A Treat.

Speed looked at the message waiting on them at the hotel, mentally groaning.  It was a regional GHS convention this weekend and he did not need stress.  Horatio did not need stress.  Horatio *really* did not need stress.  It was outside of Miami, at a resort down in the Keys so no one there knew them.  They could be the couple they were with the family.  He flipped it open, finding it in a readable handwriting, which made him check the signature.  Ah, he had printed it.  Made sense with Xander's handwriting sometimes.

//You two need a long vacation without any Xander-related stress, stories, or problems.  Therefore, I'm going to hide and be good all weekend with my boys.  Consider me a taboo topic of discussion and baby your boy until he glows like I do after a full day in the spa.  I'm sorry I've been so stressful recently but that is why I sponsored this event, for you two.  Now, on the other side is the reservation I have in the spa.  It's yours and his.  Expect him to need carried back to bed when they're done with him.  It's also got a permission slip to take my time.  Also, expect some prezzies in your room when you get up there.  Go shag your boy into the bed and take a vacation, Speed.  Love you guys and I really don't mean to be that mean to you two.  Xander the Magnificent.//

Speed snickered and took the keys, going to find Horatio talking with a few other GHS from around the Southeast.  "Our room's waiting and so is our spa time."

Horatio smiled.  "You were able to get us spa time?"

"Yup."  He handed him over the note with a smile.  "We'll have to tease him when we get home."  He kissed him.  "That's the last mention of him we'll be doing this weekend.  He's right, we need a weekend without the kids."  He winked and walked off.  "Coming?"

"Apparently."  He smiled at the members he had been talking with.  "Vacation.  It's been a long few weeks."  He followed Speed to the elevator, giving him a deep kiss once they were in there together.  "Thank you for spoiling me."

"Welcome.  Not like it's such a hardship, H."  He got them off on their floor, using the card key to get them into their room.  He pulled Horatio in and pushed him against the door, having his mouth again while he used his body to slam the door shut.  "There, you need that swollen lipped/just got out of a really rumpled bed look," he said with a smirk.  "Strip, naughty."  Horatio smiled but did take off his jacket and shirt.  Speed touched the tattoo he had put on Horatio's side.  It was his marking and thier version of their wedding rings.  He stroked his full hand over it while taking another kiss. "The rest too.  Spa times don't start until tomorrow and dinner's not for two hours."  Horatio moaned but finished stripping for his pleasure, walking over to the bed.  At least until he saw the basket waiting on thier private table.

Speed smiled and walked over to check out thier basket of goodies.  White chocolate body paint.  Excellent champagne and two crystal glasses.  Chips that Horatio craved now and then.  Some frozen berries to put in the champagne or to warm up and spread on someone's chest and stomach so they could be licked off.  A soft, silk length of fabric, long enough to use on hands or as a doubled blindfold.  Two edible condoms in a flavor they'd never seen before - creamy, buttery rum?  One slim, slightly malleable plug.  A bottle of oil that Xander usually left in their room, brand new with the plastic still on it.  And a set of those bell balls that you roll in your hand to exercise the muscles.  Horatio hummed, looking at the condoms.  "I'm guessing they're a new flavor," Speed teased, taking them to put them back into the basket.  Then he walked Horatio to the bed, laying him down to play with him.  It was a nice basket.  Nothing pushy but things he could use and Horatio would enjoy.  Definitely put together by a GHS with a clue.

He censored any thoughts of who had put it together.  He refused to think about any of that trio or anyone else they knew tonight.  It was his and Horatio's time together and they needed to reconnect.  He felt a finger trace up under his t-shirt and stood up with another kiss, stripping off for his lover.  Horatio's hands went behind his head as he watched in appreciation but clearly pulling out his limited princess 'please me or else' act.  Speed snickered and spanked the spread knee.  "Do you want to test the fabric first?" he teased.  Horatio gave a negligent shrug but smiled.  "Uh-huh.  Princess," he teased.  Horatio smirked wickedly.  "You know, princesses have to be rescued, pampered, and spoiled."  He leaned down to kiss Horatio, climbing between his spread thighs, teasing his chest and stomach with gentle touches, then grabbed the area over his marking, making Horatio hiss.  "Maybe my princess needs another pretty thing to remind him who holds the tower's keys?" he teased.  He leaned down to nibble on his neck, sucking on it.  Horatio moaned.  "I promise, nothing that Eric could see and pick on you about."

"Thank you," he moaned, tipping his head back, inviting more attention.

Speed smiled down at his boy and went back to putting him into the best place for a GHS.  Pleasured. Pampered.  Ready for everything and desiring it.  Little touches to his stomach.  Little touches to his chest.  Long strokes up his thighs but staying away from where Horatio wanted him to go.  All he wanted to do right now was to make Horatio create those pretty moans that drove him insane.  A nip here.  A nip to the underside of his left pec.  It was a known sweet spot that created those moans he loved.  A lick over the firm, but not too ripped, abs.  Horatio did enough exercise to keep in shape but he wasn't going for ripped and musclebound, which suited Speed just fine most of the time.  He licked up the other side and Horatio wiggled and tried to stifle a giggle but he heard it.  He did it again, staring up at his husband.  This time the laugh came out.  He nipped them and Horatio yelped, earning an evil smirk.  "Better."  He went down to nibble his way up Horatio's thighs, paying attention to the sensitive insides, making him try to shift to get away but he wasn't going to let him escape.  A bit farther up and Horatio let out one of those prized groans.  "That's it.  Do more of those," he ordered, licking over the spot he had bitten.

