen you in Draco's shirt."

Oliver shook his head. "You enjoy being naughty, don't you, Ron?"

Ron nodded. "Definitely." Oliver chuckled. "Hey, I keep Harry and Draco in line and happy. And all I have to do is not wear one of those nasty, horrible bras." Snickers woke up and trotted over to get ear scratches. Ron gently played with them, making the dog's head fall into his lap with a groan. "Did they tell you about Snickers and Snape?" Oliver shook his head. "Harry brought his dog everywhere when we were in school. Classes weren't any different."

Harry kissed Ron on the cheek. "He found me Snickers and he's my bestest buddy. About a month before the end of school, Snickers decides he wants to be a big boy dog. In Potions." Oliver's eyes went wide. "Snape was napping in his chair. Snickers managed to sneak up on him and attack his leg."

"Happily humping away," Ron agreed.

"Yup, and when Draco saved him from being hit and brought him back to me, the only thing I could say was 'was it good'." Oliver squeaked. Harry nodded. "It slipped out, honestly, but it was so funny."

"Draco got so mad at Snape he spread around a rumor that they had been going at it on the desk," Ron hissed. Oliver got up and ran to the bathroom before he had an accident. Ron smirked at Harry. "I think he'll fit in well in this family."

"Yeah, Oliver always was a nice guy," Harry agreed. He kissed Ron again. "How much longer before we can go home and have fun?"

"Not until Draco comes back."

"Ah." Harry slid his hand into the slit of the skirt, teasing Ron's thighs. "Are you sure he can't follow?" Ron swatted his hand. "Please?"

"Maybe in a few if he's not back," Ron relented.

"Hands," George said, covering his eyes as he walked in.

Harry removed his hand. "Sorry, trying to tempt her into a quickie."

George removed the hand. "You should take your time."

"He's learned that lesson," Ron defended. "I approve." George looked like someone had hit him with a pie in the face. "I do. Oliver's really nice and I approve."

"Thank you," George said quietly. "It means a lot that you approve." He hugged Ron. "I just saw Draco stalking into the pharmacy. He didn't look happy."

"He must have run out of explosives," Harry quipped. Oliver came out of the bathroom. "We're almost out of your hair."

"It's not a problem," Oliver assured him, smiling at George. "Did you hear about Snape and the dog?"

George beamed and nodded. "Isn't it funny? We even made something that can create that feeling so it can be slipped into his drink," he said happily, pulling him out into the shop. "Did they bother you?"

"Ron told funny stories. Did you know McGonagall told him and your sister that they were as bad as all you older ones?" George perked up even more. "Because he was going to wear a dress and make certain staring people sorry."

George giggled, leaning into his body. "Good on him. Ron deserves his fair share of the naughtiness."

"Oh, he got it, he just shows his in his clothing." He heard the giggling. "Sounds like Harry's getting his way."

"Not on the couch," George called.

"Just kissing," Ron called back. "Nothing naughty."

"I'm sure," George muttered. "Fred went to get dinner. Ah, Draco," he said happily as he walked in. 'They're giggling."

Draco shook his head. "Boys," he called. "I've been to the drug store." Harry, Ron, and Snickers all came running to land on him and give him a hug. "Home," he panted. "Now." They piled into the floo and headed for Harry's house.

Oliver shook his head. "Ron must be sore some days."

George looked shocked. "Our brother? Sore? From a little bit of playing?"

Oliver snorted. "Little bit? With those two I'm sure he's worn out nearly every night."

George leaned closer. "And he yells his head off," he confided. "We stayed with them one night and couldn't sleep they were so loud." Oliver patted him on the back and kissed him on the forehead. "Thanks." Fred walked in with the bags and flipped over the sign. "They're gone!" he said happily.

"I saw Malfoy in the drug store," Fred admitted. "I got the last tube of slimy stuff too." He smiled at Oliver. "It comes in useful now and then."

Oliver leaned over and kissed him too. "I'm sure it does, Fred." He walked them back into the back, letting them pick their spots to eat from.


Ron was pushed back onto the bed, naked and willing, but Harry was being stubborn. Draco finally got him stripped and decided to tie him down. Ron helped by distracting him, but Harry started making pitiful noises. "This means I can do whatever I want to you," Ron whispered in his ear. "Just lay there and take it, Harry. You know you want to."

Draco climbed in on the other side, mimicking Ron's position. "Think of all the delights you'll get while we tease and play with you," he agreed. Harry whimpered and gave in, laying limply where he had been put. One of the cuffs was pulling but he didn't care. Ron shifted him. "Good boy," Draco praised. He spanked Ron lightly, making her jump. "Give him a good view," he encouraged. Ron got on all fours sideways from Harry's orientation, then had to grab on as Draco licked up her crack. "Good Ron," Draco encouraged between licks. Ron started to pant so he paused to look down at Harry. "See?"

"Not well enough," Harry moaned. "I want some of that."

"Once I have her dripping and off once," Draco agreed with a smirk. He went back to his feast, enjoying all the little wiggles and noises Ron had. He nipped her clit once and brought her off. "There. Now you can have some." He carefully guided her into position over Harry's face. Harry groaned and Ron shivered, clutching his arms for strength. "Do more," he encouraged, getting himself ready. As soon as he was slick enough he slid down the dripping cock, making Harry arch up and scream into the wet space. "Ohhhh," he groaned, kissing Ron. "See, I told you this was a good idea."

"Let me watch," Ron pleaded. Draco nodded, moving slowly at first. Harry started to breathe hard into his so she spread her legs to give him better access. He took full advantage of it by expanding his area to include her clit. She was really enjoying this position. She felt it building again and leaned down, being just the right height to latch onto Draco at the same time. She felt the groan against her body and sucked harder. Draco started to work harder and she let him force as much as he wanted down her throat. Harry's tongue set her off and she screamed around the hard cock, making Draco get off as well, which apparently sent Harry over the edge because he groaned into her again. "Oh, damn," she panted, rolling off to the side.

"Hey! I wanted more of that," Harry complained.

Draco cleaned Harry off and helped Ron get into his former spot. "I'm sure you'll get it in a few," he said tiredly, laying down beside him to watch Ron get more of him. "Is he going limp?"

"Not a bit," Ron told him with a big smile. She braced herself on Harry's stomach, pleasing herself this time.

"Touch it, Ron," Harry encouraged hoarsely. "Please?" He started to babble as her fingers teased her flesh and Draco kindly stuck something in there for him to plug the noise. He moaned and groaned around the soft cock, bringing it back into play. Ron threw her head back and Harry thrashed under her. Draco came again and flopped down onto Harry's chest. Ron pinched a nipple and her clit, then screamed the highest note yet, getting off and clenching every muscle in her body. Harry screamed as well, coming so hard he thought he had went blind.

"Oww. Muscle cramps," Ron complained. Draco got up and helped her lay back down, then got Harry unhooked so they could rub them out for her. "Oh, thank you," she sighed in relief. "That's so nice."

"What did Percy want to do to you?" Draco asked. Ron looked at him, looking a bit lost. "You said earlier he wanted to do a spell. What one?"

"A renewal spell." Draco and Harry both stopped to stare at her. "I didn't say he did it."

Harry looked at Draco. "Can you?"

Draco nodded. "It's been done before."

"I like myself this way," Ron put in. Both men kissed her slowly, making her go brainless again. "If I get a new barrier, you're not breaching it," she breathed when Harry finally let her lips go.

"Then we won't even suggest it," Draco soothed, laying his head on Ron's stomach. "I'm exhausted."

"It's all the stress from earlier," Harry agreed, mimicking his position. He yawned. "That was a wonderful birthday present, guys. Thank you."

"Just wait until you see me in the costume," Ron warned. Harry laughed and kissed her again. "We should tie him down more often."

"We should tie both of you down more often," Draco pointed out. "You're both wonderful like that. You thrash and Harry seems to be natural for it."

"I might like that occasionally," Harry admitted with a cheeky grin.

Ron patted him on the back. "Tomorrow, after the party so you have to appreciate me in the outfit." Harry snuggled and fell asleep on her chest. "It was a good thought," she told Draco. Draco looked up at her. "The spell. I don't think I could go through that again."

"That's fine. We won't force it, Ron." He stroked a hand over Ron's flat stomach. "Just relax and we'll play again later." She nodded and closed her eyes, joining Harry in his dreams about her. Draco shook his head. "I wouldn't want it to be that way either," he noted, lying back down to sleep as well. This was the life he wanted.


Ron looked up at the loud noise, frowning at the twin coming toward him. "What's wrong, George?"

The twin leaned down. "I'm Fred," he whispered in her ear. "We're directly opposite." Ron looked gobsmacked. "Yup, I did it to myself," he said happily, twirling around. "What do you think?"

"That you should hide from the parents," Ron told him. Fred giggled. "Okay, it's your life. Are you sure?"

Fred nodded as he sat beside him. "We did it last night and we've been opposite ever since. Sudden changes but still fun." He beamed. "This is really cool. Now I understand George again."

Ron nudged him, giving him a smile. "What does Oliver think about this?"

"He thinks it's really cute. He took a real shine to George in her female phase." He patted Ron on the hand. "We've got to talk, little sister. There's things going on down there that I don't understand. That 'twangy' feeling and things like that."

"Okay, do you want to do it out here or up in our room?"

"Your room if it's empty." Ron nodded and led the way upstairs, grabbing Hermione from Vincent's desperate clutch on the way. "This is Fred," he said at her confused look. Her eyes lit up. "They're directly opposite all the time now."

"That is so odd!" Hermione told him, walking around him. "Well, first of all, we've got to do a few things. Stand up straight, Fred." Fred stood up straighter. She looked at Ron. "The beginning female lessons?"

"Yuppers. Before she finds out the hard way that it hurts the first time."

"It does?"

"A bit, but if your lover's good and gentle it goes away quickly," Hermione assured him. "Ron made mine wonderful."

"Draco let Harry take mine and he tried so hard to be sweet. Of course, I had already gotten off once," Ron admitted. "You missed out, Hermione. If you had taken that special room, there was a portal to a hot spring. A huge lake of warm water."

"Damn!" she sighed. "I knew I was missing out on something." She frowned. "Was it good?" Ron smirked. "In the water?" she asked. Ron nodded. "Then I probably would have walked in on you at least once." She pulled Fred over to the bed so they could sit and chat. Ron bounced over to join them. "I adore these talks. I should ask McGonagall to let me come up and give the new girls one each year."

Ron laughed. "She didn't give one?" Hermione shook her head. "Then write her, maybe you could do it for all the houses."

She laughed. "Maybe. Some of those Hufflepuffs needed it I bet." She patted Fred on the hand. "All right, where should we start? Basics of physical nature?"


"What it looks like," Hermione told him. Fred blushed. "Oh, you're going to be an adorable woman when we get done with you, Fred."

Fred smiled. "Good. I want to knock George's socks off." They shared a laugh and got down to the serious stuff, telling him *everything*. Ron even showed him how to walk in heels and how to strut around.

Downstairs, Vincent walked into Draco's study, looking fairly confused. "Ron and George just stole Hermione from me to talk," he said.

Draco looked up at him. "Girls are odd, Vincent. You knew that already though." He shrugged. "Girl talk. I'm supposing it's what they do when they go to the bathroom in groups." He looked at the book he was reading. "How did I let Granger talk me into reading this one?"

"It made her so happy she danced?" Vincent suggested smugly. Draco grunted in irritation. "My woman is one hell of a girl and not even you and your Ron can resist it."

"Ron had better not be turning lesbian," Draco grunted in annoyance. "That I won't tolerate. It would take away from my time with her." He got a truly evil look on his face. "I'll tell Potter and have him convince her that we're just as good as any woman could be." Vincent backed away from him. "Where is he?"

"The back yard," Vincent said carefully.

"Excellent." Draco stood up, leaving the book there, and headed out to talk to his other husband. "Harry?" Harry looked up from his wrestling with his dog, narrowly missing the big tongue going up his nose. "Ron just stole Hermione out of Vincent's arms again and he's worried that she's going to try women now."

"Oh, hell no!" Harry said, getting up and hurrying into the house. He flew into their room and pounced Ron, heading right down to lick her. "No women, Ron. Naughty you. Only us and our tongues and fingers." He started on his favorite pattern, then switched back to the one Draco said he used, and then back again.

Ron squealed and wiggled. "Harry, people!" he shouted.

"No women, Ron, promise me," Harry said against the firm thigh as he nipped it.

Ron arched up. "I swear, I'm not going to try girls! You're doing me in front of Hermi and Fred!"

Harry looked up at their guests. "Hermione, your boyfriend thought that Ron wanted you to try lesbianism. Maybe you should correct him?" He smirked at Fred. "Glad you crossed over. I promise I won't touch you at all." He went back to what he had been doing, making Ron squeal and wiggle.

"Damn, I need to take notes," Fred muttered, patting himself down.

Hermione laughed and pulled him up. "We'll go to my room, hopefully Vincent was playing." She walked him over there but was grabbed as soon as she walked in the door. "Vincent!" she said, swatting him on the chest. "There are other people around."

Vincent looked at Fred. "You wanted to join in?" Fred spluttered. "Then you can have more girl talk in a moment. She's mine." He pushed Fred out the door and closed it, attacking his girlfriend's sensitive shoulder spot. She moaned and let him play, forgetting totally about Fred and his questions.

Draco walked up to Fred and patted him on the back. "What did you still need answered?"

Fred shook his head. "Never mind," she squeaked, hurrying back to the floo. George needed to hear about this! He found Oliver in the shop and pounced him.

"No fair!" George called. He flipped the sign and looked at the customers. "We'll be back after a tea break," he announced. He saw Bill. "Check them out, please?" he begged before rushing into the back.

"Young love," Bill sighed fondly. "I'm so glad I've grown out of that stage." The kids all laughed. "You think I'm kidding, but it'll only be a few minutes." He went to fill in on the cash register, checking everyone out. He even turned the sign back around when he saw a few kids coming their way. He couldn't let the business suffer for a sex maniac like that. Though he did wonder what had happened. Hadn't Fred gone to talk to Ron?


Ron wove his way down the stairs, dizzy, hungry, and exhausted. He raised a hand. "Draco?" Draco came out of the study and caught him before he fell. "Thank you. Harry was an animal. What got into him?"

"Vincent said that you had grabbed Hermione from him and thought that you might be wanting to try women," Draco said with a smirk. "Was it good?"

"Good?" Ron let his tongue hang out for a moment. "I need fluid. Nine times, Draco! Nine!" Draco led him in and put him into his comfy reading chair. "I need a drink."

Draco rang the bell, bringing a house elf. "Get him a snack and some juice," he ordered. He smirked at Ron. "That way I can have my turn to make sure you don't turn back to liking women."

Ron shook his head. "No, no women," he promised. "I swear I'll be good, Draco, no more sex."

Draco laughed, giving him a kiss. "I'm sure you'll remember this for a very long time, Ron." Ron nodded. "Did he only lick you?" he teased as he sat by Ron's feet, working on the limp leg muscles.

"Licked, nibbled, touched. Wouldn't go in me though. Wouldn't even let me touch him," Ron pouted. Cutely of course. "Damn, it was good." He smiled at the house elf and took his snack. "Thank you. I needed this."

"Mistress noisy, of course needs," the house elf agreed, then it hurried away before anyone could say anything to it.

Draco shook his head. "I'm going to have to forbid Hermione from going into the kitchen." He waited until Ron had eaten and looked more sated, then he began his campaign with a subtle kiss.

"No more sex, Draco, I'm tired," Ron whined.

"Just one more?" he begged. "I promise to nap with you. It's only fair," he said soothingly as he moved down to nibble on *that* spot on her neck. "Please?"

Ron moaned and tipped his head off to the side. "I don't think I have anything left, but it's your tongue that's going to go numb," he agreed. This felt too good not to allow to happen. Damn, his husbands were talented!

Draco moved lower, showing that patience and training did pay off in this area as well. Ron moaned and shifted under his skilled tongue, urging him to do more. She was wrung clean, but he was enjoying himself immensely. By the time he had enough, Ron was woozy again. "Would you like more, Ron? Would you like a dick?" Ron smiled and slid down onto his lap, freeing him and taking it from him. He gently played while he got off, sending Ron into a badly needed nap. "There, precious one, and the next time you steal a woman from Vinnie's arms, remember this." She smiled and went limp in his arms. "Good girl." He got them rearranged and stood up, bringing her over to the large napping couch so they could nap. It woke her slightly but that was fine. "Maybe you won't remember and we'll have to do this again." She blew a kiss and patted his lips. He laughed. "Yes, next time I get you first."

She shifted, putting one of her legs over his and holding him down. "No more sex or I'm going to retaliate," she said hoarsely. "I'll open you so wide you'll feel like I'm falling in." He stroked her back. "Nice."

"I'm glad you approve. Just four more hours until the party." Ron snorted. "You can sit if you want, Ron." Ron smiled and put her head back down so she could nap.

Harry walked in an hour later and smiled at the cute couple on the couch. He hunted down a camera and took a picture, giggling madly as he went to share it with Hermione and Vincent. He wasn't as jealous as Draco had told him, but that was fine because he had enjoyed his birthday so far.


Harry looked up as the auror walked up to his table two days later. "Want to sit?" he asked her with a smile. "How are you, Tonks?"

"Just fine, Harry." She sat across from him. "How was your birthday? Get a lot of presents?"

Harry beamed. "I got a lot of sex."

She laughed. "Good for you, kid." She reached over and ruffled his hair. "They want to know if you want to come back."

Harry shrugged. "Are they going to see Ron and me as real recruits or just tools?" He sipped his juice. He was still tired from his birthday and the *presents* he had received. That costume had been something else on Ron's elegant form. "The last I knew they only wanted me to give up and die during the battle and for Ron to juice me up by dying before it."

She shook her head. "It's not like that."

"Bullshit," he said quietly. "That first week, we got ethics lectures." She looked stunned. "All about duty and sacrifice. With them looking right at Ron and me. Ron had to show them his suicide patch sooner than we had wanted to because of it."

She nodded. "I understand your revulsion, Harry, and I agree in this case. What about your training?"

"I've been learning a lot," Harry assured her. "Not a lot about stealth because Draco's family never expected to need it, but definitely a lot of the practical fighting styles. Vincent's been good about working with Ron and me so we keep in physical shape."

"And the battle readiness stuff?"

"Is something you can only get in a real battle," he pointed out. "Which I've been in. I hate this war, Tonks. Ron hates it more than I do because he's considered a prize now, but we're both ready for it to be over with."

"You look much happier than what Moody said you did when you talked," she admitted, looking him over. "New shirt?" He nodded, smiling. "Someone has excellent taste."

"Draco dressed me this morning," he said as he brushed a hand down the sleeves. "It's his, but he said I looked better in it." He looked at her and saw the sad look. "Not you too."

"No, I don't think he wants it. I don't want to see you lose it all, Harry."

He nodded. "I know. And with that prophecy, so does everyone else." He got a sudden flash and grimaced. "I'll kill him," he snarled suddenly. She leaned back. He looked at her. "Scar flash. They're going to try for my dog." He tipped his head to the side. "How do I push back a nightmare?"

"You find his shields and push past them with a bit of stealth," she said slowly. "Why? Why would *he* want your dog?"

Harry's smile dripped ice. "Because Snape suggested it as a warning shot." He stood up and tossed down some money. "I'm heading home. Coming?"

"Sure, why not?" She followed him to the floo, thanking everything she held holy that this was a wizarding establishment. Harry left for a moment and she was left looking at Draco. "I'm going to help him send back a vision. He said he got a flash about Snape offering his dog as a warning shot?"

Draco nodded. "Definitely something to argue about," he decided. "This way." He led her to their workout room, settling her inside. "I'll get you something to drink. Where did he go?"

"A butcher's."

"Really?" She nodded. "I wonder why," Draco mused as he walked away. "Ron! Snape suggested the dog as a warning shot," he yelled.

Ron came running. "What?"

Draco nodded. "That strange one with the odd hair is here. Harry's on his way back."

"We'll have to kick his ass for that," Ron announced. Draco nodded. "When and where?"

Harry came out of the floo with a small package. "Don't worry, I have it," he said with his most evil smirk. He paused to write out a letter then handed it to Draco with the package. "Send this to Snape for me, would you please?" he asked nicely then went to the workout room. "Okay, I know I calm myself. I've been practicing that a lot recently." He sat down near her, getting into the correct mindset.


Voldemort was rocked by a vision, making him scream in agony as the pain lanced through his skull. He watched as Harry Potter walked in with his new toy and sneered up at him before taking a few careful shots. Each of the Death Eaters around him fell before they could even get off a curse. Snape's body, one of his most loyal followers, was shot more than once, once even in the crotch. Then the boy turned to face him. He did something, dropping something dark onto the ground and sliding a new one into the gun. Then he shifted the top and pointed it at him. He couldn't move.

"Do not touch my dog," he sneered. "That's the one thing I won't stand you doing." He emptied the gun into Voldemort's body, then changed the clip and emptied that one as well, all of these were Cruciatus and Voldemort saw himself writhing in pain and agony as each bullet slammed into him and magnified the pain from the last one by ten times. Harry walked over, loading a different clip, sneering at the bad guy screaming in agony. "For all the pain you've caused." He fired one more, this time with the killing curse on it.

Voldemort woke up as he died and shook in real fear. The boy not only got past his shields, but he could feel the rage and the anger. He could feel the satisfaction that such an act would give the boy. He looked at the gathered Death Eaters, all of whom looked concerned. "We will leave his dog alone," he hissed. "Or else we will all die by his hand." A few of them laughed. He struck them down. "I foresaw it happening!" he yelled. "He will kill over his familiar or his spouses!" That ended the laughter. "We will not put that plan into action. Someone warn Severus." He waved a hand and disappeared.

One of the Death Eaters looked at another. "Over a dog?" he asked. "Not over his parents and friends?"

"Maybe he likes his dog more," that one suggested. "The boy doesn't really like people all that much from what people say."


Later that night, during dinner, Severus Snape accepted the package from the owl, taking it to hold for a moment before he opened it. Out of the package fell a fleshy mass and a letter onto his plate. The students who could see stopped talking and looked at him. He opened the letter with shaking hands, reading the enclosed message.

"The next set you'll see will be yours if you touch my dog."

He let the paper drop and looked at the bull's testicles on his plate. For the first time in a very long time he felt real fear. He ran from the room to get sick. He knew Potter was capable of it.

McGonagall looked down at the plate, then at the Headmaster. "Did someone give him a present?" she asked. "They look like potion's ingredients."

"He probably ran to find the potion that uses them. They must be special if he left them on the plate," Dumbledore agreed. He didn't bother picking up the card, it was private after all. Severus would tell him if he wanted him to know.


Harry looked up from his favorite position, the middle of Draco's chest. "Do you think they got the message?"

"I'm sure they did. Otherwise we'd have seen an attack by now," Draco soothed, stroking down Harry's back. The boy couldn't sleep because he kept getting nightmares about his dog, normal ones from his own head. "Harry, do you think Snickers could use a friend?" he asked quietly. "Another one to play with when you're not there?"

"I think he'd adore it," Harry agreed, giving him a bright smile. "Of course I intend on winning."

"I meant during the usual daily things," Draco agreed. He hadn't wanted to bring up that point, that he might not win. "What sort would he like?"

"I think we should bring him and let him pick out his new friend," Harry told him. "I'll call the local pound tomorrow and see if we can do that." He yawned. "I'm tired."

"I know. Try to sleep. Ron'll be out of the bath soon." Harry nodded and looked down again, closing his eyes. "You rest," he soothed, still stroking. "Everything will be fine."

"Hmm. Can I shoot him again?"

"If you want," Draco agreed with a smile. "Are you planning another surprise attack?"

"Sure, why not? We'll need to plan for a time."

"I'll see what I can find out." Though he doubted they'd be able to do it again. Voldemort was never totally alone. Not since he had been shot. "Are you going to try and kill him this time?"

"Yeah, maybe I should," Harry mumbled into Draco's stomach.

Draco smiled. "We'll work on that part of the plan later," he soothed. "Maybe a sniper rifle to get all the others?"

"Hmm. Have to register for a license. We don't have a good rifle."

