(Starts six days after end of ghs2 and no flashbacks)

Fixing the Inner Workings.

Xander looked around his house from his position on the couch, frowning. The place didn't feel right to him anymore, not since Angel had had to remove Buffy and Willow from it to save him. He looked up as Oz walked through to the kitchen, sweat glistening on him. "Hey," he called. "Do you think we'll be okay here?"

Oz grabbed a bottle of water, coming back out to sit beside him. "We'll be fine, they're not coming back here again." He brushed through the dark hair, smiling gently. "How are you?"

"I'm fine, Oz," Xander said, rolling his eyes. "My back's not hurting really and all the other marks are gone too."

"I know." He put the bottle down, sliding behind the younger man and pulling him onto his lap. "We're very glad you're okay."

"Me too." Xander grinned. "Can I do something?"

"Sure." Oz let him go, watching as Xander carefully got to his knees in front of him, pulling him in for a kiss. "Whatever you want, Xan." That got a sweet smile, and a lick across his lips, the younger man going farther down his body to lick over his sweat-covered chest. "Hmmm."

"Shh," Xander said. "Oz's are quiet." He lapped over the sticky flesh, cleaning it off as gently as he could, then moved the waistband of the sweatpants the immortal was wearing. He licked over Oz's waist and lower, heading down to lave his cock. "Like this part," he whispered, shooting a wicked smile up at his lover before swallowing it whole. Oz groaned, pushing up to get deeper, eyes closing as he bit his lower lip. "Yeah," Xander said, pulling off after making sure he was really wet. He smiled as he straddled the other man's lap, sliding down onto him with a loud moan. "Missed this," he said, getting louder. "Needed you."

Oz opened his eyes, smiling up at the site of Xander taking pleasure from his body. "So I can see." He held his hips still, giving him what he craved, what he wanted, as he got faster and harder. "Not so fragile of a pet now, are we," he whispered as he stole a kiss. Xander shook his head, tossing it back and forth as he was given it harder and deeper, just what he wanted. "Say it, Xander."

"Yes, Oz, I'm a pet!" he yelled, bringing himself off. He slumped into the waiting arms, licking over the renewed sweat. "I'm your pet, Oz," he whispered. "Just yours and Giles." He leaned down to clean up the mess he had left, knowing Oz didn't like to be sticky.

"Yeah, just ours," Oz said, pulling out and carefully laying Xander onto the floor. He pulled the firm thighs up, sliding back into the willing hole again, this time teasing. "And what sort of pet are you?"


"No, what *sort* of pet."

"Um, a slutty one?"

"A *naughty* one," Oz corrected, going in a little deeper. "A very naughty one that should be in a bed right now."

"But ..." Xander said, giving him a small pout, until he was slammed into, just once. "Okay," he agreed quickly, nodding, making Oz smile at him again. "Oz," he moaned, pushing back to get him deeper again. "More?"

"Shh, I'm giving you what I want this time." He went back to the teasing, shallow, twisting strokes he had been doing, driving Xander insane very quickly. He looked up to see Giles standing in the doorway. "Want some?"

"Yes, but I'm sure I could wait until you've had enough of him yourself." Oz licked his lips. "Now, now, I want some of our pet too." He ran a hand through his sweaty hair, giving his hand a disgusted look. "I'll be in the shower, send him in to me when you're done with him." He headed toward their bedroom.

Oz leaned down to kiss Xander's lips, licking over them. "Hear that? Giles wants you too. I should save some of this for him." Xander shook his head. "No?"

"No, more," Xander asked, giving him big, begging looks. "Please, Oz, I *need* more."

"So do I," Oz said, slamming into him again, but pulling back to the teasing, aching strokes again. "See?"


"Shh," Oz whispered, "be good and you'll get more." He pulled out, leaning back against the sofa. "Think you're okay enough for doggy style?" He watched as Xander quickly got to his knees, putting his head down. "Yeah, pretty," he whispered, sliding back in. "Not very slick, very much feeling, and very pretty." He started going harder, working in a cycle; he'd go harder with each stroke until he was about ready to ram into Xander's body then he'd start to slowly back away from the peak. By the fifth round, Xander was begging, by the six, babbling, and by the eighth, he was simply making noises of need, his whole body relaxed and into the groove. Oz leaned down, nipping his shoulder gently, and Xander arched back against him, silently begging for it now. That's what it took to for Oz to allow himself to cum, a silent Xander. His howl echoed around them, even as he relaxed over the limp and sweaty back. "Xander," he whispered.

"Oz," Xander whimpered, pushing back against him. "More?"

"Shh, pretty, I'm going to take you to Giles." He pulled himself out of his lover's body, his immortal healing already giving him back his strength, and picked Xander up, carrying him into the Master bathroom. He opened the shower door, setting him inside on his feet, which quickly became his knees. "There, one thoroughly ready to cum Xander," he told Giles, stealing a kiss. "Have fun." He backed out of the shower, leaving them alone.

Giles rinsed the soap from his body, looking over his property. "Hmm, it looks like Oz worked you hard." Xander looked up and grinned, nodding. "Good, now suck me, pet." Xander latched onto him, sucking gently, teasing with his tongue. "Yes, very good. Such a good little GHS now, aren't you?" That got a nod and his cock was allowed deeper into the younger man's throat. "You get pleasure from sucking men off now?"

"Only you," Xander whispered, pulling back to kiss the tip. "What can I do to make you feel good?" He looked up, eyes shining. "I need this," he said at the hesitation. "No one's really given me a time to be myself this way lately."

"Hmm, very true, I had forgotten what the need was like." He pulled the younger man up, turning him toward the wall. "How are we feeling?" he asked as he slipped his wet cock inside, smiling at the cum gracing the tight hole. He spread his body out across the younger man's, pinning him to the wall and working their fingers together as he started to slide in and out hard. "How's this?"

"Don't ask, do," Xander said, pushing back.

"Shh," Oz said, joining them. He waved the tube of lube at Giles, who nodded, stilling and allowing himself to be opened also. As Oz slid in, he pulled Giles back onto his cock, then slammed home, forcing Giles deep into Xander's body, giving him what he needed. "Better?" he asked, licking over the side of Giles' neck as he pounded him.

"Not fragile," Xander complained, pushing back to get it harder and deeper. "Need more."

"Shh," Giles told him. "This is just play time, naughty, you'll get what you need soon." The tense body relaxed into his, allowing him to do what he wanted to him. He moved off-rhythm of Oz's, forcing them to go his way, pounding Xander hard, pushing him into the wall. Oz grunted, nipping his shoulder, and he arched back into him as he pulled out, making long, hard, deep strokes into the mortal's body. "Yes," he gasped, coming hard. He smiled as he felt Xander trembling. "Would you like to cum?" he asked, pulling out to tease the open hole with a finger. He got a frantic nod. "Go get me one of your toys, I want to see you do yourself now. We'll take care of you for a bit longer."

Xander extricated himself, heading out on shaky legs to get into his drawer of toys, coming back with an Oz-sized one already stuck up inside him. "Where?" he asked, looking at them.

"On the bed," Oz told him, "on your back so we can see." Xander nodded, padding back out, and they rinsed off quickly so they could go watch. Xander was now on his back, legs pulled back and his hand moving the dildo gently in and out of him. "Is that what you want?" he whispered into their pet's ear. Xander shook his head. "Then why are you doing it that way?"

"'Cause it hurts my back," he said quietly.

"Damn," Oz said, rolling Xander onto his side and taking the toy from him. "I'm sorry, babe. I forgot about your back. You always seem ready to do anything."

"Was, just a little sore," he whispered into Oz's damp chest. "Can you, this time?"

"Sure, or how about we let Giles?" Xander nodded, turning his head to look at Giles. "Would you like to play with him still or should I?"

"No, I believe it's still my turn." He pushed the plastic cock back inside his lover's body, working it in and out like he wanted to be in there himself, earing a small smile for the gentleness. "Oh, do you like that?"

"Like it all with you two," Xander told him, burying his face in Oz's chest.

Oz looked at Giles, nodding at him to allow Xander to get off. "Okay, pretty, we'll play for a while longer," he said, moving down to suck the hard, dripping cock of their pet, teasing him even as the dildo did. He heard Xander's breath catch and looked up as he nibbled on the head, teasing the slit with his tongue.

Xander ran a hand through his hair, smiling down at him. "You do that very well," he said, pushing in deeper, or trying to. His hips were held still as he was worked over by both men, his eyes closing once everything started to build again, and Oz started to allow him to thrust into his mouth, giving him the suction he needed. "Oz, Giles," he panted, getting free and pushing against both of them, needing to cum now like he hadn't before. He felt the plastic be replaced by something warmer and ached as it got bigger in him, his breath catching as he came. He relaxed into Oz's arms, settling down to be pampered when he noticed that the warm, hard thing was still in him. "Giles?" he asked, turning his head to look.

