Notes:  set at the end of the hp/spn outtake story but before the epilogue where they move.

Moving Home the Boredom.

Xander looked at his students.  They all looked kinda bored too.  It might be a good week.  "Dean, have you looked that stuff over yet?"

"I have and it seems doable.  I need to talk to Steve though.  I have no idea how to really do anything that complicated."

Xander beamed.  "He's bored too."  Harry let out a quiet whimper, getting glared at by Sam, who was still a bit grumpy this morning.  "We all get bored sometimes, Harry."

"If you say so.  I think we'll have a long time before we get really bored again, Xander.  We've got all sorts of things to catch up on."  Draco gave him a dirty look.  "Not like you know how to use an ATM or a computer, Malfoy."  The ex-girlfriend that had bound the three of them had been very mean to make him permanently a part of Ron Weasley and Draco Malfoy's lives.  If they didn't quit annoying him, he'd solve that little problem some night but for now he could stand them, at least for a few more weeks.  "Plus I think we need to work some things out soon."

"You guys are more than welcome to use the other house, Harry."

"Just be careful in case that stupid demon comes back," Dean quipped.  "Last time he thought Sammy was cute."

"I'm very cute," Sam assured him.  "Not into demons but very cute."  Dean snorted.  "I am."

"Guys," Ron complained.  "You two need to quit picking on each other.  Even the twins don't pick on each other that much.  It's what makes people think you're closer than brothers."

Dean shrugged.  "Let them speculate, Ron.  They can pant and have wet dreams all they want."  Harry went bright red.  "I know I talked to you about those, kiddo."

"You did," he said, clearing his throat, hoping the blush was going away.  Draco gave him an amused look.  "What?"

"We need to get you some more varied experience, Potter."  Ron tapped his bracelet.  "I don't care if he does or not."  He looked at Xander.  "If we use the house over there, will it inconvenience anyone?"

"Nope, but we might be coming through to pick from the orchard over there," Xander told him.

"That wouldn't bother us too much.  It's your house," Draco pointed out dryly.  "Though we do have to arrange things with the goblins."

"I can have Steve take you to do that, Draco."  He texted Steve's phone saying that the students needed help with financial stuff, to come over once he got up.  He looked at Dean and Sam.  "We can find you a nice shop with good security.  You can put hunting supplies in the back if you want.  That way those who know can come to you for necessary stuff."

"That'd help," Dean agreed.  "We talked to Ellen and Bobby last night.  They know but Ellen's very wary of this stuff and the only other immie hunting demons laughed his butt off.  He said he goes to a completely new life outside of hunting then comes back in two generations."

"That's probably safer," Xander agreed.  "But you only have the demon's word that you were killed by him.  Some of them do lie."

"Which she put around but they're still thinking we took a deal to get out of hell," Sam said grimly.  "Which we didn't."

Xander grinned at him.  "We'll figure it out, Sam."  He patted him on the wrist.  He heard a car pull in and looked outside.  "That's Steve.  Draco, are you going in that?"  He went to change into a better wizarding outfit.  He looked at Dean and Sam.  "Look at it this way, guys.  It could be a lot worse.  It could've been on film and outed hunting or any number of worse ways.  Including a car accident that exposed us to cops and the press.  Plus ruined the Impala."

"True," Dean agreed.  "It didn't hurt the car or out any of us."  He nodded at Steve when he came in.  "Hey.  We need advice and so does Draco."

"We need to get the system to give them official ID's too," Xander told him.  "Adam said he could work on the immigration paperwork."

"He's already come to get the system this morning," Steve said, nodding at Draco as he came down the stairs.  "We're taking you to the bank, right?"  Draco nodded.  He looked at Dean.  "Then we'll go over the business plans Xander's drawn up for you two.  See how it works for you."  Dean and Sam both nodded.  "And work on other identities for you in case we have to."  He patted Dean on the back.  "It'll work itself out.  But for now, keep Xander from being so bored?"

"If we can," Dean agreed dryly.

"Thank you.  Let's get the shorter stop out of the way first.  C'mon, Draco.  Then we'll sit down to talk about what skills you boys will have to learn to fit in like you were born here."  He took him to the portal Xander opened out back, going to the bank.  The goblins saw him and one came running out.  "I'm not here for Xander today.  I'm helping this one, who is one of Xander's students."

"We've heard," he promised, leading them off to his office.  "Mr. Malfoy, much fuss has been going on since you left home."

"It happens but the demon bitch Granger bound the three of us after we made the stupid demon summoner undo it.  All because she was cheating on Weasley and he caught her."  He sat down.  "Potter's not comfortable there, Weasley will follow him anywhere, and I got outvoted."

"It's probably safer anyway since the newest Minister has been afflicted by veela lust."  Draco grimaced at that, shuddering slightly.  "Indeed.  Let me get an accounting of the Malfoy fortune from your usual branch and we'll have it moved here.  It's much safer; no matter who tries things they cannot get into your vaults."

"That's why we moved Xander's money here," Steve told him.  "Demons tried to play with his money a few times to make him want to come to them.  It made Xander make a lot of messes of some demon realms."

"Which is good for his account balance," the goblin told him.  "I'll get his monthly statement at the same time.  That way you can look it over."  He went to do that.  That whole group gave them some interesting challenges and let some of the younger curse breakers study some very interesting areas to keep demons out.  It benefitted the whole banking system because that new knowledge was tested here then put onto the ususal accounts for a fee.


Xander smiled as he led the boys into the warehouse.  "Okay, this is the weapon's warehouse, extended version."

Dean looked around then at him, then at Harry, Ron, and Draco.  "Expanding spells?" he guessed.

"Bloody big ones," Ron said in awe.  "What're those?"

"Weapons," Harry said with a small sigh.  "Are we counting?"

"You three have to learn how to use one for your own safety," Dean told him.  "Sammy and I are going to count them while you four go to the gun range."  Xander nodded, bouncing some.   "Where's the stuff for our store, Xander?"  He pointed at a whole stack of boxes.  "Cool, thanks."  They went to look it over.  Then they'd count heavier weapons.  "How much is going to Calleigh this time?"

"Um.... shouldn't have to.  Horatio only wants a new count, Dean."

"Uh-huh."  He picked up something, making Xander hiss but shake his head.  "At least it's not fully put together and counting."

"No it's not."  He took the bomb to look over.  "Okay, well, if we find any more....."

"I'll bring it to Horatio and call him to meet me somewhere," he promised.  "Plus use gloves."  That got a nod.  Xander picked out light, good training guns for the boys and some bullets, taking them to the gun range.  Dean waited until they were gone to call Horatio.  "It's Dean.  How busy are you today?"  He listened, grimacing some.  "No, I'd only trust one of the family with this one.  We found someone had left Xander a fairly complex looking bomb in the warehouse."  He smirked.  "But if you do that, then they'll try to confiscate it, Horatio.  Frank's fine if he's bored.  Thanks, man."  He hung up and went back to his counting.

Frank walked in ten minutes later and swore.  "Damn it!"

Dean leaned around a stack.  "What?"

"What's all this?"


"I knew that," he said with a scowl.


"Uh-huh.  Problem?"  Dean pointed at the bomb.    He looked.  "I don't know anything about those."

"It's not running.  Xander checked."

"Isn't he backed up?" Frank asked dryly.

"I made sure the explosive was disconnected, Frank."

"Fine."  He looked at the other piles.  "What're you doing?"

"Xander wants me to open a gun shop."  Frank let out a hysterical sounding laugh at that.  "Normal gun shop, none of his stuff.  He was buying us a starting inventory.  Then we're doing a weapons count."

"Does Horatio know how big this place is?"

"He said he's heard he was buying and for us to do a count."

"Uh-huh.  Why call me?"

"Horatio said he was busy, Frank," he offered with a grin.

Frank shuddered.  "That the only one?"

"Nope, found two others."  He pointed.  "Both disconnected or we'd have already had Bomb Squad here.  I'm not dumb or suicidal."

"Even better."  He looked.  "I can't fit those in the car."

"Call Calleigh.  He said he'd try to but she was off today."

"Is any of this going to her?"

