Big thanks to Jossette for the idea for this story.

Hangin' With The Furries

Xander leaned over across the couch and nipped his lover's cheek. "I'm bored," he whispered. "Turn on the TV?"

"Why didn't you get up and turn it on?" Oz asked.

"Because you have the remote?" Xander suggested gently, taking the slim plastic case that was held out to him. "Thanks." He turned on the TV and started to flip through the channels, quickly figuring out that nothing was on. At least nothing that was worth his time to watch. He turned it off and laid down the remote, turning to consider his lover again. "What'ya reading?" he asked quietly, leaning closer again.

"Something that Meth sent me," Oz said, looking up. "Nothing on?"


"Hmm." Oz leaned into the hands that started to rub his arm. "Why won't you let me read this?"

"Because I'm bored," Xander reminded him.

"Ah." Oz shifted closer to Xander. "You do what you want, just let me finish this sometime today, okay?"

"That's no fun," Xander said, going back to his side of the couch. He pouted at Oz, but didn't get a response. "I guess I'll have to go find some trouble to get into," he sighed, getting up. "Come on, guys," he told the kittens. "Let's go find something to do." He took Percival back to their craft room, sitting down with the kitten in front of his sewing machine. He looked at the patterns that were lying around the area and shook his head. "I've done all these," he whined, looking around for something more interesting to do. He saw a pattern he hadn't used yet so picked it up to look at the picture on the front. "Curtains," he sighed. "We don't need curtains." He tossed it aside and looked down at the purring mass inhabiting his lap. "We need something more challenging," he decided. "We should go pattern shopping." He stood up, laying the kitten on his sitting pillows with a pat to his head. "You nap. Daddy's going to go find something interesting to do." He bent down to get through the small doorway, heading into the bedroom to put on something different. He grabbed his wallet as he finished changing, adding it to the pile of things he had to take with him, considering what he had picked out. He had his cellphone so Oz couldn't complain that he wouldn't be able to find him. He had money, and his credit cards for overspending at the fabric store. He could even stop in and get another bag of dog and cat food, and some new toys for his babies. He stuffed his pockets full, wondering why men didn't carry purses. After all, a woman could stuff most of a house into a small purse, men had to make do with what they could stuff into their pockets and their cars. He walked out of the bedroom, stopping to give Oz a kiss on the forehead. "I'm going fabric shopping. I've got my cellphone." He walked away, not waiting for an answer.

"Oh, no you don't," Oz sighed, getting up to follow his lover, taking the keys from the ignition. "You have enough stuff in that craft room for five people. You don't need more fabric."

"Nope, I need more patterns," Xander said, giving him a smile. "I've worked with the ones I have in there so I'm going to look for something new and exciting." Oz shook his head. "No?"

"No." Oz looked down at himself. "Let me get dressed, we'll go together." He got off the car and headed back inside, coming back after a few minutes. "We going to the new place in LA? If so, we need pet food."

"I know," Xander said with a grin as he started the car. "And while we're there, I can look at all the pet stuff." He put the car in reverse and started down the driveway. "Illusion?" he suggested.

Oz put the earring in, tapping it to make sure it was tight. "Got it." He looked around, then in the backseat of the car. "No one sneaked in?"

"Nope. Percy was enjoying my pillows." Xander headed for town. "Maybe we should stop in and see Buffy, she's been wanting to see us. She left six messages yesterday."

"Point. We'll stop there first." Oz leaned back and opened his book, starting to read again. "Tell me when I have to realize she's there."

"'Kay," Xander said, giving him a sideways smile.


Buffy looked at the strange man that was sitting in the passenger's seat, then at Xander. "I'm sorry, we heard about Oz on the news," she said, patting him on the shoulder. "How are you and Giles doing?"

"Giles is in New York," Oz said from the front. "He said he needed to process alone." He looked over his shoulder. "Tom," he said, holding out a hand. "Oz's cousin. He left me the software stuff he was working on."

"Okay," Buffy said slowly, shaking his hand. "Buffy. I went to school with him and Xander." She looked at her other friend. "How are you holding up?"

"I'm bored. I'm kinda tired. I escaped everyone long enough to grieve so I'm doing okay," he told her. "What about you? I heard you were having problems in Calculus?"

