Fixing the Itches.

Xander waved at the door guard as he walked past him, his face set in a pissed but determined look that made the guard quickly turn away. As Xander walked into Devi's new house, he nodded at the prostitutes he knew, his expression and determined stride not changing as he headed for the working rooms. "Ostrach?" he called.

"T. . .three," someone stuttered.

"Thank you." Xander walked into the third room, slamming the door behind him. "Welcome to Slayer country, we're going to have a discussion." He pulled his former client off the young man he was working over, dragging him outside, nodding again at the working boys he knew. He slammed the demon into a wall, getting into his face. "You have something of mine," he hissed, "and I want my guardian back."

Ostrach shook his head, his top fin waving. "I don't know anything, I'm new in town, Alex."

"Ostrach, you are such a liar. You knew *everything* within minutes of landing in town. I want Angel back!" He emphasized his demand by pushing him into the wall again. "Now, you can either tell me about him or you can tell the Slayer about her ex." The demon's pale green flesh lost all it's color. "Yes, it's him. Now, I'm *trying* to be reasonable but everyone's withholding sex from me until I find him so it's not going to last."

Ostrach looked down the tight body he knew very well, licking his scaly lips. "Really?" Xander nodded, stepping back and crossing his arms. "You know, they wanted you." Xander frowned so he started to talk faster. "They took the vampire because they knew you liked him. It's a nest of Florthenic demons."

Xander grimaced and spit. "The Jabba-the-hut looking ones?" Ostrach nodded. "Where's the nest?"

"Down . . . down on third. Abandoned warehouse. You'll smell them." He glanced around. "Can I go?"

Xander gave the demon's body a long, slow look, then shifted his stance, seeming to relax as he saw the demon getting harder; he had time to play. "No, you can't. I'm enjoying this." The demon's eyes grew wide. "Actually, I'm getting off on this." The demon moaned and went to his knees. "Oh, are *you* enjoying this?" Ostrach nodded frantically. "Hmm," Xander said as he stroked down to his stomach, "my, that's not what I meant to happen." He used the back of his hand to stroke his cock. "Bummer. For you." Xander shrugged and turned to head back to his car, making sure he wiggled pleasingly as he walked.

"Alex!" Ostrach called, crawling after him. "Please, Alex, anything, just fix it. Please don't leave me hanging. Please?" He stopped as someone stepped into his path.

"Mine," Methos growled. The demon hopped up and ran inside, so scared he peed the whole way. Methos smiled at his students, Oz having walked out to stand behind him. "Xander, that was cruel." He stroked his thumb across Xander's bottom lip. "I'm *very* proud of you."

Oz's eyebrows went up. "Good to know." He looked at his lover. "Let's get Angel, you can tease the other demons too." He put a proprietary hand on Xander's cock. "You going to fix this?" Methos moaned, heading for the car.

"I will," Xander said with a smile. "I'm sure we'll fix it very well." He walked toward the car, making sure Oz got the same show he had given his former client.

Oz adjusted himself before following. "Naughty," he said as he slid behind the wheel, stealing a kiss. "Meth, we staying at your house tonight?"

"If you wish."

"Oh, I do," Xander murmured, relaxing. "I even planned on it." Oz glanced at him so he smiled. "Yes?"

"Nothing," Oz muttered, starting the car.


Xander stalked into the demons' lair, giving all the ones he ran across sexy little teasing smiles. "Angel," he whispered as he walked up behind where the vampire was attached to a pole. He pulled a knife and slit the bonds.

"Chain," Angel said, turning to look at him. "You shouldn't have come, they wanted you."

"Oh, I know." Xander shrugged, handing him the knife. "I'll be back." He finished his stroll toward the main chamber, giving the blob of demon on the dias a disgusted look. "Gee, you could have tried asking; I might have come."

The demon mumbled something then he laughed, waving at the human.

"Oh, I don't think so," he said, shaking his head. "You do *not* own me. Not even my keeper owns me." He looked around him at the very uneven odds. "I'd have your minions back off, you don't want to know what I'm capable of."

