Notes:  Takes place during the SPN outtake story.  MM put in the suggestions of someone nagging the sore boys.

New Kids in the Family

Xander looked at the students, then around the house.  "I've got to go play with the horses.  You guys wanna come?"  They shrugged, they could use a break from the studying, and followed his corvette with their impala all the way to the farm.  He got out and smiled at the herd of horses in one field nearby.

Sam looked around.  "This is a great place, Xander," Sam said.

"Thanks.  The family was having health care issues so I bought it off them.  They ran it until the father walked away.  Now I've got a herd of horses and a herd of helpers."  They both laughed and he walked them out to the paddock fence, whistling at the horses.  His came trotting over to nuzzle him.  "Hi, Pride."

"He's huge, dude," Dean said, staring at the horse.  That was not a horse like you saw in the park pulling carriages or at state fairs.

"He's abnormally tall for an Arabian but he's a good ride," Xander promised with a grin.  "I learned how to ride the same trip that Ryan learned from one of Ares' priests."  He pulled them over.  "Hand flat or he'll nibble."  They let the horse sniff their hands.  He whuffled Sam's hair but that was fine with him.  They both got to pet him.  The senior mares came over to get their own share of attention.  "Was Ryan being too stuffy last night to come ride you two?"  He petted both their noses.  "I guess we can do that today."  The younger ones came trotting over.  "I didn't stop to pick up any treats."  The younger set of mares left.  He watched them. "Spoiled brats," he called after them.  "Just for that you're wearing the saddle and going with us!"  He petted the other male.  "This is Furry.  The two spoiled brats are Duchess and Countess.  The two mommy mares are both named Princess."

"Came from the same place that gave you two Beauties and two George's?" Sam asked.  Xander smiled and nodded.  "That's cool."

"She was pregnant then."  They laughed and petted the other horses too.  Dean moaned as his hands sunk into Furry's coat.   "He's a Fresian.  They're former war steeds.  Princess are both war mares.  Pride's just pretty.  He jumps pretty well too."  He walked up to the barn, the four horses following him.  "Furry, get the girls."  He trotted off to nose them back to the barn.  "They trained very well."  He got them in there so he could brush them and saddle them up.  "Come on."  He put the saddles on the younger ones and then lead lines.  "Time for some exercise, kids."

Dean backed away slowly.  "I can't do that."

"Bullshit," Xander said, giving him a look.  "I can.  You can.  People did for centuries."

"I'd never travel by horseback. You can't hide the good weapons," Dean complained.  "Or nap on the seat."

"No, but they can guard you while you sleep."  He gave him a shove over.  "You can ride Princess.  I learned on her.  You too, Sam."  He slowly shook his head.  "Not like you're going to die if you fall, Sam."  He gave him a nudge too.  "Dean, that side's foot into the stirrup and then swing up and over."  He gave him a foot-boost then gave one to Sam too.  Sam squeaked when he landed.  He grinned.  "Very manly, Sam.  Maybe we should grow your hair out like mine?"

Sam frowned at him.  "I wouldn't look as good as you do, Xander."  Princess moved and he grabbed onto the saddle. "Not ready for movement yet, girl."

Xander handed him the reins.  "Hold it like that.  Steer *gently* with them.  Gentle nudge to get her started once I hitch one of the girls to you."  He hitched the lead line from Countess to his saddle.  Duchess got hooked to Dean and he showed him the same thing.  "Remember, gently.  Very gently.  You wouldn't want someone yanking on the bar in your mouth behind your teeth."  He got up on Pride using the step someone had dropped nearby.  "Thanks."  He took Furry's lead line and hitched it to his saddle.  "Okay, gentle heel nudge and a tongue clicking noise."  He did it and they did it after him.  They both squeaked as the mares started to move.   He smiled, leading the way out into the woods.  "We can check on the hidden house we have out here for emergencies.  I haven't done it in a while and the other trails I have require some jumping."  Sam shook his head quickly at that.  "It's not that hard.  She knows what to do."  He sped up a bit.  The mares followed.  He looked back.

"Dean, sit up straighter."  He did that.  "Sam, not so tight.  You're not going to fall.  Grip with your knees, not your hands on the saddle.  You're pulling her head back."  He let go of the reins and had to fumble for them.  They gave them back to him and he held them in one hand while he held the saddle in the other. "Grip with your knees.  Like you would on a dirt bike," Xander instructed.  Princess gave him an evil look.  "He's never ridden; behave, wench."  Dean did as instructed and Sam slowly loosened up and did as told too.  "Good!"  He went back to leading the way.  At one point he had to go around a tree instead of jump it but that was fine.  They came to the house and Xander got off to check.  "Stay.  You'll fall if you're not helped."

"My butt hurts," Dean complained.

"You can soak later."  He went in to check on the house, then came out and remounted, riding on with them.  They were getting the hang of it.  They'd never ride pro but if they had to ride to get out of something they could do it.  The younger set were happy enough to be in the woods instead of the field.  Halfway through he got off Pride and got onto Furry, switching the line around.  "He's the only one that's fully broken and ready to be ridden."  They nodded and followed him back to the farm.  The grooms came out to take the ones off their lead lines.  Xander slid down and came over to help Sam.  "Unstick your farther foot.  Let go of the reins, I've got them. Lean forward slightly and then swing that foot over and down until it hits the ground."  He steadied him and Sam got his other foot free.  He walked off a bit bow legged but he was fine.  He came over to help Dean, steadying him too.

"Does gay sex feel like this?"

"No.  Not unless you got spanked too," Xander teased.  "Go lean on the fence. You'll be fine.  Walk around a bit."  He nodded, going to do that.  "Remember, people used to ride all day long in the past."

"They were sore their first day too," Dean complained.  He did lean on the fence, looking at his baby brother.  "You okay?"

"I have faster healing.  I'm waiting on it to kick in."  They watched as Xander brushed the horses with one of the grooms then they were let back into the field.  "Do you have to do anything else out here, Xander?"

"Not today.  I come out every morning to exercise them but the nice grooms spare me from having to muck stalls."  The one helping him laughed and nodded.  "But they get to stay at the house and eat two-thirds of the really good garden here."

"He pays really well," the groom said.  He let the last one out there.  "The ladies do good?"

"Fussy," Xander admitted.  "Still."

"I saw their return trip when you said you didn't have treats."

Xander grinned. "They're spoiled."

"The trainer agrees.  She said to call her later this week.  She's nearly done with Furry."

"He does good under saddle.  Ray Junior's going to come out and start working with him.  His trainer wants him to bring him there but we're not sure about moving him at the moment. That ring doesn't have any spare room."  That got a nod.  "So we'll see."  He walked over and smiled at the boys.  "Come on, we can go soak in the hot tub.  Then we'll do something about the t-shirts.  Sometimes you do have to have better clothes and I've got to shop for Don's birthday."  He led them back to the car, watching as Dean winced before sliding into the car.  He shook his head, getting into the corvette.  It had only been a two- hour ride.

Dean looked at his brother once they were in the car and following him back to town.  "Was that a threat of going shopping?"

"I think so."

"We don't need suits."

"Maybe we'll hit somewhere other than a suit shop since Don does ride a bike.  He wears jeans now and then too."

"Maybe.  Hopefully.  Still sore?"

"Yup.  Wish it was instantaneous healing.   Damn, how does he do that?"

"All the sex he gets?"

"Maybe.  Probably a lot riding too if he comes out here every day."

"Could be," Dean agreed.  "Still kinda odd to feel the horse breathing under your knees."

"It was freeing though.  Not having to worry about steering most of the time."

"You can come back with him if you want."

"I might.  It could come in handy since he learned while kidnaped."

"Good point," Dean said, pouting a bit.  He didn't want to think about those things.  They got back to the house and found Xander had started the hot tub.  They got down to their boxers.  Xander handed over bathing suits then went back inside.  They changed in the garage and came out to climb in, moaning in pleasure.  This was nice!

