Greedy Hedonistic Sluts Society

Xander looked around at his apartment, frowning. He twitched a throw pillow into it's usual spot and grinned at the perfection that had been reached again. He headed for his kitchen, pulling out the carton of Ben and Jerry's ice cream, New York Super Fudge Chunk, and a spoon, heading back to his couch. He took the first bite, moaning as the rich chocolate exploded across his taste buds, taking him back to when he'd been just plain old Xander Harris, normal guy and chocolate was the only pleasure he'd known.


Xander looked around Giles' apartment in confusion. Hadn't the former Watcher told them to show up tonight? He checked his watch again, then shrugged, sitting on the couch, picking up a magazine, one of Buffy's - he didn't think Giles or Willow read Cosmo - and flipped to the quiz section. "Are you a hedonist or a painful pleasure person?" he read quietly, picking up a pencil to do the thing.

He looked at the end of the quiz, checking his score for the third time in the last few seconds. "Really? Gee, that sucks."

"What does?" Willow asked as she wandered in, big smile on her face. "Hey, she was wondering where that was." She looked over his shoulder, reading the results and the number he'd written down. "You are a hedonist. You live for pleasure, for the thrill that the sensations of pleasure brings you. Soft clothes, long bathes, sensuous thrills in every part of your life," she read.

He looked at the head resting on his shoulder. "But I'm not. Right?"

"No," she said, sitting on the back of the couch. "You are. They're right about that much, you're just not realizing here." She took the magazine, flipping a few pages back to the clothes. "See, these are for other people." She showed him the couture line of stiff looking tweedy clothes, suits very much like Giles would be wearing if he was their age. She flipped a few more pages to the line of sweaters and soft silk clothes. "These are what you'd pick if you had the money." His eyes only showed confusion as he looked up at her. "You would, trust me on this. You just don't know yourself that well yet." She shrugged, handing him back the magazine and sliding down onto the pillows. "We all have some hedonistic tendencies, we wouldn't have if we didn't." He nodded for her to go on. "Some of us just have more tendencies than others. We crave the soft clothes, the silky fabrics, the easy life of pleasure."

"That's a teen myth," Oz said as he walked in, tucking his t-shirt in tighter. "No one has that life."

"But they do," Giles told him. "Some people do live the hedonistic ideal." He patted Xander's shoulder. "I've often wondered when you were going to find yourself longing for it." He looked down at the magazine and snorted. "I see that soft-porn is good for something after all." He took it, tossing it in a nearby trashcan. "Now then, I do believe we had a birthday party to plan?"


Xander looked at himself in the mirror in his basement later that night, turning around to check himself out. He still couldn't see what they saw but maybe it was worth a try to look for it. "It's not like I'm doing *so* much of anything else," he muttered, going back to his bed. He laid down on the new sheets, which Willow had sent to him from her own private stash of good sheets, admiring their fuzziness by running a hand over them. He closed his eyes, just letting his hand feel for him, letting his bare skin enjoy this new sensation. He shivered as his cock brushed against the flannel, rolling onto his side to stretch and move across the fabric, wiggling this way and that to get the most effect. He started as someone cleared their throat from the stairs, looking at Oz as he walked in. "Sorry, just testing the theory."

"Then you're doing it wrong." He tossed over a ring with small pieces of fabric. "Rub those across your body, see how they feel," he said, moving closer. "She sent me over to help you figure this out."

Xander selected one based on the color, rubbing it across his cheek, almost purring as the cashmere slid across his skin. He switched to a piece of dark blue silk, running the cool length down his neck and across his shoulders. He was panting as he switched to satin, but it didn't feel as good as the silk so he switched back, rubbing it across his chest, his hard nipples, his stomach.

"Just feel it," Oz whispered, sitting beside him on the bed and taking a long scarf out of his pants pocket, running it across the tense body, helping him. He saw the small shudders of pleasure, the silent begging in the dark eyes, and took the hand that reached up to him. "Just let go and flow with the feelings."

The younger man nodded, sinking back into the bed, taking the scarf and playing it across himself now, letting the fringes on the small sides tease his cock as the silk rubbed against his nipples. Letting the silk flow across his lips as he smelled it. He started as he felt the silk encased fingers surround his aching cock, not sure if it was his hand or not anymore but it didn't matter. It worked him hard but slow, oh so slowly, making his eyes roll back in his head, making his throat close when all he wanted to do was scream with the pleasure of it. When he got off, it was the most spectacular orgasm in his life. No one, not any of the women he'd touched in his short life, had ever made him feel like that.

That special.

That sexy.

That great.

Xander opened his eyes and found himself alone with the fabric swatches and the scarf, and a note that was on the other pillow on his bed. He opened it, smiling sleepily at the note from Willow and Oz telling him to go back on his road trip, they'd understand and support him on it.

"Yeah, I can do that," he whispered, curling up with the scarf. "But I'm going to steal something of your's first, my dears, just to check out another theory." He closed his eyes, giving into the lassitude of his body.


Xander straightened his cashmere sweater as he sat on his plush leather sofa, licking the back of his ice cream spoon. "They were right," he told the scarf on his table, the same one Oz had given him a year ago. "So very right." He smiled, nibbling on a large chunk of chocolate, staring off into space as he remembered his life back then, just one short year earlier.


Xander smiled guiltily at Willow, his car packed behind him. "I, um, you were right," he managed. "But I need to ask a favor. I need your charm. That wasn't..." She took it off, handing it to him with a smile. "I won't hurt it," he promised, kissing her cheek and running back to his car. He slid behind the wheel, pulling away before he could change his mind.

After all, a retightening charm had to be a precious thing when one had a lover like Oz.


Xander tipped the bartender, looking around at the mixed club. It was an upscale place, a small oasis of peace in New York. And it had both demons and humans. He could even see a few vamps snacking in a corner, but he wasn't scared. He'd been invited. He sipped his glass of red wine slowly, glancing around to see if anyone was coming up to him. That's why he jumped when the voice came from behind him.

"Relax, you're not going to be eaten. Not unless you want it," was whispered.

He turned around, seeing the seemingly human man smiling at him, looking over his dark blue turtleneck and softly draped pants, his fair skin, his black hair and sparking green eyes. "Okay." He held out a hand. "Xander..."

"Harris. I know. I invited you. Come up to my office, kid." He waved toward a staircase, walking him up it. He opened the door to a lush office, letting him inside. "A friend of yours contacted a few friends of mine and asked me to keep an eye out for you. Devi," he said, shaking his hand.

"Okay." Xander finished his glass, sitting across the desk from him. "Which friend?"

"I don't know, all I know is that I'm supposed to be looking out for you and if you showed up here to maybe give you a few pointers." He smiled gently. "Just finding yourself?" The young man nodded. "So, which side of the fence do you like?" He saw the confusion. "Ah, really just finding yourself." He looked over the well worn clothes, seeing the softness imprinted into them from much wear. "How would you like a small job?"


"I run a stable of people." He looked at the window and snapped, forming a small window across it. "I want you to join."

"Whoa. Not human?"

"Is that a problem for you?" he asked quietly.

"Only if you're going to do something horrible to me."

"Not all of us are like that."

"They are where I'm from."

"The Hellmouth attracts the ones like that. The rest of us don't go there because we don't want to be around them." The human nodded. "Good, so we over that?" The human nodded again. "Okay, back to business then. I run a stable of people."

"Like to ride?"

Devi laughed, a deep, rich sound. "Yeah, exactly like that." He leaned closer with a small smile. "How would you like to figure out your sexuality and make a lot of money at the same time?" He saw the small blush. "I'm serious here, bottom price is fifteen hundred a job. You'd be protected, safe, in a clean environment. Almost every wish taken care of. You'd also have the right of refusal." He leaned back in his chair again. "I'd let you explore both men and women, though we don't get many of those around here, and your pleasure side. By the end of your contract you'd know all you needed to for when you went home and have made a tidy pile if I'm right about you attracting people like flies."

Xander cleared his throat. "I don't know what to say, I, um, never really thought about that." He looked at the little window again, seeing the happy people laughing. "Are they really that happy doing...that?"

Devi nodded slowly. "No one's there that doesn't want to be there. No drugs, no more than the occasional glass of wine with dinner, which is included in the fees that I take out of your money. You'd earn forty percent of whatever you draw in for clientele, ten percent of my sixty percent cut is actually your housing, clothing, and protection fees."

"And how long..." He looked at the window as some noise started to come through. "I, ah, think you're having a problem."

"Come up with me." He hurried out of the office, heading to an elevator discretely hidden at the end of the hallway.

Xander frowned at the demon tossing people around. He'd seen one before, recently even, so headed straight for the bottle marked holy water and the water pistol in front of it. He tested it against his hand, the one Devi had shaken, and saw the smoke rise so turned it on the demon, right on his face. "Out!" he yelled. "Or I'm giving you more." He hit him again, this time closer to his eye. The demon grumbled something and left, stomping out hard enough to shake the furniture. He dropped the water gun, going over to the first person on the floor, brushing his hair off his forehead to look at him. "Hey, you okay?" The young man nodded, sitting up slowly with his help.

"John, take these two to the hospital. I'll be there in a while," Devi ordered, motioning one of the guards that had just run in over. "I want to know what happened and why!" He watched Xander take care of his injured people and knew the man who had called him had told him the truth. When the injured were gone, he pulled the human into his office, sitting him down in a plush chair. "How'd you know?"

"Ran into one of those five weeks ago. My job was to irritate it with holy water. Doesn't do more than sting them but it's effective in keeping them from beating people too badly." Xander looked over his shoulder at the outer room. "That just made me real unsure."

"Hey, you have the right of refusal on who you see." Devi sipped his drink. "No one touches my kids without my permission and everyone here's real clean. The only thing we can't test for isn't transmittable to humans so you're fine." He shrugged, sipping some more. "I want you, to work," he hurried on at the worried look, "for six weeks. In that time, you'll be introduced to many beings, some human, some not quite human, and you'll learn every facet of your sexuality if you want. You'll be able to explore anything you want." He finished his drink, getting up to put the glass into the sink then turned to look at his perspective employee. "All you have to do is say yes, for six weeks."

"And I'll be protected?"

"From diseases and from unwanted people, yes. From your own head, no." The young man nodded slowly. "You've got to realize you'll be having sex for money, a lot of money but still for money, and that you'll have to deal with that on your own." The human nodded again. "So, is that a yes?"

Xander closed his eyes, thinking hard and fast. "Yeah, that's a yes," he said after a few moments of silence. He opened them to see his new boss smiling. "No trying to keep me?"

"Kid, I don't think you'd be able to do this full time for life." He shrugged, sitting down and pulling a contract out of his drawers. He handed it over. "Read and sign."

Xander did the bravest thing in his life, he signed, stepping onto the path of self-knowledge.

