Changes Going On

Xander looked up as Giles walked into the craft room, finishing his seam as fast as he could and putting his newest project aside. "Hey," he said, shifting over to get a hug. "What's wrong?"

Oz looked up from his computer, rolling his chair backwards to sit beside Xander. "Looks like a serious discussion."

"It is, I'm afraid." Giles held one of Xander's hands. "Connor's asked if I wanted to come study under him for a year or so."

Oz nodded. "He's one of the best of us. It would only help you."

Xander blinked. "You're going to leave us for a year?"

"He has to, I can't teach him how to fight," Oz reminded him, wrapping an arm around Xander's shoulders. "He'll call real often and write lots, but Connor can teach him a lot that I can't."

"So he's going to learn how to stay with us for a long time?"

Giles gave him a weak smile. "Actually, Connor's also asked my help to restart his antiques business while I'm there, but I will be coming back, Xander."

"I understand that, but a year is a long time, Giles." Xander crossed his arms, giving Giles a stern look. "I will be getting regular letters and calls?"

"Of course you will, and I'll be home for holidays also."

Oz nodded. "Go if you feel it's best. I'm not upset. Actually, I kinda figured either he or Meth would offer to teach you."

"Methos is a bit perturbed with this family at the moment," Giles reminded with a smile. "It's not permanent, Xander, but I feel I should go, just so that we have one good fighter in the family."

"Then you'll go and I'll be sad and send you thongs to wear." Xander pulled Giles' head down, kissing him. "As long as you come back, I'll understand you having to leave for a while. Centuries with the same person and no vacations from them would drive even you insane." He pinched Giles' nipple through his shirt. "Go pack, we can send you stuff if you need us to."

Giles sighed, giving them both brilliant smiles. "Thank you. I had been worrying about what you'd say when I told you."

"I'm not a tyrant," Xander pointed out. "There aren't any chains between us, Giles, and I won't let you die because you didn't take this chance. Go become a good fighter and then come back to us."

"Thank you, Xander," Giles said, giving him another kiss. "I'll leave in a few days, give you both time to spoil me horribly."

"Oh, we will," Oz told him, nodding. "Go plan." He waited until Giles had left them alone to look at his lover. "You're going to make him a whole new wardrobe, aren't you?"

"Yup," Xander said with a wicked grin. "I already have most of it done. We'll just have to switch bags or something." He shrugged and went back to his sewing machine, whistling softly as he worked on the t-shirt.

"So bad. I'll have to remember this," Oz told him, going back to his computer. "I still can't find it."

"Are you sure it's a period?"

"No, but I can't find the fault."

"Is there something like a 'run' command? Could that be doing it? Your error message gives a really high line number."

"Yeah, it does," Oz said, trying to run his program again, rewriting down the numbers he got messages for. He went back into the code, searching out those lines to find the problem.


Giles looked down inside his bag before he finished zipping it, a small smile playing around his mouth as he saw all the new clothes inside in place of his usual ones. He zipped it, turning to look at his lovers, letting them think he hadn't found their presents yet. He opened his arms, letting Xander walk into them, holding him tightly. "I'll be back in a few months, at the first holiday."

"Thanksgiving is in a month," Xander mumbled from Giles' chest, just before biting it.


"You need something to remember me by," Xander said, looking up with a grin. "Or would you rather have something else to remember me by for the next month?"

"Xander, even if you made me so sore I couldn't sit..." He stopped when he saw the present. "Oh, my," he said, sitting on the bed, carefully tearing it open to take out the outfit inside it. "Oh, my," he said again, holding up the pieces to look at. "This is beautiful work, Xander."

"Thanks," he said, giving Giles a kiss, sitting beside him. "It's a complete outfit, just like you used to wear all the time. I thought you might need something a little more formal and librarian-guy in New York. Maybe for a special dinner or something."

"I'll wear it the day I come home," Giles promised, giving him another kiss. "That'll be the most special occasion I'll have to wear it on." He folded the outfit and put it into his bag, zipping it closed with some effort. "There, I think that's all I should need."

