Teaching Wild Children New Lessons.

Xander looked through his new book, the one Oz had given him that was a sex manual for new male concubines. He looked up as Giles walked in, carefully setting the book aside as he got to his knees to welcome his lover home. They kissed, each clinging to the other for a few minutes. "Hi," Xander said at last, rubbing his face over the clothed chest.

"Ah, precious," Giles said, laying next to him. "How I missed you today." He hugged him hard then let the young man go. "Would you like to come swim with me?" Xander nodded so they stood up, each shedding their clothes on the way out to the pool in their backyard, Xander diving in and treading water as he watched Giles walk out to meet him at the deep part. "Ah," Giles said, rolling over to float. "This is nice."

"Stop it," Oz called from behind the camera. "This isn't what I wanted." He stood up, frowning at them. "Try natural for a change."

Xander gave his senior lover a wicked grin then pounced on the floating Giles' body, kissing him even as he dunked him, coming up with their legs entwined and wrapped around each other. They continued to kiss as Oz filmed, sensuously rubbing against each other in the warmed water, writhing as the feelings in their lower bodies got more and more intense. Xander came first, pulling back to howl as he did, bringing Giles back down under the water with him.

Giles came to the surface, stroking easily as he helped the young man roll onto his back, smiling at Oz once the quiet snores started. He towed Xander over to the side, pushing him up then pulling himself up to lay beside the pool. He idly stroked himself while looking up at Oz and his camera, spreading the young man's left over essence around his cock as he worked himself. He groaned, "Oz," as he came, allowing his eyes to shut even as his whole body relaxed under the sun on the warm rocks.

Oz put down his camera, straddling Giles' still form to get grab a small kiss, checking the camera to make sure it caught Giles' re-emergence as a member of the GHSS. He leaned down close enough to tease the open lips, licking and nibbling across them as he rubbed his jeans-clad body over the bare, wet one, wanting to get a rise out of him. Giles groaned, lifting his head to catch the willing lips, pulling the rest of the tanned, fit body down on top of his. "Giles," Oz whispered. "Want you."

"And so you shall have me," Giles whispered back, spreading himself out for consumption by his keeper, the man who made sure he lived life even as he enjoyed it to it's fullest. The one who kept both he and Xander. He smiled as he felt his hole opened by the swift push of an oiled cock, relaxing and opening to him, allowing himself to feel as much as he could.

"Hmm," Xander said, coming over to kiss Giles, then to make him suck his cock. "Come on, babe, gotta take it all," he cooed, thrusting in and out of the warm mouth.

"Mine, naughty," Oz warned. He got a pout for it. "No, mine. Wait your turn."

"But I want some of him too," Xander said as he pulled out of Giles' mouth, stealing a kiss from Oz. "That's *so* not fair."

"Wait your turn or don't get any," was Oz's counter to the pout. Xander sat down, watching them. "Thank you."


Giles pushed back against Oz, shaking his head. "I didn't mind."

"I know but I did." Oz leaned down and kissed his present lover, hard. "Now shh and enjoy."

"Yes, Oz," Giles said, it turning into a moan when the cock in him started to move again, taking him up a grand path to their mutual orgasm a few minutes later.

Xander clapped, looking at Oz. "Can I have some now?"

"We need time to recuperate," Oz reminded him.

Xander got up and walked inside, heading for their bedroom and the toybox next to the bed. He pulled out one of his favorite ones, lubing it quickly and inserting it, kneeling on the bed as he did himself, one hand riding his cock, the other working it in and out in a hard, fast rhythm. He stared down Oz and Giles as they stood in the doorway, looking away from them as he got off and rolling onto his side away from them.

"Xander," Oz said quietly. The young man shook his head. "If you had waited a few minutes." He got another head shake in response and now Xander pulled the afghan over his body, hiding himself.

Giles touched Oz's arm, walking in and laying behind his other lover. "I'm sorry, we didn't mean to not include you. You were next on our agenda."

"Why wasn't I allowed to have fun too?" Xander asked. He rolled to face them. "I get to have fun too, right? So why couldn't I have fun then?"

"Because I wanted it to just be us," Oz answered, coming over to lay on Xander's other side. "We have times that are just you and me." Xander shook his head. "We don't?"

"No, I end up being passed back and forth. And if Giles is like me then he should be allowed to be passed too."

"Point," Oz said, kissing the side of the young man's neck. "Very good point. I didn't realize we didn't have special times together with you." Xander shook his head again, allowing himself to be cuddled again. "Are you done pouting?" Xander nodded. "Would you like to have one of us?"


"That sounded pouty." Giles smiled at the yawn. "I guess you're a little tired, twice in under an hour must take a lot out of you." Oz glared at him. "What? It does me."

"Xander's allowed to be sleepy. Same as you are. We'll have a special alone time with him later."

"Then he'd still be passed," Giles pointed out, which got a sigh. He blinked then stood up. "I didn't mean to bollix things up by refinding my roots, I'm sorry." Xander pulled him back down, hugging him. "I didn't."

"You're not," Xander told him, "but you're not sharing either. Remember, I'm the same as you are, with the same needs and everything. I need Oz just as much as you do." He stroked down the soft face of his lover. "Same as I do you. I was feeling left out and then you get upset."

Giles settled in beside him. "I was feeling pushed out," he admitted. "Like you and Oz had something special that we didn't."

"You never touch me without him being around," Xander told him, snuggling down into his bare body. "There's never been any Xander/Giles time between us. It's always the three of us or you two."

"Or us," Oz countered.

"No, because then you wear out and you hand me off to Giles." Oz nodded after a second's hesitation. "Let's face it, this isn't equal."

"No, it's not equal," Oz agreed, hugging them both. "And I don't want to hurt either of you. Not sure I can have you both as much as you need but I don't want to hurt you."

"Then let us have each other," Xander told him, grabbing his hand to hold and squeeze. "I should have free access to Giles too."

"Deal," Oz said with a yawn. "Let's nap now, we'll figure this out later."

"Nothing to figure out," Xander told him, turning his head to get a kiss. "We do what feels right when it feels right. No holding back."

Giles smiled at his men. "I believe I could stand that." He pulled Xander closer into his body, squeezing him for a second then wrapping himself around the young man. "Sleep now, naughty, we'll fulfill you later." He and Oz shared a kiss. "And you and he can share some private time while I work."

"Okay," Oz agreed with a yawn.


Xander slid to his knees in front of Oz, who was typing and concentrating on the code he was writing, and mouthed gently at the semi-hard cock. When he didn't get a response, he unzipped the jeans with his teeth, licking the uncovered flesh delicately.

"Stop that," Oz warned. "I'm trying to work. I'll play later, when I get this done."

"Sorry," Xander said, getting up and heading back down to his room. He found Giles reading on the bed, some dusty old book. "Is that important?"

"I'm afraid so, Xander. I need to get this spell found." He glanced up. "Why don't you go play in the pool or sunbathe?"

Xander shook his head, heading for the closet. "I'm going shopping," he said as he pulled out clothes, putting them on quickly. He grabbed his watch and his wallet, and a tasteful bracelet on the way out of the bedroom, leaving them alone to their more important pursuits. He grabbed his car keys from the board in the kitchen, heading out to his slightly used dark gray Lexus and got in. He decided on his destination as he pulled through the gate, smiling at his image in the mirror. "Yeah, I need to mend fences with Cordy," he told himself.


Oz rolled his chair back from the computer, looking at his watch in disgust. "Hate when I get lost in there," he muttered, heading down the stairs to where he could hear someone moving around in the master bedroom. "Giles?" he asked when he found him on the bed, frowning at the man. "Where's Xander? He asked for some time and then he left."

"He said he was going shopping," Giles said as he turned the page. "Right after he came down."

