Iggy looked over at his wife as he signed his last chart in his residency.  She licked her lips and he stole a kiss.  "I'm done."   The nurses all clapped and a cupcake was handed to him.  "Thank you, darling ladies.  Let it be known that I am available for consult or desperately needed help.  I'll send my new floo addy tomorrow, once it's connected."  He winked and lead his wife away, letting them party without him.  He had another idea in mind.   They also had a family party to get to in an hour.  She giggled, gently swatting at him for his dirty thoughts.  "No?" he teased.

"Well, yeah, but not until we get home."  She brought him back to their apartment and led him into the bedroom, stripping as she went.

He did the same, more than happy to follow her lead.


Iggy looked around the house they had restored, or more correctly the contractors had restored for them, and smiled in satisfaction. "I like this," he decided, kissing his wife's cheek.  She was glowing again.  He pulled his wand and ran it over her stomach.

"Iggy, it's only been seven hours since we had sex," Raena pointed out.

"You're glowing pink," he announced.  She groaned.  "Not happy?"

She swatted at him again.  "Iggy!  We're not ready yet!"

"Speak for yourself!  I happen to like the fact that you're pregnant with my next brilliant child."  Spenser spit at him.  "Yes, we love you, Spenser.  Do you want to be a big brother?"

Spenser giggled and hugged his legs.  "Play?"

"Sure.   Let's go find your rooms."  He led the little boy upstairs to the nursery, letting him walk inside first.  The squeals of delight told him all he needed to know.  The house elf was waiting in there for them and Spenser already had one ear in his hands.

"I think he likes his nursery," Fred said as he walked in with a large present.

"Present!" Spenser screamed, diving for it.   He bounced around Fred's legs until he put it down where he could get at it.  "Fank you, Unclie Fred!"  He ripped the paper off as fast as he could, leaving the bow.  That too came off and a large cardboard box was exposed.  "Ooh, a box!"  He dropped it onto the floor and got it open, then found the actual present. "And a horsie," he said happily, tugging until it came out, with his uncles' help.  "A box and a horsie!"

Iggy smiled at his uncle.  "Thanks for both presents.  I'm sure they'll make him very happy."

"You got a whole Christmas full of boxes when you were two," Fred assured him, giving him a hug.  "I'm happy someone finally restored this old wreck.  It's a beautiful house."

"Thank you."  Raena got down to put the horse into position, then helped her son onto it's back, watching as he bounced back and forth.  "Is this a muggle toy?"

"Yup, but Xander demanded. Unfortunately, he's stuck in the meeting from hell and George is swamped at the shop."  He grinned.  "I, of course, was the brilliant one and didn't remind your father that today was the day you moved in so I got the lab.  They'll be up after everything has been sorted out."

"We've already sent everything into place," Raena told him.  "All we need now are deliveries of herbs and food."  The house elf hurried off at the sound of someone knocking.  "Who else was coming?  The official party is tomorrow."

Iggy looked out the window.  "It's Adrian.  He's all right," he called down.   The house elf let him inside.  "We're in the nursery."

Adrian Maclay came up the stairs with a large plant.  "Your Uncle sends this on his most busiest of days," he announced with a smile.  "Something about kids with chicken pox and a wife with a worse case, plus paperwork for paychecks and the inevitable duel on the muggle side of the Leaky that he was witness to."  He handed it to Fred, who put it aside.  "He said it's to plant under your windows.  It's spiny and nasty to anyone who's not the family, as noted by a drop of blood fed once a month for a year to let it know it's you."  He waved at Spenser.  "That's a very pretty horse, young man."

"Box too!" Spenser said, pointing, but he continued to ride.  He loved horsies.

"Yes it's a very pretty box too," Adrian agreed, looking at the father.

"Kids that age like boxes," Iggy said with a shrug.  "No one knows why.  I always thought it had something to do with them acting like cats at that age."

"We need a kittie," Fred agreed.

"Not with Hilda around," Raena pointed out.  "When is the dreaded trip to the pound?"

"Maeve finally wore him down?" Adrian asked.

Iggy nodded.  "My little sister started to bawl when dad tried to tell her she had to wait for another year.  She cried so long she made herself sick, and it was a bad sick too.  They had to give in so she'd quit throwing up."

"There will be *a* dog," Fred told them.

"Dog?" Spenser asked reverently.  "Please!  Dog!"  He climbed off his bouncing horse to beg properly.  "Dog?"

"We'll see," Raena groaned.  Iggy rubbed her back and she shoved at him.  "I don't need that yet!  I'm only nine hours along!"

"Graduation celebration got out of hand?" Fred asked with a twinkle in his eyes.  "Can we hold one of those 'name the baby' contests?"

"No," Raena told him, shaking her head.  "No baby naming from the kids.  Who knows what it'd be named."

"Alfitzer?" Adrian asked.  Everyone looked at him.  "It's what I wanted mom to name a baby if she ever had another one.  I was stuck on that one my whole eighth year."

"I'll keep that in mind," Iggy said with a grin for his old friend.  "So, what do you think of our house?"

"I think it's a wonderful house," Adrian admitted.  "How expensive was this place?"

"It was a steal because of all the work needed on it.  The work cost more than double what the house did," Raena said, taking his arm to show him around.

Fred grinned at his nephew.  "You need to make little paper signs for each door for the party so you don't have to give tours.  Let the family wander around."

Iggy laughed.  "I think I can handle that."  He winked.  "Thanks for the box, Uncle Fred."

"You're welcome, Iggy.  Are you coming to dinner tonight?"

"No, I think I'll break in the bedroom tonight for dinner.  Possibly the dining room for lunch.  Maybe even the living room for breakfast."  His uncle shook his head, but he was laughing.  "Is everyone back?  Uncle Harry was still gone the last time I knew."

"He's finally back. That tour was hard on him, he came home and flopped face first onto his bed, falling asleep nearly immediately.  Even Agatha popping around didn't wake him up."

"She shakes windows," Iggy pointed out.

"Exactly.  She and the tummy of doom both came."

"How did she get pregnant?"

"Ryan I think.  Otherwise it's an alien and we'll have to learn to deal with stranger things than Xander."  Iggy groaned. "Sorry, couldn't resist.  I'll see you tomorrow."  He gave him a hug.  "Expect your fathers about the time you start to break in the bedroom."  He left, following his nephew down to the door.  He looked up at the old house.  It was imposing, but it looked much nicer now.  He hurried back to the shop before George decided he was pissed.  It was too late, but his twin would forgive him soon enough.


Oliver looked around the nice lawn and whistled.  "Even a practice spot," he said in appreciation.  "Iggy, this is a wonderful house."

"Thank you.  I have enough room to do everything that I want and need to do, plus see patients if I have to."  He handed him a drink.  "Here you go.  Where's Uncle Harry?"

"Sleeping on the back lawn.  He sat down to play with Spenser and fell asleep to the babble about getting his own horse."

"That's my son," Iggy said proudly.  "Focused and determined."

"Iggy, the only thing that could be more determined would be if you and Simone had a child," Bill pointed out from behind them.  They laughed and waved him closer.

"That's one truly damn scary thought," Iggy told him.  "Her brawn and my brains?"

"Her will and your magic," Bill snorted.

"The world would definitely tremble," Oliver agreed.  He couldn't even imagine that child and the hell it would cause.  "But who would teach it manners?  She doesn't have much that she uses and Iggy picks and chooses most of the time."

"Are you having another one?" Molly asked as she came up to them.

Iggy nodded.  "Raena's one day, seven hours, and four minutes pregnant," he admitted.  "Uncle Bill and Uncle Oliver were pointing out the horrors of me and Simone having one."

She looked him over, then looked at her granddaughter.  "Well, it would be a beautiful child, but you would probably need a switch early on," she admitted.  "Plus, any child of that match would have to be raised by Xander so it had some control of something.  Discounting the point that you're cousins and using everything else, the rest of the family wouldn't want to see the child from the ages of two to eight."   She smiled sweetly at him.  "Don't do that to us, Ignatius."

"Uncle Harry would make cookies until it exploded," Iggy pointed out with a smile.  "We'd have to go on a reward system to train it.  Besides, Raena would get a bit pissed at her."

Molly nodded. "Probably."

Across the lawn, Raena looked at Simone.  "Bill just suggested a thing more stubborn and determined than my son," she announced to their little group of Simone, Denver, Draco, Emily, and Severus.  "Simone and Iggy having a child."

Severus groaned.  "Don't even joke about such matters.  I would have to go into hiding before that child could utter the word 'story'."

Emily shuddered.  "That's a bad mental picture.  A little miniature Simone with Iggy's brains and determination."  Her husband nudged her.  "Sorry, but that's one scary kid.  It could very well be the end of Hogwarts."

"No, just the end of the current group of teachers," Draco offered.  "I'm sure some of us might not jump off the Astronomy tower if it ever came along, but then again some of us might choose other methods."

"Iggy made more teachers drink than I did," Simone reminded him, starting to pout.  "I wasn't that bad after my first year."

Denver patted her on the back.  "Keep telling yourself that, sister dear.  I'm sure we'll all take your side of the argument if you force it."

Raena laughed.  "It could be worse.  It could be Spenser and Simone.  He's already more stubborn than she is about getting cookies and stories."

"And a horse," Emily added.

"And a horse," Raena agreed with a smile.  She looked at where her son was trying to get Harry Potter up.  "Someone might want to stop him."

Draco looked over and whistled, bringing Spenser running.  "Would you like to tell me a story, Spenser?"

"Tay!"  He led his uncle over to a chair so he could do it properly, from his lap.

"He really is looking forward to grandchildren," Simone sighed.  "Ana's last prospective husband was an ass and ran off.  I don't know what we're going to do to get her married."

"Check overseeas ones," Emily offered.  "There are a lot of good wizards my age.  I don't know why my mother chose one who she knew would disgust me."

"Because then your inheritance would become hers," Severus pointed out.  "Our mother was not happy when she got pregnant before the wedding and her husband died within minutes of it.  She went to her death accusing me of doing it."

"I wondered why Emily's mom, who is your sister, still went by her maiden name," Denver admitted.

"Because she never officially consummated it.  No one's sure who Emily's father is or was so they couldn't demand that she take her short-lived husband's name. It kept her from having to be married again, but our mother got rather pissed and changed her will to make the family estates go to Emily."

"I talked with the family lawyer, they're still mine," Emily told him. "Mother couldn't kick me out, I was over eighteen.  I married a virgin, fulfilling the last condition of the will.  Speaking of, Uncle, the family attorney has papers for you to sign."


"I have no idea," she said with a naughty smirk.  She looked around.  "Oh no, Lucien and Maeve have those looks on their faces again."

"They're eight, they're supposed to have those looks on their faces," Simone pointed out. She looked over at her younger brother and smirked at him, getting one in return.  "Oh, she's right, it's going to be one of those."  She shuddered when she saw the rest of the troublesome ones gravitating toward them.  "The triplets, William, and Zach just joined in," she announced.

"Zach!" Severus yelled, bringing his son.  "Stay out of trouble, young man.  Do you understand?"  His son smiled sweetly and went back to help the group.  The kids cackled madly and even he had to shudder.  Xander must have helped them with this one.  He saw a wand and pointed.  "Isn't that Weasley's?"

"Which one?" Emily asked, looking as well.  "Oh, that's Ron's.  How charming.  Gwen must have taken it off him while he was napping with Sarajane in the house."  She whistled, making her husband wince and everyone else look.  "The kids are pulling a five-year-old Iggy stunt," she announced, pointing it out.

There was a mad rush to stop the kids before they *all* ended up funny colored.  In the end, only Harry ended up funny colored and he was snoring too hard to care.  George decided to leave him brown and patterned like tree bark.  "I want to know which one got him," Fred announced.  "We need to train that one as well."

"No," Percy said, glaring at him.  "Leave my twins alone, Fred."

"Oh, bite me," George told him.  "Your twins are the ones who paid the workers' salaries yesterday.  By the way, how was the cream tie?"

Percy shook his head.  "You'd have to ask Father, that went to him."

Gwen stole a wand as she walked past Denver, right out of his pocket without him noticing it.  She giggled mentally and showed it to her big sister Mary, who was nearly old enough to go to school.  Mary giggled and whispered in her ear, making Gwen giggle like mad as her big sister ran away.  She pointed it at Percy's backside.  "Engorgio," she whispered, laughing louder as soon as his butt grew.  The wand was snatched from her hand by her father and she was put into a corner, but it was funny.  Percy had a butt that looked like a bookshelf.  She continued to giggle.

Fred and George both looked at their older brother's backside.  Then they looked at each other.  Then they looked at the two kids involved.  "See, I told you I didn't need to have more children," Fred said finally.

Ron took his wand back and zapped Fred, making him start to dance using one of Xander's favorite spells.  "Quit corrupting my darling children, you two original evil Weasleys of Destruction.  Before they surpass you."  He grabbed Mary, tickling her until she apologized.

Raena walked up to her husband's side, already smiling.  "Spenser will not be taking lessons from the twins," she said quietly.  "I refuse to have a butt like Percy's."  He blew a kiss and she went to get herself another drink.

"Hey, Dad, Raena said you can't corrupt Spenser.  She refuses to wake up like that one day."

Percy was busy looking at his backside.  "I dare say I didn't want to either."

