A New Start

Xander looked up as someone coughed and came around the house. "Hi, and you are?  How did you get in anyway?"

"Delko gave me the gate code.  I'm here to pick up my new rookie for his first day."

"Don and Danny left about ten minutes ago."

"Hmm.  Got pictures?"  Xander got up and he had to look away from the tiny, skimpy bathing suit.  Horatio had warned him, he should've listened.  He took the pictures and smiled.  "Which is which?"

"Danny's the blond.  Don's the dark haired one, and I'm Xander."

"So I got told."  He held out a hand.  "Frank Tripp.  Homicide detective."

Xander shook it.  "Then I hope I don't have to get mean because you get mean to Don too often."

"I'll try not to do more than pick on him now and then."  Xander beamed at that and he could see why people loved him.  "So, how spoiled do you make him?"

"Lunch now and then.  He doesn't allow me more than that."

"That's fine.  You'll see a few new faces.  Ignore Speed if he's in a pouty mood, we all do.  There's only one other detective and our ME, Alexx.  She'll try to mother you and Yelina will give your hair jealous looks."  That got a goofy grin.  "Come in for lunch tomorrow.  I'll try to have him there."

"I will and I'll wear more clothes too," he teased.

"Might be a good idea, yeah."  He punched him on the arm.  "Okay, let me go find my rookie."  Xander pouted at him.  "He is to the city."

"He's a very good detective.  When his computer blew he had to wait to print off about fifty reports for his boss."

"I'll keep that in mind."  He walked off, smiling and happy.  The boy seemed to exude life and happiness.  He went back and found Flack waiting for him outside.  "He said I missed you."

"It happens."  He shook his hand.  "Don Flack."

"Frank Tripp.  Welcome to my squad, Rookie."  Don groaned but punched him in the arm, making him laugh.  "It'll be fine.   We'll get along great.  If you can stand Speed, we're nicer."

"That works.  So, was Xander still in the tiny swimsuit or was he naked already?"

"No, there was something that might've been cloth there."

"Yeah, he's wanting a tan.  He wasn't too sure about winter in New York."  He followed him up and to their unit, nodding at the other person in there.  "Hi, Don Flack."

"Yelina Salas," she said, shaking his hand.  "Detective what grade?"

"Second.  Just newly promoted before I left."  He sat down at the desk with his name on it.  "Ooh, a real desktop system.  We had laptops that went down whenever you nudged 'em wrong.  Or whenever a suspect nudged the desk wrong really."

Frank grinned.  "Xander said something about the fifty reports."

"Hmm.  Hadn't printed in a while," he agreed dryly.  "I'm used to working with Danny and them up there so just tell me if I become annoying.  Mac even let me help in ballistics now and then when we had gun experiments."

"That's fine.  That's up to Horatio."  He nodded at the man himself when he came over.  "They made it in."

"I can see that.  Actually, I saw Danny already tucked into Trace with Speed and going over ways to stop Xander from looking like a houseboy."  Don giggled at that and shook his head.  "He didn't think so either.  Come along, we'll do the tour and orientation for you both at the same time."

"Sure, and like I was telling him, I helped Mac now and then when he had ballistics stuff if you need me.  I'm good with that and I do follow orders."

"We'll see," he offered with a smile, leading him back to their section to get Danny then taking them on the tour and doing the orientation while they walked.  He also told them about Cordelia's parents but Danny's firm 'only Xander deals with that, not us' drew that line very well for him.  It was nice to know one's boundaries up front.


Danny came home for lunch, finding Cordelia there with him.  "So they told you?" he asked.  Xander nodded.  "You okay?"

"I didn't like her parents.  They ignored her.  I wished mine had ignored me that way but I didn't like her parents."

"They were dirtbags," she sighed.  "Angel wants me to stay out here and make sure it's handled."

"It's a serial thing," Danny told her.  "It'll be handled."

"You guys sure?"  They nodded.  "Then I'm heading home as scheduled tomorrow."  She kissed Danny on the cheek.  "Remember, I can still come back and kick your ass if you hurt him.  I'll expect him to come cry on me now."

"Just because I'm gay doesn't mean I'll be sobbing on you," Xander said dryly.

"Point, but still."  She grinned. "Should I tell Willow you're fine?"  He hesitated then shook his head. "You sure?  She has went back to good girl Willow."

"She turned on me twice, Cordy.  If you had done it, I wouldn't have talked to you either."

"Point.   I get that."  She gave him a hand squeeze.  "Now, let's go hit some spas."  Xander grinned at that. "Come on, you know you want to."

"Go ahead, Xander."

"I can't, the movers are coming today.  I was going to look at paint samples later this afternoon while they were working on putting things in."

"We can leave it cream for now and paint in a few weeks when we get a weekend off."  He kissed Xander. "Lunch?"  Xander's plate was handed over and he went to get another one for himself.  "I feel loved, you're eating."

"He was nibbling before," she said dryly.  "So, demon brothel, Xander?"

"You guys said one too many times I was a magnet," he teased.

"Hmm, I guess so."  She shrugged it off and they settled in to eat before Danny had to go back to work.   Then she and Xander went to soak up some rays while waiting on the movers.  "Are you sure they didn't go to Nebraska?"

"I'd hope not.  My bed would be warped in the cold."  He pouted. "I love that bed.  If I have to I'm magicing the bed indestructible."

"I'm sure you will," she agreed dryly.  "What about hurricanes?"

"We had earth quakes and a few now and then that hit LA," he reminded her.  "Plus plenty of storms from when they hit Baja.  I can withstand being closer.  As long as the bed and the house survive.  Speaking of, I've got to find a new mojo shop.  I'm not that great at it.  Though I do want to learn how to teleport.  That way I can get my own ass out of places."

"Good idea."  She patted him on the back.  "So, rubies?"

"Stupid monsoon demons.  Be thankful you're not considered part of my harem.  Demonic harems apparently encompass those who help the uniter of the group.  So I had two sorta big sisters and they got included too because I let them help me and spoiled them with girl jewelry when I got given it."

"You could've sent some my way."

"I did.  Your Christmas present is in Angel's closet."  He gave her a look over his sunglasses then smirked.  "You can't have it unless you torture him badly enough."

"I'm sure he'll give in now that I know," she said happily. "If not, I'm sure I can torture him. He might even enjoy it.  He's been content recently a lot."  He laughed at that.  "He was!  He was almost smiling once. I had to do the cough-soul-cough move twice in one day because he was almost smiling.  Fred though it was cute."

"Fred's adorable but not my type.  Maybe the monsoon demon would like to court her?"

"Wes and Gunn would get really upset with that."

"That's one way to not be courted by a monsoon demon."  Someone buzzed the gate and he went to look, letting in the trunk.  "Hi, guys!  You made it!"  He hugged them.  "There's water and juice in the fridge if you guys want it and the plastic cups are off to the right."  He got the floorplan.  "This is where everything goes."  They nodded and got to work.  He only had to point out which spot he wanted the bed in.  Then he went back to lounging in the sun in the skimpy thong so he didn't have too much of a tan line.