"If we ever have to settle down somewhere, we're getting one of these," Dean moaned.

"Sure," Sam agreed, shifting his legs wider so the jet could take the ache out of his tailbone.

Dean flipped over so he was resting his chest against the side.  "Much better.  Not on the sore spot."

"Can you imagine having this while we trained as kids?  All the bruises we could've soaked out."

"I would've killed, Sammy."

"Dad would've filled it with cold water a few times I'm sure but otherwise it would've been good after hunts."

"Maybe we'll get real money from this stalking thing and we'll start staying at places that have one of these now and then."

"Maybe," Sam agreed.  He relaxed and slowly fell asleep in there.  Dean did too, still butt up to soothe the ache.

Xander came out to check on them, smiling and shaking his head.  He'd work on their sword work later.  When they were relaxed and content.


Don came home for lunch, looking at the two boys in the hot tub.  "Sore?" he asked.

Sam nodded, giving him a pitiful look.  "Even the immie healing hasn't fully helped yet."


"Riding," Dean moaned, looking over his shoulder at him.

Don snickered.  "Been there, done that, guys.  Pride's got a wide back.  Wider than Princess does."  They both moaned at that.  "Get some liniment.  It'll help more.  Some tylenol too."  He walked inside, kissing Xander.  "Did you have fun showing them the horses?"

"I did and they did good.  They'll be able to ride if they have to while getting away or something."

"Good.  That's a good skill."  Xander beamed.  "What're you doing this afternoon?"

"Your birthday shopping."

"I don't need anything huge, Xander."

"Shut up, Don.  I'm bored and they can't spar with how sore they are."  He took a longer, deeper kiss.  "Did you want food for lunch?"

Don led him to the bedroom, having fun for lunch.  He could drive through and eat in the car on the way back to his desk.  His boy clearly needed a quick blow job to make him feel better.  He had to close the curtains that hid the hot tub but that was fine too.  The boys would be fine soon enough.


Speed pulled up about ten minutes after Don left, looking at them.  "Guys?  Gay sex that bad?"

"Riding," Sam said, moaning a bit and shifting.  The liniment was working some but the hot tub was making it better.

"Two hours of riding," Dean agreed.  He was able to sit now but not very upright.  He was still sitting on his tailbone instead of his buttcheeks.

Speed just grinned.  "Yeah, the last time Horatio and I went on a picnic ride we both got a bit sore too," he admitted, coming over to lean on the side of the tub to look at them.  "We took painkillers?"  They both nodded.  "Sam, don't you have faster healing?"

"Still sore," he said, nearly pouting.  "It's been an hour."

"Want me to ask Adam for advice?"  They shook their heads.  "Okay.  Take some tylenol, rest, and remember not to stay in the hot tub too long or you'll start to dehydrate, Dean."  He nodded at that.  "I can ask Alexx if you want."

"We've had liniment and the jets in here," Dean promised.

Speed smirked.  "They are nice.  This is one of my favorite ways to spoil H at home too."  He patted the side of the tub.  "Did you two have fun?"

"We got to appreciate the woods instead of run through them for a change," Sam said, shrugging a bit.  "It was odd.  The horse was breathing underneath my thighs.  She seemed smarter than some of the guys I knew at college."  Dean chuckled, nodding a bit.  "I guess it was nice."

"You go on picnic rides?" Dean asked.

Speed smirked.  "A good ride, a picnic, then some fooling around, then back home.  It's good and calming for us after bad cases.  Ryan's generous about letting others use his horse.  At least those of us in the family."

"That's a good date," Sam agreed. "Jess would've loved it."  Dean pinched him on the arm.  "It's all right."

"Fine, Sammy.  Don't want you getting depressed again."  He looked at Speed.  "Don came home for lunch.  Xander's still in bed but Don walked out eating leftovers."

Speed nodded, going to check on him, bringing them back some bottles of water.  "Xander's crashed.   It'll be a few hours probably."  He patted Dean on the shoulder.  "Remember, it's a skill you can use and lovers think it's sweet to do those things.  Gets you laid by the mushy sorts."

"I'll remember that for later on," he promised, sipping his water.  "Checking on him?"

"Wanted to know if we could borrow some swords.  We have a stabbing with one and we can't figure out what sort.  Wolfe's off somewhere on a case so I can't ask him."

Sam looked at the picture.  "Is that actual size?"  Speed nodded.  "It's too thick to be a foil but it's about that size."

Dean looked then nodded.  "Blue cabinet upstairs.  There's a thicker Spanish blade.  Thicker than most fencing foils and it's got a cutlas handgrip."

"Thanks, guys."  He went to look, bringing it back down and to the hummer.  "Have a good soak.  Xander's going to be bouncy when he wakes up.  Don didn't have enough time to do much wearing out."

They both groaned but nodded at that.  It was a good warning.


Alexx called the house, making Sam get out of the tub to answer it.  "Xander's house."  He smiled.  "Hi, Alexx.  He's just now in the shower washing off the sweat from Don's lunch."  He brought the phone out to the tub, climbing back in with a wince and a hiss.  "No, a bit sore.  Xander made us play with him at the farm.  In the hot tub.  Speed made sure we were drinking water and we've had tylenol and liniment too.  We'll be fine.  Just a bit sore, Alexx.  I'm sure it's fine.  I can do that.  Xander?" he called, waving the phone when he came out to the door, ignoring the nakedness for now.  Sometimes you had to ignore Xander being naked.  He lad learned that lesson already.  "Alexx."  He tossed the phone, making Xander catch it but he took it back inside.  "You can look, he's not naked anymore."

"It probably needed aired out so it's not sore too," Dean complained, shifting some.  "What did she say?"

"To quit using it so much."

Dean looked at him.  "If gay sex feels like this, I'm not having any anytime soon."

"I'm sure it doesn't feel exactly the same.  Unless you're riding your lover," he taunted.

"I'm still on top," Dean said, frowning some.

"That would be riding if you're taking it," Sam pointed out.  He loved picking on Dean.  His brother wasn't homophobic, but he was very het and he liked girls too much to think about switching over, even for a few days.  He didn't understand how it felt good.

Inside, Xander was defending himself to Alexx about how it wasn't sex that had made them sore, he wasn't cheating on his boys, and they'd be fine after riding the horses this morning.  He finally got away from her and called Horatio.  "Can you please pout at Alexx for thinking I made the boys ache by having sex with them?   I'm not that big.  I can't make someone as sore as riding the horses did.  Especially since I'm not that mean to my lovers and I'm usually on the bottom.  No, she called to nag me about being more gentle to them when I had them for fun.  In the hot tub.   Speed did?  Oh, okay.  Was that the right type?"  He grinned.  "As long as I get it back, Horatio.  You know that."  He nodded.  "I can do that.  Going shopping for Don's birthday in a bit.  Once I get them out of the hot tub.  Tell her if she doesn't quit nagging about it I'm going to spank her.  Or let Danny spank her.  He might like that."  He hung up on the shocked sounding noises.  There, that would help with that!  She wouldn't think he was cheating again!


Speed walked up to Alexx, patting her on the arm.  "Xander said he wasn't cheating.  The boys went riding with him this morning, Alexx.  He also said if you think he's cheating he's going to send Danny to spank you for it.  That way you're just as sore."

She snorted, giving him a look.  "You don't get sore rear ends like you and Don described from riding, Speedy."

"You do if it's your first time," he countered, giving her a look.  "They were riding with him for two hours in the woods.  If it was just sex, Sam would be back to normal by now and he's still pouting."  She shook her head, walking off.  "It was a good suggestion but Xander doesn't go outside his playlist."

"Uh-huh.  I still say something had to happen. You don't get that sore from riding.  I didn't.  Peter didn't."

"I did," Don complained as he walked out of a lab with reports.  "I was sore for the next day.  Xander babied me very well," he said with a happy grin.

"Your boy still backed up?" Speed asked.