Everyone cracked up.


Simone looked around the train station, smiling as Mary climbed onto the train.  Her father would be on the other end, Mary had told him she didn't want him or her mom here this time because they'd cry all over her.  Instead she had asked her favorite aunt to escort her on this sacred duty.   She found a seat and sat down, her trunk neatly beside her on the floor.  She was going it alone this year.  Next year the triplets would be together thanks to the cutoff date being rearranged.  The year after that, Maeve and Lucien would be going.  The door opened and she jumped, then relaxed.  "William!  What are you doing here?"

"Dad said you wanted some company," he said as he dropped his trunk as well.  "Remember, I am starting this year too."

"I forgot," she admitted with a smile.  "Are you nervous?"

"Fairly, but I know that Daddy is on the other end and he'll be proud of me no matter where I land."  He grinned.  "Which house do you want?"

"Gryffindor of course.  Daddy would be very unhappy if I went anywhere else."

"Good point.  I want Slytherin. I think that'd be cool.  Then it could be me, Maeve and Lucien, and Zach when they all come in."

"I'm sure you'd enjoy that a lot," she agreed.  "What happens if you get put into Slytherin?  Have you thought about the family reactions?"

"Dad may whine.  Daddy George would say it was all dad's fault anyway."  He beamed.  "I'd have to remind him that I do play with Lucien all the time.  It was all due to the Malfoy influence."

"Who brought you?" Mary asked, looking out the window.

"Iggy.  He dropped me off because he had an emergency.  Dad was in a snit this morning because Myan had stolen the outfit he wanted to wear today."

"I think it's pretty cool that she's still with Uncle Draco," she agreed.  She squeaked as the train lurched.  "There wasn't a whistle!"

William shrugged and looked outside.  "There's still students on the platform as well."  He got up and looked out in the hall.  "Law Enforcement," he said, pulling back.  "Did anyone teach you the shield spell?" he hissed as someone came toward their compartment.

"No, but they did teach me something else.  Uncle Percy!" she screamed.  She had seen him walking back through the barrier, he had stopped her to give her a hug and a small packet of treats.  "We're being kidnaped!"

Percy appeared back on the platform, frowning at the train.  "How very odd," he said dryly.  Behind him a strike team appeared.  "Go stop that train!" he ordered, pointing at it.  They rushed off, some apparating, some simply running since it wasn't going too fast yet.  He smiled at the worried looking parents and students left on the platform.  "Don't worry, it will all soon be fixed."  He looked at the train again as it stopped with a squeal of brakes and the engine started back up, obviously in reverse from the clanking of the cars as they moved together.  Soon it was back in its usual spot.  "There we are.  Perhaps you should all hurry on?" he suggested when his people gave him the all clear signal.  The parents hurried their children onto the train and he watched with bated interest as his niece and nephew leaned out to wave at him. "Thank you, children," he called, waving back.  "You behave this year, William."  That got a laugh.  "Behave or I won't send you that treat package I have waiting in my office for each of you."

"Yes, Uncle Percy," they called, laughing as the train whistle blew and the train started off again.  They continued to wave as they went off again.

"They seem like perfectly nice children," one of his men said, holding a limp Law Enforcement agent by the throat.

"The boy was my nephew William Harris-Weasley," Percy told him with a bright smile.  "The female was Mary Weasley, Ron's daughter."  The parents around them shuddered.  "Aren't you glad you're not teaching?" he asked as he led his people away.  They could question the idiots once they woke up.


Xander smiled as the first years were brought in.   His son waved and he waved back.  His niece waved at all of the family and they all waved back.  The hat was brought out and sang nicely about the traits they'd have to show to get into each house.

Ron leaned over.  "Bet you ten knuts William makes Slytherin," he whispered.  Xander hit him on the thigh under the table, making him cough instead of scream out in pain.  "Fine.  He wanted it though.  That way he'd be with Lucien and all them."

Xander leaned over.  "Remember, so does your own son and beloved daughters."  He clapped as his son's name was called and Madam Sprout looked at him. "That's my son, I'm just happy he's here!"

She snorted but let the boy sit on the stool.  The hat landed on his head.

"I thought you were an adult," the hat told him.

"I'm William, their second oldest," he told it.  "Long story, but I'm the one that they have to save from my realm."

"Oh, yes, I remember hearing about you now," the hat said fondly.  He looked over the boy's mind.  "Well, fairly interesting.  Any idea where you want?  Your innate nature is a bit too rough for Gryffindor, but you're also a guardian and therefore brave."

"Well, see, my cousins are starting to come in the next few years and the ones I really like will be in Slytherin.  So, if you'll put me over there, along with Lucien Malfoy and Vinnie Weasley and Zach Snape so we can be a gang together, we'd be really thankful."  Someone who could hear his whispers laughed.  He lifted the brim of the hat and looked at the teacher. "What?" he asked innocently.  He put it back down.  "Whatever you feel like of course."

The hat chuckled in his mind.  "Fine, Slytherin it is!" he shouted.

William took off the hat to stunned silence.  He grinned and walked down to the table, reaching over to close the top Prefect's mouth.  "Hello.  William Harris-Weasley."  He sat down.  "When can I set up my own version of fun?  Though I do have to warn you, the family rules do apply and I'll have to stick up for any family member who gets picked on."

Xander looked over at Snape.  "You had better be nice to my son," he warned quietly.  "Or I'll have the hat put your son in my house."  Snape ground his teeth together.  "I mean it."  Severus nodded.  "Thank you."

Draco was laughing loudly.  "Good job, William.  I knew I could bring out your naughtier side enough for you to do the family great honor.  I'll try to have Salazar come down to greet you tonight."

Xander glared at him.  "Draco," he started.

Draco stood up and walked over to sit on the other side of Snape.   "We'll make sure he's good, Professor Harris-Weasley."

Ron smirked at Xander.  "Told you so."

Xander's eyes narrowed.  "Good, then you get to tell George as well," he said happily.

"Oh, no," Ron said, getting up and moving away from him.  "Xander, please, I don't want to die."

"Sit," Dumbledore commanded.  "Xander, being ambitious and sly is a wonderful trait for what William is."

"My son!   He's me!" he whined.  "The hat said it would have put me in Gryffindor!"

"You would have made a stunning Slytherin," Draco offered.  "As I'm sure we'll see with your son."  He smiled sweetly.  "Maeve's coming next year."

"With Lucien," Xander pointed out.

"Enough," Dumbledore told them.  "Please continue the sorting, Madam Sprout."  He gave her a desperate look.  When the time came for Mary Weasley to be sorted, he heard the chanting from her stepfather but ignored it.

"Gryffindor, as all Weasley pranksters should be!" the hat announced in a big finish.  The Gryffindor table paused then broke out in wild applause.

Ron beamed.  "Great job, Mary.  Welcome to my house."  She waved and giggled as she sat down.  Xander poked him and winced.  "It'll be fine, Xander."

"It'll be a roving prank war in the halls," Xander said smugly.  He smiled at his son, still not accepting that decision.  He'd beat the shit out of that hat before it came to his daughter.  She was tainted enough by Lucien to be a Slytherin as well.  He'd have to make sure she wasn't or they'd have to have more kids to soothe George's nerves.  He glared at Ron. "I'm telling him to go to you about who went where," he said as the food appeared.  Ron went pale.

Draco came back and took his usual spot on Xander's left.  "I'll tell him if I have to," he put in.  Ron nodded quickly.  "Fine.  Owl or otherwise?"

"Do you want to be there when you tell him?" Ron asked, giving him a look like he was suicidal and he couldn't decide if the man needed saved from himself or not.  Draco shrugged.  "I'll watch your children for you if you die," he said finally, pulling some food over to load up his plate.

"Boys," Dumbledore said calmly.  "It will be fine.  They'll be lovely additions to the school."  Everyone at the table who had heard stared at the ghost like he was insane.  "They will.  I'm sure they'll be wonderfully calm and decent to the other students."

Mary was looking at the stuff that had changed on her plate and glared at her cousin, then smirked and flicked her wand his way, making him howl as his nose grew into a trunk.  She emptied the play-dough onto the floor and wiped her plate off then refilled it.  This time the food stayed food.  She noticed everyone was staring at her.  "What?" she asked innocently.  "I don't start fires anymore."  They looked panicked.  "By the way, daddy said I was to try and at least observe the house team.  I play chaser or keeper, depending on what you need.  I'm decent enough but Uncle Xander said I needed practice if I could help you guys with anything."   The present captain slowly nodded and she beamed. "Thank you, sir."  She dug into her food in a most ladylike manner.  She smirked at her cousin again, making him shudder.  "I am better, William.  Mine is an innate nature, yours is training.  Remember that."  Then she gave him a sweet smile, making him start to cry and run up to his father's side.

"Mary, quit picking on your cousin," Ron sighed.  "You do that as a house, not as an individual.  Pick on the whole of Slytherin, not just him."

"Yes, daddy," she called.  "Do I have to fix him?"

"Now," Xander agreed, looking down at her.  "Remember, dear, you are under *my* influence now."

"Yes, Uncle Xander.  I look forward to learning from your brilliant and slightly evil mind."  She changed her cousin back.  "William, I promise not to pick on you anymore unless you get caught in a prank on your whole house," she said earnestly.

Dumbledore groaned.  "What was I thinking putting them in the same year," he muttered.

"We tried to tell you," Xander, Ron, and Draco said in unison.

Snape smirked down at Mary.  "You will not attack my house or you will find yourself punished severely by me, young lady."

"Of course I will, sir," she said firmly.  "Does that mean I have to wash the cauldrons or will I get to scrub the floors?" she asked happily.  "You know how much I enjoy your punishments."

Draco looked at Ron.  "You bastard," he said in appreciation.  "You taught her to take her punishments with happy feelings to irritate us?"

"Yup," Ron said proudly.  He grinned at him.  "Brilliant, isn't it?"  He ate a bite of roll and smiled at his daughter.  She must have somehow been his little girl.

Oliver Wood, teaching flying again this year, looked down at the family group.  "At least she doesn't have Simone's mouth or Denver's girl problems," he offered a bit too cheerfully.

"Yet," Snape reminded him.  He glared at Ron.  "I'll get you for teaching her that," he hissed.

"I'm sure you will," Ron agreed, still happy.  They'd have so many great bonding experiences together.  Everything he had ever wanted to do to Draco she could do to William.


George looked up as Draco came out of the fireplace.  "Hold on, let me add this column and open the bottle before you tell me."  He finished and then popped open the bottle of whiskey.  "Okay, go ahead."

"It's not that bad," Draco said in disgust.

"Xander's mind was swirling around with anxiety.  It has to be that bad, son.  Where is he?"

"Slytherin," he said happily.  George moaned and took a long drink.  "Mary is of course under her father in Gryffindor."  George swallowed more.  "It's not that bad.  They promised not to prank each other over dinner.  After Mary had turned your son's nose into a trunk and he had turned her food into clay."

Fred came out and saw the drinking.  "Slytherin?" he asked.  Draco nodded, looking smug.  "Give me some of that."  He took the bottle and gulped some himself.  "Where's William?"

"No, Mary's in Gryff, dear.  William's in Slytherin," George told him, taking the bottle back.  Fred snatched it and drank more.  "Thank you, Draco.  We're going to get drunk in peace if you don't mind.  Go tell mum and dad, or even Percy."  Draco left them alone.  "Oh, damn," he sighed.  "How bad is this going to be for business?"

"We'll offer her a share, make her a partner or something," Fred decided.  "William too if he wants. We'll let them open up their own subshop to this main one."

"We're becoming a chain?" George asked.

"Can you think of a better way of keeping them out of competition with us?" he asked in a blind panic.  "They'll ruin us, I know they will."

"Sounds like an idea then," George agreed, slightly tipsy.  "You get to tell your own wife though.  Now I know why Xander was full of panic," he said before killing the bottle.  "Oh, that burns."  He fell off his stool and drooled on the floor.  "Night, Freddie."

"Night, George.  You rest there.  I'm not moving you.  You'd puke on me."  He went to call Katie and let her know.


Salazar floated into the first year boys' room and smiled at the young man.  "Welcome to the house, William. I have to say I'm surprised with how much a guardian you are."  The boy waved up at him sleepily.  "Don't worry, I'll watch over you personally, young man.  Together we will do great things."

"As long as I don't turn evil.  My father would never stand for it," William told him.

"Nothing worse than your uncle Draco," he promised with a smirk.  "You rest, we'll talk more this weekend, young man."  William nodded and drifted off, while the founder of the house cackled loudly, audible to the other ghosts.  He flew off to rub it in Gryffindor's face.  If the other ghost wanted a contest, these would be their champions.


Ravena looked at the coach she and her honey had decided to work for and gave him a slightly sexy smile to make him shift closer.  "Ronnie and I have a wild idea and we'd like you to hear it first," she purred.  He nodded eagerly.  "We don't want to play against each other any more."  He nodded again.  "So we're willing to share a spot on a team.  You get both of us for the price of one and we'll switch off for the different games."

He smiled.  "Everyone thought you might say something like that."  He was the seeker's coach so he called his main coach over.  "They want to do it that way."

"Wonderful," the main coach said.  "Where is your husband?"

"Sitting at home gurgling at our cousin."

"Which one?  I've met Spenser."