"We'll figure that out as well," Draco assured him. Ron joined them, giving each of them a kiss on the temple. "We're planning another attack."

"Good," Ron agreed with a smile. "Harry, kill him this time."

"Okay, Ron. Anything for you," Harry mumbled. Ron and Draco grinned at each other. "Want his heart?"

"No thanks," Ron said, shaking a bit. "Not something I want to think about." He snuggled in behind Harry, looking up at Draco. "Do I get to come this time?"

"You could use the long-range rifle," Draco suggested. "You're a much better shot than either of us are with a stable target." Ron nodded. "Then we'll work on that tomorrow." He kissed Ron on the forehead. "You rest as well. Tomorrow will be another long day and we'll have to get through it."

Ron put his head down and closed his eyes. "Night, Draco."

"Good night, Ron," he said quietly, watching them sleep. His own nightmares weren't going to let up tonight so he might as well enjoy the dark and quiet by making plans for after the Dark Lord died. He really didn't want to take over, no matter who thought about it, but there were going to be a few new opportunities to bolster his family's image.


Harry looked at the woman behind the counter, handing over the forged letter that Draco had produced. "We need to register for professional's weapons licenses," he said confidently.

"For what purpose?"

"The big guy and I are bodyguards, the blond's our client and the redhead's his wife. They've gotten death threats."

She looked him over. "You're young for that spot."

Harry smiled. "We're old friends. Vincent has been his bodyguard since his childhood." He pointed at him. "I do the planning and he does the muscle." Vincent looked at him and Harry shot him a naughty grin.

Vincent snorted. "I'm going to beat you later, Harry."

Harry walked over and looked up at him. "You are much better at being the big, strong guy than I am," he pointed out, his eyes showing he was teasing.

Vincent smirked, but it was clear he was playing now. "Of course I am, you're tiny!"

"Gee thanks." Harry walked back to the window. "So? What do we need? I know they're hard to get, but the death threats have been coming faster and we can't trust their security to just anybody."

"Do you have training certificates?" she asked. "Professional licenses require them."

Ron pulled up her briefcase, resting it on the counter so she could open it. Out came the certificates from the people who had done their weapons training, thoughtfully found by Draco, and a list of their current weapons. "We found them in the basement of our new house," she said at her look. "The old owner was paranoid and hid them."

"That's fine. There is a small loophole for found weapons if the new people can register them." She looked over everything, nodding as she came to each piece of documentation. "Now all I'll need is your ID's. I noticed that you didn't hand those over yet." Harry whipped his out, Draco got the rest of them. "Why were you carrying them?"

"We had to get them redone with the new address," Ron told her. "We've had to move because of this." It wasn't really a lie, they had gotten the ID's that morning with the other house's address.

She looked at each one carefully, then stopped at Draco's, looking up at him. "Lord Malfoy?"

He nodded. "My father's in prison, I'm now the official title holder. That's what makes this situation suck so very badly."

She nodded and filled in something on the form. "I understand that." She looked at Harry again. "If you want to carry concealed, there's another form, Mr. Potter. Plus we will pop around now and then to check on you and your weapon. If we request it, you must present it and let us examine it." He nodded. "Very well. Which is your personal weapon?"

"The nine second down on the list," he told her. She started on his paperwork. "Will this allow me to carry it if he decides to take a sudden trip?" he asked.

"That depends on the airlines and the country you're going to. Mostly, yes," she told him. She smiled at Draco. "You should have registered them in Canada and done an out-of-country form with us, it would have been easier."

"I don't like Canada. I loathe playing in the snow," Draco said with a shrug. He walked up and kissed the back of Ron's neck, making the woman blush and look away. He smiled at Harry and winked then looked at Ron, whispering in her ear. "After this is over with, I'm having you in the backseat," he whispered in Ron's ear. She shivered.

"Not while I'm driving, you're not," Harry told him. He frowned at them. "I'd get distracted."

Draco beamed. "It's about time Vincent drove us around anyway."

"Not a chance," Vincent said firmly. "I don't have my license yet."

"Good point." Harry beamed at him. "That's next." Vincent groaned. "That way you can take Ron and hide if we need you to, Vinnie."

"Fine, Harry, I'll do that this afternoon," Vincent sighed. The woman looked at him. "I know how, I haven't passed the test yet," he told her.

She smiled. "London has a lot of public transport, I don't see why everyone needs a license, but I guess it would be easier for you than waiting on a bus if something happened."

He nodded. "I know. Like I said, I know how, I simply haven't licensed myself in that area yet."

"You and me both," Ron agreed. Draco whispered in her ear and Ron shivered, smacking him on the chest. "Naughty! No race cars and if I get my license, I'm taking your car without you in it for suggesting that."

Draco shrugged. "You can't fault me for trying, Ron."

"I know, and I adore you for your libido," Ron pointed out with a grin.

The woman laughed. "You young couples are always so cute." She handed over the first form. "Mr. Potter, sign the bottom three pages please?" She handed over a pen, watching as he signed. She stamped them and moved on to the next one. "If I may ask, why didn't you go with an established firm, Lord Malfoy?"

"Because they wanted to put in a lot of unnecessary precautions that would have driven us nutters," Ron told her. "No walking in the garden and that sort of thing."

She nodded, filling in the next one. "I understand. It's got to be hard having someone shadow you around all day." She glanced at Vincent. "You were trained as a young boy?"

"His father was a professional serving mine and lent me his son," Draco said smoothly. She smiled at Vincent and finished the next one, handing it to him to sign. Draco looked at Harry, who smiled at him. "Do you feel better now?" He hadn't liked this idea, but Harry had a point that they wouldn't get into any trouble for it.

"Much," Harry admitted. He gave Draco a hug. "I didn't want to see us get into trouble just before something happened," he reminded quietly. "Jail isn't a good place for us, even if we were protecting."

"I realize that, but I had plans for this morning that included the both of you," Draco said quietly.

Harry beamed. "We'll have most of the afternoon." He winked and went back to his to-do list, checking things off. "Um, I needed to ask, I do a bit of hunting as well. Will this cover if I buy a good rifle for our hunting trips?"

She looked at him, then at Draco. "Where do you hunt?"

"We go up to the Arctic Circle and get some elk," Ron told her, remembering his uncle used to do that. "Legally of course, population regulation sort of hunting."

"Of course." She pulled out a rule book and looked it over. "It says it should," she told him. "You'll have to bring in your license and explain it to the retailer to make sure." Harry nodded. "Then that's fine, young man." She smiled and handed Draco his form. "Sign please?" He signed and she dated and stamped it for him. "Now for you, young lady. Are you sure? Guns and women aren't the best combination."

Ron nodded. "I'm sure. I'm the reason they're getting death threats." The woman's lips pursed and she shrugged. "I didn't want anyone else."

"Oh!" Her eyes got big. "They want to kill you over that?"

"Some people are very possessive," Draco reminded her.

"That's fine then." She quickly got Ron's form filled in and handed it over, watching as she signed and dated it, then stamped it as well. "It'll be about a week before the licenses are sent, or a letter's sent if we need more documentation. We'll be doing background checks before then." Harry nodded, expecting this. "Is there anything else you need to know?"

"We went to a private school that trained us but didn't give us more than Brit level equivalencies," Vincent told her.

She frowned, but shrugged. "You have a certificate saying you graduated?" Ron pulled those out as well, forged by one of Draco's other friends. "Then it should be fine. Let me copy these and make a note. What sort of school was it?"

"A finishing one," Draco told him. "They're of my social class, but untitled." She nodded and wrote out a quick note while they were copying, stapling it to the copies. "Was there anything else you needed?"

"Not as far as I know," she told him. "You're lucky, a new professional license is easier than a personal one." Draco nodded and patted Ron on the back. "I hope you don't need to use them."

"As do we," Harry agreed, walking over to make sure they had everything, then walking out behind the group. He smiled at Ron as he got in to drive. "So?"

"A week until we can get the rifle seems like a good enough time to plan," Draco agreed.

Vincent coughed. "They didn't even ask to see our business license."

"That's because we weren't starting a company. We're free-lance, that means we don't have to be part of one," Harry pointed out. "We had one made just in case."

Draco nodded. "That was the easiest yet." He smiled at Harry. "Lunch, now."

"Yes, Draco." He turned around and started the car. "You're driving later so I get to cuddle Ron."

"Fine, Potter, just find somewhere to eat, I'm starved," Draco ordered. Harry laughed and pulled into traffic, heading for one of their favorite places to eat. With the twins.


Harry blinked a few times, then decided he'd had enough of the eye strain. He looked over at Draco, who had his book held about as far as his arm could reach. That gave him an idea, which Draco wouldn't like in the least of course. He slid to his knees and crawled over, laying his head in his husband's lap in a silent request to have his hair played with. His husband complied, making them both happier. "Draco, would you go with me when I have my glasses checked?" he asked quietly. Draco looked down at him and nodded, his book put aside. Harry climbed up into his lap. "I was thinking we could get ours done together."

"My eyesight is fine." Draco frowned at him when Harry shook his head. "It's perfectly fine, Harry, I don't need glasses."

Harry kissed him on the tip of the nose. "You do. Otherwise you wouldn't have been holding the book that far away," he said gently. He gave him a smile. "Lots of wizards wear glasses and there are a lot of frame options, things that'll make you look just as good as you do now. Like jewelry for the face."

Draco grimaced. "I don't need glasses."

"I noticed you squint now when you're trying to catch the snitch," Harry said gently, playing with one of his husband's shirt buttons. "I'm worried that you'll fall or that you'll start getting really bad headaches, like the ones I have."

"How long has it been since you changed your glasses?" Draco asked, starting to frown for a whole different reason.

"I snuck out and got new ones when I was sixteen," Harry admitted with a naughty grin for him. "My relatives never knew. I kept the same frame."

Draco shook his head. "I'll make sure you get something that flatters you better than those frames do."

"You could get checked, it doesn't mean that you'll need them." Draco opened his mouth to counter that one so Harry kissed him, making him stay quiet. "I hate going to the eye doctor, Draco. They put in these drops every time and I have blurry vision for nearly an hour. Usually they only do that to old people. Plus they always spend so long with the equipment. I hate going."

"I'll go with you," Draco sighed. "But I don't need glasses."

"So what's the harm in getting checked?" Harry said lightly. "They can tell you that you're perfect if you are, and if not, they might be able to help you some."

"Fine," Draco sighed. "We'll both go. Ron as well?"

"He only needs a pair of regular sunglasses. He squints in the light."

Draco gave him a gentle squeeze. "We'll make a day of it if you want." Harry beamed. "How soon do you think we could do this?"

"There's got to be one that has an opening this week. That would give me time to adjust to them before we go off and do something rash about the big cocksucker and his army." Draco laughed. "I can call around if you want."

"Go ahead and do that," Draco said, giving him a light spank. "I'll allow your manipulations this time, Potter. Next time I might request a punishment in return for going along with it." Harry laughed as he hurried to the other house to call around and make them appointments. "Glasses," he said, shaking his head. "My father would be peeved." He smiled. "What an excellent reason to get some, even if I don't need them." He picked up his book and adjusted his reach until he could see the letters clearly again.


Ron looked up as Draco walked out of the back of the office, adjusting the slim silver frames on his new glasses. He grinned. "Those look good on you, very scholarly, yet cute," he said firmly, standing up to give him a kiss, and to share the chocolate bar he was nibbling on. "Do you like them?"

"Mostly," Draco admitted. He looked over his shoulder as Harry trudged out. "It's not that bad."

"It is. I still can't believe they wanted me to have bifocals at my age."

"If you need them, you're getting them," Ron said firmly. "You can afford them, Harry."

"I know, that's not the point. Bifocals are for old people." Harry pouted until Draco gave him a hug. "Thank you for suggesting I get separate pairs for different things. I'll try not to get them mixed up."

"There is that laser surgery," the receptionist suggested.

Harry shuddered. "No thanks. I'd almost rather go with contacts."

"They do make bifocal contacts," she told him, pointing at an advert on the wall for them. "They're not that bad, I use them."

"How does one put those in?" Draco asked.

"You put them onto your eye," Harry told him. "They stay on your eyeball." Draco looked horrified. "They're supposed to be comfortable."

"Still!" Draco said warmly. "That's not very sanitary." Ron whispered something in his ear which made him blush. "Yes, but I insist on bathing that before I touch it," he reminded him.

"If he got some, he wouldn't have to wear any glasses," Ron told him.

Draco looked at him. "If I need glasses, he needs to wear some as well, or you do."

"My eyesight was better than normal," Ron said smugly.

"Ron, quit picking on him. Your first set of glasses are just as hard as your first set of bifocals." He looked at the receptionist. "Are they really comfortable?" She nodded. "No pain?"

"I get some itching now and then."

The doctor walked up behind her. "They don't make them in his prescription. We could do one for his near-sightedness, but he'd have to wear glasses to read, or we could do it the other way around." He looked at Harry. "Your choice of course."

"If you do, I don't want to see you putting them in," Draco told him. Harry looked at him. "It would appear...icky."

"It does," Ron agreed, "but he likes to play with his glasses while he reads." He looked at Harry, then at the doctor. "What about driving?"

"I'd recommend he wear glasses until he's used to the contacts."

"I can stick with the glasses for now then," Harry decided. He took Ron's hand to squeeze. "Thanks."

"You're welcome. I like those frames. Tortoiseshell?" Harry nodded. "I've never seen it in green overlay before."

"I found them for him," Draco put in. "Harry, did you want contacts?"

"I think they'd be convenient every now and then," Harry admitted. "No more safety goggles on the target range."

"Then we'll discuss it tonight," Draco soothed, leading him out of the office and into Harry's car. "There's a wizard optician. We'll see what she can do about it," once he had started the car. He looked around, then frowned. "These really do make things clearer." He turned them around, heading for a small shop on the other side of London. As soon as they walked in, a large owl flew toward them. "We're here to talk about glasses," he told it. It flew back into the office and a wizened old woman walked out, slowly tapping her cane. Her own glasses were thick and very big and round, making her look like she had enormous eyes. "Mr. Potter was just told he needs bifocals."

"So I can see," she agreed, looking Harry over. "Come this way. We have self-correcting ones you know." She looked at Draco's glasses. "Give them a week, they'll feel much better by then." She took Harry's hand and led him back to her workshop. "Mr. Potter. What are your main activities?"

"Shooting targets, flying, catching a snitch, fighting, and playing with my dog mostly," he reported.

"He spends a lot of time reading as well," Ron put in.

"I see." She looked him over again. "You use muggle weapons?" Harry nodded. "Are you going to use a scope anytime soon?"

"I was thinking it'd be handy to know how to use," Harry told her, shifting nervously.

"That's fine," she agreed with a smile. She pulled down a box and dug through it, coming up with a pair of frames like his. "Give me yours," she instructed. She looked them over. "Muggle," she snorted.

"They worked for years for me," Harry told her. She looked at him. "Those are my new ones, but my last were muggle too."

"I suppose they do good enough, but the magic ones can be made to adjust themselves to what you need to view."

"Like a magic eye?" Draco asked.

She shrugged. "Not quite that good. Just adjusting the view in and out depending on what he's doing." She touched the pair of frames she had found. "Try those on."

Harry did and winced. "They're a bit tight."

She took them and put them into the box, pulling out an identical pair, his old ones, and put them on him. "How's that?" He nodded, liking this fit. "Then we'll put the lenses into there and charm the frames for you." He beamed. "Remember me when you have children."

"That's not looking like it's going to happen, but I'll gladly spread good words around about you," Harry offered.

She laughed. "One never knows about children. They seem to crop up in the oddest places." She walked into another room and came out ten minutes later with his glasses, shiny and clean. "There we are, try those again, young man." He did so and the side adjusted so it was how he liked it. "Good," she said happily.

Draco cleared his throat. "Can you put an ever-clean charm on mine?" She nodded and took them to charm them. "I've noticed how often Harry cleans his," he told Ron, putting an arm around her back.

Harry peered around the room, grinning madly. "I love these!"

"You should, they're horribly expensive," Ron told him, but he was smiling as well. "Those look wonderful on you."

"Thank you." Harry looked at the old woman. "How much?"

She laughed. "For the cleaning charm, six sickles. For your glasses? They're free as long as you win this war, young man." He nodded solemnly. "Go," she shooed. "You're interrupting my nap." The boys left and she shook her head. "Such power in such a small frame," she sighed. "With bad eyes thrown in to boot." She tucked the money into her pocket and went back to her nap.


Draco walked into the manor house and held up a finger as Hermione opened her mouth. "Do not laugh or I will banish you and forbid Vincent to see you ever again," he warned.

She smiled. "I was going to say those looked excellent on you, Draco." She gave Harry a hug. "The same as yours do on you. Are those ever-correcting?" Ron nodded. "Wonderful! I thought you had went muggle."

"We did, but he needs bifocals now," Ron said dryly as he walked in. He showed off his new sunglasses. "I only needed these."

"I'm sure you look dashing in them," Hermione told him. "Vinnie, they're back!" she called.

Vincent came out of the hallway leading to the kitchen and stopped to look at Draco. "Subtle, very nice," he said quietly, smiling at his best friend. "You as well, Harry." Harry grinned. "How much were those?"

"Free as long as he wins the war," Ron told him.

"That's good," Vincent told him. "He's got to win, otherwise his dog will mope, so it's an added incentive. My dad's cost him nearly thirty galleons." Harry winced and looked at Draco.

"They'll last your lifetime and beyond," Draco assured him. "As long as the frames are changed regularly and they don't break. That's going to add some cost." He clapped Harry on the back. "Go play with Snickers. I'm going to try these out on my latest book."

"How are you liking the one I got you?" Hermione asked.

"It's interesting, but not my usual style," he said smoothly, getting out of that conflict before it started with a steady retreat into his personal space.

She stared at his back. "Was that a compliment meaning he liked it or was he running away?"

Ron laughed. "Probably a bit of both. So, what should we do now?" he asked, smirking at them. He looked at Harry, who groaned. "You did say we were going to do something tomorrow that would require me to dress appropriately."

"I put the bag in the closet," Draco called. "We're going to work on your target skills."

"Really?" Ron called as he walked toward Draco's study. He met him at the door. "Why are we doing targets?"

Draco kissed him. "Because Harry wanted you to have the honor of the sniper rifle position." Ron's mouth fell open and his eyes went wide. "He said he wants you there for backup."

"Just in case I decide to torture him again," Harry agreed as he walked up behind Ron. He slid an arm around Ron's waist. "Don't we have that party tonight for your friends, Draco?" He groaned and hit his head on the door. "I'll help Ron get ready," he said with a grin.

"I can do it myself," Ron pointed out gently.

"Not on your life, Potter. If anyone's crawling into a bath with her, it's me." They continued to argue all the way up the stairs, leaving Ron standing there smirking at their backs.

Vincent walked over to him. "Weren't they wanting a personal moment with you?"

Ron gave him his naughty grin. "Yup, but they seem to have wanted each other more." He waved and ran out the back door, heading out to play with the new flowerbeds he was putting in. Harry got him a few minutes later, floating him up and into the house with his wand without letting him change positions, and right into the bathroom. "Finally figured out I wasn't here?" he teased as he was set down.

Draco gave him one of his dry looks. "It was rather obvious that we were missing someone." He patted the bubbles. "Get in here, before I let Harry strip you and toss you in." Ron stood up and put his hands on his hips. "Harry?"

Harry looked at Ron's clothes and grabbed Draco's penknife to cut the clothes off their wife, making her shriek. "Hold still, naughty." He finally got done and dropped the knife, then picked Ron up and tossed her into the water, climbing in after her. "There, I feel more manly now," he admitted with a grin for Ron. Ron dunked him, but he accepted it.

"I liked that outfit."

Draco rang the bell for the house elves, bringing one popping in. "Fix those," he said, pointing at the clothes. It nodded and scampered off.

"Draco! You should be able to do that yourself by...." Hermione yelled, but for some reason she stopped.

"Nice work, Crabbe," Draco yelled. He heard laughter in the wrong key and got out, grabbing his wand as he stalked out into the hallway. "Who *dares* bother me during my bath!" he said angrily.

"Sorry!" Blaise Zabini yelled from Crabbe's room. "We'll be more quiet. Happy bath, Draco!"

"Fine!" he shouted. "Keep it down, I'm having a good shag and need the quiet."

Hermione stuck her head out of their room. "Because you want to hear all the noise Ron makes or because you think he'll be able to deafen you this time if we're quiet?" she asked with a grin and a wink, then she withdrew and closed the door.

"Bloody women!" Draco muttered as he walked back into the bathroom. "Ron, I forbid you to become like Hermione is." Ron giggled. "You will not become a cheeky and mouthy brat, no matter how hard she tries to make you one."

"Yes, Draco," Ron agreed, simpering up at him. Draco dunked him before getting back into the large tub. He came up and shook his hair. "Now I'm going to have to wash it and redo it."

"You should have planned on doing that anyway," Draco pointed out. He looked at Ron, then at Harry. "How many more girl days do we have left?"

Harry felt up Ron's chest. "I'd say maybe a week? They haven't started to soften again."

"I'm not going for another month like this," Ron said quickly. "I want my own tools back, thank you."

"Hmm, a sexy, male Ron," Harry whispered in her ear as he shifted closer. "I could do a lot of things with one of those." Ron blushed and tried to shift away, but the hand under the water was keeping him in place. "Can I ask for a favor?" Harry whispered. Ron shrugged. "I want you to have long hair." Ron turned her head to look at him, giving him a skeptical look. "I want to be able to wrap myself in it some nights."

"I don't think she needs hair that long," Draco remarked as he got comfortable. "Perhaps a few inches more though." He went for his wand, but Ron caught it faster. "No?" he asked with a smile.

"I don't need longer hair. This is a fashionable length and my mother said I look stunning."

"You could cut it again once you change back," Draco offered, sliding his wand out of Ron's fingers while Harry had her distracted.

"If I get a trim, I'm getting a bloody crew cut," Ron told him.

"You could do those transfiguration that McGonagall taught us," Harry offered. Ron shook his head. "Draco was really good at them, he could help you."

"You always did work better in female form for those sort of things," Draco agreed. Ron started to shake her head but Harry kissed her. "I'd like to see you with elegant hair to match tonight's outfit," he said when Ron came up for air. "We can always trim it back again tomorrow."

"This length is fashionable," Ron reminded him again.

"Yes, but it doesn't do your face and neck justice," Harry said as he stroked his index finger up the side of her neck. "I'm impatient, I want you to have another three inches of length." Ron shivered as he caressed her gently. "I'd love long hair on you, Ron, in either form."

"You'd look like one of those storybook heros on the cover," Draco offered. "Or the heroines during your female times."

"They wore corsets, I'm not doing that, even for you guys," Ron said quickly. Those two would get ideas if she didn't immediately set her foot down.

Draco gave her a little smirk. "We'll beg for that some other day," he said gently. Harry moaned and buried his face in Ron's neck to kiss it. "See, he likes the idea."

"They're uncomfortable."

"We'll find you one that makes you look so stunning, you'll forget," Harry promised as he moved lower, laving the top of her breasts as he played, giving a nip now and again.

Draco snuck his wand up and lengthened Ron's hair by four more inches, putting it at the middle of her shoulderblades. Ron looked at him and he grinned. "I'll even help you do something with it," he promised.

"Yes, you will be," Ron agreed, pushing Harry off him. "We can't get too messy, we only have two hours before people officially start arriving."

"I'll be fast," Harry said as he shifted closer, pulling Ron onto his lap and impaling him. Ron squeaked and Harry went back to his fun, shifting gently in and out of her. "Tell me if you want more," he breathed against her skin.

Draco shifted up behind Ron's back so he could put his arms around her and help her along. "It'll give you a wonderful glow," he agreed. "Us as well."

"Draco! You're encouraging the sex beast."

"I'm going to do more than that later," Draco promised against her neck. Harry looked over at him. "You didn't see the dress?"

"The blue or the green?"

"Green, of course," Draco said smugly, playing gently with the hot little nub of flesh Ron so enjoyed. "The blue is for special occasions, though we will have to fit it tonight." Ron looked at him, starting to pant. "Finish up and sponge off, then we'll get you ready," he encouraged.