She smiled and waved at the guy staring at them.  They went back to work. "Your hair's a distraction."

"Enough about my hair," he whined.

"Enough is never enough when you've got gayboy cocksucker hair like that."

"I don't like hair pullers. Only those who gently pet my hair and give me good scalp massages while I go down on them," he said with a haughty air, making her laugh.  "I do.  I decked someone for yanking my hair in the past."  He spread it behind him. "I should sun-in some lighter highlights."

"You should but it might dry it out some."

"Maybe but then I won't look like an underdeveloped sixteen-year-old girl."

"Only from the back," she offered.

He glared at her.  "Not helping. I got enough of that from Aiden.  She said I walked like a girl."

"You kinda do but it's a gay boy thing I guess. Angel does now and then and you *know* how often Spike called him a pouf."

"Yeah. It's probably true too.  Gee, think I could go out there and make him pant and beg without too much work?"

"No, I take him for a hair puller," she offered, patting him on the back.  That was just too evil for her.  Angel might like him and get happy again, then he'd go all stalker on Xander and she'd have to stake her boss and find a *real* job.  She'd look horrible working a real job.  It'd mean she wouldn't have time to do her nails or condition her skin properly.  She ran a hand down Xander's arm.  "You're dry.  You should put on more oil."

"I should.  Get my back if I wind up my hair?"

"Sure."  She watched him bun his hair up faster than she used to be able to, shaking her head.  Xander was so gay sometimes.  She waved at the guys watching when he shifted onto his front and they all scurried back to work.  "Looks like you won't have to tip, just accidentally lose the thong, Xan."

"We'll see.  I should tip them, they carried my bed."  She oiled his back and he sighed in pleasure, getting comfy, letting his thighs spread just a little bit as he relaxed.  He felt the staring and looked back, glaring over the rim of his sunglasses.  That got them moving again.


Danny and Don came home together and found the workers still working.  "Got here late?" Don teased.

"Um, yeah, and we had to take a few breaks too.  Union rules."

"Did you clean up after you guys yanked off in the bathroom?" Danny asked as he got out a beer.

They all nodded and finished up quickly, then checked the truck and got their tips so they could go hire someone for the night.  Even those who weren't gay had liked the kid.

Don looked. "They did, I'm impressed."  He came out and found Xander asleep on the lawn and Cordy watching over him, talking with that patrol guy, Wolfe.  "Hmm, new fan."

"He's with Eric," Danny offered, walking out there. "Hey, Ryan right?"  He nodded and smiled, shaking his hand.  "So, what's up?"

"I had to come take a statement for Eric from Miss Chase."

"Cordy, please.  I'm not Southern or that old."  He smiled at that and shook his head.  "I'm okay to leave tomorrow?"

"Sure. We just had to know if they had any contact with those people."

"Again, not like I see them. I hadn't heard from them in two years and suddenly it's all 'let's go to Miami.  It'll be a fun family trip'.  Then we got here and I'm paying for the rooms while they smoosh in the bar and suck up drinks.  I was tempted, I won't lie, but wasn't me."

"I'd be tempted too, it's a perfectly natural response."  He looked at Danny.  "We had to shoo a few of the workers off.  They were standing and staring."

"I can see why. Hey, Xander.  Your crack need a tan too?"  She giggled at that and leaned on Ryan's arm. "It is."

"It is but he's cute in that itty, bitty thong."  She poked him in the side with a nail, making him jump and growl at her.  "Your boys are home.  They want pounced after you shower off the oil."

He shrugged. "Don't poke!"  He looked at the new guy.  "Who are you?  New stalker?"

"Eric would be very upset with me if I was," he said dryly. "I'm Ryan Wolfe."  He shook his hand.  "Aspiring CSI and their toady now and then from patrol."

"Oh, okay, Eric and Speed both mentioned you.  Hi.  Welcome to my house.  I'm going to go pounce someone now."  He found Danny still there and pounced him, taking his lips for his own.  Danny groaned and spanked him.  "What?"

"Inside.  We don't know that the neighbors aren't peeping."  He followed the jiggling butt inside and shook his head.  "Later, kids."  He shut the door but didn't lock it since Don was still up.

Don leaned out a few minutes later.  "I'm making burgers if you two want some."

"No, I should get back to the hotel," she offered, getting up and dusting off.  She pulled out a card. "I'm here. My boss is a grumpy vampire but I usually answer the phone anyway," she told Ryan.  "Call me.  Especially if you need help with Xander."  She strolled off, smiling and happy.  It was a nice night for a walk and she knew the way back to the hotel.  Plus there had been a sex shop on the way and she was nearly desperate after a day with Xander.  No wonder people wanted to steal the Xander!

Ryan walked up to where Don was standing.  "Thanks anyway but Eric will pout if I don't make it home for dinner tonight. If you need anything, don't hesitate to call us.  He's on call tonight anyway."  That got a nod and a grin.  "Close the gate after me?"

"Sure."  He went to do that, watching Ryan leave on the camera.  He was even nice enough to pick up Cordy and take her to the sex shop. There was only one reason a woman walked like that - wet panties.  He closed the gate once they were gone and went back to fixing dinner since apparently it was his night.  Their boy was so bad.  The phone rang and he grabbed it.  "Flack." He smiled. "Aiden!"  He grinned.  "No, Xander made the whole moving team wet by laying out all day in a really tiny thong.  Like the crack of his ass got a tan, Aiden."  Danny came out to take the phone. "Hey!  I wanted to talk to her."

"You can get her in a few."  He walked back to the bedroom.  "Hey, lady.  Yeah, we're good.  First day went okay.  They all had a meeting about Xander, just in case.  Yeah, they were all real supportive of us.   Only one hasn't met Xander yet and he's bringing in lunch tomorrow so I'm guessing it'll be solved then.  Yeah, real nice folk and all that."  He smiled and looked at Xander.  "He's hugging his bed and napping.  No, not too hard.  Quick handjob and he was out.  He was out on the lawn too.  Yeah, gave the movers quite a show.  Tanned crack of his ass, you can tell he doesn't shave.  The pink thong, Aiden.  Yeah, all day.  Was at lunch when I got here too."  He grinned.  "I would but he's grumpy when you wake him up.  Xander, it's Aiden," he called.

Xander mumbled and held up a hand, getting the phone.  He mumbled into it, getting a smile.  "Hi, baby."  He beamed. "I'm being good.  No, I didn't do it on purpose.  Danny packed it."

"I thought it was underwear."

"It's spandex."

"With you I never know," he shot back, getting comfortable.  "Come on in, Don."  He brought in dinner and they all sat and ate on the bed.  As long as they didn't spill anything Xander didn't mind and they already missed Aiden.


