Note: this happens between Iggy/Simone/Denver/Melvin's second and third year, the

summer before Little Ron joins them at school - so right before the last scene of part five.

Woe of Ages.

Xander walked into Draco's office, his shirt open over his tanktop and his robe already over his arm. "Guess what?" he said happily.

Draco looked up. "The heat wave continues?"

Xander nodded. "That too, but there's even better news. We've both been called to the gryphon colony to learn something this summer."

"What do you mean the both of us?" he asked, sounding cautious. Such surprises weren't usually the great gifts they seemed to be.

"I mean the both of us. You to learn theory, so you can learn how to fix some of the more major spells that I can't give to Ginny, and me to learn temporal spells."

Draco leaned back. "We're going to have to stay there, in the caves?"

"I guess we could come in every morning but it would seem rude. Besides, the caves are cooler, no heat wave inside."

"Oh." He glanced around, ending up on the picture of his children. "What about Lucien and Ravena?"

"Both are more than welcome to come along, as are Denver, Simone, and Anastasia, but Iggy's going to be at the grandparents so he can go to work with Percy. They could go stay there as well probably."

"They'd probably like that," Draco agreed, considering it. "Theory?"

"Theory. That's all they said besides the advanced adjusting project they were thinking

of." He sat down, his cane leaning against the side of the chair. "I'm going to learn how to

age and deage properly and I'm guessing we'll also be a diversion for some of the younger

gryphons, playing tag and the like."

Draco shrugged. "Why not? How long are they expecting us for?"

"Three weeks. They said to tell you to bring some of your favorite advanced spells and

some parchment to write on. Apparently the theory books are rather large and there's a

huge section on it."

"Wonderful. At least I'll get out of London for part of the heat. When are we expected?"

"This weekend if you can manage it. If not, you can put it off for a week."

"No, that should be fine. Have you told George yet?"

Xander shook his head, looking sheepish. "No. He was hoping to have my help working in

the lab all summer."

"I'm sure he'll understand, and you can still think up wonderful ideas for him while you're


"I'm hoping to find something new to tickle him. It's been a while since I came up with

anything really new." He stood up. "So, I'm coming to pick you up or did you want to get

there on your own?"

"Either's fine with me. I can apparate easily."

"Cool. I'll see you there Friday night then." He grinned. "It'll be so cool, us without the

Iggy research monster." He waved and walked away, his robe now thrown carelessly over

his shoulder.

"Yes, this should be entertaining," Draco agreed, making a note on his desk pad to write

the others in the office notes.


Xander looked at his honey and smiled. "Guess what?" he asked in his best little boy


"What?" Fred asked from across the table. Xander only got that look when he was really

happy or had just caused some major trouble.

"The gryphons want me to come up for three weeks this summer." George nodded. "I

know I said I'd help you for those three weeks, but I *really* wanna go do this. And the

son is coming."

"You're taking Iggy?" Fred asked.

"The other, bigger, son."

"Oh." George nodded. "When are you being called up there for?"

"Starting this Friday, but I can come home all the time and snuggle," Xander offered.

George smiled at him. "Dear, you can go do this. We can manage without you."

"And maybe you'll learn something up there that will awe and amaze," Fred agreed. He

looked at his twin. "This means we can get the Iggy monster in the lab."

"Hmm," George agreed. "He's working for Percy."

Fred grinned. "If we present it right, he'll do both and cheer happily when he gets to come

into the lab," he suggested.

"Point. Iggy will be missing his lab time."

"And since I got asked to bring Draco up so he can learn theory stuff, then you can *force*

Simone and those others to help."

"That's a decent suggestion," George agreed. "We've now got so much stuff we were

thinking about weeding down some of the products."

"Or at least carrying less of everything," Fred put in. "Maybe a locked case with all the

oldies but goodies, which are still on sale but rarer now?"

"Maybe I'll come up with something this summer that'll be as popular as wizard cards,"

Xander told them.

"Dear, if you do, we'll gladly build you a shelf," George said, leaning over to kiss his cheek.

"I'm not upset. You do know that you're getting back just before our vacation starts?"

Xander beamed, smiling. "I see. Going straight from the cool of the caves to the beach?"

"I'll need a tan after spending three weeks in the caves," Xander agreed. "I'll even be a

good boy so you jump me in the water."

"We'll see," George said, starting to smile.

Xander pouted him at. "You said you'd jump me in the ocean."

"And I probably will, depending on how the water is," George assured him, patting him on

the leg. "Eat so you can pack everything you'll want."

Xander beamed. "They said all I needed was clothes and paper stuff."