"How?" she said, then shook her head. "Never mind. You must have talked to Angel. Yeah, I'm having a lot of trouble with it. I've never been good at math, but this is what I have to take for my major." She shrugged. "When are you going to get bit by the college bug, Xander?"

"When life freezes," he told her. "I'm happy where I am, and the local school has nothing for me." He started the car. "We're going to LA to pick up pet food. Can we drop you off somewhere?"

"Depends. Are you two coming back tonight? I need some major time out of town right now. Things are just a little hectic again."

"We can drop you off in LA," Oz told her, "but we can't guarantee that we can bring you back."

"That's why there's a bus," she told him. "I can always get back home tonight, but I don't really have enough to go and come back, not if I want to do more than window shop today."

"Sure," Xander said, pulling away from the curb. "Did you tell your mother?"

"She's the one who suggested I get out of the house," Buffy said grimly. "She really wanted some peace and quiet because my pacing in boredom was getting to her."

"Coolness," Oz said. "We'll drop you off in front of Angel's?"

"Sure. I can go in and grab Cordy to go shopping with." She leaned back, getting comfortable for the long drive. "Thanks for this, guys, really." Xander nodded. The quiet lasted for all of half an hour before she had to say something. "So, Tom. Are you a programmer too? I knew Oz did some hacking, he worked beside another friend of ours, but Oz never mentioned you."

"We're not that tight of a family. And actually, yes, I am." He turned to look at her. "I'm a zen programmer. Everything will come out in code when it's time."

"Oh." She nodded. "Okay." She smiled brightly. "I heard Oz had sold a program just before you guys got taken to Chicago by a friend." Her smile faltered some as she remembered what else had happened on that trip. "Sorry. I was going to ask if he was working on anything else?"

"An identity program," Xander told her. "For people like abused spouses so they could get a new identity faster." Oz looked at him. "He wasn't sure how to really start it, but he knew it needed to be done so he was mentally working it out."

"That would be kinda hard," Oz told him. "You'd have to hack into some major databases and put your program in there."

"But think of all the people that need that sort of thing every day," Buffy pointed out. "Just the abused wives of the world would be helped greatly. And if you could get police-type people to go for it, then it'd help them with witnesses that wanted to hide."

"Yup, my mother could use it," Xander said, turning onto the interstate. "As could a lot of people that just want to hide."

"Which is very gray morally," Oz pointed out. "There's the whole permission thing to consider, not to mention the problem of how much of an identity do you help create. Do you go all the way to new credit rating? Do you stop at new social security number and name? And what will the Feds say about this since you'd be playing in their playground?"

"I guess that's why he was working on it mentally," Xander said, winking at him.

"It would be a great help to some," Oz sighed. "I can see why he was working on it."

"Yup, my Oz was a smart cookie." Xander looked at Buffy in the mirror, seeing her confused look. "What's wrong?"

"You two sound almost like it was you and Oz."

"Tom and Oz are a lot alike," Xander told her. "It's easy to get along with him. It's almost like having my Oz back." He pointed at a store. "We're going to be there," he explained. "We'll swing by Angel's and drop you off, then we're going to go spoil me. I need it." He turned onto another road, heading for the downtown area where Angel had his newest office.


Oz looked around the aisles for his lover, stopping and backing up when he saw the edge of a blue velvet shirt disappearing around another corner. He stalked after his errant lover, stopping to watch him play with the animal he was holding. "No," he said firmly. "You already have a puppy and two kittens."

Xander turned and gave him the most beautiful smile. "But it needs a home," he reasoned. "We have a good one." He held out the little cat, pouting at him. "It's on display from the pound. The pound-guy said it only had a week left."

Oz shook his head and groaned. "Xander, think about the animals you already have."

"But this one likes me."

"They all like you," Oz pointed out, moving closer. His chest started to ache as he read the sign saying that this was their last chance for adoption, and he looked at the little animals inside the glass enclosure. "Oh, man," he sighed. He picked up a longhaired cat, looking into its blue eyes. "What are you?" he asked quietly.

"Very pretty for one," Xander said, resting his chin on Oz's shoulder. "We could get both. "We'd need another litter box, but we could do that."

Oz looked down into the helpless, bottomless blue eyes and fell for it. "Fine," he sighed. "We'll adopt these two." He got a kiss on the cheek for accepting the inevitable. "Thanks. Go pick out a litter box while I work on the forms."