"No, he's gurgling at Tananda.  She just asked him an embarrassing question and he's flustered.  He's a lot like his father that way," she said with a smirk.  They laughed.  "So?"

"I think we can do that.  How will you guys work out rotation?"

"We'll do every other one and sometimes play on the family team if we get *too* bored during the times off.  If something should happen, like Ron decides he wants children, then I'll be playing while he carries them and we'll take off times for that appropriately."  They laughed.  "You think I'm kidding?  I've seen what pregnancy does to trim and wonderful stomachs like mine."  She patted her indented stomach.  "I don't want stretch marks or to not be able to see my feet.  For that matter, I don't want an outie belly button either."

The coaches looked at each other and pulled out a special contract.  "Look this over, tell your husband, and bring it back tomorrow, Ravena.  Practice is at nine in the morning."

"Thank you."  She accepted the contract and stood up.  "When do we play my father's team?  Or my sister's team?"

"Your father is in about three month's time, Simone and Denver's team is in about five weeks.  Looking forward to it?"

"Yes, I am," she said smugly, heading for her house.  She slid into her husband's lap and they read the contract together, both of them signing it.  "Nine," she told him.

"I guess we'd better get to bed early then, huh," he said with a grin.

"Your father will probably choose this moment to come over."

"I told dad he could come over tomorrow.  I wanted to cuddle tonight.  He laughed but said he'd stop over before he had to leave for that away game."  He squeezed her firm backside, making her purr.  "Come on, my kitten, let's get in a good, long nap."

"No dinner?"

"I'll feed you when we wake up and before we go back to bed."

"All right then.  We'll see you in a while, Tananda," she called, dragging her husband up to their room in the small house his father had found for them.  She heard the laughter but ignored it.  Tananda would find a wonderful girl of her own some day soon.

Outside, Tananda looked into the floophone she had borrowed, smiling at the girl on the screen.  "That's what he said, I swear," she promised.  "He said he wasn't sure how we did anything because girls were still mysteries to him and we should probably ask Simone or her dad."

"Or ask your Uncle Xander," the other girl put in.  "It'd be nice to figure out what we're doing before we do it.  Trial and error is all well and good, but not your first time.  That should come later.  Once you're sure of the basics."

"Which one do you want me to ask?  I asked my stepmother and she about passed out because all the blood had rushed to her face.  Uncle Xander doesn't really understand women either though.  I guess we could ask Professor Snape's wife, she used to date girls."  Her girlfriend shrugged.  "Uncle Draco does give kick ass sex talks though."  Someone cleared their throat from the doorway.  Tanada smiled at him.  "Hi, Uncle George.  What's up?  Did Uncle Xander need his phone back?"

"More like he wanted to know when you were going to be done with it," he said with a smile.  "There is another option if you don't want to go to Tara."  He walked over and squatted down beside his favorite nice niece.  "Ask Katie."  She looked stunned.  "She dabbled, but I'm betting she probably knows a bit more if you don't want to go to Tara with this."

"That's a wonderful idea!" Tananda's girlfriend assured her.  "I like your Aunt Katie, she's really neat.  I bet she'd stammer a lot, but then again who wouldn't?"  Her girlfriend smiled at her.  "We should both go."

"They're at the shop today and Alicia is there to fill in if you wanted to take her on a picnic lunch.  I don't suggest you ask in a restaurant."  He handed her a few galleons and accepted the phone once kisses were blown and the connection cut.  "Have fun, Tananda, and behave.  Listen for what she doesn't say as well."

"Yes, Uncle George."  She gave him a hard hug and hurried for the floo, going to grab her aunt.

George smiled and shook his head.  They were so cute!


Alicia looked up as their private floo line discharged a familiar little girl.  "Hey, Tananda.  Running errands?"

The girl blushed. "No, I needed to ask Aunt Katie to lunch with me and Patrice."

"She's in the back, sweetie."  She shook her head once the girl was gone.  Who had told on them?  "Must have been George," she muttered, looking over the sales books to finish their order for the month.

Katie came out with her niece tucked against her side.  "We're going on a picnic lunch.  Can you handle it for a bit?"

"If not, I'll yell Simone's way.  She's off today."  Alicia watched them go, smirking at their backs.  Katie was a great mother and aunt.  She hadn't even been blushing.  She decided she was bored and called Simone in anyway, they could at least gossip.  Simone came over right away, smiling a little too happily.  "What happened?"

"Bad test results," she said with a wave of her hand.  "I don't want to think about it."

"Well."  She looked the girl over.  "Have you talked to your cousin yet?"

"I was actually going to make an appointment to steal him tonight. Tomorrow's his usual day to see people who beg for help and all that good stuff."  She pulled over a stool and sat down.  "Where's Aunt Katie?"

"Tananda and Patrice took her on a picnic lunch to pick her brain about how things are done."

"Ah."  She grinned.  "I remember having those questions.  Daddy had them all solved easily.  I still say we should have that done to the other kids."

"Simone!" she said, sounding scandalized.  "That's just dirty.  They're your cousins."

"And?" she asked. "This is one of those cases where book knowledge doesn't really prepare you for the reality, if it's good," she added as an afterthought.  "I plan on following that tradition."

"I'm sure your father will be proud.  Any news on Emily?"

"She's not trying and they're both happy.  Emily and Denver have decided not to have one until after his first World Cup game.  That way his adoring fans will welcome the baby as much as he will.  He thinks it'll stop the stalker problem they've been having.  The last one got very huffy when she thought Emily might have been pregnant, started sending her death threats and all that good stuff."

"I think that's the last time Law Enforcement actually did a good job," Alicia agreed.  "They even did it quickly."

"Too true.  It's too bad that she was still so confused by an hour in the basement with him.  It would have been easier if he hadn't slept with her five years earlier and she decided she was his because of it.  That little fact nearly had Emily's ears blowing steam, until he pointed out in the press that Emily cured him of being a slut and that she had been before his marriage.  Barely, but before the marriage."

"How many girls did he have before the graduation ball?  I know at least two more came forward."

"Three came forward and there was one who didn't.  I knew about her because I walked in on them to make sure he was dressed and not diddling the entire sixth year of Ravenclaw."  Her aunt gave her a startled look.  "That was his ambition that last year we did, to do the whole year at once."

"Did he?"

"Not all at once."

Alicia laughed.  "I can't imagine having a sex drive like that.  I'd die!"

"He nearly did, or so he says.  Do you remember the companion he hired the year we were supposed to have graduated?  That supposed girlfriend?"  Alicia nodded, snickering.  "She was one of two.  The other one got to stay at home.  She didn't want to be seen in public in case someone recognized her.  Her friend was a newbie to the craft though, so she was safer."

Alicia shook her head.  "You Malfoys and your lusty natures.  How'd this one happen?"

"I apparently forgot to overlap my potions," Simone admitted.  "I have no idea what I'm doing."

"Well, there is the other option."

"Father would kill me if he found out," Simone reminded her. "Not to mention the press.  This is going to be a nightmare, no matter which way I go."

"Good point.  Remember, the family is there for you," she said with a pat.  "Oliver knows how to apply the girdle barrier if you wanted to ask him.  He had to help some girl in the school last year."

"I may have to," she admitted.  "I should also probably tell my coach as well."  She slumped.  "This is going to suck ass, Aunt Alicia.  Really, really suck ass."

"I know, dear, but think about how happy your father will be, he's been craving grandchildren again."

"I know.  He stole Spenser for the day."  She shrugged.  "I guess I'll tell him before my coach."

"What about the father?"

She snorted.  "No.  Leave it there please."

"All right," Alicia agreed easily.  "I trust your judgement."  She nudged her.  "Hope that the baby comes out looking a lot more like you, dear," she said with a nasty grin.

"He was pretty," Simone told her.  "Very sexy, and suave, and even pleasant to be around most of the time, but he was such an idiot!  I'm instituting a brain requirement the way Uncle Ron used to joke about needing.  The man could not hold a conversation that wasn't about his breasts."  Her aunt giggled. "Seriously.  His pecs and how hard and firm they were.  How his nipples always stood up.  How nicely pink the parts were.  I dated him for two weeks and I don't think we got off the subject of his tits once whenever I let him lead the conversation.  It's pathetic, Auntie."

"I know," she said, reaching over to pat the girl on the knee.  "Thankfully your own brains will compensate."

"I'm hoping Iggy will have made a permanent intelligence potion by the time the baby's born.  Just even to raise it by five IQ points.  I know that's a muggle standard, but still!"  Alicia fell off her stool laughing.  "You think it's funny now, but Uncle Oliver knows him.  He introduced us and thought he was a really nice guy."  She grimaced.  "Which he was, but he was boring!  I slept with him to shut him up about his nipples."

Alicia continued to laugh on the floor.  "I'll tell him you said that," she finally got out.

"No, don't.  It'll hurt the poor guy's feelings."

"The father's?"

"No, Uncle Oliver.  He's a really nice guy and I don't want to diss his friends.  I didn't like it when it was done to mine, but still.  You can't tell him."

"I won't," Alicia said with a hand wave.  "You will."

"Fine," Simone groaned, standing up.  "Let me go tell him.  Is he at practice today?"  She checked the practice schedules the shop kept on hand.  "He should be about done."  She left to talk to her uncle.  The coach looked shocked as she walked onto the pitch.  "Family business," she sighed.  "Is Uncle Oliver still here?"

"He's getting showered.  Let me get him."  He hurried away, not wanting a repeat of the last time she had needed to see the family on business and had walked into the changing room, damaging the fragile egos of his boys.  "Wood!" he yelled from the door. "One of your nieces."  He looked her over, then got a bright idea.  "I think she needs a fatherly sort of arm."

"Coming!" Oliver yelled.  He came out a minute later, pulling his shirt on.  "Hey, Simone."  He gave her a short hug.  "What's wrong? Roddy said you two didn't work out.  Said you were too smart for him."

Simone paused, then nodded.  "That's putting it mildly, yeah."  She led him a little ways away.  "The man talked about his nipples, Uncle Oliver."

"He's proud of them," he said, giving her a nudge.  "What's wrong?"

"I'm, um... going to need you to keep us apart."

"Did something happen?"

"Not yet, give it time."   He gave her a look so she leaned closer and told him.  He stiffened.  "Yeah.  That."

He shook his head.  "I'd have thought you were the smart one."

"I take the monthly potion but I guess I didn't overlap them once or something."  She shrugged.  "It happens sometimes."

He led her farther away since the others were coming out and she probably didn't want to run into Harry.  "You don't want him to know?"  She shook her head.  "He deserves the right to know."

"And I might tell him someday, but not this moment."  She put her hands in her pocket.  "I don't know what I'm going to do yet so having a talk with him is pointless at this moment.  The same as having one with my father, who desperately wants a grandchild, is."

"I understand.  You will tell him someday?"

"I might send an anonymous note," she offered.  He glared at her. "Sorry.  Fine, I'll send him a real letter and tell him if I decide to have it."  She lifted her chin and looked at him, then noticed the person coming toward them. "Hi, Uncle Harry.  Personal problems, not big family problems yet."

"That's fine.  I wanted a hug."  He gave her a hug and a smile.  "When do I get to fix you up?  Oliver did and I'm feeling left out," he teased.

"Wait a year.  I tend to need time between to play," she said calmly but quickly.  He beamed.  "Trust me, you'll probably find someone to fit between the two of you and Uncle Charlie."  Harry laughed and wandered off, heading for the floo.

"That was quick," Oliver said with a small smile.  "Are you having it?"

"I don't know," she said honestly.  "I know that my profession creates more miscarriages than anyone but seekers and miners.  I also know that I could have some damage from other hits to the abdomen and might not have another chance."

"I'm here for you, whatever you decide," he assured her.  "I'll even help you talk to him about it.  Before you give birth if you decide on it."

"Sure."  She gave him another hug.  "I'd better go bug Iggy for some of his time.  That way we can hide it from my father for a few more weeks."  She sighed.  "I don't like this."

"I know, brat, but it's not that bad.  All your family carries pretty if your dad was any indication."

She laughed. "Mom's pictures all have her being radiant and sparkling.   At least I have the hips for it."  She shuddered.  "Grandmother."

"Family dinner," he advised.  "That way she can't start a real screaming match."  He put an arm around her shoulders and led her away.  "I'm heading back to the school.  Want to share a floo?"

"Sure.  I think Iggy's supposed to be up at the school today.  Are you heading for the school one or the joke shop?"

"Probably the joke shop.  I need to pick up some more muscle rub from the pharmacy."  He gave her neck a squeeze.  "I thought it'd have been Ravena or Emily first."

"Denver said he's waiting until after his first World Cup match to get her knocked up.  That way the stalker factor slows down."  She grinned at his laughter.  "It won't?"

"No, you get all sorts of new groupies when you make a World Cup team.  One of them even tracked down Harry after the last one and walked up to his doorstep naked to proclaim her everlasting love of him.  Angelina opened the door."  She giggled.  "She was not impressed with the women and told her that Harry had more than enough woman in her before slamming the door in the poor, deluded woman's face.  Went on a three day rant about it too."  He sent them back to the joke shop and smiled at the people standing there.

"I'll see you later.  Uncle George, is Iggy at home today?"

"He's gardening."

"Thanks."  She hurried off.

George looked at the door, then at Oliver.  "Something newsworthy?"