"That was hours ago." Giles looked up at him, arching one eyebrow up. "It was two or so when I told him later."

Giles looked at their alarm clock, which said 7:15 and blinked. "Where did he go to shop I wonder?" He put down his book, looking up at his lover and teacher as he swung out of the bed. "Is his cellphone here?"

Oz looked at the dresser and shook his head. "Must still be in the car." He looked around the empty room then picked up the phone to call the number. He got an 'out of range' message and frowned again. "He's not in town."

Giles nodded. "Maybe he's went to the mall. Most of the time the local calling plan doesn't work over there. I don't know why he allowed himself to get that plan."

"Because it was cheaper. He didn't think he'd need it that far away." Oz grabbed his wallet and keys. "Want to help me look for him?"

"No, I think we should stay here and wait on him."

"We're talking about Xander here. He may not be back anytime soon, even if he's only over at the mall."

"Good point," Giles said, reaching for the clothes he had discarded earlier and pulling them on. "Let's go check on him, shall we?"

Oz nodded, leading the way out to his new car.


Xander looked at the outfit his ex-girlfriend was wearing and shook his head. "Fallen down on fashion?" he asked as he walked through Angel's door. She shrugged, not looking up at him. "Want to come shopping with me? I could use a more feminine opinion." She shook her head but looked up at him. "What's wrong?" he asked, coming over to sit beside her on the desk, brushing back her limp hair. "Are you okay? Sick? Just needing a vacation?"

"I screwed up the most important audition today," she mumbled, sipping her cocoa. "What's with you anyway?"

"Lots of things," Xander said with a small smile. "But I really could use your help and you look like you could use some time off." He kissed her forehead gently. "Go tell Angel we're going shopping. My treat."

"You don't have that sort of money," she said, looking over his outfit. Then she frowned. "How are you affording that stuff?" She fingered his watch and bracelet. "That's not even usual you."

"I'll tell you while we shop. Come on." He nodded toward the outside. "I've got my car."

"Is it that trashy thing you used to own?"

"Nope, a semi-used Lexus." He stood up. "Go tell Angel I'm kidnapping you." She nodded, getting up and heading out of the office while he looked through the magazines sitting on her desk.

Cordelia Chase tapped on her bosses bedroom door, walking in at his grunt. "Okay, what did you do to Xander? He wants to take me shopping and he's willing to pay." He gave her a small nod to go on. "I mean, this is Xander Harris here, not the richest of people or the suavest of them and he wants to shop with me?"

"He's a member of a certain society now and to it image is a lot." Angel shrugged. "Just make sure he's comfortable in what he's wearing. It's part of his life now."

She nodded, then rolled her eyes, heading back up to the office. She caught sight of him reading her Cosmo and blinked. "That's got something tasty on page 260," she told him, watching him flip to that section.

"Little stiff for me. I prefer soft and fuzzy fabrics, things that make me feel good." He dropped the magazine as he stood up, motioning toward the door. "Ready?"

"Yeah, but only if you tell me what's up." She crossed her arms, not moving. "You haven't made a demonic deal, right?"

"Nope, just got a little lucky in the finding myself department." He grinned. "I'll tell you on the way." She nodded and headed out to his car, allowing him to open the doors for her.


Giles glanced around the nearly empty parking lot in disgust. "He's not here," he said, turning back to the other immortal. "Where is he?"

"Don't know," Oz said calmly, pulling out his cellphone to try Xander's again. He got a ring this time but no answer. "We're back in his calling range."

"Then he's headed toward LA?" Giles asked, frowning. "Why would he be heading that way?"

"Shopping." Oz got back into his car, shutting the door hard. "We'll yell at him when he gets home." Giles nodded, buckling up after sliding into his own seat.


Xander looked at the tasteful display and shook his head, handing Cordy the only dress he liked on the rack. "Here, try this one."

"So you're really like this big, pleasurable ho?" she asked, taking the dress.

"Not anymore. I don't charge." He shrugged at her dirty look. "I'm a hedonist, Cordy, that's it. And I've come into some money to make my life comfy. So I am. Now I'm making up some lost time with you and apologizing all at once."

She nodded, kissing his cheek. "Thank you."

"Welcome," he whispered, giving her a hug. "Now go try that on and let me look for decent things for you. Something that working for Angel won't ruin but won't ruin your image." He headed for the other racks, feeling the fabrics and pulling out those that felt good to him while she went for the changing area.


Giles put down the phone, groaning. "He stole Cordelia to go shopping with him."

Oz growled softly. "I will yell. He knows better than to take off like that."

"Well, we weren't exactly interested in what he was doing," Giles reminded him. "It was five hours before we realized he was gone."

"I'm still going to yell. Is Angel going to tell him to call?"

"If he sees him. Xander may well just drop Cordelia off at her apartment and head back. She's not due back at work anytime soon."

"We'll get him when he gets home then."

"Indeed we will," Giles said, sitting next to Oz and hugging him. "I'm sure he's fine."

"He'd better be."


Xander laughed as Cordy finished her story about the rotten manager she had contracted with. "Oh, Cordy, I wish you luck." He wiped his eyes as he looked around the restaurant. "Done?" he asked when he noticed her picking at her food. She nodded, waving a waiter over to get a box. Once they were in the car, he looked at her. "I am sorry for all the stuff I put you through."

"It's okay," she said, laying a hand on his arm. "It was before you spoiled me rotten, which I truly needed, and it still is. So, how are Oz and Giles? I hear you're a trio now."

"Yeah, well, we still have some probs to work out but otherwise it's good." He started his car. "Home?"

"Please. I need to drop the clothes into my closet and take a long soak with that yummy smelling bath stuff you bought me." She leaned over to kiss his cheek. "Thank you."

"You're welcome," he said, giving her a hug. He started the car, pulling out into traffic.


Oz got up to pace the livingroom. "Where is he?" he muttered, looking out the front windows then back at the pool area. "And why doesn't he call?"

"He probably forgot," Giles said dryly. He pulled Oz down into his lap, kissing him gently. "I'm sure he's fine, he's just having a little fun by himself."

"He should have at least told you where he was going shopping."

"I don't think he knew himself," Giles soothed. "Though we will yell at him as soon as he walks through the door." Oz nodded, eyes narrowing. "Now relax," he whispered, rubbing over the tense back. "Xander's fine and so are we."

"If you say so." Oz got up, going back to his pacing, glancing at the clock that was about to strike ten.


Xander browsed through the specialty section of his favorite sex store, picking up a few things to look more closely at every now and then. He smiled as he caught sight of something he had wanted for a long time, picking it up and carrying it up to his basket at the counter. He handed over his credit card, simply smiling at the man behind the counter when he got an odd look.

He was heading home when he heard his cellphone ring, pulling off the side of the road to answer it. "Harris," he said, tipping his head off to the side as he looked for a pen and paper. "Angel, hi. No, I dropped Cordy at home. She's in a tub right now. I gave her lots of fun bath stuff." He smiled at the disgruntled sound of the vampire's voice. "Okay, I'll call them. Thanks." He hung up, dialing his home number. "Hi, it's me," he told the machine. "I'll be home in about an hour. Cordy and I had a *great* time and we made friends again." He hung up, tossing his cellphone back down into the empty passenger's seat as he pulled back onto the road.

Oz rushed to grab the phone before Xander hung up and growled when he heard the dial tone. "I will spank him," he promised, "and not in a good way either."

Giles sighed. "Maybe we shouldn't yell. We should voice our concern but maybe we should pay some attention to him. He seemed to think we were ignoring him again."

"That doesn't explain him taking off for LA without telling you!" Oz looked up at the clock, frowning at it. "An hour, then I go looking for him and drag his scrawny butt back."

Giles patted his arm. "Think about teaching him a lesson he'll not soon forget in a way he'd understand."