"And munchies," Fred reminded him. "They never have soda or munchies for you."

"They did last time," George told him. "They've finally learned not to get Xander up

before ten too." He smiled. "Plus, he's taking the anti-morning person with him so I'm

sure they'll really have caffeine on hand."

Fred smirked. "Whatever will Draco do without his broom all summer."

"Oh, no, Fred, we get to play with the younger gryphons. Tag and all sorts of flying

games," Xander said innocently.

"Damn, this is about everything he probably wants in a vacation," Fred said, thinking

about it. "Books, something interesting to him, and flying."

"But there's no sunlight and no women," George reminded him with a smirk.

Xander patted his husband on the leg. "I'm sure he can wait three weeks. Stock up now

and have someone waiting on him the day we leave or something."

"Pervert," George said fondly. He gave his husband a gentle shove. "Eat, dear. I don't

want to see you losing weight while you're gone." Xander obediently dug into his meal,

happy that his husband hadn't yelled at him. George rolled his eyes. Really, that boy had

funny ideas sometimes. They *could* do without him this summer. "Is the cold candy

gelling?" George asked his twin.

"Somewhat," Fred told him, looking upset. "It's not as jelly-like as we were hoping for."

"Did you add gelatin?" Xander suggested.

Fred smacked himself on the forehead. "I forgot, thank you, Xander. I'll go do that after

dinner." He stole the rest of the corn. "Maybe we should beg Iggy to come work in the lab

tomorrow. Percy's not going to work then."

"My son was talking all day about going in and confusing Percy's unwilling subjects,"

George reminded him. "I bet we could talk him into coming in tonight though. He might

be able to refine the new cold candy." Fred nodded. "Let me call mum's and we'll see if

we can drag him away." He got up to use the floo, so missed his husband grinning at his


"So, you think I could get some of this?" he asked. "Even in liquid form?"

"It's strong in liquid form," Fred warned, handing over a small vial. "Have fun and test it

for us."

Xander giggled maniacally. "I have *just* the person for this." He finished off his dinner

and left with the vial. Half of the teachers were still up at the school and it wasn't quite

dinner time for them.

Twenty minutes later, the townspeople on the edge of town nearest to Hogwarts looked up

in alarm as screaming started. They heard cackling coming from one of the joke shops and

shook their heads. It must have been Professor Harris again. So when Black stormed

down, they all smiled at him.

Sirius stormed into the joke shop, glaring at the twin standing behind the counter. "How

did he do it?"

"Do what?" George asked.

"He made my seat icy!" Sirius yelled. "I damn near froze my balls off when I sat down."

"Oh, he must have tried the new cold gel we're working on." He smiled. "Was it much too

strong and did it come in contact with any of your skin?"

"It was cold!" Sirius complained.

Remus strolled into the store. "That was really pleasant," he said with a smile. "Thank

you. It was a wonderful refresher after a day of cleaning out my office." George beamed

so he patted Sirius on the back. "Don't worry, he's just upset because he doesn't think he

needed to cool off. Nice work, boys." He led Sirius out the door, nodding at the quizzical

people standing around. "New product, something to beat the heat."

George put a sign in the window: 'Ten testers needed for new cold candy/gel. Guaranteed

to put some arctic into your summer.' He waved then quickly headed to hide when he saw

Snape coming down the hill. "Xander, you did it, you go answer complaints," he yelled.

Xander came out of the lab, playing with a ball of something. He smiled as Snape came in.

"Was it refreshing and nice or icky and slimy? We're working on the texture right now."

"Technically, it was rather slimy, but it didn't absorb into my clothes, a first for something

of yours."

"Fred made it," Xander said, putting the ball down onto the counter. It bounced off,

bouncing around the store. "For the little kids to chase," he explained at the odd look.

"So, what can we do for you?"

"You can give me the recipe. I have a poison I'm taking with me to the meeting this year

and I will need it to stay cold for longer than ice would allow."

"Fred, Professor Snape needs technical advice on the new cold gel."

Fred came out of the back. "Really?"

Snape nodded, looking calm, even though they all knew he hated coming here. He caught

the irritating ball and put it down on the counter, in a small plastic egg sitting there for

some reason. "I have something I'll need to transport and it will have to stay cold."

"We're testing to see how long it works now," Fred told him, nodding back at the lab.

"Come watch, we'll talk about it." He led the way back, smiling at Xander. "Naughty


"Hey, only Sirius complained.

Snape raised an eyebrow. "Albus is wearing one of your old shirts and a pair of plaid

shorts, he seemed to enjoy it quite a lot, he changed out that chair for his usual desk chair I

believe." He walked back into the lab.

