The Waiting Game

Jace showed Xander around her resort. She was trying to keep her word to Oz, and trying to make him look a little happier too, but it didn't seem to help. She decided to take him to look at her private collection, something he should appreciate. She stopped by her apartment to pick up the keys to the private area, leading him down a dark and narrow hallway. At the end stood two massive wooden doors, which she pulled open and got out of his way.

"Wow," he sighed, walking inside. "I never thought about doing some of these things with jewels." He turned to look at her with the first smile she had seen on his face. "Where did you get these?"

"I was given them," she said, walking through the doors, but turning to close them. "These were all presents I was given while I was training in Aphrodite's main temple." She waved a hand at the display case nearest her. "Some of these were gifts from the Gods themselves. That blue/green one was if I remember right."

"Wow." Xander leaned closer to look at the ancient sex-toy. "You've taken great care of them, Jace."

"Thanks," she said with a slight blush. "I'm missing two of them, but I'm pretty sure one's in the hands a of neo-christian fanatic who destroyed it because it showed him that he had sexual thoughts. Amanda probably has the other."

"Gee, I think she has a few of my stones too," he said with a frown. "None of the important ones fortunately." He looked around the room, giving it a confused look. "Something doesn't feel right."

"Hmm." She unlocked the doors, leaving one open a little bit, and he smiled at her. "The room's sealed except for the a/c. You were probably feeling the pressure."

He walked back to where she was standing, giving her a light hug. "Thank you for showing me these."

"Hey, you needed to relax. This is something that a GHS like yourself could appreciate," she told him with a smile. "Some of these have never been seen before. Some of them have been shown off as a collection. But some of them," she said, walking over to stand in front of a particular case, "are too precious to let out of my sight." She stroked over the top of the glass.

Xander leaned down to look at the sex toys inside, grinning when he recognized a few of them. "What's that one?" he asked, pointing at a large egg-shaped stone.

"That's something that someone in Persia thought up. You insert the stone and then walk around with it, it moves and wiggles inside you and it's supposed to make you hot."

"Oh." He nodded, still looking confused. "Does it work?"

"Works better with a prostate," she said with a shrug. "It never did anything for me." She looked him over. "Hon, it's not *that* bad of an idea."

Xander shook his head, banishing his concerned face. "I haven't heard from Oz today."

"Ah." She led him out of the room, making sure the doors were locked behind her before leading him to her office. "Sit," she ordered lightly. "Do you think he's in trouble?"

"No. Or at least I hope he's not in trouble."

"Hmm. We could call him," she offered. "I'm sure you know the old guy's number."

"Not really," he sighed, rubbing his face. "I forgot to get it from Ray. I usually email them."

"Okay." She turned on her computer and stood up, letting him have her chair. "Tell him to call the office here." She sat in his seat, watching as he typed out the message - with a lot of hugs and kisses, and a goofy grin on his face - and sent it. "Better?"

"As long as someone's on right now," Xander agreed, giving her a smile. "I want to do something really special for Oz when he shows up."

"Have him claim you," she suggested. "You can get into all sorts of activity that way. Just, do me a favor. Nothing more than a blowjob in the foyer."

He blushed. "I wouldn't..." he started but she laughed. "I don't really get into public places. Oz likes cars but..." his voice drifted off and his blush got deeper.

"Xander, trust me, if you fell to your knees in front of Oz and started, he wouldn't push you away. You might not be able to walk the next morning but it'd probably be worth it to you."

Xander started to smile again, getting a dreamy look. "Yeah, I could do that." He pulled himself out of his thoughts as the phone rang. "Hello?" he asked hesitantly. He grinned. "Oz," he sighed. "I missed you. You haven't called yet." He leaned back, shaking his head at Jace as she tried to leave.

"Tell him I said hi," she said quietly, waving and leaving him alone.