"We should leave and not tell him?"

"No, we should shower him with attention then teach him to tell us where he is if he ever wants to cum."

Oz nodded. "Good point. Go fix the bedroom." He sat down, staring at the door.


Xander walked through his door, dropping his bags in the kitchen on his way through. He waved at Oz as he grabbed a bottle of water, leaning against the counter. "Hi," he said when he didn't get an answer.

"Get out here," Oz said quietly, his voice barely carrying into the kitchen. "And bring your new things so I can see what was important enough to worry us like that."

Xander blinked in surprise but picked back up his bags, carrying them out to the couch. "I went and talked with Cordy while we shopped. I told Giles I was going shopping." He dropped his bags again, looking at his senior lover. "What's wrong?"

"What time was it when you left?" Oz asked him.

"Um, about two-thirty, why?" Xander finished off his water, sitting on the coffeetable. "I told Giles I was going shopping."

"We thought you meant here in town or over at the mall." Xander shook his head. "See, that's the problem, you didn't *tell* us you were going to LA."

"But you knew I was shopping and that I usually go to LA to do that. That way we get a little privacy back in our lives."

Oz shook his head. "Not the point."

"Yeah, it is," Xander said, standing up. He grabbed his bags, heading into the bedroom. He nodded at Giles as he dropped his bags in the bottom of his closet, looking at the bed. "You guys have fun?"

"Did you? You worried us sick," Giles said, pulling him over to the bed and sitting him down. "We had no idea where you were."

"I was shopping, which I usually do in LA."

Giles stalked over to the closet, upending the bags to look at the things in them. "Were these really that necessary?"

"What's the big?" Xander asked, standing up. "And I *told* you where I was going. *Now* you yell?"

"You didn't say you were leaving town!" Giles yelled back.

"I shouldn't have to!"

"Stop it," Oz ordered as he walked in. He looked at the scattered things on the floor. "Pick them up, Giles. Xander, strip and get on the bed."



"Bite me." Xander faced off to his lovers. "I was *shopping*. I *always* shop in LA when I go *shopping*. If you two couldn't make the connection that's not my fault." He looked at Giles. "Put them back in the bags or hang them up please. They don't need lint." He turned to look at Oz. "This isn't my bad. I told you where I was going, you didn't make the connection. Not my fault."

"You worried us sick," Oz said quietly, keeping his temper in check. "We didn't know where you were or if you were okay."

"I'm fine, what's up with you?"

"Stop it!" Giles yelled, dropping the clothes back onto the floor. "Xander, you're speaking a different language from us. We were worried because we thought you meant here in town. None of us even thought that you might be heading for LA or anywhere else besides the mall." He walked over to grab the young man's arms. "You can't run off like that, you worried us sick."

"I told you..." He was stopped by Oz putting a hand over his mouth.

"It's not enough. You didn't say LA, you weren't specific, and we don't know that you shop in LA because we don't shop with you." Xander nipped his palm. "Stop that too. We were worried."

"I'm fine," Xander said, backing away from them. He got his arms free, looking at Giles. "It's not my fault you guys don't know where I shop. I tell you these things and you don't listen apparently. This isn't my fault."

"Yeah, it is," Oz said. "You made us worry."

"You could have tried calling."

"I did, you didn't answer," Oz told him.

"More than once?" Oz nodded. "In over ten minutes?" Oz nodded again. "Gee, I had my cellphone in the car, I never got a voicemail message or even a held message." He crossed his arms. "I think that pretty well tells me how worried you really were." He looked them over. "When did you notice I wasn't here?"

"Around seven," Giles admitted, "but you still should have been more specific."

"You guys have been told *how* many times where I like to shop? I mean, we even planned out the next shopping trip together. You guys weren't that worried."

"Yeah, we were," Oz told him, pulling him into a tight squeeze, making him put down his arms. "Neither of us remembered where you like to shop, and yeah, that sucks, but you still didn't tell us where you were headed."

"Should I have to?"

"When you're gone for almost eleven hours, yes," Giles responded. He surrounded Xander from the rear, hugging both he and Oz. "You worried us sick. We went looking for you."

"Oz, what's my favorite place to shop?" Xander asked suddenly, getting away from them by wiggling down and under their arms. He sat on the edge of the bed, looking at them.

"I don't know."

"Gee, but I know you're working on a graphics program to give more detailed pictures from photos that are uploaded when you manipulate them. Giles has been working on three spells, one to link me to you two, one to bind someone so he can't do anything ever again, and one to help make sure the gathering doesn't happen anytime soon."

"I got the point, Xander," Oz growled. "It doesn't make a difference though."

"It should." Xander looked at the bed and shook his head. "I'm going to go shower, I smell like a fragrance counter since I got Cordy a new one. I'm not playing tonight so the straps had better be on one of you." He stripped as he walked toward the bathroom, slamming the door.

"Are we really that horrid to him?" Giles asked, sitting down in the spot Xander had been occupying.

Oz shrugged. "Apparently. Did you know that he knew that much about you?"

"No, not at all." He looked toward the bathroom door. "I think we should ask him." He got up, heading over to the clothes littering the floor. "I'll get this cleaned up while you fix the bedding." Oz nodded, reaching up to remove the restraints from the headboard. He heard Xander talking to himself in the shower and looked at Giles, then back at the door, heading in to be with him. He stripped, getting in behind his lover and pulled him back against his body. "I didn't know, I'm sorry."

"I can see why you were worried," Xander said quietly, "but it hurts, ya know?" He turned to look at Oz, who simply hugged him. "We seem to suck as a couple, Oz, and that really hurts."

"We just need to figure some things out."

"Which we were supposed to do last night."

"So we'll do it tonight instead." He reached up and kissed Xander's cheek. "I want to know, I just realized I didn't when we couldn't find you."

"I guess you've gotten used to not knowing, huh," Xander said, turning back to rinse off his front. "All that time must mean that you've learned how to not spend too much energy on one person because they won't be around as long."

"Every day is precious, Xander, even for me. I don't know when I'm going to lose a challenge." He got hugged hard for that, Xander practically clinging to him. "I should know better than to take you for granted, either of you, but I goofed. I'm sorry."

"Then we'll forget about it," Xander said, hugging him. He handed over the small brush he used to wash himself. "Would you please wash my back?"

"Sure, but only if we talk tonight. I don't like not knowing."

"Sure, Oz, you can ask me questions for as long as I stay awake."

"Good." Oz picked up the unscented soap, lathering up the brush to clean over the tense back. "Just give us more of a clue next time, 'kay?"


Giles smiled as he heard those two work out this latest tiff, finishing with the last piece of clothing he had dropped onto the floor. "Maybe now they'll work it out between them so we can all be happy." He looked at the bags, considering them. "She must have taken him there. He never shops at the Gap."

"Yup," Xander said, lounging in the door. "She made me get her something there then we switched bags." He looked at the younger immortal, if older man, seeing the guilty look on his face. "You knew?"

"I figured out that you were in LA when Oz mentioned that it had been two when you had stormed out of here in a huff. But I do know where you prefer to shop, or at least the brands you like more. I do do the laundry for all of us after all."

Xander nodded. "I prefer the larger department stores and the little resale stores, but which ones?"

"Um, Bergstroms?" Xander shook his head. "No?"

"No, that was a sale." He walked farther out into the room, looking at the pile of bags. "Did you put up the new toys too?"

"There weren't any," Giles said, looking at the pile of bags himself. "I'll go check in the car if you'd like."

"Yeah, I got something for you when I went, it's in the same bag." He turned to look at Oz, who was trying to hug him. "At least he tried."

"Got the point, quit," Oz said, grabbing Xander and pulling him over to the bed. "Where do you like to shop?"