"Sword," Oz said, handing over the wrapped cutlas. "I have a tube to let you carry it on the plane with you. We'll just say it's an antique and it'll be fine. Connor and Methos do it all the time."

"Thank you," Giles said, giving him a sweet smile. "I didn't want to forget that."

"Why are you using a pirate sword?" Xander asked, looking over the cutlas. "It's pretty but I never pictured you as having one of those. More of a broadsword."

"Well, I do have another sword, which I've sent ahead, but this one is lighter and easier to learn to use. It's also easier to conceal than a Claymore."

"Ah." Xander nodded, then shook his head. "Then how does Connor hide his katana?"

"I have no idea," Giles sighed with a faintly wistful look. "I'm sure he'll teach me eventually but I couldn't do it myself. Besides, they also wear long coats all the time, I don't tend to wear trench coats."

"Yet," Oz commented, sitting on Giles' other side. "You're going to call, right?"

"Definitely," Giles said, giving him a hug. "Every night until you get tired of hearing from me or Connor complains that you're pulling me away from my studies."

Xander snorted. "Then I'll just have to yell at him, huh?"

"No, it's important. Connor doesn't take many students on recently and for him to take on Giles means that he's going to be around a long time. Most of his students are in the running to be the last one of us."

"Which is something we don't need to worry about," Giles reminded them.

"Yes you do," Xander told him, "because not everyone knows and most of them don't believe it yet. When they all believe it, then we won't have to worry about fighting."

Oz reached over, touching Xander's knee. "We'll do fine. Don't worry about it."

"I know we will," Xander sighed, lying back on the bed, "but it's in my nature to worry. It's what I'm supposed to be doing."

"That's a very good point, love, but you never have to worry about me," Giles reminded as he lay down next to Xander, rubbing gently over the young man's stomach. "There is nothing that would take me away from you, especially not if they've heard of you, precious." Xander snorted. "They wouldn't dare," Giles said firmly. "Not when it's well known that I'm the student of Connor and Methos."

"Well, you're not known as Methos' student and Connor's not got a large fan base among the bad guys."

"Don't worry him," Giles admonished sternly. "He doesn't need more to worry about."

"No, he doesn't," Oz said, moving to lay beside Xander's other side, cuddling him. "It'll be okay. Connor will take very good care of Giles. He'll even make sure that he eats and naps on time."

Xander nodded. "I can't help but worry though."

"We know, we're just trying to ease it," Oz told him. "Just relax about his leaving, Xander, it'll be fine."

"I'm sure it will," Xander said, looking up into Oz's eyes, "but who will save you when I get too hyper?"

Giles snickered. "I'm sure he's able to run and hide to save himself from you, precious. Never doubt that Oz can take care of himself."

"Maybe," Xander said, winking at Oz. "But I still think he has to run and hide too often, and I'm not *that* mean."

"No, you're not that mean," Giles told him, stealing a kiss. "Now then, I have to finish packing and you have to take your nightly bath to get yourself ready for us."

"Yup," Xander said, getting up and heading into the bathroom.

Oz looked at Giles. "I think I'm more worried than he is."

"I'll be fine," Giles said, pulling Oz in for a hug. "Don't worry about me. Worry about Connor."

"Yeah, we all worry about him," Oz quipped. "He's way too serious for his own good." Oz looked up. "Maybe we should sic Xander on him to make him have fun. Make Xander take him shopping and then make him play with the kittens."

"I fear that would be a bit too much fun for him," Giles said dryly. "I'm sure he'll loosen up around me after a few weeks." He gave his lover another kiss before pulling back. "I really do have to finish packing. I think I've forgotten a good bit of my clothes."

Oz smiled, heading out of the room.


Xander waved at the plane as it took off, turning to give Oz a hug. "I didn't want him to go," he said softly.

"I know. He didn't either." Oz wrapped an arm around Xander's shoulders, leading him out to where they were parked, and where their car was being towed. "Hey!" He turned the cop watching the procedure around to glare at him. "What do you think you're doing?"

"This car was seen at a drive by shooting last night," he said, pulling out his cuffs. "Turn around please."