Xander turned his attention back to the phone. "What? No, she was showing off her collection of ancient sex toys." He grinned. "Really great. Oh, and she thinks that Amanda has one of them. But she was really proud of them." He nodded. "I won't, Oz. I'm not bothering her. She came up and dragged me out of my room." He snorted. "I'm not bothering her. She just gave me a great idea for our first night together." One eyebrow went up. "Oz, you know I'm not going to do that. I'm not cheating. I'm not even interested. Though I could probably learn a lot from her." He sighed. "Oz, I'm not going in that direction. She's beautiful, but your brilliance and beauty far outshine her's to me. I could never go after anyone else while there's a chance of you coming back to me." He grinned. "See, I told you it was all okay." He cleared his throat. "So, can I call out your name tonight?" He chuckled. "I'm sure it was loud too." He sat up suddenly. "He did? Is Ray okay? How many pieces is Ostrack in?" He frowned at the desk planner. "I'll tell her. She's already said I'm not allowed off the grounds without someone watching me. Yes, she's real worried that something will come for me." He snorted. "Oz, she's becoming like a sister to me, nothing more. And I promise, I won't get into trouble." His sappy grin came back. "Really? Give them a kiss for me." He laughed. "Tell Meth that I'm not trying to steal his man. Ray wouldn't last very long with us, he'd get homesick and run away." There was a short pause while Oz passed on the message. "So," he said finally. "How long do I have to stay here?" he finished quietly. "I miss our home."

Oz gave him a pleasing answer. "Good. I miss our animals. I called Buffy's mom, she's sending them to me here. I thought three weeks was too long. But even Buffy got to feed Rocky a few times. She said she's not getting a pet, apparently Don got into her kitchen too. She found him spreading flour from a tipped-over canister around the countertop. Buffy joked that the kitten was trying to make biscuits for her." He snickered. "Yeah, but Joyce wasn't at all pleased with our little furry ones. I pick them up tomorrow." He nodded, making a note on a pad next to the phone. "Okay. I can do that. Anything else I can do for you?" His grin got wider. "Really? Okay. Hey, maybe she can think up more great stuff for me to do to you when you get here." He laughed. "You'll just have to wait and see what I have planned for you, dear. Yes, you will. But I could get a digital camera and send you naughty pictures." He snickered. "Okay. I'll do that tonight." He blew a kiss. "Love you too. Call me tonight?" He nodded and hung up, tearing off the paper and putting it in his pocket. "Jace?" he called as he got up, heading for the door, which opened for him. "He's fine. Ray went after Ostrack. He's fine too. Oh, and Methos told Oz to tell me to be good. I'm not supposed to be liking you too much, Oz thinks I'm going to kidnap you and bring you home with us."

"Not a chance," she said, patting the side of his face. She took his arm again, leading him down the hall. "So he's fine?"

"Yup, very fine." He grinned at a man walking past them. "He's not happy that he has to stay there for the next few days, but we'll be okay. I'm supposed to send him a smutty tape tomorrow."

"We have video cameras you can borrow," she offered. "You're not the first lover an immie sent here and then missed terribly," she said in answer to his questioning look. "Or the first one that needed a camera to record their trip."

He smiled at her. "Of course." He spun around, looking at the murals on the walls. "This is a great place, Jace."

"Well, the building used to be a monastery in the old world. We brought it over a few years ago and fixed it up - gave it bigger rooms and things like that. The art comes from one of our resident artists. He's still working on some of the rooms on the third floor. His last job lasted almost three years, and it was a townhouse. Eldon's like that, he likes to feel the area before he paints anything." She shrugged. "I've been doing this for a long time, Xander. It's what I'm good at."

"And it gives you safety and security," he reminded. "Including financial security."

"Oh, very," she agreed with a smile. "Would you like to tour some more?"

"No," he said, blushing again. "I want to go buy a videotape and get one of those cameras."

She waved at the check-in desk. "Go ask. We have all that there. We'll bill your room for the tape."

He waved and jogged over there, leaning over the desk to whisper to the guy behind the counter. Xander soon walked away with a padded case.


Xander set up the camera and sat in front of it, trying to think up something special to put on it, not aware that the tape was running. He wanted this tape so hot that it made his lover melt, and preferably made him come get him sooner. He rejected every idea he could think of, they were all things they had done together before. He wanted this tape to be something special, something that would show how much Oz meant to him. He yawned and lay back on the bed, slowly falling asleep as the tape ran.

At the end of the tape, it popped out.

Xander never even heard Jace come in and take the tape from the machine, sealing it into an envelope for him and taking it with her.