Ron panted harder, arching back against Draco's chest, letting Harry have better access to her nipples. "I...have...the right...of...refusal," she reminded them. She shrieked as she was pinched there and came hard, digging her nails into Harry's chest. "Shit! I hate quickies!" she complained.

"Think of it as foreplay for the one during dinner," Harry said with a grin, kissing her neck then moving up to get a real kiss. He pushed a little harder and came.

"And for later," Draco agreed. He pinched a hard nipple then grabbed the sponge, handing it to Harry. "Clean her up and let her do her hair in the shower. I'm going to finish my bath." Harry nodded, helping Ron out and over to the large shower, while he scrubbed himself clean.


Ron looked at the two things lying on the bed, then at her men. "Not a chance," she scoffed.

Harry wiped the drool off. "Just try them and if you don't like them, you don't ever have to wear them again," he promised. "Please? The saleswoman said they weren't any less comfortable than the pushup bras you like."

Ron pointed at the blue one. "That won't even cover everything!"

"It's for under an outfit," Draco soothed, picking up the long-torso corset and putting it around her. He let Harry adjust it for her, then worked on the lacings. "Once we have it fitted properly, then you can undo it by the front straps," he promised, tightening it down. Ron hissed and arched up. "No, stand normally. I don't want to make this too tight."

"Besides, you said you wanted to quit slouching," Harry said happily. "This'll help that, Ron."

"That's because I won't be able to bend," Ron retorted.

"This is a more modern one, not nearly as stiff as the ones our mothers wore to their balls," Draco instructed as he tied the last knot. "There, sit and tell us how it feels."

"Can she put on the panties? I'm horribly distracted," Harry admitted, staring at her. The top portion barely covered the nipple area but was giving her wonderful support. The bottom peaked just above her hairline and he couldn't decide which end was nicer. Draco handed Ron the panties and they both sighed as she climbed into them. It was a stunning and arousing sight. "Can't she wear that tonight?" Harry pleaded. "Put a skirt on and just wear that?"

"No," Draco said firmly. "We'd never make it through dinner." He adjusted a strap for her. "How does that feel?"

"It feels better than I thought it would," Ron admitted, sitting down again. "I feel naughty in this."

"You look naughty in that," Harry agreed, falling to his knees so he could crawl over and suck on a nipple. "I like this," he whispered against her flesh.

Ron gave Harry an alarmed look, then gave it to Draco. "What's wrong with him?"

"He likes it more than even you naked," Draco said smugly. "Get her out of that, Harry, and we'll dress her in tonight's outfit." Harry moaned, continuing to suckle gently at their wife's breast. One of his hands drifted down to stroke her thigh. Draco pulled out the small whip he liked to use to scare off Hermione and cracked it against Harry's rear, making him flinch. "Get off her so we can dress her appropriately. I'm sure if you ask nicely she'll put it back on with stockings and heels the next time." Harry whimpered, giving Ron the best begging look he could.

"Later," she promised. "If I'm not too tired. If I am then I'll wear it all day tomorrow for you." Harry nodded eagerly and helped her undo the front clasps, then step out of the panties. The other was a bit more decorous, and emerald green, but cut along the same lines generally. She waited patiently while Harry and Draco got her into it, Harry helping her on with her stockings and panties, Draco doing up the laces. She adjusted the top some. "This still dips pretty low, Draco."

He kissed the back of her neck. "I'm considering it incentive to interact with the boring people that we had to invite," he informed her. "It shows just enough for me to get through that with you as our reward." He tied the last of the laces and helped her on with her skirt, then sat her down to work on her hair. He had recently gone through his mother's jewelry box and found the emerald beads she used to put up her hair when she bunned it, so he carefully used them in Ron's hair the same way. Then the new necklace that went with the outfit was slipped on for her. "There," he said, letting her look in the mirror. "How's that?"

"I look like a society wife," Ron told him.

"You are a society wife," Harry reminded her.

"Good point." She smiled. "Let me do my makeup and where are my shoes?"

"In front of the bed, beside the bench," Harry promised, heading to find himself something glamorous to match her. Draco followed and put him into the outfit he had chosen for him. "Thank you, Draco," he said, giving him a gentle kiss. "You're very good at making me look decent."

"You look more than decent," Draco reminded him. "Now finish dressing so we can go downstairs." He headed for his own dressing area to fix himself up for the night.

Hermione knocked and stuck her head in, unafraid of what she might see after all the times the trio had jumped each other in front of her. "Ron, need any help?"

"Not really," she admitted. "You can come in though, they're hiding from my magnificence." She gave one last brush to her lips and then stood up, showing off her outfit. Hermione looked stunned. "Draco bought it."

"Obviously, it's green," she agreed dryly, shaking her head. "I could never pull off a look like that," she sighed sadly. Then she shrugged. "At least you have the figure for it. Shoes?" Ron walked over and put them on, raising herself by three inches. That made Harry the smaller one. "I think those are a bit too high," Hermione suggested. "You'll dwarf Harry."

"Ron usually does," Harry said from his closet. He came out and had to wipe off more drool. "Ron, can I beg for another preview during dinner?"

Ron smiled. "No." She took his arm. "Draco, are you ready?"

"Nearly." He came out and used Ron's vanity to finish his hair off, then stood up and cleaned off his hands. "There." He looked Ron over, nodding slowly as he walked to stand beside her. "Harry, reach into the fold beside you." Harry looked down and found the small slit, sliding his hand inside. Ron squeaked. "You can have whatever you want," Draco promised them both with a smug look. "Are we ready?" They nodded. He looked at Hermione and turned her around to refix her hair. "You'd think that women would know how to do this," he muttered as he tightened the french twist for her.

"I do, I was leaving it loose so it'd come down easier later," she complained. "Vincent liked it."

"That's because he was going to take it down for you later. Now all he has to do is pull two pins and it will cascade down beautifully over his hand," Draco told her, setting the last pin. "There, excellent as are my usual efforts. Let's go." They walked down the stairs together, joining Vincent and Blaise, who were talking in the small ballroom that had been set up for dinner.

Vincent saw them first and looked like someone had hit him with a heavy frying pan when he saw Ron's outfit. "You're letting her wear that?" he exclaimed.

"I like it," Harry defended.

Blaise blushed, not wanting to be on anyone's shit list for staring. "You can see quite a lot of cleavage," he pointed out gently.

"It's an incentive not to kill some of my father's friends during dinner," Draco said with a smile and a pat to Ron's rear. "I picked it out."

"And she looks stunning," Blaise agreed, "but still, Draco! She is your *wife*. Not your mistress."

Harry looked at Draco. "You have a mistress?" he teased. "Ron and I will have to try harder."

Draco shook his head, accepting the glass of champagne from the house elf serving. "No, Harry, I don't. I don't have the energy after sending you to sleep each night." Harry blushed and Blaise laughed. "You think I'm kidding?" he asked them, taking a sip. Which he spit out. "This is horrible," he told the elf. It held up the bottle. "That's not even fit for Potter's dog, get something else and wash the glasses quickly." It nodded and hurried to get the good stuff from the cellar. "I don't know where they got that nasty shit from but it was horrendous," he said with a shudder. He glanced around, then looked at Harry. "Your dog's not attending?"

"He's napping in the study," Harry told him. "I'm sure he'll come sit on your feet during the meal." He helped Ron to a chair when she shifted. "Here, you sit until people come so your feet don't hurt as much. I want a dance later." Ron smiled and he gave her a kiss on the cheek so he wouldn't mess up her makeup. "I love this view," he whispered.

"That's why I put her in the higher heels, so you couldn't stare down her cleavage all night," Draco interrupted. Harry frowned at him. "Teasing, Harry, it's a good thing for lovers." Harry nodded and went to get his own glass of wine since Draco had one for Ron. "Here you are, red as you like." He watched as she sipped it and smiled. "You do look stunning in that dress," he admitted quietly. "A bit daring, but I'm young and so are you." He winked and went over to talk to the boys, chatting quietly of inconsequential things. The first guest soon arrived and the three of them got together to play host.


Harry walked in after taking his dog for one last walk, Draco right behind him, and they found Ron lying on the bed in the green dress without the skirt, napping soundly. He smiled and nudged Draco. "Should we let her sleep?"

"Get her out of all that and we'll sleep naked tonight," he promised. He stripped himself then moved closer, helping get Ron out of her shoes. She woke up a little bit. "Shh. Just getting you ready for bed, Ron," he soothed, gently stroking her ankles. She nodded and spread her legs, letting him undo her stockings as well.

Harry finished getting undressed and came over to unclip the corset, smiling as everything popped out. He slid it out from under her with Draco's help then got her settled up on the pillows, covering them all up. "Good night, Ron," he whispered.

She blew a kiss. "I'll pleasure you tomorrow," she promised, then flipped over to snuggle in on Draco's chest. "My tits hurt."

"I know they do," Draco soothed, stroking her back. He patted his other side, letting Harry know he was welcome to switch over. He got a headshake and Harry flipped onto his other side. "Now, Harry." Harry did as commanded, getting in on his other side to cuddle up to him too. "Thank you. I enjoy being the one everyone piles on top of," he reminded him. Harry gave him an adoring look. "Sleep," he said with a sweet smile. No one ever gave him that look. "We'll play tomorrow." Harry nodded and put his head down next to Ron's, matching her position and quickly falling asleep as well. Draco stared up at the canopy over the bed, considering his life. They really had to finish straightening Harry Potter out before he drove him nuts.


Ron woke up and stretched, then patted herself down. "Draco, how did I get undressed? Did you guys play with me while I was asleep?"

"No," Harry promised from the foot of the bed. "We only stripped you and snuggled. We're going to play with you today," he said with a smile. He handed over the paper. "There's a call for me to get mental help."

"Wonderful. I think you could use some straightening out and some confidence, but I don't think you need real help," Ron said as he read the short plea for him to seek a professional. "I didn't know we had a minimum security facility."

"We do, it's small and mostly psychiatric," Draco said as he rang the bell to get breakfast sent up. Ron looked behind her to see him, giving him a smile. "You didn't realize I was still here?"

"No, I didn't feel you," Ron admitted. She went back to reading, nodding at a few of the points made in the plea. "Someone does have your best interests at heart, Harry."

"Ron, I'm not going to be incarcerated!" Harry said, outraged. "I may have some issues, but I don't need that much help!"

"I know," Ron soothed, giving him a bright smile. "But it couldn't hurt to talk to them, clear this all up?"


"Fine." Ron sat up and gave him a slow, gentle kiss. "Hermi and I don't mind being your counselors at large, Harry, I was just trying to make this all go away faster."

"I'm sure it will go away," Draco told them. "If we have to, we can invite the person up here to beat them nearly to death, they'll see he's not needing their help."

Harry frowned at him, pulling back just long enough to do so. Then he went back to his kiss.

Draco rolled his eyes. "We'll figure it out after you've gotten your fill."

"It's like I'm in Tartarus and this is my punishment. I can't ever get my fill of Ron kisses," Harry replied between kisses. Ron giggled, pulling back to hug him. "I can't!"

"I know, but I'm hungry and if you want me to play with you later, you've got to let me eat sometime."

"You're all the meal I need," Harry said with a charming, sweet smile. He licked her neck and started lower but Draco pulled him off. "Hey!"

"Eat first so you have the energy to make a meal of her," he sighed. "You are a beast, Ron was right about that."

"I'm eighteen!" Harry pointed out.

"As am I, but I don't jump her every moment of every day."

"Your mother taught you more self-control," Ron reminded him, stroking through Harry's hair. "He's okay, Draco, really. He'll get tired of it and I can push him off if I don't want any."

"As long as you know you have that right," Draco said calmly. Harry glared at him. "You are a bit stronger than she is in that form."

"Draco, a kick to the nuts stops all men," Ron dryly reminded him. Both men winced. "No one's doing anything to force me, outside of picking my clothes and putting me into them." He touched his hair. "It didn't come down."

"The beads have a sticking charm on them," Draco admitted as he undid them, letting her hair fall down her back again. "There, how's that?"

"Heavy," Ron noted. "How much more hair did you give me?"

"Four inches." He stroked over it. "I thought you'd have thicker hair."

"I wish," Ron snorted. Harry kissed her hard then got out of the bed. "Where are you going?"

"To the bathroom to wash up," Harry said as he left them alone.

Ron looked at Draco. "Do not force the issue," he hissed. Draco frowned. "I mean it. This could backfire horribly."

"Fine. I only invited him up so he could see that Harry was mostly normal, that way this whole episode would end."

"Fine, as long as he can't take Harry with him using some ancient warrant or something." Draco shook his head. "Thank you."

"He's coming up?" Harry asked from beside the bed.

Draco looked over at him. "I thought it best to end this problem quickly so I invited him up for tea. At which time he'll see you're mostly normal and don't have more than self-esteem and clinginess issues. That means he'll have no reason to bring you in and neither will anyone else. No arrests, no warrants, no wizardhunt of great proportions because you're a little clingy." Harry was still frowning. "You wanted to ignore it?"


"It won't go away this time, Harry, not with them printing that shit from the pensive," Ron said gently. "Father's said there's been some worry that the wizarding world has pinned its hopes on a suicidal wizard with an inferiority complex, which they think means you'll lose. This way they'll be able to see how wonderful and mostly normal you are."

"I'm perfectly fine."

"I'd say within average parameters," Draco corrected. "Everyone has a few problems now and again. Even I have a small complex about being the perfect creature I obviously am." Harry shook his head and groaned. "I promise, they won't be taking you anywhere, but he'll be able to see you and tell the others that you don't need help. Hopefully in tomorrow's paper."

Harry slumped and Ron dragged him back onto the bed. "If I have to," he said finally, in a tiny voice.

Ron gave him a kiss. "Think of it as another hoop, and a way for people to see that you're not a tool, you're a human being," Ron whispered, giving him a long hug. The house elf brought in their morning trays. "Put them on the other side, we'll eat in a moment," he requested. Harry snuggled in and Ron smiled at Draco. "I think it'll be fine."

"I hope so," Draco mouthed, lifting lids to find his usual breakfast. "Harry, did you want those muggle poptarts?"

"Yeah, I asked for some last week," Harry admitted.

"They're on the farthest tray," Draco told him, setting in to eat and finish the paper.

Ron let Harry go, watching as he pulled over his tray, laying on his stomach while he ate. "Does that mean I shouldn't dress up all day like you said I was going to?" he asked as he pulled over his own tray. Draco spanked him lightly, making him jump. "I almost dropped it," he scolded.

"You can wear a robe over it," Draco said smugly. "I've got a matching one for you even." He took another bite of eggs and winked as Harry's appetite seemed to instantly pick up. Ron rolled his eyes but went along with it.


Harry looked up as the fireplace discharged the twins. "Day off?"

"We announced earlier in the week that we're working on something new and special today," Fred told him, giving him a hug while trying not to squish him against her enlarged chest.

"I take it you got the paper this morning too?" Harry asked dryly.

"Oh, we did," George agreed. "What are you doing about it? Mum and dad wanted to know." Ron peeked in. "It's just us."

"Welcome back," Ron said as he walked in, his robe carefully closed over his outfit. Fred tried to peek and he slapped his hand. "Naughty brother!"

"Sorry, I wanted to know what they were putting you in now," Fred said, waving his hand to take the sting out of it.

"Show 'em," Harry said with a wink.

"Not on your life, Potter. I'm more undressed than not, they don't need to see that."

"We watched your nappies being changed," George pointed out.

"I wasn't in revealing clothes then," Ron retorted.

Draco walked in and undid the bow of the robe, making it gape. "I picked it out," he said smugly. "And I have excellent taste." He watched as Harry's eyes became glued to the cleavage and pushed Ron at him, letting him get a taste.

"A corset?" George said. "I'll never be able to wear one of those."

"Dito," Fred agreed.

Draco laughed. "You don't have the body that Ron does either. You're a little more square than she is. They do make stunning lingerie for your shape though." George looked interested and Draco picked up Harry's pencil, writing out the name of the shop for them. "Go there, it's relatively inexpensive." He pulled Harry off Ron's breasts and his hand out from under her panties, making her quit moaning. "I'll never get any work done like that."

"Like you didn't just have her on her knees," Harry scoffed.

Fred coughed. "Lose a bet, Ron?"

Ron looked at him. "No, they've been so sweet recently and holding back on the whole 'pamper the Ron' campaign that I told Draco I'd give him a treat. This is his treat." He took off the robe, letting them see the outfit. That's when Hermione and Vincent walked in. Vincent whimpered and turned away. Hermione looked stunned. "Hi," he said with a wave. "Their treat." He put back on the robe and tied it tightly, making sure Draco couldn't undo it easily this time. "Sorry."

"That's all right," Hermione said with a grin. "Vincent, did you want to spend some time with me this afternoon while they figured out how to solve this problem?" He picked her up and carried her off, muttering about teases.

Draco snorted and shook his head. "At least she makes him happy. I wonder if I should take him shopping the next time I go for Ron...." he said thoughtfully as he left the room. "Half an hour, Harry."

"Fine," he sighed. "Fucking bastard's coming here and I have to play nice."

Ron kissed him. "No pretending to be bad," he chided. He smiled and got a kiss in return. "If you play nicely, I'll give you a whole *hour* to lick," he promised.

"An hour?" Harry said before swallowing. "A whole hour?" Ron nodded. "To just lick? Anywhere?" Ron nodded again. "Deal," Harry said happily. The twins looked at him. "I'm getting the better end of the bargain."

"Bet me," Ron scoffed. "Your tongue is very talented."

"Ick," George noted.

"Sorry," Ron said, totally unrepentant. He took both twins by the arms and led them upstairs to their bedroom. "So what's really going on?"

"Percy's not hallucinating, or they can't find a reason why," Fred said as he locked the door. Ron bit his lower lip. "So that means that he might have seen Lucius. There's been no response from the prison when someone asked if he was still there."

Ron nodded. "Thank you for the warning."

George opened the robe, looking at the outfit. "How do you get out of that?" Ron undid the bottom hook, making him smile. "I see. Perfectly fitted it seems. Comfortable?"

"More than you'd think. Plus the bottom boning is more flexible so I can bend," Ron noted. Someone knocked. "What?"

"It's me," Hermione said. Fred let her in. "Can I borrow something to tease that man of mine?"

Ron nodded, leading her to their special closet, the place where she stored all the naughtier outfits. She pulled out a long green and silver dress that she didn't like and held it up against Hermione's less generous figure. "I think that'd look stunning on you," he decided. "My tits fall out of it but yours would do fine. Go change and we'll fix it to you." She nodded, heading into the bathroom to change. "And lose the bra," Ron called after her. Vincent peeked in. "Out!" The door shut. "We're working on your birthday present, Vinnie, you can't see!" Ron shouted.

"Thank you, Ron, don't give her any ideas though," he called back.

Hermione came out and the gown looked like it had been fitted to her body. "I like this. Are you sure, Ron?"

"With that neckline, I fall out. Literally fell out," Ron admitted with a grin. He looked at her. "Lose the underwear too. Those aren't that sexy." He pulled down a box and pawed through it before tossing something with a tag over. "We're probably about the same hip size," he said at her shocked look.

She went back into the bathroom and came out in the dark green thong, smoothing the dress back down. "Those really aren't comfortable."

"No, but they drive men wild," Ron reminded her. He smiled and pointed at her bare feet. "Are you going like that or not?"

"I think he'll like the heels I have," she said with a naughty smile of her own. "Your feet are smaller than mine." Ron pulled out a pair of lower heeled mules and held them up, they matched the dress and nothing else in his wardrobe. "Thanks." She slipped them on and looked in his mirror, gasping at what she saw. "Well!"

"You do look stunning," Fred agreed. She beamed and walked over, opening the door. She glanced around, but her boyfriend wasn't anywhere. She laughed and trotted out, going to surprise them.

Ron listened at the door. Draco saw her first. "Hermione?" he asked loudly. She giggled and it sounded like someone went running. She squealed and slapped at something. "Not in front of me!" Draco complained.

"I've seen plenty of your sex life, you can watch mine," Hermione retorted. "But not against the stairs. Appreciate what Ron put me in, dear. He gave it to me."

"And I'm going to worship at your feet because of it," Vincent told her as he led her up the stairs. He smiled at Ron. "I'll get you for this."

"Just wait," Ron said smugly, closing the door again. He laughed as he went to lounge on the bed. "There's absolutely no news from the prison?" he asked, losing his smile.

"Not a word that Dad's heard," Fred agreed, looking at their brother. "That was good work."

"They deserve each other, they're both very nice people," Ron told him. "Besides, they make a great couple. They keep Draco from pouncing me all the time because Vinnie reminds him of work." He laughed at the male moans from down the hall. "I'd say he either found the shoulder clasps or she's just shown him what she's really wearing for him."

Vincent pounded on the door and stormed in. "Why do you do this to me?" he asked, sounding desperate. "You put her into an outfit guaranteed to make me blow and set her on some seduction mission. That's not fair, Ron! I'm not old enough to hold off!"

"Who said you have to hold off?" Ron asked. "I didn't." Vincent scowled at him. "We've been over for a year and a little over a month, Vincent, she's lonely. She's chosen you and she's going to stick with you. Now go treat her like the Goddess she is so I don't have to pout at either of you." Vincent sighed and shook his head, standing his ground. "You can't or you won't?"

"I promised not to push her," he begged.

"She put on the clothes, I don't think you're pushing her," George pointed out. Vincent's face lit up. "Go for it, Crabbe, she wants you enough to have put on a thong." Vincent let out a small whimper of defeat. "Go!" He shooed him out, but Fred walked him to the door and closed it behind him. "Okay, you're right, he's a very nice guy," George agreed, smiling at Ron. "Do you want to tell Draco?"

"Yeah, I will," Ron agreed, standing up again. "Thanks for that."

"You're welcome. I figure he might be able to get some information that we and dad can't. Send us or him a line when you find out."

Fred pointed at the doorway. "What about Harry and that mental health warrant?"

"There's a warrant?" Ron asked. The twins nodded. "Shit! We thought it was a cry for him to get help. The guy's coming here to interview him in about twenty minutes. I'll get Draco before he gets here." The door opened and Draco walked in, not looking happy. "Did he show up early?" Draco nodded. "Harry's not been arrested, right?"

"No, he agreed that this warrant was out of hand without proof," Draco said quietly. "They're in my study." He looked at the twins. "Tell me," he sighed.

"There's nothing wrong with Percy that they can find," Fred told him.

"And?" Draco asked.

"He thought he saw your father," George told him. Draco spun and hit the wall.

Ron stood up and walked over to calm him down. "There's no proof either way, but the prison's not saying anything," he said quietly. "Dad couldn't find anything."

"Then we're sending you and Harry to the other house tonight," Draco decided.

"We're not leaving you," Ron said firmly.

Draco turned to grab him by the arms. "My father, if he's out, wants you and Potter. Having you *here* is like an invitation."

"Having us there without you is as big a one," Ron retorted calmly. "There we'll be without someone to protect us." Draco slumped. "He's not out, I'm sure he's not, and if he is then we'll let Harry kill him too!"

Draco gave him a hug. "It's not that easy."

"It is too," Ron reminded him. "We'll have to get him worked up to killing He-Who-Shouldn't-Be-Named. Getting him to hit the rest of them won't be that much harder." He smiled suddenly. "And the answer to both may be talking with him right now."

"Let's go down and tell Harry this," Draco agreed, giving the twins a smile. "Thank you for not owling this."

"Not a problem," Fred said, smiling as they supported each other.

"Robe!" George called after them. Fred snickered. "I doubt he wants just anyone to see him in that getup." He took his twin's arm and headed down to go back to the shop and to their planning boards.

Draco tapped on his study door. "Harry?" He got a noise of assent and walked in. "We've got to say something before you get finished."

The therapist stood up. "Actually, I think we should be." Ron looked startled so he gave her a smile. "No, I'm not going to bring him in. I think he could use a bit of therapy to get over the traumas he has suffered, but I don't think it's a critical need and he said he's working it out between yourselves."

"Good," Ron said, giving Harry a smile. "And you were worried," he teased. Harry beamed at him and Ron's smile fell. "Since you're here and we just got some news, we need your opinion in the matter." The therapist sat back down, waiting while they closed the door.