The demon laughed again, this time falling from his chair.

Xander smiled meanly at him. "You can't *own* someone today, it's against the law, even the demon laws. You have to have their permission to own them, which you do not have." The head demon tossed some coins onto the floor. "Welcome to the twenty-first century, do you need a 'my name is' tag? In today's world, we measure money in the *billions*, I have more than you just offered in my wallet for cat toys." The demons all laughed, except the main one, who glared at them all and mumbled something. He looked the demon over. "You might as well get over it, it isn't happening. You have nothing I can't buy cheaper at the seven-eleven on the corner." He waved him off. "Go back to your own little world, blubber boy, I'm not yours." He turned, then had to stop as a demon got in his way. So he pushed him, glaring at him. "I'm going to leave now, if I do not make it out of here, the Slayer is waiting for me outside." All the demons backed away from him. "Yeah, her, we're *close* friends." He winked at Angel as he caught sight of him, walking over to where he was and wrapping an arm around his waist. "So, had any good one night stands recently?" he asked as he led the vampire outside to his car. Both Oz and Methos were standing up, resting against the side of the car, waiting on them.

Oz shook his head, sliding back in. "I don't even want to know."

"He taunted them," Angel said as he slid into the back, next to Xander. "Totally destroyed the head demon's control." Oz gave them an appraising look from the front passenger's side. "He was in fine form," Angel assured him. "Asked him if he needed a 'my name is' badge, whatever that is."

"He offered me about the equivalent of sixty dollars and I informed him what century he was in," Xander said with a small wave. "That's all. Just played with his head a little." He grinned at his lover, and winked at Methos, who was looking at him in the rearview mirror. "I need to blow off some stress, Oz, can we? When we get to Meth's house."

"Of course you may," Methos purred. "Anytime you want it, you know that." He pulled up in front of Angel's office, letting him get out. "Why are you staying at my place tonight? I had thought that you'd want to be home with your other lover instead of sulking with me."

"Oh, I don't plan on sulking," Xander said huskily, rubbing himself gently. "Sulking isn't in my plans at all."

Oz groaned and covered his eyes. "Xander, please, not in the car. Not this time."

"Why not?" Xander asked with a small, sexy pout. "You usually like to let me play in the car."

"Children, not while I'm driving. I'd have an accident from watching." Methos sped up as he drove onto the interstate. "Home," he muttered, checking his speed and going faster. "Have to make it home first." He subtly reached down and adjusted himself.


Xander waited until Oz had locked the bedroom door behind himself, then leaned against it so no one could get past him. "I have *plans* tonight, guys, does anyone have a problem with that?" Oz shook his head, sitting up against the headboard.

Methos swallowed and looked around. "Xander, why am I in here? If you have plans, shouldn't I be being tortured from my room?" He looked around again. "Or better yet, shouldn't you both not be in my room?"

"Nope," Xander said, slowly unbuttoning his shirt. "See, we've decided that you're part of our plans tonight." Oz nodded, smirking at his teacher. "We've been talking about having you for *weeks* now," he said as he pulled off his shirt, tossing it casually on the chair next to the dresser. He kicked off his loafers, then teased his fingers along the buckle of his belt. "Don't you want to be included, just this once?"

Methos nodded, his eyes glued to the hand tugging on the end of the belt. "I may."

"Good," Xander purred, undoing the buckle and tugging the belt free with a snap. He tossed it on top of his shirt before sliding the clasp holding his pants up apart. "I have a surprise for you. Both," he said as he slid the zipper down.

Oz's mouth fell open as he stared at what Xander was wearing. "A skin-colored thong," he said in appreciation. His lover kicked off his pants and walked closer so he could see the fabric it was made from. "From the peachskin?" He looked up to see the nod and the teasing smile, and swallowed hard. "Methos, he's wearing a peachskin thong."

Xander leaned down to whisper in his lover's ear. "A double sided one." He smirked at the cough, walking over to where Methos was standing dumbly, just watching him. "Would you like to help me take it off?" Methos nodded, reaching for him. "No, no, naughty, with your teeth."

