Note: In the GHS-spinoff story, Official Sluts, Tony said he hadn't seen Don for three years.  This would be that convention, not the one Tony attended in Miami.  It messes with the timeline, sorry.  NC-17

Conventions of Fun

Danny checked them into the hotel.  "Where's the convention's front desk?" he asked.  She pointed a shaking hand and he smiled.  "Relax, we're local PD.  If there's a problem, you can call us."

"Though, we're not here for that," Don admitted, pulling Xander away from someone and walking him that way.  "Come on, it's your convention."

"I was talking with her," he pouted.  He squealed and hugged the woman behind the desk.  "Bethany!"

"Xander!" she said fondly, smiling at him.  "Ooooh, and who do we have here?"

"This is Don, my protector.  He gives *great* cuddles.  The other, the blond with the glasses, is Danny.  He's my keeper."  She smiled and waved at them.  "When's the cuddle room?"

"Tomorrow all day, Xander."  She found his packet and handed it over.  "Did you bring more stuff?  I know a few people wanted to know if we were doing an official porn trade- off."

Xander beamed happily. "I did.  I brought copies of everything I have and my laptop in case I need to save down copies for anyone or get hit with a muse."  Don moaned at that.  "Sorry, Don."  He grinned a bit.  "He was trying to read one the other night and said I had forgotten some of the best parts of het sex."  He shrugged.  "What's on for tonight?"

"Meeting room 1 has the shopping area.  The ballroom's got the meet and greet wandering and nibbling session.  Meeting room 2 has a meeting in it actually.  Adam's in talking with a few others about this year's inductees.  We've had a few who've tried to be malicious and things.  So the upper guys are all talking. I know he wanted warned when you got here."  She smiled at Don again, then back at Xander.  "Then we're doing the dinner tonight, a dance and a trip to the ice cream shop later on together, for safety of course.  The usual hijinx are going on.  Room 318 is going but I'm sure you didn't have to sign up this year."  He shook his head quickly.  "Oooh, and we've got one who's in law enforcement who's going to talk about safety issues."

"I'm dragging him to that," Don promised.  "Need him to fill out any forms?"

"Nope, we've got it all, Don.  Thank you.  You've got him signed into the hotel?"

"We do and we're local PD if you need us," Danny promised.

"Is Horatio here?  He never comes to the ones when we're in Miami but I thought I saw his name."

"He is.  He told his boss he came to watch what was going on since Xander's had so many problems," Speed said as he joined him.  "Holding up the line, Xander."

Xander smiled and kissed him. "I'm allowed.  She was telling us what was going on.  I'll see you later, Bethany."  He drug his boys off, happy and bouncing.  They all felt a quickening buzz and looked around.  "Todd!"  He pounced him.  "Hi!"

"Xander!" he squealed back, giving him a hug.  "Oooh, a sight for sore eyes.  But when...."  He looked at the other two.  "Danny."

"Todd.  That's my boy.  This is Don, his protector."

"Cool. We've got to get you with Tony.  He's doing the safety lecture."  He let him go.  "There's seven of us here with you two," he said quietly.  "We're all at peace."

"Of course.  Only the bad guys don't understand a peaceful situation," Danny agreed.  He stiffened and looked over as Ray ran out and pounced Xander with a squeal of his own, Adam tolerantly following behind him with a smile. "Old man."

"Daniel."  He hugged him and Don.  "Thank you for taking care of Ray for me while he was pouting."  He stroked over their hair.  "Come on, let's help them check into their room, boys."  They followed him up, he and Todd talking quietly about the problem members.  He noticed Todd was watching Don.  "What?"

"Speed's a level two, right?" he asked quietly.  Danny stopped to glare at him.  "Don's about there, Danny."

"He's not."

"He is.  He's lower level but he is one of us."  Adam shrugged.  "We can have him tested tonight if he desires."

"That would ...."  Danny groaned and shook his head.  "That would explain some things. Like how he didn't have to ask about what Xander was doing to gain pleasure."  He looked over at Don.  "Don?"  He came over.  "How long have you had a membership card?"

"My rookie year," he admitted quietly.  He felt arms go around him and looked at Xander, grinning slightly.  "I'm pretty low on the scale, kiddo.  I'm only a level three.  I haven't had any troubles since my first year on the force and you wear out all the hormones I put out anymore."

"Three?  Really?" Todd asked.  "I would've said two."

"No, I was tested and found at level three."  He grinned at Adam.  "You weren't there."

"I wasn't," he agreed.  "I probably would've been in Asia."  He patted him on the cheek. "Welcome back to the fold, Don."  He smiled at Danny.  "He's still helping."

"Maybe."  He looked at Xander.  "That good with you still?"

"Don's not kidnaped?"

"Not for that reason," he agreed dryly.  "I'm too low on the scale and you mask me wonderfully."

"Is that why you wear the mauve suit?" Horatio teased.  Don nodded at that.  "Figures.  Come along, people.  We've got our room."

"I got a suite so you guys could all come hang out and I could store stuff," he said with a small blush, heading up there.  Xander opened the door and let everyone inside.  "So, Adam, I heard we've had problems?"

"A few.  Willow asked to be tested to prove it wasn't anything special," he said quietly.  Xander slumped and sat down, looking at him.  "We failed her within hours.  She was shown how bad what she did was."  He stroked over his hair. "It's shorter."

"Some stupid hunter guy came for Ryan and got my hair during the fight," he said with a pout.

"I'm sorry, imp."  He let him cuddle in.  "She heard about the last convention and found out Oz knew some of us so she got into his address book and found one of us to talk to.  He told the others what was probably going on since she mentioned your name a few times.  She also said she could make you come home if she was admitted, that way you'd know it was safe enough."  Xander shook his head.  "I oversaw her test and talked to her afterward.  She does realize how stupid she was."  He gave him a squeeze.

"Not to mention we were cited in two divorces this year," Todd offered dryly.  "Only one was a member.  The other said his wife was a slut and probably a member.  She refuted it and had proof she hadn't been sleeping around, that he was being paranoid.  So we've got to watch a few things.  How is Miami doing it this time, Horatio?"

"Extra guards on the hotel and any shopping areas if we sneak off.  I volunteered to come this year and watch over Xander just in case.  Plus Eric and Ryan will be his extra guards if he needs some."

"That's fine," Adam agreed.  "What of the blonde?  The last time we saw her she was blushing adorably and looking cutely flustered about the cuddle room."

"She's on for cases this weekend," Horatio assured him.  "Speed and I are officially here to document any illegal activities."  He shrugged slightly.  "It gets us here without being too obvious."

"Some people are already trying to see if we are or aren't members," Speed offered from his chair.  He patted his lap and Horatio sat in it.  "Frank knows but he's not saying.  A few of the officers are giving my back speculative looks.  A few have given you some looks.  When you announced that you knew Xander and we were protecting him it started off some odd looks."

"They can look, I'm not confirming rumors," Horatio assured him.

"What about when the higher ups ask?" Xander asked quietly.

"I'm still not confirming rumors.  I told them I'd be here to help watch over you this weekend.  A few of them suspect Speed and I are together.  They also know it doesn't affect things at work."  He looked at Speed.  "Does it?"

"No, I get chewed out just as often," he promised.  He grinned at Adam.  "So, your prize student is Xander.  Bragged this convention?"

"Quite.  What's been going on?"  Xander leaned over to whisper and giggle at him, making him smile and hug him.  "Interesting.  I hadn't heard that protocol said that you had a harem if they were helping you, just if you were sleeping with them."  He kissed him on the cheek then snuggled his Ray since he looked a bit jealous.  "I'm sure you'll have some charming stories to tell others."

"Except for those demons, I've been pretty much left alone," Xander promised.  "I've been a good boy."

"Xander, two words.  Singing.  Telegram," Horatio said dryly.  "That's not being good."

"But it was her birthday!"

"Yes, but you embarrassed poor Yelina terribly."

"I thought the guy with the snake was kinda cute," Danny offered with a grin. "Loin cloth, longish hair, snake around his shoulders, sunglasses on.  For her birthday at the end of the day."

"I was nice, I sent the cake first," Xander protested.

"Yes, you did," Speed agreed dryly. "Thankfully we intercepted the nearly naked guy bringing it."  Xander just smiled sweetly.  "You need better hobbies."

"Why can't he work?" Ray asked. "I'm a level seven and I manage it most of the time, only a bit of distraction."

"We can't get Xander to sit still and work on the same project for an hour," Danny told him.  "Even sex."  Ray grimaced.  "If we wear him out that much, he's too tired to do anything but nap.  If we don't, he's a danger to others.  We had to suspend driving privileges for a week when work got too bad for us to wear him out because he couldn't focus enough."

"Besides, all I'm qualified to do is fast food and construction," Xander said quietly.

Ray sighed and looked at him.  "You're smart enough to go to school, Xander."

"I know," he said, glaring at him.  "Doesn't mean I get along well with schoolwork."

"I'm still going to make you start studying something for your next life," Danny assured him.  Xander groaned and slunk down in his seat.  Adam stroked over his leg.

"Dear, the choices would be to be kidnaped by something or someone for a few years then being rescued or escaping, or learning new things," Ray noted dryly.  "The same ones I have."

"He could conceivably retire to holy ground," Adam reminded him.  "He could also go hide somewhere and be more careful.  Since you and I seem to be together and I don't like hiding that much, you'll be joining me on a college campus."  Ray groaned but nodded that he'd do it.  "Thank you, dear."  He smiled at Xander.  "No one said you had to do anything frightfully *hard*, Xander."