"Lots of little resale shops. They have some of the best clothes. And there's one mall over near where Angel's office is that I like to haunt. I like to shop in a few of the more upscale department stores so I don't look like I shopped at Sears, but mostly I like this little store in that mall. It's not a name brand but they get some of the best things. That's where I get all my velvet shirts." He pointed at the bags. "I have a few in there from there."

Giles walked in carrying a few more bags. "You forgot a few." He handed over the bag from the sex shop, shaking his head. "I do wish you'd let us come help you pick things out. I'd like to go look myself."

"I usually use the online ones," Oz told him. "Haven't been in a real one for ages."

Xander smirked. "I shop at this little straight-guy store. I get the strangest looks from the staff but I almost always find what I really want there." He looked at Oz, shaking his head. "There's so much that's still not available online these days. I looked and couldn't find Giles' prezzie anywhere. Not even the more exclusive places."

"May we see it?" Oz asked, touching the bag.

"Once he's got the other stuff put in the chair, yeah." Xander opened the bag, pulling out the small, brown paper wrapped package, pushing the rest of the bag over toward the end table. "Drop that in the drawer, would you?"

"I want to see what else you managed to get," Oz said, grabbing the bag and upending it. "Huh. Novels?" He picked up the few books, putting them aside. "Lube. Toy to replace the one that doesn't feel comfy to you." He picked up the neon purple package that said 'Underwater Vibrator' giving Xander a look. "Where were you going to use this?"

"In the jacuzzi." He tossed it onto the pile. "I also bought the condoms I can use and a few things for you to play with too." He pointed at the plugs. "I missed mine."

"Then we'll start using them on you again," Oz told him, pushing them all into the bedside drawer. "What did you get Giles?" Xander opened the bag and he smiled as he showed off the slim package inside the bag. "I think he'll like that, he's wanted one recently."

"I know, that's why I got one for him." He rolled back up the top of the bag, handing it to Giles when he laid down beside them. "Here, for you."

Giles unwrapped the leather and silver cock ring, smiling at his lover. "Thank you, it's just like the one I was thinking about." He leaned over, giving Xander a kiss. "But it still doesn't get you clear of the worry we went through."

Oz nodded. "True, but I think maybe we should learn from this instead of just punishing him."


"Shh," Oz said, rubbing down Xander's side. "It'll be a good punishment, encouragement to be good and tell us exactly where you're going or at least to call and let us know where you are." He leaned in for a kiss. "Giles, put that on, we'll use it tonight." The younger immortal nodded, getting up to take off his clothes and put on the cock ring while they watched. "Xander, strip and come back here." Xander nodded sullenly, getting off the bed and stripping while both men watched, climbing back into the spot he had been in and shutting his eyes. "Now then," Oz said quietly. "You will do what in the future?"

"I'll make sure you understand where I'm going or I'll call," Xander repeated, earning a small kiss for it. "Thank you."

"And we'll do what?" Oz asked Giles.

"We'll try to better understand Xander so we know what he's doing if he forgets to get specific."

"Good," Oz purred, rubbing down Xander's chest. "Now then, for the punishment. Giles, restraints. For both of you eventually." Giles nodded, getting off the bed to get the restraints he had put up a few minutes ago, handing them off to Oz as he got back on the bed, taking his place beside Xander.

"What about your punishment for not knowing?" Xander asked, opening one eye to look at Oz.

"I'm going to punish myself by punishing both of you. By the end we should all be chastised." Xander nodded, closing his eye again and relaxing as his wrists were done up. Giles nodded once they were done up, backing away from the still body. "Lube," Oz said, getting up to strip off his clothes. He waited until the new bottle was put onto the bed to look at it. "Spray?"

"Like it, feels good," Xander told him, looking up at his senior lover. "I've used it before, it works great and it's lots less mess really."

"Okay," Oz said with a shrug. "We'll try this stuff." He sprayed his cock, nodding as it stayed on. "Like it better already. No dripping off." He tossed the bottle to Giles. "Prepare him and yourself." The younger immortal nodded, spreading Xander's legs to open him properly and prepare him for later exertions. When he was done, he moved away from the still body, looking at Oz for the next order. "I said prepare yourself too," he reminded gently, moving in between Xander's legs. "Now then, I'm going to make you regret not telling me. I had lots of plans for tonight." He slid easily into the young man's body, nodding at him. "I like this lube, we'll keep some around. I was going to teach you all about that manual and how to use it." Hard thrust. "Then I was going to let you show me how well you could follow orders." Few teasing thrusts that he knew drove Xander insane. "Then I was going to reward you for waiting." Few more shallow, teasing thrusts then Oz pulled out, pulling Giles over and bending him over Xander's wiggling body. "Stay still," he warned as he slid into this new body, pounding him hard, knowing Giles liked it softer when he wanted a longer ride. He pulled out, listening to both of them groan. "I take it you liked?"

"Yes," they said together.

"Good." Oz spread Giles' thighs, getting back into Xander but unable to get very deeply because of the other immortal's body. Xander moaned as he tried to move so he could get deeper but a limp Giles made that impossible. "What was the lesson again?"

"We will listen to Xander's needs," Giles said, kissing the side of Xander's neck.

"I'll tell you where I'm going," Xander panted, still trying to push harder against Oz and Giles, but making happy noises when Giles moved enough to give him some friction over his cock. "Thanks," he said, closing his eyes. "I thought you knew," he whined.

"We didn't," Oz reminded him. "Will we in the future?"

"YES!" Xander screamed, getting off from Giles' actions.

"Good boy," Oz said warmly, pulling out of Xander's body. "I'll come back to you in a second. Giles, restrain yourself. Now." The older man did so, carefully shifting Xander over so he could relax. "Now, what was your lesson?"

"I'll learn to respect Xander's needs more," he whispered, looking up at his lover. "Same as yours was."

"Good." Oz looked at Xander, who was watching them as he recovered quickly. "Come on, you need to teach him what you need." Xander traded places with him after a small kiss, sliding readily into Giles' body for him. "Very pretty," he whispered, rubbing Xander's back. "Can I have that?"

Xander pulled out of Giles, looking at Oz. "I feel funny when I think about topping you," he admitted. Oz nodded, giving him a hug. "I'll top Giles, but not you. I can even top Methos, but I can't top you. And I don't know why."

"It's a natural thing, you see me as the dominant in a few ways so you can't top me." Oz shrugged. "Could you top me with a toy?"

"Maybe," Xander conceded, sliding back into Giles' body. "Am I supposed to be showing him what I need?"

"Yes," Oz told him, rubbing down the young man's back. "I want you to show him how much you really care for him and what you need from him." He smiled as Xander leaned down, hugging Giles tightly.

"I need cuddles and understanding," Xander told them. "I need to feel like I'm a part of what we're supposed to have instead of something that you only talk to and use when you want to get off. I need to be needed and wanted, guys."

"So you shall be," Giles told him, holding him as best he could. "Oz, could you?" he asked, nodding at Xander.

"Sure," Oz said, hugging Xander for both of them. "Does this rank before or after sex?"

"Before. I can always pleasure myself, but I can't get attention and cuddles and the other stuff I need from a toy." Xander turned his head to look at Oz. "I really can't."

"Then you'll get it from us," he told him, letting him go. "Now pound Giles into the mattress so you can play with me, Xander."

"Sure, Oz, whatever you say." Xander sat back on his feet, sliding slowly in and out of Giles' body, making him grimace. "I'm sorry, I'm out of practice on this end," he apologized as he pulled out, but Oz stopped him, making him reinsert himself. "Oz."

"No, just relax. You used to be great at pounding Giles senseless. And not even I can take care of the needs of two bottoms." Xander nodded, thrusting sluggishly. Oz inserted three fingers into his hole, pumping them to give the young man a rhythm. "Like this, he likes this."