"Teeth?" Methos asked, nodding. "I think I have some of those." He fell to his knees, mouthing the hard cock through the soft and slightly fuzzy fabric. "You're wearing that fabric on both sides?" he asked in shock, looking up to see the nod. "How? I couldn't make it into a pair of pants without coming."

"Easy, I'm me." Xander thrust his hips out. "Come on, Methos, do it, baby."

"Yeah, Meth, finish undressing my naughty pet," Oz said from the bed, pulling out a bottle of lube, then shaking it and grabbing a second. "Gonna need this," he told himself, putting them aside.

Methos nibbled his way up to the waistband, earning a happy moan, then smiled as he found the snaps, undoing them with his mouth. "At least you made it easy on me."

"Oh, you're not getting off that easy," Xander told him, spreading his legs to let the material fall. "Put them on, Methos, it's your turn now." The old immortal looked up at him in shock. "Now!" Methos hurried to get undressed, his fingers fumbling with his buttons and zipper.

Oz slid off the bed, coming over to slide the thong on his teacher's body. "You really made it double sided," he said in amazement. He snapped the soft fabric around Methos' crotch, stepping back to enjoy the sight of him wiggling.

"Gods!" Methos said, pulling the thong off. "How did you stand that?" He stood up, panting, his cock standing up fully now. "I couldn't wear that thing for a minute."

Xander shrugged. "Easily." He grabbed Methos' head, pulling him in for a kiss, taking the cloth that Oz handed him so he could tease him some more. "See?" he said as he surrounded the hard cock with the fabric in his hand, making it a warm, furry tunnel.

Methos tried to back away but found himself corralled in by Oz, who had wrapped himself around his back and was gently rocking against his ass. "Why me?" he asked, looking up, relaxing into the torture.

"So good of you to accept," Xander said, pulling totally away from him, nodding at Oz to do the same. "On the bed, old guy, or no more playing with me."

Methos scrambled for the bed, laying stretched out in a way that showed off his whole body. "Better?"

"Nope, you're not in the right position. Oz, fix him."

Oz walked over, grabbing a leg and an arm to flip the older immortal over, pushing his head down into the pillows. "Lube's on the table," he said as he crawled under Methos' head, sticking his cock into the opening mouth. "Good, you do remember this part." He watched as Xander prepared himself and the small dildo. "I feel like I should have popcorn."

"No, it's messy. Don't want to sleep on it." Xander slid the dildo into the waiting hole, smirking at the groan. "See, he's ready." He spread the lube around with the small toy, inching closer until he was ready to start pushing in. He withdrew the toy and positioned himself as fast as he could, leaning over the tense back. "Relax, I'm making you feel virginal again," he said as he started to gently push against the still-tight opening.

Methos groaned and shot off, going limp under Xander.

Oz patted the back of Methos' head, shrugging at Xander. "He's more relaxed now."

"Point," Xander said as he inched his way in, ever so slowly working his way into the semi- prepared body. "Oz, you've got to get some of this, he's very nice."

"I know, had that before. Been a long time, but I have been in there."

"Shut up," Methos growled, pushing back against Xander. "No more teasing, imp, do it!"

"Shh," Xander said, rubbing down the retensed back. "Just relax and let your favorite students prove they learned a lot from you."

Oz chuckled. "Oh, that's so mean."

"Yup." Xander slammed in with a shrug. "He's a tease, he deserved it." He pulled back out, almost all the way, then started to ease back in again. When he noticed the full lips starting to open, he pointed at the dark head. "Close his mouth for me, babe, I need quiet to work in."

"Ooooh," Oz shuddered. "I haven't seen you like this in a while." He shoved his cock back into Methos' mouth. "Last time I didn't sit for a week."

"And a half," Xander noted, giving three good, hard stokes, then barely pulling out, starting on a few shallow, almost rhythmless strokes. "Ah, playing," he sighed, slamming into him again. Methos made a strangled noise. "Oz, babe, he can't breathe."

"Not my fault, he dropped me when you started to tease him again." The doorbell rang so Oz slid off the bed, grabbing the thong to put on. "I'll get it, you have fun. Save me some."

