Escaping to do Spoiling-Type Things. (NC-17, X/O/G)

Oz's yell woke Xander, making him walk out to the living/dining room and blearily blink his eyes. "Why is there a sex toy on the table?" he asked as he wrapped himself around his lover. "A dirty one at that."

Oz growled at the kittens that hopped up on the table in response to his bellow. "You two are in such trouble."

"Fluffy was in the bathroom," Xander murmured, rubbing his face against Oz's hair.

Giles chuckled as he walked out and saw the kitten's prize. "My, you two snuck in last night, didn't you?" He scratched both of their heads. "You can't punish them for this, it's too late." He smiled as he watched Xander's cuddling antics. "We should take steps to prevent this from happening again. Take the prosthetic back into our room to be cleaned, we'll clean the table in a bit." He headed in to start the coffee maker.

Xander sniffed and lumbered into the kitchen. "Oh, coffee," he said reverently, kissing the pot as he replaced it with his cup. "Blessed be the Aztecs, or whomever discovered you." He quickly switched the pot back, hopping up to sit on the counter and drink.

Oz grunted. "Your butt is on the counter." Xander nodded, taking a deep sniff of the coffee. "Get off or scrub it later." Xander nodded again, taking a drink so Oz took the cup, putting it aside, and pulled Xander off the counter. He handed the cup back before heading out of the kitchen. "Better." He grabbed the cup Giles was fixing on his way past, heading to grab the dirty toy and go clean it.

Xander hopped back up, holding out his cup. "More?" Giles poured him another cup with a smile. "Thank you."

"You're welcome," Giles said as he kissed his lover's cheek. "Get off the counter before Oz catches you."

"Too late," Oz said from the living room.

Xander hopped down and strolled out to sit on Oz's lap, kissing his cheek. "Morning."

"Hi." Oz rubbed over the bare back. "What are we doing today?" He winced as a squeaking started under the couch. "No," he moaned, taking Xander's cup to finish the contents. He put the cup down, looking around to find the source of the squeaking as it continued, getting frustrated when he couldn't find it. "Pack. We're leaving today. We'll get them a sitter." He pushed Xander off his lap, walking him into the bedroom to help the young man pack as the squeaking became a two-part harmony.


Oz rang Methos' doorbell, handing over the cage of animals as the door was opened. He grabbed the box of supplies from Xander's hands, shoving that over too. "Thank you for baby-sitting. We're in the Raddison if you need us; doing the seizure auctions and his doctor's appointment." He dragged Xander back to the car.

Xander turned and waved at his babies, giving them a sorry look. "We'll see you soon, guys, be good for your Uncle." He stopped as he was pushed into the car by Oz, cuddling against his lover after he got in too. "Are you sure they'll be fine and not hate us?"

"He used to be a vet," Oz reminded him. "They already know and love him." He hugged Xander gently. "We'll call and check."

"Okay." Xander closed his eyes. "Want to drop in on Cordy?"

"Sure," Oz said softly, holding him tighter.

Methos looked down at the cage as he nudged the door shut with his hip. "What did you do to them?" He bent down, putting the cage on the floor to release the animals inside, then winced as he caught sight of the toy Fluffy was dragging out with her. "Did they give you that?" He shuddered and drew his hand back as he realized it had been recently used, picking up the cat so he could get both of them and headed back toward the bathrooms. "We'll just clean that for you, my pink one, before you drag it around my clean house."


Oz stopped beside Xander and his tarp-covered lump, looking around before giving him a kiss. "I didn't need a present," he said, waving the note that Xander had sent to get him over there.

"Yes you do," Xander said with a grin, grabbing the tarp to pull it off. "Ta-da! It reminded me of you."

"It's a bus," Oz said in awe. "A VW bus." He grabbed Xander to kiss him hard. "Thank you, this is incredibly great."

"It kinda reminded me of you," Xander said with a slight blush. "Very calm on the outside, but the newly-put in engine purrs with the same fire you do." He handed over the keys, bow and all.