"Uh-huh," Xander said, pulling out his wallet. "We live in Sunnydale and that's *our* car. It hasn't left the house in days." He showed off his address. "He lives with me so I know he couldn't have been there."

The officer looked at his notebook then shook his head. "I need to call in and verify the plate. Stand here." He walked to his car, pulling his radio out, talking into it.

Xander leaned against the trunk, grabbing Oz's hand to hold. "It's okay. I know you weren't there and they do too, it's just a misunderstanding."

"Yeah, it is," the cop said, wiping his forehead off as he walked back over to them. "The plate's the same down to one letter." He gave Oz a small smile. "But you do look like that guy." He waved at the tow-truck driver to release the car.

"Wasn't me, man. I've been in Sunnydale for weeks." He pulled out his keys. "Can we go?"

"Yeah, go ahead." The officer wrote something out, handing it over to him. "If anyone else stops you, give them this." He nodded at Xander. "Take your boy home, he looks upset."

"He's recovering from a heart attack," Oz explained, leading Xander around to his door and helping him into the car. "Thank you," he said as he shut the door and walked around the back of the car to get in. He started the engine, backing out slowly, heading for the exit. "Wow," he said finally. "That was as close as I've been to being arrested since the sixties."


"Sex in public," Oz corrected. "Before I crashed my last van." He glanced over at his lover. "Not surprised?"

"After all the times we've had fun in the car?" Xander grinned at him. "I really did get the wrong car for us. I can't bend over and do what I want to you in here."

"It's probably better, especially since the cops are going to be giving us extra attention for a while." Oz turned on his blinker, changing lanes so he could take an exit. "Home," he sighed, speeding up as he hit the interstate.

"Yeah, but it's going to be an unhappy place for a few days," Xander said quietly.

"I know," Oz said, taking one hand off the wheel to pat his thigh briefly. He took their exit, getting onto a secondary highway and slowing down some.


Xander laid his head on Oz's thigh, closing his eyes. "Chain me to the bed?" he said in a tiny whisper.

Oz ran his fingers through the dark hair, staring out a window. "Go get your chains, we'll do it out here. I don't want to go into the bedroom yet." He looked down when he felt the head shake. "No?"

"There's nothing out here to chain me to."

"Ah." Oz nodded. "Do you need the physical chains?" Xander nodded. "Bring it out here, we can figure something out. Maybe a pile of pillows on the floor with the end attached to the couch." Xander nodded, getting up and going into their bedroom, coming back with the slim chain. Oz got up, heading over to attach the silver cuff to one of the couch's legs, tossing all the pillows and cushions onto the floor, watching as Xander arranged them and lay down. He knelt beside the still body, snapping the padded cuff loosely around the trim ankle. "Better?" he asked when he got a sigh.

"Very," Xander said, reaching an arm out to pull Oz down with him. "Come lay with me?"

"Sure." Oz let himself be snuggled into, closing his eyes as he enjoyed the warmth and strength of the body on his. "What brought this on?" he whispered.

"I was feeling lonely," Xander admitted, rubbing his cheek on Oz's chest. "And I felt like I had done something wrong that made him go." He looked up. "He hasn't been real with us lately."

"I know. I think he's having doubts about being GHS himself. Some sort of identity crisis."

"Oh." Xander put his head back down. "Does that mean I'm too demanding? He's always making jokes about how much I need."

"Wasn't you, or me," Oz said, rubbing down the soft back. "It's him needing space to think. Lots of things have changed for him and he needs time alone. Connor knew, that's why he offered."

"Oh. Okay." Xander closed his eyes. "Would you mind if I cling?"

"Go right ahead," Oz agreed. "I could use the clinging myself." He wrapped the younger man tighter in his arms, giving him a gentle squeeze. "Feeling better yet?"

"Not really. It's gonna take some time."

"Time we have," Oz reminded him. "Xander, he'll come back. It may take him a while to get everything settled in his mind, but he will come back."


"Yeah, eventually." Oz kissed Xander's head. "Rest as long as you want. I'll fix dinner."


"Sure." Oz shifted so his weight was off to one side, letting Xander curl up around him. "Rest, love, we've got time," he whispered. "We have enough time left."


