Age Line: Main Children, colors denote kids in same year.

Simone ------ Adrian Maclay
Denver ------- Emily Snape
Melvin -------- Andrea Reams
Iggy -------- Raena
Agatha -------- Ryan Rosenburg
"Little" Ron Potter ------- Ravena Malfoy Weasley
Melantha "Mellie" Potter ------ Tananda Weasley
Mary Weasley (Ron's stepdaughter)
Vinnie, Minnie, and Gwen Weasley
Zachariah Snape
Morgana Malfoy

The Bunny:

When I first read your completed Gryphon series straight through for the first time (yes I've read it more than once) I was reading another story at the same time(I don't remember which one) that made this idea pop into my head.

The mixed families of Draco, Ron and Xander (& Harry's youngest 2 & Raena) as well as a number of the pheonixes are leaving Hogwarts to travel to the Gryphon Colony for part of the summer holidays. they are travelling by broomstick through a portal that Xander created over the Quidditch pitch when interference from one of the gryphons' experimental spell that wasn't properly grounded threw Draco, Iggy, Harry's 2 and all of Draco's kids into another dimension.

In the other dimension, it was the Slytherin/Gryffindor match of Harry & Draco's 6th year. The game was tied and the seekers had just spotted the snitch and were racing for it, when extra bodies came crashing through the game and a hand reached out from the tangle and snatched the snitch right out of Harry's reach JUST as he was about to grab it. It was Ron of course. & I have a picture of him coming up to Harry as things are being sorted out and handing over the snitch saying "Sorry, its just automatic. See snitch, catch snitch. No hard feelings?"

The family is invited to stay at Hogwarts as they try to figure out how to get home. When Voldemort & Lucius try to get Draco & his family to join their forces I hear Draco telling them "We will not interfere with the future of this world but touch one hair on my kids-- I DO know the spell that destroyed you on my world. try me."

When Lucius trys to say that Draco isn't very slytherinish because of his lack of support for the Death eater Simone goes "Oh PLEASE... Slytherin himself approves of Father as the unoffical cohead of his house and as a true slytherin."


"of course, the ghosts of all the founders have returned in our world. Slytherin was quite disappointed Iggy wasn't in his house, what with his love of potions."

Draco also replies with a list of his accomplishments (like he did to the slytherins when he was pregnant) including the help & courting of one of the most powerful dark families in finding a suitable consort for his daughter & himself. A family that not even Voldemort could touch or interest.

Young Draco of course is an interested spectator to everything with reactions ranging from "MY children are WEASELS!!" to "I TEACH!!" Draco and Ron's reaction "WE have a child TOGETHER!!!"

The Weasley boys reaction "YOU are NOT going ANYWHERE near that ferret, even if we have to get Mom to buy a chastity belt!" to Draco/Ginny.

Dumbledore & Fawkes reaction to the pheonixes that come through with Draco & the kids. "Fawkes has HOW many chicks?"

"number of chicks at time + grandchicks"



Back on the home world, Xander's frantic & his response to the improperly grounded spell - crispy kitty/birdy anyone? They eventually figure out how to use Raina/Iggy's bond to track the lost ones and bring them home.

Notes: Set the summer before the kids' second seventh year. If you've read part seven, you'll understand that note.

White Knight cavalry.

Xander looked across the quidditch pitch as everyone gathered around for the trip to the gryphon colony for the annual summer holiday/summer lesson sessions. Of course, some of the children were running late. "Iggy!" he yelled.

"He's still packing," Simone complained as she walked over to join him. "You know how your son is."

Xander snickered, then he nodded. "I do. He gets that from his Uncle Bill I think." He looked at the Malfoy contingent, plus one. Simone, Denver, Anastasia, Ravena, Lucien, Melvin, and Morgana were all roughly gathered around their father. Lucien was fighting and wailing about not getting to be cuddled next to Maeve. Morgana was fussing about having to wear clothes. Draco had attached Lucien to his thigh and Morgana was in his arms, while his son and younger daughters tried to get the baby of the family calmed down. Simone finally grabbed her to hold her. "Guys, she'll be fine," he said, walking over to hold her. He looked at the kids from the other families that were joining them. Maeve had a fever so she had to stay for another day until it came down. William was hanging out with Ron's triplets Vinnie, Gwen, and Minnie. Mary, Ron's stepdaughter, was doing something mischievous to kill time, entertaining Gwen and Percy's youngest, Tananda. The three Potter children were all waiting around, Mellie leaning against Tanada's side, Little Ron giving Ravena an adoring look, and Agatha standing by herself so she couldn't be contaminated or contaminate another child. Her boyfriend Ryan was off at his mother's again this summer so she was all alone on this trip until they found something for her to do. The Gryphons had requested her presence to talk to her about something. She'd probably be coming back within a few days. Finally he spotted his son Iggy walking out with his two bags and a sour look. "What?" he demanded.

"I can't find the spare journal I bought for the trip," he admitted glumly. "That and Raena's staying with Maeve." He pulled his broom out of his pocket and unshrunk it, then loaded his bags onto the handle. "You guys?" he called. "Can we? That way everyone can go do things they enjoy?"

"Some of us are only going so we can play against Severn," Denver pointed out dryly.

"Yeah, you're going to up your chaser skills," Simone taunted.

"Yeah, and?" he demanded of his big sister. "At least I don't scare them too much to play with me."

"Enough," Xander said tiredly. "Into the air if you wouldn't mind. Let's let the young one do his official portal to the colony, then we'll all go." He noticed Maeve had snuck down to stand under one of the stands of seats. "Maeve, stay there, you don't need to be more sick." He looked at the young gryphon, nodding at him.

The gryphon launched himself into the air, feeling very important. He watched as the Malfoys lifted off first, taking the first line behind him, then the other children, then Ron, and that Xander was lagging because his broom was spitting at him. By the time he got up there, most of the phoenixes had flown out to come with them. They liked the colony, the gryphons treated them like younger siblings. He looked back at Xander, who waved a hand from behind the lines. He faced forward and cast the spell, going very carefully. This was his first official portal and he had to get it correct. He'd never live it down otherwise. He felt a shimmy in the magic but knew it was because of the shields around the school. He compensated for them in the field of magic and then gave them a smug look before flying through. As he flew, he could feel the magic wrap around him and 'taste' his essence of chaos magic. It liked him.

The kids flew through carefully, making sure not to run into each other in the bunch they were in. They felt the magic wrap around them too, and were nearly through to the other side when the adults and phoenixes joined them. That's when they felt the spell warp too far and all of them were blinded by a flash.

Xander was left on the other side, staring in shock at the portal that had just closed behind everyone. He looked around, then checked the magical fields around him. He couldn't find it at all. He slowly floated down with the few phoenixes that hadn't went yet, looking around in case they were simply hiding. Maybe it was some sort of prank from his husband?

"Want Lucien!" Maeve demanded angrily, stomping out to glare at her father. "Where my Lucien! Want him!"

Xander looked at his irrate daughter, then let out a small hysterical laugh. "Go get Uncle Severus," he said calmly. "Make him run out here right now. He can find Lucien, princess." She ran off. Xander looked at the phoenixes. "Did you guys expect that? Murphy?" His bird didn't answer so he must have gone with them. At least his son would have a reasonable adult voice like his around. He tipped his head back. "GEORGE!" George and Fred both appeared nearly instantly. Xander pointed at where the portal was. "The kids are gone."

"They're at the colony," Fred said, starting to look confused. "What's wrong?"

"No," Xander said, shaking his head, walking over to shake him as hard as he could. "The kids are gone! They're not on this planet! The portal went wrong! They're gone! Missing! Like the Fairies missing!"

"Shh," George soothed, saving his twin from Xander's hysterics. "Fred, go back to the shop. Call Percy, call Dad." Fred nodded and hurried off, taking Xander's broom so he couldn't take off. "Shh, Xander. We'll figure it out. Iggy's with them, they'll be able to overcome anything. Think about the group, they're excellent fighters." He glanced around. "Ron and Draco?" Xander pointed at where the portal was supposed to be. "Then they'll be fine," he said calmly, letting his hysterics out internally until someone more reasonable got there.


Maeve ran into her uncle's classroom, grabbing him by the arm and pulling on it, trying to get him to stand up. "Have to come. Lucien gone!"

"He only went to the colony. You'll be joining him tomorrow," he said patiently, stopping her before she hurt herself. He made her look at him. "He's fine. You'll see him tomorrow."

She shook her head wildly. "No! He gone! Portal go...." She spit. "It taked them and baby birds and all them! They gone! Daddy say run outside!" She started to heave on him again. "He say run now!" she insisted. "Lucien gone!"

"Fine," he said calmly, following her sedately. Her father would calm her down. Being in the basement of the school, it took them a good ten minutes to make it outside and to the pitch. He looked at the babbling Xander, then really started to get worried. "What happened?"

"Apparently the portal farted and took the kids, the birds, Draco, and Ron," George told him.

"If I had known it was that bad, I would have run," he noted, coming over to knock Xander out. His brand of hysterics wasn't needed. George let out a small hysterical laugh so he did the same to him. Then he set Maeve on top of them. "Stay there and watch them for a few moments." She nodded, sitting down and sucking on her thumb. He ran back into the school, going to get some people to help. The Headmaster and Minerva were going to be needed, as was his own wife and Percy Weasley, if not Bill Weasley as well. The Headmaster showed up first. "It appears," he said calmly, "that the young gryphlet miscalculated his landing trajectory. They're apparently no longer on this plane, except for Xander and George."

The most unusual sight ever seen happened. Dumbledore and Snape both ran outside to see if they could get any remaining energies rewoven. Dumbledore grabbing Hagrid as he passed by him, his fear giving him extra solidness to his ghostly form. "Call the colony, see if *anyone* showed up." He nodded, going to do that while they made it out to the pitch. "Oh, blast!" Dumbledore said, starting to really fret now. He couldn't even feel the energy. "How long ago did this happen?"

"Not that long. Maeve came to get me. I thought she was fretting because Lucien had disappeared. We walked out, so possibly twenty minutes now?" he said bitterly. Draco was like a son to him and so was Iggy. He would miss them if they were dead. "Raena," he bellowed. She came running from inside the school with his wife Tara, both Weasley sons, and Arthur Weasley. "Good, you're here. Can your form of magic find the magic used?" he demanded.

Tara looked at the spot, then she squealed, pointing. "Chaos! Pure chaos. It warped and unraveled." She looked at everyone else. "They've shifted planes!"

"What is the chance of getting them back easily?" Percy asked.

"None," she stated, giving him a look. "Do you know how many alternate planes there are? Plus, we need someone *calm* who can do chaos magic."

"Ethan," Xander groaned, getting to his knees. "We need to do a sensing circle. If we can taste the magic, it'll be easier to find. I do know that they don't have gryphons there and probably not many phoenixes either. They seem to flourish around each other." He made it to his feet, grabbing his cane to lean on. "We need to do this now."

"I know where Ethan is," Bill offered. Dumbledore nodded so he ran off to the apparation barrier to send himself off.

Percy looked at him, coming over to help support his favorite in-law. "We will find them, Xander."

Xander looked at him. "You do realize Melvin was there, right?" he asked. Percy stiffened but nodded. "Okay, as long as you know." He passed out again, forcing Percy to put him back onto the ground.

Arthur sighed. "Percy, get them out of the way. Where was the portal?" Maeve pointed. "In the air, Maeve?" She nodded. "Where exactly?"

Tara grabbed a broom and climbed on, floating up. "It was right here," she said, pointing at the spot in front of her. "The shield is damaged here too, Headmaster."

Albus nodded. "That's fine. We can and will deal with that later." He looked around at the remaining people. "We must get them back. It is imperative that we do not fail. Even if we have to spend day and night looking, we must."

"We will," Snape pointed out. He looked over as McGonagall came running. "There was a portal malfunction. They're missing."

"I feel like we're in an episode of Xander's tv show," Percy said bitterly, glaring at the ground so he wouldn't turn it on anyone else.

"They're fine," Dumbledore pointed out. "We would all know if any of them had died, most of all Raena." Percy nodded, giving him a long look. "We can do this. We must and we will. If Xander could end five years of worry and tension with a single spell, we can find those children, our two missing teachers, and the baby birds."

Hagrid trotted out. "The colony said that the gryphlet got there fine, but that he felt something going wrong as he exited," he panted, leaning against Arthur's shoulder. "He's flying this way now to help us. They said to cast no magic, they're sending some of the stronger elders up ta help, Professor Dumbledore, sir."

"Thank you, Hagrid. Use your dogs to guard the pitch. Only those we need get onto here." He nodded, going to get his beasts to help him. Dumbledore looked up as Professor Maclay sensed the hole. "Severus, go steady her," he ordered.

He grabbed a broom that appeared to have fallen out of someone's grip and headed up to steady and help her. He didn't want to lose her. "We'll get them," he said quietly. She gave him a confident look, she knew they would. Draco was her buddy and Xander's kids were like her own some days.


"The Seekers see the snitch!" the quidditch announcer yelled excitedly. "They're racing off between the chasers, oooh, nearly knocked that one off! Malfoy's gaining on Potter, but Potter is dodging his attempts to slow him down! Holy Merlin! What is going on!" he shouted as a dark splotch opened and more people appeared. "Hold on! We've got massive interference! It looks like Fawkes, multiple Fawkes! Ref! Time out!" he shouted. "Stop the game before someone gets hurt!"

The referee heard the panicked call and looked up as people on brooms flew out of a hole in the air. She blew her whistle repeatedly, knowing it wouldn't help either seeker. They were flying directly into that mess. She readied her wand to cushion their fall when they invariably crashed, but both of them made it through the phoenixes, into the mass of children and two adults. Everyone else was staring in shock. "Enough!" she yelled. "We'll rerelease!" She flew after them, hoping to make it there in time. Both of the seekers were in a tussle to get the snitch when a tanned hand reached out and snatched it from the air. She blew her whistle again. "Illegal catch!" she ordered. The birds got out of her way, squawking and squealing as they hid behind the other children, all of whom looked fairly pale and sick. "Land!" Madam Hooch ordered in her most authoritative voice. Slowly everyone started to land, making her blink. There were two Draco Malfoys. One of them was older, older than his father was in this time. There were also two Ron Weasleys, again, one was older than he should be. She looked at the headmaster, who came over to help sort this out. "I want explanations! You interrupted the game!"

One dark haired young man blinked at her. "Madam Hooch?" She pursed her lips, and he looked around. "GodDamnItToFuckingHellandBackAndMerlinWithHisStaff!" he shouted.

"I thought I swore," a redheaded female said, looking at him. "What's wrong with you, Iggy?"

"Look around, Simone. We're not exactly at the colony. Somehow we ended up at the school, during the year, during a Gryffindor/Slytherin match where your father and Little Ron's father are playing." He looked at them, then around. "Um, have there been visitors from Sunnydale in this time yet?"

"No," the Headmaster said.

Draco moved forward. "What year am I here?" he asked calmly. Dumbledore blinked at him. "It's important, trust me."

"Sixth," Draco told himself, looking his older self over. "I'm very old in your world."

"And done more than you could ever dream," Draco snapped. "Stand down, younger self." The younger him sneered at him but he glared and the boy did back up a few steps. "Thank you." He looked at the headmaster again. "Gryphons, do they exist here? Can we find any alive?"

"Not in many years." He looked around, then back at him. "This is most unusual."

"You can say that again," the redheaded female snorted, shaking her head. She looked up at the birds. "Glinda, order them to find a spot and roost out of the way," she called. One of birds squawked at her. "Sorry, Murphy, didn't see you among them. Fine, you get them to roost out of the way. Panicking baby birds won't help." Xander's phoenix Murphy and her own Glinda got the younger ones settled on the back of the stands and the platforms. "There, less noise," she noted for her father's benefit. He smiled grimly at her. "Kids, back away from the adults. They're talking theory."

Lucien got free and stomped over, yanking on his father's arm. "Where's my Maeve!" he hissed, glaring at his father. "Want her!"

"Son," he said, picking her up. "We're working on it. You'll see her soon. Until then, calm yourself and go help Simone order the younger children around." His son's glare turned more icy. "I can't help if we can't talk, son."

"I have children?" Draco asked in disgust. "That I take care of?"

"Fat lot you know," a blond boy told him. "You not only have kids, you changed diapers and got sick all over you," he sneered.

"Eww," Draco said. "Now I know they're not from our future." He shuddered and backed away from them, then he noticed the stunning females with them. "Hmm. Interesting."

"All the redheaded females but the six-year-old are my daughters," older Draco said, glaring at him. "Touch and they'll kill you, boy." He looked back at the headmaster. "We seem to be in a bit of a fix. We were headed for our own gryphon colony for summer lessons. One of the gryphlets was making the portal. It apparently went odd."

"You can say that again," older Ron snorted. He waved at his younger self, walking over to him and Harry. "Hey." He handed back the snitch. "Sorry, it's instinct now. See the snitch, catch the snitch. No hard feelings?"

"You're a seeker?" Harry asked, looking at his own Ron.

"No," Older Ron said with a grin. "But Little Ron, your son from our world, and Ravena, Malfoy's youngest of the older group, are and they're grounded. I've been keeping all their snitches." Harry looked at the kids, then at him. "The Hermione-headed boy and girl are yours, along with the stand-offish one with dark hair," he said quietly.

"Oh, shit," Harry said, eyes wide as he passed out.

Younger Ron looked down at his best friend, then at his older self. "Nice job."

"Thank you," he said with a grin. Someone tugged on his shirt. "Yes?" he asked, looking down at his stepdaughter. "Hey, Mary. Tired of the triplets?" She nodded, leaning against his leg. "You okay?" He tested her forehead, then grimaced. "Draco, we need to check the kids. Mary's got a fever," he called.

Draco broke off his discussion with the headmaster to track down Lucien, the triplets, and Morgana. He nodded. "Morgana and William as well." He looked at the headmaster. "May we go upstairs to the infirmary? It's probably magical shock."

"Of course," he agreed, nodding. "Severus, go with them for now. They appear to need more adult help."

"It's not really necessary. Some of us have spent a lot of time up there in our lives," older Ron told him dryly, grabbing his stepdaughter to hold. "Kids, infirmary. Now," he ordered, pointing at the school. "Bring your brooms, bring the bigger kids you rode with so no one gets left behind. Simone, you can't play with them." He waved and they trooped up to the school. He shook his head at Simone's hurt look. "If I'm that young then the twins are in fine playing form, I'll have them called and see if they'll keep you in form," he sighed, following behind her with Draco beside him. "Can you imagine if this had happened to us during a game?" he asked Draco.

Draco shuddered. "I would have hexed myself. Especially with how close I was to the snitch."

Little Ron looked back at him, then cleared his throat. "I believe Dad had the advantage of reach by about an inch, Uncle Draco. The younger you was slightly behind and off to the side, while the snitch was on dad's other side." Ravena nodded to back him up. "Sorry to say but you wouldn't have gotten it this time either."

"Fine," he sighed, shaking his head. "I still would have hexed myself into oblivion."

Ron stopped, then groaned. "Draco, if there's no Xander here, the war's going on." Draco paled a bit, then took a deep breath and shook his head. "You're sure?"

"I am. We'll be fine." He waved at the school. "Come along." Ron nodded, following him.

Ron looked at his teammates, then down at the unconscious Harry. "I follow a Malfoy? He's good?"

"It is a sickening thought," Draco agreed from his position leaning on his broom. "Besides, I would have gotten it. I was about to duck under him." He kicked at Harry's foot, making Madam Hooch glare at him. "Trying to wake him up," he defended. "We can't finish this game without it."

"I believe the game is called until tomorrow," Dumbledore announced. "Just in case more of them show up." He walked his lead professors inside, going up to the infirmary to make sure their guests were comfortable and contained. A good Malfoy? It was nearly unheard of.

The silver-haired young man was stomping back their way. "Problems?" Snape asked bitterly.

The boy looked at him. "I forgot my broom in the rush to get the kids upstairs. By the way, Professor Snape, if we're going to have to stay here any length of time, I'm going to have to get with you for a few moments."

"Why? Are you the current head of Slytherin?"

"No, I'm your apprentice on my plane of existence, sir. I have been since I was admitted a year early to Hogwarts." He called his broom, catching it easily. "The student heads of your house are actually Agatha Potter and her consort, plus Ravena Malfoy-Weasley." He walked back that way, leaving the stunned men in their places.

Professor McGonagall cleared her throat, one hand drifting up to rub her neck. "A Potter in Slytherin?"

"Malfoy-Weasleys?" Snape demanded, hurrying after the boy. He walked into the infirmary, glaring at the older Draco. "Malfoy-*Weasleys*?" he demanded.

Simone looked at him. "He had the unfortunate accident to knock up Ginny in his last year, right before they took out the slimy fucker Voldemort as he tried to rush the school."

"Simone, do not change their timeline. They don't have Xander here," Ron snapped.

"Sorry, Uncle Ron. Being helpful. Calm down. You can get nookie again soon, I promise." Denver groaned and hit her on the shoulder. "Hey! Keep it up! You're about as likely to get laid here as I am, little brother!"

"Unlike you, I'm a pure Malfoy, thank you," Denver sneered back. "You're showing your good guy roots, sister."

She punched him, then kicked him a few times once he was down. "I'm not the pure Malfoy who was sorted into Gryffindor like the rest of us Malfoy-Weasleys, brother dear. I'd stop now."

"Stop it!" Draco shouted and everyone stopped, staring at him like he had hit them. "Thank you! You're fucking annoying! Simone, sit, behave, or I'm having your ass sewn shut! You are not helping. Pick on your brother some other time." She pouted but sat on a bed. "Denver, up. You're not that badly hurt, son." He groaned as he sat on the end of Lucien's bed. "Thank you!" He brushed his hair back and turned to look at Snape. "She was correct. Ginny cured my self-centeredness and depression that remained after the Xander in our world fixed the problems I had with my father and his Lord." He sneered at Snape. "Though you'd be surprised at your future in our world."

"Did he die?" McGonagall asked.

"No, he turned a lesbian wiccan into his perfect princess of light," Ron said dryly, patting Draco on the back. "Calm down. They were wearing out some energy. She'd never *really* hurt Denver."

"Maeve," Lucien called pitifully.

"I feel the same way about Raena," Iggy soothed, stroking over his forehead. "It's okay. Our daddy has her and she's in good hands with Uncle Severus back there. I'm sure she's fine, Lucien." He pouted. "I know, but it'll be okay. If anyone can find our way home, it'll be me, your daddy, and my daddy and Uncle Sev back at home." Lucien nodded and settled in.

"Not the me here?" Severus sneered.

Iggy looked at him. "I don't know the you here, sir. I do know the one there had a very odd collection of books on chaos magic that he got from my father. I know he's read them all. I know my father's one of the strongest gryphon borns in generations and I know my wife is back there." His eyes lit up. "Our bond!"

"This world is thin on chaos magic," Dumbledore said quietly. Iggy's face fell. "Gryphon born?"

"In our world, in the past, gryphons channeled chaos magic so others could use it," Draco explained. "I have a history book somewhere in my things I believe."

"I've got it in the book case," Iggy offered. "You know my books are yours to use, Uncle Draco."