When it was all done, Devi stood up, going over to an intercom box on the wall. "John, come down here for a sec," he called, then walked back to his desk. He patted the young man on the shoulder. "We'll get you set up in a room upstairs. Where's your car keys?" The human looked up at him in alarm. "Kid, in this city, a car is a big sign saying ‘steal me and use me hard or tear me into little pieces'. We have a specially guarded parking garage and we'll put it in there." He squeezed the shoulder, letting go as the door opened. "John, good, you're up. We just had to send Lenny and Willie to the hospital because of a Jhazed demon and this is Xander. Xander, this is John, he'll be training you, and the other John will be your shift's protector." He helped the human up, handing him over. "Tell Bulbous nose out there to go move his car and you take over the shift. I'm going to go to be with the boys." He smiled at Xander. "Take good care of the newby, he's a GHS." With that the half-demon walked out.

John looked at the new kid, looking down his body slowly. "How new are you?" He saw the rampant blush so nodded. "Okay, I can do that." He nodded at the outside. "Come on, I'll put you in the spare room." He turned, his blond, waist-length braid brushing the top of his nearly naked rear as he walked. "How long you here for?"

"Six weeks," Xander said, locked on the braid's movements, making him run into the other man when he stopped. "Um, sorry," he said, backing up but found himself pressed against the wall, being kissed hard. "Wow," he breathed, when he could again, "is that normal?"

"Only for me." John led the young man onto the elevator, brushing his bare honey colored chest against his new co-worker's arm. "Residential section," he said, and the elevator moved.

Xander looked around what would be his room for the next six weeks, smiling at all the soft fabrics. "Gee, it looks like it was made for me."

"No, we get a lot of hedonists in here. The pleasure principle," he said at the confused look. "So, how new are you?" he asked, changing the topic but seeing the rampant blush from earlier start to show again. "No experience?"

"With women, a little," the young man admitted. "None of it real fulfilling." He looked around then down at himself. "I have something in my car I need," he started but the door opened to admit a big demon, no horns but a huge bulbous nose, carrying his bag. "Thanks," he said quietly, taking it and tossing it onto the bed to look inside for his scarf and the charm he'd borrowed off Willow.

"Whoa," John said, picking up the charm. "Where'd you get this? And do they have more?"

"One of my best friends lent it to me," Xander said, taking it back gently, "and I'm not real sure about that." He looked at it. "I was going to try that...this stuff while I was gone so I borrowed it from her." He set it back down on top of the scarf. "You don't have one?"

"No, those retightening charms are rare." John sat down beside him. "So, Xander, what's up with you? Your friend's a Wiccan, you're a hedonist - an inexperienced one but still one - and you carry around a charm to tighten your hole back up. What, exactly, are you doing here?"

"I'm finding myself," he said softly, "as far away from home as I can get." He looked up to see the understanding eyes. "I live near the Hellmouth, that's why that wasn't strange earlier."

"Ah, so you probably help the Slayer chick then, right?" The prostitute smile at the small nod. "Cool. Just remember, we aren't all like that."

"So Devi told me." He looked at him. "Gee, no horns," he noted. "We?"

"We. I'm quarter." He shrugged. "But no one here'll hold it against you that you're purely human." He waved at the closet. "In there's some cool clothes for you to wear when you work, in a few different sizes so something should fit." He looked down the fit body again. "I've got to go to work for a while, why don't you go take a shower or a bath and I'll be up later to show you more of the life you'll be living for the next six weeks." He stood up, tugging on the thin, see through pants he wore, settling them firmly on his hips. "Later, man. Just relax for right now." And he was gone.

Xander lay back on the bed, looking at the swirls of color on the ceiling, shrugging. "Okay, I can do this for six weeks." He got up, heading for the open bathroom door.


Xander sighed, putting down the empty carton of ice cream. It was lonely where he was now. He had cut back on his time with the gang since he'd been back, and many things had changed. Only Giles had figured out what he'd done and Oz knew where he was but none of them really knew where he went to when he left them and the problems of fighting behind. He shifted slightly, smirking as the plug he now wore almost constantly rubbed him pleasantly, reminding him of the rest that had changed since that first night almost a year ago.


John walked into Xander's bathroom, smiling at the man lounging in the tub. "Enjoying it?"

"Muchly." The human put down his book, looking up at the prostitute. "Busy night?"

"Nah, club closed because the demon you ran off went down there and kicked some people around. Two vamps stopped him." He shrugged. "I still got enough for the night." He saw the small confused look flit across the dark eyes so explained. "We make good money here. My forty percent is enough so that I could go live on Park Avenue in a penthouse and have more than enough to buy cool clothes and live properly. I just like it here now." He knelt beside the tub, bringing his braid around to tease the firm chest with it. "You need to do some toning exercises my friend. Most of our clients like the thin and well built but not overly muscular look." That got a small grin. "I see you've been there?"

"Until last year." Xander grabbed the end of the blond braid, teasing his neck with it. "This is kinda nice."

"Good, because I've got to give you your first cleaning soon. You'll have the late afternoons and evening shift, until around midnight, and I know Devi wants you to start sooner insteada later." He leaned over for another kiss. "So, how experienced are you?"

"Um, a finger," the human admitted quietly, looking down at his chest.

"Your own?" That got a small nod. "Cool, then you got *tons* yet to learn and enjoy." He pulled the young man up and out of the tub, turning him to lean on the padded edge of the sink. "Stay there. Let me get the nozzle attached to the shower." He pulled a hose out of a drawer in the vanity, attaching it to the spigot on the showerhead, then oiled it down before turning back to the new prostitute, who had watched him. "This is the easiest way. You get more pressure but it goes faster. Bend back down." He pushed the young man's back until he was bent over the padded surface, then kicked his feet apart so he had some access. "Deep breath," he said, working the slim hose in. When it was seated to his satisfaction, he reached behind him, turning on the shower and flipping the switch for the hose. He smiled at the small jump then nodded when the moans started. "Like that?"

"Very much," Xander moaned, shifting his feet to get a better purchase on the sink's surface. "Can I do this again?"

"Every time before you go to work and sometimes in between clients." He saw the small smile so reached behind him to flip the hose to off, and withdrew it with the warning, "Clamp those muscles in your pussy tightly so you don't lose any of it." He dropped the hose into the tub, helping the human up and onto the toilet, watching as he eliminated the water. "Good boy," he said, rubbing his small nails through the dark hair, scratching lightly at the human's scalp. For which he earned another moan and a small kiss to his stomach. "You like?"

"Oh, yeah. I like being touched. Lots." He looked up, licking his lips. "Can I do that again?"

"Which? The enema or the kiss?"


"Sure." John let Xander's head go, turning to get the hose and found his student/co-worker bent over the sink again by the time he turned back, smiling and shaking his head at the eagerness of the young man. "Okay, in it goes again," he warned, sliding it in. "Clamp around it. Tighter," he said, teasing the hole with a finger. "Don't want to lose any of the feelings, right?" He saw the head shake so turned back on the spigot to the hose, watching as the young man writhed under the assault of it. "Too hot?" he guessed.

"No, good," Xander panted, wiggling to get the water pressure back where it had been hitting. "Very nice," he moaned as it hit that spot again, with a little help from the man he could see in the floor to ceiling mirror across the space. "So very nice."

"Better than chocolate?" John whispered, leaning down to kiss along the indentation of the man's spinal column. "Better than sex with a woman?"

"*So* better than a woman but nothing beats chocolate." He wiggled as he started to feel full. "Um..."

"Shh, just give it a sec more and I'll remove it." He ran a finger down to tease the open hole, seeing the shudders. "Good?"

"Yup. But no more water please." He clenched his muscles as the hose was withdrawn, hurrying to let it out. "Thanks. Liked that lots."

"Cool. Now take a shower and meet me on your bed." John walked out, taking the book with him for something to do. It was almost ten minutes later when the naked, wet, human walked out to get in beside him. "Oops, I'll get you some towels." He smiled as his braid was picked up by the man sitting next to him on the floor, watching as it was teased across his neck again. "I think you like that more than anyone."

"Feels nice," he explained, sitting up and doing it to the hair's owner. "See?" John nodded, sucking in his breath as the warm hand trailed down his chest, over his stomach flat palmed, then down to his erection. "Wow. Built nicely." That got Xander a small chuckle so he bent closer, looking at the cock he was playing with. "Okay?"

"Little harder," John panted, thrusting up now. "Or maybe your mouth?" He saw the raised eyebrow. "Just suck on the head like you would a nipple," he begged, sighing and coming almost immediately as the warm mouth surrounded him. "Thanks," he sighed, snuggling into the bed. "Very good for a virgin."

"Thanks, but I wanted to explore." John chuckled sleepily. "You rest, man, I'm going to get dressed and explore."

"If you go downstairs, expect to be put to work," he mumbled. "Devi's not back yet."

"Oh. Okay." Xander stood up, heading for the large armoire, gasping as he threw open the doors. He touched the soft material that lived in there, looking at the range of colors, pulling out a lilac pair of what looked like pajama bottoms to hold against his body. He shivered as the soft fabric touched him but they were too short so he pulled out a pair of black ones, noting their silk material. Those fit him so he pulled them on and the loose butt-length jacket he found in there, tying it but leaving the lapels gaping some. He turned to find John asleep and smiled, walking over to take his stuff off the bed and cover him with the throw folded across the bottom.

Xander wandered out of his room, smiling at the guard in the hall as he shut his door. "Is Devi back yet?" he asked quietly. The guard, the one with the nose, nodded so he headed for the elevator. "Down please," he said, then gripped the handrail as it went down quickly. "Whoa, good boy," he said, patting a wall.

Devi was laughing as the door opened and he walked out. "Yeah, magic-enhanced elevators can be a little fast." He looked over his newest underling, whistling. "You cleaned up really nicely." He touched the edge of an open lapel, seeing the small shiver. "Like that huh?"

"Oh, yeah. Found out a few other things that I like too." He unconsciously licked his lips. "John's upstairs taking a small nap." He grinned. "So boss, now what?"

"Now, my boy," he saw the small frown. "Trust me, to someone my age, you're all kids. Even some of the vamps that come here are kids." That got a small smile. "Come to my office and talk to me. The club's closed and no one gets up here unless it's open." His mouth opened to say something more as the outer door opened, admitting a dark haired man that *stalked* across the room.

"He's mine," he said with the slightest hint of British accent, frowning at the pimp. "I'll teach him."

"And you are?" Xander asked, looking him over. "Besides really yummy." That got him a small, sexy little smile.

"I'm to be your teacher." He held out a hand. "Adam."

"Xander," he said slowly, looking him over, seeing the body beneath the bulky sweater and jeans. "Um, I'm kinda new..." He looked at Devi, who waved him on. "You sure? I'm talking real new."