Oz climbed in and started the engine, his mouth hanging open as it roared to life and the frame started to vibrate as he added gas. "Wow!" He turned off the engine, looking in the back, then started to laugh. "It's a camper, someone tricked it out." He checked again. "In velvet and shag carpet." He pulled Xander up into his lap, hugging him. "I am *way* blown away, Xander. Thank you."

"Welcome." Xander pulled back to look around. "Cordy's here. Her pile of rust just died."


"I want to sell her my Lexus. I'm not really a luxury car guy anyway and it's a good car. I'd even be nice and make it cheap for her."

Oz glanced around at the other cars up for auction. "Did you find something you liked better?"

"Yeah. Come on." Xander pulled him down, waiting while he locked the bus back up, then pulled him over to another row, stopping in front of an SUV. "I like this one." He turned to smile. "It has no engine but we can fix that."

Oz shook his head. "No. You can only get one that'll drive itself home." He looked around and waved Cordy over when he saw her frowning at a rusty Horizon.

"Hey," she said, hugging them. "Aren't there supposed to be cheap cars here?"

Oz nodded and Xander gave her a second hug. "I'll sell you my Lexus."

"If you can find something else," Oz reminded, looking the purple Range Rover over again. "Was it the color or the car?"

"The color, but I miss my Blazer a little bit too."

"We can get whatever painted," Oz told him. "We'll look at the next auction section."

Xander nodded. "We have your new one until then."

"After we take it to a mechanic," Oz reminded him. Xander nodded, hugging him tightly. "Go find a car you like, just remember we don't have a car to fit us all."

Xander shrugged. "Okay."

Oz watched them go, his stomach shifting in worry. He knew what sort of car twenty year old men liked and it wasn't a safe little sedan.


Giles met his men in their suite, kissing each of them as he sat down and put his bags on the table in front of them. "I found some amazing bargains, how about you two?"

"Xander spoiled himself with *two* cars," Oz said dryly. "One fast one and one practical one."

"And I spoiled him by finding him the perfect vehicle and I'm giving my Lexus to Cordy for ten dollars a month for three years."

Giles shook his head, giving Xander a tolerant look. "That's a bit low for such a car."

"Yeah, but we can afford it." Xander got up to answer the door, signing for their package and tipping the messenger. He walked back over to the couch, but had to answer the door again, taking the keys the hotel worker was holding and giving him a generous tip too. "Thanks." He jogged back to his men, handing Oz the keys. "Credit cards," he sang as he tore into the package. "Oh, pretty ones, and one with a fish." He handed it over to Giles.

Oz looked at the cards over Giles' arm. "Um, wrong name?" he asked, grabbing one to hold it up. He was handed the rest of the package so flipped through them quickly. "The rest are okay, it's just that one."

"What name is it in?" Giles asked. "Harris G. Osbourne?" He looked up at Xander. "Was there something I needed to know?"

Xander bit his lip. "Yeah, but it's not really about really that." Oz nodded. "Steve gave me a second identity in case I needed it. That's it."

"Ah." Giles pulled him down for a hug. "That's fine then." He pulled back. "What sort of fast car did you get?"

"Some foreign sportscar that I liked a lot and a nice, cute sedan."

"One of those that's sculpted for maximum air flow. Pretty recent. The sportscar is about six years old and is in good condition," Oz said, reading the note attached to the keys by the mechanic they had had look over all the vehicles.

"And I spoiled Oz with one too," Xander said with a grin.

"He got me a VW bus," Oz said with a smile. "One of the ones that's been made into a camper. It's something I've been wanting to get after I lost my last one." He rubbed down Xander's side. "He's been good all day."

"Yup, very good." Xander slid into Oz's lap. "Since I've been so good, can I be better?"

"After your appointment tomorrow," Oz reminded, ignoring the pout. "You can have some but not a lot," he conceded. Xander slid to the floor, unzipping both his and Oz's pants. "Do what you want, just be careful about your heart rate." His mouth shut as he was pulled inside the young man's mouth with a wet slurping noise.

