Good GHS Boys Get A New Toy

Dean walked around the car they were up to look at.  It wasn't *bad* looking.  Even if it was a modern mustang.  "What year is it?" he asked the owner.

"2007 Mustang Shelby.  I know it needs painted."

Sam grinned.  "We've got three fellow students who need some practical skills.  We'll teach them how to work on the car."  She beamed at that.  "Xander trained us and is training them."

"Awww.  I love Xander cuddles at the conventions."  She handed him the keys.  "Go ahead and start her."

Sam climbed in, having to push the seat back most of the way.  He was tall, it was something he was used to.  He started it, listening to it run.

Dean popped the hood.  "Needs a system flush and some new filters.  Could use some cleaning up too," he told her.  He grinned.  "We've kept the family's baby in good shape for nearly seven hundred thousand miles."

"Wow."  She looked at the gleaming Impala.  "She's beautiful, Dean."

"She is.  She was our dad's."  He carefully put down the hood, looking at Sam through the windshield.  "Well?" he asked.

"I like it," he decided.  He got out and pulled a check out of his back pocket.  "Direct from Steve since he watches over our accounts."

She gave them a hug.  "Thank you, boys.  Let me deposit it and I'll sign over the title."  They smiled and nodded, letting her run to the bank to do that.  When she came back Sam was teasing Dean about what color he wanted to paint it.  She signed over the title and handed it to Sam.  "There you go.  Thank you."

"No, thank you."  He gave her a hug.  She moaned but smiled at him.  Dean shook her hand, getting a kiss on the cheek.  "If you want pictures after she's painted, let us know."

"I will."  She watched them leave, smiling at the goofy boys.  They were nearly angsting about being in different cars.  It was so adorable!


Sam pulled into Xander's driveway, parking off in the grass.  Xander came out to look at him.  "We're going to teach the boys some practical skills while we give them driving lessons."

"That's cool.  Don't let it drip oil or anything into the grass."

"We won't."  He smiled as the Impala pulled in.  "So, how much work do we really need, Dean?"

"System flush and regular oil change plus filters.  Some cleaning so we'll have to take it apart to do that."  He looked it over.  "Then paint the poor thing."

"I was thinking a dark teal.  No racing stripes.  Maybe some black accents or some chroming?"

Dean shook his head.  "Girl colors, Sammy.  Cars aren't teal."

"You can get paint made in any color," Xander reminded them.  "I saw one the other day that was an olive drab citreon."

Dean shuddered at that.  "Not exactly military issue."  He looked at the car.  It had a raised spoiler and clearly was meant to go very fast since she had racing options put on to up the engine's power.   He didn't like the blunt nose on it but it wasn't his call.

"We could probably recover the seats to match the new paint color," Sam offered.

"Some darker shade of green, like dark hunter green?" Xander suggested.  Dean looked at him.  "They make car paint in that color.  It's standard on one of the new saturns Steve was looking at.  Green would go well with his eyes so he'd look good getting out of it."

"I might like green," Sam admitted.  "Or maybe a nice charcoal gray?"

Dean nodded.  "That might be nice.  Green interior?"

Sam beamed.  "I could handle that.  Or maybe a dark purple one if we can find it?"

Dean shook his head.  "Not if you want me to ride in it sometime in the future, Sammy."

"Fine."  He looked at Xander.  "So can we work on it here and let the boys help us?"

"Sure."  He gave them both hugs.  "Do whatever you need to.  Just don't get the lawn messy."  They nodded, going to get the boys to go over what a car was.  Xander settled in to listen and play with the dogs so they didn't use Sam's new car as a perch.  Now and then they tried that with Danny's car to sunbathe on the roof.

Draco looked the car over.  "Why is it that color?  I haven't seen one that color around town."

"That's a base coat for under the car paint," Dean told him.  "It's being repainted because someone ran into the old owner."

"You can fix them instead of buying a new one?" Draco asked, looking confused.

"Most people can't afford a new car just because it gets a few bruises and dents," Sam told him.

"So what're we doing with it?  Magic to paint it?  My brothers came up with a neat color changing paint that rotates colors every few hours," Ron said.

"Nope, we'll teach you guys how to deal with a car and give you driving lessons on her," Sam said proudly.  "She's my second car.  I had one at Stanford but we ended up selling it before I went on the road with Dean."

"You mean like you do on the side of a house?" Draco asked.  "I've seen a house elf doing it."

"I've painted shutters," Harry said.

"You use a spray painter for cars," Dean told them.  "No brushes.  It'll leave marks."  They all nodded at that.  Clearly none of them knew what he was talking about.  "For now, we need to get some coke, some brushes, and the things to flush the system and change the oil."  He moved closer, showing them where the filters were and how you checked the oil, plus all the other fluids.  "Looks like you're down on washer fluid too, Sammy."