"Fine. Go wait on a sofa for me." Adam waited until they were alone to turn to Devi. "You're sure?"

"Hey, he's one of yours. Want to see the film of him and John? And he's a pure hedonist. Not here for the money, only the pleasure." He shrugged. "You know the fees, Methos, you prepared to take the newby on?"

"Yes," he sighed, running a hand down his stomach and into his pocket, "more than prepared. Three days?" Devi nodded, taking the money and quickly counting it. He waved him toward the sitting area. "How bad of one of us is he?"

"Honey, he's made to be a GHS." That made the man smile. "See, I told you, one of yours. He brought *John* off in under a minute of sucking him and enjoyed it. He *loved* his first enema enough to beg for a second. He's a pure hedonist. Have fun with him, oh Master of the Local Chapter."

Adam/Methos smiled walking over to where the young man was nervously fidgeting on one of the couches. "Relax," he said softly, leaning over his shoulder, hands on them to massage lightly. "I'm here to teach you all about what you like." He noted the shiver in response to his voice and the ones for what his hands were doing, so took them off. "Come, to bed with you." He held out a hand, watching the young man get up and walk in front of him, but not leading him. His self-confidence could use some work but Devi had been right, this boy was a Greedy Hedonist Slut, he should know, he was the President of the American branch of the GHS Society.

He closed the door behind them, turning down the lighting to resemble candlelight, watching the young man fiddle with the tie to his jacket. "Take it off. I want to look at you," he said quietly, locking the door behind his back He stalked over to the bed, running a hand down the bare chest, seeing the dark eyes close slowly as his fingers sparked tingles within the demanding flesh. He picked up the soft hand, looking at the lack of calluses. "What do you do at home?"

"No...nothing," he stuttered, unable to catch his breath because of what the fingers were doing to his chest. "I didn't start college so I'm doing menial labor." He grinned as his hand was picked up again, then the palm was licked. "Oh, like that," he said, pressing his hand into the teeth nibbling on it. He opened his eyes as the nice feeling things stopped. "What's wrong?" he asked, rubbing his wet hand over the side of the older man's face, gently soothing him for whatever harm he'd done. "I'm sorry, whatever it was," he said quietly.

"No, you didn't do anything wrong. A little too right actually." Adam pushed the young man back onto the bed, smirking down at him. "How much experience have you had?"

"With a woman? Um, four girlfriends in total. With a guy? Me." He blushed slightly, looking down at his spread out chest.

"No, don't be sorry, you're a natural, that's why I'm here." He lay down beside the young man, running a gentle hand down his chest and stomach. "Tell me about yourself."

"I'm really energetic, and curious. I do some fighting stuff at home but nothing big, major, or heavy." That earned him a small smile. "I'm a dreamer, at times it seems like I really need a keeper to settle me down." He arched up into the finger tracing his ribs. "Oh, need to be touched but I never get it. All my girlfriends have been ‘only me' people who didn't believe in reciprocation unless it was in a sixty-nine thing." He moaned as the finger moved to his nipple. "Oh, like that lots. This was a really good decision."

"And what about when your contract's up?"

"In six weeks, I'll go home and I'll learn to live with who I am there." He turned his head, looking at the deep eyes of the man next to him. "I'm needed back there, if for nothing else than a tension breaker. I promised them I would come back and I will."

"Then what?"

"Then I'll start my new life, let them get used to me or do the whole double identity thing if I absolutely have to, and I'll be happy with myself one way or another."

"And if wherever that is doesn't have what you need?" Adam whispered.

"Then I'll go to LA, or move closer to LA actually. Like I said, I'm needed." He purred under the skilled hand. "So, what are you teaching me first, Adam?"

"First, I want to test your natural skills," he whispered, leaning down to kiss him, hard, possessing, and marveling as the younger man kept up with him. "Very good, let's try again, shall we?" He leaned in for another kiss, slowly exploring the mouth under his, making it last as long as he could, wanting the young prostitute to beg him for more afterwards.

Xander shocked him though, rolling on top of the older man's body, taking control of the kiss, giving him the best that he could, bringing the strong arms up around him to hold him down. "Like this more," he whispered before going back in for another one, groaning as he was squeezed to his teacher's body. Adam pulled back first so he looked down into the bewitching green eyes. "Hi," he said softly, leaning down for another kiss, finding himself on his back and his pants suddenly pulled off by the older man. "Huh?"

"I wanted to look at all of you," he said, running a finger under the waistband of the matching silk boxers. "My, you wear a lot of clothes." Xander silently nodded, watching his eyes. "Would you like to be wearing less?" He nodded again, harder. "Then strip them off for me, Xander," he whispered, removing his finger and leaning down to watch the younger man as he got up to pleasure him visually.

Xander slid his fingers down the ties holding the waistband closed before pulling them, enjoying the fabric touching him. He let the strings go, pulling his hands up to his stomach so he could slip his fingers under the band, lowering it ever so slowly to the ground so he could step out of them, and stood there to let himself be watched.

"Very nice," Adam purred. "Now touch yourself." That got an embarrassed blush. "Please? Show me what you like," he whispered, getting up to pull him closer so he could nibble on a usually tender spot on any man's chest. The young man sighed in his arms, going limp, making him smile. "Ah, I see you like that." He looked up to see the frantic nodding. "Then show me what else you like."

Xander stepped back, rubbing up his neck, teasing his pulse points with the fingers he held out to get licked, drawing the damp skin down with a slight drag. He worked his way back down to his shoulders, teasing along the edges of his collarbone.

"Stop," Adam said, catching his hands. "You don't know how to do this, do you?" The young man shook his head. "Then I'll show you. It would be my pleasure." He smiled sexily. "And yours I'd hope."

"Yup," Xander said, straddling his lap to kiss him again. "But can we go back to this for a second?"

"No, in this job, your client's needs must always come first," he reminded the prostitute. "In six weeks, your needs can come first." The young man started to pout and he rolled them over so he was laying on top of the young man with the firm legs wrapped around his waist now. "No, this is your chosen path and you're going to have to accept it for a while." He saw the small nod. "Now then, we need to teach you how to pleasure yourself and another, the most basic of skills." He climbed off the young man, looking down at him. "Touch your neck again, lightly drag your fingers across your flesh." He smiled as the young man moaned as he followed the instructions. "You're a hedonist," he murmured, leaning down, "enjoy this pleasure, this is your natural habitat, young one." He watched the hand move down to tease the indent in his throat, watching as the other hand came up to play across the imaginary line between the taut nipples. "Very good," Adam praised. "Now touch one of them."

The young man crossed his arms to tug and pinch his nipples, making them harder, making them tender, arching up into the sensations the quiet voice and his hands were giving him. "Now go lower," that slightly accented voice said, making him shiver at it. He moved his hands down, teasing his ribs, playing with the outlines of the bones before moving down to tease his stomach. "Good," was purred in his ear, followed by a small lick. "Now do more, tease yourself, boy."

"Have a name," Xander panted, spreading his legs to play with the inside of his thighs with his nails, scratching lightly at the sensitive flesh. "Oh, more?"

"Yes, do more, Xander," Adam whispered, moving to kiss him as the first finger traced along the head of his cock. "Like that?" he asked, watching him work himself. "Very nice so far."

"Yup," Xander said, arching up into the sensations, starting to stroke himself now. "Need....want," he panted. "Please?"

"Yes, Xander, you may bring yourself off." He watched as the young man came on the strength of his voice alone. "Very nice," Adam purred, kissing him hard. "Now turn those skills on me." He relaxed into the pillows after taking off his sweater, smiling gently at the hesitant touches. "I'm not fragile. I like touches as much as you do. We're much the same," he murmured, pulling the hand up to lick it, placing it back on his nipple. "I can't stand that much foreplay though."

Xander grinned up at him, undoing the older man's jeans and getting up to tug them off him, resting across his thighs to look up the firm body. He grabbed some oil off the bedside table, spreading it on his hands as he went to work massaging the firm flesh. "Okay?" he asked at the first moan.

"Very good, boy, but do more. I'm more than ready for this teasing to end." His voice went up on the last word as one damp finger traced around the muscles in his stomach then down through his pubic hair. He watched the dark head go down to taste him, wondering what was going through the boy's mind, but not caring as the nearly talented tongue ran around him. His eyes rolled back in his head as the inexperienced mouth took him in as deeply as it could, putting firm suction on his cock as the young man figured it out. Adam sighed as the talented mouth tried to go deeper, tried to swallow him, but didn't succeed, so he thrust up lightly. "Just relax your gag reflex and take it in," he whispered. "Just let it happen and swallow."

Xander did as he was told, swallowing when the cock head hit the back of his throat, and internally cheered as it went lower. He worked his way down farther, pulling back to breathe ever few seconds, then tried to take more of this man in. By the time he was done, he had gotten him all the way down, a strange but good feeling that he kept going back to, using his tongue to tease the length how he used to like Cordy to do him.

Adam's small cry made him happy but the first spurt of cum made him very intrigued so he pulled back to taste it, licking over the head as it shot off over his tongue, holding it in his mouth for a few seconds to see if he could taste the difference between this man's and John's. When no more little flows of liquid came out, he went back to his task of licking, moaning as he was pulled up.

"Too much, too soon," Adam told him, curling up around the firm body. "Just give me a few minutes and I'll gladly let you do that again." He smiled at the pleased smile he was given. "Devi was right, you are one of us."


"You don't know?"

"No. Who's us?"

Adam sat up to look down at the young man. "I'm the President of the American Society of Greedy Hedonistic Sluts and I think you're one of us." The deep brown eyes opened in shock but he couldn't tell if it was a pleased or angered reaction. "Well?" he asked after a few seconds of silence.

"I admit to being a hedonist and maybe even a slut, but not greedy," Xander said, pulling the older man back down. "Money's nice but I don't need more than I need to live on comfortably." He rested his head on the firm chest, listening the heartbeat. "Am I really one of you?" he whispered after a few minutes of thought. He felt the nod through the tense muscles. "Okay," he decided. "I think I can live with that title." He looked up to grin. "Can I try again?"

Adam simply waved at his body, letting the prostitute learn what would be his trade for the next six weeks.


The seemingly human pimp waved Xander into his office, bringing a box out of his desk. "Sit, kid, got to let you in on something." He patted the well worn wood gently. "We have a way here that's a little different. You know that there are all types of demons?" Xander nodded slowly, getting comfortable in his wine colored pants on the satin covered chair. "Well, we feed a certain type here that needs sperm to live." He smiled at the disgusted look. "It's not that bad, really kid. See, we have this little portal that you put in. When your client shoots off, it sucks it up and uses it for food."

"No nibbling on my tender insides?" Devi shook his head. "So it's safe and everything?"