"I know," Xander said, taking the cue to pick up speed a little, giving the younger immortal exactly what he needed and wanted. It wasn't long before Giles shot off, going limp from the aftermath. "Now me," Oz reminded Xander, who was still working their bound lover.

"You?" Xander nodded, waving at the clear area of the bed. "There?"

"If you'd like." Oz released Giles, laying in his spot but not binding himself. "Lube me gently please, it's been a while since I've done this side." Xander nodded, grabbing the lube bottle and sprayed some outside of Oz's hole. "Good," he encouraged. "Now stretch me. I'm practically virginal again."

Xander grinned at that, but he stuck his thumb in Oz's body, rotating it to spread the lube around the soft muscles. He switched to two fingers, spreading them gently to open the tight muscles so he could get in. When he was done, he added more lube to himself and positioned himself, earning a small smile. "I'll try," he said, pushing in slowly, "but I'm not guaranteeing I'm good." Oz nodded, closing his eyes and grabbing the restraints to hold onto while Xander inserted himself. Xander started off on a slow, deep rhythm, making the most of their positions and flexibility, lifting Oz's legs over his shoulders and leaning forward so he could get deeper.

Oz groaned, letting one of the cords go so he could run his fingers through the dark hair of his lover, looking up at him as he was tenderly taken. "I do love you, Xander, and I never want to fight. I just got worried."

"I'm sorry, I thought you knew," Xander said, giving him a small kiss then moving back again so he wasn't smooshing Oz under him. "But I love you too. Both of you."

"I'm glad also," Giles said quietly from his spot watching. He rubbed Xander's back, soothing the tiring muscles. "Would you like me to take over?"

"Nope, I got it," Xander said, picking up his rhythm a little. Oz groaned. "Sorry, but I can't hold you up much longer."

"Then let me," Oz said, pulling away from him and helping Xander onto his back. He slid down the young man's cock again, reaching down to grab his hands to steady himself. "Liking?" he asked at the grin.

"Yup, lots." Xander moved his hands to Oz's hips, pushing up deeper into him. Oz removed his hands after a few moments going back to what he had been doing. "Thought this was your punishment?" Xander asked him, taking control of Oz's body again and rolling the immortal under him again. "You can't lead if it's your punishment."

"Good point." He stole a kiss. "But hurry?"

"Nope, like slow and gentle. You taught me that." Xander grinned, going back to what he had been doing, consciously changing his rhythm every few minutes to drive Oz insane with the waiting. "Liking?"

"Need harder," Oz panted. "Please?"

"What's the lesson?" Xander whispered as he leaned down to grab a kiss.

"I should know and respect you," Oz yelled, Xander pounding him now. "Thank you!" he screamed as he came. He looked up at his lover, still feeling him moving inside him. "More?"

"Yup. You need more. I think you still need to know more about me."

"You've got the stamina of a trained concubine after your first orgasm," Oz noted. "You wear soft and fuzzy clothes because they feel good on your skin. You like platinum instead of silver jewelry so I can never get hurt. Your favorite thing is bracelets. Xander!" he yelled as the pounding strokes became shallow teasing strokes. "Gods, I taught you too well."

"Yup, you did," Xander told him with a smile. "Go on."

"You like to shop in LA so that no one around here knows what you're buying and because no one there knows you and will wonder how you're affording all this." Deep breath as Oz squeezed his eyes shut and the torture continues. "You're a water guy, you love to play in the water, you're tanning..." Small gasp. "You're tanning so the scars go away. Please, babe, more!"

"Shh, Oz, don't I always take care of you?" Xander whispered. "You guys should know that I always take care of you." Oz nodded frantically, then shook his head as the pounding stopped. "Shh, I'll let you cum soon," Xander told him. He looked up at Giles. "You okay?"

"Yes, I didn't quite get the ring tight enough but I'm fine." He stroked over the hard cock he was sprouting. "I've fixed that now."

"Good." Xander leaned down and bit Oz's pec, almost enough to draw blood. "Now then, what was the second thing you needed to learn?" Oz shook his head. "Trust Xander. He's not an idiot and he does know a few things." Oz nodded, unable to speak. "Good," Xander purred, slamming back into Oz, setting off his orgasm.

Oz panted as he came down, looking at Xander. "Wow."

"Thanks, I'm still out of practice." He shrugged, leaning back against the pillows to stroke himself. "I need something now," he said, looking at Giles.

"I noticed," Giles said, moving over to kiss Xander, stroking his cock with both their hands. "May I give it to you?"

"Yeah, you give it to me good." Xander grinned as he was slid into again, sighing at the good feelings it caused. "Like this."

"Good," Oz said, leaning down to hold Xander and kiss him while Giles brought both of them off. He looked up at Giles, seeing his face getting red. "You okay?"

"Yes," he groaned. "Xander just flexed his internal muscles and it's rather tight in there right now." He slammed into the young man, making him buck up under him. "Do it again," he offered. Xander did so he pounded him again. Xander grinned, clenching all the muscles he had, not allowing Giles to move. "You naughty little boy," he said in admiration. "How do you do that?"

"Good training." Xander relaxed, catching Giles as he came down to kiss and hug him. "I've had three great teachers and they're all good in different areas." He licked over Giles' cheek, letting him go. "Now, enough talking, Xander has needs here and he needs them fixed."

Oz chuckled, leaning in to give him a kiss before moving down to play with the hard cock. "I'll help. Even with a cockring Giles won't last long enough." He mouthed the head, just teasing it with his lips, noting the shaking in Giles' tense body. "You need to cum, don't you," he said, rubbing a hand over the sweat-dripping stomach. Giles nodded, making an almost whimpering sound. "Then cum babe, I'll take care of him." Giles screamed as he let the cockring go, falling off to the side as he pulled out, bringing quite a lot of cum with him out of Xander's body. "Shh," Oz said, reaching over to stroke Giles' chest. "Just relax and nap. We'll clean up." Xander looked up at him. "I want that for you, Xander, to achieve that state." The young man nodded. "I want for you to have it every night, but I'm not that good."

"I'm willing to take it when I get it," Xander told him, rolling them onto their sides, stroking down Oz's back as he rubbed against him. "It's a good state to be in, but I don't need it daily. Small pleasures are great to me, Oz, still and probably always." He leaned down to lick over the bite he had done earlier. "Little things like how your lover tastes after a long session. How chocolate tastes when it's the perfect state between warm and cold. How you taste first thing in the morning." He leaned in for another small kiss. "Relax and let it go, Oz, I've got it."

"No, I want to do it for you," Oz said, reaching down to stroke him. He kissed Xander the whole time, making up for lost time. When Xander came with such a soft sigh he looked down, then back up at him. "Content? That was a kitten noise."

"Very content. With a lot of things." Xander snuggled into the older immortal's hard body. "Want me to clean us up?"

"No, I got it," Oz said, giving him one last squeeze before sliding out of the bed. He stopped, looking down at his lovers, then grabbed a plug and his camera, capturing the moment then filling Xander. He headed into the bathroom, coming back out to clean up their mess, taking the extra bottom sheet off the bed so they'd have a smaller wet spot to sleep in.


Xander stretched before diving into the pool, groaning as he surfaced and started a few laps. At the cleared throat, he looked up to see Oz standing there. "Hi," he said, stroking over. "What's wrong?"

"Having a bad moment. My computer just crashed." Oz slid into the water and was instantly hugged. "Thanks."

"Poor Oz, do you need a new one or didn't you lose a lot of stuff."

"Oh, I lost tons of stuff. About three hours worth because my automatic backup wasn't engaged for some reason." Oz backed away from his lover's body. "This just screwed my schedule all to hell. Even if I had what I needed right now, I'd still be about a day behind."

"So let's go find you something that you can use today."

Oz shook his head. "Can't. No money from my advance yet."