Draco looked at Harry. "According to the news we just got, there's no evidence of Percy hallucinating. The prison's not answering questions." Harry stood up slowly.

Ron walked over and gave him a hug. "We don't know either way, Harry, and we don't want to worry you that you'll have to face Lucius as well." Harry shook his head.

"I think you're expecting a bit much of the boy," the therapist said gently.

Harry cleared his throat. "The prophecy said neither one of us could really live unless one of us killed the other," he said with a touch of bitterness in his voice. "Draco?"

"If he's back with them, then he's fair game," Draco said quietly. "I lost my father a long time ago, Harry, and if you have to kill him, you do."

The therapist stood up. "He will have to kill?" Draco nodded. "Then he's going to need some work."

"I know," Draco agreed, looking at Harry. "And there's two ways to do that. We can be subtle, or we can be stronger." Harry flinched. "Hypnotic suggestions most likely. It can't make you do what you wouldn't normally, but I think you have the hate in you." Harry shuddered, wrapping himself in Ron's arms, but he did nod. "And I'm not going to push you, but the time's coming closer."

"I'm not sure I can stand there and kill him in cold blood," Harry admitted. Snickers barked, getting up so he could soothe his master.

Ron kissed him on the neck. "No matter what, we're here for you, Harry. Even if I have to man the sniper rifle to help you along." Harry nodded again, looking down at his dog as he petted him. Ron looked at the therapist. "That's why we needed to talk with you in here."

The therapist smiled. "He does have it in him, he's admitted as much to himself, but he rather loathes that part of himself."

"Then he can purge it once all this is over with," Draco pointed out, walking over to tip Harry's face up. "It's hard, but others have done it and you're strong enough not to become what you fear."

"No, I don't believe he'll have a problem with continuing in that fashion. Though it may save a lot of lives if he does it sooner." He pulled out a sealed letter. "I was asked to give this to you if you passed my examination, Mr. Potter." He took it and popped it open, letting them read the letter as well. "I see." He tugged on his waistcoat. "If you wish, I will be on call for you once you're done, to soothe you back into a normal existence."

"I'd like to have one of those," Harry said bitterly. "No press, no newspaper articles, nothing of the sort."

"I fear you'll have a small party and a few weeks of fame, but then you should be able to hide very well," the therapist assured him. "Your mates will make sure no one comes near you." Harry looked at them and they nodded. He looked at Draco. "As for the matter of his mental health, I'd say he was very healthy for someone who had gone through what he had." Draco's right eye twitched. "He told you?"

Harry looked at him. "Only what was in the paper."

Draco cleared his throat. "I forced Ron to show me where you grew up and did a spot recreation spell," he admitted. Harry gaped at him. "I didn't want to hurt your further but I had to know how to handle some things, Harry. I didn't do it to hurt you." He moved closer but Harry glared at him, making him stop. He'd never seen that look before. "I didn't do it to hurt you."

"He didn't see much, I was with him," Ron said calmly, stroking Harry's back. Harry glared at him as well, making him flinch. "You have to admit, you do have your down moments. We went the same day as the paper came out, before we saw it. And he didn't see much. Your bedroom. The kitchen. The little cabinet. The spell only showed you coming out of it and cooking breakfast."

"And doing some homework in your room," Draco agreed. "Nothing further." Harry sat down, forcing Ron to go with him. "I promise I won't pry again, but I did need to know enough to help you when you have those moments."

The therapist looked at Harry. "They were trying to do what was best to help you, young man."

"They could have tried asking," Harry said angrily.

"We did, you refused to say anything," Draco countered. Harry glared at him again. "I didn't do anything bad enough to warrant that look, Potter, stow it!" Harry shuddered and curled up against Ron's side. He hurried over to get Harry's other side. "I'm sorry, but it did help me to understand," he said quietly, taking Harry to hold against his side. "I wouldn't have done it normally, but you were starting down one of those moments again and I didn't know how to handle it. That's the only idea I could find short of calling in help from Ron's mother."

Harry went limp. "I forgive you, you didn't see anything really bad."

"Just the average morning scene I guess," Draco agreed, lightening up some. "I didn't mean to pry."

"I know. I realize I have problems."

"That's the first step to fixing them, young man," the therapist said gently, giving him a smile. "You should be happy that they want to help. Most people aren't strong enough to stand up to someone's bad past and help them come out the other side more healthy. You have some very special mates." Harry nodded and his men clutched him tightly. "As for the other matter, I don't think it will be a problem. I think the biggest problem will be the fear going in, but as soon as the fight starts he should be able to sublimate it into anger and rage. Use that rage on others, not on your mates and not on yourself, Mr. Potter. If you do, then your tasks will be easier and the aftermath will be nearly painless because you'll realize it's not you."

Ron looked at him. "Auror training?"

The therapist smiled. "I did take some but I dropped out because I decided I'd rather heal than destroy. That was during the last bout of this war." He gathered up his notepad. "Should I make a statement that I find you more than healthy enough?"

"Please," Harry agreed, sounding more firm again, more like he was before the bad news. The therapist smiled and showed himself out. "Draco, I'm still mad," he announced, "even though I understand it."

"Then walk me through it," Draco offered. "Tell me. I can't help you or understand you enough if you don't tell me." Harry looked at him, staring into his eyes for a long time. "We can even do it in a pensieve if you want. I'll borrow one and we'll empty it afterwards." Harry nodded quickly. "That's fine, I'll arrange one for tomorrow, then we'll work on the plans the next day." Harry nodded again. "Now, as for you, Ron, I should spank you for dressing Hermione up for Vincent. Though I'm sure he's appreciating it more now than he has in the past." Ron beamed.

"What did you dress her in?" Harry asked, looking up at Ron. Snickers barked so he let him up in their combined laps to pet his best friend.

"That green dress I can't wear without falling out of," Ron said smugly. "Plus a pair of thongs that I hadn't worn yet and the heels that we bought to go along with it. She looked stunning."

"I'm sure Vincent will finally get what he's been desiring." Both men gave him a look. "He's kept his promise and used only his fingers so far," he explained. "He said he wouldn't rush her."

"He came and complained because I had done that to her," Ron told him. "The twins pointed out that she was wanting it because she played along."

"Hopefully we'll see a wedding soon then," Draco told them, giving Harry a squeeze. "Why don't we go eat?"

"I'm not hungry for food, I need cuddles," Harry told him, laying his head on Ron's breasts. He noticed the calendar on the wall. "Draco, it's been a month and three days since my birthday."

"What?" Ron asked, looking at the calendar as well.

Draco quickly pulled his wand for a check and smiled. "Don't worry, the spell is taking longer, but it will wear off, you'll start a normal schedule in another two weeks," he said confidently, smirking at Ron. "I made it a bit too strong, sorry." Ron hit him on the arm. "Ow!"

"Sorry my ass! You enjoy my girl parts too much," Ron said, frowning at him.

"I enjoy all of you," Harry said with a small smirk. "Breasts are my favorite, but I enjoy your dick too because it does amazing things to me." Ron laughed and kissed him. "Can I spend some time between you two?"

"If you'd like," Draco agreed, gently stroking Harry's stomach. Snickers licked his hand. "Yes, hello to you too," he said, petting the dog's ears for him. "You're a good boy."

Harry laughed. "Give him a few minutes and then we'll go."

"We could stay in here if he'd get off us," Ron pointed out.

"No lube," Harry and Draco said together, then they grinned and laughed.

"I guess we'll have to do it the old-fashioned way then," Ron said with a smug look as she shooed the dog off Harry's lap. "Go sit and watch, Snickers. I want to play with the daddy. He'll play ball with you in a while." Snickers barked and laid down to stare at his father. Harry picked up his ball and tossed it, making the dog scramble for it, while Ron was undoing his zipper. "Good boy, Harry, continue. That way you don't go off too fast," Ron said smugly.

"Oh, my," Draco said as he watched. He tossed the ball a few times himself, Ron had learned how to do that *very* well.


Draco decided to invite his former school friends over for another meal a week later, mostly because he was bored and Harry and Ron were deep in the planning stages of the assault so he really didn't have anyone to talk to. He smiled as they came out of the floo, showing them into the informal dining room that the family used most of the time. "I'm glad you could make it," he told them. Pansy laughed nervously.

Harry walked in and stole a sandwich, smiling before taking a bite. "Ron says we're not going be able to come in, he's having a bitchy day," he said before taking another one. The group laughed and Harry shrugged. "It happens to the best women." He waved and then left them alone, but came back to look at Pansy. "Still?" he asked. She stood up and backed away from him. "Pansy," he said calmly, moving carefully closer. "You know I won't hurt you. I know how bad it is," he said, like he was taking to his dog after a thunderstorm and he wanted Snickers to come out from under the couch. "Come on, take my hand, we'll get that nasty curse removed," he said, holding out a hand. She shook her head. "I promise I'll beat them up until they remove it."

She looked at Draco. "Go on," he encouraged. "I don't like to see you like this, it's hurting you."

She nodded and gripped Harry, letting him steer her out of the room. "We'll be back," Harry promised, taking her to the Ministry's offices. He had been told to bring anyone who might be cursed up there directly, so he drug her into the offices. He smiled at the receptionist. "General Blank wanted me to bring her to him, she's a bit cursed at the moment," he said quietly. The secretary nodded and hurried off, bringing the head of the aurors. "You wanted to see anyone who was under the Imperious, correct?" The general nodded, nearly salivating. "She's been under it since the night Hogwarts got attacked." He walked Pansy into the general's office, seating her and standing behind her with his hands comfortingly on her shoulders. "We're pretty sure that she was instructed to report when Ron started having a cycle. There was a minor blip and she nearly killed herself. She had that panicked look when she saw me tonight."

"I can handle it from here. It'll take a few hours to remove it and debrief her," the general said, giving him a winning smile.

Harry shook his head. "Not a chance." She looked up at him and he gave her shoulder's a squeeze. "This is hurting her and I'm not going to hurt her farther. I refuse to let her be used as a pawn. She's a human being, and while not usually the nicest to me in the past, she still deserves to be treated well."

The general laughed. "No wonder you and old Dumbledore don't see eye-to-eye most of the time."

Harry nodded, giving him a small taste of his glare. "He wanted to use me as a tool as well. That's why you lost me and Ron if you remember." The general nodded. "So let's fix her, and if you wouldn't mind teaching me how to undo it as well?" The general shrugged. "Thank you. It may come in handy."

"When are you going to sit down with Dumbledore?"

"Soon," Harry evaded. "Not yet though." He patted Pansy again. "Are you ready? It'll probably sting a bit and you'll want to cry about some of the things you've probably seen, but we'll get you free and I'll even let Draco give you a backrub if it'd help." She laughed, starting to look hysterical again. "Not that way," he said with a teasing smile. "Those are mine now." She nodded and the general stood up. "Oh, is there any word on if Percy Weasley is under a curse?"

"We never thought to look," the general said thoughtfully. "I'll check him personally tonight, you can tell Ron I said that."

"Thanks. We still can't figure out if Lucius is missing or not. We're getting contradictory reports." The general opened his mouth. "He's the one who started all that mess with Ron, it was *his* notes."

"Oh, dear." Harry quirked an eyebrow up. "No, as far as we know he's not, Mr. Potter. You can tell your other husband I said so. Of course, we've gotten a few reports of sightings as well but we're not sure exactly what is going on. So be patient with that." Harry put a hand on his arm. "If you do see him, he is considered a fugitive," the general told him. "You are to react as if you had to destroy him, even if you only knock him out for us." Harry nodded and let him go. "I'm sorry to put you through this, Pansy was it?"

"Pansy Parkinson."

"Oh! We did get a report on you. We've been looking for you, naughty girl," he said with a smile. "Come along, we'll get you fixed right up and immediately debriefed so Mr. Malfoy can shelter you from the big asswipe." She laughed and let herself be led to a room down the hall with a chair that had straps on it. "If you'd sit down," he said, pointing at the chair. "We don't want you to thrash, the straps are only for your own good. We won't hurt you or Mr. Potter will kill us as well." She looked at Harry and he nodded so she sat down and let them strap her in. He looked at Harry. "You were joking, correct?"

Harry shrugged. "I think that depends on you, doesn't it?" he asked cheerfully. The general shuddered. "Ooops, I forgot." He looked at Pansy. "Let me in, princess, I have to send the nasty shit a message." Her eyes went wide and he gave her a wink. "I'm good at that, I've been sending him nightmares every single night so far. So let's see how he likes this one." He put his hands on her temples, like the book had instructed, and linked with her mind. She was wide open because of the link Voldemort was using, so it was easy to send him an image of Malfoy Manor in ruins and Draco going insane with grief, then one of him coming out of the rubble and grabbing a wand, intimating that he was coming right then. She whimpered as he withdrew. "There, that's all there was," he soothed. "Knock her out?"

"Knock her out," the general agreed, doing so.


Draco looked up as Pansy was led back in by Harry's tugging hand. "Is she all right?"

"Just fine," Harry said with a smile. He turned her over. "She was most helpful with some very interesting information which I think I can use."

"He sent back an image of the house being in ruins and him going after the skeezer," Pansy said, staring at Draco. He nodded, giving her a wink. "You let him do that? He's winding him up! He's killing some of his best people!"

"Less I have to kill," Harry said nonchalantly. He grinned at her look. "I'll gladly accept their surrender so I don't have to. And Voldie's as well if he wants to give up already. Though it does say one of us has to die so I don't think he'll last too long." He shrugged, looking happy. "I'd adore it if they gave themselves up. After all, we might not kill them and we certainly wouldn't torture them the way he does." She shuddered and clutched at Draco.

"He's not as insane as he sounds," he soothed. "Potter, you're scaring her," he snapped, frowning at him.

"She's got an active link they can't close," he said, nodding at her arms. Draco's mouth opened and Harry nodded. "It's not as strong since she didn't take it of her own free will, but it is there and it's a lot of fun taunting the asshole." He waved and walked away. "I'm going to have Ron for dinner."

"She's in the baths," Draco called after him. "Shh, Pansy, don't worry, it'll be fine."

"The Order was using me too," she told him.

He laughed. "Then they're as big of assholes as we thought and Potter was right to leave them for his own team," he told her. She was sat on the couch and he called out to his guardian through the floo. "Snape, old man, guess who just got free of the Imperious." He nodded behind him. "She'll need a safe place to stay because of the thing on her arm."

"I'll be right there," Snape agreed, cutting the connection.

Draco sat down and let her curl up against his side. "It'll be all right. I won't let anything happen to you. If someone there tries to hurt you, then you come tell me and I'll make them stop. Or even just show up if you can't tell me and we'll figure it out and stop them even more harshly," he promised as Snape stepped out of the fireplace. "She about had another self-chastising moment during dinner so we freed her."

"She was an invaluable weapon in giving him misinformation," Snape told him.

Draco glared at him, a cold, mocking look. "She's still a human being and had no choice in the matter. Perhaps if you had *asked* her permission, it might have not turned out this way. But as my husband agrees with me about not involving those against their wills, we had her freed. The aurors were most happy to do so." He saw Snickers trot past the door. "Ah, your admirer, shall I call him in?" he asked dryly.

"One of these days, Malfoy."

Draco held up a finger. "Harry?" Harry came in with Ron. "Did you learn anything about my father? I believe we should share anything on that subject we've learned."

"The aurors think that he's still in prison but the general over them admitted that they've had Lucius sightings. I'm to treat him just like I would Voldie when and if I see him and either knock him out, make him beg for reincarceration, or do away with him."

"Thank you." Draco smiled at Snape. "Thought you should know."

"And I asked them to check Percy for curses since nothing's been found." Ron started. "Yup, I thought it might be something like that but I couldn't be sure. We know Percy was all but in Fudge's underwear with him and Lucius was a frequent playmate of Fudge's. So it's a thought."

"A damn good one," Ron agreed. "Professor, how goes your end of the war?"

Snape sneered at him. "I had heard that you got stuck." Draco waved his hand. "Your doing?" he asked, sounding outraged.

"Draco suggested it as a birthday present for Harry," Ron said with a small shrug of his large chest. "It'll even back out my cycle where it's been screwed with before."

Snape shook his head. "He obviously has no idea what he's doing."

"Bet me," Draco scoffed. "I have every idea. Plus a few extra ones that may yet come in helpful." He stood up and heaved Pansy up. "Do you want to go with him?" She shook her head.

"I will set you somewhere away from the order," Snape offered. She slumped a little and let him take her hand. He looked at Potter. "At least you give enough of a damn about the people," he admitted before leaving.

"I'm not taking over either!" Harry said in disgust. He shook his head. "I'm going to rinse that nasty thought off myself in the baths. Ron? Join me?"

"Sure. Let me finish making my snack." He turned and went back to the kitchen.

Draco walked over and hugged Harry gently. "I know you're not going to take his place, you'd hate to have everyone look at you," he said gently. "We'll take a long vacation once this is over with." Harry nodded, relaxing against him. "Good boy. Now go play with Ron but save me some." Harry beamed and went to pull Ron away from the stove. Draco sat back down with his book, wondering what he had gotten himself into this time. "I wonder if they actually think he'd do that," he muttered as he found his spot and went back to his story.


The plan was set and it was finally time. They had decided to set up a small trap to split up the Death Eaters into more manageable groups. That left only one thing. Harry sent himself via floo to the Order of the Phoenix's headquarters, looking around until someone noticed he was there. It wouldn't be right for him to just breeze in like he owned the place. Molly Weasley noticed him first and he smiled at her. "Ron said to give you a hug and a pinch, and that I'm to set up the official truce now," he told her confidently. He was shaking with fear over what might happen later, but he could handle that. "Oh, he wanted to know of Professor Snape would talk to him for a moment." She hurried away and he sat down, getting comfortable. Snape walked past him without acknowledging him, sending himself to the manor house. Dumbledore and Molly walked back in to talk to him. He shook their hands. "Ron said I was to hand you this," he said, pulling out a letter. "We worked it out over the last few nights."

Dumbledore sat down and read the official agreement, looking at the boy everyone hoped would be strong enough. "I had a moment of shock when one of the Death Eaters said you had chosen your own side," he said with a faint smile.

"Yeah, I did, because I'm the one who can ensure that I have a life," Harry agreed.

"Are you sure that's wise?" Molly asked.

Harry looked at her. "Yes," he said patiently. "Otherwise I'm still only a tool, and then what happens when I win?"

She gave him a hug. "I never meant to criticize you, Harry, dear. You're a wonderful young man and I'm rather glad that you joined with Ron, even if you did also bring in Draco for added protection."

Harry had her sit next to him. "Mrs. Weasley, Draco adores Ron and me. He proves it every day to the both of us. What might have started out as a necessity has moved into something a lot more special. Draco is going to keep us, and we're keeping him." She kissed his cheek and gave him another hug. "Don't worry so much, Mrs. Weasley, we're very happy. Ron gets to indulge himself in all sorts of general naughtiness and even makes us laugh with it. Draco lets us both run wild and we appreciate it because he calms us down when we need it." She nodded. So he looked at Dumbledore. "As for you, I'm still not a tool. You tried to make it so I'd be conditioned to do what is necessary; if you had bothered to get to know me, you'd know all you had to do was ask. I'm not hard to get along with, Headmaster, nor have I ever been, but I did learn I had to rely on myself and nearly learned to never care for anyone other than myself. I could have easily turned out like Draco was starting to." Dumbledore shifted. "Ron said those were the terms and only the terms. If you're agreeable, we're having a small get together tonight." He tipped his head off to the side. "If not, well then we'll need some aurors and Draco went to inform them of what's going on so it doesn't get contaminated by my anger with them."

Dumbledore reread the petition, finally nodding. He signed his name and handed it back. "I admit, I did underestimate you, Harry," he said gently. "I only hope that you've kept yourself ready for anything."

Harry stood up. "I'm almost sure I'm ready for anything. My training has made me very aware of how lax I can be." Dumbledore winced. "By the way, I know it was you who suggested the mental health warrant, Albus. Don't do it again." He flooed off, heading for home. He handed the paper to Ron, then went to get a small glass of brandy. He needed the calming effect it had on his system.

Snape looked at Ron, then at the paper. "The formal truce," Ron said, handing it over. "How's Pansy?"

"I had to stop her from committing suicide the other night," he said calmly. "Her experiences weren't good for her."

Ron looked at him. "You think it'd be different if you had gotten her free all those months ago?" Snape nodded. Ron shrugged. "Good. Harry and I agree, you've had enough of a life of hell to date. We hope you can find some peace eventually. Hopefully where you can't torture students while finding it," he finished with a grin. Snape glared at him and he grinned brighter. "I had to say it, sir, it's the Gryff in me you know."

"I know." He tapped the side of the cauldron. "This was done perfectly. At least you managed that much." Ron nodded. "Your idea won't work through. It says only one time's for a reason. Not done over a period of time." Ron slumped. "But I applaud your desire in this case. It only makes it stronger."

"I know. It's too bad the aurors couldn't see that in us, and neither could the Order. If they had learned, then we wouldn't be in this pickle." He capped the potion and looked at the older man. "I wish you full luck tonight, sir. I know I'll probably be here and hidden, but I hope you come through. You're a very strong man for all that you've been put through and survived. I see a lot of you in Harry." Snape nodded his head in acceptance of the compliment. "Happy hunting." He put two vials into his hand, one of potion and one of blood. "Since it works." Snape looked stunned. "I don't know who to give it to, but I figure you'd be a bit more objective since you've seen the harsh realities of the lengths some would go through."

"I'll guard it and give it to whomever needs it," Snape agreed, then he left.

Ron sat down, waiting on the potion to finish cooling. Then he could add the blood.


Draco looked up as Ron walked down the stairs, frowning at him. "You're not going."

"I know." He held up two vials. "For you both." Draco looked stunned. Ron smiled. "I can't let you die in the fight, I'd miss you." He kissed him and watched as he drank one, then went to find Harry. "Harry?" Harry looked up from the final board, smiling at him. "Drain this." He handed over the vial.

"Ron, I don't...."

"You'll take it or I'm going to force it down your throat, Potter."

"Yes, Ron." He drank it and received a kiss for luck. "They're starting to mass. Do you have the golem ready?"

"Already on its way," Ron assured him. "Hermione's running it." Harry nodded and gave him a long hug. "Come back to me," Ron whispered. "I won't accept any other alternative." He gave him an extra squeeze. "Otherwise I'm going to kill the bastard myself." Harry laughed as he pulled back. "Be careful and watch Draco's back, Harry." Harry nodded and left, going to apparate with Draco. Ron leaned against the table, refusing to look at the clearing where supposedly he was going to be broken in that last little bit. As soon as he felt Vincent leave, he closed off the house, layering shields on with Hermione. No one and nothing was getting in without their knowing. He went up to help her and Neville work on their part of the plan.


Draco and Harry appeared in the clearing, smiling at the Ron golem, each holding out a hand like they'd normally do. They had to treat this just like they would Ron or someone would realize something was wrong. Draco knew a few of his friends had taken the mark on threats of death from their parents, so they'd know if he was acting oddly toward Ron. They helped the Ron golem onto the stone slab Harry had erected earlier in the day, then started by setting out the things they would need.

A twig snapping made them look at each other, but they continued on, each taking deep breaths to calm themselves. This had to go perfectly or someone would escape and more Death Eaters would appear. Harry glanced at Draco and got a small nod so he set down his wand, looking helpless. That's when someone walked out, clapping. Harry looked at him. "Hello, father-in-law. You might as well bring the rest out."

Lucius sneered at him. "If my son is widowed, he can remarry," he pointed out dryly. "That way I can banish you from the family history."

"True," Draco admitted. "But why would I want to? I have everything I need in these two." He waved a hand and more Death Eaters appeared. "Oh, look, you brought reinforcements." He looked at Harry. "They think they're scary, love."

Harry giggled, going back into his 'evil' persona. "I'm sure they do," he said patronizingly. Lucius gave him a funny look. "You didn't know what happened?"

"I do," Lucius said, stepping closer. "I know more about your family than you do, boy." He sneered at him. "Though I suppose you've probably found a bit out."