"Depends on what we find."  He went over to start on the count.  Most everything was now labeled.  He, Sam, Xander, and Ray Junior had done that last time and apparently Ryan had kept it up when he bought new things.  A few things were in classified cases but they'd deal with those later.  Dean helped Frank get the bombs into his car's trunk.  One had to sit in the back seat but that was fine with him.  It's not like they'd stop Frank or something.  And hey, Xander wasn't delivering it this time, right?  Dean was working on the list when Calleigh came in and moaned.  He looked at her.  "Frank tell you about the bombs?"

"Horatio said to come help you with the count.  What's all this?"

"That pile's for my future gun shop Xander wants me to open."


"Some demon stabbed us then bragged," he said grimly.

"Oh.  Sorry."  She gave him a short hug then went to look.  "At least it's easily notated this time.  I'll start on the rifles."

"Sure.  I'm noting what's on the cards on this end."  She nodded, settling in to compare to the old count and keep going.  He had some nice things.  Too bad she wanted to take most of it from him.  He knew she did.  She kept moaning when she looked inside cases.


Horatio walked out to meet Dean in the parking lot.  "How bad?" he asked when Calleigh got out of the Impala too.  "Thank you for helping."

"He's clearly catching that hoarding problem, Horatio.  He's used expanding charms."

"I had hoped it wasn't that bad yet."

Dean snorted, handing him the printout they had gotten off the laptop.  "Sorry.  Frank do okay with the bombs?"

"A patrol cruiser spotted the bombs and pulled him over.  Frank had to tell him that they had been found and he was bringing them in for destruction.  They called a unit commander, who Frank told that Xander had found them.  They understood and escorted him."  He went back to the printout.  It was twice as thick as the last one.  "Why are there X's, Dean?"

"Those say classified."

"Jethro is going to throw a fit," he decided.

"A few we want to keep.  They're neat looking energy weapons.  Definitely not military issue."

Horatio stared at him.  "We'll see."  He went back to the list.  "How big is the warehouse?"

"Football field sized," she said grimly.  "Plus about three stories high.  He needs more bullets too.  He only has some for some of the guns."

Horatio sighed.  "All right.  I'll talk with him later about weeding it down."

Dean pointed at a mark he had put on after the note.  "Anything with that is beyond building destroying.  Some of those are also vehicle -mounted.  No idea why he has those.  Those are what I'd say are too big unless he's making a paramilitary unit to protect himself."

"Don't tempt him," he muttered, cracking Calleigh up.  "I see some of your marks as well?"

"Some that had problems in the same box or ones that he has multiple of.  He doesn't need two cases of rifles."

"Good point.  I'll talk with him.  We relocked it?" he asked her.

"Of course.  And changed the code."  He smiled at that, walking off to call the boy into his office.  She looked at Dean.  "We deserve ice cream."

"We do," he decided.  "My treat?  Someone might think it's a date," he teased with a grin.

"You're cute enough even if you are a bit too tough for my tastes, Dean."  She let him take her out to the ice cream place by her condo.  She could head home afterward.  That way she could coo over petting the weapons while having some personal time.  It wasn't every day a woman got to have  heavy artillery between her legs.


Horatio looked at Xander when he walked in.  "We have to talk about your collection again."

"Why?  I kept with the rules."

"Xander, you had to use an expanding charm," he said bluntly.  "Some of it is classified and some of it's vehicle-mounted."  He let him see the list.

"I don't remember buying half of this."

"Good, then we can weed some of that out," he said firmly.  Xander pouted.  "Don't try it."  Xander nodded, handing the list back.  "The ATF agent who looks over both our shoulders has set a firm limit.  Nothing stronger than what a sidewinder missile would do to a building.  That weeds out a good third of your artillery but leaves you a good range.  It does take all the classified weapons as well.  Though Dean did make a case for the strange energy weapons to stay.  I'll be talking to Jethro about that."

"He won't let me."

"He might and knows what it's like to protect you, Xander."  The younger man relaxed some.  "Calleigh also found some of the lesser weapons had some barrel faults and other problems so we can take those for destruction too."

"I don't remember buying some of those."

"Which is a problem, Xander.  They're not supposed to be able to get presents into that warehouse."

Xander grimaced but nodded.  "True."  He shifted.  "We can do that as long as I'm not left totally without."

"You won't be.  We all remember the time we were stolen because we confiscated everything."  Xander grinned slightly.  "Will you let us handle that part?"  Xander nodded.  "Good."  He smiled.  "How did the boys do on the gun range?"

"Crappy but better than I expected for a first day.  Ron's nearly on target.  Harry is on target but they did a lot of aiming work with their wands so they said it's about the same.  Draco asked about aiming charms to put on the bullets."  Horatio smirked.  "He's hitting the target but nowhere near the inner circle.  He'll get there."  He shifted again.  "I need a list of skills that we've got to train into them.  I know cooking, driving, computers, and those things."

"We can look at those.  People who work with physically disabled people have tasks lists that they train to so their people can live on their own.  We can start there."  Xander smiled and nodded.  "Right now I think it'll be fine.  Are we getting them licenses?"

"Adam got them state ID's because you can't do anything without a proper ID these days."

"Good point.  We'll look up that list later and go over what they can and can't already do.  Don't overload them by making them watch tv and getting them a cellphone today."

"I didn't.  I did get Ron some new clothes that weren't hand-me-downs.  Harry and Draco just sighed but oh well."

"Good boy.  Let me call Jethro down.  Can they borrow a room?"

"Sure.  Or they can have the hotel suite that somehow Steve said is mine."

"I'll talk to Steve.  Do an inventory of the present warehouse with the boys this week please.  Just in case."  Xander nodded, standing up.  "Thank you for being reasonable, Xander."

"As long as you're reasonable with me I'm good with it, Horatio.  I know I don't need anything vehicle-mounted."  That got a smile so he left.

Horatio started with Steve.  "What hotel suite?"  He listened, frowning some.  "Why?"  He nodded once.  "Let Jethro and his team use it?"  He smiled.  "Yes, someone gave him some things that were a bit too much.  Again.  Thank you, Steve."  He hung up and faxed Jethro a list to his email then he texted Greg to check Jethro's email for him.


Gibbs looked at his computer when it beeped but he was working on a map to help figure out where a missing Navy Sergeant went hiking.  "What's that, McGee?"

Greg's phone chirped.  He looked at the message.  "Horatio said Xander's gotten some higher presents.  There's a hotel suite we can borrow.  That's the new email."

McGee looked up.  "This list is horrifying, Boss.  I know some units who don't travel with this sort of ordinance."

Gibbs came over to look it over, growling some.  "Did he buy it?"

"No clue.   Horatio said some were presents," Greg said.  "We can find out."

"Let's find this missing one first then we'll find out."  They nodded, getting back to work.  Jethro erased the email before any of the official snoops found it.  Then he emptied his trash just in case too.  He didn't want to see Xander in prison for arms buying.  Though, spanked he could definitely see.  Hopefully he would get to see it soon.


Tony strolled into the weapon's warehouse, looking at Dean and Sam.  "Energy weapons?"

Dean pointed at a case he had moved to the back.  "They're unique looking and if possible we should keep at least one of each."

"I'd have to check.  I think I know where they came from."  He went to look.  Somehow Major Davis, the over-stressed liaison officer to that project that always wanted to know what he got from his kingdom of mines, had heard about the energy weapons.  He had described them very well.  "Bad news, these are beyond classified."

"So can we take two of each out of the boxes?" Dean suggested.

"I'll see.  He knows about Xander and his odd things; he might let him keep two of each."  He called.  "It's DiNozzo.  Are you local?  Because you were right but the boy wants to keep two of each type.  Three different types.  One kinda looks like what you were describing and two are spot-on."  Gibbs walked in and whimpered.  "No, that was the boss.  We're at Xander's weapons storage area.  Greenway.  That system, yes.  You can have Horatio bring you."  He hung up.  "We'll see, guys.  If possible.  He might not mind but we're not sure."  They nodded and showed Gibbs the stacks that Dean had done a preliminary sort on.  Tony saw another pile.  "What's these smaller boxes, guys?"

"Xander bought us stock for the gun shop we're opening."

Tony looked at Sam.  "Why?"

"Demons bragging that they killed us," Dean said dryly.

"Sorry.  Okay, we can leave those alone.  Calleigh and Horatio coming?"

"Yup, for whatever you guys don't take with you."

"We can do most of it," Gibbs assured him.  He came to look at the energy weapons.  "Those look strange."

"They're part of Davis's thing, boss."

"Never mind.  I don't need to know."  He went back to looking over the others.  "Any idea who sent some of these to him?"