"Shh, I have money."

"And you also have an almost maxed credit card."

"But I also have another and lots of cash left over from buying the house." Xander frowned at him. "And I just paid my bill in full."

"I saw, but it's registering yet."

"Oh, okay. What about my other one?"

"It's not near full, it's only got about three hundred charged on it." Oz squeezed Xander again. "I'm not letting you spoil me by buying me a computer, Xander, don't even think about it."

"But you could pay me back. And you'd be a lot less far behind."

"Good point." Oz looked around. "I don't want this to be a common thing. Got it?"

"Yup, do." They both looked up as Giles walked out. "Hey, phone?"

"Yes, your bank." Giles handed off the cordless phone, sitting on the edge of the pool. "I heard, I'm sorry about your computer. My playing games didn't harm it, did it?"

"No, not you. I must have toggled the switch by accident earlier today."

"No, she's not allowed to touch *anything* of mine. I don't care if she *is* my mother, it's not hers." He shook his head. "No, I'm not mad at you, just at her. The only three drawees are myself, Daniel Osbourne, and Rupert Giles. My family is not allowed to touch anything of mine, no way in any reality am I sharing with them." Oz patted his arm, giving him a 'sorry' look so Xander shook his head. "No, I won't cosign her loan." Giles tapped him on the shoulder. "Hold on."

"Do that, or give her the loan but make it payable to you and only you, that way if she defaults, you can claim her assests."

"Why would I want that old house?"

"Good point, but it's a reasonable thing to do. Then you could rent it out or whatever. And you could make it a stipulation of the loan that she never bother you for money again."

"Point," Xander admitted grudgingly. He put the phone back to his ear. "Put my mother on. How much did you need?" Small wince. "Why?" He nodded. "Fine, *I* will make you the loan, not the bank. We'll draw up an agreement tomorrow." He hung up, tossing the phone toward the set of chairs next to the pool. "Stupid cow. My father's gambling now."

Oz hugged him. "It'll be okay. And this way, they have to leave you alone." Oz pulled back. "How much did she need?"

"Lots." Xander frowned. "I need to go to the bank anyway. You still want to go computer shopping?"

"You won't be able to..."

"Shh," Xander told him.

"No, I don't think I should. You're about to spend a lot of money to make your parents go away. You can't afford to help me get a new computer. I can fix the one upstairs."

Xander pulled himself out of the pool, heading inside to the desk where they did the bills, pulling out his three-ring binder for his bank account and investments, bringing it back to the pool-side chairs. "Come here, Oz," he said quietly. Oz got out of the water, coming to sit beside him. "This is my last statement, and my last credit card statements, and an accounting of all our bills and my investments." He handed the notebook over. "You said once that you wanted to handle our finances so go ahead."

Oz flipped through the pages, grimacing in a few places but looking very pleased in others. When he was done, he set it aside. "You're doing that very well."

"I swore to never become my parents, to never have to decide which bills to pay some months because of mismanagement." Oz and Giles both hugged him. "Thanks, but I showed you that to make you see you didn't have to worry. I can get both of you out of the cash left over from buying the house. She didn't want that much, just a few thousand."

"Which is lots to your way of thinking," Oz finished. Xander nodded, leaning over to rest his head on Oz's shoulder. "How much do we have left?"

"More than enough?"

"Amount wise."

"Don't know, didn't count it," Xander admitted. "Enough, I know that much, but not how much."

"We should get a precise count before we do this. Just to make sure." Xander nodded, getting up and pulling Oz with him, both of them walking back to the spare bedroom. They sat on the floor in front of the safe, Oz opening it and pulling out the bag with the money, glancing down inside it. "You sure there's a lot here? Looks like a few hundreds."

Xander took the bag, looking down in it. "There *was* money in here." He looked at Oz, frowning. "I haven't spent any of it. Not even touched it since we put it in there."

"Then how did it leave?" Giles asked as he walked inside.

"Two guesses," Oz said, looking at Giles, who frowned. "She's done it before."

"We could call Angel, see if the money turned up with them."

Xander shook his head, reaching around Oz's body for the jewel boxes, which didn't rattle. "It's been since then," he said, holding one up and shaking it.

"We've not had any company since then," Giles commented. "I doubt Methos would steal from us and Ray is a former police officer."

Oz shook his head, looking down inside the safe. "There's an explanation." He got up, heading out of the room, coming back with Giles' most commonly used book. "Try and bring it back."

Giles looked confused then looked down in the safe, smiling as he saw the small portal. "Oh, indeed I shall." He flipped pages, chanting quickly, starting to sweat about as fast. Finally, the safe was refilled with everything that had been lost, plus a few other items like a claw. "Hmm, wonder what that is," he said, picking it up.

"It's a claw," Xander said, taking it to look at. "It looks like the one my Sarthna demon buddy's helper had." He looked at Giles. "Was it a demon?"

"Most definitely." He closed the book. "I suggest you move it. He may well try again."

Oz nodded, grabbing the boxes to start putting the jewels back again. "Don't understand this, what's so important."

Xander got up, touching the stone Angel had told him he had to keep with him. "This one?"

"Or the bloodstone," Giles remarked. "Both are incredibly valuable."

"What are you going to do with that thing," Xander asked him. "You haven't filled it or whatever."

"I was thinking about keeping it for emergencies. Though I could sell it and start my own fortune."

Xander nodded. "Reasonable. You'll need to live for a long time."

"How valuable are they?" Oz asked, handing it to him.

"Very. The last one I heard of, which was a rumor that I thought to be a fairytale, went for about three million."

Xander touched the deed he had to the demon's warren. "I think we should go check this thing out. See if they're down there and then run them off."

"Thereby not putting you on their good side."

"I don't think I am anyway. What did they get for how many years of service? I got his warren for four nights." Xander shrugged. "Seems kinda unfair to me." He looked at Oz, who smiled and nodded. "I'm going to have Angel and Wesley go do it. It'd sound better coming from them than it would me." He picked up the phone, dialing Angel's number. "Hey, is the boss in?" he asked with a smile. "No? How about a nice paid job? No mess involved probably." He laughed. "Cordy, I knew you'd like that." He looked at Oz, who shrugged. "We'll be there tonight. I've got to take Oz computer shopping because his crashed and he lost a lot of stuff." Short pause. "Did you want Giles to come? I can bring him too. I was thinking about treating us to a night off anyway."

Oz shook his head. "No, Xander."

"Shh, we'll drop all that stuff off at the bank, okay?"

Giles nodded. "Yours should be well enough. I can spell the safe also, but it would take me most of the night to make sure everything was sealed from demonic intrusion. Whichever you prefer."

Xander passed on the information, nodding. "Okay, she said Wesley was going to come up and help you because he needed your help." Giles nodded. "Sounds good. We'll come up and take you guys to dinner and discuss what I need your boss to go do." He hung up, looking at Oz. "Take the cash and we'll put the stones in the car. I wanted to talk to someone about them anyway." Oz shook his head but loaded up the boxes. "Display type stuff. And better boxes to put them in. I don't like that they rattle around in those."

"Good point," Oz said, handing Giles the boxes and picking up the now loose cash, putting it back in the bag as he counted. "About twenty-six fifty," he said, looking up.

"More than enough for everything and a nice hotel room tonight," Xander said, grinning. "You sure you want to do this tonight, Giles?"

"It'd be best if you were both out of the house when I did so. I'll keep the gate locked and everything."

Oz nodded. "Okay. Just remember not to let another one of us near here. Methos said he felt one of us at the show."

"Maybe it was that one you ran into," Xander suggested, giving them a hopeful look.

Oz nodded. "Maybe." He stood up. "We need to exchange this so we're not carrying a big bag of cash around." He took the boxes of stones, heading out to the car.

Xander stopped Giles. "Don't fight tonight, no matter what. Okay?"

