GHS 10: Shopping!

Xander looked up as his lover sat down beside him on the couch. "It's funny, it's like the house is empty since Meth and Connor left."

"It is," Giles told him, pulling the young man against his side. "It's nice to be alone again."

"Yeah," Xander said softly, snuggling in. "What are you going to be doing every day?"

"I was going to continue with my research and training. I didn't think you'd mind if I didn't go back to work for a while." Xander shook his head. "What about you? Are you excited about your job?"

"A little. It looks like I may be the most knowledgeable person working there besides the boss. They actually had a whole case of really bad fake stones and the saleswoman couldn't tell the difference between them and real stones. Some were even plastic!" He looked up and smiled. "You're going to spend a lot of time pulling Oz away from his computer, aren't you?"

"If at all humanly possible, I am," Giles agreed with a smile of his own. "I know I'd be taking your place by doing so but..."

Xander put a hand over Giles' mouth, stopping him. "He's *ours*, not just mine. Same as I'm both of yours, not just his."

"That's a good point, Xander," Giles said, giving him a little squeeze. "So, were you surprised that George went home with Methos?"

"A little, but then again, they are a lot alike. George likes to pretend to be very dumb when he's really one very smart kitten. Don's a smart cat but not at all like that."

"I liked George actually," Giles said, looking down at the hands he had just joined. "He always came in to help me sleep."

"That's because you don't make noise. He used to wake us up because we were being too loud." Xander scratched the side of his face on Giles' arm. "This is comfy."

"Indeed, it is." Giles looked around. "Are you bored?"

"Out of my mind."

Giles snorted. "No, you seem quite sane."

They both jumped up when Oz yelled, Xander making it up the stairs first. "What's wrong?" he asked, soothing his lover by hugging himself against the older immortal's back. "What can we do to help?"

"I can't find the missing period." Oz ground his teeth together, turning to look at them. "We need to get out of the house for a while. Want to go shopping?"

Xander nodded and shrugged. "I could do that. I do need a new shirt."

"Yeah, you do," Oz said, leaning his head against Xander's chest and relaxing back into Giles' arms. "I've been through the code twice. I can't find it."

"Save it and we'll go to LA tonight," Xander said quietly. "Come on, save all the nice changes you've made. When we get back, it'll work."

Oz nodded. "Maybe." He lifted his head, looking up. "You sure you can go with me?"

"Yeah, I want to show you my favorite places to shop." Xander gave him a small smile. "I think it's about time you came to live in my world for a while."

Oz nodded. "Okay. I'll shut off the computer."

"Oh, check the email. I'm supposed to be emailed my schedule for work."

"Okay." Oz got free and walked over to shut his program down, logging into his email account. He smiled at the three messages from Willow. "Um, Xander? I think it was today." He checked the date on the computer. "It's Saturday?"

"No, that's tomorrow," Xander said, checking Giles' watch, which had a date function on it. "I have to be in tomorrow?"

"At noon." Oz opened the last one from Willow, reading it quickly and sending her a response. "We've got to stop in and see Willow," he said, straightening up as his computer shut itself down. He looked at his men. "Clothes, guys, now. I can't stand to stay in this house any more."

Xander grinned and turned to run down the stairs, barely missing Rocky. "Hey, girl, we're going to buy you puppy toys." He ran into his room, stopping in front of his closet, considering his clothes, frowning when he pulled out a shirt to find it weighed about three pounds more than it should. "DON!"

Oz strolled in. "Ah, I see he found out how to climb." He took the kitten off the shirt, sitting down on the bed to pet him. "Don't do that, Don, he'll make you go live with Connor."

"I don't know why he didn't go with Connor, he liked him." Xander pulled out another shirt, tossing it on the bed. "He got this one too." He pulled out his second favorite shirt, carefully checking it over before pulling it on. He pulled out a pair of pants, checking them for hairs before he slid into them. He stepped into his shoes, walking over to put on his bracelets. "Okay, ready."

"Yes, and what a sight it was," Oz said, motioning him over to rub across the distended cock. "You look good in that outfit," he said as he looked up and let the kitten lay in his lap. "Very good."

"Oz, if you ruin these clothes, I won't have anything to wear except jeans."

"I like you in jeans, especially those buttonfly ones you were wearing the other day." Oz rubbed a little harder, getting a moan in response. "Are you plugged?"

"No," he groaned. "Not stretched at all." He pushed against the hand. "Oz, this is unfair."

"No, unfair is what's going to happen in the car," Oz told him. Xander's eyes flew open and he looked down at him in shock. "Yes, in the car. I'm going to enjoy you in it on the way there. Giles and I will take turns."


"Shh, pet, you're all okay," Oz told him, switching places with the young man smoothly. He undid his zipper, sliding his cock into the already drooling mouth. "Yeah, just like that, Xander," he whispered, sliding it in and out a few times.

Giles leaned against the door, watching it all happen. "Oh, my," he said, smiling at Xander as he dove down to try and get the cock deeper into him. "He's being a bit greedy today."

"I started it," Oz said, giving him a smile. "I needed it." He found himself on his back on the floor, his lover having fun with his body. "Oh, Xander," he groaned, pushing up, holding the head down. "Yeah, babe, like that." He let go, watching as it happened. When he shot off, Xander pulled back licking his lips, giving him a satisfied little cat smile. "Liked?"

"Needed," Xander said, sharing a kiss with him. He got up, walking over to share a kiss with his other lover, taking control of his mouth, forcing it to get deeper and hotter.

Giles pulled back panting, looking over his lover's body. "You're in heat, aren't you?" he asked, running a hand down the soft cheek. "I should get the restraints so we can fuck you into next month."

Xander gave him a small smile. "If you'd like." He turned, wiggling his rear just a little. He looked at the cat on the bed, leaning down to get into his face. "Don, do not climb up my clothes again. If you do, you will not be allowed to come back in here for a week." He made the kitten look at him. "Do you understand?" The kitten batted at the hand holding it's chin. "No climbing my clothes." He let the kitten go, turning to see Oz pulling himself up off the floor. "Come on, you guys promised to molest me in the car." Xander pulled a second outfit from the closet, packing a small bag with that and lube, heading out to the garage.