Xander happily signed the last paper and took his animal carrier out to the car Jace had loaned him. As soon as he was out of the heat, he undid the carrier, looking inside. "Percival?" he asked, just a little shocked. He picked up the cat that had been sent to live in a group home for teens, hugging him. "Oh, I'm glad to see you, brat. Why are you here though?" He kissed the soft fur and put him down, patting his lap so Rocky would climb into it. Of course, Don beat him, standing up on his hind feet to put his front feet on Xander's chest and meowed in his face. "Yes, hello, Don," he said with a grin, petting that kitten too. "Did you have fun with Auntie Joyce?" The kitten headbutted him and then caught sight of his brother's wiggling tail, pouncing it with a ferocious growl. Xander chuckled and picked up his puppy with a grunt, hugging her. "Hello, Rocky," he said, kissing the side of her muzzle. "I heard you were very good." He gave her an extra squeeze before putting her in the seat beside him. "Guys, I'm going to start the car." He put the carrier in front of the passenger's seat, wedging it in tightly with the door open so the animals could run into it and hide if they wanted to. He started the car, his grin getting bigger as Don started to yowl. "Ah, sweet kitty music," he said, putting the car in reverse and backing out of the parking spot.


Jace met Xander at the desk, waving at the animals that were once again in their traveling cage. "Are they good little furry monsters?" she asked, scratching the nose that poked between the wires.

"Usually," Xander admitted. "Percival came back to us though. I'm not sure why."

"That might be what this is," Jace said, holding up an envelope. "It came by UPS while you were out." She took the cage while he opened it, setting it on the counter so she could continue to play with the little furry ones.

Xander chuckled and showed it to her. "The little girl Percival went to is better now, good enough to not need the crutch he provided, and none of the other kids in the group home were that injured. And, as it happens, the doctor that runs it's wife is allergic to Percival so we're getting him back." He smiled at the kittens. "Okay. Welcome home, Percy. George and Fluffy are with Methos but one of them may be coming back with Oz. Fluffy wants a vacation from George," he said quietly to her, still smiling. "And Methos won't want to part with his little pink one."

"Pink?" she asked.

"Yup. She was the only girl of the litter and the last one out. Oz helped cut her out and made sure she lived by zapping her." Jace smiled at that. "Then Meth yelled at him. So Oz reminded him about him doing it to a horse."

Jace burst out laughing, clutching the counter. "I was there then," she gasped. She waved one of the bellhops over, pointing at the cage. "Take this to his room please? I'm sure he's tired."

"Yes, ma'am," the bellhop said respectfully, taking the carrier and walking behind Xander as he headed up to his room.

Jace looked at Robbie, her favorite desk clerk, who was giving her a confused look. "You just had to be there," she told him, patting him on the arm. "It was so *cute*!" She smiled at him and headed for her office, locking herself inside to call her teachers. "Your furry people are here," she said in greeting. "Two cats and a puppy? Of course they'll have run of the place, they're *adorable*."


Oz hung up the phone and shook his head, leaning back on the couch, into Ray's side. "We got Percival back." He turned to look at the detective, trying hard not to wince at the livid bruises. "You okay?"

"Fine," he sighed, pulling Oz in for a hug. "I don't want to go to work tonight."

"So don't. The doctor practically forbid it," Methos said as he walked past them to answer the summons of the doorbell. He came back a few minutes later with an envelope, which he handed off to Oz. "From the resort. Must be something from Xander."

Oz looked it over and grinned. "He promised to make me a naughty tape." He hopped up, heading for his bedroom. "Yell when it's time for supper."

Methos smiled at his back, sitting down to pull his lover into his arms. "Ah, love," he said, giving his own lover a kiss. "Young love is such a rare treat to witness."

"If I had ta be gone a long time, would ya make me a dirty tape?" Ray asked, looking up at his lover.

"I'd consider it. Those things are getting more and more difficult to send though." He planted a gentle kiss on one of the few unbruised areas Ray had on his face. "I'd try my best."

"Good. Ya'd better," Ray said, snuggling in. "Can you call me off work?"

"Of course, my little one," Methos said, reaching for the phone. He dialed the main number to the station, humming until he was connected. "I need to talk to Lieutenant Welsh," he purred, rubbing down the injured back, avoiding the new stitches. "Hello, this is Ray's friend, Adam. No, he was in a bit of a scuffle last night and isn't in shape to come in tonight." He frowned. "No, I wouldn't call them minor injuries. He's following Doctor's orders. As a matter of fact, I'm refusing to let him off this couch for the next three days that he was ordered to rest." He snorted. "I'm sure, but I doubt he needs to come in so he can pull out the stitches in his back."