"Nope," Dean admitted, leaning against a stack of cases.  Horatio, Major Davis, and one other guy walked in.  That guy made whining noises.  "ATF?" he guessed.

"The new agent assigned to oversee us," Horatio told him.  "He was briefed by the last agent and handed the old inventory before he moved to Hawaii."  He shook hands with Jethro.  "We've come to an agreement on how powerful he's allowed up to.  Plus to destroy some of the rifles and things that have faults."

"That'll work," Gibbs agreed.  "Still a lot here."

"We can help him weed some of those down later."

"Why is he allowed to keep all this?" the agent demanded.  "He's not in that much danger!"  A demon showed up and snatched him.  He came back a minute later shaking, pale, and on his knees.  "He still doesn't need more than three or four pieces," he complained.  "Plus some handguns."

"He's had to use three or four pieces to help destroy a demon realm," Sam told him.  "We've actually used about twenty things in the warehouse stealing ourselves back."

Horatio shuddered.  "I did not hear about those?"

"It was off-plane and we were getting ourselves back by making them sorry for taking us," Dean assured him.  He looked at the agent.  "Most of the time he leaves it alone.  Unless we're invaded by aliens who're mean or who eat hormones, we're all cool with it staying in here.  Calm down before you have a stroke."

"We are weeding it down by a third today," Horatio assured him.  "With the limits we set, plus all the stuff Jethro needs to confiscate because somehow he got classified things again, we can weed down a lot of it."

"That's still too much," he complained, standing up.  "He doesn't need that much."   Xander appeared, his hair messy and his sword in his hand.  "How did you do that?"

"I beat the asses of the demons who think I should have you as my concubine helper, Horatio," he said, ignoring him.  "And then destroyed their castles and fields."  He smiled sweetly.  "By the way, they're the ones sending the weapons.  They're very sorry."

"How did they get classified things?" Dean asked.

"They have a whole unit of guards who they've rented to the military for war zone guarding duties."  He pulled something out of his back waistband, handing it over.  "Their contract and the name of the general who fled when they took me to talk about why I was weeding out some of their presents."

Gibbs looked it over.  "I know him.  He'll be sorry."  He put it into his back pocket.  "I do agree that even taking a third this is too much, Xander."

"We can weed it out again in six months," Horatio reminded him.  "Gauging it on what he's had to use and what he still has at that time."

Gibbs considered it then nodded. "That would work for me.  That way he's not totally unprotected but it's a good timetable.  That way you know if they're going to quit giving you things and we'll be able to stop their pipeline by then as well."  Xander nodded at that.  "Then can we maybe set a limit to have no more than ten of any one type of weapon?  As long as you aren't needing to use it?"

"I can see that happening," Xander said cautiously.  "But what if I need them?"

"Then we have a military base nearby that we can call and get you authorized to borrow from," Tony told him.  Xander relaxed and nodded at that.  "Good boy.  Can we do that today?"  Xander pouted.  "Please?  So the ATF agent is less huffy?"

Xander looked at him then kissed him, making him swoon and fall back to his knees.  "You can look over Horatio's shoulder but only him and this team at NCIS get to play with my weapons officially.  Anything you want from them, you ask Horatio.  I trust him not to be a puss sucker who'll get me hurt.  Unlike you."

"I can see having a few."

"I used six of them last night," Xander told him.  "Castles don't get blown up by magic you know."

The guy whimpered.  "I can see the ten or under of anything limit at this point.  Then we'll talk about weeding it down farther beyond that."  Horatio nodded at that.  "Thank you."  He stood up and straightened himself out.  "You trust Lieutenant Caine?"

"He's like my dad."

"Fine."  He came over to help Gibbs.  "Does he know many arms dealers in the city?"

"We don't arrest them for the things that Xander buys," Horatio told him simply.  "Everything else is fair game."

"But there's a few in town I could do without because they make fun of my hair and call me too girly to handle real weapons."  Xander smiled sweetly.  Tony and Gibbs shuddered.  "What?  Only one's in one of those neat patriotic groups of people that want to be Homeland Security."

"Really?" Gibbs asked.  "How bad are they?"

Xander hissed at  Horatio, who coughed, shaking his head.  "Bad enough.  They do try to obstruct and make new categories that the rules cover."

"Pushing their luck if they come after me again," Xander told him.  "By the way, that one Black something or other?  Pity."  He stared at Horatio.  "Very pity."

"How bad will it be?"

Xander just smirked.  "Some of the poker buddies gave me *wonderful* ideas."

"Have we mentioned you playing poker with thugs is a bad thing recently?" Tony asked him.

"I'm bored," he said simply.  "I'll even start bringing Dean and Sam with me.  That way Horatio has another way to look over my shoulder.  Besides, Andrea wanted introduced to Sam."

"The assassin?" Tony asked.

"Yup," Xander said happily.  "She won't hurt him but she thinks he's hot.  I'm under orders to bring them to a poker game soon."

"We're card sharks," Dean offered from his stack, looking at Sam, who was blushing.  "If I remember right, she was cute."

"That's nice.  If she's nice, I might not mind a single date but I'm not going to commit to it until I've talked with her.  I'm not that easy."

"That's often a good idea with his poker circle," Horatio told him.  He scowled at Xander. "Do not help them work fewer hours again, Xander.  They're still complaining that you made the criminal overlord of Miami play with a garden gnome that way."

"He did what?" Gibbs asked.  He couldn't mean.....

"They hadn't been home in *days* due to a takeover bid our geriatric former criminal overlord had been stopping," Horatio told him.  "Xander politely went to him and asked him to please give the crimes a rest for a few days because he was backed up and his boys weren't coming home to help him.  Chuck unwisely asked how bad it was.  His guards brought in facts on who had done what crimes for the prior three weeks to give us some time off."  Gibbs shuddered.  "Exactly."

"It helped," Xander pointed out.

"It may have but it was incredibly mean," Tony assured him, giving him a hug.

"DiNozzo, if you or Sanders *ever* do that it had better be a matter of national security or an alien invasion.  Am I clear?" Gibbs said impatiently.

"Not on my agenda, boss," he said with a smug grin.  He got head-smacked for it too.  "Hey!"

The ATF agent looked at him.  "We can't abuse our agents, Special Agent Gibbs.  They frown on that."

Tony snickered.  "No one tells Gibbs no.   We work out of the DC office."

"I've heard."  He looked over at Davis, who was talking quietly on his cellphone.  "Should we worry about yours?"

"Mine's from a classified military project.  If you come near it, I have the authority to bring you to them so you can join it until you're retired or you die."

"That's fine, we'll stay over here," Tony said happily.

"You know, one of the poker buddies said I'd make a great diplomat.  No one would ever be mad at me.  I could make arguing ones stop and all sorts of neat things."

"No, Xander.  That's a horrible thought," Horatio said firmly.  "Talk to Dean about the poker circle for a bit."  He pouted but went to do that.  Davis had said that to whoever he was talking to.  "Don't think about it."

"My senior commander just shuddered so hard he fell off his chair, Lieutenant.  We don't even want to know about this stuff.  It's stranger than we are."

"That says something," Tony quipped.

"Quite."  He hung up, walking over to Xander and Dean.  "We should confiscate all of them," he said quietly.  He had been advised to act like he was talking Jackson or O'Neill out of doing something with this boy.  That he'd understand and accept being treated that same way.  Better than the fit he got the last time so he'd try it.  "You're not trained on them.  You have no idea how they work so you can't clean them.  Plus the fact that they're highly classified.  It would draw you deeper into our current problems."

"Yeah, but you guys would probably come to me anyway if something was happening in Miami," Xander pointed out.  "Plus I can learn how to clean them and use them."

"But the technology behind them might get out, Mr. Harris.  We're extremely worried about that because of the origins.  How did you get them anyway?"

"One of the portal demons found them at a bust and thought I might be interested in them.  Said to share them with someone named Sam and Jack."

"I was talking with Jack and Sam's commanding officer just then.  We'd have to clear you to teach you how to use them."

"You know, he's probably as close to an odd weapons specialist as you'd ever get," Dean pointed out.

"Which is why we are talking about training him in how to use them.  Him and DiNozzo both in case it becomes handy and they're stolen to an area where they use them."  Tony looked over and shrugged.  "And Sanders too."  He looked at him again.  "Until we can train you I can't let you keep them but we are talking about having you trained."  Xander nodded, pouting slightly.  "It's a risk until you know how to use them.  One of those can disintegrate a body with the third shot," he said quietly.