"Yes, very safe. It needs to be fed at least twice a day but I'm thinkin' you won't have that problem." He handed over the box. "Pick one. We'll put him in before Adam comes to break that last barrier for you tonight."

Xander leaned over, looking at the little swirly-looking round things. "Um, the blue one," he said, pointing. He got a nod so looked around. "Here?"

"Yes, close the door and come over here."

Xander got up, closing the door and pulling the drapes. He nervously played with the ties on his pants as he undid them, letting them drop around his ankles. "How?" The desk's top was patted so he leaned over it like he would the sink, closing his eyes as the rough finger entered him. "Do I do this normally?"

"Yeah, I'll give you the box in a few minutes. You've got to be stretched first," he told him, spraying something from a bottle onto his fingers. "This is the only lube you can use with these portals, the rest is toxic." He slid the finger back in, noting the small shudder. "What's wrong? I'm sure Adam did this to you last night."

"Yeah, he did, but you're like the third person in there and your fingers feel funny." That made his temporary boss laugh. "Glad you think it's funny."

"No, just that you're sensitive enough to have felt the calluses." Devi switched to two fingers. "How far'd he get you?"

"Um, barely two. Said he couldn't get anymore in without starting me off again," Xander shrugged, "whatever that meant." He yelped as he felt the small spark of pleasure. "What was *that*?"

"Your prostate, kid, relax. Got to go up to three to get it in and you can't work without it in there." He pushed a third finger in there, grunting at the tightness. "Relax, kid, or this'll hurt. These portals have firm edges." He withdrew his fingers, picking up the portal, as the door was knocked on. "What?" he yelled.

Adam walked in, smiling at them, especially his student. "Ah, the portal. Would you like me to do that?" Devi shook his head, folding it like a diaphragm and sliding it into the still tight hole. He watched the young prostitute's face as it went from disgust to intense pleasure, watching his lower body wiggle as the thing worked it's way back into him. "Done?" he asked, helping him up. "No, don't bother getting dressed, you need to learn the value of your body anyway." He held out a hand. "Shall we?"

Xander grinned at him, stepping out of his pants. "Sure," he said, taking the hand. He ignored the looks from the other people in the main sitting area as he followed Adam back to the room they'd been using, closing and locking the door behind themselves. "What are we going to do tonight?" he asked, walking up to him and kissing him lightly, rubbing his hands up under the bulky sweater. He squeaked as he was tossed onto the bed, the older man following him down, nipping at his back. "Ohh," he shivered. "Yes."

Adam laughed lightly. "Our last night, my pet. Starting tomorrow, you'll be working to earn your keep." He licked down the showing spinal column. "Then I'll see you in six weeks, on your last night, to see how you've done." He picked up the special bottle of lube, spraying some out on his fingers and sliding the first one in.

"No foreplay?" the young man whined, turning his head to see the small smile. "Okay, but I'm not *that* easy. I'll need at least a hug later." Adam shook his head, rolling his eyes. "Think I'm kidding? Everyone should have at least a cuddle when their cherry's popped."

Adam looked down at the young man. "Well, I do have you for the *whole* night so I suppose I could indulge you this time." He slicked himself up with the damp fingers and slid the head into the prepared opening, watching the young man gasp and his eyes close. "Yes?"

"More," Xander begged, pushing back against the older man, forcing more of the good feeling cock into his hole. He ended up on his knees, riding him slowly as he got accustomed to it. "Yes, please, more?" he panted, begging, head down, eyes closed as he enjoyed this.

The older man's mouth fell open as he started a harder rhythm. "You are a natural," he whispered, pounding into the willing body a few times. He waited out the orgasm, sliding slowly in and out to let him come down from the high, then started again at the small sigh, picking up the pace and the depth, grabbing the firm hips to ride him harder, get deeper into his willing body. The young man babbled for him, relaxing totally under his fingers, and that was the end of it for him. Adam hadn't seen anyone give in to him like that in ages and his body appreciated it enough to feed the portal.

They lay there panting, curled around each other, smiling at the other. "Slut," they said together, looking down at the hardening cocks they were both sprouting.

"Very happy one here," Xander said, kissing him. "Thank you for helping me learn this stuff," he said against the nice lips, nipping them. "Want more though."

Adam laughed, pulling him down on top of him. "Some of us still need time to recover."


Xander smiled in fond remembrance of those three days with Adam, and the many visits they'd shared since then, both while he worked for Devi and since then, his mind switching to show him pictures of the other times he had had while working at the brothel.

Not all of it was good but all of it was a learning experience. Even the bad ones.


Devi smiled at newest worker as he walked off the elevator. "Come on, we have to go entertain bids for your first night working," the pimp/demon said, waving the human toward the office. Xander blushed slightly but walked the way he was told, sitting across from the desk. "You ready for this, kid?"

"Yeah," Xander said slowly, "I'm just feeling a little unsure."

"You can always back out now," Devi offered. "Last time I'll offer the out from your contract." The human teen looked up at him and shook his head but his eyes showed that he knew things would never be the same after that night. "You sure?" Xander nodded again. "Okay, then we're going to entertain offers for your first service. Would you rather have a human one first?"

"If it would be okay, yeah, please. I'm still not too sure about demons not all being totally bad." Devi frowned. "Hey, our past shapes how we see things and I've been staking vamps for a few years now."

"Good point, kid." Devi leaned back. "Come here." The kid got up, coming over to stand in front of him. "Kid, there are plenty of demons that won't make you hurt them. Remember that and you'll be okay." The teen nodded, looking down. "Do you think I'm going to harm you?" he asked quietly.

"No, but ..."

"I'm the exception rather than the rule." Xander looked up and nodded. "Hey, I can see that. So let's solve your problem." He waved down his body. "Show me what you know."

"I thought..."

"Oh, this isn't more than oral pleasures. I'm not letting your first time go to waste." He touched the charm and smiled. "Where'd you get one of these?"

"It's my best friend's. She gave it to me, for luck." He grinned, leaning down to kiss the half-demon, doing what Adam had taught him about drawing others into his desires. He started to step back but was pulled down to do it again, this time allowing his boss to be the dominant one, taking his role in life for the next six weeks. When he was released, Xander smiled at him. "Okay?"

"Very, but now you still have to prove to yourself that I'm more like John than I am like what you're used to." Devi waved down at his lap. "Just make it quick kid. I have bidders coming in to offer for you in ten minutes."

Xander briefly considered his options then went to his knees, unfastening the pants and opening them so he could get at what he needed to. He pushed his own feelings back, letting his innate nature come forward. Everything he had discovered over the last three days came forward now, showing him that this was right, even if it did squick him some because it was his boss. "Are you using some sort of illusion," he asked quietly before bending to his task.

"Yes, but don't worry about it."

"Wouldn't that defeat the purpose?" Xander asked, looking up. Devi considered then smiled and touched the earing he wore. Now he was light gray-purple, his skin the softest of scales. The demon also was much larger, in all areas. "Are all of you built like this?" he asked, stroking a finger along the hard length.

"Usually. Some of us are built larger than others though," Devi said, his deep voice not changing any. He watched his new worker take a hesitant lick then slowly work his way down him, eyes closed. "No, watch what you're doing."

"I can't do that," Xander mumbled, coming off his boss fully. "It skews my mind."

"Don't you watch when you go down on a woman?" The teen shook his head. "Okay then. Go back to what you were doing, it was all right."

Xander grinned at him, then moved to swallow the half-demon again. He let his mind go, letting himself flow with the action. When the door opened he didn't even hear it or notice the two men now in the room with them.

"Ah, trying out the merchandise? Or are you just giving us a preview?" the first man, clearly a vampire, said. He rubbed over his pale skin, watching him. "He seems to be happy doing that."

"Oh, he is," Devi said with a smile, holding Xander's head down. "He's GHS." The vampire looked impressed. "Broken in by the National Head." The other man, who had taken off his cloak to show himself as almost human, just the addition of shoulder ridge. He looked over the desk, watching the human go at it. "He's only here for six weeks, but this is his first official night of work."

"Hmm, six?" the vampire said, pulling out his wallet.

"Grand maybe." Devi pushed up into his worker's mouth, smiling. "He's well trained. Was a natural when he came in as a virgin three days ago." He felt the small blush around his cock so stroked through the dark hair. "Only one other person in there."

"Eight," the other man said, glaring at the vampire. "You shouldn't have him at all."

"Boys, no fighting in here, this is a neutral zone," Devi reminded them coldly. "And he's fully human. Neither of those figures was good enough." He smiled as another man walked. "Ah, Preston," he told the lithe human. "First nighter. Virgin until last night." He grunted, tugging on the hair as the mouth on him sped up some. "Slow down, kid, it was good." Xander looked up, blinking at him. "Stand up, let them see you." He helped Xander to his feet, turning him and holding him still. "These are my three best bettors. Preston is the man in the gray cashmere. Riasu is the other man, and Blair is the vampire." The teen nodded at them.

"Hmm," Riasu said, considering the flesh before him. "Sixteen? Can't go much higher though."

The vampire waved. "I know about him, have seen his picture. I withdraw from this discussion." He smiled at the prostitute. "Nothing that happens here will ever make it back to the brethren there," he assured, putting back on his hat and wandering out to where the other men were sitting around talking.

Devi looked at Preston, subtly rubbing over the kid's stomach. "So? You want or not?"

"Oh, I want." He watched the young man lean into the warm hand on his flesh and shrugged. "I'll beat whatever Riasu offers. He seems to be worth it."

"Oh, he is," Devi assured him. "He was trained by the National Head of the GHS. Totally innocent before Adam got to him, but with a great natural gift." Preston nodded his blonde hair. "You sure?"

"I'm sure. What was his asking?"

"Um, closer to fifteen."

"Wow," Xander said slowly. "Fifteen hundred?"

"Thousand," Devi told him, patting the tense arm. "First timers are always more expensive." He looked back at Preston. "He's only up to normal things but he's very good at them all."

Preston shrugged, pulling out an envelope to toss over. "Hold that for me." He picked up Xander's hand, stroking over the palm, watching the dark eyes dilate. "GHS?" he asked.

"Yup," Xander said quietly, stepping closer to him. "So I'm yours?"

"For the next few hours." Preston looked the firm body over. "Ready?"

"Got the portal in?" Devi translated.

"Yes, to both questions," Xander said, taking that first all important step toward his first client.

Devi watched them go with a small smile, counting the money.

Xander closed the door behind himself, leaning against it. "What would you like?"

"Strip and get on the bed," Preston said, watching him do it. He watched as the young man seemed to enjoy the feeling of the silk pants coming off him, then watched him as he walked over to the bed. "Fighter?" he asked, taking off his own shirt.

"Yeah, sometimes." Xander stood back up, helping him. "Here, this is all part of the job."