"I just wanted to see something," Giles said, pushing the bigger, thicker cock back into the younger man. "I always used to enjoy this sort of play." Xander nodded. "Just relax, you look so very nice taking that."

Oz looked over Xander's shoulder at the novelty cock that he had gotten as a joke, then up at Giles. "Really does look pretty." He ran a finger over the tightening charm. "Wonder what this would do if I set it off?" Xander shivered. "Used to do that to Willow, set if off while I was in her."

Giles smiled. "He'll feel it tighten around this, and there will be a little pain, but then he'll feel so full," he whispered. "Xander, are you up to trying that?" The mortal nodded, eyes still closed. "You can tell us to stop at anytime and we will," he reminded, sharing a kiss with Oz as they rolled Xander onto his stomach, supporting his body with some pillows so he was open but not on his knees, just supported and spread out for their delight. Oz bent to lick around the very stretched hole, teasing it even as Giles set off the retightening charm Willow had gifted Xander with before his second roadtrip. The younger man moaned but Oz kept up what he was doing, easing him down into the pleasure again. When Xander was finally relaxed, Giles started moving the dildo, working him gently for a few minutes before starting to get harder and harder, the young man now pushing back against them. "Remember, this is a treat," Giles said, slamming the dildo home as he bit the young man on the ass. Xander came again, relaxing totally into their hands.

Oz looked at Giles. "Works well I think." The older looking man nodded. "Think we should try something else now." He reached down and licked over the bite mark, earning a small push back against his tongue. "Xander, can I try something you don't think you like?" He got a small nod so spanked the young man as the dildo was moved in him again.

Xander went to his knees, his head thrown back. "Oz!" he yelled, pushing back against him. "Please?"

"Never hurt you," Oz assured him, right before swatting him gently again, this time on the other side, right over the bite mark. Xander whimpered, moving his hips a little. "Tell me if you don't want it," he reminded, doing it again, removing the dildo to insert himself, pounding their joint lover hard as he swatted delicately at the tender flesh. The loose feeling hole was fixed by Giles setting off the retightening charm, making him wince as the muscles clenched around him. When they relaxed again, he leaned down to get nearer to Xander's ear. "Naughty, would you like some more?" Xander nodded, beating his head on the mattress. "What would you like?"

"More?" he whispered, pushing back against the cock in him. "Please more? Need more, Oz."

"I know, but what do you need? Do you need me to fuck you? Do you need me to spank you? Or would you like the fake cock to come back? Maybe a tiny one for a while?"

"No, you," Xander said, nodding. "Please you. Just take me."

"I am," Oz soothed, starting to push and pull in and out of the hole again, making Xander go brainless. He looked over at Giles, who was smiling as he stroked himself off. "Let him do that," he told him.

Giles moved so he was under Xander's head, sliding his cock into the waiting mouth. "Hmm, yes, he is a multi-tasker, isn't he?" He smiled as the young man practically attacked his cock, sucking and licking it as best he could. "Good boy," he said, rubbing through his hair. He looked up at Oz. "I think we should give him another reward tonight. We should shave him."

Oz nodded even as he stroked in hard. "Okay." He pulled back out all the way, leaning down to nibble at the entrance to his lover's body. One sharp little nip was all it took and Xander moaned as he got off, his hole struggling to clamp around something. "Hmm, want another?" he asked, easing a finger into him to tease him more. Xander whined around Giles' cock, pushing back against the finger. "No, tell me."

"His mouth is a little full," Giles reminded him. He leaned over and shared a kiss with Oz. "We should be pleasuring him, not ourselves."

"We're doing both," Oz told him, slamming back into Xander and riding him hard and fast. The younger man bucked under him. "Okay?" he asked, brushing a gentle hand down the sweaty back.

"More," he panted, pulling off Giles to look at his other lover over his shoulder. "Just a little more?"

"If you get off before we do this time, you're drinking it," Oz warned, slamming him again, pounding into their mutual pet's body. Xander nodded, turning back around to lick over Giles' cock again. "Such a good pet," Oz cooed, coming inside him, eyes closed and head thrown back from the sight of the willing surrender.

Giles smiled, pulling out of Xander's mouth. "You have a choice, I can continue where I am or I can go take Oz's place. Which would you like?"

"Want to drink you," Xander said, bringing one arm up to tease Giles' inner leg, one finger finding it's way into his ass even as he swallowed the hard cock again. Giles' breath caught and he came, slumping over Xander's still form.

Oz looked up as Xander moved to straddle his chest, eyes half closed in the aftermath of his orgasm. "Want me to suck you?" he asked quietly, both of them looking at Giles as he started to snore. Xander nodded, fisting his cock as he shifted up so Oz could reach him. "You need to ask," he reminded.

"Please, finish me?" he asked, rubbing his cock over the swollen lips. "I'll do you again later."

"You'd do it anyway because you like it," Oz reminded him, getting a wicked grin in response. "Bring it here," he said, sucking the head into his mouth, the younger man moving to hang over his head so he could get a little deeper. Oz grunted as the cock was forced down into his throat, about to protest when he caught sight of Xander's expression. It was just so peaceful, so perfect, that he wanted a camera at that moment, and allowed him to shoot off down his throat, swallowing quickly to get it all. He pulled back to kiss his pet's nose, making him smile. "Love you," he whispered, pushing Xander onto his side and curling up in front of him.

Xander wrapped himself around Oz. "I know, I love you too," he whispered back, falling asleep with a small yawn.

Oz held onto one of the most important things in his life, wondering how he could manage to keep him forever.


Oz looked through the box of things he and Methos had gotten when they were in India during the late Middle Ages, right after Oz had come across, frowning at the books and sex manuals he had had stored away for a few hundred years. He felt someone lean over his shoulder so turned his head for a kiss, which Giles gave him. "Hi."

"My, where are those from?" he asked, picking one of the sex manuals up to flip through, quickly blushing and putting it back down. "Not even Xander or I could do some of those things," he remarked, tucking in his t-shirt.

"Methos did at one time," Oz told him. He pulled out a scroll. "I was looking for this." He handed it over. "I want to do it on Xander."

"What will it do?"

"It will gift him with immortality as long as we're alive." He put the contents back in the box then turned to look at his student and lover. "It'll link his personal energy to ours. It won't turn him into us, but it will stop his aging where he is now until we die." Giles frowned as he read over the scroll. "I'm not sure that's the right spell though, there were three scrolls on the altar and we were told to choose by the High Priestess that taught Methos and I the other things in the box. No one tried to stop us from taking it, no fight was given when he chose. I want you to fix it if it isn't and do it if it is."

Giles pulled Oz in for a hug. "I can understand that feeling, I really can, but do you think it's the right thing to do to him? That he would simply allow us to do the spell then tell him later?"

"I was going to ask first," Oz retorted.

"Ask who what?" Xander asked on his way through the living room. "What's that?"

"Stuff I'll give you later," Oz said with a small smile for the bare body. "Going to suntan?"

"Yup, I need it."

"Ah, but we wanted to do something to you first. You'll appreciate it and you'll get a much better tan once we do so."

Xander looked outside then at his lovers. "Today?"

"No, I can wait until tomorrow," Giles said with a small smile. "I'll be out bathing with you then."

Xander leaned down to give him a kiss. "Okay. Just don't let me fall asleep out in the yard." He picked up a book on his way past, taking his glass of tea and his towel out to lay on their half-acre of grass.

Both immortals watched as the nude, lithe body bent over to spread out the towel, giving them an excellent view of what lay between his cheeks. They both sighed as he lay down on his stomach, flipping open his book to read while he got a little color. Oz looked at Giles and nodded. "I want to do it, sooner instead of later."

Giles nodded. "I'll start checking the spell to see if it looks like it's missing anything." He rerolled the scroll, then put it aside. "Are you really going to give him that book?"

"Maybe, it's one of the original copies of the Kama Sutra, and it's illustrated." He dug to get a slim book from the bottom of the box. "This one is for male concubines though," he said with a wicked smile. "I think he'll like this one more."

"Ah," Giles said, taking it to read. He smiled as he flipped through the pages. "I do believe we could train him to do most of this." He looked out at the now sleeping form on the lawn. "We should go wake him before he burns. He'll be miserable later if we don't."

"Good point. Whiny Xander isn't fun." Oz got up, heading out into the backyard to go wake their pet and lover up.

Giles watched as Oz stripped beside the pool, heading out to stand overtop of the young mortal, shadowing him for a few seconds before he went to his knees and plunged inside the hole they had had their pleasure in earlier. He smiled at Xander's yell of pleasure, shaking his head as he got up to get himself something to drink. "I only hope I can keep up with them," he told himself.

Everyone ignored the neighbor's children and their criess of, "Someone's being killed over there and they're *naked*!" They knew the children were just sheltered, they were late teens after all and this was a part of life.


Xander tugged futilely at the restraints holding him to the bed. "Come on, guys, I promised not to wiggle."

Oz shook his head. "No, relax and enjoy this. It'll make you tons more sensitive." He spread the shaving gel down the young man's pubic area. "And unless you're good, I'm doing all your body hair."