"No fair, fortuitous timing," George said from the storage area, coming out of hiding.

"Where did Albus get one of your old Hawaiian shirts?"

"Probably from my closet up there. I did move most of the collection up there." He

grinned. "See, and it doesn't stick to clothes," he said, picking up the bouncy ball. "Here,

it's ready."

"Go give it to mum and the kids. I'm sure they'll love it." Xander nodded and

disappeared, teleporting over. George shook his head. That boy and his kids toys.

Xander appeared in the living room, and peeked around the doorway. "I've got something

for you Arthur, and for the kids." Arthur came out. "Try some of this," he said, rubbing

it on the back of his father-in-law's neck. Arthur moaned as the coolness spread over his

body. "Tell us how long it lasts and if it does anything like stain the clothes," he said with

a wink. Arthur nodded, this was so great! His office had to have been at least a hundred at

noon. "Report back to the twins." He tossed the ball into the air and then tossed it into the

dining room, watching as all the little kids tracked its movement. Then they got up to hunt

it around the kitchen, and eventually the back yard.

"Xander," Molly said in exasperation. "They needed to eat."

"Think about it for the toddler class," Xander said with a wink for her. "Have fun, and it

responds to a whistled cue to come to the adult caller." He disappeared again, putting the

empty vial onto the counter beside the register. "Mission accomplished. The kids are

chasing the ball around the garden and Arthur no longer looks like he has heat stroke."

George smiled at him. "Did you remember to write down the formula this time?" Xander

nodded. "And the magical charm?"

"I used one of the quick quotes in the lab," he said proudly.

"I'll edit it later then," Fred said as he joined them. "Where's the ball?"

"In testing with the tots at grandma's," Xander said with an evil chuckle.

"She'll never get them inside tonight," Fred said with great appreciation. Those kids

would be tired by bedtime. "Why were you putting it into those plastic eggs?"

"Because they're cute and kids will like them too." Xander walked back to his room, his

happiness restored for the entire night.

George looked at Fred. "It'll be a hit with the littler kids," George agreed.

"Truly, but the parents might bug out."

"Since when have we cared about that?"

"Point," Fred said happily, agreeing. Parents were there to be annoyed by children.

Wasn't that why parents had children? "The gelatin worked. We've got it to the

consistency of those gummi things Denver likes."

"Wonderful! I put up a sign saying we needed testers. We should have someone beating

on the door about nine to get some."

"Wonderful!" Fred agreed. He looked around at the few shoppers they had in the store.

"We've got a survey beside the main case if you'd like to answer it for us," he announced.

"We're going to cut back on some of the older treats and we wanted your top six things,"

George added.

The few adults took one and started to fill it out for them. One adult came over and gave

them a smile. "I heard you say something about a new kid's toy?"

"Xander's created an ever-bouncing ball," George said proudly.

"We're working on finalizing the size of it. The one he had was just a bit too small in our

minds for really little children, but I'm sure it's still going at our mum's. All the family

kids are there."

George nodded. "It's soft enough for a two-year-old to play with, but still entertaining for

a child of seven or eight. Comes when whistled at."

"Oh, so you can send them outside for *hours*," she said with a look of glee. She wrote her

floo address on the back of her survey and handed it over. "Please, call me when you get it

finalized. I've got quad five year olds."

George nodded. "I understand, my brother's got triplets that are just over two and our

youngest two are three and two." She laughed. "Shouldn't be more than a few days, but

we'll gladly call you when it's done."

She smiled and went back to her browsing, coming up with a whole stack of things for her

darling little monsters. Fred happily rung her up, handing her one of their special bags,

which changed the color of her hand. "The spell wears off in four days, just about the same

time they'll get bored with it," he said at her happy look. "Does different colors and/or

patterns each touch or every ten minutes."

"Wonderful!" She hurried away to go show her children.

George wrote the name of the ball on the slip so they'd remember why they were calling

her and put it into the 'call me please' box under the register. "Quads, what a busy house

she must have," he said quietly.

"Ron's got to be going nuts at mum's with the triplets," Fred agreed. "Can't imagine her

having to deal with four of us when we were five."

"We'd have been sent away," George told him. A few of the other parents in the store

laughed. "Think about it, four of us?" They laughed harder.


Xander met with Draco outside of the gateway, letting him inside. "Hi." He grinned.

"Did they ever get the ball to stop?"

"Potter finally caught it yesterday. Molly called him over just for that and fed him a large

meal. It followed the children at one point, bouncing in the living room and up the stairs as well." He smiled. "That cold gel really worked wonders from what I understand. How is it selling?"

