A Slight Change of the Plan.

Ray closed the sleeper car's door behind him, motioning at the couches. "Strip and sit," he ordered.

"But the ticket guy..." Xander protested.

"Isn't your concern. You're here to pay Meth back for what ya did to him." Xander just grinned. "Oh, you're gonna have a different face on when you get done." He pointed at the couches again. "Strip and sit." He sat on the couch that faced the back of the train, crossing his arms while he watched them figure out how to follow his orders.

"Can we be unlocked?" Oz asked, holding up their joined hands. "It's really embarrassing."

"Uh-huh. That's how Meth felt when he found me in that train car." He considered their hurt expressions and tossed the keys over, watching as the young men followed his orders, facing him. "Good," he purred, crossing his feet. "Now then, we're gonna be on here for another three days, including layovers. Meth said you were mine until then but when ya got to him in Chicago, he wanted ya to be pantin' for it." He smirked at the dismayed look Oz had. "Until then, you're *mine*."

Xander nodded, getting onto his knees on the floor. "Why? Were you upset?"

"Nope, I knew it was gonna happen, and he told me about it late our first night back together." He shrugged. "He did warn you, but you teased him anyway." He looked at Oz's cum-stained thong, shaking his head. "Can't take that either? He has real trouble with the treats Xander makes."

"Not really," Oz sighed, leaning his head back and closing his eyes. "I don't know how Xander does it."

"They're really comfy," Ray said, giving Xander a smile. "Since I know it was all your idea, I'm going to go easy on Oz."

"Uh-uh. He deserves the same thing I get," Xander protested, giving Ray a little pout. "Please?"

"We'll see," Oz told him. "Officially, he's my pet. You have to go through me anyway."

"Not until Meth releases you."

"But I have work," Xander reminded.

"Taken care of. Your boss is really nice." He grinned. "There's nothin' ya can say to get out of this, Xander."

"I wasn't trying to, I was trying to be practical. Why would I want out of a few days of Meth's personal attention?" He grinned up at his friend. "Did you like the jammies?"

"Yup, thought they were cute." He leaned down, kissing Xander deeply, ignoring the man that walked into their compartment. "Yeah?" he asked when he came up for air.

"Tickets?" the conductor squeaked.

Ray handed them over and took back the stubs, waiting until they were alone to go on. "Okay, guys, truth?" Oz nodded. "Meth's got major plans for you two. He *loved* what you did, but he vowed that you're going to wish you had never teased him. Personally, I'd like to have seen that."

"Taped," Oz muttered, looking out the window. "Can I pull this and strip fully, Ray?"

"Yup, sure. Know that's got to be uncomfortable." He waited for Oz to finish stripping off the wet thong, patting his lap. "Come'ere." He pulled the immortal into his lap, licking up the side of his neck. "You were so cute when you couldn't hold it in anymore. Even though the car didn't shimmy that much."

"Thanks," Oz said, grinning at Xander. "I still don't know how you two do it."

"Easily. It's just another pair of underwear to us."

"But Meth can't," Oz pointed out, "and he's GHS too."

"Ah, but he's in a different class of hedonistic slut. Methos is like a concubine, made to live in a pleasured paradise so he can be pampered. Xander and I were meant to be eternally aroused. That's the difference here." Ray patted Oz's naked butt. "Get on the floor with him, Oz. I'd like to see that."

"Oh, dinner," Xander spoke up, looking hopeful. "We eat on here, right?"

"Yes, we're getting dinner served to us up here," Ray told him, leaning down for a kiss. "I'm supposed to be giving you presents. Would you like a present, Xander?" He got an enthusiastic nod. "Good." He reached into the single bag he carried, handing over two velvet bags, one blue and one green. "Oz, green, Xander, yours is the special blue one."

Oz opened his and carefully peered down into the bag, pulling out the three things in it. "Um, silver?" he asked, holding it up to the weak light.

"Platinum. Methos remembered your thing about silver." He looked at Xander, then back at the former werewolf. "You still changin'?"

"Nope, got over that." He slipped the cock ring on, wincing as it fastened tightly. "Too small," he grunted.

"Size isn't really an issue," Xander reminded, tearing into his present. He grinned as he came up with a cock ring, lunging up to hug Ray. "Thanks, I *wanted* one of these." He slipped it on, with a little help from Oz, then peered over to look at the other things Oz had pulled out. "Oh, plugs." He grinned at Ray. "Can I help him put one in?"

"We don't have an enema kit," Ray said, relaxing. "He thought you two would be offended."

"Nope, this is a great early birthday prezzie," Xander said, grinning at both men. He pulled out his other things, turning the bag inside out to make sure that it was really empty. "I thought you said it was special," he pouted. "These are really pretty plugs, but they don't look special."

"It is. Put the blue plug in." He watched as the young man reached behind himself and worked the thing in, smirking as he gasped. "Yeah, it heats itself. It's a prototype made by a friend'a mine." He shrugged. "Put one in, Oz."

"Lube?" A tube was tossed to him. "Um, we can't use this. Xander breaks out in it." He looked over at the plugs the younger man had. "Those aren't latex, right?"

"That one he's got in isn't," Ray said, his smile falling away. "He's allergic?"

"Yup, to the trouble breathing but not immediate death from it stage." Xander touched the other plugs, pulling his hand away from one of them. "That one's latex, right?" he asked, chewing on his fingertip to scratch it. Ray nodded so he pouted. "Can I have one that isn't latex?"

"I don't have another with me," Ray said sadly, leaning over to give him a hug. "I'm sorry, Xander."

"It's all right." He leaned over to get a kiss from Oz, knocking him flat on his back. "Hmm, wanted this," he whispered, grinding his hard cock against his lover's stomach. Until Ray cleared his throat. "I can't do this?"

"Not until I say you can do that."

"Oh. Okay then," he said, sounding very dejected. "I'm sorry."

"S'okay. You can do that later." Ray pulled one more thing out of his bag, handing it over to Oz. "Meth sent that specifically for you so you wouldn't worry about your safety."

Oz unwrapped the big knife, nodding. "I can handle this, as long as we don't get off the train."

"One stop, for six hours. In Vegas." Xander grinned at that. "I'm supposed to take you to your bank, get you money, and let you go do something arousing."

"Shopping?" Xander asked.

"If you'd like."

"Cool. I still have Christmas presents to get. Oh, and I need something nice for Giles too."

"I'm sure he'll love whatever you get him," Oz assured with a pat. He looked at Ray, then nodded at the hall. Ray handed him a pair of pants and they walked out, Oz closing the door behind himself. "This is really bad timing, Ray. Giles just left for Connor's a few days ago. Xander thought it was something he did that made him go. You've got to be careful of him."

"I will. I'll even call my old man tonight and warn him, see if he wants to change plans." He hugged Oz tightly, whispering in his ear. "He wanted you to be embarrassed, but thrilled. Tell me if it gets too much and I'll stop him."

"'Kay," Oz sighed, giving the frail-seeming man a hard hug. "So, how's work?"

"Got back and wouldn't ya know it, had a murder case in front of me within an hour. Benny just brings 'em in, ya know?"

Oz nodded. "I heard that your partner was a bit 'by the book' about things."

"Yeah, very. Actually, he got us involved in a mob thing so I'm supposed to be protecting myself right now by bein' outta the way." He waved back at their sleeper compartment. "In."

"Okay." Oz walked in, smiling as he found Xander playing with all the toys, lining them up after giving each of them a kiss. "Having fun?"

"Yup. Much fun. Can I have more toys when we get to Vegas too?"

"Sure," Ray said, sitting back down. "I'll even allow ya to have fun until dinner. Tonight, you two are being separated by me."

"Oh, cuddle fest," Xander said, grinning up at him.

"This is all a big game to you, isn't it," Oz said dryly.

"Yup," he smirked. "And I'm hoping it's one that I don't want to go home early from."

"I'm sure Meth and Ray will make it a fun game for you," Oz said, patting him on the shoulder. "Want to suck me off now?" Xander dove down, slurping him up. "Thank you," he said, locking gazes with Ray as he was sucked.


Ray shook his head as he watched Xander inhaling his supper. "How do ya stay so skinny?"