"I won't, I assure you," Giles told him, hugging him. "I'll not lose my head anytime soon." He kissed his lover gently then let him go. "Go get dressed, naughty one, you can't go to LA dressed like that."

Xander looked down at his bare body. "I can't?" he asked with a grin. "You sure?"

"Yes, I am quite sure. And call when you get there." He gave him another kiss, patting his butt to make him go put on clothes. "I'll talk to you later," he called after him.

"Of course you will. We'll call while we're having sex."

Giles groaned, shaking his head.

Xander looked around the mostly deserted picnic area, frowning. "You're sure?" He knew this spot, it was a spot where a lot of people went to pick up prostitutes and use them.

"Yup, I want you to suck me." He undid his pants, pulling out his cock, watching as Xander's mouth watered. "See, knew you wanted it. You were playing with yourself."

Xander simply nodded, leaning down to lick over the discolored head, getting into his blowjob. Oz tipped the seat back to give him better access, and they both groaned as someone knocked on the window. "Go away," Xander called.

"Boy, get away from him."

Xander looked up, then grimaced. "My father." He straddled Oz's lap, stealing a kiss as he lowered the window. "What? We're not supposed to meet until tomorrow."

"Why are you doing that?"

"Because he's mine?"

"Oh, a rent boy."

"Nope, not quite." Xander looked at Oz, who shrugged. "Dad, this is my lover, Oz. Oz, this is my father, who'll you'll be helping sign paperwork tomorrow."

"Hey," Oz said, subtly rubbing over Xander's back.

"What makes you think I'd take money from you after seeing *that*?" his father sneered.

"You can't get a loan without my credit," Xander said dryly. "But I'll gladly withdraw my offer." He waved and rolled up the darkly tinted windows, kissing Oz again. "Gee, wonder why he was here," he said sarcastically. Xander growled as the window was knocked on again, lowering it slightly. "What?"

"Are you his son?"

"Unfortunately. Why?" he asked the man who was standing beside his father. "He owe you money too?"

"Yes, he does. And he said you were going to pay me off."

Xander nodded. "I'll be giving him a loan tomorrow. Right after he signs paperwork saying he'll pay me back and never bother me for money again."

"Ah, I can wait that long, thank you." He patted Xander's father's face. "You have a good kid. He's saving your life."

"If he was a good kid, he wouldn't be touchin' a man."

"Hey, I'm *not* you," Xander said, putting back up the window. "I want to go somewhere else and do you," he said, getting back into his own seat.

"Understandable." Oz put back up his seat, starting the car. "Want to do it while I drive?"

"Could," Xander said with a naughty grin, leaning down to lick over the deflated cock, quickly bringing it back to full hardness. "Just don't wreck."

"I won't," Oz said patiently, grinning as his lover swallowed him. "Good boy."

"Yup, am one."


Giles finished the spell, then turned to test it, smiling as the barrier held. He felt the tingle that meant another immortal and hurried inside, turning on the camera Oz insisted had to go outside the gate, looking at the man who was looking up at the house. "No, you're not getting in," he said quietly. "I promised not to fight tonight." The car drove on but Giles continued to watch the gate, just in case.

Xander looked across the computers available, shrugging. "Whatever you need," he said quietly, turning to look at his lover. "You're the expert here."

Oz nodded, looking at the tags. He stopped in front of one. "How can they call this a computer?"

"It's meant for college students," the salesman said, walking over to them. "Can I help you with something?"

"I'm a programmer, my system crashed a while ago, I need a new one," Oz said, looking around. "I need lots of memory and storage, but graphics are a must since I'm working on that. Has to be adaptable, and easily changeable. And I need it to play music while I'm writing code."

The salesman shook his head. "You don't need something easy, do you? Let me go get our other salesperson, she's a computer programmer herself." He hurried away, coming back with a small, redheaded woman.

"Willow," Xander said quietly, moving slightly closer to Oz.

"Hi guys," she said. She turned to her coworker. "I know them, I can do this." She waited until they were alone, then hugged Xander. "I'm sorry and thank you for having me fixed. My wrong thinking was becoming very bad." She stepped back, holding a hand out to Oz. "Hi."

He shook it. "My computer crashed. I'm looking for a system that will hold my new graphics program."

"Hmm, we don't have anything like that here, but I do have a catalog I can special order from." She led them to a small desk in a corner. "What size do you need?"

"Big," Xander said.

Oz snorted. "True. Multi-Gigs." She flipped through the catalog, coming to rest on a few pages, which she handed over. He read each carefully, then pointed at two on different pages. "I need something that's a cross between those two. The first's speed and storage and the second's extras."

She smiled, pulling out a form. "We can do that. And we can have it shipped to you in 48 hours." She filled it out, letting him look it over and make corrections. "You really need that much storage?"


She nodded, filling out the top portion. "I can fax this in. Will this be store credit plan or credit card?"

"Cash," Xander said, then he smiled at her shocked look. "Sorry, it's what I have on me. I'm saving my cards for other spoiling occasions."

"I'm paying you back," Oz reminded him, brushing a hand over the tense thigh. "Relax."

"Sure." Xander leaned back in the chair, looking at his former friend. "So, what are you doing here?"

"This is my job," she said as she put the form into the fax machine and sent it. "We'll get an answer in a minute." She looked at them. "I am sorry, guys, really. I was thoroughly brainwashed by her and that's the only excuse I can give. Oz's friend sorted me out that weekend and I'm better, but I know you guys are going to be cautious." They both nodded. "I'd like to start rebuilding the friendship though."

Oz looked at Xander, who was clutching the chair arms. "Let's take it slower."

Xander shook his head. "A wise man once told me that I should cherish every day so I will. I'd like that, Willow, I really would. You have our address, right?" She nodded. "We'll start with letters."

She nodded, giving them a smile as the form came through. "They got it, and they'll ship it within 48 hours, priority." She handed it over. "Just take this to the register and they'll ring you up." She held out a hand, which they shook, then watched them leave.


Giles grimaced as he felt the other immortal come onto the property, grabbing his sword and going to the door. "I didn't invite you up," he called.

"I'm looking for a certain immortal. Or his students. Heard of Methos?" he asked from across the back lawn.

"No, I'm the student of a man named Adam and his student." He looked the other immortal over. "I'm not ready to fight you yet, please leave."

"It doesn't work that way," he reminded, pulling out his sword.

"No, but you're not supposed to do that around normals either and that's what my neighbors are." That got a grimace. "I'm not fighting, but I will call the police if you don't leave."

"You'd break the rules that way?"

"Certainly. I'm not that old." He shut the door and locked it, picking up the phone and waving it. Then he picked up his cellphone and dialed it. "Hello, this is Rupert Giles...." The man walked away. "I have an intruder on our property, could you please send someone out to look after it? Thank you. Yes, that's us." He hung up, watching the back door, dialing Oz's cellphone absently. "Oz, no, I'm fine. I called the cops to get rid of the intruder. Yes, one of those. I *know* that, but he was yelling across the yard. And he's looking for you and Methos." He nodded and hung up, watching as the police officer walked up to the man's car and asked him to get out, then watching as he was shot. He dialed the station again, getting a 'please hold' message, but picked up his sword as the man started toward him again. "Gods, answer it already. Yes, this is Rupert Giles, no he just shot your officer. I do believe he could use some help. No, he's in the driveway. Yes, the gate is open." He hung up, staring at the man staring back at him. "That wasn't necessary," he said, opening the door. "I'm not who you're looking for."

"Then you should follow the rules of the game better. We don't sic normals on others."

"I told you to leave."

"This isn't holy ground, I don't have to do anything." He sneered, lifting his sword. "Fight or die, choose," he said as he lunged.