Harry raised a hand and flicked a finger at the woods. "Incendio," he hissed. The gas he had laid earlier jumped into high flames, startling the Death Eaters. "Encage." The flames bent, joining around them. "You'd be surprised, Lucius." His wand was back in his hand with another blink and the first curse thrown. Interestingly enough, Lucius stayed out of it, getting out of the way but staying out of the general fight. By the time all the Death Eaters were finished, Draco was in pain but that was fixed quickly. Harry looked at Lucius again, smirking at him. "You don't approve of our marriage?" Lucius shook his head. "Pity."

Draco pulled himself to his feet, gritting his teeth as the pain slowly faded. "Father, I was asked to ask you, how are you in both places?" Lucius smiled and pointed at the golem. "Ah, I thought as much." He shrugged and lifted his wand. "Just us, for the family fortunes?"

"No, my son, I won't fight you. Unlike most of those creatures," he said, waving a hand at the bodies, "I don't attack my young or use them for more than alliances." He looked down at Harry. "You are an ...interesting choice my son made. One which I don't agree with." He crossed his arms. "Surely you can't think you'd win, a young boy like you against someone with *decades* of experience with the dark."

Harry laughed bitterly. "I know more than enough about the dark that haunts people, Lucius. I lived it." Lucius lost some of his sneer. "You see, it's not just you who can't figure out how to not use your son, it's others. You have *no* idea what I've seen in my life, nor what I've done to others. Now, let's end this." Lucius regained his lost sneer and raised his wand. Harry pulled his gun and shot him in the stomach, a Cruiatus bullet that made him keen in pain. "Draco, should I hurt him again?" he asked.

"Just a few more, I'm enjoying this immensely," he dryly pointed out. Lucius glared at him. "You used to send me into every little plan hoping I'd die."

"Not true," Lucius panted, holding out a hand.

Harry leaned down next to Lucius' face. "How does it feel to be brought down by a muggle weapon?" he asked snidely. He felt the rage start inside him and kicked Lucius in the balls. "Just so you can't make another one." He shot him in the chest, a clear lung shot. Then he was pulled back by Draco. "Let's go," he said calmly.

"End the fire," Draco reminded him. "I'll get the golem home." He turned but it had disappeared. "I hope she took it," he muttered, watching as Harry ended the fires. The aurors walked into the clearing, starting the cleanup. "Have him," he said, pointing at his father. "He's of no use to me anymore. I have what I want." Lucius wheezed, giving him a shocked look so he got to give one last glare to his father. "As you taught me," he pointed out, walking Harry away. "Now?"

"Now." They apparated to where Voldemort had his nightly gatherings, noticing how few Death Eaters were standing around. Harry shot most of them, having to change his clip halfway through, but they all seemed too stunned to do anything. "Oh, asswipe!" he called cheerfully. "Come out and meet your maker."

"Me?" Voldemort asked from behind them. Harry turned to look at him, letting Draco guard his back. "They were worthless anyway." He held up a hand and more came out of the dark.

Harry shrugged and whistled, bringing his troops. "Yay. We've both got big sets." Voldemort looked shocked. "You'd be surprised at what not having a so-called proper upbringing does for one's vocabulary. My mother would probably be shocked, but yay. You killed her and she can only haunt me now." He shrugged and pulled his wand. "Shall we dance?"


"It's an expression meaning to fight in the popular usage," Harry explained, like he would to a particularly slow child. "Now, shall we?"

"We shall," he agreed, stepping closer. "A real duel?"

"If you want. Or a standing one if you'd prefer."

"Toss away your gun."

Harry sighed. "How many times do I have to tell you, dumbass? I'm more than the sum of my wand and my gun." He tossed the gun, and his wand, pulling out the one he had gotten specially for this occasion. "This time there won't be any ties." Voldemort looked impressed. "Come on. Let's do this so I can go home and get shagged into the carpet." Draco groaned and he grinned. "Sorry, couldn't resist the pun." He looked at his opponent, noticing the rage and the fear. "What? You didn't like the nightmares I sent?"

"Incendio," Voldemort said, sending a flame.

Harry put up a shield with a negligent wave of his hand and lifted his wand. "Scalpere!" Voldemort screamed as his unused arm was cut. Harry smiled at him. "You'd be surprised what I've learned over the years. Having to fight you has made me quite aware that I'd have to be nearly as evil as you some day," he said, shaking his head. "It's turned the nice little boy that Draco found so fascinating and irritating into this young man. How do you like him?" he taunted, flicking his wand again. "Relegare crus!" Voldemort tried to get off another curse but his leg being cut off stopped him.

"Nice shot," Draco told him. "Don't try that with me."

Harry blew a kiss. "Why would I have to, Dracie poo?" he asked with a naughty grin. Draco frowned at him. "Sorry, couldn't resist. You know how fighting affects me." He looked down at Voldemort again, this time ducking his thrown Avada Kedavra. "Oops, better pay attention," he sighed. "I'll shag you and Ron into unconsciousness later." He threw the Cruiatus back at him, making him writhe and scream in pain, then used the removal spell to cut off his other leg at the knee. "What? You don't like it given back with all the times you've dished it out?" He looked at the surrounding people. "Any one of you who want to surrender, I'll accept it and won't torture you," he called. He threw the curse again, taking off the rest of Voldemort's left leg. A few of the Death Eaters threw down their wands and got to their knees. "Oh, we left Lucius barely living," he called out. "You might look for a new wife of his, he looked a bit too smug when he saw us." He looked down at Voldemort. "Want more?"

"You'll have to kill me to get me to go away, Potter," he sneered, inching forward. "Ava...."

"I know," Harry said, kicking his wand out of his hand and pointing his down at the thing on the ground. He hesitated, seeing the fear in the red eyeslits.

"Now, Harry," Draco warned. "Before he can recover."

"Avada Kedavra," he hissed, ending the miserable reign of fear. Then he moved away and right into Draco's arms. The rest of the Death Eaters went wild, and the fight continued around them. Harry glared at the backs of the people around him, lifting a hand but Draco lowered it for him. "Make them stop," he whispered.

"Come along, we'll go home. They can mop up the rest of this shit," Draco soothed, picking up Harry's old wand and his gun, but he didn't hand them back. He actually took the second wand from Harry before leading him over to where Vincent was fighting. He killed the person fighting his bodyguard, earning a grateful smile. "Take him home, let him get sick," he ordered. Someone threw a curse their way and he fired one back, noticing it was one of the aurors. "Now, before they kill him too," he said, ducking and taking Harry's spare weapon from him and as many of the clips as he could. He started to fire into the group, stopping all the Death Eaters he could see, and anyone else who fired off a curse at him. He spat on one of the auror's bodies. "You do not harm him or me," he sneered, looking at Dumbledore. "You've got your victory, leave us alone, permanently." He apparated home and immediately they all left for their hidden house. He and Ron had thought something like this might happen, they had been prepared for it. Everyone in the house left from there and went to their homes. Crabbe and Granger went upstairs, the house would move to their ownership in two days time. Harry and Ron went downstairs into another of the hidden rooms and Draco brought down their supply packs, closing the nuclear bunker behind him. No one could find them down here and it was shielded so heavily nothing they did could get out. Harry was throwing up in the toilet with Ron rubbing his back when Draco joined them. "Is he all right?"

"He'll be fine soon enough," Ron noted, giving him a grateful smile. "They tried?"

"One of the aurors, but I'm not taking any chances," Draco reported. "Voldemort is dead."

"And I killed him," Harry moaned. "I killed people."

"Shh," Ron whispered, giving him a hug. "You did what you had to do and nothing more or less. Now you're free."

Harry looked at him. "I killed someone."

Ron gave him a kiss to the temple. "I know, Harry. We'll get over this too. I promise you won't be going through this alone." Harry nodded, allowing Draco to knock him out with a swab across the back of the neck. "What is that? The twins used it on me."

"A sleep potion used on children," Draco said, holding up the marked vial. "I made some last week just in case. I knew it was going to be hard on him."

"He'll come around eventually," Ron told him, accepting a kiss. "I'm sorry about your father, Draco."

"I'm not, he won't ever put me in danger again," Draco whispered.

Ron smiled and kissed him again. "I think we all need some time to recuperate and think. Were you serious about a vacation?"

"How can we go have fun when I killed someone?" Harry muttered.

"Shh," Draco soothed, stroking over his hair. "I was. Where?"

"America, or somewhere we can get lost," Ron whispered. "Just somewhere out of the country." Draco nodded. "Thank you, Draco."

"You're welcome, Ron. We could all use the time to process, you're right about that much." He sat down on the cot he would claim as his, staring up at the metal ceiling. Ron settled Harry on another bed and crawled in with him, giving him a long cuddle until Harry started to wake up. "Go nap with him," Draco whispered. "He needs you more." Ron looked at him so he smirked. "I'm more used to death than Potter is. Go cuddle him." Ron nodded and slipped over there, calming Harry back down. "How about the Carribean? Crabbe's family went and said it was very nice."

"That'd be wonderful," Ron agreed. "I've never been out of the UK so anywhere is good for me."

"The world is an amazing place, we'll see some of it for a while," Draco assured him, turning his head and giving him a smile. "He's going to have another bout, isn't he?" Ron nodded. "Good, you deal with it. I'll lose my temper." He flipped onto his side and closed his eyes. "Wake me when Potter starts being able to speak or if the light goes off." The light was a lightbulb attached to a switch upstairs to be used in case of an emergency. He let himself drift in his head, forcing himself to stay calm. He had never killed anyone before, but this wasn't going to be so hard on him, not like it was on Potter. Nice boys always got hit worse during tragedies like this.


Two weeks later found Harry waking up on a beach. Or more realistically as part of the beach. He looked around as he tried to shift, and found Draco lounging beside him. "Please dig me out," he pleaded.

Draco looked over at him. "Ron and I have come to an agreement, we're going to leave you there if you don't quit whining." Harry opened his mouth and Draco picked up a handful of sand. "Continue by all means," he encouraged warmly. Harry shut his mouth. "You did what you had to do. Nothing more and nothing less. By doing so, you saved a great many people a lot of heartache and a lot of agony. Now get on with your life and leave it in the past."

"I killed someone!" Harry hissed, glancing around them. He saw the shield and relaxed again. "I'm sorry I'm bringing you two down, but it's the truth."

"Do you think I didn't?" Harry shook his head. "Then why is it that I'm not as upset as you."

"Because your father was a cold and heartless bastard who conditioned you to be that way, even though you've broken through most of it?" Harry suggested. Draco frowned at him. "He did."

"Not the point," Draco said firmly, still frowning. "You're staying there until you come to terms with what you've done. Ron's agreed to come lounge in the sun with you later, once it gets too hot for me, but you're not getting undug until you can admit that you did what you had to do."

"I can admit that now, but I still killed people," Harry reminded him.

"And as soon as you quit adding that last part, you can get free," Draco said harshly. Harry blinked a few times and he frowned. "It's impossible to stay mad at you for too long, you look like I kicked your dog," he said in defeat, turning away from him. But he still didn't undig him.

"Draco, I have to go to the bathroom," Harry said, blushing faintly.

"You're in sand, pretend you're a cat, Potter."

"You are going to leave us, aren't you," Harry said bitterly.

Draco turned to face him. "Do you think that I couldn't have already left you?" he hissed. He saw Ron coming and decided to end this now, before he was hurt by it too. "You thoughtless bastard, Potter! How dare you say such shit to me. You know very well I'm not leaving. Those marks on your stomach are permanent, no matter what happens. Even if I die, you'll still carry them." He got to his knees to glare down at him. "Do you not think I could have left you back in England to face this alone if I had wanted to? Or that I couldn't slip away while you're down here? Think hard and fast, because I am not putting up with this shit."

"I'm sorry, it slipped out," Harry sighed.

"Then perhaps we should cut out your tongue," Draco suggested. "That way nothing else can slip out."

Ron walked through the barrier. "Draco," he warned. He looked down at Harry. "Asked him if he was going to leave?" Harry nodded, looking miserable. "I wondered how long it was going to take you to jump to that conclusion." He sat down on Harry's other side. "This is what happens when you raise yourself without any attachments to a real person," he told Draco, acting like Harry wasn't there. "You believe that everyone's going to leave after the fun is over and things get a little hard, because that's all you know. In his case, I'm surprised it waited this long and didn't come out during the battle planning." Harry muttered something and looked down at his lumped body. "Thought so," he said smugly. "Mum said I could kick your ass if you asked me. She said we need to do what she saw in that kink magazine Dad picked up by accident and regress you so you have to act like an infant." Draco gave him a curious look. "Apparently it's for people like him and a subset of the dominance/submissive thing. You put them in diapers, you treat them like an infant, it makes them feel secure." He grinned. "Think we should?"

"I think a few days as an actual infant would work better," Draco offered.

"Then we'd have to take care of him," Ron reminded him.

"Which would be the point, Weasley, to prove to him that we're not leaving him. Now, what do we do about this?" He sniffed and backed up. "Took my suggestion to heart?" Harry gave him a miserable look. "You're staying there, I don't give a damn otherwise. I won't be insulted that way."

"It wasn't him, Draco, it was that damn insecurity complex he has. He doesn't know that people aren't going to leave him. In fifty years he might still think about it now and then." He shifted over, kissing Draco gently to calm him down. "Don't be mad at him. Pull a Hermi."

Draco laughed, hugging Ron. "I thought we were."

"We are, but now we need to teach him that he's not being abandoned with his anger and pain." He used his wand to summon a few drinks out of their cooler. "Here, there's a straw in my bag." Draco pulled one out and popped open the first bottle of juice, letting Harry sip from it. "Until you can honestly admit that you did what was necessary, without any addition, then we're not letting you up."

"Ron, I'm a mass murderer, I'm supposed to be repentant and upset," Harry reminded him. He tried to get the straw when Draco pulled it away and it came back. "Thank you," he said before taking a sip. He nodded and Draco put it away. "I'd almost prefer being deaged instead of this confinement. I want to struggle."

"Struggle all you like, we didn't pack the sand that hard around you, just enough so that you couldn't get up," Ron said with a shrug. Harry's head shifted but nothing else did and he let out a frustrated shriek of rage. "Calm down. We're right here and we can get you out of there within a few minutes."

"Let me out, please?" Harry asked. "I don't like being confined!"

"If I do, I'm putting you to bed like an infant," Draco told him, glaring at him. "Are you ready to drop the other stuff?"

"I'm supposed to be like this! I killed people! They're dead because of me! No matter what the reason was, I still ended their lives prematurely and mostly in a painful fashion! I have to take responsibility for that."

"No one's suggesting anything other than you being put into the mental ward," Ron told him. Harry blinked a few times and Ron shrugged. "We're not sure which auror but one wrote a letter to the Prophet suggesting that you get professional help now that we didn't need you as much. That way you couldn't hurt others and take over in the power vacuum." Harry groaned and his head shifted again, some of the sand shifting around his neck. "So you see, we're actually doing this for your own good."

"Ron, you don't understand. Maybe I do need the help."

Draco shook his head. "I doubt you'd like being institutionalized. It's not pleasant from what I've heard. A bland diet, medicines, and nasty people hounding you all day long to fundamentally change who you are."

"I am what I am, but that doesn't change anything."

"No, it doesn't," Draco sighed. "You're still more concerned about the aftermath."

"If I'm not, then I become like him, Draco," Harry said coldly. "I don't want to lose my humanity because I had a duty to perform."

"He's got a point there," Ron admitted. Draco glared at him. "He does. If he didn't feel some angst over it, he'd be like Voldemort. A cold bastard whom we could never love. If he didn't dwell on it now and then, I'd also be worried." He looked down at Harry. "That doesn't mean you can't start working through it, which you haven't. You're wallowing in self-pity and that's why I went along with this. You're no worse than any other veteran of any other war, Harry, so let's move on with life and heal as we go instead of dwelling and being angry for the rest of our lives."

"Let me out," Harry pleaded.

"Later," Ron told him. "Lie there and think." He flopped onto his back, staring out at the waves. "I like it here."

"As do I. It'd be a lot better if we could go out and do things though," Draco noted.

"Draco, this is somewhat normal," Ron warned.

"I don't see why!"

"They were still human!" Harry reminded him. "I'm not a cold bastard and I'm not going to suddenly turn into one!"

"Which I'm sure will comfort you when you're sleeping alone tonight," Draco countered. Harry sighed. "Oh, let him up, he'll come back if he runs away," he said in disgust.


"Please? I won't run."

"No," Ron repeated. "You're staying until I hear you start to work through it." He and Harry shared a look. "I mean it."



"Fine." He settled back into his thoughts, he hadn't really left them that far behind when he was sleeping anyway. Why couldn't Ron understand? And why was Draco being such an ass? It wasn't like he hadn't killed people too. Were they just objects to him? Harry mentally shuddered. He couldn't take that viewpoint, he'd end up a cold, unfeeling bastard and he didn't want to be that way. He wanted to be the fun-loving kid he had become. He wanted to run and jump and pounce Ron on the sand. He really did. He felt some more of the sand shift and his breath caught, mostly because he couldn't breathe. "Ron!" Ron and Draco looked at him. "Heavy!"

Draco uncovered part of his chest. "There, now it can't shift down and make it so you can't breathe," he sighed. He stood up. "I'm going to swim."

"I'll go down when you come back," Ron said with a small smile.

"You could leave him with his thoughts for a few moments," Draco pointed out.

"That would prove to him that we all leave."

"Fine, be that way," Draco sighed as he walked away.

Ron laid down so their heads were together. "I know what you're thinking."

"You're a mind-reader too?"

Ron pinched him on the nose. "No. But I know you're wondering why he's not affected." Harry nodded. "Because he blocked it out. You can do that too, Harry, we wouldn't mind."

"Ron, I don't want to not feel things. They were people. Bad people but still people. I want to feel bad about that. Otherwise I'm the same as Voldemort and I run the risk of losing myself to the dark. I don't know why you don't get that, but please let me go."

"No." He sat up again and then stood up. "Maybe I should leave you."

"Fine, leave me," Harry said bitterly, watching him go play in the surf. He could barely see the water and them, but he saw them playing and splashing. The shield caught his eye, and he watched as it wavered, then dropped. He blinked a few times, not seeing what he thought he saw. "Don't you die?" he asked.

Lucius sat down, only his face visible under the invisibility cloak. "No." He smirked. "My son's idea?"

Harry tried to shrug. "Not a clue. I only woke up here. How do you deal with killing people, Lucius?"

"They mean nothing to me," he said simply.

"That's what I thought. I'm glad I can still feel. It's what makes me human."

Lucius laughed. "I'm every bit as human, Potter, only more special."

"Bully for you," Harry said dryly. "Why are you here?"

"To torment you."

"Obviously." He looked at the surf again but he couldn't see his mates now. He looked at his tormentor. "Where did they go?"

"They swam out. It's just you and I." Lucius played with a bit of sand. "I could uncover you, but then I'd have to deal with you. This way is so much easier and less messy." He stood up and smirked down at him. "Perhaps I should leave something here? To prove to my son that he's not in charge?" He pulled out a bag and dropped the snake down. "It's deaf by the way," he said with a smirk before leaving.

Harry looked at the snake, who was staring at him. He tried talking to it. "Don't eat me," he pleaded in Snake. "I'm in enough pain." It flicked its tongue. "I'm a good guy usually," he pointed out. "Draco! Ron!" he shouted. "Help!" Nothing. He looked at the snake again, noticing it was looking a bit upset with him for screaming. "I'm sorry," he said quietly, trying to soothe it. It reared back and hissed more menacingly. He decided it wouldn't do any good to say anything, it really wasn't responding to him. He settled in to wait it out. He didn't know what type it was, but he was sure it was poisonous. Lucius wouldn't have put a harmless snake on him, especially not a harmless, deaf one. He saw Ron's body. "Ron! Help!" Ron didn't pay any attention to him. The snake however was getting more agitated. "Sorry." He looked away, not staring at it. Snakes were uncomfortable when you stared at them. He heard movement and looked at it, noticing it was moving around his head. Hopefully it was leaving him alone.

His hopes were dashed when he felt the fangs sink into his ear. "Shit!" The sand held him trapped and he couldn't move. Then the nerve toxins started. "Help! Draco! Snake!" A few people on the beach looked at him, but they didn't come any closer. His breathing started to shallow out and the world started to narrow to a pinpoint. He saw Ron and opened his mouth, or tried to, but nothing came out and the world finished going black.

Ron came up to check on Harry and noticed the marks. "Draco!" he screamed. "Snake!" Draco hurried up, capturing the snake. "What do we do?"

"Uncover him, we'll get him treated," Draco said, looking at it. It hissed at him and tried to strike. "Why didn't he talk to it? Is he suicidal now?"

"Maybe it decided he was helpless," Ron said bitterly, working on uncovering Harry. He glanced around but people were looking at him. "Our friend got bitten by a snake, can someone please get an ambulance or something?" he requested. Draco looked at him. "The shield's down. Dig!"

Draco killed the snake and helped him dig Harry out, noticing the people running toward them with badges on their shirts. "Cops?"

"Probably." Ron looked at them. "He got bitten by a snake," he said, not minding when he was pushed out of the way.

"This one was near his head," Draco said, handing it over to one of the people carrying the large plastic box. It was put into a bag and Harry was lifted off the sand and carried to a waiting ambulance. The boys gathered up their things and ran after them, Ron getting on to go to the hospital with him. Draco got everything back to the hotel and paused long enough to call Molly and tell her. She'd want to know, she had always liked Harry. By the time he got to the hospital, they were arguing about what antidote to give him. "How about the one from the snake which was beside his head?" he asked snidely.

"Are you a relative?"

"I'm his bloody housemate!"

"That's fine, but only relatives are allowed here," the doctor told him. "Remove him."

Draco stunned him, shocking everyone. "He was bitten by the snake beside his head," he said calmly. "I don't know where it came from, but it bit him. His blood was still on the snake's fangs when I killed it. So give him whatever antitoxin belongs to that particular breed so he doesn't die!" he finished in a shout.

"Draco!" Ron said, hurrying over to calm him down. He unfroze everyone. "He's sorry." He walked Draco away. "We'll have to wait."

"I don't like waiting," Draco pointed out coldly. Ron glared at him. "I'm sorry, Ron, but this isn't right!"

"I know. Calm down. It doesn't do him any good if you scream at the doctors or if you expose things to them," he said quietly, glancing around. "Now sit and wait with me." He pushed Draco into a seat and sat beside him. The nurse looked over at them every few minutes to make sure there weren't any more outbursts, but no one came to tell them anything.

Arthur walked in with Minerva McGonagall trailing him. "Where is he?"

"The bloody doctors are not only stupid, but said we can't know anything," Ron said bitterly. "We're not family."

Arthur smiled. "I have that solved. You wait here and I'll tell you everything myself." He walked into the back, finding a nurse in Harry's room. "I'm his father-in-law. I want to know what's going on and I want to know now!" he demanded. The nurse hurried off, bringing the doctor back. McGonagall was examining him. "Is he still living?"

"It looks like they've tried to treat him but he's fairly weak," she told him. "I want him back in Poppy's care immediately, Arthur. I won't allow him to stay here." She looked over as the doctor came in. "Are you over his care?" she demanded. The doctor smiled and nodded. "Have you given him anything, even a general antitoxin?"

"Are you a doctor?"

"Not officially, just a battlefield healer," she admitted. "He's one of mine and I'll be taking him as soon as we can move him."

"He's not breathing on his own," the doctor pointed out, pointing at the respirator. "And no, we don't know what bit him. The young men with him said some snake that isn't even from around here bit him but it's clearly impossible." He smiled at Arthur. "You're family?"

"I'm his father-in-law, it's the closest you're getting. He's an orphan and married to one of my children."

"Fine. We need you to sign forms. We don't know what to give him."

"Then we're moving him somewhere better," Arthur said calmly.

"Nowhere in the Bahamas can treat him."

"That's fine, we're English," Arthur told him. The doctor looked stunned. "He'll live that long."

"I doubt it."

"I don't. Boys?" he called. "We'll want the snake as well, or at least a good picture. Ron, Draco, go pack everything, we're bringing you back to the school."

"He's stuck in that mind loop still, dad," Ron told him.

"I know, son, it'll be fine," Arthur said with a smile. "Your mother and Poppy are waiting on him." The boys nodded and Draco ran off to get everything packed. "Now," he told the doctor. "We'll want the snake and the transfer orders now." The doctor nodded, going to get them for him. "Ron, we can't apparate him to the school."