Preston caught his hand, squeezing it gently. "Don't. It's not necessary. We have two hours and I intend to see just how well trained you are, but I don't need someone to take care of me."

"Okay." Xander went back to laying on the bed, stretched out just right to show himself off in the dim light. He watched the scarred chest as it was uncovered in interest. "Talking?"

"If you'd like."

"Well, I'm a talker by nature but if I start then I'll start to ramble."

"Because you're nervous," Preston finished. He finished stripping quickly and moved to sit on the bed too. "Let's start with what you were doing for your boss."

"He was just testing me," Xander said, leaning down to lick over the engorged head of the human looking, if big, cock. He pulled back, licking his lips. "Cinnamon?"

"Don't worry about it, just hurry up."

Xander swallowed the cock, working him as well as he could but following the order to do it quickly. By the time he was all the way down, he could feel the small pulse under the thin skin, telling him it was almost time. He sucked gently, coming back up to use his tongue. He went back down, eyes closed now as he got back into his rhythm, doing as well as he could. He felt the small pulses so swallowed, coming back up after they were all done, licking the little traces remaining off. "How was that?" he asked.

"You need to not ask that question," Preston said, patting the side of the teen's face. "You're supposed to be confidant in your ability to please your customers." He looked down the hard body, noticing how ready he was. "Give me a few minutes to recover and I'll gladly finish breaking you in."


Xander shivered. He knew who and what Preston was now and it still bothered him that his first client had been a sorcerer, an evil one. He checked his watch then smiled slowly. It was just about an hour before his massage session started and he needed to put himself into the right state of mind to allow her to work on him.

Of course, many of his experiences had just been strange.


It was about the end of his first week working for Devi when he got his summons into the office. "What's up? Am I doing bad?"

Devi shook his head, waving at the chair. "Kid, you've made me more money this week than John did his first one, and he started a bidding war." He leaned back, smiling. "No, we have a special case coming in and I'd like to see what you think about handling it." The prostitute nodded, relaxing. "See, there are some demons that are ... extremely large. Now I know that your charm would help you with that, but this would be an all nighter for you. This particular type of demon needs some extra preparation and you're still real new to this."

"So, what's up with it?"

"It's about as big around as a can of soda, soft." Xander winced. "Yeah, that's why we're talking. Your charm would make you able to work sooner, but I'd still give you a day off."

Xander cleared his throat. "How do you take in something like that?"

Devi smiled. "Well, John likes to be fisted first, but most everyone else just lets their entourage work them up to it. See, this type has a group of five to seven helpers with it. It's not big, but it's very strong and it gathers those that it needs around them to help it do things so the main demon doesn't have to exert itself."

"Like Queen Bees?"

"Yes, very much like that, and since it gathers all sorts of demons, they range in size. Most of the normal pros in the world let these other demons work them slowly up to accepting their boss."

"Would it be a special case or a normal event?"

"A special case, and one other thing you need to know. If you accept this, then you can't back out. Once they've focused on you, they can't refocus on another person until they've finished."

"So even if I can't, I'm stuck?" Devi nodded. "Um, do you have a way for me to observe maybe? Some other source of information?" The pimp laughed, tossing over a tape. "It's not tonight?"

"No, they always have to give us advanced warning so we can prepare a special room for them. Also to take their form of payment."

"Not cash?"

"No, they're Earth demons, live underground and tunnel. They usually bring in jewels instead. But they also pay sizable fees so you'd make a tidy sum to go home with just from them."

"I'm not doing this for the money," Xander reminded him. "What's the catch?"

"If it likes you, they've been known to try and take the pros back with them. We'd keep you safe of course, the other reason you'd get the next day off, but you'd be confined to your room as a precaution. Usually that's an isolated incident, the main demon, a Sarthna demon, has to feel connected to the person it has under them and that usually means just him." The pro winced. "Yeah, well, there are people who would enjoy that."

"Um, what about the other stuff?"

"This one has seven helpers, we've had this Sarthna demon in here before, and he's usually very gentle. Usually it's safe to assume he will be but it's been a while."

"So I could get roughed up some?"

"Yeah, a little. They won't intentionally hit you or anything but there's always the possibility of being hurt with their kind."

"Who would get it if I decide not to?"

"John. He's done it before. Doesn't like to though. Sees the benefit of doing it but hates it."

"How long do I have to watch the tape?"

"Three hours. Go finish your shift by watching it. It's slow and unless someone like Adam comes in and asks for you personally I'm not going to make you work it. You've already made more than the other guys combined."

Xander got up, heading for his room and the VCR.

He had come down a few hours later and handed it back, nodding. Devi smiled and handed him an envelope. "Study this, kid. It's special instructions."

When the demon had come the next night, Xander had done what he had agreed to, and it was definitely a learning experience. Who ever thought that underground demons would like him to make barking noises?


Xander looked at the box that had been his tip for that and shook his head. "Never again," he promised himself. And the other three that sat on top of the original one, the last one being his reimbursement for having been kidnapped for sixteen hours after the last time.

He walked into the bedroom, pushing back the heavy tapestries around his four poster bed to smooth the special sheets over the mattress. He looked at the sword that hung above his bed, the present Preston had sent with him.


Preston, who Xander had later found out was a sorcerer, and not a good one, showed up one night and had him pulled into Devi's office. "Xander," he said smoothly, his voice chilling in it's intensity, "I would like your permission to have you aide me with a spell." He handed over the sword. "I know you probably know how to use that. It would become yours afterwards."

Xander sat down, looking up at him. "What do you need? I'm more of a stake guy actually."

"Ah, then you are from there. Does Rupert... Never mind, I'm sure he's never mentioned me.

"Oh, yeah, he has. He told me to be careful of you when he found out I had seen you when I called him to tell him I was living." He smiled at the amused grunt the man had given him. "What do you need me to do?"

"I have a spell I have to cast, it's a blood debt. I have to engage in a fight with someone and I need you to use that on me if I become possessed."

Xander looked at Devi, who frowned at the sorcerer. "What do you want here?"

"I'm not sure it's safe, but if you feel it's necessary, I'll allow you to go for the night."

"What are you fighting?" Xander asked the sorcerer. "And how do you know I'll be able to do that?"

"Because I've seen inside of you, and you won't let the demon out into the world." The prostitute nodded slowly. "I have to repay a blood debt from my family. This one killed them, and now it's coming for me. You're the only one on this coast I can ask."

"Fine," Xander said, standing up. "Come get me before then, I'll watch over you." He looked down at the sword. "I'll even use it if I have to." He looked at Devi and nodded upstairs. "Be right back."

Xander had wandered back in after his fight, leaving a very visible trail of blood, and things, behind him as he walked. He fell to his knees on the floor in front of his friend, John, looking up at him and giving his stomach a hug. "It's done," he said before he fell asleep.

Later that night, he found the security tape and watched as Devi had looked at John and grimaced. "Go get him cleaned up and into bed. And yourself too. I'll have someone clean the floor." He had motioned one of the guards over. "Help John." He waited until he was alone in the room, shaking his head. "I'm sorry, kid, I really am." He picked a phone up, hitting a few keys. "We need a cleaning crew up here. No, he's back and fine, but he's also covered in blood." He hung up, going back to his office.


Xander smiled. "At least neither one of them will be coming for me." He stepped into the bathroom, picking up a washcloth to wipe off his face with. "Got to remember to tell that story to Giles sometimes. I'd like to get a happy smile from him again." He dropped the cloth, heading back to the living room. He picked up a glass of milk on the way, sitting down to read on his couch.

He still had a few times to think about, and only one other night he really wanted to relive again.


Adam had stalked back into the brothel on Xander's last night, just like he had promised. "I see you made it," he said, rubbing over the smooth cheek. "Come, let me go find your boss so I can monopolize you for the rest of the night."

Xander had grinned, sitting on the arm of the couch and waiting. He followed the older man into the room they had used their first three nights together, closing and locking the door. "Hi," he said, stepping into the open arms. They kissed gently. "Thanks."

"You're very welcome." Adam led them to the bed, laying them down on the soft mattress. "Have you made any decisions?"

"Only that I'm not doing this again." That brought out a small smile. "And that you were right. I like the fun side but not the business side."

Adam pulled an envelope out of his jacket. "Then I believe this should be yours." He watched as the younger man tore open the present. "It's a lifetime membership. You've proven yourself to fully be one of us." He kissed the open mouth. "With that, you'll be able to find others like us and find companionship or get advice when you need it."

"A secret fraternity?"

"More or less," Adam admitted. "But we don't have to keep it a secret." He stole a quick kiss before standing up and stripping. "Come now, show me what you've learned." He pulled the thin silk pants off the young man, looking down at his body. "What happened to your stomach?"

"Um, Preston's sword. He got it from me at one point in time." He looked up and shrugged. "I'm fine. It wasn't deep and I lived." He tossed the membership papers aside, opening his arms. "Come, let me pleasure you, Adam, I'd like to show you the full breadth of my knowledge."

They merged, Xander on the bottom the first time, and stayed that way for most of the night.


Xander got up from his comfy couch, tugging off his cashmere sweater and tossing it across the back of the couch as he answered the door. "Giles," he said in shock, then looked at the hall. "Where's everyone else?" He let the older man in, checking the hall one last time before closing the door. He turned to see the older man staring at him. "What?" he asked, just a little defensively.

"I hadn't seen you in a while and was wondering if you had died." The older man stepped in, glancing down his student's body. "Am I interrupting something?"

"Huh? No, I mean no." Xander grinned at him. "What's up?"

"Everyone has been wondering if you were still in town and I seem to be the only one that has a clue where you are. Even Willow thought you were still at your parent's home." The younger man snorted at that, leading him to the living room area. "This is a nice place, I wish you'd invited me over before."

"I did, you said no," he said softly, curling up on the couch. "So, what's the real reason for the visit? Big probs or little ones?"

"No, just some news," Giles said, leaning back in the comfortable chair, closing his eyes at the sinful depths enveloping his body. "Xander, do tell me that you've paid for all this."

"Yup, with the money I earned." The younger man saw the confused look then the realization that entered the knowing brown eyes. "Why? What's been going on?"

"Well, Oz showed back up this morning. He was most upset that you hadn't been heard from lately, though we all knew that you were alive. I did give him your address by the way, I was sure you wouldn't mind." The younger man shook his head. "Good. Willow has decided to leave town. She and Tara are transferring to USC, somewhere in LA I'm told, so she'll still be relatively close by."

"She needed the bigger attractions and more open places," Xander said quietly. "I've thought about that myself a few times actually." He looked back up, seeing the absolute understanding. "Guess Sunnydale is a bit of a stretch after London."

"Quite. But one grows accustomed to knowing one's neighbors." Giles sat up, leaning over to touch the young man's leg. "How goes your life?"