"At least we don't need antifreeze," Sam offered.  He looked.  "What about transmission fluid?"

Dean checked it, then grimaced.  "Could use another good bottle."  He looked at the boys.  "C'mon, let's hit the auto store."  They gave him looks like he was insane.  "You can't find it at the mall, boys.  Into the Impala."  Xander tossed over his keys.  "I can do it in the Impala, Xander."

"There was a huge wreck in front of NAPA earlier so they're working on the roads.  It's supposed to be in chunks."

"Then we'll take the SUV," he decided.  No way was he going to risk his baby's tires.  He got them into the car, Draco in front this time.  "It's not so bad and it's a good life skill for when you start driving, boys."

"If you say so.  Don't they have people you can hire do this stuff?" Ron asked.

"Yeah but it's cheaper and the car means more to you than a disposable toy if you do it yourself," Dean told him.  He backed the huge SUV down the driveway and out onto the road, taking it to the auto store.  He waved at the guards, who waved back with a tolerant look.   He took them to the store, watching them look so confused at all the boxes.  The guy behind the counter grinned at them.  "Teaching them how to work on one using my brother's new Shelby."

"What year?"

"2007.  It doesn't need parts beyond a better radio.  Just the usual."

"Aisle four, sir."  Dean nodded, taking them that way.  He got the redhead a basket so they could load up.  "We've got a special on oil."

"She upgraded to the racing package," Dean told him.

"Hmm.  Nice."

"Higher spoiler too," Dean said with a grin.   He got what they needed, and grabbed a bottle of detergent too.  Ron looked confused.  "So we can wash it before we paint it, Ron.  The paint won't go as well if it's dirty."

"Are you going to order the new paint through us?" the guy asked.

"Not sure yet.  We're deciding between charcoal gray and dark green.  How much will it run to order it?"  He got him the listed prices.  "Thanks, dude."  He brought the basket up to check out.  Ron held up the can of nuts.  "Sure, get it for Xander.  I'll show him how to change his oil too."  The guy behind the counter laughed.  "He's a bit spoiled.  It's his SUV.  It has such heavy shielding you have to have special tools to get into the engine to do that."  He took the bags.  "Okay, let's hit the house."  They nodded, following him back to the SUV.

"Cute kids," he said with a grin. "Clearly a family thing."

Dean drove them back, stopping to pick up the thing that Don called to ask about on the way.  It was the least he could do.  He parked and got out, pulling the boys over to help him and Sammy.  Their father had taught them well.  "Xander," Dean called.  "Front and center so you learn too."  The younger boys all smirked at that.

Xander came over.  "I can test my own oil.  I can't do it on the SUV, but I can do it."

"Now I'm going to show you how to flush your system and do all of that."  They all nodded.  "We need a few buckets or something."

Xander went to get a few dishpans, bringing them out.  Dean poured the two-liters of coke into one.  The other got some water.  The boys groaned when they saw why.  "Yeah, it'll eat grease and rust as well as taste good.  You can't drink it after you do this though."  He settled in to scrub some of the parts with the boys.

"We need a new gasket," Dean told Sam.

"Anything else?"

Dean looked then nodded.  "New spark plugs, Sammy."

"On it."  He went to pick those up in the Impala.  He came back and they settled in to work on it.  "How were paint prices?"

"Not cheap," Dean told him.

"The place I got the SUV wasn't bad," Xander offered.  "They offer special painting services."

"Maaco," Dean told him.  "Get it done for about four hundred if you pick a standard paint color."  He looked at his mentor with a grin.  "Standard things are all right, Xander.  Really.  They can probably even do it by the next day."  He handed Ron something else.  "Only clean the end."  Ron nodded and did that with the small brush.  Sam got down to help them scrub the parts clean.  Dean finished his flushing the system and started to reassemble things.  Xander took the full containers of oil and other fluids into the garage so he could dispose of it properly later on.  The boys helped a lot.  By the end of the day they were sweaty and tired but Dean had taught them all basic engine theory.  Plus necessary skills about how to check your fluids, how to add more oil, how not to spill it when adding oil.  He even taught them about tire rotation and how to check for air pressure.

Xander sent them to clean up for dinner, ordering something since he was tired.  They went in to flop down in front of the tv.  "You sure you want to go somewhere that cheap, Dean?"

"It's not a bad paint job.  If we had a power painter I'd do it on my own."

"Think you could use a regular power painter?"