"I already did them. I was waiting on you to find me. But I thought you'd go for this one more." He squeezed the kitten he held. "It's adorable."

"It looks starved," Oz said, reaching over to scratch it behind the ears. "We'll get both," he promised, looking into the dark brown eyes.

"Yay!" Xander danced around with the kitten. "We're going to take you home, little Eros."


"Well, I fell in love with him."

"Whatever," Oz sighed, smiling as he watched his man disappear down an aisle to do some serious shopping for their new pets.

"We have a few dogs also," the pound worker said, holding out a clipboard. "He filled most of it out. We just need your signature."

Oz read over the paperwork and signed his name, trying hard not to look at all the begging faces staring at him. "Oh, man," he sighed. "I'm going to kick myself when I go home." He picked up a puppy just as Xander joined him again. "It's kinda cute," he offered.

"Okay," Xander said, giving everyone a smile. "We'll take them."

Oz's mouth fell open. "Excuse me? We're not taking five dogs and seven more cats home."

"We'll find homes for them," Xander assured him. "We have plenty of friends who could use a dog."

"No," Oz said, trying to stand firm in the face of an uber-pout from the pouting king. "No?" he said, a little weaker. Xander inched up the strength of his pout. "Xander? No?"

"We'll take them," Xander said, grinning at the pound worker. "You just made me a very happy guy." He picked up one of the littlest dogs he'd ever seen, giving it a hug. "Yeah, we're going to be happy at home. We have a big backyard and lots of toys. And we can afford to feed you all until we get you good homes."

The pound worker smiled at Oz, handing him over another form. "Don't worry, you'll get used to it. I have seven cats."

Oz shook his head and signed his name. "Now we have eleven, and six dogs."

Xander hurried off to get more carriers so they could take all their new babies home.


Xander lugged the last of the carriers inside the house, waiting on Oz to close the door before releasing all the animals. Rocky came out to sniff these new people, glaring at her fathers.

"We're finding them homes," Oz said, sitting down to pet her. He jumped as he felt Xander taking out his earring, giving him a small smile. "Thanks."

"Welcome." Xander picked up Rocky to cuddle. "We're not keeping them all, I promise. We'll help them find good homes." He stopped as two of the cats started to fight. "Stop that!"

Percival glared at him.

"Sorry, but we're finding them homes. They won't all be staying."

Oz got up to answer the door, coming back with a good-humored Richie. "Sit, pick out a pet."

"Nope, I travel too much." Richie moved a carrier, looking inside when a noise issued from it. "Sorry, cat." He set it aside, shaking his head at the menagerie. "You guys are insane."

"We're finding them homes," Xander defended.

"I'm sure." Richie looked at Oz. "I gotta ask this. I was sent to see if you'd accept an apology from someone."

"Who?" Xander asked, pulling up the persian-mixed kitten into his lap to pet.

"Don't worry about it. It's a true apology, but we have to bring him or he'll brood forever."

Oz frowned but nodded. "Sure. We'll be here." He looked down at the wet nose bumping into his hand. "Hi, Rocky. We aren't abandoning you, we've just become an adoption service."

Richie snickered and tried to stand up, but he found a furry weight in his lap. "Oh, such a pretty one," he said, giving the scrawny kitten a smile.

"He only had a week left," Xander said. "He's a lucky little guy."

"Wow." Richie picked the scrawny alley kitten up, looking its tan eyes. He smiled at it, then tucked the kitten into his jacket as he left. "We'll be back later."

Xander grinned at Oz. "See?" He didn't even try to duck the pillow his lover sent at him.


Xander finished putting the bow onto the basket, whistling softly as he worked. He considered all the animals sitting around him in the craft room, finally picking up a puppy to put in there with the bag of toys. "Come on, we'll go see your new mommy." He walked out to the living room with the basket, leaning down to give Oz a kiss. "I'm going to go visit Joyce." He headed out to the car, unaware that someone else was following him. At least he was until he almost sat on the little dog. "Oh, sweetie," he cooed, picking it up to hug. "Did you want to travel with us?" She barked so he let the little dog into the car, watching as she snuggled down on the other seat in front of the basket. "Okay, you stay there," he said, closing his door before anyone else could sneak in. He started the car and backed down the driveway, going to give a present to a special woman.

After all, if Joyce could raise Buffy, then she could probably handle a little lap dog.