"We can portkey in," McGonagall pointed out. "I've got one on me. Poppy made sure it'll reach the infirmary." Arthur smiled at him. "She's already talked with one specialist." Ron slumped. "You, Mr. Weasley, need to tell me *exactly* what happened," she said firmly.

"Once we've got him somewhere better," Ron told her. She stared at him and he shrugged. "I'm not going to waste time arguing, ma'am, you might as well deal with it."

"Fine." She pulled out the small portkey, laying it on Harry's chest. "I'll activate it once we have everything. The local Ministry people are coming in a few minutes to do a mind-wipe." Ron nodded and moved closer, taking Harry's free side. "What happened?" she asked in a gentler tone.

Ron stroked Harry's limp, cool cheek. "We buried him in the sand so he had to deal with the thoughts he was having, the fight and wondering if Draco was going to leave us now," he said, staring down at Harry. "And he was getting really upset so we left him for a few to play in the water. I thought I heard something so I came back up," he said, his breath hitching. "I saw the snake next to his head. It bit him on the ear," he said, starting to cry.

Arthur reached over to pat him on the shoulder. "A few more minutes and he'll be just fine."

Ron looked at him. "They didn't even think it could be that snake. It's not local, dad." Arthur hissed and Ron glared at him. "What?" Arthur shook his head. "You know something so fucking well give, Father!"

McGonagall gave him a look. "Calm yourself, we'll share stories as soon as he's back." Draco apparated in. "That was risky," she scolded.

"It was necessary," Draco countered. "The local Ministry's here." He took Ron's hand to hold. "How much longer?"

"Not long." Ron looked at the monitors. "Those look really bad, worse than his cousin's did."

"It's the poison, it's basically putting him on hold," Arthur assured him. "Once the antitoxin is delivered, he'll perk back up. We won't be losing him."

"Until someone else decides to prove a point by killing him," Ron said bitterly, staring at his father, daring him to argue.

"Not many would do that at this point," McGonagall said gently. The doctor came back in, with one of the Ministry people behind him dressed as a cop. "May we go now?"

"Your transport?"

"Already on it's way," she said firmly. He handed over a copy of their chart and the remains of the snake. "Where's the head?"

"In the smaller bag," he said with some distaste. "I know it didn't bite him, it's not local."

"Then why was it lying on his head?" Ron asked. The doctor backed away from him. "Leave."

"Fine." He walked out but the Ministry person stayed.

"We've got it," McGonagall pointed out. He shrugged. "Out!" He jumped and backed out, used to following orders in that tone of voice. "Let's go." Everyone grabbed onto the portkey, Arthur putting Harry's hand on it as well, and off they went. They landed in the infirmary, with McGonagall and Ron catching Harry between them. "Poppy!" she snapped. A bed rolled underneath him. "The snake." She handed it over and dragged Ron and Draco past Snape's silent form and out into the hall. "Now then. Tell me everything."

Ron swallowed. "Harry's gotten stuck in the 'I killed them' part of the thought," he explained. "I know he was thinking that we couldn't stand to be around him so we buried him in the sand this morning and waited until he woke up to talk to him."

"That way he couldn't move," Draco said tiredly. "We got through to him that he was staying and he managed to set both our tempers off so we went to splash in the surf for a few moments. Ron said he heard something so he went to check on him." He left out that he had tried to stop Ron from going, thinking that it was Harry complaining and wanting to beg some more for release. He ran a hand through his hair. "Ron found the snake and yelled for me. I caught it and killed it."

"Why didn't he talk to it?" Ron asked.

"I'm not so sure he wanted to," Draco told him. Ron punched him, knocking him into the wall. "Weasley," he warned.

"No," Arthur said as he came out. "Harry's many things, but actively suicidal isn't one of them. Otherwise you would have seen it in other ways." He looked at McGonagall. "Severus thinks the snake's deaf. He said there were burns near the tympanic membranes." She shuddered.

"Who would hurt him that way?" Ron asked. He looked at Draco. "I'm sorry."

"We'll discuss it later," Draco said coldly. Ron tried to hug him but he pushed him away. "Later," he repeated, even colder.

"I'm still sorry," Ron mumbled, looking at his feet. Then he looked at his father. "Why did you


"Draco called us," Arthur told him. He gave Ron the hug he was wanting. "It'll be fine, Ron. I promise. If he's lived this long under substandard care, then he'll continue to live."

"They did everything but give him the antitoxin," Ron defended. Snape walked out and he stopped him. "Is there an antidote?" Snape nodded. "Was it that one?" Snape nodded again so he let him go. "Thank you, Professor, I know how much you hated him."

Snape looked at the boy. "I don't hate him, I hate his attitude and the way everyone automatically treats him," he corrected, then he walked away, taking the snake with him.

Draco looked at McGonagall. "You know who might have done this," he accused quietly. She blanched. "Who?"

"Your father wasn't among the bodies at the first site," she told him simply. Draco frowned. "We haven't found him yet."

"Harry shot him in the lung, he said he did," Ron told her. She nodded. "How would he have survived that?"

"There are a few ways," Arthur sighed. "Someone at the Ministry was working on a super-healing potion and it was stolen a few months back. Either that or he's got a changeling of his own, Ron." Ron's mouth hung open and he looked at Draco.

"That's a myth," Draco said firmly. "There's no evidence that their blood heals."

"Whatever," Ron decided. "We can ask him when we find the bastard!" he said coldly. Draco nodded. "How much longer?"

"Give Poppy a few more minutes then you can sit beside him," McGonagall said quietly, walking away to report to the Headmaster. Arthur gave his son another hug and offered Draco one but he stiffened so he followed Minerva up to the office so he could report to Molly.

Ron looked at Draco. "I gave Snape a vial of the potion and one of my blood, it was too hot to add it," he admitted. Draco looked at him, looking cool but interested. "I'm sorry, okay? I reacted, I'm angry and you were an easy target! I didn't mean to hit you but you said that and I couldn't stop myself. We can argue over that later!"

"Yes, we will." Draco glanced into the infirmary. "There is no evidence that it can or does heal injuries. There are rumors that it can but no proof." Ron nodded. "Why did you give some to Snape?"

"Because I thought someone there might be willing to back you and Harry up so I wouldn't have to worry," he admitted, slumping down to squat against the wall. "I hate this."

"I agree," Draco said, unfreezing some. Harry meant more to Ron than to him, he could understand that. He could objectively see that he might have done the same thing had it been someone saying those things about Ron. Still, he would make it clear that Ron would never hit him again or he would suffer horribly. "If it was my father, we may have proof," he decided. Ron looked at him, opening his mouth. "Don't say it," he warned. "I'm still angry."

"I'm sorry." Ron stood up and hugged him. "I shouldn't have taken it out on you, Draco. You've been so good to us and I'm sorry. I know you care for us."

Draco relaxed and patted him on the back. "If you do it again, I'm going to put back up some of my father's favorite equipment and make sure you never touch another being again," he said quietly. Ron nodded. "Good. Now let's go sit beside Harry and see if he remembers anything." They walked in but Madam Pomfrey tried to stop them. "We're his husbands, woman, let us by," he said harshly.

"I can't treat him with you two hovering around him. Being like this is being on the brink of death and having to sit there and watch it is cruel."

"I'd rather have to watch it than wonder," Ron said, pushing past her. "You remove me by killing me." He sat beside Harry, watching the magical respirator work. "He can't breathe on his own?"

"Not yet. The toxin should wear off in eight hours if Severus can't make an antidote or nearly immediately if he can." She softened her tone when she saw the grief. "He's strong, Mr. Weasley, he'll live a long and celebrated life."

Ron looked at her. "He doesn't want to be celebrated." She walked away. Draco took the other side of the bed. "If it was your father, it's my turn," Ron told him.

"I'm sure he'd delight to have you," Draco said bitterly.

"Yay. He'll see exactly what he has if he manages to capture me," Ron said coldly. Draco looked at him. "I won't put up with this again. Have you called Vincent and Hermione?"

"Not yet," he admitted. "I was going to wait until we knew something."

"They should know, Draco."

"They don't need their happiness ruined by this," he retorted.

"Call them or I will. Hermione would want to be here, the same as I do."

"Fine," he sighed, walking away. He walked up to the nurse. "May I borrow your private floo to call the house?"

"Go ahead," she said, pointing at her office. He walked in and shut the door so she went to talk to Ron. "Mr. Weasley, we have to know, has he eaten or drank anything for the last few hours?" Ron looked at her. "It will determine the strength of the potion."

"We gave him some juice while we had him buried in the sand," he admitted. "He was asleep when we buried him up to his neck." She nodded, keeping her calm demeanor. "He got stuck in the killing part of the fight."

"Of course he would. He is a gentle boy. He rightly fears that he could get stuck in that mindset and wouldn't be able to come back." She patted the sheet over him and checked Harry over again. "I have no doubt that you wanted what was best for him but this is something he'll have to work on for himself. A war changes many things." She walked away, leaving him with his thoughts, and his mother when she came in a few minutes later. "He'll be fine, we're mixing a counter now, Molly."

"Good." She wiped her tear-stained cheeks. "What happened?"

"A deaf snake bit him on the ear while he was buried in the sand." Molly shook her head and went to sit with her son. "Hopefully she reams him a new one," she said quietly, going to check on Draco. She found him curled up in her chair so she closed the door and gave him the hug he obviously needed. "You'll work it out," she soothed. "It won't go back to the way it was, but he won't blame you."

"I blame me," Draco admitted, looking at her. "It was my idea."

"To drop the snake?"

"No!" He wiped at his face. "How is he?"

"About the same. We have to wait on Severus or on the poison to leech from his system."

"Would leeches help?"

"They'd die very quickly with the poison. In this case, only time will cure him, young man." She gave him another hug, not minding when he shifted to get away after a second. "You blame yourself, Ron blames himself, and Harry will add another tally to his list of things that are his fault," she said quietly. He looked up at her. "I have always thought you were an odd choice because you could not understand young Mr. Potter's mind or the way he views the world. He knows nothing of care or of happiness outside of what you've shown him, and for that I'll allow that you're trying, but this will haunt him forever. Forcing him to sublimate it will only cause sleeplessness and nightmares, then the bitterness you see all too often will start. The *only* way for him to get better is for him to work through it to see that he had no choice. He won't do that if you force it, young man. Only he can make himself see it." Draco nodded. "Now go back to the cubicle. Ron's mother is out there." Draco went to sit with his family. She sighed as she sat in her desk chair. "That poor boy." Though she wasn't sure which one she meant.


Severus walked in with a small vial. "He drinks this," he told Weasley. Ron looked at him. "He drinks it."

"He's gotten colder and the respirator is working harder."

"Then time is of the essence. Do I have to pour it down his throat myself?" Draco took the vial and Ron tipped Harry's head back, so he slowly poured it down his throat. Molly helped by ticking his adam's apple, making him swallow. They watched the body, but nothing seemed to change.

"Was it too weak?" Ron asked, his voice having no emotion to it anymore.

"No, it will take a bit. He is stronger, give it time to circulate," Snape advised. Draco looked at him. "It is a popular poison," he admitted. Molly gave him a smile. "Do we know anything more?"

"Not a bit," Molly sighed. "The boys don't remember seeing anyone, only that the shield they had put around Harry was down."

"It was down?" Snape asked. Draco nodded. "How would that have happened?"

"We thought it had fallen due to failure," Ron said, stroking Harry's forehead. "Come on, Harry, I'm waiting for you to wake up and glare at me again," he said gently. He saw a finger twitch. "Was that a good sign?"

"Most likely," Snape agreed. He looked at Draco. "It failed?"

"I didn't stop to think what could have brought it down," Draco admitted. "It'd have to be someone stronger than the both of us. We wove it together between us. We thought the emotional turmoil must have weakened it."

Snape rolled his eyes. "They don't work that way," he reminded them.

Draco gave him a cold look. "We nearly lost our husband, I don't think this is the time for that discussion, do you?" he nearly shouted.

"Calm yourself. If he hears you shouting, he won't come back," Madam Pomfrey said gently as she stepped in to check him. "Is it working?"

"He had a finger twitch," Ron said, getting out of her way.

She ran her wand over Harry's body, frowning. "It's not fully working. He's still paralyzed in some major systems, but it has eased some of the nerve paralysis," she assured them. "He'll recover in a few days time."

"Days?" Molly asked.

"Days," Poppy agreed. "Professor, get them a room."

"Their old one is taken," Snape told her.

"I'm not leaving," Ron said firmly.

"You'll at least take a nap in a bed and a shower somewhere other than here," Madam Pomfrey ordered, raising her wand. "I can make it an order if you wish."

"You can come back to the Burrow," Molly suggested lightly.

"No!" Ron said, shaking his head. "I'm not leaving him! If he wakes up and we're not here, he's going to freak and I don't think that's good for him!"

"We'll take turns," Draco said quietly, settling in for a while. "Go bathe off the salt water and change, Ron," he said at the harsh stare. "I'm not moving." Ron and he shared a look. "Go," he repeated, gentler this time. "He's safe with me." Ron nodded and let Professor Snape show him to a room.

"You were fighting?" Molly asked. Draco nodded. "He doesn't know any better, Draco."

"He's an adult, he should be able to realize that I hadn't sent him away yet," he retorted. "I'll have to make sure he knows that he's coming home with us again." She nodded, relaxing. "You can go comfort your son if you want, or report in. I'm not leaving until Ron comes back."

"Thank you, but I think I'll stay for a bit longer." He nodded, turning to stare at the body on the bed. "It was an inspired plan, Draco." He pointed at Harry. "Oh. No wonder." Draco looked at her. "How much harder is it to plan to kill someone and then follow it through when all you know is that you're capable of it and you don't want to be?"

"I hadn't considered that," he admitted gently. "Nor am I ready to. For now, I think we should reassure him, not me." He put his feet up, letting his ankles unswell. Salt water had dried to a crust on him but he didn't really care. He would be there until Ron came back or until Harry woke up and told him to go away.


Harry woke up and couldn't move, but his eyes did shift around a little bit. He saw Ron and tried to make a sound, but it was enough, Ron jumped.

"Harry," Ron said with a smile, giving him a hug. "You made it, mate." Harry looked around again. "He's taking a nap. Snape knocked him out." Harry's eyes held another question. "He's sorry, Harry, and so am I. My mother did one of those quiet and gentle talks where she rips you a new one because you're an idiot and she's disappointed in you. We understand how hard this must be for you and we'll be here for you." Harry's head shifted side to side. "Yeah, we will be. No matter what, even if you wanted to run away for a few weeks to think in private." Harry's head shifted again. "No? You won't leave?" He got his lips to work and whispered something. "Harry, stop it or I'm going to hit you and I don't want to do that," Ron warned.

"What's going on?" Poppy asked as she breezed in. "I know you weren't threatening him."

"He said he wanted to leave us so we'd be safe from him."

"Ah!" She smiled at Harry. "Fat chance." He seemed to go limper. "I can send for Mr. Malfoy if you wanted to hear it from his lips?" Harry's head shifted again. "Good, then Mr. Weasley can leave and go wake him up while I examine you." He whispered something else. "I know it was. We figured as much. They heard you," she said with a smile for the boy. "Relax for now and tell me if you start to feel tired from breathing. We'll reattach the fake lung." He blinked a few times. "Good boy. Go, Mr. Weasley. He'll want to know." Ron nodded and left them alone. She closed the curtain, cutting off all possible noise. "I have to inform you that you were bitten two days before yesterday." Harry's eyes widened. "You're back at the school because the doctors down there didn't want to give you the right antivenom serum." Harry's head shifted again. "Ron and Draco are run nearly ragged with guilt, but they do understand now." Harry shook his head again. "I'm sure they do." He whispered something and she gave him a sad smile. "I thought it might be something like that, Harry, and they will understand. Molly put it into terms that they could understand. They're very sorry for leaving you alone." He said something else and she frowned. "No, you shouldn't have died to save them the pain." The curtain opened and Draco walked in. "Where's Ron?"

"I forced him to take a nap, he was getting ready to cry again," he said bitterly. He looked down at Harry. "Repeat that please?" he requested. Harry told him what he was thinking. "Do not say such shit again in front of me or I'll be forced to deal with you, Potter, I won't put up with this self-recrimination. You're not normally like that!" A hand pulled him out of the room. "Fine! I'll calm down. Even though he just said he should have died so he couldn't kill me."

Snape looked down at him. "Of course he did. He thought it felt right somehow." He walked in. "Leave." Poppy gave him a look. "I assure you he'll continue to live until you come back." She left them alone and he blocked off any and all possible sounds leaving the cubicle. "What is your problem now?" Harry mouthed something so he moved closer. "Repeat that?" he ordered. Harry did so. "I see. And you believe that would have been better for them?"

Harry's whispering got a little bit louder. "I know you've killed, did you enjoy it?" he hissed. Snape shook his head. "I did," he said simply.

Snape considered him. "It's a harsh slap of reality when we find out that we, as supposedly civilized beings, can kill another being that is conscious of its state and able to think above the level of survival. That reality has caused many people in the past to kill themselves, especially if they find that somewhere in them a part of them took pleasure in the act. In this case, you not only took pleasure from it, but you felt the weight of the world lifting off your shoulders. That doubled the pleasurable feelings for you. I doubt we have to worry about you doing it again though; your spate of conscience has shown that you abhor your actions and you aren't likely to repeat them. The only thing you can do is come to terms with the realization that you did what you had to do and it felt good to finally be rid of the responsibility, and come to peace with the reality of your life." Harry blinked at him. "Do I need to use smaller words?" he sneered.

"No," Harry whispered. "But I keep seeing Draco and Ron...."

Snape interrupted before that fully got out. "I understand, that's normal. Trust me," he said with a grim look. "I've had many visions of Dumbledore lying dead by my hand. The thing that separates you from those who are truly psychotic is that you can control that impulse. Like occulemencary, the more control you have over it and yourself, the easier it becomes to fight it off. Now, shall I send in Mr. Malfoy?"

"Tell him I'm sorry, but I think I'm going to go back to sleep," Harry whispered.

"Fine. You lay there and think with your eyes closed. I doubt he's going to stay out there." Harry nodded and closed his eyes so he ended their protection and stepped out. "I believe he's fallen asleep again." Draco nodded, going to take the seat beside Harry's head. "Do let him think this time, Mr. Malfoy. For some, killing is something that will haunt us forever, the same as your friend Pansy had it haunt her until she couldn't take it any more." He walked off, leaving him there.

Madam Pomfrey walked in and examined Harry closely, then smiled at him. "He'll be fine. Everything appears to be working normally, just a bit slowly. What we expected really."

"Should we send him to the real hospital?"

"Do you want to be mobbed by people looking to shake his hand, talk to him, and name their children after him?" she asked. He shook his head. "Then he can stay here. We'll move him across the hall later if he stays stable so you can have some peace and quiet from the other students. They haven't heard that you're here yet." She left him there, going to report the good news to Molly and Arthur, then to the Headmaster. Whatever Severus had said, it seemed to ease some of the worst of it.

Draco leaned over and looked at Harry. "I know you're awake," he whispered. Harry opened his eyes and looked at him. "Would you rather have Ron?" Harry shook his head. "Be alone?" Harry shook his head again and tried to move a hand, managing to lift a finger. Draco took his hand to hold. "I know I was an ass, I'm sorry."

"Who hit you?" Harry whispered.

"Ron. We've already worked through that." Harry nodded, slowly shifting away from him. "What?"

"Side?" he pleaded.

"Fine." Draco helped Harry onto his side, facing him of course. "How's that?" Harry nodded, giving him a tentative smile. "Yes, we do still adore you, Harry, even though you're having bad mental problems." Harry blinked a few times. "Molly reamed us very well over fighting with you and trying to push you faster than you were ready to go. Whatever you need, we'll be there with, except to punish you or let you punish us."

"I want to talk to someone," Harry whispered.

"Fine. Whomever you want. Anyone in particular?"

"Someone who wrote the book I trained with?" Draco smiled and nodded. "Thank you."

"You're welcome. We'll arrange it as soon as you're better." He gave the hand in his a little squeeze. "You rest. Ron's been knocked out and I'll be here when you wake up again."

"I still see them."

"Molly thinks you always will, the trick is to make yourself not care because there wasn't anything else you could do. As a wise person once said, sometimes bad things happen to good people, Potter. Now nap, before I have to pull out my bitch act." Harry nodded again and closed his eyes. Draco leaned closer. "This more than anything proves that you were not created to be some tool to be used and thrown away after your purpose was done with," he said quietly. "No tool has emotions or self-doubt." Harry smiled but kept his eyes closed. Draco settled in to help him sleep, hoping that no nightmares would come. He hated to hear them, they disturbed him deep inside.


Harry woke up and smiled at the man sitting beside him, earning one back. He did feel better, he could move more freely and without a lot of pain. He reached a hand out and Draco took it to squeeze. "How much longer?" he asked.

"A few more days." Draco shifted closer and gave him a light kiss. "Ron's taking a shower, do you want me to interrupt him?"

"No, I like a freshly cleaned Ron," Harry admitted with a faint smile. "Thank you."

"We each have our own problems that we deal with, Harry. Mine seems to be not being able to understand."

"You kinda had to live through it to really get it," Ron said as he walked in wearing a sarong and his bikini. "Yes, I'm back fully female again," he sighed at the looks he was getting. "Remember, you said we were going to buy all new stuff?"

Draco laughed and pulled Ron into his lap. "I do remember, I'm sorry life got in the way of us making you wear decent clothes." He adjusted a strap, making Ron shiver. "Are you cold?"

"Fairly, it's September in Scotland, not September in the Bahamas."

McGonagall walked in, already scowling. "What are you wearing?"

"The only female clothes they allowed me to pack," Ron quipped with a smile. "Good morning, Harry, how are you feeling?"

"Better." Harry got a kiss which made his toes curl. "Thanks."

"You're welcome." Ron felt Draco shifting under her and stood up, smiling as the robe was handed to her. "Thank you, nice and toasty warm." She slid into it and buttoned it across her breasts, which gave a magnificent view of her bare stomach. "Ah." She settled back into Draco's lap. "I'd cuddle you but Pomfrey said she'd toss me out again, Harry."

"That's okay, I understand." Harry reached out and Ron took his hand to hold. "Spring me sooner?"

"Out of the question," McGonagall said firmly. "You're not fully better yet and you need protecting."

Harry looked at her. "Lucius had a cloak like mine," he told her. "I only saw his face." She scowled and he shrugged. "Sorry!"

"Fine, I'll pass that along. He did put the snake on you?" Harry nodded. "Did he say it was deaf?" Harry nodded again. "Thank you." She walked away, head up and trying hard not to blush at the unorthodox clothing the temporarily young lady was wearing. She met Snape in the hallway. "You'll not want to look at Weasley. They didn't allow him to pack girl clothes. He's barely covered."

"Then it's like last year," Snape said. She scowled at him and he smiled. He enjoyed pissing her off, it was his favorite game. "Is he awake?"

"And chatting with his husbands," she sniffed. "He said Lucius had an invisibility cloak, he only saw his face."

"That could have been the only way it happened," Snape agreed. "Otherwise everyone would have seen him." He breezed into the infirmary. "Mr. Potter, once again you have proven a challenge to my skills. I haven't had to make that particular potion in many years." He looked down at the boy and saw the easing of the grief that had been in the green eyes. "Are you better?"

"And I'd like to get out of here before we get pounced by someone," Harry admitted. "Please?"

"Out of the question," the nurse called. "Two more days at least."

"Shit," Harry sighed. He looked at Ron. "Maybe Hermione could bring you some clothes, Ron?"

"I'll call her and tell her she can," Ron said with a grin. "That way I don't have to stun any of the horny upper forms with this outfit."

"That would be pleasant," Snape and Draco agreed.

Snape looked over the outfit in question. "Do stand up," he said with some amusement.

"We were in the Bahamas," Ron groaned as she stood up. "Draco wouldn't let me pack anything else for my female times."

"I expected to spend most of it on the beach," Draco agreed.