"Not unless she wants it to be known," Oliver told him.

"Draco will crap," Xander put in from behind the counter.  "I'm going to be far away when the news leaks."  He turned the pages of his book.  "Dear, we've got to start pulling things together for Maeve and Lucien."

"Good point."  He wandered into the back.  "Maeve, pack!" he called.  He heard giggles and headed for his daughter's room.  "Are you done?" he asked, noticing the closed trunk and all the clothes sitting on her bed.  "I think those are supposed to be inside."

"There's no room," she told him.

"Then let the poor dog go," he told her.  "He'll come up to stay in the tower."  She let both dogs out of the trunk and gave him a pitiful look.  "I promise to bring them both up there you can play with them on the weekends.  Now pack!  You're leaving tomorrow morning."

"Yes, daddy. Help me pack?" she asked sweetly.  "You do it so very well."

"Flattery will only get you lots of treats," Fred said from the doorway.  "I heard Simone?"

"She's running off to see Iggy."

"Oh.  Is she coming back?  I had something I wanted her to test."  George gave him a long look and he groaned.  "Maybe not then.  Do you think William would mind?"

"Not at all.  He's somewhere in town getting some last playtime in."

"Thanks."  Fred winked at the daughter.  "You behave or we won't spread any treats up there through you."  She giggled and he went to find the second son.

"Really.  When Iggy was a first year, we used to give him a small bag of stuff and let him show off all the new models.  You kids are our best advertisements."  He helped her pack everything into her trunk, giving her many hugs.  She was still so small!

She smiled at him.  "I promise not to sleep in Lucien's bed every night," she offered.

"No, you won't," he agreed, pinching her on the nose.  "Which house are you two going to be in?"

"I wouldn't mind being a Gryff, if only so that you and daddy don't have heat attacks," she offered sweetly.  "But I will be with Lucien or the hat gets it."

George laughed.  "I'm sure it'll listen very well to you," he assured her, giving her another hug.  "What are we missing?"

"My dog as my familiar?" she suggested.

"The letter said an owl, a cat, or a toad, not a dog."

"Can I write and ask?"

"No.  You can see him on the weekends."  He ruffled her hair.  "Sit and read.  Your teachers will expect you to have at least looked inside your books."

She pulled out her transfiguration book and sat down to read the first chapter.  It was interesting she guessed, but she wanted to do potions like her big brother.  Those made pretty things.


Maeve walked up to sit on the hat's stool and let it cover most of her head.  "Hello," she said politely.  "I want to be with Lucien Malfoy," she whispered.  "He's my best friend and I'll die without him.  Or he will, one of the two."

"I haven't seen him yet," the hat reminded her.  "What is he like?"  She brought up thoughts of him. "Hmm.  Well.  Yes.  I see.  In your mind, you'd make the perfect Gryffindor."

"But I want to be with Lucien and he's not that nice," she pointed out.

"If it suits him at all, I'll put him over there.  His older siblings did well in there."

"Yeah, but he'll be miserable without his boyfriend."

"But you won't fit in with Slytherin."

"You'd be surprised.  Plus, I'm good with potions."

"If necessary, I'll change my mind.  Gryffindor!"

She sighed and handed it back, shooting a look at Lucien, who was frowning at the hat.  He was up next and she sat on the edge of her seat.

Lucien put the hat on his head.  "You mean shit.  I have to be with Maeve.  She's my sanity."

"Oh, dear," the hat sighed.  "A real Malfoy.  A true Slytherin of the line."

"Yes, but if you put me over there without her, I'm going to be miserable and bring down this fucking school until we can be together again.  I'll gladly go to Slytherin, I would even appreciate it since my one true love is over there, but you've got to change your mind about Maeve."

"I'll see what I can do."  The hat gathered itself.  "Slytherin!" it said in a weaker voice.  Then it looked at Madam Sprout.  "I made a mistake, the little girl was right.  These two have tainted each other.  She needs resorted."

"Maeve Harris-Weasley," Madam Sprout said quickly.  "Come here.  The hat saw something it wanted you both to know."  She hopped up and hurried back, much to the shock of everybody.  Her uniform was in Slytherin colors.  "I see," she said, smiling down at her.  "I think you're being resorted, dear."

"Oh, damn," Xander sighed.

"Sorry, daddy, you knew he had influenced me that much.  I love him.  He's my sanity."

"Fine," Xander told her.  "You'll behave for Severus?"

"Like I would for you," she promised.  She turned and the students mostly gasped.  "What?"  She looked down at herself.  Then at the hat.  "Yes?"

"Yes, dear, I do find enough Slytherin qualities in you.  Slytherin for both of you!"  They hurried to their new table, sitting next to each other.

The Prefect nearest them looked down at them.  "Are you two going to cause us troubles?"

"We're each other's sanity," Maeve told him.  "I have to be near him or I start to lose control."

"You're cousins."

"He's mine," William said dangerously.  The Prefect shut up and William smiled at his little sister.  "Welcome to the house.  I'll have a word with the Prefects tonight.  Sleep together on a couch if it becomes necessary so Uncle Severus doesn't pop a vessel or something."

"Okay," they agreed together.   Everyone was looking at them.

"We're like twins," Lucien told them.  "We were carried at the same time, came out about the same time, and have been together ever since."  He saw one girl smiling sweetly at him.  "Oh, stow it," he said coldly.  "I like blokes and you don't come with the necessary parts."  He looked at the Prefects.  "We'll have Iggy and Simone sort of problems," he announced.

"We'll make sure there's a comfortable couch in the common room," the top girl told him.  "We'll deal later. Calm down."  He nodded and leaned against Maeve's side.  She sighed and looked at her male counterpart, who shook his head.  "Salazar won't be pleased."

"On the contrary," the Bloody Baron said, smiling at the newest two.  "He loves those two.  Very powerful together.  He adores the friendship they have, but he is William's mate."

"They're still cousins," she pointed out with a touch of 'eww' in her voice.

William looked down at her.  "Actually, I'm my father from another dimension, not his son.  No incest there."

"Oh."  She brightened up.  "Then we'll be sure to have long discussions with you about what will happen once you're old enough to understand.  I'll leave orders and everything."  He grinned.  "Oh, food," she said happily, snatching some so she could stuff her mouth.  She kept repeating to herself, one more year.  One more year.

Xander smiled down at his children.   They were so adorable.  Draco was still smiling and crying over his offspring making it into his house.  It was Ron who made him shudder.  "Just think, they're going to be the Slytherin equivalent of Iggy and Simone," he said fondly.

Draco glared at him.  "What?"

"They sleep together, they eat together.  They fight together," Ron pointed out dryly, smirking.  "Have fun with them."

"I saw what you went through, plans are already being put into place," Snape told them.  He looked down at his house then back at Xander.  "What does she do best?"

"She's got a fair hand at potions, especially beauty and contraception.  She's been helping Raena with her stuff recently," Xander admitted.  "Nothing near Iggy's level, but sufficient."

"I'll keep that in mind," he told them.  "The triplets are next year?"

"Yup," Ron sighed.  "I don't want to see them broken up."

"If it was in five more years, the new house might have been up and they wouldn't have to be," Snape pointed out.  "They'll survive."

"We'll make special efforts to keep them together, Ron," Dumbledore assured him.  "Minnie will have to be in Gryffindor I believe."

"Yeah, but the other two have been tainted by Lucien as well."

Draco smiled at him.  "Perhaps we can have the hat put them all under me then."

"Not a chance," Ron told him.  "Mum's starting to worry about the lack of Gryffs in the family.  Thinks it's all your fault."

"Actually, Molly said it was mine," Xander told him, breaking up the argument.  "George almost expected this one so it'll be okay."

"I'll tell him if I have to," Draco sighed.  "He took last year's a little harder than I thought, but it wasn't a wailing and beating of chests."

"No, it was a bottle of whiskey and sleeping on the floor," Xander reminded him.  He shook his head.  "Who's left?  The triplets.  Morgana.  Spenser and Marion?"

"Percy's Liz," Ron added.  "Our Katie is in three years.  The twins with Katie.  My Junior two years after that group."

"What about Iggy's last one?"

"He's thinking about not sending him," Xander admitted.  "He's so slow that he thinks it might not be a great idea.  He'll be the target of everybody."  He slumped.  "He's a bright little boy, he never puts anything forward though.  A lot like my friend Oz."

"He will be coming," Dumbledore said quietly.  "As will this newest one in the family."  The family, Wood, and Snape looked at him.  "I saw a mention of a new one today," he admitted.  "I don't know which parents."

"It could be Andrea.  She wants another one," Ron pointed out.  "Melvin's taking the anti-fertility treatment behind her back."  He looked down at Draco.  "It could be Emily."

"It could," he agreed, smiling slightly.  "That would be nice."

"Or it could be another member of your clan," Wood pointed out gently.  "Perhaps Ravena or Simone?"

Draco looked down at him then stood up and dragged him out of the room. "Give," he demanded.  Wood hissed at the pain in his arm.  "I can hit you if it'll make you feel better."

"I can't tell.  She wanted to tell you herself."

"That gives me some idea.  Which daughter?"

"Not Ana. That's all I'll say."

"I knew it wasn't her.  Her husband hasn't been back in six months."  He looked him over.  "Which daughter?  I think I have the right to know."

"They wanted to tell you on their own," Oliver told him.  "She's still figuring stuff out and isn't ready to share the news yet.  I only got told so I would be on the lookout for things happening on the field."

"Which daughter?" Draco demanded.

Xander walked out and separated them.  "She'll be telling you within a week," Xander soothed.  "I just heard from her."  Draco looked at him.  "She's confused at the moment and unsure of what she wants to do.  Give her some space."

"One week," Draco growled, then he went back inside, slamming the door.

Xander looked at Oliver.  "You think very loudly," he said quietly.  "Feel thankful that Draco never learned that gift."  He grinned.  "I think she'll be a great mother myself."  He waved at the door. "Shall we?"

"Sure.  You think she'll have it?"

"I think her father will talk her into it," Xander assured him.  "Plus, I just called Iggy, he thinks Andrea might be pregnant."  He winked.  "She switched his potion."  They went back inside and sat down.  "All solved."

"Thank you," Dumbledore said, smiling at him.

Tara looked down at him. "Xander, I think you need to have a talk with Tananda please.  They need some mentoring."

"Okay."  He pulled a plate of roast over and filled his plate.  "I can do that."  He smiled at her.  "Uncomfortable questions?"

"Magical ones that I don't know the answer to."

"Even better."  He put the meat back down and accepted the potatoes from Ron. "Thank you."  He scooped himself out some and then added some to Draco's plate, startling him.  "Eat."  He handed them back with a smile.  "The carrots as well please?"  They were handed down to him. "Thank you."  He dished himself up some but Draco shook his head.  "Very well.  Eat."

"Yes, Xander."  Draco smiled at him. "I'm going to be a grandfather."

"You're going to be a wonderful one," Xander agreed.  "You still have to eat or you'll never get to find out which one it is."

Draco nodded and grabbed food for himself, dishing himself up.  "I must keep up my strength or I won't get to chase them around at all," he agreed.


Iggy looked up as his exam room door opened and smiled at his cousin. "I had wondered why you made an appointment.  Sit, let's talk.  Tea?"

"No, I'm not ready for tea yet," she admitted, sliding up onto the table.  "I screwed up my anti- fertility potions.  I missed a few days and didn't overlap them like I was supposed to."

"Oh, shit," Iggy said, putting a hand on her stomach.  "Simone!"  She nodded.  He took a deep breath.  "All right.  Then we'll deal."  She smiled at him. "Do you want me to do the physical stuff for you?"  She nodded.  "Father?"

"Not saying."

"All right.  How far?"

"A month maybe."

"Decent," he agreed.  He ran a complete physical and smiled at her. "You're in excellent shape, as usual," he praised.  He grabbed a few things out of a drawer and handed them over.  "This is what you'll need to know.  Are you having it?"  She looked helpless and started to sniffle.  "Shh, we'll all be here for you," he soothed, giving her a hug.  "You can even hide here if you don't want to go back to the mansion."

"I don't know what to do!  He's a stupid git, Iggy!"

"Shh, princess.  You consider me the father and everything will be just fine."  She nodded, taking a tissue to blow her nose.  "Let me look into it, we might even be able to change the baby some so you can't tell it's his once it's born."  She smiled at him.  "Hey, it can't be worse than Dominick."

"He's brilliant," she argued.

"Yeah, but he never says anything.  For the first three years of his life I worried that he was mute."  He shook his head.  "Okay, I have some stuff to give you.  I have vitamins," he said, shaking the bottle. "I have pamphlets.  One of the shield spell you'll be able to use."  He handed them over.  "I'm going to see you once at month as a doctor and as often as you need as the prospective father, all right?"  She nodded, starting to smile.  "Have you told your father yet?"

"No.  I don't want to," she begged.

"Daddy said it got slipped out.  He doesn't know if it's you or Ravena, but Dumbledore let it slip that there was a new one on the way in the family.  Uncle Oliver protected you to the point of almost getting pasted for it."  She frowned.  "Your father is really excited.  Daddy said he bounced last night."  She scowled.  "Is this the dumb plonker who talked about his nipples?"  Simone groaned and flopped backwards, covering her eyes.  "Then I'm definitely the other father, Simone.  He's the sort who'll talk down about you and say that it's not his, even if a test proves it."  He patted her on the stomach.  "You have to tell your coach within thirty days of finding out.  The good news is, your coach has seen one of you before and he can help you with the shield spell if you have problems."  He smiled at her renewed groaning.  "It's not that bad. You've seen what happens."