"School and I did not get along," he said firmly, standing up.  "Just drop it.  I'll deal with it when it comes."  He walked off, going to have some fun.  He managed to slide into the stairwell before Danny could see him and headed down to the convention. He sighed when he came out into the middle of a sermon about living better lives and shook his head.  "You know what, we were born this way," he announced, making the man splutter.  "It's not like we chose to be the most kidnaped group of people on the face of the earth.  And if the only way to keep my ass from being kidnaped is to take it up the ass, the I'm going to be doing that so no one else wants to castrate me.  If you don't like it, leave us the fuck alone.  It's not like we want to talk to your stupid ass."  He walked off shaking his head.

"Freeze," a familiar voice called.

Xander turned and found Frank standing there.  "Coming to arrest the bigot?"

"Well, yeah, actually.  Where are you going?  You know you're going to get in trouble if you go out alone."

"I'll be fine, Frank.  I'm huffing off after being nagged again."  He glanced around then at him. "I promise I'll be safe and everything.  I just can't stand to be up there and be nagged for another hour. I'll be a good and careful Xander and all that."

"You got taken with Wolfe next to you.  You got him taken.  It's not a matter of careful, Xander."

"Sometimes it is.  That time I was ...  Never mind.  Ask Horatio about that one."  He walked off.  "I'll be back later and they're up in my room pouting," he called as he walked off.  A tall, thinnish, brunette man in his late twenties stopped him.  He groaned.  "What?  I'm trying to be good."

"I know you are, but you of all of us shouldn't go out without a guard, a weapon, or both," he said quietly.  He moved closer. "The two other level tens here are both traveling with an entourage.  There's a reason for that."

"But sometimes you want to be alone."

"That's why they have huge estates," he noted dryly, smiling at him.  "That way they can escape and still be safe."  He took his hand.  "Would you let me use you as an example for my self defense lectures?  Show the boys and girls how it should be done and how to use your unique gifts to charm them so you can get away?"  Xander smiled at that and nodded.  "Okay. Let's go make sure you can do that first and then my first one is in an hour, right before dinner."  He walked him off. "I'm Tony."

"I'm Xander."

"Oh, I know.  Every single GHS and keeper in law enforcement has yours and the other level tens and nines's pictures.  Just in case something happens and we have to step in."  He stroked his arm. "What happened?"

"Being nagged about my future.  I don't get along well with books."

"Some people do hands-on things better," he assured him.  "Start out with something like massage therapy.  It's a great present to give anyone; you don't have to work but if you end up needing to it's not a demanding field and you can make your own hours, and it pays very well."  Xander smiled at that and nodded.  "You could also take one of the martial arts and learn the hell out of it, then end up teaching it some year."  He shrugged. "Just suggestions."

"I thought about buying into a spa but the only one I found that was looking for an investor had some funny ideas and I got really wary about some of them."

"That shows you've got good instincts but there's three I know of up north that could use a helping boost of capitol to expand.  I'm thinking about sinking some of my savings into one so I've got some income when I'm ready to retire."  He opened a door and let him into the meeting area.  "Here, we'll be in here.  You're in good shape, jogging?"

"Sword practice.  I find I like the sharp, pointy things."

"Sharp and pointy is a good thing and it translates to a lot of other weapons as well," he agreed happily.

"If it's not too personal, what level are you?"

Tony smiled.  "Seven.  I got suckered into giving the talk since I'm looking for a new keeper.  My last one went dom and I had to get away from him."

Xander hugged him. "I'm sorry, Tony.  That sucks."

"It does, but I'm okay now.  Philadelphia's a big city so I should be able to find some other members and maybe a real keeper there."  He gave him a gentle smile. "You hug very well."  Xander beamed at that praise.  "Come on.  Show me how you would normally get away from someone who was trying to detain or kidnap you."  Xander broke out his fiercest pout and princess act, making Tony one happy GHS.  This one clearly had it down.  He looked over as people started to wander in, smiling at them.  "Hi, guys.  This is Self Defense for the GHS out on their own.  I'm Tony, I'm one of the few of us in law enforcement.  This is Xander, he's our newest level ten and he's agreed to be my demonstration model.  Sit up front so you can see and we'll go over some practical things that are specific to being a GHS member that you can do and then run a general self- defense workshop, all right?"  They all nodded and came down to work with him.  There weren't many but he could do another one if thee convention committee wanted him to.


Danny finally caught up to Xander later that night in one of the clubs he liked to haunt, shaking his head as he hauled him off the floor.  He took him out back and looked at him.  "Are you okay?"

"Why wouldn't I be?"

"I'm asking because I wouldn't yell at you if you were traumatized by someone trying again," he said dryly.

"I'm fine," he assured him. "I needed to get away from the nagging bastards I seem to have sprouted."  Danny gaped.  "Conventions are supposed to be fun and relaxing, not nagging times since Adam was there.  You and Ray both."  He walked away, groaning when a bike pulled up in front of him.  "And you are?" he demanded dryly.

Don put up his visor.  "Get on, we'll go talk without the nagging.  After I yell for being dumb."

"I was fine!"

"You weren't fine.  Remember, you give me rent to protect you. I can't do that if you're halfway across the city doing shit.  Now, let's go for a ride and talk.  It'll calm you down and this way I can keep you from being more nagged."  Xander sighed and looked at Danny, who was scowling.  "Danny?"

"Fine.  How did you find us?"

"I followed the homing device I put under his arm after the first time he got really stolen.  I had to find a monitor for it.  It's a bit old."  He nodded and Xander trudged over.  "I understand the reasons, but it was still dumb.  I won't nag, but we will be talking."

"I helped in the self defense class," Xander offered.

"I heard.  I talked to Tony and he said you did really well after you verbally smacked the reverend guy.  You also missed dinner and the pudding fest we had."  Xander groaned.  "We're doing another one tomorrow night."  Xander nodded, getting on behind him.  "Helmet."  Xander found the spare one and put it on.  "Danny, we'll be back in a few hours.  We're gonna go sit on a beach and work out ways of him to keep protecting himself."

"Sure.  I'm sorry we nagged, Xander."  Xander got off and gave him a hug.  "You're okay and that's all that matters.  Ray's being pitiful because he made you walk off that way.  He'll apologize and so will I."  He kissed him.  "Go with Don.  Maybe he'll teach you how to ride since Speed won't."  Xander gave him a grin and hurried back, letting Don take him off.  He rolled his eyes.  "Some days he's a teenager....."

"And some days he's a protector of mankind," a deep male voice said from behind him.

Danny jumped and grabbed his chest. "Richard, don't do that!  Speaking of, why didn't I feel you?"

"As you age, you start to learn how to mask your buzz," he said dryly.  "I've had a few more centuries practice than you have, Danny."  He smiled.  "Xander is a young teenager.  He's barely twenty.  In many ways he's still the child he was never allowed to be.  In others he's wise beyond his years due to his experience.  Let him enjoy it more often."

"Every time he starts to enjoy it, it's paused by someone who wants to hurt him."

"That will slow down some.  A great many of those who want him have decided that he's too hard to woo. He doesn't pay it the proper respect to their intentions or gifts."

"So they're finally catching the whole 'not interested' thing?"

"Yes, which leaves those who care little about where his interests lay," he noted dryly, moving closer.  "How is his training going?"

"Touchy.  Eric saw him actually fight finally and he's concerned about how he slips into his hunting mindset."

"That can be troublesome, but it can also be fixed.  The one who can best do it is actually well-acquainted with him. Adam or Jace should be the best suited to that.  She's protected by the Old Gods and their ways.  She was trained by a priest of Ares and one of Strife's.  Adam has had centuries of training in multiple styles and he's worked with the only other trained berserker that is in the game, Oz."  Danny shuddered. "It can be touchy to hit the right spot with them, especially if they're pressed too far."

"That was Connor's mistake.  He was pressing him to go too deep so he could break him of that spot."

"Which is wrong.  That spot may well save his life some day.  Even if some think it's unfair or harmful.  Though I will agree it does make them more dangerous."

"Yeah, but he needs it too."  He moved closer.  "Have you talked to Connor?"

"I have and he's pissed with the boy. He thinks Giles was going to help him."

"Giles was the one who turned them onto him."

"I heard and I shared that information.  Connor said the boy said that.  He also said he didn't think Giles knew what he was doing.  Giles is only a level two himself."

Danny shrugged.  "It's still a shitty thing ta do to the kid you used to supposedly mentor."

"Oh, I agree.  Send the boy to me this week. I'll write Adam to see if he wants the honor of finishing the boy's beginning training or not."

"What about Jace?  I never heard of her fighting."

"Now and then she must.  She does try not to but she is well able to take any challenge.  Up to her old teachers, Methos and Theodonius."

"Hmm.  She's one of the really old ones."

"Ancient Greece.  My own Mariana is just older than she and Theo.  She also loathes Methos though."

"I don't know why, he's a perfectly charming guy," he noted dryly.

"Then you know?"

"Kinda obvious with what he was studying.  That and I know a watcher so I had them look at his file for physical clues.  I told my former watcher we shared a beer one night and talked about our horses in the good old days."  Richard snorted at that, smiling at him.  "Well, we have.  Among other things.  Thank you."

"You're welcome.  Now, go back to the hotel.  Remember, you do carry enough of Xander's scent on you to be in danger yourself."  He walked off, heading inside the club.

Danny headed back to the hotel, thinking the whole way.  He walked into their room, finding Methos still in there.  "Old Man, we gotta talk.  Ray?"  That got a nod and Ray went to the bathroom to give them some privacy.  "Eric finally saw Xander in a real fight."

"He's worried about tripping him down too far?"

"Yup.  I'm worried about it. It can depend on how emotional he is at that time."  He sat across from him.  "He avoids fighting if he can but he has taken a few challenges, including one for Ryan."

"Which was a noble sentiment.  So, he needs a higher degree of training?"

"Yeah, and I just ran into Richard.  He suggested you or Jace, or him if neither of you would.  He seems to think you've worked with Oz a few times."