He worked his way back down and then to the other side, tracing the blood flow and the small scar he had found their second night together.  He traced that with his tongue and Horatio shifted but he kept his thigh there and did it again before nipping over top of it.  "Mine," he reminded him.  "No matter what.  No matter who.  Mine," he murmured into the soft skin.  He licked over it and nipped just an inch up and Horatio yelped again but the moan underneath the noise was what he needed to hear.  His soul needed those noises to make him relax.  He moved up to tease the crease of his thigh, sucking marks all the way up it.  Horatio's thighs spread, a very pretty picture.  He still avoided the hard cock.  He moved back up to the wiggling stomach, going to nip his mark onto his mate's body.  He needed this, needed to look down at him and see where he had been, where he had claimed.  Where he had taken his mate.  Horatio flipped them over, moving to play with his throat.  "Whatever you want," he promised in a low, throaty moan.

Horatio gave him a warm chuckle in his ear.  "Good boy."  He moved to tease his throat, sucking a very visible mark on his throat.  Even if Speed wore a turtleneck, everyone was going to see it.  "That way I can look over and see it."

"All yours," he promised, flipping Horatio over.  "Same as this weekend is all about you.  I'll get plenty of pleasure driving you insane."  He went back to it, driving Horatio out of his mind by attacking the spot he desperately wanted him to play with.  Then he quit and grinned at him.  "Dinner?" he suggested.  Horatio growled.  "You need to eat.  You missed breakfast."

"I'll order room service," he vowed. "Please!" he begged, but Speed's mouth was already back there.  He came and went boneless, sprawled on the bed, watching Speed stroke himself.  "Can I help with that?"

"I think you can."  He stroked faster, just a hint of a twist to his movements, then he sprayed it over his pubic mound, groaning as he spread it into the skin.  Horatio groaned too, lifting his hips.  "That's for later."

"I can't go down there like this," he complained.

"Let it soak in for a minute," he soothed, taking a long, hard kiss that made Horatio pant when he pulled back.  Then he went to get a warm, damp towel.  It cleaned up the majority of the come but there was enough there that he could smell it on his skin.  He took a long sniff to make sure, watching as the cock started to come to life.  "Good boy."  He licked that clean, staring up at his husband.  Horatio whimpered, grabbing the sheets.  He was still sensitive from the last one and Speed wasn't going to show him any mercy.

"Tim," he groaned.  "No teasing.  You said you wouldn't."

"I'm not."  He flicked a lick across the top and pulled away, going to toss that towel into the sink.  He came back and pulled out the pants he wanted Horatio in.  Some thin silk pants.  No shirt.  Deck shoes.  He handed them over and wiggled into his own outfit, tight jeans and a tight t-shirt.  He slid into his sneakers and turned to find Horatio zipping them up.  "Too tight?"

"Killing me," he complained, coming over to grab a kiss.  "Underwear?"

"Monday morning when we go back to work."  He picked up their card key and conference badges, putting them into his pocket.  He took Horatio's hand.  "Don't make me pull out the leash."  He heard a moan but he led Horatio out and to the elevator, letting him get a bit ahead of him when he turned to close the door.  "Elevator.  Unless you want to do the stairs?  I've got a great view."

"These pants are going to make me embarrass myself."

"You have more control than that," he reminded him.  "I'll let you keep it for meals."  He gave him a wink as he pushed the button for the elevator.  The car came, letting them on, and they went down to eat dinner with the other GHS in the area.  He nodded at the ones he knew, smiling at one, giving her a kiss on the cheek.  "You look happy.  The divorce off?"

"No, but I'm so free now," she purred, giving him a deep kiss.  "Thank you for recommending such a good lawyer, Speed."  She kissed Horatio the same. "And you for talking her into giving me a discount."  She strolled off, going to tease her new keeper.

Horatio smiled at Speed. "You talked her into taking the case?"

"No, I said I was referring someone because they were so necessary.  Told her what she'd need so she wouldn't be shocked."  He sat Horatio down at their table, going to get him dinner from the buffet.  Sinfully soft, silky foods.  Calorie laden treats.  Finger foods to feed his baby.  He brought the plate back then went to get him some tea to drink. He came back and found Horatio staring at the plate, then giving him a strange look.   He picked up the object his husband was unsure about.  "Open."  Horatio opened his mouth, taking a small, careful bite, then he moaned and sucked the rest of the food off his fingers.  He smirked.  "I gave them the recipe for you."  He took a kiss and fed him another bite.  Horatio sucked all the attention up, smiling happily at him.  He definitely had the GHS glow.  He was so relaxed, so content looking that it was special.  He finished up with a sinful creation.  Toffee drizzled graham cracker crust with thinly sliced papaya layered then drizzled with butterscotch drops.  Horatio had to lick his lips and take more of the tea.  "Too much?"

"Much too much."

Speed finished that for him and helped him to his feet.  "Room. You need a good night's sleep before I turn you over to so many pampering people in the morning."   He waved at those he knew, taking Horatio upstairs.  He undid the pants once they were back inside their room, letting them drop to the floor.  "Off, Horatio."

Horatio stepped out of his shoes and pants, then lounged on the bed again.  "Only if you give me a show."

Speed smirked.  "You're just a bad boy this weekend, aren't you?"

"When allowed."  He grinned at him.  "Please?"