"Thank you, Ignatius. Sit and let the nice nurse check you over as well." He nodded and climbed up with Lucien to let her check him over and to stop the young boy from fretting. He looked at the teachers again. "We know this inconvenient. Trust me, I did not plan on this side trip." Snape snorted. "I didn't. The gryplet had passed all his tests. The portal was to take us from the pitch to just outside Stonehenge. He'd done it before. I can only guess that we either overloaded it or the number of phoenix chicks making the trip upset it somehow."

"You have more than one in your world?" McGonagall asked. He nodded. "Why?"

"Because a second was found and mated with Fawkes," Draco said dryly. "Simone was the chosen of one of the first clutch. Hers is Glinda, she seems to shine gold. The big male is Murphy, he's Xander's chosen and the patriarch of the ones outside."

Dumbledore walked over to the window overlooking the pitch and looked out. He tried to count glowing spots. "Fawkes had HOW many chicks?" he asked in alarm.

"Approximately fifty first generation, maybe seventy second generation, ten third generation, and another breeding pair somewhere in Sweden," Simone said helpfully.

"Oh, my," he said weakly, not willing to consider that. He looked at the others. "Their world is vastly different. Perhaps we can figure this out soon?" He looked at Draco as the younger set came in. "I don't believe we need you in here."

"Of course you do, I can bridge the gap between us and the other me," he snarled. "Plus, my father said so."

Draco sneered at the man following the younger him in. "Wonderful, who ordered the putz?"

Ron snickered. "Hey, at least he's not possessing anyone this time," he offered happily.

"True, we won't have to kick him out of Simone's body again," Draco agreed, happier now. He glared at his father. "I don't believe your input was needed, Lucius. I am more than Malfoy enough to deal with this situation, thank you." He looked at Snape again, rolling his eyes. "Another difference, mine is dead," he said cheerfully, making Snape splutter. "He got torn limb from limb and roasted." He glanced at his daughter, but Simone was leaning over Iggy. "What's wrong now?"

"He's got a splitting headache, daddy. He also said he didn't bring the medicine bag," she sighed.

"I did," he noted, pointing at his bag. "Just in case. That way he wouldn't spend his first two days brewing assorted potions for the colony again." He looked at Snape and rolled his eyes. "He really is a miniature you for all that he's his father's son. He's been yours since he was eight and told off a few Gryffs for being dumbasses." Ron groaned. "He did." He shrugged at him then looked at Snape again. "Ignatius is a prodigy. He's in the Royal Academy in our world. He's working on a dual degree track and seems to be at least halfway through now. He's done over seven thousand potions. You really should deal with him directly. He does it so much better than I ever really did. He's also got some ...special skills that need to be known about. It could help you greatly and shouldn't be messing with your timeline too much." Snape looked shocked so Draco moved closer and said something next to his cheek. The man stiffened. "As I said, it should be helpful. I learned it off his notes. His and his wife's." Snape nodded and went to check on the boy.

He looked at McGonagall. "Anna, Ravena, Simone, I want you to work with Professor McGonagall while we're here. You three seem to do well in her area. Little Ron, Ron, Denver, work with whomever is doing Defense here if necessary. This is a good reason for an attack to be attempted." Little Ron nodded and patted Ravena gently on the leg. He smiled at the boy for it. "Thank you. Agatha, if you think you can control yourself and your urges, help them. If not, we'll bind you for a bit again, dear." He looked at the remaining kids. "Melvin, I want you and the rest to handle the little details and the little children. You do it very well, Melvin. They'll listen to you." Melvin nodded, standing straighter. "Good boy. Your father would be proud."

"Who is his father?" the younger Ron asked from the doorway. "I realize he's not one of us but he kinda looks like one of us."

"He looks a lot more like his mum did before she was killed," Big Ron told him. "He's Percy's oldest. Tananda is his little sister." The younger him looked stunned and Ron giggled, walking over. "Oh, there's some shit in my family that you wouldn't believe. Not only are all the cute redheads Malfoy-Weasleys, the three triplets are mine and the silver-haired one is actually George's son with another bloke. You would adore Xander."

Draco nodded, looking odd. "If only for the trouble he caused."

"For right now, let's get you all checked out and rested up," Dumbledore suggested. "Would you like the younger yous here?"

"Not yet. Let them go calm down after the game," Ron told him with a grin. "I remember those days fondly. I still get hot after a fun league game."

Draco gave him a look. "You should. You're possibly the weakest player on the family team now that the kids are playing most of the time."

Ron shrugged. "So I'm not in their class. I don't know too many pros who are. Not even you and Harry most of the time."

"Hmm. Good point," Draco agreed dryly. "I'd hate to play against the current Gryffindor team." Denver snickered. "I heard that, son."

"Yes, father. We'll remember that during the next team/faculty scrimmage."

"Son, I only teach part time. I can't really claim a spot on that team. Thankfully," he said when his daughter looked at him. "You do know that we'll have to decide with seeker gets to play?"

"Mellie," Ravena told him, making Little Ron give her a horrified look. "She only gets to play in the fun league. She should get to play in that one."

"I guess," Little Ron sighed bitterly.

Ravena smirked at him. "Then we can go play on the family team for a game." He beamed.

Big Ron snorted. "Yeah, and if it's like the last time, Percy's going to kill you lot. Remember that. Your grandfather's old now and doesn't need that sort of stress." They smirked at him. "That's what I thought you'd say," he said, rolling his eyes and sitting on a bed so the nurse could check him over. "Lucien and Maeve have had some sort of mild wizard's flu," he offered. "She's still got a fever or she'd be here with us too. You'd like her, you never see her off Lucien's side. It's like they're bloody twins for all that they had different parents."

"It was the trauma of being born at the same time," Draco pointed out. He let the nurse check him over when she got to him. "How is my magical field? Do I look off?"

"To this world, you do. You look heavily chaos influenced. Do you do chaos magic, Mr. Malfoy?"

He grinned and patted her on the hand. "I don't, but it is part of my nature. It explains so much, doesn't it?" She bit back a laugh, he could tell. He looked at his father in this world, then at the him in this world. "If you must, you may stay," he said imperiously. "As long as you don't hit on my daughters or the other children."

"I have enough of that, thank you," he said dryly, smirking at his older self. "You've really let yourself go."

"You don't get as much pampering time when you have to take care of infants," he noted. He looked around and frowned. "Where did Morgana get to?" he asked.

Simone looked at the bed she had put her on. "She was right there a few minutes ago." They searched but the baby wasn't in there. She had just learned to crawl. She opened a window and stuck her head out. "Murphy! Glinda! Morgana's escaped again!" she yelled.

"Very dignified," her father noted. "Not."

She pulled back in. "Can you think of a better creature to find her? We don't know if they have a fairy portal or not."

"Good point, and she is the future guardian of the school," Ron noted. He shrugged. "They'll find her. They always do."

"You don't seem overly worried," Madam Pomfrey noted.

Draco smiled at her. "My daughter is amazing, but she won't get hurt. She is the future guardian of the school in our world. Had I been really worried, I would have sent Minnie out with the birds."

"Murphy's gotten plenty of baby hunting practice," the older Ron assured her. "All of them, plus a few more." She looked stunned. "We all kinda live together in a tower of our own."

"I teach?" the younger Ron and Draco said in unison, with some amazement and horror. "What?"

"I teach Theory," the older Draco told them. "I also teach some of the highest defense class in the physical track."

"I teach regular Defense," the older Ron offered. "I'm also cohead over Gryffindor." Both boys gaped at him. He smirked at them. "What?" he asked innocently. "I got really good at it."

"Of course I did," the younger Ron agreed with a grin. "I should tell Mum and Dad." The older one waved a hand. "I'll go get permission." He ran out, still shaking his head. "I teach," he told Hermione. "I teach Defense." She looked stunned. "That's what I said. Or he said. Whatever." He shook his head and headed off. He had kids, he taught. He lived with phoenix chicks. His life was really odd there, and he *really* wanted to know who this Xander person was now. Could they get him there to help? He must be decent if he had made Malfoy a good guy.

Draco looked over his younger self. "Let me guess, you wanted to know more after you showered?" He got a funny look. "I play pro, little me. I know how sweaty you've got to be. Go shower, I doubt this is going to be solved today." The younger him walked out, frowning. He looked at Lucius. "Do not come near my family again," he said in his best 'icy hand of death' voice. "You won't like what will happen." He looked at the children again, reaching over to slap Ron and point at Iggy. "Someone needed to tell his wife to bugger off last night," he said dryly.

Ron snickered. "Poor kid. She's still wearing him out." He laid down, letting his triplets and Mary curl up with him. "Hey, guys. Needed a cuddle?" They nodded and held on tightly so he wouldn't leave. "I know, it's odd. We're fine though. We'll make it home and all that good stuff. Who knows, maybe we'll find good things here for you to do until we can get back. At worst, we can put you in the library and let you color." A few of them grinned at him but Mary still looked worried. "Don't worry, your mum'll be happy that you're fine. She won't yell at you and you didn't do this," he promised seriously. "This was the gryphon's problem, not yours." She relaxed and put her head back onto his stomach. He patted them all gently. "Good kids. You guys rest." He looked at his friend. "Sarajane is going to be pissed," he noted.

"She'll be too happy to have you back to complain much," Draco said calmly. "Expect to be jumped when you get home." Ron grinned. "Please though, do the world a favor, don't give the twins more heirs."

"Maybe we'll have the spark that'll keep the house team alive and going strong," Ron said fondly. "Maybe a real keeper?"

"Maybe, you don't do so badly in that position," Draco admitted. "You do better there than you do as a chaser or temporary beater." Ron beamed at him. "The kids can still run rings around you, Weasley. Even Melvin."

"They practice more than I do," Ron said, not peeved in the least. It had been a nice compliment.

"While that is a point, you could practice against them," Draco noted. "Merlin knows I do against Ravena."

"Speaking of practice," Ravena said smoothly as she came over to hug her father. She gave him her most winning and pretty smile, making him smile back. "Can Ronnie and I have ours back?" she begged as cutely as she could, but adding some deadly puppy eyes.

"Hell no," Ron told her. "Grounded for two months means you're grounded no matter what plane we're on. You've still got another week before either of you get them back, plus Ronnie's got two more days added on because he let you play with his when you were grounded." She pouted at him. "Tough. I should've handed them to mum but they'd have driven her nuts."

Ravena gave him a hurt look. "We need something to do and I just know you're not treating our Goddesses right. You probably don't even polish them." Ron gave her a long look and she pouted but he shook his head. "Fine. Be that way then. I'll get with William and Mary to prank your butt." Draco tapped his daughter on the shoulder so she pouted at him. He shook his head. "Fine," she said miserably.

"Think of all the attention you can give it when you get it back," Draco said patiently. She went to lay beside Ronnie. "On your own bed, Ravena." She switched beds, pouting at him from a distance. "Tough. Simone wore me out of giving in to that look years ago, daughter."

"Yes, daddy," she said with her most pitiful voice. He snorted. "Can we at least go fly with the school's? We can't influence it since we're not going to be born in this life probably."

"With permission from Madam Hooch and the headmaster," he said patiently. Those two, Simone, Denver, and William ran out to get permission. He looked at Ron and rolled his eyes. "Why did I knock up your sister again?"

"You kept saying something about fires and heating you back up," Ron said with a shrug. "None of us understood those moods you took, Draco."

"Hmm. She did." He shook himself and looked over at Melvin. "Everyone else asleep?" He nodded. "Good." He laid back down, getting comfortable. "It's nice that some things stay the same across all the planes and worlds. Infirmary beds are very sturdy, yet so very bad for your back." Ron snickered. "They are."

"They're meant to make sure you don't lounge about in them," Ron told him. "Poppy told me that once when I complained." Madam Pomfrey looked at them. "We both teach now." Her lips thinned as she pressed them together. "He teaches Theory and I teach Defense."

"That really does not surprise me," she said dryly. "I'm still there?" They both nodded. "How old are you both?"

"Let's see, the kids are going into their seventh year, again," Draco said, counting it in his head. "That makes Simone and Denver both seventeen for a few more months. Iggy's a year younger. I was eighteen when Simone was born." He smirked. "Too old." She laughed.

"We're both thirty-five," Ron told her. "He got an earlier start on the family stuff so he had the energy to chase after the little hellions." She laughed louder, going back to her office. "What topics are banned when we talk to the younger selves?" Ron asked.

"Not many," Draco admitted. "There's no way they can end up as us if Xander hasn't already been here. They're sixth years. He was teaching in our sixth year so they're going to have to find another solution and since the chaos magic is weak I doubt they could do the spell. It'd take someone who was steeped in it to do that."

"Then how did Harry help?"

"I have no bloody idea," Draco admitted. "I remember he was in a lot of pain as we ran after the remaining Death Eaters however." He shrugged. "It's an interesting point to consider, especially in my field. Perhaps I'll write a book on that and this occurrence."

Ron gave him a very serious look. "Don't turn into Lockhart," he pleaded solemnly. "We'd have to drown you in the bath."

Draco burst out in giggles. "If I do, then you have my permission to do so. If I ever turn into the fluffy, nancy ponce I want to be killed."

"Good," Ron said with a grin. "Then I can make you miserable for all the things you've ever done to me." Draco gave him a look and Ron looked smug. "Hey, you had all the players and didn't even put out a keeper."

"I've already provided a seeker better than most of the ones ever seen, a beater who makes grown, professional, players weep in fear, and a star chaser. I only have so many children, Weasley. Sorry, but I had to have a princess and you may get your wish from either Lucien or Morgana. I'm sure we'll have them up on brooms soon enough."

Ron beamed. "Hopefully. I think Morgana will make a kick-ass player. As long as you don't turn her into a delicate little quim like you did Anastasia."

Draco looked offended for a moment, then shook his head. "I suppose she can be sometimes. Most of those she needs her potion though. I can't wait to see her with her future spouse."

"Hopefully we'll find one who won't die from it," Ron groused. "Then we'd have to do it again."

"With the way we've had to widen the field to find anyone of appropriate blood, I doubt we could. You never did tell me why you didn't like that Japanese family."

"Think about their own daughter," Ron said dryly. "Can you see Ana being a little dress- up doll like that? She was adorable, but she looked like she couldn't move in that outfit."

"True," Draco admitted, thinking back. "They were nice though. I'm sure she could have fit in if she wanted to."

"I still like the Count," Ron offered.

"I loathe that man. He's ten years older than she, plus he's like me in my younger days. He's never seen a female he hasn't wanted and I don't want to force my daughter to have to do an honor killing. That's also why I didn't like that Indian one either. He was nice enough but he would impose on her sunny nature and she'd have to kill him some day."

"Have the Ravettenas come through with anyone?"

"Not yet," he admitted. "She has some ideas and is talking to a few of the families from her levels of power. We should be having another tea right before school starts."

"Hopefully we can find someone she at least likes," Ron sighed. "I'm so glad my own kids don't have to worry about that." He gently stroked each kid's hair. "I worry about the triplets being separated."

"They'll be fine, Ron. Even if the hat does put them into different houses, they'll learn from it and only get stronger. If Minnie's called, they'll help her the way Xander used to help Buffy."

"Yeah, I know, but it still sucks."

"It could be worse, she could be alone," he said gently.

Ron shuddered, waking Gwen up. She yawned at him and gave him a hug so he calmed down and rubbed her back until she went back to sleep. "That would be worse," he agreed finally. "I'd have gone insane by now if I didn't have them."

"Not that you're so far off now," Draco taunted.

"Malfoy, I'm going to cream you later," Ron stated. "We'll see who remembers more about dueling."

"I do. I'm second head of the club," Draco said smugly. "You only do running battles, not formal duels. Idiot."



"Ass fucker."

"Children," Iggy said, glaring at them. "Stop it. Some of us don't need to hear you two have foreplay." He sat up and looked around. "Flying?" They nodded so he heaved himself off the bed. "It'll help me think too I suppose." He grabbed his broom and headed outside as well. He looked up at the people in the air, heading up to join them. "Can anyone play?"

"We were just talking," Harry said, smiling at him. "You look slightly familiar."

"I'm George's son in our world."

"Oh." His face lit up. "A pranker like your dad then?"

Iggy snickered and shook his head. "Only when I get pissed. I'm a Potions Master, Harry, and a healer trainee." He gaped at him. "I apprenticed directly under Uncle Sev."

"Wow," Harry said finally. He shook his head. "Does the one here know?"

"I told him I was his apprentice back in my world, but I think he got stuck on Simone's mother's name."

"Hello," one twin said as they joined them.

"All," the other finished as he flew up onto the other side of Harry. "Dumbledore called us."

"Said something big had happened."

"Broadcast was cut with the announcer saying something about...."

"Extra players on the field," the other finished looking at the strange children. "Hello," he said happily. "I'm Fred. That's George."

"Got it backwards again?" Simone asked dryly. They looked stunned and she giggled, looking at Iggy. "Should we tell them?"

"Sure," Iggy said, waving a hand. "Yeah, we're not from this existence. We're from another version. In ours, you're all adults already so we're kinda the kids. I'm actually George's son." George looked stunned.

Harry tipped George's mouth up for him. "He's also a potions master." Fred nearly fell off his broom and his Ron steadied him. He smirked at them as Ginny and Bill joined them. "Hi. Come to help?" They nodded. "Then we can finish the explanations." He noticed Malfoy flying close by. "You might as well come here too and find the two seekers." Draco flew closer and pointed up with a wry look. The two younger ones were sitting above them petting and cooing to the snitch. "Okay then." He looked at Iggy. "You seem like a bright lad. Can you explain it to us?" Harry semi-demanded.

"Not that we don't like you and all, but seeing an older me with kids is freaky," Ron noted.

Iggy snorted. "Think about how we feel, Ron. The you in our world used to change our diapers." He blushed and Iggy grinned. "Let's start with formal introductions. Melvin!" he called, catching sight of him. "Come on up, bring the kids." He nodded and most of the kids came up, but he had Morgana and Lucien was missing. "Okay, to start again. I'm Iggy, I'm a Potions Master and a healer in training. I've already got my Mastery stuff all- but done so I'm considered a full one already. In my world, I'm George's and Xander's son, but you guys apparently don't have a Xander here so don't worry about it."

Simone looked at Melvin. "You're less shocking."

"Good point." He flew closer. "I'm Melvin, I'm Percy's son." Ron and Bill both looked stunned. "The little dark redhead leaning against the Harry daughter is my little sister Tananda." She waved. "Little Ron?"

The two seekers flew down together. "Hi, I'm Ron Potter, usually known as Little Ron. This is Ravena Malfoy-Weasley. We're both champion level seekers."

Ravena smirked at them. "We're so good they've been recruiting us since his second and my first year. We once caught the snitch at the same time." Both twins and Bill looked stunned now.

"Wicked," Ron breathed. "You're better than your dads?" he asked.

Little Ron smirked. "Uncle Draco has said repeatedly that he'd hate to have to play against us. The snitch is our Goddess and it shows." They floated back up.

"Hold on," one twin noted.


"Plural," Denver told him. "I'm Denver Malfoy, bastard son of Draco, but he took me in." He bowed at the him here. "I was the product of a miserable night with a former housemate while their mum was stuffed up with Simone."

"Malfoy-Weasley?" Draco asked. "My children are Weasels?" he said, looking horrified, shuddering so hard he nearly fell off his broom.

Simone smirked at him. "Yes, I am, Ravena is, and Anastasia is. I'm Simone, I'm the champion level beater. We've played some pro players and I've made them cry." Everyone on her side nodded. "Anastasia is the prim little princess person behind us. She doesn't play."

"I play chaser, as do Iggy and Melvin," Denver said helpfully. "We only really need a keeper."

"Your father just said we might be able to make Lucien or Morgana go that way," Iggy said helpfully.

The twins looked at Ginny once they had shaken themselves free. "You are NOT going anywhere near that ferret," Fred said hotly.

"Even if we do have to buy Mum a chastity belt for you!" George added for good measure. They both glared at Draco.

"Eww," he noted, hoping they didn't attack him. "My children are Weasels," he said miserably. He looked at Potter. "Not even yours, but *their's*. That's worse. Much worse."

"Think how I feel. I had how many kids with you?" Ginny said, looking slightly green.

"Only down to Ravena," Simone told her. "Lucien, Denver, and Morgana aren't yours."

"Lucien is," Denver reminded her. "For all that he was out-sourced."

"Hmm. Good point," Simone offered with a small smile. "The you there also carried Iggy for George."

"Explains his oddity then," Ron said, sounding cheerful. His family had spawned champion quidditch players and he taught Defense.

Iggy looked at him. "Oh, you'd be surprised." He cleared his throat. "You know how some magic is really hard, really special, and very odd?" They all nodded. "Draco carried Lucien and Morgana. Morgana was kinda forced onto him though. She's the next guardian." He smirked at both of them. "You two make beautiful babies together."

Ron nearly fell off his broom. Draco gaped and started to whimper. Finally they both got out, "We have a child TOGETHER!"

"The same goes for you, Ronniekins," George said firmly.

"We will buy mum a chastity belt for you as well," Fred finished.

Ron looked at them. "Buy me some firewhiskey instead so I can get that picture out of my head," he demanded. "I'd never sleep with him. I don't like blokes." He looked at the mostly silent dark-haired girl glaring at the little girl with hair like Harry's son had. "Which one are you?" he asked politely.

The girl flew closer. "I'm Mellie Potter, I'm Harry's youngest and a seeker as well. I'm more like dad's calm side, like when he's playing. I'm only a normal seeker, not one gifted like Ron and Ravena are. I'll play pro, but mostly now I play on the fun league's family team so I stay in practice. Very few seekers ever have a pet snitch and I'm not one of them." She looked over her shoulder then sighed when she looked at them again. "Leave Aggie alone," she requested quietly. "She's sensing the magic."

"Agatha!" Iggy snapped, making her glare at him. "Little do I care, but we already know the chaos magic is thin around here. If you try anything it could keep us from getting home. Use normal magic." She sneered. "Keep it up, I can kick your ass. Your father and mine aren't here." She settled down. "Thank you." He looked at Harry. "She's unfortunately your first born. She's already gone bad but we've got plans in place for her. She's the first Slytherin Potter in six generations."

"Five," Agatha said as she came over. "I was setting up a telltale to alert me for any fluxes in the energy matrix," she said snidely. "That way we get some warning before the cavalry shows up." She turned her broom to look at the others. "What my *darling* little sister and brother forgot to mention was that we're Hermione's children as well. She turned me this way, Harry. Do watch her."

"No chaos here for her to play with, it shouldn't be a problem," Melvin noted. Agatha looked at him, eyes narrowed. "If she can't get to it, why would she turn?"

"'Mione?" Ron asked.

"She got enamored of the power," Melvin told him simply. "It ruined her." He looked around. "Does anyone else stop and stare at Lucien when they realize he doesn't look like he's got two heads?"

Denver snickered. "Yeah, I did. Maeve's got to be sedated by now. She's usually much more fierce about getting next to him."

"Who's Maeve?" Harry asked.

"My little sister," Iggy said with a smirk. "She and Lucien, the little blond one in bed, were carried at the same time and were born right next to each other. They're *always* attached to each other."

"Father doesn't even bother pressing that side of his outfits anymore," Simone sighed. "He said it's a waste of energy."

"They are perpetually cute," Denver agreed. "They're never separated. We're figuring out how to make sure they don't end up married."

"Slytherin worked that out," Simone reminded him.