Ray snatched the phone. "Lieutenant? Yes, sir. No, sir, not minor. No, sir, more like a six-hour ordeal in the emergency room from a ten minute scuffle." He snickered. "If I come in, I'm bringing my couch with me, and my drugs." He hung up. "He'll be over in about forty minutes to get my excuse." He hopped up and looked around as he heard Oz moan. "What's wrong?" he asked, heading for the other immortal's bedroom door.

Oz opened the door, letting him see the image on the screen. "He was trying to figure out what to put on it when he fell asleep," Oz said quietly. "I have a tape of him sleeping." He sniffled as Xander reached out for someone in his sleep and moaned when no one was there. "He needs me."

"I know, just a few more days," Methos said, hugging him. "Just a few more days, once we're sure it's safe, Oz." He placed a kiss on top of the messy red hair. He smiled at the screen. "I bet he didn't mean to send that."

"Nope, Jace put in a note that said she caught him napping on the security cameras. She went up to turn on the tape and caught it already running. She sent it." Oz looked up at Methos. "I love him," he said softly. "Bad habits and all."

"You'll have plenty of time to wear down the bad habits," Methos assured him, giving him another squeeze. He nodded Ray out of the room and let Oz go, leaving him alone to watch his lover.

Oz sat on the end of the bed again, watching as his lover slept, his chest hurting each time Xander searched for him and didn't find him.


Xander smiled at his dinner companion, frowning at the kitten trying to climb down the top of her dress. "Don, you don't need to play with breasts. You're weaned."

Jace snickered. "Of course he does, they're comforting," she said with a bright smile. "So, any luck making that tape?"

Xander glanced around the room. "Not so loud," he protested. He took a sip of water and shook his head. "Not a bit. Every time I think of something, it's something that we've done before."

"Hmm, so you need a new idea." He nodded, giving her a grateful smile. "Well, what about doing something unexpected and a bit on the rough side?"

"Rough?" he asked hesitantly. "I can't really do rough. Strapped down is as rough as I get."

"Well, how about taking a right turn from your usual activities? Something like ...oh, say, bigger prosthetics, or maybe even fisting?"

Xander choked. "I thought that was a myth!"

She shook her head, giving him a sly little grin. "Not at all. I have one lover that I allow to do that to me. It's the most erotic and emotional experience I've had with a lover. They get so *close* to you. It's all about trust and giving control. I'm sure Oz would love it if you did it."

"Me to him?" Xander whispered. "I have problems topping him."

"So what about going the other way? Letting him do a little bit to you? There's no closer sensation while you're having sex than that."

"Yeah, I guess you can't get much closer than that," Xander admitted. "Won't it hurt?"

"Not if you're prepared for it." She took his hand to pat the back of it. "Trust me on this, and I do know Oz very well. This sort of animal claiming is just his thing. What he loves and protects is his and only his. If you give up to his alpha instincts he'll make sure that you two have a night you'll never forget." He nodded slowly. "All you have to do is to give in to his animal side."

He blushed. "That's easier than you think. He's got a very strong animal side now."

"Oh, I heard about that furry business," she said with a wave, dismissing it. "This goes back much farther than that, Xander." She looked around then lowered her voice a little more. "Let me tell you a story. Way back when, right before he became Oz, he had a lover that he loved more than life itself." She smiled sadly. "This lover loved the old guy more though. Our little redheaded friend went nuts when he found her with him. I mean literally went nuts."

"He went beserk?" Xander asked quietly.

She nodded but was giving him an impressed look. "He told you?"

"Yeah. I forced him to when I found out about Oz and everything." He shrugged a little, just a hint of movement. "Is that when he ran off because he almost killed the old guy?"

"Yes, it was," she said, nodding, giving him an even more impressed look. "He told you about that too?"

"Not what it was over, just that Meth tried to take something from him, something that was his."

"Ah. Well, technically, she went willingly, but that's probably how he saw it. But I doubt he told you that he did kill Methos, just not fully. Connor stopped him from taking the old guy's head by showing up." She gave the table a sad little smile. "Oz ran away before Methos woke up. He was so horrified at himself and what he'd done that he became disassociative. He didn't recognize the old guy when he came for him. He actually ran away from us."

"You were there?" he asked in awe.

"Yes. The old guy had stopped in to see if Oz had come to see me. When I heard what had happened, I followed him, demanding the right to go since Oz was technically my teacher. When we found Oz, he was standing looking at a ruined temple, apparently his old one. He looked at us like he didn't know us and he was talking in ancient Greek."