"Yup.  Managed a quick one at lunch."  He shrugged a bit.  "We'll figure it out.  They finally out of the hot tub?"

"Probably soon," Speed admitted.  Don nodded, heading off to find someone to talk to.  He looked at Alexx.  "See, others do get that sore."

"Fine," she said, walking off shaking her head.  She still said it was gay sex riding instead of the horses that had caused the soreness.


Dean looked around the stores Xander had drug them to.  "Dude, this is way higher than we normally think," he complained.

"I have to find something for Don, Dean."  He walked them into the store he liked, smiling at the salesgirl.  "Friends with taste."

"Which one needs something, Mr. Harris?"

"Don's birthday is coming up."

"Didn't you buy the blue one for that?"

Xander considered it then shrugged. "Did I?"  She looked it up then nodded. "Huh.  Have I picked it up?"  She looked then went to get it for him.  "Thanks.  Owe anything?"

"Nope.  Have a good day."  She smiled at the two relieved looking ones' backs.  "Such goofballs."

"Sorry, guys.  Didn't realize," Xander admitted.

"They keep telling us that not wearing those things out leads to confusion," Sam reminded him.

"They've been busy."  He led them to another shop to pick up something then down to a store he loved.  They both stared at the shop's front in horror.  "What?"

"That's a kink shop," Sam pointed out.

"I know. It's where I get Don riding leathers."  He beamed made them walk inside.  "Learn to live a little, guys.  That's how you find out about people."  He looked around then pointed.  "See, that would look good on Dean."

Dean looked at the outfit then at him.  "I'd never pull it off."

"I can see you in those," Sam offered, pointing at another pair. Dean gave him an odd look.  "It'd look better on your build."

"You've been in the sun too long," Dean assured him calmly.  Xander bounced off to look at stuff, finding a few things he wanted.  He stopped to look at one display and Dean shuddered at the thought of cock rings.  "Needed another one?"  He was definitely learning a lot about Xander and why he needed *two* boyfriends to keep up with him even if he wasn't learning about anyone else.

"They have a pretty black steel one," he said.

"You have ten or twelve, Xander."

"Good point."  He got it anyway.  He grinned.  "Could always use something new."  They checked out and he bounced off.

The boys looked at each other then followed.  Don and Danny had made sure they understood that they had to protect Xander if he was out in the real world instead of the house.  Because things came for him.  Like the guy who tried to grab him by the hair but Xander ducked under his grab and pushed him into a wall.

"Hair yankers suck," he told him.  "Get over it.  I'm not yours."  He bounded off again to look in the window of a jewelry store.  Then off again.

"They really need to quit working overtime," Sam decided.  It was time to employ some strategy to help calm the boy down.  He caught up to Xander.  "How far away from the cars are we getting, Xander?"

He considered it.  "We can park in the garage up the street.  It's secure."  That got a nod and they went to move the cars then he went back to shopping.

Dean stopped Xander from going into a store that looked really shady.  "Are you sure that's safe?"

"It looks neat."

"It looks like somewhere you'll be kidnaped," Dean countered.

Xander grimaced.  "You need to lighten up, Dean.  Getting old before your time."  He patted him on the cheek then walked in there.  Right into a stick up.  He huffed and kicked one of the gunmen in the kidneys.  He crashed into the display counter and broke it with his chin.  "Stupid.  Anyone could walk in on you.  Including the lover of a cop like me."  A gun got pointed at him and he stepped up to disarm him too.  They were both groaning on the floor when he was done with the second one.  He looked in the display cabinets.  "Little Oriental statues?"  The shopkeeper nodded slowly.  "Got any monkey figures?"

"We did but we sold the last one earlier," the lead shopkeeper said, putting down his arms finally.  The other two did the same.  "Who are you?"

Xander grinned.  "An avid shopper."  He looked around then bounced out.  "We'll stop back by sometime, see if you have more monkey statues."  He walked out, heading for the next store he had never been in.

"Shouldn't we call the police?" Sam asked, pointing back at the store.

"They will if they want to," Xander assured him with a grin.  "Don't let me forget we need to hit the grocery store."  They both nodded in unison.  He grinned.  "So cute, like evil twins."  He went into one that looked interesting.  This one was run by demons and they fled.  "Hey, I'm in a happy mood!" he shouted after them.  "I came to shop!" he called miserably when they didn't come back.  He sighed and walked off again, taking them to another shop.


Dean looked at the 'grocery store' Xander had drug them to.  "Xander, that's bigger than any Wal-Mart ever built," he complained.

"Quit being such a stick in the mud, Dean.  It's a farmer's market and things.  Fresh veggies and a good place to get stuff for dinner."  He walked inside and got handed a cart by an older lady.  "Thank you."  He walked off, going down the various rows.  He stopped to watch a pastry person decorate a cake, tipping his head off to the side.  "I can't do that yet."

"You have time to learn," Sam said in his ear, getting a smile.  "Pie for dinner?"

He looked then snorted.  "I can make those."  He walked them off, going to the fish place.  He looked at them.  "Is the salmon or perch fresher?"

"The perch, sir.  Are you nearly done?  If not it could get too warm."

"Then I'll come back on my way back," he said happily.  "Thank you."  He walked off, going with the others.  He stopped at the bread maker, getting a few loaves and paying for them.  Dean bought himself a snack cake and Sam a bottle of water.  They kept moving to the other booths.  Xander picked out some very fresh vegetables for salads.  The butcher in there knew him by name and showed him some things he liked to play around with in the kitchen.  He bought ten pounds of meat and they moved on once he paid.  Another vegetable stall and a few more veggies.  An exotic fruit stall where they stopped to sniff because Xander wanted them to learn what they were.

"We usually eat at diners, Xander," Dean said quietly.

"You won't always, Dean.  Remember, long life ahead of you."  That got a simple nod.  Xander nearly sighed, he'd have to get over that thought blockage soon.  "Besides, they taste great.  Sweeter than your snack cake."  He paid for one and cut it open with his pocket knife. "Open."  Dean gave him a look.  "Don't make me swat."  He opened his mouth so Xander slid in a piece of fruit.  Dean chewed, moaning a bit.  "See?  Sam, open."  He cut him off a piece then ate the rest for himself.  He picked up another dozen for the house and they kept going.  There was an 'exotic Asian' store in here and they got dinner from there.  By now the cart was nearly full.  They went back to the fish place when he didn't want to go to the other sections of the market.

"No wine?" Sam asked.  "I always wondered about that stuff.  Jess knew about wines and stuff," he said when Dean gave him an odd look.

"I go to a place downtown for wines," Xander told him. "The one over there likes to leer."  That got a dual nod.  They headed back to the car and Xander drove the way to the wine shop.  "I have some delightful perch and some Asian food tonight.  Kinda spicy and mostly red and brown sauces."

The man nodded, walking them back to his selections for those menus.  Sam got to ask questions and he answered with a smile.  He also suggested a good magazine since he was still figuring out his tastes.  Plus possibly a wine of the month club.  They left with a few bottles for dinner.

Dean looked at Xander.  "We going to drop those at the house?"

"I have a cooling wand plugged in."  They gave him a clueless look so he opened the trunk to show them.  "See, it's like a fridge in a wand.  It hooks into the auxiliary plug I have back here.  I had it put in a few months after I bought the 'vette."  He closed the trunk once the wine was in there.  "But we can hit the regular grocery store first if you want.  That way I can pick up eggs and stuff for pie making."

"Let's drop this first, just in case, so you don't wear down your battery," Sam suggested, hoping he'd want to stay home once he got there.  His feet hurt.  They helped him put things up then he bounced back out to the car.  Sam groaned once they were safely in the impala.  "He's going to kill us."