"You know, I don't know.  I'd have to ask Bobby that."  He called him.  "Can we use a regular house paint sort of power painter to paint Sammy's new car?"  He listened.  "That'll work.  Thanks."  He hung up.  "We can rent one from a lot of the auto places.  He wasn't sure if the paint would be too thick."  Xander nodded.  The boys came out to flop down.  Danny came in about the same time as the food so he brought it out to them.  "Thanks."

"She's not a bad looking car, guys," he said with a grin.

"We were talking about how to paint her," Dean told him.

"Doing it yourself or having it done?"

"Probably doing it ourselves," Sam said, digging out a slice of pizza.  "Thanks, Xander."

"Not a problem, Sam.  It's been a long day."  The boys groaned but fed their growing boy stomachs.  He smiled at Danny.  "Big day at the lab?"

"Long day at the lab.  No new cases so we had paperwork to clear up."

"Poor baby.  Let me eat and I'll work on your arms."

Sam and Dean both got out of his way.  Just in case he pounced.  The younger three shared a look then took the rest of that pizza back to their realm.  Dean and Sam fled with theirs when it moved to kissing.

Xander looked around.  "Awww, we ran them off."

Danny smirked.  "Naughty you."  He fed him another slice and settled in to watch tv with him.  "You guys have fun?"

"I think they learned a lot.  I learned stuff I didn't know.  Dean's a really good mechanic."  He nibbled a bite, leaning against his side.  "I made sure nothing got onto the grass."

"Good."  He smiled down at his boy's head.  "Don'll be home soon."

"There's a few slices left."

"We can save him some.  He had court and then paperwork all day."  He gave him a hug, letting Xander rest against his side.  "Are we doing the painting here?"

"I think that's the plan.  I'll make them put a tarp down so nothing gets on the grass.  That way we don't have to worry about the animals getting into it."

"That's not a bad thing.  Will the community rulers be annoyed?"

"Two houses up on the street behind us has a guy who restores them in his garage.  Ours is outside but it shouldn't.  We're not being really noisy.  I'm making sure nothing spills.  I'll take the old oil and things to a garage tomorrow so they can dispose of it properly."

"Good boy."

Don strolled in undoing his tie.  "The Shelby's looking good."

"They're going to repaint it.  Dean taught us all about how to rebuild an engine after we flushed and cleaned it."

"It's a good skill.  If your SUV didn't have all the heavy panel shielding you could do that."

"There's no way someone's going to blow up this SUV," he said dryly.

"True."  He took a kiss.  "How did the boys do?"

"Ron and Draco were picking on each other so Harry threatened them both with the oil being poured over their heads.  They're eating in the other house."

He sat down to take his slices.  "Dean and Sam head home for the night?"  Danny nodded with a grin. "Good, that means they're not in the way of pouncing.  Sam hates it when I pounce you and he's sitting next to you."

"I think that's why they fled," Xander teased.

"Good of them."  He took a kiss and ate his dinner, then pulled Xander into his lap.  "I've had a paperwork day."  Xander cooed and got to work on his shoulders, kissing him as he worked on the cramps there and in his arms.  Danny got the same treatment.  Don went in to run them a shower so they could have some wet cuddles then they could go to bed that night.


Sam walked out to the guard shack.  "Guys, you left a note for Xander about us?"

"We were wondering what you guys were doing with the new car."

"It's mine.  I'm restoring it."  He grinned.  "It had a small accident.  We're down to only needing to paint and I'll be putting a tarp underneath her before I do that.  Xander made sure nothing hit the grass."

"We'd be happier if it was in a garage."

"His won't fit it."

"I know.  Are you going to keep doing this?"

"Nope.  Just this one.  Then I'll be giving the three younger students driving lessons with Dean."

"That could help them."  He looked at him.  "Only painting?"

"We haven't had to bang anything back into shape."

"We realized that.  Xander called his garage to come pick up the oil and stuff since he wasn't sure he couldn't carry it and not spill it."  Sam grinned at that.  "Fine.  Next time, at least put up an awning over it.  That way you can say it is inside if someone nags."

"Who nagged?"

"The new family moving into the house that used to have the tree.  They're three older women who moved in together from up north."

"I'll warn Xander not to sunbathe nude in the backyard then."

"That might please them, yes."

Sam grinned.  "They won't get him to stop being him."

"We already had one call about sword practice this morning.  They panicked that it was a domestic dispute."

"No, it's training.  You can tell them Xander's working on their self defense and other skills."

"We did.  Thank you, Sam."

"Welcome."  He walked off, going back to the kitchen.  "Xander, tree lady's house was bought."

"I heard someone doing some renovating the other day."

"Three older ladies from up north who retired together."


"He didn't say.  He did say that they panicked about sword practice this morning."

"Oops but oh well.  I'll bring over some goodies later and tan in the front yard for a while."  He smirked.  "They yell about the car?"