"Sure." Xander leaned down, getting as close to the flushed ear as he could. "You do want him too, right?"

Methos pulled a pillow over his head, simply pushing his hips back so Xander could do what he wanted to him.

Oz opened the door, frowning at the deliveryman on the other side. "What?"

The messenger glanced down at the skin-colored thong as he handed over the clipboard. "Sorry to interrupt but I have to deliver this, it was specific about it being tonight." He swallowed as he watched Oz getting harder. "Um, thanks. Have fun and all," he said, almost throwing the letter at him as he ran for his car.

Oz closed the door, reaching down to hold the torturous fabric away from his cock as he walked back to the bedroom. "Let me say that I agree with Meth, I couldn't wear this for much longer." He unsnapped it, crawling back on the bed to kiss the back of Xander's neck. "He give up yet?"

"Yup, no more protest," Xander said as he lightly slapped Methos' ass. "We're establishing what fun is right now."

"No more, please," Methos groaned. "Oz, make him stop it."

"Xander, you're being mean. You teased him at supper and now you're doing it again. Let the poor man get off so I can have you." He lay down on the bed, spreading himself out. "I'll even ready myself if you hurry him up."

Xander looked over Oz's body then nodded, starting a hard, pounding rhythm into Methos' body, skillfully applying pressure along some very intense points in the old man's back to make him get off.

Methos growled, biting the pillow, as he came, then turned around to glare at Xander. "You'll pay," he whispered as he fell to his stomach.

"Of course I will," Xander said with a grin. "We're all looking forward to it too. Aren't we, Oz?"

Oz nodded. "Yup. Want on top?"

"You know I feel funny about topping you," Xander said, reaching behind himself to pull the plug he had been wearing out, dropping it off the side of the bed. "In me, Oz, now. Teasing him was almost too much fun."

"It was the thong," Oz told him as he pulled Xander down across his waist, lining himself up to slip inside. "Better?" he asked.

"Not yet. Soon, real soon." Xander started his own ride, using small twists on each upstroke, posting hard on his lover's cock. "Oh, like this."

"Me too, but not enough," Oz said, pulling his lover off and tossing him on top of Methos' stretched out body so he could slide in again. "Much better."

"Not on me," he whined.

"Shh," Xander said, licking down the lightly haired spinal indent. "I'm having fun."

"Shh," Oz told them both, pounding into his lover, "or no restraints."

"Oh, gods," Methos complained. He turned to look at his student. "They're in the closet."

"Hmm," Oz said, sliding out to examine them. By the time he came back, Xander was under Methos, who was teasing just as badly as he had been teased, and Xander had his arms in the perfect position to be restrained. "You asked for it," he reminded his lover as he tied his arms to the headboard. "You live with the sore ass."

"Oh, I will," Xander sighed, relaxing as he was entered again, this time by Methos. "Definitely, with pleasure."

Oz nodded, reaching down to slide three fingers into their toy's body, working him even as they worked off the slut he took care of. Methos bit Xander's stomach as he came, laying his head on it to look at Oz. "Out of my way," Oz said, grabbing his cock to wave it in his teacher's face, "or get it instead."

Methos rolled off of Xander, watching as Oz slid into him and started to work him hard. "No teasing?"

"Not this time," Oz told him, holding still while Xander got off. "Remember, our go all night bunny here can last *many* times."

"Ooooh," Xander whimpered. "Please?"

"Of course," Oz and Methos said together, one going to suck on the soft cock, the other starting a short, teasing stroke.

Giles unbuttoned his pants, sliding them down so he could get more comfortable in the tv room. He licked his palm, eyes glued to the security camera as he watched his lovers take on their teacher. "Oh, my," he whispered, starting to work himself off, "I should have asked to get in on that too. I'll remember this the next time Xander offers."


Xander looked up from his place in the bathtub, grinning at Methos as he walked in. "Hi, I'm comfy. Want the other side?"

