Greedy Hedonistic Sluts 2: New Locations to Play in.

[[Present Time (about a year after they got together)]]

Oz flipped the chicken breast on the grill attachment to his stove, sniffing the garlic-seasoned meat as it cooked. He smiled as warm, soft arms went around his waist, leaning back into the welcoming body. "When did you get back?" he whispered.

"When Giles brought me," Xander told him, licking over the sweaty neck. "Willow was almost understanding. She cried then bitched, then threw us out but stopped us at the door to apologize and wish us well, offering to host a party whenever we were ready to announce it." His lover nodded absently, shifting the chicken some. "Want help?"

Oz turned to look at the bare body, one eyebrow going up. "When did you have time to shave?"

"When Giles did it for me. He was really upset and worried so I let him shave me. He said he wanted to trim my tan line, but he ended up shaving the whole thing." Xander turned, spreading his cheeks lewdly to show the hairless area between them. "See?"

Giles smiled as he walked in. "Quite an offer there, Oz. He kept me sedate for many days." He stole a kiss on his way to the refrigerator. "Any news on your latest project?"

"Yup, was accepted last night. We got a postcard from Methos too, it's on the table."

"How is the grumpy old one?" Xander asked, hopping up to sit on the counter, earning a swat. "Hey, I'm clean. I used baby wipes and hand sanitizer." He stuck his tongue out. "So clean you could eat off me."

"We could try that," Oz told him, "but I think I have other plans for that area of your body. Now get off the counter." He waited until his lover had done so. "Xander, are you ready for tonight?" he whispered, pulling him closer to kiss him hard and deep. "Are you ready to come across with us?"

"Only if you promise I don't have to cut off heads," Xander whispered, clinging to his lover's body while the other one walked up behind him to hug him also. "I'll gladly do the spell if you want, but I refuse to fight and chop heads."

"Then don't," Oz soothed. He pulled the chicken pieces off the grill before they could burn, setting them aside so he fully appreciate his lover's body. "You smell good," he whispered, "like Giles got you on the way home."

"He did," Xander admitted with a grin, "but it was just the rubbing thing. He wouldn't let me bounce up and down on him in the car. Not even driving and I couldn't get any."

"I thought it best not to shock the driver," Giles reminded him dryly. "What you did get was almost enough to make him run off the road from the distraction." He rubbed a hand down the firm back, down over the swelling buttocks, and one finger inching toward the waiting hole. "We should have supper soon so we can work him over before we do the spell."

"It'll be fine," Xander assured him, turning to kiss and hug him. "I'll make it through and you'll still love me. Even if I do become a bigger slut."

"There is no bigger slut where we're concerned," Oz told him, kissing his neck. "Go put on clothes, naughty, so you can eat." He carried the chicken out to the table, setting it in the middle with the salad. "Come on, I'm hungry. I'll need my energy to make our harem doll beg later." He snickered as he caught sight of the loose harem pants his lover had put on, pulling out his chair for him. "You're asking for a spanking later," he whispered, taking his own seat.

Xander leaned closer to Oz. "Can I?"


"May I?"

"May you what?" Giles asked formally. "You really do have to learn to ask for what you want from us."

"I want to feed Oz," Xander said, looking at his senior lover. "Please?"

"Oh, all right." Oz pushed his chair back, grunting as his lap was filled. "Be careful, I still break."

"I won't hurt you," Xander whispered, picking up a piece of chicken to feed to him, drawing it across the soft lips. "I'd never hurt you."

"Oh, you are royally asking for it," Oz told him as his hand found the built in slit, rubbing between the lubed cheeks. "When did you have time to do that?"

"Just now. I used the spray kind you like," Xander said, feeding him another piece, following it up with more kitten licks to clean his lips. "The food tastes almost as good as you do." He picked up a potato wedge, slowly sliding it against the waiting lips, teasing the skin against the waiting bottom lip.

Oz quickly chewed and swallowed. "You deserve to be spanked then taken," he told him. "On your knees. You can eat later."

"I'd rather have you in me," Xander pouted, going to his knees. "I haven't been filled in days." He sighed, unzipping the loose jeans to pull them aside so he could suckle the hard cock. "But if you only want this," he said before going down on him.

Oz leaned back, shifting his hips to give the younger man better access. "Quiet or just get plastic later." He felt the special tongue moves Xander used when he was trying to make up for some bad thing between them so reached down to play with the dark hair. "I'm not mad, you just have inconvenient timing. You need your food for later."

"I need this so I'm calm later," Xander countered after pulling off to kiss the hard, wet flesh gently. "Let's face it, I'm as scared as Giles is and I need soothed and calmed." Oz nodded, standing up and slipping off his jeans. He pulled over the chair they had bought specifically to make love at the table in, sitting down in it's reclined position and patting his lap. Xander climbed on, picking up another piece of food as he slid down the cock he had been sucking. "Thank you," he said quietly, feeding his keeper and showing him how much he meant to him.

Giles pushed back from his spot, coming over to rest between them, catching hold of Xander's penis, sucking on the head as gently as he always did. "I'm worried, but the thought of having you forever is too good," he whispered, looking up. He licked over the damp head, smiling at the small groan. "I will never give you up," he told him firmly, kissing Oz's heart then Xander's. "Now then, be a good boy and I'll give you more later."

Xander nodded, working himself harder on his lover. "Yeah, love you both," he shouted as he came, falling into the waiting arms, silently accepting the plug that was slid into him. "Love you," he told Oz again, kissing him. He sat back up, turning to get a piece of the chicken. "May I feed you?"

"Only if you eat some of it," Oz told him, rubbing down the taut muscles. "I like watching you eat." He sat up, hugging the younger man. "We'll make it through the spell, I promise."


Xander lay down on the bed, silently looking up at Giles, who was going to be doing the spell. "Okay?" he asked, looking down his bare body. "Do I need to move?"

"No, Xander, you're fine," Giles said gently. "Are you sure you want to do this now? Once I start I really can't stop, not even to hold you."

Xander shook his head. "But I want to be with you guys."

"We're not leaving," Oz said quietly, leaning down to kiss him. "You still have a long mortal life ahead of you to make this decision. And everything we've done so far will keep, except for the liquid stuff you'd have to drink, which I'm not to sure about anyway." He looked at Giles. "You sure that was the only way?"

"If we want to remain faithful to the spell, yes, I'm afraid it is." He reached over to squeeze Oz's shoulder. "I too would like to put this off. I don't think I'm ready for the problems that may arise, though if Xander wants it to be tonight, then we'll do it tonight."

Xander sat up, shaking his head. "We have time. I'll be pretty for you guys for a few more years, which will give you more time to perfect the spell." He got to his knees, looking at Giles. "Don't be mad?"

"No, love, we're not mad, we were both worried about the spell." He sat down beside his lover, kissing him gently. "So much has changed for us in the last year," he whispered, "and I'd like some time to get used to it before I introduce another change into our lives."

"I'm *so* for that," Xander told him, leaning against his shoulder.

"We all are," Oz said, joining them.

[[Then, six months after they got together]]

Xander paced in Giles' apartment, nervously tugging on his silk shirt. He had come over as soon as he could get off work, the clothing store being generous about emergencies. He jumped as the door opened, turning to look at Willow. "Hey, where are they? Have you seen them?" he asked, grabbing her arms to stop her.

Willow got free of him, brushing her growing red hair off her face. "No, I didn't see them, I'm just answering your summons. What's up?" She pulled him over to the couch, sitting him down. "Now relax and tell me."

"Giles is going to be in big trouble. I heard some guy talking about hurting him badly just because of us."

"Us? You and me us? Or the Scooby us?"

"Not sure," he admitted, getting up to pace. "I don't even know what he looks like, I just overheard him because he was sitting in the booth behind me on my lunch break." She nodded for him to go on, her eyes following his path. "All I know is that this guy sounded *real* bitter about Giles and I have to warn him."

"Why? I'm sure Oz will protect him."

He stopped, opening his mouth to remind her of why people wanted to kill both of them, then remembered that no one had clued her in to the big secret. "Yeah, I guess," he temporized, listening to a deep, purring engine pull up outside. "They're here. Be right back." He jogged out, meeting Oz beside the van and pushing him against it. "Someone was talking about you two today at lunch," he said quietly, "and he wasn't real impressed, kept talking about small quickenings of newbies." Oz shuddered. "Yeah, but I don't know who he is, all I heard was his voice. And he *knew* Giles."

Giles slid out of his seat, walking over to pull Xander off Oz, hugging him tightly. "I'm sure it'll be fine," he said. "No one would hurt me; I've still not come across." He gave Oz a small nod, then started to lead Xander inside. "Now, come tell me all you know, it may help us."

"Will's inside. I panicked when I couldn't find you," Xander admitted, looking up. "I'm sorry, but I didn't tell her everything."

"I'm glad." Giles squeezed him.

Xander finally realized Oz wasn't with them. "No, Oz, no," he said, turning, trying to go after him.

"Shh," Giles whispered, pulling him inside. "He's went somewhere safe to get things that we needed." He pulled him through the door, closing it behind him. "He'll be fine, he's very careful and clever. I'm sure whomever it was won't hurt him." He looked deeply into Xander's warm, chocolate eyes, and melted. "He'll be fine," Giles told him, pulling him in for a hug. "I'm sure of it."

"So am I, but there's always that time we're wrong," Xander told him. "And I keep seeing it happen, just like the last fight I saw." He looked up. "It was way too close, Rupert, and I don't want to think about it actually happening this time."

Willow cleared her throat. "Clue-bus please?"

Giles smiled at her, walking Xander over to sit beside her, touching her newly spiral permed hair. "Willow," he said warmly, pulling her in for a hug. "It's good to see you."

"I came when Xander called. What's up?"

"Homicidal maniacs," Giles assured her, "who have latched onto Oz and myself for no reason. I'm sure Xander shouldn't have worried you."

"No, this is worry material," Willow said, frowning at the former Watcher. "I don't want to lose you any more than he does."

"I know," Giles soothed, "but there really is no reason to worry about me, not this time. I'm sure we'll find whomever this is and stop him, as we always do."

"That's going to be harder with Buffy coming home with me this weekend," Willow pointed out, smoothing down her long, velvet skirt. "Xander and Oz aren't much protection for you."

"I am so," Xander said, frowning. "I protect Giles as well as I do you."

She nodded. "Hon, I've seen you fight," she reminded him.

"No, he's gotten better," Giles chided gently. "He's been taking lessons with some people who do rather well and he's gotten very good at it recently." He patted Xander's shoulder, the most he could since Willow didn't know about them yet. It was an inconvenience to hide things from the female members of the group but they had decided as a group to hide both the relationship, and the fact that Giles was a pre-immortal and her ex was fully immortal from them for their own good. "Why don't you go get Buffy and her things then come back," he suggested. "By the time you come back, we should know more." Willow nodded, getting up and heading out. "My, Xander, you were worried," he whispered, pulling him closer to cuddle. He put the soft hand on his chest after kissing the fingers. "She's still upset with you about not backing her for membership in GHS and making her take the trials as a result."

"Would you have?" he asked, looking up. "I didn't think she had what it took to really be one of us, the desire to have it all, and all the time."

Giles chuckled. "That's very true, Greedy Hedonist Slut's Society is not for the faint of heart or the prudish of nature. Though she did seem to enjoy her trials." Xander snorted, laying his head back on the firm chest. "It's a shame she couldn't pass the trials. Just a few more people and she would have made it in."

"Did you have to?" Xander asked quietly. "I didn't."

"Ah, but we were given membership by someone who had tested us. You had Adam and I had Ethan."

"Yeah, I noticed you and he got a little chummy during the convention." Xander gave him a small frown. "As your official pleasure slave, I'm going to beat his ass if he touches you again." Giles smiled down at him, turning him from mildly attractive to beautiful. "I am. I'm just as possessive about you as Oz is." He rubbed his cheek on the soft cotton shirt the older man wore. "Speaking of which," he said, stiffening. "Someone's fighting outside." He hopped up before he could be stopped, running outside to be stopped by his worst nightmare. Oz was on the ground, looking up at his attacker. Every fiber of his being wanted to scream, to stop it, but he was frozen in place.

Oz looked over at him, giving him a small smile as he pulled a knife from his belt, stabbing his attacker before he could behead him. He stole the sword and cut the man's head off, grimacing. "Hate this part," he whispered, falling back to his knees. He closed his eyes as the first bolt of lightening hit his frail-looking body, his breath catching as each new one came. The last, a long one, had him falling to his hands and knees, eyes still closed.

Xander rushed over, helping him up and moving him inside, knowing Giles would pick up the weapons and the body would be gone in a few minutes. He brought his senior lover into the bathroom, running a sink-full of water to clean him off. He gently wiped off the immortal's face, then his hands, working his way up the strong arms. "Oz," he whispered, "you okay?"

Oz nodded. "Yeah," he sighed, looking up at his lover. "I'm fine. It's good." He stole a kiss, taking control of the washcloth and putting it aside. "Would you wear me out? He had tons of energy."

Xander grinned. "Would I object?" he asked, stripping quickly. He soon stood before his lover, his naked body shining in the dim light. "What would you like, Oz," he whispered, going to his knees in front of his lover of six months. He licked over his healing stomach, kissing the closing cut. "How can I make you feel better?" His head was pressed down against the hard cock, so he started to lick it instead. "Ah, just taking the energy from you." He bathed the hard flesh, trying to tempt the older man to wear him out. "Anything at all you want," he whispered, swallowing him whole, sucking gently on him, just like he knew Oz liked him to do.

"Ah, pets," Giles said as he walked in, giving them both a smile. Xander pulled himself off, looking up at him. "Shouldn't you both be on the bed?"

"Yes," Oz said, pulling Xander up and kicking off his pants in a burst of energy. He towed him into the bedroom, tossing his willing companion on the bed. "Stay," he said, grabbing the bottle of lubricant and slicking himself down. "Ready?" he asked.

Xander nodded. "Just go a little slow. It's been a while since I stretched myself." Oz fell across his back, pushing in quickly, holding him still as he started to give him the hardest ride he had ever gotten. "Oz," he panted, pushing back, giving as good as he got. "Come on, babe, let it out," he whispered, putting his head down on the pillows, bracing himself for Oz so he could go harder.

And he wasn't disappointed. Oz slammed into him, breathing hard, wearing the intense, extra energy out of his system, moaning as he came. "Xander?" he whispered, brushing down his sweaty back. "You okay?"

Xander turned his head and nodded. "All the time. You?"

"Yeah," Oz sighed, pulling out and flopping down to pant. "Thanks."

"No big." Xander slid down to snuggle up to him. "Who was he?"

"Not a bad guy, he just wanted to have a town to himself for once and snapped. He was in LA before." Oz pulled the younger man tighter against him, squeezing him. "I'm sorry, I meant for you to enjoy it too."

"Hey, you needed and I was here. You'll make me beg later. After Will's gone again."

"Willow? She's here?" Oz sat up, looking at the door that had somehow closed itself. "When did she get here?"

"I, um, panicked and called her earlier," Xander admitted. "She was coming up to get Buffy for the weekend anyway so she stopped in to see if there was anything she could do."

Oz pulled himself back so he could sit against the headboard. "Okay. What did you tell her? About me?" Xander shook his head. "No?"

"No, just that I overheard a psychopath talking about killing you and Giles." Oz nodded so he went on. "She still doesn't know about us, or about you. And I wouldn't tell her, Oz, you know that." Xander pulled himself up to look at him. "I won't tell your secret, or Giles'. Both of you are safe with me." He slid out of the bed. "I'm going to go check on Giles." He peeked out the door before heading for the bathroom. When he was cleaned up and dressed again, he walked out to the livingroom, seeing Buffy and Willow both sitting out there. "Where's Giles?" he asked, sitting across from them.

"Better question," Buffy asked. "Where were you?" She gave him her full attention. "And what's with your clothes recently? You're dressing way femme."

"I like soft fabrics, and I was napping off the stress." He looked at Willow, who was frowning. "What?"

"You were napping with Oz?"

"Kinda. On the same bed but not together."

Willow nodded. "Okay." She looked at Buffy. "Told ya so."

"I still say I was right."

Xander looked up as Giles walked in, giving him a desperate look for salvation. The former Watcher came over and sat across from them, looking at the three teens. "Where's Oz?"

"Bedroom, napping," Xander said, getting comfortable. "Would you please tell Buffy that just because I like silk doesn't mean I'm femme."