"The ladies aren't fond of us fixing it up.  I assured him it's the only one.  He said next time put it under an awning so you could say it was inside."

"That's fine.  Draco, you and Harry go pick things for a welcome to the neighborhood present."  They found a basket from the piles under the sink and went to do that.  Xander handed Sam a sandwich.  "Dean doing the shop alone today?"

"For about another hour.  Then I was going to bring the boys in with you to help them buy their first one."

Xander nodded.  "That's cool."  He grinned a little bit.  "I'll be dressed by then."

"Go shower now so your hair has time to dry before you go visiting."  Xander went to do that.  Sam helped Ron arrange the welcoming basket once they were back.  Xander had been making cookies so he added half of those.  The rest the boys scarfed down like they were starving.  But all four of them were boys so it was normal.  Xander came out dressed in real clothes.  "I put in some of the cookies."

"Thankfully I was going to make a few more batches," he teased.  "Get dressed.  We're going visiting then to Dean's shop."  They went to do that.  Ron had to borrow a good shirt, all his were in the wash.  He still needed help figuring out the washer now and then.  Xander got his keys to the SUV, and they headed out together.  Sam made sure the house was locked up.  The dogs were lounging in the living room anyway.  They walked out the gate with a wave for the guards and next door, smiling at the older woman who answered.  "Hi, I'm Xander.  I live next door with my two boys and my students.  These are Ron, Harry, Draco, and Sam.  I train them."  He handed over the basket with a smile.  "I hope you're a better neighbor than the last one.  She burned down our garage because her tree fell on it."

She smiled.  "I heard that story.  Do you have time for tea?"

"Not today.  I'm taking the boys to get their first weapons and then out to the farm.  But how about tomorrow afternoon?  I don't have anything planned and I make a mean pot of tea."

She nodded.  "I could like that, Xander.  Thank you.  We saw you practicing this morning."

Xander grinned.  "It's a great workout."  She nodded at that.  "So we'll see you then.  Come over whenever you're ready.  I'll be bored all day."  He beamed and walked off with the boys to get the SUV and drive off.

She went inside.  "I met that strange boy next door and some of his students," she told the others.

"Really?  Was he nice?"

"Very."  She put down the basket.  "He invited us over for tea tomorrow.  Anytime we want to come over.  He said he'll be bored tomorrow."

"I noticed the sword work."

"He said it's a good workout and he's taking those three younger ones to get their first weapons today then out to their farm."

"Ah," the oldest one said.  She looked and took a cookie to nibble.  "He does make a good cookie."  The others dug into the basket.  The fruit was much appreciated.  "Do we think he might be a Goddess worshiper too?" she asked them.

"He does cultivate a good orchard," the youngest said.

The one that had answered the door smiled and nodded.  "That shirt he was wearing showed a tattoo through the thin fabric.  One to Cupid."  The others smiled.  "I'm fairly certain he's gay since he did say he had boys and students."

"Aww, that's cute," the youngest said.  "Maybe we won't have any problems then."

"He did say he wanted better relations than he had with the one with the tree."

They all laughed and nodded.  They could handle that.  They weren't that mean.


Xander walked the boys into the store, nodding at Dean.  Sam walked them over to the area Dean had said to let them shop in.  "Okay, boys.  You're each getting your first gun today.  You'll be expected to keep it clean, practice on it.  Practice on the others' now and then too just in case it's needed.  So think about what you've been doing at the range and how each gun you've tried weighed and felt in your hands."

Harry went for something smaller, something that he could conceal if necessary.  Ron tried the same size but it was too small for his hand so he went up to something larger.  Draco got his from the one he liked best at the range.

Sam looked them over.  "Ron, that's a different caliber, that means you'll have to buy bullets just for your gun."  He pointed at something.  "Try that.  It's the same size but a bit less weighty."  Ron tried it and grimaced at the grip.  "Hmm.  Try this one," he offered, handing it off.

Dean came over and pointed at one.  "Ron, Draco, try those."

"I liked this one," Draco told him.  "It fits well.  It's fairly pretty."

Harry looked at his.  "Is that the same caliber?"  Dean nodded.  He looked at the ones Dean pointed at, letting Ron feel it.  Then the second one.  That one had a smoother grip.

"The rougher grip could help if you're sweaty," Dean told him.  "Smooth ones can get slippery."

"I shouldn't have to use it that often though," Ron reminded him.  "Range times to stay in practice and if we're taken again."

"Good point," Sam agreed.  "That's not a bad gun.  Both choices are nice.  Which one do you like better?"

Ron weighed them in his hands, then picked the one Dean had liked.  Dean knew guns so he'd trust him.  "Is it hard to maintain?"