"I want a stretchmark creme immediately," she said quietly.  "Plus something to help my stomach."

"You may not get sick.  Your dad only got an hour or so of sickness a day."  He stroked her stomach.  "You will be one kick ass mother, Simone.  Even better than I am as a dad."  She smiled at him.  "Now, how about that tea?"

"No, I think I should go ruin my coach's day.  Dinner tonight?  You and me without the family?"

"Sure.  Out or in?"

"In.  I'll be home."  She slid off the table and tucked the pamphlets into her pocket.  Then she kissed him on the cheek.  "You are the best cousin," she whispered.  "If only you weren't my cousin, I'd have stolen you long ago."  She left, leaving him with a sappy grin.  She headed back to her team's offices, tapping on her coach's door.  He wasn't in so she went to the main coach, tapping on his.  All three coaches were in there.  She put down the pamphlets, letting them see it.  There was a mass groan.  "It's done."

"I figured as much when I saw you giving the tea trolley a funny look," her coach said, giving her a pat on the back.  "When is the ceremony?"

"When hell freezes and I announce who it is?" she suggested, giving him a small smirk. "I'm not telling who the father is.  He'll know, but my beloved cousin pointed out he's one of those guys who'll make my life a living hell for doing this to his reputation."

"If it's who I think it is, his is already shot," the seeker's coach said with a smile for her.  "Excited?"

"Not really. My father will be ecstatic though."  She smiled.  "I'm not taking off."

"Your eighth month will be the end of the season," the main coach said, counting.

"I'm a born, we carry for ten."

"Good point.  Then we'll plan for you to only take off the last two months of the season."  He looked at her. "Are you trying out for World Cup next year?"  She nodded. "With a new baby?"

"My father did it, so can I," she said calmly.  "Besides, if there's no problem, they won't make me stop playing unless I start to unbalance.  Beaters get beaten up, but that's why we have the shield spell."

"Which I will be checking before each game," her coach told her.  "As will the team doctor."  He looked at the main coach.  "Can we keep this from the press?"

"Hopefully," Simone agreed.  "I don't want the super prat to be killed by my family any sooner than he has to be.  He's supposedly a good chaser."

They all laughed.  The main coach shook his head.  "You'll have to announce it some time, young lady.  Who's doing your physicals?"


"Even better.  I'll have our team doctor talk to him or have him brought in for games."  She nodded.  "From this moment on, I want you in that shield spell each time you walk onto the pitch, broom in your hand or not.  Got me?"  She nodded.  "No more brawling either, young lady.  Leave that to your brother."  She smiled and nodded.  "Good.  Now go tell your father.  He's got to be over the moon about this."

"Yes, sir.  Does that mean I can have the afternoon off to scream and rant at the stupidity of fate?"

"Sure, kid, go ahead.  I'll even make it an excused one so you don't get penalized for it."  She grinned and gave them each a hug.  "You go behave."  She nodded and left, heading through the floo to the school.  The coaches looked at each other and smiled.  "Pregnancy did mellow her father when he was under," the main coach pointed out.  They laughed.

Simone walked out of the main staff floo and found the headmaster's ghost waiting on her.  "I need to tell my father something."

"Wait here, Simone, I'll have him brought up."  He smiled at her. "You're not the only one and I'm sorry I spilled it on you."

"That's okay.  He'll be happy once he's over the shock."  She made herself comfortable and waited while the ghost went to get her father.

Draco looked up as his classroom door opened.  "Hold that thought," he announced, walking over at the waved hand.  "What's happened?" he asked the ghost, who looked entirely too jolly for words this early in the morning.

"Your daughter is downstairs," he announced.  "Waiting on you."

"Thank you, Albus."  Draco walked back into his classroom.  "This is now a study hall session.  Sit quietly or face my wrath the next class."  He walked out, heading down to the staffroom as fast as was seemly.  Being seen running through the halls would only alarm some of the older students.  He walked in and locked the door.  "Simone?" he asked.  She looked up and nodded. "It's you?"  She nodded again, biting her lip.  "How?  I know I taught you better than that," he said calmly, mentally making plans for a quick wedding.

"Stop it now, daddy, he's a prat and a half."  She stood up and came over to hug him.  "Iggy said he's going to be the acknowledged father," she said once she was safely in his arms.   "I forgot to overlap the potions because of a game."

"Oh, dear."  He tightened his squeeze.  "We'll stand up for you, Simone, as always."  He smiled.  "You're not putting out the father's name?"

"No.  Iggy said he's the sort of git to badmouth me and force me to prove it.  I'll write him a letter once it comes out."  She looked up.  "Can you handle me being a mother without the daddy?  No tricky plans or finding me a quick husband?"

"No, love, I'd not do that to you if you didn't want it," he assured her, pulling her back against his chest.  "I did it on my own, so can you," he said quietly, soothing her.  "Do we know what it is yet?"

"I'm only a month along," she told him, pinching him on the chest.  He laughed.  "Iggy's doing my medical stuff and I have the shield spell's instructions."

"Good.  I'll teach you how to apply it tonight," he whispered, making plans.  "We'll have to have this one blessed.  Plus you'll have to think of great names soon."


"Sorry, getting a bit ahead of myself."  He smiled down at her, kissing her on the forehead. "We'll get through this, Simone.  Not even your mother can say anything."  She laughed. "What are you going to do if the father gets demanding?"

"Then I'll let him have visitation," she said firmly.  "This is my child."

"Then I'll support you and we'll redecorate the nursery together," he assured her.  She laughed.  "Black and silver?"

"Silver and bronze?"

"Tacky," he teased.

"I like metal."

"I know, but not for a baby. Silver, bronze, and a color, dear."

"Silver, bronze, and black?  But no leather, daddy.  I don't want to pass that love onto my child until they're old enough."

"Yes, dear one, no leather for the baby."

Someone tapped on the door.  "I smell hugs," Xander called.

Draco let him in and smiled at him.  "She's pregnant."

"I heard."  He gave her a hug as well.  "If Iggy can't stand in as the father, I gladly will," he assured her.  She smiled brightly at him.  "I'll even give you many wonderful backrubs."

"Thank you, Uncle Xander."  She got snuggled between them.

"That is not the sight I wanted to see when I came in for tea," Severus said dryly as he pushed past them. "What's going on?"

Simone looked out from between the arms.  "I'm pregnant.  There's no father."  He turned to look at her.  "Iggy said he'd be the acknowledged father if necessary."

"Congratulations.  Teach it not to swear if you wouldn't mind."  The family members laughed.  "Otherwise I might have to retire about then and let your cousin handle the job."

She got free and gave him a hug.  "Thank you, Uncle Sev.  I love you too."  She kissed him on the cheek.  "I'd better get home. I want a bath to think in.  You behave, daddy."  She smirked and he smirked back, telling each other that they were going to have some wicked plans coming up.  Then she left, heading for the house.

Draco looked at Xander.  "You'd be willing to be the godfather?"

"I'd be wiling to be the acknowledged father if Raena got pissy about it," Xander told him.  "George said we needed another one who was a Gryff."

"That baby will be a Slytherin if I have any say," Draco retorted, hands on his hips.  "It's about time.  She should have been put in there."

"I wouldn't have put up with her mouth," Snape pointed out drolly.  He made himself a cup of tea and looked at them.  "If she's going to be one of mine, please teach her appropriate manners.  If not, then let her swear and spit for all I care.  I can always take off points."  He nodded at Xander, who he had the friendly rivalry with these days.  "Have fun with all the planning."  He left them alone, going back to his office, cackling the whole way.

"I've got to tell the family so they don't let it accidentally slip," Draco decided.  "Xander, may I borrow Murphy?"  He nodded. "Thank you."  He headed for the house to write out a short message, which was sent to everybody in the family, even the more far flung members.

Xander leaned against a wall and laughed.  Draco was so hyped about this baby. It was good to see him so happy.


Lucien looked up as the classroom door was opened and nudged Maeve to point at William.  William cleared his throat, stopping Professor Flitwick.  "I'm sorry, sir, but I need my sister and cousin for a short family announcement.  May I please steal their wondrous minds from your tasks?"

"Of course, William.  Maeve, Lucien, go ahead."

They gathered up their things and followed him to the house.   "What's going on?" Maeve asked as they walked down the long hallway.

"Simone's got an announcement with Iggy."  He grinned at them.  "I think she's the one they were talking about last night."  He opened the door for them and followed them up the dozen stairs to the house.  "We're here."

Simone smiled at them.  "I am the pregnant one," she announced.  Her grandmother moaned.  "Sorry, grandmother.  There is no father as far as I'm concerned."

"I'm being the acknowledged father," Iggy told everyone.  The older generations all groaned.  "What?" he asked innocently.

His son Dominick walked up to her and patted her on the stomach.  "Hello, future dominatrix," he told it, then he went to grab a book and read.

Simone looked at Iggy.  "You did say that he was brilliant," she pointed out.  Most everyone laughed.

Epi 14: (large time jump here)

Simone looked down at her son, her brilliant, stubborn, blond son who was a cross between her father and his acknowledged father.  He smirked back. "Keep it up," she warned.  "I'll make the hat put you into Hufflepuff like it did your Uncle Melvin."

Erin, also known around the family as 'oh, no, not again' if you had to fight with him or 'aren't you sweet and adorable today' if you didn't, smiled at his mother.  "You can't do that.  Uncle Xander said so."

"Uncle Xander forgets about your aunt Agatha, Ronnie's older sister," she said with a smirk of her own.  "She threatened the hat and nearly got put into another house.  She can threaten it for you, son."

"Yes, mother."  He gave her a hug.  "When do we leave?"

"In a few hours," she sighed.  "Then you can meet up with the Weasley twins and Polan, plus Gregory and Timothy."  He cheered.  "I want you to behave.  No threatening the girls."

"Yes, mommy.  No threatening Polan Weasley or Myrtle and Marcie Weasley because Uncle Percy and Uncle Ron would be very upset with me again."   He brightened up.  "Can I jump Greg and Tim?"

"No, not on the train, son.  You can jump everyone else though."  He beamed.  "Remember, you do not take shit from anybody.  You are a Malfoy, Erin, and I won't have it."

"Yes, mother.  I'll do it in a more subtle way than you though."

"Thank you."  He hugged her.  "You behave, I don't want you to have a year like my first."

"Of course not.  Those stupid fairy creatures wouldn't dare touch me."  He pulled back to grin.  "Where is Grandfather?  He's supposed to be here."

"He's running late from a meeting, he'll be bringing us to the station."  He nodded and picked up the pull handle for his trunk.

She looked down at her son.  Simone had decided that his last name would be the one to carry on the Malfoy name since Lucien was gay and the rest of them would have Malfoy-Weasleys.  Her father had gifted her son with an irreversible trust, even if he turned out to be one of the good guys.  Her sister Morgana had taken a liking to him early on and had helped teach him self- defense with Minnie Weasley.  His acknowledged father had turned her son into a scheming, stubborn little creature whom even she couldn't beat at a contest of wills.  Fortunately, he wasn't as spoiled as he could have been.  George and Fred had stepped in to take on that part of his early nature and he was now much more calm and less apt to throw fits.  Now if only he got along with Ron's twins and Percy's daughter Polan.  Or even George and Xander's twins, Greg and Tim.  The twins would definitely be Gryffs.  They were good guys the whole way through.  Polan was probably going to be another Weasley Hufflepuff.  One of Percy's earlier daughters had been one as well.  He wasn't too disappointed in that sorting.  At least none of his had been Slytherin.  It had been funny, the triplets had been split.  Vinnie had went into Hufflepuff, Minnie Gryffindor, and Gwen Slytherin, which nearly killed her father.  After six days, everyone in the school understood why.  If you put two of them together, you could get chaos.  If you put all three of them together, you nearly got destruction.  Everyone agreed the hat had been very wise to split them up that way.  Agatha's own daughter was summoned up without her name being called, just so the hat hadn't spooked last year and she was a Gryff.  But with the new house starting this year, there was a large fight about which kids would be going where.  There may be a shuffling so no more Weasleys hit Gryffindor.  Or there could be a removal of the family from the new house.  Uncle Ron was still heading over Gryffindor, but Uncle Xander had the new house.  House Hellion as it was nicknamed.  All the troublemakers, all the in-between children.  Most of the strong ones.  She was pretty sure her son was going there.  Unless the hat wanted to joke. Then he'd be a Gryff because he was nothing if not ballsy.

Draco walked in and smiled at them.  "Hello, my precious grandson."  He gave him a hug.  "Ready to go?  I've got a car waiting."  They pulled the trunk out and put it into the back, watching as Erin and his phoenix got put into the back first.  Then Draco helped his daughter in, then himself.  He let his daughter snuggle against his side.  "It will be fine, Simone.  We can pop up on the weekends and see him."

"You're a teacher, daddy, you always get to see him."

"And I'll make sure to make frequent reports to you," he promised.  He smiled at his grandson as the vehicle took off.  "Where do you want to be put?" he asked him.