Giles looked at her and smiled. "He's not. The cooler fabrics just feel better against his skin." She shrugged, relaxing. "What else was going on?" He cleared his throat as Oz walked out. "I just got word, everything's been taken care of about our threat. The man was captured and taken away." Oz nodded, pouring himself some juice. "Though it does seem he shot his mouth off in the center of town a few times."

Xander shuddered. "Wonder who else he told?" He looked over his shoulder at Oz, who was giving him a bland, 'we'll talk later' look, one he was very familiar with. He checked his watch, then nodded. "Oops, gotta go to work." He hopped up, giving Giles a small smile that neither female could see before walking out. "Later," he called from the door. He breathed a sigh of relief, heading up the stairs.

"Hold it," Oz said, walking out after him. "I'll drive you over." He caught up to his lover, turning him around and pushing him back toward the van. "In."

"Yes, sir," Xander said, sliding into the passenger's seat and buckling up. "You know I'd never tell them," he said quietly, not sure who could hear. "I'm not going to."

"I know, it's just post-quickening paranoia." He started the engine. "I don't want to sit in there with them either." He pulled out onto the street, heading into the light traffic going towards Xander's apartment. "If he told someone, we're going to have to move."

"I know," Xander said, slouching some. "I've actually begun looking." He caught the small sideways look so added, "I knew it was too good to last."

"Find anything?" Oz asked as he pulled into Xander's parking spot. "Where's your car?"

"Um, store." Xander slid out, pulling out his keys and unlocking the security gate. He waited until Oz was inside to relock the gate, heading up to his apartment, unlocking the door and heading inside. He made sure it was locked behind him too, turning to lean against it. "I feel safer now," he admitted.

"I noticed." Oz sat down on the sinfully soft couch, patting the cushion beside him. "Come sit." Xander slowly walked over, plopping down beside him. "Didn't I say I didn't want you anywhere near our fights?" he asked quietly, very intense. The younger man nodded, looking down. "Then why were you there?" He tipped the blushing face back up. "Xander, an answer?"

"I couldn't stop myself. I had to be there," he admitted, leaning closer, the warm body not moving so he could comfort himself by making sure he was real. "I just got so scared," he whispered, wrapping an arm around the immortal's stomach, squeezing him gently. "I don't want to lose you and I really don't want to lose Giles."

"So you came out to make sure I was okay," Oz finished. He got a nod for an answer. "You know you can't interfere, so what were you planning on doing?"

"I don't know."

"Want to think it through?"

"Not really."

"Xander," Oz warned. "You can't interfere, those are the rules." He made the young man sit up and look at him. "You can *not* interfere. No matter if you think I'm gonna go, you can't stop the fight and you can't get in between us. You know that." Xander nodded, looking sad. "And, I don't want you to have to witness it if I do lose." He instantly had a lapful of clinging lover, who squeezed every few seconds because he couldn't keep that tight of a grip all the time. "I don't want to think about it either, but it's going to happen sometime, and I don't want you to have to witness that. Either of you." He forced Xander's head back up. "I'd rather not have my final vision be of you watching my head come off."

"I'm going to be there," Xander said firmly, his eyes flashing with pain and anger. "You're not ditching me that easily. And blow the rules. The others don't listen to them, why do you?"

"Because I'm a good guy," Oz reminded him. "You're just going to have to accept and deal."

Xander shook his head, getting up. "No I don't." He headed for his bathroom. "I'm going to take a shower, want to join me?"

"No, I want to talk," Oz said, heading after him. He climbed in behind him, hugging Xander against his chest. "I don't want you there; I don't want you to have to watch," he said, nipping his lover on the shoulder.

"Instead you'd rather have me wonder and worry?"

"Yes, at least you'll be safe."

"Oz, truth, how safe would I be?" Xander turned to face him, running his wet hands down the tense cheeks. "If they know about us, then they'll come after me anyway to use against you. I'm just as safe there as I am waiting at home and worrying myself sick." He kissed him gently. "Now shut up before I bite your tongue for you."

Oz shook his head, leaning forward for a small kiss. "Xander, they'll hurt you if you look like you care during a fight. A lot of the others are cruel and mean, and more would use you against me." He pulled back, licking over the damp lips. "I don't want you hurt and I don't want you to watch the battles."

"Tough." Xander grabbed his soap, turning back into the spray to get clean. He poured some soap out onto his back-brush, shifting so he could get his back. He totally ignored the other man with him, the one who would normally wash his back for him and be pampering him by now. "I'm not going to agree, so you might as well give up."

"Xander, don't make me choose," Oz warned. "You won't like it."

"Oz, I'm not making you choose me over it. I'm telling you I'm not abandoning you over this." He turned, but the immortal was already out of his shower. He jumped out, running after him. "Oz, wait," he said, stopping him at the door, shutting it in Buffy's face. "Don't do this."

"Choice here, Xander, watch or me." He looked him over. "You're dripping."

"Wasn't like you gave me a chance to argue."

"No argument. No watching, no helping, or no me."

"That is *so* unfair," Xander complained. "What am I supposed to do?" He let the other man go, stepping back. "If you really feel that way about my feelings then maybe you should leave. It's obvious you don't care whether or not you come home." He headed back to his bathroom, slamming the door and leaning against it. "God, I sounded like a drama queen," he muttered, getting back in his shower to rinse off.

Oz sat on the back of the chair, looking at the wall separating the bathroom from the livingroom, listening to the younger man finish his bathing. "Why do you do this to me?" he asked the empty room. He turned his head as the door was knocked on, shaking it. He reached over, opening it. "Huh. He's in the shower."

"Obviously," Buffy said, walking in. "What's going on?" She looked over him. "You're wet too," she noticed. "Wanted to share some news?"

"No, I was just trying to explain something to Xander and he wasn't willing to listen." He looked over as the man in question walked out. "Buffy's here."

"Who let her in the security gate?"

"I have Giles' key," she said, holding it up. Xander walked over and took it from her. "Hey, we're friends."

"Friends don't insult each other," Xander reminded her, heading back to his kitchen. "Tea, Oz? Want something, Buffy?"

"Just the normal you to come back."

"Stop it," Oz told her. "He's upset." He stood up. "Got anymore of the iced tea?" A glass was poured for him and set down hard on the counter. "Thanks."

"Welcome." Xander walked out, looking at Buffy. "Why else you here?" he asked as he sat on the couch, curling up in a corner.

"I wanted to ask you what the big was." She shut the door, walking around to sit in the chair. "What's going on with you? And how are you affording this place? I checked here and it was way expensive."

"I earn money," Xander reminded her, licking off his ice cream spoon. "That's the purpose of the job." He pulled some more out. "Why are you invading my calm place?"

"Because you're wigged and I wanted to fix it," she admitted. "What's gotten into you? Suddenly you dress like a girl and you work in a clothes store? Then you drive a nice car and have this place? Doesn't add up to the Xander I know." She looked over his relaxed state. "Are you actually Xander and not something that's taken over his body?" she asked, narrowing her eyes. "I can feel something strange in this room."

Xander pulled his tightening charm out of his shirt, waving it around. "It's this, magic. Willow gave it to me." He put it back down his shirt. "Buffy, I'm the same Xander I was before, only now a little more sure of myself and things. This is me, get over it and move on." He finished that bite of ice cream, sticking his spoon in the pint and putting it on the coffeetable. "Anything else to discuss?"

Oz nodded. "Yeah, I think we do." He looked at Buffy. "In aloneness."

She snorted and got up. "I'll expect you to fix him then," she said, walking out, slamming the door behind her.

"I want to move now," Xander said suddenly. "I like having a private place away from the whole fighting thing."

"We have to anyway," Oz reminded him. "I know you want to help, to be beside me, but it's too dangerous," Oz said quietly, leaning a little closer to him. "This is my fear, that they'll come after you for fun and I won't be there to protect you." Xander stole a little kiss. "Thanks."

Xander took the glass, putting it beside his ice cream. "Oz, believe it or not, I can protect myself. You and Giles have both been upping my fighting abilities. And they're not going to come after me. There's no way anyone's that stupid." He let the immortal lean against him. "I love you, Oz, and I'm not going to go along with the plan here. You're not dying alone."

"Xander, you still can't interfere."

"Didn't say I was going to." Oz gave him a look. "Okay, so maybe a scream." Oz snickered. "What?"

"That's what Methos said you'd do. That you'd scream and try to take the other guy's sword with a lecture." He squeezed his lover gently. "I won't be pushy but you're not allowed to come with me. If you do it again, I'm going to withhold sex."

"That's cruel," Xander said, pouting. "It's not my fault I care."

"Point. But you still can't be there."

"So stop the fight and remove me," Xander said, grinning, making Oz snicker.

"I can imagine that. Calling a time out to remove my errant lover and lock him in the van." He looked up. "You're not following me. I'll have Giles find the restraints again."


[[Present, later that night]]

Giles looked down at the still body lying against his, shaking his head at all the changes the last year and a half had brought to it. "You're quiet, love, what's wrong?"

"Just thinking about stuff," Xander said quietly, looking up at him. "Our last fight."

"Ah, yes, over you going to be with Oz when he fought." Xander nodded, shifting so his face was hidden in the folds of the soft cotton shirt the older man wore. "At least you settled it."

"Yeah, we did," Xander whispered. "And I still go with him." He glanced at the man watching them from the chair across the room. "What's up, Oz?"

"Just thinking. 'Bout how we got here and everything. About Methos too."

"It was nice to see him the last time we did," Xander admitted. "I kinda miss him."

"Me too," Oz said, putting down his book and coming over to sit beside them. "Meth and I are never really that far apart. It's like we have to be together on some cosmic scale." He snorted and shook his head. "That's a weird thought, considering what Methos used to be."

"I looked it up," Xander admitted. Oz gave him a steady, 'oh, really' look. "Yes, I did. I wanted to know. You'd be surprised what some of Giles' books hold."

"Oh, I knew there was a mention of him in there," Giles said, kissing the side of Xander's head. "A not particularly flattering one though."

"He was like that," Oz said simply. He snuggled up against Giles' side. "Remember the rush to find a house?"

"Yup, invasion of Buffy and friends," Xander said, frowning. "I still haven't forgiven her for breaking into my old apartment."

"Thankfully we had moved all of your precious and valuable things somewhere safe," Giles soothed, rubbing down the lightly oiled back.

[[Then, two days after end of last flashback (keep in this time frame for rest of story)]]

Xander stopped and thought as he heard loud music coming from his apartment, his sacred, calm space. He turned around, heading for the manager's office. Giles and Oz wouldn't be listening to Techno in his apartment, and never at that volume. He tapped lightly on the door, smiling at the older, dark skinned woman who ran the building. "Did you let someone into my place?" he asked.

"No, but I was about to go up there and tell you to turn it off."

Xander shook his head. "I'm just getting back from work."

She patted the side of his face, grabbing her phone. "Let me call our security people, kid, and we'll go up and find out." She made a quick call then grabbed her keys, going to unlock the gate and let the two security guards in.

They ran up the stairs first, Xander and the older woman behind them by a few steps. He handed over his keys so the guards didn't have to search for their's, wincing as the noise increased. "Wow," he said, walking inside. "This is so not mine."

The woman patted his hand. "I know. You've always been a good tenant. Never noisy." She walked in before him, frowning at the stopped teens. "Who's bright idea was it to break in and have the party here?"

Xander groaned as Buffy stepped forward, her usual bravado clearly pasted across her face. "He's a friend of mine," she said. "He said we could come up and visit and stuff."

Xander shook his head. "No, I didn't, and how did you get in here since you don't even have a key?" She smiled and pulled one out of her pocket, which was taken from her. "Thank you." He looked at the guards. "Please remove them. I never authorized the party." He moved out of their way, pulling Buffy aside. "I didn't okay this, Buffy, and I don't want it here. If you wanted to throw a party, you should have done it at your house."

"But my sorority sisters wouldn't let me. Said something about finals or something unimportant like that." She waved her hand around then belched. "Oops," she said in a little girl's voice. "Sorry."

Xander waved the smell of rancid beer away from his face, tugging her back over to the guards. "I want her arrested. She's drunk and she's only 19."

The guard smiled cruelly. "Okay, we can do that."

Xander nodded. "Let me call her guardian," he muttered, picking up the phone and hitting the number for Giles' house. "Hey, I just got home and you'll never believe what I saw." A short pause. "No, a drunk Buffy throwing a party at my place. No, I turned her in for underage drinking, want to come help?" He nodded and hung up. "Her guardian will be here in a few minutes. Her mother's out of town again." He looked over his friend then shook his head. "Let me go make sure that's the last of them." He headed for his bedroom, tossing open the curtains and scaring the three kids having sex on his bed. "OUT!" They jumped up and ran out of the bedroom, grabbing their clothes as they went.

One of the guards stuck his head into the room. "Um, your...." He cleared his throat. "Want to come here?"

Xander held up a finger, going to get the whip that had been a present from Devi when he had left, sort of a joke between them; Xander kept saying Devi was a slave driver but his former pimp had insisted that the only dominant between them was Xander. So he had given him a bullwhip, a symbol, he had said, of his dominance. Xander walked out with it, uncoiling it with a fancy- looking move as he walked in and snapping it in the air right above the women scattered around his gym and playroom. "Out," he said gently. "Those aren't for you." One of the women stood up to him and he looked her over. "Babe, you're not my species or my sex. Out." She snapped her fingers and all but a few women got off the toys they had been playing with and followed her out. He turned to look at the other two, giving them a bland look. "Think I was kidding?" They shook their heads and ran out, forgetting their clothes. "Yay," he said, shaking his head. "I'll clean them in a few." He turned to find his building manager looking around the room. "It's for fun," he admitted, helping her back out.

She looked up at him, her green eyes boring into his face. "That better be all it's for." He nodded so she turned to look at Buffy, who was now handcuffed in the chair. "And you, missy, how did you get in here?"

"I had a key made for myself," she said, giving them a defiant look. "We're friends."

"Friends don't do this to each other," Xander said, heading into the kitchen. He pulled out his silverware drawer, shaking his head at the ice cream spilled inside of it. "I'm going to need help cleaning up this," he told himself, grabbing the phone book. He picked up the phone, dialing quickly. "Hi, I know it's after hours, but do you have anyone that could come out tonight or early tomorrow and help me clean up after a break in and party?" He sighed, smiling. "Yeah, Goldenseed Apartments, 254. Xander Harris. Thanks. No, I think one really hard working or two that aren't adverse to post party mess would be enough. Even the usual lady would be good if you could find her." He smiled and hung up. "That's one good thing," he said, turning as he caught sight of Giles walking through the door. He smiled as he saw the disgust on the older man's face, nodding his head at his charge. "She did it. She broke in and threw a party."

Giles slapped Buffy across the back of her head. "We will be talking later," he warned. He looked at the officers. "Do take her away, I'm not sticking up for her. Just tell me when her bail hearing will be."

Buffy gasped. "Giles! You can't let me go to jail! All I did was drink!" She was pulled up. "Xander, tell them it's okay."

"You broke into my house!" he said, outraged. "You're drunk and you broke in and you trashed my place. I should make you clean it all up." She frowned at him. "Yay. Have fun with Bubbaette." He waved as she was dragged out.

Giles walked into the kitchen. "How bad is it?" he asked, rubbing down Xander's arm.

"I can't stay here tonight, but I have to clean up the playroom," Xander said quietly. "I don't want the people I have coming to clean tomorrow seeing that."

Giles nodded. "You can come over to my place. I'll help you remove your toys." He looked at the building manager, a woman he had met with and talked with on a few occasions since he and Xander had gotten together a six months back. "Is everything else all right?"

"Sure," she said, smiling. "Now that I know it wasn't him." She waved at the door. "I'll be up for a while yet if you need me and I'll let the cleaners in tomorrow."

Xander walked over to close the door after her, leaning against it. "I can't believe she did that," he said quietly.

"Buffy has become quite a handful recently," Giles admitted.

"I meant my manager. She didn't even blink at the gym." He shook his head. "Grab the screwdrivers from the drawer under the sink," he said, walking toward his gym and playroom, and the dildos he had screwed up at various heights along the walls for his own satisfaction.

Giles walked in, smiling at him and handing over a bucket. "Here, we'll put them in here so they can be cleaned." He handed off the extra screwdriver. "How many were in here?"

"Seven. Four of which came at one's snap. The other two were together it looked like." Xander undid the first screw, dropping it in the bucket too. "Of course there were people in my bed too." He dropped his screwdriver, heading for the bathroom as a thought struck him. He closed his eyes as he saw the three naked bodies in his bathtub, and turned on the shower - to cold. They all screamed and jumped out, glaring at him. "Out of my house. You weren't invited and you weren't arrested, feel lucky."