"Right, that's it, who's up for a drink?" Draco announced.

"Me," Ron said, raising a hand. "At least until we can deal with all this for ourselves." Ginny and the twins both nodded. "You know any of the tunnels down?"

"Yeah, and we did bring some of our allowances too," Simone noted, digging into her pants pocket. She pulled out a galleon and flipped it over. "Look like yours?"

The twins took it from Harry to look at, then nodded after testing it. "It does, exactly like it," one of them noted, letting the other toss it back.

"Are we generously wealthy?" the other one asked.

"The shop in our world does very well," Iggy told him. "You make between ten and fifteen percent profit a year since your second year in business, though I'm not sure if you're in Hogsmeade here or not." They shook their heads, looking interested.

"That's on top of the settlement money from where people keep trying to get Xander," Denver said grimly. "Gryphon borns are not that popular in our world, for all that Iggy's making a really good impression on most everyone."

Iggy gave him a look. "You had to bring that up? They don't even have gryphons here."

"No, but we'd like to hear more about this," one twin said, moving closer.

"I bet you've got all sorts of information on what your father and uncle sell," the other agreed happily. "Come on."

"We'll buy," the other one offered.

"Flying or tunnels?" Simone asked.

"Tunnels, it's safer," Ron decided. "You can come too, Malfoy. So you don't get us caught." Draco glared at him. "Come on, you can get sloshed and feel much better." Draco flew past him. "Prat."

"But a very talented one apparently," Harry noted, frowning at Draco's back. "I didn't know he was more than bad attitude and hexes." They flew back to the school, letting Melvin take the kids back to the infirmary. He wouldn't go with them, he had to watch the littles. Harry watched as Simone cast a spell to make them ignored, but they still snuck through the school. They made it to the corridor with the statue and found Professor Snape there. He looked directly at them.

Simone walked forward. "Excuse us, but we need to run out and get some supplies," she said nicely, shoving him out of the way. "You'll understand later. Go ask our father and Uncle Ron. Come, Draco. I always wanted to know what an anti-angst father was like." She took his arm and led him off. Everyone else trooped after them.

"We're following to keep them out of trouble," Ron said as he slid into the hole.

"Really, we are," Harry agreed. "Think of how much trouble they could get into with Voldemort." He ran after them, taking the stairs down as fast as he could.

"We'll hand you a report, of course," Bill said with a small pat on the arm for the stunned teacher. "Plus keep them *all* out of trouble while Ron and Malfoy drink the picture of them having a daughter out of their heads."

Snape looked horrified. "They had one together!" Bill grimaced but nodded. "Oh, Merlin, no," he pleaded, looking green. It went very well with his black robes. He ran off to be sick. That was too much. He couldn't take that mental picture either. No wonder Mr. Malfoy was going to go get drunk. As soon as his stomach settled, he grabbed a shot himself, then went to talk to the older Malfoy. Something had to be done to stop that tragedy from happening. Virginia had been bad enough, but Ronald?


Headmaster Dumbledore walked into the Three Broomsticks, smiling pleasantly at the barmistress. "Our runaways?" he asked calmly. She pointed at the table they had camouflaged in the back corner. "At least they were discreet. Thank you."

Madam Rosemerta gave him a long look, then handed him a few more bottles of butterbeer. "I think you'll be pouring that Malfoy boy into his bed, but let them have another. They've got credit left." She smirked at him. "Pretty nice so far. Not loud in the least. Or at least they keep it from the rest of us." She went to serve someone else.

He walked the tray back there, handing it to the first person he saw. "Well," he said, looking around. "Whose idea was this?"

"Mine," Draco said, giving him a bleary look. "To get the bloody picture of a pregnant me out of my bloody head." He belched and took another drink straight from the bottle. "Fucking horrible it is."

Dumbledore called over a chair and sat down. "It can't happen here, that would take more chaos magic than we've got available."

"It can be done," Agatha told him, "but it would take more preparation and power raising rites. Where we can cast the spell over the course of a day, he'd have to take a few months to work up the necessary energy." She sipped her butterbeer delicately. "The same as the spell Xander used to decreate Voldemort can be done but it would probably cost at least one person their lives and would definitely strip all the magic out of the school, but also would require some power raising to be done."

Simone looked down at her. "You really are a font of all things nasty and evil, aren't you?" she asked dryly.

Agatha nodded. "Indeed. Mother turned me this way."

"And she's my daughter," Harry said, taking another shot. "Along with two fantastic seekers. One's so gifted that he's nearly considered a God of it, like the essence of eternal Snitchdom came down to bless him at birth. The other's more like I am, damn good and fantastic but normal."

"And my daughter's his son's equal and opposing Goddess of the snitch," Draco said with a hysterical laugh. "Oh, damn, the bottle's empty." He looked down inside. "Shit. Have to get another."

"Here, try this now," Dumbledore said, handing over a bottle of unclaimed butterbeer. He smiled and drank it happily. He looked at the others. "I had wondered about you children before."

Simone cleared her throat and took one last swig from her bottle, putting the empty down. "Then let me make some introductions, Headmaster. I'm Simone Malfoy-Weasley. I'm a beater. In our world, we have a fun league going as well, and our family plays in the tier with the professional players who need some practice to get up to Uncle Harry and my father's standards." He nodded at her to go on. "Ginny is most of us's mother, with one exception and we'll get back to that. On my left is Denver, my barely younger brother. His mother was one of Father's classmates. They spent a week together. She dropped him off on the doorstep."

"She is a cunt," Denver agreed dryly. "Met her once, she tried to soak my father for his money using me." He saluted him with the bottle he was holding. "I'm a chaser, as are Iggy and Melvin. Simone, Iggy, me, Ana, Little Ron, and Mellie soon enough are Gryffs." Draco whimpered and drank another swig of his butterbeer. "Iggy is George's son in our world. He's some potions master in his own right and a healer in training."

"Already?" Dumbledore asked.

Iggy put down his butterbeer and wiped his mouth. "I hung around Uncle Severus most of my life, Headmaster," he said quietly. "I started apprenticing to him when I started school a year early. I have to turn in my mastery work but I have it completed with a few different potions. I was advised to finish both programs at the same time, it would cause fewer problems. It looks like I'll have a little over a year of classes in my healing training when I graduate plus any and all residencies. I also play chaser, Denver and I work as a team and our third guards and distracts for us." He looked impressed. "I'm presently working on a more efficient manner of doing the Jorelson healing potion." That got a stunned look from both the headmaster and the drunken Draco. "I've nearly got it done but I keep getting it too watery," he admitted.

Dumbledore blinked a few times. "Wonderful," he said finally. "Severus said something about you and odd stones?"

Iggy beamed. "I'm also an alchemist, sir. It's my hobby. That and my wife. You were quite understanding when I married her in Potions at fourteen."

"I suppose I'd have to be," he agreed. "Is she a master?"

"A normal one. She deaged to be with me," Iggy said with his most sappy grin.

"Please, don't get him started. He'll be drunk soon too," Simone pleaded, putting a hand on the headmaster's wrist. "They're bound."

"Ah." He patted her hand. "That's not a problem, dear." He smiled at the others. "Did you all hear what you needed to?"

"I teach," Ron said happily. He was half as drunk as Draco because his brothers wouldn't let him get totally smashed. "I teach Defense and play on their fun league, and I can ignore how I had a kid with Malfoy, even though she will be a guardian for the school." He took another drink then rested his head against the back of the booth while he swallowed. "I still want to know why I get funny spots each time I take a drink."

"Wasn't us," the twins offered together.

"We want to know."

"More about what the other us'es sell."

Dumbledore smiled. "I'm sure it's fascinating but you'd still have to figure out how to do them."

"So?" George asked. "It'd give us an idea well."

Fred nodded. "That way our stock never gets stale. He said we make major profits each year."

"Ten percent yearly, even though we're in Hogsmeade and have had the store destroyed a good few times."

"Plus, it looks like William, Mary, and the triplets will be succeeding you," Anastasia noted. She cleared her throat. "I'm Anastasia Malfoy-Weasley, our House's princess. I directly oppose Agatha as the Slytherin Princess. She plays, I don't."

"I'm Ravena Malfoy-Weasley," Ravena noted, waving at him with a grin. "I'm the Goddess of the Snitch and this is Little Ron Potter, he's the God of the Snitch. We have our own, but Uncle Ron has them since we're grounded."

"Which is how that Ron caught the snitch today," Harry agreed. "Apparently they have their own snitches and to find them you have to catch their snitches until they come looking for them."

"Sometimes Ronnie's comes when you call their names," Simone told him, cracking him up.

Ronnie nudged his sister, who woke up. "Hi, I'm Mellie, I'm Harry's youngest. I'm a normal seeker and more like dad's quiet moments." She put her head back down. "Can I go back to my nap now? My head's starting to hurt."

Iggy patted himself down and came up with a vial, which he sniffed then handed over. "General painkiller, cherry version." She gratefully took it, giving him a smile in return. "Don't worry, we'll be heading back soon."

"Thanks, Iggy." She put her head back down again. "Aggie, not gonna introduce yourself?"

Agatha cleared her throat. "I'm Agatha Potter, Harry's oldest and Slytherin's Princess. My consort and I run the house very tightly, with Ravena following behind us." She sipped her butterbeer. "I suppose that only leaves the children."

"Melvin's Percy's oldest, and Tananda, the girl you usually find with either him or Mellie is his little sister," Iggy offered. "The blond, fussy boy is Lucien, he's missing my little sister Maeve. He's Draco and Ginny's as well, but he was carried by Draco." The drunken one let out a small hysterical laugh again and took Harry's half-empty bottle of firewhiskey to gulp. "Sorry, Draco."

He shhed him. "I'm not a good guy."

"No, you're not," Simone agreed, smiling at him. "I'd jump you right here, but you're still my dad and that would be icky. You're the most virile Malfoy in centuries and you're the one that everyone stares at while you and Harry play quidditch." He beamed and nodded, slowly falling asleep.

"Good job, sis," Denver said proudly. "No one can bring Dad out of a funk like you and Ravena." He patted her on the back. "Lucien and Maeve were carried together and most of the time they appear to be siamese twins because they're always attached. Morgana is the baby. Dad carried her but she's his and Ron's, because Ron's ex-girlfriend came back and put contagion cuffs on them."

"At least I didn't sleep with him," Ron said happily, looking at Harry. "See, I didn't sleep with him. I am good."

"Yes, you are," Harry agreed, patting him on the arm. "Go ahead and pass out any time now, Ron." Ron nodded, that sounded like a good idea, so he laid his head down and fell asleep, snoring loudly.

Dumbledore coughed. "Very well then. Whose are the triplets?"

"Ron's," Simone told him. "With Buffy."

"The former Slayer?"

"Former?" Simone asked. "She's already died here?" He nodded. "Then you're right, we really can't change their timeline too much. Buffy was Ron's. She had the triplets and Minnie's going to be a future Slayer." He looked disturbed. "Our Buffy's dead as well, but she died after having the triplets due to her cunt of a Watcher, Rupert."

"Hmm. Here she died not long after stopping an ascension. She took out a Harvest and all that but not much else."

"Was there someone named Xander with her?" Denver asked.

He frowned. "No, not that I remember. I've read the reports, we do have spies over there." He summoned them down, flipping through the bound book. He finally came to a name. "Alexander?" He looked up and everyone nodded. "He was a vampire."

"That fucking cunt!" Simone said bitterly. "This is her alternate world. This is the one where the Queen Bitch made the wish." The others groaned. "Now that we know, that is rather helpful," she said, looking at him again. "You guys were a wish off our universe by Xander's ex-girlfriend, a Cordelia Chase." He closed the book and looked at her. "The stupid demon whore Anyanka granted it. She later went on to become human and fuck up our Xander's life. He came to us and they broke up. Stupid whore of a demon." She shook her head and grabbed Harry's bottle to take a long sip, then handed it back. "Thanks." She looked at him. "That does explain some things. That Xander, in ours, is gryphon born. Gryphons filter chaos magic so it can be used by normal wizards and the wandless ones. Gryphon borns are ones with gryphon in their heritage because they needed that extra level of filtering because people were blowing their stupid asses up." He looked disturbed. "Xander's one of those. If that didn't happen here, then he probably didn't have the power to push away the vampires who would have killed him in our world."

Iggy sighed. "That is probably why," he agreed. "My dad is one of the strongest gryphon borns in generations. I'm the only potions master in even more generations as well and fairly strong in my own right. For some reason, the Hellmouth's guardians came over to help you with something, bringing nearly everyone with them. Including Buffy, my dad, and Auntie Tara. Tara Maclay ended up being married to Uncle Severus." Dumbledore whimpered. "A pure, very pure, wiccan who blinds some of the castle's new spirits. Anyway, you brought back most of them to teach. Xander teaches Paranormal Classifications and Defense. It's a crossover track."

Dumbledore took a bottle of butterbeer for himself, sipping gently at it while the young man went on. "Dad trained all of these guys, including Draco, to help him fight when it was time. Draco could never be a follower and Dad knew that. During their seventh year Voldemort attacked the school to try and get Draco back and to kill Dad, among the normal reasons. Dad and Uncle Harry used a decreate spell on him; a powerful, dangerous chaos spell. They were in the entryway of the school and it all-but destroyed the front hall. Dad spent a long time fixing it," he said with a small smirk. "Uncle Draco went silent for a while. Uncle Harry went and hid for a while except for games."

"In the end, we're all a big family," Simone added for good measure. "All the Weasleys, the Malfoy-Weasleys, the Malfoys, the Harris-Weasleys. All of us kinda live together. With Uncle Xander, Uncle Ron, and Dad teaching, we all live in the first house of Slytherin, that tower one."

"But it was all due to this Xander," the headmaster said. She nodded. "Well." He frowned at the book. "We can't bring him back."

"No, but you can learn from Uncle Ron and Dad," Denver pointed out. "They both trained directly under him for that fight. He even got Dad to watch muggle TV and enjoy Monty Python."

Dumbledore looked impressed. "Interesting. I hadn't thought to look at alternative methods of magic in this battle hardly at all. Bill." Bill looked at him. "Have you caught anything on your job?"

"A few things," he admitted, thinking about it. "Including a former colony where Gryphons lived."

"Tunisia?" Iggy asked. Bill nodded, smiling at him. "That was one of the first colonies but they were attacked and split up to guard some artifacts. If you could find their library, it would help some, but without the levels of chaos we have it might not help that much."

"We found the library, we can't read any of it," Bill noted. "No translating spell works on that stuff."

Iggy beamed. "Simone, Melvin, Draco, and I all read Gryphon and I speak it. Simone does some." He looked impressed. "I serve the colonies as their main healer and one of two potions masters. I spend tons of hours each week with them."

"How long have you been using the time turner?" Dumbledore asked.

"Since my second year," Iggy admitted, looking at him. "I'm not only apprenticing, I'm doing all my school work, I'm doing my other advanced studies with the gryphons and taking visitations for the last three years for healing purposes. On top of all that I'm also on my quidditch team and sometimes the family team. I've been using it so long it's second nature to me. Our Uncle Draco is watching over me, as is our Uncle Percy. He's over the Archives and over the Department of Mysteries. His girlfriend, or future-wife, is over the Unmentionables." All the Weasleys awake looked at him and blinked. "Really," he said happily. "Uncle Percy is pretty cool sometimes. My dad doesn't prank him and sticks up for him against you two if necessary. They're good friends. In ours, Percy married a young Hufflepuff named Kandy."

"I know her," Dumbledore said with a smile. "They would go well together."

"Our mum would kill you," one of the twins said firmly.

"He was over the Archives until about two years ago," Simone noted. "Then the Mysteries people had a budget problem and he got sent to fix it. He stayed." She smirked. "Now he's got scary, dangerous vibes and he's still pretty cool. Kinda very rule bound still, but hey, Arabelle likes leather. She's tied him up before." The twins gaped and whimpered, grabbing for Harry's bottle to share between them. She smiled at the Headmaster. "Percy's not like that here?"

"He could be I suppose. Did he train with your Xander?"

"No, they're just good friends," Iggy told him.

Dumbledore nodded. "Very interesting. I'll have to talk to your two adult members tonight." He glanced around. "For now, we should all head back to the school. It's nearly supper. We're going to set you up in a guest suite so you don't have any problems. That way we don't have to explain to Gryffindor why they have so many new members."

"Melvin's a Hufflepuff," Iggy told him. "And a pure magic user." Dumbledore's eyes widened. "Fully in control."

"That is an excellent idea," he said with a bright smile.

"If you're going to talk to Daddy, he still has his morning problems," Simone told him as she stood up.

"Usually Uncle Xander or Uncle Ron make it worse," Denver agreed dryly. "You only had him teaching a first class once." Dumbledore laughed, waking the drunken people up. "Come on, guys, let's go pour you into your beds. Then we'll go back to ours." They got Draco standing between them since no one else probably would.

"I do know a sobriety charm," Simone offered.

"That's an evil thought," Denver said patiently. "Worthy of our father before he was changed."

She beamed at him. "Thank you."

"You're a Gryff?" the twins asked.

She smirked and nodded. "All Gryff. Prefect and all actually." They gaped in horror. "Don't worry, we only use it to pick on the idiots in Slytherin. They don't like me." They walked out the door, leaving a nice tip on the table for Madam Rosemerta. She looked up at the sunning chicks. "Hey, guys. Got bored?" A few trilled at her. "That's cool. We're going back to the school. You wanna take him?" They came down and grabbed onto Draco and Ron, carrying them up there. "Good guys. We'll find you guys some dried fruit soon." She looked up as her own bird landed on her shoulder. "Hey, Glinda. This is the Headmaster here. May he pet you?"

Glinda looked down at him, then cheeped and nuzzled him, showing him images of himself and someone calling him 'the Granddaddy'. She even stepped over to ride on his shoulder. She liked this one better, he was alive still.

"You are very beautiful," Dumbledore said, scratching her gently as they walked. "Glinda?"

"Out of the Wizard of Oz. A muggle book, but she wore a sparkly ballgown and this one reminded Uncle Xander of her." She grinned at her bird. "You are so spoiled. Daddy has helped me spoil you over the years so you're absolutely spoiled rotten." Denver nudged her and nodded at her bracelet. "Oops, yeah. Headmaster, did you know phoenixes were shiny-thing thieves?" He chuckled and nodded. "Good. Glinda's the worst at it." Glinda flapped her wings at her. "Fine, I'll leave you two alone." She caught up with the others, chatting happily about quidditch as they walked. "So, can I train against you two if we have to stay here for a bit?" Simone asked one of the twins.

"Are you really any good?"

"We only play against the best you know," the other said happily.

"I can aim the bludger," she said proudly.

"She can also knock her own team off if they're fucking up, knock down trees, and scare the hell out of Uncle Oliver during practices," Denver added for good measure.

The twins looked at her in awe. "Sure," they agreed, wanting to see this for themselves. "If we can see the three seekers in action."

"Hey, get a pickup game going," she suggested. "We wouldn't mind. We've got three chasers, me, the three seekers, and Uncle Ron plays keeper or chaser."

"I'll bow out and let the other two play," Mellie told her, looking at the twins. "I'm a *normal* seeker." She looked at her father here. "Don't worry, very few people can be blessed like those two. You reminded me once that you and I are normal players. They have to work with a team they like and can trust, we can play with anybody." He laughed and gave her a hug. "Thanks. You do hug nice." She gave him a squeeze back and grinned.

"I wish Cam were here," Iggy said wistfully. "He needs to work on his beater skills so he can understand all your little cues, Si."

"Yeah, well, I'll drill him extensively once we join up again," she said with a wave of her hand. "He's okay enough so far. He only needs to get the signals down."

"You two...."

"Use signals?" the twins asked.

"We have to, we're not telepathic the way some twins are," she said dryly. "Usually I fly main and my second plays returner/second to me." They looked awed. "It's a more strenuous game but we've been light on great beaters. The one we had when we came in was good enough but he suggested we fly that way because there wasn't really much greatness there. We're hoping some of the next few kids will make the house teams too."

"There will be one member of the family in the school for seventeen years," Denver told him. "Of some branch or another."

Dumbledore let out a small whimper. "Seventeen years, really?" he asked, trying to control his shock. Seventeen years of kids like these ones? And he was surviving? "As a matter of curiosity, how am I doing in your world?"

"You died of natural causes but were brought back to permanently head the school," Iggy told him. "Someone had cursed McGonagall so she became irrational as the Headmistress. It got so bad it worked on her whenever she stepped inside the school."

"We'll have to check her for that," he noted. "Did I get to retire?"

"Oh, yeah, for all of about three months," Simone told him, patting him on the arm. "Don't worry, you were trained by the best ghosts. You're really good at it." He smiled and nodded. "Besides, remember, we are their kids."

"Good point," he agreed happily. He looked at Iggy, who looked like he wanted to say something. "Something else I should know?"

"There was a doubt that it was from a missed dose of Elixir of Life potion, headmaster. You basically dropped in the middle of the entryway."

"I see. Thank you for that, but I never touch the stuff."

"Hopefully you won't have to here," Simone agreed. "Bloody inconvenient, taking something every day like that."

"I have to with my dizziness medicine," Denver reminded her.

"Yeah, but you remember yours or else the world makes you puke."

"Good point," he agreed.

"Children, before we get up there, I believe we should probably talk about your language."

"We try to keep it down," Simone told him. "I spent most of my first year in detention," she assured him. "Hasn't worked yet."

He sighed and nodded. "That has happened before. I'm sure Molly tried to cure it?"

"All the time," Iggy said with a small smirk. "Nothing worked. She's learned how not to say it too loudly, get attention for it, or to lose so many house points we go into the negative from it."

"We were only in the negative for a half hour," she complained.

"Simone, you put the house into that position?" Bill asked. "And you're a Gryff?"

"Heard this lecture many times already. Didn't mean to. Swearing is my natural first language. I learned from dad." They all nodded in acceptance of that situation. "I did better the next year, I promise."

"It came in handy when the fairies had you," Ana reminded her.

"It did," she agreed.

"Fairies?" one twin asked.

"In Hogwarts?" the other said, looking confused.

"We found a small portal down in Hufflepuff's office. They kidnaped Simone first and she fought her way back. Then they tried with Ana and their father destroyed them with Uncle Ron's help," Iggy told him. "Apparently they had once kidnaped Hufflepuff herself as their princess and none of them could breed so they had to keep kidnaping girls to be their princesses. They hadn't had one in over five hundred years until they found Simone."

Bill snickered. "I bet you came as a shock to them."

"Kicked their bums and made 'em cry," she agreed. She nudged him and smiled up at him. "Uncle Charlie and I are usually the best of friends. I'm a lot like him if it helps you understand me."

"Plus, she's our fighter," Denver added. "If someone needs their butts kicked, they go to Simone. Uncle Xander trained her very well."

"It was prep for Minnie," their Uncle Ron said from the doorway of the school. "The little Draco was heaved into his bed by ours. I put myself to bed." He looked at them. "Which part got them that way?"

"Morgana," Iggy said with a grin as he walked past them. "Where are we headed?"

"Second floor, the gryphon room."

"Cool. Symbolism and all that," Simone said.