"I don't know.  Mommy said she'd have Aunt Agatha threaten the hat and put me in Hufflepuff."

Draco shook his head, but he was smiling.  "I doubt it'd do that, even under threat from Agatha.  Did you hear?  Her own child will be handed to her father to raise now.  She's sure it's a Gryff."

"The next one starts next year," Simone said with a frown.

"She's starting this year.  Potter was raving mad yesterday when his last granddaughter showed up on his doorstep.  He came to see if I had something that would smite his daughter where she was hiding."

"He should have asked Uncle Fred.  He's got that zapper thing that got her last year when she abandoned her first daughter on his doorstep."  She patted him on the thigh.  "My poor father, all alone again."

"Myan was a wonderful woman," he sighed.

"I'm sorry she died, daddy.  I know you loved her."

"I did," he agreed, smiling down at his daughter.  "But she gave up her life so that the rest of you wouldn't be threatened.  She was like that and I knew as soon as I saw the situation that she was going to die.  Your Uncle Xander still misses her though."

"I know.  I should go hug him today."  She gave her son a pat on the head.  "You behave for Uncle Xander if you get put into his house."

"Yes, mommy."  He smiled at her. "When I'm of age, can I be the slut Uncle Denver was?"

"As long as you're careful," Draco agreed with a smile.  He suddenly laughed.  "Can you imagine the slut Iggy would have been if he hadn't met Raena?"

Simone snickered.  "I can see him coming up to his father and telling him that he created the anti- fertility potion because it was necessary.  Damn, every woman in our year and later wanted him.  He was sensitive and cute back then."

"He still is," Draco agreed.  "Too bad he's your cousin, huh?"

"Definitely.  If he hadn't been, I might have settled down for him."  Her son laughed.  "Seriously, he's the only one who could have kept up with me.  I could have pulled him out of the lab too."

"Think about his desire for children," Draco pointed out.  "You would have had one every three years, probably starting in your senior year."

She laughed.  "At least he understands me.  Between him and my fuck buddy, I've got a pretty good life I guess."  The car pulled up in front of the station.  "Here we are.  Out."  They climbed out and the phoenix took off, it would meet up with the train after it had pulled out.  It was a little too fantastic not to be noticed inside the station.  She made sure her son had his bag of treats and trunk as she and her father walked him in.  They smiled as Percy stopped to give them the traditional hug.  "Polan already on?"

"Already stolen by the twins," he said with a smile.  "Have a good year, Erin, and make your Uncle Xander proud when you're sorted over there."  His nephew grinned and pinched him before running off.

"Erin!" Simone called, following after him.  She and her son walked through the barrier and stopped to look around.  She waved at the other family members.  "There's your daddy."  Erin dropped his trunk to get a hug from Iggy, getting spun around by him.  She walked the trunk over and smiled as a familiar redhead took it from her.  "We're starting the tradition of the family compartment again?" she teased Ron.

"Definitely.  That way they'll keep each other out of trouble."  He put the trunk in the corner with the rest of them and turned to accept his own hugs and give his own treats.  "You behave on the train and we'll be waiting on the other end.  Got it?"  Erin nodded, smirking up at him.  "I know you're too much like your grandfather to be good, but try not to pick on any innocent Gryffs this year."  He helped him up into the compartment, releasing all the other kids from the bindings holding them in place.  "Want the window down or up?"

"Down," Erin told him.  "Folkie's coming."

"All right."  Ron put down the window and closed the door, then had to reopen it for the last child getting on, as pulled along by Harry.  He waved and stepped back to wait with the rest of the family.  "I'm so glad I don't have train duty this year," he said quietly, waving at the kids as the train took off.

"Me too," Draco agreed.

"Me three," Iggy agreed, smiling at them. They looked at him.  "You thought Severus was going to be able to teach so soon after losing his wife and son?"

"No," Simone told him, giving him a hug.  "Give 'em hell and remember, not all seventh years are stupid assholes.  Some of them have a clue but are too stunned by a pussy or a dick to get them out."

Iggy laughed.  "I'll take that into account."  He waved.  "I'll see you up there.  Isn't there a meeting in ten minutes about the new house?"  The teachers all groaned and headed for the floo.

"Harry, come up tonight," Ron demanded.  "I haven't seen you in weeks."

"Yes, Ron," Harry said, smiling at him.  He was given a shove by a large, meaty hand so he looked.  "Oh, Goyle.  You missed Malfoy."  He pointed at the floo.  "They had meetings."

"I wanted to talk to you about retiring," he sneered. "How it'd be better off for you."

Harry patted him on the arm. "I've heard this debate before and I'm still going to have to turn you down."  He started to walk away but was grabbed by the arm and spun around, where his face met the meaty fist.

Ron came back out of the floo and walked over, deciding to beat the shit out of him.  By the time Goyle was on the ground, Harry had nearly quit bleeding.  "Want to come up now?" he suggested dryly.  "Ravena can sit by herself for a while."

"Sure."  Harry followed Ron up to the school so they could talk after the meeting.  The Headmaster smiled and waved.  "Sorry, we were going to do lunch.  Can I wait in the house?"

"Of course, Harry.  I've made sure there's a new box of tissues waiting on you."  He watched as he walked away.  Then he looked at Ron.  "Do you feel better now?"

"Yeah, much more calm than most years," Ron agreed, smiling at him.  "I'll have to remember this for next year."  He took his usual seat on the other side of Draco.   "Is the Great Hall set?"

"Yeah," Xander sighed.  "It stretched late last night when the official notice was sent down through the sorting hat.  We've got a half-table at the moment."  Ron nodded.  "The dias has expanded as well."  He looked at Iggy.  "Where were you planning on sitting?"

"Well, you're next to Slytherin, which puts you next to Draco, then I guess I'll take your usual spot next to Ron," Iggy decided.

"Wonderful," Ron agreed.  "I can put food on your plate as well."

Draco snorted.  "It will feel odd not to have you on the other side of Xander."

"Now Xander gets the wall," Dumbledore agreed.  "Draco will be next to him.  The other side will be Ron and Ignatius."  Iggy nodded.  "The rest of you take your normal spots."  Iggy raised his hand.  "Yes, Ignatius?"

"Where's the person teaching Tara's class?  Or Transfiguration since I notice no one in here is new beside me."

"The Transfiguration person is on the train," Dumbledore told him.   "They're not happy but they agreed to try it for a year since our first choice was going on safari."  He smiled.  "I don't know who to appoint for Tara's former classes.  The person we had filling in last year just got married and moved to Wales. She's refused.  There aren't many people capable of teaching that class."

"Unless you wanted to travel on the dark side and get someone like Ethan, I don't know anyone either," Xander put in.

"I don't think we need a vampire teacher at this point," Dumbledore told him with a smile.  "We've canceled that class for this year and given the students an extra study hall.  Anyone who wants to take it next year can if we can find a teacher."

"I'll be meeting with the hiring committee tomorrow after dinner," Xander announced.  "This job, Transfiguration, and Hagrid is retiring I do believe?"  Hagrid smiled and nodded.  "Just from teaching, right?"

"Jus' from teaching," Hagrid agreed. "It's too much work for my old bones."

"Okay, then we'll have three positions to fill," he said, looking at his son, who shrugged.  "You don't know?"

"I told Severus I would take over for him.  I don't know if he's going to be healed enough or if he'll want to take his old job back.  You know how he felt about his second son and Tara."  Everyone nodded.  "Then I'm here until he takes it back or until it becomes clear that he doesn't want it.  Then if the Headmaster wants someone else, I'll hand it over.  I can do both."

"Fine," Xander agreed.  "I'll keep that in mind.  Are you splitting with Raena?"

"She'll be teaching one day a week while I see any patients," Iggy told him.  "Or during any emergencies.  Poppy and I have already worked out a system for her to call me for the worst injuries."

"That's wonderful," Dumbledore agreed.  "Are there other questions?"

"What is the official name of the new house?" Ron asked.  "Last I heard, we hadn't come up with one."

"It will be Mystic House, I still couldn't come up with a name," Xander admitted.  "It was either that or Sentinel House for all the guardians, but that makes it seem like all the kid will be expected to be like that.  I couldn't come up with a good synonym for between."

"That is fine," Dumbledore assured him.  "The banners are all made anyway, so it will stay this way."

"Why didn't you name it after yourself?" Draco asked.

"Because it's not just me, moron.  Naming it Harris-Weasley-Malfoy-Potter house would get really long winded."  He nudged him, making him quit pouting.  "My name would have to have went first."

"Good point I guess," Draco agreed.  "I think this will be odd, having three heads of houses living in the same house."

"Hey, I'm just happy the fifth tower's done," Xander told him with a grin.  "Thank you for the decorating ideas by the way.  Blood red and silver works really well."

"I thought it suitable since most of the students would be mistaken Gryffindors and Slytherins," Draco said modestly.

Ron leaned around them. "Where was I when this was determined?"

"Shagging your wife blind," Xander told him.  "I tried to call, you told me to shove off.  George liked it," he admitted with a smile.  "All the guardians, the fighters, the sly little pranksters will all be mine."  He cackled evilly.

"That worries me," Iggy mumbled.  "He's gone nutty again, sir."

"I'm sure your father will come down from his power-trip soon enough," Dumbledore soothed.

"Friendly bet on the quidditch match against Slytherin?" Draco suggested.  "Favor for favor?"

"My leather repair spell against your lube spell?" Xander offered.

"Deal."  They shook on it.  "We'll cream you," Draco said with a fond smile.

"You forget, I'm getting a junior Iggy, the junior Simone/Iggy, and the Weasley twins born nice."  Draco grimaced.  "We'll see how it goes."

Dumbledore laughed.  "At least things are going well between you two.  Xander, did you want me to ask the tower to remove your closet?"

"No, we need that room.  Between the thee of us wardrobes aren't enough, Albus."  He gave Draco a fond smile.  "He likes it when I'm a clothes horse."

"And I like having mine out to air most of the time," Draco agreed.  "We nearly decided to take on the old nursery but I figured it would be necessary some day."

"Not anytime soon hopefully," Ron put in.  The rest of the teachers laughed.  "Do we want more kids around here?  George has been giving the nest a longing look again."

"I still want to know who laid that stupid fertility spell on it, we still can't remove it."  Xander started to pout.  "I can't remove the hay that it's put on either, that's the family ring."

"We'll try again this year," Draco soothed, giving him a pat on the thigh.  "I miss sleeping in the nest as well."  He looked at the other teachers.  "Is everything ready for tonight?"  They nodded. "Good.  Who had train duty?"

"Oliver and the new guy," Ron said with a smile.  "It's always worse on the way back.  He can handle it."

Xander sat up suddenly.  "There is a teacher for Alternative Magic."  Everyone stared at him.  "Amelia Rosenberg."  A few people looked stunned.  "She's every bit her father's daughter, but she hates his job.  She's refused to be a watcher so her mother kicked her out.  I heard from Minnie that she was staying on her couch."

"That would be an excellent suggestion," Dumbledore agreed.  "Amelia is a very strong witch and Tara always said she would be one of the great White Witches of her time."  He looked around.  "Any dissent?"  No one said anything.  "Then go see her quickly, Xander, and bring her back if possible."  Xander stood up with a moan of pain and hobbled off.

"I'll give you something for that when you get back, dad," Iggy called after him.  He smiled. "I like Amelia.  She's a snotty little brat when you get her back up, but she is more than capable of teaching this class.  I'll help her get ready for it if necessary."

"Thank you, Professor Harris-Weasley."  Dumbledore clapped his hands together and everyone stood up.  "Relax until the train comes tonight.  Who's going down to get the first years?"  Hagrid raised his hand.  "Are you sure, with your arthritis?"

"I'm sure," Hagrid agreed.  "Sprout, you gettin' the door?"  She nodded.  "Then we'll deal with it."  He stood up with a moan of pain on his own. "Iggy, if'n you wouldn't mind, could I have some pain killer as well please?"

"Sure, I'll have some by your plate at dinner?"  Hagrid nodded, smiling at him.  "I'd have it now but I didn't mix anything last night."  He shrugged.  "Sorry, I didn't think I'd have to."  Hagrid gave him a pat on the head and left.  Iggy looked over at Poppy.  "Do you want to come bottle?"

"If you wish," she agreed.  "I did give you the requirement's list?"  He nodded.  "Then let's go do that so you can have some free time with your wife."  They walked out together, talking about which order to do them in.

Dumbledore smiled at Draco and Ron.  "You two keep calm.  Go talk to Harry."

Ron hopped up and headed back to the tower, he had forgotten about him.

Draco smirked. "I don't think I want to talk to Potter today.  He's probably still in a bad mood about his daughter."   He stood up.  "I may go take a nap.  Did you get my change of lesson plan?"  The Headmaster nodded.  "Was it acceptable?"

"Definitely.  Thank you for adding that new section in, Professor Malfoy.  How are the Regents?"

"Sleepy and bored.  They're waiting for the worst of the excitement."  He wandered out, going back to the house to take a nap in his, Xander, and George's bed.  They had welcomed him to stay when his fiancé had died so many years ago and he had taken them up on it because he hated to sleep alone.  This way neither he nor Xander had nightmares anymore and George didn't feel so guilty when he had to spend an extra night at the shop.  He found two women on it instead and sighed.  "Unless you want to cuddle me, go find another one.  I need a nap."