Oz watched Xander, noticing everything about the younger man as he stood in the doorway. How his shoulders and back were slumped, how his eyes kept scanning a picture of the three of them. How he sighed every few minutes. "It wasn't your fault," he said, stepping into the room, letting Rocky run over to the bed before him. He lay down next to his precious one, pulling him closer. "This wasn't you."

"Yeah it was," Xander said, burying his face in Oz's chest. "I was too demanding and he couldn't take it anymore. All of that on top of everything else he was going through."

"It wasn't you," Oz told him again, trying to stay calm. He had never seen his pet this upset. "He needed to go find out who he was now." He poked gently at the flat stomach. "You're worrying too much. This is all about him."

"Maybe, but I still feel like I failed him somehow, or like I pushed him too hard." Xander shifted so he was staring at Oz's navel. "Why aren't you in the craft room?"

"Because it's really quiet back there without you working on projects." Oz picked up one of the limp hands to stroke. "You know, the only thing he could actually complain about is how often you needed him to take over for me when you wore him out," he teased, smiling at the pleased snort he got. "It's true, he never had a reason to complain about anything else. You're still very passionate with him, and very loving. He had everything he wanted in you, I don't even know why he let me keep you."

"Because I'm a pain to him," Xander said simply. He turned his head so he could look at his lover. "If I was that important to him, I'd be with him right now, right?"

Oz nodded, his mind whirling. "Yeah, but he didn't want you to worry about him and what he was learning. Connor's a master swordsman, and he will beat Giles until he learns the techniques. He didn't want to look dumb in front of you."

"Then why didn't he take you?"

"Jealousy. He didn't want me to be jealous of how good he was getting. It's well known that I can't fight worth a damn."

"Why not?" Xander asked softly. "Is it because you don't want to or because you can't?"

"I can't actually." Oz went back to stroking his lover's hand, trying hard not to let on his dirtiest secret. "I've tried to learn from everyone around me. Even Connor tried to help me learn, but I just can't. I'm not ruthless enough and I don't have the hunting instinct that everyone else has."

"Oh." Xander nodded, putting his head back down, after giving the covered chest a kiss. "What about the wolf? Wouldn't that help?"

"It would, if I could call it up while I fought and still have any sense. I can't do that though."

"Huh." Xander closed his eyes. "We need to call Willow tonight."

"Got an email from her, complete with pictures." He pinched the firm butt. "When were you going to tell me about buying something that fancy?"

"Isn't. Was very pretty and nice. It's a nice place to hide when we need to." Xander nipped at Oz's chest. "Can you please take my mind away for a while?"

"I don't know," Oz teased. "You're thinking too hard for that. I might have to get mean and suck it out."

"Okay," Xander said, rolling onto his back. "I'd like that if you're willing."

"Flip the other way, babe. You know the drill."

"Yup," Xander said with a hint of a smile, more than he had smiled since Giles had left. He wiggled until they were sixty-nined, mouthing the soft cock through Oz's jeans. "Not feeling up to it?" he asked, lowering the zipper so he could get to the flesh he craved.

"I am, I'm just getting a slow start this time." Oz rolled so he was mouthing Xander through his harem pants. "Besides, I thought you wanted comforted."

"I do, but you need it too."

Oz lifted his head, looking into the deep brown eyes. "No, you need the comfort, I just need you." He laid his head on Xander's stomach, teasing the little hairs on the otherwise smooth flesh with his tongue. "I don't want you to be sad, Xander, it's not going to bring him back any sooner. He'll be back soon enough and you need to go back to a normal life again."

"Yeah, I know. I have to start working again tomorrow." Xander closed his eyes, one arm going over top of them. "What are you going to be doing?"

"The people I sold that program to want me to have a final look over it. I'll be doing that." Oz gave the stomach another kiss. "I'll even drive you down and come pick you up if you'd like."

"Yes, please," Xander whispered.

"Okay. We'll keep you as a pet until you're ready to move on." Oz kissed the flesh one last time before sitting up and patting the soft cock under the silk. "Still want some?" Xander shook his head. "I'm here if you need me. I'll be working on the program." He slid out of the bed, heading up the stairs to their office/workout/practice space.