"We both have," he admitted patiently.  "Oz has that same disregard for fighting.  It probably does lead back to not wanting to go down and get lost.  A very real possibility if you fight while angry and you lose yourself that way.  I'll talk with the boy after the convention.  We'll stay an extra night."  Danny nodded. "Which would you rather see?"

"I'd rather not change departments this year again."

"Good point.  Where is he?"

"Don and he are going for a ride on someone's motorcycle.  They're going to talk.  He seems fine and we heard right.  Tony had him in use as a demonstration model in the self- defense class."

"I'm fairly certain Don has made sure the boy was secure in how to pout his way out of trouble."

"Don hates it when he pouts, period.  He doesn't like using his skills for that stuff.  Xander got police department and rape training self-defense from him."  Adam smiled at that.  "Then he got the lessons with the sharp, pointy things as he calls them."  He leaned back.  "But that'd be good?"

"I think it would be.  Xander is in a unique position.  I was the highest immortal GHS had and I don't revel in my nature as I should.  I can't pout my way out of anything anymore."

"Someone once said Xander could be a standard bearer, like Connor is," Danny said quietly.

"It could be.  He'll need to know more if he is."  He smiled.  "I'll work with him after the convention, see what would be best for his next step.  Ray?"  He came out.  "Sorry, discussing Xander's training."  He pulled him back into his lap to cuddle.  "He and Don are out for a ride.  Did you want to wait up for him?"

"Nah.  I can apologize in the morning."  He looked at Danny. "I'm sorry I made him upset."

"I know.  He does too," he assured him.  "We've nagged him a few times too, Ray.  We're trying ta keep him from being bored.  Hasn't worked yet, but we're trying really hard."

"Why not let him do the trying and you guys be supportive of whatever?" Adam suggested.

"Because he's got to be prompted some days to work on his hobbies when he's bored."

"That means you're not clearing the backlog as fully as you should," Adam said gently.   "That's the clouding and the confusion."   Danny groaned.  "With him, it is a lot."

"Adam, honestly, I'm almost always exhausted," he said honestly.  "If I've gotta do more, we need someone else.  Flack's being worn out too."

"This could be a temporary swing upward, but most level tens do have at least two full lovers and others who help them.  Has he been getting spa time?"

"Every other day.  That's one of the reasons we fuss about the money stuff.  He'll run out sooner or later and then he'll be stuck."

"Yes, but boys like Xander were never meant to work, the same as Ray is an anomaly."  He patted Ray on the back. "There's only three GHS in law enforcement.  Don, Ray, and Tony.  Horatio's in the lab so that's counted more as a mental part with some limited physical action."

"Now and then," he admitted.  "Horatio's a lead from the front sorta leader."

"Good.  We like that about him."  He gave him a gentle smile.  "We'll work it out.  Tomorrow we'll let Xander have all day in the cuddle room if he wants."  Danny shivered at the mental image.  "No, that's usually another room.  We call it room 318."  He walked Ray off.  "We'll see you in the morning.  Get some rest."

"Yes, sir."  He settled in to think about it.  If Xander needed more than he and Don were giving him, they'd have to let someone else have him as well.  Even if Don was sleeping with Xander they'd probably need someone else as well.  They could be hurting him by not giving him enough.  That was a scary thought, that and trying to find him a backup boyfriend and not being jealous of him.


Don parked after a long, soothing ride, letting Xander get off the bike and give him a hug.  "We needed that."

"We did."  He walked Don down to the beach, sitting next to him.  Don shifted his arm and Xander snuggled underneath it and into his side, getting comfortable.  He smiled down at him, stroking over his arm.  "You feeling better?"


"Good."  He dropped a kiss on the top of his head and figured how he wanted to say what he was going to say.  "You know, the first thought I had when I learned about this was 'oh, shit, now I've got to really work my ass off for my retirement'."

Xander grinned.  "Mine was 'I'll be young and pretty forever?  Oh, hell, they'll keep coming forever."  He closed his eyes, listening to the surf.  "Don, I ...."

"Shh.  Let me go first."  Xander nodded.  "Good boy."  He went back to stroking him.  "I realize that you can probably buy a new house every day for the next twenty years and still have a retirement fund left over."  Xander shrugged.  "Especially if we sell the tawdry crap that's been sent to you."  That got a wiggle.  "What?  They'll come huff if you do?"

"No, some of it would send a message that it was a sign I needed more money."

"Hmm.  Sucks."  Xander nodded.  "Anyway, I realize you've got more money than we think.  I realize that your nature means that you're not going to be going into a real, hard job.  For that matter, I'm not sure your nature means that you can get a menial job.  I'm not sure you could focus that well."

"I talked with a few of the other members.  They said if I liked it and was interested by it, it'd be easier."

"Good.  That's good. If you find something like that, let us know."  Xander nodded more strongly.  "Until then, we both realize you're enjoying being young and pretty.  Hell if I were you, I'd be begging to go out clubbing more often."

"Too risky."

"Yeah, but you handle it okay.  Especially since Eric showed us it takes about an hour of you being loose and fun to get the club up to the level of being affected."  He rested his cheek against the soft hair.  "We shouldn't nag you.  I do about your safety because that's what I'm supposedly here for.  Even though I think we've gone past that."

"We have."

"Good.  I like that about you, you like me not just for the muscles and the brains."  Xander grinned up at him.  "The same as I like you for more than cuddles I get or any other perks."  That got a giggle and a nod.  "So, as a friend, I'm not gonna nag about more than the fact that you're not wearing it out very well anymore."

"It's starting to build up again," Xander sighed.

"I noticed.  How bad is it?"

"A very lot."

"That's probably what's making you extra pouty and unfocused.  Which is why Danny nags."  He gave him another squeeze.  "This weekend, I want you to enjoy yourself.  Play safely.  Play hard if you need to.  Do whatever you need to so your hormones get canceled out fully for at least a day.  We'll watch that to see what we're not doing enough of."

"I think Danny's too tired to do more than cuddle after I'm done with him most nights," Xander admitted sheepishly.  "That's usually when he sends me in to cuddle you."

"Which I appreciate. You're a fantastic bed pillow."  Xander blushed at that.  "And other things," he agreed.  He stroked over his arm again.  "We'll figure it out, Xander."

"I had a strange thought," he blurted after a minute of silence.


"In two hundred or so years, you riding up on a bike to come be the knight in shiny armor."

Don snorted.  "I like bikes.  I can almost see that happening.  I know a few of the immies would've taken a harem and walked away from them after a few years.  Or a sugar daddy and walked away after they had sucked him or her dry."  Xander shuddered.  "I know you're not the sort.  That's one of my biggest fears, that you're turned into the sort by becoming jaded and bored with life."

"Never happen."

"Good.  Then I won't worry about that too much when you pout your way out of speeding tickets and things."

"Only the once."

"I heard."  He gave him a squeeze.  "I joked and told the guy that he now knew why I protected you.  Most guys saw that pout and wanted to mother you to death.  He said he would have but his wife would've killed him and kept you."  That got another shudder.  "You're really worried about that?"

"Yup.  Having to coo and pout and play along until I can get to a weapon to destroy them isn't going to make me a happy boy."

"No, it wouldn't," Don agreed quietly.  He couldn't see Xander not hating himself for anything he had to do that way.  "You know, we could hide more."

"Tony said the others like me have estates big enough to get privacy on but smaller than a country."

"You could probably go take over part of a country, Xander."

"I don't want the responsibility."

"Good.  See, that's one less thing we'll have to work on you toward."  Xander gave him a dirty look.  "Whatever career you choose, I figure I'll probably be around there somewhere watching over your shoulder.  Even if I am off in another city we're going to keep in touch and visit."  Xander nodded and smiled, relaxing totally against him.  "Good boy.  We're not going to suddenly abandon you or make you go out and do things on your own.  You'd be miserable and then the world would come running to make you quit pouting.  You'd end up taken again."

"If I was a bit lower on the hormone scale, it'd be easier.  Like Ray said."

"Most guys Ray's level don't work.  Most guys at level seven don't work.  That's usually the cut-off level for anything like real work.  Level fives get housekeepers.  Level sixes get real keepers.  Level sevens get to be the wife.  Level eights get to be the creamy filling. Level nines get to be the paranoid creamy filling.  Level tens are true concubines and they're lucky if they ever make it out of bed."

"Then I'm doing good?"

"You're doing great for only having one lover.  Back when I first got found, the one level ten in New York had six boyfriends and two lovers who were her bodyguards.  Now she's got two lovers, two boyfriends, about ten bodyguards, and a call service she works with on occasion.  She's sixty now."  Xander shuddered at that. "Yeah."

"I was scared before, thinking about what would happen when I got really horribly old, like double Frank's age."

"I'm pretty sure Frank and Horatio are about the same age," Don said dryly.

"Really?  Frank seems older."

"That's the strain of the job."

"Ooh.  Maybe he should have some bubble bath?"

Don laughed and gave him a good squeeze.  "I'm sure he'd enjoy one with his wife."  Xander smiled at that and snuggled in more properly.  "You were scared of getting older?"

"What happens if I can't get it up?  Or if I'm too old and sore to have sex?"

"Guys in nursing homes get boners.  They make meds for it if you can't get it up, and you can always lay there and take it in many positions, Xander."

"Yeah but if I got that old, I'd be a commodity.  People wouldn't want me just to want me.  They'd want me to say they had done me or because I paid them."

"No real keeper would ever leave you just because you were getting older," he said firmly.

"Boyfriends do it all the time."

"Not good ones and I'd never let you go to a keeper like that."  Xander nodded, relaxing again.  "Good.  Any other concerns?"

"Why didn't you tell us?" he asked quietly.  "You only said that Adam thought you were a level two."