"No, it's very unfussy about that.  Draco's got a fussier one with an extra part."  He let him see that.  Draco nodded at that.  "So it'll click twice when you pull the hammer back."

"That's fine," he agreed.  He tried the other one.  "That's heavier.  I need something light with my wrists."  He looked up.  "I wasn't meant for menial labor.  My wrists are delicate."

"Remember, you have to practice with theirs," Xander told him.

"That's fine."  He looked at Harry's.  It was fairly standard looking from what he could tell.  It was an automatic and his was a revolver.  "Is his accurate and all that?"

"It's a good gun," Sam told him.

"Not bad for a beginner's gun.  Some officers carry that model but it's not something that a heavy shooter would use.  It'll probably wear out within five or six years with just practice time."  He let Harry handle another one.  "Try that.  It's a bit big for your hand but it might work."

Harry checked that one over.  "Too heavy.  I'd like something I can carry if I have to."

"That's what holsters are for," Sam told him with a grin.  "So you don't have to worry about them in a pocket."  Harry nodded, looking at another one.  That one was nice.  A revolver as well.  It was heavier.  Dean got Harry one from the same company but in an automatic.  Harry beamed at that one.  It felt good to him.  "Same caliber as theirs so that's not a problem."

"That's a fairly standard officer carried gun," Dean told him.  "It's meant to take abuse daily if you need to."  He looked at Draco's.  "Yours will stand up fine for years to come if you take care of it well enough.  I've seen older versions of that one handed down through generations."

"I know how to take care of it."

Ron looked at his.  "Mine's going to be sturdy, right?"

"It should be as long as you take care of it, yes," Dean told him.  They all nodded at that.  "Then let's do the paperwork, guys.  It'll take three days to get it back then you can have your guns and pick out holsters and things."  Xander paid for them and let Dean tag them for each of them.  Xander helped fill out the paperwork and they headed off to go to the farm.  He looked at the hunter with a grin.  "That was Xander and his current students."

"They looked a bit familiar."

"Some demon canceled a poker debt to Xander to tell him about Harry," Sam said with a grin.  "Met the new neighbors he has.  Three older women moved into tree lady's house."

"Are they going to cause a problem?"

"I don't think so.  They panicked over their sword practice but otherwise it seems okay.  We brought over a welcoming basket.  They're coming for tea at Xander's tomorrow."

"Xander does have the house warded very well.  If they're trouble, we'll know almost immediately."

"The one who answered the door caught sight of the tattoo on his side.  She gave it a long look."

"They show through that shirt," Dean agreed.  "Did she seem shocked or horrified?"

"No.  I have the feeling they're a different branch."

"It would be nice to have him have good neighbors again.  Any word on that demolished house?"

"Nope, not yet.  So, Dave, how's your year been?"

"Not bad.  Are you guys enjoying this?"

"It keeps us near Xander for when the next higher demon tries to take him," Sam told him.

"Or us," Dean agreed.  "Because they do try now and then."

"You know, Xander's going to get to celebrate not having been taken for a whole month for the third time next week."

"That's good.  Maybe it'll slow down."

Dave stared at them.  "You two are insane."

"Not really.  Xander draws demons," Dean told him.  "Very high ones who want him as a pet."

"We heard about that problem of his and yours, Winchester."

"Both of ours," Sam admitted.  "Dad would've freaked majorly."

"If it had come out when we were younger, he would've used it to kill that one sooner and then killed the rest that came for us," Dean agreed.  Dave snickered.  "Anyway, we're pretty well set up to handle things in Miami.  Xander's two boyfriends are officers.  We know a good many in the lab and homicide."

"That demon still insists that he killed you."

"Demons lie," Dean said bluntly.  "He hurt us, he didn't kill us."

"So no soul deal, nothing like that?"  Dean and Sam both shook their heads.  "Someone said something about seeing you guys heal."

"It was a gift from a demon that wants us and Xander to be his playmates.  That way we last longer.  We killed him already but it hasn't stopped it," Sam told him.

Dave gave him a funny look.  "You're kidding, right?"  Dean shook his head.  "You let it do that?"

"We woke up like this," Dean told him.  "We had no idea until Xander told us.  That's when we started training with him.  He's very good with a sword.  He's the one I got my battleaxe from.  It used to be his when he was out in Sunnydale."

"That's a bad town."

"Very, and the team split over their egos and mental problems," Sam told him.  "We talk to a guy named Oz out there all the time.  He's one of Xander's few friends out there."  He looked at Dean.  "Remember that robot guy?  He went to school with him."

"From what I know about Sunnydale, that doesn't really surprise me."

"Someone made a Buffy robot."