"Well enough. One kid got frostbite so they had to warm it up a bit, but that kid's mother

didn't complain once we had it treated." He smiled at the elders. "We're here."

"So we can see," Bill said, nodding at them. "Xander, your usual cubby is fine for both of


"It's got two beds and he's used to my snoring," Xander said, looking at Draco. "That

okay with you? We're against an outer wall."

"Fine with me. As long as I've got a bed," Draco agreed. He bowed at the other elders.

"Did you need my presence now or can I put my bags in my quarters?"

"Go ahead," Bill said, smiling down at them. "We'll work on your new work tomorrow,

young man. Go fly with the young tonight, it's a wonderful night."

"Yes, sir," Xander said, tugging on Draco's sleeve to get him moving. "C'mon, they like to

play tag."

"It's a good thing I brought my good broom then," Draco said as they walked away. "I'd

never keep up any other way."

Bill grinned at the others. "It will be fine. Xander, what cold gel?"

"Something that the twins are making," Xander called back. "I'll put some out later."

Bill hissed, that was going to be a wonderful sight he bet.

Later that night, Bill squealed as he sat down in his nest, using one of his front paws to rub

at his now cold rear. "Xander!" The little prankster was still out flying though and didn't hear him.

"Was it refreshing?" one of the other elders asked dryly.

"Quite. Very chilly, and I didn't want it there per se, but very refreshing." He got out of

the way so they could touch the remains of the gel themselves.

"The twins have outdone themselves this time," the female elder said in appreciation,

rubbing it onto her chest. When you had both fur and feathers, you got very hot outside.


Draco looked up from his reading, noticing Xander bouncing around the room.

"Swallowed one of your balls?"

"Thinking. I'm supposed to try my hand at deaging tonight and I'm not sure I'm ready."

"You did fine with the rose and the apples," Draco reminded him. "Settle down before I

knock you over and tie you down." He went back to his theory. "You are going to lock up your notes, correct?"

"Oh, yeah," Xander told him. "This is a bit strong even for Iggy."

"I'm sure he'll pout until you relent," Draco said dryly. "How is he enjoying Percy and the


"Wonderfully. TheHis first day there Percy was out so he just showed up and stared to

work. Took It took six hours before anyone caught on that he wasn't just anyone researching. It was him getting books for them that tipped them off," he said with a proud smile. "My son just shrugged and pointed at his badge, telling them that Percy had noted his nephew was coming in to play with the books and they should listen in meetings. Then he found one of the forbidden texts out and had to screw with it so it wouldn't open for the idiot who had left it in there."

"Forbidden dark?"

"Forbidden horrible," Xander said with a slight grin. "The spells to create chaos pools

without a hellmouth." Draco shuddered. "Yeah, and he reported them to the senior person there, handing him the book. The evil bastard asked him how he knew it was so bad so my son stood there and told him the contents of the book and exactly what else they could be used for and how each one would be used to blow up that guy's house. The guy actually likes him, laughed at him and everything. He told Percy Iggy was a neat little nerd."

Draco chuckled. "I'm sure he is, even there. Did someone report him?"

"Iggy got to. The Unmentionables department was really happy to see him, they spent over

an hour grilling him about how he knew what he did. He ended it with "Of course I do. My family just killed one," and that was the end of that discussion from what I heard. Percy got a very nice note from the Minister himself. It's framed from what I hear." He sat down on his bed and relaxed. "If I do this right, then I get to go find the big book of pranks in the library and find something neat in it."

"Deage Fred, I'm sure he'll appreciate having the mind of a six-year-oldsix-year-old for a

few hours," Draco suggested.

"It could be wonderful for business," Xander agreed. "They thought up some of their best

stuff when they were twelve and thirteen." He relaxed further. "I'm going to meditate. Yell at me in an hour please."

"If I remember," Draco agreed, getting lost in the intricacies of the theory he was working

with. Fundamental magic indeed!


Xander looked at the little kid. "You're sure?" he asked Bill again.

"I am sure, Xander. Get on with it."

Xander swished his wand, then flicked it at the kid, mentally saying the word. This was

one where you weren't allowed to say it outloud because it would get out. The kid aged to ten, stayed there for a minute, then went back to his own age, exactly what he was supposed to do. Xander hugged Bill so tightly he squeaked. "I did it! I did it!"

"Yes, you did," Bill gasped. "Air!" Xander let him go with a giggle. " You manage to hit

my sore rib every time you hug me, young man, hug in a different spot next time." He grinned through and bent to check the child over. "Perfectly done. Congratulations." He nuzzled Xander's chest. "You did excellently. How isare your papers on the permanent one going?"