"He won't.  He's hyper and he needs worn out.  The same as you do."  He followed the blood red corvette, finding Xander at a shoe place.  "Maybe he heard you."  Xander pulled them inside and got them sneakers and a pair of dressier shoes.  Then he drug them to Armani.  They balked but he pushed them inside and got them each a new suit, just in case they had to do respectable things.  He had no idea what respectable things they did but Xander was paying and not even Dean could withstand the pout.  He could barely withstand Sammy's pout but Xander's was lethal and made his chest hurt when he turned up the power on him.  So he had to let him.  They could be packed too he guessed.  They went to another few shops, just to browse, then to the regular grocery store.  Xander stopped him from going down the ice cream aisle, checking out and taking them to a gourmet ice cream shop instead.  Dean moaned.  "They have places like this?"

"All over," he said proudly.  "This is the best ice cream in the city."  The shopkeeper smiled.  "He makes it all by hand in the back."  He walked over to look.  "What do we have today?"

"We've got the usual six and some of the custom flavors.  Someone wanted coconut for their wedding so I've got some of that left. We have the fudge maple nut you like, Mr. Harris."

Xander beamed then pulled the boys over.  "My proteges of evil."  That got a laugh.  "Let them taste whatever.  Give me a gallon of the usual and two of my fudge maple nut and the praline."  He nodded, letting the boys taste whatever they wanted to and Dean suggested another one, getting a nod from Xander.  They carried the tubs out and plugged back in the cooling wand, putting it right on top of the ice cream.  Xander grinned. "It's more expensive but it's great ice cream."

"It was," Sam agreed.  "Home?"

"Home," he agreed. "But I need to hit the pan store."

"You need more pans?"

"I go to look at the cake pans," he defended.  "They come in shapes and stuff.  I was going to make Don a dragon cake."

"You have one of those pans," Sam said, looking a bit confused.  "It's in the top cabinet."  Xander frowned at him.  "You do.  We can look first."

"Sure.  We can look first."  He slid in and headed back to the house, having help putting up these new things too.  Then Dean sat down with some ice cream while Sam and Xander pulled down all the pans in the kitchen to rearrange them.   Sure enough, he had a dragon pan and a pan to add extra tail sections.  They ended up rearranging where all the baking stuff went but that was fine.  It'd be easier for him.  By then Dean was done with his ice cream and had moved to the dishes, which was nice of him.  Xander gave him a hug from behind before going to find his sword.  "Sword practice."

"Sure," Sam agreed, grabbing his blade and heading out with him.  Dean followed once his hands were dry.  Maybe now they'd wear Xander out!


Dean stopped at the station on the way back to their motel, walking inside and smiling his most charming smile at the receptionist.  "Is Don Flack here please?"

"You've got a better chance of having Messer here, sir.  What happened to Xander this time?"

"Just a report on today's activities."  That got a nod and she paged him.  Dean walked over to the windows, nodding Danny over when he came out.  "He's backed up."  Danny groaned.  "Unless it's usual for him to swerve with his music while driving?  Not a lot but a little bit here and there while he was singing along?  Or his whirlwind through the farmer's marketplace?  He was even too bouncy to settle down to sword practice today," he finished quietly.  "He kept giggling as he attacked Sam.  I wanted to see if he was drugged."

"No, that's him being backed up," Danny sighed.  "How long?"

"Definitely today.  Yesterday wasn't as bouncy but he was a bit.  Today he was like an airheaded fairy on the Coyote's spring shoes."  That got a shudder.  "And he's sulking at home because we're heading back for the night so Sam can go be worn out."

"You need it too, Dean."

"I know, but Sammy first since things'll come for him before me."

Danny nodded.  "Ryan?"

"I think he'd love it if you two made it home before midnight tonight," he said honestly.  "He and Sam were talking earlier and he said that."  That got a nod.  "Ryan might help but I doubt he can do it on his own.  I about confiscated his keys when I saw him weaving earlier.  It was Sammy who figured out he was singing along to Queen."

Danny slumped but nodded.  "I'll head home soon.  Thanks for watching out for him."

"Not a problem.  He stopped a robbery in progress earlier.  He sent some guys running.  He had forgotten he had gotten something for Don's birthday already."

Danny nodded.  "Yeah, he's backed up.  Have a good night, Dean."  He nodded, heading out.  Danny went back to the lab, looking at Horatio.  "I'm going to go home soon."

"How close are your results?"

"Probably another hour."

"Go home once you've got them.  What happened?"

"He forgot he had gotten something for Don's birthday already.  He was weaving in time with the music."  Horatio shuddered.  "Exactly.  I've gotta head home soon."

"Go once you have your results."

Danny nodded, heading to check on them.  Most of them were done but one was behind.  "How long?"

"Three hours?" Valera said hesitantly.

"Then I'll get 'em in the morning."  He walked out looking through them then sighed.  "We have enough to arrest and question," he told Eric.  Who looked really tired tonight too.  "First thing?"

"He could get away," he reminded him.

Danny looked at him.  "I need to get home tonight too, Eric."

He gave him a look.  "The job means that sometimes spouses have to suffer."

"Guys," Speed complained.  He looked at them.  "Is he even still in town, Eric? You weren't sure he wasn't going to flee earlier."

Eric went to check him on the list of recent airline passengers.  "Not on here yet."  He checked future lists and found him.  "He's booked for tuesday."

"Then waiting until the morning means that you're both going to be fresh and won't make mistakes."  They nodded.  "You haven't slept in two days, Eric.  Go home."

"If we have it..." he started.  "Xander can last another night."

"It's not just about Xander," Danny corrected.  "I haven't seen home in two days either, Eric.  I'd like to shower in my own bathroom in the morning and sleep on the ridiculously huge bed with hair pins sticking me all night."

"Enough," Speed said tiredly.  "We're all worn out.  Go home.  Get him in the morning."  Eric muttered something as he walked off.  "I'm telling your mother you say words like that."  He patted Danny on the shoulder.  "Make him unfussy."

"I'm probably going to get fussed at," he admitted, heading to put the reports in a place where he'd have them in the morning when he came in.  Then he went home.  He walked in and Xander jumped.  "Hey."

"You made it home?"

"I'm exhausted," he admitted.  Xander cooed and pulled him down next to him, cuddling him, and he didn't even realize he was falling asleep right there.

Xander smiled at the first snore.  "You poor baby.  Crime needs to slow down again."  He stroked over his hair, smiling when he heard Don trudge in but head right for the bed.  He got Danny up and stumbling that way, stripping him down so he could collapse too.  Don got stripped too, then he went to lock up the house.  He carefully climbed between them once he was naked, letting them cuddle or just huff in his hair as they usually did.


Danny looked at his wrist then at Don when he woke up. "Morning.  Are you cuffed?"

Don looked at his hands then shook his head, but his ankle was.  "Chained."  They looked at the clock.  They were only an hour late.  Don found his cellphone beside him and called in.  "We're presently locked to the bed."  He heard what Frank said, smiling some.  "Thanks, Frank."  He hung up.  "Xander called us off three hours late."

"Eric's gonna whine," Danny complained.

"Frank said he had an accident on the way home."

"Damn it."

"He's fine.  Not that bad."  Xander walked in with a tray of food, putting it across Danny's lap then he left and came back with Don's before he could claim any of the other food.  "Thanks, Xander."  He pulled him down for a kiss.  "You take good care of us."

"Someone has to."  He walked out and brought in the coffees.  They dug into their breakfasts, eating until they were stuffed.  They got real showers, unhurried ones with Xander helping, and then they got kisses and bags of lunch before they headed back.  Xander pouted once they were gone.  "Next time I'm keeping them here."

Danny walked in and smiled at Eric.  "I woke up in handcuffs."

"I woke up with Momma screaming and ranting above me because the department was going to get me killed in a way that would mean I'd have to leave Miami, then breakfast," he admitted. "You good?"

"Eaten, showered, all that.  DNA report finally done?"

"Late last night."  He handed it over.  It blew their theory.  "Two people?"

"We'll see."  They went to find their primary targets and talk to them.


Dean looked at Xander that afternoon.  It was clear his boys had been too tired to do anything when they had gotten home.  "Hey, Xander, I've gotta take Sammy somewhere to wear him out and it's kinda clear you could use some of that too.  Why don't we take a field trip then practice?  We can research tomorrow."