"Same geek trio."  He smirked.  "Sex and other things probably."

"Can't they go out to find sleazy women?"

"Some geeks can't," Sam told him.  "They're socially awkward so they can't talk to real women."

"There's gotta be a class that can help them," Dave told him.  "Because having sex with robots is pathetic."

"This one, you couldn't tell it wasn't human.  Including responses," Sam told him with a small shrug.  "Xander saw a tape of it."

"I still say it's pathetic."

"Yeah, but they're the same guys who built that huge one that attacked the convention right after the invasion," Dean told him.  "The agents watching the convention were not amused."

"Neither was Xander," Sam reminded him, getting a grin.  "Then he came home to find his house broken into so he went to deal with the thugs and make them beg for jail."

"How does a guy like *that* know thugs?" Dave asked.

"He plays poker with them," Dean said matter-of-factly.  "Sammy's got an admirer among them.  She's an assassin."

Sam nodded.  "Andrea's really nice if you can get past her job.  She's funny, a bit sweet.  Doesn't mind us hunting.  Said it's the same thing she does for a living."  He looked at Dean.  "She did a background check."

"That's smart of her."  He looked at Dave again.  "I've joined Xander for a few hands now and then too.  He's nice, he was losing the other day for some reason."

"He said it's nearly tax time so they needed it back to pay their taxes," Sam told him.  "The last time I played, the guys were whining that now there's three of us who win too much in the circle.  All Xander's fault of course since he brought us in."

Dean nodded.  "That makes sense in many strange ways."  They grinned at Dave again. "He's a great cook too.  You should ask Bobby.  They talked when he was out."

"He said he met him.  He was a bit flighty; a spoiling, long haired, overactive guy who treated you two like family until something happened then he calmly shot the demon and went back to spoiling everyone at the family picnic."

"Basically, yeah," Sam agreed with a grin.  "That's about normal though."  Dean nodded to back that up.  Someone came in.  "Welcome to our store.  Need help finding anything?"

"Do you carry hunting license forms?"

Dean found one and held it up.  "We can file it for you too."

"That's okay.  Thank you."  He took it to look over.  "Went up again this year."

"Everything does," Dean agreed.  "But still, twenty-five so you can eat for six months?  Not bad."

"No, not bad."  He walked out to fill it out at home.

Dean looked at Dave.  "We're not doing bad here.  Steve said we're doing about average for new speciality businesses."

"With the sales to the boys, that paid the rent this month," Sam told him.

"It did, didn't it."  He grinned.  "So not bad for being in business for a few weeks."

Dave shook his head.  "You two are going nuts."

"Nah, Xander only warped us a little bit," Sam offered with a grin.  "Otherwise I'd have longer hair and Dean can do those dances he does *really* well.  We could make tons of money if he'd do them in public.  We'd have to stop any orgies that started but we could make tons of money."

"Not to mention fighting off stalkers," Dean joked with a smirk.  "I think we could grow your hair out some.  With more practice, you'd do nearly as good as Xander does."

"Do I wanna know about this dancing stuff?" Dave asked.

"It leads back to a unique form of sword fighting," Dean told him.  "The dances teach you the proper moves.  It's how they teach teenage boys where Xander learned it."

"It's just kinda arousing," Sam added.

Dean nodded.  "Yeah, that's why the last three demons wanted us.  Adam said family sparring session Sunday."

"We're not open on Sundays anyway," Sam agreed.  "Then I start classes."

"After practice maybe we'll hit a beach with the boys?  Give Xander's boys time to wear him out before dinner?"

"Draco might appreciate picking up the scantily clad cuties again," Sam agreed.  "Harry too since he was broadcasting."

"Those three have got to get that figured out soon.  I know Xander's wanted to lock them in a room together."

"They'll figure it out, Dean.  Even if the witch did bind them together without their consent."

"How?" Dave asked.

"Hermione did it," Dean admitted.  "She wasn't happy that she was seeing someone on the side and Ron caught her.  He broke up with her."

"Did someone have a talk with her?"

Sam gave him an evil grin.  "Xander sent his former friend Willow a note about her and vengeance things so she could straighten the poor thing out."

A demon appeared, staring at him.  "We had given up hope that you'd fulfill that prophecy."

"I'm not," Sam said dryly, pulling his gun.  The demon moved before he could shoot it.  Dean got it.  "Sorry, I'm just mildly warped.  There's no way anyone's going to get me to lead an evil army."  He looked at Dave.  "Blessed sword with a destiny to lead an army of evil to it's demise."

"Where did you get that?"

"Xander," Dean said.

"Why?" he demanded, nearly whining.