"I was at your house yesterday," Xander defended. "It's not like I dropped off the face of the earth or something."

"Ah, but you have. The old Xander left on a roadtrip and this new one came back. It mystified us for a bit and by the time we had gotten comfortable with this new you, you had pulled back because we allowed it to happen. Which I now regret. I miss your enthusiasm as you entered my flat to cure whatever problem was rising."

"I'm still like that, Giles, just a little more sedate and touchy." He looked up with a small smile. "We all change as we find ourselves. Some of us just find out we're totally different than we used to be." That got a small smile. "You know what I did on that trip, and you know what I am, so why didn't you tell them?"

"Because it's none of Buffy's business, same as it's not Willow's though she's trying to emulate you." That got a real, true, smile. "Ah, I'd thought you'd recognize her changes."

"She's been like this her whole life, she's just now coming into it." He looked at the door. "I should call and tell my masseuse to not come."

"I believe that would be wise. I'd like to spend some time with you." He shifted, getting up and moving to the other end of the couch to face the younger man. "Have you decided on how you're going to support yourself in this manner?"

"Yeah, I'll go back to hiding behind a pitiful job. Just as soon as I can handle the double identity thing." He smirked at the raised eyebrow. "College students don't make that much, Giles, and I need cash. And I refuse to go back to what I had been doing except for fun and games, or very rarely at the least." The older man nodded for him to go on. "I liked the money but I need someone who wants to put my pleasure first." Xander broke out in a grin. "I need a sugar daddy."

"Indeed you do," Giles told him quietly, pulling out his wallet. "Most of the people like you have a keeper," the former Watcher said, pulling out a GHS membership card and handing it over. He saw the small smile and took the new one the young man handed him to compare them. "Not much has changed in the GHS Society in twenty years," he noted, looking back up.

He looked at the older man, seeing him react to his body as he moved, something he'd never noticed before. "Why'd you leave?"

"I became a Watcher," he said simply, pulling the young man onto his lap. "Many of us do leave as we get older, but we usually take care of the younger members. Though membership is lifetime." He rubbed down the newly thinned back. "I do like you like this, the tight, skinny body that you used to have. I got quite distressed when you started your senior year as heavy as you were." He looked up into the dark eyes. "My dear boy, I do understand." His other hand came up, rubbing over the firm stomach, playing with the ripples. "And I'm here to help you make the transition back to life easier." He leaned in, stealing a kiss, his breath catching when it was returned fully, hungrily even. "My," he whispered, licking his lips. "Someone taught you well."

"Adam did," Xander said, running a finger over the older man's lips. "Why'd you do that?" He looked up into the understanding eyes. "Do you really want me? Not as a once off or as an occasional thing?"

"No, my boy, I want to become your keeper." He shifted the young man until he was more reclined in his lap, his legs thrown across the arm of the couch, catching the lamp Xander kicked before it fell and setting it out of the way. "You've withdrawn recently and it started to worry me, so I paid more attention when you were around," he said quietly, rubbing over the strong stomach. "You need a keeper, someone to make you get up in the morning and go enjoy the pleasures outside of your body." Xander nodded slowly. "And I intend to do that if you'd let me."

"Why not," he said, stealing another kiss. "But what do you want to do?"

"I want to get you a fitting job and I want to do for you what you need." He captured the hand that was rubbing through his hair. "You're too internally focused. I'm sure that you use that tightening charm many times a day now."

"Every night before I go to bed," Xander said happily. "Like it lots. Even wrote a thank you note to Willow for letting me have it while I was tripping."

Giles smiled at him. "Yes, as will I I'm sure, but what about the pleasures outside of your hideaway? Walking in the sunlight with someone? Playing in some sweet smelling grass? A picnic in the shade as you watch others play." The younger man smiled at him. "Yes, those things. While pleasures of the flesh are all well and good, you still need the pleasures of the mind and the rest of the body." He stroked down the side of the soft cheek. "Would you let me guide you back in that direction?"

"Do I have to give up the other stuff?" Xander asked quietly. Giles shook his head, smiling at him. "No? I can still wear a plug and still tease myself all the time?"

"If you need to, yes, but not all the time. You need to partake of the other pleasures. The oral ones, the physical and mental ones that go with being out in the world. And I'd very much like to help you return to life, I enjoy having you at my side." He stole another kiss, letting the young man back away from him by a few inches. "Xander, I do care for you, much more than you realize, and your past is your past. We've all went through the learning phase, though yours was a bit extreme." He looked around the apartment, furnished and bought with the money the young man had earned with his body. "Would you let me do this for you?"

Xander nodded, laying his head down on the offered shoulder. "I missed you too," he whispered, kissing the dark hair.

They lay cuddled on the couch for a few minutes more, enjoying the simple pleasure of having someone else there to touch them back. Then Giles looked around again. "Stand up," he commanded, following his student up. "Come on, show me around. No one's broken your inner sanctum before."

"Hey, I invited but you were more interested in a demon than my place." He giggled as the tickling fingers attacked his bare chest. "Oh, all right, the tour. But you have to promise not to laugh." The older man nodded so he led him through the few rooms he had, stopping in the extra bedroom he had turned into the home gym and playroom. "This is my sanctuary," he said, pulling the curtain open to show him the toys he'd mounted on the wall at various heights around his exercise equipment. "I get lonely," he admitted.

"No longer," Giles promised him, taking his hand and squeezing it. "No longer shall you need this." He pulled off his own shirt, looking at his student. "Come, I'm sure some actual time with a person would cure your randiness."

"Um, masseuse?"

"Call her off, I'll give you one." He led the young man back to the bedroom, picking him up to toss him on it. "Now then, my little hedonist, call off your helpers for now. We'll work on the practical side of life after a bit." He stripped while his soon-to-be lover made the call, getting onto the four poster bed beside him and pulling the curtains closed. "Who else knows you're here?" he asked as he kissed the young man.

"Adam, who drops by occasionally to check up on me. And Oz, he doesn't know why I moved though." He licked over the tense lips. "How did you know?"

"Because Oz told me." Giles smiled. "We were both going to take you on as our personal pet if you wanted." He saw the small light spark in the dark eyes. "I take it you do like that idea?"

"Oh yeah," Xander said, nodding happily. "I'm GHS to the bone now. Like guys, muchly actually." He started as the curtains around them opened, admitting his friend. "Oz," he sighed, grabbing his chest. "Give a guy a coronary." He grinned at him, patting the bed. "So, are you going to come take care of big, bad, pleasurable me?"

"Yes, I am," he said, climbing in behind the young man. "Both of you since Giles has recently refound his roots." Oz ran a gentle hand down the smooth skin. "But we're going to make sure that everything's okay first of all." He leaned in for a deep, penetrating kiss as he checked his friend and pulled back suddenly when he found the plug. "Why are you opened?"

"Am every day," Xander pouted. "Like to be opened and filled." Both older men moaned. "Hey, I'm new at this pleasure stuff. I *need* it."

Oz nodded and pulled the plug, dropping it outside of the curtains. "Just my luck. Giles is one of you, you're you, and Willow's attempting for a membership in the women's side, but she's not going to make it I think." He nipped his friend's shoulder. "What am I going to do with all the hedonists around me?"

"Fuck us hard?" Giles suggested. "Let someone else handle Willow since she's leaving and just have us?" Oz shook his head. "No?"

"Well, yes but no. She still wants me to help handle her sometimes too." He undid his pants, pulling out his hard cock. "Okay, who wants it first?"

"Me!" Xander said, almost bouncing. "It's been *months* since I had any."

Giles laughed lightly, watching his former student dive down to enjoy what was being offered. He and Oz shared a look, silently agreeing to share the younger man.

It was only a few minutes before Xander pulled back, giving Oz his big pouting eyes. "More?"

"Of course you can have more, what would you like?" Giles asked, stroking down the youngest man's bare back. He smiled at Oz at the purr. "You thought I was spoiled," he noted, nodding at the limp man under his hand.

"Don't move," Xander whimpered. "More back rubs?"

Oz slid over to sit beside Giles, handing him the oil he had grabbed when he had walked in. "Here, move for me, Xander, we'll both work on you." He instantly had a lapful of dark hair and a head that made soft, pleased noises when it was touched. "You really are a hedonist, huh?" he asked rhetorically. Of course the nod he got sent little thrills through his body as the dark hair ended up rubbing against his cock. He took some of the oil from Giles' hand, working over the shoulders, watching as Xander's whole body went totally limp. "Hmm, could get used to having a purring mass under me."

"Anytime you want," Xander whispered, shifting to lick at the cock that had been being brushed by his hair. "I like this."

"I can tell," Giles said, tugging off the youngest man's pants and looking at his body. "Xander, where on earth did you get a cut like that on your buttocks?"

"Um... don't ask."

"Okay," Oz said, looking at Giles, who was now frowning. "But we can guess."

Giles nodded. "That's about what I expected when I called on some of the brotherhood to watch over you."

"Devi said someone had." Xander looked over his shoulder at Giles, letting Oz rest against his forehead. "He said someone had asked him to keep an eye out for me. That's why he offered me a job."

"Devi?" Oz asked.

Xander pulled himself up onto his knees, looking at his friend. "How much have you figured out about my trip?"

"The fact that you made some major money over seven weeks and that there's only one way to do that." Xander nodded, blushing slightly. "So I'm guessing it was a once off? I don't think I could handle..." A warm hand covered his mouth.

"Never again. It was a once off and by the end of the first week, I was kinda sorry I had done it." Oz kissed his hand so he replaced it with his lips. "We were always very careful. Everyone was tested before they were allowed up there. Devi said the only thing they couldn't test for was something that humans couldn't get."

Giles nipped Xander's shoulder. "Oz, I know this place and it's extremely difficult to get in there. But it is a mixed environment." He looked a little worried.

"Yeah, it was, but I didn't like it. Only Adam, who is fully human."

"Preston?" Giles asked quietly.

"Didn't you hear what happened to him?" Xander asked, shifting to pull Giles in for a hug as he pointed out the sword hanging over his bed. "He repaid his blood debt for the demon killing his family. I was his sword bearer." The older man hugged him and Oz nudged his shoulder. "No one there meant as much to me as you two do now."

Oz nodded, leaning in to kiss the back of Giles' neck. "Who's Adam?"

"National President of the GHS Society," Giles said, sitting back up. "He broke you in, or at least that's what the rumor about you is through the organization. That and you were such a natural he almost decided to steal and keep you with the pet he found in Chicago a few years back."

"I've seen him a few times since I left, but the rumors were true about him breaking me in. As for him wanting to steal me? I'm not real sure about that."

"I would if I were him," Oz told Xander, nipping his shoulder. "What else did you do?"