"That Buffy chick invited us," one said, rubbing his eyes.

"She wasn't invited," Xander told them, "she's been arrested on breaking and entering. Feel really lucky." They all nodded and gathered their clothes, heading out. "Bye," he called.

"Freak," they called as they slammed the door.

"Yay," Xander said quietly as he walked back to continue his task. "I want to move now."

Giles reached over and patted his shoulder. "I know. We'll find you a new, safer place, far away from her."


Oz snorted. "I don't know what you want me to do about it, Xan," he said as he relaxed on Giles' bed with the men just back from their cleaning mission. "Unless you want me to help you look for a place."

"Yeah, that would be nice," Xander said, snuggling into Oz's body. "I just can't stand the thought of being so unsafe there. It's like she violated part of me."

"It was your haven," Giles said softly, rubbing down the young man's back. "We do understand that. We'll gladly help you look for a new place."

"Coolness. It just has to have security."

"Why?" Oz asked, but Giles shook his head at him. "What's not being told to me?"

"One of his former clients wasn't happy that he was leaving," Giles said quietly. "Xander felt threatened by it."

"Ah, okay." He pulled Xander up to look at him. "Did this thing threaten you? Or did he just make general statements?"

"No, he made threats." Xander went limp in the restraining hands, a sure way to make Oz let him go. "Can't I lay down?" he asked after a minute. "I'm tired."

"Sure," Oz soothed, laying him across his body. "We'll find a place where we're all safe and comfy," he whispered, rubbing over the relaxing back. "They won't come for you."

"I know, but I still worry," Xander admitted. "I'm more vulnerable now because I have well known weaknesses."

"Love," Giles said quietly, lying beside them, "no one's expecting you to give yourself up because the world's supply of Hagen Daz is being poisoned. That's just silly."

Xander turned his head and grinned. "Only for you two."

"Good, I believe that's a good reason," Giles said, helping Oz rub down their lover's back. "Now then, my little GHS, what would you like? Since you've had such a rough day, I'd say you deserved a treat."

"This is a treat," Xander admitted, pulling himself up to straddle Oz's lap and look at both of them. "I never get to see you two. I feel like the rent boy you guys hire to come over on a regular schedule." Oz face relaxed and he snorted, worrying Xander horribly. "I do, I feel like the dirty little secret you guys are keeping and it's bothering me." He moved so he was laying on his own. "I don't want to feel like that, but I do."

Oz reached over, grabbing Xander's boxers to pull him closer. "You're not my secret, we just don't get to spend much time together." He gave him a soft kiss. "I'm sorry that you feel that way."

"You guys never come over to stay with me," Xander said quietly. He looked at Giles. "When I get my new place, will you guys come over and stay the night?"

"We've stayed there before," Oz reminded him. "The bed just freaked us out. The curtains felt closed off to me, like I was the last person on earth."

"I was there," Xander reminded him, pulling himself away. He got up and got dressed in the spare outfit he had brought, walking out before either man could say anything to him. He got into his car and went to the only motel Sunnydale offered, getting a room and locking himself in for the night, curled up, safe, and alone.


Oz walked into Xander's work, pulling him out from behind the counter and towards the changing rooms. "He'll be back," he called. He waited until they were both inside the room. "What's up? You left in a huff last night."

"You decided I wasn't human." Xander crossed his arms and looked at his lover. "I am, you know, very human, and I do want to be noticed as such."

"I do," Oz assured him, massaging Xander's arms to free them from their angry tension. "It was a slip."

"Slips show what you're really thinking." Xander got away from him. "No, not until you can admit that I'm human." He turned and walked out, going to straighten the clothes on the rack. He felt Oz walk up behind him and stiffened. "Going to do it again?" he whispered.

"No," his lover said quietly. "You're very human and I shouldn't have said that." He touched the slumping shoulder gently. "Forgive me?"

"Yeah, maybe." Xander turned, scowling at his boss. "What? You and your boyfriend broke up yesterday in the underwear section."

She smiled and handed over the phone. "Personal shopping." She glared at Oz.

Xander took the phone, nodding at the chair near the dressing room. "We can talk after I do this or you can come watch me wander around uselessly later."

"Sure," Oz told him, sitting down.

"Hi," Xander said mock-cheerfully into the phone. "Yes, this is he. What can I get for you today? He nodded and walked over to the underwear section. "What size was that again? And did you want cotton or the silky feeling ones? I know, but do you want comfort or fashion?"


Xander looked up at the realtor he had asked to find him a new safe place, smiling at him. "You found it for me," he said, handing over the listing he had seen lying on the table. "I want to look at that one."

"With your salary..." the older man started, frowning at him. "I thought you were looking at apartments."

"I was, but this is better. And it's got everything I need." He pulled out his checkbook, smiling. "How much was it?"

"Well, it is for rent," the real estate agent admitted. "We can go out and look at it in a little while if you want." He looked Xander over. "A kid your age should be in college," he said sadly.

"I know, but I sucked at school." He shrugged, looking down at his balance. "Who in town .... never mind, I know who to ask about that problem." He looked back up. "Can we go look?"

"You sure you're going to be able to put up the payments? It's six hundred a month and I don't think you make that much."

Xander flipped around his checkbook, showing the balance off. "Tell you something?" he asked quietly. "I'm independent of my job." The older man smiled and nodded, standing up. "Good, now let's go look at this place. I need to see if it's really all that."

"Oh, it is. I wrote the description myself. It's hard to personify, but the house has a definite personality." He waved toward the outside. "Your car or mine?"

"Mine," he said simply, walking out.

Xander looked around the house in disgust. "This is gross," he said, looking at the paint on the wall. "Where are the fireplaces?" He looked at the agent and shook his head. "No wonder it was hard for you."

The older man smiled, brushing back his white hair. "Very true. But it has potential." He looked out at the electrified fence. "Nothing except Federal Agents ever got through that. And they were nice when they came in to get her out of here."

Xander shook his head. "I'm not that fanatical. Someplace less like a prison would be good."

"I do have one," he said suavely, "but it's not really for rent." He looked over the young man in front of him. "It's a little bit of a fixer upper. The last tenants met an unusual and bloody end but I think you'd like it."

"Where?" he asked, stalking closer, something he had learned from Adam to seem more dominant than he was. The immortal had taught him well in many things, from sex to the image he presented.

"Just a few miles more out of town. Very nice lot with it." He swallowed, shifting nervously as the young man came closer to him. "Um, would you like to go look?" Xander nodded, waving a hand at the open door.

Xander looked around this new place and fell in love with it. It was perfect. It had a large bedroom and two smaller ones on the same floor as the kitchen and living room. It had a second floor that was made for three rooms but had been turned into a single one, complete with mirrors on one wall. It had a big, open room that looked out on the small garden outside through the floor to roof windows. It had a pool and a hot tub/jacuzzi, connected together so they shared the warmed water. It had a basement that someone had liked to play games in, the hooks were still up in the ceiling on and on the walls. And it had a killer tub. He looked at the agent and nodded. "I'll take it. How long do I have to procure the cash?"

"We can start the loan paperwork tomorrow if you wanted," he suggested, looking at his watch.

Xander smiled, just a little wistfully. "Give me three days to liquidate something and I'll give you cash."

"Whatever," the man sighed, heading back out to the car, sure he had just lost the sale by the look on his face.

Xander's smile turned just a little bit sneaky. "Oh, we'll see," he whispered, heading out after him. ***

Xander walked into Angel's office, smiling at his ex. "Where's your boss? He's helping me tonight."

"He'll be up in a minute," she said, not looking up from her romance novel. "What's going on up in your end? Another big bad?"

"No, just a personal matter." He headed into the interior office, not wanting to spend anymore time with Cordelia than he had to, and sat down in the leather desk chair. "Comfy," he whispered, "have to remember this." He looked up as someone cleared their throat. "Angel," he purred, standing up. "Thanks for helping me do this. I have *no* clue where to go." He followed the vampire's eyes as they tracked over Xander's simple outfit of loose but not baggy black silk pants and a skin-tight blood-red velvet t-shirt that showed off his new muscles very well if he did say so himself. "What? Too undressy?" he asked, looking down at himself. "I have other clothes in the car if I need to change. A silk shirt and things that I work in."

Angel's swallow was audible and his face turned just a little darker when he met the dark brown eyes of the mortal. "No, you're fine," he said, nodding towards the door. "Let's go."

Xander walked around the desk, handing over the briefcase. "You take it, I know I'll trip and it'll spill on the sidewalk." He headed out in front of his protector for the evening, smiling at Cordelia as her mouth dropped open. "Later," he called.

Cordelia got up and grabbed Angel's arm to stop him. "What happened to him? That's not Xander. Xander was never that coordinated or cool, or even tasty looking. That Xander was hot and tasty and tasteful. That *can't* be Xander."

"I know," Angel said, "I'll find out and see if he needs more help or not." He set down the briefcase and opened it, closing it quickly. "God, the boy's done something majorly bad," he said quietly, heading out to the dark gray Lexus and sliding in. "How'd you get these?"

"Was a tip," Xander said. He turned to look at the souled vampire and decided to tell the truth. "Angel, I'm a member of GHSS now." The vampire swallowed again, his eyes going very wide. "I met this very interesting half-demon named Devi while I traveled. That's a *tip* and that's part of *one* of them. I'm buying myself somewhere safe and I'm going to try and pull Oz and Giles with me. Is any of this a problem?"

"GHS?" Angel asked, his voice a little tight. His face was somewhere between hopefulness and fear. Xander nodded. "No, no problem." He cleared his throat, bringing his voice back to it's normal range. "I know Devi by the way. I'll tell him you said hi if you want. He's going to be over in a few weeks."

"Sure." He started the purring motor. "I haven't seen him in a few months, not since I got back. We missed each other at the convention" He pulled out into traffic. "Which way?" He didn't get an answer so glanced at his passenger. "Angel?" Still no answer. "Deadboy?"

"Huh? Sorry, just daydreaming. Head for downtown."

Xander looked at the woman examining his tip. "So, they're really good?"

"Very," she purred, looking up at him. "Where did you get them?"

"They were a ... present," Xander admitted. "From a friend." He gave her his most winning smile. "I'm in the process of buying a house and I need the ready cash. Unfortunately, I locked most of mine up in investments." He pouted and she smiled at him, the first he had gotten. "Can you help?"

"As long as I know they're not stolen." She tapped a sheet. "I have to look them up."

"Of course, I understand perfectly," Xander said, nodding. He got up, wandering around the store. "I'm going to browse. I need a new prezzie." Her whispered comment about becoming one for him made him smile as he walked over to where Angel was standing. "Help me find myself a prezzie?" he asked, unconsciously rubbing up and down a leather clad arm. "I need to make myself pretty."

Angel turned and looked at the mortal, eyes very wide. "Pretty?" he asked.

"Yeah, for my lover." He looked up, giving him an innocent look. "I'm not *working* anymore. I only did that for six weeks. I work in a clothing store now and I'm back to a normal existence."

Angel shook his head. "Harris, you are one strange person," he whispered, moving away from him. "I don't even want to think about what you did to earn those."

"Truth?" he whispered, leaning closer. Angel looked at him and nodded, his face very neutral. "Sarthna demon." The vampire shuddered. "He was a nice guy, very gentle with me," Xander said, pouting just a little. "And he liked me so much he tried to kidnap me."

Angel nodded slightly, patting the mortal's shoulder, ignoring his other impulses about the young mortal. "At least Devi saved you." He pointed at something in the case. "Neck, ear, or wrist?"

"Um, wrist would be nice, but only if it's tasteful." He looked at his clothes. "This is kinda me."

"Oh, I know some other members of the society," Angel admitted, licking his lips. "Tasteful and non-noticeable so no one comments? I'd go for the bracelet. You can say it's a present from an ... admirer."

"Well, it is," Xander said, teasing, "I learned how to admire myself while I was *working*." He tapped the vampire's arm lightly. "Which one?"

"That one," Angel suggested, pointing at a ruby tennis bracelet, the rubies rich and deep red. "I like that one," he finished quietly.

"Hmm, okay, we'll see if it fits. I wear that color too." He looked down at his shirt. "Think it'd go?"

"It could," the woman servicing them suggested. "And it's a very nice choice." She pulled the tray it was on out, handing it over and watching as he put it on. "It looks nice on you." She looked at Angel. "Do you like it on him?"

"Very much," Angel said quietly, turning to look out the window.

Xander considered it, then nodded. "Okay, I like this one, but I need something else for daily wear and I need a new watch." He slid his out of his pocket. "This one broke today." She took it from his hand, looking at it. "Can it be fixed?"

"We could send it back to the company and have them fix it," she suggested. "Would that be a problem?"

"Only if I couldn't find a temporary replacement."

"We have many fine watches," she said, waving at another counter. She walked over with him, looking at Angel as they walked. "He doesn't need to approve?"

Xander gave her a sexy little smile. "He's not mine. He's taken up with this absolutely *snarky* woman who thinks she's perfect." He leaned a little closer and let his voice drop some. "She's my ex and I'm so glad it's former."

The saleswoman smiled. "I'm sure you have only the best now."

"Well, we're having a fight, but yeah, usually they are." He winked then looked down at the watches. "Ooh, I like the fabric bands better. I sweat less."

She pulled the tray of them out, handing them over. "I'd pick one that would go with most of your wardrobe. Since your other one is silver, maybe something similar?" She handed him one, watching as he put it against his arm. "But I do agree, you need more everyday wear for jewelry. Something simple yet elegant." He looked up and gave her a bright smile, nodding. "Very good, let me go see what I have over in the other cases. We'll discuss your stones in a moment." She walked away, leaving Xander and Angel, who was walking over to him, alone.

"What do you think?" Xander asked, holding up the watch.

"Will it stand up to your daily wear?"

"Maybe." He put it down and picked up another one, holding it against his wrist then put it back down. He reached over to grab one off the other tray sitting out, holding it up. "I like this one, even if it does have a metal chain."

"It's more practical," Angel said, putting his hands on Xander's shoulders. "What does it look like on?"

Xander bit his lip as he slid it over his wrist and fastened the chain-link bracelet that was the band. "Not bad," he admitted, holding it up. "Pretty good actually." He shivered as the cool hands rubbing his shoulders touched a sensitive spot on his upper back. "Angel, are you trying to take me away from my life?" he asked quietly as he turned. The vampire shook his head. "You know what I am and what that means to me. Why are you teasing me?"

"I'm sorry," Angel said, stepping back. "I was just trying to keep you from buying up the store."

"Nope, I have enough usual stuff, I just wanted to give myself a present because my lover and I are fighting." He turned back to the saleswoman, who was handing him a small, delicate platinum bracelet. "Isn't that a little femme?" he asked, not sure about it. She took it back, handing him a more substantial but still delicate bracelet, watching as he put it against his skin. "This is perfect," he whispered, looking up and giving her the brightest of his smile. "Thank you."

"You're very welcome." She led them back over to where she had been examining the stones. "We do wish that if you need to dump this many stones in the future that you give us a few days notice," she told him, taking her seat.

"I only need about seventy thousand worth. The house isn't that expensive but I need some decorating money." He picked up a medium sized emerald, turning it in the light. "I never noticed that," he said, showing the spot to her. "Wonder what that is."

"It's called an inclusion." She handed him her magnifying eyepiece. "I saw a piece of fossil earlier."

He looked down at the stone and nodded. "Looks like grass."

She smiled. "You have a very good eye. I'm surprised you don't work in the field."

"I thought you had to have training," he said, handing both the stone and the magnifying eyepiece back. She shook her head. "No?"

"Not to sell," she told him. "If you lived nearby, you could even apply to work here, we're presently short a seller and you've *obviously* got good taste." He grinned. "As for your stones, we don't have enough money on hand to buy all of these tonight, or even for the next week, but if all you need is around seventy thousand, we can easily do that." Xander nodded so she sorted some of the stones out. "These are an amazing quality, I would love to know your supplier."

"Like I said, they were a gift. All I know is that he gave me some."

"Do you have a detailed list for your insurer?" she asked, putting the rest of the stones back into the briefcase. Xander gave her a confused look, answered by one of pity on her face. "Bring the whole amount to us and we can appraise them for you and give you a detailed list for your insurance company." He nodded, biting his lip. "Is that a problem?"

"No," he admitted, "I'm just wondering about taxes and how I claim it."

"It's a gift, the person who gave them to you should have paid the tax." He shrugged. "See, you can claim ignorance." She smiled and pulled out a list she had made up earlier. "Okay, I can get these tonight and you'll bring back the whole of your collection for our evaluation?" He nodded, smiling again. "Okay, good. This is about a third over what you need, just over a hundred and twenty thousand. I'll go cut your check if you agree."