Giles relaxed, watching Xander pleasure Oz. "Ah, our slut is happy," he murmured as Oz groaned and shot off. "Would you like more?" he asked as his pants were undone by his lover.

Xander looked up, giving Giles a smile. "I do if you do."

"Then, please, have fun." Giles' eyes closed as the warm tongue attacked him. "Very nice, as usual."


Xander blinked as he woke up, smiling at the man standing over his place on the couch. "Hey, Meth. We were going to call tonight." He pulled himself up, looking at the thing that landed in his lap. "Oops, didn't know she had stolen that again."

Oz walked back into the suite with their tray of snacks, smiling at his teacher. "Hey. He bought me a bus."

"Let's not wreck it this time then, shall we? Your pouting lasted almost five years the last time, I'd hate to see it now." He glared at Xander. "Next time, give me some warning."

"We couldn't take it anymore," Oz said as he sat in Xander's lap to feed him one of the little sandwiches. "Oh, hey, she did it again," he said as he picked up the toy and dropped it on the table. "At least someone cleaned it, though she's got to have gross breath by now. She's been playing with it all night."

"That's disgusting," Methos said, glaring at both of them.

"Sorry," Xander and Oz said together.

Methos shook his head. "How many more days do I have to sit for them?"

"Three," Oz told him, blowing a kiss. "Thanks."

"You're welcome. Just give me some warning next time. Don's torn up the kitchen and I have no plants left in their pots. I don't even have any books left on the shelves." He looked around. "Where's your third?"

"He had to pick up something," Xander said through a yawn. "He took my new car."

"New car? Did we go buy the whole auction?"

"He had to get a new one, he's selling Cordy his Lexus."

"I wish I had known, I would have offered for it."

"Her pile of rust died," Oz told him, continuing his quest to feed his lover, who was trying to cuddle instead. "It was an instant thing."

"There was a pretty car that didn't sell today," Xander told him from his position against Oz's chest. "Was a little high priced but they're trying again tomorrow." He yawned again. "Want to do supper with us?"

"Only if you come clean my house. They're horrible," he sighed, coming around to sit down behind Oz's still body. "Now I understand why you just handed them over, I feel like that after a few hours. I can only imagine what a whole week alone with them would be like. George is a very calm kitten, he likes to play with mice but he doesn't tear everything up and he doesn't race around the house so fast you can't see him. Or at least he didn't until Fluffy goaded him into it."

Oz shook his head, handing over the sleeping man on his chest. "Hold him while I go to the bathroom and we'll come help you tame them." He headed for the bedroom.

Xander snuggled in, murmuring too quietly to be heard. Methos shook his head but he was smiling down at his lapful.

Oz stood in the doorway watching them. He knew Xander would be taken care of it something happened to him, but now he was sure it would be good care. He headed on to his original destination, closing the door quietly so they wouldn't know he had seen.


Xander bent down, petting Rocky's head. "Hey, are you having fun?" She barked at the two kittens zooming past. "Ah, playing Mom again." He sat down and one of the furry blurs landed between his legs. "Hey, Don," he said as he petted the kitten. "Where's your sister?"

"She's upset that you dropped her off like that," Methos said as he sat down, getting a lapful of kitten himself. "See, she's simply filthy again."

"Yeah, but I think that's her natural state." Xander reached over, petting his female kitten's back. "Hey, sweetie, I'm sorry we dropped you off like that, but we had to. You were driving us insane." He blushed as he realized his hand was brushing against the inside of the older man's thigh. "Sorry," he said as he drew his hand away.

"Xander," Methos said gently, making him look at him, "it's nothing that you haven't done before, but I do understand your reticence in this situation." He gave him a small smile. "I wouldn't dream of interrupting Oz's happiness, I'd have to deal with the fall-out."

Oz cleared his throat. "Off him," he said as he sat down across from them. He considered Xander for a few minutes. "Listen, we all know that he's going to end up taking care of you eventually..." He stopped when Xander's mouth opened to reach over and kiss him. "If it happens, we'll understand. Not outside of your protectors though. I may get a little jealous but I'm okay to move on that plane if you are."