Ron grabbed her by her short hair, holding her still. "Do not show your ass in here," he hissed in her ear. "If you do, I'm kicking it. Your father and I both still have reaction headaches and you are to guard the family, not show off, not get the younger us'es drunk. None of it." She nodded so he let her go. "Good. Go change." She sighed and headed off, shooing the others in front of her. "She needed something to do," he said dryly, following them. "Come on, family from here, we can go chat. I'm sure the kids gave you an odd view and you've got questions to ask. Plus, you can help me brush out Gwen's rats nest again." The Weasleys followed behind, going to talk to the more sane version of their brother. Some of the things Simone had said seemed a bit too fantastic to be believed.

"She really put us into negative numbers?" Bill asked as they walked.

That Ron grinned back at him. "She pissed Sev off so bad he got tired of writing out the forms," he explained. "It only took her about two months."

"You call him Sev?" Fred asked.

"He's married to my best friend, watches over my kids sometimes, and we work together. He told me to quit calling him Snape, said calling him Sev was better than that." He shrugged and grinned. "Draco calls him Severus and I usually do to his face."

"Why would you call me anything like that?" Professor Snape asked as they ran into him at their doorway. They all walked in together and sat down to chat like civilized people.

"Because we work together and you watch my kids sometimes when they come to play with yours. I teach Defense."

"I suppose you did learn enough of it as a student," he said bitterly.

"Plus, I dated a Slayer for nearly eleven years before she died of treachery. Xander trained me to defend not only my family but everyone else's. I nearly became an auror, but they liked to beat up on us for being smartasses. So now I'm teaching Defense. Draco teaches Theory, and I cohead over Gryff while he seconds you with Slytherin." He smirked at the stunned potions master. "We're grooming Iggy to take over."

"Where is he sorted?"


"A potion master in Gryffindor?" Snape said coldly.

"Yeah, well, Slytherin didn't exactly like it either when he took up residence," Iggy said as he walked out. "Professor Snape, did you want to see my work journal? Or anything from my healing classes, my other research, or anything like that?" He gave the boy a shocked look. Iggy unshrunk the book and handed it over, sitting next to him. "That's my personal potions journal. It's neverending. I started it in my second year, backtracking as far as I could. You did train me after all." He grinned. "I do have something I'm working on and I wouldn't care to work under your supervision again. Oh, don't let the papers fall out. They're a rough draft of what I was thinking about doing my mastery on."

Severus Snape unbuttoned the book and looked at the index page, then at the boy, then calmly reached over and slapped him across the back of the head. "I let you do this?"

"You let me do that, and most of the time you no longer watch me closely. Slytherin himself has been giving me some assignments," he offered. He grinned brighter. "We've just finished working on a temporal potion."

Snape gave him a look then went back to the index, picking the hardest one there to look over the notes for. It was meticulous. The handwriting was bad, but apparently the boy could read it if no one else could. It would protect it even more he supposed. He turned to the last page and looked at it, then at the boy. "What problems are you having with this one?"

"I get it too watery. I'm making it more applicable, but to do that, as you can see, I've had to add some and make a few changes, which keeps putting it out of balance. If I make it so it's the right consistency, instead of to go directly into a vein, then it's too strong."

Severus looked at the notes again, casting a translation spell. Iggy snickered. "I was hoping that was for security reasons."

"No, my handwriting's always been bad. You've gotten onto me about it numerous times but I can't cure it." He pointed at a notation. "That's the strength when I make it non- watery. That's the strength when I don't. If I intentionally go for intravenous liquidity, I get that," he said, pointing at the third number. "The you there can't figure out what I'm doing wrong either."

Snape looked it over. "Have you tried substituting the hensbane for an equitable herb?"

"I did and it doesn't work at all. I've thought of using unicorn hair but it's so damn expensive and that'll put it out of reach of most healers and patients." Snape nodded. "I did try it and it does work with a third of a coat hair, but those are still about sixty galleons each."

"Your father bought you something that was that much for such a little thing?" Simone asked.

"No, I bought it," Iggy admitted dryly. "I do make money, literally, when we have to test a new stone."

Snape looked at him. "You have more than one?"

"I've got three. Raena has one on her hand, it's part of her wedding ring." He smiled. "Uncle Draco found it for us. Pure silver and a piece of philosopher's stone."

"Interesting, if flashy."

"She's my mate, of course it's flashy. Others try to steal her and I have to kick their asses," he said seriously.

The elder potions master looked at him. "Indeed? Are you good at it?"

"My father fought with a slayer, trained Simone to be one even though she's not, and trained me to use a crossbow, sword, axe, mace, my wand, my other magic, and everything around me as a weapon if necessary. People don't really like what we are and it's caused problems in the past." He sighed, looking down at his feet. "You'd like my dad. The you there butted heads with him for a few months but they quickly came to like each other. My dad doesn't brag about fights, he tends to go off and do things then come back quietly and heal. He's one of those guys who does what's necessary and then forgets about it until he has to pass on the knowledge to his physical dueling and fighting class or to his paranormal classifications class. Besides, he brought Tara back with him and you adore her." He pulled out his wallet to show off pictures. "That's Dad, Daddy, and Uncle Fred outside the present shop. Dad worked for three days on that thing. Built it totally using gryphon spells."

Snape took it to look at. The dark-haired man was fairly unpossessing. He wasn't overly handsome or overly strong appearing. He was leaning on a cane. "What happened to him?"

"He called Earth Lightening to protect Ron's kids. It burned him as it came up," Simone told him. She looked at the pictures. "I've got a better one than that," she noted, pulling out her own wallet to hand over. "Here. The whole family." She sat down on Iggy's other side.

Snape looked through both sets of pictures, noticing the differences from the Malfoy he knew. He stopped at one picture in the girls' wallet, holding it up. "Staged?"

She looked. "No, daddy changed diapers many times. He said it set him apart from his own father. He enjoyed taking care of us. That's why he bore Lucien. Which is tucked behind that one." He pulled it out. It showed a heavily gravid Draco staring at his stomach as he stroked it. "Lucien had just kicked the snot out of him. That was about a month before he delivered and Maeve was born at the same time." Lucien came around to look at it. "You're inside daddy there, Lucien."

He bit his lip and pointed. "Was I naughty? Is that like being in the corner? Did daddy eat me?"

"No, that's how you were born, dear," she said patiently. "Daddy will explain that to you later."

"Tell me you're not showing off that picture of me pregnant," Draco demanded as he came out of one of the rooms. She smirked at him. "Brat." He cuffed her gently but he was smiling. "Here, look through mine as well," he said, tossing it over. "I've got more than most."

Snape sat back, cradling the book on his lap while he looked through this set. Draco still had an eye for beauty, each picture was as perfect as possible. He flipped through them, stopping to look at the early ones. That Xander had smiled more then. He was also without the cane. There were many pictures taken during games, both of the children and himself. Even one of Potter. He found one last one of them all in blue and Draco giving the rest an odd look. He held it up to show him. "What team is that?"

"Our fun league team," Draco told him. "The Ministry started not only a junior league for the children, which most of these ones have played in, but they also started a normal person's one. That was taken after our first winning championship. Since then, they've added an intermediate league for those who are professional quality but who need some practice with their team, or need some practice to fulfill their potential." He smirked. "Sometimes coaches send idiots to our league to face down my lovely daughter so she can scare them straight again." Snape looked at him. "She has scared some championship Slytherin players," he noted. "Nearly killed a few as well."

"We've had one game where we had to play most of the family because they kept switching out to less and less formerly professional players. They were quitting for the game to test the kids," Ron told him. "I hurt like hell after that one, but it was worth it. Simone nearly killed a few of them. She was responsible for sixteen players being sent to the hospital. We had a good few injuries of our own, but we still won by about ninety points."

"Yeah, I ached badly. I was so bruised not even the bruise potion worked," Iggy admitted. "Dad had a head injury. Uncle Draco had a ripped back so he was calm while he was coaching us. We played the *entire* team that day. Then us kids and Uncles Fred and Daddy George got invited to the Head of Sport's office for lunch and conversation. If this crap hadn't happened, Simone and Denver would already be playing pro."

Snape looked at him. "You risk your hands that way?"

"I'm a chaser, but yeah," Iggy admitted with a grin. "It takes away the stress from getting non-working things." He raised an eyebrow. "Really, it is very therapeutic. Almost as nice as my wife is."

"You've married already?"

Iggy pointed at his wallet. "The dark-haired one is mine. She was a fairly strong potion's master in her own right. Went to Braun and they said she was about average." He looked impressed. "She deaged to be with me," he said quietly, yet with a touch of smugness. "We're bound together. We married in the potion's dungeon, during a class." Simone snickered. "You, quit."

"Sorry, but it was cute. You followed all the gryphon rituals exactly. My dad was so flustered when you did that."

"I had expected him to have some self control and wait for at least the weekend so we could all be there," Draco corrected. He looked at Iggy. "I'll have your time turner while we're here." Iggy looked hurt. "We can't do flashy magic here, Ignatius, it could be the difference from powering the spell on this side or not." Iggy nodded and pulled it out of his pocket, tossing it to him. "Thank you. We'll need all of you to conserve your magic, just in case. I'm not sure they can get it open from the other side without our help. Also, Iggy, I've gotten into your book case. Where is that one?"

"Third layer, about a third from the hinge side," he said quickly. "I've got a list in there in the top pocket."

"Iggy, nerdly little darling, how many books are you carrying around now?" Denver asked.

"Um, close to two thousand," he admitted sheepishly. "They're all shrunk and lightened though. It doesn't weigh more than five pounds."

Draco shook his head. "I'm going to make you do something fun yet."

"Hey, I didn't get to go book shopping yet this summer," Iggy defended. "Dad said I had to wait."

"I agree, you have to wait," Draco told him firmly.

Dumbledore got up to answer the door, walking out to deal with that issue. He came back a moment later. "Everything on the money is the same but the knuts," he announced. "The dates on the sickles are a bit off as well."

"Got it covered," Iggy said promptly. "Professor, can we use your lab?"

"I doubt we'll be here that long," Draco pointed out gently. "If we are, we could be endangering their time line." He looked at his children. "What made the younger me drink?"

"Morgana," Simone said with a smirk.

Draco rolled his eyes. "Children," he said, shaking his head. "Never mind. I can't yell at you about that, even though you did it on purpose." He looked at them. "No more getting the younger me drunk, children. Or the younger Ron. Remember, they don't have a Xander here."

"Speaking of, we've figured some stuff out," Iggy offered. Draco leaned forward. "This is the alti-verse Anyanka created or very close to it. Buffy's dead already and dad was turned."

Draco's mouth fell open. "Shit!" he said finally, getting up to pace.

"We thought that might be why he was able to be turned," Denver offered. "Because he wouldn't be a born here."

Draco nodded, patting him on the head. "That is a good thought, son. Quite possibly true, but that does add some texture to the situation." He stopped and looked at his daughter. "Are we sure?"

"The Headmaster had a report on when Buffy came into Sunnydale and kicked the Master's bum, just like Uncle Xander said happened in the alti-verse the blood sucking fiend ordered up."

"So we're either there or close by," he agreed, considering it.

"Xander once said Anya lost her power focus here," Ron offered.

"Yes, but there could also be a vampire Willow still running around. Xander said he was told that he died there, but he wasn't sure about Willow."

"She did," Simone told him. "I asked Anyanka."

"You stay away from the demonic whore," Draco said firmly. "Stick with your normal human ones." He rolled his eyes and went into the bedroom, coming back with the book he had been reading. He found the right section and nodded, then handed it over. "We're stuck here until they open it from their side."

"Hey, no having to redo our seventh year," Simone said dryly.

"They're working on that, Simone."

"Why would they need to?" Snape asked.

"Politicking. The head over the school at the Ministry refused to accept the seventh year's grades or NEWT results. He had the whole class held back and we're fighting against it but it's an uphill battle. Not even the current head of our Ministry, my adoring near- father-in-law can fix it."

"Arthur became Minister?" Dumbledore asked happily. Draco nodded. "Excellent. He would do very good in that job."

"It was him or Percy and Percy conspired to get him there," Draco told him. "Percy's now over both the Archives and Mysteries, while his wife is over the Unmentionables." Snape gaped at him in horror. "She is."

"Percy Weasley? Over the Mysteries?" he demanded. Draco nodded. "Why?"

"He fixed their budget problems and they kept him," Simone said with a shrug. "Uncle Percy's very strong willed when he wants to be. Held out against Auntie Arabelle for nearly six whole months."

"Held out against Melody longer," Denver smirked.

Simone looked at him. "You're still expendable. Daddy has Lucien and Morgana to carry on the family name and chasers can be trained." He pouted at her, looking very hurt. "Do not mention that bitch in front of Iggy."

"Fine, sorry."

"Or me," Melvin offered gently. "Even though I know she didn't get mum killed, I still don't like how she came to the funeral and told dad it was handled and fixed."

"Your mother's a vampire?" Snape asked.

Melvin smiled. "No, my mum was Kandy. She's a Hufflepuff here right now. A fifth year I guess. Arabelle is his second wife. He waited years to find someone right. When mum died it nearly destroyed dad. He lay on the couch for a week without being able to take care of Tananda or me. He couldn't even call the family and tell them. They found out because they came to help Uncle Ron."

"After Percy was ready to start dating again, Xander found Arabelle looking at Percy during some function and talked him up a bit, making her want him more," Ron admitted. "They've been married now for nearly a year. She's a McKinley."

"I know of her family," Snape admitted. "She's a very tough young woman though."

"Percy's not the innocent everyone thinks. Did you know that they play politics at the Ministry for fun? Percy's very good at sliding around all that to find what he wants. He may have started on cauldron bottoms, but he ended up as Head of two departments and one of the toughest people at the Ministry. People didn't even *try* to give him fake sympathy after Kandy died. They respect him there."

"Wow," Draco said, looking at Ron. "That was eloquent."

"Thank you. You kissed Morgana one too many times and it rubbed off so I came down with it." Draco gave him a hard shove. Ron sat up. "Since this world doesn't have a Buffy, can we call a spirit here to tell them?"

"Call your Buffy here to talk to Xander?" Draco asked. "I suppose we could." He shrugged. "It's worth a try."

"What was this Buffy creature?" Snape asked.

"A slayer," Ron said proudly. "Mine actually."

"I see." He looked slightly more impressed. "The mother of your horde?"

"Mary came from my new wife, Sarajane. Buffy and I broke apart when she died by her Watcher's hand as he removed our children from her body and took her off-realm to die."

"Xander's got to be pitching a fit, this has too many similarities to that situation," Draco noted.

"Oliver and Fred'll keep him sedated if George doesn't," Simone noted. "They're kind that way."

"They are," Draco admitted, giving her another look. "Did someone talk to you about your mouth yet?" She nodded. "Good. Remember that lesson." He looked at his mentor. "What can we do to help in the fight against the git? Ron and I did both train with the best of them and we did successfully take down his empire as students." Dumbledore stared, blinking a few times. "We had to, it was self preservation."

"At the very least, we teach advanced defense skills. We both do so at home," Ron noted. "Regular, auror given, defense lessons and spells."

Dumbledore smiled. "I wouldn't mind but I won't force the issue. I will offer your help to Harry if you want."

"Sure. Our Potter is tolerable enough, now," Draco admitted. "He was a miserable bastard there for a bit."

"That was Hermione," Ron reminded him.

"Hmm. Good point. Plus the flashback memories."

"Flashback?" Dumbledore asked.

"Xander used a decreate spell, it caused a good bit of flashback, hence him rebuilding the entryway to the school before his wedding," Draco told him seriously. "You took a vacation because you got some. Potter got some. Xander got a great deal but he managed it well enough. Potter retreated to the countryside and only came out for games. I went silent for a bit after the fight. Everyone else went on with their lives."

"Yeah, Ginny brought you back," Ron agreed. "Her and the Simone belly."

"She was pregnant in the school?" Snape asked.

"I got her knocked up right after the holidays," Draco admitted. "She was allowed to come back for the ball and wedding since we were having them here. She made me talk to people in public. Cured a lot of depression. About four bouts actually." Snape looked at the children. "Exactly," Draco agreed dryly.

"Yes, well, she is tender, yet fiery," Snape noted. "I'm sure she'd be good at that." He handed back the wallets to Iggy. "Let me look this over. There may be a substitution you haven't tried yet." Iggy nodded, beaming at him. "Come to my office tomorrow before classes. I'm sure you know where it is."

"Yes, I do," Iggy agreed. "I can even break the lock charm on the door."

"No teleporting," Draco said firmly.

"Yes, sir."

"Thank you." Draco looked at Ron. "We should try and keep the children as normal as possible."

"That's why Melvin's watching them and they can go read in the library when we're busy," Ron told him. Draco nodded, he'd accept that idea.

"You let them go to the library on their own?" Dumbledore asked.

"They may be children but they've grown up in the school, Headmaster. All of us present did except for Melvin to some degree," Simone told him. "Iggy's father had him up here most of the time while he was teaching. Draco and Ron were in and out of the school to help him with things and to help teach on occasion when teachers were absent. We've all spent time in the library reading quietly in the back corner near the blue window."

"There for a bit, Madam Pince took to finding new books for us, until Uncle Xander started sending over all of the ones Iggy marched through at an alarming rate," Melvin put in.

"It's not my fault I was reading teenage books at six," Iggy defended. "I got bored with Spot and Dick and Jane."

"Thankfully you never really took up anything Hermione gave you," Ron said bitterly. Draco gave him an alarmed look. "Harry warned us. Hermione went book shopping one year for the holidays. Sent Iggy a set of starter chaos books. Sent Simone something to help her trap the house elves as real slaves so she could practice on people later. Sent Denver a book on broomsticks and she sent Melvin a book on rainbows."

"Well, she got some of the power users right," Melvin snorted. "What did she get Ana?"

"A book about princesses that was meant to trap her in there and give her that mindset," Ron told him. "That's the one we found first. I tossed it into the fire immediately." Draco nodded his thanks and patted him on the shoulder. "We gave the rest to Snape to hide for us," Ron admitted. "They're in the restricted section of the potion's library, in Slytherin's part."


"You've found all the founder's libraries?" Dumbledore asked.

"And had to add a new section to the school to hold 'em all," Ron said with a grin. "Iggy found them with the Founders' help. Slytherin likes him."

"Gryffindor likes me too," Iggy said dryly. "He just doesn't appreciate having me in his house since I'm a potion master and all of us have been Slytherins before."

"How did they get back?" Bill asked.

"They're ghosts," Simone said lightly. "Some Death Eater wannabes brought back Slytherin. He looked us all over, made some pithy comments, found Xander worthy of his support, angsted over Iggy not being in his house, told Draco he was a true heir of the house and not Voldie. Then he demanded that we find all his libraries and the other founders to get them to fix the hat since there had been some problems sorting some of us over the years."

"Do not," Agatha hissed quietly.

"I wasn't going to. I was going to mention Uncle Harry," Simone said, shooting a glare at her. Agatha shrank away from her. "Thank you." She looked at the adult again. "It fixed all those problems where we have kids who are split between houses. We've presently started a club for those poor kids."

"A new house?" Bill asked. She nodded, beaming at him. "How much longer?"

"It was just started recently," Denver offered. "Slytherin was the main focus for that. Apparently he didn't like all the idiots being put into his house as easy minion material."

"No, I suppose he wouldn't," Dumbledore agreed dryly. He stood up. "I'll have dinner sent up," he offered. "Feel free to sit in on the classes Monday or to use the library. I'm sure we can accommodate any reasonable requests." He smiled and nodded, leaving them there. He even resisted the urge to lock them in the room. He went to find Harry, summoning him out of Gryffindor's common room. "Harry, my boy, they've agreed to work with you on some advanced defense lessons," he said quietly. "I'm not sure if it's things you already know or not, but it can only help you to work with them. They did defeat Voldemort the last time."

Harry nodded and grinned. "Sure, Headmaster. I'd love to work with them. Maybe they can give me a clue." He grinned as Hermione came out. "We've been invited to work with the cross-plane travelers on how they defeated Voldemort and his minions."

"Good," she agreed. "Perhaps I should talk to them as well."

"One of them said that you couldn't go that way here, we've almost no chaos magic floating around free for you to glut yourself on."

"Good," she said again, nodding this time. "I like that idea." She leaned closer. "Did two of those have my hair?" Harry nodded. "Why?"

"They're ours, them and the silent, dark female."

"Really?" she asked, her eyes wide. "Harry, I love you but it's like a brother. I could never marry you."

He gave her a hug. "That's fine. There's already been a lot of variables changed. The person who taught them is already dead in this world."

"Good," she agreed again, looking very serious. "I'm going to go have a lie down, shall I?" She went back inside, going to lie down on a couch.

"I think we broke her," Harry admitted sheepishly. "Has anyone told Remus?"


"Because he is a main figure in the Order, he's my Uncle, and he might be able to help them teach us things," he explained. "Among the three of them, we could probably learn quite a lot more."

"Fine, I'll call him," Dumbledore agreed, going to do that. He needed someone who was seeing things freshly to help him with this. He got Remus almost immediately. "Remus, we need to have a chat. Care to come up and bring a bag?"

"What's happened now? I heard the game got cut off after people appeared. Is Harry all right?"

"Just fine. We've had a most astounding and confusing event happen. We've had travelers from another world of us appear and tell us some fairly amazing things from their world."

"What sort of amazing?"

"Draco Malfoy is not only acting firmly on the side of good, but he's had children with Ginny and Ron Weasley and he teaches Theory classes."

"I'll be right up," Remus told him, going to pack that bag.

Dumbledore sat back, looking at his Fawkes. "You're not playing with the others?" She squawked, then cooed. "That's fine, I won't make you. I thought you might be interested, Fawkes, that's all." He smiled at her loyalty. She would always stick by him.


Xander woke up and lunged at the gryphons. "Let me have him!" he shouted as someone tried to hold him back. "He sent my son somewhere! Let me go!"

"Xander, calm yourself," Bill the gryphon ordered. Xander glared at him. "It was an accident. We all know he didn't do it on purpose."

"He still stole my son!" Xander said angrily. "If this was your kids, you'd be doing the same thing!"

"I would," he said, getting down into Xander's face, "but it would still cost us valuable time."

"The magic is responding to him," Bill Weasley noted. "Xander, hop about some more. Let's see if we can use you to key the portal back in." Xander glared at him. "See, that's a bit closer. We've got one point of lock and it's demonic." He looked around. "Do it some more, Xander."

Xander lunged at the gryphlet, and the others stopped him but Bill managed to lock a second point. "Come on, let me go," he encouraged. "I promise I won't kill him. Much."

"No," Bill the gryphon said firmly. "It was an accident. We are as worried as you are, Xander. Now calm yourself or find yourself taking another nap with George and Fred."

"No! That's my son! He's missing thanks to that young brat!"

"No!" Bill said, glaring down at him. "It was an accident. It looks to have been caused by the phoenix chicks. Not the baby." Xander slumped. "I understand. Were this my family, I would have already killed him as well. Please, do not do anything."

Xander looked at him. "Either we get my son and family back, or I'm frying something," he warned. "I can't hold it in too much longer."

"That's fine. Go fry a centaur."

"I doubt they need that," Xander said bitterly. He turned to glare at the humans. "What are we doing?"

"Right now, we're sensing where the portal went to and if we can open it again," Tara soothed, coming over to pat him on the arm. He brushed her off with a frown for her. "Of course, we could use someone with more chaos knowledge from the human side."