"Which is way too powerful unless we need to know," Dean agreed.  Xander scowled at him.  "If you teach him, he's going to teach us in the family."

"It was noted you went to the mall with Mr. Potter anyway, Mr. Winchester.  We knew that."  He looked at Xander.  "We are considering it.  It would come in handy to have you trained for your own safety.  Because we realize if you got captured by them you would probably be the worst threat to humanity ever.  Especially with that immortality of yours and what they do to their favored captives," he finished very quietly.  Xander nodded.  "So we are talking about it and keeping every single mention of people with your gifts and the condition you share with DiNozzo out of their hands."

"I've heard some about them," Xander said.  "How many do they already have?"

"Some but they don't realize that it's not something that comes from those specific places as far as we know.  We asked some allies who would know."

"Good.  Then I can accept that but I would like to learn."

"Agreed.  When we can get you cleared, we will."  Xander  nodded, smiling some.  "Do you know where any others are stashed?"

"Yes, but we'd have to raid the DPP confiscated storage area and a few other places."

"Can we raid all but the DPP one?" Dean suggested.

"Two are the hoarding demon clans that run the weapons bazaars."

"We would be interested in negotiating for them so you can tell them that," Davis told him.  "That way you don't have to invade."

Xander rubbed a necklace, bringing Detective Mystyck down.  "Detective Mystyck, this is Major Davis.  His program's over the portal thing that keeps screwing up yours."

"Pleasure to meet you, Major.  Is there a problem coming?"

"No, the problem we have is that Mr. Harris has somehow found some classified weapons from our project."  He pointed at the boxes.  "He thinks you may have confiscated some of them and may know where more are so we can negotiate to get them back where they belong."

"Those are interesting weapons and yes we have recently.  We can talk about that with those clans.  Hoarder demons are usually reasonable to trade or buy from.  They're commercial sellers usually.  The others we took from a warrior clan if I remember right.  Come, I'll take you to my desk.  Thank you for not invading, Xander."

"I wasn't going to.  I like the hoarder demons.  They take some of the gems I don't want."

"Good."  He took the major with him, going over that file and what they had in storage.  They had no idea how to destroy them.  He even recognized some other things so they got to go over the clan itself to see where the connection was.


Major Davis appeared in his commanding officer's officer in Cheyenne Mountain with a whole stack of boxes and a few other bags.  "Sir," he said, saluting him.

"At ease, Major.  What's all this?" Hammond asked.  He wouldn't ask how he just *appeared* out of thin air.  You got used to strange things around his job.

"This is stuff that the DPP, the demonic police, confiscated from a warrior clan that was trained by some Jaffa that got trapped for a bit by a portal problem we caused."

"Free Jaffa or other?"

"Other, sir.  It explained why that one person you were concerned about had a sudden drop in troops."  He handed over the file.  "They took them, took their training, then killed them for the weapons.  The DPP got them for using advanced weapons against a weaker race of demons who they wanted to conquer."

"Good of them.  What's in the bags?"

"Mr. Harris offered us a few of his bottomless bags to transport some other things that he helped us find among the hoarder demons who run bazaars.  Some weapons, some other trinkets that are clearly from off world.  Including two canopic jars with moving larva it sounds like."

"Interesting.  How do they fit in there?"

"They're bottomless, sir.  I thought Major Carter would like to slam her head against a wall for months on end trying to figure that out.  I also know who else is trying to figure them out so she can talk to them.  They've got a good NSA rating so if they've figured it out she can liaison with the math and physics team."


"One mathematician, his girlfriend in the same field, his best friend is a physics teacher at the same college, plus possibly their department head.  All have higher than average clearances; the lead math person is very highly rated.  He does some of our formulas for new databases and things.  It's in the file."

"Good to know.  She might enjoy that.  She's enjoying the portal books he found her."

"They did say it was nice that we recalibrated the power output on ours so it quit messing with theirs."

"It helped here too.  Are all those boxes weapons?"

"Yes, sir."

He called someone.  "We have found some weapons in others' hands.  Come get the boxes with some help."  He hung up.  "Jack will be right up.  You can hand those to Captain Carter yourself and explain them to her.  I have asked for training permission for Mr. Harris.  The president is thinking about it."

"Have him ask Special Agent Gibbs why, sir."

"He already knows, son.  He's heard all about DiNozzo and Sanders.  He bluntly asked me if he was like them and I told him he was, but worse."

"Much worse.  He's also Miami's apocalypse vault holder.  Because the demons don't take him as often when he has artillery."

"That's nice of them.   How much are we talking about?"

"The ATF and Lieutenant Caine came to an agreement on what he was allowed to have since earlier today his warehouse took up about the same space as a three story football field, sir."  Hammond shuddered.  "It's been narrowed down to about half that.  He does use some of it to get himself back from some realms.  Apparently he enjoys destroying the ones who want to keep him."

"I would too, son."  People walked in and saluted.  "The DPP confiscated these from a warrior clan that learned from trapped Jaffa.   They were picking on a weaker species with them."

Davis smiled, handing Sam Carter the bags.  "Captain, these are bottomless.  As long as they are not ripped, anything that can fit inside will fit inside.  If they're ripped everything disappears.  We negotiated with some hoarding demons to get the trinkets they had from off-world.  To empty them I'm told you turn it over and think about emptying it.  Though there are two canopic jars in there so I would think them up first to take them out.  Inside is the file on the team that is also trying to figure it out.  They've got good ratings if you needed or wanted to consult."

"Thank you.  Are we sure they're right?"

"I saw a person come out of one," he told her.  She looked then opened one, looking inside.  She stuck her hand, then her arm down in there.  "Exactly," he said at her amazed look.  "They've even used them for rescues of certain GHS members at times.  Mr. Harris said to frustrate yourself all you wanted with the magical artifacts.  He had some others."

"I'm sure I'll be spending a lot of time working on them," she said.  "Which one has the canopic jars?"

"I don't remember."

"I can handle that."  She walked them off.  The grunts and others could get the weapons to check them in.  She had a mystery that shouldn't be able to exist.  Plus some other things that probably needed looked over.  Trinkets was a broad category to them.


Horatio and the ATF agent stood up as the Chief of Police and the local AD of the ATF walked into the warehouse they were doing the destruction run from.  "Sirs," Horatio said.

"Harris again?" the Chief of Police asked.

"Yes, sir.  We've set firm limits on what he is allowed to keep as presents, up to what class of power, and how many.  He agreed earlier that no more than ten and under a certain class was reasonable.  I did also find out that he has used some to get himself free from some of the ones who've taken him.  Six in the last month or so he's said."  That got a wince.  "He does enjoy destroying them for wanting him, sir."

"I'm sure he does.  I would too.  How much does this leave him?"

"Just under half, sir, with the heavier contingent being rifles and other hand-held lesser weapons," the ATF agent told his boss.  "He's agreed that in six months we'd look at how much he's had to use to get himself free and weed out some more from there, plus weed out anything he was given that was too strong."

"That seems reasonable.  Is he pouting?"

"He petted them but nothing in this lot was special to him yet," Horatio said.  "He has also given your agent information on two arms dealers who won't play cards with him and make fun of his hair.  One called him too weak and gay to handle weapons.  Apparently Don Flack talked him out of going to use one on his house the other day when he got into bullying again."

"I should reward Flack for that," the Chief said grimly.  "Did he know?"

"No, sir.  Only that Xander wanted to destroy him painfully as he put it."

"That probably would do it, yes.  Are we watching him more carefully?"

"With his last two students down, both of whom are very familiar with weapons, they'll be doing a monthly inventory from now on," Horatio told him.  "Plus keeping track of what they needed to use."

"Even better.  Any other nasty shocks?  I heard Tripp had to bring in bombs?"

"Dean Winchester found them during the inventory.  Someone had left them for Xander.  They weren't active when they were found."

"Thankfully," the AD said dryly.  "Otherwise that part of Miami would be in smoking ruins."

"Someone gave him a forcefield generation system.  It would've kept the explosion mostly inside it," Horatio told him.  "He showed it off to Special Agent Gibbs earlier because it is a new part of the security on his warehouse."

"Jethro Gibbs knows Harris?" the AD demanded.