Xander strolled into their new work the next day, looking a bit conservative.  Dress pants, nice shirt.  Hair braided down his back.  Not like he was wearing leathers or spandex or anything.  He smiled at the receptionist.  "Hi, I'm here to deliver lunch to CSIs Messer, Delko, Caine, and Speedle, plus Detective Flack.  Which way?"

"I can have them called down.  Where are you delivering from?"

"Flack's kitchen."  She smiled at that. "I'm Xander Harris."  She blinked at that.  "Got warned, huh?"

"Yes, sir, I did.  You don't look that dangerous."  He grinned and blew a kiss at a fighting, struggling suspect, watching him as he fell down and panted when he gave him that special look.  He looked at her again.  "I stand corrected.  Let me page one of them for you."  She did that.  "Lieutenant, there's a Mr. Harris here to deliver lunch to most of your group and Detective Flack?"  She smiled.  "That's fine, sir.  I can guard him until you can get everyone and come down to walk him up."  She hung up. "It'll be about three minutes and he hopes you brought extra since everyone's in."

"Of course.  Danny said I cook like someone's Jewish mother.  Always way too much food and I make you eat."  She giggled at that.  "I don't mean to be rude.  He's from New York and I guess he knew a few like that."

"My own mother is like that and I am Jewish.  It's an apt analogy, sir.  Go ahead and have a seat.  It'll only be a minute."  He nodded and sat down, the basket beside him.  She smiled when the lieutenant came down. "There he is, sir, and he helped Jessup with a struggling suspect by flirting.  I never realized how dangerous cute, young men could be."

"I'd expect that.  They don't make many like Xander every century."  He smiled at him.  "Brought extra?"

"Of course.  Danny said I cook like a Jewish mother."

"Speed agreed with him earlier about that."  He got him a visitor's pass and walked him back there.  "This is where Don works," he said, pointing at one area.  "His is the second desk on the right.  It's got his name on it."  Xander nodded at that. "No bubble bath. I heard what you did to Mac," he said, smirking at him.

"He needed to relax."

"He probably did.  Yelina, lunch?"  She followed them. "Yelina Salas, this is Xander Harris, Danny's boyfriend and the one Don is protecting. He brought us lunch today."

She looked him over.  "He's cute."  She smiled at him.  "Welcome to Miami."

"Thank you and yes, I am."  She laughed at that.  "At least you didn't make a remark about the hair."  He grinned at Horatio.  "I have another one in the car."

"I'll go get it, Xander.  Which car?"

"They brought down my SUV and Don's car both."

"The purple range rover is here?" Eric said dryly when he ran into them.  "I'll send Wolfe down to get it.  Another basket?"

"Box."  He dug out the keys and handed them over, then hugged him one-armed.  "Hi again. That's from Cordy, who said she wanted to steal you back to LA.  They were lacking hotties with brains according to her.  She said she'd even take Ryan with you."  He laughed and went to tell Ryan to go get the rest of the food.   He bounced into the break room, putting the basket down in front of Danny and shaking Frank's hand.  "And look, I even managed clothes today."  Frank burst out laughing and nodded at that.

"I take it you saw him in it too?" Don asked dryly.  "I know the movers had an issue or two with it."

"Yeah, we had to arrest two of them last night for picking up pros," Frank agreed dryly.  "They paid their fine and left now though."  Xander sat down in the empty seat when Horatio put him in it.  "So, what'd you bring us?"

"A lot of stuff," he offered. "The basket is strictly vegan stuff in case anyone needs it or anyone's got meat issues today.  The other was hamburgers and other stuff."  Ryan walked in with a box and he blinked.  "That was in my car?"

"It was and it grew."  He put it down and handed the bag on top to him.  "I'm guessing there's more underneath because this is too heavy just for food."

"Whatever you guys don't eat goes to a homeless shelter," he assured them.  "I'm all for doing good things and I'm bored."  Speed moaned at that. "Sorry, haven't found the craft stuff yet."

"So what do you do all day, Xander?" Yelina asked.

"I'm trying to figure that out," he admitted. "Right now I'm figuring out how to cook and you're all now my official tasters."  Danny moaned at his.  "Is it okay? I had to switch cheeses."

"S'great," he said before taking a drink of water.  "Still warm too.  Good job."  Xander beamed and helped Ryan bring up food.

"They weren't kidding, you cook a lot," Calleigh complained.  "Will we have another shower?"  She looked up.  "I found one in my hair."

"Keep it," Xander ordered.

"The thing that does it probably thinks you're his harem already anyway," Don joked, saluting her with his fork.  "They did with Aiden, Stella, and Mac.  He only spoiled Mac that once."

"Yeah, with flowers and bubble bath," Speed taunted.

"He needed to relax," Xander said with an impish grin.  "He really did."

"I'm sure he did," Frank agreed.  "Hand me two of those burgers, Ryan."  He got handed two and Ryan sat down, letting the others serve themselves.  "Anything sweet in there for dessert?"

"Cake," Danny offered.  "It's in here."  He put the basket on another table. "You know, you could feed the rest of the station."

"Then they'll think I'm sucking up," Xander said dryly.

"Um, lieutenant," someone called from the hallway.  "We've got a suspect loose."

"I only blew a kiss at him," he complained.

"Bad Xander," Don said, smacking him on the head.  "Bad! You know better than to flirt!"

The officer looked at him.  "Not that one, sir.  The one who tried to hold up the bank earlier."

"I can flirt him to falling to his knees too," Xander offered sweetly, smiling at him.

"Please don't," Speed moaned.

"Sorry. I'll be good."  He shrugged and dug in, chewing slowly.  "So, I met Calleigh and Eric already.  I kinda met Frank yesterday when he came to pick up Don since he thought he was lost."  Don snickered at that.  "He did.  So I guess that only leaves Ryan, who I sort of remember being there last night while I was sleeping on the lawn, and Yelina."  He smiled at her, making her smile back.  "So you're a detective like Don?"  She nodded.  "How many years?"

"Twelve now."  She ate a bite.  "This is very good."

"Thank you.  I'm learning a whole lot."  Some guy ran in and slammed the door.  He looked at Don, then at Danny.  "Well?"

"Shut up!" he growled, glaring at them.  "Ooh, wonderful, I got stuck with the geek squad."

Xander pouted at him.  "I am not a geek and geeks are nice.  They try to understand me and give good cuddles."  He turned it up some.  "Please don't hurt my geeks?"  The guy whimpered.  "We'll be good boys and girls.  I promise.  We'll do whatever we're supposed to do.  All you have to do is not hurt them."

"I'm taking you with me.  You're obviously not a cop."

Xander pulled his braid around.  "But that would make them mad.  Then they'll shoot you."  The man whimpered so he ate a bite of dinner, giving him the big-eyed puppy look.  "Please don't hurt my geeks or the nice detectives?  I mean, Ryan's a geek in training even.  If you hurt him, he'll never be all the geek he can be."  He pouted again and the guy melted nodding.  "Thank you.  Can I have a hug?  Or aren't you smart enough to hug me?"  He came over and Calleigh cuffed him when he reached for Xander.  Then Don casually nerve pinched him and went to get the others.