"You want me to fetch Ethan?" Xander asked. Dumbledore nodded. "Okay. Be right back." He teleported out, landing beside Ethan in the pub.

Ethan looked up and put down his beer. "You look like hell. What's happened this time?"

"Portal malfunction. They sent Iggy somewhere." He sat down beside him. "They need you, Ethan."

"Of course I'll come up to help," he said smoothly. "I wanted to see more of the birds anyway."

"They're mostly with Iggy, Draco and his kids, and Harry's kids. It's horrible, the portal snapped shut and they're gone."

"Shh," Ethan said, pulling him closer to hold him. "We'll find your son for you, Xander. Is his wife here?" Xander nodded. "Then that's a link nothing can destroy but death."

"She can still feel him," he said with a touch of hopefulness.

"That's fine, then we can probably help you find him." He put down some money and walked Xander back to his house, letting him inside. "Should we bring Spike?"

"He's been there before," Xander admitted, "but it's also daylight outside."

"Good point." He came back down with a small bag and a hard-sided case. "All right, let's go." Xander nodded and took firm hold of him, sending them back to the school. Ethan had to blink for a few minutes to clear his head, then he looked at the young man. "That was much different from how I do it."

"Yeah, I know," he admitted. "They're on the pitch." Ethan looked clueless. "The sports arena."

"Oh." He headed that way while Xander went to do something. "You had me summoned?" he asked lightly as he made it to the people. He looked around, then up at the hoops. "What sort of game is played here?"

"Xander compared it to basketball on brooms," Tara told him. She gave him a light hug. "Thank you. We have no idea what happened. All we know is that we've got two points. One's demonic, one's emotional."

"Emotional?" Ethan asked, looking around. "Are we sure?" Bill Weasley nodded. "Then we're dealing with a wish situation of some sort. That's what theirs look like."

"Oh, please, tell me it's not where skanky vamp Willow came from," Tara pleaded.

Ethan shrugged. "I'm not sure yet, poppet, let me look at it."

"It's in the air," Snape said bitterly. "Do leave my wife alone."

"Of course. I'd never have a chance with her anyway. She is much more pure than I like my women." He looked at the broom someone held out. "I think I'll do it my way," he said, casting a small floating charm on himself so he could join the other man in the air. "Here?"

"It had an edge here," Bill said, using his wand to lay a track of lights around the spots he had found.

"They usually go in a sunburst pattern for wish portals." He closed his eyes and laid his own lights, stunning everyone. "That's the portal. Why was someone using my version of chaos magic here?"

"We're not really sure," Bill admitted. "It was a gryphon."

Ethan looked down at them, and the obvious youngster. "Praying to Janus now?"

The gryphlet looked miserable. "No, but I did hope really hard." He launched himself up to join them. "The phoenixes messed it up and it snapped while they were all in there."

"Most likely it was too much magic in one spot instead of a particular brand of magic. Did they all crowd in there at once?" The gryphlet nodded and looked at him in awe. "Then we can hopefully fix that." He pointed at the center dot. "We need that one first. That will give us the key. Then we can work backwards from there. Is Ignatius' wife here?"

"She's awake and out throwing rocks at a tree," Bill said gently. "She's highly upset. Kept saying something about flying being evil." He shrugged. "Raena!" She came around the side of the school. "Ethan's here to help us, dear. He needs to know what you do."

She looked up at him. "You're Xander's friend." He nodded. She gave him a grim look. "All I know is that before it snapped shut they had the vision of a quidditch game. It was a Gryff/Slytherin game. And one of them saw one of the twins playing but they're not in our history. Iggy felt something a few minutes ago but I can't be sure what."

"Very well." He looked down at Dumbledore. "Have we had many wishes made here through wish demons?" The Headmaster shook his head. "Damn. That means your world was included in the other, which means it had to have been a powerful wish made by someone without any sense." He considered then floated down to land next to her. "Ignatius once told me you two dream walk into each other's minds. Correct?" She nodded quickly. "Good, then let's get you set up to meditate and send you to him. I need some more facts. Even a key might not help if it's a closed realm." She went pale. "I'm sure it will be fine," he said as soothingly as he could.

"He's not asleep."

"It doesn't much matter. Your bond should allow it. If not, we'll work on talking to some helpful spirits or some such." She nodded, leading him back inside and to their common room. "This is a pleasant place to study," he noted. "Too bad you never took my sort."

"There are schools for your sort," she offered.

"I know, but I was too old when I came to magic to appreciate them and too young to know that I was being stupid." He sat down next to her. "Have you meditated before?" She nodded. "Then drop yourself down into the suggestive levels."

"That's further than Tara lets us go."

"Don't worry, I won't suggest you become a bunny rabbit or some such," he said patiently. She nodded and started to breathe slower.


Ethan came out of the school, looking grim. "Well, it's not a closed world," he admitted as people looked at him. "But we do have a problem." He looked at Tara. "Next time, put more energy behind the prayer."

Tara let out a small swear and leaned against her husband's side. "How do we open a portal there?"

"We ask Rosenburg how she did. Since she's presently in the middle of something magical, we could track her. I have no idea where the Watchers are today."

"I can do one better," Tara admitted. "When she left the last time in such a snit I put a tracer on her in case we had problems with them and Ron's daughter Minnie." Ethan smirked at her. "Not unethical, just protective," she noted, digging it out of her pocket. She handed it over. "She's wherever that leads you."

"Thank you, dear." He looked around. "The good news is that the place is stable, we won't have to worry about it collapsing or going closed. Anyanka probably pulled the rest of the world in to make it more stable. It was a major wish Cordelia made at that time. Even I felt it resonating around." He stroked the fabric, willing the telltale into life. He grimaced. "She's in London." He rolled his eyes and headed off for the edge of the barriers he could feel.

"Where?" Tara called.

"Some store. She's shopping." He waved a hand. "I'll ambush her and bring her back."

"Oh, let me," George called, running after him. He grinned and took the fabric. "I can do Xander's teleport thingy through him." He waved and left. If he had to, he could apparate back. He found Willow browsing in the blouses and walked up to her, tapping her on the shoulder. "You're being called into service since it was Cordelia's stupid wish that's trapped our son."

Willow's eyes went wide. "What!"

George nodded. "We need you right this moment at the school to help us."

"Even with the Gryphons?"

"Even with. Now."

"Fine." She followed him out to the alleyway, ignoring her guards. They came out and she froze them. "Xander needs me. A portal burped and ate his son," she told them. "Tell Wes I'm at the school. I'll be fine." She took George's hand and they apparated together. She ran up from the barrier, looking horrified when she saw the powers gathered there. "Ethan?"

"A necessity. They got sent to the place Cordelia's wish came true."

"Fuck me," she said, looking horrified. "It was horrible."

"They landed in the school there," Tara told her calmly.

"She drew the whole world in? Dammit!" She looked up. "Anyanka!" Nothing happened. "Super damn! She's off fucking in someone else's life." She calmed herself. "What can I do to help?"

"You once opened a portal there," Ethan pointed out. "Your power still resonates in the magical field. We need to see if you can finish pinpointing and tell us how you did so."

"Sure," she agreed, summoning her journal from that year. She handed it over after finding the correct section then grabbed a broom and took a big breath before launching herself up to help Bill. "If it's a Hogwarts there, then it'll have some compensation for the shields and stuff."

"That's fine, we're now laying out points we know."

Willow nodded, working on the other side. She could feel the points shining at her so she revealed them for him. He hurried over and locked them in so they could access them again by putting a tuning crystal on each one, which soaked up the resonance. It was an older bit of magic that almost no one found. "This one has a temporal feel," she offered.

"Raena said she saw a match, a Gryffindor/Slytherin bout," he offered. "With the twins playing."

"That means they'd still be at war, huh?" she asked quietly. He nodded. "Who's there?"

"Iggy, Draco and his kids, Ron and his kids, plus Harry's three."

"Has anyone told Harry yet?" Tara called.

"He's got a game today," her husband noted.

"Iggy's got a free pass to the games," she noted, hurrying to find it in his room. She flooed to the arena and showed the pass to the guard. "Iggy sent me," she said quietly. "Potter's kids are in trouble. Big trouble."

"Fine. I'll escort you directly to their platform." He took her arm and walked her off, startling the coach when they showed up. "She has that kid's pass and said Potter's kids are in trouble."

"He's nearly got the snitch, she can wait," he ordered. The guard nodded and let her go. "Problems?"

"The portal taking the kids to Stonehenge burped and sent the kids to some other plane of existence. We know there's a Hogwarts there, but that's about it right now. The only person who saw anything said he saw the twins playing."

"I bet Iggy's in the middle of that helping, huh?" he asked with a small grin.

"No, he's there with Malfoy and his kids, Professor Weasley and his kids, and Harry's three."

"Oh, damn. Malfoy's missing too? He's got a match tonight." He shook his head. "I'll send an owl to his team."

"He said he had tonight off," she offered.

"He probably thought he did. They've had some trouble finding him sometimes." He went to send the owl to the other coach. He knew the guy, it wouldn't seem too odd to come from him. He came back when everyone started to shout and chant. "They've seen the snitch," he explained.

"They do that at the school when they see it too," she admitted with a smile. "I'm Professor Maclay." She shook his hand. "Tara."

"Oh," he nodded. "You're Snape's girl. You teach that other magic then." He patted her on the shoulder. "Don't worry. The guys won't hurt you." He looked out as the crowd went nuts. "Ah, Harry," he said happily. "It's good to see him on the top of his game again." As soon as the handshaking and all the formalities were out of the way, the team came back in. "You lot don't jostle Tara there. She needs ta see Harry 'bout his kids."

"Agatha finally snap and kill 'em?" one of them joked.

"No, not quite. She's with the other two though." Harry landed and looked at her. "The portal burped. They're in Anya's wish verse."

"What?" he asked, moving closer. "I don't think I heard you correctly."

She took his hand to calm him down. "The baby gryphon did something odd and it snapped while most of the birds, Draco, Ron, and the kids were in it. They're in the world where Cordelia made her wish. They're at a Hogwarts there, but they're stuck." Harry suddenly sat down. "We know that they're fine, Harry. We also know that they've met a young you there. It'll be okay. Draco and Ron are with them. They're doing great, we're working on it, but we just realized no one had told you. We're at the school if you want to come worry with Xander. He's all-but unconscious again from Fred and Oliver."

"Wondered where he had went to," the coach noted. "Go," he told Harry, taking his broom. "I'll lock this in your locker for you."

"Our next game is away," he noted weakly.

"So?" He shrugged. "Go, sit and worry 'bout your kids." Harry nodded and Tara helped him up. "Accident?" he asked.

"Apparently. The gryphons think it was all the phoenix chicks, but a human chaos specialist said it was the gryphlet himself using an odder form of chaos magic." She shrugged. "I don't know. I'm only there as a pure light source." She hurried after Harry, catching up to him at the floo outlet. "Come on. We're on the home pitch."

He nodded and followed her out, taking off running once he was at the school. He made it outside but Fred stopped him. "Let me go!"

"Calm down first. They're not in pain. Raena just got another flash from them. Iggy's having dinner at the school and everyone's there. They're fine so far."

"They're still at war then, George. I sincerely doubt they'll stay that way! Voldemort will come after that Draco! He's powerful!"

"He might be, but do you really think *our* Draco would ever join him?" Fred offered.

Harry shook his head. "No. That doesn't rule out an attack though."

"Then they've still got Draco and Ron, plus Simone and Iggy, there to help," George said calmly. "Trust me, I want nothing more than to rip the young gryphon up and feed him to Hagrid's dogs for taking my son, but we've got to stay calm."

"Emotions are making it easier," Ethan called. "Please, swear some more, Mr. Potter."

"You brought Ethan Rayne up here?" Harry asked in shock.

"Plus Rosenburg," Fred admitted.

Harry nodded once. "Then I'm going to go sit beside wherever you have Xander chained." George smiled at him. "That way I can be chained up too." They nodded and walked him over there, sitting him beside Xander in the teacher's stands. "You okay?" he asked Xander.

"Fuck no. You?"

"Hell no. An attack?"

"Entirely possible. It's a very light chaos world as well." He took a sip of water and handed over the flask. "Just water, I'm not allowed even butterbeer."

"That's fine. I just got done with a game anyway," he said as he took it and drank. "Draco has a game tonight."

"I heard. His coach is going to throw a fit of epic proportions."

"Yeah, he is," Harry sighed. "Glad it's not against my team though. They might have to call the game. Their second string seeker is ill last I heard."

"Draco would hate that," Oliver agreed. He looked down at Harry. "We win?" Harry nodded. "How much?"

"Ten point margin. Three-ten to three-twenty."

"Good job," Oliver praised. "Bet the coach is chewing the backup keeper a new one." He slumped a little. "This was more important."

"It was," Harry agreed, giving him a faint smile. "Thanks for watching out for my kids too, Ollie."

"Eh, not a problem, Harry. You know I like two of 'em." They shared a look and then Oliver shuddered. "Agatha's there by the way."

"He'd never use her," Xander said. "Her powers are too warped toward Ethan's. Besides, she might be evil, but she's not stupid. She'd never help him."

"Good point," Harry agreed, cheering up a bit. Then he slumped again. "Mellie's still in trouble though."

"Mellie's one strong little girl, Harry. Remember, she withstood Agatha for years. She can hold out during this too. Iggy'll watch out for her if her brother is too terrified and guarding Ravena."

"Good point," Oliver agreed. "Iggy'll watch over all the kids." Xander nodded and took another drink. He took the flask to sniff and turned it back to water then handed it back. "You being blitzed won't help," he noted, getting comfortable. "We might need your heft later."

"Yeah, maybe," Xander admitted. "Are we sure I can't walk over there and kill the gryphlet?"

"Yes," Oliver said patiently.

"Fine, I'll stay here then."

Oliver added another layer of sticking charm just in case.


Draco looked up as a house elf popped into his bedroom, taking the note on the tray. "Thank you. Hold on, let me answer it." He unfolded it, then snickered and shook his head. He put it back onto tray and turned it into ashes. "Hand that back to him, then run like hell away from him and never go near him again," he instructed. The house elf nodded and disappeared, doing just that. Draco went back to his reading, smirking now at his book on alternate universe theory.

Ron tapped then walked in. "What was that? I heard you laughing."

"My father wants to meet with me about something of grave importance," he said, waving a hand around. "Outside, just on the other side of the village."

Ron burst out laughing. "You're joking." Draco shook his head, giving him a content look. "He really thinks you'd go for that snake-fucking bastard?"

"He apparently does," Draco agreed, shaking his head as he went back to his book. "Everyone down?"

"But Iggy and Melvin. They're still reading." He noticed as the house elf came back, holding out another note. He even got out of the way as Draco got up to change his clothes and make himself more imposing than usual. "You want me to follow?"

"No, stay with the younger ones. I'll take Simone." He walked out into their common room. "Simone?" She came to her door in a tank top and boxer shorts. "Get dressed. We have to respond to a request for a meeting." Her face hardened and she went to find her favorite fighting outfit of tight leather pants, just tight enough t-shirt, and boots. She came out putting on a robe over it, specially cut for fighting in. "Very nice, dear. Wands?" She patted the inside pocket. "All of them?"

"And the shrunken sword," she admitted.

"Good," he purred, leading the way out. He stopped and held the door closed when someone else tried to open it, ignoring his youngest son's pleas to let him come too. Finally someone came and got Lucien so they walked off, nodding at Snape as they walked past him. "He wanted a meeting," he said sarcastically. "Insulted me no less. We'll be back." He waved a hand and they teleported off once they were out of sight. He knew where they wanted to meet, it was somewhere he had helped clean up a few months back. "You wanted to see me, Lucius?"

"I have no doubt I was your father in your world as well."

"Yes, which is why I had you killed," Draco admitted. He gave him his most imperial look, making the older man shudder and step away from him. "I know he's here, I can feel the miasma of blood magic. You might as well produce him."

"He'll be here soon. We need to discuss some things first." He looked at the woman behind him, then at the boy who could one day be his. "Yours?"

"My eldest daughter." Simone shifted her weight and he could feel her drawing out a wand. "None of your business really since she can't be born here."

"Pity. She looks like she'd make a good wife."

"I'm not going to be a wife, stupid plonker," Simone said in the same icy tone as her father. "Why would I want to subjugate my will to that of anyone else? It's much more fun to share thoughts and swap bodily fluids, then move on." She moved to stand beside her father at the idiot's shocked silence. "After all, why would I want to get attached to someone I might have to kill to protect the family some day?"

Lucius looked horrified. "She doesn't plan on getting married?"

"Only two of us girls do. I doubt Morgana will for a very long time either. For that matter, I also don't plan on ruining my figure to push out brats the way father did either."

"Then how will the family traditions pass on?" Lucius sneered.

"I don't know. Perhaps Denver will have some. Lucien is obviously gay," she taunted. "Ana will have one or two some day, and Ravena's will be seekers and nothing more."

"Beyond that, we don't hold with most of the family customs, Lucius," Draco said, sounding bored and icy now. "Why would we uphold such boring and useless things?"

"They made you who you are."

"No, I was remade in someone else's image. It did me a lot of good. All it took was a bit of positive attention and I was all his." He sneered. "You'd be surprised. I got straightened out within three months of training with that one."

"You're not a Death Eater?"

Draco laughed. "No! We killed Voldemort and all of you within six days. I was there on the front lines, right beside my mentor, and beside Weasley and Potter."

"I thought they were on the other side of Uncle Xander."

"They were," he said, considering it. "True, but the later battles were mostly as a group. Granger usually stood between Potter and me." He patted her gently. "Very good."

"Thank you, daddy."

"This is the future of the Malfoy family?" Lucius sneered. "She's weak."

"Fucking lot you know," Simone snorted. "I've taken out many creatures, including men, since starting school. Starting with some Slytherins, moving onto a whole fairy population, and then moving on to some professional quidditch players." She looked at her father. "Can I brag?"

"No, he's not worthy of hearing your many accomplishments, dear."

"Yes, daddy." She leaned against Draco's side.

"You're not very Slytherin, are you," Lucius sneered at his son. "You take lip from your children, you don't support the family cause, and you obviously care about what people say about you."

Simone snorted. "Again, fat lot you know. Slytherin himself approves of daddy as the official cohead of his house and as a true Slytherin who will take over once Uncle Severus retires. For that matter, Slytherin told Daddy he was the true heir to his house, not Voldemort. Said he was much more like what a Slytherin *should* be."

"Slytherin himself!" Lucius yelled, actually looking shocked. "How did you meet him! He is still dead!"

"The ghosts of all the founders have returned in our world. Slytherin was quite disappointed Iggy wasn't in his house, what with his love of potions," Simone bragged. "He spent a long time talking to Father and visits with him nearly every week about theories and how the house is doing. He sets him and Iggy on all sorts of projects for him, things that he never got around to doing. Including changing the school so it's better."

Draco smirked at his father. "That's beyond a few other facts that have elevated me beyond the need for this puny cause." Voldemort came out of the trees and he sneered at him. "You might as well learn who you're trying to beg onto your side as well because you have *no* idea about the mistake you made tonight." He smirked at them, standing straighter. "I have pulled off major chaos spells, multiple times. I am so skilled at the various magics of the world that I am counted on by other people to teach them. I have used them to not only raise the family's profile, fortune, and reputation, but also to pull off some amazing and important things. I chose to carry my own children, twice. Both of them are quite powerful, more powerful than both of you together even though they're infants. No *minor* wizard, like you or Lucius, could pull that off. I'm considered one of the most powerful wizards in my world, and I do tend to live around the rest of them. I cohead Slytherin and am in line to take over the school some day soon. Not only did I help take out the obstacles to my power, namely you two, I've aligned myself with one of the most powerful families on the planet - the Weasleys. I'm in line to take over Ginny's business because I'm her helper, and I have free access to any spells I want of any sort I want. I routinely deal with spells that make Dumbledore cringe and back away in fear. I also happen to know more than enough of the Ancient's magic to blow up this world."

His sneer got more icy. "That is in addition to finding my place with the higher echelon, the ones who don't *have* to send their children to Hogwarts because they're home schooled." Lucius' mouth fell open and Voldemort grimaced. "As a matter of fact, I've not only aligned myself with them, they're helping me find a suitable consort for my second daughter, one of a bloodline that hasn't been muddied by this whole tragedy of a farcical war. For that matter, they're *begging* me to marry into their group, Lucius. You'd be interested to know that the real power isn't in the dark, it's in the raw and pure power flows. The hidden energy that very few can touch. I can. Most of my children can. Ignatius and Melvin Weasley can. And they'll never be born here unless the me from here has a radical personality shift and starts to see people for their personalities, not their pocketbooks," he said smugly. "They're all aligned to me and they're so powerful that Voldemort was laughed at when he approached them in my world. My whole group has destroyed the things in our way of power. Whether for the good of all or not, it has happened and we *enjoyed* it. We side with people that Voldemort couldn't even get an audience to see, even at the height of his power during the first war. We've gotten past all the minor pure lines all over the world and we're in the royalty now for my second daughter." He chuckled evilly. "You have nothing I could ever want or need. Your powers are so pitiful it's pathetic," he spat, looking at Voldemort.

"Kill the child," Voldemort sneered.

"Let me fight him," Simone retorted. "Let's duel, snakey."

Draco put a hand on her arm, calming her instantly. "We will not interfere with the future of this world." He looked at his father. "However, if you touch one hair on my children..." He sneered. "Let's just say that I do know the spell that destroyed you on my world. Try me. I can say them in my sleep and I can decreate you both without breaking a sweat."

"That is ancient magic," Voldemort noted, looking him over. "You play with that?"

Draco lifted his shirt, showing off his stomach scar. "Weren't you listening? I bore two of my children. Myself. From my body." He put it back down and put an arm around his daughter's body. "We've managed to get past all the shit that my forefathers and mothers left on our shoulders and found the original Malfoys. With a little help from Gryffindor's house elves and the Founding Fathers of the school. You'd like Slytherin, Lucius, he hated you and thought that this supposed Master of yours should have been put to death for doing this." He looked at his daughter and smiled. "Come. I feel the need to have some ice cream. I miss Xander."

She scrunched up her nose and held out a hand, smiling when a bowl and ice cream appeared. "That good enough or did you need toppings?" she asked proudly.

He smoothed down the back of her hair. "Excellently done, Simone. I knew you were one of the true heirs in the family." He took the ice cream and took a bite, then winced. "A bit sweet, daughter. Next time make the coffee stronger." She nodded and tried it again and they switched bowls. "Much better. I'm very proud of you." He smirked at the stunned wizards. "You're still here? Dear Merlin, do I have to remove you so you can't taint my daughter?"

Voldemort stepped closer. "I don't believe you created that," he sneered at her.

She shrugged. "That's your mental problem." She ate a bite and created some toffee topping, then changed it to chocolate after the first bite. "There, it evens out better." Draco smirked at her. "Father, I'm bored. Can't I kill them? I'm sure the Ravettena's would be very proud of me for it."

"I'm sure they would too, dear, but remember, here chaos is rather limited. If you do too much of it, it'll drain it for the others." He sneered at the other wizards. "Speaking of full bloods. Lucius, why do you follow a mudblood? I thought you'd be against that with as often as you've gone on and on about killing them." He waved a hand around. "It's no wonder the younger me here needs some better training. He didn't even try to hex us when we appeared in his flight path. I would have."