Xander handed over the kitten and got up, walking out to his car, locking himself inside. He flinched when someone knocked on the window, flipping them off. "Go away, Oz."

"I would if I were him," Giles said, succeeding in getting the back door open so he could slide in. "I'm sure this was just a misunderstanding."

"No it wasn't, he just offered me to Methos." Xander looked in the mirror. "I thought this was supposed to be different for us."

"It is, love, but he thought you wanted him." Xander shook his head, putting it down on the steering wheel. "If you're honest, you do still have a reaction for him."

"I had a reaction for that movie the other night, doesn't mean I'm going to track down the actors and sleep with them."

"That wasn't what he meant. I'm sure he just meant if you felt like you needed someone besides us."

Xander shook his head. "Doesn't matter." He pulled his keys out. "I'm going to go back to the room, are you coming or not?"

"No, you're not," Giles said, taking the keys. "We'll stay and talk about this like adults."

"Yeah, but I'm apparently just a possession so I'm not going to be included. Anything else?" he asked as Giles stared at him in shock.

"No, you're not leaving," he said gently, looking at the keys in his hand. "Xander, if you were a mere possession, we'd not have wanted you with us for as long as we're together." He glanced back up then got out of the car, walking around to get in beside his lover. "Oz didn't mean it that way, Xander, I know he didn't."

"He *offered* me, Giles, he did," Xander told him gently, making a grab for the keys but not getting them free of the iron fist. "It is my car."

"No, it's our car," Giles corrected. "Come back inside and let us discuss this with you."

Oz opened Giles door and pulled his student out, sitting down to shut them in. "What?"

"You offered me, I'm not a possession." Xander looked at him, seeing the confusion. "I felt like you were my pimp, Oz, get it now?"

Oz shook his head with a groan and closed his eyes. "Xander, that wasn't what I meant."

"That's what you said!"

"No, what I said was that I give you permission to go sleep with the old guy if want to." He opened his eyes to look at his lover. "Nothing else, just permission. I wasn't *offering* you to him and I sure as hell wasn't selling you to him." He reached over but Xander flinched away from him. "Did I just wreck us that badly?"

Xander shrugged. "Not real sure, but I don't want to be touched." He put his head back down on the steering wheel and closed his eyes. "May I please go sulk now."

"No, you can't." Oz reached over slowly, letting Xander move away again if he liked. He rubbed down the tense arm, trying to calm his lover down again. "I know it sounded funny but I've seen how you look at him sometimes, I know how important he is to you and what you've shared." The brown eyes opened. "I would rather have you cheat with him with my knowing than without it."

"I'm not going to cheat," Xander reminded him. "I'm yours and Giles. Or at least I used to be."

Oz growled lightly. "Oh, you're still ours, but Methos is a big part of your past." He leaned over, giving the young man a hug. "I'm sorry I upset you, Xander. I didn't mean to sound like I was offering you to him as a treat."

"But you did."

"No, I was giving permission if you needed to go outside us." He tugged Xander over some so they were both at awkward angles. "Can you honestly say you wouldn't want to sleep with him right now?"

"No, but it's not going to happen."

"Then you never have to use the permission."

Xander looked into his lover's eyes. "Is this some immie thing?"

Oz smiled at him. "No, just a burst of reality that hit me." He patted his lap. "Can we cuddle and talk?"

"This car isn't built for cuddling," Xander said sadly, looking at the sculpted seats. "I got the wrong car."

"Maybe, but I wouldn't mind if you just sat on me for a while." Xander nodded, wiggling his way over to lean against the door and Oz's chest. "Thanks. I know you won't want to cheat, babe, but I also know that sometimes we're not enough." He laid a finger over Xander's mouth. "He can understand you in ways that I can't and that Giles may never."

"Yeah, he does," Xander said, looking down, "but that doesn't mean I'm going to cheat."