Xander frowned at him.  "I'm not backed up."

"Xander, you pouted at the coffee maker when it wasn't full," Sam told him.  "Even I can tell you're backed up and I can't tell when I'm backed up."  Xander slumped, nodding a bit.  It made Sam feel pitiful.  "It's not your fault they've been working horrible hours.  There's nothing you can really do about that unless you sneak in for a locker room quickie."  Xander shook his head at that.  "I know, they'd probably mind.  So let's go do something so you can wear it out."

"I still have to go out to the farm.  The trainer's going to be there and she wanted to talk."

"We can do that but I'm driving," Dean said.  Xander huffed but nodded. "Used to that?"

"Whenever I got too bad before they'd confiscate the keys to the old Range Rover."

"You used to have a Range Rover?" Sam asked.

"Uh-huh.  A lavender one that had really great leather seats.  Buffy blew it up on me."

"That's a color I wouldn't expect on an SUV," Dean admitted.

"There's a lavender hummer somewhere in the group," Xander said with a grin. "Horatio said I couldn't replace my Range Rover with it.  Don called it the gay mobile."

"I can see why," Dean admitted with a small grin.  "That color with a guy driving would kind of scream 'gay boy' to me too."

Xander shrugged.  "It was comfy and bulletproof.  It did what I needed it to do."  He grabbed stuff and pulled back his hair as he walked.  "Come on, let's go exercise the horsies."  They nodded, following him out to the Impala.   He batted Sam on the arm.  "You know, there's drugs to let you raise yourself up.  I know a few did that for a few hours so they got a better handle on their own output."

"No, I think I'll do it through meditation.  That works better for me and I'm scared I'd get stuck."

Xander cackled.  "It's not so bad. Even if you do have to take security precautions."  They nodded, letting him get into the back of the Impala while Sam got into the front and Dean got in to drive.  He leaned forward.  "Which Metallica is this?"

"The Black Album," Dean said, looking backward so he could back down the driveway.  "I've seen some of the later stuff in your collection."

"We can put on music for practice later if it'll help.  I usually take challenges with my iPod."  They grinned at that.  "It helps keep me focused when my mind's scattered."

"That's not a bad idea," Dean admitted.  "Plus give us a way to build stamina by humming or singing while working out.  Better breath control."  Xander beamed and nodded.  "We can do that.  It's supposed to rain so we'll use the practice room?"

"Sure," Xander said happily.  He waved at the guard.  "Farm then back here," he called.  That got a nod and a note made.  They headed off.  "That way no one has to worry."

"I'd worry too," Sam agreed, looking back at him.  "You get kidnaped an awful lot, Xander."

"I know.  It's not my fault though.  They like the hair."  That got a snicker from Dean.  "They do!  They're all hair yanking bastards too.  Means I have a good reason to kick their asses right off."

Dean nodded.  "I can see why."  He headed out to the farm.  They liked to pet the horses but they knew that Xander would make them go riding with him.  Not that it was safe if they didn't.  Dean had to roll down the windows because his eyes were watering with all the pheromones in the car.  Sam did the same and Xander rolled down the back ones slightly.  "Thanks.  Needed to air it out."  He wiped at one eye, then sped up when he found the right road.  They pulled into the farm and Xander got out, bouncing over to the trainer.  He had to call Steve immediately because he had forgotten to pay her but that was fine.  Steve showed up with a check and they realized he was an immie too.  They hadn't met him before, only talked on the phone when he called to nag Xander about something.  "Is he going riding with us?"

Steve gave him an amused look.  "I learned in college."

"Good, then you can ride Furry," Xander said happily.

"Let's have you ride Furry and he can ride Pride," the trainer told him.  Xander nodded.  "I'll take Countess since I've already worn Duchess out this morning."  That got another nod and Xander bounced off to saddle the babies.  She looked at the boys.  "How experienced are you?"

"Third ride," Sam told her.

"Okay.  Don't try to jump and if the horses want to jump with you, just relax, go with the movement."  They both gave her horrified looks.  "I've gotten them up to that level.  You can go around."  She walked off, taking that one to deal with.  She got them both up, nodding.  "Natural looking seats, boys.  Good job."  Steve looked a bit stiffer but that was fine.  Pride was an experienced mount even before Xander had gotten him.  They rode out together and it was good.  Xander was teasing Furry's ears, making him a happy horse.  He was nearly three, he was old enough for this.  "Xander, go ahead and see if he'll jump the log, it's small," she ordered.  He sped Furry up and Furry jumped it then the tree after it too.  "Good job!" she called.  Countess jumped the log but not the tree that had fallen at a diagonal.  She turned her around to get her more room and she jumped it this time.  Steve squealed when Pride did it without his consent and both boys went limp and went with the movement of the horse when they did it on them.  "Good!" she called.  They sped up, going a bit faster.  Furry was having a good run and was going to be exhausted later but he was having fun with it and Xander was chatting with the horse.  He jumped the small stream.  She jumped the small stream, Countess hated water on her hooves.  The boys slogged through it.  Pride jumped.

"Please quit jumping, Pride?  I'm not used to jumping horses, just park horses."

Xander grinned back at him.  "You're doing fine, Steve."  He had to duck suddenly when a branch nearly caught him in the throat but that was fine.  They circled back to the farm, finding Horatio waiting on them.  He slid off Furry with a grin.  "He's trained!"

"You looked good riding him."  Xander beamed, taking off the saddle and putting it on the fence for now.  He could brush Furry out there so he'd dry.  "How was the ride?"

"He jumped the fallen trees.  He wanted a run so we went for a run."

Horatio smiled, coming over to pet him.  "You're a good boy, Furry."  The horse nuzzled him and let Xander finish brushing out his coat before going to nibble grass in the field.  The others got their horses cooled down and out into the field too.  Xander put up his saddle and brush then came back out.  "We were wondering if you'd bring lunch in sometime this week?"

"I can do that."  He gave him a hug.  "Not a problem."

Horatio looked at him.  "I do believe you're backed up, Xander."

"You've stolen my boys again, Horatio."

"Good point," he agreed.  "We sent Danny home early last night."

"He fell asleep on my shoulder minutes after he got home."

"Ah."  He nodded, kissing him on the forehead.  "Go wear that out, Xander.  Before Ryan has to take more time off to hold a rescue mission."

"Yes, sir."

"Good boy."  He stroked his shoulder.

"You should too."

"I know I should but I can't get away right now.  Is there a reason why crime picked up so suddenly?"

"I think they had to finish their yearly quotas since the fiscal year is ending for them," he quipped.  Horatio smiled at that.  "Want me to ask around?"

"No.  You know we do not want you anywhere near the underground, Xander."

"Yes, Horatio."

Dean coughed.  "Want us to ask around?"  He was still leaning on the fence.  His butt was still sore!  How Xander did this then went to have sex he had no idea but he didn't think his ass was ever going to feel normal again.  Today he was even numb!  That was just so wrong for a lady's man like he was.

"Xander might have the contacts but you boys don't yet," he warned.  "Xander used to play poker with the cream at the top of the underground."  They both shuddered.  "We've shut down a number of drug dealers thanks to that."  He gave Xander another pat.  "We must fix that."

"Yes, Horatio."

"We know where to go?" Dean asked.  Xander nodded.  "We can go with you, Xander.  That way you don't get taken on the way there and don't have to worry about driving yourself back later on."  He gave him a pat on the back.  "C'mon, let's go do that, then we'll practice later.  After lunch."  He smiled at Horatio.  "Going for a ride?"

"Checking on Xander.  The gate guards said there was someone in a limo looking for him."  Xander shrugged.  "That smelled like dead fish?"

"Harvette.  Higher level demon on the Council."  He looked at Dean's car.  "Let's hope he didn't give you fish."