"We can teach the mini you better," Simone soothed, patting him on the back and hugging his arm. "I promise, I'll pull him aside tomorrow and we'll teach him to be just like you, daddy."

"Thank you, Simone. I'm sure he'll appreciate it and find many interesting things that can help keep him from a fate worse than bad hair." She cackled, shaking her head. "What? They're not that bad really. I mean, seriously. Agatha Potter is worse than them together!" He rolled his eyes. "Come, daughter. We have a long day tomorrow working on our way back home and you'll have to do some chick care."

"Sure, daddy. Can I maybe, kinda, find my way into Gryffindor's seventh year dorms and find a playmate?"

"No," he said firmly. "I'll not have you sleeping with someone I haven't vetted yet and I doubt any of the ones I remember are good enough for you." He looked down at her. "I also noticed your look at the Potter from here. I'll tell your Uncle Harry on you if you even *think* about such sickening things again, daughter."

"Yes, daddy," she said obediently. "How about a Ravenclaw then? Even a Hufflepuff would do for now," she offered. "It was really unfair that Uncle Albus got the Founders to teach him how to lock the other houses away from everyone but the ghosts and the rightful inhabitants."

"No, daughter. We'll find you a whorehouse later. That way you and Denver can both wear yourselves out." They strolled off, unconcerned with the minor annoyances left gaping in their wakes. They ran into the Headmaster and Snape, giving them stereo smug looks. "What? It's true," he admitted, smirking at Snape. "You have no idea what I do on a daily basis." They walked on, heading back to the castle at a casual stroll. It was all part of the image. "Why did you pack your fighting leathers?"

"I wanted to go find Spike this weekend," she admitted.

"Hmm. A night out on the town with a vampire. I think not, daughter. You don't need to associate with vampires, even vampires adopted by phoenixes." She sighed and nodded. "Thank you. If you're good, I'll take you shopping. Those are getting a bit too tight and worn out."

"Sure." She beamed at him. "Think we can induce Anna's next period and sic her on them?"

Draco snickered, shaking his head. "That is an evil bastard worthy thought, daughter. I'm so proud."

"Thank you, daddy," she said with a grin.

Dumbledore looked at Snape. "Find out," he said quietly.

Snape shook his head. "He wasn't lying. You can tell it in his aura. The nurse found a great deal of chaos in it. He obviously does do chaos magic. Plus, they did create that bowl of ice cream." He headed back to the school via portkey. It was faster and safer for him. He went down to his classroom to brew and think, and found an unusual sight. The silver- haired young boy was standing down there working on something. "Another trial of your potion?" he asked dryly.

"No, I brew when I can't sleep," he admitted, looking at him. "Sorry to intrude, but my mind's whirling and I don't know why I can't stop it on the thought I need. There's a circular argument going on and I only catch part of it. Right now it's going over the fact that this was a created universe. There should be a loose thread, and if we could tug it, it could send us home, but if we did that it could unravel this world." He shrugged. "It's not really my forte. I deal better with potions, healings, and my wife." He went back to his brewing, stirring carefully. "Oops, burned it a bit," he sighed, fixing it quickly.

Snape looked impressed. He hadn't caught the scent of any burned potion but the boy had. "Let me see," he demanded. The boy got out of his way, letting him check it. It was perfect. Absolutely perfect. He gave him a satisfied look. "I obviously taught you well."

"You did," Iggy admitted with a grin. "My parents complain all the time about you not actually being my parent." He took his potion off the fire and set it aside to cool down, his spoon doing the stirring on it's own with a quiet charm from him. Snape gave him a long look. "We can't open it from this side. We can use our own magic here."

"I see." He looked the boy over. "What is your usual speciality?"

"Healing potions. I'm a borderline healer with some of the odder gifts of it." Iggy's grin brightened. "My first potion update was a stronger version of the menstrual cycle one. I made it stronger and an anti-fertility potion at the same time because of Anna." Snape raised an eyebrow. "It was self defense, I promise. That was my fourth year." Snape nodded. "Braun approached me but they turned me down because I'm a prodigy. They sent me to the Royal Academy in our world. The president of Braun said I'd done more work than some of their graduates already."

Snape nodded. "I can see that. You are very thorough, yet you are also very reckless by using a time turner in the laboratory."

"I might be, but it's getting my life done. As of right now, I've only got some practice hours and six mandatory classes left out of my healer certification." Snape looked stunned. "I'll still have those if the politicking isn't fixed. I have somewhere around two hundred hours left." Snape's mouth actually opened. "I'm doing healing for humans, gryphons, and gryphon borns. That's basically three majors in healing because borns are different in some ways. The same way Hagrid is because he's a half-giant, we are because we've got gryphon in our heritage."

"I see." He schooled his features. "I let you do this?"

"My Uncle Sev doesn't really know all this," Iggy admitted. "He thinks I do a lot less than I do. He also thinks that I'm spending less time working with the gryphons than I do." He slumped a little. "I wish I could talk to him but he's really proud of me and I don't want to disappoint him." He looked at him. "I've begun noticing things. Things like I do more work than you, on a relative scale, for Madam Pomfrey. I do more potions for them than the pharmacists do in St. Mungos, where I do my other practical hours. I work about three days a week for them, brewing about eight hours a day." Snape looked pissed at that. Iggy nodded. "I've also noticed that they think it's necessary for me to brew every little thing. Some of the healers have stepped in to tell me they can do it and I'm finding myself really gratified that healers can do such things on their own." He gave him a bitter smile. "Then there's the wonderful issue of being the Potions Master they've been waiting on for centuries. They haven't had a *real* Master since the Renaissance. They've had some who are damn close, like my wife, but no one like me." He shrugged at the pissed look. "I've been their official Potions Master since I was fourteen. Dad thinks they haven't officially confirmed me yet, but they did. That's on top of my school work, my personal research, and all the other stuff that comes with being married and being the Captain of my house team."

"You're too young," Snape said firmly. "Do your fathers not watch over you?"

"Severus, I've been a prodigy all my life. I've been flying since I was six, brewing since I was eight. I pushed myself and I've had a long and interesting history of getting past my family. Last year, I did a mass antidote for a Poisoner's convention you went to. Someone dosed the doorknobs. My fathers and Uncle Draco congratulated me for being so good as to save over thirty wizards and seventy some-odd muggles, but they don't know that we had to time turn it. Grandma doesn't know and we did it in the Burrow's kitchen." Snape started to look really pissed at that. "Uncle Draco knows some of it. Uncle Percy knows a bit. Dad knows I'm overworked and he begs me to take time off, go do things, play in the sunlight. Things like that. I've never done things like that though and I'm finding out that I've missed out on a lot of things."

Snape nodded. "I can understand that, Ignatius. If you see the problem, you can probably fix it."

"Actually, I can't. I can't back out now. I'm stuck in this position and it's only getting harder." Snape grimaced at him. "Seriously. I'm almost seventeen. I'm confirmed in all manners of the word as a Master except for my paperwork because they wanted me to finish both programs at the same time. Things only get worse from here. Even if I have to do next year over again, I'm still going to have too much work to do and they're going to be piling more on me each and every day. There's no way for me to get out of this." He pushed his hair back behind his ears. "If I could, I would, but I did it to myself."

Snape shook his head. "That is not right of them."

"I know. Trust me, I do know. I've had some careful talks with some of the Elders of the gryphon colony I work out of most often and they agree that the child they're doing this to should kill them all. I can't do that though, I'll be required to heal them again," he said bitterly. "If I tell my dads, they'll go ballistic and kill all the gryphons. If I tell Uncle Draco the truth, he'll try to take some of the pressure off me but they won't let him since I'm a Master and he's just really good at potions. Even my wife, who's got her Mastery work in at Braun and has her Mastery, isn't being asked to do most of this work because I'm their prodigy. If I had it to do all over again, I'd have hid behind my father for a lot longer. Instead, I proved how smart I was and it's now breaking me." He pointed at the potion. "As that proves."

"How long have you been taking heart medication?"

"Nearly a year. Uncle Draco knows I've had a few fluctuations, nothing further. Madam Pomfrey can't tell him because of her oaths and I haven't asked her to. My dads have no idea," he said with a delicate snort. "I'd be locked to my bed in a luxury resort if they knew. I wouldn't even have a book around or my wife." Snape slumped and shook his head. "I can't find a way out of this though, and I desperately want one. The thought has come to me of how likely a stroke is with as high as my blood pressure goes. Fortunately the portal accident raised everyone's earlier so Madam Pomfrey didn't realize mine was that much higher than everyone else's as usual."

"I want you to see her. Such accidents are dangerous, especially when you're already sick," Snape said firmly.

Iggy nodded. "I know. I snuck up there earlier after Uncle Draco left to talk to her. She checked me over and told me to come brew some of this since she didn't have any in the infirmary." He tested it and measured out an exact dose, then took it. "There, I'm set until around noon."

"That's a double dose," he said in alarm. "You're taking four doses a day!"

"I know," Iggy said sadly, getting up to go back to his room. "Thanks for letting me rant. I wish I could do this at home." He left before the older man could pull himself back together again.

Severus glared at the doorway, then he summoned a house elf. "Find that older Malfoy and send him down here," he ordered coolly.

"No need," Draco admitted, taking off the invisibility cloak. "I felt you portkey back and figured Ignatius had tripped some sort of defense telltale. You have them at home to prevent students stealing supplies." He moved closer, looking at the heart potion. "I heard it all," he sighed. "He never told us. We trusted him to come to us if he was having problems."

"Prodigies often kill or burn themselves out," Snape admitted. "They think they're doing less than they actually are and by the time they notice it, it's like this." He waved a hand at the potion.

"That's followed by everyone thinking that they're intelligent so they'd know to come to the more adult members if things like this happen," Draco agreed. "I don't know how to stop him either. I've lodged a formal complaint but it never seems to do any good. I've also taken over some of his brewing duties now and then when I could spare the time. The boy literally stocks each and every gryphon colony each month, if not each week during the summers. The problem is, if I tell either of his fathers, there will be a bad explosion. Xander will kill everyone over his son, including me."

Snape sighed. "The Weasleys probably would too," he agreed. "Can't you get him free of them for even a summer?"

"No," Draco admitted. "In their eyes, he's an adult as soon as he hits seventeen. That's in three weeks. They're confirming him the day after. I suppose that's a formality for everyone else." He resisted the urge to hit the desk as hard as he could. "I wonder if his wife realizes this."

"I'm surprised his fathers let him marry," Snape said bitterly.

"They didn't have much choice. Iggy did it then told them. By gryphon law they are married and it forced the Ministry to accept it. They held off everything as long as they could so they'd be legal, but otherwise he's been married now for just under three years." He couldn't resist it this time and did dent the table next to the potion. "I hate this. I'm helpless and I hate it. I have untold powers at my hands and I can't fix it for him. He's my nephew and as much like my own as my own are and I can't stop them from killing him!"

"Calm yourself. Being emotional won't help. Can the me there not help him?"

Draco looked at him. "Only if he knew. He's like the rest of us, he sees the prodigy. He sees him doing excellently. He sees him doing fantastic things and knows he's got a time turner that he uses sometimes. He has no clue. Ignatius has hid this from us for too long. The you there has no idea that the boy does an extra four hours a day on average, even during the summers. He has no idea that Iggy has gotten into books that he's not supposed to know exist. Severus has tried to keep him away from some sections of the Potions' Library at the Royal Academy and they've let him into it time and again because of Slytherin's ghost. The boy just got finished working on a temporal potion!" he said bitterly. "He's a bloody alchemist! He figured that out in about six months!"

Snape shook his head. "I don't know what to tell you except to tell the me there. You need to rein him in before he dies from a stroke."

"Maybe a stroke that took some of his skills would be more merciful," Draco admitted dryly, scowling now. "He's pushed himself most of the time. He started out so very nice and helpful and they took full advantage of his willingness to do nearly anything to learn something new."

Snape snorted. "I did much the same. Then I realized I was being used."

"Yes, but you never did twenty-eight hour days every day all year long."

"No, I didn't. You need to stop him."

"I'm trying. I've given him a way to vent and he won't even tell me most of this."

Snape nodded. "I wouldn't either. You're obviously upset about this and he doesn't need you to be upset for him, he needs you to be supportive and help him behind his back. Use some of the Malfoy cunning you've shown here to get around the boy."

"Oh, I have," Draco said dryly, giving him a look. "Including getting Mysteries Minister Percy Weasley into it. Percy has a heart condition from stress. The problem is that the boy's mind is like lightening. He's so good the other healers come to ask his opinion on treatments now. He's helped doctors in the past. He works with the new project that has some muggle doctors crossing into our world for specialities we don't practice. They ask his opinion. He's sixteen and it's heady but even he's realizing how damaging it is."

"Yes, and this is when it becomes dangerous. He knows, he doesn't think he can stop it. He'll become sloppy and get hurt, possibly on purpose subconsciously."

"We've had to stop one of those already. He began teleporting in his sleep," Draco admitted. He snorted. "This will be the boy's first vacation since he started school. My daughter does an amazing job by making him practice with her and her brother. The twins do an amazing job by letting him do some fun brewing and testing for them at the shop. Even Potter gets in on the act by having him come babysit and help him with things like garden chemicals. His wife manages more but they still hop out of a passionate session to go treat a sprained wing."

"Then they're both fools and they need to be made to see the light."

"Having a destiny that young is heady," Draco pointed out.

Snape nodded. "I remember. I went to Braun's summer program. I saw the same thing over and over."

"Which is why I'd like to recruit you to have the boy stay calm. He can brew as long as he's doing fun stuff. Have him show you his new pain potions, please. He won't show me, keeps them a closely guarded secret. Please, distract him. Let him teach for you or something. He does it very well."

"I'll have him come in tomorrow and sit in on the classes," he agreed. "I've probably changed some of the curriculum around."

"Yes, now you're harder to pass than you were in my year," Draco admitted with a smug look. "The second years are now doing some of our fourth year potions." Snape looked horrified. "Seriously. You did the featherlight with them in Iggy's first year. The book changed on order of the Ministry."

"Idiots," Snape hissed. "The students have enough problems keeping up now."

"And you argued that very point, but they wanted us to have higher standards so they changed things up. I saw the OWLs their fifth year. They were harder than my NEWTs. I don't even want to imagine their NEWTs. I might cry with the flashbacks. Their Defense OWL had zombifying hexes. Weasley was told he had to teach fourth years that." Snape looked horrified. "So, yes, it might be amusing for him to come in and help. He's very good at helping and explaining things to others. Even gets Potter's son through some Potions assignments along with Melvin Weasley."

"Oh, dear Merlin," Snape moaned. "I'll do my best to distract him." He went to his room, going to have some tea and lay down with his headache. He couldn't believe that he hadn't seen such things. Though, the boy had done a potion that most healers and potions masters didn't do routinely like he had done it very often. He sat up and pulled the boy's notebook over, starting back at the beginning. The boy had dated things. He moved forward until he found the fourth year section and winced at the horrifyingly hard potions listed. "He did a reanimation potion as a fourth year?" He cast the translating charm on the notes section, then groaned. "For fun? He did that for fun!" He put it aside and laid back down. "I need to have myself look at that. He obviously trusted the boy the way Malfoy did, and we were all wrong. The boy is a genius but he's got that touch of insanity as well." A reanimation potion was something that most Masters didn't attempt and the boy had done it for fun? Then again, it probably went along with his alchemy work.


Xander growled as everyone walked off from the field, heading in to rest for the night. He wasn't done yet! He got free by sliding out of his pants and summoning some new pants, putting them on to go look at the portal. He made it all the way to the brooms before someone knocked him out.

Snape shook his head. "Stupid idiot," he sneered. "We're going as fast as we can and your hysterics, while reasonable, are not going to help." He floated the body up and into the castle, locking Xander in a spare room. The one they used when students snapped and lost their minds. He found George already asleep in there and put the boy beside him, then hurried out and locked the door before anyone could stop him. He'd have to let them out personally in the morning. He went to his rooms, sending an elf to the kitchen for some dinner so it would meet him. He walked in and found his wife collapsed on their couch in tears. "They're fine," he soothed. She shook her head. "They are!" he said more firmly, willing himself to believe it. That world would still be at war. They were in grave danger but he had to believe that Mr. Malfoy could get them free of it. He sat down beside her, pulling her up to cry on him. "They're fine," he said in a calmer voice. "They've got to be fine. Weasley does know his defense. He was trained at the same time as Potter and Malfoy were. They and the children will be fine."

Tara looked up at him, her eyes red. "We can't get the portal to open, they'll have to stay there!" she wailed.

"We will," he argued. "Just because we couldn't tonight doesn't mean it won't happen. We can get it open and we will, even if I have to resort to dark magic and chaos myself." She leaned against his chest, sobbing on him. "Shh, Tara. It is not that horrible. They're fine and at least they're getting a real vacation. Even Ignatius. The me there won't be fooled by his clever pathways around adult supervision."

She sat up, wiping her eyes. "Raena said he's been feeling off," she admitted. "She said Percy and Draco know." She grabbed a tissue and blew her nose. "Why those two?"

"Would you tell Xander?" he noted. "Or any other Weasley?" She shook her head, smiling just a bit. "That's probably why. Did she say why?" She shook her head. "Then I'll talk with her tomorrow before we begin again. It could increase the danger and make it harder for him to come back through."

"Poppy came out and ordered us to tell her when we got it open so she could come out and support Iggy and Draco."

"Well, it is a world where there is less chaos floating around," he admitted bitterly. He had no doubt that if the worlds were equal, then Draco would have already solved this little problem. She snuggled into his side, closing her eyes and taking the comfort he offered. "We will deal with that matter once they're back," he promised. "It shouldn't be too much longer. We're trying that synthesis system you've been working on tomorrow." She nodded, grabbing a fistful of his robe to hold onto. "I've ordered dinner."

"I'm not hungry."

"Which is exactly why you should," he said firmly. "I won't have you endangering yourself as well." Someone knocked on their door. "Enter!" he yelled.

Willow walked in and waved the book in her hand. "I've found the exact spell." She put it onto the table, a bright pink piece of yarn marking the spot. "Is something new wrong?"

"No, she's simply exhausted," Snape said calmly. "Thank you. We'll see you in the morning."

"Sure. Put her to bed. She likes to nap after really hard spells." She walked out, closing the portrait behind her.

"I know that, you twit," he said once the door was closed. Tara laughed. "You still have to eat first. I'll look over this spell while you bathe."

"Bathe with me? We can do it in the morning before we start," she offered in a timid voice.

"If you wish. Once we've had some dinner." The house elf appeared with a laden tray and he got up to get it before the thing dropped it. They didn't need the loud noise tonight.


Iggy woke up to something poking him and he looked at the house elf. "Did I oversleep?" he asked tiredly. The thing nodded at him and he grunted. "Thanks. Wake me for lunch unless someone needs me." He flipped onto his side and went back to sleep.

The house elf went to report to Professor Snape. "Winky tries to wake up the silver haired one but he much sleeps," she said pitifully.

Snape nodded. "He's asleep already?" She nodded. "Then leave him be. Wake him a half-hour before lunch." She nodded and disappeared. He shook his head, it was a good sign. He looked at Draco, who was helping his younger self with the potion of the day. "You didn't do this one very well, Mr. Malfoy."

"I did brilliantly once I figured out the secret to the julienned roots," he said smugly. "They're fairly simple after that." He went back to whispering to his younger self. "No Iggy?"

"He's gone back to sleep."

"Good," he said firmly, giving the teacher a look. "I'd rather see him asleep."

"What made his hair that way anyway?" his younger self asked.

"Gryphon borns get silver hair when they're near death," Draco patiently informed him. "A few years back Ignatius and his father were both nearly dead thanks to a stupid twat's miscast spell a few years earlier. Their hellmouth was draining through the boy." Snape stiffened and Draco looked at him. "That's right, you didn't get to hear that whole story," he said dryly. "You won't like it."

"Probably not. Do you play with those?"

"Bloody hell no!" Draco snorted. "Do I look insane?"

"Well, you *are* wearing blue," the younger Draco noted.

"I look good in blue, as do you," he said firmly. "Unlike how I look like a vampire in black." He handed him the last of the herbs he had prepared then watched as he worked on adding things. "Time it. Say that rhyme mentally," he instructed. He looked at the other Slytherins, who were looking scared and envious. "He is a younger me," he noted.

Iggy walked in with a yawn, fully dressed in a decent robe. "Sorry I'm late," he noted, bowing to the teacher. "Where did you need my help, Professor?"

"I'd prefer it if you weren't yawning," he said bitterly.

"So would I but William jumped me," he noted.

The older Draco looked up. "William?" Iggy nodded. "Has he been invisible?"

"Yuppers. He's managed Dad's sense of not being there." He went to help the Gryffindors. "First," he instructed, "you julienne herbs, kids." He pulled over Granger's to show her. She looked like she got it, then the advice moved through the group. "Second, you add the herbs in exact increments. I usually use an increment of forty seconds. Draco uses one of sixty. We mix it for different purposes." He sat down beside the younger Ron, helping him. "Chiffanade," he said carefully. "You roll, then you slice thinly. It makes pretty little strips." Ron grinned at him and did that. "Okay, now try for delicate and thin. This isn't a really tough steak that had to be boiled for weeks. Nor is this the Christmas turkey two weeks later; I helped with that last year," he said dryly. Ron snorted, shaking his head. "Trust me, Grandma does it to us too. Dad and I carefully made sandwiches and came up to feed Hagrid's puppies. They appreciated it."

"You mean his mother can't cook?" the younger Draco sneered. The older one popped him on the back of the head. "Ow!"

"Good, you deserved it. Leftovers are a holiday staple. In our house, the house elves fed them to the garden gnomes. Any meat that's been cooked and then left to sit in the fridge is going to get tougher as time goes on. Ignatius, I find that salad dressing does wonders for that."

"I tried that, but we got the very last of the meat, Uncle Draco." The Gryffindors looked at him like he was insane. "Long story, kids. Really," he told them with a grin. He looked at the other Gryffindors, moving to help Neville. "Roll them tighter, then slice delicately and gently," he said quietly. The boy nodded and did so. "Good job, Neville." He patted him on the back and gave him a small smile. "You'll get this one at least. This is a very handy sleeping potion. My dad uses it each night."

"Yes, and every once in a while we sneak in something harder," the older Draco noted dryly.

"Every night?" Snape asked.

"He's got horrible nightmares of fighting on the Hellmouth with a slayer," Iggy said with a shrug. "It's worth it not to wake up to him screaming every night."

The older Draco looked up. "We make it pediatric strength, that's why Iggy uses a smaller increment between ingredients." He went back to helping Draco make his. "Very good. Now, if you combined this with some of the foxbone powder, you make a kick ass dreamlessness potion. I've had to use a great deal of that in my own life, mostly for some of the same reasons Ignatius' father has. Destroying Voldemort wasn't that pleasant. We got ripped through with the Death Eater's memories there for a bit." He grimaced. "Fairly nasty shit at that. Take heed, it won't make you popular, happy, or respected. Fear and respect are *different* things, younger self."

The younger Draco looked at him. "You *destroyed* him?"