"Easily. I get a *lot* of exercise," he leered at them. "And then Oz put me back on an exercise regime to help my cholesterol."

"Ah." Ray looked at Oz. "How? We usually hate the gym. It's almost a mark of being GHS."

"Toys," Oz said simply, reaching over to pat Xander's cock. "Eat."

"Can I sit in your lap and feed you?"

"No," Ray said. He patted his lap. "But you could do me. I could use some spoilin'." He glanced at Oz, who nodded. "Come'ere," he said, tugging on Xander's arm to get him over where he wanted him.

"Go ahead," Oz told him quietly. "I'll stop him if you feel uncomfy."

Xander nodded, shifting over to sit sideways in Ray's lap, picking up a forkful of pasta and feeding it to his captor. "You really want me to spoil you?"

"Yeah, I could use some spoilin'." He sucked the offered food off. "Meth's been busy plannin' his treat for you guys so he's been forgettin' I exist again."

"Poor Ray," Xander said, putting down the fork to kiss him. "It's okay. We still love you. And if you need spoiling, then Oz will just have to let me do it for you."

"I'm okay with the idea," Oz said, putting his food up on the couch behind him. "I'm leaving it up to you, Xander. We'll go with your comfortable limits."

"I'm not cheating," he said firmly.

"I know. You're offering comfort. I have every confidence in you not cheating on me." Xander nodded slowly. "I'm still here, and as long as I'm here and agree, it's not cheating, okay?"

Xander nodded and leaned over to hug him. "Thank you, Oz. Love you."

"I love you too. Now spoil Ray good so we can nap."

Ray grinned at him. "If you're sure?"

"Xander and I discussed this before we jumped Meth. I'm very permissive of what he wants. All he has to do is ask. As long as I'm there and he's safe, I'm probably not going to say no unless it becomes chronic or dangerous."

Xander nodded, giving Ray a serious look. "He's very tolerant of my fantasies. We both had one about Methos and you're one of my favorite mental playmates because we're kinda alike."

"Yeah, we are," Ray sighed, hugging the younger man tightly to his chest. "Very alike. So I guess you understand, huh? All the stuff I'm getting from my old guy?"

"Yup. But then again, Methos is scared of liking you because he's going to lose you some day."

"Point," Oz said softly, looking down at his hands. "Meth is very good at hiding what he's feeling, but he's very scared. You're the first one to get this close to him in centuries. He doesn't want to lose you, he thinks he'll pull a Mac and walk out into traffic one day." He glanced up. "It's gonna hurt him when you go so he's minimizing it now by trying to push you away a little."

"So it won't hurt so much when I'm gone," Ray finished soberly, any hint of the fun from earlier gone from all of them now. "Ya know, I'm gonna miss him when he moves on because I'm gettin' old."

"You two should talk about it these fears."

Oz cleared his throat. "Only if he ties Meth to the bed first. He won't admit to it unless you make him. He's never been a sharer."

"Okay, I can do that," Ray said, nodding. "Thanks."

"Welcome. You can do that while we're recovering if you want," Xander said before he leaned over and nipped the pale chin. "You need sun."

"It's October in Chicago, we don't have sun right now. We have wind." He hugged the younger man again, just holding him for now. "Thanks for this and all."

"Anytime," Xander said quietly, simply holding him. After about half an hour of hugging and being hugged, he started to inch one hand toward the plates, making Ray laugh. "Sorry, but I have grumbly gut. I didn't eat that much with Oz earlier tonight either."

"That's his fault, he should have fed you."

"I did, he was more interested in what came afterwards so he didn't eat that much. Neither of us did." Oz grabbed his plate, holding out a piece of burger. "Eat, Xander."

"Okay." He leaned over, taking the bite, licking his lips for his lover's benefit. "Thank you."


Ray picked up a forkful of spaghetti but it was taken from him, Xander feeding it to him. "No, you agreed to let me be your body slave, so let me do this." He looked over his shoulder, giving Oz a wink. "I'm a very good one. Giles trained me well in that area."

"Yup, very well."

Ray smiled at Xander, rubbing his back. "I've heard you were, but we don't have room for that on here. The shower's the closet." He pointed to the wall beside him. "No room for you to scrub me."

"So? I can still feed you. And I'm sure the ever-smart one, Oz, can figure out how I can spoil you more."

"Hey, this is great, I'm not complainin'," Ray said quickly, taking the offered bite of food. "I haven't been this spoiled since Meth first picked me up. Not even when he was spoilin' both me and that other guy he had to rescue."

Xander's face scrunched up as he thought for a few seconds. "Oh, yeah, Blair." He shrugged. "How's he doing?"

"Meth had to go talk to his lover recently. Seems he didn't understand."

"Oh." Xander looked over at Oz, giving him another smile. "I got lucky. My men understand me." He turned back around, his mouth connecting with Ray's nose. "Oops."

"S'okay, not like you broke it," Ray murmured, leaning in for another kiss. "Your lips are so soft," he whispered, pulling back to run his thumb over them. "You do everything so much better than I do."

"Just differently," Oz said, moving all the plates so he could sit beside them. "You're not even comparable, there's no similarity in styles." He pulled Ray's head around, kissing him too. "And my dear, old teacher had better not be comparing you two either."

"Not to his face," Xander said, frowning at the door. "But I'm guessing he's doing it somehow and Ray's picking it up, right?" Ray nodded. "I'm going to have to have a talk with him. That man shouldn't compare. Everyone's different, with different means of attacking him, he should appreciate what he has."

"He's been too involved recently. He likes to make elaborate plans and carry them out," Oz told him. "I'm sure he'll go back to normal soon, Ray."

"Maybe." He looked down at his hands. "Maybe not though. Even before all this, once he met Xander, I was kinda disappointing to him. It was never the *same* ya know?"

Xander nodded. "Yeah, I know. But I'm not going to take your spot. Meth may be fun for a weekend every few decades, but I couldn't get into him. We wouldn't work."

"He's thinkin' with his dick, not his brain," Ray said, grinning at his friends. "I'm okay, it'll happen. That's one of the reasons I left."

"If you had said something to us, we would have kept him home longer," Xander said, looking at Oz and biting his lip. "I did a bad?"

"No, not really," Oz assured him. "They weren't apart long enough to really miss each other."

"Oh, I missed him, but I've been missin' him for months now." Ray shifted, stretching out and crossing his feet, making Xander clutch him so he wouldn't fall off. "So, bed anyone?"

"Sure, I want first cuddles though."

"I'm in the middle," Ray reminded him.

"Cool, then we can cuddle you." Xander stood up, grabbing the plates, taking a few last bites as he walked out into the hall, handing them over to the first person in uniform he saw. "Thanks, tell them it was good." He walked back into the cabin, unaware of the shock he was creating from his nudity. He stayed out of the way as Oz got the beds pulled out, hopping onto Ray's back as he crawled into the little bed. "My spot," he said, grinning at Oz as he wrapped himself around Ray's back.

"Gonna breathe," Ray promised himself, pushing himself up. "Get off."

"Sorry." But Xander gave him a bright, naughty grin that made Oz groan. "Your side. You like that side best anyway."

"You're too happy," Ray muttered, pulling the sheets over himself, glaring at the young man. "Get in here."

"Yes, sir." Xander slid in, snuggling and shifting until he was comfortably placed halfway over Ray's body. "Ah, perfect," he sighed, closing his eyes.

Ray looked at Oz, giving him a 'help me' look. Oz just shrugged and crawled in too, taking the other side. "I'm sure he won't jump you," Oz said quietly, making Xander look at him. "Remember, he's not that comfy with cuddlers."

"Oh. Want me to back off?"

"Nope, you're fine, now," Ray told him, patting him on the butt. "Nap. I'm supposed to be reprimanding you tonight."

"Huh. Not gonna happen," Xander said, grinning over at Oz. "I think we need to make plans for our layover in Vegas."

"I'll follow your lead," Oz told him. "Just no more fabrics."

"Deal." Xander closed his eyes, sighing softly. "You're comfy. Oz, can we steal him from Meth for a while?"

"No. Then we'd really be in deep." Oz and Ray shared a look and Ray shook his head. "Whenever," Oz reminded him, laying his head down on the offered shoulder. "Always around somewhere."