Xander went limp. "Okay."

Giles leaned down for a kiss. "Was that an 'okay, I wouldn't mind that' or an 'okay, I'll behave'?" he asked.

"Not sure," Xander said, accepting the pillow under his head so he could watch Oz concentrate on spreading the gel between his legs. "You sure we don't need more towels under me?"

"Yeah, we may," Oz said, getting up to get a folded sheet set and another few towels, putting them under Xander's hips to raise them up. "Better?"

"Yup, won't ruin the mattress now." He joined hands with Giles as Oz took out the first razor, closing his eyes. "Okay, I'm ready."

Oz chuckled, swiping the razor through the bowl of water beside the still body then bent down to take the first stroke. "Everyone who gets this done seems to like it," he informed them. "It makes you much more sensitive to us." He rinsed the razor, taking another stroke over the same area, watching the newly exposed skin turn pink, almost like he was blushing. "So very pretty," he murmured, rinsing the razor to take another stroke.

Xander tried to wiggle at the strange sensation, but the restraints did their job well, he couldn't move at all. He looked at Giles, who simply smiled at him. "Help?"

"Of course," he said, picking up a razor. He grabbed the gel and spread it liberally around the young mortal's chest, earning him an attempted wiggle. "I'm sure you don't want us to accidentally nick you, Xander, so I would stay still." He took a stroke over the light covering of hair, grunting as his own bare bottom was pinched. "Yes, Oz?"

"Want to do his legs instead?"

"No, I'll do those in a moment. He doesn't have much hair up here."

"Hey," Xander complained. "It's not my fault I'm not some big, hairy guy."

Oz nodded. "True. It's all hormones." He took one last swipe at the now nude pubic area, then wiped the excess shaving gel off with a washcloth. He took out a new razor, getting the last few hairs before moving lower. "Do not wiggle," he warned. "I'm doing your balls."

"Um," Xander started but the warm hand over his ball sac made him shut up quickly. "Okay, if you feel like it. Just be gentle with me."

"Most of the time," Oz reminded him. "Unless you ask otherwise." Giles laughed at that. "He has asked to have it animal in the past."

"Good point, Oz," Giles said, stealing a kiss as he moved onto Xander's left armpit, easily accessible due to the way the restraint held his arm away from his body. "Should we make him maintain part of this himself?"

"It's hard to shave your own balls," Oz told him. "I wouldn't mind making this a common event."

"The tying me down so I can't move part or the shaving me part?" Xander asked, eyes closed again as he enjoyed the feeling of a warm hand moving his balls around, almost teasing touches of the razor across his most sensitive flesh. Then the razor moved farther back. "I have hair *there*?" he asked, opening his eyes to look at Oz.

"A few. Some people have lots."

"Are those the same people that grow ear hair?" Xander asked, earning a chuckle from both his men.

"Indeed," Giles told him, switching over to the other armpit after wiping the first one clean. "There's a link between growing hair in your ears and in other inappropriate places." He gave his lover a kiss before starting on his other armpit, accidentally nicking him with the razor he held. "Oh, I'm sorry, Xander," he said, leaning down to kiss the area.

"Eww," Xander said, shaking his head. "Armpit kisses?"

"It's an erogenous zone for a lot of people," Oz told him. "And I have a book I want to give you later. Methos got it for me in India." Xander looked interested. "Right before he let someone take me hostage for six years."

"He didn't," Xander said. Oz nodded. "That was mean."

"Yeah, but I guess he figured I'd be safe and it wouldn't last that long. Was interesting being a concubine for six years, but wasn't fun." He tossed the old razor away, turning to grab the scented oil they liked Xander to use on his body. "Okay, just relax while I do this. It's going to feel good." He cupped some of the oil in his hand then plopped it down over the young man's pubic mass, earning a grunt. "Relax." He worked the oil in, watching the semi-hard cock get harder and start to change color as he spread the oil further down his body. "When are you due back at work?" he asked, teasing the open hole with a oily finger.

"Mo..Monday," Xander said, stuttering as he tried to concentrate. "Why?"

"Just wanted to know." Oz slid the finger around the tight cleavage of Xander's cheeks. "I was thinking about making a pseudo-company for my software stuff and I was wondering if you'd like to be the secretary and receptionist."

"Do I get perks?" Xander asked, his voice going up on the last word as two fingers went into his body.

"Yup, and I can even chase you around the desk." Oz looked at Giles, pumping Xander gently. "Think we should let him get off before or after I shave his legs?"

"Let's leave his legs," Giles suggested.

"No, want to be hairless for you guys," Xander panted, looking up at Giles, who smiled at him. "Please? Just to try it?"

"Sure," Oz told him, withdrawing his fingers, and receiving a pout for it. "Hey I need those to shave your legs for you."

"Let Giles," Xander said, giving Oz a small, sexy grin. "Please?"

"No, naughty, you can have that later." He picked up a razor and the can of shaving gel. "Just let me do this quickly and I'll get back to pounding you into the mattress." He spread the gel down one leg, watching as it turned to rich lather. "There, that's about a third of the process," he told him.

"How would you know?" Giles asked, looking up at Oz.

"Um, drag show at school one year," Oz mumbled. "Don't ask." He bent down to get closer to Xander's leg, shaving it in quick little strokes.

"Pictures?" Xander asked, trying to wiggle his leg. "Um, that tickles," he noted.

"Sorry," Oz said. "On both counts. And don't ask Methos either." Xander snapped his fingers, all he could do besides wiggling his toes. "No."

"Could you at least tell me?"

"No, I looked rotten. Never let a playful Methos talk you into anything then let him pick out your wardrobe." He looked up at both of his men. "Life lesson for the day."

Xander grinned. "What would you wear if you were going to do it again?"


"Not even as a what-if?"

"No." Oz looked up. "Never going to happen, don't even consider it."

"I could see him in one of those silk suits the women wear today," Giles said but Xander shook his head. "No?"

"Nope, I can see Oz in something slinky and silky. Maybe a nice one of those silk and spandex dresses that the models like to wear. Or one of the more informal cotton/spandex ones, the stretchy ones that you forbid Willow to ever think about." Oz nodded, concentrating on his leg. "Now heels, if he could walk in them, would have to be a little on the high side. Maybe two inch or higher stilettos. I used to fantasize about a woman who wore those and garters for me." He grinned at Giles. "Or maybe a red outfit like what's-her-name wore in My Stepmother's An Alien." Oz snorted. "But in blue or maybe a nice cream instead."

Oz shook his head. "No." He looked up, drawing the word out. "Nnnnooooo. Hear me?" Xander nodded, still grinning. "Not a chance."

"One of the frat's is doing a drag show to raise money for the children's wing of the hospital," Giles told them. Oz glared at him. "I was suggesting we offer Xander's services to them."

"You want to offer them our naughty one?"

"To dress them," Giles explained. "Not to service the poor men. I'm sure he'd scare a great many of them."

"Actually, my shop is donating the clothes so I get to help anyway. My boss said so." He preened under the smiles. "And they're taking town people since a bunch of the jocks pulled out when a coach complained about the activity being unmanly." Oz shook his head. "Not even for little sick kids?" he asked with a small pout, lowering his voice some. "No one would know who you are. The entrant's names are all kept secret."

Oz shook his head. "No."

"Giles?" Xander asked, pouting up at him.

"I'll consider it," he said after looking down into the deep, chocolate brown eyes. "I've done something like that on a dare before but I'm not sure I want to do that again."

"It'll be fun. Lots of confused guys who find out that silk actually feels good."

"Lots of people who figure out that they may like more than that and panic, going off on any perceived gay man around," Oz countered.

"I'll protect you," Xander told him, giving him a smile when he got a frown.

"You already signed one of us up, haven't you," Oz said, looking into his face.


"No way in hell," Oz said, sitting back on his feet. "You can't do that, you wouldn't look good."

"I can and I do," Xander said, fully pouting now. "I look very nummy in my outfit. All the women that I work with said so."

Giles shook his head. "Oz, I think we should at least attend, giving our support that way."

"Fine," Oz sighed, shaking his head. "I'll do it. But this is the last time I let you talk me into anything."

"Cool!" Xander said, trying to lift his head up high enough to get a kiss. Oz leaned down, kissing him hard. "Registration closes in two days and shopping is the day before the show."

"I could wear what I did last time," Oz said.

"No," Giles said, shaking his head. "Let Xander dress you, I want to see what he does." He gave his own little pout. Oz rolled his eyes but nodded. "Thank you."

"You're welcome," Oz said, picking up a new razor and starting back on the leg he had been shaving. "You doing this again for the show?"

"Yup. And it's not a talent thing. It's a beauty pageant, minus the bikini's." Oz nodded. "All you have to do is look pretty."

"I look horrible in drag," Oz muttered, bending back to his chore.