"In our world, chaos magic is a bit more prevalent. We used a very powerful decreation spell on him and the ones attacking the school," he said quietly. "It worked wonderfully, nearly killed a few of us as well, and nearly ended Simone's life at the same time because such things create flashback. Their souls were ripped apart and their basic energies had to flow back into the ground. It went through whatever it had to, including people, walls, paintings, everything. We nearly destroyed the entry to the school with it. Ginny Weasley was caught because she hadn't made it to safety. It pulped her insides until a powerful healing potion was given to her. This is not a careless thing to play with. If you play with the higher magics, you have to be absolutely sure what you're doing and why you're doing it. A wise man once told me that part of growing up is figuring out whether or not the price to pay for each decision is worth it or not to you. At that time, it was worth killing us all to kill him."

The younger Draco looked thoughtful. "Interesting. I can't do that here?"

"Not without a lot of power raising," Iggy said as he came over to join him. "Uncle Ron just yelled through Melvin, he's running a class this afternoon in the Req. Room."

"Very well, I'll be there," the older Draco agreed. He smirked at his younger self. "Your father is the reason you'll never be your own man. I found that out the easy way." The younger one sighed and went back to his potion. "Good boy. Think, that's all I'm asking. You're more than smart enough to make your own decisions." He looked up at Snape, then smirked at him. "I really wish we could introduce you to yourself in our world."

"It would be ...interesting I suppose." He watched as Potter added his ingredients. "Mr. Potter, did you just add the horn *before* the mint?"

"You're supposed to," Iggy said with a frown. "That's the recipe." He sat down to open the book, showing it to him. "I always do."

"As do I," the older Draco admitted. "If you add them in the other direction we seem to get very vivid hallucinations while we dream." He grimaced. "Could that be a born thing?"

"It could," Iggy admitted, considering it. He took a piece of parchment off the desk to work it out. "No, it's not. Adding the horn before the mint would make it stronger. Making it weaker by adding the mint to dilute the horn would make it fairly weak and prone to separation." Snape took the parchment from him. "Right?"

Snape looked at it, then at him. "You really were trained by me," he said bitterly.

Iggy beamed and patted him on the arm. "Since about I could walk, Professor. You taught me to read so I'd quit helping you chop up roots one day." He went back to help Harry and Neville. They really needed it. "Neville, even intervals," he instructed. "Repeat a rhyme to yourself if you have to."

"Okay. You're really good at this stuff?"

"Oh, hell yeah. I do this for a living at home," Iggy admitted. "I've already got my Mastery mostly done." Neville looked impressed and Iggy helped him add the next few things. "Actually, the Professor Snape in my world calls me a snotty know-it-all when he's in a cranky mood," he shared lightly, grinning at the Snape here. "He keeps threatening me with the third years."

The Snape there snorted. "I'm sure you'd survive them. I have for years."

"Our third years are making illusion potions," Draco told him. "He forced Iggy to teach that class this year in punishment for snogging after hours in the classroom."

"Who do you do that with?" Neville asked. "Not to be nosy, but are any of those pretty girls yours?"

Iggy pulled out his wallet and handed over his favorite picture of his wife. "That's my wife. We were married at the third table on this side a few years ago during a class. We followed some very old rituals and then told the family about it."

Neville beamed at him. "She's very pretty." He handed it back. "Does she like potions?"

"She does," Iggy admitted, moving his hand properly. "Like that, Neville." He got a grin for that as well. "My wife, Raena, is a potion master in her own right. By the way, while you're here, hang out with Melvin some, okay? He's a herbology person and the rest of us aren't. Sometimes we really don't understand him and he'll be missing his own wife."

"He's married too?"

"Yeah, he is," Iggy sighed. "We all thought we were going to graduate and then the Ministry fucked us over with some political bullshit. They refused to accept our NEWT results or our final grades." The class moaned in pain. "Seriously. So we may have to retake our seventh year. It sucks badly."

"Do I let you get away with such language?" Snape asked.

"Um, yeah. After a while you got tired of fighting it, sir. Mine and Simone's both. All those daily reports on points off got to be too much after the first two months. Though I do try to keep it down if I'm actually *attending* the class instead of helping or teaching it," he said lightly, grinning at him. "Sorry, sir, I'll try to modulate my language further."

"Now I know you're a Gryffindor," he said dryly, glaring at the young man.

Iggy grinned. "Simone's worse. She put our house into negative numbers with her mouth."

"She did?" Neville asked. "That's possible?"

"The girl lost one-hundred-fifty-eight points in six weeks," Iggy shared. "She curses like you wouldn't believe. It got so the teachers got tired of chastising and taking points off. We were in negative numbers for a half-hour." The Gryffindors winced. "Now she's a Prefect. So, see, you can turn around a first year somewhat and make them much better."

"Yes, now she's a champion level beater, a tough woman who can win nearly any fight, and a woman who scares men from a real relationship," the older Draco said dryly. "I almost wish some of her sister's attitude would rub off on her. That way she could have a normal relationship instead of an 'understanding' with Adrian."

Iggy gave him a long look, then he held in his smirk. "You told her *how* many times she was just like you?" he asked.

"Touche," Draco sighed, shaking his head. "I still say she gets that from her mother and her desire to never marry."

"Quite possibly," Iggy admitted. "Then again, I could be persuaded to fix that for you," Iggy offered.

"Hell no."

"Okay, your choice," Iggy pointed out, going back to helping the unlucky Gryffindors.

Snape shook his head. He wouldn't have put up with such attitude from any apprentice, no matter how old and infirm he was. That boy would have been fixed long before he entered school if he had any influence in the boy's life like he had said he had. The boy grinned up at him and he felt an unfamiliar sensation but quickly stamped it down. Those sort of feelings had no place in any lab.


Xander pounced on Ethan as soon as he woke up and found the door open. "What's happened!" he demanded.

"Nothing yet. I came to make sure you got up for breakfast," he said bitterly. "Rosenburg found the spell she used but she had to leave. There was a problem with a Slayer's mother. Apparently she wanted to raise her own daughter." He let them out of the padded room. "The gryphons are still asleep. We're gathering to look over her spell before we do anything else. Go shower, eat, then join us on the field."

"Yes, Ethan," he said, trudging off. He missed his son. He missed his buddy too, but he really missed his kids.

Ethan shook his head at the picture of pitifulness Xander made. He'd have to work himself harder so he never had to see that hurt look again. It was horrifyingly pitiful.


Snape looked up as the older Draco entered his classroom again. "Back for more potions?" he sneered.

Draco smirked. "No, I came to bother you since I saw you nearly smile at Iggy earlier," he admitted as he took a seat at the first table on the Slytherin side. "Let me guess, you never realized you could put up with some irreverence?"

"I wouldn't have put up with it," Snape corrected, putting down the essay he had been grading. "I let him get away with that?"

"Yes, him being happy is much better than him brooding. Besides, you've seen him since he was a newborn. The same as you have mine." He grinned, tapping his fingers on the table. "That's not to mention the fact that we're not at war and haven't been since the year before Ignatius was born."

"True," Snape admitted. "I take it I have relaxed my standards?"

"No, it's more that you've butted heads so many times with Iggy that you've come to respect him. It's amazing, as a six-year-old he suggested you remove his penis and add it to another child's so he had enough of one." Snape looked shocked. "They all had some sort of sickness and you were treating them that day. One of the boys came in with a severe case of poison ivy I believe it was. He basically dropped his pants, bent over, grabbed his ankles, and asked you to scratch the itchy spots."

Snape sat up fully, looking at him. "Children, in the school?" Draco nodded. "Truly raised in there?"

"Ignatius was raised in it about half the time. There were two other who were fully raised in there. Their mothers were teachers who came in with Xander. One's your stepson in our world." Snape looked troubled. "You really would like Tara. She's pure, she glows, and she's got one hell of a vexing problem for you each and every time you start to think her too pure." Snape shuddered. "You got together during Lucien's gestation. She was carrying Iggy's sister Maeve for his parents. I was carrying Lucien. You kept thinking she was a pure little Goddess and she proved you wrong."

"No, not that. There are *children* raised within the school? They live here full time, they go to classes with their parents, all that?" Draco nodded. "The Founders came back?"

"Their ghosts," Draco agreed with a smirk. "I wondered how long it would take you to catch on. Yes, we fulfill that prophecy. One of the main changes is that when Dumbledore died, he was brought back as the permanent headmaster. Gryffindor and Slytherin personally trained him to be a ghost. That goes along with them revamping the school so it's much nicer to go to classes in. No more little rooms with no purpose and no more dead- end corridors. Plus, we've found all the founder's libraries and all that good stuff. That and the new house is a definite change in the school."

"The only difference you've seen is this Xander's existence?"

"Well, more or less," Draco admitted. "You see, the wish we know made this universe came from Xander's girlfriend. As he tells it, he was worrying about his best friends in front of his girlfriend, and his best friends were a slayer and a wandless witch." Snape shuddered. "True, and you'd hate Rosenburg I'm sure. Power and no control." He grimaced and got back to the story. "His girlfriend made a wish that the slayer had never come to town, and it was granted. Thus, this universe. Xander here was turned into a vampire. In ours, he fought with the slayer through most of his secondary school career and just afterwards until we got him. Here he died, there he didn't. There he came over to help with a problem and found a destiny and a role to protect the school. Here, he never got the chance to be a great good guy the way our Xander is."

"So the whole switch centers around him?"

Draco nodded. "Yes. Technically it centered around that slayer, who would have saved him, but she never made it in time. So Harris and Rosenburg were both turned."

"This slayer was Weasley's? The mother of those infernally cute creatures?"

Draco smirked. "I see you've formally met the triplets. Yes, she was. Dumbledore has a report on what happened in his office somewhere. Simone said she saw it."

Snape gaped for a moment, then shook his head. "That is simply obscene."

"True, but it beats the alternative. Xander saw that I could never follow someone. I'm a leader and I wouldn't ever be able to do that. He made me think, got me free, and then helped me really get free. He trained me to fight." He stood up. "By the way, you need to watch out for Lucien. He's developed bad habits. He likes to go into Slytherin and wake up the women. I'd rather not have him traumatized by Pansy and Millicent. They wouldn't be half as nice to him as your niece Emily was when he did it to her."

Snape raised an eyebrow. "My *niece*?"

"She joined us a few years back. She's a year older than Simone. Your sister's daughter. Came over from Salem after a wandless went rogue and tried to kill her roommate while drunk." He shrugged as Snape shuddered. "They're not all like that, you know. Tara not only has great power but nearly perfect control. She's very strong and very graceful. I've always thought that's why you loved her enough to touch her in public." He smirked as he walked out, heading up to help in Defense the next class.

"I married a wandless witch?" he asked, sounding outraged. "Why? I loathe them!"

"Because she moved you, old man. You'd like her," Draco called back.

Snape shuddered and picked up a first year essay. Suddenly it didn't seem so bad in comparison.


Simone looked at the players flying around the pitch, then grinned. "I guess we could play two seekers and get Uncle Ron up here to play keeper," she admitted. "But we're still down a beater."

"I nominate one of the twins," the younger Ron noted. "Let them get their asses kicked." The rest of the Gryffindor team laughed and nodded.

"Sure. I've worked with my uncles in the past," Simone offered. "I prefer working with Uncle Fred really. He's got a smoother follow-through."

"I can get him," Draco called up from the ground, looking at his daughter. "Are we doing a pickup game?" She nodded, smirking down at him. "Fine, I'll get Ron, he can play keeper for you lot." He walked off, going to call Fred from the shop. By the time they got back, both teams had been set. It had been decided that they would play both seekers on both sides, so Gryffindor had huddled and the younger Malfoy had been sent for to even it out.

He had wanted to see the girl fly and they knew how he flew. He came out with a sneer. "You summoned?"

"Get your badboy ass up on the broom and play second seeker to Harry," Denver told him. "We're playing a pickup game and since we've got two champion seekers we're fielding them both to get them more practice."

Draco took off, joining them in the air. "Two seekers?"

"That makes it even, Daddy," Ravena said with a cute, yet deadly smile. "There's two of us, you two can work together."

Harry flew closer. "You can take one end, I'll take the other," he offered. "I want to see them fly."

Malfoy grimaced, then sighed. "As do I. I don't believe the stories I've heard." They shook hands. "Truce only for this game. I'll hex you after dinner."

"Fine," the younger Ron agreed. "Now all we need is a Ref and the older me."

The older Ron came jogging out with a broom, launching himself as soon as he was close enough. "Sorry I'm late. I was helping catch the stupid pixies." He grinned at his younger self. "Keeper against keeper?" Ron nodded. "Good. Two seekers?"

"Necessary, neither would yield," Simone told him. "Iggy, captain?"

"Me," he noted firmly. "I captain our house team. Most of you are Gryffs. It's my job. Ravena, Ronnie, work it out before we toss up." He looked at Simone. "You two have five minutes to talk while we find a ref. The younger Harry and Draco as well," he ordered. He flew back down when he saw a familiar body in the shadows. "Why, hello, Mr. Wood. Would you like to ref our pickup game?"

Oliver looked at him, then shook his head. "For a moment I thought I knew you."

"Technically, I'm one of the kids who came through during the game. I'm actually George's son from my world."

"That explains it then. We've got two seekers each?"

"Neither of ours would yield. They're both stubborn things. Would you like to ref?"

"Sure," he agreed lightly, grabbing a broom to come up. He flew down to get the balls from the shed. He nodded at his team, ignoring Malfoy. "We ready?" Everyone nodded and moved into position. He frowned when he saw the position the boy was playing, and then noticed the girl. The boy grinned at him so he let it go for now. They obviously knew what they were doing. The girl had wrapped her wrists. He released the balls, tossing up the quaffle. Then he watched as the skirmish was on. "Well, hell," he said finally, grinning at the kids. He flew after them, doing his appointed job. He noticed a few people coming over to watch but he could ignore the fans of the game. He waved at the extra twin in the stands, going back to watching. Some of them were just fantastic! Even better than Harry was! Damn, they couldn't play pro here, but he felt sure his other self there was going to be facing them. His jaw fell open when he saw the seekers take off after the snitch. The younger two were flying nearly in unison. Harry and Malfoy were right behind them, but it was clear who was going to get it.

"Ten knuts and a comic book," Ronnie called.

"Backrub after our match this year?" Ravena offered.

"Deal!" they shouted in unison, fighting each other for the snitch. The older generation couldn't hope to beat them.

Oliver noticed the rest of the players had stopped playing and were watching. He lifted his whistle to blow it, smirking as the girl ducked under the boy, then did a spot-turn under Malfoy's broom to go after the snitch when it changed directions. The boy sped off after her, taking a wider track since the snitch was turning that way. She followed it like they were attached and the boy was aiming to intercept. He winced when he noticed Harry coming up under them, but the boy dove and rolled under him, coming up on the girl's other side and in the direction the snitch had been heading. She squealed in anger and followed. He winced when the boy lunged forward, nearly coming off his broom as she made a grab at the same time. He blew his whistle when he saw the locked hands. Then he heard the groan.

"Not again!" the older Draco complained from the teacher's stands. "Daughter, next time beat him to the snitch, don't capture it with him!"

"Sorry, father, but it happens sometimes," she called back smartly.

Oliver looked at him, then at the kids. The Malfoy waved and he looked confused. "She's my daughter," the older Draco admitted. "The boy's Potter's middle child."

"Oh. Explains that then," he noted, going to check the snitch. "Someone catch the bludgers."

Simone took off, going to hit one of them into the ground. Oliver gave her a horrified look when it went right where she had aimed it and the second one came up to get knocked down the same way. "There you go. You've probably got a few minutes."

Harry zipped down and grabbed them, putting them away. The younger Malfoy sat on his broom, stunned numb. Fred, or whichever twin was playing, was chatting with the redhaired girl about her technique and the other was bouncing up and down in the stands clapping as they flew closer. They landed to talk to him.

Malfoy the younger finally looked at the kids. "All right, I believe it now," he admitted. "And now I want another drink." He walked off to find some liquor. He had given the world a seeker like it had never seen before and she couldn't be born here because he wasn't with Ginny Weasley. He was incredibly depressed now. The older one patted him on the back as he walked past him. "Do you play against her?"

"No," he admitted gently. "Not in the least. I hate practicing against her. She's decided the snitch is her personal Goddess and the only thing worth owning." The younger one looked up at him. "It's actually Ron Potter's fault. He taught her that one day at her grandmother's." He handed over the small flask. "I want that back."

"Thank you." He went to his room, going to lie down and drink.

Oliver looked at the remaining kids. "You're much better than most kids I've seen."

"Our world started a junior league," the silver haired boy told him. "You can start when you're five. All of us started there."

Oliver smirked. "I knew you'd played before."

"That's okay, because we've also got a fun league," the female beater told him as she rejoined them. "Separated into three tiers. Those who didn't play on their house team. Those who did play on their house team. And the intermediate where some players are sent to get some experience or have the attitude knocked out of them. The family team plays in that one," she told him. "I like to beat up on the pro players."

Oliver chuckled, shaking his head. "It showed." He looked around. "Now, who's who?"

"I'm Simone Malfoy-Weasley," the girl introduced. "The chasers today were Ignatius Harris-Weasley, Melvin Weasley, and Denver Malfoy. The seekers were Ron Potter and Ravena Malfoy-Weasley, and of course you knew our keeper and other beater." Oliver looked slightly stunned and a bit sick. "Sorry, Dad and Ginny got it on many times. Melvin's actually Percy's. He's a Hufflepuff. Rav's a Slytherin. The rest of us are Gryff's team."

"Well." He looked at the current house team, then at them. "I'd hate to play against you."

"Uncle Oliver usually says the same thing," Iggy admitted. "Fortunately with the third tier in place he can play with us instead, at least until we finish school and those who play pro head up there."

"You?" Oliver asked.

"Nope, sorry. I'm a Potions Master and a healer trainee."

Oliver whimpered. "You are? You play like that and you do something else?"

Iggy smirked. "I'm a prodigy. I'm Snape's apprentice in our world. I'm also an alchemist."

"Wow." He looked really impressed. "The rest of you?"

"I'll probably end up somewhere in the Ministry if I don't end up following Uncle Bill," Melvin noted. "My wife would never put up with me playing away games all the time."

Simone looked at him. "That is so true. Andrea would kick your ass, Melvin." She looked at Oliver. "The little brother and I will be. Plus all three of the family seekers. Mellie's Ron's little sister but she's more like her dad as a seeker."

"I wanna play!" a younger voice yelled up. "Pwease!"

"Coming, William," Iggy called, heading down to gather him up and bring him back up. "This is William. He's my little brother. Came out of nowhere and was a great surprise to the family."

"An understatement, Iggy? I didn't know your branch of the family knew what those were," Melvin said dryly.

"If I didn't have my baby brother on my broom, I'd kick your ass," Iggy said with a grin. "Your dad's bad heart or not."

Oliver blew his whistle. "Quit, kids." He shook his head, looking at the older Draco as he joined them. "You really had good kids? Gryffs?"

"It happens," he said with a shrug. "Lucien will hopefully be a Slytherin."

"Yes, let's hope for that since he spends most of his time in there," Ravena said dryly. "Speaking of the cuddle monster, where might he be?"

"In Slytherin probably," Draco told her. "Probably with the younger me. Hopefully he's not tormenting the girls too horribly."

Oliver looked at him, then shook his head. "You're not the Malfoy from here."

"No and unfortunately the reason I changed so much isn't available here," he sighed. "I wish he were."

Agatha came jogging out and looked up at them. "The portal's wiggling but it won't open fully," she called. "Send a message back!" The older Draco looked at her, then nodded, heading down to get some paper and a quill to write one out.

They all watched as the portal wiggled and partially opened, then a small hole opened up fully, letting them see the people on the other side. Draco sent the message through. Iggy shared a full mental contact with his wife, giving her the same message. Then it snapped shut and they both slumped.

"Soon," Simone said, stroking Iggy on the back. "You can get wifely snuggles soon." He nodded, resting his head on her shoulder. "Come on, let's go get some fruit for a snack," she soothed, taking William and heading inside with him and Iggy.

The older Draco frowned, watching the air, but it was fully closed. He went to report. It was a bold plan but it could work. It would let a lot of people have a lot more information without endangering them in any real sense. Plus, it would pass on the good teachings farther. He walked into the headmaster's office. "They nearly got it open," he said in greeting. The headmaster smiled at him. "We did manage to pass back some information."

"Good. It is a good sign. How did the game go?"

"I believe we stunned Oliver Wood and the Gryffindors. The younger me is presently considering why he can't have one like Ravena." He smirked. "It is rather upsetting to watch her pet the snitch like her cat."

"She does?" He nodded. "Well.... Interesting. Why?"

"She was taught that the snitch was a beautiful Goddess and that it was the only worthy thing to hold in the world. Ronnie Potter told her so," he said dryly. "I hate playing against the girl some days. She truly is the Goddess of the snitch she's been billed as. As is he." He looked back as McGonagall came in. "Did you watch?"

"I did. I must say, we probably never lose to Slytherin in your time."

Draco smirked. "Not hardly. We only have a snitch competition between us now."

"Hmm. Good. It's probably better with the way those two are. Oliver said hello, Albus, and he's incredibly unhappy that they can't be born here."

"Well, I suppose that the younger self could impregnate Ginny next year after the holidays, but it might not be the same," Draco noted. "Simone and Denver really are little mes and Anna is really more like her grandmothers in many ways. Ravena is more possible. That spoiled nature along with the desire for the snitch." He shrugged. "It could happen I suppose." He left them alone.

"She was born before Miss Weasley graduated?"

"Yes, she was. He said he stuffed her up after the holidays." He gave her a faint smile. "I don't suppose you'd like to make bet on whether or not they'll start to date?"

"No, I think not," she said firmly. "He'd have to change and so would she."

"Or they could smooth each other's bad habits out," he offered.

"Well, she is acceptable as a pureblood to his family," she admitted. "Five sickles?" He nodded and they shook on it. "I'll take against. The animosity runs deeply."

"True, but one never knows. Young Mr. Malfoy has had a lot to think about recently." He went back to his paperwork. "How did they do?"

"It was like watching something professional," she admitted. "That girl is fantastic. Gryffindor could use her, mouth and all."

He laughed, shaking his head. "She put them into negative numbers her first year."

"Still, we'd win games and we'd allow her a bad year." She went to talk to Miss Weasley. Maybe there was some hope yet. She found her watching the game from a walkway and tapped her on the shoulder. "Playing in the attic of 'what ifs'?" she asked gently. Ginny nodded, giving her a look. "I do understand. Let's go talk, shall we?" She nodded, following her teacher down to her office.


Xander looked over Severus' shoulder as he read the note, then grimaced. "What does that mean?"

"It means they're safe, they're teaching, and that the other world is chaos deprived," Snape admitted. "Draco thinks that Voldemort will try a small attack to draw him back out since he made fun of him and Lucius." He grimaced and crumpled it up, leaving the rest for later. "We'll have to hold the portal perfectly stable to bring them back."

The male Elder gryphon, Bill, looked down at him. "I heard what Ignatius sent his wife," he admitted. He shook his head. "It is possible, but it could cause a great many problems."

"Even for a day would help," Snape noted.

"Yes, but it could meld us and our other selves," Bill pointed out gently. "It would fundamentally change their future lines no matter what it did."

"Huh?" Xander said, looking expectant.