"I'll remember that."


Ray woke up with not one, but two hardness' pressing into him. He tried to wiggle away from one but it got more insistent, actually brushing between the cheeks of his butt. The other was slowly rubbing against his stomach. He opened his eyes to find Xander looking at him, just staring down, and Oz behind him, still asleep. "Whatcha doing?" he whispered.

"Watching you sleep. You get this little kid look. So very innocent and sweet." He leaned down for a kiss. "We have four hours until Vegas. I asked."

"Thanks." Ray shifted closer to Xander, trying to get away from Oz. "What's up with him?"

"He's having puppy dreams about me." He grinned. "Does it a lot some nights. Feel good?"

"Yup, but I'm not takin' what's yours."

"No big. I'm a lot like Oz. If he wants it and I'm there, then it's okay."

"Yeah, but that's still cheatin' for me."

"Meth won't mind," Oz mumbled. "He never does."

"He's shared before?" Xander asked.

"Twice. It was a mutual like thing." He opened his eyes, looking over Ray's shoulder at Xander. "Don't scare him."

"I'm not, I'm giving him permission, same as you gave me."

"I don't want pity," Ray said, trying to get out of the bed without brushing up against them.

"Who said anything about pity?" Xander and Oz said together, then looked at each other and Xander stuck out his tongue.

Ray shook his head. "Next thing ya know, you two will be dressing alike."

"Without the thong," Oz amended. He looked over Ray's body. "Xander and I were both considering getting off at Vegas and kidnapping you back to our place to spoil for a few more weeks."

"I'm sure Meth would be on the first flight out but you'd get some major spoilage before that," Xander offered.

Ray shook his head. "Don't even want to have that fight." He grabbed his robe, heading out into the corridor to find the bathroom.

Xander looked at Oz, who nodded. "So it's cool?"

"As long as he doesn't come to live with us permanently. Though I'm sure Giles might like that. He's a lot less demanding than you are some days."

Xander looked down at his body. "He really doesn't want me, does he?"

"I think he's feeling a little overwhelmed. You're not as easy a lover as he thought you'd be. Actually, you're not as easy-going as I thought either. We were both judging it on the you from high school though."

Xander nodded. "I have changed."

"Which can be scary for your lovers." He tipped Xander's face up so he could look into his eyes. "That's not why he left for Connor's. He went to learn how to fight. Not because of you or me." Xander nodded but he didn't look convinced. "Really, I promise. I even asked and he said so."

"Maybe," Xander sighed, scooting over to cuddle his Ozpillow. "We going to be okay with this whole payback time?"

"Just fine. I'm sure Meth's gonna make you beg for a lot longer than he will me."

"Yeah, maybe," Ray said as he closed the door behind him. "If you're not comfy with the idea, I can get him to change it. A little at least." He and Oz shared a look and Oz shook his head. "Okay then. Take a shower, boys, and we'll get ready to leave this train."

"Clothes?" Xander asked, peeking up at Ray. "We look cute naked but I doubt they'll let us off the train."

"Oh, yeah," Ray said, snapping his fingers. "You can't keep going into the hall naked. The nice guys out there said they were gonna throw ya off the train if ya did it again."

"Sorry," Xander said, giving him a grin. "I never noticed."

"That's what I told them, that's why you're still here." Ray sat on the edge of the bed. "Come on, shower time." He watched as Xander crawled off the bed, putting a hand on Oz's ankle to keep him from moving. "Is he really okay with this?"

"It's kinda an inconvenient time but it's fine with him. Though he does want to kidnap you back home with us for a while."

"I'm not Muttly."


"The dog I got off you guys, his name's Muttly. He's a good little guy. Very comfortable to sit on the couch and nap with."

"Good. I knew you'd give him a good home and spoil him." Oz sat up. "Let me worry about his uncomfortableness, Ray. I know his limits."

"Okay. Tell me when we get near them." He stood up. "Off the bed, gotta make it up. The nice people who do those things won't touch it because they think we had sex." He coughed lightly. "What was that this morning?"

"It's how I like to wake Xander up. Sorry." Oz shrugged. "Didn't realize you weren't him."

"Oh." Ray shrugged, hitting the release for the bed, putting it up after stripping the sheets off it. "There," he said, surveying their compartment. "Xander?" he called, aware that he hadn't heard water running yet.

"Soaping up first. It says we have limited water."

Ray nodded then lifted one of the shades to look out the window. "Yup, getting closer to Vegas." He dropped it, turning to look at Oz. "You both have clothes in the bag, same as I do."

"Okay." Oz reached into the bag, pulling it down to look inside it. "Meth buy these?" he asked, holding up a shirt. Ray nodded, frowning. "The man can't buy me the right size." He pulled out what was obviously Xander's shirt, putting it on. "I'll shower on the next train."

"Cool." Ray grabbed his clothes, pulling them on too.

Xander walked out of the shower cubicle, dripping. "Hey, not taking one too?"

"Next train," Oz told him. He handed Xander the other set of clothes. "Here, for you."

"Thanks." Xander sat on one of the benches, drying himself off so he could start his morning ritual. "Oz, you should at least wash your hair, it looks kinda gross."

Oz sniffed himself and grimaced. "Okay, I'll take a shower now." He stripped and headed into the shower compartment, closing the door behind himself.

Xander looked at Ray, giving him a slow, sexy smile. "Are you going to get a reward?" he breathed. Ray shook his head. "If you let me help you, I'll give you a reward." He stood up, pants on but only partially zipped, and ran a finger down Ray's nose. "Would you let me give you a reward, Ray?"

He swallowed, looking around the small space. "Reward?" he croaked.

"Yup. All you have to do is ..." he leaned closer, brushing a ghost of a kiss against the chapped lips, "let me spoil you and you can have one."

"We only have six hours," Ray said, backing away.

"Not if I don't say so," Xander said, grinning at him. "Which Meth knows."

"Um, he has plans," Ray said, swallowing hard, taking a quick look down the young man's body, face flushing as he noticed the state they were both in. "He won't like it if you change them on him."

"Oh, he knows who's the power person in this group."

"Oz?" Ray guessed.

Oz stuck his head out of the shower. "I spoil Xander horribly by letting him spoil me. And I let him think he's the powerful one among us." He pulled back in. "Don't tease, Xander, it's not nice. You won't get tied to the bed later if you do it any more."

"Yes, Oz," Xander sighed, rolling his eyes. He smirked at Ray. "Yes or no, dear?"

"I'm thinking?"

"Sure, I'll give you until we get off the train." Xander turned to finish dressing. "Oz, hurry up, the train's slowing."

"Coming," Oz called, stepping out of the shower, taking Xander's towel to dry off as fast as he could. "I thought we had four hours."

"Maybe we're early," Ray suggested, sitting down to check for their things. "Guys, where's the handcuffs?" They were handed to him by Oz. "And the presents?"

"In the bottom," Xander said, pointing. "Don't we have clothes for tomorrow?"

"It's in baggage."

"Oh." Xander checked for his things, putting back on his new bracelet and helping Oz into his shirt. "Wondered why I had such a tight t-shirt."

"Because Meth always gets them too small in the chest for me. It's some sort of torture." Oz stepped up onto one of the bunks, checking the top rack to make sure they weren't missing anything, then grabbed their jackets, handing them over. "Coffee?"

"At train prices?" Xander asked. "Even worse than Starbucks." Oz shuddered. "We'll find coffee once we get off the train, okay?" he suggested, rubbing a gentle hand down Oz's arm. "We'll find good coffee and you can have your fix for the day."

Oz nodded, pulling Xander's head down for a kiss. "Good idea. Have it all planned out?"

"Yup. All we need is the bank."

"They should have a branch here, it's a national bank."

"And if not, I stole your wallets and checkbooks from the dresser," Ray said, not looking up as he finished repacking and zipped the bag up. He looked up to see the smiles.

"Which wallets?" Xander asked.

"Um," he started, undoing the bag to pull them out, handing them over. "Who's Harris Giles?"

"His alter ego," Oz said, nodding. He looked at Xander's other wallet, showing him the cash inside it. "You forgot to go shopping?"

"I was planning on making you take me tomorrow."