Oz looked at Giles, giving him a brilliant smile. "I'm not bored anymore." He stood up, doing up his pants as he walked toward the large safe in the storage room under the stairs. He opened the safe, taking out some of the money, counting out what he felt was a reasonable amount to carry, then doubled it just in case they needed it. He shut the safe, making sure that none of the kittens were in it, having to reopen it just to make sure. He shut it again, walking away. He heard a pitiful kitten noise so he headed back into the storage room, reopening the safe to let Fluffy out. "You know better. That's a good way to become a dead kitten," he said, picking her up. He kicked Rocky and Don out of the way, closing the door again. He checked to make sure Don was out, then led them out of the room. He closed and locked the door, dropping Fluffy on the stairs, her preferred napping spot. "We'll be home tonight, be good."

Giles was in the kitchen looking at the food and water dishes. Oz snuck up behind him, grabbing him around the waist. "I think we can safely assume that the food should last," he said, pointing at the full bowls. "I've laid out an extra one of water and I've set Rocky's automatic feeder to drop in two hours." He turned, hugging Oz to his chest. "I think they'll be all right."

"I think we need a sitter," Oz said, watching Xander walk out of the back room. "I got money."

"Good, we both do." He dropped Fluffy on the seat in front of the breakfast bar. "She tried to climb in."

"I know. We have to put up a net or something so they can't. Where's Don?"

"Sleeping on the shirts I threw on the bed." Xander looked at Giles. "I feel it too, we should be calling a sitter or something, but they can be alone for a few hours. It's not like we're going to disappear and not come back tonight."

"Even if we did, they probably could handle it," Oz reminded him. "They're supposed to be able to go overnight without human interaction."

"Yeah, but still. It's like they're children or something," Xander said, looking over at Fluffy. "I just don't want to leave them alone for the rest of the evening."

"We'll call and leave messages on the machine for them," Oz told him, patting his arm. "Come on. Before the four o'clock rush toward LA happens."

"Sure." Xander followed him out, looking over his shoulder at his pristine house.

Giles closed the door leading to the garage behind him, blocking the view of Don dragging a shirt out to sleep in front of the sliding doors.

They headed off to LA with the thought, 'how much damage could two kittens and a puppy do to a house?'


Xander led the way into his favorite clothes shop, smiling at the woman behind the counter. "Hey." He walked toward the usual section he shopped in but she pointed to another spot, so he followed her instructions. As soon as he got over there, he found a few shirts he liked, handing them to Oz; Giles was off looking through the bookstore. Xander held one up but Oz shook his head. "No? I think it's cute."

"It's femme." Oz picked up one that was under his hand, showing it off. "I like this one, but the way the back's cut makes it look like a girl's shirt."

Xander considered the shirt. "It would make a killer tank top," he said, taking it to hold up to the light. "If I knew how to sew, I'd take it to do that."

"You could learn," Oz suggested lightly. "That way you'd spend less on clothes because you'd be able to get exactly what you wanted in whatever fabric."

Xander smiled at him. "Can you teach me?"

"Sure. I did costumes for a long time." Oz took the shirt, putting it over his arm. Xander went to pick up a basket for him, giving him a small smile. "We shopping that much?"

"Yup, this is my bi-annual shopping trip." Xander walked to another rack, looking at the pants on it. He shook his head, moving through a few more of the nearby racks before stopping in front of one that had leather jackets and pants.

"No," Oz said quietly. "Leather isn't that comfy to everyone."

"This is a resale shop," Xander pointed out, picking up a pair of leather pants that the hanger tag said was in his size. "See?" he asked as he rubbed the midnight blue leather across his lover's wrist. "Soft?"

"Try them on," Oz told him. Xander nodded. "Get what you want, it's your money, but I reserve the right to hide it from you if I want."

Xander held up pair of pants that laced up the front. "Um, why?" he asked, showing them off.

"Early button flies," Oz noted, shifting closer to rub his leg against Xander's behind the curtain of the clothes. "Try them on, you look good in scarlet."

"Okay." Xander dropped them into the basket, heading for the changing room.

The saleswoman didn't even look up from her magazine so Oz picked out a few more things, walking them over to the counter. "You know him real well?"

She looked up, frowning. "Yeah, but it's been a while since we've seen him. There have been a few months when he basically kept us in business." She looked him over. "He yours?"

"Yup," he said with a small smile. "Definitely mine." He nodded toward the dressing room. "I'm taking him some more shirts."

"Just don't be too loud. We know he'll buy it if he stains it." She went back to her magazine.

Oz schooled his shocked look before she could see it. He walked back into the dressing room. "Xander?" His lover opened a door, looking out at him. "Shirts," he said, handing them over. He stepped into the small cubicle, looking over the scarlet leather pants and tight midnight purple velvet tank top Xander wore, considering the outfit. "Need to lace those tighter," he said, undoing the laces to tighten them, starting at the bottom and slowly working his way up. By the time he was done, Xander was holding onto the hook behind him to steady himself. "Like those," Oz admitted. "You?"

"Oh, yeah, but only if you help me put them on." Xander blinked, looking at his lover. "Try me, Oz, now," he commanded, giving him a sexy, confident smile.

Oz went to his knees, undoing the laces and going down on his boyfriend. Xander's hand started to play in his hair so he did his best, sighing as his mouth was filled with a quiet little cry. Oz stood up, licking his lips before sharing a kiss. "Better?"

"Much," Xander said, leaning against the wall. "Want to go?"

"Try the rest on to make sure they fit," Oz reminded him. He stepped back, sitting down on the shoe box-sized seat in the cubicle. "Now."

Xander stripped for his lover, turning so he could see his ass. He pulled on another pair of pants, sliding into them and hissing as he tried to zip them up. "Ow," he complained, taking them off. He hung them over the door, checking the inside to make sure nothing had transferred to them. When he was satisfied, he picked up a pair of velvet drawstring pants, sliding into them with a moan. "Oh, like these."

Oz checked the material. "We can make you more of these. They'd be easy enough." He looked up, seeing the look of pleasure on his lover's face. "Hurry up."

Xander checked the rest of the clothes to make sure they were the right size, a pair of jeans ending up over the door with a shirt that wouldn't fit him either. He changed back into his own clothes, folding the others into the basket and handing it to Oz. "Come on. I want to get a sewing machine." He walked out to the counter, handing over the stuff that hadn't fit, pulling out his wallet.

The saleswoman rang him up then ran his card, frowning. "Gee, it says canceled," she said, handing it back. She watched as Oz pulled his wallet out and handed her cash. "Good. Someone came prepared."