Snape flicked open the button and looked at the bathing suit and sarong. He raised an eyebrow and nearly smiled. "I see what they wanted to, but that is not appropriate attire. Feel thankful this didn't happen while you were a student."

"Nearly," Ron reminded him, buttoning the robe again. It only had two buttons and the second would make him look heavy and pregnant, he didn't want to give that impression. "Blame your godson, sir, not me."

"I'm sure you could have won your way through that argument," Snape pointed out dryly.

"We unpacked his other things," Harry admitted. Draco looked at him. "You were right beside me, don't give me that look," he teased.

Snape did crack a smile. "It's good to see you're back to your former self."

"Until I can find someone to help me work through it, I'm pushing it out of my head," Harry told him. "Thank you, sir."

Snape inclined his head. "It was enough for me to know that you're not going to plague me any longer. Do get better. Mr. Malfoy, you left your room a mess again."

"I'll clean it when I go to shower," Draco said with a handwave. "Why hasn't anyone else come up?"

"It hasn't been announced that you're up here, nor shall it be. The Headmaster was made aware that you would need complete bedrest to recuperate and heal. Therefore you're being ignored upon his orders." Harry sighed and relaxed. "I doubt it will stop him though."

"I can deal with him, I can't deal with a whole group of students at once," Harry told him.

"I do understand that. Though your former house may know," he said with a look toward Ron.

"Ginny," Ron groaned. "The parents told her."

"I believe so, yes. I'll let you rest, I have first years to flunk already. Though none are as bad as your year. Thankfully." He strolled off, impressed with himself and their bond. He walked up to the Headmaster's office, barely stopping to knock. "Our talk did him some good and he's set himself on a path to healing. He was most thankful that you haven't let the gossiping hordes descend upon him for autographs. And Mr. Weasley is yet again without proper clothing. He's sending someone for Ms. Granger." Dumbledore looked at him, blinking. Snape gave him a smug look. "Who got the potion you took from me?"

"No one. I destroyed it," Dumbledore told him. Snape raised an eyebrow. "I thought it wouldn't be worthwhile to put that onto someone's shoulders," he told him.

"I see. Good enough. Weasley wanted to know." Dumbledore nodded. "The others don't know that he gave one to me." He turned and walked out, going to grade some essays.

Dumbledore sighed and looked at the paintings. "Don't say it, it was necessary at the time, or so I thought."

"And it's your fault the boy was harmed," the first Headmistress snapped. "We should beat you senseless once you're one of us, Albus Dumbledore."

"In war many distasteful things happen."

"Yes, and they happen to people, which means that they're not animals to be used for your purposes. Not Mr. Potter and his mates, not Ms. Parkinson, may she rest in peace, and certainly not that nice Professor Snape. When are you going to take the Imperious off him?"

"Tonight. I'll dose him tonight and remove it after dinner." Dumbledore leaned forward, holding his head. "He'll see that it was necessary."

Arabelle looked down at him. "I'd be surprised if he didn't already break it."

"I've put it back each time he did," Dumbledore admitted. "I'll have to talk to him." The door creaked open and he looked at the figure standing there. "Molly. Harry's up."

"I heard." She looked at him. "Resign, Albus, retire into notoriety and write a few books. I'm sure we can find someone to take yours and Fudge's place soon enough." She walked away, going down to the dungeons. She remembered the way from her own tenure as a student. "Professor Snape?" she asked as she walked in. He looked at her and smiled, taking something out of his ear. "You knew?" He nodded. "Do you want him to remove it or me? I am fairly good at it after all this time." Someone coughed behind her and she smiled. "Hello, Minerva. Did you hear? Harry's awake and doing much better."

"I've already seen him today," she admitted. She patted Molly on the back. "I don't want to run the school, I'm satisfied in my present job."

"As am I," Severus agreed. "Draco is on the Board now."

"I know," McGonagall admitted with a smile. "Are you presently under it?" He shook his head. "Are you sure?"

"I had myself checked. How is Percy?"

"Much better now that he's out from under his own curses," Molly said happily. "He apologized this morning for everything. Arthur nearly cried in joy." She sniffled. "What's going to happen?"

"Mr. Potter will be taken back to Malfoy Manor if I know Mr. Malfoy. Lucius is even now hiding somewhere making his little plans for the future. We'll have to deal with him I'm afraid," Severus Snape pointed out, leaning back in his chair to get comfortable, his hands crossed over his abdomen. "Who has seniority at the Ministry, Molly?"

She walked farther in to lean against a desk while she thought. "Arthur said General Blank did. He died during the battle though, it's how he would have wanted it. The head of Curses and Spells has been there for ten years." Her face lit up. "It's mostly Arthur I believe." Minerva chuckled. "I doubt he'd take it though," Molly pointed out.

"He would if you reminded him this might be the only way to make sure this doesn't happen again," Snape told her. She nodded, agreeing to that. "Anyone else?"

"There's one person who may be, I can't remember if they came in at the same time as Arthur or if they got hired first, though I know they got a Minister's position later." The other adults nodded. "I think we'll have to wait for the vote."

"It's today, isn't it?" Minerva asked. Molly sighed and nodded. "Then I hope he gets it. At least he has sense." She patted Molly on the back. "Now about the next Headmaster. I believe we'll need a strong person in that role, someone who can run the school gently, but with skill. A proven leader, yet someone who can relate to the students and do whatever's necessary to help them." She looked at Snape and he nodded so she glanced at Molly and he smirked. "I believe I'll discuss that with Mr. Malfoy when I go back up there. Did Mr. Weasley put on anything else?"

"Just a robe," he said with some humor. "It's nearly as bad as the borrowed shirt day."

"That would be something I would change if I were Headmistress, giving students in that circumstance a study hall all day instead of forcing them to go through the ridicule of attending normal classes. It can't be good for one's self-esteem if you're forced to expose yourself in front of others."

Severus and Minerva shared a look and smiled. "That is a change I'd like to see made as well," Severus said smoothly. "Your son's attire at times has been very distracting. Especially in that red dress when you had the rest of his clothes." Molly snorted and laughed. "It was. I found half of one of my fourth year classes that day in the bathroom wanking off to her name." Molly laughed harder.


Minerva pulled Draco out of the infirmary. "I need to speak to you as a member of our Board of Regents, Draco." He nodded and leaned against the wall. "I know you're aware that Albus did many things for the benefit of the war that weren't....suitable, or possibly conductive is a better word at this point, to the well being of certain students."

"I know you both knew what Harry's home life was like," he agreed. "What of it?"

She cleared her throat. "I did what he did, Draco, what was best for everyone at large. I trusted Mr. Potter to find someone who could soothe all those aches, and he did in you and Ron. I have no problems admitting I was wrong in that matter. I don't want Albus's job either." He started to look interested. "Severus and I wanted to suggest something more radical than that. We wanted to put someone in the job who was more of a nurturer, someone who would put the students ahead of her own needs for once." He nodded, looking more interested. "The one person he and I thought of, together mind you, is your mother-in-law."

"I see a slight problem with that," Draco said dryly, but he was smiling. "She's not a trained educator."

"No, she's not. She's a mother and what better sort to soothe everyone when necessary. There are a lot of changes coming, Malfoy, and we both know it. The students will need someone they can cling to and hold onto, someone who can understand what it's like to be unsure. Besides, look how she ran her family on a tight budget, in a full house, and they still turned out rather well. Severus and I can't think of a better person."

"She's still not trained and most of the Board would probably want that."

"Then remind them that the first and greatest Headmistress ever was a mother as well. Not since Arabelle Malfoy has there been a Headmistress who could steer the students *gently* where they needed to go." He laughed, nodding. "Please put in her nomination?"

"Does she know?"

"No, but I doubt she'd balk much. Arthur's in line for Minister of Magic from what she knows. It can only help the both of them and it would save the school and the students a lot of problems for the Ministry and the school to be so closely linked."

"I'll call the other board members," he said, smiling for her benefit. "I believe she'd at least shake up the school." He nodded at the room. "Are you going to visit?" She nodded. "Then let's do that while I call about." He let her enter first, smiling at Ron.

"I heard and I really don't want to know why it sounded like you wanted my mother to be the next Headmistress," Ron told her.

McGonagall gave him a hug. "Can you think of a better person to steer the school through the rough times of change we're going to go through soon?"

"You're joking," Harry said flatly. McGonagall shook her head. "Then I am very glad I'm not a student now. Molly is very good at finding unique punishments at times."

Ron shivered. "Oooh, I'd hate to be a prankster in this school if she takes over."

"All the more reason, so we don't have anyone like the twins ever again," McGonagall agreed happily.

Draco laughed as he squatted down beside the prepared fire, calling out to the Board of Regents. "Hello. I believe it's my turn to sit now?"

"Your father isn't dead."

"No, he's a fugitive," Draco pointed out. He smiled. "McGonagall and Snape just approached me about Dumbledore, who they think might be retiring soon." The Regents looked interested. "They had in mind a rather quirky choice, but one they think will be able to steer the school gently in a more proper direction, yet be able to handle the students with a velvet-armored glove. Molly Weasley. They believe her husband is also going to be the next Minister of Magic, thereby solving the problems between the two institutions." The Regents looked stunned, then nodded at each other, smiling and talking about how she could easily fix the school's budget woes. "Then can I give Dumbledore the good news?"

"Go right ahead," the new head Regent, by the pin on his cloak, said with a magnanimous wave of his hand. "We'll see you soon? At the next meeting?"

"One of my husbands is ill at the moment or I'd be doing this in person."

"I had noticed you appeared to be in the school's infirmary. Tell me, who did you marry?" the head Regent asked.

"A Weasley changeling and Potter." He cut the connection and stood up, smiling at them. "Done." He strolled out, going to tell the old Headmaster the good news. He tapped briefly and walked in confidently, like he owned the place, which in a way he did. "You'll be retiring soon," he said with a patronizing smile. "But don't worry, we've picked your replacement on the suggestion of some of your staff and I'm sure you'll want to help Molly Weasley make a smooth transition." Dumbledore looked at him and his smile got more pleasant. "Soon if you wouldn't mind? The Board did agree after all and we want to get her settled in and announced before the Ministry shakeups occur."

Dumbledore looked at him, then at the paintings. They were laughing and cheering. "She isn't an educator."

"No, but we decided to go in the vein of our first and finest Headmistress, my many times removed aunt Arabelle Malfoy." He smiled at her picture and bowed. "You'll be happy to know, Auntie, that Harry is on his way to a full recovery, both physically and mentally. Ron, on the other hand, wasn't allowed to bring any clothes so he's in a bikini, a sarong, and my robe." He smiled. "She is rather fetching in my clothes."

"Good for you, boy," Arabelle said with a fond smile for him. "I knew you could do well enough once you pulled your head out of your rearend. I'll expect to be carried to the baby shower when you get around to it." She looked at Albus. "At least you can say you've trained the next one and that she knows how to deal with children. A born mother that one, I always thought she'd do well with children of her own. How many were there again? Six?"

"Seven, one was a bit stiff and you probably never saw Percy," Draco told him. He looked at Dumbledore. "You're free to give whatever reason you want, we won't dictate that." He waved and walked out, going back to the infirmary. He was stopped in the hall by one of the current seventh year Gryffindors, whom he smiled at. "Yes?"

"What's going on with Harry?"

"He's much better. The toxins have worn off. We'll be leaving soon."

"Do you think he'd like to have a party in the dorm?" she asked.

Draco shrugged. "You can come up and politely ask him, but the toxin he was exposed to has sapped all his strength. I expect he'll be in bed for the next month no matter what." She nodded. "Send Ginny Weasley up if you wouldn't mind, dear. Her brother has something he wants to tell her." She nodded and jogged off, heading for an outside class. Draco finished his trek to his mates' sides and sat down again. "Done," he announced.

Harry laughed. "You're so bad sometimes, Draco. If I turn bad, can I be bad like you?"

Draco smirked. "I'll start your lessons in corruption as soon as you're well enough to stand on your own for ten straight minutes, Potter." Harry beamed and Ron laughed. "Any Ministry news yet?"

"Not yet," Ron told him. "Why?"

"Your father's one of the senior staff," Draco reminded him. "Most of the other high Minsters quit when the scope of Fudge's corruption was leaked. That means there's ten open Minister spots at the moment, including the top one."

"Dad wouldn't take it," Ron said firmly. "He'd hate it."

"Perhaps, but someone may think that the stability of a known person is necessary and make him take it for a few months," Harry said gently. "You know how touchy things are, Ron."

"Speaking of touchy, one of Ginny's yearmates will be coming up to ask if you wanted to hold a party in your house tonight," Draco told them. Harry shuddered. "I told her you were still very tired but I left it up to you."

"I don't think I'm ready for a celebration yet," Harry admitted. "I'm still in shock."

"That's fine," Ron agreed, patting him on the hand. "We'll deal with it when the request is made." Ginny stuck her head in. "Come on in, we've got to tell you something."

"Is there news on Bill?" she asked as she walked in.

"Bill's missing?" Ron asked. She nodded. "Since when!"

"Since about the night of the last battle. He walked out after the fight and left." She shrugged. "Mum and Dad are worried sick but I guess they didn't want to add to your present stress." She looked at them. "What did you need to tell me?"

Draco pulled her closer, standing her in front of Ron. "Tell her," he encouraged.

"You did it, you tell her."

"You're pregnant?" Ginny asked, sounding hopeful.

"Not going to happen," Ron told her, sounding firm. "I can get my mind around a lot of stuff but not that. No, Draco thinks that Dad may be the next Minister of Magic."

Ginny gasped and looked at him. "Really?" He nodded. "Why?"

"He's about the most senior person who's untainted by Fudge," he said with a shrug. "We really wanted to tell you that your mother has been nominated for the next Headmistress of Hogwarts." Ginny's eyes went wide and she bobbled a bit, forcing Ron to steady her. "You're not pleased?" Draco asked with a grin.

"No! Mom's the bad one about punishments. This'll be hell on us!" she said frantically. "Undo it, Draco, please?" she begged. "Pretty please?"

"It's a done deal," Harry said gently. "I'm sure she'll be too busy to deal with that sort of thing, and anyway you're a good girl, Ginny, you won't have to worry about it. It's the guys who do things like we did who'll get into trouble."

"I can see Mum going down to Ms. Kailynn's and asking her very politely to turn back any students that sneak down there," Ron agreed, starting to laugh.

"I can see her burning the whorehouse down," Ginny snorted. Ron nodded, he could see that too. Harry even giggled at that. "I'm glad you think it's funny, but still! I'll be in hell for the rest or the year." She pouted at them.

"Don't give me that look, it was her or Snape."

"Then I like mum just fine for the job," Ginny said quickly, nodding frantically. She smiled at Draco. "Can I ask you something odd?" He nodded. "Neville started me thinking. How are you going to produce the heir to the Malfoy name?"

Draco considered it. "It's happened in the past that the heir has married an infertile person. In that case it's usually the heir and the nearest relative. So I guess I'll have to knock one of the twins up," he said with a shrug and a smile.

Ron shook his head. "Won't work. If one of the twins goes through something and the other doesn't, it puts them off balance and they nearly rip themselves and each other apart, Draco. I can't let you do that to them." He looked at Ginny, who was blushing. "That means you're an option," he told her.

She blushed brighter. "Neville suggested that it might have to happen that way," she admitted, looking at her brother. "He said you and he have to have a talk if that's the case, because he's heard things about a special ceremony and he wants to know now. He doesn't want any surprises and he doesn't want me to carry for you first."

Draco nodded. "That's fine, I'll invite him up soon if you'd be willing to do that for us," Draco told her.

"I'm not ready to chase kids around yet," Harry put in.

"It wouldn't be for a few years yet, Harry. Malfoy heirs are conceived during a special ceremony, where all the augers are read beforehand and the birth date will be a good one. That reminds me, I'm going to have to take my father out of the family lineage." He pulled something off the necklace he always wore these days and fiddled with it. Then he took off his shirt and looked at the scars on his side. "By doing this, I remove my father from the family lineage, the family fortune, and as the heir and master of the family name for he has disgraced us. Let his name be struck from the records, except in cases where children have to be noted, and let his being be struck from the line." He twisted and blew on the crest of this new seal, pressing it exactly opposite, yet on top of, the heir's seal he had already on him. He winced as it burned into him. "I hate this part. It never feels good until afterward," he complained.

Ron slid to his knees and licked over the reddened flesh, making Draco hiss. "I'm proud of you," he said, giving him an adoring look. Draco kissed him. "Want another?"

"Later, when it's numb," Draco promised. He smiled at Harry. "That's incentive for you to get better too."

"Yes, Draco," Harry said, giving him a smile. He held out an arm. "Can I have a hug, Ginny, since they're involved."

"As long as you don't try to feel me up," she agreed, giving him a long hug. He smiled at her. "Mum's really going to be the next Headmistress?" Harry nodded. "I'm going to have to share this."

"Only with the family. They can't tell her until the official announcement," Draco ordered. She nodded, beaming happily. "I'll see what I can find out about Bill." She nodded and hurried off, going to sneak into a floo-ready room. Draco kissed Ron hard. "Naughty you, Ron. I should fuck you quite hard for doing that."

Ron grinned. "I could use the relief and so could you."

"No fair," Harry whined. They smiled at him and he grinned back. "I'm not supposed to be getting hyper." He shifted closer. "I'm better enough to help get Draco off," he suggested.

"Fat chance," Madam Pomfrey called.

"I'm so much better that I could even give a blow," Harry suggested, giving them a hopeful look.

"She'll kill us, Harry," Ron reminded him.

"As soon as you get home, we'll pamper you and give you quite the night," Draco agreed. His head shot up. "I didn't know we had those," he said with a happy smile. "Nor did I know that the seal let me know what constitutes the family fortune. I believe I'll have to make a statement to get my father turned in," he said with a smile for Ron. He smiled at Harry. "Should I answer any questions about you?"

"No, not unless you want to," Harry offered. "Does that mean I get Ron cuddles?"

"And gropes if you can do it without moving too much," Ron agreed, winking at him.

"No!" Madam Pomfrey called. "No sex, boys. Not until he's fully better or I'm keeping him here for the next month!"

"Now that's evil," Harry said, getting some laughs for that.


Harry looked around the house as he was helped inside, nothing much had changed if you put all the items on the floor back. "Someone searched the house."

"I think I know who did it," Draco said smugly, picking Harry up so he could be put into bed. "You have to rest, then we'll play with you later." Harry nodded, letting himself be put into bed. Draco turned and found Hermione in the doorway. "How was your vacation?" he asked pleasantly.

"Much better than yours. Harry, how are you feeling?" she asked, coming in to sit on the foot of the bed.

"I'm better, Hermi. A lot better." She smiled and patted him on the leg. He yawned. "I could use a nap I think."

"Then you do so. Vincent and I have moved back down to our room." She pulled something out of her pocket and enlarged it. "I found this in the basement of the other house. Ring it and we'll hear." She slid off the bed and looked at Draco. "You should have told me immediately. I had medical power of attorney papers drawn up for you and Ron." She left, going to finish unpacking.

Draco shook his head. "I suppose I'll have to get used to her," he sighed. "Maybe I'll buy Vincent a gag for her as a present," he said thoughtfully, leaving Harry there. He smiled at Ron as he walked down the stairs, using his wand to finish cleaning everything up. "Where are the house elves?"

"Dismissed," Vincent said bitterly. "There's only Dobby in the kitchen and he's bouncing around because Harry's back." He looked up the stairs. "Did Herm give him the bell?" Draco nodded, giving him a small smirk and a patient look. "She really was worried, Draco."

Draco walked down to stand beside him. "I'm buying you a kink set so you can bind her down when she irritates you," he said with a pat for his best friend's chest. "I'm sure you'll put it to good use within a few days."

Vincent groaned. "I love the girl, but there's a few times when she gets on my nerves."

"All marriages start out that way," Ron pointed out as he joined them. "Another house elf just popped in." Draco looked at him. "Not one of yours. Knuppy, from the school." Draco sighed and nodded. "Who did all this and released the house elves?"

"I suppose Father did when he was searching for the family seals," Draco said bitterly. "Either that or the aurors did so." He heard a popping noise and went to investigate who had just appeared outside the front door. He sneered at them. "Vincent, it's Cornelius Fudge and a reporter," he said with great distaste. Vincent walked over to stand behind him, mostly to keep him from hexing them into painful spasms or odd shapes. "What do *you* want?"

"I want to interview Mr. Potter," the reporter said happily. "Now that he's better."

"There will be no reporters allowed *near* Mr. Potter until he asks to see one," Vincent said firmly in his best menacing voice. "You will get off Malfoy property or be removed."

"I can remove the Malfoy from this property," Fudge sneered. "His father was one of the top Death Eaters."

Draco yawned. "Crabbe, take care of them," he said with a wave of his hand. Ron walked up behind him and pinched him. "Ow!" He glared at her. "Do not do that."

Ron smiled at Fudge. "Leave or I'm giving Harry some more of my blood in the potion to make him stronger so he'll come after you." Fudge backed away, looking fearful. Ron smiled at the reporter. "Out! Before I bring Granger down as well." She shifted nervously. "Hermione!" She came jogging down the stairs. "Go for it," he said, getting out of her way.

"Ah, Fudge," she said happily. "I had expected something like this." She pulled a paper out of her pocket and enlarged it, handing it over to him. She waited until he had it in his hand before releasing her most evil smirk, worthy of their host if anyone would dare to make that comparison. "I have just handed you a summons to appear in civil court to answer a lawsuit seeking damages in the amount of seventy billion galleons for the defamation of one Harry Potter, one entire clan of Weasleys, one Draco Malfoy, and one Vincent Crabbe. As you were served, now you must appear, you are so bound," she told him, watching his mouth fall open.

"There's not that much in all the banks in the world," the reporter snorted.

Hermione gave her a cruel smirk, one only Ron had seen before. "As for you," she said, tipping her head a bit to the left. "I do believe that the Prophet granted Harry the right to recover in peace and offered to send someone to talk to him *after* he was fully recovered and back on his feet. That time has not yet come and you are in violation of your editor's promise. I think you might want to tell him before I complain and have you fired." She apparated off before Hermione could call her out further and involve her in the lawsuit.

"You can't do this," Fudge told her, waving the paper. "I am the Minister of Magic...."

"I believe the vote was taken earlier and you're not," she informed him. She smiled at Ron. "We heard it before coming over. Congratulations on both parent's new positions, Ron." Fudge's eyes bulged. "Now then, former Minister Fudge, if you would read that you'd see what the various charges against you are, including nearly letting the whole of the wizarding world die because of your ego and your bribe-taking. If you hadn't tried to have Harry declared insane, or sent Umbridge to try and drive him insane, and if you hadn't had him discredited in such a manner as happened, then you might not be libel, but you did. You nearly cost everyone everything they've always held dear and I believe that I can prove that in court without breaking a sweat. I'll let them decide if any criminal charges will be filed for following the person paying you's orders." He backed down the stairs, staring at her. "Also," she said, moving in for the kill. "I have started proceedings to have all your assets, legal and illegally acquired, frozen and audited. Your theft from the banks is well-known and the Goblins of Gringotts have added themselves to this suit. I do hope you have fun with it."

Draco looked at Hermione. "If you go into law, I'll appoint you the family attorney," he offered. She beamed at him and looked up at Vincent, who kissed her gently. "Good, I'll see that you're admitted soon." He looked at Fudge, but Hermione put a hand on his arm. "You don't like that idea?"

"I'll get in myself, Draco, I don't need those sort of strings pulled," she said firmly but quietly.

"That's my girl," Vincent said happily. Draco looked at him. "She's a fierce protector of what's hers and I rank top of the list in that category," he said proudly.

Draco smiled. "Then we'll hold the wedding in a month. The conservatory or the music room?" The couple looked stunned. "I won't have Vincent hurt by your playing around, Hermione Granger. Either you marry him or I'll have you killed and obliviate him to your memory so he won't grieve."

"The music room," she said, swallowing. "A month?" He nodded. "That's not enough time to plan anything!" she wailed.

Draco patted her on the head. "They have people who do that for you. You tell them what you want and they find all of it and get your approval. That way you can concentrate on tying Vincent down until he's willing to dress up for you." She smiled and nodded, smirking at her soon-to-be husband. "Good, that's settled. I'll have admittance papers sent to you so you can fill them out," he said, turning to look at Fudge. "When is the date to appear?"