"I know that, but sometimes things happen. All I'm saying is that if they do, I'd rather know about it." He rubbed over Xander's chest, gently soothing him. "See it now?"

"Yeah, but this is still strange. I'm not supposed to cheat and neither are you and Giles." He looked up. "I feel like you just put a wedge between us."

"Oh, not at all," Oz said with another smile. "Matter of fact, one of my greatest fantasies includes you and the old guy." He tweaked Xander's stomach. "This is something I've been thinking about for a while now, and even talked to Giles about. We'll both understand if you feel like going to Meth for something that we can't give you. Even I sometimes need something only he can give me."

"You two used to date, huh?"

"It's not uncommon to date your teacher," Oz told him, rubbing down the tense chest. "Relax, babe, I didn't want to offer you to him. Matter of fact, I really don't want him to have you at all if I can't watch."

Xander frowned at him. "Is that your fantasy?"

"No, in it I'm a despot in some South American country. I'm one of the ones that's hard but fair so I'm well liked and everything but I still have almost total control over everything that goes on." He kissed his lover's temple. "Anyway, Meth is being chased by one of the best fighters among us, someone like Connor or Mac, or even someone better, and he comes running to me for sanctuary." Xander snuggled in closer, eyes closing a little as he relaxed. "He's brought in by one of my guards, who I promise a nice bonus to for finding him, and when Methos looks up at me, his mouth falls open, just spilling everything. So I tell him I'll shield him, but only if he does something for me. When he agrees, I lead him back to our suite, opening the door and pushing him inside. He starts to drool as he sees you and you jump on him, wrapping yourself around him to give him a hug."

"What am I wearing?" Xander asked sleepily.

"Your harem pants, the ones that cover you but leave you really exposed. Since you're wrapping yourself around him, the little opening gaps and gives him every opportunity to cop a feel, which he does. I lock the door and clear my throat, waving at the bed. 'Go over there', I tell him, then head for the chair that I use to watch you when you play with yourself for me. Meth lays you on the bed, pulling back long enough to strip you both, then dives down to take control of your kiss."

"He ravishes me?"

"Oh, precious, he does much more than that. See, Methos knows tricks he's never taught *anybody*. The man can drive you insane in a few minutes and he likes to do it for hours on end." He kissed his lover's forehead again. "He uses those to make you wordless, mindless, and limp under his hands, then he starts to work himself inside you." He smiled as he saw Xander's cock get harder under his pants. "He starts this long, slow, teasing stroke, the kind I like to teach you lessons with." The young man groaned. "Then he keeps it going, never changing, never giving you enough, until you're ready to beg but you can't because you have no brains left functioning."

"What do you do?" Xander asked, looking up at Oz. "Do you help?"

"I come over slowly and plug your mouth before you rediscover speech, making you suck me off. Meth just smiles this little smirk of his and picks up speed, pounding you. You're groaning around me now, just doing everything to the best of your abilities. I watch your eyes, waiting until you're just about to shoot off to pull out, then I wince at the scream you let out. Methos kisses you gently, getting off himself, then pulls out to lay beside you, cuddling you to him. I, of course, cuddle the both of you and we all take a nap."

"Wow," Xander whispered, pushing up against the hand on him. "Very wow."

"Yeah, that's the fantasy that got me through missing you when you ran away. I think I became a despot so you could never leave me again." He brushed a hand over the hard cock. "Wanted it?"

"Yeah, I could see me there." Xander brushed down Oz's face, giving him a small smile. "Why do you torture me like this?"

"Because I love you and I don't want you to leave me, especially not over something I can accept you doing, like Methos."

"Ah." Xander sat up, staring into his eyes, then nodded. "If it happens, which it won't, you'll know and be there." He relaxed into the hug he got, nipping the side of Oz's neck. "Can we go take care of this? I'd like to cuddle, at the very least."

"Sure, we'll go take care of you being so hard it hurts." Oz kissed him. "I miss bench seats some days," he sighed as Xander tried to get over into his own seat again so they could get out. "Help?" he called to the person standing outside the car.