He pulled up in front of Buffy's mother's house, getting out, letting the extra little dog follow him up to the back door. He tapped on it, smiling at Joyce when she answered. "Here, happy birthday," he said, handing over the basket.

Joyce pulled him inside, giving him an immediate hug. "Oh, you poor boy," she said, kissing him on the forehead. "How are you coping?"

"I'm doing okay," Xander admitted, sitting down, letting the second dog into his lap. "I found a bunch of little people who needed help though so I thought you might like one." He waved at the basket.

Joyce looked down inside, a smile breaking out when she saw the little mutt. She pulled it out to look at it in the light, grinning at Xander. "Where did you find it?"

"The LA pound was holding a drive at the pet store we shop at. These little guys only had about a week to live so we adopted them and are going to find them all good homes." He grinned at her. "I figured, what with Buffy moving out again soon, that you could use a little company."

"But I travel so much these days."

"Yeah, but that one's the perfect size to go with you on the plane. She'll sit in your lap and snuggle you all night if that's what you need."

"I'm sure she will, sweetie, but a dog is a big responsibility."

"So's Buffy," Xander pointed out. "But you did okay with her."

Joyce laughed. "All right. I'll try it. If not, I'll give you back the dog and you can find it another good home." She rubbed noses with the little girl, chuckling when she was barked at for it. "Yes, hello, little one. I'm going to be your new mother." The dog barked again and started to wiggle, it's whole body moving in time with it's tail.

"Um, you might want to let her outside before she has an accident," Xander said, watching as the little puppy was put on her leash and taken out for her first walk in her new backyard.


Oz looked out the window, watching Xander drive away, wondering if he should call Joyce and warn her about her incoming present. He decided against it, letting Xander handle all the adoptions was probably for the best. He seemed to know who would work best with which pet. He picked his book back up, using the waiting time for something useful, trying to control his inner demon.

What seemed like a few minutes after Xander left someone rang the doorbell. He got up to answer it, waving the assembled men inside. He punched Methos on the arm before he could say anything about the animals, glaring at him. "Xander's giving them away," he told Ray, who had picked up one of the kittens to cuddle. "All but our original three are up for adoption."

"It's so cute," Ray said, holding the kitten up so Methos could see it.

"We have two of those already," his lover reminded him dryly. "I doubt they'd appreciate having more animals in the house."

"But it's *cute*!" Ray said again, holding the kitten a little better so it was shown off to its best.

"We'll see," Methos sighed, dragging the man in handcuffs in behind him. "Sit, Macleod. Oz?"

Oz grunted and took one of the chairs, watching Richie's jacket wiggle. "Sorry, just watching Sparky."

"Hey, you leave Motocat alone," Richie defended. "We're a lot alike." He sat on the floor, letting the kitten come out to be petted. "And she loves my bike."

"So we noticed," Ray said, grinning at him, holding up the kitten he held. "See?"

"Very cute," Richie said. "Is it a lap kitten or not?"

"Not real sure." Ray set her down in his lap and she curled up, pressing her head up into his hand for immediate attention. "Yup, guess so." He looked around at all the other animals. "Oh, puppies too," he said, grinning mischievously at his lover.

"No," Methos said firmly. "Mutely is enough dog for us."

Oz winked at Ray as soon as Methos' back was turned, pointing out one of the puppies. Ray laughed, hiding it by hugging the kitten to his face. "So," Oz said finally, looking at the man on the couch. "You brought me brood guy? Why?"

"Because he wants to apologize," Methos said, taking the empty end of the couch for himself, giving the dog that jumped into his lap a disgusted look. "We are not taking you home. We have a dog."

"But he likes you," Ray pointed out, unleashing his pout.

"Don't pout!" Methos said, holding up a hand. He looked down at the pitiful expression and felt his heart melt. "Xander did this, didn't he?" he asked.

"They were part of a pound thing at the pet store," Oz told him, getting comfortable. "They only had about a week left to live."

"Oh, my," Mac said, reaching out to touch the dog that was staring at him. "You're a funny one."

"He's not been fixed," Oz warned. "We found him humping a shoe earlier."

"Then they should get along just fine," Richie said. He grinned at the glare he got from his former teacher. "Well, he'll help you attract women."

Mac shook his head, looking up at Oz. "I am sorry. It's been forced into my head that you're not the cruel man I thought you were." He blinked hard when Oz just nodded. "I really do mean it."