"Yes, sir.  He and Greg Sanders are very good friends.  Sanders used to help Xander when he was doing allergy studies for the group down here."

"That explains so much."  He rubbed his forehead, taking the roll of antacids from his agent.  "Thank you."

"I had some for lunch, sir.  Harris is reasonable but a bit pouty.  I wanted him to have under ten pieces total and got shown why that was a bad idea.  That's why we negotiated it down and then plan on weeding out more in six months."

"Not totally," Horatio warned.

"We don't want anyone to have to make a mess like he did getting you guys out of LA," the AD assured him.  "I have heard rumors?"



"Xander feels that in a few years, possibly about a decade, he'll be moving the family that way.  The native New Yorkers will miss snow by then plus some other considerations would be prompting it at that time," he told him.  "We're at the 'when necessary we'll be moving there but no hard plans have been made' stage at this moment.  I have heard that someone who knows about GHS and does guard at the conventions has warned the local office out there."

"One of them wrote us for dossiers," the AD said grimly.  "We handed them what we had so far."

"That's fine.  Xander's very good to the departments that work with him.  He spoils our precinct horribly, sir.  Taylor's lab as well."

"I've heard, Caine.  Is he that good of a cook?"

"Yes, sir.  Plus he will let us know things from the poker circles if it's important and we ask him the right questions."

"Even better with who he plays with," the Chief complained.  "Can't you make him stop again?"

"It does help his safety, sir.  No one in his poker circle wants to take or hurt him.  They've stopped others from trying.  It does give us an idea of what's going on if we ask the right things.  Plus they don't have as much money to use for their plans and drugs when he is playing."

"True.  How much has he won this round of being bored?"

"Close to my lab's budget for the year in the last month."

The Chief let out a low, deep moan at that.  "Damn."

"Very, sir.  Which is why we monitor it.  Though he wouldn't mind if crime slowed down and he got his boys back again."

"If I could I'd have it slow down too.  You know that."  He grimaced, looking at the stacks of things.  "Has either senior ballistics tech seen these?"

"Calleigh helped Dean with the inventory.  She found some of the handguns and rifles had some faults so she had them confiscated as well.  Xander does believe in quality over quantity."

"We can still use them in an emergency?" his boss asked.

"Of course.  If I need it, all I have to do is ask."

"Good.  SWAT knows?"

"No, why would they?"

"In case they need something, Caine," his boss said dryly.

"The head of Rapid Response knows that Xander likes weapons.  He knows that if something should need weapons all he has to do is ask me.  The man's not very nice to gay people and I would hate to make Xander deal with him over that topic, sir.  I'm not sure he can be tactful when he's wanting something from him."

"Good point.  He is a bit bigoted on that subject.  Fine.  As long as they know they can come to you for that.  I'd hate to see Harris put him on his knees and make him beg too."

"They do.  I'll make sure of it later."

"Good."  He looked around again.  "Dispo run is when?"

"Today," the agent told him.  "We'll be handling it."

"We'll be backing them up," Horatio assured him.

"So no troubles like the last one?" the AD asked.

"No, sir.  There shouldn't be."

"Wonderful news.  Keep my agent informed."

"I can do that."  The bosses left.  Horatio looked at him.  "Does he always stare down at you that way?"

"Now and then.  I think he wants to carry a whip but they won't let him," he admitted dryly.  That got a small laugh and they got back to the official cataloging in.  "What about the things Gibbs took?"

"It's going to the local base to be counted, sent back where it belongs, and Gibbs went to personally arrest that general for hiring demons who would take the weapons."

"I've heard he's a bastard."

"In many ways but he knows that Xander can't help it sometimes.  He's frustrated by him but he handles it."

"Good.  How did the DC convention go?"

"Not too bad.  Agents guarded the hotel from anyone else coming in.  Like ambassadors.  We had a few who did try but they were shooed off.  The exploring group that went on the tours was very pleased with the hired tours they found for them.  It went smoothly but it was a bit paranoid for the usual convention.  Xander had fun at it.  He managed to sneak past three agents but the usual ones that guard at the conventions caught him.  It got that one a promotion and raise."

"Did the others get busted down?"

"No, they realized Xander is that sneaky thanks to his past."

"I did some checking.  Demon hunting?"

Horatio hummed and nodded.  "Before his hormones came out.  Dean and Sam do the same thing."

"I know who to call if we run into a problem then."

"It's rare but it does happen now and then ."

"Good.  What's this present warehouse you were talking about?"

"He has a warehouse set up across town where ill-timed and intended presents can be dropped off but he doesn't go near it except to check for more living things.  That way they can take them back when they realize he doesn't want them.  The last major inventory we did we found a tiger cub and two mummies."

The agent grimaced.  "Are you kidding?"

"No.  She's at the zoo.  She's doing very well."

He burst out laughing.  "Is that normal?"

"Only for level tens," he said patiently.

"I'll keep that in mind.  I got told earlier I'd be on for conventions and things that happen down here."

"That's fine.  We know there's at least a few agents in town that do know so they can handle things.  Like the ones in DC that help when DiNozzo is gifted by arms dealers and terrorists."

"Poor Gibbs.  Does he have an ulcer yet?"

"No.  Apparently having two together works well for him."

"Good for him."  He got back to his list.  "Have we warned the dispo site?"

"Not yet.  We'll warn as we're on our way."

"Good."  He finished up.  Horatio finished his.  They got Rapid Response in to gather things for the run to the incinerator.

Horatio pulled the head of the team aside.  "The Chief wanted me to make sure you knew that coming to me when you needed things like this could get you them."

"I remember you saying that, Caine.  How is Harris?"

"Not bad.  He's agreed to restrictions on his weapons for safety reasons.  This was his."

"I figured it was since we hadn't heard of a new arms dealer being busted."

"We have information on two that have been trying to bully him."

He smirked.  "He doesn't like it?"

"There's a local rumor that he's a force for karma when you act against him."

"Interesting.  Has it been proven?"

"The Mala Noche who shot an agent in DC got them raided with Xander's information because Xander knew the agents."

"Ooooh."  He winced.  "Yeah, I guess he can be.  I'll be sure to come to you first if we need something like this."

"Please do."  He walked off.  "We'll call the incinerator on the way," he announced.  The last of the boxes was loaded up and they got into the vans, calling once they pulled out of the storage warehouse.


Xander flopped down, looking at the trio of boys.  "We're going over the list of skills that most people have.  That way we can train them into you guys so you look native.  Things like driving."

"Would we be able to borrow the corvette?" Draco teased with a smile.

"Hell no.  But I'd help you get your own car, Draco."  He smiled.  "My baby.  The same as Don's bike is his."

"That's fine then.  How long is this list?"

"Some of it you already know some of.  Things like most people can use an ATM.  You've seen me do it."

"I have a card that accesses my main account," Draco told him.  "Steve arranged that."

"Me too," Harry agreed.

"Good.  You can probably balance your accounts."  They nodded.  "So we'll work on the more minor life skills.  Cooking, driving, work stuff.  Draco, Steve said you had a good hand at your own finances.  He's been grooming Ryan to help him when he had to switch lives.  He said you could help learn that if you wanted.  It'd be a huge help to him."

"I might not mind," he admitted.  "It's not that arduous.  He told me a few times he's taken his laptop to the beach to work from there.  What is a laptop?"


"Huh?" Ron asked.

"That's why we're going to go over the simple things," Xander assured him, giving him a pat.  "So you know how to use a phone, the tv, a computer for basic things.  Drive.  All that stuff."

"What about our wands?" Ron asked.  "Can we stay in practice?"

"I don't see why not," Xander said.  "I think it'd help those two when they need to rescue themselves.  I also know that I was having Harry and Draco taught wandless magic to help them even more since we think Harry's a book in this plane."

Ron relaxed.  "So we can fly and stuff?"

"Sure, though I wouldn't suggest you do it where you can be seen.  At the farm, the other house, in the orchard if the neighbors won't see you."

"We can definitely do that," Draco agreed.  "Also we talked about moving to the other house, the one across the closet doorway?  We think it would give you less tasks to deal with us but let us feel more independent, yet still safe.  Would that be all right?"

"It'd be fine with me.  You guys can still come mooch dinner and things, Draco."

"I'll never be able to cook like you," Harry told him.  "So of course we will.  Like Dean and Sam will."  Xander beamed at that compliment.  "We were also talking about further education and working."