"Because I've been suppressing it for years now.  I haven't had the energy or the time to let it out in a while.  Dating was almost enough for me at the level I am.  The cuddles and stuff I get from you more than wears out my problems."  He stroked over his back, making Xander shift to give him a better angle.  "Besides, Adam did say that.  He didn't recognize me at first."

"Tony said all you guys in law enforcement have our pictures."

"All the level tens and the level nines," Don agreed.  "It's in a small folder inside most of our drawers.  Keepers in GHS have a copy to.  We end up saving you guys all too often or arresting you guys for wearing it out all too often.  This way we know what's going on with who.  It's updated yearly with new cities and things."

"So you knew about me before you saw me?"

"Rumors.  I had been out of the life for a while, Xander.  A few years really."  He shrugged.  "I was doing okay but I was a bit frustrated and bored now and then.  Being a cop is hard enough.  Being a cop that's extra cuddly and special can be wearing some days."  Xander nodded. "Adam had called around to all of us in the NYPD to alert us that there was a new level ten after the day you nearly got taken by a quarter of us.  Then Devi's assistant called and I put the two together.  I figured out who you were.  You were really blunt about it and that made me happy.  You were very honest with me.  Otherwise I would've suggested someone like Stella or Aiden to watch over you."

"No.  Eww.  Bad girl things."

"I know, now."  He went back to soothing him again.  "We really should have the car painted."


"Because it's one of those things that get you watched.  Everyone on the PD knows that's your Range Rover, Xander.  I do mean everyone.  Even the janitors know."

"Then why did one of the guys stop me just to look the car over?"

"I'm not really sure. He sneer?"

"A few times.  Called me your little deficient gay boy."

"That was him being an asshole. Ignore those guys or pout at them.  I will let you pout at them and when you need to use it to get out of trouble.  No more doing it at the station to drop suspects."

"Yes, Don."

"Thanks, kiddo."  They sat there and watched the surf.  "I had the thought earlier that I could take up smoking again and it'd be okay."

"I don't like the smell, Don.  If you do, you do it outside and you brush your teeth.  Plus I think your dog's allergic."

"Maybe."  Don smiled.  "What did my mom want to talk to you about when she made you take her shopping?"

"That she still wanted grandkids.  I was told it was my responsibility to see that she got some."

"Why is it your responsibility to see that I spawn?"

"Because I'm the one keeping you from dating a nice girl to marry."

"Ah.  So you're supposed to periodically find me a woman to go impregnate for her?"  Xander nodded.  He snorted.  "You tell her you can't?"

"I did hint that you had said that an earlier groin injury might be hampering that goal.  That you had let something slip while drunk about an older injury from your patrol days that was hindering function but not form."  Don smirked at that.  "Do you think IVF would work?  I know there's sperm in there."

"Maybe," he agreed.  "I don't know why we're infertile."  He shrugged.  "That is one good thing.  We can't pick anything up if we get hit by accident."  He looked down.  "I'm sure Danny goes bare with you now and then."

"All the time."

"So you come to me leaking his little swimmers?" he teased.

"No," he said with a small blush. "He doesn't shoot that much."

"So it's easier to suck him down than me?" Donn teased.

"He's a little bit thinner and about an inch shorter.  So yeah."  Don cackled at that.  "You cannot start a 'my dick is bigger' taunt, Don.  He'll know it had to come from me and the only way I know is how far you guys reach when I go down on you two."

"I won't.  At least not often.  Now and then at home."  He gave him a smug look.  "Then again, I am taller so I'd expect to be bigger.  Just seems right."  Xander shrugged.  "Hmm, what about you?  I'm sure you've got us both beat.  Maybe it stretched from all the exercise it gets?  Get bulked up muscles?" he teased.

"No, I was bigger before," he taunted.  "Did you know some guys put weights on theirs?  Or used suction things to get humongous?"

"I did, but if I catch you doing that, I'm going to spank.  You're needy and big enough already."

"I am.  And you're right, I'm bigger than both of you naturally."  He beamed back and Don laughed. "I'll let you compare if you want."

"Maybe back at the hotel.  We'd get caught doing that for sure."  He went back to cuddling Xander, getting a comfy side-clinging monkey again. "We should go back before Danny worries."

"We should."  Neither of them moved.  "Want ice cream on the way back?" Xander asked after a few minute's of lack of motivation.  It was peaceful and nice here.

"I could do ice cream," he agreed.  That got both boys moving back to the bike.


Xander pulled Don into the shopping area.  It wasn't too late and most of the booths were still set up.  He paused at one, reading the signs.  "Would that help me wear out my hormones?"

"It would.  Being happy would keep them down," the salesman offered. "Plus, my Happy Gas is also all natural and non-habit forming.  It's basically a bunch of herbs and vitamins in liquid form that are enriching the air in the tanks.  So it's like a nebulizer treatment.  You can hit it as many times a day as you want and all it'll do is make you have a happy, peaceful feeling for a half-hour.  Would you like to try a snort?"

Don looked at him.  "That's a lot like using drugs."

"No, it's really not.  There's no drugs. It's all herbal remedies.  It's also very good for your health with all the vitamins in it.  Really.  You can't tell until you try it."

"Me or you?" Xander asked.

"Me.  Just in case."  He took a hit off the oxygen mask and his head started to swim.  It cleared after a moment but his skin felt tight, stretched too far, a bit itchy.  He scratched his arm gently and looked at Xander, shaking his head.  "No way you're taking any."

"How much for the tank?" Xander asked.  "So we can see what I'll be allergic to."  The man's eyes went wide.  "Yes, I said a tank."

"Um, I planned to offer individual hits, sir."  Xander gave him a look and he did the mental math.  "Fifteen hundred?"

Xander put down a card and it declined, making him groan and mutter about the bank they had chosen, putting down a different one.  Then he took the one off the table that Don had taken the hit off of.  He walked him up to the suite, settling him on a couch, watching him scratch at his arms.  "Don?"  Don looked at him. "Do you feel high?"

"No, I feel.....  Now I know how a cat in heat feels," he said finally.

"Been there, done that.  Let me get Adam.  At the very least this guy needs kicked out of the convention."  He moved to the phone, dialing for the desk.  "May I please speak to Adam Pierson?  I know he's got it blocked for the night, ma'am, but it's a problem with the convention.  Someone was selling something that's bordering on illegal and I think he should shut them down.  Xander.  He'll take it, I'm sure of it."  She put him on hold and checked, and then he was connected.  "Adam, it's Xander.  We just got back, not the issue!" he said hotly.  "We were walking through the shopping area and we found this guy selling stuff with signs saying it was oxygen and herbs to make it like a chocolate high.  Don tried it so I didn't and now he said he feels like a cat in heat.  Yeah, scratching too.  Stop that, Don."  He listened.  "I bought a tank, it's here with us, but he needs to be paused in any more sales.  Yeah, that stuff.  I've got him and the tank back in my room."  He looked at Don.  "I'm not sure what to do to help him, Adam.  Please?"  He relaxed.  "Thank you."  He hung up.  "Adam will be right over after he sends someone down to stop that guy and test the air himself."  He came over to hold his hands for him.  "Don't scratch."

"Then rub!"

Xander slowly stroked over his arms, keeping him calm.  Someone knocked and he got up, letting the hotel's doctor and Adam in.  "Thanks, guys."

"You're welcome.  Where is it?"  Xander pointed.  "What did you tell him?"

"Don took a whiff and said I wasn't to take any after a few minutes.  I explained it as I'd look it over to see what I was allergic to.  It was weak, I'm sorry.  Is he gone?"

"Hotel security found him packing and stopped him," the hotel's doctor offered. "What's his name?"

"Detective Don Flack Jr," Danny said as he came out.  "This was what?"

"Did you see the happy gas booth?"

"I did.  I was wondering if it was like endorphin enhancing drugs really."  Xander pointed at Don.  "He tested it for you?"

"Yeah.  The guy's stuff said it was like a chocolate high."

"No apparently it's a bit stronger than that," the doctor admitted. "He's..."

"He said he felt like a cat in heat."

"That's a good way to describe it.  He is putting out pheromones, I'm not usually into guys."  Don grimaced and started to scratch.  "The best way may be to wear it out."  He looked at the tank.  "I know we've got officers in the building from the local PD."

"I work with the lab and our boss is here to watch over Xander," Danny offered, picking up his phone to call Horatio.  The whole lab knew you called Speed's phone if it was something after hours that he only needed to hear before breakfast.  You called Horatio's phone after hours if it was an emergency.  He listened to the sleepy, grumpy voice.  "Don tested the new happy gas from the shopping area and he's like a cat in heat, Speed.  It's a bad thing."  He hung up.  "They'll be up as soon as they get redressed."  He came over to stop Don from scratching.  "Quit that."

"I can't help it!"

"I know," Xander soothed, coming over to rub his arms for him.  "Adam?"

"I'll call the testing board together, Don.  We can wear this out for you."  Don nodded, giving him a grateful look.  He glanced at Danny and Xander, getting a helpless look.  "They'll be there if you want them."  He saw the brief flick toward Xander and got a nod.  "All right.  Doctor?"

"I'd like to talk to Lieutenant Caine when he comes in."

"That's fine."  He walked out, passing them in the halls.  "Xander bought some of the gas and the doctor wanted you two as well."

"That's good," Horatio agreed, walking in.  "Xander."

"It said it was supposed to be like a chocolate high, Horatio.  Nothing bad," Speed offered.  "Did you get the tank off the table?"  Xander nodded, pointing at it.  "Good job.  He still here?"

"The hotel stopped him from leaving," the doctor offered. "As you can see, it's quite distressing him."

"I picked up the ingredient list earlier," Danny offered, going to get it out of his bag and hand it over.  "I thought it might help wear Xander out."

"Me too," Xander admitted. "Don wouldn't let me try it personally though."

"Good thing, you might never come back down," Speed offered, coming over to help with Don.  "What's Adam doing?"