"No, Snyder looked horrible in drag the year he did it," Xander countered. "He did it a few years ago, was conned into it or so his application said. I got to look through them." He gave them a naughty grin. "Think we could talk Angel into coming back and doing it?"

"NO!" Oz and Giles said together. Oz then got a wholly mischievous look himself. "But I could talk Methos into coming."

Xander giggled. "Participating or showing up?"

"Either one," Oz said, smirking now. "He owes me for doing that for him."

Xander nodded. "Okay, I can get him something to wear if you give me his sizes."

"He's about a size ten," Oz said. "Tall and lanky." He looked up at Xander, grinning. "Can't guess for yourself?"

"I could, but I would have said a size twelve. His shoulders." He shrugged, or tried to. "How much longer?"

"Few minutes, naughty," Oz told him. He started on the other leg, smirking now. "Can't wait to see you do this yourself."

"Done it before," Xander said. "Swimming," he explained at the shocked looks. "Makes you faster."

"Oh, okay then," Oz told him, leaning down to kiss the hairless pubic section right above the young man's cock. "How about here?"

"Tried it once, just that part nothing further back, but I didn't like it then. It itched."

Oz nodded. "Happens like that sometimes." He went back to his shaving, looking up at Giles grabbed the washcloth to clean off Xander's upper body. "Going to make him slippery?"

"No, I don't think we need a slippery Xander," Giles countered. "I think we should shower him then lotion him well so that it soaks in but not oil him tonight. I'll oil him tomorrow when we sunbathe together." He wiped one last spot off then handed it off to Oz. "There you go, want some help?"

"Nope, got about six more passes to make."

"Ooh, passes," Xander said, winking at Giles. "Like those."

"Behave, naughty, or sleep at the foot of the bed."

"Meany," Xander pouted. Oz looked up at him. "I *need* sex to live, Oz, it's who I am."

"I'm sure."

"No, it's quite true," Giles said, after giving Xander a small kiss. "Once a GHS is brought over to the real pleasures in life, he's often not happy unless he's actively having pleasure. In some cases where pleasure was withheld for long periods of time, they have been known to get sick. We just work better on the pleasure principle."

"Meth knew Freud, thought he was a quack," Oz told them. "Used to tell me the guy was a dope-head and never could understand himself, let alone everyone else. And he wasn't real nice to women either." Xander giggled as Oz swiped across the back of his knee. "Sorry."

"S'okay, was a good tickle."

Oz took one last swipe with the razor, taking the cloth to clean the legs off. "There, all done," he said. He nodded at Giles to get the restraints undone and help him get Xander into the shower. "You should wash him off. I'll clean up out here." Giles nodded, leading Xander into the bathroom. Oz waited until he heard the water running to put the special restraints up onto the top railing of the canopy. "Oh, he's going to like this," he murmured, quickly clearing away the remains of their shaving party. He was stripped when they came back out and Xander had his eyes closed. Giles and Oz had talked earlier about teasing Xander unmercifully tonight after shaving him bare and they had agreed that it sounded good in theory.

Giles got Xander lying down and started to work the light lotion into his skin, letting Oz pick up the legs he had just lotioned to put up into the hanging ankle restraints.

"Huh?" Xander asked, looking up at his legs. "Um, guys? What's going on?"

"Well, you said you needed pleasure," Oz told him, leaning down to lick over the bare cock. Xander shivered in response, a good sign. "So we're going to show you some."

"No cuddles?" Xander asked, holding up his arms.

"Later," Oz told him, sliding into the prepared hole. He saw the small squirm. "Hurts?" Xander nodded, giving him a sorry look. "Okay, then we won't until you're all better," he said, releasing the tied ankles. He pulled out, leaning down to kiss the young man. "I'm sorry. I wasn't thinking about how much we've put your back through today."

"It's okay," Xander said, curling up onto his side with Oz in his arms. "It was a nice thought though. Maybe in the morning?"

"Definitely in the morning," Giles told him, lying behind him and rubbing gently around the newly healed scar. "Let us soothe you for now, Xander," he whispered.

"Okay, would like that." He yawned, quickly covering his mouth so he wouldn't spread his breath around. "Night, loves."

"Night, naughty," Oz said quietly, looking at Giles. He waited until Xander was out, knowing that nothing could wake him up once he was really asleep. "Is he really okay?"

"I'm sure he is, it's probably just a little too much stress from our exertions earlier. We were quite hard on him."

"Yeah, then he had some tylenol and a nap."

"And some more when he got up," Giles added, frowning. "He's been taking more than he wants us to believe."

"I want to take him in for a checkup."

"They did say he may have some residual pain, Oz. That may be all this is."

"Or they could have screwed him royally."

"Or Buffy could have," Giles said with a scowl. "He didn't let us take him anywhere once he had been rescued. Even Methos said he should be examined by someone more up-to-date on the human body."

"Good point, we'll take him in the morning," Oz said with a small yawn. "He's due in then anyway."

Giles simply nodded, gathering them both to him.


Xander pouted at Oz as he was pushed back down onto the couch. "But he's got to be wrong, Oz. I couldn't have hurt myself, I didn't do anything."

"Then how did you rip some of your internal stitches?" he asked, waiting for an answer. "And how did you get a pulled muscle in your back? Or even the need to have it realigned?"

"Well, okay, I admit it needed popped," Xander said with a small frown. "Felt really good too."

"I'm glad," Oz told him as he kneeled beside the couch to pull Xander's face into his hands. "We worry about you because we care. And for that reason, you will follow Doctor's orders. I know you couldn't help it before, not with...them, but this time they won't happen and you'll be fine."

"But I want..." He was stopped by a kiss.

"No, Xander," Oz said gently. "No fighting me on this. I want you better so I can pound into you again. We're following orders. You're not going to have any sex, any stretching, and little movement." He got a small, unhappy nod. "I'm sorry, naughty, but you're more important to us than just as a pet. We need you to be healthy."

Xander nodded. "Okay. I'll follow orders. Does that mean I can't lick you guys?"

"Yeah, it does. I don't want to stop when you do that and I can't have you right now." He leaned in for a kiss. "You can have cuddles, all you want."

"Now?" Xander asked pitifully. Oz nodded and got up onto the couch with him, pulling him onto his chest. "Thank you, Oz," he said once he was settled on the nice muscles.

"No big, I like looking after you." He brushed a kiss on top of the dark hair. "Just let us pamper you for a few days, babe, and we'll be back to usual in no time."

"Can I break the one about work if I get my boss to agree to let me help with the drag show?"

"We'll see. We'll take you to talk to her in the morning, okay?" Xander nodded, closing his eyes. "That's right, you rest, Xander, you'll get it all again real soon." He stroked over the hard back, looking up at Giles as he walked in. "He tore a few internal stitches, pulled a muscle and needed realigned." Giles winced. "He's supposed to be laying somewhere and doing nothing."

Giles nodded. "Then we'll make sure he does. Do you think he'd like to still come sunbathe with me?"

"Probably. And getting out of the house would be good for him." Oz kissed Xander again. "Would you like to go lay in the grass with Giles?"

Xander nodded, getting up and stripping, holding onto the back of the couch. "Sure. Just don't let me nap, okay?" Both men nodded. "Thanks." He kissed Giles, heading out to the blanket already spread out for them.

Giles hugged Oz as he pulled him up for a kiss. "It wasn't your fault, he didn't tell you he was in pain until the end."

"Yeah," Oz sighed, sitting back down. "But we should have known he was in pain." He nodded outside. "I'd go help him before those girls next door try to come over and sunbathe with him again. Their mother yelled for hours last time."

"Good point," Giles said with a small smile. "You could come with us."

"Nah, I need to get some work done." He headed upstairs to their practice, magic, and work space. He sat looking out the window while he absently typed, making sure Xander was all right.


Oz walked over to where his pet was sitting in a chair helping the show's contestants get dressed. "Hey," he said, brushing through his hair. "You feeling okay?" Xander looked up and nodded with a small grin. "Brought you your meds," he said, handing the bottle over along with a small bag from a local fast food place. "And lunch to take it with."

Xander wrapped an arm around Oz's waist. "Thank you." He looked at the man in the changing room shaking his head. "Try the other one on. That one makes you look fat." He looked really pitiful so Oz stole a look too, earning a swat. "You're not supposed to be helping them."

"Shh, put him in something blue."



"Yup." Xander looked at the man again. "Go put on the teal one. I think you'll like it." The man nodded, heading back into the changing section so he looked up at Oz again. "Thank you."

"You're welcome." Oz leaned down to kiss the top of his head. "I'm stealing your car to have it checked out and the oil changed. Call me when you're ready to come home?"

"Yup, will." Xander tipped his head off to the side. "How did you get down here without driving?"

"Easy, Giles is packing another box of books."

"Oh, okay." Xander nodded, turning to smile at the man in the changing room. "Yup, was right, that looks good on you." He waved him out. "Come on, get a female opinion."