"If Draco helps Steve, he'd get a paycheck from that.  Steve could probably find Ron a job within the stuff that I deal with.  Maybe with the horses or something or in one of the stores I own.  Somewhere.  Or there's college once you guys are more used to things if you find something you want to do.  Sam went and he liked it until the demon forced him back to hunting."

"We can talk with Sam about that," Harry agreed.  "Plus with Steve about the job stuff.  I wouldn't mind working with the horses."

"It means you'd have to clean stalls, Harry."

"Well, maybe not that so much but we'd have to see."

"I know Steve said he was going to pick up a book that had some sort of test in it to help you decide what sort of careers to look into based on what you like to do.  He was going to do that with you guys tomorrow once he went over the business plans I drew up for Dean.  He thinks I forgot some stuff."

"That's reasonable since you've never run a gunshop," Ron said.  "You wouldn't know if they needed special permits or things.  The twins had to get special permits for their labs since things explode now and then."

"Which is what I figured," Xander agreed.  "So today, we're coven bound?"  They all nodded.  "On the way we'll go over how to do some things.  I know Draco and Harry know how to work some of the things around the house like the tv and phone."

"I would've loved to have text messages at Hogwarts.  Instant, silent communication would be very good for planning things."

Harry nodded.  "We could've used it too."

"The twins would've driven everyone nuts coming up with coded phrases," Ron said dryly.

"True," Harry agreed. "But we'd have left them alone, thinking they were working on new pranks."

"Good point."  He shifted some. "Where's the dogs?  Harry was bragging about the dogs but they're not in here."

"They're on the bed napping like big lumps of drooling fur," Xander told him.  That got a grin.  "I'll teach you how to play with them later.  They'll want to play when they get up."  He looked at the ferrets.  "It's apparently a napping day again anyway."  He stood up.  "Let's hit the coven's store then I'll go grocery shopping."

"By yourself?" Harry asked patiently.  He didn't want Ron to get any bad ideas from watching Xander rescue himself from another kidnaping.  He might try to overprotect him and Draco to prevent it.

"I can grocery shop.  It should be safe since I blew up a demon plane last night for taking me and having weapons that they shouldn't."  He grinned.  "If not, I'll call Sam.  He's thinking about college stuff so I can take him to the various colleges.  Since he doesn't have his own car."  They put on shoes and headed out with him in the stretch Range Rover.  Ron patted it and muttered something about huge cars.

"It's comfy," Harry told him.  "I told you about it."

"I remember but I thought it'd be smaller."  He got into the back with Harry, checking everything out.

"We can play video games later," Harry told him when he looked at the game system.  "It won't take us too long to get to the shop."

"Sure," he agreed, getting comfortable.  "Mum would've killed for a car this size to carry all of us places."

"She would've killed your dad if he had gotten it to fly," Harry joked back.

"True, she would've swatted him until he undid it."  They stopped beside a store and he followed Harry inside it.  "This looks normal."

Harry grinned.  "They don't have to have stuff like Snape does."  He hugged the older woman behind the counter.  "Hi again."

"You're still unbalancing the realms, Harry.  I should beat Xander for that."

"I came back because things got bad.  Again.  I couldn't take it.  Then Hermione linked us together."  He held up Ron's wrist to show the manacle.

She touched it then sighed.  "It can be removed but it will leave the linkage I'm afraid.  Someone needs to give that girl a road sign on what's going to happen to her some day soon."

Xander strolled in with a package, handing it to her.  "The Molinar demon hair."  He kissed her on the cheek.  "I politely wrote Willow an email saying that I had taken in three young refugees from another plane after a witch using nature and demonic chaos magic linked them to someone like me."

She gave him a horrified look.  "That will truly unbalance things."

"I gave her how to pull her to a neutral realm to have a talk with the girl."  He smiled sweetly.  "Like we did when we trained Harry."

Someone stomped in.  "You're out of the house without guards?" he demanded.  "You know how dangerous that is, Harris."

"Who in the hell are you?" he asked dryly, staring him down.  "I don't know you."

"I'm in Flack's unit.  You're not allowed out of the house alone.  You know that."

"I go out alone all the time and I'm not alone.  These are my last students and then I'm going to pick up Sam."

"You're still out alone.  They're just kids."

Xander sighed and pulled his sword.  "You want me that badly, come and get me, little boy."

"Xander, no bloodshed in the store," the witch complained.  "He's not demonic."

"I know that."  The guy pulled his cuffs.  Xander sliced them open then got him down and in pain.  He stared.  "I think I'll drop him off with Don before I head to pick up Sam.  Call when you're done talking with them.  We're going over native life skills to teach them too."  He got up and hauled the guy up by the scruff of his neck, hauling him out to the SUV.  He locked him in the trunk section then got in to drive.  He pulled into Don's precinct a short drive later, smiling as he got out.  "What?  I'm being good.  I even let Horatio confiscate stuff I got given."  The guarding officer was scowling.

"You made a lot of paperwork on that dispo run, Harris.  Are you here to apologize?"

"No, the idiot in the trunk decided I was bad for being out with the younger students.  Claimed I was out alone.  Fortunately the witch told me I couldn't chop him into pieces."  He walked around, getting him out of the trunk and shaking him so he'd quit struggling.  "Know him?  He says he works with Don."

"Kind of.  I think he's new," the officer admitted.  "Want us to take him?  I'm not sure Flack's in."

"Is Danny?"

"I know Messer is.  Wolfe is and Delko is.  Tripp is but he's got a headache."

"Sorry."  He walked him up there, waving at the receptionist as he walked him past her.  "Tried to grab me."  He walked him to Frank's desk since Don's was empty.  "He yelled at me for being out with Harry and the boys.  Claimed I was out alone and that was a bad thing."

"Only if you're going to do more things that'll give me a worse headache, Harris.  Sit him down and I'll talk to him.  He's new."

"He tried to cuff me, Frank.  I had to cut his pitiful cuffs with my sword."  He shoved him down and moved behind Frank's chair, working on his shoulders.  "I did take the massage classes that once," he said happily.  "I can go out alone all the time.  I'm very careful in my own defense and I'm very good at protecting myself.  Most of the time I'm okay in Miami.  The poker buddies help me make sure of it most of the time."  Frank's neck finally relaxed so he smiled down at him and went to work on the next stress knot.  "Frank, this knot isn't all muscle.  It's got something solid.  Do you have a boil or something?"

"No, some shrapnel from a few years back, kid.  I'm good, thanks."

"Shut up, Frank.  You are not."  He finished up with that and moved down lower.  Frank winced but he got that knot unkinked too.  "There, headache better?"

"Much," he said with a smile.  "Maybe you should take more classes in it?"

"I'm doing pretty good.  I might look into it again.  I did it while the dogs were in training too."  He looked at the detective.  "Just because my hormones are out of control doesn't mean that I can't do things for myself.  I don't have butt wipers or bathers.  Or even people to throw flowers at my feet.  I could if I wanted but they ruin good flowers for that."  The detective gave him a confused look.  "I don't."

"I'll talk with him, Xander.  Go be a good boy for a few more days?"

"I was going to take Sam around to some of the local colleges since he doesn't have his own car.  The boys are with the coven at the shop to work on how she linked them."

"That's fine.  SUV?"  Xander nodded.  "Even better.  Be safe and behave.  Horatio and them won't be back for hours."

"I was reasonable, Frank.  I agreed to limits and all that good stuff.  Even Horatio said I was reasonable.  Even the new ATF agent did."

"Good of you.  Shoo.  Bring in lunch soon?"

"Sure, I can do that."  He bounced off, back down to his SUV to find Steve and the boys.  They were probably at his place so that'd help.  He knew where it was.

Frank looked at him.  "That was stupid being that blunt.  Even when he's totally backed up he can still be slightly safe around town."

"We have assassins, arms dealers, and gang members, not to mention retired mafia people who might want him as a toy, Detective."

"Yeah, but he plays poker with them.  He wins a lot of money off them most of the time.  They all know about Xander and usually respect him after meeting him.  Also, Xander is a lot tougher than he looks.  One of the times he got taken was to a battle ring place.  He survived four months there before he got rescued.  He's not that weak.  He might be bouncy, gay, and have long hair but he's not weak, kid.  I've seen him bring down perps with a pout and major dealers with a gun.  Even when he's out alone he'll usually hand them over if there's a problem.  He likes to drag them to Flack to present the problems to him.  It ups his stats some weeks but he appreciates it.  We hate his poker habit but we can't fully stop it when he's bored because it's helpful.  Plus he makes some of them a lot poorer so they can't pull their plans.  Those who pay him in drugs get destroyed and then handed in."