"If you want."  He kicked off his shoes, finding the room's radio.  It was a great sound system and he found a new present.  One of his favorite club mixes was in the CD player.  He turned it on and adjusted the volume up.  Someone had thoughtfully turned it most of the way down so they wouldn't bother anyone when it first came on.  He turned back around and started on his t-shirt, flashing a bit of skin, then letting it fall.  Moving the other side and inching it up, showing his abs, stroking over them.  Horatio motioned him closer so he stood at the foot of the bed, letting him see as he slowly stripped it off for him.  His shirt came off and he licked his index fingers and thumbs, sucking on them for a second so he could trace wet lines down his chest and stomach.  Horatio followed his hands and he smiled, letting one thumb tease one nipple.  Then the fingers went down his stomach, tracing more down there, slowly moving toward his pants.  The button was undone with a look and Speed turned around to dance to the mirror, watching Horatio's face in it.  Yeah, these pants definitely highlighted the good parts of his ass.  Horatio was glued to it.  He slapped one cheek and heard the groan, saw the hand drifting down to tease his own stomach.  Speed danced some more, making sure he jiggled just right.  Horatio sat up.  "Down."


"Down or I stop."  Horatio laid back down and Speed grinned over his shoulder at him.  "Good boy."  Horatio growled and pounced, dragging him back onto the bed, stripping the jeans off him and tossing them onto the table.  He went to drive his mate insane, heading right for the heart of the matter, the cock that he would be possessing later.  He mouthed the side, teasing it.  Not taking it into his mouth, just mouthing and licking a small spot on the side.  Speed surged up and flipped him onto his back, grinning down at him.  "Like I said, naughty."

"Play?" he suggested, spreading out for him again.

"Of course I am.  You're my favorite toy."  He moved down to tease, tempt, and drive him to distraction, making him beg for what he wanted.  Simple requests were ignored until they were accompanied by a breathless pant and a moan afterward.  Once he got that, he grabbed the lube out of his bag and got to work teasing him to until he was open and writhing under him.  He looked up, licking across the head of Horatio's cock.   "Babe?"

"Please," he breathed, arching his hips up.

Speed sat up, positioning himself, putting his mouth next to his mate's ear.  "That is my favorite sound."  He slid in slowly, carefully, making Horatio try to push up to make him go faster and deeper, but he leaned his hands on his husband's hips to hold them down.  Horatio let out another breathy moan.  "That's it.  I like that noise just as much.  Give me more," he ordered, pulling out just as slowly.


Speed kissed him.  "Of course you are."   He grinned and slammed in suddenly, making Horatio go over the edge.  Speed stroked him until he was calm then went back to it.  "All mine.  Mine all mine.   Always mine.  No matter who thinks differently you're staying mine."  He started to ride him a bit harder, upping it.  He got back up to the point where Horatio was throwing and rolling his head around while he begged.  Speed helped him mess up his hair, it was a fun game between them.  He was going to come first, he knew that.  He pinched Horatio then he bent down to go back to tormenting the marks he had done earlier.  "Come for me," he panted, ignoring the sweat dripping off his face onto his husband's.  "Come for me, Horatio."


Speed bit him on the shoulder.  "Come," he ordered more firmly.  Horatio yelped but Speed kept going, making him finally come, letting him let go.  He collapsed on top of his mate's stomach.  "Thank you," he panted.

Horatio stroked his back. "I could have finished myself off on you."

"Nope."  He looked up at him when Horatio chuckled.  "This is your weekend.  Not good."  He put his head back down, cuddling him.  All GHS needed cuddles and Horatio was no exception.  Cuddles helped keep them sane.  They got a whole thirty minutes of cuddles before someone knocked on the door.  Speed groaned but got up to see who it was.  He looked at the busboy, blinking in confusion.  "We didn't order....."  The cart was handed over with a smile and he left.  "Hmm."  He walked it inside, plucking his jeans off the table so he could lay the food out.  Oyster pudding.  Chilled white wine.  Crackers.  Good crackers when he tasted one.  He walked over and helped Horatio up, grabbing a towel so he could sit on the hardwood chair on top of it.  Then he pulled his own chair over and opened the wine for them.  He sat, pouring their wine, getting his mate something to nibble on.  "Open?"  Horatio smiled and ate the bite for him, moaning a bit.  Speed took his own bite.  "That's pretty good," he decided, eating another bite before feeding Horatio the other half of his cracker.  They made it through most of the bottle of wine and the pudding, then Speed helped Horatio back to bed so they could cuddle up and sleep.


Speed watched as Horatio was led into the spa, smiling and waving at him.  "Be a good boy.  I'm going shopping."  He waited until he disappeared into the changing room.  Then Speed happily went to find something to spoil his mate enough that he'd blush.

Horatio shifted in his waist-wrapped towel.  Speed had inserted the new plug before coming down.  It was a bit loose this morning after the pre-breakfast sex.  He wiggled a bit, feeling it shift, but it settled into a more comfortable spot.  He looked up as his 'manager' came in to get him, smiling at her. "Ready?"

"Yes we are.  Your personal room is all ready for you, Horatio.  Right this way please."  She led him to his personal room.  "All your treatments will be in here.  We'll come to you while you rest and relax.  We're here to serve you."  She got him onto the table and covered him with a small sheet.  "Now, lay back, let me have your towel."  He took it off under the sheet.  "Good boy, Horatio.  One last thing."  She uncovered a small table.  "It's a special we run for our GHS members."  She came over, tying the blindfold on him.  Then she clapped the padded leather handcuffs on him, hitching him to the table.  "That way all you can do is enjoy it," she whispered in his ear.  "Relax.  We are professionals.  We won't hurt you.  We don't want to steal you.  All we want to do is pamper you."