"No, pet, unlike some people, my ass isn't on fire." He knelt beside the tub, picking up the sponge to wipe down the young man's chest. "How do we feel this morning?"

"Ready for more."

Oz shook his head from the doorway. "You sucked my daily quota of sperm already. You'll have to attack Giles later."

"Shoot," Xander said, sliding down further into the water until his cock was sticking out of it so he could play with it. "I wanted more." He pouted at Methos. "I'm sure *you're* not tired."

"Oh, I am," Methos told him, giving him a short kiss. "You're well beyond what I could handle alone." He stood up, looking at Oz. "Who was at the door last night?"

"Delivery person. I scared him off." He shrugged. "Letter's on top of the dresser."

Methos walked out, leaving them alone, shaking his head at the giggling that started. "Children," he muttered, sitting on top of Xander's clothes to tear open the letter, his whole body going pale as he finished it. "Oz," he said quietly, bringing both men. "He left me."

Xander sat on the floor, looking at the letter he had taken from the limp hand. "Ray's going to stay in Chicago, he didn't realize how much he missed his old life." He looked up at Oz, his face getting his determined look again. "We'll just have to fix it then."

"No," Methos said, giving him a kiss. "Let him. He'll come back eventually. The letter said he would." He got up, heading out to the library to cuddle with the puppies that were hiding in there. "He'll come home to both of us," he told Ray's dog. "I promise he will."

Xander looked up at Oz, handing him the letter. "I'm going to meddle. You helping or not?"

"Oh, I'll help. Don't worry." Oz patted his shoulder. "I'm going to spar with Giles. Do something for a while but leave him alone." He walked out of the bedroom, heading down the hall.

Xander shook his head at Oz's yell of, "FLUFFY! THAT'S NOT A KITTEN PLAYTOY!" He looked around then shook his head, getting up and jogging out to get the plug he had worn the night before. "Fluffy, that's just gross. You shouldn't be chewing on that, Oz should." He pinched Oz's ass and winked at Giles as he headed back to the bedroom. "Ignore me, I'm going to go finish my bath."

"Whatever," Oz muttered, glaring at the kitten. "You have plenty of toys, you don't need ours."

Fluffy stood up to stretch against his leg, giving him a silent meow.

Giles winced as he heard Xander's pleased yell. "Doesn't he ever stop?"

"It's cyclical. He won't want it for another day and a half once it's done this time." He stole a kiss. "Come on, want to beat your ass with a sword."

"My, I didn't know you were into such pursuits," Giles said with a smile as he stood up. "Won't that hurt?"

Oz groaned, turning and heading for the practice room. "So bad," he called.

"Xander taught me that one," Giles called, sitting back down. "Come get me when you really want me."

"Now!" Oz called, "or go satisfy the Xander sexmonster."

Giles hopped up and followed. "I do believe that's not possible and I really don't want to experience a heart attack anytime in the near future."


Xander finished wrapping the box on the table, turning it over to address it. "What's Chicago's zip code?" he called.

"Why?" Oz called back, walking out to the living room to give his lover a hard look. "Why?"

"Because I need to send something to Ray, his Christmas present." Xander tapped the top of the box. "This way, in case he doesn't want to come home, he still can get it and I won't feel so bad."

"Ah. It's in my address book, go grab it." Oz headed back to the craft room. "I'm almost done with my rug."

"I have six more thongs done," Xander called back, coming back to the table after digging through the bill drawer.

"You're not wearing them," Oz and Giles called together from the back of the house.

"For other-people presents," Xander called back with a smirk. "I'm giving them to Methos."

Oz walked back out. "He's going to get you for that, you know that, right?"

"Of course he will, I'm looking forward to it," Xander said, not looking up, but still smiling. "He should be ready by then." He stood up, grabbing his keys. "Heading out to the post office," he called. "Be back later."

"No playing," Oz reminded him. "You have to work later."

"Whatever," Xander said, heading out to his car and sliding in, starting the car and heading down the driveway. Once he was safely away from the house, he picked up his cellphone, dialing the number he had memorized earlier. He pulled off the road, tapping his wheel. "Hi, Regency Travel? No, I have a problem, I'm getting two friends back together again. . . ."