"I did too," Xander said, showing her his wallet as he slid his card back in. He considered the cards. "You know, I got most of these through the bank in Sunnydale. I'm guessing they got upset because they didn't want my money."

"Maybe," Oz said, patting his back. "We can apply for others once we put your money in a bank here in the city." He took the bags, heading out of the store.

She winked at him, showing him the machine. "You deserve it," she whispered, waving.

Xander chuckled, jogging to catch up to Oz. "She lied to make you pay for my stuff." He pointed at the ATM. "I'm going to check my balances. Want to guard my back from the bench?"

"Sure. Giles can find us there." They strolled over, Xander having to sit down and wait while a woman with a two-year old tried to withdraw money while the kid screamed and begged. Finally, he could get to the machine, pulling out the first of his six cards. He ran it through the machine, checking around him as he put in his PIN, hitting the button for his balance. He smiled, taking the card back and sticking in another. Someone cleared their throat behind him. "Just one more and you can have it," he said, looking at the woman behind him. "Just checking my balance." He hit the combination for his PIN again, pushing the button. He nodded as he looked at the balance, ejecting his card and getting out her way. He walked over to sit beside Oz. "We forgot to pay Visa for the plane tickets."

"I sent out a check yesterday," Oz told him, nodding at the man walking toward them. "Giles."

Xander waved him over then got up to confiscate the ATM for a few more cards. By the time he was done, Giles and Oz were deep in a discussion. Xander walked back over to them, sitting beside Oz, giving them an expectant look. "What's up?" he asked when no one told him.

"We were planning the rest of the assault." Giles smiled at him. "Where to go next and all."

"Willow, then pet store, then where?"

"We figured on Willow, then dinner, then pet store," Oz told him, handing over some of the bags. "With the last stop at the fabric outlet store that claims to be open late."

Xander hugged him. "Thank you, Oz."

"Hey, I needed new threads for a weaving project. No big." He stood up, grabbing a few of the remaining bags. "Guys, car. I'm not a pack mule."

Giles took some of the bags, along with his own three from the bookstore, and Xander took the rest. They headed out of the mall, going out to the car. Xander closed the trunk after the last bag was in, turning to find a security officer standing there. "Is there a problem?"

"Someone noticed you were at the ATM a lot, sir. I need to see why."

Oz cleared his throat. "He was checking his credit card balances. Surely other people do that."

"Kids his age don't usually check six cards at once."

Xander pulled out his wallet, showing off the cards. "All mine. Some of us aren't poor college students at my age." When his wallet was handed back, he slid it into his back pocket. "Anything else?"

"No, sir, I'm sorry. We just had to check." He turned, walking back inside.

Xander frowned, sitting on the trunk of his car. "I hate that phrase. First the bank then them."

"It's a precaution, they thought you had lifted the cards and were withdrawing cash from them."

Xander nodded. "I know. Doesn't mean it doesn't suck." He stood up but Giles stopped him, pointing. "Huh? Oh, thanks." He picked up his wallet, sliding it into his front pocket. "Keep forgetting I can't sit on the thing without it crawling." He got into the back seat, watching as Giles got in to drive and Oz got in beside him. "Oh, more molest Xander?"

"No, some cuddle Xander," Oz told him, buckling them both up and leaning his head against Xander's shoulder. "I need to rest."

"Sure, Oz, whatever you need," he said, rubbing down the strong arm. He looked up at Giles. "Do you know where Willow works?"

"Yes, he explained it to me, though I'm not sure how to get there."

"Go left at the light," Xander said, pointing at the light at the entrance. "It's about a mile away on the right."

"Ah. Thank you." He started the car, backing up. He stopped to let some people walk behind them, waving back at the woman who waved at them. He headed out of the mall, following Xander's directions to the big, chain computer store in the next shopping center.

Oz woke up, looking around. "Here already?"

"Yeah," Xander said, rubbing down his arm. "You sure you're okay?"

"Yeah, I'm just tired." Oz yawned, trying to look convincing.

"Oz, if this keeps up, we're going to see your teacher."

"It's probably a side effect of the spell," Giles suggested. "Even I've felt a bit more tired, and if you remember Connor and Methos both napped for the next few days." He saw the pained look cross the young man's face. "Don't worry about it, Xander, you're worth a bit of exhaustion."

"But Oz is more tired than that. He's got like major drain." He considered him, then looked out the window. "Everyone looked up when you walked into the house, right?" Giles nodded. "Can you still feel Oz?"

"No," Giles said in shock. "I can't." He glanced at Oz. "I'll try to fix it tonight."

"We," Xander said, touching his arm. "Together."

"Together," Giles agreed, getting out. "I think I know what it is though. You must have absorbed too much of his energy. Methos did say that if we got very weak, our signatures can become muted."

Oz blinked up at him. "You mean I'm mortal, again?"

"Almost," Xander said, helping him out of the car. "We'll fix it though." He walked between his lovers, subtly letting Oz lean on him. He smiled at one of the salesmen. "Is Willow still working here? We'd like to talk to her."

"She quit the other day," he said with a frown. "Was there something I could help with?"

Oz shook his head. "She was co-authoring a program with me a few years back and I wanted to check with her about it." He looked around. "Do you have any auxiliary hard drives? The sort that can be removed?"

"No, I'm afraid not. We can order it though."

Oz shook his head. "I'll go through the online catalog then." He turned around. "Do you know where she went?"

"No, just that she needed to go help someone." He shrugged. "Sorry."

"That's okay," Xander told him, helping Oz back out of the store.

"Freaks," the salesman muttered, walking away. "Every programmer is one."

Oz smiled as soon as they were outside. "Yup," he said, looking over his shoulder. "We are." He stared at Giles as he stiffened, then looked around, shaking his head as Richie walked up to them. "Question, could you feel me?"

"No, Meth sent me to find you." He steadied Oz, looking him over. "He found the 'but' clause in the spell."

"Ah. Yes, we were just hypothesizing about that."


"Sorry, he said we were considering the why's," Xander said, waving at the car. "Come on, we've got to go bleed me of Oz's energy."

"No, Meth said he needed an influx, that the spell hinged on him and now he's so drained it may take him a year to heal right."

"Gee, I remember that happening," Oz said, getting free. "I'm feeling better. Let's go." He got into the back of Xander's car, simply looking at Richie as he got in beside him. "Not driving?"

"No, he told me to ride with you. He had someone watching the store," he explained to Xander, whose mouth had just opened. "He knew you'd come looking for your friend."