"Did the person who booked this know about this?"

"No," she said, grinning down at him.  "But I promise you you're very safe, Horatio.  We'll have a monitoring camera on you the whole time."  She left him alone, closing the door gently.

Horatio shifted, feeling the give in the cuffs.  If he really wanted to he could get one of them undone.  He made himself relax, knowing that Xander would not allow him to be hurt.  He doubted that Xander didn't have a clue.  Xander had sampled all the spas in the surrounding areas.  Xander was also very wary of being tied down.  Someone knocked then came in, making him listen to her dragging in something with wheels.  "Is this normal?"

"Only for our GHS members, Horatio.  It makes it so they *have* to enjoy it.  They have to focus solely on what we're doing to them, making them enjoy it.  It also helps some of those who've been stolen and kept for a while.  It teaches them that we're not all like that.  My name is Midori.  I'm here to do your foot massage.  I'm married to a beautiful man and have two children.  You have nothing to fear from me.  So relax and enjoy."  She pulled over something else and he could hear a quiet squeak.  "This should feel about body temperature.  You might feel a bit of coolness at first."  She got to work on his feet.  "This is the pre-cleaning wrap.  It's got seaweed oils and other oils to help soften some of the calluses.  Then we'll do a foot soak, a bit of cleaning up of the calluses, and then a good massage and pedicure.  All right?"  He nodded.  "Good boy.  Just relax and let me work."  He relaxed again and she got to work slathering the slimy goop on his feet.  "Good boy."  She finished with one and slid on the booties.  "These are heating wraps.  They'll heat it slightly.  Your feet should feel a bit sweaty.  It'll take about ten minutes and then I'll come back to do the rest.  Would you like me to turn on some light music?"

"I'd prefer being able to hear.  I'm an officer."

"I understand.  The next room over has music if you try to hear it."  She gave him a pat on the ankle and left him alone.

Horatio listened, he could just barely hear the rooms around him.  One had music, jazz.  One had someone moaning in pleasure.  He smiled at that well-known sound.  The one with music squealed suddenly and he chuckled.  That was a sound he understood as well.  Speed had made him do that this morning by waking him up with one of the chilled berries being eaten off his cock.  Someone tapped and came back in.  "Midori?"

"Sure am."  She closed the door and he heard her sit down again then the booties came off, making him sigh a bit.  "Good work.  Looks good."  She ran a finger through the goop.  "Just right.  Okay, let's hose these puppies off," she said, teasing one sole.  He flexed his toes.  "Good reflexes.  You obviously aren't a beat cop," she teased.

"I'm with the lab."

"Ah."  She got a small hose, cleaning off his feet, making sure to get between his toes.  Then she turned off the hose.  "All clean.  Now, I'm going to run the water for the foot soak."

"I'm laying down."

"Ah, but that's the beauty of these beds."  She did something that made three things click and the bed shifted, turning into a lounger instead.  He was sitting up, his feet were elevated, like in a craftmatic bed.  He hummed at that.  She giggled.  "It's a great table."  She pulled over something else with wheels and made something else click, raising it up onto his feet.  "There, that's just about right."  She ran warm water into it and suds.  "The bubbles are pomegranate extract and some conditioning stuff.  Long chemical names that might interest you but I can't pronounce half of them," she chatted, making sure the water came right to his ankles.  She had to adjust the bed a bit more but that was fine with him.  He shifted and she adjusted his cuffs, checking his wrist.  "No chafing and no pulling.  We're not mean here."  She patted him on the bare knee.  "Now, you're going to be doing this part for twenty minutes.  Want to listen to the person next door?  Her keeper is giving her a massage.  Or I can turn on some music or a book on tape.  Your keeper dropped two off for you to choose from."

"Which one?"

"One's a fantasy novel and one's a classic of literature. _The Odyssey_."

"What's the fantasy novel?"

"One of the Terry Pratchet ones."

"The fantasy one."  She slid it into the player, he could hear the drawer slide out then slide back in.  "He was here?"

"He dropped it off.  He said to tell you he's arranging for lunch and then going to your favorite shop."  She came back over to check one of his feet.  "Getting there."  She stroked over the top of his foot.  "I'm going to go rinse off someone else and I'll be back in a few minutes."  He nodded and she left, closing the door behind herself.

Horatio settled in to listen, blinking at the silliness of the story.  It was definitely relaxing him.  Speed knew what he needed in a vacation.  Even if the cuffs were distracting him.  He'd have to tell him about this later.  He yawned and wiggled his toes.  This was nice.  He could feel the currents around his feet, the bubbles popping against his skin.  He could hear the GHS in the next room getting a lot more than a massage too.  Apparently her table squeaked.  He smiled at the story, chuckling a bit.  Someone tapped.  "Yes?"

"Just me," Midori said, coming in and closing the door.  She smiled at the pretty picture he made, coming to drain the water.  "There we are.  Let me rinse you off."  She ran some clean water to rinse him off and let him soak in that instead while she got to work with the soft brush on his toes.  Once she had them cleaned and trimmed she got to work on his calluses with a file.  That was basically using something like a nail file on his heels.  "Tell me if it hurts."