"Really well. I'm about finished with my copying into good handwriting and then I'm

going to send it back to the hubby to hold for me."

"Wonderful." Bill nudged him again. "Go dragDrag the other one with you and go play.

You can look up pranks later."

Xander gave him a happy smile. "Can I check the book out?" he asked in his favorite little

boy voice.

"If you want to, as long as it comes back, Xander. Though there'sthere are about

seventeen prank books back there." He nudged the young man with a wing. "After you go distract the young from the rain. Go play in it."

"Okay." Xander walked into his and Draco's room, grabbing him and dragging him after


"What are you doing!" Draco called. "I'm busy."

"We just got ordered to go play in the rain, so you have to come as well." The book was

taken from him "Come on, you've got to learn how to play in the rain."

"I don't want to play in the rain, I don't need a case of the sniffles."

Xander grinned at him. "Why worry about the consequences? You'll be babied."

"Still!" But Draco couldn't get free and all the other gryphons were smirking at him,

except the little ones who were bounding in joy. "Fine." Little kids were irresistible when they were so happy. He could sniffle for the next day. He grabbed his broom and walked out into the warm rain, lifting his face to it. "It's soothing," he noted to himself.

"Spring and summer rains are like that," Xander said with a grin. "Come on. It'll be

fun." The little ones ran and bumbled out, getting in each other's way as they hurried to take off. "Calm down. We can wait." The kids eventually all got up and they took off to play with them. He noticed Draco was appreciating the experience as well. He'd have to make sure his 'son' got more fun times. Spring rains were around just so little kids could play in them.


Ravena Malfoy-Weasley snuck into the living area of the shop. She was tired and it was nap time. She was only six, seven in a few days, and the bigger kids had worn her out. It was tough being her, no one was really near her age. Tananda was, only a few years older, and she played with Mellie all the time, but it wasn't stuff that she liked to play. Bigger kids got to have more fun. She laid down in the nest, smiling as a wooden box joined her in the nest. Ooh, a present! And it smelled like her daddy too! She carefully looked around before opening it, just in case it was a surprise present that she wasn't supposed to have it yet. Inside were some papers that she could understand half of the words on. An aging spell?

Someone had heard her prayers!

She would get to be a big kid!

She read through the very good handwriting, it was much nicer than hers was, and found a

part to fully age her and no one would be able to stop it. She looked around again and went to the dresser. Uncle George hadn't needed his wand today so it was on the dresser. She had noticed it earlier when she had gotten something for him. She climbed back into the nest with it, rereading the section again. She slowly cast the spell, wanting it more than nearly anything so someone would play with her.

Magic, being the finicky force of nature that it was, felt her desire, and the fact that she had

just enough power to do it, and boosted her desire into reality. Like it had done for her

fathersfather years before, it now did for her, granting her wish.

She grew with a squeal of delight, even though her clothes were now much too tight. The

noise brought people running just as she finished and dropped the wand back into the box.

George walked into the bedroom, investigating the noise. He saw a familiar looking little

girl in their nest, and licked his lips. "Xander?" he called gently, knowing his husband was

listening for him. His mate appeared and he pointed at her. "Did you do something, dear?"

"No, I sent back my notes," he said, turning to look at the little girl. His mouth fell open.

"Ravena!" She gave him a pitiful, yet hopeful look. "What did you do!" He picked her

up, and his notes. "Be right back, don't tell Ginny." He disappeared with her, taking her back to the elders. "I sent the box back to the nest and look what happened!" he shouted as he walked back to Bill, who had told him to send back the notes.

Bill looked down at the little girl, then at Xander. "How did she do that?"

"With Uncle George's wand!" Ravena said happily. "The others play with me now."

"DRACO!" Xander yelled. Bill swatted him. "It's his daughter."

Draco came running, slowing down as he saw what Xander was holding. "What did you

do?" Draco demanded, taking his daughter. "Did you get into his notes?" She nodded, giving him the pitiful, yet hopeful look. "Why?"

"Because none of the older kids will play with me and all the younger kids are playing

stupid stuff," she whined. Her father frowned. "I thought it was a present, father. It just

appeared beside me while I was thinking about being bigger."

Draco put her down, noticing how old she was now. "Damn." He looked at Bill. "Was

this the permanent one?" Bill nodded. "Can we undo it?"

"No!" Ravena said, stomping her foot. "I don't want to be small anymore. I'm tired of it."

She ran off, going to hide.

"Ravena Nicolette Malfoy-Weasley, get back here!" Draco yelled, running after her.

Xander looked up at Bill. "You're sure you want me to keep this spell?"