"That's a dangerous talent, man," Ryan said in awe.  "I'm impressed."

Xander beamed.  "Thank you.  I have to use it while I'm still young and cute."

"Now you know why we had the briefing," Horatio noted.  "Xander," he said patiently.

"Sorry, Horatio.  But he was being mean!  He might've even pulled my hair and I hate hair yankers.  They suck and don't blow."  Calleigh choked on that. "Sorry, dear."

"Someone clearly needed to wear those urges out again this morning," Danny noted dryly.

"Like I said, I was bored."

"Bored is bad," Speed reminded him.  "Bored leads to him spiking for no reason."

"Hmm, gotta find him something to do."

"Can I have a dog?"

"Ask Don, I don't care as long as it's not some shedding frou-frou beast."

"Don, can I have a dog?" Xander called.

"Sure.  As long as it doesn't shed on my suits and it'll cuddle you when we're not there.  Plus you clean up after it."

"Thank you."  He beamed. "I'll go to the pound today."

"Not alone you're not.  I don't think we need ten dogs."

Don came back.  "He can go to the pound to look and take pictures, which he'll send us.  We'll look at them and then decide," Don ordered.  Xander nodded and smiled, digging in again. "Thank you.  Hey, Horatio, they won't come."

"Boys, come get him before I have to hurt him for looking at Calleigh wrong!" Speed yelled.  "Besides, he was going to cuddle Xander and yank his hair."  Xander giggled at that.

Yelina cleared her head.  "You're... quite unusual."

Xander grinned.  "It's from growing up in Sunnydale."

She nodded. "Where is that?"

"By LA."

"Ah."  That explained everything to her.  People from LA were inherently strange to her.  Eric giggled. "What?"

"The look on your face while he was pouting at the guy.  Guys, he's waking up."  They came running in and got the guy then drug him off.  "How did he get free?"

Jessup, one of their patrol guys, shrugged.  "Not a clue, sir. All I know was he was somewhere in booking."  He looked at the guy then at the group.  "Who should we credit with this arrest?"  They all pointed at Xander. "Isn't he a civilian?"  Don came back with paper towels.  "I'll tell maintenance we're out in here again."

"Thanks, man."  Don sat down and looked at Xander.  "No more pouting today."

"Yes, Don.  I'll try to be good."

"Hmm.  Try being the operative word," Horatio teased. "He is a civilian, Jessup, but if you ever see him in trouble, and it does come for him, you are to get one of us, specifically Don or Danny if possible. Understood?"

"Yes, sir.  Why?"

Xander grinned.  "I'm often kidnaped."

"Oh, you're the one they had the special meeting about.  Yeah, some of us listened in."  He walked off nodding, that straightened everything out for him.

Xander looked at Horatio.  "Probably a good idea."

"Probably," he agreed dryly.  "Eat, Xander."  He dug in, a happy boy again.  "What sort of hobbies are you doing now?"

"I've got two more wooden models I'm working on, one latchhook kit I nearly threw the other week, and a candle making kit I haven't opened yet.  I was going to get a book on making them for real first since this comes with a melter that pours easily."

"That's fine, Xander."  That got a grin. "You're being good."

"Thank you."  He grinned at Danny, who raised an eyebrow.  "At least no one got hurt."

"True.  No more pouting today."

"Yes, sir."

"Good boy."

Don nodded. "It was nice not to have to get up this time," he agreed.  "It was cute how you got him to come and hug you too."  Xander blushed at that.  "I'll cuddle you later."

"Sure."  He ate another bite then got up and dug into the basket, pulling out the cobbler for dessert, making them all moan when the cold pack with the ice cream came out too. "Share away."  They all dug out portions and ice cream. It was just soft enough for plastic spoons, perfect for their lunch.  The rest went into the freezer for later use and Calleigh shamelessly stole the cobbler as well.  The cake and the rest of the food got carted off to the local homeless shelter because Xander was a nice guy most of the time, unless you pulled his hair.


Yelina stopped Horatio a few hours later.  "I'm worried about him.  They treat him like he's their slave," she said quietly. "I was starting to like Don and Danny until lunch today."

He sighed and looked at her.  "Yelina.  Did you do any research on that group I mentioned in the meeting?"

"Some.  I found their frequently asked questions page that you gave us the address for.  It didn't mention they were submissives."  He flinched at that.  "You know others?"

"There's another in the department," he agreed.  "The problem isn't that he's submissive, it's that he's so high up on the scale he needs someone to protect him.  Don's like a big brother to him and he protects him.  Danny's his boyfriend, or keeper.  GHS members as high up as Xander don't often manage to deal with the mundane very well.  They get lost in their pleasures.  We've seen ones who have starved to death while rutting with sex toys.  Literally."  She went pale at that and shuddered.   "They're all focused on their pleasures.  Part of Danny and Don's job is to protect him and make sure the mundane things are being handled.  Trying to keep Xander under control is one of them.  Because if he's not in balance, his hormones can spike and then we're all flooded with pheromones."  He shifted closer.  "The last time that happened, he was affecting a whole coffee shop just by sitting there," he said quietly.  "They almost had a sudden orgy for them all."

She looked horrified.  "He can't control it.  It's his hormones.  It's that special twist in them that makes him GHS and live in the pleasures his body give him.  Food, sex, touch since he's very tactilely deprived.  It's for Danny and Don to help him control that by helping him wear it out, setting out a schedule of things he *has* to get done so they do get done, and taking care of him.  In a way it does mimic the submissive lifestyle but in others it's far different.  In lower level GHS, a keeper can be a real boyfriend.  In levels seven or above they're *keepers* as well as boyfriends.  Xander leans on them so he can let go.  Because if he doesn't, and they start to back up, he'll get sick and could die of it.  We've seen others who have died, even though they're eating and drinking and surviving, because they couldn't get the hormones unclogged.  Usually as a matter of grief.  That's why it seemed that way to you," he finished.

"So, they're not abusing him?"

"No.  They're not.  Trust me, I do know others and I'm watching over their shoulder to help them.  They're a very new pairing.  Xander's only been found for a little over a year now."  She groaned at that.  "He's got stalkers and kidnapers because of it," he said gently. "That's why we're all on alert."

"Fine.  Wolfe is worried as well."

"I'm going to let Eric handle him," he said dryly.  "I think he's got his education well in hand already.  Eric knows he can come to us.  Calleigh had a few doubts as well but she also realizes that if Xander doesn't have that bit of structure now and then he'll start to hurt others. He could easily do it, Yelina.  We don't want that."

"No, we don't," she agreed.  "Thank you for telling me.  The other one in the department...."