"I will," he agreed quietly.  He finished relaxing when she got done and smoothed some lotion around his feet, putting socks on afterward.  He smiled.  "Thank you."

"You're welcome."  She moved the tub and adjusted the bed into the table format.  "There we go.  The next person coming in is a masseuse and he'll be doing a full body massage."


"Very gay, Horatio, but he won't hit on you.  He's also in a highly committed relationship.  Has been for about three years now.  He's a very nice man but he's got *hands*," she moaned.  "He's my yearly christmas present to myself."  She gave him a pat on the head, straightening out some of his hair.  "Should I send in our water girl?"  He nodded.  "All right, I can do that."  She left and took her rolling cart with her.

Horatio waited and a softer knock happened.  "Enter."

A perfumed, young sounding woman came in.  "I've got some juice, some water, and some milk, Horatio.  Which would you like?" she asked.

"What sort of juice?"

"I've got apple and I've got an acid-reduced orange juice with calcium."

"Water's good," he decided.

"Okay."  He felt her come closer.  "There's a straw.  Open?"  He opened his mouth and she put the end of the straw in his mouth.  "There, that's good.  Need the head up?"  He shook his head, taking a few long drinks.  "Good boy.  I'll leave this in here and your next caretaker can call me back if you need more."  She left, closing the door behind her.

He realized she hadn't closed the door while she had been inside and wondered why and who had seen him.  His masseuse came in, he could hear him.  "Hello," he said quietly.

"Horatio.  Need anything before I start?"

"She left the door open?"

"She's not allowed to be in a room alone with anyone," he admitted, coming over.  "She's just started her training.  I was right outside and the door was mostly closed so no one could see a thing.  Your privacy is very important to us."  He checked the blindfold and the cuffs, smiling at him.  "Want some more water?  I'm going to have oily gloves until I turn you over."

"Please."  He was given more and then he was flipped onto his stomach and rehitched with his hands under his head.  "Is that really necessary?"

"It's so you have to focus on the pleasure.  Now, anything I should know?  Medical conditions?  Any recent injuries?  Before you say a word, brother, I saw how you moved, and I understand."  He saw the blush.  "Been there myself.  My boy's a football player."  He patted him on the head.  "Any recent problems?"

"My left shoulder's hurt a few times.  Mostly from lifting."

"Okay.  I'll pay special attention to it."  He looked at his cart.  Then he readjusted the blindfold.  "No peeking."  He pulled on some gloves.  "These are non-latex, but they are a bit textured.  Would you like orange, pomegranate, or fig oil?"

"She used pomegranate on my feet but Tim likes figs."  He let him sniff it, earning a grimace.  "Orange?"  He sniffed that and nodded.  "That smells subtle."

"It usually is.  When I'm done I wipe you down with a warm towel and then we do a body wrap."

"So I'll be here until dinner?"

"Oh, yes, brother."  He got to work on the back of his neck, slowly and gently working the muscles until he untensed.  "I know it's a vulnerable position.  Especially for an officer and especially for someone who's been kidnaped.  You can trust me.  I'm not a mean guy.  I'm not going to steal you.  My boy's very possessive and the last time I looked in the mall I got paddled so badly I couldn't sit for a week.  Since then, we've had some therapy but he's still jealous."  Horatio smiled at that.  "As I'm sure your Tim is if he's a smart man."

"He can be but we do have friends who're allowed to tease me."

"Then you're a lucky man, Horatio."  He moved down to his shoulders, paying special attention to that shoulder.  Horatio let out a pained moan so he paid more attention to it.  "I think you pulled it, Horatio.  You need to baby that for a few more days."  He finished easing the pain in it and moved down.  Horatio went back to moaning, enjoying, focusing on what his hands were doing.  "Is it going to bother you if I do your butt?"  Horatio nodded.  "Then I won't."  He skipped that and the highest part of his thighs, but he still got the majority of the muscle mass.  He saw him bite his lip.  "Bathroom?"


"We can do this one of two ways.  Would you be comfortable with someone helping you?"  He shook his head quickly.  "Neither am I."  He came up to unhitch him by taking off the cuffs, then he took off the blindfold, handing him back the waist wrap.  "There we go.  It's there," he said with a nod to the second doorway in the room.  Horatio nodded, going that way, shutting the door.  He got everything ready for when he came out, helping him back onto the table.  He even turned around when Horatio took off the waist wrap and laid down, letting him adjust his own towel.  "Let's get you onto your back.  I can do your calves from that position."  Horatio nodded, shifting back onto his back.  His hands were rehitched under his head and the blindfold was reapplied.  Then he got to work on his arms.  Each hand was released so he could give him a hand massage, earning such a moan.  He smiled gently at him.  "You must love it when your Tim does this for you.  It's clear your hands are your life."

"I work in the crime lab," he said quietly.

"Ah!  A smart, strong man," he teased.  "Let me know if I tickle you."  He moved down to work his chest and sides.  One spot got a laugh and a flinch away so he avoided it.  "Sorry."

"It's all right."

"After this, we'll be doing a wrap.  You're going to be swaddled in light towels.  We're going to wrap your arms in that position so you don't feel really tied down."  Horatio smiled at that.  "Some claustrophobics feel better about that."  Horatio nodded.  "Good."   He kept going, letting the bottom of the table drop so he could get his calves fully.  "There we are," he said once he was done.  His client was a puddle of goo on the table.  "I'm going to start with your legs now."  He wrapped the treated, warmed towels around each limb, avoiding his groin.  Then he worked it over his stomach and chest, tucking it under his chin.  "Comfy?"  Horatio nodded.  He turned back on the book, took off his gloves, and left him alone once he had some more of his water.