Xander's boss, a young blonde woman of about 35 with flawless skin smiled as she walked over, patting the injured man's shoulder. "You're right, it does look good on him." She smirked at Oz. "We just knew that he would do this job well."

"Yeah, Xander's very good at helping others." Oz patted the back of Xander's head gently. "Now if only we could get him to listen to the needs of his own body."

Xander took out the burger, quickly taking a bite so he could take the pain medicines. "Yup, will," he said once he had swallowed. "Don't want to make you mad." He looked up at his boss. "He gave me the most painful look when the doctor told him I was supposed to have been resting. I never want to see that look again."

"I'm glad," Oz said, jingling his keys. "When am I supposed to come in and do this?"


"Okay." He nodded and walked out, leaving Xander alone for about an hour.

"He's very protective," his boss said.

"Yup, but he thinks I'm worth protecting." He looked at the new man walking through the door. "You're another contestant?" He nodded. "Cool, come look at this rack of clothes and let's see what'll look good on you."

Oz pulled back up in front of Xander's work, having to force himself out of the car to go inside for his fitting. He handed back the keys silently, looking around. "Everyone else gone?"

"Yup, for the day," Xander said, getting up. He handed over a clothes bag with a small smile. "Come on, this is for you. I picked it out earlier." He led him back into the changing area, helping him inside and out of his t-shirt before Oz knew what was going on.

"Xander," he warned, stepping back. "You're supposed to be resting."

"Horizontally but yeah. Now I'm horizontal again and I'm not being real active." He turned to pull out the dress, turning to hand it off. "I'll go back to my chair if you wear this for me."

Oz nodded, watching him go. "Why do I let myself be talked into things?" he wondered, pulling the cream colored dress over his head. He smoothed the cottony fabric down his body, admiring the way it highlighted his skin and his hair. He put on the shoes in the bag and the wig that matched his hair exactly, if it was a little longer. He walked out, wobbling a little on the small heels, and stood for inspection.

Xander got up, walking around Oz's body. "Hmm, need to fix something," he said, nodding at the prominent erection. He stopped behind him, brushing some of the hair off Oz's shoulder, teasing his neck at the same time. "I like, you?"

"I like," Oz admitted. "Much better than last time." They both looked up as the door opened.

"Ah, Mr. Harris," the older man said as he walked through the door with a smile. He looked at Oz then at Xander. "I see you're going along with the plan well." He gave Oz a slimy smile, but then again he was the new Mayor and was entitled to be slimy.

"Yup. He's the last one to be fitted." He looked at Oz then at the older man. "What do you think?"

"I think you have excellent taste, but that's not exactly what I had in mind." He considered Oz again. "I was thinking more along the lines of usual drag shows. You know, over the top, funny."

Xander nodded. "I've seen one of those, the women had talent and were usually very well dressed. We're not having a talent portion, this is a beauty contest." He looked at the Mayor again. "Do you have a problem with how I'm doing this? My boss approved of each outfit."

"No, no, not at all. I'm just worried that not all the men will be comfortable with being made up so... pretty."

"None of them really minded so far," Xander countered. He nodded Oz into the back. "I'm just doing what I was told to do, which was to make the men look good for the pageant. If you have a problem, I got my orders from my boss, who should be home by now. Would you like me to call her?"

"No, I think it'll be fine, just so long as no one backs out." He started to turn then looked back over Xander's slim body in consideration. "Aren't you supposed to be in it?"

"I am but I can't compete in the actual pageant because I know who everyone is. Don't worry I'm gong to live up to my own expectations. The ladies have been helping me with my own outfit for days now."

The Mayor nodded, walking out. "Just so long as no one drops out because of this."

Xander mouthed the words after he was alone, walking back to where Oz was redressing. "You okay?" he asked.

"Yeah, but I can see his point."

"Ah, but I talked to all the men, even took pictures for their wives. So far all of them have agreed with my choices and their wives have supported them. The only one that didn't left before his fitting because his wife was being snarky." He handed Oz his t-shirt, walking back out to his seat. He smiled as his boss walked in. "He get you yet?"

She nodded. "Yeah, and I told him I agreed with you. Otherwise it'd look bad on the store and I wouldn't allow our clothes to be used." She shrugged. "Got the last one done?"

"Yup," Oz said as he walked out. "All done." He handed over the bag. "You did good," he told Xander, nodding at his boss. "He done?"

"Yes, dear, he's done for the day." She watched as they walked out together, shaking her head. "Why can't those two be straight? It'd be so much easier to like them."

Oz smiled as he got in to drive. "I'm fixing dinner tonight so we have to stop at the store. What did you want to eat?"

"Something crunchy or something salty," Xander said, laying his head back against the seat. "Thought it was my turn to cook."

"Nope, I want you to sit and be pretty tonight." Oz pulled up in front of the store and ran inside coming back a few minutes later with a small bag.

Xander shook his head. "I can cook, Oz, really." He turned his head to look at his lover. "I'm not that bad. I've been good all day."

"I know, but I want to cook tonight, I want to spoil you actually." That got a small smile. "Good. Then it's settled, you'll be pretty and I'll spoil for a change."

"You do it all the time," Xander told him, reaching over to brush down his arm. He noticed the car in the driveway and frowned. "Whose here?"

"Not a clue," Oz told him, pulling up into their usual parking spot. "Let's go see if Giles needs us." He got out, coming around to help Xander out of the car and into the house, keeping a firm arm wrapped around his waist until he was settled on the couch. Then Oz headed upstairs, following the voices. "Hi," he said, stopping at the top of the stairs. "What's up?"

"Oh, Oz," Giles said, brushing a hand over his forehead to wipe off the sweat. "Nothing really. This is the last owners son."

Oz looked at the man, considering him against the man he had met last time. "No he's not. The last guy said he was and he was a brunette."

This man blushed. "That's my lover."

"Ah." Oz looked at Giles then nodded back downstairs. "Xander's down there. The Mayor thought he was going to misdress everyone and came to tell him off for making them look good."

Giles shook his head. "The man is a bigot, Oz, we can't let him get to us." He turned to look at the young man again. "As I was telling you, we removed the contents of the safe and handed it over to him."

Oz leaned against the doorframe. "There wasn't much in there. A few letters, one picture of a lawn ornament. A note to someone named John that was in another language." He shrugged. "Didn't you get the box?"

"No." He frowned at them. "Are you sure he was a brunette?"

Xander walked into the room, handing over a glass of tea to Oz. "He was about my height, light brown/almost blond hair, green eyes, about ten pounds heavier than he needed to be." He looked at Giles. "Phone."

"Thank you. Who is it?"

"Wes." Giles hurried down the stairs, leaving them alone. Xander looked the uncomfortable man over. "Can I see some ID?" he asked out of the blue, holding out a hand.

The man pulled his wallet, opened it and shut it. "No, I don't have to."

"Then you'd better leave," Xander told him. "The other man was the house owner's son, the Real Estate agent proved it to me. Since I don't know you and this is now my house, I don't want you here."

"Listen, my parents..."

"ID," Xander said simply. "And we cleaned out the safe for you guys."

"There was another one?" Oz guessed. The other man nodded. "Even if there was, we don't know about it nor do we have the combination." He stepped out of the way, waving down the stairs. "Bye." The other man stormed out. "Problems?"

"Yeah, I saw a picture of the woman's children when I was helping clean the house up, he wasn't in there." Xander turned to look at Oz, grinning a little. "And the agent said there wasn't another safe that there was an appointment to put in another one but it never happened. Everything of their's was in their safety deposit boxes at Second National."

Oz nodded, pulling him in for a hug. "Okay." They headed down the stairs together, Oz making sure Xander didn't fall. They met the neighbor in the livingroom, sitting across from him. "Hi. Problems?"

"Huh? No, not a one. Just wanted to tell you that I fixed my youngest daughter's problem about watching you guys." He smiled at Xander. "Though she's right, you two are the most romantic couple in town."

Xander nodded. "Yeah, Oz spoils me well, but lately it's been my back." He turned slightly and pulled up his shirt to show off the scar. "I screwed a disk up when I was moving my bed." He smiled as he sat normally. "But Oz is a big teddy bear to me."

"Gee, thanks," Oz said dryly. He looked at he neighbor, who was looking a little hurt. "I'd do it normally too, I'm just a little more attentive because of his recent surgery." He looked at Giles as hew walked into the livingroom to sit on the other side of Xander. "Problems?"

"No, not a bit. Wesley just needs to borrow a book and Angel needed to come talk to us for a few moments. I told him to come up tonight, that if it got too late, they could have our spare bedroom." He patted Xander's knee. "How's your back?"

"It's fine," Xander said patiently. "I'm really okay." He shook his head, rolling his eyes. "They are *way* protective of me."

The neighbor smiled. "That's a good thing though. I was that way when my wife and I first married." He stood up. "If you need anything, just holler, we're over there now on vacation." He waved as he walked out the back door, closing it behind him.

Xander looked at Oz. "You do?"