"It was a present to him," Dean said with a grimace.  "How do we deal with your kind?  Sammy, do they dissolve in water or does it take hydrochloric acid?"

"Acid unfortunately."  He went to get some from their hunting kit in the trunk, pouring it over the body.  An officer wandered in and paused.  Sam let him see that it wasn't human.

"I've seen Harris destroying things like that for us.  Wolfe too," he said, going for the bullets.  "Do we have this year's licenses in for hunting, Mr. Winchester?"

"Sure do.  Fees went up."

"They usually do," he agreed dryly, bringing his box up.  Dean gave him the discount, the form, then bagged his bullets.  "Usually we have to see ID."

Dean pointed at the badge.  "That is ID.  You're supposed to be carrying a gun."

"What about state boys?  Do you know theirs?" he asked.

"Yeah, and I can duplicate their ID cards too," Dean said with an evil smirk.  The guy laughed at that.  "I remember you from pulling Sammy out of that limo last year when they wanted him and Xander."

"That was me."  He walked over the demon.  "Have fun burying that."

"It'll be ashes here in a minute," Sam said with a grin.  "Thanks for not freaking out."

"Hell, they come for Harris, so why not his students."  He left them alone.

Dean leaned on the counter.  The demon was dusting into ashes.  Sam went to get the dust buster.  "That's pretty neat of them."

Dave gave him a horrified look.  "No wards, no salt lines?"

"There are.  Their type you have to have specific wards against that species.  Sometimes just that clan," Sam told him.  "We have all the general ones.  We can take out anything else that makes it inside."

"Did you know the other planes of demons had their own police?" Dean asked him.  "They're kinda nice.  They keep rescuing Xander."

"You two are seriously screwed up."  A rock pile looking demon appeared wearing a badge.  "They come when you call?"

"I came for the ashes.  His mother will not be pleased," the demon told him.  Sam handed over the dust buster's cup with a smile.  "I'll tell her he bothered you, Samuel."  He disappeared again.

"See?" Dean asked.  "They take care of anything that's not too high born."

"Anything too ancient or powerful they can't handle but most of the time Xander does it for them," Sam told him.  "Plus they like to rescue Xander.  It frustrates them sometimes but he always has a good time destroying demon realms.  That's how he owns about five now."

"Too many more and someone's going to try to put him on the High Council," Dean said dryly.  "Then he'll have to pick a surrogate to vote for him."

"That's one way to end demonic slavery," Sam told him.


Dave shook his head quickly.  "Is it just being in Miami?"

"It's Xander," Dean said with a grin.  "His life is insane."

"Clearly."  He got what he needed.  "Let me hit my motel for the night, guys.  Thank you."

"Welcome, Dave.  Remember what we can mail to you if you need us to.  If not, we might be able to have Draco magic-gram it if it's an emergency."

"Sure, Dean.  Nice seeing you again too, Sam."  He walked out, going back to his motel to call Bobby from that safety.  "You didn't say the boys were insane!"  Bobby told him why, in graphic detail about the demons who wanted the boys and Xander for their pets.  "So they're wanted more now than before?  John would be spinning in his grave if he wasn't ashes."  He relaxed, letting the normal person calm him down.  Maybe he'd mail in orders after all.


Dean finished washing the new car in the family with the boys, stepping back to give it one last swipe with the old towel.  "Good job, boys."

"Don't they have bikini clad women who do this?" Ron asked.

"Only in some places and they're expensive," Dean told him with a grin.  "But very nice.  Even if you can't hit on them."  He looked at Sam.  "Charcoal gray?"  He nodded.  "Did we price where it's going to be cheapest?"

"The auto place Xander got his SUV from.  Us doing it would cost about an extra hundred.  They've got that color in stock so it won't cost any extra."

"Sure.  How long will it take?  You start classes tomorrow."

"About two days."  He shrugged.  "We can handle tomorrow, Dean."

"If you're sure."  He tossed over the keys.  "Take it there."  Sam grinned, getting in and heading that way.  "Then when it comes back he can give you three driving lessons.  I helped with his and they killed my nerves.  It's his turn," he said at Harry's grin at him.  "Dad was on a hunt, someone had to teach Sammy in case he had to get away from a demon.  Since I'm a fantastic big brother, I taught him how to drive and how to pick up women."  He put an arm around Draco's shoulders.  "You'll do fine driving."

"Do you think Xander would let us borrow the corvette?" he asked.

"Probably not.  The corvette is his baby.  The same as the Impala's mine.  He might help you find something though."  He gave him a squeeze then let him go.  "Go get dry, boys.  Dinner's probably soon."

"Xander said he's too tired to cook tonight," Ron said with a grimace.  "Draco threatened to order for us."