"Calling a testing board meeting."

Horatio moaned at that and shifted.  "That would be the only way?" he asked the doctor.

"He's described it as feeling like a cat in heat to them.  He couldn't pay attention to my questions."

"That's fine.  We can deal with that.  I'll get someone to analyze the gas."  Danny and Speed both raised a hand.  "Are you sure?"

"Shouldn't take more than an hour, H," Danny pointed out.  "By then, Don might be down.  Which means you could go back to bed then too."

"True," he said with a small smile.  "All right."  Someone tapped on the door and he was closest.  "Yes?"

Xander looked. "Todd?  You're on the board?"

"I am and I'm damn thankful we never had to sit one for you, Xander.  Come on, we've got a room set up for him."  He came to help lift Don up.  "Wow.  Some of us are teased about being concubine kitties."

"Not funny," Don grumbled. "I can walk."  He stumbled.  "Maybe.  I feel really drunk and confused."

"Yup, that's because the hormones are backing up, Don," Todd assured him.  "Come on.  Trust me, I'm still a level nine."  He walked him down the stairs, taking him to the room they had set up.  Someone took two vials of blood, going to hand one to Horatio and test the other for the specific level he was operating at while Xander got Don into the shower and cleaned off.  They let Don choose between the sling and the bed, smiling when he chose the bed but complained about the scratchy sheets.  "Six?" Todd guessed.

Adam checked his PDA.  "Bloodwork says five.  Endorphin indicators are saying eight."  Todd shuddered. "It'll be fine.  Horatio will stop them with his keeper's help."

"Good!"  He watched as Xander soothed him with a backrub, talking to him, asking him what he wanted.  "I want him on the testing board."

"No.  Level tens are like diesel engines.  They'll get very warm after proper warmup and run forever.  They'd mask the other person."

"Point."  He watched as Xander gently prepared him.  "Him first this time?"

"His file said his first test was strictly het.  That he didn't protest being touched but refused to let a man touch him sexually," Adam said quietly.  "Xander?"  Xander looked over and nodded. "He's agreed?"

"Yeah, him doing it is better for me. I know he won't pick on me like Danny would," Don offered, sounding more coherent.  "How high am I going?"

Adam came over.  "Preliminary tests say that your body is acting like a level eight."

"Damn, no wonder Xander shouldn't drive," he complained, getting a smack on the ass.  All it did was make him hiss and arch back.  "Xander," he moaned.

"One more, Don.  I promise.  I'll be as gentle as I can."  He looked at Adam.  "What else did it say?"

"That he's naturally looking like a level five at the moment."  Xander nodded and undid his pants, sliding into the warm body.  Don moaned and arched back immediately.  "We'll monitor but not watch, Don."

Xander leaned down.  "Don, would it help if someone else rode you?" he asked, teasing his stomach.  He moved slowly and gently for now.  Don didn't need a hard ride at the moment, it'd only make it worse.  Don shrugged.  "Want someone to pound into?"

"You.  More?"  Xander smiled and sped up, letting him get into whatever position was comfortable.  Don ended upon his back and Xander rode him to the best of his skills.  Xander came but Don didn't and Xander removed his plug, climbing on top.  "Oh, nice!  Very nice!  Wish you were just a bit tighter."

"Sorry, I was wearing the big plug this time," he said sheepishly.  "If I had my former retightening charm I'd use it around you."  Adam pulled his off and put it on Xander, using it for him.  Don yelped and then groaned, grabbing Xander's hips to have him hard, fast, turning him onto his stomach to have him.  "Hold me down," he panted, "please?"

"Fantasy of yours?" Don panted.  Xander nodded.  "Really?"

"You walk in and raise my hips but you lay across me and hold my hands down to the bed."

"Want me to do all the work," he taunted, doing that for him.  Xander squealed and kept up, liking this.  "You're loud."

"No one's plugged my mouth."

"We can do that," Adam promised, getting a few of the other guys to help.  The guy coming toward their heads hesitated and then went in Don's mouth, making him moan and work harder, liking this.  Xander teased the guy's balls for him.  Another one slid into Don's hole and followed the rhythm Don had set up, helping him along.

"Greedy, mine," Don said when the cock slipped out.  Xander took a lick and grinned back at him.  Don took it back with a growl and pounded Xander harder, making him squeal, shiver, then finally come again, which brought Don over.  Xander and Don shared the nice guy trying to help since the one who had been in Don was now limp and sated as well.  Then they snuggled for a few minutes.  "Sorry, Xander."

"It's my fault, Don. I didn't even think it could do that."  He stroked over his cheek. "You need a bubble bath."

"I'm craving your macadamia brittle."  Xander beamed.  "Oh, no, it raised me?"

"We think it may have," Adam said gently, nodding the others to go since he was down now.  "Do not let anyone have any of that air product," he warned.  That got some nods and they went to check on their friends.  Just in case. He sat down beside the two.  "Want  him to go so we have privacy?"

"No, he'd hear it anyway.  He won't laugh like Danny will."

"Danny's gonna yell at me," Xander said softly.

"No he won't. It was my decision.  I only took a really short whiff, Adam," Don told him.

"Horatio and Daniel are doing the analysis at the lab," he assured him. "The indicators in your blood work came up as a level five."  Don gaped.  "Nothing will usually raise you that fast, Don."

"So.....   Being exposed to Xander raised me?"

"It has been known to happen.  Or you were more tense in the past."

"My rookie year as a cop was stressful," he admitted.  He looked at Xander.  "No guilty feelings," he ordered.  Xander opened his mouth so he kissed him.  "I mean it.  It's not your fault.  I'd have gravitated toward you anyway.  A GHS like you tends to draw the lower levels to you."  He stroked over his face.  "It's a gravitational draw thingy.  Like planets to the sun."

"So I could start a cult among the lower GHS?" Xander teased.

Adam nodded.  "You wouldn't be the first.  For the longest time we had one who was not only determining fashion but also sexual matters.  It led to a rash of us being circumcised."  He shuddered.  "Fortunately I wasn't actively participating at that time."  He stroked over Xander's back.  "Your body made Don's body own up to what it was naturally," he said gently. "It didn't make him raise up."

"It let it come out of the closet," Don said, shifting some.  "I think he's right, I'm gonna need a bubble bath."

"We can do that as well," Adam assured him.  "Are you fully back down?"  Don nodded.  "Rational, able to think clearly, all that?"

"Just got a sore ass."  He looked at Xander.  "How do you wear a four inch plug?"

"When I was working I had a customer who was as big around as a coke can soft," Xander said dryly.  "He's the one who gave me the stuff that used to be in the drawer."

"Damn," he said in awe.  "What does that feel like?"  Adam texted someone and they came in, sliding into him, making his eyes go wide.  He squeaked.  "Oh, Gods!"

Xander kissed him.  "Shh.  Relax.  You look so pretty like that," he soothed, stroking his cock since it was starting to come back up.  "We'll help you soak later, Don."  Don swallowed and took him again, just sliding into him and letting the other guy set the rhythm.  "Doesn't it feel incredible?"  Don nodded, picking up speed, rocking back and forth between them.  "I've got you.  You can have all my size queen toys if you want."  Don gave him a hug and moved faster, letting Xander keep up with him.  Then Xander looked at the other guy, who nodded and pulled Don up into his lap, seating him firmly.  "He's not very long, but he's very wide, huh?" Xander asked, cleaning Don off with a baby wipe Adam handed him.  He went down on him, making Don a happy, happy boy.  Who still didn't do more than wind his fingers in his hair.  It was appreciated.  Don got off with a moan and Xander tasted it.  He looked at Adam.  "He does taste different."

"He should."  He shared a kiss and nodded. "He's probably going to end up straddling a level five or six."  He kissed Don, earning a happy, sated smile.  "Come on, into a bath with you both.  Thank you, Perry."

"Not an issue."  Xander cleaned him off and finished him off as well, making him moan.  "No one even tries to blow me."  Xander swallowed and that's all it took, making him get off.  "Oh, thank you, Xander."  Xander shared a kiss with him, making him a happy, happy boy too.  "Thank you."

"Welcome."  He got Don back into his pants and then slid into his own, walking him up to their suite and into the bathroom.  Danny came back about an hour into the hot bath, glaring at both of them.  "What?" he asked quietly.

"It was my choice, Messer.  Hop off it.  We've gotta talk," Don said, sounding sleepy.

"It can wait until in the morning," Xander soothed.

"No it can't."  He looked at his best friend, blinking hard.  "I've been upgraded."

"Excuse me?"

"They retested his blood levels," Xander said quietly.  "He's higher up than they were before."

"So you did what?  You raised his level?"

"Adam said being in this thing with us let him relax it.  Before his stress levels were driving it down."

"Oh, damn!"  He hit the door with a backhanded fist. "How high?"

"He'll probably want to confirm it tomorrow but they're thinking five," Don offered quietly.  "Well able to still do stuff.  Xander was wearing mine out before so it shouldn't change too much."

"Which can help with wearing Xander out at least," Danny added. He considered it.  "Xander, can I create a list of people you're allowed to play with if it's not being done?"  Xander blushed and shrugged.  "It'll be people like Ryan and Eric. H and Speed if they want.  Aiden if she wants."  Xander shrugged again.  "Good."  He went to do that, writing down who he wanted to talk to.  Then he came back. "He okay?"

"They basically put him onto a bed and let him wear it out," Xander offered quietly, sponging Don's stomach again.  "Did you know he tasted different?"

"No, I hadn't.  I'll see about that in the morning.  For right now, you two rest.  What's around your throat?"

"Retightening charm.  Adam's.  I'll have to give it back to him."  He looked at Don, who nodded, so he slipped it over his head and let it rest for a few minutes before setting it off.  Don moaned and squeezed and flexed, but it was good.  "Back to pure boy normal?" he teased.