"Oh." Oz put the wallet into his pocket, patting his jacket down to look at his own wallet. "Yup, all here. Which checkbooks?"

Xander flipped them open, nodding. "My Harris Giles one and one of my free-flowing ones." He closed it. "It's a good thing that I had the shopping stuff all laid out together, huh?"

"Very," Oz said, nodding. "You know, we're only a few hours away from the warren you were left." Xander's face fell. "Just wondering if you wanted to visit it."

"Not today, Oz. Maybe tomorrow before we leave." He pulled Ray up and kissed him, rendering him speechless. "Okay, do you know what I'm thinking?" Oz nodded. "And you agree?"

"That's what planes are for if we get caught." Oz looked down at Ray before stealing his own kiss. "We have to do something about the warren, Angel said people were trying to get into it before."

"Then we'll stop them. Actually, I had Willow put a spell on it before she left. It'll keep anyone not supposed to be in there out. As long as it worked, we should be fine."

"Angel did say that the things was buried very nicely. The casual tourist wouldn't be able to find anything in there." Oz shrugged. "Of course, some of it also ended up in the bank because Cordy tripped over a big pile of stones. That's how they knew people had been in there."

Xander opened the shades and looked out the windows. "I used a contact to get the rest of the things out of there. It's all sitting in a bank. Steve arranged for it to be held for me until I could decide what to do about it." He turned to find his lover looking at him in shock. "What?"


"Right before he left. I gave him the name of a contact that was going to call and explained everything to him. I'm not sure where it is, but I think we could get to it soon enough if we had to."

"Cool," Oz said, nodding. "Very good planning, precious." He stepped up behind his lover, pulling him into his arms. "Anything else you've planned?"

"Yup. That was the phone call I made in the car. I knew this was going to happen and, from what you've told me, that our host likes to plan things. I have stuff set up so we can stay for a few days. Of course, you're gonna have to put up with my motel stuff. I wanted to stay at one of those honeymoon places with the round beds." He grinned.

"Hey, more need to cuddle," Ray said, clearing his throat. "What's a warren?"

"A big hole that had things hidden in it," Xander explained.

"Like a rabbit hole, only this one had gems hidden in it. Did they get it all?"

"Most of it. I gave the three demons that did it a choice of six stones each or some cash. Their pick of stones." Xander turned to sit, pulling Oz down with him. "I've been having bad dreams again, Oz. That's what this is all about."

"What sort?" Ray asked, reaching over to pat his knee.

"The sort where Meth has a dark quickening and tries to kidnap me," Xander said, looking out the window again. "In a few he shoots Oz in the street and takes me. You intervene but he still tries to get me. Some, we're tied to the bed when we find out, and it's Mac that saves us by handing Oz a handcuff key. Last night's was like that. We were tied next to each other on the bed and Meth said he was taking me from Oz, so they started to argue. Ray butted in, but Meth made him leave. Mac walked in, seeming to agree with Meth until he left us alone to say goodbyes. Then he gave Oz a key and left us alone, telling us he couldn't fight this battle." He shrugged as arms went around him. "I don't know what all that is, but I fought and he got more insistent."

"Huh," Oz said, looking at Ray. "Not gonna happen. No one's taking you from me."

"Oz, you can't fight him."

"Honey, he's not that good. I've beaten Meth in practice before."

"He's been practicing again," Ray said, shrugging at the dirty looks. "Sorry."

"No big," Xander sighed. "That's just a nightmare. It's not real, Meth doesn't participate in the game."

"I'm here and not leaving," Oz promised, whispering in his ear. "No matter what, I'm not leaving you. *No* one can take you from me." Xander relaxed against him so he went on with his reassurances. "Babe, there are things you don't know about me that I'm going to tell you soon, but not now. There's no way Meth could ever take you from me. No one can or will." Xander turned to face him, giving him a worried expression, so Oz decided to tell him the second reason he never fought anymore. "You know those stories Giles used to read about the berserkers?" Both men nodded. "Well, I've done that three times so far. Once on Meth when he tried to take something of mine from me. It's not going to happen again. It's gotten around really well." He sighed. "Of course, I can only fight really well that way, but everyone needs some sort of handicap, otherwise we'd be supermen."

"The other reason you won't fight?" Xander asked, giving his lover a smile when he nodded. "Okay." He pulled Oz in for a hug, just holding him. "Thank you for telling me."

"Welcome," Oz said, looking over Xander's shoulder at Ray, who relaxed and waved at them.

"Please, I don't mind cuddles." They settled in to wait for the train to stop.


Xander pulled Oz behind him into the sex shop, grinning at the man behind the counter. "Where's the non-latex stuff? I have allergies."

"Behind the green counter," he said, pointing. "And no tryin' them out."

"No big," Xander said, shrugging. "I just forgot to bring mine." He walked over, glancing over the pitiful selection but finally picking one out and handing it over to Oz. He then walked over to the lubes and grabbed some of those, heading back to the toys to grab a second and a plug, then dragged Oz to the register. "Thanks," he said, putting them down.

"You must have one of the bad ones," the worker said, adding the things up. "Cash or not?"

"Not," Xander said, handing over one of his credit cards. "My new one, I'm christening it."

Oz cleared his throat. "TMI, babe," he said softly.

"Sorry." Xander turned to look at him, giving him a small smile. "Don't you like me being happy?"

"Yes, but you don't need to tell everyone in town why you're happy."

"Okay, I won't." Xander signed the slip and took his bag, waving as he walked out to their rental car. "Hi," he said, getting in and giving Ray a kiss. "Okay, now to spoil you rotten." He waited until Oz had hitched his seatbelt then backed out, heading for one of the places he had looked up and called while Oz and Ray had breakfast.


Ray balked as he was pulled into the spa, but Xander turned and pouted at him, melting his reserve. "You promised," Xander whined. "You said I could spoil you so you could have a reward."

"Just go with it," Oz sighed, pushing Ray's behind. He nodded Xander toward the check-in desk, sitting Ray in one of the waiting chair. "It goes easier if you let him spoil you. It always makes him feel better to spoil others."

"Okay," Ray said, hanging his head. "Don't let him pout at me again."

"Deal," Xander said as he sat beside them. "We're going back in a few minutes. Oz, you watch over Ray while I go get the rest of everything set up. My appointment's not for an hour." He gave them each a breath-stealing kiss then left, breezing out the door as if nothing at all had happened.

Oz shook his head. "I don't want to know."

"Mr. Osbourne? Mr. Kowalski? This way please." She handed them robes and walked them to a changing area. "Please strip and we'll get you set up." She gave them a happy, if a little fuzzy, smile.

Xander smiled at the woman showing him clothes, shaking his head. "No, Ray's a lot like me. He needs soft, spoiling-type clothing. Soft fabrics. Oh, and we need cute underwear."

She nodded, heading back into the racks to find something else for him.


Xander smiled at Ray as he walked up to him, leaning down to grab a kiss, putting the damp cloth back over the chapped lips. "All set." He looked at his manicurist. "Are we in the same section?"

"Your massage is first, but he'll be in there with you after his mask is done."

Ray mumbled something.

"Thanks," Xander said, taking the opportunity to run a finger up Ray's leg as he walked past him. He lay down on the bed that was waved to, letting the towel around his hips drape gracefully off his body. "Ah, familiar territory," he sighed, closing his eyes.

The masseuse walked in, smiling at the woman working on Xander's nails. "This is our emergency case?"

"There's three of them. One'll be back with him in a few minutes. He only had three minutes left on his facial." She pared back the cuticles, putting away the orange stick to pick up a buffer. "And he needed it too. That guy with him had *dreadful* skin."

"He's from Chicago. They have wind right now."

"And snow," the masseuse said as she poured some oil onto her hands. "Soft, hard, or whatever?"

"Feels good?" Xander asked, turning his head to look at her. "I'm GHS, I need to feel good."

"Ah. We have a few of you as clients." She went to the sink in the corner of the room and washed her hands, coming back with a bottle. "Any allergies?"


"Good, no gloves then. This will feel great, I promise." She smoothed the warm, almost incense- smelling over his back. "What about your friends?"

"The one getting the facial is. The other's not, but he's mine."

Both women laughed lightly.

Ray was led in and put on the other bed, giving Xander a dirty look. "They squeezed things outta my face."