Xander rolled over, careful not to tangle the chain, and grabbed the picture again to stare at. "What did I do wrong?" he asked it.


Oz walked into the jewelry store Xander worked in, looking around for his lover. The female nodded at the back so he walked over to her. "It's safe?" he asked.

"He's gone to lunch. What did you need?" She looked down at the case. "We don't have a large selection of things he might wear."

Oz nodded slowly, walking along the case. "That one," he said, pointing at an obsidian piercing stud. "And a new bracelet. He needs spoiled." He walked back over to where she was filling out the forms. "You sure we can do this?"

"Yup, we're used to treats like this. Every Valentines Day, we have people who want their things shipped to their lovers as a surprise." She handed over the slip, going to open the case and pull out what he wanted, making sure before she rung it up. "He'll love these." She held up the piercing stud. "Where does he wear earrings?"

"Nowhere yet, but I'm going to try and get him to change that." Oz signed the credit card slip she handed him, taking his copy and the invoice, and his card, then waved and walked out. He drove around the block a few times, trying to figure out where Xander might be eating, before he went back to the jewelry store. He walked in, smiling at his lover's slumped over form. "Not selling a lot today?" he asked, giving him a hug.

"Not a thing so far." Xander pouted at his coworker as she walked out the door. "She got a sale during lunch, I saw the corner of the slip in the drawer when I grabbed my keys to the case." He sighed, looking down at the engagement rings under his elbows. "Today hasn't been a good day yet."

"When do you get off work?"

"Three hours, why?"

"Because I have to pick up something for later." Oz leaned closer, giving him a quick kiss. "I didn't want to be late picking you up."

"Oh, okay," Xander said, giving his lover a confused look. "Is it a happy thing or not?"

"Dinner for one," Oz said with a slight smile. "And a surprise for the rest." He tweaked Xander's nose. "You be good and I'll be back in time to pick you up." He waved and walked out, heading for their car, a plan forming in his mind.

His naughty little pet needed spoiling and he was just the man to do it.


Xander smiled at his lover as he got out of the car. "Thank you, Oz," he said, waiting until the immortal was at his side so he could give him a hug. "For taking care of me and everything."

"I'm not done taking care of you yet," Oz reminded him, walking him into the house, bags firmly in hand. "Go dish up supper," he said, handing over that bag, "and we'll eat it out here. Then you're going to do something for an hour while I set up my surprise." Xander nodded, heading for the kitchen, letting Oz find their animals to tell them they were home. "Where's Rocky?" he called.

"She's been sleeping under the guest bed," Xander called back. He spooned the meals out onto plates, carrying them out to set on the floor, grabbing a few nearby candles to place on the floor between them. He jogged back to the kitchen, coming back with glasses of water and forks, frowning at Don. "Let's sit on that side then," he said, sitting down in front of the plate the kitten had been eating out of. "You shouldn't do that," he scolded, still accepting Don into his lap.

Oz walked out of the bedroom wearing his robe, smiling at the sight his lover and their kitten made. "Hungry?" he asked, sitting down in front of the other plate.

"Yup. Don was." Xander grinned at him. "He's going to nap now."

"Coolness. As long as he doesn't try to join in later." Oz picked up a piece of his food, blowing on it before nibbling on it. "Hmm, not as good as usual. Too hot." He put down his fork, leaning over to get a kiss. "Candles were a nice touch," he complimented.

"Thanks." Xander blushed lightly and looked down at his plate. "What surprise?"

"Ah-ah-ah. Then it wouldn't be a surprise, would it?" Oz said, nipping the tip of Xander's nose. "Eat, babe."

"Yes, Oz." Xander ate a bite of his food then grinned and held up the next one, letting Oz eat it off his fork. "I miss eating in your lap."

"Yeah, me too," Oz said, patting his lap. "Come eat, babe."

Xander carefully got up, leaving Don where he was, and plopped down into his lover's lap with a grunt. "Thanks for indulging me."