"Do you know what happened to her?" Giles asked as he started the car and backed out.

"She's helping your friend. The tall, pale one."

"Angel," Oz said quietly. "Must have needed her skills."

"He has Cordy working for him," Xander reminded him. "Willow might just be giving comic relief."

"She's fine," Giles told him. "Cordelia's very serious when she needs to be."

"Good point," Xander admitted. "She was an asset to our group when we needed her and I'm sure she's the same to him." He looked at Oz, who was napping again. "How do we fix it?"

"Methos said it was simple, something about giving him an influx of power."

"Um, unless he's going to take a head, isn't that kinda hard to do?"

"Not really," Giles said as he pulled out onto the main road. "Which way?"

"The other way," Richie said with a small smile. "He's at my house since it's basically a big open room right now."

"Okay." Giles pulled into the right lane, turning around. He had to stop at a stop light, but he took the time to examine his lover. "Are we uncasting it?"

"No, he said there was another way when I asked him that. Something about fruit and apples."

"Not," Oz said, pushing himself up. "I won't let him share his quickening with me again. Last time got strange."

"Oz, if it's that or I have to give back my gift, I will give it back, but that may be the only way."

Giles frowned as he was allowed to start again. "We may not be able to ucast it. The linkage was supposed to be permanent."

"I've always had a weak quickening," Oz muttered, looking out the front window. "I don't fight and I don't take heads. I've been this weak before and Methos transferred some of his quickening over to me."

"This time he's got someone else's, he had to fight last night," Richie said softly. "The other guy was really strong and Meth didn't want to take her head."

"Mac's?" Xander asked, his face wrinkled in worry.

"No," Richie said. "The person who went after Mac's head." He looked out the window. "Methos defended him by killing this person. She wasn't a nice person, but she was a fighter."

Oz nodded. "We'll see. I want to know who."

"It was Shelaine," Richie told him, taking his hand to squeeze.

Oz grimaced. "Psycho thing came back?"

"Yup." He smiled. "Right into Mac's arms at McDonald's last night." Xander shook his head and faced forward, making him look out the window. "Right at the next intersection. No, not this one, the next one," he corrected when Giles turned on the blinker.

"All right," Giles said, switching lanes to get into the one next to the one he needed. "Why is her quickening so strong?"

"Because she's taken six heads in the last three days."

"Ouch," Oz said. "Why?"

"Because she felt like it. She went after newbies." Richie sighed, relaxing. "He's not had a good time trying to deal with it."

"So he's going to inflict Oz with it?" Xander asked. "Won't that hurt him since he's so weak?"

"No," Oz said. "It'll be filtered. All I'll get is the quickening, none of the madness. Meth got all of that."

Giles shook his head, pulling into a parking lot. "Why don't you drive, Richie, I'd like to hold Oz."

"Sure." They switched places, Richie pulling back out onto the street, heading over to a small road. "Shortcut," he said.

"Oh." Giles cradled Oz against his body. "Are you sure this'll be fine? I'd hate to think my spell caused this."

"It didn't," Oz said, looking up. "I was about due for another spell anyway. Every sixty years or so I get a spell where my quickening goes down for some reason. It's been going on since I came to Sunnydale. That's how I was able to be bitten and changed into a werewolf."

Xander turned, holding a hand over the seat, smiling as it was taken. "Oz, I mean it, if you have to, we can take the spell off me and try it again."

"No we can't," Giles said. "You might not live through it." He brushed across Xander's lips. "No more talk like that. We'll fix it."

"I hope so," Richie said quietly, pulling into a driveway. "Here."

Oz opened the door, getting out on his own. He walked up the stairs, stopping about half way to catch his breath, but knocked on the door, catching George as he ran out. "Hi, yes we missed you too." He handed the cat back over. "She really came back?"

"Last night," Methos said with distaste. He waved inside. "Get in here." He looked out, smiling at Xander as he walked up the stairs. "How many times has he offered?"

"Three I think." Oz flopped down on the couch, looking at his teacher as he sat next to him. "How?"

"I'm going to feed you the energy I don't want, you'll get better, then you'll go home."

"How long?" Xander asked as he walked in. "I want to be here with him."

"A few days."

Xander nodded but Oz shook his head. "You have to work tomorrow," Oz reminded him.

"And? I can call and say that you're too sick for me to leave you."

"The whole town knows that there are three of us," Giles told him gently. "You can't use that as an excuse."

"I can if I say you're both sick."

"Xander," Methos cut in, "do you trust me?" He got a confused nod. "I won't leave Oz's side. I'll stay beside him the whole time."

Xander nodded, sitting down next to Oz's quiet form. "I don't want to leave him, it's not that I don't trust you."

"I'll stay if it eases your mind," Giles said. Xander looked at him, giving him a begging look. "We'll call each night, how's that?"

"Yeah, that'll be good." He stood up after giving Oz a kiss. "Call me and I'll come pick you guys up." Oz nodded, squeezing his hand. "Be safe."

"I will. You too." Oz kissed the fingers he held. "Go home, rest for work tomorrow and we'll call once you're home."

Xander nodded, heading out the door. As he walked down to the car, something Willow had once told him came floating back through his mind. "If the will is strong enough," he whispered, "there is a way. Somehow." He got into the car, heading for home.


Methos bound his wrist with Oz's, letting Richie place the knife between them. "Let this happen," he said, looking into his student's eyes. "Let my energy heal your lack thereof."

"Same words, different decade," Oz quipped.

Richie pulled the knife, cutting both their palms, binding their hands together. "Let's hope this works."

Xander found the spell he was looking for, running his finger down the ingredients he needed. He gathered them from the nicely marked containers Giles kept, setting up to follow the spell exactly. He smashed the herbs, scattering them around like the diagram in the book, closing his eyes as he added three drops of his blood to the spots where the lines joined. He lit two candles, putting them in the center of the figure with the single white unlit candle. He started to say the words, sprinkling a little of the remaining herbs on the flames before picking them up and lighting the candle in the center.

Then the world went black. His last thought was, 'I knew it was me.'

Oz jerked, eyes closed as he tried to control the pain he always felt. When he started to feel the smooth flow of power into him, they opened, looking at Giles. "He's done something," he panted, "I can feel it."

"Shh," Methos told him, using his free hand to stroke through the sweaty hair. "Worry about getting better so you can yell at him."

Oz nodded, going back to his absorption of the energy he was being given.