Dean walked into the house, finding Xander limp on the couch.  "Herbed?" he guessed.

"No.  Just tired."

Dean leaned down to look into his eyes.  "Bullshit, Xander."  Xander blinked at him.  "Clearly magiced then.  Boys, can you tell the coven I'm bringing Xander in to see what funky spell this is?"

"There's no spell," Xander protested.  "Even I can be tired."

"I'm sure you are," he agreed, hauling him up.  He walked him out to the corvette.  He was the only one outside of Xander's boys who got to drive the baby.  He got him in and took him to the store.  If he was sick, his healing would've taken care of it already.  It wasn't a long trip to the store on a Sunday afternoon so they were quickly there.  He got out and walked Xander inside to put him in front of the head witch.  "He actually said he was too tired to cook."

She looked at Dean.  "I'm sure it can happen to even your kind, Dean."

"His boys are working overtime and weren't home last night due to a stakeout," he said dryly.

"Interesting."  She found what she needed to see what was going on then smirked.  "Someone has something sympathetic and is using it."

"That statue?" he guessed.

"No, not the statue.  Something else."  She found his summoning necklace and rubbed it, getting the vampire detective, who grimaced at Xander.  "Who has the sympathetic thing?"

"Two of the lesser ones who believe that he's part quarth demon.  They're wrong and we've told them so.  They won't relent.  They think this means he'll come to them to let them own him."

"I'll go to them to destroy them," Xander assured him.  He yawned.

"Why don't you let me and Sammy do that for you?" he suggested.

"No, it's about me.  I can," Xander promised.  "I'm just tired."  He yawned again.

Dean shook his head, walking him out to the corvette then coming back inside.  "Where and how are they killed?"

"They're related to a few of the other officers so I can't tell you that part.  As for where?  They're on a subrealm for their kind.  It'll be a hell of a fight if you and Sam go."

Dean grimaced.  "If he went?"

"He could probably magically trace the contagion of the thing that they made."

"Can we?" he asked the witch.

"Draco can.  I'm fairly certain Harry can.  I'm not sure about Ron.  He might be able to too."

"Huh."  He considered it then texted his brother.  Who sent back that he was in the tub but he could get out and pack a bag for them.

"It could take weeks," the detective warned.

"That'd probably suck," he decided.  "Maybe we can send Ryan?"

The witch giggled.  "He might like that.  He's been frustrated recently."  Xander got out of the car and wobbled then disappeared after looking up.  "I think he went to a temple.  Not real sure though."

Dean smirked.  "If so, we might hear."  He looked at the detective.  "Can we stop them some other way, like legally?  Since Xander's been proven not to be a quarth and he had no interest in being kept?"

"We need him to file papers."

Dean nodded.  "Can we fill them out and have him sign them?"

"That we can do."  He went to do that and find the boy while he finished filling them out.  He found him at a temple and popped there, handing over the papers to Lord Strife since Xander was asleep on his thigh.  "Sign so I can arrest the little brats."

Strife looked then signed.  "Destroy it."

"Gladly.  I know they used some of his former hair that got cut."  He disappeared to file for that arrest warrant with the demonic courts.  They wanted the proof he wasn't a quarth so he pulled up a taped copy of him teaching the quarth his dance and them teaching him his.  "If he was, he could do them."

The judge nodded.  "He's not quarth.  What is he?"


"Oh, dear.  That's the one who keeps destroying others?"  Mystick nodded, looking smug.  "Please stop them before we have to hear their clan wailing in misery for decades."  He handed over the warrant, letting him handle it.  That was going to get very messy.  Someone would have to handle some political fall out.


Dean took the item the boys had made, setting it on fire after looking it over.  The witch said it'd be fine to do.  Break the link to break the spell.  Xander started to wake up.  So Dean let him sleep and went over the warding marks around the house again.  He looked outside, finding a young hellhound staring at him.  "Shoo," he hissed.

Xander blinked at him.  "Who?"


Xander came over to look, letting it sniff him.  It lapped then disappeared.  "They think I taste like candy."  He went back to the couch.  "Thanks, Dean."

"Welcome, Xander.  You rest."  He made sure the house was sealed up before heading back to his apartment.  Sammy was out of the tub, finally, and cooking dinner.  "Xander's fine now."

"Good."  He handed over a plate.  "I was keeping it warm."

"You make a good wife," Dean teased with an evil smirk.

"I might decide to be one some century," Sam said dryly.  "Then you can complain about having a brother-in-law."  He sat down to watch the local and national news while he ate.  Dean came out to eat on the couch too.  "Any new problems?"

"Not yet."

"Good."  They ate, relaxing before they had to restart their second identity as a harmless gun shop owner and a college student tomorrow.

The End.

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