Giles and Methos reached in, grabbing Xander to pull him out, holding him steady until he could get his feet under him. Xander kissed each of their cheeks, heading back into the house. "I'm going to the bathroom."

"Lube's in the closet," Methos told Oz with a smile. "Don't make a mess."

Oz pulled Methos' head down, kissing him. "I was right," he said as he followed his lover, not even noticing that Giles wasn't following him. He closed and locked the bathroom door behind himself, leaning against it to watch Xander strip. "Hmm, presents," he murmured, reaching into the closet to find the lube. He ended up walking in there, missing Xander's stroll in behind him, but unable to miss the warm flesh that pressed itself against his back. "Wanted it this way?" he asked as he handed over the tube and a washcloth.

"I have a fantasy too," Xander whispered, shutting the closet door behind them, bringing them into darkness. "I have this fantasy where I'm on my knees on the floor, blindfolded." Oz groaned, leaning back into the hard body as his clothes were taken off. "You talked me into agreeing to serve you for two days and nights, and admittedly I went willingly. So you put me naked on the floor while Meth tied the blindfold on. All I can do is hear the couch squeak and a few quiet words passing between you guys, then you say 'Xander, I want to give you a test.'" He nibbled on the back of Oz's neck as one of his hands went around to prepare himself. "I feel you stand up in front of me, or someone since I can't tell, and I feel a hard cock brushing against my lips. 'Open up, tell us who it is and earn a treat, get it wrong and add a night', you whispered, so I know it's not you. I suck on the cock, tasting it while I pleasure whomever it was. 'Giles', I breathe. I get a pat on the head and a kiss. 'Very good', you tell me, then another cock takes its place. This time though, the tastes are all mixed up. You and he have been playing with each other, spreading your precome over each other to confuse me you naughty boy you." Oz shifted back, rubbing some, starting to hump him. "Then I guess it's you and it's not." Oz groaned. "Methos tells me now I have an extra night of servitude but that I've earned a treat so we're moving me to the bed."

Oz turned, kissing him hard. "Bed?"

"I'm led into our bedroom and my hands are put around one of the bed poles, then handcuffed around it." Oz rubbed against him, kissing and nibbling on his lover's neck. "I'm pulled back some to put me off balance and the next thing I know my plug is being exchanged for a cock. 'Guess', Giles says, from behind me but not close enough to be in me. I concentrate, trying to tell the little differences by rhythm, but I can't. I shrug and get a spank for it. 'Guess', Methos says from in front of me. So I guess you. Then the cock behind me pulls out and another one takes its place. I'm getting more than ready to blow but Giles' voice in my ear tells me I can't. Then I feel a hand work its way around to my stomach and down to grasp me, then I hear this delighted chuckle. 'We'll have to play this game again,' Giles said, so I guess him. He pulls out and a firm, hard cock pushes into me, and that's all I can take."

Oz nodded, turning Xander around, licking down his back as he worked a finger into his lover's body. "Naughty," Oz whispered, sliding into the prepared hole. "So very bad."

"Yup, I am. But this time I know it's you so I push back, silently begging just like you like. You groan and pull my hips back more, making me step back so I'm bent over." He braced himself against the door, shifting so Oz had the best access to him. "I'm pounded, absolutely slammed into. I have to swallow because a cock is put into my mouth and a mouth goes around my cock, making me one very happy boy."

"Xander," Oz groaned, picking up speed. "More?"

"Of course, love. Anyway, you're pounding into me, I'm being very happy, then suddenly everything stops." Oz moaned, shooting off. "You ask me to guess once my mouth is clear, tell me it's worth a week of servitude or a week of treats. So I say you're in me, Giles was in my mouth, and Methos was one of the best blows I've ever had." Oz chuckled, leaning against his back. "You tell me I'm wrong and pull my blindfold off. I whimper as I see Methos behind me and you under me, but you just smile and said, 'Thank you, but you're still going to be ours for the next week and a half."