Xander looked at the list. "Did you take that emerald?" he asked.

"No, we don't have a need for it, but I do want to ask someone about it. I think I know someone who wants to have a special piece made that might be something that they're looking for, if that's okay."

He nodded, his bottom lip sticking out as he thought. He pushed the list back over. "Okay, I trust you."

She smiled. "Good," she purred, getting up to head into the back with the stones.

Angel picked up the list, closing his eyes as he saw the values listed. "Xander, this is well below retail."

"But they have to make a profit too," he reminded, turning to look up at his protector. "Thank you for brining me. I didn't even think about her suggestion."

"I'd go somewhere else," Angel said, leaning down to get closer so no one would hear them. "Somewhere really reputable. Tell them you inherited them and that you need an insurance estimate and appraisal. This place deals with demons all the time and I don't really trust them."

Xander kissed Angel's cheek. "Thank you for worrying. I'll do that soon. We'll even call so you can come with us." He wiped off the spot of moisture from his lips. "Thank you."

"You're welcome," Angel said, backing up when the saleswoman walked back out. He smiled at her. "Does he need to fill out forms?"

"No, we have everything we need." She set off a gas canister in Xander's face and he slumped but Angel punched her, tossing it behind him. "Why?" she asked. "You can't be protecting him. He's obviously one of the bad people. How else does a *mortal* his age get stones like this except through bad deals?"

"He's GHS," Angel said. "Go cut his check, for the real amount, or we're going to go down the street and talk to a reputable place and warn them about you." He flashed his feeding face.

She stood up, nodding, her face showing fear. "If you say so." She hurried into the back, coming back with a short, ugly, knobby demon in tow. "Watch them."

"Don't forget to take his presents off," Angel called after her. He took the check and the briefcase in one hand, sliding the check inside before he picked the mortal up and carried them out to the car. He patted down Xander for his keys, trying to tell himself he wasn't enjoying it too much, even if his hand did linger over the hard length waking up under it. When he found the keys, he walked around and got in, pulling away to head back to his office.


Xander set his briefcase and the satchel of money on his table, visually checking to make sure the door was locked. He made a quick tour of his apartment, coming out to find Oz sitting at the table looking at the leftover stones. "Hey," he said, sinking down beside him. "Come to say more mean things?"

"Thought I was going with you," Oz said quietly, looking at the pile of money he had pulled out. "Did you find a place?"

"Yup, second one I looked at. It's perfect. Few miles out of town but still commutable. And I think you'll like it there when you come visit." Oz nodded, pushing the stones around on the table. "What's wrong?" he asked.

"You smell like Angel."

"Of course I do, I asked him to protect me while I went to sell some of the stones off. It's not like I know anyone else who would know." He covered his mouth. "Oz, I'm sorry, I never even realized that you might know."

"Nope, I wouldn't have had a clue," he said, sitting back and managing to look relaxed. "Pretty bracelets," he said, pointing. "Where's your watch?"

"Broken. She's sending it back to them to fix." He shrugged, holding his wrist out. "I wanted a present to cheer me up."

"And I wasn't?"

"I still feel down. You know I'm not going to go screw Angel."

"Point." Oz looked at the bracelets and nodded. "Very pretty and very your style. Looks good."

"Thank you." He leaned in, kissing Oz's cheek. "I thought I had the chain on."

"You did. There's a way around that."

"Even more reason to move," Xander said firmly. He got up, heading for his restocked kitchen. "Want something?"

"Us to not be fighting would be nice," Oz told him. "But some of that tea if you have it."

"Tea it is," Xander said, coming out with two glasses, handing one over as he sat. "As for the fighting, we were working it out earlier but you left."

"There's another immie in town. I felt him."

"Oh, Oz," Xander whispered, taking his hand to hold. "Maybe he's peaceful."

"He is," Oz said as he took a drink. "We had a talk in the alley. How's Cordy?"

"She didn't even look at me."

Angel walked back into his office after taking a long shower, and sat at his desk. His secretary walked in, sitting on it, looking at him. "What?" he asked tiredly.

"What's wrong with Xander? He looked all furry and soft." She gasped and covered her mouth. "Did Oz bite him?"

Angel smiled at her. "No, he's fine. He just found himself. The clothes are a statement of who he is." He patted her knee. "Don't you have an audition?"

"I have to leave in an hour," she reminded him. "So, what did he want you to do for him? Some demon threatening him? Another vampire you had to scare?"

Angel snorted. "No, he needed to liquidate some of his assets."

"Eww, I remember what that was like. Poor guy, fast food must not be working out."

"No, not at all," Angel agreed, looking at the watch he had stolen from the saleswoman, a still very broken piece of jewelry.

Oz snuggled up against Xander on the couch, silently watching tv with him. "Why are we fighting?" he asked during a commercial.

"Because you said I wasn't human."

"Did I?" Oz sat up and looked at him. "What exactly did I say?"

"That my bed made you feel like you were the last person on earth when we were in it." He sipped his tea, keeping his eyes on the tv, until Oz made him look at him.

"That wasn't what I meant. I wasn't saying that I was the only person in the bed, but that I felt cut off from the world." Xander slid into his arms, putting his glass down. "See, big misunderstanding."

"Yeah," Xander sighed, closing his eyes. "It's all cleaned up now and I'm going to go pay the guy tomorrow so I can move. You're still going to come over, right?" When he didn't get an immediate answer, he pulled back, looking up. "What?"

Oz reached for the remote, turning up the tv to show Faith's arrest. "That," he said, pointing.

Xander watched the report. "Hey, another one for the good guys." His face paled as the announcer said she had escaped and that was the only footage that they had of her. "Whoa. She's back in town?"

"Yeah. Was at a really heavily armed house outside of town from what they were saying."

Xander slid back into his lover's body. "I visited there, it's for rent but I didn't like it."

Oz simply nodded, leaning back until Xander was laying on top of him, holding onto him very tightly.


Xander smiled and held the door open for Oz since he was carrying the bag with the money in it. "Hi, that house is still available, right?" he asked as he took a seat in front of the real estate agent.

The older man nodded, looking at them. "Of course. Can I help you start the paperwork now?"

"Sure," Oz said, handing over the bag. "I think that's exact but you'll want to count it."

The man smiled sweetly as he took the bag, his smile falling away as he opened it and looked down inside. "Cash," he said weakly. "You have" His whole face drained of color as he saw the stacks of green bills, his eyes bulged, and he nervously licked his lips as he considered them.

Xander nodded. "I told you I would. I just had to liquidate an asset." Oz grunted. "Oh, Oz, I made an appointment about the other stuff and I'm supposed to bring them in tomorrow late afternoon. You going to come with me and Angel?"

"Yes," Oz said firmly. He looked at the man turning paler with each bundle of cash he pulled out and put into his drawer. "Is there a problem?"

"No," the agent said quickly, shaking his head as he recounted the cash. "No problem at all. Though the paperwork will still take a few days to complete. The title search and transfer and all."

Xander nodded. "Okay, whatever." He crossed his ankles. "We need a house warming party once we get settled," he said, thinking. "We could even invite Angel and Cordy up from LA."

"We?" Oz choked. Xander looked at him. "You said we."

"I was hoping you'd be more than an occasional visitor," Xander told him, taking his hand. "And I really think you'll like this place. It has good security and everything."

Oz nodded, pulling his hands back. "It sounded like you wanted me to move in."

"I wouldn't mind," Xander said softly, looking down. "But I know you're not ready for that." He got a small kiss to his cheek. "Thanks."

"We'll see."

Xander nodded, turning back to the man counting the money, who was now vampire pale. "Is something wrong?" he asked. "Did I screw up how much it'd be?"

"No," the real estate agent said quickly, putting the money back in the bag. "Just the sight..." He cleared his throat. "There's no problem at all." He gave them a shaky smile, his hands trembling as he handed over the papers in front of him. "Would your...friend like to go look at the house? Just to make sure it lives up to his standards also? You do have the keys I gave you yesterday when we talked about the purchase price, don't you?"

"No, I trust Xander to find us somewhere safe," Oz said calmly. "Is that the right amount?"

"What? Yes, definitely." He nodded frantically, then stopped to smooth down his hair. "If I could just have Mr. Harris sign a few forms we could get the paperwork rolling and he'll own a very nice house." He handed over a pen, watching as the forms were read and signed, the other man reading each one also to make sure everything was filled out. "If there's...there's anything else," he offered, standing when they did, "just let me know." He gave them a smile, waiting until they had left to fall back into his chair, missing it and landing on the floor. "Oh, God, I just sold a house to the mafia," he whispered, closing his eyes. "I'm so dead if anyone finds out that they're here and buying property. I'm an accessory to something now, I should go pray before they decide to come back."

Oz stood outside the office and smiled. "Congrats, he thinks you're a bad guy."

"I am not," Xander said, leaning against his car. "Just picky about my personal safety." He gave his lover a small, sexy little pout. "I think you'll love it, even if you don't like my bed."

"I like your bed, just not the curtains on it," Oz countered. He looked around at the other people on the sidewalk. "We need to be more private. Work?"

"Is good, but not today." Xander pulled the keys out of his skin-tight jeans, tossing them over. "We need to go to the bank to pull those things out so we can take them over tomorrow."

"Why not do that tomorrow in case Buffy comes over again?" Oz suggested, walking around to get in.

Xander slid into his seat, looking over at the immortal. "Because she's in jail serving her thirty days?"

"Good point." Oz started the car, waiting while Xander buckled up and shut his door. "I won't feel comfy with them with us."

"Bank's closed tomorrow, it's some Hallmark holiday."

"Oh." Oz pulled out into traffic, heading for the bank that held Xander's safety deposit box. "Why couldn't you use your money? I thought you said you had some left."

"I do, but I invested it and I didn't want to get penalties and things," Xander said, wiggling to get comfortable. "Why?"

"Because I thought you liked those stones."

"Not that set. It had a bunch of them that I didn't really like, it was the second one out of the pile. And the four or five that I did like I left there. I only took in half of one of the boxes to cash out."

"Okay." Oz pulled up in front of the bank. "I'm coming in with you."

"Or you could just come in me," Xander suggested, shooting him a small grin. "The windows are tinted."

"No," Oz said, patting the side of his face. "Later, slut."



"Not giving me any." Xander got out. Then he hit himself on the forehead. "I sound like Anya."

Oz nodded. "Yup." He was followed inside, heading for a discrete desk off to the side. "Mr. Harris needs into his box," he said quietly. She nodded, pointing at the sign-in form. Xander signed it and Oz followed him inside with her following so they could get into the box. He waited until they were alone to rub up against the tight ass as he walked around the metal table in the middle of the vault. "Did you wear those pants for me or to scare the agent?" he asked quietly.

Xander looked up from his looking over of his pictures, the ones from happier ones in high school. "You, of course. Why would I want to wear them for him? He's not the one I'm trying to make take me hard."

"Did you mind me calling you that?" Xander shook his head. "No? Do you get off on it?" he asked, moving back around to let a hand rub over the growing bulge. "Does being called names get to you, slut?"

Xander shivered. "It's true, I am, so it's not a degrading name. And I've been called worse." He stole a kiss. "Let me do this so we can go? Please?" Oz pushed the box's lid closed. "What?"

"I want your attention."

"You have it, as always." Xander gave him a deep, probing, passionate kiss. "Oz, most of the people like me end up as pampered pets of someone. And that's what I am. It's like a title to me now. Even Adam called me that." Oz nodded for him to go on. "If you want to call me that I'm not going to say anything unless we're in a crowded place or being observed."

"Pet, I like that." Oz looked over the younger man, giving his cock one last pat. "We'll have to talk about that concept. Get your boxes and let's go."

"Ooh, forceful," Xander whispered, pulling the boxes out and checking for leftover stones. Oz picked up a picture to look at. "I removed those because those are more precious to me than these are," he said, putting the wooden boxes down.

Oz put the picture back in the box. "I can see that." He reached over to tap the wet lips. "Put your box back if this is all."

Xander closed the lid and locked it, sliding it back into place and locking the door. He turned and found Oz already walking out with the boxes, so he followed him, signing them out and jogging out to his car. He slid into the passenger's side, buckling up as Oz slammed the trunk. "It closes easy," he reminded.

"Just making sure." Oz turned, kissing Xander hard. "Do you want to become a pet, Xander?" The younger man licked his lips for him. "Doing that means that you're mine. I decide if you work, where you live, and your whole life belongs to me. No breaks for dominant Xander to come out."

Xander licked his lips. "Can I think about it?"

"We'll be talking," Oz assured him, "but I want to check over your investments. I've been doing this a lot longer than you have." He pulled out of the parking lot, heading for Giles' apartment, Xander not having spent a night at home since Buffy had broken in. He carried the boxes inside, putting them on the table. "Sit,"he ordered, heading into the kitchen. "Want to eat?"

"You," Xander whispered as he pulled the boxes over to look at. He never even noticed Oz had walked back out until his face was forcefully turned and his mouth invaded with a cock. He moaned in pleasure, sucking it, using every skill he had ever learned to pleasure his lover. It wasn't too long before Oz was groaning and pushing into his mouth, coming with a throat-tearing howl. Xander licked him clean before zipping his lover back up. "Wow, what was that for? A reward?"

"Maybe," Oz said, heading back into the kitchen. "Want a drink?"

"Yup, you're salty so my mouth is dry." Oz snickered, walking out and handing him a bottle of apple juice. "Thanks." He pointed at one of the stones. "The other emerald..." He looked around for his briefcase, getting up to grab it and bring it back to the table, opening it to show him. "This one has a small fossil in it. It looks like a blade of grass," Xander said, handing it over.

Oz held it up to the light. "I can see something but I can't see details." He handed it back. "Are there any more you really don't want?"

"Not that many really," Xander said, holding up a small handful. "These definitely, I think they're gross and ugly." He looked up, startled, as Giles walked in. "Give a guy a heart attack," he complained.

"I was under the impression that I lived here," Giles said with a smile. "Why did you pull those out of the bank?"

"We're going to take them to be appraised tomorrow," Oz said. "Late afternoon/sunset time so Angel can guard us."

"May I go?" Giles asked, sitting down so he could look at the stones also. "Oh, bloodstone."

"Ewwish," Xander said, handing them over. "I think they're ugly."

"Well, they have a historical precedent," Giles said, "and they can be quite..." He dropped them, picking up a clear stone. "Xander, when did you get this one?"

"Um, it was in with the rest, why?" He looked at it. "I can't tell what it is, it's softer than a diamond using the scale thingy they taught us in science class, but it looks like one."

Giles picked a pen up off the table, using the back to tap the stone. "It's a true bloodstone. You can store some of your blood in it. It's most rare, sorcerers of old used them to store extra energy but most of them were burned during the inquisition." He looked over. "May I have this one?"

"Yup, sure," Xander said, smiling at him. "It's not like I'm going to do that." He licked his lips to get more a taste of Oz. "We paid the real estate agent today. And we were talking about throwing a house warming party."

Giles smiled. "I'm sure we will be. When can you move in? And when can I go look at this mysterious place that you've found?"

"A week or so," Oz said calmly. "He bought it."

Giles frowned at the young man. "Xander, you do have to be careful how you flaunt what you have, otherwise people will start asking uncomfortable questions. No one would expect an unmarried man your age to be buying a house, much less have the cash for one readily. Especially not with your background."

"I paid him in cash. I exchanged some stones in LA with Angel last night and he helped me cash them out." He looked down at the boxes, closing them gently and flipping the locks closed. "I haven't been flaunting it, Giles, really. I just liked this place and it wasn't for rent, but it's perfect and still in commutable distance."

Oz got up. "I'll call and get the keys so we can go out."

Xander pulled them out. "He gave them to me yesterday when I went in to sign some other paperwork." He tossed them at Oz. "Call him and tell him that we're going out though, he has to turn off the security system."

Oz nodded, picking up the phone, putting the keys on the bar. "Go store those somewhere safe, Xan, then we'll go." He dialed from the card he had picked up on the way out, talking quietly while he watched Xander and Giles hide the boxes among the boxes of books that were being moved and examined. He hung up, nodding toward the door. "I'm going to go start the engine, come out when you're done."

Giles waited until they were alone. "Xander, was that wise?" he asked.

"I had to, Giles, I didn't feel safe. And you'll like the place. Very comfy, about fifteen minutes out of town on a good day, and killer security." He stood up, looking at the camouflaged boxes. "Good enough for now?"

"I should hope so," Giles said, tossing a few more books down on top of the boxes. He smiled at his lover. "Come, let's go. Oz seems impatient."