"I know. I'm not the 'grab you and hug you' type." Oz looked down at the dog. "I'll forgive you if you take that one with you."

Methos snorted, then started to laugh. "Oz, that's so cruel," he moaned. "What will Xander say?"

"He's off giving Buffy's mom a dog. He won't be saying a thing."

Ray snickered. "Okay then. Mac, do you feel forgiven?"

"No," he said sullenly. "It's like some joke to him."

"No, I know you're sincere, I'm wondering how long this bout of sanity will last," Oz said, waving a hand at the handcuffs. "You've seemed sane before, but you kept trying to take my head for not letting you harm a young woman. Who came to *me*, I might add."

"I know," Duncan said, looking down at his hands. "I knew that then, but I had no idea that I was that bad to her. Joe's made me see what sort of an ass I've been."

"Good. Then we can at least become non-enemies," Oz said with a shrug. "Now, take your dog outside before it has another accident on your leg."

Duncan got up and picked up the dog, taking it outside. He closed the sliding door behind him, watching as his new puppy ran off to go play near the water.

"Oz, I'm worried that you came back here," Methos told him. "How long will it be before someone finds out?"

"Then we tell everyone that I'm not quite human," Oz reminded him. "If worse comes to worse, I can always leave and take Xander with me to do some traveling." He shifted again, letting Rocky up into his lap. "We've been thinking about this, we even argued about coming back here while we were at Jace's. He has some ties here still, we both do. We'll leave in a few years though."

"He'll die, you know," Mac said as he came back in. "They always do. All the good ones are mortal."

"Not Xander," Richie put in.

"He's not an immortal," Methos reminded him. "That's a product of the spell."

"Yeah, I know, but he's still going to be around for as long as Oz is."

"Huh?" Mac asked.

"Giles is a sorcerer," Oz explained. "Methos and I found a spell a long time ago to link someone to our energies. We were never sure if it'd work but we wanted Xander around *so* much that we took that chance. And then it backfired and linked him to Methos."

Methos shrugged. "That wasn't my doing, Oz. I'd not have wanted it if you'd asked me."

"It was an accident," Richie reminded them all. "Same as Xander having to help fix Oz's quickening was afterwards."

"I'd like to not remember that," Oz said. Richie nodded. "Thanks." Oz looked over at Mac, who was trying hard not to laugh. "Let me guess, he doesn't believe in magic?" Mac started to laugh and everyone else nodded. "Ask Amanda. Charise staked him. He came back to life. He's not an orphan."

Mac stopped and looked at him. "Are you sure of that?" Oz nodded. "Absolutely positive he's not adopted?"

"He looks too much like his father," Oz said dryly. "I've met his parents, his mother remembers giving birth to him." He shrugged. "You could have Joe check."

"And he knows about the spell," Richie added.

"True. He was helping Giles research the Gathering not happening." Oz looked down at Rocky. "And Jace's friends said he was going to be around for us too," he said softly.

"We've been talking to Jace's friends?" Methos asked, sitting up. "Did we learn anything?"

"Only who's over the game," he paused, "and that Xander was placed in one of their service by his father. It all makes sense when you know who it is by the way."

"Tell me it's not Cu...." Methos trailed off at the smirk and head shake. "No?" Oz mouthed a word and Methos snorted and started to laugh, eventually clutching his puppy tightly. "Oh, my," he said finally, wiping off his face. "That does make so much sense."

"Truly," Oz said with a smile.

"Huh?" Ray asked.

"I'll tell you later," Methos assured him.

"As long as I get the joke sometime." Ray smiled as another cat came up to him. "You are *so* pretty," he told it as it jumped into his lap.

"No," Methos said firmly.

"I'll take care of 'em," Ray said, clutching both kittens to him.

"Take as many as you want. Please," Oz said with a wave at the animals.

"No, he can't," Methos said. "If he brings home too many more animals we'll have to sleep on the floor. Fluffy has decided that her favorite bed is my pillow and she's willing to fight me over it."

"I'm breakin' them of that habit."

"Safe zone," Oz broke in. "No fighting."

"Sorry," Methos sighed.

Mac looked around. "Magic really exists?" Oz nodded. "Prove it."

Oz shrugged. "I'm the wrong person to ask. You need Giles."