"Did it need it?" Xander asked, his voice warm with the soothing pleasure he felt.

"Yeah, but still." Ray grabbed the towel. "There are women in here."

"Who do this for a living," Xander said, lifting his head. "Ray, you'd think that Meth never gave you a massage." He saw the sad but embarrassed look away and mentally swore. "It feels good, okay," he said, reaching a hand over to rub the elbow that was sticking out. "I promise, it's good and comfy. Let them do what they need to and we'll be great later."

Ray nodded, relaxing as another masseuse worked on his lower legs. "That's not bad," he admitted.

"Very good or simply okay?"

"Kinda nice."

"Good." Xander rearranged himself, smiling at the woman working on Ray's legs. "He's never been treated to a real massage before, make him a puddle?"

"Of course I will," she said, smiling at him. "Everyone deserves to be pampered once in a while." She moved up to the white thighs, sighing as she felt the texture of the muscles there. "What do you do, honey?"

"Cop," Ray mumbled, face down on his crossed arms.

"Ah." She nodded, looking over at Xander. "You?"

"I work in a jewelry store in a little town outside of LA." He smiled at Oz as he was brought in. "Hey, Ray's getting his first one."

"Cool." Oz stole a kiss then sat on one of the extra chairs in the room. "I'm done. No major overhaul needed this time. Just some moisturizing and stuff." He waved at Ray when he looked up. "Relax and let your other side out. That's what this place is about, Ray. Be the GHS you are."

The woman doing Xander's nails looked at him. "You're a good coach. He a newbie to the Society?"

"Kinda. His lover's been preoccupied recently though." Xander blinked at her. "I'm spoiling him."

"Oh, good for you, baby. He deserves it. He does a hard job and he deserves to be spoiled."

"He's a good detective too," Xander sighed, going limp under the talented hands. "Wow, wanna come live at our house?"

"No thanks, I doubt my puppy would like it," Xander's masseuse said, giving Oz a smile. "She'd miss the desert."

Oz settled in, watching over the men as they lost themselves in their hedonistic sides.


Xander opened their motel room door, smiling at what he saw. "Isn't this *great*!" he called, running over to jump on the bed. "Oz, come see!"

Oz walked in with their bags, and the suitcases Ray had brought with him, shaking his head. "This is gross, not great," he corrected. "All we need are guys with 'fro's."

"No one said that being GHS meant that you had to have good taste," Ray muttered, heading for the bathroom. "Gonna use it, anyone care?"

"Hurry up," Xander said, rolling onto his stomach, watching the closing door then looking over at Oz. "Shut the door, babe, got to work up something good."

"Sure." Oz set everything down next to the little table before he walked over to the bed. "Well, we'll have to cuddle again. Half the bed's not big enough to sleep on."

"It's fine," Xander said, patting it. "Perfect for what I want to do." He gave Ray an innocent look as the older man walked out of the bathroom. "Great, huh?"

"Pretty cool," Ray agreed. "There's a heart-shaped tub." He sat on the edge of the bed, nervously twitching. "Guys, what's going on? First Xander spends tons to give me things and now we're in a sex spot."

"This is called spoiling," Oz told him gently. "Xander does this to make himself feel better."

"And after he's done spoiling you, then you get a reward for putting up with me," Xander said, rubbing down Ray's newly loofahed, oiled, and massaged back. "Are you ready for a reward, Ray?"

"I thought that was the reward," Ray said carefully, shifting away from his friends.

"Nope, that was the spoiling," Oz told him, pulling him into his lap for a kiss. "This is the reward. It goes as far as you want, not including sex."

"Um, okay," Ray said slowly. "Why?"

"Because I want Xander to suffer for a little while before he gets sex," Oz told him. Ray nodded, then grinned. "Get it now?"

"Yup." He looked over at Xander, then at the bags they had brought in. "Reward?"

"Yup. Anything from one of Xander's most perfect blows to toys."

"All for me?"

"Yup, all for you," Xander said, sitting up and knee-walking over to hug Ray.

"See, I always thought sex was the spoiling." The couple shook their heads. "Huh, gonna have to have a talk with the old guy then, huh?"

Oz nodded. "I could do it if you wanted."

"Or I could," Xander offered. "I'm sure putting it into GHS terms would make some sort of sense to him. After all, Ray, you were meant to be someone rich's favorite concubine."

"So were you," Oz snorted. "Or their prized possession of a concubine."

"Yup, but Meth prefers the sexual side instead of the absolute pleasure side. He doesn't even eat nummy, silky foods because he doesn't see it," Xander explained. "You and I know that there are a few heavens above chocolate, but not many; he still hasn't figured out that there are other realms of pleasure outside of studying and sex."

"Very true," Ray said, relaxing into the warm bodies surrounding him. "Now what?"

"Now, we give you your reward for letting Xander take out his mothering instincts on you," Oz told him quietly, stealing another kiss and handing him over to Xander. "Be gentle with him. He needs a teacher."

"Oh, I was taught well by Meth in some things. Others I'm learning now."

"Yup, I'm sure you were. After all, Methos taught me sexual pleasure too." He winked at Oz. "It's really bad when you have to daydream to get off with your girlfriend."

"I'd guess," Ray sighed, relaxing as he was laid down on the pillows Oz was arranging. "I didn't have that problem with my wife."

"Wow. You were married?"

"Yup. She was great. Stella was just such a womanly woman. One of those that you wanted to curl up on top of and shelter on." He shrugged. "It's been over for a while though."

"Still getting over her?" Oz suggested, lying down on Ray's free side.

"Yeah, it's been hard to do but I'm workin' on it." He closed his eyes. "I wish she could see me today. This is who she thought I was supposed to be when we married."

"But you were young and no one had taught you anything," Xander said, unbuttoning the silk shirt he had bought his friend. "So she wasn't getting what she thought she should and you were being disappointed because you couldn't please her the way she wanted. And then I bet she turned her passionate nature over to another topic, right?" Ray nodded. "And you had to put all of yours into work so you moved up the command chain." Ray nodded again so Xander started working on his pants. "I bet by then it was all over, huh?"

"Very over," Ray sighed, lifting his hips so his pants could be taken off. "I talked to her a few months ago and told her all about GHS and stuff. She was happy that I found myself finally. It was kinda touchin' and all when she cried." He opened his eyes. "Then she met Methos and got really jealous. Which was kinda nice too." He grinned. "We talked again and we're becomin' friends now."

"Which is the way it should be," Oz told him, leaning down for a kiss. "What sort of limit would you like to set?"

"Um, how far can we go again?"

Xander grinned, getting up to grab the bag from the sex shop, using the opportunity to strip for his men. "All the way up to here," he said, handing the bag over. "I got you some just for you."

Ray misted up. "Wow. This is great," he said, sitting up to open the bag, tearing open the packages to release his new toys. "And lube too!"

"Gonna ask Methos for you," Xander told him as he sat down. "He can't say no. At least not all the time."

"I'm sure you could trick him into saying yes," Oz said thoughtfully. "Maybe doing it while you're sucking him off."

"Guys, I like being a cop."

"Hey, Sunnydale could use another few cops." Xander gave him a bright smile. "Ready?"


Oz shook his head, pushing Ray back onto the pillows. "Just relax and enjoy your reward." He felt his hand being gripped so squeezed it. "I'm gonna sit right here, okay?"

"Yup, that's good," Ray said, smiling at him. He blinked hard as he felt a warm tongue lapping his chest, lifting his head to look down so he could watch Xander give him a tongue bath. "Don't do that. I have that nice oil on me."

"Okay." Xander shifted over to a nipple, nibbling and sucking on it, making Ray giggle and move. "Ah, ticklish," Xander sighed. He looked up at Oz, who nodded before leaning down to kiss their friend. Then he went back to his pleasurable torture. Ray deserved his best after all. He moved down the heaving chest, ignoring the giggling going on as he headed for his ultimate goal. He felt something being put down beside his hand so glanced over at it, giving Oz a mental smile as he lubed the small toy up and slipped it in.

Ray arched up and screamed, coming almost immediately, eyes squeezed tightly shut. When he was back to his calm state, he opened his eyes, looking down at Xander, who was licking his lips, and shook his head. "Thanks."