Horatio drifted, listening to the book, feeling warm, comfortable, and a bit sleepy.  He got through the rest of that CD before someone came back.  They tapped.  "Enter."

"Horatio, I'm Elizabeth.  I'm here to do a scrub."  She came in and changed the CD for him but didn't turn it on.  "Let's get you some water, I know you could use some."  She got him a new bottle, he heard her open it.  "All clean but this is your old straw."  She let him sip.  "All you want.  After this, we're going to hose you off with the high pressure hose and then we're going to do a scalp treatment and your facial, then a final rinse off and you're done with us about three this afternoon."  He nodded once.  "Good boy."  She let him finish the water and stripped off the towels, making sure the door was closed.  "Tommy, your masseuse, said you've had a small pull on your left shoulder?"

"Some lifting problems."

"I'll be very gentle with that one."  She released his hands, letting them have a bit more give when she hitched them back beside his stomach.  "There we go.  Is that comfortable?"  He nodded.  "Good!"  She started at his feet.  "I should ask, would you like us to wax or shave you?"

"Tim would tease me."

"I know some guys like that but some guys don't, I'm not one to judge.  My wife would swat the hell out of me if I did."  He chuckled that.  "She would.  She's like that.  I got swatted for picking on the stupid, slutty cheerleader at the mall last month.  Told her to grow up and find real clothes that were more than a wisp of thought."  He let out a louder laugh and she got back to work with the scratchy things on his leg, then the brush to make sure it was worked in.  Inch by inch, up his body, leaving the scrub on.  She got to his thighs and stopped at the level of the oil, then went to his other side, working her way back up.  She moved up to his stomach, then his chest, not teasing him about his sparse chest hair.  His throat and then his arms.  He heard another click from the bed and squeaked as he was put onto his side, then the back was removed.   "Sorry, a padded side rail.  I should have warned you.  This is so I can get to your back."  She got to work from his neck down. When she was done she recovered him in some scented, warm towels.  "There you go.  It'll be about ten minutes.  Let me go get the shower ready."  She went to do that.

He wiggled a bit.  He wasn't uncomfortable.  The scrub itched.  His bottom wrist was getting uncomfortable.  "Elizabeth, my hand's asleep."

She came back to check it, shifting it some.  "How's that?"  He nodded.  "Just a few more minutes."  She let him have some water, opening it right next to his ear.  "New bottle.  Finish it all then we'll put you into the warm water.  I will say that it's got a very firm spray.  I need you to tell me if it's too harsh."  He nodded, finishing that bottle.  "Good."  She uncuffed him, putting his cuffs back together.  She helped him up, keeping the towels around him.  "Slowly.  There's nothing in your way."  She walked backward, letting him slowly walk after her.  "One small step into the shower.  Four inches."  He lifted his foot, making it over the small lip.  Then his other one was lifted and came in.  "Good.  I'm going to hitch you to the wall."  She put the connecting chain onto a hook.  "Test that."  He did that and nodded.  "Good.  Water coming.  The towels will fall as the scrub gets soaked, then we'll rinse it all off.  I get this job because I don't look," she reminded him.

"I'm plugged."

"I noticed, sweetie, and I'm sure your boy will be *very* happy when you pounce him later.  It shouldn't matter to me."  He nodded, hiding his head in his arm while she turned on the water. He flinched at the first touch but relaxed into it.  "That's half-strength.  Tell me when it gets too much."  She slowly turned it up.  He flinched and shifted so she turned it back down.  "There?"  He nodded.  "Okay.  It shouldn't bruise you.  If it was too hard you might get pinpoint bruises."  He nodded again and she focused the full spray on him, driving him into the wall.  She turned it down some.  "Another good reason to start with the towels," she teased.  She came over to check him then got out of the shower, monitoring him as the towels were soaked and fell off.  She had to admit, he was well built.  She'd never share that opinion but he was.  She used the remote controls to manipulate the spray where he needed it to go, avoiding his butt totally.  Just in case it hit the plug and made him uncomfortable.

He shifted his stance so she hit the switch to cut off the showerhead's spray, getting in there to turn him around, letting him rest his back against the wall his front had warmed, his arms out to the side, the chain unconnected again. "This way I don't hit your face and drown you," she soothed.  She left and closed the door, turning it back on again.  She did cut the strength around his throat, but the rest got the full strength.  She came in with a soft brush to make sure he was all clean, making him giggle.  "Sorry.  Don't mean to hit the ticklish spots."  She finished him up and did one final rinse.  "Okay, we're done with this section."  She turned off the water.  "There we are.  We've got a blow dryer outside."

"Bathroom?" he asked quietly.

"Of course."  She led him that way, helping him sit down, handing him a few fluffy towels.  Then she closed the door and waited outside while he did what he wanted.  He flushed and came out, letting her lead him onto the blow dryer attachment.  "Good.  Now it's time for a scalp and facial."  She led him back out and hitched him back down, the chair back into a lounger configuration.  She kissed him on the forehead.  "I'll leave you now but you've got a small wait.  Toddy's finishing up with his last client. Then he'll come in to play with your face and hair.  Want the CD back?"