"Is only a level five, thankfully.  Most level sixes and above don't really work.  They live off the reparations of kidnaping them or they're taken care of like pampered spouses.  Boys like Xander were meant to be the favorite concubine."

"I could tell with the way he pouted the suspect down."  She grimaced. "Is he always like that?"

"No, that was to show off," he admitted. "Usually he's very bouncy and fun loving.  He's a very nice young man with very horrible parents and most of his ex-girlfriends and former female friends were just as bad.  Miss Chase was one of them but apparently she's straightened herself out."

"Not much," Ryan admitted as he joined them. "Sorry to interrupt, but one of the other guys wanted to know if Xander was a pro or not.  I told him no but he's not believing me."

"He's not."

"Anymore?" she asked dryly.

He looked at her.  "A great many of them found themselves in that sort of desperate situation to find themselves and to control their raging hormones.  Xander spent six weeks doing it.  He's perfectly safe and he went to Don to be protected once he quit and had it under some control."  She nodded at that.  "He also had clients who paid at least a hundred thousand for an hour of his time plus tips."  They both gaped at that. "It is part of his past and he's moved on.  Now he's got an unfortunate stalker who believes he's a monsoon demon."

Ryan groaned.  "The ruby shower? I found one in Eric's pocket and was wondering."

"It did come from that source.  He rigged it somehow," he agreed.  "Are there any other concerns?"

"No, the keeper I knew who tipped me off said that he should look like the spoiled and pampered prince of the harem.  He seems okay to me.  Some structure probably does him good."

"It does," Horatio agreed.  "He's also not the only one we have around here. The city has ten members.  Two of which don't have keepers, they have a number of lovers on a string."

Ryan nodded at that. "I've noticed a few others over the years, Horatio.  A few times I've wondered which was which because I'm told the best keepers are lower level GHS themselves."

"They can be," he agreed, smirking at him.  So the kid knew.  Interesting.  He was going to make a very good CSI some day.  He looked at Yelina.  "Does that answer your questions?"

"Mostly.  Are they both doing him?"

"Don says he only gets cuddles.  Xander's family were unfortunately against physical contact a great deal of the time," Horatio offered quietly.  "He's better now.  His father's in jail for underaged prostitutes and gambling."  She gaped.  He nodded.  "His mother's hiding somewhere."

"She'd better.  I'd hate to see if it Danny got her," Ryan offered grimly. "He seems like the possessive sort."  He shook his head.  "Anyway, I thought you'd like to know about the rumors, sir."

"Thank you, Mr. Wolfe.  It is very good to know.  I'll start fixing that tonight."

"Speed reminded you earlier you were having dinner with him and he was cooking."

"He did."  He smirked.  "I'm sure Eric's waiting to pump you for information as well."  Ryan nodded at that and left them alone.

"Do they think they're fooling anyone?" she asked dryly.

"You must be somewhat discreet in any group like a police station, Yelina."  He smiled and walked off to talk to the main gossips he knew.  The city had hosted a few conventions, most of the PD knew what GHS were and what members were like.  They boosted the retail index by thirty percent during each convention.  It was why the city let them come back after the first one broke out into an orgy.

Yelina rolled her eyes.  "Those two are horrible.  They should just announce it. Ryan and Eric will never be able to hide it."  She walked off, thinking about offering Horatio dinner the next night he had off call.  It had been a while since they'd had one.


Xander dove into the club, enjoying the hell out of his treat.  Don had said he was good enough earlier so now he got to have some fun.  He wiggled his way through the crowd, finding a good spot to dance in.  His partner glared at him but he shrugged and just went back to dancing.

Don nudged Danny.  "Our boy still needs rhythm."  They played rock/paper/scissors and Don lost so he got to go out there and help Xander.  He moved up behind him.  "Like this," he said, putting his hands on his hips to help him. "Pay attention to the beat," he ordered.  Xander nodded and relaxed against him.  "Ah!"  Xander quit being so cuddly.  "Good boy."  He got him back into the mood and it was good.  Danny came out and got his front, helping him more.  Don let his hips go.  Xander shifted back against him so he grabbed him again.  "Greedy," he said dryly.  He pushed the boy into Danny's front, getting a smirk as they sandwiched him.  Xander got it as the song changed.  So maybe it was only certain types of rhythms.

"You can go take lessons," Danny called.  Xander squealed and hugged him then got back into it.  They backed off and let him try it more on his own.  Xander got back into it and they both groaned and moved closer.  The boy had serious rhythm issues.  At least he wasn't flailing.  They felt a quickening buzz and all groaned but Eric came out and stole Xander to show him how it was done.  They shrugged and went to pick others to dance with.

Eric watched as Xander finally fell into the music.  He was letting him go fully into cuddly GHS mode.  Unlike Don.  Then he saw Don dancing with someone and heard the growl.  "Don't you dare.  He's going home with you," he said, making him focus on him again.  "Don't get jealous.  It'll end bad."  Xander nodded, calming himself down.  "Focus on your partner, Xander, not on your boyfriend."  He turned them around so Xander couldn't see them.  He felt him stiffen and looked up, groaning.  "No jealousy."  He made Xander look at him.  "No jealousy.  You may not send the whole club off."  Xander sulked but nodded, letting it out to the music.  "They're not going home with them, they're just wearing out some energy.  I promise you they're not gonna abandon you."  Xander went back to sulking but he wasn't broadcasting.  He was getting a lot of attention though.  Some girls came over to steal him and make him happier.  It was creating an eddy in the field of dancers for those trying to get next to Xander.

The DJ realized it and started to play something a bit darker and harder, making Xander calm down.  A few of them smiled and got closer, trying to tempt him.  Eric watched as Danny gravitated over and gradually worked his way closer again.  Finally it was those two again and the girls had to pout, but a few of them got together.  A few were even kissing.  He saw Danny say something and Xander concentrate then shake his head.  Danny pulled him closer.  Don came over to jump in and say something to Xander, getting a glare from both of them.  Xander moved off and Eric saw him snag another dancer, getting back into it.  The crowd started to move again.  Eric intercepted Don.  "He's fine.  He's not broadcasting."

"He has to be."

"He's not.  He's jealous!"  Don looked horrified.  "Yeah, so leash your boy and let him go cuddly.  It means he's able to let it go."  He let him go and watched as Don went to take Xander back.  The girl glared and turned Xander away from him, making Eric laugh.  Someone was protective and thought Don was stalking the kid.

Danny came over and pulled Xander against him, getting a smile and a kiss.  Don got pulled against Xander's back and the boy totally relaxed and got very loose.  It only got hotter in there.  Eric watched the crowd get a bit sexier and looser as well.  The DJ was keeping up.  He ended up going over there and butting in.  "Out!"  They nodded, taking the kid outside to cool off.  "Were you broadcasting?"