Methos grumbled as he walked to the door, glaring at the man on the other side. "I may love you but I'll kill you for getting me up at five in the morning, whelp."

Xander handed over a cup of coffee and pushed his way inside. "Go get dressed, you have to go somewhere." Methos looked confused. "No, *you* have to go. Oz can't and we got a call for help. I'll explain on the way to the airport, just get dressed and pack for a week." He pulled the immortal into the bedroom, helping him with the tasks, waiting until they were on the way to the airport to explain anything to him. "See, we got a desperate call last night from one of Oz's friends, who's in major trouble, but he can't go. His deadline is in two days and he still can't find the missing period, so you have to go for him." He pulled up in front of the terminal, handing an envelope over to him. "Here's your ticket and the one for the train you'll be meeting him on."

Methos glared at the white paper. "Why a train?"

"Because that's what he said, something about it being safer because there was no privacy. I guess no way to have challenges and stuff." Xander shrugged. "All I know is that you're escorting him to Denver. That's all he asks, is that you escort him, maybe give some brilliant conversation." He got out, walking around to grab the bag he had packed and the older man, walking them both into the terminal and checking him in. "Later," he called, waving as Methos went through security. "I put money in your pocket for more coffee!"

He headed back to his car, smiling the whole way. "We'll just see whose getting broken hearted this time, Ray," he murmured as he got in and drove his sports car away.


Methos looked around the sleeper car in confusion. "Why am I here?" he asked, checking his ticket. He shrugged, handing it to the porter, letting him show him where he needed to be. He stopped cold as he saw who else was in the car assigned to him, glaring at the window. "Xander, I will get you for this," he said as he closed the door behind himself. "Ray," he said gently, sitting across from him. "Did the horny one get you here too?"

"Yup," Ray said, leaning back with a smile. "He even sent me some really cool stuff to wear tonight." He pulled the shade and stood up, taking off his clothes to show off the seafoam green, peachskin thong he was wearing. "He said it was my Christmas present. They're really comfy and soft, ya know. He said I should show it to you, then talk."

Methos groaned, holding his head. "Why me? Xander, I will get you for this!" he called to the ceiling.


Xander slid back into bed beside Oz, giving his shoulder a little lick. "He's gone," he whispered.

"You didn't," Oz said, rolling over to hug him.

"Yup, I did, I'm interfering, I had to." He grinned, wrapping himself around his lover's body. "I'm sure he'll only be mad for a little while."

"You'd better hope so, he's going to take it out on you. Physically."

"Hmm, really?"

Oz groaned at the interest in Xander's voice, getting free and rolling to his other side. "Not again. You just had some a few hours ago."

"What can I say, you're very nummy," Xander whispered, licking down Oz's back, grabbing the lube on the bedside table with his free hand. "Just relax and enjoy it, Oz, I'm going to make it good."

"It's always good, Xander, but some of us don't need it this often."

"But Giles won't let me jump him, he says I'm abnormal."

"Only in certain things," Oz muttered, accepting the finger entering him.


Oz opened the front door, silently waving Willow inside. He followed her into the living room, sitting across from Xander, who was pouting. "So, you called?" he asked her.

"I need some help, guys, I can't stand Angel." She sat on the floor, looking at them. "He's totally a bitch to deal with, all rules and everything." Giles snickered. "Even more than you had in the library, Giles, and it's getting creepy, he's reading my mind."

Oz shook his head. "What did you need from us?"

"I need to leave LA, or at least move to the other side. Richie's been understanding but I freaked him badly and he left, and I don't want to follow him, but I can't stay in LA. If I do, I'll end up staking my Sire and that'll just lead to worse problems."

Oz looked at Xander, who nodded, getting up to get something. He came back, sitting in front of her. "Okay, here's the deal," Xander told her, "we have a building in Vermont. It needs some renovations and we can't be up there to supervise."

"I think I can do that," she said hesitantly. "I don't know anything about construction but okay."