"Yup, I do. I spoil you rotten by allowing you to spoil me." He kissed the top of his head, pulling the younger man down against his chest. "So, what did they really want?"

"I don't have a clue, Angel wouldn't say. Though Wesley did say that he needed a certain book that I have back in town." Oz tossed over the car keys. "Thank you, I'll be back shortly. Don't start supper without me." He got up after one last kiss to Xander's cheek, leaving them alone.

"He worries too much," Xander mumbled into Oz's chest.

"It's the way he is," Oz noted, squeezing him. "Go take a shower? You smell perfumy." Xander nodded, getting up to head into the bedroom while Oz went for the kitchen to prepare food for his men.


Angel looked around the house, giving his host looks every now and then. Finally Xander couldn't stand it anymore. "What"?"

"Huh? Just wondering a few things." He stopped them in the upstair's area by putting a hand on his arm. "That demon they had to come help me stop was after you," he said quietly. "It was a Sarthna demon. One who was dying." Xander sat down on the floor, looking up at him. "It wasn't anything contagious it just couldn't find a reason to go on. That's why it was looking for you." Xander nodded. "It wanted me to give you a message but I'm not sure about it."

"Um, good or bad message? A 'hi, you were great but I'm not living anymore and I'm sorry' or a 'you're the reason I'm not living and I can't go on without you' message?"

"Little of both," Angel admitted, sitting beside him. "But also another message. One about a certain stone that you still have. A clear one?"

"It's a true blood stone, that's what Giles said."

"No, not that one. He was talking about a crystal he had put into your safe keeping. I'm supposed to find it and make sure it's safe."

"All the stones that we still have are downstairs," Xander said, getting up. "Come on, I'll show you."

"Well, except a few that Buffy admitted to stealing," Angel modified. Xander frowned at him for it. "Sorry, but she did."

"Her name's not uttered here except by a nostalgic Giles."

"Okay." Angel got up, following him down the stairs and into the spare bedroom where Giles and Wesley were looking through a book.

"Hi, need the safe," Xander told them as he fell to his knees before Giles with a grin. He reached between his legs, working the keypad on the safe then pulled back when it opened. "Just gotta get the stones out for Angel, he wanted to see if we have a particular one." He pulled out the four boxes, handing them over. "That's all that's left."

Giles reached down to pet the young man's hair, smiling at him. "I think we can safely say that we'd like you to make sure that they're going to stay here also."

Xander nodded. "Yeah, I would. Though we may have some trouble with the 'son'," he did the finger quotes. "You know he's going to come back with someone and demand to get into the safe to claim something."

"Then I suggest we have a talk with the realtor in the morning."

Oz walked in. "Just did, he'll fix it by telling the real heirs where the safety deposit boxes are." He sat down on the bed. "Whaddya looking for?" he asked Angel.

"Clear crystal, not the bloodstone, that resonates. The Sarthna demon said he gave it to Xander for safekeeping."

Xander snapped his fingers, opening up one of the boxes and pulling out the velvet lid. "This one?" he asked, handing it over. "He had me put it in there because it made horrible noises with the other stones."

Angel examined it then nodded, handing it back. "That needs to never leave your ownership." He looked up at Giles. "Do you know why?"

"It's ..." He covered his mouth. "My God, he gave him one of those?"

"Yeah," Angel said, getting comfortable. "He did. He also gave me a message for Xander, which I'm still not sure he should have."

"That would be what?"

"That, basically, you were the one that showed him how bad his life had become, and that if he couldn't continue to have you his life had no reason to it, but that he wanted to make sure that you never had to go back to working again." He pulled something out of his pocket.

"Are you sure?" Wesley asked. "That's an awful burden for one so young."

"Yeah, I'm sure," Angel said. "Oz and Giles can help him, neither of them are that young." He handed it off to Oz, who fell backwards on the bed. "I'm leaving it in your care for Xander."

"Yeah, I'll take care of it," Oz said calmly. He sat up, motioning Xander to come sit beside him. "He gave you the deed to his warren." Xander curled up against his stomach. "We'll keep it safe, Xander, don't worry about it."

"Thanks, Oz," Xander said, hugging him. "Anything else, Angel?"

"Just a few things but they can wait." He looked up at Wesley, who looked confused. "Don't think about it too much, Wes, you'll get a headache."

"We have tylenol," Xander offered. "Lots of it."

"Yes, we do," Giles told him, reaching over to ruffle his hair. "Isn't it time for you to take some?"

"Yes sir," Xander said, pulling himself up Oz's body and heading into the kitchen. He didn't notice Angel had followed him out until he turned and found him behind him. "What's up?" he asked, swallowing the last capsule.

"I wanted to know what you did to him that made him feel that all the life in his life was gone when you left. That's what he said about you."

Xander shrugged. "I was working. We talked, through his interpreter, then we got down to business. He came back a few times. Nothing else." He finished off his water. "Why, what did he say?"

"He didn't," Angel said with a frown. "Just that you were the most unselfish person in the world to him and that you made him happy." He looked over the semi-nude body, looking at all the light scars on the young mortal's chest. "You've changed, Harris, and I'm not sure how."

Xander shook his head. "Not really. I found myself, that's about it." He walked around Angel, heading back to the livingroom. "Though it was nice of him to say that."

Oz grunted, looking up from the paperwork. "Just got a call on my cellphone, the guy that was here is coming out with the cops and the real estate agent."

Xander shrugged. "We can prove that all that stuff in there is ours."


"The appraisal?" Xander suggested.

"Which is dated about the same time we got the house," Oz reminded him.

"I can say it's mine," Angel said quietly. "That I'm just using your safe. And I'm sure that some other people could vouch for you having it."

Xander nodded, grinning suddenly. "Devi and some of his people could. You said he's supposed to be in town soon."

"He's in LA now," Angel told them. "He was the one who brought me the paperwork." He sat down beside Oz. "Is this going to be a problem?"

"Not really. Xander said he knew who he gave it to." Xander nodded. "Still got the picture?"

"Yup. It's in the spare bedroom. Every time I put it into the box it kept flying out."

"Ah, a haunted house," Giles said as he walked in. "This one?" he asked, handing it over. Xander nodded. "It flew at me."

"Wonder if she can manifest," Xander mused, sitting down in Oz's reading chair. "It'd solve a lot of problems," he added at the frowns. Oz shook his head. "Fine. I'll be good."

"Yes, you will," Giles told him with a small smile. "Please. And don't you think you should be putting on a shirt?"

"No, I'm letting my scars air so they heal faster." He pouted at Giles. "Don't want to wear clothes."

"Then don't," Oz told him. He got up at the knock, taking the picture from Xander's hand. "Officer," he said with a small nod. "This is the man who I gave the box to, the one that the realtor pointed out to the owner." He showed him the picture then looked at the realtor. "This man refused to show us any identification, or give us a reason why he was being such an ass."

The officer looked at the realtor, who nodded. "You?" he asked the man from earlier.

"I'm her son, that man wasn't. That's her supposed family."

Oz shrugged. "He's the one that has it, go bug him."

"What about the safe? I have a right to see inside it."

"Not if her will didn't say so," Oz said dryly. "And only our stuff is in the safe."

"There are *two*!" he yelled.

The realtor cleared his throat. "No, there's one. The other one wasn't put in yet. It was scheduled to be put in a few days after they died." He pulled out some paperwork, handing it over to Oz. "I think this is the last of the papers you need to do anything else. And Officer, they paid for the house, they were kind enough to allow her children to come in and get things and look around, but the couple that used to own this place disowned their children for a reason." He shut his briefcase, looking at Oz. "I'm sorry you had to go through this with Mr. Harris down."

"What's wrong with him?" the son sneered. "Got fucked too hard?"

Xander walked over to the door. "No, I'm post-surgery." He showed off his scar. "Hurt my back trying to move an antique fifteen hundred pound bed." He looked at the officer. "Anything else?"

"No, I think that should be all. The will's due to be probated soon." He looked at the son, frowning. "You can call your lawyer and try to sue the other children but I won't allow you to use us to harass this man. He's always been good." He smiled at Xander then at Oz. "The other cops, the ones who were trying to bother you, won't. They've figured out that you're not doing something illegal after all."

"It was from an inheritance," Xander said smoothly, making the realtor shake his head. "Sorry, we heard rumors about how I paid for this and I thought I should clear it up. I inherited some money, I used it to set myself up well and invested the rest. As he can tell you."

"Yeah, he paid cash for the house," the realtor agreed. "That's what caused those cops to want to bother him. It's not normal to see a formerly very broke young man carrying around close to seventy thousand dollars in cash."

"I'll make sure it's stopped," the officer said quietly. "There's no reason for their pettiness." He nodded toward his car. "I'll give you both a lift back, though I feel like I should drop one of you off in the middle of nowhere."

Xander waved as they left. "That was nice of him." He looked at Oz, who was staring at him. "What?"

"You charmed him?"

"I'm non-threatening."

"Okay, if you say so," Oz said simply as he closed the door and pulled Xander back inside. "Did you take your medicine, naughty?"