Snape sighed and looked at him. "You know your son has a time turner?" Xander and George both nodded. "One of the most common problems with usage is an unstable heartbeat now and then. Ignatius is starting to develop one. Sending them through the portal was a bad idea." Xander's mouth opened. "Madam Pomfrey probably knows and couldn't tell you due to her oaths," he said quietly.

"Fuck the oaths," Xander said, starting to fume. "Poppy!" She turned, then went pale. "My son has a *heart* condition now? You didn't tell me my son was ill, again!"

"I couldn't, Xander. He pleaded and I can't release information once the patient is of age to make that decision rationally. I've tried to get him to tell you, many times," she pleaded, not wanting to die right then. "We've been treating and stabilizing it. I promise, I'm doing the best I can with and for him."

George patted Xander on the back. "It's not her fault. Our son is going to get his ass paddled when he gets home for keeping it from us." He looked at Snape. "What was suggested?"

"That we open the portal fully, which could join us with our other selves," Snape said carefully. "It would negate any and all power fluctuations from the variance in the chaos magic."

"If we did so, it could horribly warp their futures however," Bill Weasley put in.

"Does anyone actually think at least Ron hasn't taken that Harry aside and taught him as much as possible?" Xander asked. Everyone shook their heads. "Then the problem would be...?"

"It could harm us as well," Severus told him. "Regaining some odd memories and the like. Draco noted that you weren't available to that world."

"No, I couldn't have been. I'd been turned and killed by then," Xander agreed, giving him a long look. "What can I do to help? Or to do it myself if someone's really squeamish?"

"We can do it," Tara offered. "It'll waste most of us fully though."

George looked at his twin. "Then we'll designate people who aren't involved to make sure we don't die. Fred can help any of my family. Tara, do we need you and Ethan both?" She nodded. "Then can we do without Sev?"

"We can't," Ethan noted. "The way the spell would work best is an opposite and mirror system. Tara and I cast the main spell. Her mate helps her. You boost through him. I'll take your brother Bill and a few others to boost through someone who'll help me. Xander?"

Xander nodded. "I'd better. I'm more used to chaos than anyone but the older Draco." He checked his watch. "Today?"

"Hell no," Ethan said with a small smile. "We'll need to be at full power. Most of us didn't sleep that well last night. Let us all retire for the night. We'll meet out here tomorrow at dawn?" Everyone nodded and went to do that, some of the Weasleys going to decide who was going to help and who was going to work the magic. It was fully decided that Arthur would help any of the children back through along with the older Draco and Ron, while Harry helped him. The rest of everyone was going to support various people. Percy took Xander's side to help him and George along with some of the gryphons and his wife. Most everyone else went to Tara's side to help her. Xander was stronger, he'd need less help they decided.


Draco looked up from his packing, smiling as Iggy walked in. "Did you get finished?"

Iggy held up the small box. "I did." He walked in and hugged him. "I do like your meddling, uncle." He left, going down to the dungeons. He tapped politely before walking in, smiling at his mentor here. "Here, I made you a present," he offered, holding the box out.

"What is it?"

"Something to keep you alive," Iggy said, sitting on the front desk to face him. "Go ahead."

Snape opened the box, gasping at the six vials. Three vials were red. Three were pale purple. "What are these?" he asked. They were powerful, he could feel the magic in them.

"The purple are a healing potion made from the Elixir of Life," Iggy said quietly. "A third of one should be enough to stabilize. They'll each work for eight hours, though after six all injuries will start to reappear if they're too serious to heal with that single dose." Snape looked at him. "We figured it out early on. In our family it was important." He gave him a self-conscious grin. "The other are Elixir of Life, made typical strength. A single drop will hold a dying person stable until you can get help to them. That'd work for about an hour." Snape carefully put the box down. "With the war going on here, I decided you could probably use it. You can also hide it back in the hidden drawer of your desk, the book case in your bedroom, or in the two safes in your rooms," he noted. "They are for you and your use alone unless you decide to give one over." He slid off the desk. "You be careful. I know how bad that idiot can be now. I helped after you had your last mark attack from a dark entity being used as a teaching device." He shook his hand. "Be safe, Severus." He walked off, leaving him there.

Severus touched the top of one vial delicately. It was the most precious gift. No one among his people would have done this for him. He resisted the urge to check it, he couldn't spare any to test even a drop for strength or accuracy. They were an odd color but he knew they'd work. The boy had been very sure.


The younger Draco looked up as a little body slid into his bed and settled on his chest. "What?" he asked sleepily.

"You needed a hug," Lucien told him, giving him a wicked grin. "Daddies always do. It's because they miss my Maeve."

Draco chuckled and patted him on the head. "You're a very neat child, Lucien."

"Fank you." He glared at the curtain on his left. "The bad people are here," he said quietly. "I heard them talking downstairs. They were going to bother the girls. I 'tect?"

"No, I don't think that you can help this time," Draco admitted, thinking quickly. "The students?" Lucien nodded. "Are they wearing robes, dark ones, and masks?"

"No, not slimy death eaters yet," he said wisely. "They go after girls. Girls are neat, need 'tected."

"Then we probably should," Draco agreed, grabbing his wand from under his pillow. "I want you to hide, Lucien. These people are very dangerous and I don't want you hurt. Your father would kill me." Lucien nodded and went to hide in his wardrobe while Draco snuck out of his bed. It all came down to one phrase: sometimes the price you paid for a decision was worth it. If he fought now, he could be rid of his father. He'd have a chance to be himself, to be happy. He wasn't going to end up an ass-licker like his own father to some greasy, slimy being who couldn't even defeat a child. He peered down the stairs at the other students gathered. Most of them weren't surprising. A few he hadn't expected to be so open, but he knew most of them were going to join. One of them looked back at him and he shook his head. "Get out of the house. You'll not sully the rest of us with it," he said coolly, walking down the stairs to get in their way. "If you feel the need to torture, it won't be our housemates."

"You're either with us or against us," Pansy warned.

"No, I'm sticking up for myself this time," Draco noted coldly. "That and the house's honor. If you want to torture, rape, and maim, you leave your housemates alone. That's the purpose of the house."

Goyle sneered at him. "He's scared."

"No, I'm not," Draco assured him, giving him a cold, confident smile. "I have no fear of you, Gregory. I don't fear any of you, even as a mob without a brain cell between you. I won't be blamed or listen to you harm the children in this house though. Slytherins do support each other when necessary. I'm choosing those who haven't made their own decisions yet. If you want to maim, rape, and torture, go to Hufflepuff or Gryffindor. Not into the younger girls' dorms."

"Get him," Pansy said with a wave of her free hand. She found herself frozen. As did most of the rest of them. A few made it out the door, she saw them run. She tried to mumble but everything was frozen.

Draco sighed and looked up. "Bloody Baron!" he called. "We've got a problem!" The house's ghost came into the common room, giving him a long look. "I made my decision. They're not going to harm the children. Some ran before I could get them."

"You chose to protect?"

"I chose to protect the other Slytherins from them and their plans to torture, maim, and rape," Draco said coldly. "Someone had to. They are Slytherins."

"True. Surprising but true. Very well, I will report this to Professor Snape and the Headmaster."

"Get the older me as well," Draco ordered. "He was me once. He'll help." The Bloody Baron gave him a look. "I can if you won't."

"Don't worry about it, boy. I have it," he noted, going to do that. That one was on his way anyway. He floated into Draco's room, making him look up from his reading. "The Slytherins tried to attack their own house."

"Fucking hell," Draco muttered as he got up. He grabbed his wand and spare, heading out to wake up Ron and Simone. The other older kids all came when he knocked on his door. "You knew?"

"I did," Simone noted. "I saw it earlier. Lucien's missing as well, father."

"That's fine, I know he'll hide. You three head to Gryffindor, get the bloody trio up and moving. Ignatius, guard from the outside. Melvin, stay and guard the children. I expect you to paste them if necessary. Ron!" Ron came out of his room, pulling on a shirt. "We're needed."

"I heard. Shoes?" he suggested, heading out of the room. He went to Hufflepuff first, just in case. He stunned a few of the students working on breaking the painting, then tied them up prettily. He nodded at the painting. "Go get help, leave them locked inside." She nodded, going off to get some help.

Draco ran out, heading for Ravenclaw first. No one was there so he headed down to Slytherin, finding the younger him merrily tying the frozen people up. "Good job," he said, finishing it quickly. "Lucien?"

"My wardrobe. Battle?"

"Hell yes. Coming?"

Draco looked up the stairs, then at him. "I don't know," he admitted.

"You can kill him if you want," he said, moving closer. "You will be free. Your mother is scary but she'll be better without him or she can be committed. I often thought the same thing about my own."

The younger him nodded and went to put on some shoes, following the trail the older one took. He joined them in the entryway. "Are we making a stand?"

"Just gathering a force for an impressive entrance," Draco noted. Simone came with the kids from Gryffindor. "Simone, I don't want you to fight."

"Father, fuck yourself," she said firmly. "This won't be my first battle. Denver's guarding the house, Iggy's coming to be the rear guard and on-site medical helper. We're going?"

"We're going," Ron agreed. "Kids, I want you in the *background*. I know we can't stop you, but I don't want to go to your funerals either." He opened the door and they went out, taking the shortcut to town. They got there in time to see the Death Eaters appear and start casting spells on the unlit houses. "Take 'em," Ron ordered.

"Aim for harm, not for death," Draco added. "Death means they don't suffer for what they've done." The kids let out a battle yell and started to fire, startling them. Draco and Ron dropped the 'ignore' charm they had cast as soon as they entered the town, firing their own first volleys.

The battle moved back and forth, mostly with injuries on the Death Eater's side since the townspeople had come out to help. They were an overwhelming force, but they weren't using their advantages. No one was casting the Cruciatus or the Avada Kedavra. The Death Eaters were used to much more pain than the average person. Ron stepped up his assault and Draco followed, pulling out the more painful spells without using any of the unforgivables. No one could say anything. Draco glanced at the kids. Simone and Iggy were working together, taking one side. They were mirroring Ron and himself beautifully. Simone seemed to glow in the night. The younger Draco was firing like the little bastard he was at anyone who might be his father, hurting them as much as he dared until he found out which one was Lucius. Then that one was his and he'd be dead. They paused as more Death Eaters appeared, this time with Voldemort, but it was still a battle. A few of the townspeople ran but most of them stayed. The kids took up a better defensive position and went back to it. Simone and Iggy were guarding them and deflecting most of the curses thrown at the kids.

Draco concentrated on the Death Eaters there. He nudged the younger him. "That one," he said, nodding at one. "That one's your mother. Lucius is behind Voldemort and off to his right." The younger him gave him a look. "Do you want me to?"

"No, it's my fun," he sneered, hitting both of them with the killing curse. His first and last. He watched them fall, then went to get violently ill once the reality of it hit him. He had killed his first people, his parents.

The older Draco groaned and nodded at Iggy to send the boy back to the school but Iggy shook his head and went back to hitting the idiots where they needed it most. Ron gave him a nudge and he helped break up a rush at their lines. Then the sound of anger reached their ears.

"Oh, shit," Ron and Draco hissed, shaking their heads. "Potter."

Everyone stopped to look at the newcomers. The man in the lead was glaring at everyone. "Ignatius, you're fighting?" he asked.

"Yes, dad. It was kinda necessary. I'll fall back now if you want."

"You'd better, before I kick your ass. Take the injured ones back to the school. Simone, guard him and remove the kids." They got everyone out of harm's way. "Take them," he said, nodding at the other side. The gryphons, the phoenixes, and the new wizards pounced on the battle, going around the helpful people until the other side was met. Ron and Draco naturally fell into line behind the older Harry. It was their accustomed spot in this battle. The younger Harry held back for a bit but then joined in as well, right beside his older self.
Then Draco cast a shield spell around the boy, and had to watch as something interesting happened. The two Harrys merged. His eyes went wide and he looked back at his Snape. "What the fuck?"

"It was going to happen anyway," he noted, moving closer. "Attack!" The remaining fighters attacked, going harder at his encouragement.

Draco found himself drawn to his younger self. They joined for a second, then pulled apart and looked at each other. "I'm sorry he did that to you. Mine didn't," the older one noted. "He deserved a worse death."

The younger one stiffened up. "And now I know how you got to be like you are. I like it," he noted coolly, going to finish off more people. This new knowledge was very helpful. The two Harrys had split again and were fighting heavily. He joined with the younger one, firing at the Dark Lord. "Ennervate!" he shouted, making him flail as the shock went through him. "Get him while he's weak," he ordered.

Harry hit him with the worst hex he knew he could pull off. It got him down but he couldn't cast the killing curse. He ran over and kicked him a few times, then took the knife out of his pocket and stabbed him in the chest, glaring at the remaining grubby Death Eaters. "I win," he sneered, and the curses around him changed, bringing the rest of them to their knees.

The older Ron walked over and kicked the body, watching as it groaned. "He's not dead."

"That's fine. A dementor will fix that," the younger Harry noted, looking up at him. "You're damn good from the me's memories."

Ron beamed at them both. "Thanks, Harry. I like being appreciated." He patted his Harry on the arm as he walked past him. "Gotta go talk to the younger self, make sure he's fine." He found him unconscious and bleeding so he started the healing spells he knew. "Iggy!" Iggy came back and grabbed him, taking him back to the school. "Okay, let's mop this shit up!" he yelled. "Tie 'em, bind 'em, but make sure they can't move of their own will! No one but a teacher or someone one of them *personally* vouches for will touch them!"

Draco looked at him. "Paranoid about the aurors?"

"We don't know who is and who isn't here," Ron pointed out dryly. "Someone find Tonks!"

"Here!" she yelled, waving a hand. "I agree, bind 'em hard, kids." Everyone went to tie them up as hard and as painfully as they could while she got them more help. Minister of Magic Fudge came with the aurors but she ignored him for now. "Sir, we won after an external bit of help," she reported to her boss. "Leave the gryphons alone."

"For now," he agreed. "Take them to the Ministry."

"Take them to hell instead," the younger Draco sneered. "They need to go there."

"They need questioned first," Snape told him, looking down at him. The younger Draco gave him a long look. "Yes, I'm from the world where you're older," he said bitterly. "Malfoy!" Draco winced. "Now!"

"I'm coming!" he complained, coming over to stand in front of him. "I made Simone go back with Iggy."

"Good. Now that I know what's going on, we'll be discussing certain things later." He stepped closer. "We removed it from Xander's memory before he could kill his own son."

Xander tapped him on the shoulder. "No, you didn't. Memory charms don't work on the born." He walked off, going to help gather up bodies. He found the elder Malfoys and nodded. "Good job, Drac."

"Thanks." He patted his younger self on the back, giving him a small smirk. "You're free."

"Thankfully," he said quietly, going to deal with his own Snape. The students were being gathered to be questioned first. He looked at the thin woman marshaling the students. "I killed my parents for daring to try and kill me," he said coolly, with a touch of sneer. "They dared to touch me and they dared to make me kill them. They lost." He walked off, going to find Lucien for a hug. The little boy was very comforting. He knew why the older him had carried him now. He walked into Slytherin and found the house in an uproar. "Shut up!" he shouted. Everyone looked at him and a few started to cry. "Thank you! Yes, there was a battle. Go back to your rooms. You'll be informed of the outcome tomorrow at breakfast. Needless to say, the school won." They all looked stunned. "Now! Right the bloody hell now!" They all ran off, and one group of girls screamed. He headed to their room, picking up the little cuddle monster. "Lucien, it is not nice to pick on the girls. They're too old for you and too young to do more than be frightened by the sight of a real man." He carried him back to the common room, sitting in his favorite chair to calm himself down. He looked down at him, then smiled. "I'm free."

"Good you," he praised, hugging him as hard as he could. "We should make the girls scream pretty again. Vinnie likes to too."

"Yes, well, the Weasley body would do that to anyone I suppose," he noted, holding him more tightly so he couldn't go molest any of the girls. They really weren't old enough to appreciate it yet.


Dumbledore smiled as he stood up at breakfast. "We have some good news, some very good news, and some miserable news. The bad first." He nodded at the Gryffindor table. "There was a battle last night." The students gaped at him. "We, as well as our guests, fought hard for the safety of the town and this school. The bad news is, someone took Voldemort's body before we could secure it. The good news is that nearly all of his Death Eaters, present and future, were caught or killed. The very good news is that he won't be able to do it again anytime soon." The students broke out in cheers. "Today I declare a holiday. Those who want to may help us send our guests home. Those who want may just lounge about in their common rooms." The kids let out a longer and louder cheer. He smiled at their guests. Now he knew why they were so important. He nodded as the older man with the cane nodded and most of them slipped away. The older Ron had to come pull one of his children away from some Ravenclaw's chest but they all went out to the pitch eventually.

"Vinnie, Luna Lovegood is not the sort of woman I want you to get that friendly with," Ron said as he walked his precious son out to the portal. He looked at Xander and shrugged. "He was cuddling Luna's chest."

Xander shook his head. "It's from his mother's side," he assured him. He made sure everyone had gone through, getting a nod from Tara and Harry on the other side. Then he walked through and they let it close. He petted his bird, hugged his children, and then his mate. "Home," he ordered, pointing toward town.

"Yes, daddy," Iggy said, walking around him quickly.

George stopped Draco. "We'll be talking," he said firmly, then headed after the kids. He needed a longer cuddle from them all. William pounced him and he grinned, hugging him hard. "Did you find anything interesting?"

"Yup, sure did. The fairies spit at me," he said proudly.

Draco looked back at Xander. "Feeling like the white knight cavalry yet?" he teased.

Xander grabbed him and pulled him in for a hug. "I'm going to kill you if you *EVER* do something like that again," he promised. "With or without my kids, you're gonna die if you ever go to another existence again." He leaned on him as they walked down to the shop, following behind everyone else. Molly had cleared out the rest of everyone to the Burrow earlier to take care of them there. She was expecting them tonight. She knew they'd need time to cuddle, scold, and sob over their kids.

Draco grabbed Simone and held her tightly. "I'm proud, daughter."

"Thanks, daddy," she said, smiling up at him. "Can I go to the whorehouse tonight?"

"Tomorrow," he ordered. "Tonight is for your grandparents and mother to yell at you for being with us." She sighed and nodded. "Do you think that other me will make it?"

"I do. You've given him knowledge, a bit of frustration, and the means to combine them into a life's work. He might turn into the next evil bastard, but they can deal with him if he does. I'm sure the Harry and Ron there will kick his ass prettily."

Harry looked back at her. "I'd hope so." She blushed and he frowned. "What? I was being good and nice," he said, looking confused.

"Not a problem, Uncle Harry, really," Simone said, sliding past him into the shop.

Harry looked at Ron and Draco. "What's up with her?"

Ron shrugged. "I don't know. She and the mini-uses talked a few times. Maybe they told her something about your past?" He grinned. "I do know all sorts of secrets about your past, Harry."

"Keep them to yourself. Merlin forbid we have another unauthorized biography on the market," Draco said dryly, heading in to hold his children. He found Lucien and Maeve together and picked them both up to hold. It was futile to try and separate them. They wouldn't be letting go of each other for months.

Ron was pounced by his wife and held as tightly as she was the kids. "Missed you too," he promised with a mushy grin. He gave her a long kiss. "We could have used you while we helped the younger Harry and me."

"I'm sure you did wonderfully, Ron." She drew him back to Fred's bedroom to have a private moment, leaving the kids with the others who had come over to play.

"Hmm, Fred'll spank him for that," George noted, leading Xander back to their room to cuddle him. He was gray. He was obviously tired and shaking. He had gotten up after casting the spell and forced himself to go fight with them. He pushed his mate into the nest and laid down with him. He had forgotten all about the fertility charm on it, but that was fine with him. His Xander needed him.

Draco looked around as all the other adults were grabbed, pouting when no one came to grab him. Someone tapped him on the shoulder and gave him a hug then moved on. "Thanks, Wood. Love you too," he said dryly, smirking at him.

"You looked miserable, Malfoy. You needed it." He winked and tapped on Fred's door. Ron's wife yelled at him. "I'm gonna tell Fred you're doing that on his bed," he called. "He'll beat you both."

"Sod off," Sarajane called back. "I'm giving them another heir here."

Oliver blushed and shook his head, going to help herd the kids to the Burrow. Their parents obviously needed some time to cuddle without them.

Draco headed back into the front of the shop and a dark-haired female pounced him, hugging him as hard as she could and stealing his breath as she kissed him. "Myan," he whispered, clinging to her. This was the welcome home he had expected. He took her back to his house to have a real welcoming party with her.


Percy and Draco snuck into Xander and George's room, casting the memory charm as quietly as they could. The family meeting had been decisive in this part. The rest of them would look out for Iggy. Having Xander and George be the worried parties would make everything worse and only stress the boy out further. They had even pulled Severus away from Tara and his children to talk to him about what they could do. He had much more information and was quite informative about what their beloved nephew was doing every day.

Now all they had to do was to put all the plans into action without letting Iggy or his fathers know they knew.


The younger Draco on the other plane walked into the library and back into the restricted section. The librarian gave him a long look but he waved a slip for her benefit. He found the first book he'd need and pulled it down to sit and read in a quiet corner. He found the one the children had been using and sat there. It was probably a sign of good luck for his future that the children could still be born here. Now that he knew what he was capable of and how much wider the world was than his little corner, he wanted to own more of it. He glanced up as Potter came in but went back to his reading. He wouldn't be a problem. He was a minor thing in comparison to the power his other self had at his fingertips.

He would have that power for himself.

Or he'd die trying.

The younger Ron looked at him, looking concerned, but he looked at Harry and Harry shook his head so he guessed it was okay. "Did you know what sort of stuff that older me did? He's not only the Defense teacher there, but he goes out and takes on creatures and stuff in his spare time. Plus he's training a slayer. That one girl of his is a future one. On top of all the other stuff, he's learning from the Draco there. He's got *masses* of power at hand and he uses it all the time. They're awash with it. The older me even knew some neat smaller spells like that older one did, things to create treats and all."

Harry looked impressed. "Wonderful. Wonder if we can do that."

"Maybe. We'd have to suck up to the Draco here. If he got a third of what I did from himself, then he's got to know all about it already." They looked at him, then Ron got up and went to bother him. "Hey, Malfoy." Draco sneered at him absently. "Did you know that the me from there knew some of the same things the you from there did?"

Draco looked up, then nodded calmly. "I did see that. I also saw how close they were. Don't think it'll happen here."

Ron smirked at him. "Afraid we'll best you, Malfoy?"

"No," he snorted. "But the only way I would ever dream of having you at my side would be in a collar, a leash, and on your knees." He went back to his book. "Leave, Weasley. Your odor is stinking up the library."

"Funny, Malfoy, but that book doesn't have the pure magic in it," Ron noted, going to find it for himself. It wasn't even in the restricted section. This was a bit of research he could like. Especially if he could become more like that Ron.

Draco looked at his back, smirking. "We'll see who ends up on their knees," he whispered, going back to his reading. "There's no white knight cavalry here to protect you from me this time."

Harry Potter looked at his best friend, then at Malfoy, looking very confused. His other half had suspected some very wild things about them. They couldn't be true.... Could they?

Outside a phoenix cooed up at the one in the window. He was beautiful and she would have him, one way or another. She flew off into the night, going to find something to impress the wonderful Fawkes. He would be hers!

The End.