Xander woke up to Rocky licking his face. He groaned, sitting up, looking at the clock. "Hell, half an hour," he grumbled. He picked up the phone before heading down stairs. "Hi, it's Xander. No, my alarm didn't go off. It's a reminder of my past life but it's not real accurate. No, my puppy just woke me up. I'll be a little late. I still have to take a shower and get dressed." He hung up, walking into his bathroom. He looked in the mirror, wincing as he saw the red lines across his chest. "What is that?" he asked, touching it. He shrugged it off, getting into the shower.

He got out, wiping down the mirror, checking the marks again. He checked his back, shrugging when he saw the same thing there. He walked out, grabbing some of his new clothes to put on, actually putting on underwear this time since his skin felt so sensitive. He grabbed a cup of coffee on the way out the door, blessing the automatic timer function, and headed for work.


Oz woke up, looking around the room. He sat up, checking himself. "I'm okay," he said, frowning. "It's never been this fast before."

Giles walked over, sitting beside his feet on the couch. "You said last night Xander did something. Did he cast?"

"Not sure. I felt this slick slide of energy into me, different than the shocks the quickening give." He pulled his feet up, looking down at the blanket. "We should go check on him."

"He has the car," Giles reminded with a smile. A set of keys came flying out of the bedroom, making Oz duck. "Thank you," Giles called, picking them up. "I believe these are for Richie's car. We can call a cab if you're ready."

Oz nodded, standing up as he idly scratched his chest. He pulled his shirt out to look down, shrugging when he didn't see anything. "Call, I want to go yell at him."

"Of course." Giles picked up the phone book, flipping back to the yellow pages. He dialed a number, talking quietly into the phone as he watched Oz walk outside. When he was done, he followed him, walking down to sit beside him on the stairs. "I know he's all right. He's a strong man, Oz."

"Yeah, but this is dangerous. Depending on what he did, the quickening could have backlashed into him and done things to him." He looked down at his chest, staring at the smooth flesh in confusion. "I never get itches there after what we usually do."

"It may be a side effect of Xander's spell," Giles said gently, standing up as the cab pulled into the driveway. They got in, giving the driver the name of the store.


Xander grabbed the counter as the room started to warp a little. "Sorry, guess the coffee's worn off." He shook it off, smiling at the couple he was waiting on. "Do you have a picture of your daughter?" One was put down for her. "Hmm." He looked at the bracelets. "What sort of jewelry has she been wearing?"

"Big, bulky things," her mother said, frowning at the picture. "Almost manly in some ways."

Xander nodded slowly, taking a board out from under the glass. "These are technically men's but they're a fairly feminine style, which would be a good compromise. It would say 'we're trying to understand, just help us a little'." He pointed out the gold and silver bracelet. "Which does she prefer?"

"Gold usually. Those are a bit big."

Xander picked one up, putting it against the mother's wrist. "But this one is still very delicate looking. It's not a style that will catch on clothes, it's the same sort I wear." He showed off his bracelet. "It's also small enough to seem like one of the bigger women's pieces."

Her mother considered it then put it back on the velvet tray. "Do you have anything more delicate?"

Xander nodded, leading them down a few feet to a few more bracelets, most of these in female styles. "The twisted ropes will catch on clothes so I would be careful of that depending on her wardrobe."

The father looked, pointing one out. "She used to have one just like that one." It was taken out and handed to him. "Remember when we got her the bracelet for her fourteenth birthday?" The mother nodded, giving him a smile. "Can we bring one back if she doesn't like it?"

"You can," Xander said, nodding. "As long as whomever does it has the slip and the bracelet is in good condition." He walked back over to where the other bracelet was laying. "You want both?"

"Yes," the father said, handing over his credit card. "Please."

"Okay, let me ring you up. Do you want them gift boxed also? We can wrap them or just put them in a nice little bag." He got a nod so punched the amount into the credit card machine, running the card through the system. He came back a few moments later with a slip for him to sign. "There we go," he said, handing back the card, bending to pull out a few boxes. He had to steady himself against the counter as the world started to spin again, but he was back up almost immediately, putting the jewelry into the boxes for them. "I hope she likes them. Remember, if she needs more links or something, we can do that also."

The father nodded, taking the small boxes to put into his pocket. "Thank you, young man. I'm sure she'll love them." He took his wife's arm, leading her out of the store.

Xander flinched as his coworker touched his arm. "Yeah?" he asked tiredly, looking at her. His eyes started to feel heavy. "I'm not feeling so good, but it's okay," he said, just before passing out on top of the display cabinet.

"Sure it is," she said, dialing the local ambulance.


Oz walked into the house, immediately heading for the answering machine, absently petting Don as he crawled up into his lap when he sat to listen.

Giles walked in with Fluffy as the message from the hospital started, dropping her and closing the door, not even realizing she was back outside again. "He is?"

"He collapsed," Oz said, standing up. He looked at the kitten clinging to his pants, watching him rapidly start to slide backwards. "We're going to see daddy, you behave." He put Don down on the couch, patting him as he headed for the garage, getting into his own car. As soon as Giles was inside with him, he backed out of the garage, not looking at the peach colored cat playing in the flower bed that Xander had been so very proud of planting before he had left for Vermont. They made sure they closed the gate, heading down to town.


Giles looked down at the marks covering Xander's chest, shaking his head. "I have no idea what those are from. The only thing that might cause such marks was in a book I don't think he's ever gotten hold of."

"Oh, I'm sure he's seen it," Oz said, watching the nurse check his monitors and make notes in his chart. "How's he doing?"

"Much better. They thought it was extreme exhaustion at first but now they think it's actually some sort of heart condition." She walked out, leaving them alone.

"It is," Oz said, staring at the man on the bed, "he has too big of one." He looked up at Giles. "Can you fix this?"

"I can try," he said, shaking his head as the hand he was clutching shifted. "I think he's about to wake."

Xander blinked, giving his lovers a weak smile. "Hi." He turned his head to look at Oz. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah, but you're not." Oz got up to kiss his cheek. "What did you cast?" he asked quietly, aware of the man in the other bed.

"Nothing," Xander said, looking away from him.

Giles tipped his head back up, making him look at him. "I'll find out once we make it home again. You might as well tell me."

"Just a little thing," Xander whispered, licking his lips. "Water?"