"He wants me to consider being a pet." Giles' smile became fond and sweet. "You?"

"Once, but I didn't have to worry about anything, he was most kind to me." He turned and locked his door, making sure it was locked before heading out to the car.

They drove in silence out to the new house, the radio breaking up the quiet in the car. Xander pulled into the driveway, heading up to the house and stopping the car. "Okay so far?" he asked.

"A most beautiful front," Giles said quietly, looking at the dual story house. He got out and headed for the front door. "Oz, do you have the keys?"

Oz patted down his pockets then shook his head. He took the car keys back from Xander, pulling away. "Be back soon," he called.

Xander nodded and led Giles around to the back of the house, sitting out near the garden. "See, very pretty back here too." He looked over toward the pool and jaccuzi, it being attached to the end of the pool and sharing water with it, both heated. He took off his shirt as he stood up, pulling Giles with him. "Come on, we gotta try that." They stripped as they stood beside the pool, putting their clothes on a convenient bench.

Giles sank down into the warmed water, sighing in relief. "This is pleasant." He looked at the floor to roof windows facing them. "Those will need a special treatment."

"Yup," Xander said, leaning back and closing his eyes. Until someone cleared their throat. He looked up to see a middle aged man with curly brown hair standing here. "Hey, I'm the one buying the house. We're just waiting on the keys."

The neighbor, at least that's what he assumed he was, came over. "You're the Harris guy?" he asked, his voice a little shocked as Xander waved. "But you're really young."

"Yeah, but I feel comfy and safe here." He opened an eye. "Which side do you live on?"

"The Clemson house, the one on the right of yours, has been empty for years," he said, sitting on the edge of the pool so he could look at them. "Are you two..." He coughed. "Together?"

"Yes," Giles said. He looked over the man. "Is that going to be a problem for you? Or the fact that there's another one of us that will be out here often?"

"No," he said quickly, shaking his head. "Not at all. You guys are usually really quiet and polite from what I've heard. Welcome to the neighborhood. When are you moving in?"

"Probably in a week," Xander said, shaking his hand. "I'm Xander, by the way, and this is Rupert Giles."

"Oh, the school's librarian. My daughter went to Sunnydale High for half a year then switched to private school." He stood up. "If you need anything like a list of places that deliver out here, just walk through the bushes. My wife's a stay at home gal." He waved and walked off, heading through the eight foot high bush wall.

Xander looked at Giles. "He seems nice."

"Yes, he does." He checked his watch. "I wonder what's keeping Oz?"

Oz growled as the other immortal walked toward him through the open door, taking stock of his athletic, well over six foot build. His skin was so dark it looked black and his head was bald, his eyes flashing with anger. "What is it with you guys? The Hellmouth drawing us now?"

"Hellmouth?" he asked, stopping and putting down his sword. "There's actually one of those?"

Oz relaxed, letting his sword drop to his side. "Oh, yeah, it lives under the old high school. There's all sorts of bad things here." He picked up a book, showing off it's title of 'Demons of the World'. "My lover does this, that's why I'm here."

"Wow." The other immortal shook his head. "I heard that one of us went insane and came here."

"He did, he's gone, he challenged me." Oz shrugged, dropping the book. He walked closer. "I'm Oz, and I really don't want to fight if I don't have to."

"Me either, it was just a matter of controlling the bad of us." He held out his hand. "Marcus, Oz."

"Cool," he said, shaking it. "Um, I've got to get back to my lovers, we're looking at houses. Just don't walk around at night." He waited until the other immie had walked out to shudder. "I'm not living on the Hellmouth ever again," he swore to himself, heading out and locking the door behind him. "You aren't MacLeod's right?" he called at the man heading up the stairs.

"No, but I know his cousin."

"Good, he's stalking a friend of mine right now." Oz tugged on the door then headed up after him, putting his sword away. "How long you staying? I've been here for close to six years."

"Not that long," Marcus said with a smile. "Go find your lovers, they're the reason we keep going sanely." He walked down the street, leaving peacefully.

Oz nodded, getting back into the car. "Okay." He headed back out to Xander's house, looking around as he pulled through the gate. He heard giggling and splashing as he got out and one of his eyebrows went up, making him head through the house to let his playmates in. He stopped to watch Giles and Xander have a tickle fight in the water, smiling at his all too serious lover having a little fun. He slid open the door, making both of them look at him in shock. "Just me." He sat on the side of the tub, dangling the keys. "Water nymphs?"

"Yup, that's me," Xander said, pulling himself up. "It's a leftover from the almost fishy stuff." He stood up, shaking himself. "So, what do you think so far?"

Oz looked over the taut body. "You need some sun, pull on your clothes and let's go look around, naughty." He stood up, giving Giles a hand out. "Was nice from what I saw."

Xander danced around the big livingroom. "See, and it has a pretty view," he called, pulling Giles with him to the bedrooms. "And big closets and killer tubs and even a security system." He smiled at his lover, licking his lips. "Can't you just imagine our bed in here?"

"Yes, I can," Giles said, looking around. "Very easily." He looked back at Oz, who was examining the closet. "Is this going to be fine with you also?"

"Yeah," Oz said, walking over to kiss each of them, pulling Xander into his arms to nip the back of his neck. "This is great, really."

"It's got an Oz room upstairs," Xander said quietly, leading the way up the stairs to show off the big, open, empty space. "The former owners used to do ballroom dancing and they fixed this up as practice space. But I think this should be Ozspace now."

Oz looked at the room, nodding. "I like it, thank you." He stole a kiss, quickly ending up on his back on the floor. "Slut," he warned.

"Shh, I'm loving you."

"I noticed but even I can get a sore back."

"Good point," Xander said, pulling himself up and then helping Oz up. "Can I have some for being so good when we get home?"

"Yup." Xander did a small happy dance until Oz caught him around the waist, pulling him back into his body. "Stop." Xander turned, stealing a kiss. "Thank you. Behave."

"I am, I'm just happy," Xander said quietly, stealing another kiss. "See?"

"Yeah, I do see," Oz said, kissing him again. "Giles," he said, pulling himself away from the nibbling mouth that moved down to his neck. "Our naughty little slut needs help."

Giles jogged up the stairs. "He does?" He smiled at the picture Xander made, doing his best to seduce Oz into taking him there and then. "So I can tell," he said, walking over to rub down the softly covered back. "Xander, wait until we're home and you can have all you can handle."

Xander pouted at him. "This is going to be home. We should christen it."

"We will the night we move in. We'll do our best that first week to have sex everywhere possible, but it's not yours yet."

"Ours," Xander said, turning to look at him. "All of ours. I want it to be that way."

"Ours then," Giles said soothingly. "And soon I'll join you here, when I can no longer stand life in town." He kissed his lover gently, searching his mouth for unusual tastes. "Ah, I see you had Oz already."

"Once," Xander said, blushing. "At the table. He took me."

"I had to, he was making *comments*," Oz explained. "But I do admit to taking him." He nipped the back of Xander's neck. "Now then, our slut needs to be taken home and worn out so he can quit being so happy."

"I have a right to be happy. This means I've truly moved on from the old me."

"Yes, it does," Giles said sadly. "You have moved on, haven't you? You're not the same Xander I first met."

Xander walked into his other lover's arms, hugging him. "I am, I'm just a little more aware of what I want. And now I understand why my favorite food is chocolate." He grinned at the smile and snort. "Am I really that different?"

"You're happier," Oz noted, hugging the back of Xander. He licked over the back of the young man's neck, ending up with a kiss. "Looking back, I can see you weren't happy."

"And now I am. You guys make me that way." Xander stole a kiss from Giles then turned to get one from Oz. "See?"

"Yeah, we do," Oz said gently, "but you're not the old Xander anymore. He wouldn't have even mentioned sex in front of other people." That got a small blush. "You would have? You never used to like sex in public."

"Cordy had me fulfill a fantasy and take her under the football bleachers."

Oz snickered. "So typical." He looked at his watch. "Let's go home, guys, I want plenty of time to wear Xander out."

"Just one last thing," Xander said, stopping him. "I want you two to come live with me here. I don't want to have to worry about you guys."

"We'll see," Giles told him, giving him a small hug. "For now, I still have to be in town while Buffy is."

"I know," Xander said, looking down. "But you're close enough to be able to help still."

"Fifteen minutes can be a difference," Giles reminded him. "That long can mean the whole town could perish."

"But you'd know before hand and we'd be working on it before then, right?"

"If we could," Oz agreed. "But I see his point. If we don't know about it before hand, there's not a chance we can stop it really even if we're still in the middle of town. And I feel safe here." He turned to look out the floor to roof windows. "We have privacy, I have space, and we have a safety margin."

"We'll start by moving out a little at a time," Giles suggested. Xander nodded, giving him a long, slow kiss.

"Guys," Oz sighed, coming over to pull them apart. "Home, now. Where there's furniture?"

"Yup," Xander said, pulling Oz with him out to the car and helping him into the driver's seat. He walked around, getting into the back, both of them waiting on Giles to come out and join them.


Xander looked up from his position tied to the bed, pouting at Oz. "But now I can't touch you," he whined.

"True, but we can do anything to you," Oz reminded him, picking up a long scarf to tease the younger man's taut chest with. He saw the small smile so balled the scarf up. "Not fun?"

"Very fun, just remembering our first night together."

"Ah, yes, *that* scarf. I noticed it was on your table." Oz laid down next to his lover's body, running a hand down the bare chest and stomach. "Did you know I worked you off?"

"No, I was too caught up in it. That was just great. Something that I hadn't felt before. That's how I knew you were right." Oz nodded, kissing him lightly. "You just blew my mind, the only thing that would have made it better would have been a kiss and coming to with you there."

"I stayed until you almost came around," Oz said quietly. "I didn't want to hurt Willow." He leaned down for another kiss, placing little licks over the open lips. "You taste good."

"Thank you." Xander looked toward the door as Giles walked in and dropped his robe. "Get it fixed?"

"Yes, Buffy's gone home for the night. I'm still amazed that they let her out so early. Why sentence her to thirty days and let her out after five?" He leaned down to get a kiss from both of them then moved to straddle Xander's hips. "What would you like tonight, our precious little pet?"

"More?" Xander asked, shifting up and rubbing against his lover's pubic area. "Please?"

"Of course, this is simply the first step in turning you into a pet." He leaned down, kissing Xander slowly, his hands coming up to merge with those in the padded handcuffs. "Very soon, you'll want nothing more than to pleasure us."

"That's what I want to do now, but Oz chained me to the bed," Xander told him seriously.

"Ah," Oz said, "but there's a reason for that. Giles, did you know that naughty liked to be called a slut?"

"Well, it is part of the official title." Giles gave his lovers a small smile. "And he was right, many of us do turn into pampered pets of someone." He leaned down to kiss Xander's lips again. "What should we do with you, precious?"

"Take me hard?" Xander suggested with an impish grin. Oz shook his head. "No?" he asked, starting to pout.

"Not your decision." Oz stepped back, stripping efficiently and moving to straddle the young man's chest. "You're just going to have to take it all and accept it." He moved closer, teasing the damp lips with his cock. "Come on, naughty, take it. You can have a reward later if you keep up."

"Oz," Giles said gently, "we need to gentle him into the role, not break him totally. I wouldn't want a broken-spirited Xander as a pet." He shuddered. "Go easy on him, give him what he wants, but make him ask for it."

"Hmm, begging," Oz said thoughtfully as Xander swallowed him. "I can do that." He looked down, thrusting in a little harder. "So, slut, what else would you like that we can make you beg for?" Xander grunted, teasing him with his tongue. "Very good."

"Methos taught me well," Xander said as he pulled back, giving Oz a small grin. "You sure that doesn't freak you badly?"

"Why would it? He taught me the intricacies of sex too." Oz pushed his cock back into the waiting mouth, sliding down as far as he could. "So good at this," he whispered, looking down into the brown eyes. "Make it good and I'll give you a reward."

Giles smiled as he watched them, lying beside Xander's stretched out body on the bed. "So very nice," he said as he rubbed down the taut stomach. Xander wiggled. "Oh, are you ticklish?" he asked, a mischievous glint in his eyes. "Maybe I should take advantage of that."

"Not while he's sucking," Oz reminded. "He'll bite." He looked down, nodding at the younger man to suck him more. "Do it, naughty, prove to us that you deserve a reward."

Xander sucked to the best of his ability, using his tongue and the gentlest pressure of his teeth to get Oz to come faster. He finished up by licking over the hard flesh. "Okay enough?" he asked quietly.

Oz nodded then looked at Giles, who moved down to suck down Xander's cock until he was wet, wiggling, and about ready to beg. "Want more?" he asked quietly, leaning down to nibble on the flushed earlobe.

"Yes," Xander groaned. "Please?"

"What are you?" Giles asked, sliding a lubed finger into the tight, cleaned hole to prepare him for later. "Tell us and I'll gladly take you."

"I'm a pet," Xander murmured, turning his head to capture Oz's lips. "Your pet," he whispered against them when he broke the kiss to breathe.

Oz nodded. "That too." He looked down the body below him at Giles. "Want first or second?"

"First, I believe. It's been a while since I've been in him." He slid into the tight hole in one hard push, earning a small keening wail. "Oh, wasn't that what you want?"

"For *so* long," Xander said, trying to push his hips up to get him deeper. "More, please?"

"Oops, not begging," Oz said, pulling Giles away so they could both look down at him. "Have to beg."

"Oz, Giles, Rupert," he amended, "please, I *need* you both." He gave them his most pitiful look. "Please?" he whispered.

"I do think that's a good start," Giles said, going back to slide into his body. "Ah, how's that?" he asked, moving his own body so Oz could adjust Xander's body by putting a pillow under the young man's hips.

"Yes, thank you, love you," Xander babbled, pushing back as much as he could in the position he was in. He grinned as he felt one of his ankles be released, then snorted when he was rolled onto his side, the free leg being lifted up so Giles could get deeper into him. "Thanks," he said quietly, taking it all and enjoying it.

Oz looked at Giles and nodded, the older man pulling out and letting the immortal replace him quickly. It only took a moment for Xander to end up on his stomach, arms now crossed because of the chains, and Oz rode him hard. "Liking?" he asked.

"Muchly. More?"

"You're not making noise," Oz noted. "Must not be enough." He spanked a rounded cheek gently, smiling at the blush-colored mark he left. "Pretty on you."

"No," Xander said, shifting. "No spanking. At all." He looked over his shoulder when Oz pulled out of him. "No spanking. No physical anything that's pain."

Oz nodded, releasing the chains. "Okay." He sat beside Xander's still and tense body, pulling him in for a hug. "No pain and no spanking. I can do that."

"Then why did you let me go?" Xander asked quietly, looking up into the deep green eyes. "Was I bad? Do I need more practice to be better?"

"No," Oz said, kissing him, licking over his lips to get inside the younger man's mouth to tease him. "Not bad at all, just thought you wouldn't want that."

"Was okay," Xander said, "but I don't want it all the time or for long times."

Giles handed them each a glass of juice from the bedside pitcher he had brought up earlier. "I think we could all use some consideration. Xander's obviously got a few bad associations with pain and possibly with chains, much as I myself have. Oz, you're obviously fairly adventurous. Is there somewhere in the middle? Some possible neutral ground?"

"I'm not giving either of you up," Xander said firmly, squeezing Oz. "No way, well, in Sunnydale." He grinned. "There's plenty of middle stuff we can do. Lots of it even." He looked at Oz. "And pet doesn't mean submissive to me. It means you guys taking care of me and treating me as if I were precious." He stole a quick kiss. "Not the ownership part of petdom, I don't want that part, Oz, I want the taken care of, special creature, all needs met part. If that's okay."

"Very, though I really don't know much about that. I know the other side, the submissive side." He pulled Xander in for a deep, soul-sucking kiss. "But you're ours anyway, slut, so it doesn't matter to me, whichever way you need it is fine."

"Okay," Xander said, melting into the hard body. "I like that idea." He got another kiss, pulling back to look at his lover. "You know, all you ever have to do is ask, I'm always ready to have fun with you or to pleasure you. Or even to spoil you horribly." He licked over the pointed chin, nipping it gently. "And I know very well that I could be a good pet if you wanted me to be."

"You're already a good pet," Oz told him. "Never worry that we're giving you up." He laid the younger man down on the bed, stretching out above him and sliding in between the spread thighs to insert himself. "How's that?" he whispered, moving gently.

"Only if you go deeper," Xander pleaded, pushing back to get what he wanted. "Tease," he accused when the thrusts didn't get any deeper or harder.