"You can have that half of the bed," Katie told him, pointing behind her.

"I cuddle," he warned as he took off his robe, vest, and tie.  His shoes were taken off after he sat down and he laid down.  He felt a warm body snuggle against his back with their back and smiled. "That won't save you."

"Fred will," Katie and Alicia said together.

"Aren't you excited about your grandson?" Alicia asked.

"I am, that's what I'm saving energy up for now."  Xander walked in.  "And?"

"She's on her way. Minnie's helping her pack right now."

"Who?" Katie asked as Xander sat on Draco's other side.

"Amelia Rosenberg.  She's taking over Alternative Magic."  He grinned.  "She's pregnant too."

"Did you remember to ask if she wanted to take over the world or destroy it because of her hormones?" Draco asked sleepily.

"I did, and she reminded me that she had closed the local hellmouth, not been tainted by it like her mother."  He finished getting down to his boxer shorts and snuggled up against Draco's front.  "The twins are doing marvelous on the fireworks for tonight."

"Wonderful.  I was wondering why my husband blew past me this morning with a bare kiss to the cheek," Katie said dryly, moving Alicia back a little bit so the men could have more of the bed.  "We need more beds in the tower."

"We took out Draco's when he moved up here," Xander reminded her.  "Iggy's room hasn't had a bed in since his fourth year.  Feel free to have one moved up here if you want.  That room is open."

"But you give such good cuddles," Alicia teased.

"Yes but Fred gets jealous when I give them," Xander reminded her, then he yawned.  "Wake us up about five please so we can shower off the sweat."  He snuggled in, earing a sleepy 'stop it'.  "Night, Draco."

"Sleep, prat, or I'll bite you."

"Love you too, Drac."

"Hmph."  He pulled Xander closer so he could have a leg rest as well.

The girls tittered as they got out of the bed and headed down to the living room to cuddle and talk.  Fred came out of the fireplace and pounced them both, taking them back to the shop because George had said the guys were napping.  "Wait until Oliver gets here," he warned them. "He's going to spank you for being naughty without him being able to watch."

"Yet you thought my marriage was strange," George said as he walked past them.  "I'm not part of a foursome that is presently driving mum nuts."  He put down the exploding powder.  "How much this year?"

"Four grams for the whole thing.  I'll get it in a minute," Fred assured him.  The door opened.  "Iggy!" he said happily.  "Come measure this stuff so we can get cuddles."

"As I was once told, I am not to touch the exploding stuff," Iggy reminded him.  He smiled.  "Dad just had Amelia Rosenberg brought up."

"Xander said she's teaching Alternative Magic," Alicia told him.

"I heard at the meeting."  He leaned on the counter.  "I'll need to place an order," he said with a fond smile for his father.  "Cooling gel.  Mint syrup.  Polyjuice candy."  He looked up from his list.  "In that order please."

"For what?" Katie asked, hopping up to sit on the counter.

"Cooling gel because I want it around for the burns we'll be having this year.  There's always a few.  Mint syrup for a potion I'm inserting into the Advanced class next month.  Polyjuice candy because I want to have the sixth years do a shape changing potion and the one I've worked out takes the candy and some sort of setter as part of the formula."  George looked impressed. "Albus said it was fine and he would be warning the other teachers after those classes.  They'll have nametags that day."

"Wonderful," Fred agreed.  "How much of each?"

"One good-sized jar of the cold gel should be enough," Iggy told him.  "Enough for a rash of burned fingertips when people drop their paddles or wands into the potion."  He checked his list.  "I'll need about a kilogram of mint syrup, just over that...."  The list was taken from him.  "You can't read my handwriting," he snorted.

"I remember how to," Fred assured him, going into the back.  He came out with a small box. "Sixteen galleons," he said with a fond smile.  "Special discount for teachers and family."

Iggy paid him. "Thank you."  He accepted the box.  "Cold gel can't be moved through the floo?"

"It'll freeze," George agreed. "You'll have to coat it if you're sending someone on."

"That's fine."  He smiled at them.  "Expect explosions next week.  I'm starting off with hemorrhoid creme since I have to make some anyway."  He whistled as he walked away, heading back to finish setting up the lab for himself.  He found his mentor sitting behind the desk, lovingly touching it.  "Don't worry, I won't refinish it on you," he teased.  Severus gave him a weak smile. "What's wrong?"

"I wanted to come back and look it over," he said quietly.

Iggy gave him a squeeze to the shoulder.  "It'll still be here when you're ready to come back."  He smiled.  "If not, I'll be refinishing it as soon as you say so.  I'm thinking a nice maple."

"I noticed your other decorating changes," Snape said dryly, giving him a smile.  "A safe, magically null space?"

"I have a Longbottom and five Weasleys coming in this year."

"Good point.  Fairly sensible even."  He stood up.

"Teak you think?" he asked, pointing at the desk.  "Or maybe Tigerwood?"


"That would add to the gloom of this space," Iggy said with a naughty grin.  "There's going to be enough gloom from me, thank you very much."

"You're insane."

"Quite possibly.  Teak or maple do you think?"

"Teak, it's more stately.  It'd go well with your home."  He looked around and pointed at one of the lamps.  "You'll have to fix that one soon."

"That's the one giving the best light and I will pick who to sit under there.  I'm thinking my beloved sorta-son."  Snape laughed.  "You've got to admit, I've done a good job corrupting him to the scholarly side."

"Yes, but he'll be a theorist, not a potion's person.  It's not in his nature."

Iggy gave the older man a hug.  "Whenever you're ready, I'll let you have your desk chair back, Severus.  If you decide to leave for good, then you're welcome to the one in my lab instead.  I told you we'd be there for you and I meant it."  Severus hugged him back.  "Thank you for getting better."

"I had to.  As Zachariah pointed out, he was still living, as is Symphana.  They still needed me."

"We need you too," Iggy pointed out.  "Otherwise I'll have to corrupt all my children myself."  He pulled back.  "Who would have thought Dominick would be the top History student at the Royal Academy?  Or that he'd have such a bass voice."

"It's where he didn't use it, the muscles got rusty," Snape pointed out gently.  He gave the room one last look.  "I came to take you to lunch.  Are you done?"

"Let me put this stuff up."  He quickly shelved the new ingredients and walked his mentor down to the floo so they could head into town.  Severus wasn't comfortable walking in town, too many had seen his wife die for him to feel comfortable.   They had just sat down when his daughter came running into the Three Broomsticks yelling his name. "What?" he asked, catching her before she could run past.

"Aunty Ravena's in labor, daddy.  They need you right now."

"Okay.  You sit here with Uncle Severus and chat with him over lunch."  He put down money.  "With any luck, this'll be done soon."  He hurried through the floo, heading back to the mansion.  "Hello?" he called.

"Our room!" Ron Potter yelled.  "Hurry up, she's bleeding again!"

"Coming."  Iggy tossed off his robes as he walked, rolling up his sleeves.  The scar on his forearm glinted at him but he ignored the scorch mark.  He walked into the bedroom and smiled at the tableau in front of him.  "Ronnie, I'll need stuff to wash the babies once they're out.  Hurry up.  Get me a knife as well.  I didn't stop to get my bag."   He sent a note to his wife, who said she was looking for it.  He told her where it was and then he sat down to check his cousin over.  "Well, it's nearly time," he assured her.  "Dilated nearly nine.  Which is which?"

"The first should be the girl.  If not, the doctor said she was probably breech," she panted.  "Iggy, it hurts."

"I know it does, Rav.  Raena's bringing my bag and some pain medicine.  It'll take a few more minutes."  Ron hurried in with a bowl of steaming water.  "That's a little too hot unless you're going to have baby soup."

"It'll cool to body temperature," Ron said warmly.  "Why aren't you doing anything!"

"Because this is the normal amount of bleeding," Iggy said calmly.  "Go wash your hands and bring me a towel or something to put under her."  She gave a sob and arched up.  "Shh, Rav, it's okay," he whispered, rubbing soothing circles on her stomach.  He was hitting all the correct pressure points to ease some of the pain.  "Let me check again.  You looked nearly ready to crown."  He checked her again.  "Yup, I see hair.  Okay, the next one is a pushing one."  She nodded.  "Deep breath," he encouraged as she started to contract again.  "Push, Rav.  Come on."  She pushed, grunting in pain.  "Good girl, another."  She did it again and the baby's head started to come.  "Come on, give me more."

"It hurts!" she sobbed.

"I know, but that's nature's way of making sure the baby breathes."  Raena rushed in.  "Give me the purple one," he said, taking it on the cotton swab.  "This will feel warm for a second," he warned, then he swabbed around the outside of the cervical opening.  She squealed and he smiled at her.  "I warned you."  He handed back the swab.  "Now, let's try this again.  Raena, I need my scalpel sterilized.  Help Ronnie, he's frantic."  She nodded and went to be the good nurse to his doctor.  "Come on, Rav.  I've seen bigger babies out of fourth years.  You can do this."

"How did they get it out!" she demanded before taking a deep breath and pushing.

"C-section the last one I saw.  Ten pounds that time and she was only sixteen."  She laughed and took another deep breath, starting to push again.  "Come on, one more good one and the first head is out."  She screamed as the first head popped out, but the shoulders quickly came out.  "Good girl, Rav.  Come on, one more."  She pushed again and the baby came out enough for him to guide it the rest of the way out.  "It's the boy," he said, taking the scalpel and clamps to cut the cord.  "Ronnie, want this one?"  His cousin popped over and slit the cord, then took his son over to be bathed.  "Remember to test it first. It's still steaming."  He looked down at the birth canal and smiled.  "She righted herself. Unless she's already got a really hairy butt."  Ravena laughed as she started to push again.  "Come on.  Give me a few good ones."

"I'm not Simone!" Ravena screamed.  "This shit hurts!"

"I'm having the next ones," Ronnie said automatically.  "I wanted to this time, Ravena.  I'm so sorry!"  He started to cry and Raena took the baby from him.  "I'm so sorry," he said, giving her a hug.

"Good, then step back and catch this one," Iggy told him as he guided this child out.  He smiled as it started to cry.  "Hello, little girl."  He let the father cut the cord and handed it off.  "How's the first?"

"Pink, tiny, and breathing," Raena reported.  "Should I call the hospital now?  They are really small."

"Give me a few to get her cleaned up," Iggy decided.  He took a damp cloth from his wife's hand and went to clean up some of the spilled fluid, but stopped.  "Ravena, didn't your doctor say twins?"  She nodded tiredly.  "Did he do one of those muggle ultrasounds?"  She nodded again, starting look worried.  "Did he do it our way as well?"

"No, he said it wasn't necessary.  He said there was a shadow but nothing else."

"Shadow my ass, you're having triplets."  He smiled at her.  "By now this should be a lot easier.  Push, dear."

She pushed and screamed her way through another one.  "That's it!"  She glared at her husband.  "You're breastfeeding this one!"

"There are drugs so he can do that," Raena said with a smile.  "Iggy took a dose at one point when I was so sick after Syria."

"I left her eating lunch with Sev, dear," Iggy said as he worked on cleaning up this one.

Raena looked down to check on Ravena, then nudged her husband.  "I think you're going to have another one to take care of."  Iggy handed her the baby and turned back around in time to catch this last one.

"Are we having a whole team at once?" Ronnie demanded.

"With your luck, they won't play at all," Raena quipped.

"Yeah, they'll be little nerdy creatures like my dad can be," Ravena said sleepily.  "No more, right, Iggy?"

He gently touched her stomach.  "I can't feel any."  She smiled.  "You rest.  We'll get you cleaned up while we're waiting to take you to the hospital.  The kids are a little small and I want them there just in case."  She nodded, falling into a calm sleep.

"I don't want my kids to be nerds," Ronnie pouted. "I'd never understand them."

"Hey, the nerds in the family are thick and glorious.  We're the backbone of the family because we do the necessary things, like deliver the kids."  He checked this last one over.  "Give me the oxygen mask, sweetie."  She handed it over, watching as he strapped it onto the baby's head.  "She's fine, just wheezing a bit," he assured them.  "Raena, hospital.  Ronnie, baths."  Everyone went on their appointed tasks while he got his patient stabilized.  The paramedics rushed in and he waved.  "Hey, guys.  This one's wheezing a bit."  He got them all situated and marked as which one came first.  "Let's go.  I'm their doctor of record."  He followed behind the mother, going back to the hospital to fill out forms and all that good stuff.


Iggy walked into the Great Hall after the sorting had already been done and sighed in relief.  "I'm back," he called.

"I noticed, what kept you?" Dumbledore said, looking quizzical.

"Ravena Potter gave birth."  Draco stood up and Iggy stopped in front of him.  "Congratulations, Grandfather.  It's Quads.  One boy and three girls.  They're stabile.  They're healthy.  They're whiny little goddesses already and the nurses think they're adorable."  Draco fell to the floor in a dead faint.  "Huh.  Neat."  He nodded at the Headmaster.  "Which is my seat again?"

"The one on the other side of Professor Weasley," Dumbledore said, smiling at him.  "How is the mother?"

"Wonderful.  Simply marvelous.  In a bath when I left her to ease the ache."  He grinned down at Draco.  "Someone should probably help him."

Xander leaned down and slapped him lightly.  "Wake up."  Draco woke up and looked at him.  "Aren't you going to run off and see them?"