"He retreated to when things were different? Before he met his teacher?"

"More or less," she admitted. "We eventually got him to come away from the table with a story about someone needing his priestly help. Then we knocked him out and worked on curing him while we kept him in our rented villa. It wasn't easy but it wasn't that hard either. He wanted to forget what happened." She shuddered. "He had nightmares for years afterwards, whenever he saw Methos. Eventually, they had to split up for a few years. When they got back together, Oz was as he is now." She leaned back in her seat, removing the kitten paw from inside her bra. "Your father was right about something, you're weaned, you don't need to feel those up anymore."

Xander smiled at his kitten. "Maybe someone should go back up to the room," he suggested. Don glared at him. "Hey, you're the one who snuck out, I should have already sent you back upstairs."

Jace handed him over. "Here. Go put him to bed. I'll let you think on what I said." She smoothly stood up, patting him on the head as she walked past him. "Goodnight, Xander," she purred.

"Night," he called, tipping his head back to watch her. He looked down at the furry form, grabbing him and gathering himself together so they could go upstairs. He had some heavy thoughts to deal with.


Methos sighed in relief as he closed the door on Ray's boss. "Ah, freedom," he said as he walked back into the living room, ignoring Oz and Ray cuddling together. "You could call him," he reminded.

"I tried, he's at dinner with Joxer," Oz told him, looking up from his position against Ray's side. "Apparently Xander was tracking a furry escapee when she ran into him and ordered him to come eat with her, kitten and all."

Methos smiled as he sat down. "She's good at keeping panicked lovers calm," he reminded his student. "The woman is positively saintly with the families."

Oz nodded. "Yeah, but I don't want Xander to get too used to that sort of attention. I'm not going to have a lot for him over the next few months."

"I'm sure he'll tell you if you're ignoring him," Ray soothed, stroking through the shorter red hair. "How are you going to do your disguise?"

"Giles is meeting me at O'Hare and he's going to put an illusion on me. Then he's going to head for Vancouver and someone up there that he knows."

"How long will it last?"

"He's figured out how to make it permanently attached to something. I'll give him something I'll have to wear for the next few months and he'll stick it on that. Whenever I wear it, I'll be covered."

"Good," Methos said decisively, standing up. "Ray, you should be going to bed. I'm sure Oz could use the time to think about who he wants to be this time." He helped his lover up, leading him back to their bedroom.

Oz flopped over now that Ray's body wasn't holding him up. He was trying to create his new persona, but he was too busy thinking about his lover sending him that tape. He closed his eyes as he picked up the phone and hit redial. "Xander Harris' room please?" He smiled as he was connected. "Hey, babe. How's the furry ones?"


Xander hung up, wiping off his cheeks. "I need you to hurry up," he told the phone, picking up Don to hug. "Yeah, we need the other daddy-type person," Xander told the kitten, kissing the top of it's head. "What should we do now?" His gaze fell on the video camera and a slow, sexy smile started to come out. "I think I know what to do for him now," he whispered, setting the kitten down on the floor. "You guys sit on the window bench and behave while daddy does something special for your other father." He popped a new tape in and turned it on, stepping in front of the camera with his head down as he stripped. "Yes, sir," he sighed, trembling a little as he thought about Oz giving him orders. He could show Oz how much he needed his dominant lover.


Jace smiled as she looked up and waved Xander in. "How was your night?"

"Interesting," he said, sitting gently on the bed. "I finally got that tape made for Oz."

"Good. Did you send it yet?"

"I tossed it at the guy behind the desk so I wouldn't chicken out," he said with a light blush. "I hope he likes it."

"I'm sure he will." She pulled her feet off the desk and sat up. "So, what can I do for you today, dear?"

"I need something to do." He looked up. "I'm hyper and I'm bored."

She chuckled. "Well, let's see," she said, picking up a clipboard. "We have a yoga class today. We have the spa treatments, that will kill at least a few hours. You could go shopping, but only with one of our security people." She glanced up, feeling pleased that he didn't complain about the necessity. "We have a small casino here, but nothing like the bigger ones on the strip. We could send you over to one and warn their people to watch out for you."

Xander shook his head. "I always lose when I gamble. That's not real fun."

"Okay, what about some shopping?"