Dean went to check, slowly, smiling when there was no hint of fish in his car.  "C'mon, we'll head back home to shower and change."  Xander nodded, giving Horatio another hug before bouncing off to go with them.  He waved at Horatio.  "We'll watch out for him.  You be more careful too.  You don't have the same protection he does."

"I will be.  Be safe, boys."  He watched them go, looking at Steve.  "Problems?"

"Xander forgot to pay her."  That got a nod.  "Horatio, I don't want to be nosy, but I don't like men and you're very attractive today for some reason," he said as bluntly as he ever did.

Horatio ducked his head.  "We've all had some extreme hours recently.  I'm curing mine tonight, Steve."  That got a nod.  "Thank you for worrying about me."  He smiled and slid back into his sunglasses.  "Have a good day soaking, Steve.  You look a bit sore."

"Been years since I've ridden.  From what I've heard, the boys have been worse."  Horatio walked off smiling.  He looked at the trainer.  "In case you hadn't noticed, Xander's scatterbrained."  She nodded she had noticed.  He handed over his card.  "Tell me directly if he doesn't pay you this next week.  It's easier on everyone."

"He's a former cop?  I know that was the head of the crime lab."

"Don's in homicide and Danny's in the lab."

"Oh!"  She just nodded at that.  "No wonder they have trios of horses."

He smiled.  "No, the mares are Ryan Wolfe's."  She walked off laughing.  He went back to his home office to sit on a heating pad.  His butt did ache today.


Dean looked around the spa.  He'd never been in one of these places.  Never wondered what they were like inside.  Never really wanted to be in one of these spots.  But to keep the demon from coming after Xander *again* and Sammy's fanclub away from him, he'd endure.  Xander bounced up to the receptionist, who made a call as soon as she recognized him.

"Mr.  Harris, your usual masseuse is booked full today but we do have a new one on staff.  Would that be okay?"

"Would they know?"

"I'm not really sure," she admitted.  "Let me check with the manager."  She went to do that and came back shaking her head.  "The manager talked to her and she said she's not sure she could help.  She can't do the deepest tissue massages that you usually like."   She looked at Dean and Sam.  "Morning, gift certificates being renewed?"

"They're my proteges," Xander said with an evil grin.

She shivered.  "I'm sure they'll make wonderful yous some year, Mr. Harris.  Let me see what I can find you."  She sat down to call the place the manager had suggested, getting a nod while she talked quietly.  She hung up.  "The New Moon has an opening.  They do have someone who can do deep tissue massages and some of you do go over there so they all know."

Xander leaned over to hug her.  "Thank you!"

"You're welcome.  We love you for opening this place."  She wrote down the address and handed it to him.  "Go there, Mr. Harris."  He nodded and bounced out, Sam following.  She smiled at Dean.  "It'll be okay."

"Any precautions?"

"Just make sure the masseuse doesn't take him."

Dean just nodded and followed, going to drive them there.  The last one was subtle, what he imagined old money families lived like with marble, fountains, plants, and a lot of light from the skylights.  This one....  He'd seen New Age shops decorated in lighter tones.  It was a bit darker in there.  The lights were all around the strength of candles.  The fountain was hidden but heard.  The walls were all darker blue and the plants were laid around to pick up on the lights.  Sam walked Xander inside.  "Someone called for him?"

"Mr. Harris I presume?" the guy behind the reception desk asked.  Xander beamed and nodded.  "This way, sir.  We have a special lounge and waiting area for our GHS members and their security details."

"They're going with me," Xander said.  "If we can arrange it."

"Of course, sir.  One of our top masseuses is coming in just for you.  She's technically just went on maternity leave but she works on Toddy and Timothy Jacobs all the time."  Xander beamed and nodded at that.  He led them to a nice room, still darker than they liked, but it had soft couches and Xander snuggled into the corner of one.  "The changing area is behind the screen and there's a private sauna in the room so you don't have to worry about hormoning someone in there."

"Thank you," Xander said, shaking his hand.  "You're very helpful."

"We pride ourselves on it," he said with a smile, going to call her to make sure she was on her way in.

Xander got up and went to look at the changing area, coming out in a waist towel and a robe.  He gave both boys a shove.  "Go."

"We can wait to make sure she can work us in too," Sam said.

Xander gave him a look.  "Now."  Sam pouted but went to change.  He looked at Dean.  "You too."

"I'm good."

"So?  You're still sore from riding."  He smirked at that bit of logic.  Dean groaned as he got up but went to change too.  They came back out to find a pleasantly plump, pregnant woman walking in a rolling table.  Dean and Sam helped her set it up and let her kick the locks into place.  "Hi."  He gave her a hug.

"You're our local level ten," she said, shaking his hand.  "I'm Melissa.  You do deep tissue or did you want something lesser, Mr. Harris?"

"Deep tissue works good to get me out of my backed-up state.  These are Sam, the taller one, and Dean, the tougher one; my proteges of evil."

She laughed as she shook their hands.  "Welcome to the New Moon, gentlemen.  We've heard Mr. Harris isn't all that evil but I'm sure you'll be able to follow in his footsteps some day."  She got Xander onto the table, putting the robe down across the couch.  "Sit down, boys.  It'll take me about an hour to deal with his back and legs."  She turned on some music, making him smile and relax.  She let him choose oils and it was good.  She got to work starting on his shoulders.  "Relax further, Mr. Harris."

Sam came over and pressed on a spot, knocking him out.  "His boyfriend has been busy recently at work."

"That happens to the best of us."  She winked and he sat down with a blush.  "That's how I ended up pregnant.  My husband's an accountant and he needed some stress relief during tax time."  They laughed at that but it was nice laughter so she kept working.  Xander slowly woke up but he was staying more relaxed so it was fine.  She moved down, making him moan and arch into her hands.  She felt the hormones releasing but she was in the stage of pregnancy where she wanted sex anyway so it was fine with her.  She kept moving down, slowly but surely working all the stress out of him.

Sam looked at Dean.  "Had a thought," he said, leaning over to whisper in his ear.  "Xander forgot his wallet at home."  Dean got up and took his cellphone into the changing area to talk to Steve.  He'd send Danny with it.  Or someone.  Dean came back and Xander was still a puddle of goo.  A resonating puddle of goo.  She moved down to his legs and it got another moan.  "We were riding this morning," Sam told her.

"It's good exercise and I'm sure his horses are protective of him."

"Ryan made sure both Princesses knew to guard me," Xander agreed, sounding sleepy.

Dean nodded.  "Yes he did.  Yours is fussy over you too, Xander."

Xander turned his head to grin at him.  "It's good for me in case I get taken from the woods."

"Again?" Sam teased.

"No comment."

Melissa laughed.  "You all have to deal with that issue," she reminded them.  "Now and then it happens.  Thankfully there's people who can help rescue you."

"I go armed," Xander said dryly, making her cackle.  "Exactly.  I do a lot of rescuing myself."  He heard a phone ring.  "Is that mine?"

"You left yours at home," Dean told him.  Xander groaned, rubbing his forehead.  "I called Steve."  He answered his phone.  "What's wrong?"  He listened.  "We're at the New Moon spa, Don.  I told Steve that."  He smirked.  "There.  In the private room.  Xander's moaning on a table while the masseuse does his legs."  He nodded. "That's fine.  I can send Sammy out to get it.  Thanks."  He hung up.  "Don's bringing it, Xander.  And your phone."   Sam tied his robe tighter and went to wait on Don.

"We've had the others who come here forget things before," Melissa assured him.

"Xander was a bit bouncy this morning," Dean admitted, looking at Xander.  Xander shrugged.  "Sammy won't get that bad, right?"

"You two are only half as bad as I am," Xander pointed out, yawning a bit.  She moved to his feet and he twitched.

"Relax.  There's some good pressure points to help you release those nasty hormones, Mr. Harris."

"Yes, Melissa."  Sam came back.  "Did Don repack it?"