"He doesn't seem that strong."

"He's very strong.  He's also very stubborn and you're lucky he only dragged you in here without the usual bruising and bleeding.  I saw that boy capture a Mala Noche who had blown up an officer by going out against orders to dance in front of him.  Got him to the point where he drooled then knocked him out and presented him to me and Horatio.   He's not weak or helpless most of the time.  Plus he's got students and lovers to nag about his safety.  Most of the rest of us only have to worry when it's a major problem.   Next time, call Flack to let him know you saw him out if there's trouble."

"He was at some new agey shop."

"He can be like that.  The boy does meditate and pray to Cupid and Strife.  Says they're over his life.  Plus he spent some time training with some guys who prayed to Ares.  The same as Wolfe did.  They're hell with their swords because of it."

"Who uses a sword?" he sneered.

"Xander's a marksman but he prefers a sword for self defense and has gotten ones with guns in the past," Danny said as he walked over.  "Plus there's other dangers that he can handle with it."  He looked at the new guy.  "You were bothering our boy?"

"He was out alone."

"He had the younger trio of students out then he was going to pick up Sam," Frank told him.

"That's nice but why is this guy worried about it?  It's nothing to him if he gets snatched or hurt."

Frank looked at him.  "That is an interesting question."

"We were told to watch out for the guy."

"Only if he's in trouble," Danny told him.  "Not always.  That's my job and Don's job.  Now, anything else?"  He stared him down until the guy looked away.  "Good!"  He smiled at Frank.  "H is back from the drop.  It went well.  ATF is pleased.  Their boss is pleased that Xander was reasonable about setting limits."

"He said that even Horatio agreed he had been reasonable."

"I'm happy he was," Danny agreed.  "No pouting later."  Don came in with someone in cuffs.  "Xander's out and about."

"He usually is.  He gets too bored sitting at home.  Poker again or students?"

"Students today but this one wanted to make him go home."

Don stared at him.  "Why were you bothering my boy?  Not like he's yours or you're supposed to be protecting him.  Though, didn't Xander beat you yet?"

"Dragged him in here by the back of his neck," Frank said.  "Rubbed my headache out.  I suggested he look at more massage classes."

"I forgot he did that," Don admitted.  "Huh.  We'll see.  It might help him."  He settled down to do the arrest report.  Ray Kowalski came in with his boyfriend from lunch.  "Hey, guys."

"We passed Xander.  He was heading for Steve's," Ray told him.

"He was going to pick up Sam," Frank told him.

"Good for him.  Sam could use some wearing out time."  They shared a look then he looked at the new guy, then back at Frank.  "Problems?"

"He didn't want Xander out alone."

"Ah."  He shook his head.  "Xander can thump him good a few times before we have ta step in."  He sat down, going over something with Adam.  "So what's that say?"

Adam wrote out the translation beneath it.  "Their marking is very good.  Nearly textbook perfect.  Did they trace it out first?"

"We did find charcoal marks around some," Ray admitted.  "Think they brought in a projector or maybe a stencil?"

"I think they practiced first.  This wasn't their first time.  Some of those have very tiny lines that look very precise.  He's studied it like some people study calligraphy."

"Huh.  So he's probably got other Egyptian antiques and stuff you think?"

"I'd think so.   I'd also think that he was fairly known for it with what this says.  Some of those words aren't the sort you'd find in any good translation book.  That one's very obscure," he said with a point.  Ray gave him a look, getting a head shake.  "I don't know anyone who would've done that who is one of us," he said quietly, getting a nod.  "I do know that this person has an extensive knowledge.  With the way you described the mummification ritual, he had it down perfectly.  Including some steps that were only whispered about but not formally acknowledged in any text."

"Good ta know," he said, making notes on that.  "Think it might be a professor? Someone like that?"

"It's not a casual student.  If he's not a professor, most of them would remember him for his detailed questions and interests that were quite obtuse."

"I can ask around then."  He smiled.  "Thanks, Adam."

"Welcome.  You know I'll help if you ask."  He stood up.  "Do you need more help?"

"Not unless you wanna help Alexx do the autopsy?"

"Not really.  Dead bodies are not my thing."  He smirked.  "I'll make chops for dinner?"

"Can we have burgers?  My stomach's being low-brow today."

"I can do that."  He took a kiss then left.  That was an interesting scene his lover had been called to.  He hadn't seen one that detailed in years.  He should've told him who to call in New York but he'd find the records on that case if he went looking.  Best not to have him slip and say he had referred him to that detective.

Don looked over.  "Good news?"

"He could translate it.  He knew a lot about the little things.  Adam said if he's not a professor, the professors probably remembered him."  He stood up, grabbing the pictures.  "I'm off to the college.  Any other good news?"

"Xander got my headache out," Frank told him.

"Good job then."  He patted him on the way past him.  This new schmuck Don would call about if he needed help handling him.  For now, he had an archeological obsessed idiot who killed to find.


Ron looked at the list the witches had drawn up.  "It seems like a lot," he said.

"It's not all hard stuff.  A lot of it you'll pick up by watching them.  Like using a telephone properly, it's not that hard.  We teach it to little kids."  She patted him on the cheek and fed him another cookie.  He grinned back.  "You'll pick it up and it'll be fine, young man.  Then we'll get to work teaching you how to not only rely on your wands.  Draco seems to have some focus for it.  Harry can do some but not as much because he can't stay focused."  Ron blushed a bit.  "Not a criticism.  You'll handle it."

"I like girls," he blurted out, making a few of the witches and Draco laugh.  "Hey!" he complained.  "Not nice."

"I'm still Draco Malfoy, Weasley.  I'm not nice."

"You can pretend," Harry assured him.  "Because Xander will paddle us if we duel again."  He stared at him until Draco looked away.  "It's not that hard to learn, Ron.  Plus you get to learn how to ride a horse since Xander goes out every morning to exercise them."

"We had a neighbor who had a pony," he said.  "I can kind of ride."

"Xander can jump his in the woods," Draco said.  "I still can't."

"That's an advanced skill," one of the witches said patiently.  Dean strolled in, looking around.  "They're still here."

"Where did Xander and Sammy go?"

"College looking," Harry said.  "We're working on the list of things we should learn fairly shortly."

Dean came over to look, adding a few things.  "Because we want you guys able to protect yourselves."

"Xander took us to the gun range," he reminded him.  "You did once with Draco and I too."

"Yup, but practice is good for that skill.  It's something that helps you get where you need to be."

"Fine," Draco agreed.  "Even if it was loud and left a cloud of nastiness on you."

"It can do that but it's damn handy when you can shoot a demon instead of beheading one."

"I guess that's reasonable.  Are you bringing us home since Xander had to drag off the person who complained that he was out alone?"

"I probably should.  Are we done with them, ladies?  If so, we can go home and figure out what we want to beg Xander to cook for us."  He grinned.

"We are but they should be learning some wandless magic as well, Winchester."

"Of course.  It can only help them protect each other," he agreed.  "You can teach Sammy too if you can make him focus that long."  They smiled.  "We don't mind.  Protection is all good to all of us."

"Wonderful."  She fed him a cookie, getting another grin.  "Take them and go home.  Xander and Sam should be done very shortly.  Call so he won't worry."  Dean nodded, getting the boys into the Impala so he could call as they drove home.  "Such fragile young things to hold so much power, energy, and destiny."

"Thankfully Harry's destiny is done with," the woman behind the counter said.  "Draco's destiny is more cloudy but Ron's is firm that he has to be there to back poor Harry up until he finds someone worthy of him."

"With the taint from that manacle spell, there's no chance it won't end up being a trio," another said.  "They'll still feel it whenever one does anything.  It will draw them back together."

Everyone nodded, eating their own cookies.  The boys were good students for the most part.  Draco's attitude could be better.  Harry and Ron could be more serious, but they were just boys so they understood.


Sam sat on his bed, looking at Dean later that night.  "Gun shop plans going well?"

"Very well.  Steve said he knew a nice shop.  He's looking into licenses we'll need through the local ATF office.  He said it should be fine."  He took a deep breath.  "How was the college visit?"