"The nurse said you couldn't have any, you have a test in a few minutes." Oz laid a hand over the strange marks. "I wondered what itched." He backed away as the nurse came back in with an orderly, getting out of their way. "Can we go with him?" She shook her head. "Not at all?"

"Nope, sorry," she said with a shrug. She looked at the man in the other bed, frowning as she nudged him. "Huh. He shouldn't be doing that." She calmly picked up the phone. "Hi, this is 425, we have a dead patient. No, not hooked up to monitors, just thought he was sleeping." She hung up. "He had cancer anyway," she told them, hoping to ease the fear they were showing no doubt.

Xander clutched Giles' hand. "I'm sorry," he said, looking into his eyes. "Really, really sorry. The book's out on the floor, so are the herbs if the cats haven't tracked through it."

Giles nodded. "I'll go check while Oz gets you put into a private room." He walked out with Xander, staying with him until they got to the elevator. He watched as the doors closed, turning to look at Oz. "I'm going to go check, you stay here and get him into a private room."

"I want him transferred," Oz said, looking around. "I don't trust this place."

"Neither do I. Work on that then, I'll be back in a while." He headed for the stairs, letting Oz head for the desk and the nurse behind it.

"Who do I talk to about getting my lover transferred where there's specialists?" She picked up the phone, dialing it for him. "Hi, I'm with Xander Harris. I would rather have him in LA, or somewhere that there's specialists, can we arrange a transfer?" He nodded and hung up. "She'll be up soon." He headed for the windows, looking out them.


Xander looked around his new room, nodding in appreciation at the nice decor. "Pretty. Why am I here?"

"They have specialists," Oz said from the chair on the left. "Meth's going to kill you, you know that right?" Xander gave him a pitiful look. "We had it, Xander, you didn't have to almost kill yourself to help."

"But, I was the bad..." Giles stopped him. "I was," he said, dodging out from under the hand. "It was my thing that caused the problems."

"I've had them for the last three years," Oz said softly, "you just drained me a little more than usual." He looked toward the door, around the corner, as it opened. "Doctor or nurse?" he asked the body in white scrubs.

"Doctor," she said, sitting on the end of his bed. "I've looked over what Sunnydale sent and I have to admit, they're idiots."

"The man in the bed next to his died and no one noticed," Giles told her. "We're already well aware of that fact."

She shook her head. "Wouldn't surprise me." She reached down, patting Xander's foot. "I think you'll be fine, Mr. Harris. It doesn't look like your heart was overtaxed. It may just have been a coronary. It's rare at your age, but with some stress it's entirely possible, especially with your cholesterol count." She stood up. "We'll be taking you down for an ultrasound in a few minutes, your men can come with you if they'd like, then we may have a few more to run from there."

Xander nodded. "So I'm going to be okay?"

"As far as I can tell, yes, you'll be fine. This doesn't look like a defective problem, it looks more like a reaction to stress. Have you been having a lot recently?"

"Newborn kittens that we hand raised," Oz said.

"New job," Xander said.

"The resolution to the fight you were having," Giles added.

She nodded, pushing some of her auburn hair behind her ears. "Sounds reasonable to me. I'll get the orderlies up here in about ten minutes." She walked out, leaving them alone.

"Not to mention casting a spell that usually could kill someone as inexperienced as you," Giles said, taking Xander's hand to hold. "Never do it again, Xander, do you understand me?"

"Yes, Giles," he said, giving him a hurt look. "I won't do it again, not even if your life is in danger."

Giles nodded, getting up to kiss him. "I'll heal," he reminded him. "We're not so sure about you." He looked over at Oz. "Do you want to yell at him."

"Won't help," Oz muttered. "He's being noble again." He stood up, coming over to sit on the side of the bed. "Xander, I don't care who's life is in danger, don't do it again, okay?"

Xander nodded. "Okay. I was just trying to help though." Oz kissed him. "I can't lose either of you, I refuse to do that."

"You won't," Oz told him, brushing through his hair. "I wasn't that sick." He leaned down for another kiss as someone knocked on the door. "Yeah?" he yelled, getting off the bed.

Willow walked in, smiling at them. "My former boss said someone that looked like you guys was looking for me." She tipped her head to look at Xander. "What did you do now?"

"He tried to save me by doing a spell," Oz said, looking out the door. "They think he's had a heart attack."

She glared at him. "Xander, that is not a Harris family activity. That's not your thing. Why'd you do something so stupid?"

"I had to save Oz," he said, looking at Giles. "I'm sorry, but I had to."

"Shh," Giles told him, patting his arm. "No matter, it's all fixed and you'll be getting well soon enough." He kissed him, standing back up at the new knock. "Yes?"

The orderly walked backwards into the room, moving the gurney beside Xander's bed. "Who's going?"

"We both are," Oz said. He looked at Willow. "Come back tonight?"

"Sure." She stopped to kiss his cheek. "When you need me, I'm your girl."

Xander looked at her, then at Oz, then at Giles. "I'll understand if you want to catch up, Oz," he said as he was wheeled past.

Oz glared at his lover. "Stop it now, Xander."

Willow shook her head. "Silly, I'm not going to try and take him from you. He loves you." She kissed his forehead. "Get better, I'll bring you magazines tonight."

"Go take care of the kittens?" Xander asked. She nodded. "Thanks."

"Welcome." She stepped out of the way, holding Oz back. "He did what for you?"

"I was really worn down, leaking energy. We, a friend and I, were doing something about it and we sent Xander home because he had to work today. So he cast."

She nodded. "Okay. I'll go take care of the kittens." She took the keys he handed her, tucking them into her purse. "Yell if you need something from there." She walked out, leaving Oz alone in the room.

"I will yell," he vowed, "just as soon as he's able to hear it and not die." He walked out, heading to where Xander and Giles were waiting on the elevator. "Hey," he said, taking Xander's hand. "I thought you knew I wasn't going back to her."

Xander looked down at his body. "Yeah, but I thought..." Oz stopped him by squeezing his hand. "It's just a silly thought, Oz, never mind."

"Good. I'm not going back to her, ever. What we had was good, but what we usually have is just as special to me. No matter how scared you get about things." He squeezed the hand again. "She'll go take care of the kittens and Rocky, and probably take care of any mess you left upstairs."

Xander nodded. "Thanks. Guess I just needed reminded."

"Hey, all you have to do is ask. I'll remind you."

"Not for a few weeks at least," Giles muttered. Xander looked at him. "I doubt you'll be able to have that sort of activity for a while."