"Please."  She turned it back on and kissed him on the forehead again, earning a smile.  "Thank you."

"Welcome, Horatio.  We're here to spoil you rotten."  She left, closing the door behind her.

Horatio relaxed, shifting his butt some.  The plug was still comfortable and he was fine with it.  He heard a tap.  "Enter?"

A deeper cough sounded outside.  "That's my facial and scalp, Nadia. Yours is next door."  He came in and closed the door.  "Sorry, she can't count some days.  Wanted to come see you.  I heard you had a great reaction to your massage."   He set up a few things, Horatio could hear the clinking.  "Are you allergic to anything?  Food, anything?"

"No.  I work in a lab."

"Good!  I use all natural ingredients and sometimes food allergies are important."  He came over, standing in front of Horatio.  "I'm going to straddle your feet for a minute, close your eyes.  Got to remove the blindfold."  Horatio closed his eyes and he removed it.  "Okay.  Don't worry, you'll get cucumber slices instead."  He grinned and tipped the chair slightly.  "There, easier to work, Horatio."  He got to work after a quick stroke to his cheek.  "A bit dry and pale.  How do you manage that down here?"

"I don't know.  Part of the red hair?" he joked.  This guy looked pretty normal.  "What did the others look like?"

"Midori looks like a punk rock princess with about six eyebrow piercings over her right eye.  Tommy looks like a huge bear.  He's so hairy we can't even figure out how to start waxing him.  He was wearing a soft shirt today.  His boyfriend likes to yank his fur," he offered with a grin.  "Elizabeth looks like someone's mom.  Just a bit on the pudgy side and dyed red hair.  She must've been envious over your shade.  You can't get that one from a bottle, no matter how well you can mix them at home."  He grinned and got to work spreading the potion on his face.  Around his nose and up onto his forehead.  "Just relax for me.  After this I get to play with your hair."  He kept going, eventually putting two cucumber slices over his eyes.  "Close.  They're a bit damp so you don't dry out."  Horatio did that.  He finished up and let a mister go across his face once.  "There, so it'll dry out evenly for me."  He moved to his hair, rolling over another bowl.  "This will warm your scalp but will not burn."  He slicked his hands and got to work on a scalp massage.  Slowly working it through the skin and down the hair shafts.  "This has been shown to help bring in some new hair.  It unclogs the hair pores so it can shoot up."  He found a pimple and popped it.  "Slight imperfection.  It'll also make it appear much thicker.  Like young, teenage Horatio hair," he teased.

"It's always been a bit fine," he admitted quietly.

"Awww."  He grinned.  "Could be worse.  I know someone who started to go bald at seventeen."

"Poor man."

"Very but he's fortunate that he looks good bald.  I'd look very horrible."  He went back to work on the scalp massage, hearing the moans.  He finished up and washed his hands in the bathroom, coming back to take the cucumbers.  Then he carefully wiped his face off.  "There, all done.  Let's put on a moisturizer.  Then we'll let you shower out the stuff I put in your hair.  We'll have someone come in to fuss over it for you."  He nodded. "This way you can take a full shower, with soap."  He grinned. "Special soap but still soap because I know you can feel a bit of an oil residue on your skin.  I'll even let you adjust the shower's temperature and spray for your own tastes," he teased.  He got him uncuffed and let him head in there, pulling out the small gift basket.  "Here you go, Horatio.  When you're done, come out and Jessie will be waiting on you."  He left, closing the door gently.  He cleaned up and left, once he heard the shower come on.  "Jessie, he's bathing," he called once he got outside.

"That's good," she agreed, smiling at him.  She brought in her gear and settled the chair how she wanted it.  She heard the shower cut off and sat down to check her nails while he toweled and blow dried off.  He came out and saw her.  "C'mere, sweetie.  I'm Jessie, I'm doing your hair.  You clearly take *very* good care of it, Horatio."

He sat down, making sure the waist wrap stayed closed, letting her fuss over his hair.  It did look thicker when she was done.  It also looked a bit more unruly.  Speed would like that.  He smiled at her. "Thank you."

"You're welcome.   Now, let me do your fingernails.  Can't have them looking all nasty when you look this pretty, dear."  She did his hands, making sure his nails were cleaned, adequately groomed, and shaped, then she smiled.  "Let's lead you back to the changing area."  He nodded, letting her do that.  He did feel so much better now.  "There we go.  Your locker's still there, everything's still in it.  Go to the desk for your sign-out."  She left him alone.

Horatio smiled and shifted some, stretching his arms over his head.  He got dressed, pausing to admire his hair and skin, he was glowing.  He walked out to the desk, smiling at the receptionist.  "Midori?"

"Yup, sure am," she agreed happily.  She let him sign the clipboard she had.  "There you go and this is for you," she said, handing over a large wicker basket.  "Also, you forgot your books."  She slid them on top.  "There you go, Horatio.  You have a great convention and we'll see you sometime soon."  He smiled and headed off.  "Such a nice guy," she sighed.  She shivered.  "Very nice ass too," she told herself, taking the opportunity to look now that he wasn't a client.  Then she went to help them clean up the temporary shop.  They had only done this for him.  Though their masseuse had been talked into taking one other client on temporarily when the other spa overbooked.

Horatio ran into Speed coming in, giving him a gentle kiss and a smile.  "I feel so pampered."

"Good!"  He led him upstairs, letting him put down his basket so he could look.  "Which book did you hear?"