"No, I was making people hot without it," Xander said with a pout.  A youngish girl came over and kissed him, making him moan and grab her for stability.  She finally let go and slipped her number into his pocket before strolling off with a hip twitch and a hair flick.  "Wow.  That hasn't happened in a while."  He handed Don the number.  "Here, you're straight."

Eric laughed.  "You two are so bad."  He shook his head.  "Go somewhere else.  Or go stroll."  He strolled off, going to find a cute girl to dance with.  It was a good night.  Ryan had told him to go tease.  It had been pure luck he had run into Xander and the terrible duo.  He watched as they walked off arguing about what sort of club they were going to.  Xander finally won but kissing them both and strolling off, making them follow.  Yeah, the kid had it well in hand.


Xander rolled up to the gate and input the code, seeing the lights go on behind him.  "What the fuck?" he muttered.  He got out and waved, giving them a shrug.  "What?  It's my house."  The cop walked forward.  "Is there a problem, Officer?  I'm pretty sure I live here."

"I thought our new detectives did, sir."

"They're protecting me.  It's my house."  The got an odd look.  "You can ask them, they're napping in the back seat.  The same as that's my SUV."  The officer looked then snorted, glaring at him.  "Yes, sweetie, I'm so fucking gay the whole world should tremble.  Anything else?  I've spent the whole night in the clubs and I'd like to go to bed.  You can ask them tomorrow about anything you want to know."

"Sir, it's always a bad idea to mouth off to an officer."

"Yeah, and it's bad idea to make me sue the department.  It's not like I drank anything tonight.  You had no reason to stop me, especially not from going into my own house."

"You have out of state plates."

"Yeah, I just moved down here three days ago," he said dryly, flicking his hair back over his shoulder.  "We're doing that tomorrow."  Another car pulled up.  "Yes?"

"Isn't that Detective Flack's house, sir?"

"I'm Harris."  That got a nod.  "Can you tell this one that they're watching me?"

"They are, Buddy.  They're watching over him because people like to steal him."

"You mean the new guys are gay?"

"No.  Flack's very straight.  I've never really asked Danny if he was gay or bi or what," he said honestly.  He hadn't asked.  He just assumed he was bi.  "Can I go to bed now?  They let me out to have fun tonight."

"Go ahead, sir."

He walked over and opened the gate then got in to drive through, getting out to close it again.  He waved.  "Thank you for being so concerned officers.  Have a nice night."  He got in and drove on, heading to put those two to bed.  Danny gave his head a nudge so he went to crawl in with Don, getting a happy smile and a cuddle from the sleepy one.  He'd ignore the cops being paranoid for a few more days, then he'd start to shoot back.

Danny smiled as he flipped over.  He had the whole bed to himself tonight.  It was kinda nice. He was hot and sweaty.  He flipped back onto his back, not having to worry about sticking to Xander's hair tonight.  They'd have to get him to put in air conditioners tomorrow too.

Don woke up halfway through the night, hearing a creak from the living room. He grabbed his gun and got up, heading out there.  "Freeze," he ordered, pointing it at the guy.  Who it turned out was an officer. "What the fuck are you doing?"

"Checking on the house, sir.  Last time we knew this was empty."

"We moved in three days ago," he said blandly.  He didn't lower his weapon.  "You can tell dispatch that.  Then again, they should know that since I'm one of the new detectives."

"Don?" Xander asked sleepily.

"Go back to bed, Xander.  Go back to your room."  Xander nodded and headed to his room, which woke Danny up and sent him out.  "Sorry, he wanders," he said dryly at the horrified look.  "Danny."  Danny came out and gave him an odd look.  "You wanna handle this?"

"Go the fuck away," he said dryly.  "Or I'm letting Xander bounce you ta death tomorrow."  The man backed up.  "Now."

"Can you prove you live here?"

Xander walked out and put three things in front of him then glared.  "Get out or I'm calling your supervisor.  This is the second time I've had harassment tonight.  I'm already pissed with the department from earlier's officer trying to stop me from coming in to my own house."  The man gaped.  "This is *my* house.  They live here to protect me.  The only thing they get is cuddles. Spoiled with lunch now and then. But mostly cuddles.  I'm like that.  It's not sexual so you can go tell all your little bigoted, scared of assholes buddies to back the fuck off them."

"Um, okay, sorry, sir.  The last time I knew this house was empty."

"Xander, calm down," Don ordered, lowering his gun.  "Now."  Xander sulked off, going back to the office.  He looked at the office. "Who told you to come out?"

"The Shift Supervisor said that one of the officers reported strange activity out here.  I had no idea."  He shrugged. "I really don't care if you three are together or not, sir."

"Detective Flack.  That's Detective Messer."  The guy moaned. "Apparently the other guy did."  That got a nod.  "Xander, apologize."

"Hell no!"  He came back out. "He's in my fucking house!  Why should I apologize!  I didn't call them!"

"Yes, but the Shift Supervisor told him to come. It's not his fault," he said firmly.  "Apologize."

"I'm sorry you have such crappy bosses," Xander told him.  "Feel like turnin' 'em in?"

"Usually.  My supervisor could've been in on it.  I will report this, detectives, and sir."  Xander shrugged. "Really, I could care less if you're doing poodles, sir.  It's not my place to care what you or they do in your own house."

"Thanks," Danny said, then he yawned and stretched.  "Let us know if there's more problems.  Please."

"Of course, sir.  The purple SUV?"  Xander wiggled his fingers with a look.  "That's fine. We were wondering about the out of state plates."

"Being switched tomorrow, along with my license.  We're all going together," Xander said, nodding along.  That got a smile and a nod from the officer.  "Anything else you can think of?"

"Not yet, sir.  I'm sorry to have intruded."

"You're damn lucky Don heard you first.  I would've attacked.  There's been too many assaults already and you can tell them I said that," Xander said dryly.  "After four times being taken from my own house, I tend to attack first and then torture for answers."

"Stand down," Danny said patiently, patting him on the back.

"Four?" Don asked, looking at him.  "The monsoon demon, the asshole the first time.... who else?"

"The monsoon demon twice, the first asshole, and then another demon who had me for ten minutes.  I stabbed him."

"Oh.  Okay.  Tell us the next time that happens," Danny ordered.

"Yes, dear."  He rolled his eyes.  "So we understandably have security and the rest is being upped tomorrow since we should've been called."

"We called them first and they turned it off so we could get in the gate.  It's a perk of law enforcement, sir."

Xander groaned. "That's why I'm going to find someone very illegal and ask them who they hate the most."  He went back to his bed, slamming the door.

"Sorry, he's upset," Don offered dryly.

"I can see why, sir.  Demons?"

"The guy thought he was."

"Sir....  Just don't try.  We've got a very few of them around here."

"They all like him," Danny agreed.  "They like to take him, fondle him against his will, things like that."

"Understood.  I'd personally go with EDA Security.  They're very fussy.  We need a warrant to get them to turn it off.  Many drug dealers use them."