"Not done yet unless you are," Xander told him, starting to move the toy again as he took a long lick up the underside of Ray's cock.

"Oh, damn, you do *that*?"

Oz nodded, leaning down to give Ray a kiss. "His record's five times."


"Yup, and we want that for you," Xander told him, right before he swallowed him down.

Ray's eyes rolled back in his head and he went limp, letting the couple do whatever they wanted to him.

Xander grinned up at Oz before he used everything in his power to make it special for their friend. He was determined to make Methos live up to what he had done to Ray, even if he had to teach Ray how to pout.


Ray woke up, blinking hard at the disco ball above his head. He shook his head, rolling over to rest on Oz's chest, snuggling in once he figured out he wasn't going to be asked to move. "Wow, you guys cuddle."

"Yup," Oz said, reaching a hand down to play with the blond hair. "All the time. Xander's in the bathtub if you wanted to join him." He saw the disbelieving look. "He offered."

"Oh." Ray shifted, rubbing himself against the side of Oz's body, getting comfortable. "Maybe in a few minutes. Can I do this?"

"Sure. I'm always up for cuddling." Oz continued his gentle scalp massage, smiling as Xander padded out dripping wet to give them kisses. "You're getting my book wet," he complained.

"Sorry." Xander grinned and held a hand out to Ray. "I have bubbles."

"So I can see," Ray said, running a finger through some that were steadily sliding down the young man's stomach. "Can we cuddle?"

"Mostly. Easiest way would be for you to sit in my lap." Xander grinned at Oz then turned back to Ray. "Come on, at least try it. You can come cuddle Oz again in a few minutes if you don't like it."

Ray nodded, getting up and following him in, smiling at the sunken heart-shaped tub filled with bubbles. He waited for Xander to get back in, admiring the view he got. He carefully climbed down onto the waiting lap, hesitantly putting his full weight on the frail body. "Hit me if I get too heavy."

"You're not heavy," Xander sighed, pulling Ray into his arms and forcing him to cuddle, relaxing by smoothing some of the bubbles up and down his back. "See, relaxing is good." He scooted down so his back was on the padded back of the tub, getting both of them comfortable for a long soak. "This is one of the more basic pleasures. A long, hot bath with bubbles." He placed a soft kiss on the side of Ray's neck. "Just relax and let yourself enjoy it."

"I'm gonna try," Ray said, shifting so he scooted down some, resting his head on Xander's shoulder. "Still okay?"

"Very okay. Just relax. Let the warm water sooth all the tension away," Xander said softly, continuing his backrub. He looked up as Oz walked in, patting the other half of the heart. "Still room if you want to join us."

"Sure," Oz said, stripping down and climbing into the hot water, settling himself into his half of the heart. "This is kinda cool," he admitted. Until he saw the grin. "But we're not getting one at home."

"Aw, come on, Oz," Ray said, looking over at him. "You could use another big tub."

"We could, but it's not going to be one of these." Oz slipped further into the water, closing his eyes. "Wake me when I wrinkle."

"Okay," Xander and Ray said together. They looked at each other and giggled.

"So alike," Xander said as he ran a finger down Ray's nose. "Now all you need to do is learn how to sew."

"Not gonna happen," Ray said, closing his eyes again. "I'm gonna follow Oz's example."

"Go right ahead, I nap in the bathtub all the time." Xander went back to his soothing of the warm skin, gentling Ray to his touch. "Do whatever you want, Ray, we won't mind."

Not long after Ray fell asleep, Xander succumbed to the warmth of the water too.


"No, we can't have chocolate for dinner," Oz sighed, covering his face with a pillow. "Get real food."

"But I wanted to do that whole dessert for supper thing that you let me do the last night we were in LA," Xander complained. He lowered himself to lay next to his lover, licking over his exposed cheek. "It'll be good for him. I'll even eat good stuff."

"Yes, you will," Oz said, removing the pillow. "You will stay on your diet tonight. Deal?" Xander nodded. "Then get him dressed and we'll take him somewhere that he can have a six course dessert supper."

"Thank you," Xander said, giving Oz a hug before grabbing a bag of clothes and going into the bathroom to help Ray get dressed. "I made reservations already. No tie, but dress shirt. Yours is in the blue bag," he called as he shut the door.

"Sneaky little naughty pet," Oz complained, getting up to get dressed. "Don't know why I let him do this to me every time we travel."

"Because you love him?" Ray suggested from behind him.

Oz jumped then turned to look him over, nodding. "You look very good." He gave the other man a short kiss then went back to getting dressed. "He does this every time we've traveled, since we got back from Vermont."

Xander walked up behind Oz, wrapping him in his arms. "You got me hooked on romantic dinners," he whispered, licking one pinkening ear. "I'm being nice, I'm paying tonight."

"Good." Oz batted at the hands trying to help him, turning to kiss Xander, pushing him into the wall to do it. "No helping. Go sit and watch." He smiled as his instructions were followed, then turned his back to his lover so he could finish dressing. "How did I get you hooked?"

"Our picnic on the rug," Xander said simply, giving Oz a shrug when he turned to look at him.

"Huh?" Ray asked, sitting beside Xander on the bed.

"It was one of those romantic things he did when we were trying to get back together," Xander explained. "He showed up at my work with a picnic in the trunk. He bought a few books and when my boss asked him if there was anything else he wanted, he said me."

"Okay, that's real sweet," Ray said, smiling at Oz. "Wanna give the old guy lessons?"

"Sure," Oz said, turning back around as he finished buttoning his shirt. "Good enough?"

"Yup." Xander walked over to help tuck the shirt in and Ray started to snicker. "What?" he asked, giving the older man a pout.

"You can't go out like that," Ray said, getting up to stand behind him. "You have to wear underwear, it's one of those rules of polite society."

"I keep telling him that," Oz sighed, shaking his head. "He never wants to hear that part."

"Fine, I'll put some on," Xander sighed, heading for the shopping bags so he could grab a smaller bag and take it into the bathroom. He walked out a few minutes later to find his men waiting on him. "Better?" he asked, turning around.

"A little," Oz said, frowning at the semi-naked rear. "You really want to wear a thong to dinner?"

"Yup, do." Xander pulled up his pants and buttoned them as he headed for the door. "Come on, our reservations are in an hour. We still have to find this place."

"What place?" Ray asked.

"It's one of the great restaurants in one of the bigger casinos."

"No gambling," Oz said firmly.

"I'm not," Xander said, giving him his best innocent look. "They're having a show I wanted to see." He tossed the keys over. "We're going to the strip. The Luxor."

"Why don't I trust that look?" Ray quipped as he got into the back seat.

"I *never* trust that look," Oz said seriously. "Never." He started the car, moving his head out of the way of the automatic seat belt.


Xander pulled Oz into the display room, turning to smile at him. "See, I wanted pointers."

"Uh-huh," Oz said, shaking his head. "You can't collect some of these pieces, Xan."

"I know. But if you think about it, that's a perfect thing to keep me solvent for a long time." He pulled his lover over to a case, looking down at the ruby set inside it. "I could get a small collection. If you think it'd be okay."

"Jewels rarely go down in value," Oz said thoughtfully, leading the way around to some of the other display cases. "These are great pieces," he said, stopping to look down at a few tasteful tiaras. "You really want to do something like this?"

"Or work with what we have already," Xander pointed out. Oz nodded slowly. "I could take doing that forever."

"Another good point. Will you wait to discuss this with me once we get back home?"

Xander nodded. "I can do that much. Maybe come to you with a full plan?"

"Which would be great," he said, giving his lover a hug. "Now then, where did you stash Ray?"

"That was the other thing," Xander said softly, pulling Oz out of the traffic flow. "I want to give him lessons. Teach him everything I know."

Oz closed his eyes and shook his head. "You really want Meth to get you, don't you?"

"Excuse me," a man said, walking up to them. "Meth? As in Methos?" He flashed a small, blue tattoo on his wrist. "You know him?"

"He's my teacher," Xander said, backing behind Oz. "He's gone now but I'm staying in touch with him, why?"

"Because I've been looking for the annoying son of a bitch for a few years now," he said with a smile. "Was there someone like me near him?"