"The first CD of the Pratchet."  He gave him another kiss.  "It was odd. I was handcuffed the whole time."  Speed pulled back to look at him.  "Soft, padded leather cuffs.  They didn't hurt me.  They kept me blindfolded until about forty minutes ago.  It was very relaxing though.  They talked to me, told me who they were, made sure I had plenty of water and pampered me silly."  He wrapped his arms around Speed's neck. "You would *love* their shower.  It's got water pressure hard enough to dent me.  It had a remote control feature.  It was great, Speed."

Speed grinned.  "At least it was a good spa time.  You're okay?"

"I'm perfectly fine.  They said they do it to a lot of GHS members."  He took another kiss. "Rumple me?" he suggested with a naughty grin.  "I've been oiled, scrubbed, massaged, and spoiled all day."

"You sure have."  He got him out of his outfit, looking at his skin.  "You glow like a pregnant woman," he teased, but accepted his swat with a loving kiss.  "You do."  He kept going, getting down onto his knees to suck him off.  "Hmm, no new flavor here but a new soap."

"They didn't touch me anywhere near it.  The masseuse asked if him getting near my rear would bother me and kept to my lower and mid thighs when I said yes."  Speed hummed, sniffing him again then diving in to suck him.  Horatio wound his fingers through the dark hair, tugging gently, teasing the soft strands into whole new levels of messiness.  He came and let Speed sit him on the bed.  "Watch out for the hair."

"I know how precious your hair is," he teased back.  He winked.  "Looks good."  He took a kiss, straddling his mate's hips.  "In me?" he suggested.  Horatio let out a soft growl, flipping them over, stripping Speed down so he could play with him, then enter him when he finally came back up.  Speed whimpered and pushed back, letting him set the pace, loving him being on top this time.  "Mine?" he whispered in his ear.

"All yours," he promised, panting and rocking his hips back. "If you tease me more I'm going to pout."

Horatio nipped him on the neck.  "No you won't.  You'd get me back later."  He sped up anyway, he was getting close so he knew Speed was.  Going and going and going, a thrust, a push, a shove, a swat, then another harder thrust, going and going more and more until he finally came with a shout.  Speed followed and they collapsed with Horatio still on his back, letting him cuddle his mate.  "Mine."

"All yours."  Speed snuggled in, smiling at the soft snores coming from his back.  "No, we won't mess up your hair," he teased gently, enjoying the holding.  He even let himself drift off into another quick nap.  He needed a nap after that.


Speed walked Horatio in to dinner that night, smiling at the waiter who came over looking confused.  "What?"

"You had dinner sent up, Mr. Speedle?"

"No....  But if there was, we can do that."  He smiled and nodded.  "We're being spoiled."  He led Horatio back to their room, finding a candlelight, romantic dinner set up on their room's table, the windows open so they could see the breeze and the gentle rain going on outside.  They held hands and fed each other bites of their fish dinners.  Speed got most of Horatio's vegetables but Horatio snuck half of his so it wasn't going to worry him.  They fed each other the sinful four layer chocolate cake with chocolate icing and Horatio moaned the whole way through because they used the really good chocolates they had found out in Las Vegas. Horatio called them fertility chocolates because a few GHS members had gotten pregnant after Xander and Horatio had introduce them to the society.  Speed got the champagne and glasses he had stashed in the proper environments, coming back to have it with the cake, slowly sipping, gently enjoying each other's company, talking about the small stuff: their next vacation, service schedules on the bike, repainting the living room - which somehow Horatio made sound sexual.  Things any normal couple would discuss as they slowly worked their way back up to a cuddling, sensual night in the tub with the new bubbles Horatio had been given as part of his spa basket and then a long night in bed together, still cuddling.


Horatio walked up to Xander Monday at lunch, taking off his sunglasses to look at him.  "Are they really a spa?" he asked gently, smiling at him.

"It's the concept for my new spa," he said with a small smile.  "It's going in up in New York.  Did you like it?"

"I did.  It was very relaxing and comforting."  He sat down next to him.  "Thank you, Xander."

"You're welcome.  I was a good boy all weekend."

"I heard what you did to Danny and Don in the club," he noted, giving him a look.  He got a wicked grin back.  "I suppose that's good...for you."  Xander nodded.  "I did like them."

"Think you'd take Speed there?"

"I might," he agreed.  Xander handed over a small envelope.  "Thank you."

"You're welcome.  I flew them down to spoil you rotten.  You and Speed needed a vacation.  I would've let Tony try it out but he's on a case and slogging through mud at the moment.  Greg's busy and I don't want to interrupt him in the lab.  So you were my willing test subject."  He gave him a kiss on the cheek.  "You always relax more during the conventions."

"I noticed you said you had sponsored it."  He gave him a look.  "Thank you for throwing a convention for us, Xander.  It was very special."

"You're welcome, Horatio.  Now, go plan on how to jump Speed tonight.  He needs a bit of naughty play to shock him into falling on his knees tonight."  Horatio smirked, putting back on his sunglasses as he left the house.  Xander went back to his crocheting.  Don would like the chenille jock strap.  It'd be soft, warm, and fuzzy.   It'd drive him nuts.   Of course, it'd do the same to Stella when he got her set finished.  Maybe she'd let Mac help her figure out how to get it back off once she was in it.  Or maybe he'd send them up to his new spa for the weekend...  That might be fun.  Mac might even relax and enjoy it.

The End.