The orderly smiled at them. "Months maybe." Xander groaned. "Most people find a way around it though." He smiled at the nurse getting off the elevator. "So, is what I heard about the other hospital you were in true? That they're selling bodies?"

"You can never tell in Sunnydale," Oz said, looking down into his lover's eyes. "Strange things happen there and some of them are really beautiful." Xander smiled at him. "Of course, some of them are just stubborn too."

Xander weakly slapped Oz's arm. "Meany."

"Did I mention names?"

Xander shook his head. "No, not at all. Can you still teach me how to sew?"

"Sure. The day you come home, we'll stop and get a machine and a book since the last one I used was *real* old." Xander smiled at him for that. "And we'll find you a pair of pants to use as a pattern."

"Why not an actual pattern?" Giles asked. "They should have some."

"The style of pants he likes are female mostly." At the frown, he explained, "The pair of pants he found yesterday that he really loved were velvet drawstring pants."

"So find a pattern for drawstring pants and make them in velvet. You should be able to find some for sweat pants or something."

"Good point. We'll look on the way home. My loom'll be in soon."

"So I'll sew, you'll weave, and Giles can wear?"

"Of course I will," Giles told him, leaning down to give him a kiss as the doors opened. "Oops. Sorry." He stepped away from the gurney as it was pushed out of the elevator. "He's going for an ultrasound?"

"Yup," the orderly said, pushing Xander into a darkened room. "The technician will be right in." He waved as he walked out, closing the door.

Xander took both his men's hands, putting them on his stomach. "I love you both, I'm sorry I did that. I was just trying to help."

Oz tipped his chin up. "We know. We love you for your intentions but sometimes I want to yell over their execution." He looked up as a young man walked in. "You're going to do the ultrasound?"

"Yup." He sat down in front of a machine, turning it on. He looked at Xander. "Will one of you please take off the top of his gown?" Giles did it for him, freeing the chest area so he could go back to holding his hand. "So, what was the problem? Just so I know what to really look for?"

"They think I had a small heart attack," Xander said, blinking up at Oz. "We'll be okay though."

"Yeah, we'll be fine," the technician said, dropping some gel onto Xander's chest. "Okay, deep breath if you would," he said as he picked up the wand.

Xander looked at the frozen picture on the screen. "There's really no damage?" His doctor smiled at him, shaking her head. "Then can I go home?"

"We want to keep you overnight for further observation." She brushed a piece of hair off her face. "You'll go home with some strict instructions, young man, and you will follow them."

"Yeah, he will." Oz shifted in the chair. "What about other problems? Weakness and that sort of thing?"

"I want him to lay on the couch or in bed for the next few weeks, and I do mean no activity." She gave Xander a 'look'. "Do you understand?"

"What if I can do it and not get excited? I mean, we've got two kittens that are about ten weeks old, they're enough to get my blood pressure up."

She chuckled. "Mr. Harris, try to keep it to a minimum, all right?" He nodded. "Good. As for work and things? I'd like to evaluate you in six weeks. Can you take that long off?"

"I could do less hours. I work in a jewelry store. It's not real stressful."

"That'd be fine. I'll give you a note for your employer. I also want you to start exercising again. You're in reasonably good shape so it should be easy enough to start with moderate exercise again." She looked at Giles. "Let them take some of the stress, they love you enough to be inconvenienced."

Xander nodded. "I know that now."

She smiled and stood up. "Good. I'll leave you alone, I know we've had requests for visiting hours so people could come see you." She waved and walked out, holding the door so Willow could walk in.

"Hey. The kitten is fine."

"Um, two?"

"One." She shook her head. "There was one skulking around the pool though so maybe that's the other one."

"Fluffy got out," Xander groaned. "Was the one you saw pink?"

"Yeah, she was. She let me pet her and everything. She may have run back inside, I'm not real sure."

Oz nodded. "We'll deal when we get home. Thanks."

"No big. Oh, and I got a call from your boss while I was there. He said to call him when you're able to start working again. He said he was sorry that you had taken so ill."

"There's no damage," Xander said happily.

She leaned down to kiss his cheek. "Good. I'm happy then. But you still shouldn't do stupid stuff again." She patted the top of his head. "Your puppy's very cute. She kept sticking her nose up my skirt."

Giles shook his head with a smile. "She has this fascination with that region of the body. Though I'm glad she's all right."

"Yup. The automatic feeder had just dropped when I walked in. She was a fierce guardian of her bowl but she relented for tummy rubs." She smiled. "What's up with that one kitten? The other one? Your house looked like a war zone."

Xander and Oz both shrugged. "Why?" Xander asked. "How bad?"

"Gee, lets see. Clothes all over the house. Even a sheet. All of them spread out into comfy nap places in the sun. The upstairs looked like a bomb had exploded. Herbs *everywhere* from what you did. The bathroom in your room was filled with water, apparently one of them had figured out how to turn on one of the taps. That's the problem with the handle type knobs." She smiled at Oz. "I found your mouse on the floor, lying ball up. Apparently it was dead."

Oz snorted, shaking his head. "Kittens."

"Oh, and Rocky was trying to bury the kitten in the couch. I nuked one of the microwave meals in the freezer, I hope you didn't mind, and sat to watch the view. Rocky, who's a very interesting puppy, kept trying to hide the kitten under the seats on the couch."

Xander smiled then burst out laughing. "Guess Don drove her nuts." His laughter was dying away as Richie walked in. "Hi."

Richie waved, shaking his head. "Meth's downstairs catching his temper." He looked at Willow. "Richie."

"Willow." They shook hands. "Oh, well, I guess I can come back tomorrow."

"I get to go home tomorrow," Xander told her, waving her over to kiss her cheek. "Be safe and if you need us, yell."

"Yes, Xander. I won't get into trouble with Angel." She waved, walking out.

Richie looked at the man in the bed, his whole face showing he wanted to ask a question. "What did you do?"

"I helped," Xander said, pushing the button to lift the head of the bed up, which Oz took from him after a few seconds. "Hey."

"You need rest. Not to sit up and tell them how stubborn you are." He looked toward the door as Methos walked in. "He's fine, no permanent damage."

"Is that because of the spell or because it didn't hurt him that badly?" he asked smoothly, glaring at the man on the bed. "Do you enjoy taking time off my life?"

"No." Xander gave him puppy eyes. "I didn't mean to worry you. I just wanted to help."