Giles sidestepped the blow, kicking the man into the pool. "I told you to leave me alone. There's no one here by that name." He stopped as he felt another immortal walk nearer. "Did you bring help? Isn't that against the rules also?" he sneered. He watched as the immortal got out of the pool, checking for the other one.

"Relax, not fighting, I'm here for the idiot," the redhead said, coming out. "And you're real young, aren't you? You called the cops?"

"I told him to leave. He's looking for a Methos." He looked the man over. "Rupert Giles, Oz's student."

"Richie Ryan, Duncan MacLeod's." He saw the wince. "No, I'm not like him. He still stalking Adam?"

"Oh, yes." They both looked at the other immortal. "I'm not ready to fight yet. If you want him, I'd suggest you take him before the other cops come for their friend."

"I'm going," he hissed, jogging around to his car.

Richie shrugged, turning to look at him. "You're really Oz's student? I didn't think he took students. He's more of the non-combatant type."

"Truly, but we've both been forced to fight in recent years. Before I was turned even." He waved inside. "You can come in as long as you're decent."

Richie smiled. "Housebroken at least. That good enough?"

"Truly." He led the way inside, dropping his sword onto the couch and covering it as more cops pulled up, walking out to meet them. "He left right after that, heading off deeper into the woods. Tall, about six-five maybe, white hair?" Which was everything he wasn't. The officers nodded, watching as their comrade was loaded into an ambulance, letting him go back inside.

"Good job," Richie said, sitting in a chair where the people outside couldn't see him. "So, how's the old man anyway?"

"He's fine. If you mean Methos anyway." He sat down across from him. "Oz is out of town for the night but I could call Methos for you. He's only in LA."

"Hey, I was heading there. I'm actually tracking my teacher and he's heading there." Giles nodded, picking up the phone and dialing, tossing it over as he watched the young seeming man carefully. "Hey, old fart. No, it's Richie. Nope, tracking the teacher, who was heading for LA and you. But I did just watch Oz's student drive off Henderson. No, he wanted you or Oz. No, actually, he called the cops to get him arrested for trespassing because he was starting a shouting match across the lawn, but Henderson shot a cop. Yeah, a cop. No, he's here alone, he said Oz was in town."

"With Xander. They're with Angel," Giles told him.

"He said he's with some guy named Xander, who's with someone named Angel. Oh, okay. You're sure?" His brow wrinkled. "Really?" He looked up at Giles and shrugged. "Okay, I can stay here tonight and watch him. No problem. Just be careful, Mac's gone psycho again." He hung up, dropping the phone on the sidetable. "He ordered me to stay here with you tonight and watch you. Said he would warn Oz."

"I called him to warn him."

"But Methos can give more information about this scumbag. He's been tracking him to make sure he doesn't get close for a few years now." Richie crossed his legs. "So this is the Hellmouth?"

Giles smiled, relaxing. "Not here at this house, but it's in town."


Oz looked up as the waiter came back over to him, taking the note he was handed and reading it. He blanched, nodding, then looked at Xander. "I've got to call the old man, be right back." He got up, heading into the bathroom, taking out his cellphone. "Meth, me. Henderson?" he squeaked. "You're sure?" He looked around. "Okay, I'll be careful. Want us to come pick you up on our way back out?" He leaned against a sink. "Really? I'm not fighting him for you. Have Ray shoot him or something." He snorted. "Yeah, that'll work. Stalkers aren't fun. Okay, I'll be careful if you are." He hung up the phone, flinching as someone opened one of the stalls, a tall, dark, brooding man walking out. "Oh, hey, MacLeod. Want me to call him back?"

"No, I want your head." He pulled his sword handle. "Alley, now."

"Nope, not going to happen. I'm not fighting the old guy's battles." Oz shrugged, not moving. "And if you hurt me, I've got friends outside that would gladly rip you apart for fun." The other man laughed. "Hey, not kidding. My pet is very ferocious." He stayed calm, knowing he didn't even have a large knife on him at the moment. "Anything else?"

"I will kill you, Oz."

"Yay. You and a few other people. But I didn't steal her, she came willingly." He waved at the door. "Have fun, I'm doing business."

"Selling people?" he asked snidely.

"Gee, never got into that trade. Marking them maybe, painting them a lot, but never selling them." He looked over the other immortal. "I didn't take her, she came to me because she wanted to leave you. I got her out of the city and set up somewhere comfortable. I didn't even sleep with her." That got a snort. "I didn't, I was sleeping with the old guy, that's why she felt safe with me," he finished dryly. "Now then, I have a very nice GHS boyfriend whom I'm going to go back to playing with over my meal. Have a nice evening." He snapped his fingers. "Oh, Henderson's headed this way, he just tried to take my student on. Yours saved him." He walked out of the bathroom, heading back to his table, pulling out his cellphone. "Bad news, man, Mac just cornered me where I was calling from. Yeah, but I told him about Henderson." He hung up, sitting back down beside Xander. "Sorry, some business."

"Personal or other?" Xander asked, squeezing his hand.

"Other. The one of us that was bothering Giles earlier is one of Meth's oldest enemies. And I just ran into his other in the bathroom after I got off the phone with him." He took a drink of water. "You sure you want to stay tonight, Xander?"

"No, not at all. Want to go bring them with us?"

"Yup, but he said he'd come up soon." They both looked at Angel and Cordy, who were watching them. "Sorry. So, can you take the job and go run them out of the warren?"

"Definitely," Cordy said with a smile.

"I'm sure I can talk to them, maybe even make them leave," Angel said, "but I'll do my best to make them leave you alone."

"Good," Xander said, taking a bite of his pork chop. "That's what I really need. That and to know what it's like."

"It's dark and a hole," Angel said. "He owned the land around it to make sure he was safe and it was a hole."

"Okay," Xander said with a shrug. "That's cool. But how did he get so many different..."

"Those are collectors," Angel told him, looking around. "He'd have buried them all over his warren. That's what they're there for."

"So it's like a dragon's nest?" Xander asked, putting down his fork. "Only buried?"

"Yes," Angel said, nodding. "Just like those."

"Coolness." He looked at Oz, giving him a smile. "We should go take a vacation there when they're gone, see what else is down there."

Oz nodded. "Maybe." He waved the waiter over, holding up his glass. "Can I have another rum and coke?" he asked. The waiter took his glass, walking away. "Sorry, I need it."

"I know," Xander said, rubbing his thigh under the tablecloth. "We'll call him later, make sure he's okay." He looked up as he felt someone staring at him. "Oh, look, Angel, someone's trying to match your brooding record."

The vampire looked at the dark haired man, looking him over. "He'd lose." He turned back to Cordy. "Are you sure you want to come? We'll be underground most of the time and there's probably not a building near there."

She snorted. "I'm sure there's a motel near there. I'll be your backup and supply girl." She ate another bite of her pasta dish. "Besides, I could use the vacation."

Xander nodded. "Truly, you're pale. You could use some sun." He grinned at her. "Just don't overdo it, you don't want wrinkles from sunburns."



Xander walked through the kitchen, hearing the doorbell as he started the coffepot with a pat. He headed for the door, blinking in confusion at the man that was standing here. "Oh, hey," he said, letting Methos inside. "How did you get past the gate?"

"It's not hard," he said with a small smile. He handed over the bag of donuts. "Thought I'd reciprocate."

"Big words too early," Xander muttered, nodding toward the bedroom. "Oz is lounging. Where were you for the past two weeks?"

"Hiding. Getting Ray safely away with a friend of his." He headed for the bedroom. "I'll just go pop in."

"Uh-huh," Xander said, nodding as he took his first sip of caffeine.

"METHOS!" Oz screamed. "DON'T DO THAT!

Xander chuckled. "We'll need new sheets for the spare bed," he told himself. "I'm not sharing Oz all the time."

To be continued...