"Three days, the goblins pulled some strings," Hermione told him.

Draco smirked. "I'm happy we could corrupt you to our side finally, Granger. You may be the only non-pureblood I'll ever be able to stand." She raised an eyebrow. "Harry's father was pure enough for my tastes," he told her. She hugged him then dragged her finance inside to tell Harry the good news. "Fudge, leave, before I have you killed," he said simply. Ron coughed. "No, you can't help me kill him, Ron. That's my fun. He let my father go free." He smiled at Fudge again, making the man babble and wet himself. "Leave. Now." Fudge left. Draco laughed, hugging Ron. "I enjoyed that. You?"

"You get your rocks off in odd ways, Draco Malfoy, but some of them are quite fun. I didn't think I'd enjoy seeing that sort of fear on someone's face, but he did deserve it," he said at the shocked and hurt look Draco gave him. He gave him a kiss. "Let's try the more traditional way of getting off, shall we?" she suggested, shifting closer to brush her chest against Draco's. "Then you can deal with the house elf problem and the house?" Draco nuzzled her ear, kissing it. "I like that, but I want more! I've been without for too long and I'm going to get demanding soon."

"I might enjoy that," Draco reminded her, leading her into his study. It was mostly intact and the sofa was just fine for what he wanted to do.


Two weeks after getting out of the hospital, Harry walked into the small Buddhist temple, bowing at the priest standing there. "I need counseling," he told the receptionist. He got a nod and was motioned to follow, so he did. They entered a small garden and Harry was shown to a bench. He sat and looked around, enjoying it. This garden exuded calm.

"What did you need counseling on, young man?" a kind, elderly male voice asked from down the path a few minutes after Harry felt the calm work its magic on his frayed nerves.

Harry stood up and walked down there, sitting in front of the wizened man on the wooden bench. "I fought a war and I killed, sir. I don't want to do it again and I know it's in me." The man looked at him. "It wasn't a general war, but people did die."

"I understand," he said gently, giving him a smile. "Many wars are fought without involving an entire country, Mr. Potter." Harry's mouth started to open and he laughed. "We have one here who is like you. He thought you might be seeking help from someone." He held out a hand, which Harry took. "Did you like it?" Harry nodded, looking down at the pebbles under him. "Do you wish to do it again?"

"No," Harry told him, looking at him again. "I don't want to ever do it again. I want to fade into obscurity and I want to stay there. Nothing more."

The priest nodded, standing up with Harry's help. "Walk with me. We will discuss this. You need a non-judgmental ear and I could use the exercise."

"Thank you for listening to me."

"I listen to many things, you are simply one of them," the priest told him. "Nature is full of things that don't want to be what they are." He patted Harry's arm. "Tell me."

"Yes, sir," Harry said, recounting the battles he had fought, being brutally honest, like he was with himself. By the end, he was worn out. They were near a small fountain so he sat on the edge of it. "I can't get past the fact that I liked it."

"Satisfaction and relief are not joy, Mr. Potter." Harry looked stunned. "Even if it set off some chord in you, the fact that you're seeking answers means that you won't do it again unless it is necessary." He patted the young boy on the head. "You need to heal, young man, there is much you need to talk about. Tell your mates everything, let them carry some of the burden."

"I don't want them to be burdened by me. I don't want to add to what they already have. They already have to shift their thinking to deal with me."

"It's always like that when you have to deal with other people in intimate settings," the priest advised. "Each person brings their own problems and joys into a relationship. You bring a trunk, while someone else brings a handbag. But without our bags, we would not understand the happiness we find in others. It is the depth of that pain that shows us how high we can climb. In time, it will ease. The insecurity will fall aside. It is too new to do more than fret about it now. But do not dwell. Think on it for ten minutes each day. Do you meditate?" Harry nodded. "Then meditate to each issue you have for a week, see what answers you find within yourself."

Harry nodded, standing up. "Thank you, father."

"You are a good boy, Mr. Potter, I don't think we'll be seeing more of you in the paper from bad things." He smiled. "Now go shag your mates into the carpet if it's in you. They're worried about you the same as you are." Harry smiled, nodding at that advice. "You may come back any time. I do not mind visitors."

Harry gave him another brief hug then headed back to the car. Once he climbed inside, he realized he was too tired to drive. His vision was starting to blur. He took the priest's advice, calling home. "Draco?" he asked gently. He heard the worry. "No, I'm better, I'm just worn out emotionally. Can you or Ron come drive me home? Yeah, I'm outside it." He smiled and hung up at the promise to be right there. Draco appeared and he scooted over, letting him get in to drive. "Thank you."

"I don't want to wrecking, that's why I suggested someone else drive you earlier," Draco said, giving him a smile. He saw the tiredness. "Should we call home and say we're getting a room tonight?"

"Ron won't like it," Harry told him.

"So? We have to spend time alone together as well." He picked up the phone, calling home. "Vincent? Yes, it's me. No, I'm picking Harry up. We're going to spend the day in town. Yes, tell Ron I said it was fine for her to spend tonight helping Hermione and you." He hung up and started the car, turning it around to head for a wizarding five star hotel. They checked in and Draco had room service send up a light snack, which he made sure Harry ate most of. Then they curled up in bed together, talking quietly about what the priest had advised.

When they did come together sexually, it was slow and gentle, healing the both of them and making the other think that they were wanted and needed. Harry knew that he belonged, he wouldn't doubt it very often again.

Draco smiled at that pronouncement. "I didn't know one could screw bad thoughts out of another's head," he teased, pinching him on the stomach. "You're starting to gain some fat there, Harry, we'll have to see that you get more pleasurable exercise in the future."

"I'll burn it off the next time we jump Ron," Harry said, grinning at him. "If I ever get my stamina back."

"You will. I'm positive of it." He gave him a gentle kiss and pulled him closer. "Rest. We'll treat you tomorrow."

"I can buy my own treats," Harry pointed out.

"You won't. Besides, where's the fun in treating yourself?" Draco teased, giving him a long squeeze. "You nap and I'll figure out what I want to find that will make you squeal like Ron during an orgasm."

Harry giggled, fitting himself against Draco's chest. "My own set of toys?"

"I'm sure we can accommodate that desire, as well as a few others," Draco soothed, stroking Harry's back to put him to sleep. He was smiling, the mirror across from him proved it. This had been one of the best afternoons of his life. "I believe I love you, you fluffy git," he whispered.

Harry kissed him over his heart and snuggled in harder. "I ... ditto, Draco."

Draco laughed. "We'll work through that obstacle together, letting Ron lead us." Harry nodded, kissing his chest again. "Keep it up and I might do something that would send you back to the hospital," he warned.

"As long as there's no reporters or fans," Harry whispered.

"I'll guard your privacy, Harry, don't worry. They won't come near you." Harry nodded, allowing himself to sleep with that promise.


Hermione looked at the people who would be most involved in her wedding. "Ron, what phase are you going to be in?" she asked.

"Female, fully by three days."

"Good, then you're on my side." She smiled at Vincent. "We still need to pick colors. We've each got two attendants. Anything else we need to discuss?"

"I want green," Draco suggested with suppressed glee. He loved screwing with her, she got so mad and threw fits.


Vincent cleared his throat. "It's only fair, you are marrying into the house, Herm."

"No," she said slowly and clearly. He shrugged but she noticed his hurt look. "Gold and silver?" she suggested. "Each house is represented and I don't have to force Ron and Harry to wear your house colors?"

"I like that," Harry said from Draco's side. Ron stuck his tongue out at him.

"None of that," Hermione snapped. "We don't need sex." She wrote a note on her notepad. "Vincent?"

"White and gold would be good enough if it looked shiny," he offered, willing to compromise.

She smiled and kissed him for it. "We can do white, gold, and silver," she agreed. He beamed, having won one argument. The first one yet! "All right, then gold for my side since Ron and Ginny would look more stunning in it with their hair. Silver for yours?" He shrugged. "Draco, any objections? Or Harry?"

"None," Draco assured her, giving Harry a kiss on the head because he didn't say anything. He was under the delusion that if he piped up it would ruin her dream wedding. "How many guests?"

"Sixty at the most. Most of the teachers, my parents, my paternal uncle and his wife and three children. School friends," she noted quickly, making that note as well. "I've already gotten my list made. Vincent?"

"Nearly," he admitted. She looked at him. "I'm looking up addresses."

She smiled. "That's wonderful! I hadn't even started that yet. You're so great to take some of the stress off me." She gave him another kiss. Then she noticed Draco's smug look. "As for you," she said firmly. "There will be no sex during my wedding or during the reception after my wedding. Are we clear, Mr. Malfoy?" He laughed, a happy and tolerant sound. "I mean it. If you so much as think about having sex and ruining my wedding with that noise, I'll put Ron in a full chastity belt. The kind with plugs for each hole so she's still amused and a catheter so it doesn't have to come off. Then I'll find an impotence potion for the both of you." She looked at them all. "If I see so much as one touch, one deep kiss, one attempted stroke of breast or buttocks, one snuck grope, or even one suggestive look, you will all pay the penalty and I won't remove them until after our honeymoon. Do you understand me?"

Harry gave her a disgusted look. "We do know how to act in public, Hermione. Give us *some* credit, please."

Ron snorted. "This from the guy who thought the slit in a certain skirt was a *good* idea to explore during dinner," he pointed out. He smiled at his best female friend. "If you try to put me in a chastity belt, you're getting married with a black eye, no matter which phase I'm in, dear."

"As long as you behave it won't be a problem," she said primly. "It's bad enough I'm getting married in this den of iniquity. When I described you three to my mother, they wanted to know which one of you was the hired one." Harry burst out in giggles.

"I think we have our answer," Ron said, shooting a glare at Harry. Then he smiled at Hermione. "We'll behave, I promise. Ginny and Neville will behave as well. There won't be any passion potions in the punch, nothing that would make you look bad on your wedding day."

"Please don't say you're planning ours," Draco mock-pleaded.

"I was thinking somewhere exotic," Ron sniffed, but he couldn't hold the routine so he grinned at them. "Back to the Carribean?"

"No," Harry negated. "I don't want to get married where we'll have to pick sand out of things." He looked up at the husband he was snuggled against. "You never did tell us how Malfoy heirs were created." Vincent whimpered and banged his head on the table. "That bad?"

Draco traced his lips. "It's very ritualized by now," he said with a gentle smile. "First the parents are checked out, to make sure that a child between them would be worthy. Then the appropriate time is picked. A spring month for a girl, a fall month for a boy. Then the clearing out in the woods is prepared." He gave him a kiss. "Under the full moon, the couple comes together, chanting the incantation that really does nothing but distract them and force them to focus on the conception. The moonlight gives us our silver hair and pale skin, the wooden altar our strength of character, and being outside frees us from the things most mortals consider imperative," he said gently. "Then the child is conceived and the rest of the heirs, if the mother is willing to bear more after carrying the first one, are done the normal way. There was actually a spate of black-haired daughters a few generations back after the one silver haired son."

"Your mother refused?"

"She nearly died while pregnant. Hemorrhaging," Draco informed him. "The doctor had her fixed as soon as I was taken from her body so she wouldn't be risked. He thought my father would ruin me you see," he said with a fond smile for Ron.

"I'd hate to see you if your father had raised you alone," Vincent told him.

"Me as well," Draco agreed, smiling at him. "Where am I sending you on your honeymoon?"

"To the science fiction convention in Vancouver," Vincent said happily.

"Very well. Tell me the details and I'll have arrangements made," Draco assured him. "I did pay off the muggle credit card I believe." Harry nodded. "Then it should serve you well."

"We've already made the reservations and paid for them," Hermione told him. "You're reimbursing us." She checked her list. "Draco, house elves?"

"Are back," he noted. "Full staff plus two."

"Good. We're not having them prepare the wedding cake, they said they didn't want to do anything that delicate." She looked at him. "Find us a baker?"

"There's an excellent one in the nearest village and they'd deliver it," Draco said with a hand wave. "I've already talked to them and gotten a catalog for you. It's sitting in my study on my desk." She nodded and went to get it. "Vincent," he said, once he was sure she was gone, the catalog was in a stack of things. "Do yourself a favor, take her tonight in an interesting way to relieve her stress."

"Draco!" Ron said, sounding shocked.

"It will make her slow down and enjoy it, Ron," Draco said simply. "Take her into my study and use that extra reading chair. Have her sit on your lap facing away, stripped or not is up to you, and free yourself, then take her and make her pass out. She'll thank you for it later." Vincent nodded, even though he was blushing brightly. "Trust me, old friend, she will enjoy it. Clothes will make it seem more indecent, but if you strip her and stay clothed yourself it will make it all the more naughty to her. She really could slow down and enjoy this a bit more."

"Yes, Draco," Vincent whispered. "The tan chair?" Draco nodded. "How would we fit?"

"Have her facing away so you can play with her and tease her neck," Draco said with a smile, stroking over Harry's neck with a fingertip. "She seems to enjoy it. Tell her you want to cuddle or something." He nodded and got up, heading in there to do that. "There, now she'll enjoy this stage a lot more," he decided. "Gold, Ron?"

"It's her wedding. Though if we get married somewhere warm, I'm putting us all in bikinis and doing it during my female time. You'll have to stick George and Fred."

"That's fine," Draco agreed smoothly. "Shall we have some fun?"

"No, we can wait," Harry said, leaning into the touch. "I like this."

"If you want to be teased, we'll tie you down again," Draco whispered, making Harry shiver. "Would you like that, Harry?" Harry bit his lip and nodded. "Then head upstairs and we'll follow along behind you." Harry stood up and rushed up the stairs. Draco stood and held a hand out for Ron, helping him out of his chair. "Come along, I promised to tie him down again and tease him."

Ron beamed. "What an excellent idea," he agreed with a wink.


Vincent walked into the study and locked the door behind himself, walking over to sit in the large tan leather reading chair. "Come sit, Herm. I want a cuddle." She opened her mouth. "Now? Please?" She gave up her search and came over, starting to side sideways. "No, face away from me, I want to play with your neck while I hug you." She looked confused but did as he asked, straddling his lap and letting herself lean back against his chest. He kissed and licked her neck, hitting the spots that made her moan, his hands stroking her stomach. "I think we need to calm you down," he whispered against the damp flesh. He used his wand to strip her, making her squeal in alarm. "Shh, you're very pretty like this. Calm down," he soothed, making her relax. One of his hands reached down to free himself and he lifted her slightly, entering her with ease. She moaned and arched back against him. "Just relax, precious one, let me pleasure you," he pleaded. "It's time to relax, we have a while yet to plan and things." She dug her fingernails into his arms, it felt so good. "Relax," he whispered as he worked. She went limp against him with a soft cry, her eyes closed. "I'll have to tell him it worked," he said with a smile. She turned her head to look at him. "This is why Ron and Draco enjoy their quickies, Hermione. Because it's good sometimes. It makes you relax and remember to enjoy life." He kissed her cheek before summoning over a blanket, covering them. "Rest, Hermione, we'll continue later. I'm sure they've decided to take a break themselves."

She laughed and slid around to face him, replanting herself to help him along. "You aren't as relaxed as I am," she pleaded when he tried to stop her. "Please, Vinnie?"

"Yeah," he said with a grin, letting her go for it.

"I feel rather naughty, you being dressed and me not." She stroked her fingers over his shirt, then ripped it so she could touch the warm flesh. "There, much better," she decided, then reached down to finish moving his pants out of the way. "Next time, do this in sweats, no zippers."

He laughed, hugging her tightly as he humped her. He bit her on the shoulder, making her groan. "Thank you."

"You're welcome. But I'm still putting a chastity belt and impotence spell on them."

He laughed again, shaking his head. "I'm sure they won't appreciate it, but Ron said if they're doing one, you're going to be in a bikini on a beach somewhere." She looked shocked. "Somewhere dramatic and special for them."

"Hmm. I can see that, but we'd have to be careful about local codes so we wouldn't get into trouble."

"Let them deal with it. We'll deal with ours. What else can I do to help?"

"Help me take a nap?" she suggested.

He pulled her closer, holding her tightly until she drifted off. "I will have to thank him and remember this for some other time," he whispered against her hair.


Hermione looked stunning on her wedding day, everyone generally agreed that it was a beautiful ceremony and she shone brightly. The reception was going off without a hitch, everything was running just wonderfully. Even if her mother did nearly scream at her first sight of a house elf. Everything else was going very well. Then came the presents. Draco put one into Crabbe's hands and nodded at him. "For you," he said.

Vincent opened it slowly, then gaped at his boss. "Draco?" he breathed.

Draco gave him a smile. "Yes, those are the papers that your father used to bind you to the family, Vincent Crabbe. I'm freeing you of the obligation."

"Is that like slavery?" Hermione asked suspiciously.

"Usually it's used to raise a lower class child into the upper classes, turning them into lady or lord in waiting," Molly assured her. She smiled at Vincent. "He's freeing you of your obligation."

"You can come or go as you choose," Draco informed him. Harry whispered something. "That is true, I'd also have to pay you now," he said with a smile for his mate.

"Pay me?" Vincent asked. "To be your bodyguard?"

"Of course. I can't pay you for all the other things you do," Draco scoffed gently, still smiling.

"Would this have obligated me as well?" Hermione asked.

Draco looked at her but Vincent gave her the easy lie. "Of course not, my father couldn't do that without your parent's permission," he told her. He set the box in the middle of a clear spot on the floor, staring down at it. "Harry, does this mean we can buy your house for real?"

"I can even set some easy payment terms," Harry assured him. "The worth of your first two paychecks over the course of a year for the house and the surrounding lands we ended up buying. But we get whatever's in the hidden rooms."

Crabbe nodded, smiling at his wife as they set fire to the box together, watching it go up in silvery flames. "Thank you, Draco. I had been going to ask for it for an anniversary or a birthday present."

"I suppose I'll have to find something else for that now. How about a fertility spell?" Draco quipped with a wink at the shocked Hermione. "My mother used to threaten to fix him but I don't believe she ever got around to it," he told her.

"Draco!" she shrieked. He laughed and she shook her head. "You naughty creature! Ron, hit him!" she demanded, nearly stamping her foot.

Ron goosed Draco, making him squeal. "Quit picking on them in public, Draco, we'll pick on them in private. Mine's the gold one," he said with a wink to her.

Hermione rolled her eyes and opened that one, then quickly closed the box and glared at him. "Ron!"

"You wouldn't let us tease you before," Harry pointed out. "Mine's normal," he said with a smile, pointing out the small envelope. "It made me happy so you can't complain." He sipped his champagne, leaning against Ron's side this time. He was still so tired. Ron gently eased him into a chair, giving him a pat and a kiss on the temple. "Thank you, Ron."

"You're welcome, Harry," Ron said with a fond smile. "Draco?" Draco sat on Harry's other side, letting Ron take his left. "Open Harry's," Ron ordered. "We're best friends, ours come first."

"I'm not sure I want to," she pointed out. The guests laughed, figuring what was most likely in Ron's box. She and Vincent slid open the envelope, looking at the small brass key. "It's a vault key," she said, holding it up. "Harry?" she asked patiently.

"Get over it, Hermione. Besides, I left a gift certificate to the bookstores you liked in there." She walked over and hugged him gently. "Use it wisely, like for a nursery," he whispered. "You'll need it soon." She pulled back and looked at him and he winked. "I heard."

She walked back over to Vincent, giving him a look. "He gave us a book certificate and a nest-egg to help redecorate the new house." The crowd cheered and clapped. She moved on to the more mundane presents. Dishes, appliances. The obligatory cappuccino machine from Arthur and Molly, a muggle present of course. From her parents they got some new luggage and some event tickets for the convention they were heading out to that night.

One of the house elfs slid up beside Harry. "Guest at the door," it said quietly. "Official, pretty badge. Wants to see guns." Harry nodded and stood up, going to see who it was. Draco looked at it and it touched the weapon Draco was wearing, just in case. "Someone to see these."

"Harry can handle it," Ron hissed.

Harry met the official in Draco's study, closing the door. "You've come at rather a horrible time, we're hosting a wedding reception," he told him.

"I'm sorry, Mr. Potter, we can't call first. I'll be as quick as I can. I only need to make sure you have all the weapons listed."

Harry grimaced. "Draco's wearing his personal one and mine was lost in a car crash," he semi-lied. He hadn't recovered it after the fight and he didn't know what had happened to it. "We crashed about sixty miles north of here after being chased off the road."

"Yes, that's the reason for the visit." He opened his case and pulled it out. "This was mailed to us. Someone found it in their field." He smiled at the young man. "How bad an accident was it?"

"I'm still recovering," Harry told him. He saw the look over his body and the official nodded, apparently he could see the exhaustion. "I can let you see the others and send for Draco."

A house elf walked in with Draco's personal weapon on a pillow. "He said to show you and then bring it right back," he said reverently. No one touched the fabled guns, especially not a lowly house elf. They had helped defeat the dreaded Dark Lord, and Voldemort. Because of them, Lucius was no more.

"That's Draco's personal one," Harry noted. The official picked it up and the house elf hissed, turning its head so it wouldn't have to see the sacrilege. "It's all right," he soothed. "That's his job, to check them." The elf took the gun back and carried it off quickly. Harry opened the gun safe, letting him look at the other weapons in there.

"This one's not registered," he said, pointing at an old rifle.

"It was Draco's father's and it doesn't work," Harry informed him. "He used to threaten people off with it."

"Are you sure?"

"I am, I tried to fire it once to see if it worked," Harry told him.

"Where is the owner?" he asked as he opened it to check it out. "The firing pin is missing." Harry nodded. "I see." He put it back. "I suppose it's just a show piece now, harmless." He checked everything else and came up one short. "We have another rifle listed."

Harry nodded and relocked the gun safe. "It's upstairs in the room I use to clean it. Follow me and be quiet," he ordered, walking him up to the room he used to clean them. He found his spare wand and tucked it into a pocket, letting him look at the disassembled weapon.

The official checked the numbers and the style, then his sheet, then nodded. "Thank you, Mr. Potter. I'll leave you to your happy occasion. Did they marry here? I ask because usually you have to have a permit to allow marriages to take place anywhere outside a church."

"It's more a bonding ceremony," Draco said as he walked in. "Not official, simply private vows between each other." The official smiled. "A statement of what the rest of us knew for her parent's sake."

"Thank you, Lord Malfoy. Any news on your father?"

"He's presently on the run for his life," Draco said blandly. "After trying to kill my mates and myself."

"I'm sorry to hear that. What happened?"

"He's touched in the head," Harry told him. He smiled and shrugged. "He's also a bastard and an asshole. Kept saying Ron was a boy sometimes." The official laughed before being shown out. Harry took Draco's arm. "Sorry, but they did say they could do spot checks."

"At least he was decent about it. I thought I might have to come make him go away." He walked Harry back into the reception and smiled at the people looking at them. "Simply an official wanting to check on our weapons."

"Someone turned mine back in," Harry said quietly as he was seated. Draco kissed him on the top of the head. "Thank you."

"You're welcome." Draco sat himself. "Who turned it in?"

"He said it was mailed in by someone who found it in their field."

"We'll get show boxes for them later," Ron said, smiling at Harry. "Now eat, you'll need it." Harry smiled and obediently took a bite of roast beef. "Good boy, Harry." Ron winked. "Just wait. I've got the blue set laid out upstairs." Harry ate faster and Draco tapped him on the hand.

"Slow down, anticipation is half the fun, Harry," Draco reminded him. "Slow means you can be teased again."

Harry took large bites but he did so slower. "Thank you," he said between bites. "Many thanks to the both of you for everything."

"What else could we do?" Ron teased, pinching him on the thigh. "Leave you alone?"

Harry kissed her cheek. "No, but I still appreciate it all. You're sure you want to put on the blue one?"

"With the way you drooled, I'm very sure," Ron said smugly.

Draco chuckled. "I'm sure we'll enjoy it quite a lot, Ron. A few more hours and everything will be fine." He looked at Ron. "She didn't put you in one, correct?" Ron shook his head quickly and Draco and Harry both sighed in relief. "Then we'll have quite a lot of fun later."

"Yes, I will," Harry agreed smugly.