Oz groaned, shaking his head. "Only you can have fantasies like that." He gently pulled himself out, turning Xander to kiss him. "I never want to fight again, okay?" Xander nodded. "I'm very permissive so if you ask, we can do that."

"Really?" Oz nodded, giving him a hug. "I have all I want though." Oz looked up and smiled. "I really do. Though I might take you up on the offer to gang-bang Meth," he said with a grin.

Oz shook his head, kissing the soft lips. "I'm so there. We'll send Giles out for the night since he wouldn't want in on it." He looked up into the brown eyes, seeing the love shining from them. "No more fights. No more walking out, no more sulking. Deal?"

"Deal," Xander said, sealing it with a kiss.

"You two had to do that in there with my *clean* towels, didn't you?" Methos said from the bathroom in disgust.

Xander giggled, then looked at Oz, who nodded. They walked out, surrounding Methos to kiss him, making him go limp in their arms. "Yup," Xander said, giving Oz a kiss. "We had to."

Oz winked at him. "We've decided we're not going to fight anymore. I'm permissive and he's easy to get along with as long as I don't set unfair rules, so we're not going to fight anymore."

Giles smiled at them from the doorway. "I'm glad then. Have we decided on other things?" he asked with a wave toward Methos.

"Yeah, we might snag him for a night of fun, but we wouldn't make you participate," Oz told him with a smile. Giles nodded, leaving them alone. "Now then, other part, we should go do the talking thing, set some rules."

Xander shook his head. "We have enough rules. We talk to each other instead of yelling or getting upset."

"Deal." Oz nodded taking Xander's hand, leading him into the bedroom, leaving his teacher standing in the middle of the bathroom in confusion.

"What just happened?" Methos asked his bathroom, looking around. He shook his head, heading for where he could hear crashing in the kitchen. "George, you will *not* follow Don's example and eat out of the pot!"


Xander sat on the hood of his sports car, watching Oz's bus as it drove into the driveway. He slid down, going over to smile at the animals sitting in the front seat, and get a kiss from his lover. "We need a garage."

"Yup, we do, but we have one," Oz reminded him, pointing.

"I meant a bigger one." He pointed toward the gate. "There's a foundation laid out down there for something, maybe it was for another garage."

"Could be," Oz said, giving him a smile. "Let's get the rotten one and Rocky inside." He grabbed Don and Rocky jumped down to follow them. "I'm glad Fluffy decided to stay and terrorize George for a while, she needed Methos to be happy."

"I have what I need to make me happy," Xander said, giving Oz a kiss. "Come on, the mail must be in a big pile on the other side of the door by now." He pulled out his keys, walking up to the door, but it was unlocked. "Um, Oz," he said, backing away from the open door. "You go in first."

Oz handed off the kitten, hand on the knife he always carried now as he walked inside. "Willow!" he yelled.

Xander walked in and groaned, looking at all the things spread out on the floor. "Wills?" he asked her, kneeling beside where she lay on the blankets spread out on the floor. "Willow?" he said gently, nudging her. When she didn't answer, he checked her pulse, frowning. He lifted her eyelid, groaning. "Turned." He stood up, but she attacked his leg, biting him. "Get off!" he yelled as he shook her off his leg.

Oz pulled her away, sitting her up. "What's going on?"

"Angel had to save my life." She wiped her mouth with the back of her hand. "Sorry, Xander. You smell good."

"Thanks, I think." He sat down across from her, looking her over before he examined his leg. "What's going on? Why are you sleeping out here?"

"Because I couldn't look at your bed anymore," she said, waving a hand toward the hall. "I had to find a neutral place to sleep, somewhere that didn't smell like sex and love and happiness." She looked at Oz. "Where's Giles?"

"He's coming, he had to stop and get supper." He helped her up. "Clean up the mess and we'll talk. He shouldn't be more than five more minutes." She nodded, gathering the blankets and heading for the washer hidden behind the folding doors in the kitchen. "Oh, hell," he muttered, pulling Xander into a hug. "What now?"