"Not an indulgence, this is a good thing." Oz ate the bite of food Xander held up for him. "You have to eat too," he reminded, holding up a fork full of the beef dish. "Come on, Xander, eat for me. Please?"

Xander sucked the beef off the fork, licking his lips. "Wow, way spicier than mine," he said, waving a hand over his mouth. "Is it supposed to be that way?"

"Not really. I ordered it mildly-hot instead of my usual super-hot." Oz shrugged, rubbing down Xander's clothed back. "What happened today at work?"

"Well, let's see. I made a sale. A small one, but it's still a sale. Business has been slow, there hasn't been any jewelry holidays recently." He shrugged. "But my boss said I handled the customer very well." He picked up a piece of beef off his own plate and slurped it up. "Um, I got a present from Giles."

"You did?" Oz gave him a hug. "Was it a nice one?"

"Yup, he bought me a new bracelet and an earring for some reason." Xander shrugged, looking down at the plates. "He knows I don't wear them."

"Maybe it was a hint. He could want to mark you as his."

"Yeah, maybe," Xander sighed, going limp under the skillful hands massaging his back. "Thank you."

"For what, babe?"

"For sending me prezzies at work. It was sweet." He looked up and smiled. "I know what's in that store so I knew it couldn't have been Giles."

"I'm sure he wanted to send you a present, he's just been so busy that he couldn't get time to go shopping. You can consider it from both of us if you want." He placed a gentle kiss on the exposed neck. "And I got it for you because I think you'd look hot in one."

"Uh-huh. If you say so. Remember me, anti-pain guy?" He turned his head, giving his lover a kiss. "I'll think about it," he whispered, sliding off the warm lap to kneel in front of him. "What else did you want me to do tonight?"

"Getting back up here and eating would be a good start," Oz said dryly, patting his lap. Xander crawled back into it, head resting on his shoulder. "Aw, babe, come on. You need to eat. What I'm going to do to you later will take calories."

"I just want a cuddle for now," Xander mumbled, sniffing at the warm flesh. "Do you have a fever?"

"Nope, just hot for you." He laughed at the amused snort. "I am. Thinking about what I'm going to do to you tonight has made me *very* warm." He gave his pet a lecherous grin and stole a kiss. "Eat now, surprises are for after dinner."

"If you say so."


Xander walked into their bedroom, dropping his towel. "So, what's all this?" he asked, strolling over to the bed, trying to peek through the pulled bed curtains.

"Your surprise, go shower," Oz ordered, running a finger through the sweat built up on his pet's chest. "Have a good workout?"

"Not too bad, missed you." Xander stole a kiss before heading into the bathroom.

Oz pulled back one of the bed's curtains, looking down at the covered box sitting innocently on the bed. "Yeah, you'll do it for him," he told it, patting the top.


Xander walked out to find Oz sprawled across the bed, looking at a little pink thing. "What's that?" he asked as he lay down next to him, reaching up to touch it.

"For later," Oz said, dropping it on the bed. "All clean?" He got a nod so rolled over, trapping Xander beneath him. "Good." He tugged the box closer. "Close your eyes until I can get the blindfold on you, babe." He opened the box one handed, pulling out a silk scarf, the same one he had given Xander way back when he was just starting to figure things out. He pushed himself to his knees with a grunt, wrapping the soft material around the younger man's eyes, tying it tightly to make sure it would stay on. "Ready?" he asked.

"Yup." Xander spread his legs, lifting his arms over his head.

"Oh, so you want *chained* huh?" Oz purred as he pulled his lover's favorite restraints out of the box, quickly hitching him to the bed. "So predictable some days," he whispered, leaning down for a kiss. He pulled away before he could be sucked into the warm, willing, desperate mouth, pulling out the bottle of lube and his first surprise. "Relax," he whispered, lubing the egg up very well and slipping it into the already opened hole. He smirked at the moan, waiting until he could see the internal muscles relax from their testing of the invader to turn it on.

Xander jumped, arching up as he howled. "Oz!" He panted, wiggling to get the vibrating egg back against his prostate, grabbing at anything he could of his lover. "Oz, yeah, nice prezzie," he groaned, lifting his hips off the bed as the egg finally hit the right spot.