"Um, can we leave that for later?" Xander asked, his eyes pleading then glancing down at Giles.

"Sure," Oz told him, pulling Giles away to hug him too. "Lay on the pillows, Rupert, and watch for now." Giles nodded, going to do as he was told. The werewolf pulled Xander in, kissing him hard. "I will not let you go back to that life. Ever. I am the jealous one and you will not leave without giving me a really good reason." Xander slumped into him, kissing his chest. "I see you like possessive me?"

"Yup, very much. It means that you care." He looked up, his brown eyes meeting the clear green ones. "I'm yours, you've claimed me as such. You and Giles both."

"Good," Oz purred, petting down the youngest man's back. "What did you want?"

"Um, backrub?"

Giles patted his chest. "Come here, I promised you to give you one." He glared at Oz. "Mine," he said softly.

"Both," Xander interceded.

Oz nodded at him then looked at Giles, staring into his eyes. "Since you're mine too, and he's yours, that means he's mine." The oldest man nodded slowly. "Good, Xander, how are you affording the upkeep on this place?"

"I got paid *very* well?" Oz spanked him lightly. "Well, I did. The least I could make was fifteen hundred a job and I got forty percent of that. And I worked six days a week for about nine hours a day. Plus special things. And I have a few presents that I can sell, though I'm still working through what I earned. I'm looking at starting work again soon."

"Good, we want you to appear normal," Oz told him, leaning down to start the backrub again. He leaned next to the youngest man's ear to whisper into it. "We understand, but it won't happen again. We'd like to hear about it though."

"Oz, trust me, no you don't," Xander said quietly. He turned his head to steal a small kiss. "This isn't something that won't change how you look at me."

"Actually, you and I could compare notes, a little anyway," Giles told his youngest lover, smoothing some oil down his back. "Though there was only one demon in my past."

Oz sat back to look at both of them. "Tell me you're kidding."

"I'm afraid not," Giles said quietly, concentrating on what he was doing. "The Society, the GHS brotherhood, has many members who found themselves at a brothel at some time in their lives. Xander started out in one. I was at one for almost two weeks to figure things out, but on the other side of the equation. Actually, that's how I met Ethan." He looked up. "I'm sorry if this disappoints you, Oz, but it happens. We're not tainted because of it. We're no worse than Buffy is for sleeping with some vampires."

"A few," Xander noted. He looked at his lover, his keeper, and grimaced. "That's what I didn't want to tell you. Yes, there were demons there, and half demons, and quarter demons. And humans too, though not too many of those that weren't somehow connected to demons. The man I worked for was actually a half-demon and one of the other guys was a quarter-demon. I learned a whole new appreciation for them. Not all of them are bad, just the ones here."

Oz slumped in on himself. "At least they didn't hurt you."

"Not all demons are bad," Giles told him quietly. "The Hellmouth tends to draw the bad sort to itself so I had to tell you all that. If you had known that some demons are good, you might have hesitated and then perished as a result." He felt the small shudder go through the body on his. "I'm sorry, Xander, I'll switch topics. Though I would like to ask you about your experiences. Maybe you could add a few things to the Chronicles."

"Not really," Xander said, looking at Oz. "I'll understand if you never..." He didn't finish, the other young man's lips found his and they kissed gently while Giles continued his physical pleasuring of his lover. "Okay, guess that was a no."

"As long as it's in the past," Oz said quietly. "And I want to hear about it too."

"Did you meet any noteworthy ones?" Giles asked, his hands moving farther down the bare body on his.

"Sarthna demon, kidnapped me for a few hours. Mostly nothing else noteworthy. I didn't even get in a lot of shopping." He looked up to see the amazed expression. "What's wrong?"

"A Sarthna demon?" He looked at the charm, fingering it gently. "I'm sure you needed this after that creature."

"He was nice and all, but I spent the next day in the tub." Oz snorted so he looked back at him. "Sarthna demons are very large and they have an entourage to make sure that you get to where you can take them."

"Big?" Oz asked, clearly not believing it.

"Big as a can of soda when soft," Giles told him. Oz's mouth hung open. "Yes, that was my feeling on the subject when I first saw one, but it's not all bad. They're known for being gentle."

"Was very actually," Xander noted. "He decided he liked me though and I had to put my foot down and tell him no." He slid out of the bed and came back with his prize boxes, handing them to Oz. "See, these were my tips. The top one was an apology for kidnapping me." He lay back down on Giles' chest, both of them watching the werewolf, and their keeper, open the boxes to look at the stones inside.

Oz whistled then looked up. "You're way rich."

"Kinda. But I haven't touched any of those yet. My forty percent from working was enough to outfit me like this." He waved a hand around the bed, meaning the apartment. Oz nodded slowly. "I actually got told I set a record for a few days, and one didn't have that many people."

Oz set aside the boxes carefully, sliding up to lay beside the couple. "I guess that's okay," he said slowly, "but you really don't want to go back to that?"

"Nope," Xander said happily, stealing a kiss. "Never want to go back. I *like* where I am now." He smiled down at Giles. "Why would I want to go back if I have you guys?"

"I think he's worried about the money issue," Giles said quietly. "Neither of us could afford to upkeep you in so grand a manner as you seem to have become accustomed to."

Xander snorted. "Giles, I have everything I want. I'm not greedy, well, not about money. I like money, like it lots because it means I have choices, but I'm not going to go back there just for the money. I don't *need* anything else."

Oz nodded, smiling gently at them. "We can see that. But that work-out room of yours needs some fixing. It seems to have sprouted all these growths..." He stopped as he was tickled, rolling around on the king-sized bed with the younger man. "Okay, I give," he panted when he ended up on his back again. "You win."

"Really? What did I win?" Xander asked, eyes twinkling as he leaned down for a kiss. "What's my prize, Oz?"

"Hmm, me?"

"Okay." Xander looked up at Giles and nodded. "Really okay. Get the stuff?"

"Stuff?" Giles asked, smiling still.

"Um, lube and stuff?"

"Ah, where might it be?"

"Bedside table, same as everyone else in the world." He looked back down at Oz. "So, oh, keeper ours, what should I do with you?" He wiggled slightly as a hand smoothed over his side. "What can I do to please you?"

"Well, I would like you to answer a few more questions before I crawl inside your body." He allowed the younger man to be taken from him by Giles, sitting up to look at him. "I think we should talk before we engage in anything else."

"You sound so clinical," Xander pouted.

"As he should be," Giles said gently. "He has to ask these questions to ease his own mind."

Xander nodded. "Okay. What do you want to know?"

"How many ... um, besides..." He shook his head.

"I was virginal before I got there and like I said, they tested," Xander said, getting serious as he sat up. "If you want to know how it was almost absolutely safe even without the testing, I could tell you." Giles looked interested. "They had these little portal things that fed some sort of demon that munched on sperm so none of it ever hit the inside of me, it was kinda all sucked up." Oz made a sour face. "No, it wasn't bad. Just a little diaphragm looking thing going up me." He patted his keeper's hand gently. "As for how many, not as many as you think. Our fees were really high and that eliminated a lot of people. My first time on my first night working went for something like sixteen thousand and I got forty percent of everything." Oz's eyebrow went up. "Yeah, so not that many. I had a set clientele list of about twenty or so people, depending on who left. Most of them didn't want to bother with me because I'm a fragile human and they weren't. Devi was always really good about looking out for me and weeding out the offers that he knew I would get hurt with." He smiled, squeezing the werewolf's hand to reassure him. "I've not had that much experience, really, Oz."

"Okay," Oz said finally, leaning in to kiss him. "I can take those answers. Willow did research that said you guys became complete ho's and I wasn't sure if you had."

Xander laughed and shook his head. "There's a difference between being wanton and being a ho. I'm a hedonist, and a slut when given the chance, but I'm not going to go out and fuck whatever moves. Does that ease your mind?"

"Yup, almost totally." Oz shifted closer. "Just one doubt left. What if you get asked to go back for an assignment?"

"Then I'd immediately tell you both and make you decide for me." He pulled the smaller man into his lap, nibbling on his ear. "That wouldn't be just my decision to make anymore. You and Giles would both have a say in the matter."

"Then I think we have a good partnership going," Oz told him, pulling each of the men he would be keeping in closer to kiss gently. "Now then, my little hedonists, what would you like?"

"I'd like to be taken," Giles said with a smile, "as I'm sure Xander would."

"Technically, Xander can go both ways but he prefers to be taken, yes." He gave Oz a sweet grin. "Did you eat a good breakfast?"

"Wheaties." Oz scooted off the willing lap, pushing Xander down on top of Giles again. "Get him ready for me, Rupert, we'll see what we can't do to soothe the savage Xander monster."

"Not a *savage* one," Xander protested until his mouth was filled with Giles' cock. He sucked happily, matching the actions going on below his head. Giles had slipped a lubed finger into his opening, spreading it around, testing to see how much he would still need stretched. He squeezed it, earning a slow, low moan from both older men.

Oz slid a condom down his cock, looking at the hole he would be entering. "Xan? You don't have an allergy to latex, right?" Xander pulled off and nodded at him, giving his covered dick a sad and pouty look. "You are?"

"Yeah, I found that out too. I don't go all the way into 'gonna be dead if not taken to the ER immediately' but I do get hives and have trouble breathing." He motioned toward the drawer. "No-latex versions of those are in there and so's my last test." He finished the offer quietly, knowing this was all about how Oz saw him now. "I'll understand though."

"I don't think you're tainted," Oz said as he pulled off the rubber, tossing it off the bed as he gave the younger man a kiss. "I just wanted to protect myself from the nasty body bugs that come from there."

"I douche every day."

"I'm sure you do," Giles said calmly, stroking over the soft cheek, "but that doesn't always kill all the germs and it's still a bad idea to share orifices like that."

"I'm clean though," Xander said warmly, getting onto his knees to look at them. "I am totally and one hundred percent clean. I'll wait until I go and retest if you'd like."

Oz shook his head. "We weren't worried about diseases, we were worried about things like UTI's that come from the bacteria in that spot. I'd even use a condom with Giles and I know he's not gotten any in recent history."

"I have so," Giles said, tossing a heated look at Oz. He smiled at Xander. "He is correct that other things come from there that could harm us. We're protecting you as much as we are ourselves."

Xander nodded, relaxing. "I know, but I was feeling insulted, like you didn't want to actually *touch* me or anything. That's why I didn't want to tell you about my trip." He looked down at his knees. "Why don't you two have fun, I'm going to go take a shower."

"No," Oz said, stopping him from moving. "I'm not looking at you differently." He pulled the younger man down on top of him, laying back against the pillows. "I don't care what you did on your trip as long as you weren't hurt and you weren't made sick. The condom wasn't a disease precaution, it was to make sure that none of the little germies get me."