He nodded. "That might be okay. I need to get kitty and puppy food. Steak's great for them but they can't have it every meal. Even if they do beg." He grinned. "I need to take some of the stuff out of the bank though."

"I can have a driver waiting on you in twenty minutes." She looked him over, still seeing the tension. "Want me to watch the little creatures?"

"Would you?" he asked. "I'm not sure I should take them with me and leave them in the car. Not that Don doesn't sneak into ours all the time, but I doubt the driver wants to watch him. He's a demanding little person."

Jace smiled. "Sweetie, trust me, the babies will be fine with me. I've had plenty of pets before."

He hopped up, leaning across the desk to kiss her cheek. "Thanks. I'll get them pretty and leashed and bring them down." He jogged out of the office, leaving her smiling.

"Oh, my, Oz had better watch out," she said quietly. "That energy is going to kill him yet." She looked behind her as she felt the air start to move. "Hi, Strife," she said, opening her arms to get a hug.

"So, the kid's okay?" he asked, tweaking her on the nipple.

"Usually," she purred, leaning into his lean but hard body. "Thank you."

"Hey, I missed ya, and besides, you're my favorite semi-mortal."


Xander tapped hesitantly on the door. He could hear voices in there. Jace opened it, half dressed. "Oh, um, maybe I'll take them with me after all," he said, giving her a sheepish look. "I didn't mean to interrupt."

She waved the apology away. "You didn't. If you'd been longer, maybe," she said with a smile. "Hello, darlings," she said, squatting down to look at them. "My, you three look pretty." She took the leashes and led the animals into her office. "I called the front desk, they have a car and a driver waiting on you," she called as she shut the door.

"Thanks!" he called, backing down the hall until he could turn and run away. He really hadn't meant to interrupt her. He hoped her lover wouldn't be pissed at him for it. He smiled at the man behind the counter. "Hi. Sorry about throwing that tape at you before. I really didn't want to change my mind."

He snorted. "That's okay. I've had worse things thrown at me for worse reasons." He waved a big, stocky, bald man over. "Mr. Harris, this is Rodney. He'll be making sure that you make it back to us today." He handed Rodney a set of keys. "You can have the Mercedes. Have a safe trip." He winked at Xander. "Be good."

"Me?" Xander asked innocently, giving the man behind the counter his best evil grin, the same one that made Oz very wary of what he was going to do. "I'm always good," he purred.

"Of course you are," Robbie said, grinning at Rodney. "Have fun."

"Of course." Rodney sighed and followed him out, heading to the car, Xander right behind him once he got outside. "Who's after you, kid?"

"Lots of not-human looking people," Xander admitted. He saw the sideways look. "Just be careful of anyone that looks strange. I'm here because someone tried to kill my lover so they could kidnap me."

"Which is when that cameraman interfered?" the guard asked, starting the car.

"Yup. But he was nice about it, he dropped the assault charges yesterday. I've got to write a letter and thank him for it. That was really decent of him."

"Yeah, it was," Rodney grunted, turning off onto the main strip. "Where to?"

"Bank. The big one over near the fake-Sphinx. I left some money in there when I was here a week ago." The car turned that way, heading for where he needed to go.


Oz slipped the new tape in, sitting on the end of his bed. He smiled as his mate came on the screen, but started to growl as he heard and saw what Xander was doing. "Oh, you are going to be so punished for this," he said with a grin. "Going all submissive on me." He looked up as someone tapped on the door. "Come in?"

Methos walked in, watching the tape. "He's asking for it?" he asked.

"Definitely. My mate is about to be claimed." He grinned up at his teacher. "I wonder if Joxer's going to mind me doing him in the hallway."

"Probably. She's open but there are families in the resort." He patted Oz on the shoulder, watching Xander as he crawled up onto the bed, ass to the camera, giving them a begging look. "I want to know how long it took you to wear him out."

"Not long," Oz said firmly. "My naughty little pet has *no* idea what he's just started." Oz shifted, pulling out his cock. "Gonna stay?" he asked after a few more minutes.

"Huh? No, I think I'll go find my lover." Methos walked out and shut the door, wiping away the sweat once he was safely in the hall. "Oh, Xander. You have no idea what you've gotten yourself into," he sighed, heading for his bedroom and his own lover. "Oh, Ray," he called, heading for the bed and pulling out his cock. "Here," he shoved it in Ray's mouth, smiling down at his own pet. "Please?"