"He's on the island," Richie said. "I left Steve with him."

"He okay?" Oz asked. "He sounded shaky when we heard from him."

"He's fine. He explained it to his family, almost got an ulcer from the worry." Richie shrugged. "It's working out okay so far."

"Good. Tell him to get in touch with me. I need to talk to him about Xander's arrangements." Methos glared at him. "Just to keep track of them. I'm not going to suddenly become domineering."

"As long as you don't," Methos reminded him gently. "Xander wouldn't stand for that and I doubt that I want to get in the middle of that."

"You won't," Oz sighed. "I'm just making sure that he's not overspending and being dangerous with the money."

"That's fine," Ray said. "As long as you're not being too hard on the kid, he'll be happy and stay. If ya ride him too hard about his shoppin' then he'll come running. I told him to."

Oz leaned down to kiss Ray on the head. "I wouldn't worry about it," he said quietly. "Xander's mine and everything's fine."


Joyce looked across the table at Xander, who was sipping his cup of coffee. "So, you're really all right now?"

He nodded. "We're doing okay. I mean, Oz's cousin, who's in to take care of his programming stuff and I are fine." He quickly took a sip. "I got to grieve out of the public eye when we buried him at his friend's resort."

"I'm glad." She put down her cup. "Xander, what's going on?" He gave her a panicked look. "I saw you two driving around today. If that's Oz's cousin, I'm going to go jump into the lake on a full moon and skinny dip." She smiled as he shuddered. "You know you can tell me. I'm good at keeping secrets."

Xander put his head down and slowly started talking, confessing everything. He told her all about immortals, about the other branch of the Watchers. About Giles and Oz, and everything going on in his life. By the end, his coffee was ice cold but he felt better.

"I see," she said, standing up to get another cup of coffee, taking his cup as an afterthought. "How long have you known this?"

"Since before we really got together. Before we moved out to the house." He lifted his head, giving her a weak smile. "At least you didn't freak."

"Hon, after finding out about my daughter, this is nothing." She sat down, handing him a fresh cup. "Really. It almost makes sense in a ... strange way." She shook her head. "You're not supposed to tell anyone, are you?" He shook his head. "Then I won't either. But I could help you some. According to the people that greeted me when we came to town, I was the last new person for about three years. And that man owns your job."

He blinked a few times. "That makes sense," he said in awe. "It makes a lot of sense." He leaned over and kissed her cheek. "Thanks." He got up and headed out, his newest puppy following him. "Later. Happy puppy."

"Bye," she called, smiling at the door. She looked down at the bark, wiggling her fingers at the dog. "Are you hungry? I think he left some food for you." She dug into the basket, pulling out the bag of food and toys. "Oh, he sent me stuff to spoil you." She tossed down a chewy treat as she got up, heading for the cabinet with the dishes. "We'll put you down some food, huh?"


Xander ran into the house and jumped into Oz's lap, narrowly missing Rocky. "I know who your watcher is," he said happily.

"Who?" Ray said, reaching up to pinch him.

"My boss!" He wiggled, pulling Rocky up into his lap to pet her. "When I talked to Joyce, she said that the people who greeted her said that the last new person into town was my boss, about three years earlier." Oz nodded. "Which would be when you got here," he said, pinching Oz's chin.

"Huh," Oz said, giving him a smile. "What else did you tell her?" He saw the embarrassed look and nodded. "I expected you to spill it soon," he soothed, rubbing down Xander's back. "It's a big thing and you haven't been able to share it with anyone. And I approve. We could use another responsible person on our side." He stole a kiss. "It's okay," he said, giving him a smile of approval. "It's not like she's not keeping some of the more important secrets in town anyway."

Xander relaxed, laying his head on Oz's shoulder. "I didn't mean to, but I slipped while we were talking. She asked and I panicked."

"It's okay," Methos said, coming over to hug him, but Oz growled at him.

"Down boy," Xander whispered. "He's not stealing me either." Oz nodded, looking down at Rocky. "Hey," Xander whispered, lifting Oz's chin so he could look into his eyes. "I understand, but I don't want him to steal me from you either." He smiled gently. "Work out all the nasty possessive bugs now, babe. We'll eventually calm back down to normal."

Oz grinned, pulling Xander's head closer to kiss him hard. "I'm glad you understand." He licked the tip of Xander's nose. "There. Now go play with your new patterns."