"Not bad.  Not great but not bad."  He shifted some.  "Would it bother you if I started taking classes again?  Not living on campus or anything but finishing my bachelor's?"  He looked up at his brother.  He knew Dean had felt abandoned when he went to Stanford.  "I'd still be there all the time but I'd be taking classes while helping around the store."

Dean considered it.  "I think it'd be okay.  It'd also be a good step to a next life maybe."  Sam beamed at him and he knew he had made the right decision.  "Are we getting our own place?"

"Sometime soon probably.  That way Xander's not overloaded feeding us.  Even if he does complain that he'd be lonely again I'm not used to living with anyone but you anymore."

"I can understand that.  Especially since this house is more spoiling than we've ever had."  Sam nodded quickly.  "We still have our accounts.  We can start looking this week maybe?"

"Maybe," Sam agreed.  "Not that we won't be over nearly every day anyway."

"True.  Because you can't cook yet and I'm not good at it.  I like to eat more than I like to cook."

"I can cook and take lessons from Xander," Sam promised, relaxing more.  It was going to work out.  "Are we going to be above the shop or somewhere nearby?  Rent or buy?"

"I'd like to rent.  Property taxes are horrible around here according to Steve.  We could probably afford a condo but that's owning something and there'd be maintenance fees and stuff.  If we had to dump and run, it'd be easier if we rented too."  He considered it.  "I've seen a few really nice looking places recently they're nearer to the store.  Not that far away from here either.  Within ten minutes drive.  The shop's probably going to be in that plaza with the music store you guys keep hitting for girly rock."  Sam nodded at that.  It had a few empty stores that did look good.  It was also near a police station so they'd have extra security there.  "When I was driving to the coven's store earlier they had a really nice building with a sign going up that they were leasing places.  We'd have to look."

"We can do that.  Something not this large but with separate rooms and a nice bathroom would be nice."

"It would be," Dean agreed.  "We'd need a good bathroom that'd fit your giant ass in it."  Sam grinned.  "Decent kitchen too."

"I can start looking online."

"Sure, go for it.  I know rent's high but we should be okay."  Sam nodded, pulling his laptop over to get online at  It had a lot of local listings.  "Pet friendly?" he suggested.

"I wouldn't mind a dog," Sam said, beaming at him.  "It might be really nice but we'd have to be able to bring it with us somehow so it wouldn't pee in the house all day."

"True.  That is the problem with an apartment."  Sam nodded, getting back to looking.  He heard a few interested sounds and saw Sam give a closer to look to a few.  "Anything interesting?"

"Some very yuppie, bland, squarish places."  He clicked on one and handed it over to him.  "How about that?  It's three bedrooms but we can turn the other into a practice area or an office maybe."

Dean looked it over.  "It's not bad, but kinda expensive."

"Miami real estate is all expensive."

"Good point."  He looked it over, humming.  "Can we schedule to see it tomorrow?"

"Yup.  Click on that button saying we'd like a call about it and then go find our phones."

Dean went to do that before he clicked on the button so Xander wouldn't answer it.  He might pout them to death because they'd be leaving the nest.  He found a few others that looked nice enough near there.  Sam leaned over to point at one.  "Far out of the way."

"By about six blocks, Dean.  We can jog that if we need to."

"Good point."  He clicked on that one too, setting up appointments to look things over, emailing Steve those appointments as well in case he needed to know.  They had full new identities, including credit histories, so they'd be okay with a background and/or credit check for them.  They hoped.  It'd be nice to be on their own.  Some days they felt like they were Xander's kids because he spoiled them so much.


Dean liked the place they were currently looking at.  It was decent sized.  It had a nice bathroom with a pretty deep tub.  The owners had just renovated it recently.  Three bedrooms.  Decent sized kitchen too.  Second floor but they had an elevator in case they were injured.  Dean looked at Sam, who was apparently in love with the view of the college up the road and the bay beyond it.  He walked over to look, smiling at the view himself.  "Nice."

Sam pointed down.  "Dean, look."

He did and snickered.  "Steve."  They shared a look and came over to sign for it.  It even had special parking for residents so their car wouldn't have to sit on the street.  The realtor ran it through the system, coming up with a good answer so they had keys later that afternoon.  Now all they had to do was announce it.  They went back to the house, finding Xander crocheting while scowling.  "Not coming out right?"

"No, it's not cooperating."  He put it aside before he threw it.  He stared at him.  "You two look too happy to have been doing anything but getting into trouble."

"Well, not exactly," Sam said, sitting next to him.  "Since we're staying we did make a small decision."  Xander nodded slowly.  "We're moving to an apartment that's about fifteen minutes from here and about six blocks from the new store.  That way we feel like we're adults and can bring over girls and things."

Xander pouted.  "You can do that here."

"Yeah, we could, but we don't want them to hit on Don instead of us," Dean said with a grin.  He sat down.  "Not like we won't be over every other day or so, Xander."

"I know but it sucks."

"It does not," Sam said, giving him a hug.  Xander relaxed.  "It's a nice place.  Second floor, reserved parking, three bedrooms.  Decent kitchen so I can keep taking cooking lessons from you," he said hopefully.  Xander grinned at that.  "You can even help me pack the kitchen with necessary stuff."

"I can help decorate?"

"Maybe," Dean said.  "Within reason.  We're not the cuddly sofa sort."

"I don't mind the sofa," Sam complained.  "The color won't go but it's comfortable."

"I was thinking leather, Sammy."

"Leather gets sticky in humidity," Xander told him.  "Or else we'd still have a leather sofa.  We did in New York."

"We can look and you can help us, but we're decorating," Dean told him.  Xander nodded.  "And paying for it."


"Thanks, Xander."  Sam gave him another squeeze.  "It's good to have the help."  Xander smiled.  "We have keys.  Want to go look and measure and stuff?"

"Sure."  He hopped up.  The boys took him back there once they had packed their rooms up.  Xander walked around the apartment.  It was really nice.  It had a good view.  "You're on the parade route," he said happily.

"We are?" Dean asked.  "Huh."

Xander grinned.  "That means we can come watch the major parades with you."  He gave him a hug.  "I can help with the pots and pans.  And I know a good place to get decent furniture that's not like mine or will have to be ordered."  They nodded, letting him direct Dean to that place.  Dean found something he liked.  Sam found a good reading chair for him.  Xander gifted them with a tv but they knew they wouldn't get away from all the spoiling.   They found beds at the same place and had it there within a few hours.  Then they went kitchen shopping plus towel shopping.  Not like they traveled with towels, wash cloths, hand towels for the kitchen, and dish rags.  That was a fun spot.  Xander threatened them with all sorts of gadgets Sam couldn't use yet.  They ended up with a fairly basic kitchen setup by the time they got out of there, even if they did end up with copper bowls, cast iron as well as normal pans, and fancy dishes.  Xander reminded them about sheets so they hit a store for that then went back to finish unpacking and settling in.  Xander even made them dinner so they wouldn't starve that first night.  Then he hugged them both and left.

Dean called the cable company while Sam decided on a movie to put in.  They settled in on their new comfy sitting spots and decided they were kind of lonely without a whole houseful of people but they'd get used to it.  It was good for them to be on their own again.


Don looked around after dinner.  "Dean's stomach didn't show up to eat?"

"Dean and Sam decided it'd be good for them to be on their own for a bit," Xander said with a frown.  He leaned against Don's side, getting cuddled.  "They have a nice sized apartment near the store they're opening."

"Good.  How much work does it need to decorate?"

"They picked out stuff earlier and had it delivered," Xander admitted.  "I made them dinner too."

"So they're fully settled in?" Danny asked.  Xander nodded, pouting some.  "You know, this means they need to throw a house warming party."

Xander beamed.  "They do.  That means I can give them the ice cream machine Sam was staring at but didn't know what he'd use it for."

"It does," Danny agreed.  Xander beamed at that.  "It also means that we don't have to be careful to not land on one of them when we pounce you.  Only the dogs and the boys."

"They're playing with their brooms in the other house," Xander said, starting to get interested.  Danny leered.  Xander winked and got up, sashaying into the bedroom.

Don finished his drink.  He'd need the fluid.  Xander was in a mood.  Danny finished his tea too.  Then they went to pounce their boy.  Xander needed pounced more often.  They had been working long hours again.  It was almost bad enough for him to play poker.

The End.

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