Ray pulled back. "The tape that hot?"

"Oh, yes. Poor Xander may not come out the same man."

Ray licked over the hardness, teasing his lover, taking his time to let his own body build up to the same state. He rolled onto his back, inviting his lover to straddle him and make him take it, rubbing his own cock as he swallowed Methos down. It didn't take long, apparently the tape had worked his love up more than he had thought. As soon as Ray swallowed the last bit of cum, he pushed Methos off him and rolled him over, stripping him of his pants as fast as he could so he could have what was his. He was handed the bottle of lube, but he only used a light coating. He knew what his lover liked and he was about to get it. Ray casually prepared Methos' body, then dove in, going slow but firmly forward. He gave his lover a few seconds to rest then was off at his usual jack-hammering speed.

Methos grunted, pushing against the headboard so he wouldn't be pounded into it as he rode out the brief storm of passion. "My," he said when Ray leaned over his back with a soft sigh of completion. "Were you worked up too?"

"Having you need me that way does it to me," Ray mumbled, getting comfortable. "Nap with me?"

"Of course, precious, I could use one now." He wiggled until Ray moved, rolling over to gather the young man into his arms. "We'll nap. Let Oz think up dreaded revenge for the little tease."

"What's on this one?" Ray muttered.

"Xander being submissive and begging."

Ray looked up, giving him a serious look. "You're kidding?" Methos shook his head. "Oh, man. You're right, Xander may not make it through that first night." He put his head back down and snuggled in. "Nap, great one, before I do it again."

Methos' smile lasted well into his nap. That's why he didn't hear Oz calling out in shock at what was going on on that tape.


Oz walked into Joxer/Jace's resort and over to the desk, raising one eyebrow at the man that met him there. "Xander," he said, reaching out for his lover. But his lover apparently had other ideas.

Xander had fallen to his knees, rubbing his face against Oz's stomach with a groan of pleasure. "You're here," he said, looking up even as he undid the tight jeans his lover was wearing. He smiled at him right before swallowing him down, making loud, happy slurping noises as he gave his lover his best effort.

Oz grunted, his mind leaving him pretty quickly, all that was left was the animal. He held the teasing mouth still while he pumped into it, showing the man before him who he belonged to, giving him everything and making sure that he liked it. He came with a soft growl and Xander was immediately up and giving him a kiss and snuggling into his body. "Mine," he purred.

"Yours," Xander agreed, sinking his head onto Oz's shoulder. "Always yours." He took the extra key and helped Oz back into his pants, then led him up to their room, deftly keeping Don from going out and exploring some more.

Oz didn't even look around, he stripped his mate and pushed him onto the bed, considering the camera that was still set up. He slid a new tape in and turned it on, pouncing his mate, kissing and stroking him, giving him little nips in strategic places. He flipped him over, doing the same to his back. He slid into the ready hole and started pounding away in an animal, hard, almost punishing rhythm, making sure Xander knew who he belonged to. He came with a howl, grabbing his mate and holding on as tightly as he could. When Oz came back down fully, he eased the hold he had and pulled himself out, going back to his teasing little stroking movements.

Xander writhed under the attention, but there wasn't any way he could get Oz anywhere near his cock. "Please?" he begged.

"Not yet. After I've had my fun," he growled. "You tease. You knew what that second tape was going to do to me."

"Second? I only sent you one."

"Jace got one of you sleeping and sent that one first," Oz told him as he bent down to nibble on the heaving stomach. "Lie still," he warned, grabbing the bag off the bedside table. "Are these for me?"

"Everything that we should need," Xander agreed with a grin. "I went out and bought those especially for you. Just for tonight." He put his arms over his head, grabbing the straps he had put there. "I don't need them," he said quietly as Oz reached up to strap him down, "I can do it without it."

Oz's eyes opened wide. "You know what you're provoking, right?"

"I want you to claim me," Xander said with a mischievous grin. "I've been told that I should have you claim me and I kinda agree."

"Oh, babe," Oz sighed, leaning down for a kiss. "You really want an animal claiming?"

"Yup. I don't want to have to sit for the next few days."