"'Kay." Xander slid off his lap, whistling as he walked down the hall. "I'm going to make more fun clothes," he called. "From that new fabric I got."

"Oooh," Oz sighed, shifting to make more room for his expanding cock. "He bought flimsy fabric," he said in appreciation.

"Like scarves or thinner?" Ray asked, leaning against Oz's leg where he had it thrown over the arm of the chair.

"Thinner," Oz groaned, closing his eyes. "Xander? What sort of fun clothes are you making?"

Mac and Richie got up, heading outside with the animals. "We'll be back in a while," Richie called.

"This sort," Xander said, coming out with the pinned garment. "Give me ten minutes?"

Oz opened his eyes and nodded, swallowing hard. "Yeah, babe, I'll give you twenty if you need it." He ran his eyes over the see-through, scarlet fabric, admiring the way it didn't hide anything. "Go sew," he ordered. "Do it fast."

"You play with the other guys," Xander said, turning with a hint of wiggle. He walked back to their craft room.

Methos grabbed Ray and pulled him up. "I think we're going to retire to the spare bedroom. Mac and Richie can camp out upstairs." He pulled his lover back into the bedroom, slamming the door behind them.

Oz slowly stroked his hand over his covered cock. "Come on, Xander," he called after a few minutes. "How many seams does that thing have?"

"One more," floated down the hall. "Damn, too big."

"Yay," Oz said, hopping up to head for his man. "Let me be the judge of that." He grabbed Xander as he walked out of the craft room, looking over the almost covered body. "Um, whoa," he said in appreciation, turning his lover around and bending him over the stairs. "Lube?"

"Plugged," Xander groaned. "Have been since I came back here." He spread his legs. "Do it, Oz, please?"

Oz unzipped his jeans, freeing his hard cock, and undid the velcro that was holding up the back of the pants. He smirked when only Xander's butt was uncovered, but slowly pulled out the plug and tossed it away. He slid in, going as fast as he could, needing to be buried in that hard, tight body. Xander groaned under him and he stroked out, diving in harder. "Yeah," he sighed. "Needed this." He leaned down to get next to Xander's ear. "Did you do this on purpose?" he whispered.

"Yeah, needed it. More," Xander begged. "Please?"

Oz smiled and dove into his lover's body, pushing and pulling as hard as he could, making it go as fast as he could.

"Yes!" Xander yelled, coming across the stairs.

"Good," Oz purred, pulling out. "Go lie on the bed." He pulled Xander up, turning him around to release the wet cock. "Stay like this," he ordered. "I'm going to make bed assignments." He watched his lover walk down the hall, considering the bare, pale ass in front of him. When it disappeared into the bedroom, he went for the back door, opening it to look outside. "Guys, you're camping upstairs. Richie, I expect you to not make a mess and don't stay on my computer all night." He shut the door, going for his lover as fast as he could walk.

Xander, the tease, was lying draped across the bed on his back, one leg up to hide his cock from Oz's direct view. He smiled at his lover and held out his arms. "Coming?" he asked sweetly.

"Oh, you bet."


Xander walked into his job, giving his boss a smile. "I'm back," he said, sitting across from him. He looked at the man's wrists and his smile got bigger. "I know what you are," he whispered, leaning closer. "Oz is fine though."

His boss smiled. "Good. I'll make a note of that." He looked his employee over. "Ready to work?"

"I'm not supposed to be here today." He looked down at his outfit. "I could if you needed me though."

"No, come back tomorrow. Regular schedule." He smiled. "And for the records, how did you find Jace's?"

"Very interesting. I plan on going back there a lot." Xander winked. "We all do." He walked to the door. "I'll be in early tomorrow." He was walking to his car when he felt the round thing brush against his back. "Um, yes?" he asked, stopping in the middle of the sidewalk. "I don't have anything on me, man. It's all at home."

"I could care less about what you got at home, boy. I want the one at home with the sword." He nudged him with the gun. "Go for your car. We're taking a drive."

"Man, I'm not one of them." He laughed, making Xander shiver. "What do you really want?"

"I want the immie's head," he whispered. "We'll discuss the terms of him challenging me later." He nudged with the gun again. "Your car."

Xander walked, giving everyone he knew on the street a helpless look. No one stepped in to help of course, but that was just how Sunnydale was.