"Hmm, much too soon for that," Oz murmured, tugging the egg back by it's cord and turning it down. As the shaking got smoother and stopped, he withdrew his first part of the surprise. "Later," he promised as he felt around on the bed for the thing he had been examining. He slid the suction cup over the head of Xander's cock, turning it on to a gentle vibration.. "Relax, precious, build up to it again," he whispered, leaning down for another kiss.

"Feels good," Xander said, grinning. He wiggled around a little. "Is that the thing?"

"Yup. A clitoral stimulator." Oz said as he turned it up, making the younger man moan just once. He started to play with the intensity knob, varying it so Xander never knew what was going to be coming next. He kept it up until he could see his lover starting to sweat and pant, then pulled it off, moving it to tease his balls, letting the gentle vibrations tickle even as it enticed.

Xander shrieked with laughter, wiggling to get away. "No fair, you know those are ticklish."

"Yup," Oz said with a smirk. He moved the device up to the base of the ball sac teasing the barrier of the bag itself. He moved the device when Xander quit moaning, licking it to stick the suction cup over the younger man's hole.

Xander groaned, pushing his hips toward Oz's body repeatedly, trying to get the sensation deeper within him. "Oz," he moaned, reaching a hand up. "Kiss?"

"Sure." He settled himself across the larger body, making sure to turn it into a full-body stroke. They kissed, both of them aware that their cocks were rubbing together.

Xander was now aware of every inch of his body. The long, slow tease combined with the blindfold was driving him insane as his nerve endings got more and more sensitive by the second. He blindly reached for the thing sucking on his hole, trying to get it faster - or whatever - but his hand was stopped and kissed before he could reach the limits of his chain. "Need more," he pleaded. "Please, Oz, I need a lot more."

"I know," Oz whispered in his ear. "And you're going to get it too." He reached around blindly for the egg, switching it on and laying it on the bed while he pulled the teaser off, replacing it with the more versatile piece of equipment. He ran it along the hard cock, then over the tense balls, ending up with it just barely touching the outer ring of Xander's anus. "How's that?" he asked.

"More?" Xander tried to get it where he wanted it but every time he pushed down on it, it moved away from him. "Please no more teasing," he begged. "Need it, please?"

"I know," Oz repeated, letting the egg slide halfway in before tugging it out, fucking the hole with it. Xander came with a muffled sob, burying his head in Oz's neck. "Shh," Oz whispered, putting aside the toy to hold him. "Want undone?"

"No, was good. Great," Xander said, licking the warm flesh. "Was perfect." He blindly sought a kiss and got it.

"Ready to go on?"

"Yeah, very ready," Xander sighed, once again spreading his legs wide.

"Uh-uh-uh-uh-ah," Oz admonished. "Not time for that yet." He pulled out the first of the dildos from the box, sliding it into the slick hole. It wasn't any bigger than his finger, but he knew it would feel good after all that stimulation. And Xander apparently agreed since he clamped down tight on it and tried to ride it. "Yeah, you're ready," he said, getting back up onto his knees so he could wield it easier, and watch. After a few minutes, he switched to another small one, but this one had a knobbed cover on it, adding a different sensation to the sensitive muscles.

"Okay, not quite what I expected," Xander said, wiggling. "Switch, please?"

"Sure, anything, you know that."

"Does that mean I can have that vibraty thing again?" he asked with a mischievous grin.

"Maybe," Oz agreed as he lubed up a slightly larger toy, sliding it in smoothly and letting it lie there. He counted the seconds until Xander tried to get it to move, surprising himself when he got past the minute mark. "Hmm, patient," he noted, sliding it out so he could start the motions again.

"Yup, you taught me that."

"I did?"

Xander nodded. "Yup, 'cause if I wait, you'll always get me off and I'll always feel good and have fun." He lifted his hips up by a few inches. "Can I have more now?"

"Ah, not so patient after all."

"I am too," Xander said, giving him a smirking-pout, but it fell away. "But I still get to ask for things."