"No problem there," Oz told him, smiling a little. "What you asked for, you're gonna get." He pulled out the bottles of lube and put them aside, along with the condoms. He looked at the two things left in the bag and shook his head. "You won't be needing those for a while." He grabbed a bottle of lube and slicked his fingers up, going down to prepare his lover. "Why did you do that to yourself on the tape?" he whispered as he went directly up to three fingers. "First you teased me horribly, then you fisted yourself. Babe, you're not going to be able to walk for the next week." He added another finger, gently stretching his lover.

"Oz!" Xander said, wiggling back as a nail caught on his prostate. "More?" He spread his legs wider, giving in to the inevitable. "Yours."

"This is only for special times," Oz told him firmly. "No more doing this on a whim, Xander."

"Not unless you want it," Xander agreed, grimacing a little as Oz added his thumb and started to work his way inside. "She was right," he whispered after Oz got all the way inside. "I feel really close to you right now."

"You'd better." Oz slid back and forth a little, more tease than anything, then withdrew his hand. "No more of that. That's for another time." He leaned down to lick over the hard cock, reaching up to set off the tightening charm Xander wore. "Like you tight," he said at the pout.

"Okay." Xander wiggled as one finger started to tickle him, another going back to reopen him. "Meany."

"Shh!" Oz ordered. "No more talking or I use the gag."

"Yes, sir," Xander said, grinning slightly but lowering his eyes.

Oz growled and leapt up, grabbing control of those red lips, diving and digging with his own to show who was in control. "No more," he panted when he pulled back for air.

Xander nodded, pushing his hips up to remind him what was going on.

Oz looked down the ready body, moving back down. He lifted Xander's legs over his shoulders, starting to push in even though the young man wasn't stretched enough. He went slowly but steadily, grinding himself into the younger man's body, making sure he knew his place in their bed. "Oz!" Xander yelled, coming all over his chest.

"Shh," Oz ordered, stopping all movement. When Xander nodded again, he started moving again, finding himself at the end all too quickly. "You're taking it," Oz told him, pulling back out and thrusting back in, ignoring the wince. He knew it'd feel better in a few minutes. "You are mine and no one else's," he reminded.

"Yours!" Xander agreed, screaming the word as Oz shifted angles of attack. He started to pant and try to push back but his hips were lifted farther off the bed, not allowing him to have any leverage. "Please?" he begged.

"When I'm ready," Oz reminded him, thrusting in hard. "All mine, mine to give pleasure to, mine to take from. Mine!" He gave another savage thrust and leaned down, biting Xander on the lip. "Mine!"

"Yours," Xander whispered, lifting one hand to touch the side of his face. "Always yours. Never belonged to anyone else," he reminded. "All yours."

Oz's inner beast calmed down at those words, slowing his hips down. He started a slow, tender rhythm, making it good for both of them. He knew Xander wasn't going to last past this one and he wanted them to come together.

Xander sighed and relaxed, letting Oz do it all for him, showing absolute trust in his mate. Nothing else mattered now that they were back together, not even the kitten sitting on the dresser watching them, who he was trying to ignore.

Oz picked up speed again, not able to wait. He leaned down for a long, drawn-out kiss, letting Xander use his stomach and chest for friction. He came with a soft sigh of his mate's name. Xander bit him on the lip as he came over, muffling his yell in Oz's mouth. "Wow," Oz sighed, letting Xander back down onto the bed.

"Really wow." Xander wiggled until he was lying on Oz's chest. "Later?"

"Can you feel your hole?" Oz asked wryly.

"Nope. But I'm sure that'll change soon." He nipped the firm chest. "Love you."

"Love you too, Xander. Always."

"Good." Xander yawned and closed his eyes, falling off into a gentle sleep with his favorite bed accessory clutched firmly in his arms.

Oz fell asleep with a contented smile on his face. "Mine," was his last word of the day.

Don waited until the humans had quit being so loud before sneaking over to the bed. He had missed his comfy pillow-human. He snuggled in above the one's head but still on the pillow's chest. He meowed at Percy to come snuggle, and his brother did, curling up between the two bodies, hiding his head against the dark haired one's stomach..

Rocky jumped up and laid on the free pillow, getting comfy.

Jace tapped lightly on the door and walked in, turning off the tape. "I love security systems," she said as she stole the tape and put it in an envelope. "I'm sure the old guy meant this when he asked for the tape." She walked back out, letting the couple sleep.

Oz opened his eyes and shook his head. "I'll get it back from Methos in a few days," he told himself, shifting more onto the side facing Xander so he could snuggle but not crush the kittens. "Night, guys. We'll be home soon."