"Yup, big one. I want you brainless by the end of tonight." He kept up his shallow, almost forceless thrusts, wanting Xander to truly beg him for more.

Xander pushed Oz back onto his back, giving him enough of a chance to uncurl his legs from under him before he started riding him. "Bad you, teasing your pet," he said with a grin, slamming himself down to get it harder. "Needed more and you were teasing me." He grabbed Oz's hands from around his waist, holding them and entwining their fingers. "Yes, now I don't have to bite, or even scratch."

Oz looked up at his lover, nodding. "Though that can be fun, I'd spank you for real if you bit."

"I know," Xander said, leaning down to give him a kiss. "I'm a good boy." He licked over the swollen lips as he started riding harder, groaning in time with himself. "So good."

"Yeah, you are," Oz admitted. He rolled them over so he was on top again, pounding into the young man as hard as he could. "Better, slut?"

"YES!" Xander screamed, pushing back against him to get more. "Please, Oz, I'll beg, I'll even give you tongue baths. Just please more!" He sobbed as the hard cock in him got deeper and the thrusts got harder, Oz no longer holding back with him. "Thank you," he whispered as he came, after screaming Oz's name.

Oz wiggled a finger in his ear. "Loud," he noted. He stole a kiss and moved. "Rupert, I do believe he's gentled enough for you to handle now." He watched as the older man slid into Xander's limp and relaxed body, until he heard a noise downstairs. He grabbed his sword, sneaking down the stairs to stop whomever was down there. "Buffy," he said coldly, putting the sword to her throat. "Reason to be here?"

"Because Giles told me to come back?" she asked, turning around. She smirked at him. "Gee, someone's loud. You sure you don't want to be back up there with him? After all, I'm sure Giles doesn't need to be with him too."

"What we do is none of your business. What are you doing here? Giles sent you home."

"I just came by to look something up." She held up a book.

Oz saw a small, shiny thing in her hand and snatched the book, making her drop the stones. "Thank you, not yours."

"And who's are they? Giles doesn't have anything like that." She put her hands on her hips. "Huh? Who made the deal to sell themselves to get them?"

"They're an inheritance," Giles said as he walked down the stairs. He looked over her, noting her bulging pockets. "Do please put them back, thank you, and leave." She gave him a shocked look. "You're stealing and you don't understand why I don't want you here?"

She pulled the stones out of her pockets, tossing them at Giles' feet. "There, better now?"

Oz shook his head. "No. You're still here." She snorted so he hit her under the jaw with the heel of his hand. "Go home, Buffy. You're not welcome here."

She took a swing at Oz but he ducked her. "I'm *supposed* to be here, Giles is my *Watcher*. His whole purpose is me."

"No," Giles said, walking the few steps to stand in front of her. "I was your Watcher," he said gently, "and I would ask for a reassignment if you had acted like this while I was assigned to you. Your behavior has gotten atrocious and you need to learn how to act like a human being again." He pointed at the door. "Good bye, Buffy, don't come back until you regain some sense."

She huffed out, slamming the door behind her. Xander looked over the railing at the two men downstairs. "You guys okay?" Oz nodded. "Come on, we'll clean up in the morning. I'll give you guys good backrubs."

Oz nodded, going to relock the door and prop a chair under it so they would at least hear if she got back in. He led Giles up the stairs by the hand, laying him down on the bed to be pampered for a little while. "Shh, she'll come to her normalness soon enough."

"Yeah," Xander said, straddling Giles' back, "she's just going through a phase. The rest of us went through it at sixteen, she just had to hold it back for longer." He took some of the oil Oz handed him, warming it in his hands before smoothing it down the tense muscles. "Just relax for me," he whispered, "we love you and it'll be okay."

Giles nodded, closing his eyes. "I know it will, but I really don't want to tell her mother about this. She was hoping that Buffy would straighten herself out this year." He pillowed his head on his arms, relaxing under the tender hands. "Thank you, dear, this is perfect."

"Hey, you deserve it too," Xander whispered, leaning down to kiss the unoiled back of the older man's neck. "All you ever have to do is ask."

"Thank you."


Xander picked up his last three bags from his old apartment, looking around at the empty space. "Well, it's been fun, lots of fun," he told the empty walls, "but we need more space now." He stopped when he saw Oz and Giles at the door. "Hi, just saying goodbye."

"Where's the rest of your stuff?" Oz asked, looking around.

"I hired movers so I didn't have to lift things like couches down stairs." He smiled self- consciously. "This is the last of it."

Giles came in to give him a hug. "I'm sure we'll all be as happy there as we were here." He backed away. "Go put those in your car and we'll check for any lost items."

Xander nodded, going down the stairs with Oz beside him. "Are you mad?" he asked quietly.

"No, though we expected to do a lot of the moving ourselves. That's why I brought the van." He kissed Xander gently before they walked through the external gate. "We'll be happy there."

"I know, I just.... this was my first place, ya know?"

"Yup, I do." Oz opened the gateway, holding it open for the younger man. "Let's go." He leaned against the used Lexus, watching as Xander put the three bags into the trunk. "Did they set up the furniture?"

"Nope, I told them to leave it in the center of the floor, that I'd rearrange it tonight." He slammed the trunk, coming over to lean beside his senior lover. "I'm sorry if I made you think you were moving."

"Nope, just an expectation. You didn't even tell us you were moving."

"I was going to call you from the new place and tell you guys to come out," Xander said with a small grin and a poke to the immortal's side. "I wanted to have it all nice and done for you." They looked up as Giles came down the stairs. "We could go get some of his books and bring them out, though. The bookcases are going to look really bare with just my few."

"I don't remember bookcases," Oz said, looking at Giles, who shrugged. "But we could. He does have tons."

"Then it's settled." Xander pulled out his car keys. "Want me to follow you guys over?"

"No, we'll be fine," Giles said, giving him a small kiss. "We'll be out there in about an hour. It would be nice to be able to see parts of my floor again." He gave him a small smile, waiting until Oz was beside him again and Xander had driven away to look at him. "He wanted to surprise us?"

"He wants to spoil us," Oz told him, looking up. "He's calling it thoughtfulness." He pulled out the van's keys, getting in. "We going to move in with him?"

"I wouldn't mind residing there part of the time but I feel I should keep my apartment for a while longer." He coughed lightly. "You know, if we don't stop his spoiling now, he'll never stop. He'll be broke before he's done and he'll still be struggling to spoil us."

"I know, but this is his house, not ours." Oz backed the van away, pulling out onto the street and heading to Giles' house. "How do we stop him?" he asked as they pulled up outside of the small apartment building.

"I have no idea," Giles admitted. "Though, he's been most thoughtful about his choice of presents." He got out and slammed his door. "Come, lets move some of the books over there, and some of the weapons as well. I could use the space for other things."

"As long as you don't move the record collection."

They walked in, stopping at the site of the small gift wrapped boxes on the table, complete with bows. "Oh, dear," Giles said, walking over to pick up the one with his name on it. He unwrapped it carefully, wincing as he saw the dead animal inside. "A rat. At least the head of it."

Oz picked up his and opened it. "Well, here's the rest," he said, showing it off, and the pencil sticking out of it's end. "What did you want to move?" he asked, looking around.

"The majority of the books, let's leave only the essentials for now," Giles said quickly, putting the boxes down to gather up his things. "He has security and all," he noted.. "It should be fine out there."


Oz looked around the livingroom of the new house, checking out the new furniture. "Xander, you're going to be poor soon," he called. His lover came out of the bedroom, shaking his head. "Yes, you will."

"Nope, I bought this all at the same time. It's been in storage." He leaned against the wall. "But I did buy bookcases and stands for your stuff upstairs." Oz nodded, heading up but Xander stopped him with a hand on his arm. "What's wrong?"

"Just a Buffy moment," Oz told him, patting his shoulder. "Need more help?"

"Do you is more of the question."

"Um, no, Giles insists on doing it himself." Oz looked at him. "Help?"

"Bed," Xander said, giving him a small smile. "I can't push it into place." Oz nodded and headed down the short hall to the bedroom. He stepped aside so Oz could see the new drapes around the bed, flimsy and see through. The old ones were hanging from the corners, gathered back like usual curtains.

"Well, those are nice," Oz said, turning to look at his lover, who was chewing on his bottom lip. "And they coordinate." He turned to look at the bed again. "Thank you," he said finally.

Xander walked up behind Oz, wrapping him in his arms and pulling him into his body. "I thought this would make you more comfy if you'd like to spend the night." He looked over his shoulder as he felt Giles walking up behind him. "So? They okay?"

"Yes, quite." He gave Xander a kiss. "Thank you for the weapon stands upstairs. It's no good for them to stay in boxes." He looked at the bed. "Shall we move it into a better spot? I think closer to the windows might be a little better so we can get into the bathroom."

"Please," Xander said. "I can't move the thing, it's ancient and heavy." He nipped Oz's ear. "It's even older than you."

"So I noticed," Oz said, getting out of the hug and walking over. "How did they get it in here?"

"They demanded extra for taking it apart and moving it. But they set it up on top of a huge bulge in the carpet so I had to move it to fix it."

"What was under the carpet?" Giles asked, walking over to where the carpet was pulled back. "Oh, a floor safe."

"Yup, I guess the last couple had a normal bed and it was over it, but I can't do that with this one so I was trying to figure out how to do it."

"Do you have the combo?" Oz asked. "You still need to store your stones."

"The real estate agent has it. He's bringing it out tomorrow." He looked around his room. "I have the equipment to take the bed apart if we want to switch to another room, like the master bedroom. I don't know why they put it in here."

"An easier angle to get into," Oz noted. He checked out the hallway, looking at the room at the end. "I liked the master bedroom. Let's move it in there."

"I had it cleaned," Xander admitted. "The bloodstains were way gross. Even freaked my usual cleaning lady."

Giles nodded. "I can see how it would do that. Do we know what happened to them? In case we have a spirit hanging around."

"Just that they met a gruesome and bloody end. And a messy one from the walls."

Oz nodded. "We should research." Giles nodded. "We'll do it tomorrow. Right after we change the security codes." He grabbed the tools Xander handed him. "How does it come apart?"

"There are bolts under the mattress. The sides come apart, but don't remove the posts because they're a bitch to get back on right."

Giles considered the bed. "That should be fine. We should be able to move them like that."

"They're heavy," Xander warned. "That's really old wood, from when everything looked like sequoia's."

"Yes, they are," Oz said, running a hand over the side of the bed. "Are you sure we can move out today?"

"He said we could, that he has the papers and they'll be here in the morning."

"No heirs of the old couple?"

Xander shook his head. "That's who sold it." He looked out in the hall. "And I think we'll be fine. He said it was ours, we just have to sign the final papers in the morning."

"Okay. But if we have problems..." Oz started.

"Then I'll fix it. And I'll roast the real estate agent over a hot fire." Oz nodded, giving him the hint of a smile. "Okay?"

"Very. Come help. Grab the mattress and pull it into the other room." Xander nodded and pulled the mattress out into the hall.

Giles smiled at Oz. "I'll check with him in the morning," he said quietly. "We'll make sure this goes smoothly."

Xander struggled with the mattress out in the hall, shaking his head. "Not necessary," he whispered. "The guy's a big kitten in my hand." He tugged the mattress harder, getting it moving in the direction he wanted, sweating and panting as he dragged the heavy thing into the master bedroom. He grabbed his lower back and dropped the mattress, panting a little harder until the pain stopped. He picked back up the heavy thing after the pains were gone, sliding it out of the way. Then he leaned against the wall, whimpering as the pain came back. "Ow," he whispered, "Oz."

Oz looked up from unbolting a side of the bed, then looked toward the master bedroom. He dropped his wrench, heading back to where Xander was about ready to collapse in pain. "Hey," he said, lowing him to the mattress. "What's wrong?" Xander grabbed his hands and squeezed. "Giles, help me roll him over." They both winced at the new lump on his back. "Get an ambulance, I'm not moving him."

Giles jogged out to where Oz's jacket and his cellphone were. "Hello," he said after dialing, turning to walk back to the bedroom....


Oz looked over at the real estate agent. "You told him he could move out."

"But the family wants a few extra days," he argued quietly, not wanting to argue this man, not after having seen him holding large amounts of money. "I have to respect their wishes too."

"They can come out if they want," Oz said firmly. "We don't mind. We're actually not out there most of the time right now. Mr. Harris is in the hospital."

"Oh, what happened?"

"Ruptured disk from his antique bed. He tried to move it all by himself and it exploded quite grossly in his back."

The other man nodded, giving him a sympathetic look. "I can understand that. I can call the family and arrange for you to meet, maybe give them some set times to come out and look over the house."

Oz nodded. "That would be fine." He wrote his cellphone number down. "Here, this is mine and it's usually with me." He stood up. "Anything else?"

"No, they aren't opposed to the closing as long as they can come out to look around." Oz nodded. "If you could bring the papers to Mr. Harris today, we could get them notarized today and get the official papers back to you tomorrow."

"Good. Give them. He's about to wake up." He took the papers that were handed over. "Witnessed and notarized?"

"I can notarize, that's no problem as long as I can come to the hospital to watch him sign them."

Oz nodded. "Okay. He's in room 512." He turned and walked out of the office, heading to Xander's car and the officer writing a ticket. "I paid the meter," he told her, pulling out the keys.

"I'll check it," she said, handing it over.

Oz nodded, tossing it into the passenger's seat as he got in. "Okay." He stuck the keys in the engine, buckling up and closing the door before starting the car, just in case she got picky about the seatbelt law. He pulled out into the street, heading for city hall to pay it before anything else could happen. It was almost an hour later that a very weary Oz dragged himself into Xander's hospital room. "Hate the clerks at city hall," he noted, sitting down in the chair. He looked up at Giles, who was lying on the bed. "Where's Xan?"

"He's down being x-rayed. He'll be up in a few moments." He looked over at his lover. "What's wrong?"

"A few things. Got a ticket while I was talking to the realtor. That's why I hate city hall. We can sign the papers today but the family wants to come out a few more times to look around."

"I'm sure that would be fine," Giles said gently, moving when the door opened. "Xander," he said, grabbing his hand to hold once he was back in the bed. "How are we?" He gave him a small smile.

"Rotten, they won't give me more pain meds." He pouted at the orderly. "Can't I even have a tylenol? My back *hurts*."

"I'm sorry, Mr. Harris, I'm not over your medications, I'll have a word with the nurses though." He left, giving the other two men small smiles as he walked out.

Xander pulled himself up. "So, what's going on?"

"The family wants to come visit the house a few more times. I told him that's okay," Oz told him.

Xander nodded. "Okay, I can deal with that." They all looked over as the door opened. "Willow," he said, staying calm. "Aren't you a long way from classes?"

"Yup, but I heard and I wanted to come make sure you were really okay." She put down the small bunch of flowers beside him. "What happened?"

"I hurt myself moving," Xander said, relaxing. "What's up on your end of the world?"

"Oh, nothing. Tara and I are still together but we've decided we're more friends than anything else. We've decided to look for others to date." She sat on the side of the bed. "How'd you hurt yourself?"

"I have this big, huge antique bed and I was pushing it around some." He stopped as the door opened, admitting his real estate agent. "Hey, come in and join the party."

"How are you feeling?"

"My back hurts and they won't give me enough drugs," Xander said sourly. "And I don't mind if the family comes out to look at the house a few times. Just give us a little warning."

"Of course. Would tonight be all right with you?"

"Yup, fine," Xander said, nodding. He put another pillow behind his back. "Do you have the stuff I need to sign?"

"Yes, I do," he said, holding a hand out to Oz, who gave him back the papers. "Just sign on the dotted lines and the house is yours."

"House?" Willow squeaked. "How are you affording a house?" She looked at Xander, who was busy reading and signing. "Xander?" She nudged his shoulder. "Xander, house?"

"Yup, house," he said quietly, handing the papers back and taking the last one. He signed it, handing it off to Oz. "A very nice house." He looked at her, seeing the pain in her eyes. "I needed somewhere safe and secure and Buffy ruined my last place for me." She gave him a sad look. "I'll throw a house warming party soon and you'll be coming out," he told her, giving her a hug. "Okay?"

"Yeah, it's okay," she said, scooting a little away from him. "Any other big changes in your life?"

"Not really," Oz said. "Though he's nice enough to put up Giles' book collection." She smiled. "You'd like it, it's very nice out there."

"Where is it?"

Xander held up the paperwork he had been handed back, showing her the address. "There. It's out in the forest's housing development. Nice house, big lot." She nodded.

"It's very pretty actually," Giles said calmly. "Has a pool and a nice little garden. And a nice set of neighbors."