Oz nodded. "Yup. Adam. We liked him, right Xander?"

"Yup, liked him a lot."

The man looked him over. "You're Oz, correct?"

"This going in a Chronicle?"

"Not particularly. I'm tracing a rumor about Mr. Pierson and I'd like to get in touch with him."

"Ah." Oz took the business card the man held out. "When I see Adam I'll give it to him. Good enough?" The man nodded. "Good, but you still didn't see me."

"Of course not," the man said, backing away. "Why would I see the man who brought down a tyrant all by himself?" He kept backing away until he was immersed in the traffic flow, escaping with them.

"You did?" Xander asked.

"He tried to take what was mine," Oz said simply. "Come on, I think we need to find Ray and leave. We'll talk when we're safely at the motel."

"Okay." Xander kept hold of one of Oz's beltloops on the way out, not wanting to get separated in the mass of people.


"We are so screwed," Xander sighed as he walked through the door, making sure it was closed and locked securely behind them. "What's a Chronicle? Something like what Giles has?"

"There's another version of Watchers, only for immies. They write the story of our lives." Oz lay down on the bed, relaxing and crossing his feet. "That guy was a Watcher. And he's hunting for Meth."

"Did you call him by name in public?" Ray asked.

"We were talking and I called him Meth," Oz explained. "The Watcher came up to us and asked if we were talking about him. Xander said he was his teacher but he had went far, far away."

"Oh. The old guy said I was to ignore any attempts by them to get me to admit that I knew and to act as if the guys needed to be in a mental institution. His words."

"Which is a really good idea and all," Oz said, patting the bed beside him for Ray to lay down and cuddle, "but he knew Adam. Was looking for him too."

"Oh. That's different then." Ray lay down, immediately snuggling. "Should we call?"

"No, but we can email," Xander suggested. "The motel has a public terminal. I have his addy memorized."

"Might be a good idea," Oz agreed. "Go do that, we're going to wait here for you. Don't talk to him if he shows up."

"Okay, but I want to hear about that tyrant," Xander said as he headed for the door. "Card?"

"Pocket," Oz said, reaching in to get it and handing it over. "Do it quick. We'll miss you."

Xander gave them a sappy grin. "Me too." He blew a kiss and walked out, making sure the door was closed behind him by tugging on it.

Oz rolled to hold Ray, giving him a gentle squeeze. "Xander wants to teach you how to be him."

"I'm not so sure I wouldn't get killed for that."

"Nah, the old guy can't resist his pout." Oz yawned.

"How old are you anyway? Meth said something about Rome with you when he was drunk last time."

"Um, we're not having this conversation." Oz looked into the blue eyes, seeing the understanding in there. "I've changed, a lot, since I first came across. It was Meth that decided I should have a new name. A little bit of protection and a lot of hiding." He looked down, eventually hiding his head in the firm chest. "I'm older than you guys think, but I'm not as old as him. And no one but Meth knew that. And one other person, but they'd never hold it against me."

"Oh." Ray's face scrunched up, then he shook his head. "So what's the big deal?"

"Mostly it's what I was." He cleared his throat. "Remember how Meth told you about his dark side?" He felt the nod. "Well, I'm one of the people that helped him recover from it. I was a priest of Dionysus." He looked up. "One of the guardians of his temple."

"Okay, and that was what? Some sort of ceremonial warrior?"

"More like keeper of the priestesses. It was my job to make sure that none of them were attacked and that none of them ever let his secrets slip."

"Okay. So this was a bad thing?"

"Only when I had to enforce a death penalty." Oz sat up, pulling Ray up to rest against him again. "See, the temple I was in was the only one in that town. We were not only the justice there but also the main reason for needing it. I was fighting a long time before the Romans ever came onto the scene. And I didn't want to do it then. My parents had offered me to the temple, even though three different craftsmen had offered for me. I didn't want to be there, but if I didn't follow orders, then the punishment would be applied to whomever I had let off and me."


"Very ouch. Until one warrior was brought in. He had been traveling, just traveling to get away from his past, and they decided he was the root cause of three supposedly innocent young girls getting pregnant. The fathers together decided he would pay them for the use of the girls, but he didn't have anything on him. So they brought him to the temple. And he was put to good use there."

"And Methos was still sick of the killing?"

"Yup, very sick of the killing. It was him that arranged for us to get away from the temple, and it was him that figured out I was pre-immie. He took us to another temple and asked for sanctuary from the other one. Those other priests were amused but they didn't want to help. So we ran. All the way to India." He smiled at the disco ball. "See, I told Xander the truth about most everything, I just screwed with the timeline a little."

"Why?" Xander asked as he walked in, slamming the door. "Why lie to me?" He stood there, glaring at them. "I thought we were over that stuff."

"We are," Oz said, holding out a hand, "but I had to. See, Oz came to be when I told you. The guy before him wasn't always the best person."

"So you changed your name when you said you came across?"

"No, babe, I finished changing my person." Oz wiggled his fingers. "I left Theodonius far behind and I became Oz. That's when Meth started the rumor of Oz and of Theodonius' death. I literally became a whole new person."

Xander sat on the edge of the bed, staring at his lover. "What were you before?"

"A mercenary for a long time. Someone who royally hated himself so much that he begged Methos to kill him every time they got drunk together. Someone who was so down on himself that it took Methos becoming Death again to stop him." He wiggled his fingers again and Xander took them, giving them a squeeze. "He tried to take something from me, something that I cherished more than life itself. Needless to say, I lost it. The thing that had made me such a good temple guardian and fighter also made me a bitch to be a friend of. When I attacked Methos, I blanked out. He had to slip back into what he had been to survive. Eventually, he killed me." He looked down at Ray, who was watching all this avidly, his eyes very wet. "When I woke up, I was horrified. Methos was still calming down but I escaped. I ran as far and as fast as I could. I went back to where it had all began. Then I broke down." He cleared his throat, his own eyes getting wet now. "Meth found me about sixteen months later. I was starved, disassociative, incoherent, and generally miserable. I *begged* him to make me pay. Instead, he fixed me."

"That's how you became Oz," Xander said softly, leaning down to kiss the pale forehead. "He made you go back to what you had been, all the art stuff, and you became who you are now."

Oz nodded. "Basically. So I am as old as I told you, but my physical body is a few centuries older."

"So no lie, but still not totally truth?" Xander asked. When he got a nod, he sighed. "When were you going to tell me?"

"I kinda hoped never to have to tell you."


"Because I'm not proud of the man I used to be. I am proud of who I became, but that other guy's dead. I don't want to resurrect him. I don't want him to have to come out in this century or to see the light of day again."

"Okay," Xander said, shrugging. "So Oz is still a little over four hundred years old. That's all I need to know." He lay down, snuggling Oz's other side. "Ray, can I teach you how to be me?"

"Sure, if it'd make you feel better."

"Yeah, it would. That way you could turn all the poutiness on Methos so I don't have to yell." Xander stroked down Oz's stomach. "How many people know about this, Oz?"

"There's a student of ours, and Connor's let it be spread around that I'm a berserker, he was there when I went off on Meth the last time. He doesn't know the rest though. Why?"

"Just wondering." Xander sat up. "If the Watcher guy from earlier knew about you, then does anyone know about that other guy?"

"Yeah, but he's listed as dead."

"Oh." Xander grinned. "Good job."

"Thanks. Was all the old one's fault." He puckered his lips, leaning into the kiss he got. "Thank you for not yelling."

"Not yell worthy," Xander told him as he lay back down. "Ray, I want you to show me how you beg. We've got to get you rolling before Meth sends someone for us."

Ray gave him his best begging look, making Xander shake his head. "Not good?"

"Not good enough," Xander corrected. "Very cute but not pitiful enough. You have very expressive eyes, you need to let them show it."


Oz opened the door, nodding Richie inside. "I'm impressed, five whole days."

"Yeah, it took him that long to find you." He looked around the room and shuddered. "Ray's idea?"

"Xander's. He always wanted to stay in a place like this. Xander!" he called, opening the door again. "Richie's here!"

Xander jogged up to the door, grinning at him, holding the towel around his waist. "Want to come swim?"