"He drove through your ATM and made sure you had your shopping credit cards."  Ht put it next to Dean's phone then Xander's phone.  "You have a missed call but no new voicemails."

"I like that they programmed that to show," Xander said happily.  She let him flip over to do his chest and neck, earning a hug as he moved.  "You deserve good tips."

She poked him on the arm.  "I liked that tip too, Mr. Harris."  She went back to work on him, making him relax and let it all go.  "Are we going to do the sauna?"

"Mnn, sweaty," Xander said, thinking about it.  "Guys?  Wanna get sweaty?"

"If you want," Dean said patiently.  Anything that would keep Xander from hormoning them too.

"I don't care," Sam agreed.  "Whatever you want, Xander."

Xander looked up at her.  "Maybe the blue stuff in the sauna?  I've heard good things about it."

"Of course.  It's good for you guys."  She went to work on his shoulder, seeing the wince.  "Sore?"

"A bit.  I moved wrong earlier when I was jumping.  New horse syndrome."

"I'm sure he'll find a good communion with you when you're out riding," she soothed, working on that area.   Xander was limp by the time she was done.  Sam helped him off the table and onto the couch, watching him curl up to get comfortable.  "Which one of you first?"

"Sam's usually a bit backed up," Dean said, giving his brother a shove.  "Go ahead, baby brother."

"I'm not that much younger," he complained.  But he took off his robe and laid down on his stomach, getting a nod for that.  He moaned as she worked.  "A bit less pressure on my shoulders?"

"Of course."  She eased up some and he moaned and went limp.  "That's a normal reaction," she promised.  "I have people who do that all the time."  He blushed but shook his head.  "If you have to you have to."  She kept working, making Sam a limp puddle of goo.  Dean had to help him roll over he was so limp and sated.  Then it was Dean's turn.  "Harder, easier?"

"Harder.  I've got good muscles."  She nodded and helped him into the correct position.  Then she got to work and he understood why the other GHS did this all the time.  He kept his control though.  He would not come from this.  He refused to.  She kept making him relaxed and content, almost sleepy feeling.  When she was done with his front, she went to set up the sauna for them, helping them in there.  She added the doctored water to the rocks and it was good.  It smelled nice.  Kind of herby but that was fine.  Sam sat down and nearly fell onto his side, almost totally asleep.  Xander rested his head on Sam's hip and did nap.  Dean smiled, adding more water to the hot rocks to produce more steam.  As long as it helped them he didn't care.  He knew Sam and Xander weren't going to do anything that would make him take out Danny or Don when they came for his brother's head.  Melissa came back forty-five minutes later, smiling at the sleeping ones and him being a bit drowsy.  "They needed it."

"They did.  Come on, boys, out of the sauna.  We'll let you shower and then head home."  They got out and headed to the changing area to shower and redress.  Xander gave her a good bit of the cash in his wallet and a kiss on the cheek, plus a pat on the belly.  She walked them out, making sure they had everything.  Xander paid for the treatments with a credit card, frowning when it buzzed at him.  The second one went through.

"That bank's been down for the last hour," the receptionist said, letting Xander sign the slip.  "Thank you and do remember us for your next treatment, sir."

He smiled.  "You're definitely moving onto my favorites list."  That got a smile and he took a card, writing Melissa's name on the back for his future reference on the way out.  They piled back into the Impala and headed out of the parking lot. "Can we visit the boys?  I can pick up lunch on the way in."

"Sure," Dean agreed.  They pulled into somewhere and Xander came out with a huge box of food.  Dean shook his head.  "Do you feed everyone?"

"Of course.  You two have the chili at home."  They smiled and nodded, it had been good the day before too.  They pulled into the station twenty-five minutes later and Xander strolled inside, getting signed in.  The clerk looked in the box and smiled.  "It's good for you guys.  You can probably steal some.  I only really got enough for the lab and Don's people."  She nodded.  "Horatio said I could make a real lunch later this week."  He strolled that way, handing Frank the box since they were all listening to the Chief of Police talk about the current criminal crisis.  He frowned, nudging Frank.  "No one's been to Mo's Bar?" he whispered.

He looked at him. "How do you know Mo's?"

The Chief of Police stared at them.  "Mr. Harris.  Your boys forget their lunch?"

"Yup."  He smirked a bit.  "Mo's Bar is where Tony 'Tortellini' hangs out.  That sounds like his guys.  I know Don's mumbled a few of his guy's names in his sleep recently."  The Chief of Police smacked himself on the head.  "If he's not at Mo's, ask his girlfriend at Tragedy of Flesh where his hidden house is.  All I know is it's down toward Key West but not on that key."

"No one thought to ask you for your help?" the Chief asked dryly.

"My boys have been too tired to eat for the last six days, Chief.  I haven't spoke to them in five."  That got a nod.  "Speaking of, need to go over something with Don so he can interrogate me then."  He pulled Don up and into the locker room, locking it and slamming him against the wall beside the shower.  He kissed him hard and fast.  "You have two minutes."  Don turned them around and dropped Xander's pants, then his, flipping him around to slide inside.  Xander bit Don's arm to keep himself quiet but it was good.  Hard, fast, and they both needed it.  Don nearly had a haze around him from his backed up state.  Don came and pulled on Xander until he came too, then they took a few seconds to catch their breath.  Xander got them both straightened out, kissing him. "He's somewhere south of the Key with the mini deers, but north of Key West.  I have no idea where it is."

"What's his girlfriend's name?"

"Not a clue.  I know he's dating one of the strippers on the mid shift.  She's been doing it for over a year but I've only seen her once.  She was a brunette then and looked kinda tired.  She was talking about going in for a tightening up operation because she was starting to sag."

Don took another kiss and grinned.  "I could've sworn you gave me lunch."

Xander mugged his mouth.  "I did but I needed the good excuse and Horatio's backed up too.  Make sure Speed feeds him."  Don nodded so he backed off, looking at each other. "Sorry about the teeth marks."

"They happen.  It was good, thank you."

Xander grinned.  "We went to the spa.  Now I'm down to the naughty stage of backed up."

"I'll be home early tonight," he vowed.  Xander strolled out, Don following.  "He said his hideout's somewhere south of the Key with the mini deer and north of Key West.  His girlfriend's a stripper on midshift," he told Frank.  "He only saw her once, she looked tired, was a brunette, and was talking about a recent tightening op for her breasts."  Frank frowned, walking over to Ray's desk to find a file.  Don looked then called Xander to come back.  Xander walked back in with the boys.  "Ah, the family's proteges."  He let him see the picture.

"That's her.  Something that started with a C.  Cyndi, Candy, something like that."  He shrugged.  "Was she pregnant?"  Frank looked then nodded. "That's probably why.  Don Porice said something about his last girlfriend dying when she got pregnant."

"That's good ta know," Frank agreed, smirking at him.  "Any other tidbits of wisdom?"

Xander shrugged. "I don't know until you guys ask a question."

"House boat, house, or protected house?" the Chief asked.

"He doesn't like boats.  He gets seasick.  That's why he didn't want to go on that poker ship to Cuba and back that one night.  So he might if necessary but he gets really green at the sight of boats."

"Why do they call him Tortellini?" Dean asked.

"He broke someone's arms and bent them like tortellini," Don said grimly.  "He's a migrated New Yorker."

"Who likes soda and the nastiest rum on the face of the earth," Xander told him.  "The really, really cheap, can't even clean the coffee maker or use it to flavor coffee, bottom of the barrel and the wood would taste better rum."

"I know that brand," one of the other guys said. "Only three places will sell that swill."

"Four," Dean said.  "The new place that opened by our motel last week has some.  We went in for beers."

"Okay, that's four places to ask if he's been in there."

"And he drinks a lot of it," Xander offered.  "During poker games he'd do the better part of a pint.  Never acted drunk.  Like my parents, I'm going to go with long term alchie for him."  They all nodded at that.  "So if he hasn't bought in the last few days, he's out of the city.  My parents never lasted over three days without a trip to the liquor store.  Even if they tried to stock up, the more they bought the more they drank."