"And a big set of windows," Oz noted. "Very open yet very tight." She nodded again. "You're invited, don't worry. Just don't bring Buffy."

"Oz," Xander warned.

"Hey, she's proven she can't be trusted where your housing is concerned."

"Point," Xander said, nodding. He smiled sweetly at the nurse as she walked in. "Can I at least have tylenol?" She handed him a few pills. "Bless you, you're a saint of goodliness and lack of pain," he said as he took them. He relaxed into the pillows. "I just finished buying my house."

"That's good," she said. She frowned at Willow until she moved. "Just no stress right now."

Oz cleared his throat. "Will he need special equipment when he goes home tomorrow?"

"No, just a nice bed to lay on and a pile of pillows and things to do so he doesn't keep trying to get up."

"I think we can handle that," Giles said, getting up so Willow could have his seat. He looked at the real estate agent. "Is there anything else?"

"No, just checking to make sure we have all the required signatures." He handed over the paperwork. "Here, your copy."

Xander blushed. "That was supposed to be a surprise," he mumbled, his eyes starting to fall closed. "Meany, spoiling it."

"Sorry, Mr. Harris," the real estate agent said, backing away a few steps. "I didn't mean to spoil your surprise. If there's anything else?" Oz shook his head so he left as quickly as possible without appearing to run.

Willow looked at the door. "What's wrong with him?"

"We're not sure," Giles said, smiling at Oz, who had told him all about the agent's theory of them being in the mafia. "He's just in a hurry I believe."

"Oh, okay then." She looked at Xander, watching him fight to stay awake. "Sleep, Xan, I'll come back later." Giles handed her his keys. "Yours?" she asked, confused.

"Where else were you going to spend the day?"

"I thought about making Buffy take me shopping."

"Ah, then please don't allow her in my house," Giles said calmly. "I'm punishing her for her recent behavior problems."

Willow nodded, taking the keys and walking out. "Was that wise?" Oz asked once they were alone.

"Yes, I believe she won't harm anything."

"There's probably still stones on the floor," Oz reminded him.

"I doubt Willow would steal."


They both watched the younger man sleep, making sure he was going to be okay.


Xander shifted restlessly on his couch. "Don't make me come tuck you back in," Oz warned from his reading chair. Xander stuck his tongue out. "Hey, you could still be in bed."

"No, I couldn't. I'd be driving you insane from there." He smiled at his cleaning woman as she walked past him. "Tell him I'm a nice guy."

"Oh, he is," she said, pushing her dark black hair off her face. "He's very nice and very special." She smiled at him, leaning down to whisper something into his ear. He nodded and grinned. "Very good."

Oz snorted, looking up. "I'm just his jailer for today." She gave him a smile and said something in Spanish as she walked past him. "Yup, he's very special," he agreed. She laughed.

"Can I at least have a book?" Xander asked, flipping onto his side with a grunt.

"No, you can nap."

"But I don't want to nap."


"I'm not tired." He tried a pout, but Oz wasn't even looking at him. "Oz," he whispered, "I need to be worn out so I can sleep." One green eye came over the top of the book. "I do, I can't sleep, I'm not tired."

"Sleep or don't get any later." The cleaning lady giggled from the kitchen. "She agrees."

Xander pouted, giving him big puppy eyes. "Please?" Oz shook his head. "Pretty pwease?"

"No, and no baby talk. I won't sleep with someone who can't talk normally."

"But you love me so it's all good. Right?" Oz nodded, going back to his book. "So can I have a book?"

"No, take a nap," Oz said. He put down his own book. "Xanders need to sleep to recuperate. Otherwise they can't have sex for longer because their backs won't heal and their doctors will forbid it for another two weeks."

Xander instantly closed his eyes, trying hard to get to sleep.

Giles walked in a few minutes later, smiling at the sleeping men. He kissed Oz's cheek, then the soft lips when they met his. "Good morning, Oz, how are we?"

"Shh, he's just fallen asleep." Oz led him into the kitchen, past the cleaning lady on her coffee break. "He's been rotten all morning. And he's begging."

Giles smiled. "He hates being inactive. You knew this was going to be hard."

"I had no idea about the power of his eyes." Giles nodded knowingly. "He's hard."

"Yes, he is." Giles gave him a hug. "I'm sure it'll be fine. We'll pamper him tonight and he'll be more sedate in the morning."

"How did your meeting go?"

"Oh, it went fine. They're still not rebuilding the library yet. Apparently it's not as important as a new gym."

Oz snorted. "It's not that old."

"True, but someone or something poured pig's blood all over the floor so they're tearing it up and replacing it."

"Instead of cleaning it?"


"Stupidity on a Federal scale," Oz quipped. "Let's go move him into bed before he falls off the couch."

"A good idea," the cleaning lady said, "but it's too late. He just did." She smiled at them. "He's an active one."

"Yes, he is," Giles sighed, heading out to help Xander back up and into the bedroom. "Come, precious, let's get you comfortable so we can rest for a bit."

Oz leaned against the refrigerator, looking at the cleaning lady. "A break, finally."

"Aye, his eyes are enough to wear the strongest man down."

"And I'm not him where Xander's concerned," Oz noted, sipping his glass of juice as he headed back to his book. "Just yell quietly if you need something else."

"Of course. I've made a list of things I'll need to clean, it's on the counter." She picked up her jacket. "I'm done for the day, and the week, call me if you need me, I've programmed my phone number into the sixth button on the phone, the one that's marked for me." She smiled at Oz. "Have a good afternoon and good luck with him."

"Thanks, I think we'll need it." He got up to close the door and turn on the security system after she was gone. He walked back to the bedroom, watching Xander suck Giles off gently, still on his back. "Aren't you not supposed to be doing that?"

"He's being restful," Giles admonished. "And it's helping him go back to sleep."

"Point," Oz conceded as he crawled onto the bed, pulling out his own cock to tease the younger man with. "Want more?" Xander lunged up so Oz leaned over to let him have it easier, letting him move back and forth between them. "Ah, pretty," he said when Giles came, grunting lightly at the tender licking that was going on. "More?" he asked, holding his own out. Xander switched to his cock, lapping at the head since it was all he could reach. Oz leaned closer to let him have more, bracing himself against the ornate headboard.

"Anyone home?" a male voice called.

Oz groaned, but Giles was already asleep. "Just a minute." He gave Xander a 'sorry' look and pulled himself back together, going out to meet the unfamiliar man who stood there, bouncing from foot to foot, looking around nervously. "Hi," he said, holding out his hand. "I'm Oz."

"Oh, I thought a Mr. Harris..." He trailed off. "Is it okay if we visit?"

"Sure, Xander's in bed. He ruptured a disk moving his bed."

"Ah, okay." He nodded. "I really needed to get into the safe. There were some documents..."

Oz pulled a box off the bookshelf. "We've cleared it out to put some things in there ourselves. This was everything in there." He handed it over, watching as it was pawed through.

"Um, no birth certificates or pictures?"

"No, but I did hear mention of a safety deposit box," Xander said as he walked out, clutching the wall. He held out a hand from the corner. "Xander Harris."

"Scott." He looked over the very rough looking young man. "Shouldn't you be in bed? You look like you're going to fall over."

"Yes, he should," Oz said firmly. "Bed or the couch. Pick."

"Bed," Xander said, turning and heading back that way. "I heard the box was at the Second National Bank if it helps."

"Yes, it does, thank you," the man called, waving. He escaped the house, leaving them alone.

Oz waited until he heard the car drive off. "I think you scared him."

"Not me, I'm a good boy," Xander moaned as he was laid down again. "Thanks, Oz, you're a good for taking care of me."

"That's what I do," Oz said softly, giving him a kiss. "Relax and sleep, Xan, I'll be in the livingroom." Xander nodded, curling around Giles' still body. Oz walked out to the livingroom, picking back up his book, and becoming engrossed in it again.


Oz answered the phone, looking at the wall in disgust. "Yeah?" He shook his head, handing it to Giles. "Angel." He headed to where Xander was trying to make himself a bowl of cereal. "Want help?"

"Nope, got it. Help me back to the couch?"

"Sure." Oz steadied him as they walked, both of them frowning at Giles as he mentioned they were watching Xander because of his back. "No, we're not going," Oz said.

"Go ahead, I can handle it for a day or so," Xander said, sliding down onto the soft cushions. "Maybe you guys could have fun and stuff." Oz growled lightly at him. "What? You've been a good nurse, but even Oz's need time off."

Giles put the phone against his shoulder. "He really does need us to come help him capture the demon in question. There's no way he can do it himself."

"Yup, Cordy's not going to get her hands dirty to catch something slimy." Xander licked his spoon. "I can deal for a day or so."

"This looks to be more like almost a week," Giles said. Oz shook his head. "No?"

"Go," Xander said quietly, looking down. "You guys are needed more there. Demons are more important. And if I get too bad, I can call the cleaning lady. Angel's number is on speeddial and everything."

Giles and Oz shared a look and Oz took the phone. "Angel, Xander's just three days out of surgery, do you really need both of us?" He frowned. "Really. Why?" He grunted. "I guess if we have to. Do we have time to find someone to come spend time with him? No, Cordy is not an option. He has to be helped to bed and stuff."

Xander shook his head. "I can cling to walls."

"Shh," Giles said, wiping a spot of milk off the younger man's chin. "You need help still."

Oz nodded. "Okay, we'll head out tomorrow. I'll try to find him a helper." He hung up, dialing a number he had memorized. "Meth? Me, no big problem. I need a favor. No, Xan's three days out of surgery and I need a watcher for him while we go fight."

"I'm *fine*," Xander said firmly. "You don't need to make Methos come be bored here."

Oz nudged him. "Really? Okay that would be great. You know the way to Sunnydale? Okay, no he's moved. We're out in the forest, in the lone housing development. Number 6802. It's a big gray stone house with a security gate." He nodded and hung up. "He'll try to be here in two days. He was going to come in for a visit anyway."

"I'm fine," Xander said again. Until he was shut up by lips. "Thanks, Oz, but I'll be okay. I'll keep the security on and I'll be okay. I'll even order food each night if you want."

"No, I don't want. I want you to be safe behind the gates." He and Giles shared a look. "And I want you to sleep with my pistol."

"I don't..." Xander was stopped by Giles' hand over his mouth.

"No," Oz said quietly. "I'm not going to worry about someone breaking in when you can't defend yourself. You're keeping it with you."

Xander nodded. "Okay." He handed off his bowl, getting up. "Come on, I should help you pack."

"We can do it, you should be resting," Giles said.

"I'M NOT FEEBLE!" Xander yelled, then clutched the wall. "I'm able to do things for myself, even now."

Oz nodded, staying calm. "I know, but I'd rather be safe than have you fall in the shower or hurt your back again when you roll over in the middle of the night." He pulled Xander back down beside him. "Your doctor said to be careful for a few weeks and we're supposed to worry. Let us."

"But I'm okay, I don't need you to worry that much. I really can handle myself for a few days."

"Xander, you worry about those you care about," Giles reminded him. "We worry greatly about you because you're not up to your usual abilities at the moment. Especially since we can't trust Buffy to look in on you regularly."

"I'll be okay," Xander told him. "I'll call Angel every night and everything. Okay?"

"Of course you will," Oz told him. "But we're still worried." He gave him a small kiss. "See, it's just normal."

"Yeah, you love me so you worry, but I'll be okay, I promise. I won't throw a party or anything."

"That's good to know," Giles said with a smile. "But I didn't want to leave you alone. I feel like I should stay and pamper you a bit longer."

"But he needs you and that's more important."

"Nothing is as important as you unless the world is going to end," Oz said gently, kissing the younger man's cheek. "Okay?"

"Yeah," Xander said, nodding, turning his head to kiss Oz back. "I'll be good and let someone watch over me."

"Thank you." Giles sat on the other side of him, stealing his own kiss. "Now then, we have to plan for things. The cleaning lady said she'd be back when?"

"Next week," Oz said. "She said she put her number back on the speedial too."

"Yup, number six." Xander smiled. "That's the one I have marked for her. Angel is number four. Buffy is number two and the 911 number is the first." Oz nodded. "Willow's is on number eight and the rest are delivery places."

"Good," Giles said, hugging him. "We'll call daily to check in with you so you don't have to worry either."

"We could bring him and put him up in the hotel," Oz suggested, shuddering. "I have a bad feeling."

"As do I," Giles said quietly around Xander. "But I was hoping it was just baseless fear of leaving him alone."

"No, not that," Oz said. He looked at Xander. "Want to come to LA with us?"

"I would, but I think I need to be here, not following you guys into the sewers," Xander said dryly. "You'd never keep me in bed if I went with you."

"But we could make Cordelia come watch you," Giles noted. "I'm sure she would be good company and as you noted, I'm sure she'll not be in the fight."

"No," Xander said, shaking his head. "I'll be good, I promise. Don't threaten me with Cordy."

Oz snorted. "Wasn't a threat." He and Giles shared a look. "Options?"

"None that I can see." Giles pulled Xander closer to him, cuddling him into his side. "There, there, pet, we'll be fine and so will you."

"I know I will, I'm worried about you guys. Angel won't watch out for you like I will."

"You can call and threaten him," Oz promised, then he watched the embarrassed flush. "We'd do the same," he said, laying down in Xander's lap. "We'll all be fine."


Xander frowned as he answered the door. "Willow," he said, shaking his head. "What's wrong?" He waved her inside, not making the offer just in case. She walked in, followed by Buffy. "No, not welcome here," he said, trying to shut the door on her.

"Stop it," Willow said calmly. "She's Buffy."

"She trashed my apartment." Willow shook her head. "She was arrested for trashing my apartment."

"That was just a misunderstanding," Willow told him calmly, pulling his weakened body away from the door and the Slayer. "Just relax, we only want to talk to you." He shook his head. "Yes, Xander, we need to talk. You're not being healthy or good."

"I hurt my *back*, Willow, not my head." He was pushed into a chair, grunting at the sharp pain that moved up his back. "Easy. I'm just out of surgery."

Willow patted the side of his face as Buffy administered the sedative before he could stop her. "You'll be fine soon," she promised.

Xander woke up tied to one of the kitchen chairs facing his bed, where Willow was laying. "What's going on?" he asked.

"We just need to correct a few problems you're having," Buffy said from behind him. She walked around to face him, tapping his forehead. "You had me arrested for coming to visit."

"Buffy, you broke into my apartment and trashed it. And you were drunk. None of which are good or friendly." She slapped him lightly. "Yay," he said, his voice dropping in temperature. "You're not welcome at my house, ever. You've proven how bad and Faithlike you can be."

She shook her head and pulled back to punch him in the stomach. "There," he said when he had curled around her first. "That's better."

"Be gentle with him," Willow reminded her. "He is just out of surgery."

"Which he wouldn't have had if he had been right." Buffy looked down at Xander, patting the back of his head. "The sooner you agree you're wrong and bad, the faster you get free and better."

"I'm fine," he said coldly, his head rocking from the slap. "Whore."

Buffy laughed. "See, that's what I heard you were." She sat across his lap. "I looked up what you've become and found out how bad they've tainted you so that we can fix you, Xander. You'll be fine eventually. Just as soon as you give up your old ways."

"Get off," he said, struggling to shift away from her and her lips, which were moving closer. He turned his head but Willow turned it back, forcing him to let Buffy kiss him. He spat in her face, but she laughed. "What? Willow can be gay but I can't?"

"I've figured out that that wasn't me," Willow said formally.

"No, you were brainwashed into doing her will again."

Willow shook her head, giving him a sad look as she pulled his hair to make him look at her. "I was wrong, that *test*," she spat the word, "proved to me what you are. You were just trying to bring me down with you."

"Hey, you asked to be admitted. You took the trials knowing what was going to happen."

"And then you brought Oz and Giles down with you," Willow went on, ignoring him. "You need to be fixed."

Buffy held up a condom. "Let's start with the retraining part."

"I'm allergic to latex," Xander said, trying to get away from her. "I'll die if that touches me."

Buffy made a sour face then laughed. "I bet. People aren't allergic to condoms." She ripped his sweatpants off, quickly rolling it down his limp cock. "See, this is the right way to do it. Then you insert it into a woman who might actually like you."

He spat on her, trying to get his hands free to scratch the thing off. "Willow, benadryll, please," he begged. "You know I have a latex allergy. That's why I had to have the special gloves in science class." He gasped, trying to breath. "Please," he croaked.

"He's faking," Buffy said, shaking out her hair.