"Hell yes.  Thank you, Xander."  He put it back over his head.  "Keep that for now."   He flipped onto his side. "Now I know why you fall asleep in here."  Xander beamed and sponged over his back for him, then let him have some more water to drink.  "Hmm," he swallowed.  "You're a good body slave too."

"Thank you.  It's in the blood," he teased, getting back to work.  The sponge went lower.

"Only if I ask, Xander.  I'm still pretty straight."

"Yes, Don."  He kissed him.  "But does that mean you won't have me too?"

"No, I'll start pounding you every few days," he promised, stroking over his hair.  "It was good.  You're just kinky enough for me."  He stole a kiss and closed his eyes again.  "Go ahead and sleep.  I'll be fine without the body slave treatment."

"Are you sure?"

"I'm sure.  I'm basking."

"Okay."  He kissed him then went to help Danny, cuddling with him.  "He said he wanted to rest for a while."

Danny kissed him.  "Thanks for brushing your teeth."

"Not an issue."  He snuggled in. "I don't want to break up couples."

"I know, but it's safer because they won't steal you all the time."  He stroked over his hair.  "It'll be okay and we'll find a discreet brothel down here for you to go to as well."

Xander nodded.  "Tony said all you guys got a folder of all the level nine and tens?"

"We do.  It's in the bottom of my locker.  Horatio and Speed both keep theirs at home."  He smiled at him. "Worried?"

"No.  Tony said he knew of a spa that was a legitimate and good place. He was thinking about investing there too."

"We'll find him tomorrow and talk to him," he promised.  "What else did he say?  I heard you did very good as the demonstration model in his self defense lecture.  Did you learn anything?"

"Some."  He wrapped his arms around him, giving him a gentle squeeze.  "He suggested I could take something like massage therapy classes.  That it's a good present to give and it's practical if I end up having to work."

"True, it would be," Danny agreed, sounding happier.  "It's also not that strenuous and if you wanted to invest in some spas it could help you know see how well they were doing.  Don and I would also like you to think about taking some money management classes.  That way you don't have to pay for someone to do it."

"Danny, how would we get new identities?  Don and I were confused about that earlier."

"There's a few of us who can help with that.  Plus there's also the underground."  He grinned.  "It's illegal as hell but it helps now and then.  Are you actually making plans?"

"Just in case of emergencies.  Not 'next life' stuff yet."

"That's actually fairly reasonable," Don offered as he came out in a towel to join them.  "He and I did some talking earlier.  We're not ready for that step yet, but we both see the point in having an emergency ID ready.  Plus he's got to have a will made out soon."

"We've got a pre-immie who does that now and then.  I'll let him and Xander talk about it, let him come down to work on it for him."  Don smiled at that.  "You'll have to have one too."

"I know.  The question came up earlier about why we're infertile.  Would IVF work or are our little swimmers not swimming?"

"I have no idea," Danny admitted. "That's something to ask Adam."  He looked down at Xander. "He wanted to test your skills anyway."

"I noticed Eric wasn't pushing me."

"Part of that is because you're pretty good.  Part of that is because he's scared you'll lose it on him," Danny said honestly.  He gave him a gentle squeeze.  "Then again, Adam's helped train Oz in the past.  He knows how to get around that.  If not, Richard's offered to take over some of your training."

"Richard does some magic stuff," Xander said quietly, looking up at him.  "Can I go to him about illusions?  That way I can look a bit wrinkly in ten years?"

"I don't see as it'd hurt to ask," Danny offered.  "I don't think anyone's dealt with that one yet."  Xander nodded, snuggling in again.  "That would give us longer."

"It would," Don agreed. "I know Eric's been using the mirror a lot recently."

"Horatio said he can't leave yet, he'd smack him around," Speed offered as he walked in.  "Don, we need to take more blood in the morning."  Don shrugged.  "He's letting our lab know how to test for it so we're using you as a guinea pig."

"That's fine, Speed."  He gave him a hug.  "Do you think it'd help if Xander had an authorized list of people who were allowed to play with him when we can't wear him out?"

"I think it might if he would do that, but then again I'm not sure who would consent to be on it.  I know H and I wouldn't."  Xander nodded at that.  Danny crossed them off.  He smirked.  "Ask Eric.  He's a slut, just a lesser one.  Ryan and Xander are comfortable together so they might be able to handle something casual now and then.  That might make him less bouncy to."  Xander blushed at that.  "So, we're all okay?"

"They think being around Xander raised me," Don said quietly.

"I heard.  How far?"


"Crap.  I wish you guys lucking finding a housekeeper.  We'll watch out for it spiking at work for you, Don. The same as we'll hand Danny any vitamins he needs."  Danny snickered at that. "It's a reasonable concern.  I'm betting Xander's wearing Don's out mostly with whatever you two do, but Xander's not being worn out. Which causes him to spike and the officers coming in the other day to shoo someone away from your gate."  He patted Don, getting his head tipped for more attention.  "You're going to be so easy to spoil, just like Xander is.  If you guys need to get another keeper, we won't say a word, I promise."  He got stereo nods and felt another one.  "Good boys.  Sleep now.  Remember, we have brunch then Xander's going to be trading some of his porn for others' stuff.  Then the cuddle room if you guys wanted to pile in."  They all smiled and he left, going to warn Horatio that they had a true GHS on shift along with him.  Every now and then it led to some strife and catfights if they couldn't get along.  Horatio and the one in patrol who was a level four had gotten into it a number of times.  He had ended up transferring out because he couldn't argue with Horatio due to rank.  That's when they had gotten Wolfe really.  He laid down beside him.  "H?"  Horatio looked at him.  "They think Don's a level five.  Exposure raised him."

"We'll be fine.  I respect and like Don.  Don knows where I'm in charge and where he's in charge."  Speed relaxed.  "If not, I'm sure Xander will hormone us both and lock us in a closet or something if Don gets upset."  He smiled and got a kiss for that joke and Speed snuggled in to hold him.  "Maybe I should retest?"

"No, you haven't changed," Speed assured him.  "If anything you might've went down from the stress."  He stroked over the tattoo only he ever got to see, making Horatio relax again.  "They're working on an approved playlist for Xander."

"Good.  Suggest he put Ryan and Eric on there."

"Already did.  I also told them not to include us."

"Thank you."  He flipped over and wound himself around his lover, going to sleep that way.  Just like he did every night.

Speed smiled at him and let himself go now that his boy was asleep safely in his arms.


Horatio walked into work Monday morning.  "Frank, Yelina, may we speak?" he asked quietly.  They nodded and followed him somewhere more private.  "We all know I went to the convention to watch over Xander, correct?"

"Yeah," Frank agreed, giving him a look.  "How was it?  I heard you had to come in Friday night to run tests."

"Someone was selling some herb infused air, Frank.  It wasn't dangerous but it did create an odd reaction in the twist that makes members GHS.  As we found out when Don Flack tested it for Xander since it said it was supposed to be like a good chocolate high.  It was a security precaution and one we much appreciated."

"He is?" Yelina asked.

"Fairly low, only a level two," Horatio offered quietly.  Don had decided on that with him late last night.  This way they knew and no rumors would get out.  "They say the best keepers have a bit of it in them.  They had been looking at the gas as a way to keep some of Xander's hormones in control."

"I take it that got buggered?" Frank suggested.

"And then some, Frank," he agreed with a small smirk.  "With the way the gas turned him into a human cat in heat....  No, not a good idea for Xander."

"Oooh," he said, shuddering and wincing.  "He could get *worse*?"

"We're not sure and we're not going to let him find out," he assured him.  "Right now, Don is back to normal.  He shouldn't have surges.  If he does, tell me and I'll let him and Danny slip off to handle it.  As of this moment, Danny is handling Xander and Xander is handling Don's needs.  He was wearing it out before with all the cuddling he was doing."

"That's fine with us," Frank agreed. "He walking funny?"

"No, that was Saturday, Frank."  He smiled at him.  "He'll be fine but he wanted you two warned so you wouldn't start to notice things out of the blue or listen to the gossip that'll probably be going around soon."

"That's fine," Yelina agreed.  "As long as he has it under control."

"Fully," he assured her.  "The most common sign of him not having it under control is some confusion and a bit of hyperactivity.  So if that happens, let me know."

"Of course," Frank agreed.  "Is that why Xander's so bouncy?"

"I don't think we could wear Xander out so he wasn't bouncy," Danny said as he joined them.  "I'm thinking about finding him a very discreet brothel for the times when I'm not enough."

Frank considered it.  "The one on Shire got busted.  It had been a politician's playground."

"There's a nice one down toward the Keys," Horatio offered.  "I'll get their address from Vice."

"I know our Vice guys knew about that stuff.  They said they found members having sex in chocolate shops," Danny teased.

"Most of them wouldn't dare in Miami, Daniel," Horatio said dryly, staring him down.  That got only got a wicked smirk.  "Should Xander, I'd have to spank you and put you on the most horrible cases."

"Sure, boss."  He winked and grinned at Frank.  "Wolfe in yet?  I hear he's my rookie today."

"Somewhere.  I saw him a while ago pouting."

"Cool."  He headed off, happy and content.  A morning lapful of Xander would do that to a guy.

Horatio rolled his eyes.  "They had a lot of fun.  Xander nearly missed trading around his porn collection with the others for the cuddle room."

"You mean like hugging and stuff?"

"No, more like a pile on the floor and cuddling, Frank," Horatio said dryly.  "It's very soothing.  No one tried to take Xander all weekend.  Even when we did let him go shopping yesterday."

"I'll give the kid hugs if it'll help," he offered. "Because the next time we have a kidnaper who comes up to a hostage scene and rants and complains because he had to steal Xander back from those guys so he could kidnap him?  I'm gonna slug someone."