"Yes, Oz," Xander said patiently. "My back is fine." He sat down on the couch, cuddling up to Giles' side. "Can you please tell him that I'm fine?"

"You're not, not until the doctor says you are," Giles told him, stroking down his back. "Behave or I shall have to make you sleep out here."

"Meany," Xander said, sitting up on his own. He looked at Wesley, who was staring. "What? That'd be very mean."

Angel nodded. "Truly with what you are." He nudged Wesley's shoulder. "Come on, we should head back."

"You could stay," Xander offered. "We do have the extra bed."

"I think they want to make sure Cordelia hasn't wrecked the office yet," Giles told him. "Though we wouldn't mind if you did stay, we've not been keeping in touch with anyone."

Oz nodded. "Stay."

"Then we'll stay," Angel said, shrugging.

Xander put the extra sheets on the spare bed, smiling at Angel as he looked at the pictures in the room. "Those are copies of the originals. They're in a box in the bank."

"Smart move." Angel turned to look at him. "I still want to know what's so special about you that you could do that to him."

"I'm just me, Deadboy, really. I just make some people happy." Xander walked out of the room, heading back to slip in beside Oz, taking off his robe and sliding against his freshly showered skin. "Hi," he whispered, coming up under the book to steal a kiss. "Can I have cuddles?" One arm went up so Xander curled up under it, wrapping it around his back and chest. "Thank you."

"Welcome." Oz dropped an absent kiss on his head. "Night."

"Not sleepy," Xander mumbled, leaning in to sniff at the warm flesh. "Need more to wear me out."

"Not until the doctor says it's okay," Oz countered, not putting down his book or looking at him.

"I could...."



"Behave or sleep on the couch," Oz reminded him. Xander got away from him, moving to the edge of the bed. "Come back here," Oz sighed, putting his book down. Xander shook his head. "You'll end up cuddled anyway."

"You don't want me to."

"No, I want you to, I just don't want to hurt you."

"Then at least kiss me."

Giles walked over to where Xander was clinging to the edge of the bed, kissing him gently. "We're just trying to make sure that you're not harmed farther. None of us want you to be in pain for the rest of your life so we're taking it easy on you now." He knelt beside the bed to stroke over the soft skin. "I know it's distressing for you but we have to take some precautions so you're not hurt again."

"There's gentle stuff we can do," Xander offered. "I could be gentle or you guys could be gentle."

"Xander," Oz said, rolling to lay against the young man's back, "we can't be that gentle with you. When we're with you, you make us too wild and we're afraid we're going to hurt you. The other morning I never planned on taking you like that, but I did because you allowed it and I needed it. I won't allow you to be hurt again."

"But I won't be. We've been gentle before."

"And we can't be sure we will be this time."

"But I need it." Xander sat up, looking at his men. "This is mean to me, I'm not touched, I'm not rubbed, I'm not even really cuddled because you guys are scared that I'm going to break because I'm not one of you. That is *so* unfair!"

"I'm sorry," Giles told him. "It's not something conscious. It's just a need to protect you."

"I'm *not* fragile. You guys need protecting, I don't. See," he said standing, throwing out his arms. "I'm perfectly able to do this and a lot of other stuff. There's no reason to shut me out."

Oz nodded. "I know but we can't help it, that thing with Buffy made sure that we saw you as very mortal and we have to be careful."

"No you don't," Xander said, grabbing a pillow. "I'm going to go sleep on the couch. Have fun." He walked out, tossing his pillow on the couch and following it down. "Not my fault that you're both that and I'm not," he muttered, getting comfortable. "Not my fault that Buffy and Willow came in to attack me because they didn't like me being me. I didn't ask her to come here and hurt me." He closed his eyes. "Didn't ask Willow to give up everything that we've ever had to side with Buffy in her delusions." He sniffled. "Didn't even ask for all of this. Didn't ask to be ignored or to be kept or anything."

Angel, who had been sitting in a corner looking out on the woods came over and patted Xander's bare back. "We know you didn't, they're just adjusting to things in their minds." He pulled the throw down, covering the still body. "Would you like to know what was done with them?" Xander looked at him and nodded. "Willow went with Oz's friend. He said he was going to show her exactly what you were and make her see how wrong she was. When she came back a few days ago, she was back to her old self. Crying, but normal." He smiled gently. "Buffy got given to him too, and he broke her. All those hangups she had about 'right' and 'wrong' sexual expression got taken out of her. She's in LA now, waiting on her mind to clear up and a chance to apologize."

"I won't listen," Xander said quietly. "She's gone too far this last time." Angel nodded. "She started off making comments then moved to hurting me. How friends is that?"

"It's not," Angel assured him, patting his covered hip, "but she's fixed now and she does want to be forgiven." Xander shrugged. "I'll have her call Giles soon and you can decide then." He got up. "Night, Harris."

"Night, Angel. Thanks."

The vampire blended into the shadows again, heading back to his room. He slid into the bed beside the former Watcher, pulling him in for a hug. "You okay?"

"Yes, though I am concerned about the girls. They weren't really ready to be alone yet."

"They have each other," Angel assured him, squeezing him tightly.

Oz waited until Angel had gone back to bed to go out and talk to Xander himself. He slid out from under Giles' arms, padding out to sit under the young man's feet. "Hey," he whispered.

"Go 'way."

"I can't. I want to sleep next to you."

"No you don't, I'm a toy for you." Xander sniffled. "A broken toy."

"You're not a toy," Oz said, pulling him up to hold him. "And you're not broken. You're still you and still healthy except for the one thing about your back." He brushed through the dark hair. "You're not broken, Xander, you're fine." He kissed him gently. "See?"

Xander reached between them, feeling the softness of Oz's cock. "That says more to me."

"That's a matter of self-control."

"I don't want you to be controlled."

"But I need to be or you'll be hurt. Again." Xander shook his head. "Yeah, you will. You're still kinda fragile."

"I'm *not*!" Xander said as he pulled away from his lover. "I'm not fragile, I'm not in pain, and *I* should be deciding when I can have sex!" He looked at his lover. "Maybe this was a bad idea," he said after a few seconds. "Go back to bed, we'll talk in the morning."

"No, come to be with me," Oz told him, holding out a hand. Xander shook his head. "Don't make me carry you," he warned.

"Or what? You'll go cave Oz? Didn't think you were that *old*." Sarcasm dripped from his voice. "Go to bed, Oz, I'll see you in the morning."

Oz stood up, picking Xander up. "Stop it," he hissed. "There is no need to be snotty because I'm trying to protect you."

"I don't need protecting," Xander told him. "I'm not fragile, nor am I some piece of furniture." Oz set him back onto his feet.

"We're not using you," Oz said after a few seconds of thought. "Not at all. That isn't what this is about."

"Yeah, it is. Nothing about this is about me."

"Not everything has to be about you."

"Stop it," Giles said, walking out to get between them. "Yes, we do use him. Same as he does us, for pleasure. And he's right about a few things, if he's our pet then more things should be about him. Same as a cat." He looked at Oz then at Xander, shaking his head. "I think we should take a small break from living together, allow ourselves time to reflect on this last week or so."

"Giles, did you hear me whine when they came for me?" He got stereo head shakes. "Did you hear me complain about doing anything for you?" Another round of head shakes. "Then why do you think that you need to reflect?" He picked up his pillow, heading up to the upstairs room.

Oz looked at Giles. "We use him?"

"For our pleasure. We never talk to him, nor do we talk to him about things. Not any longer. If this were a normal relationship, he'd be fussed over because of his ordeal and we'd be guilty. Instead, we seem to have gotten angry about it." He looked down. "Or at least I have."

"I have too," Oz admitted. "Want to go snatch him and bring him with us?"

"No, I think I was correct, we all need time to consider the last few days." He kissed Oz slowly, teasing him almost. "I've talked with you about my awakening but not him. You've told me many things about your life so far, but haven't shared any of it with him. He has become property to us, something that is there when we need it."

Oz nodded. "I can see that. Don't mean to do it, but I can see it happening." He sniffed, then jogged up the stairs, taking the knife Xander was drawing designs through the fire in Giles' brazier with. "That's for spells," he said, sitting down across from him. "I'm sorry," he admitted. "I didn't know I was hurting you that way." Xander nodded, not looking at him. "Can we talk?"

"I've said what I needed to," Xander told him quietly. "If you want to talk, use a wall, it's the same thing to you." He picked up a piece of incense, lighting it in the small fire.

"Don't," Giles said, coming up and taking it from him, blowing it out and putting it in the stand. "You don't know what you're doing and it could be dangerous." He pulled Xander into his arms. "I could have had a spell going in here and it might have backlashed on you." Xander shrugged. "Ah, precious, we have no need of you being hurt more."

"I'm not fragile," Xander told them again. "I'm perfectly fine except for a small twinge every now and then."

Oz reached around the fire, pushing Xander's face up so he could look at him. "But we're not sure of that yet. To us, you'll always be fragile because you don't heal instantly."