"Okay, and there's one other thing, people up there know me, real well. That's where I ran when we were having problems. It's a small town, much smaller than Sunnydale, so you're going to have to be very careful."

"Okay," she said, nodding. "I can do that. Is there a library?"

"And a bookstore," Xander told her, handing over an envelope. "I've called someone about getting an estimate, it shouldn't take too long to get the work started. In there's the keys and a map of how to get there. We'll send you by train so you can get used to not having any privacy and so you figure out how to feed without the whole world knowing." She nodded. "Good. I'll call my friend up there and have her tell her brother to start work, you'll be bringing up the money and yourself since I can't get free right now. We'll tell her you're running from your boyfriend, who got very old fashioned for a while, something like a vacation from the relationship." She nodded. "We'll even give you enough money to set up with but after that, it's all on you."

She nodded, smiling. "Okay. I can accept that. After the work's done, I can go somewhere more populous and be free, right?" Xander nodded. "Okay. Just tell her I'm setting up on that coast because this one has bad memories for me now."

Oz nodded. "Reasonable. You can look for a job from the house." He looked at Xander. "You're going to have to send up pictures, he never let me see it."

"It's really pretty," Xander told him, getting up to give Oz a hug and curl up in his lap. "Okay?"

"Very okay." Oz rubbed down the soft back. "Okay, Willow?"

She nodded and stood up. "I'll call Amtrak from LA."

"We already have," Xander said. "Ticket's in there. It's for tomorrow. That should give you enough time to settle the blood issue and pack."

She hugged each of them. "I'll write, guys, really." She walked out of the house, closing the door gently.

"One problem solved," Xander said softly. "I wish they were all that easy."

"That wasn't easy, it would have been a lot harder if you hadn't had money," Giles pointed out, coming over to give both of them hugs. "I believe I'm going to practice upstairs." He headed for the big room over the back of the house.

Oz looked into Xander's eyes. "What's up with your hyper-sex needs this time? Usually you do this when you're feeling insecure."

"I feel like Giles is pulling away."

"He's been dancing between us and Methos. I'm not sure what's going on with him, but we can sit him down and talk to him later." Xander nodded, relaxing into him. "Even if he leaves for a while, he'll come back. You're too hard to resist for long."

Xander grinned weakly. "Thanks." He curled up tighter in Oz's lap, snuggling in for a long cuddle. "I think it'll be okay now."

"As long as Buffy doesn't find out that you had to save Angel. I really don't want to hear about that."

Xander chuckled. "I doubt he'll tell her what happened." He picked up the phone as it rang, handing it off to Oz when the voice on the other end started to yell. "For you," he said with a smirk, slipping off the welcoming lap and wiggling into the bedroom. "I'm waiting, Oz," he called as he turned into the hall. "Tell him I said hi."

Oz put the phone to his ear, smirking at the yelling that was still going on. "So, you're staying in Chicago with Ray, right, Methos?"


Methos hung up the phone, sighing as he lay back down beside his lover. "Ray, those two are horrid, wretched creatures."

"Of course they are," Ray said soothingly, patting his arm. "Want to see what else Xander gave me for Christmas?" He hopped up, grabbing his bag and opening them, pulling on the soft fabric. "Ta-da," he said, turning around.


"And turtles, isn't it cool?"

Methos looked over the cotton pajamas. "Yes, but when was he planning on you wearing them?" He raised one eyebrow. "They won't last that long in here."

"Strip me, babe, let's see how fast you can get me free of them." Ray walked closer, but still made him sit up to get the pajamas off. "Then you can tell me how we're getting the puppies and kitten to Chicago."

"Kittens. Fluffy's decided to come live with George and she still hasn't lost her like of human toys." He purred as he unwrapped the younger man, shaking his head when he came to the sand dollar-colored thong. "How many of these did he make?"

"He made these?" Ray said, looking at the piece of fabric that was handed to him. "Wow, I've got to send him a thank you note then. These are great, I may never wear normal underwear again."

Methos moaned and hid under the blankets in their hotel room in Denver. "I will get you for this, Xander," he muttered. "Some day soon, whelp."