Methos sighed, rolling his eyes. "It's impossible to stay mad at you when you give me that look." He walked over to hug his former student. "Xander, we do know that you want to help, but sometimes you can't. That wasn't about you."

"It was," Oz said. "I felt better as soon as he had done that." He shifted in his chair. "It was the right thing to do but it was still the wrong way."

Methos looked at him, then shook his head. "You're right, we could feel you both again, and Xander like we could that first day."

"Could that be why there's no permanent damage?" Giles suggested. "Our healing being given over to him?"

"Possibly," Methos said. "This is not my area." He stared at the man on the bed, then nodded. "Xander, if you do something like that again, I'm going to show you exactly how mean I can be."

"No you won't," Oz said quietly, getting up to stand between them. "You hurt him, you challenge me."

Methos stepped back. "Oz?" He looked from one to the other. "So be it. Just don't let him do something so stupid again."

"He was trying to help me," Oz said softly. "Love isn't stupid."

Methos patted the side of Oz's face. "It's good that you finally figured that out." He smiled. "Relax, Oz, I love the child like he was my own. Even Connor threatened to come back and spank him for you."

"Not going to happen," Xander said, yawning. "Tired, sorry."

"What else do you expect the day after having a heart attack." Methos walked around Oz to kiss Xander's cheek. "Do not make me this upset again, Xander. It really isn't a pretty sight, I scared Richie this morning when we found out." He looked around the room. "I'd almost expect the animals to be here with you."

"We sent Willow to the house last night to check on them. Fluffy got out. She's wandering around the yard."

"I'll have to go talk to my pink one then, won't I?" Methos said, frowning at Oz over his shoulder. "Unless someone really wants to take care of him alone?"

"No, you can come visit, just as long as you leave sometime." Oz shrugged at Giles incredulous look. "I have three weeks to find that missing period on my program. You still need practice that I can't give you. Let him do it."

"Ah, the Oz method of training." Methos smiled at Giles. "I'd be happy to come help you. I really don't want to have custody of Xander forever because you both lost a fight." Giles nodded. "Good. Then it's settled. We'll go back and watch the kittens tonight."

"Willow has my keys," Oz said. "I think she was going to go back."

"The more the merrier," Richie said. "She's kinda nice."

"Superbrain," Xander offered. "Really lonely, kinda confused about what she really wants in a lover."

Oz hit the button to lower Xander's bed back down. "Nap."

"But I'm not that tired."

"Nap or stay another day."

"Okay." Xander rolled onto his side, cuddling up with his blanket. "Night."

"Good night," Methos said, smiling at Oz. "That is so cruel. Congratulations."

"Thanks." Oz looked at Giles. "You want to stay? I was going to get something to read."

"Of course. I want to watch him sleep." Xander looked up and gave him a small smile. "I may even curl up beside him for a bit."

"It'd help me sleep," Xander said, letting the blankets go to lift up the side next to Giles. "Please? I can't sleep alone."

"Of course," Giles said, sliding in and kicking off his shoes. "Sleep, Xander," he said as he gathered the young man to his chest, "I'll be here when you need me."

"Of course you will. You're always there when I need you." Xander blinked hard, falling asleep slowly as the comfortable familiarity soothed them both.

Richie waited until both men were asleep to look at Oz. "We're going to head over to your place. Need anything?"

"No, he still has his bag in the car that he packed for our shopping trip." Oz got comfortable in the chair. "I'll go pick up a magazine later."

Methos tapped him on the shoulder. "Go do it, we'll wait."

Oz shook his head. "I want to watch them sleep."

"Fine," Methos said with a small smile, backing away when he saw the signs of Oz starting to fall asleep. "I'm sure you could curl up with them if you wanted to." He and Richie walked out as Oz kicked off his shoes and laid down behind Xander, wrapping an arm around them. "We'll see you tomorrow evening."

Oz grunted, already mostly asleep.

Richie stopped at the desk, giving the nurse his best pick-up smile. "They're all asleep together."

She tapped the monitor that now had three heart lines on it. "We noticed. It's a good thing as long as he's comforted."

Richie followed his mentor out of the hospital, heading for their car. "I'm driving," he declared, taking the keys. "I refuse to let you drive me anywhere after yesterday's accident."

"It wasn't that bad," Methos said quietly.

"I *died* in it. Yes it was." Richie slid into the driver's seat, buckling up and starting the car. "Hitch yourself in. This state has a seatbelt law."

"Yes, Richie." Methos rolled his eyes. "Now you can tell which MacLeod trained you."

"Yeah, the better than you version."

"No, the do-gooder/holier than everyone except Darius version."

"No, I think he was more dedicated then Darius was. Darius never got up in the middle of the night to go save someone six thousand miles away."

"Good point."


Willow shrieked as the door opened, admitting two men. "Who are you?" She wrapped the towel around herself, clutching it to her chest. She glared at Methos, who simply smiled at her. "I remember you. What are you doing here?"

"We've come out to help take care of Xander while he recuperates. They'll be home tomorrow." Methos showed off the filthy, damp kitten that had come out to meet them. "Someone was playing in the garden after playing in the sprinklers."

Willow snorted, giving the kitten a happy smile. "Guess who gets a bath then. Xander will kill you if you get his clothes muddy."

"No, he'll mildly yell and pout at them," Methos corrected. "He loves these kittens like his own children." He let her down, watching as she headed directly for the hole into the bathroom. "How have you been?"

"Fine," she said, wrapping the towel tighter around herself. "Um, I should go change." She hopped up, having to catch the towel as it fell, running for the bedroom.

Richie looked at Methos. "You know her?"

"She's Oz's ex-girlfriend. She seems to have a lot of relationships that naturally just drift away. She's a nice girl, very smart, but she does have some hang ups about her body and sexuality."

"Hmm," Richie said, heading down the hall. "I think I'm going to go introduce myself." He tapped on the master bedroom's door, walking in as she said he could. "Hi, we didn't get properly introduced, Richie."

"Willow," she said, shaking his hand. She didn't resist as he pulled her into a kiss, just savored it. "Wow, very suave."

"Thanks. My favorite teacher was foreign."

"Aren't we all," Methos said from the hallway. "I'm going to go upstairs, please don't break his bed."

"We won't," Richie said, looking into her eyes. "I'm never that rough and hard." He kissed the back of her hand. "I really find that women that need that aren't the sort I'd like to get to know."

Willow blushed. "I like gentle."