"True," Oz said, moving the toy a little harder. "You're still very tight back here. Have you been doing your exercises?" He used his free hand to grab the bottle of lube and pour some over his cock, slicking it up.

"Yup, every day." Xander grinned, then gasped as the toy was suddenly pulled out and he was entered. "Oz! Yeah! Please?" He wiggled when the thrusting stopped, giving him another pout. "Please?"

"In a sec, give me a chance," Oz reminded him. He lifted his one last present out of the box, laying it on Xander's cock. "There," he said, tying the strung-together balls off. "Now we can do this."

"Fuzzy cooshes?"

Oz grinned and leaned down, lapping at the soft lips. "Very good guess. Guess what I'm going to do next," he said, pulling himself back out, then slamming back in, giving himself to Xander the way he wanted it.

Xander moaned, then screamed, then came as Oz hit his prostate, going limp in the understanding arms. "More?" he begged weakly.

"Until I'm done," Oz told him, moving slowly so he wouldn't make his lover sore, well, more than he was going to be later. He slowly built up to his prior rhythm, making sure his lover was enjoying it as much as he was, stealthily unhitching the chains from the bed so he could pull Xander up into his lap and cuddle him. "Comfy?" he whispered, cradling Xander's head against his shoulder.

"Very," Xander murmured, and gave the shoulder a sharp bite. "Hurry up, want cuddles."

"I know, that's why you get me like this last," Oz explained, slowing down again. "We can cuddle and you can have all you can stand." His lover searched out his mouth, dragging lips across his cheek until he found it. Xander whimpered as Oz pulled back to breathe, starting to pick up the rhythm himself. "Good," Oz praised. "Last time?"

"Yeah, last time. Need you and cuddles."

"And shower," Oz reminded, using a free hand to remove the coosh balls and toss them off the bed. "Better?"

"Yeah, want to rub off against you," Xander said, hiding his grin in Oz's shoulder. He sucked on the sensitive spots he had found when they had first gotten together, giving Oz the biggest hickey he could as he got off, biting him at the last second and drawing blood.

"Gee, glad I'm not furry anymore," Oz panted, giving his lover a squeeze. "You'd be spanked then."

"Not tonight, dear, I'm tired."

"Okay." Oz laid Xander back on the bed, pulling out as slowly as he could, hiding his wince from the younger man as he looked at the very red and open hole. "You're gonna be sore," he noted, taking off the blindfold.

"Well worth it. I'll take sore if it means we can do that," Xander yawned, holding up his arms. "Shower later. Snuggle now. Hot water dissolves cum bonds."

"Okay," Oz sighed, pushing the rest of the toys and the box onto the bedside table, reaching down to cover them with the blanket he had saved for now. "You rest, pet, I'm here."

"Yeah, you are," Xander sighed, stealing one last kiss as he fell asleep.

Oz smiled as he stroked the dark, sweaty hair, watching his lover sleep the sleep of the sated and loved.

Until Ray walked in.

"Oh, goody," Ray said dryly, pulling out his cuffs. "You're both here."

"Shh, he's napping," Oz said, giving Xander a squeeze. "He's been upset over Giles going to Connor's."

"Hmm, okay." Ray hitched the handcuffs to them, linking them together. "As soon as he gets up, we're leaving."

"Shh," Xander said, opening his eyes to look at the other GHS member. "What's up?"

"Methos sent me to get you two." He looked over the covered forms. "You can sleep in the car. Go clean up while I get you clothes." He headed for the dressers, listening as the two men walked into the bathroom, giving the clothes a smirk. "Oh, you're gonna pay now," he promised. "And then he's gonna have you and make you pay more." He pulled out two of the peachskin thongs and some soft clothes of Xander's making, putting them aside. Everything else was waiting for them at the train station. Methos had made sure of it. "Here, put these on," he said as the couple walked out, tossing the clothes at them. "And hurry up, we've got a train to catch."

Oz looked at the thong, then at Ray. "Oh, hell, it's payback, isn't it?"

Ray just smiled and nodded, crossing his arms as he watched them dress, snickering as they tried to figure out how to put on shirts over the cuffs.