"We can see if anywhere down there sells it," Don agreed.  One of the detectives went to do that.  "His other's a brunette?"

Xander shrugged.  "I only saw her because she came in to deliver a message from Two Toes and the guy that I personally called Stinky Breath because he smelled like he was eating shit that was four days old.  Like the stuff I use to fertilize the herb garden.  I'm not sure if it was his cigar or not."

Frank smirked.  "I know that cigar.  We have him on a slab too."  He found that file and the others, letting Xander pick out who he knew.  "Any idea what they do?"

"Two Toes and Stinky Breath were both bag guys.  They were at the club finding refuge because something had tried to take them out.  They were too old to be enforcers any more and the thug they were going after for payments was too tough for them.  They went to Tragedy to get away from him and sent her.  Those two were his bodyguards."  He frowned, looking at Frank.  "One of them was his cousin."  Frank went pale.  "Takeover?"

"Takeover," Don moaned, rubbing his forehead.  "Which means that the rash of crimes was the new guy taking over and taking out the people in his way.  Any new players you've heard about, Xander?"

Xander considered it then nodded slowly.  "Don Porice's younger son was just about to come out.  I didn't think they were talking to the society stuff.  And there's rumors that there's a new Cuban guy who just managed to get up here to extend his reach from there and San Salvador.  He started in Cuba, went to school there, then shifted his reach to the war-torn areas, taking over some of the abandoned territory.  His people moved into that area and he went back to Cuba because his second-in-command supposedly got arrested.  Then that guy got sent here.  He's been slowly building down in Little Havana with the Meurte's and some other gang I don't know.  But I did hear though Tommy that the main guy was up here and looking to set up relations.  They wanted to know if I wanted to meet and threaten him too."

Don nodded.  "No.  You can't go bankrupt him. He doesn't sound stable and we don't want another incident like we had with the General."

"Yes, dear."

Don kissed him.  "Know his name?"

"I do," Ray Kowalski called as he walked closer.  "And he was my last body."  He took Danny's camera back from him and showed Xander the pictures.  "Him?"

"That's ...  No, that's what's his name, the guy who lives in the pink stucco house by the Gables but he runs guns.  That's his second-in-command.  Sonny and he were buddies so I saw him at Fu's now and then."  The picture was flipped.  "That's Sonny's second-in- command."  The picture was flipped to the last body.  "That's the one that came from Cuba the last time.  Not the new head guy, his second.  So it was a meeting of the seconds?"   Ray nodded so he looked at Danny.  "Outsider?"  Danny nodded.  "Then it's Chuck."  They all groaned.  Chuck was their oldest local crime lord and he did not take nicely to people trying to upset his city. He usually said they were upsetting his retirement since he was nearly eighty.  "I'm figuring someone got pissed at all the violence of the takeover and decided to fix it."

"Probably," Don agreed.  He smiled at his boy.  "Thank you, Xander."

"Welcome.  Are you going to make it home tonight or should I concentrate on the leftovers in the fridge?"

"We'll be home on time tonight," Danny promised.  Xander beamed and kissed him then bounced out with the boys behind him.  "Watch him today, Dean.  If they're doing this, Xander knows enough to be very dangerous to some of the people in the underground.  It wouldn't be the first time someone's tried to blow him up."  Dean nodded, then walked them onto the elevator.  He looked at the Chief.  "So, do we let Chuck finish cleaning them up for us?"

"Find that other guy, see if he's still alive.  Find the Cuban guy, Tripp, Flack, and Kowalski.  Everyone else, figure out who else is going to end up dead from our underground."  They nodded, heading back to their desks.  He came to look at the food then at Flack.  "You didn't get lunch?"

"Yeah but we haven't made it home before one in the morning in a week except for last night when we came in too tired and napped as soon as we sat down."  The Chief moaned.  "He's a bit backed up and needed a cuddle."

"Fine," he muttered, walking off shaking his head.  Xander was a very precious thing to have helping his department, even if he did drive them nuts.

"Hey, Flack," one of the patrol guys said.  "Are you sharing and is Xander supposed to be with the two guys in the limo?"

"No, he's supposed to be with the two guys in the Impala," Don called back. "Where are they?"

"Headed after the limo," the officer said, coming over to get dinner then headed out to see if he could check them.

Don called Dean's cellphone.  "Who was it, give me their license plate so we can have them stopped?"  He wrote down the information and let Frank call it in.  He listened to Dean say that cops were stopping the limo and he was heading to get Xander and Sammy back.  He hung up shaking his head.  "Got Xander and Sam."

Frank snickered.  "Xander calls them his proteges of evil."

"I'm sure he does," Don agreed, sitting down with a yawn.  He pulled out his lunch, smiling at the large, thick sandwich and packet of homemade salad dressing for it, plus the sweet fruit Xander loved to eat, and three ho-ho packages in there.  "I love my boy."  He settled in to eat while he ran searches on what they knew.  Frank looked at the fruit.  "It's sweet and good."  He let him cut off a piece and watched him moan.  "He finds it at that huge farmer's market over near the wines."  Dean walked in and handed Don someone then walked out.  "This the driver?"

"The higher end asshole who wanted Sammy and Xander to blow him.  Pity about his jaw."

"Thanks," Frank called, waving after him.  "They're definitely learning Xander's tricks for when things happen."

Don snickered, letting the patrol guys take him to an interrogation room while he finished his lunch and figured out who he was.


Danny parked that night, looking at the tired boys in the hot tub.  "Long day?"

"Sixteen guys with guns tried to break in," Dean muttered, opening his eyes halfway to look at him.  "We're sore from kicking their asses.  They didn't want to shoot Xander.  Before you ask, yes they were in the employ of an immie."  Sam moaned so he poked him.  "Danny's back."  Sam limply waved an arm.  "Yes, Xander took the challenge and got the guy.  All his people were staring at the moves he did.  Xander went very flashy when he kicked his ass for over an hour.  Mostly just dancing around to wear himself out.  He's in his tub.  We're in this one.  You mind?"

"Nah.  We do it," Danny assured him.  He walked inside, going to pull Xander out of the tub and tie him to the bed so he could solve his boy's problems.  Don came in already taking off his tie and it was good by the time they got Xander between them and able to beg again.

Dean heard the screaming in pleasure and grinned.  "He'll be slower tomorrow."

Sam blinked at him.  "Dude, go wear it out."

"I did last night. You're the one who keeps forgetting."

"I'm content and sated.  You're the one who needs it.  Don't make me go steal sex toys to make you use them."  Dean shook his head, getting out and heading for the car.  "I'll be back later," he called, waving a hand.  They had turned off the heater so it was like napping in a warm bathtub at the moment.  He'd get out when the water got cold.  Dean could club and find someone nice all he wanted without him watching his back.  Sam smelled something and looked up at the demon staring at him.  "I'm trying to nap."

"Would you consent to talk to me?"

"Maybe after my nap."  He put his head back down on his arms.  He felt something touch his leg.  "If that's a tentacle or something I'm cutting it off."  It withdrew and the demon left.  Sam sighed in pleasure and was falling asleep when he was taken to the warm pool on some other demon's realm.  He looked at the water, then shook his head.  "Oh, no.  Not happening," he called.  "Put me the hell back now!" he shouted.   "Before I call Xander!"  He got put back and had to use the tub to wash off.  Because he now stunk.  He got out and drained the tub, heading to the guard shack to get a cab to the motel.  Fortunately he had money on him and the keys.  The guard sniffed. "I know.  One came for me."

That got a nod.  "That seems to happen to Xander a lot."

"They pissed me off.  I needed the nap I was taking."  The guard smiled and helped him into the cab.  Sam showed him the key with the motel's address and name, getting an odd look.  "It's decent inside."  That got a nod and he drove Sam back there so he could shower then go back to his nap.  He'd deal with the demons later on.  When he wasn't so tired.  Then they'd all die.

The End.

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