"They're in the NICU because of their weight," Iggy told him.  "All just under two Kilos.  They'll be there until their weight increases to a safe level."  Draco gave him a look.  "She's fine.  She's being babied by her husband, who's swearing that he'll have the last member of their home team.  Especially if they need a seeker."  He ate a bite of the food Ron put on his plate.  "You can go.  I left orders that you were going to be allowed to visit whenever you liked so you didn't have to go through a nurse."  Draco stood up and headed out, then came back and grabbed Xander, taking him with him.  "Laters, guys.  Want me to give the house speech?"

"Please if I'm not back," Xander called.  He looked at his 'son'.  "Easy.  You'll get mad if you tear this."

"I don't care.  I'm a new grandfather."  He hurried them to the floo, sending them to the hospital.  "My daughter just got brought in," he told the receptionist.  "Ravena Potter?"

"Up in the maternity ward," she said with a smile.  "Take these badges, they'll let you into the NICU."

"Thank you," Xander said as he was once again drug off.  "Slow down, I can't hobble this fast."  They went up to check on Ravena first, each of them giving the new mother a hug.  "How do you feel?"

"Like I'm a tunnel and there should be a freeway between my thighs," she told him.

"I'd think so too," Xander agreed with a smile.  "Have you seen them?  We can wheel you down there if you want."

"Please."  She pushed a button on the bed. "Can I go see my kids?"

"Of course, Mrs. Potter.  Let me get a chair."  She left and came back with a wheelchair.  "Where is your husband?"

"Telling his father.  This is my father and my favorite uncle, Iggy's father."   She delicately got into the chair and allowed her lap to be covered up.  "Okay, let's head to the nursery."

"NICU," Xander corrected.  "Weight issues."

"They're right next to each other," the nurse assured her, watching as the girl was wheeled out.  "She is so lucky."  She clucked her tongue and decided to straighten up the bedside table a bit.  She found the gum and put it into the drawer.  She couldn't have it yet.

Ravena looked up as she was wheeled in.  "My kids?" she asked.

"We just finished their initial examination and they're perfect," the nurse gushed.  She checked the other two's badges.  "Very well. Right this way, Mrs.  Potter."  She led them over to a corner where the four bassinets were together.  "Here we are, all four of them."

Ravena looked down at the kids.  "Why is my son blond?"

"All the family males are blond," Xander reminded her.  He looked down at them. "But that's not your son."  He looked up.  "Um, I don't think this is hers."  The nurse came over.  "I really don't."

"Family often thinks that," the nurse said with a scowl.

"He's a normal," Xander told her.   The nurse looked clueless.

"We're gryphon-born," Ravena told her.

"Oh.  Oh!"  She hurried over to the other new children, letting Xander follow her.  "I don't know how that happened, but we were sure to keep them separated."   She found the other one who had just come in and pointed at him. "Him?"

"No."  Xander looked around and smiled, pointing.  "He's one.  That one's one.  That one's hers," he said, pointing at one against the back wall.

"That's a girl," the nurse told him.

Draco leaned down to peek at the privates.  "That's okay, this one's not."  The nurse nearly started to cry over the mix up.  "Tell your supervisor so you can do a record's check," he said in a gentle tone of voice.  His daughter looked at him. "I'm having warm fuzzy feelings, leave me alone about it," he demanded.

"Yes, father."  Ronnie ran in.  "They mixed up the kids."

"Ohhh," he whined.  "How long before they fix it?  Dad's coming in.  He caught the snitch earlier than he needed to so he could come see them."

A few doctors and a gaggle of nurses came in to help correct it.  Xander took the one marked 'baby three' back to their corner and handed back the one that wasn't theirs.  "We're the only multiple birth today."  He checked them all and corrected the signs on the bassinets.  "There, better."  He gave Ronnie a hug.  "Remember, the lap is a wonderful and safe place, but the lap on the couch can hold a nearly infinite number of children."

"Or the floor," Draco agreed.  "Especially if you stretch out and you don't have a picture book."

Harry jogged in.  "Where are they?  My coach and Oliver want pictures."  He smiled at the babies.  "You guys are so cute!" he cooed, touching each one.  "Okay, parents in close.  Get out of the way, Malfoy.  They don't need pictures of you, they can cut you out of a magazine."

"See how he abuses me?" Draco asked, stepping away with Xander.  "After all I've done for his family."

"Yes, thank you for giving us your daughter and letting her do this."  Harry beamed at him.  "I'm a grandfather of beautiful children."

"You were before but Agatha never told you to change a diaper," Xander pointed out.  Harry glared at him.  "Sorry.  Isn't Mellie pregnant?"

"No.  She thought she was but it was stress and the flu."  He snapped more pictures and gave the parents more hugs, only calming down when one of the kids was handed to him.  "Wow.  You're much tinier than Ron was," he breathed.

"They'll have to stay in until their weight increases," Ravena told him.

"Then you're coming back to my house as soon as you get out, young lady.  That way the kids can come as well."

"We'll be going to our house, father.  That way we can fix the nursery for four instead of two," Ronnie pointed out gently.  "You can come stay if you want."  He smiled.  "How was our coach?"

"Depressed that you didn't show up," Harry told him.  "He asked me through the ref.  I'm guessing my coach yelled over at him about this."  He hugged that one closer.  "Hello, little person, I'm the grandfather.  We love babies around the house.  You can even chase the house elves around when you're bigger."

Draco snorted.  "The nursery at my house is still set up if you wanted some of the furniture, Ravena.  As are the hangings and all that stuff."

"Thank you, father.  I think we'll leave the metal stuff there, but I might take the family crib and maybe even the other one."

"You're welcome."

Xander kissed her on the top of the hear.  "We'll buy you extra stuff now to compensate so you still have a few day's worth of clothes."

"Thank you, Uncle Xander.  Can you tell Grandmother so she doesn't fall down again?"

"Sure."  He smiled at Draco.  "Coming with me?"

"No, I'll be here for a bit longer.  I can talk down to my students tomorrow if Ignatius hasn't."  He pulled a chair over to sit and watch the children.

Xander teleported to the Ministry, to the dot he had in Percy's office.  "Working late?" he asked.

"Unfortunately we're fighting and this is more pleasant than the couch," Percy mumbled.  "Why are you here, Xander?"  He looked up and saw the manic grin.  "Ravena?"

"Ravena," he agreed.  "Quads.  One boy."

"Well."  Percy put down his book and gave him a hug. "Pass that along to Draco for me.  Would you like me to tell mum or dad?"

"I was hoping you knew where they were."

"Dad's just went home, he had a late meeting and mum's sitting on the couch probably."

"Cool.  I'm heading over there."  He blew a kiss.  "They're so tiny, Percy."

"I suspect that they are.  Remember, George said he didn't want you to go through that again, Xander."

Xander chuckled and left, going to the Burrow.  "It's a baby announcement," he said as he landed. He sniffed.  "That's not good."  He opened a window and walked toward the front of the house.  "Arthur?  Molly?"  He stopped when he saw them together on the couch.  "Guys?" he asked carefully.  "Percy!"  Percy teleported in behind him.  "Get someone, now," he ordered, giving him a light shove.  He was feeling lightheaded himself.  "Furnace," he muttered, walking over to open another window.  A breeze pulled through the house, clearing out some of the gas fumes.  He tried to wake both of them up but when that didn't work, he picked Molly up, she was the lighter one, and carried her outside.  He turned and found Percy doing the same with his father.  "It's got to be the furnace. Molly said they had a repairman out the other night."  People started to appear on the lawn.  "Gas fumes," he said, starting to wobble.  Percy caught him. "Bad ones."

"We've got it," Percy assured him, watching as he passed out.  He stood up.  "That's not the furnace, but it does smell like it.  Take all precautions going in there.  Get them to the hospital."  His assistant helped him to the ground as well.  "I'm fine."

"I'm sure you are," Adrian Maclay told him firmly.  "I'm not telling your wife you died though, so sit and behave."  He jogged over to grab a floophone off one of the workers, calling the joke shop and then Arabelle.  "There was some sort of fumes in the Burrow," he said when she answered.  "Percy's about passed out.  We're taking him, your in-laws, and Xander to the hospital."  She started to sniffle.  "Meet us there, Arabelle."  He hung up.  He saw people looking at him.  "Change of life.  She's on a hormone rip."  He hurried after the paramedics with a called 'I want to know what this is' over his shoulder.


Iggy looked up from his speech to Slytherin, frowning.  "Gas?"  He shook his head.  "I was there yesterday and the furnace was fine."  He grimaced and looked at the students again.  "There appears to be another problem within the family.  What Draco would have told you first and foremost is that your appearance is your calling card. He'll want you to be well-groomed at all times.  He's willing to help you if you're not sure what that means, but ...."  He trailed off again. "I've got to go to the hospital, I'll send him in tomorrow morning."  He disappeared from that spot.

"Impossible!  Hogwarts a History said you can't do that!" one of the fourth years yelled.

"He's a born," someone else called.  "Teleporting isn't ruled out by the shields and charms."  He appeared in a small flash of golden light.  "Hello," he said with a smile.  "Ryan Rosenberg, divine entity overlooking the house.  I guess I should probably give you the rest of the speech since my *dear friend* Ignatius couldn't."  He smirked.  "You are now a Slytherin.  The only thing more important than the house is your own family name.  Each time you get caught doing something *stupid* your family name will be besmirched a little bit more.  I was once where you are and I didn't learn to take Professor Malfoy seriously until it was nearly too late.  Do not make the same mistake I nearly did.  He is a strong man, has contributed to some of the best Slytherins we've ever had.  He is also an asshole first thing in the morning and will rip flesh from your skin with his tongue if you dishonor this house.  Do you understand?"  The first years nodded, looking scared.  "If you need to know something and you're too scared to go to Malfoy, you go to the Head Prefects.  They're not easy to get along with this time, but they do have information.  Knowledge is power.  We have a reputation for fairly decent grades as well as being sly and casually indifferent.  Tomorrow morning when you come down for breakfast, your attire should match your attitude.  Flawless, carefully thought out, and ready to be used as a shield against the slights of the other houses."

"Who are you?" one girl asked him.

"I'm Ryan Rosenberg.  I was the one who tamed Agatha Potter."

Agatha screeched as she appeared.  "Excuse me, tamed?" she sneered.  "I seem to remember you fucking up so badly that you nearly died, twice," she taunted.  She looked down at the now very scared first years.  "Don't worry, we both watch over you lot.  There is a house reputation, learn it and live up to it.  Those who fall behind have a long way to climb back into their former positions and the minions are quickly culled.  Use this year to familiarize yourself with everything, including where you want to end up.  Make friends, but be wary of them around here because friendships can be expendable in certain circumstances."  She looked at one boy, making him hiss.  "Well," she said lightly. "However did they create you?"  Ryan looked over and his mouth opened.  She nudged him and shook her head.  "Professor Malfoy will be in tomorrow before breakfast to correct any initial problems you will be having with your grooming.  Tomorrow night he will be giving you a more detailed list of dos and don'ts.  Of course, they vary according to the person, their status, and how much they can get away with."  She nodded her head.  "Up to your rooms."  They ran, making her smirk in satisfaction.  "Should we check on the family?  I don't like that gas stuff."

"Go ahead," he said with a wave of his hand. "I'm going to see Ravena and your brother's children."

"He bred?"


"Wonderful," she said snidely.  She disappeared in a gout of flame.

Ryan smirked.  "Yes, you're still fairly wild, but not at all like you were during your first year, Agatha."  He disappeared with another flash of gold light.

The top Prefect looked down at the common area and sighed.  "They're gone!" he called.  Everyone quit hiding and went to their rooms.


Agatha floated into Xander's room and touched his head.  "Wake," she whispered.  Xander blinked up at her.  "Repeat after me."  He nodded.  "Mulesbane and wormwood."  He mouthed it, not able to speak.  "Good boy."  She faded out again, going to check on the babies.

Xander pressed the button, bringing people running.  He wrote out the entire message, 'Agatha said mulesbane and wormwood,' handing it to the nurse.  She whooped and left to tell the guy's son.  He closed his eyes again and fell back into his head.  He was still living, unlike his parents, and Percy wasn't any better off than he was.

Iggy took the message and frowned.  "The gas or the cure?" he asked, reaching for a book he had been reading.  He looked up both ingredients and frowned.  "The gas.  Okay.  Sev?"  He came running.  "We have the gas."  He handed over the note.  Which Draco took.  "You're better at poisons.  Which one is that?"

"It smelled like regular gas?" Snape asked.  Draco nodded.  "Then it can only be three things."  He smiled and headed for the room they had set up.  "We can test all three with a sample of their blood.  Draw some."  Iggy went to do that.  "Malfoy, mix those together," he said, opening a book and handing it over.  When his former apprentice came in, they started to work flawlessly together, just like the old days.

"No fairies," Iggy said cheerfully once they found which one it was and that it did have an antidote.

"Yes, we're all thankful for that," Draco agreed with a smile.  "Did you give them hell?"

"I only got started.  Ryan appeared just after I left though, so there's no telling how he scared the poor little kids."

Malfoy laughed.  "I'm sure I can straighten out any problems if necessary.  First years are malleable."

The End!!!!!!!!!!!!

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