"I take longer but I do heal."

"Not from things like stab-wounds. Or from botched sergeries. Or even from people hurting you. That's what we're concerned about."

"I'm not two, I can take care of myself."

Oz nodded. "I know. I've seen you do it, but right now you can't. You just had a really serious injury and then were kidnapped and tortured. We need to protect you, for us."

Xander shook his head. "That's stupid."

"I know, but it's the way our minds work."

"Then you need to fix it," Xander said, getting away from Giles and stood up. "I'm going to go visit Methos for a few days." He looked down at them. "I want you guys to have made a few decisions when I get back. Ones that say that I'm not furniture and that I'm not fragile and that I have the right to think and act for myself." He turned, heading down to their bedroom. He was standing in front of his closet, throwing clothes onto a nearby chair to pack in the morning when Oz and Giles walked back in, pulling him into their arms. "Guys," he warned, trying to get free.

"No, you're not leaving us," Oz told him, kissing the side of his neck. "You're right, you're not fragile, furniture, or two. You do have the right to think and act, but we do have the right to protest, same as we would in any other relationship. I'm sorry if we've ignored you, Xander, but your being hurt hurt us just as much."

Xander shook his head, getting free. "You still don't get it." He picked up a suitcase, walking over to the bed to open it. "I'll be back in a week." He folded his clothes neatly, shoving them into the bag. When it was closed, he walked back over to the chair, pulling on the outfit he had left out, stepping into the shoes under the chair. "I'll go tonight, have fun." He grabbed his bag, walking out.

Oz and Giles just stood there, watching him, still in their shock.


Xander knocked on Methos' door, holding up the bag of take-out when it was opened. "Breakfast?" he asked quietly.

"Do you know what time it is?" Methos asked him, allowing him inside. He looked over his protégé, shaking his head. "What did Oz do now?"

"He's decided that I'm furniture, fragile, and that I need a keeper/mother/warden instead of a lover." Methos nodded, pointing the way into the kitchen. "Thanks. I'll get a room this afternoon."

The old immortal shook his head. "No you won't, Oz will take my head." He headed after the young man, taking the bag from his fingers to look down inside it. "You know, this stuff will kill you, right?"

"Gotta go sometime," Xander quipped, sitting down. "And I doubt you'll have a heart attack."

"No, it's happened, just took a few seconds to heal." He pulled out the food, stopping to get a kiss from the blond man stumbling towards the coffeepot. "He brought you food," he said, handing over a sandwich.

The blond man grunted, nodding as he took a bite. He poured some coffee, sipping it quickly. "Thanks," he said, blinking to look at him. "Who're you?"

"I'm Xander."

"Oh, yeah, he trained you." He waved. "Ray."

"Cool." Xander looked at his teacher. "I just needed to talk to people who actually knew I could still think."

"I can see that. Oz always has been a little overprotective and clingy when someone he cares for is hurt." He finished off his sandwich, pushing the other one over to him. "Eat."

"Did, that's to split however." Xander waved at the blond man. "He looks like he could use the food."

Ray took it with a smile as he headed out of the kitchen. Methos waited until he heard the shower come on to look at Xander. "What happened?"

"Just a build up of stuff. They were treating me like I was made of glass and ordering me around like I was a child." He slumped a little on the stool. "I just couldn't take it anymore." He felt the hug and relaxed into the strong arms.

"Maybe next time you should tell us this," Oz whispered in his ear. Xander stiffened. "Yeah, you were slower." He allowed his lover to pull back. "Come home."

"No. Not until you can see..."

"I'm sorry, it's just how I am when someone's hurt that I like." He hugged Xander to him again, squeezing him hard. "You're not fragile and you're not a child, I shouldn't have ordered you around." He let him go, looking into his eyes. "Better?"

"Only if you really stop it. I've been hurt before and you didn't overreact."

"You weren't mine then," Oz noted.

"I'm not a possession. I'm *mine*, not yours." Xander stood up. "Maybe that's the fundamental difference here. I'm me, Oz, not a piece of something that you can own. I never gave you my right to free will and I won't."

Oz nodded. "We had this talk before, back when you decided you wouldn't mind becoming our pet. I told you then I wasn't familiar with the non-ownership side."

"Consider him a rather large cat," Methos cut in. "One that's about to rip you apart for trying to put it in a cage." He looked at Xander. "You need petted and cared for, not to be caged and trained, correct?" Xander nodded. "Oz, this is all about how you see him. He's not that girl Stephanie that you saved back in Victorian times."

Oz nodded slowly. "Help me see it?" he asked them both.

"Yeah," Xander said after a few second's pause. "I can do that." He inched closer, instantly being taken into a hug by both of them. "Thanks, Methos."

"No problem. Now I believe we were supposed to come up and visit you this evening."

Oz groaned. "The show." Xander nodded. "Okay, we need to get you back there. Those men will be showing up to get your help in a few hours." Xander gave him a sad look. "Hey, I'm not going to let you down either. But I have your help already." He kissed him. "Methos, come on, you can ride up with us."

"At this ungodly hour?" He looked at the clock. "It's not that far past dawn."

"It's almost ten," Oz retorted. "Go get your pet and let's go."

Xander kissed Oz's forehead. "He was in the shower. Give the guy enough time to get dressed and lotion down for the day."

"Me?" Ray asked as he walked out, looking them over. "Hi."

"Hey, Ray." Oz pulled him in for a hug. "We've got to go back, he forgot about the show. You coming?"

"Yup, just gotta get the old guy here moving." He pinched Methos on the side. "Go get dressed." Methos grumbled all the way back into the rear of the house, but they all saw his smile. Ray hugged Oz hard, squeezing him. "You just gotta consider Xander your dog. You feed him, you walk him, you take care of his needs, and he won't bite. But every dog's different. Some need lots of attention and some are like cats. And some are like him and need talked to and loved fully." He pinched Xander's tit, making him blush. "You gotta strike a balance between the dog and the needs, or else the dog will take over your life or he'll die because he's not being taken care of properly. It's all about how much he needs."

Oz nipped Xander's ear. "This one needs lots of attention and care. It's a good thing he has two owners."

"Not an owner," Xander reminded him. "Caregiver."

"Caregiver," Oz corrected himself. "I like that."

"Good," Xander said, giving them both a small kiss. "Thank you, Ray."

"You're welcome but I know you can do better than that." He pulled Xander in for another kiss, deeply searching his mouth as he held his face still.

"Huh," Oz said, just watching. When they were done, he stole a kiss from both of them. "Nice. Methos still trains well." He looked over his shoulder at the cleared throat. "What?"

"Nothing," Methos grumbled. "Get your own pet." He looked at Xander. "Or are you going to go home again?"

"Oz said he'd try." Oz nodded. "I guess I could go home for now."

Oz grinned, grabbing him to squeeze. "Good, come on, got to make the men pretty."

Methos groaned. "No, you didn't," he complained. Ray quieted him with a kiss and a nuzzle, making him focus on him. "What?"

"I want to go see it. And I want to talk to them some more."

"You want to compare notes and steal more kisses," Methos said with a small smile. "Fine, let's go. We'll follow you."


Xander looked at Oz's first place trophy, which was next to Ray's second place one, then grinned at it's owner. "Told you you'd be cute." He giggled as his stomach was attacked by a rough tongue, allowing himself to be pushed onto his back. "Oz!"

"Quiet, naughty," Oz whispered. "I want to ask you something." He sat up, looking down at his sprawled out lover. "Giles and I want to do a spell on you that'll link our energies. It'd basically make you immortal for as long as we lived." He had an armful of Xander instantly, hugging him hard. "Is that a yes?"

"Yeah, I'd like that. I want lots of time with you guys." Xander licked over his neck. "Okay?"

"Very," Oz told him, nipping his flesh. He pulled back. "But I have cured the turning problem."

"Good," Giles said as he walked back in from the pool where he and Ray had been playing in the water while Methos relaxed in the jacuzzi. "Now if only we were sure you had cleared the whole virus from your system."

Oz shook his head. "I can still feel it, it's still there." He looked at Xander, who was blushing. "What, naughty?"

"I just saw Ray attack Methos under the water. It was so sneaky." He grinned. "Are you going to tell him how to do it?"

"I'm not sure," Giles admitted. He leaned down to get a kiss from Xander. "It will take us some time to check out the spell we have but I'm sure you'll both still be young." Xander nodded, grinning up at him. "And we'll get to take care of you for a very long time."

"As long as the gathering doesn't happen in the next few years," Methos reminded them as he walked in with Ray tucked under one arm.

"It won't," Oz said. He looked at Methos, who shook his head. "It won't. Actually, looking through Giles' books, it may not happen at all."

Methos sat down in the chair, looking at them. "At all?"

Oz shook his head, getting up and pulling his pet with him. "Come on, naughty, I want to give you something." He winked as he passed Giles. "A very special book."

To Be Continued...