"It was an accident, Xander. As long as we find her in the next hour we can reverse it."

Xander grimaced, looking at where they had run. "You don't think so?"

"I think she did what her father did back in high school. She wanted it so much that the

magic responded." He looked up again. "Is she eight or nine?"

"Nine, three years older to the day."

"Then we won't have to worry about everything this year." He handed over the box. "I'm

going to get Grandma." Bill nodded so he disappeared, landing in the Ministry office.

Apparently the older couple were having lunch. "You won't believe it if I told you," he told them, smiling at them.

"What happened?" Arthur asked.

"You know I was studying temporal spells this summer?" Xander asked. Both adults

nodded. "I sent my notes back this morning and Ravena picked them up. Remember how Draco apparated because he wanted it so much in his final year?" Arthur nodded slowly. "Ravena got that same gift."

"Older or younger?" Molly asked.

"She'll be ten, not seven, in a few days," Xander told her.

"Take me. She's probably hiding. She hates being in between the groups," Molly said,

wiping off her hands and standing up. "I'll be right back."

"If we can find her in the next hour, we can fix it, if not," he shrugged. He took her hand

and brought her back to the colony, where Ravena was kicking and screaming against her

father's stomach. "I brought help," he announced.

Molly smiled at the young girl. "You look wonderful, Ravena, but you'll miss out on so


Ravena glared at her. "Yeah, not being played with! Let me go! It's my body and I want

to stay this way! I'll be fine when I start school next year and get to deal with Little Ron!"

"Year after next," Xander corrected. "You're ten, and you'll still be alone."

"At least I can play with the bigger kids now," she whined.

Draco looked at Molly, handing his daughter over. "I don't know what to do about this."

"It appears that she wanted it enough to activate her future magic," Bill told them. He

looked down at Ravena. "I understand why you did it, but you will be missing out on quite a lot."

"I'm happier this way," she told him, looking every inch a ten-year-oldten-year-old girl.

"I'm not going back to being six!"

Draco groaned. "Xander, go get Ginny. Maybe she can reason with the stubborn one."

"I would, but I don't know where she is," Xander pointed out. Draco looked at him. "I

don't. I can't track her through the flood, she reads as null."

"She's on vacation," Molly reminded Draco, staring down at her granddaughter. "Give

me two very good reasons to leave you this way."

"Because I'm happier now. You've always said I was older than my age. Plus, now I can

do all the things that I've been wanting to do, like train to kick Little Ron's ass next year," she said happily. "He'll only be a second year and I'll be a year behind, but I'm more than good enough to beat him in a fair game."

"She said good reasons," Draco told himher.

Xander looked at him. "When you were ten that would have been a good reason."

"If I had tried that, my father would have Crucio'd me for hours before butchering me."

"Draco," Molly snapped. "That's disgusting and not appropriate."

"Why? He would have," Ravena agreed. "He was like that."

Molly looked at her. "It's still not appropriate to discuss." She looked at the elder. "Can

you change her back?"

"We can try," Bill said. "The more I hear, the more I think that the magic acted to give the poor thing her heart's desire." He got down so he could look at the little girl closer to her level. "What do you want, Ravena Malfoy-Weasley?"

"I want to stay this age!" she said firmly. "I'm happier this way. Even though I do need

clothes and to have a nap," she told him. She reached out and touched his beak. "I thought it would be smoother," she said with a smile.

"It usually is, but I've spent the last week with the young." He pulled back. "Are you

sure?" She nodded.

"She's still too young to make that decision," Draco reminded him.

Bill looked at him. "If she wants it that much, we cannot remove it. She will fight and it

will backlash on us, young man. The magic will fight to keep her now that it has her." Draco nodded. "I will do what I can, but I cannot promise if she's adamant."

"Then what do we do?" Draco asked patiently.

"That is up to you," Bill told him. "Do you want to try it or not?"

Draco looked at his daughter, then pulled her away to talk to her, calmly making his

reasoning. She shook her head and countered each one. He sighed and came back. "She wants to stay this way," he said finally. "She's so adamant about it that her powerflows are locked now."

Bill nodded. "It's as I thought. The magic wants her." He looked at the little girl, then at

the father. "Take her to your bed and I'll send Xander to talk to the rest of your family."

"I'm sure we can break it to them," Molly offered.

Draco smiled at her. "They expect to hear strange things from him."

"Besides, you get to tell Percy and Iggy," Xander told her with a grin, taking her with him

back to Arthur's office. "Other little Dracos?"

"At the Burrow," Arthur said, smiling at his wife. "Is she back?"

"No, the magic has warped her too much to change back," Molly told him as she sat down.