"No, I'm here to pull you three back to Chicago." He looked Ray over as he walked up to the door, frowning at Xander. "The old guy's gonna kill you. He was trying to keep Ray innocent."

"I am innocent," Ray protested, using his newly acquired light pout on the other immortal. "See?"

"Yeah," Richie said, looking down at his feet. "I'm sorry. Meth wants you back in Chicago tonight."

"We modified our train tickets," Xander said, waving at the packed bags. "We'll head out on tomorrow's train, be there in two days."

Richie shook his head. "I'll call and tell him that, but I'm not going to go near him until *after* he's had you three there for a few days."

"Wanna go ta dinner with us?" Ray asked. "I'm sure you'd like this little place. Very sweet. Cozy even."

Richie backed away from him, shaking his head, one hand held up. "Uh-huh, you two aren't sucking me into your world. It's bad enough Meth wanted me to take care of Blair on his trip home. I'm not getting sucked into Xander's version of GHS. I'd never get back into shape."

"Or want to leave," Oz said with a smirk. "Call and tell him we'll be on the train that leaves tomorrow night. You can even hide on the train if you want."

"Yup, because I'm supposed to be putting you on a plane and babysitting you back to Chicago." He looked at Ray, shaking his head. "He thought Xander might have corrupted you and forced you to take this layover."

"Was me," Oz said, patting Richie on the shoulder. "Totally my thing." He looked at Xander, whose bathing suit was now showing. "No kids in the pool, right?" he asked, frowning at the metallic thong the young man was wearing.

"Nope, no kids anywhere in the motel." He grinned, grabbing Ray's towel and running away.

"HEY!" Ray shot off after him, showing off how little of a tan line thongs create.

Richie moaned and grabbed Oz's arm. "How long?" he whispered.

"Not very," Oz assured him. "We finished assimilating him last night. It's a surprise. We did it for Meth's birthday."

Richie snorted, then started to laugh, ending up sitting on the floor, looking up at his friend. "He's gonna kill you, Oz. Flat out torture for this."

"Yeah," Oz said, giving him a smile. "He is, isn't he?"


Ray sat on one of the sleeper car's benches, pointing at the other. "Strip, gentlemen. Let's get back into our pre-vacation roles." He smoothed his hands down the very soft jeans, smiling at the woman coming in to take their tickets. "Hi. Xander?"

"Huh?" He looked up from his book, pulling his bookmarks out to hand them over. "This is really good, Oz, thanks for getting it for me."

"Hey, even my champion spoiler needs presents," Oz said, giving him a kiss. He took the ticket stubs back, waiting until they were alone to close the shades and strip down to his underwear. "Not joining in?" he asked.

Ray shook his head, grabbing Xander's book from him as the younger man attacked his lover. "Nope, just watchin'."

Xander knocked Oz to the floor, attacking his mouth. "Want you," he hissed, slithering over the warm body beneath him. "Not going to run this time." He worked his own clothes loose, eyeing the bare, tanned flesh as he mentally mapped out his strategy.

Oz groaned, having seen that look before. He went limp, allowing Xander to give him whatever he wanted.

Xander moved his way down the tanned body, nipping and sucking at all the spots that made Oz howl for him, not stopping even when he heard the compartment door open.

Ray coughed lightly. "Yes?" he asked.

"Nothing," the woman croaked. "Just wanting to know about dinner."

"We'll eat down there," Xander said, lifting his head to smile at her. "Breakfast up here though, okay?"

She nodded and escaped, slamming the door behind her.

Oz sighed, pulling his shirt over to cover his face with it. "Okay, I'm embarrassed."

"No you're not," Xander said, lifting the shirt enough to give him a kiss. "You're an Oz." He winked at Ray, slithering backwards so he could torture his lover to the best of his abilities.

Oz almost levitated off the floor when he felt the nip to his balls. "Hey! Easy!"

"Yeah, he is," Ray said, grinning at Xander, until the younger man lunged up to kiss him. "And so am I," he admitted afterwards. "You're good."

"Yup." Xander gave him his best 'naughty' grin, the one that always made Oz run for a room that locked. Then he turned his attentions back to Oz, going back to torturing him.

"Xander!" Oz shouted, pulling away from him. "No sucking on my balls."

"Why not? You usually like it," Xander complained. He pushed himself up into a kneeling position, giving Oz his best pout. "Please?"

"No, I don't want to tell the whole train what we're doing. *Quiet* sex. Okay?"

Xander nodded, leaning in for another kiss. "I won't let you scream. I promise." He rubbed his cheek down the tense chest and stomach, ending up back in Oz's lap. "Does that mean that I can't suck you off?" he asked, rubbing the dripping cock with his hair and cheek.

"No, you can do that," Oz panted, nodding. He grabbed the edge of the bunk, squeezing his eyes shut as Xander went down on him, biting his lip so he wouldn't scream.

Ray picked up Oz's underwear and balled them up, stuffing them in his mouth for him. "There, better?" Oz gave him a grateful look and nodded, just before he fell backwards, a victim to the teasing and magical Xander fingers.

Xander grinned up at Ray, then did something he promised Oz he'd never do again with his throat. Oz had his usual reaction, his yell loud through the cotton. He looked up at his lover and smirked. "See, quiet," he said, trying to dodge the body that lunged up at him. "Oz!"

Oz spit out his underwear, tickling Xander, arousing him in a way that meant the young GHS wouldn't last beyond his first time. "You're gonna pay," he whispered, right before entering him with a thumb.

Xander choked and coughed, sitting up even as he came. He looked at his lover, kissing him gently. "Thank you."

"Welcome, naughty." Oz removed his thumb, pushing himself up onto the bench. He lay there watching Ray, trying to catch his breath. "Good show?" he asked.

Ray nodded, crossing his legs. "Very. I had no idea you could wreck him like that."

"It's the tickling," Xander said, resting his head against Oz's stomach. "Thank you."

"Still welcome."

"Good." He yawned and blinked a few times. "Can we nap now?"

"Sure," Ray said, getting up to pull out the beds, waving at them. "You guys nap. I'm gonna give Xander's book a try."

"S'good," Xander mumbled, crawling onto the hard mattress and putting his head down, already asleep.

Oz just smirked as he crawled in beside him, managing to cover them both before he fell asleep.

Ray pulled out his cellphone, dialing his home. "Hey, it's me. No, we're on the train. They're nappin'." He smiled, putting his feet up on the bed so he could get comfortable. "Yeah, they told me that. No, I wasn't with them, I was losin' at slots." He snorted. "Whatever. It's my check." He shook his head and hung up, pulling out his handcuffs to lock the two men together. "Sorry, guys, it's orders."

Xander snorted, rolling over to cuddle on Oz.


Methos smirked at the three men as they walked in, holding up a pair of handcuffs. "Ray, I hope you don't mind. I'm borrowing some of your equipment."

Xander stepped behind Oz, clutching him around the waist. "Na-uh."

"Shh," Oz said, patting his hands. "You haven't taken a head, recently, right, Meth?"

Methos dropped the handcuffs, staring at them in shock. "What?"

"It's my nightmare," Xander said, putting his chin on Oz's shoulder. "You took me away from my Oz."

"Ah." Methos stood up, coming over to give them both a hug. "No, precious one, I'm not going to try and take you away from your beloved Oz. I don't think that anyone could." He looked into the brown eyes, melting. "Don't you want to be here?"

Xander nodded. "But it was just like my nightmare."

"It's okay," Oz said, pulling Xander in for a hug. "He'll never take you away from me." He kissed Xander's temple. "We'll let you torture us later. Ray, can you handle him for a while until I can get Xander calmed back down?"

Ray nodded, giving his lover a smile. "Sure. Got a lot of things I want to show him." He casually brushed a nipple through his silk shirt. "A whole lotta things."

Methos looked from Ray to Xander and back. "He corrupted you," he said in shock.

Xander lifted his head and shook it. "Uh-uh. I gave him lessons." He had to really hide behind Oz this time, Methos made a grab for him, only stopped by the recently discovered power of the Ray pout.

"No," Methos moaned, putting his hands on top of his head. "Not that. Don't *pout*!"

Xander snickered as he led Oz from the room, closing the door behind them. "It's all okay now."

"I'll get you, Xander," Methos promised loudly. "You *will* pay!"