"I'll get with them tomorrow," Don agreed.  "Thanks.  Anything else we should know?"

"I'll handle it, sir.  He's gonna be sorry in front of others this time."  He smiled.  "Have a better night, sir.  Welcome to Miami," he said and walked off.

"Man, ours would've pulled their piece and shouted back," Danny said once he was gone and the gate was closed again.

"Yeah, I would've pulled it before I walked in and announced myself too," Don said dryly.

"True."  He called Speed's cellphone, what he was told to do if they had any problems.  "We might wanna look into the guy who stopped Xander last night bringing us home.  He said he didn't want to let him in the gate.  Then we had one who broke in and Don ended up putting his gun in the guy's face," he reported.  "Be in the normal time.  Xander was good in the clubs."  He hung up and went back to bed, doing a quick braid of Xander's hair so he wouldn't be wound in it.  Don came in to help him tuck Xander in, and he pulled him down.  "Rest.  It's late."  Don shrugged and curled up on Xander's other side, giving Xander the comfort he'd need to fight off any nightmares.  And in the morning Danny just moaned and watched him get his usual wake up.  It was nice, they both cuddled Xander and made him a happy boy.


Don walked in and saw the glares.  "I just got here.  Give me time to earn those," he sneered at one.

"You already did."

"Why?  Because I protect a little boy that people want to take?" he said dryly.  That stopped them. "Yeah, I'm not Xander's boyfriend, I'm his protector.  I'm his bodyguard with perks, including free rent.  Now and then we even let an off-duty help us if he needs to go out while we're at work.  Now, you got anything else to say, say it to my face."

"He came out of your room."

"He cuddles.  He likes to cuddle.  His parents were dirtbags and didn't do it."

"So he comes and *cuddles* and you don't do anything?" he sneered.

"Yup.  I like girls.  All he gets from me are pets through his hair and cuddles."

"He looked like a girl," someone offered.

"Yeah, one of the people who took him made him grow it out," Danny noted as he came in.

"The next time one of you break into the house, I'm pretty sure he's gonna shoot you and if Xander doesn't we will.  We're there to make sure no one else gets a wild hair up their ass and takes him.  That's what we do."  He moved closer.  "That was really stupid.  Especially the guy who stopped him from going into our gate."  That got a hiss.  "Especially since we were both asleep in the car.  Xander's easily made paranoid with all the people who've tried for him.  With him being taken four times from home, one of them where I got tied up as well, he's *real* paranoid now."  That got a few groans.  "So if you've got a problem with Xander, you come to us.  Not that I'm expecting much problem with Xander.  Most everyone just falls to their knees and begs around him."

"Hmm, like yesterday," Horatio said from behind them.  "I heard the voicemail.  What happened?"

"First it was the guy who decided to stop Xander from getting in the gate," Don said, turning to look at him.  "Hassled him for driving the gay-mobile he does.  Suggested obliquely he was there working since the first cop said I lived there.  The second explained things to him and let Xander let us in."

"Interesting.  The report said he stopped him for going into a suspicious residence in a suspicious car.  Though I will not tell him what you called his beloved car."  One of the officers laughed.  "And later?"

"One of the other patrol guys apparently, or so he said, got told to break into our house to check it since his Shift Supervisor said it was supposed to be empty.  He called and had the alarm turned off momentarily and neither of us heard him knock or identify himself," Danny told him.

"I woke up at a footstep in the living room area," Don told him.  "Then he defended it and I kinda believe him, even though I know in New York we'd have had our weapons pulled, we'd have knocked *real* loud first, and we would have asked the security company if the residence was occupied."

"As I would think is reasonable," Horatio agreed.  "Did we get either officer's names?"

Danny texted that to Xander, getting a nod back and he handed over his phone. "He's real good about finding out who's bothering him.  He gets a lot of hell over his car and his hair alone."

"Interesting."  Horatio looked at the officers standing around.  "I will say this now.  Xander Harris is protected for a very good reason.  If you have any doubts, you can ask me personally why.  Mr. Harris has been taken about thirty times in the last six months."

"Fifty-four," Don coughed.  "Four from home.  One where I got tied up, the other three we weren't home."

Horatio nodded.  "It happens to members with his problem.  I'm sure Xander's gotten free of most of them."

"That and Donny, the guard he hired out of the off-duty pool, helped a lot," Danny agreed.  "We wouldn't mind him doing that again down here."

"Neither would I.  Miami is safer for him since most of the pool of candidates is smaller."  Xander ran in and hid against Don's chest. "Xander?"  Xander shook his head. "Xander," he asked more firmly, moving closer.  "What happened?"

Xander pointed and just hid.  Someone stomped in with a rifle and Xander moved behind him.  "Him."

"Excuse me," Danny said.  "Who the fuck are you!"

"I want him!"

"You can't have him," Don said, glaring at him.  "You want him, you try us first.  That's the way this works."

"That little bitch made my wife yell his name!  Not mine, his!"

"She doesn't even know me!" Xander complained, looking over Don's shoulder.  "Who the hell is your wife anyway?"  The man looked horrified.  "Do I even know you?  I've been down here four days now!"

"She saw you tanning and she wants you more!"  He raised his gun.

"Put it down," Horatio ordered.  "Now.  If your wife watched him tan, it's her own fault."

"She's an angel!  He's evil!"

"He's gay," Danny said.  "If your wife wanted him, then there's something about her."

"That's a lie!"

Xander glared at him.  "I am so gay!"  He walked out and kissed him, making him stagger back and wipe his mouth.  "There, see, I am gay, I'm very gay, half the women who know me say I'm a fucking gay princess!" he shouted.  "If your wife was spying on me, it's her own fucking fault and maybe you should...."  Horatio covered his mouth and gave him back to Danny, who walked him off to talk to him about his mouth, again.

Horatio took a deep breath.  "Xander is very gay. If your wife was spying on him that way, she has broken the law.  If he presses a complaint, we will be arresting her.  The same as we will be you because you walked in here with a shotgun."  The man stepped back again, shaking his head.  "Oh, yes, we will.  Boys?"  The patrol officers that had been fighting with Don and Danny moved to get him.  "Thank you.  Take a statement from him about his wife's activities as well and get her if Mr. Harris presses a complaint."

"Considering he was in our yard, he should," Don agreed, glaring at the guy.

"You're gay too!" he sneered.

"No, I'm his bodyguard.  That's why he ran and hid behind me.  I get cuddles and free rent."  The man gaped.  "Now, anything else from any of you?"  The patrol guys shook their heads.  "Any more questions about Xander, you come to me.  Do remember though that Xander will fight back.  Every time.  Both officers were really damn lucky last night.  Xander was happy when he was stopped at the gate and I heard the other guy first."

"It won't happen again, Don."

"It had better not. I talked Xander out of suing the department this morning, Horatio," Don said honestly.  "It's been four days and he likes you guys for the most part.  But now and then..."