"When was this?" Yelina asked, looking confused.

"Last week.  SWAT called."  Horatio arched a brow up.  "They didn't tell you?"

"I'm not sure Danny and Don know about that either."

"I had Wolfe with me," he offered with a good boy grin.

"That won't save either of you, Frank."  He walked off to tell Danny about that.  "Did you know Xander was taken hostage last week?"

"Yup, heard the rant about the guy who wanted to kidnap Xander from the kidnaping.   He was not a happy boy by any means," Danny said dryly.  "It took two hours of Aiden cuddling him before we got home and heard, then an hour of backrubs and another two hours of cuddles with us switching off to calm him down again."

"I hadn't heard.  Frank and Ryan never told me."

"I didn't know Wolfe had been there.  I'll talk with him later about that too."

"That would be fine.  As long as work gets done today, Danny."  He headed for his office, finding Rick Stetler there.  "Yes?"

"You didn't just go to watch the kid," he said dryly, smirking at him. "I also have proof you're in a relationship with one of your staff."

Horatio sat down and looked at him for a moment, then smirked.  "I have been now for nearly six years, Rick.  Took you long enough."  Stetler gaped.  "It doesn't make a difference here and I have Frank do his evaluations for me. His and Calleigh's since we're so close and friends outside of work as well.  I'm sure the Chief figured that out sometime in the last few years at the very least.  It hasn't affected me disciplining him on the job either."

"What?  Do you take him home and spank him?" he asked dryly.

Horatio glared at him.  "That is none of your business, Rick.  Beyond the occasional lunch together when we're both off at the same time, we keep it out of the office.  Totally out of the office.  As for what we did at the convention?  We joined in some of the fun, yes.  It was a great time.  Very relaxing.  I found the cuddle room wonderful and soothing.  Perhaps you should try it and find a real person to date instead of the inflatable doll I hear you got sent the other day."  Rick's face went purple.  "Now, was there anything else?"

"I know you're a member.  That won't look good to the Chief."

Horatio snorted.  "Even if I were, Rick, it's not like it'd be a *new* thing.  Do you see me dancing around at work?"  He stormed off.  Horatio took a deep breath but he knew his boss would back him on this.  If asked, he could decide to deny or admit to it and he had been a member since he was twenty-two.  Before he hit the academy.  His phone rang. "Caine."  He listened, then rolled his eyes. "Of course, sir."  He hung up and went to his boss's office, sharing a look with Speed as they passed in the halls.  He tapped then walked in.  "You wanted to see me?"

"Rick Stetler just told me some things that I'm not very comfortable with."  Horatio shrugged.  "It doesn't matter that you're sleeping with an employee?"

"We've been in a relationship now for nearly six years, sir.  I've kept myself objective over him.  He gets in just as much trouble, his disciplinary record is in line with the others in my unit, and I have Frank do his evaluations."

"I noticed that four years ago and I wondered but you were having him do CSI Duquesne's as well."

"She and I are friends off work.  That way there's no way any impropriety can be suspected."

"Which is wise.  I've never had a hint that you're a level six GHS, Horatio."  Horatio raised an eyebrow.  "He somehow managed to get your file from them."

"Which is a breach of my privacy, sir.  I really do not feel comfortable with this discussion and I will be thinking about suing Rick personally and the department for doing so."

"I wasn't going to fire you or ask for any perks, Caine," he said dryly, giving him a look.  "But that is how you know Harris?"  Horatio nodded.  "Is he under control?"

"Most of the time.  He needs more attention to have it fully under control.  His keeper was thinking about giving him a membership to an exclusive brothel for the times he couldn't wear him down enough.  I was going to contact Vice today to see which ones were sacred to them."  A card was handed over.  "Thank you, I'll pass that on."  He tucked it into his pocket.  "I've been a member since I was twenty-two."

"I read that.  It doesn't matter to me.  You have it mostly under control at work.  No one's said anything about your relationship being exposed either.  The only rumors I've heard is that you're sleeping with all of them to keep them in line."  Horatio raised an eyebrow at that.  "It's how some patrol officers think it's done, Horatio.  Relax."    Horatio relaxed.  "What's this I hear about Flack?"

"They were advertising an herbal gas supplement that was supposedly like a good chocolate high.  Xander and Don were thinking about it as a way of helping Xander's hormones wear out a bit further since there have been days Danny hasn't managed to beat them down enough for him to be able to drive or get out of the house.  As a security precaution Don Flack tested it for him and ended up being exposed as a level two."

"Hmm, that's not what his file says either."  He put that one on his desk.  "I have no idea how he does it."

"I want him gone, sir.  Those are private, confidential, and have nothing to do with the PD or our jobs."

"I agree.  That's why I called you directly.  I have a few other's here as well.  This way I can warn them that I know and if any of you suddenly start to spike, you can let me know and I can clear an absence.  As long as it's not overused."

"Someone like Xander, they usually have at least two lovers full-time, sir." Horatio warned quietly. "Plus other helpers like a masseuse."

"I heard.  That's fine.  We don't have anyone above a level seven.  Why is that?"

"Level sevens are borderline for working.  The hormones are so high that they lead to confusion, lack of focus, hyperactivity, and could be dangerous to us.  If they work they usually work from home.  Very few of us work in law enforcement."

"Understood.  Flack's keeper is...."

"Messer and Xander, sir.  Xander was wearing him out enough just by cuddling."

"I don't care what you boys do behind closed doors, Horatio."

"Don's straight."

"Oh.  So, just cuddling?"

"Perhaps the occasional oral fix but I've only seen cuddling and I'm mentoring the trio."

"Even better. Are you spiking?"

Horatio considered it then shook his head.  "Actually I've been on a negative swing since the cuddle room yesterday."

"Oh.  That's a good idea!  I'm sure you two are discreet if something happens so I'll leave you alone about it and let you handle this issue for yourself, Flack, Messer, and whoever else you know about.  The others will be told but I figured you'd know who to call to hand them back."

"He's at Xander's house working with him today."  He pulled out his phone and called, waiting impatiently while Adam answered.  "I know you're busy but Rick Stetler, our IAB person, somehow managed to get hold of some confidential files the organization keeps, Adam.  My boss.  No, he's fine with it at the moment.  Rick was going to blackmail me with it before he handed them over and I told him to blow himself," he said honestly.  His boss gaped at that.  "Not like anyone would touch him, sir.  Please.  He wanted someone who should have access to come get them.  Thank you."  He hung up.  "He'll be over within an hour.  He has to shower first.  He and Xander were working on his self-defense skills."

"Excellent idea!  Are you?"

"Don is.  That's part of his job."

"Even better.  What about Wolfe? I know they were taken together."

"He's not but the consensus among those of us who know is that he'd make a good keeper.  He is being suggested as an alternate method of wearing Xander out."

"If it helps the poor kid.  I had no idea this was hormone based.  Those lab results were very enlightening."  Horatio stiffened. "Yes, you have a leak," he said quietly.

"I'll be dealing with it," he assured him.

"Good.  Now, go tell Speedle to quit worrying.  Should I consider you two married?"

"Yes.  Due to the job I wear a different sort of claim marking from him.  That way no one can say anything about a ring."

"Hmm.  Rick said he caught sight of a tattoo once."

"That would be it," he agreed dryly.  "Rick is very nosy, sir, where he doesn't need to be."

"True.  That makes him a good IAB agent but a lousy human being.  I will reprimand him for stealing confidential files and digging into your private lives outside of the scope of his office.  Would that suit you?"

"Could I convince you to fire him?"

"Probably not."

"Then I won't be happy.  He's known to let information slip as well.  This would impact how others react to me on the job."

"Point.  I'll have a strong talk with him.  Should it come out, just mention you went to guard Xander's back.  The rest is all speculation and you can deny it.  It'll be a rough few weeks but you've had worse after Speedle nearly got shot."

"He got yelled at for months, sir.  Both on the job and off."

"Good.  It's good that you did that.  Is the issue fixed?"  Horatio nodded.  "Excellent.  Then I see no problems."  Someone tapped on the door and Horatio answered it, smiling at the dark-haired man standing there.  "Mr. Harris."

"Sir. Is my file in there?"

He looked at the stack and nodded, handing it to him.  "It is."  Xander flipped through it then dropped it into a shredder.  "They don't need those?"

"It's a printout of the electronic file.  Adam is behind me but he had to go through security."   He smiled as Adam came in.  "I tanked mine."

"Good idea."  He took the rest of the stack. "I'll put out a system-wide warning that someone broke into the files, Chief. Thank you for turning them over.  We do appreciate anonymity.  It keeps us from being taken more often."

"I understand.  It's not a problem.  I'm not going to do anything about it except reprimand the person who had them."

"Technically he blackmailed the person who had access," Adam told him quietly. "It was two years ago and they were sleeping together.  Something happened and he blackmailed him into giving him access.  Since then he's been taken out of the system and banished."

"Then how did he get mine?"

"Probably through a mutual friend," he admitted.  "Not everyone was pleased that we banished him."

"I guess that's understandable," Xander admitted.  "Horatio, are you okay?  If not, I'll help you find a new job and we'll go with you."

"I'm fine, Xander.  He's not going to use it against me."

"He'd better not or I'll have the PD destroyed in the courts for being against gay people and in other arenas," he said dryly.  "Some of my stalkers would gladly do that, don't you think?"

Horatio hugged him.  "Calm down.  They're all fine.  No one is going to harm us over this, Xander."  Xander calmed down and quit vibrating.  "Good boy."  He let him go and got a small grin.  "Behave."

"I try."

"I know you do."  Adam laughed at that.  "Try with him."

"Ray said I can't play with him. He's jealous at the moment that I'm keeping him here instead of at home."

The Chief coughed.  "What does this Ray do?"