"I'll tell Percy and Iggy, Xander." He nodded and disappeared. "She's almost ten."

"Wonderful. At least we have a year to get her ready for school," Arthur said with a smile.

"Does nothing ever phase you?"

"Ginny went through the same thing, Molly," he reminded her.

"I remember." She grimaced and picked up her sandwich to nibble.


Xander landed in the middle of the burrow, frowning around. "KIDS!" he called, heading

for the back yard. They flew down to land, looking at him, and the little ones came over to help them with their brooms. "We had a small problem with Ravena. Simone, go get the twins from the store please?" She nodded and left. "It's kinda bad, but she's not in any trouble for it."

Denver moved his hand. "Get on with it, Uncle Xander. The more you prevaricate, the

worse we think it is."

"Oh, she's been naughty," he agreed with a smile. "She found my aging stuff I was

studying and used it on herself. She's almost ten and we can't change her back."

The twins came out the back door. "Is it permanent?" George asked. Xander nodded,

giving him a smile.

"What happened?" Simone asked.

"Ravena aged herself three years," Denver told her, leaning on his broom. "Dad's got to

be throwing fits."

"I'm more worried about mum. She's going to kill someone, and it'll probably be big and

furry." She looked at Xander. "Or you."

"She's on vacation so I can't tell her," Xander told her. He shrugged at her shocked look.

"I can't find her, she's a null spot in the flood, Simone."

"You're going to spring this on her the day she gets back?" Denver asked. Xander

shrugged. "We're staying here until she calms down. With any luck, it'll be before we go back to school."

"She's not coming back until a week before we leave," Little Ron reminded him.

"Ooh," Simone said with a wince. "I want to be *far* away when she gets the news."

Anastasia nodded. "Little Ron, we'll be hiding here."

"Okay," he said with a nod. "I'll pop over to make sure you're still living." He looked

over as Ravena showed up, smiling at her. "You're prettier now," he told her.

She blushed. "Thank you, Little Ron." She held out her arms. "Well, how did I do?"

"Your wand," Draco said, handing it back to George. "Xander, your notes are going back

onto your bed, just in case anyone else gets that bright idea." He glared down at his daughter. "Anastasia, may she borrow some clothes until I can buy her some?"

"Of course, father." She smiled at her sister. "You are cute. Plus, you'll be joining us

next year."

"I know." She walked up to Simone and looked up at her. "I want your old broom so I

can play too."

"Fine," Simone agreed with a smile. It was such a Malfoy thing to do, fighting with

time and winning. "It's upstairs. Go find clothes and we'll go back to playing." Anastasia brought her new older sister into the house to get her dressed. Simone looked at Little Ron. "You like her," she teased.

He punched her on the arm. "I love the snitch, I don't do girls yet." He got onto his broom

and took off, going to play with his Goddess the Golden Snitch. He wasn't ready for girls yet, he really wasn't. Even though she understood him like no one else could. She even helped him worship his snitch. When he was ready to date, she might be the one, but that was many years in the future.


Xander walked into the school and headed up to the Headmaster's office. Dumbledore was

sitting up there, smiling as Xander walked up the stairs. "Can you explain why Ravena

Malfoy-Weasley's name moved on the list?"

Xander put down the picture. "She stole my notes and did it."

He picked up the picture to look at. Then he looked up at the professor. "How many


"Three. She's just about to turn ten. She took George's wand and my notes when they appeared and did it. The magic did it for her."

"I understand." He smiled as he handed the picture back. "Has her mother been told?"

"She's on vacation. We don't know where."

"Oh, dear." He shook his head. "I think I'm going to hide here the day she gets back."

Xander nodded. "You as well?"

"I have stuff I can do that day. The twins have said that they're letting Harry run the shop

that day and possibly going for a long fly."

"Take a picnic and go with them," Dumbledore suggested. "She can find you up here."

"Good point." He grinned. "Thanks, Albus. I'm assuming that this will get back to

Snape? Draco was thinking about telling him but I know they're somewhere else. He didn't want to bother him while he was taking a badly needed vacation."

"I'll send him a note," Dumbledore assured him. "I'm sure he'll be stressed, but I'll

explain what happened." Xander grinned. "Thank you. Have a nice day, Xander, and please, don't bring one of those balls again. It's still somewhere around here."

Xander grinned. "It's fun. And it drives the kids wild." He waved and left, hopping down

the steps as quickly as he could go. He smiled at Mr. Filch as he walked past him. "Nice day, isn't it?" he asked pleasantly. That man hated him and it was mutual. Nasty bugger.

