That's Who I Want To Be When I Grow Up.

Xander watched the movie, tipping his head off to the side as the servants washed the man on the screen. He shivered, knowing that this was supposed to be his destiny. "Oz?" he asked quietly, knowing his husband was working on a new program across their hotel room and didn't want to be bothered. He shifted, the slim platinum chain jingling around his ankle. "Oz?" he asked again.

"What? I told you that you were allowed to get up and go to the bathroom without asking," he said absently, continuing to type.

"I want to be him," Xander said, pointing at the screen. Oz finally looked up, looking rather confused so Xander rewound the DVD to show the whole scene. "I want to be him," he said after they had watched the scene again.

"Why?" Oz asked, coming over to sit next to him. "You want someone to put your clothes on you, wipe your ass, and bathe you all the time?"

"No, just on days like this," Xander said with a faint smile. "But I just feel so *connected* to him. That's the sort of life I was meant to live."

"Ah." Oz shook his head. "Nope, I'm not hiring you a bather. Or an ass wiper. Deal with it, Xander, you're not a prince."

"But I could be," Xander reminded him.

"No," Oz said slowly and clearly. "That demon prince that offered you a spot as his consort wouldn't win against me and he was wise enough to know this. You're not becoming a prince." He pulled his husband's face over, kissing him gently. "Get it out of your head. Coming to America is not the sort of movie I want you watching if you're going to want things like that."

"But I need to be pampered sometimes," Xander countered innocently, egging his Oz on.

"Yes, and I do quite a lot of it," Oz reminded him, getting up and going back to his program. "Turn it off or no bathing together later, and no trip to the spa tomorrow."

"No fair, you promised," Xander pouted, but Oz wasn't looking so his attack had less strength. "Not even someone to throw rose petals at my feet?"

"Roses smell," Oz said dryly. "And the answer is still no."

"But what if...."





"Nope, not gonna happen. This isn't the olden days, even GHS like you have to deal with the realities of modern life. You wouldn't be able to pay anyone enough to do those sort of things for you today."

Xander crossed his arms and sulked, letting the movie play so he could finish watching who the Prince was treated. His Oz would give in, or he'd be sorry. One of these days at least.