"The germies?" Xander asked with the hint of a grin. "You've been playing with Jordy again, haven't you?" Oz nodded, giving him a hug. "I can understand that on a rational level but in my heart, I see something else," he told him quietly. "And I feel really bad for it. For disappointing you guys."

"Actually, I rather expected it," Giles said, curling up next to them so he could wrap an arm around Xander's back and give him a squeeze. "I remember my own experiences quite well and how that was the only way I'd ever learn a thing. Not only did I expect you to do this, I expected you to go that route and not come back for much longer. I thought maybe you'd find the city more exciting than here and leave for good."

"Nah, I'd just move closer to LA, I promised you I'd come back," Xander reminded him. "Adam even asked me and I told him that if I needed more excitement, I'd move a little closer to LA but not out of Sunnydale." He leaned over, stealing a kiss. "I won't allow you to take on the bad guys all by yourself."

Oz cleared his throat. "Someone's knocking on the door."

Xander got up, after a short kiss, and grabbed his robe as he walked out. He smiled at the deliveryman, signing his name in the little box and taking his letter. He sat on the couch, feeling Oz sit beside him and Giles leaning over his shoulder. "Relax guys, it's from Adam." He slit the outer envelope open, catching the small necklace that fell out with the letter, which Oz took to read.

"No way," Oz said, handing it back to Giles, who frowned as he read it.

"May I?" Xander asked, taking the letter and reading the short missive about being in LA in two weeks for a 'special assignment'. He looked at the necklace then at the number across the bottom. "Wonder what this is about?" he muttered as he picked up his phone, dialing it quickly. "Hi, this is Xander Harris," he purred as Adam's secretary answered. "Is he in? No, I got sent a letter..." His smile fell away. "He did? Then what's..." He nodded and hung up. "Adam was in a car wreck, that's the meeting." He carefully folded up the paper, sliding the necklace back inside. "We're being called upon to pick a new National Head." He felt Giles' arms go around him. "Thanks. Adam was really nice to me. He even laughed at my jokes."

"It sounds like he was a great man and he'll be missed," Oz told him quietly, moving to hug him too. "Let us comfort you, Xan, just to cuddle." The younger man nodded and they all got up, heading into the bedroom to lay together.


Xander knocked on the suite's door, putting the note that had been left at the front desk for him back into his jacket pocket. His breath caught as he looked up into a familiar pair of green eyes. "Adam," he whispered, walking in quickly and hugging him. "Oh, god, you're all right."

"Not quite," Adam said, his accent a little thicker than usual as he pulled the young man down to sit beside him. "I'm not what you think I am."

"Not human?"

"No, I'm very human, I'm just a... a very long lived one."

Giles cleared his throat from the doorway, closing the door after himself and Oz. "I thought I said I'd come up with you," Oz told Xander, who smiled. "Methos, I don't believe you're still here." He walked over, giving him a hug. "Welcome back."

"That's Adam," Xander said, brow wrinkled. He accepted Oz's pat with a smile. "Are you really living a double life?"

"Of a sort," Adam/Methos said as he sat back down. "You see, I'm an immortal. Most of the higher members of the organization have found out through various means, but I have to occasionally die because I won't ever age."

"So you had a car wreck," Oz said, understanding.

"Not a planned one, no, but yes I did have one. And in it I died again. Unfortunately, I didn't revive until after the authorities had taken me away so I have to pretend to become someone else."

"So, what's up with worrying me," Xander said, punching his arm. "Couldn't you have slipped me a note or a call or something?"

"I did, but there's another reason."

Oz cleared his throat. "Methos, you promised."

"I know," he sighed. "But MacLeod's looking for you again. He's quite upset at how you stole his girlfriend a few years back." He caught Xander's and Giles' confused look. "Oz was my last student, ever."

"But the werewolf thing..." Xander started.

"Oh, it's very real, but no one's sure why it's still infecting him. There were even some who said as soon as he died again it'd clear."

"I hate dying," Oz said firmly. "I'd rather eat people."

Giles cleared his throat. "Oz? You're one of them?" The redhead nodded. "Why didn't you tell me?"

"Because I wasn't sure if you knew about us or not." He walked around the seating area to sit beside Giles, patting his hand. "Yeah, I knew you'd understand, but I didn't want it getting out. I still don't want it getting out. As in never. I'd be hunted just because of who my teacher is."

"Then are you really Oz?"

"Have been since around the sixteen hundreds," Oz told him simply, with a small smile. "I died the first time in 1649, in a brothel at the ripe old age of nineteen. Of a heart attack. And yeah, I've been Daniel Osbourne all my life." He gave Methos an affectionate look. "Fortunately the old guy over there was in the next room and he took me on as a student because the other immie in the brothel came for my head as soon as he felt me wake up."

"That wouldn't have been fair," Methos chided gently. "And you were always my favorite student." He looked him over, then looked at the two men. "How fortunate that you found men that fit your needs."

Oz snickered. "That's putting it mildly. You turned Xander into you." He got blown kisses from both men on the other couch. "But it is interesting that you broke him in for me."

"Ah, yes, are you jealous?"

"Yup, and I should take your head, but I'd miss you too much." Oz got up, coming over to sit in Methos' lap. "Now then, what can we do for you?"

"I'm going to disappear again for a few years. I'm ready for a rest, preferably somewhere that MacLeod can't get to me." He snorted in disgust. "I'm going to leave Xander my things in receivership until my 'nephew' suddenly turns up in a few years." Oz nodded. "I hear he's done well with his own."

"I'm being frugal," Xander said, smiling at Oz. "Does that mean I can have that one vibrator you used..." Oz reached down and tickled him. "Okay, I'll be quiet." He relaxed on the couch and looked at Giles, spreading his legs slightly and teasing his lips with his tongue.

"God save use from a true GHS," Methos said. "Go, have my bed. I'm leaving later tonight anyway." Xander jumped up, rubbing against Giles as he pulled him into the bedroom. He waited until the screams started to look at his student, putting him down beside him. "What are you going to do when the one dies?" he asked quietly.

"I'll teach the one and the other will be a great loss to me," Oz said honestly, his whole face showing sadness. "Unless Giles can find a way to make Xander immie too."

"I doubt he could fight."

"There are other sorts and he could if he were trained," Oz reminded him quietly. "I think Xan would make a wonderful candidate for the Indian type we found. And I have that spell written down somewhere. I've been having my possession keeper look for it since I met him."

"When will you tell Giles?"

"I was planning on waiting until his birthday. Allow him to have the choice. Then I was going to move us all."

"Have you figured out anything yet?"

"Only that vamps can't sense us, and that demons don't usually either." Oz looked toward the bedroom. "They're way too quiet." He looked at his teacher. "But I'm sure you know that."

"I've never had Giles. Though Xander was a rare treat. So many of us these days are really borderline. That boy was made to be someone's concubine." That got a small snort. "You could set up a fiefdom somewhere and take him as your's."

"I'm planning on doing that. I'm working on computer stuff now, graphics manipulation and things, and I'm going to go public soon. I want to move somewhere very quiet and private, with good security." He grunted at the poke to his side. "I am. And I'm not allowing Xander to leave the house again." He smiled at the howl from the bedroom, Giles going off with Xander working him hard and fast. "I'd say neither of them will ever leave the house again."

"That would be nice but what about you," Methos said gently, rubbing down the younger immortal's back. "How are you going to survive?"

"I'm still a musician and I can telecommute to work." He shifted, getting comfortable. "I've got it planned and with Giles being around, I'll have someone at my back, even if you're not there." Methos nodded. "I really have planned this well. Giles is a sorcerer, Xander is my slut, and I'm me."

"Then I won't worry so much about you," Methos said, kissing him. "Just be careful. I'll send you a postcard from wherever."

"You'd better."

"And I'll get my things together for Xander as soon as you go in there with them." He kissed his student, drawing it out. "I'd better be going before too many of us get here and I can't slip out."

"I thought you always had an exit strategy," Oz said quietly, enjoying another kiss. "Stay tonight?" They both shuddered and looked toward the door as another immortal's quickening walked past. "Never mind. Go pack, I'll help you slip out." He headed for the door, opening it cautiously and stepping out. He nodded at the other immortal, hands held out. "I'm not here to fight, my lover's here for the GHS conference. I live in peace with all."

The other immortal grunted, looking him over. "Who was the other one?"

"One like me and he's leaving. He's my student and I'm sending him out to learn about people. He's no threat to you either." Oz started to turn and stopped. "By any chance you don't know if there are more of us do you? I'd like to avoid a fight."

"One, he was down bothering the desk for someone named Adam when I checked in." He shrugged and waved Oz off. "Go be with your lover, I'll be seeing you at the conference. Tell the boss I said hi too."

Methos stuck his head out. "I'm leaving now. Was it MacLeod?" The other immortal nodded as he walked away. "Thank you, Brandon." He grinned at Oz. "My personal trainee a few years back, he's the head of the Chicago branch. Found a very promising candidate a few years back that I stole from him." He pulled his student back inside, shutting the door. "Let's just go now," he purred, brushing over Oz's jaw. "We could be very happy somewhere peaceful."

Giles frowned from his position on the couch, tugging the courtesy robe around his bare body. "I'm sure I could help if you'd let me. A simple disguise or something magical that would leave you after a few hours."

"No, I need to leave before *he* gets up here. He's been most fanatical recently." Methos grabbed his last bag, taking the necklace Xander put around his neck. "Thank you, I'll be back in a few years. You'll be hearing from me often. This room is booked under your name but it's paid for for the entire conference. Oh, and Devi's here for some reason. You might want to introduce him to Oz and warn him you've got a keeper. I've heard he was looking for you for a special assignment." He swore under his breath as he caught the quickening of another immortal. "Seven of us in GHS and now *he* has to show up here." He headed for the second exit. "I'm going now," he said with a wave as he slipped out.

Oz snickered, falling onto the couch beside Xander. "Duncan will either give it up or deal with him as a real person." He turned his head to kiss the younger man, tasting the essence it held still. "Hmm, Giles' flavored. I like those."

"Do tell us what he said first," Giles asked, plainly impatient. "I heard my name mentioned."

"That's a discussion in single groups and for later," Xander said. He gave his keeper an unhappy look. "If you want, I'll duck out and let you two talk now."

"No," Oz said, picking up his hand. "You're not leaving. We'll all go nap after Giles bars the doors from entry except by Adam and we'll go to the conference meeting later tonight. At the formal dinner, you can introduce me to this Devi person and make sure he knows you're off the market."

Giles smiled at him. "I thought as much." He got up, heading for the doors. By the time he was done, both younger men were on the bed, Xander tangled around Oz as usual, and were snoring in tune with each other. "I really should film this some day," he reminded himself as he disrobed and joined his men on the bed.

Until Part 2...