Filch glared at him. "No, it's not. Go stop your ball thing."

"It'll stop it as soon as I find out where it is."

"In the dungeons."

Xander winced. "I'm not allowed down there, but I'll send Iggy back and hopefully he

can." He smiled and left, forgetting all about sending his son down there until very late that night. He went back to the colony's library and checked out the prank books. He teleported back to the store, dropping the seventeen books onto the counter. "I bring prezzies," he said with a cruel smile.

Fred and George walked over, coming over to see what he had brought. They looked at

him in awe. There were books *full* of pranks!

"Why didn't you share these before!?" Fred told him.

"Bill didn't tell me," Xander told him. He grinned. "But we've got them now, and the

main Gryphon library has *hundreds*."

George's mouth fell open. He grabbed his mate and kissed him hard, not caring about the

little kids in the store. He loved his mate!


Draco looked up as Ginny walked into the Burrow, motioning her closer. "We've got to

talk before you go anywhere near the children," he said quietly. She nodded, but was frowning. "It's bad, but it's not horrible or tragic. We can't fix it though." She nodded again, letting him lead her outside. The kids were shopping. He sat her down on a lounger, smiling down at her. "You know that Xander and I were called to the gryphon colony?"

She shook her head. "No. When did that happen?"

"Oh." He smiled and relaxed further. "Xander and I were both offered a short time in the

colony to study more things. We took them up on it and headed up to learn our various things, him aging and me theory." She nodded. "Well, while we were studying, Ravena got hold of Xander's notes." She moaned, gripping the arms of the chair. "She aged herself three years and we can't fix it, Ginny. The magic gave her the heart's desire she was dreaming of."

"She's ten?" Draco nodded. "Did she open her present from me?"

"I kept it from her and told her that you'd be getting her one today, once I told you about

this." He smiled. "She's a beautiful little girl, Ginny, and it may be odd, but she's wonderful. Every bit the Goddess that we knew she would be."

"Where is she?" Ginny asked in a near-whispernear-whisper.

"In Diagon with the older kids. I bought her the necessities, but she wanted to help Little

Ron get his uniform." Ginny just nodded. "Would you like a drink before you see her or after?"

"Both," she told him in that same voice. He went inside and poured her some scotch,

bringing the glass back to her. "Thank you. Did you even try?" she asked after the first sip.

"Bill, the elder Xander and I both work with, looked at it. She used a permanent spell and

because the magic helped her in such a way, she'd have to not fight us putting her back to


"Which she wouldn't," Ginny sighed, slugging the rest of the drink. "We should go look at


"Would you like to put something on those burns? The twins created a cold gel that works

well. Denver's had some down his back for the last two days."


He handed over the tub, watching as she shivered as soon as it touched her skin. He helped

her spread it, then quickly wiped it off his hands. He didn't need to be cooled off today. He led her back to the floo and to Diagon. He squeezed her hand when she saw her daughter. "Please don't scream. She's happy this way and she's fully caught up mentally. Accept it, Ginny."

"She's my last daughter, I'm not supposed to be calm about this," she said through gritted


Simone noticed her and raised an eyebrow. "Mum, need a drink?" she asked.

"Possibly," she agreed, walking up to Ravena. She tipped her daughter's chin up. "We

will have a long talk once we get home, young lady."

Ravena nodded. "Yes, mum. I am happier this way, even Tananda and Mellie agreed with


"Yay." She let her daughter go, looking at her outfit. "Who dressed you?"

"I like this dress, mum, and I do look good in it," Ravena argued, pulling out her Goddess

act. "I will not change. I like this dress. Father?"

"I think you look pleasing, but the straps are a bit long," he noted.

"We can fix that," Madam Malkin agreed, hurrying her to fix the long straps. It did dip a

little low. "Dear, you're burned," she told Ginny.

"She just put on some of that new gel that the Weasleys created," he told her with a smile.

"Denver, why are you wearing that?" he asked, going over to help his son get his uniforms.

"But, father!" Denver whined.

"No! Proper clothes. You do not need a pair of pants that tight. Not until you have

someone to wear them for."

"Yes, father," Denver sighed, going to change into the next bigger size. Even if it did hang

off his waist.

Ginny watched the annual clothing hunt with some amusement. She could *almost* forget

this problem with her daughter.


Severus Snape walked into his dungeon classroom and paused to look at the various

articles. Something was out of place. He walked over to the misplaced, upside down cauldron and picked it up, releasing the ball under it. "Xander!" he yelled. "Come here!"

Tara looked in the door, then giggled, catching the ball. "It's cute," she told him, hurrying

away before he could lose his temper.

The end.