"He's a detective in Chicago's Violent Crimes unit," Adam said dryly.  The Chief moaned.  "He likes Chicago."

Horatio looked at him.  "I suppose we could have the budget boosted," Horatio offered, smiling at his boss.  "It would keep Xander calmer and give us another very good detective."

"Are you sure he is?"

"A few violence reports from thugs that tried to hurt him," Adam offered.  "You could call and check."

"I'll do that.  I hired Messer, even with the adjustments in his file."

"That was Mac's personality clash with him," Xander said firmly.

"He said so, young man.  Calm down."  He looked at Horatio then at Adam.  "That would help you and him?"

"It would. Ray could use the sun more often.  It would keep him more relaxed."

"Very well.  I'll inquire on Horatio's behalf for the homicide division he works with.  You'll stay with me to talk to the other members?"

"If I must," Adam agreed.  "Xander, go straight home.  You're still a bit high."  Xander nodded and let Horatio walk him out.  He looked at the folders.  "I know some of them are no longer here."

"Some have left."  He paged the next person.  "I'm letting them know I know and that I'll back them.  That they are to call me if it's something like a spike or a kidnaping like Mr. Wolfe had when he was taken with Xander."

"That's acceptable.  Then I'll be destroying all the files since these are copies of the electronic documents."  He checked Horatio's file and shredded it, including the pictures of him without his shirt on and cuddling with Speed.  He knew it wasn't the only one.  He had a copy of that one as well in his wallet.  Something metal ground and he rescued the chain, handing it over to the boss, who put it back onto his wrist.  "You'll want to weld that."

"I know," he complained with a small sigh.  "It only broke this morning.  Go ahead and shred Flack's file as well."  Adam nodded and did that while the next target came in.   "Come in and sit down."

"What is the meaning of this?"

"Someone blackmailed their way into the files as of two years ago," Adam told her.  "They just now presented them."


"It was IAB, dear," the chief told her. "Rick Stetler."  She gaped and sat down hard, just staring at him. "I do not personally care as long as you are under control.  I am letting you know that it came to me.  I thought this way would be more humane than a letter saying so.  This way you couldn't be afraid of what I'd do.  I do need you or someone to come to me if it's something like a kidnaping, or you're in a spike, something that would affect your work. I will cover for that as long as it's not an abused privilege.  I'll also be allowing you officers affected to have time off for the conventions without question.  Even the ones in town.  You can figure out your own excuses if you're caught there."

"No one, including supervisors, will know, Chief?"

"Just me and Stetler and he's in for a world of hurt, young lady."  She relaxed and nodded at that, standing up again.  "Do remember that you can come to me directly about this if your supervisor doesn't know."

"Oh, he does.  He caught me spiking and dealing with it the other night during my lunch in the bathroom.  He was not amused.  That's why I've got the crappy circuit today by the Vo- Tech.  I thought this was about that."

"No, it's not," he said with a small smile.  "At least you're not as bad as Horatio."  Adam groaned. "I'm sure she knew."

"I did, but most of us don't hang out.  New York has a city-wide meeting and support system.  We mostly email and have a few picnics and things.  Most of us in the PD don't go to keep our covers intact with the others.  It can lead to some minor conflict and bragging rights competitions."

"In at least one case it was the cause of an officer transferring," the Chief said blandly.  "They clashed."

"They can do that," she agreed.  "I know the guy who transferred away from Caine's unit, sir.  It was a clash.  His princessly nature against Caine's princessly nature."  The Chief snickered at that. "We are all princesses, sir, especially Harris."

"I just met him," he admitted.  "He seemed nice but quite protective.  Assured me he'd ruin the department multiple ways if this hurt Caine."

"Then he's a good boy," she agreed.  "My file will be destroyed?"

"They copied off the older electronic ones when we did the upgrade.  Stetler was blackmailing Timothy," Adam noted dryly.  "That's why he was banished."

"Then I have no more qualms and Stetler's in for a world of hurt, sir.  Me alone can make him miserable.  Caine and Harris?  With Speedle, Wolfe, Messer, Flack, and Delko?  Plus probably Duquesne telling them to calm down?  Pity about his mental state."

The Chief smiled. "Go ahead and shred hers."  Adam flipped through it and then shredded it for her.

"Thank you, Adam.  How was the convention?"

"Quite a lot of fun.  You missed the person selling endorphin-raising gas."  She shuddered.  "Flack got hit."

"Oh, shit.  Harris?"

"No, Flack tested it for him."

"Oh, thank God!" she said, giving him a hug.  "Boston or LA?"

"Vegas next year was the consensus."

"Oooh, I'm so going."

"You'll get time off for that," the Chief assured her. "Without having to use vacation days.  I'll make a list of all of you and the dates for it so you can all go."  She smiled and nodded, saluting him before going.  He worked out the list and Adam gave him the dates.  "Thank you."

"It makes them happy and more secure.  Remember, we are mostly a creative bunch as well," he said, sounding patient.  "Boys like Xander only do hobbies," he said at the look he got.  "Very pretty ones.  I got given a wooden model car."

"Interesting."  He called the next one in and got comfortable.  His private list would be locked up later.  It only had names, rank, level, and where they were stationed.  That way Stetler couldn't get another one.  Though he would have someone go confiscate his office to gather all the information about that. He made a call.  "Hillary, Chief...  Yes, it's me.  Stetler blackmailed the GHS people to get files of officers.  Yes, that's what I want.  Now if possible.  He's already threatened Caine.  I'll be dealing with him after I tell the officers.  Thank you."  He hung up.  "She'll go confiscate his office and remove all mentions from his computer and files about this stuff.  There's no way he memorized it."

"I wouldn't worry about it.  Remember, some of us do belong to powerful people in the Middle East, Asia, and various criminal circles."  The Chief flinched.  "We've managed to keep Xander from that fate so far, but I'm sure at least one officer knows one of them from conventions.  It won't be a problem.  If he's lucky it might just be political."

"I'd hope so."  He straightened up when the next officer came in.  "It's not what you think.  Stetler blackmailed them for the files a few years back."  The officer broke out in a string of swears in Spanish, making Adam laugh.  "That's why we're letting you know, son.  Come in, let's talk."  He came in and sat down, looking miserable.


Xander called Tony's cellphone number from his card.  "Tony, it's Xander Harris. I hate to bother you but I never got the name of those spas off you that wanted investors.  Could you send it to my email account that I've got on file with the website? Or just call and tell me when you're off later?  Thank you.  Also, thank you for helping me with my self-defense.  One day and it's come in handy," he said bitterly, looking at the carnage around him.  "Thanks again and I'm okay.  Bye."  He hung up and looked at Speed as he pulled up, waving a hand.  "Not my fault but I don't have to paint the SUV anymore."

"We'll get you something more subtle," Speed promised, looking at the debris.  "Any innocent bystanders?"

"Two went to the ER with the ambulance.  The patrol guys told me to sit here on the hood of their car and wait for them.  They're off questioning and things."

"Works for me.  Stay there."  He walked off, going to check in and see what was going on. "Guys?  Is this like how someone connected a wire from his battery to his keys?" he demanded.  They all shuddered at that.   "Is it?"

"Probably, Speed," one offered, grimacing but checking on Xander.  "Um...."  He pointed.

Speed looked and sighed.  "Xander, unless you know him, knee him in the nuts and send him packing."

"He was asking to pet my hair."  He glared at the guy and he walked off again.  "People like my hair for some reason."

"I like your hair too, kiddo, but not that much."  He called Horatio.  "Someone bombed Xander's SUV.  He's fine.  Sitting on the hood of a cruiser trying to look like a normal guy.  Someone's already asked if they could pet his hair," he noted dryly.  Xander yelped and punched someone, sending them onto their ass.  "You good?"

"I'm fine.  He pinched!  I hate pinchers!  They're up there with hair pullers for me!"  He pouted and the guy on the ground gave him a hug then left him alone.  The rest of the crowd left him alone too, letting him sulk in peace.  "Tell Horatio I said hi."

"Xander said hi," he reported dryly.  "No, someone pinched him.  He slugged the guy then pouted his way out of it."  He sighed as he looked at the mess. "Sure, send Wolfe.  Tell Danny and Don he's fine."  He hung up and shook his head.  "Any witnesses?"

"Someone saw a car stop, someone in black and a black mask jump out to stick something under his car, then they hopped back in and drove off," one officer reported.  "No one got any pictures or anything but they had him start it by remote."  He heard the yelp and someone got thrown.  "Maybe he should come inside the tape."

"Xander?" Speed called, bringing him trudging.  "Thank you.  Sit."  He found a clear spot and sat.  "Good boy."  He patted him. "You're very soft today."

"That new all-natural conditioner they were selling," he said happily. "Did you guys get to work the convention and pick up stuff too?"

One nodded. "I did.  That cuddle room looked like fun, sir.  Are you all right?"

"I hate hair pullers."

"I'll remember that, sir."  He pointed at the ATM across the street and on the corner.  "That might have some film.  We'll let you guys ask."  Eric pulled up and got out with Ryan.  "Ah, more help."

"Always needed.  Bring the bins?" he called.  Eric nodded, unloading some rubber bins and a new box of evidence bags.  "Thanks.  Ryan, sit Xander in your hummer."  He hauled him up and took him over to lock him in there.  "Even better. He had people wanting to pet him.  Give whatever you've got to Wolfe while we get to work."

"No more gaymobile," Eric said dryly.

"Yes, but we'll have to make sure he goes subtle the next car," Speed pointed out.  "There's no telling what he might pick then."

"He said someone was selling a lavender hummer," Ryan joked. He came over to get the information together, then went to hit the bank for their ATM tape.  Plus the other stores.

Speed and Eric shook their heads.  A lavender hummer was an affront to the whole hummer line.  They would be stopping that one.  Horatio would be helping them they were sure.


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