"I know, Don. Let me handle this."

"I think it'd be better if you did than I did."  He looked over as Xander was led back.  "You calmer now?"  Xander nodded. "You okay to go home?"

Xander nodded. "I am.  Sorry about that, Horatio.  I snapped."

"It happens, Xander.  That sort of situation is stressful."  Xander nodded. "Go home and rest."

"I'm going to get a new security company," he said grimly.  "Then I'm going to go change my handgun license down here too."  He walked off, going to check his SUV.  He came back and pointed. "My tires were slashed.  I'm taking a walk since it's only a few minutes up the road."  He walked off again, going to work off some energy.

"That is not a happy person," Danny said plainly.  "We got him calmed down twice today.  The next one is probably going to be fatal for someone."

Horatio nodded.  "Make sure he gets home, Danny."

"He'll swat me.  I already suggested it."  He shrugged. "He takes these 'leave me alone' moods.  I'm guessing that's the remains of Sunnydale Syndrome."

"Probably.  Go process his car, see who slashed his tires."  Danny nodded, going to get a field kit and do that.  "Don...."

"I'm still calm.  Not like I'm gonna ask someone to go four rounds in the parking lot."  He stared at him.  "I'm leaving this in your hands as long as there's no other incidences."

"Agreed.  I'll get it straightened out.  This is going too far for hazing the new guy.  Which is what they claimed it was."

"Yeah, well, I almost shot one of your guys last night."  He walked off.  "I'm going to do the stuff sitting on my desk.  Let me know if you need anything else."

"I will do that."  He looked at the shift supervisor, who flinched.  "I will be having a discussion with you and the other ones.  Now."  That got a nod and he scurried off to call the others together.  Horatio followed once he made sure the lobby was clear.  He nodded at Ryan as he walked past him.  "Good morning."

"I saw Xander's gaymobile.  He okay?"

Horatio smirked at him. "He will swat you for calling that as well."

"Probably but I figure it'll break whatever tension it is."

"Tension was earlier.  Keep an eye out for him later today and tomorrow."

"And every other day this year," he agreed dryly, heading out to his car. He wondered but someone would let it slip to him.  Probably Speed when he ranted or Eric when he ranted.

Horatio slammed the door of the meeting room, making them all groan.  "We are going to have a talk about Mr. Harris and Detectives Flack and Messer."  That got a few pale people.  "First, I will say this once.  Mr. Harris is a member of GHS.  One of the more kidnaped ones.  One who has been taken or tried to be taken fifty-four times in the last six months. Your officer who stopped him at his gate last night was very lucky he wasn't jumpy and paranoid."  That got one going even more pale.  "The one who blatantly broke into his house a few hours later is in even more trouble. None of them remember hearing him knock.  Detective Flack pulled his gun on him when he heard him sneaking around after *illegally* having the alarm turned off."  That got a groan.  "This morning, they talked our new resident, who has been here four whole days, gentlemen, out of suing us.  I have had enough.  If this was hazing the new detectives, it is over. You nearly had an officer shot.  If this is something about Mr. Harris being gay and those two protecting him, it will also stop.  Mr. Harris is a level ten GHS member."

That made the rest of them pale. "He has only been identified for nine months.  Detective Flack has been protecting him since he was identified.  Detective Messer is doing temporary Keeper duty until he can find one permanently or until Detective Messer decides whether or not he'll take him up on his offer.  We will leave Mr. Harris alone.  He is under my *direct* supervision.  Am I clear on this point, gentlemen?"  They all nodded.  "Now, about the officer who broke and entered last night?  He said his shift supervisor sent him after the first officer harassed him.  That was after the first officer got the house identified as Mr. Harris' house.  Detectives Flack and Messer live there as part of the payment for protecting him."

"So, they're not gay?"

"Not that I'm aware of," he said dryly.  "Would it matter?"  They all shook their heads.  They knew the official line.  "Good.  Because there are many fine gay officers in this department.  Most of them are a credit to it.  I find they're the ones who do the job and do it efficiently and effectively.  I find I have more problems from the straight officers."  That got some nods and one glare.  He glared back and the guy slunk down.  "I don't not care if Mr. Harris is doing a dolphin, a chorus line, or anything.  As long as it is not illegal we will leave him alone.  If we should see him in trouble, the correct course of action is to call either of his protectors, or anyone in the lab on my shift since they've all been briefed and met Xander yesterday during lunch."   They all made notes of it.  "Are we clear?"

They all nodded.  "We can do that, Lieutenant.  What about his times out of the house?" one of them, the glarer, asked.  "Does he have protection during them?"

"In the past he's had a few times when he hired an off-duty officer that Detective Flack found for him.  He may be thinking about it again.  Though I'm not sure he trusts any of you at the moment outside of Officer Wolfe since he's met him."

"If we find one we'll pass on the suggestion to you," one of the others agreed.  "Is he going to be okay now?"

"Probably.  He's a long-term fighter."  He looked around.  "Do we have any other questions?"

"Does he know how much attention that color on his vehicle draws?" one of them asked.

"Xander is a very individual person.  I've seen him anywhere from head-to-toe leathers and carrying a gun to silk lounging pajamas to the fairly skimpy bathing suit he was tanning in the other day.  Apparently that was the problem this morning, that person's wife watched him tan and decided to fantasize."  That got a few snickers.  "He blamed the object instead of the doer.  It's fairly common.  Any other concerns or is this going to be ended now?"

"It'll be ended, Caine," the glarer agreed.  "We'll gladly call one of them instead of anyone else."

Horatio stared at him.  "Should service be denied to him when necessary, the results could be quite...severe.  After all, the one that broke into their first place together took Xander for three months and had tied up Detective Flack as well."  That got a wince from him.   "Out of the country actually.  He came back very harmed and very jumpy.  Again, both officers are lucky they're in good shape this morning."

"Agreed," he decided.  "If we see it we'll stop it and call.  People like that cause more problems than they should."

"It's not his fault his hormones are out of control.  He doesn't come out often except to go for spa time to help relieve some of the buildup."

"Sure," they agreed, nodding.  They left, going to pass along those notes and to talk to the boys who had tried them last night.

Horatio went back to his office to call Xander.  "Xander, I've had to brief a few supervisors here as well," he said quietly. "We've all agreed that what happened last night is never going to happen again.  We've also made it well know that if something is to happen to you, they're to call us first.  Yes, we've got it all arranged.  We're even gotten them to start sending suggestions to Don or Danny about officers who might be able to fill in for a bodyguard when you need one."  He smiled. "No, he's arrested, Xander.  He's not coming back.  Of course.  They're a good company and they make us pound out heads against them every time we run into them.  I promise, it'll be okay.  You can go to sleep and I'll send one of them home to check on you at lunch.  Yes, you sleep well, Xander.  It's all right."  He smiled as he hung up and paged Danny with that information, getting back a smiley face. It was good it was going to work out this time.


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