Willow shook her head, taking his pulse. "He's not. Get the allergy pills out of my purse. We'll just have to use the other one." Buffy handed it to her with a look of pity and distaste on her face. "Yay, it won't help if he dies." She dug through the contents, coming up with an aluminum packet of allergy medication. She checked the back as she tore it open. "This'll work. Get him some water." She put the little pink pill into his mouth, holding it closed until she could get the water down him. Then she pulled the condom off. "There," she said, dropping her purse beside his chair. "Now let's leave him alone for a while."

Buffy nodded. "Giles has a lot of stuff upstairs. Let's go snoop and see if we have to really fix him." Willow nodded and headed out of the room.

Xander was left tied to the chair, trying hard to fight the sleepiness the little pink pill had caused.


Buffy slapped Xander hard, waking him up. "Time to eat," she said, shoving a spoon against his lips. "Come on, got to eat something."

He shook his head, turning away from the oatmeal. "Go suck Willow," he muttered, keeping his teeth closed.

Willow slapped the back of his head. "You have to eat."

"No, I have to be let go." He spit out the oatmeal, all over Buffy's stomach. "Go home, no one wants to hear from you."

"I'm the *Slayer*," Buffy said snidely. "My job is to fix problems."

"I'm not a problem."

"Xander," Willow said, taking the spoon and bowl and pulling his chair closer to the bed so she could sit while she got him to eat. "We're just trying to help you find yourself again. It's obvious that those people have warped you." She spooned up some of the oatmeal, holding it up. "You'll never heal if you don't eat."

"Fuck off," he spat, turning his head, but Buffy grabbed it and held it still. He fought as long as he could, even spitting it back out when he had to open his mouth to breathe. "No."

Willow shook her head. "I know you prefer sugar in yours, but you have to break the bad cycle they put you into. This isn't healthy for you."

"I'm *fine*," he spat, pausing at the deja-vu feeling. "I don't need any help." Buffy punched him from about six inches away, making his ears ring. "Yay, I've seen you do better."

Willow put down the bowl, shifting the ropes around his chest some. "Xander, they harmed you. We're trying to fix you, deprogram you really. They're like a cult and they've sucked you in. And now you're dating men? You used to shy away from the thought of gay men."

"I'm gay, deal with it," he said coldly. "I didn't care when you were dating a woman, why should you care if I date a man?"

"Because you're only hurting them by it," Willow said gently. "Buffy, let me talk to him."

"Fine." She stomped out, closing the door behind her.

"Xander, we just want you to be yourself again. This isn't you." She patted the red marks on his face. "We wouldn't hurt you if you would just admit they're bad people."

"Why? Because they admit part of their nature is pleasure? Not even. I like pleasure and I'm going to keep liking it." Willow shook her head. "I knew I was right to not sponsor you."

She smiled sadly. "Yes, it was the best thing you've done yet. I'm glad I wasn't tainted like you were, but it's up to your friends to help you heal now."

"I'm fine, you're warped. And so's Buffy. Did I forget to mention how she had to be arrested for breaking and entering and drinking?"

"Those were misunderstandings. She thought you gave her permission to come visit. And you know how party rumors spread."

"How can taking the keys from her be a misunderstanding. If I take my keys from your hand and put them away, don't you see that I don't want you to have it?" Willow rolled her eyes. "Get out of my house."

"See, this shouldn't be your house," Willow said, trying to stay calm. "You did bad things to earn it."

"I didn't do anything *bad* to earn the money, Willow, I worked."

"You became a whore, Xander."

"And I *loved* it." He flinched as Buffy kicked him in the back. "Feel better? Or aren't you in trouble for taking part in the love-in at the college a few weeks ago?"

"I got talked into it and I hated myself for it." Buffy plopped down on the bed, dropping the oatmeal off the side of it. "Oops. Guess you'll just have to starve now."

"Whatever. Oz and Giles will be back soon."

"I've heard," Buffy sneered. "Actually, I sent." She looked at Willow. "We have at least a week."

"That should be enough time."

"There's never enough time," Xander said. "I'm not falling for your crap."

"Xander," Willow said, losing her patience and hitting him. "Shut up. No one wants to hear from you. You forgot your place and it's up to us to correct it."

"Feels good to be brainwashed, huh?" he said snidely. "Maybe someone will fix you someday." Buffy kicked his chair over, making him whimper in pain as his back hit the floor, and the spoon. "Ow."

"Yay," Buffy said coldly. "Fix him up so he understands restraint." She crawled up onto the pillows. "Where'd you get the bed?" she asked.

"It was my grandmothers," he gasped, trying to control the pain. "Family heirloom."

"Pity they don't realize what you've done in it," Buffy said, curling up on a pillow. "Though it fits you, very femme."

Xander laughed deadly. "I'm not femme, bitch, I out-butch you." He closed his eyes as the pain got to be too much, passing out.


Willow put the phone beside Xander's ear. "Talk to them, tell them you're fine or I'll let Buffy have you again," she said as she took off the mute.

"Oz," Xander groaned. "No, pain in my back. I landed on the floor." Pause. "Stitches? No, the staples are fine. Just a little tear. No, he's not here yet." He turned his head and coughed. "What? No, I'm not okay, but I'll be okay. No, Willow's keeping me company." He could see Buffy plugging something into the light socket and flinched. "Huh? No, well yeah, but no. No, I'm sure Cordy needs you to help her move or whatever." He winced as the whatever touched the back of his neck. "AAAAHH!"

Willow hung up the phone. "Not a good idea, that'll bring Oz. He's very protective of what he considers his."

"He needed it. He was giving them clues." She walked around Xander's slumped form. "No more playing, Xander, it's time for the real work to happen."

"Fuck yourself," he muttered, not looking up. "This'll make sure I never touch a woman again."

"Why would anyone want to touch you?" Buffy asked as she leaned down next to his ear. "I know I never did, and Cordy was still a virgin when she left for LA. And I'm sure Anya left you because you couldn't satisfy her, and I know she had low standards."

Xander growled but didn't say anything, his glare icy as he looked at her. Even after the wires were touched to his chest again.

Willow walked out of the room, leaving them alone.


Oz looked at the phone. "Something's wrong. He was screaming." He looked at Giles. "We've got to go home."

"I need you two tonight," Angel reminded them. "You can go home after the spell is done, just a few more hours."

"He was in pain," Oz said quietly. "Too much to be normal. And he was giving funny answers."

"Such as?" Giles asked.

"Saying he had staples. Saying we were helping Cordy move." He rubbed his eyebrow. "I don't know, but we need to get home."

"I can send someone over to look in on him," Angel offered. "They're sure to help him if he needs it."

"Angel, I don't trust your sort of friends," Oz said calmly. "You really don't need me, I'll go back."

"You're the bait," Angel told him, trying to remain calm. "Why I'm not sure, but he likes you."

"It's a Sarthna demon," Giles said tiredly, "they tend to fixate on one subject for long periods of time." He and Oz looked at each other. "You don't think...."

Oz nodded. "Could be. Xander said he was worried about some of his clients tracking him, that's why we have security."

"See, then he's fine, I'm sure he's got it turned on."

Oz shook his head. "The gate control isn't working right."

"He'll be fine," Angel said, leading him to the elevator. "Just a few more hours and you both can go check on him."


Xander flinched as Buffy slid the latex condom across his stomach for the third time in an hour. "Not going to happen, slutty."

"Shh," she said, smiling at him. "I just want to see how sensitive you are to it."

"Very. Now get it off me." He winced as it ran across his lips. "I'm so going to let Oz tear you into chunks," he whispered, his throat starting to close a little. He could still breathe, but it was hard to do and took all of his concentration. He closed his eyes, not wanting to see her anymore or the demented look in her eyes. He flinched as the door slammed open, Willow walking back in.

"Don't do that," Willow said. "He'll never get better if he sleeps all the time." She pushed Xander's eyelids up to look into them. "At least he's living." She started to loosen the rope around his chest. Something crashed in the livingroom and both women went to check it out.

Xander wiggled out of the rope, grabbing the phone beside the bed and hitting the memory dial number. "Angel," he gasped. "Help me." He rolled with the punch, hitting his head against the solid side of the bed.

Buffy hung up the phone. "Naughty, Xander, no calling my ex to harm him too." She kicked him over the bandage Willow had put over his cut. "Bad you. You need to be punished." She pulled her foot back again but Willow got between them. "What? He deserves it!"

"Leave him alone, Buffy's, he's in enough pain from you. This isn't helping him."

"He *needs* it. He was going to corrupt Angel!"

"How can he corrupt a vampire! One who's killed so many people that he's lost count." Buffy slapped her. "Truth hurt?" she asked snidely.

Buffy shook her head. "No, but he's obviously started to infect you again. Maybe you should be fixed again too."

Oz walked into the room, growling. "I seriously doubt you can do that," he said, pulling out his knife. He knew Giles was right behind him, and knowing what they did, he didn't worry too much about him. Giles would come back from death, Xander was lying still on the floor and that worried him. "Slutty, how did you get in?"

"Xander let us in," Willow said, trying to get between them. "We're just trying to fix him." Giles slapped her, sending her to the floor. "Giles!"

"Shut up!" He looked at his former charge. "I do believe you've worn out your welcome in this town, Buffy. You need to leave now. Before I send you back to jail."

She snickered. "They won't do anything to me. Not after I tell them why I was fixing him."

"Who's going to believe you," Oz said. He glared at Willow when he caught sight of her inching toward Xander's still body. "You'd better hope he's fine, or you'll be fixed, permanently."

"I didn't hurt him," she whined. "I'm just trying to fix him."

"Do shut up," Giles yelled. Buffy jumped at him, and he caught her with a punch to the middle of her chest.

"Ooh, copping a feel? Maybe you don't need fixed after all."

Giles shook his head. "I do believe fixing you will take more than psychiatric drugs." She screeched and lunged at him again, this time bringing him to the floor to pummel his ribs.

Oz tried to pull her off but Willow was stopping him. He backhanded her, sending her flying into the bed. He pulled Buffy off Giles, unfortunately not before the older man was unconscious from the pain. "Buffy," he said coldly, dropping his knife and taking her on in a real fight. "You're not worth it but they are."

Her eyes narrowed. "Pretty words from the wordless one."

"How about this one? Slut."

"So? Your *boyfriend* is a whore?"

"Not really. Or at least not anymore." She sneered and he hit her, knocking her onto the floor. He was on top of her, holding her down, in an instant. He growled, letting the wolf come a little forward. "Give me one reason not to tear out your throat and enjoy it."

"Don't," Angel said from the doorway. He pulled Oz off, lifting Buffy up to shake her. "She's not worth the nightmares." Oz glared at him. "She's not."

Oz got loose, glaring at Willow as he picked Xander up to put on the bed, checking him over. He sighed when he found the markings that showed physical torture, but nothing more serious. He moved over to Giles' still form, checking his pulse. "Help me get him onto the bed," he said quietly. Angel lifted the former Watcher up and laid him out beside Xander.

"What can I do to help?" Angel offered.

"I need to set his ribs."

"Oz, he should go to the hospital."

Oz looked at him, considering. "No," he said finally. "We'll handle it." He turned back to the bed, where he found Xander clutching Giles and sniffling. "Shh, Xan, we're here, you're safe." He touched the dark hair and got a flinch. "Shh, it's us. They won't hurt you again."

Xander looked up then launched himself at Oz, awkwardly moving with his injuries. "Oz," he whispered, clinging. "We've got to help Giles."

"We need to move his ribs." Xander nodded, moving back to sit on his knees with a wince. "You gonna make it through this?"

"Yeah, it's necessary. I'll curl up later." He wiped off his face, looking at Angel. "Get rid of them. Just dump them somewhere and bury them alive."

"Hey!" Buffy complained. "We were just trying to fix your wrongness."

"I'm perfectly normal," Xander yelled, "you're the one with problems. First you were a snotty bitch then you got worse. Now you just need put out of our misery." He turned back to Giles' body, running careful fingers over the dented ribs. "You're going to have to tell me how."

"Okay, find a handhold along the curve." Xander did it with the first one and nodded. "Now, I want you to pull. Hard. Until it pops back into place."

Xander grunted as he pulled, wincing at the noises the bones were making. "He can't feel this, right?"

"He may later," Oz assured him quietly. "Out, everyone."

Willow tried to pull Oz away. "You're killing him." He shoved her away. "You're going to kill him!"

"No, I'm helping him. You both tried to kill him. Get out of my house. Angel, deal with them. I give you full permission to punish them."

"I will," he assured, pulling both girls with him.

Xander looked at Oz. "He's going to come back, right?" he whispered.

"Yeah, he will," Oz assured him. "But it'll be easier if his ribs are back in the normal place. Then it'll be a few hours or so." He looked up and gave Xander a short, tender kiss. "He'll be fine, will you?"

"Now that they're gone, yeah," he said, looking back down at the non-living body. "We need to hurry," he said, tearing up. Oz reached over to pull him into a hug. "God, Oz, why didn't you come sooner?" he whispered.

"We were stopping your Sarthna buddy from coming after you." He gave him a small squeeze. "Can you wait until after I've done this to look at you?"

"Yeah, he needs it more. That's going to hurt."

Oz nodded, straddling the still body to pull the ribs out of the collapsed lungs and back into place, subtly watching Xander as he got up to head into the bathroom. He did the last one, climbing off to survey his work, then nodded, heading in to where he could hear Xander crying in a corner. "He'll come back," Oz said, getting down to pull him against his body. "I promise. You've seen me do it and so will he."

Xander nodded. "But it hurts."

"I know," Oz soothed. "It hurts me too. I wanted his coming across to be gentler and planned." Xander nodded against his shoulder. "Come on, we've got to take care of you." He felt the body stiffen so he pulled him back to look at him. "Xander, do you need to go to the hospital?" The younger man looked embarrassed. "Yes or no?"

"No, I don't think so, but we'll need a way to cut a lock." Oz looked confused so he showed off the locked leather pouch holding his penis and testicles. "Buffy put it on me to teach me restraint."

"She's a whore," Oz said quietly, touching the lock. "I have a set of lock picks. I'll fix it." He stood up, pulling Xander with him. He took him down to the extra bedroom, laying him on the cool bedding. "Stay here, let me go get the first aid kit." He walked out to find Angel and Methos staring at each other. "Guys, later. Meth, I could use some help please. Grab the first aid kit and go help Xander." Methos nodded and headed for the bathroom while Oz looked at the vampire. "Angel, I want them to learn the error of their ways. They tortured Xander for what he is. They put a penis lock on him."

Angel winced. "I'll make sure she's dealt with." Oz nodded. "Do you want her back afterwards?"

"Ask Giles when he wakes up."

"Oz, he's dead."

"Angel, some of us are immortal." He turned and headed back into the bedroom to check on Giles, over whom Methos was leaning. "He'll be fine. Xander has electrical burns and bruises."

"I'm fine," Xander said from the bathroom. He walked out and crawled in beside Giles' still body. "Methos said it'd be soon because you fixed the injuries."

Oz nodded. "It should be, but you still need some treatment." He took the first aid kit from the older immortal's hand, moving to sit beside Xander's tense body. "I'm not going to hurt you."

"Oz, that'll hurt, no matter how gentle you'll be."

"Point, but I'll be gentle." He pulled off the bandage over the incision, wincing as he saw the stuff in it and the torn open stitches. "I'm not so sure you shouldn't go to the hospital."

"I was a doctor," Methos said, looking over him. "Let me. You can hold him."

"You're handy," Xander said, yawning. "I took benadryll. Buffy kept tormenting me with latex condoms."

Oz winced. "You okay?"

"Yeah, it was deliberate but not long." He curled up on top of Oz's chest, closing his eyes. "Sorry."

"It's fine," Oz said, rubbing down the unmarked arms. "Methos, he'll be asleep in a few minutes." The older immortal nodded, shaking some alcohol out onto a sterile pad. "Will it hurt him?"

"Only for a few minutes, but he'll hopefully sleep through it." He leaned down to wipe over the incision.


Giles woke up with a gasp, looking around at the bodies clinging to his. He smiled at the man that walked in, nodding at him, mouthing, "Thank you."

"You're welcome," Methos said quietly. "I'll be back in a few days to help Oz familiarize you. I'm going to help Angel with the redheaded one who aspired to be one of us." That got a small frown. "She royally screwed with Xander's head. I'm just going to do the same. The only question that remains is do they come back?"

"No," Giles said. "Not at all. I'll call someone to take Buffy back to the Council after her punishment is done."

Methos nodded. "As you see fit. Protect them as I would." He smiled and walked out.

Giles rolled against his men, holding them just as tightly as they were him. "Good night," he whispered, letting the lethergy pull him back into sleep with them.

The End.