Done Deals. NC-17-het and slash

Giles smiled at his men as they rolled the condom down his cock, closing his eyes as the first mouth slid down with it. "Xander," he moaned, brushing through his hair as he was sucked. "Deeper, love," he told him, thrusting up gently. The talented mouth went took him deeper, making both he and Oz groan.

Oz slid behind Xander's prepared body, sliding into his extra hole, stroking lightly in time with the younger man's sucking, which picked up. He kept perfect pace, smiling at Giles as he opened his eyes to watch them. "Like this," he said quietly. "We need to do him more often."

Xander pulled off to look at him. "Of course you do," he said, winking. He went back to focusing on Giles' cock, licking up and down the hard length. "Would you like some more?" The older man nodded. "No, ask me."

"Xander, please," Giles groaned as the tongue came back to tease and a finger brushed over his hole. "Please suck me." He pushed the head back down at the naughty grin. "Now, Xander."

Xander swallowed his lover in one long, slow move down. His breath caught as Oz slammed into him, feeling the warmth filling him, so sucked hard, just once, on Giles. He was rewarded for his actions by the condom filling in his mouth. He backed off both his lovers, gently taking the condom off and putting it into a glass, walking out of the room to the living room. He tapped Spike on the shoulder, handing it to him. "Here, straight from the stud." He watched his oldest friend chanting, wincing as his stomach started to cramp. "What's she doing?"

"Makin' sure we only have to do this once," Spike said, his voice showing his unease with the move. "She thinks she's got it right this time, no litter like she did with her friend."

Willow stood up, smiling at them. "She's only having twins." She took the glass. "Go back to them, Xander, I'm sure you don't want to witness this."

He shook his head, hurrying back to his two slumbering lovers, snorting in disgust as he closed the door.

Willow took her robe off, draping it over the back of the couch, and laid down in the space she had prepared earlier. "Come to me, Spike, let me aid them with my womanly body."

He shook his head. "You gotta quit writin' your own ceremonies," he told her, sucking some of the condom's contents with a small tube. "Spread those creamy thighs for me, pet," he told her, getting between them and sliding into her prepared hole, getting the opening of the tube as far up her as he could. "Relax and concentrate on the Goddess' will," he whispered as he released it, bending down to lick her clitoris. She bucked up under him, panting and closing her eyes as he squirted more of the borrowed fluid into her. He brought her off quickly, rubbing her stomach as she wiggled under his talented tongue.

"The Goddess' will be done," Willow panted, pulling Spike down to hug. "We'll check in a few weeks." He simply hugged her, not bothering to tell her his opinion on the subject.


Xander looked at the man on the witness stand and shuddered. He clutched Giles' hand, trying hard not to listen to the serial killer explain why he had broken pattern to come after him when he had been in New York the first time.

Giles squeezed his hand gently, shifting closer to comfort his lover. "It's all right," he whispered. "You can leave if you want." Xander shook his head.

"But the voices told me I needed him to ascend," the man on the witness stand said loudly, standing up. The bailiff tried to get him to sit back down, but he looked directly at the man he had almost victimized. "The voices said he had to be mine otherwise I would be incomplete." He saw the shudders of revulsion, focusing on Giles. "You shouldn't have him," he spat. "You're not worthy of him. Only someone who's proven himself worthy to protect him should have him."

The judge banged his gavel, glaring at the witness. "Sit down," he said coldly. "You may not address the audience." He looked back there. "I'll allow you to leave if you'd like," he said kindly.

Xander shook his head from where it was leaning on Giles' shoulder. "I'm fine," he said quietly.

Agent John Munch met them at the restaurant for supper that night, sitting down across from them. "He's taken a deal," he told them. Xander looked like he was ready to jump up and kiss him. "Hug them," he said, pointing at his lovers to forestall any attacks of emotion.

Xander hugged both his men, kissing both of their necks. When he was back under control he looked back at the agent that had helped them so much. "Why was he so vehement about me? He was cold and rational about everyone else but he lost it when they asked him about me."

"He's psycho," Oz told them simply. "And you're worth losing it over." That earned him a small smile.

John shook his head, his silver hair shining in the light. "I don't know. That was an unusual case. Maybe someone told him to come after you, no one's sure."

"The voices?" Xander asked, putting down his fork. "He kept talking about being told..."

Giles kissed Xander's cheek, quieting him. "I'm sure it's not anything supernatural. It was a fluke of chance." He looked at Oz, who hurriedly nodded. "See? We both feel that way. No one is actually after you, calling things to come after you."

"Not recently," Oz added, earning a glare. "Sorry." He looked at John. "Any word on what called to him?"

John pulled Oz up, taking him out into the lobby. "Ease off it, it's covered."

"Faith," Oz sighed and the federal agent nodded, giving him a sad smile. "She called to him while she was under?" That got another nod. "And now?"

"Now she's not able to. I've talked to the people where's she's interred, she's as good as a ghost herself. There's no life in her."

"Xan said he stole her soul," Oz said quietly, looking around to make sure no one could overhear them. "If she called to this guy what about the others?"

"There's some evidence of her calling to a few of them too. That bust he broke down in the middle of in Portland was supposed to go down a few days later than it did. I talked to the Police mechanic that looked over his car and they said that nothing was actually wrong with it, it just kept stopping."

"So she was herding him home?" Oz shook his head. "Why would she do that?"

"You said she knew she was pregnant before she was put into the coma. She could have arranged it this way before then. Or she could have her own reasons."

"Could you maybe..." John shook his head. "She won't answer?"

"She hasn't spoken since that night. No fight, no speech, not a single self-willed action. Someone gives her an order and she follows it. That's it. Nothing else to her existence now." He squeezed Oz's shoulder. "Just relax about it, it's over."

"Unless she told someone else to come after him," Oz pointed out. He looked back at where he could see Xander leaning discreetly against Giles as he ate. "What about that other that I told you?"

"I've checked with Angel, he's said the thing gave up on having him. Why?"

"There have been some strange coincidences since he nulled the contract. I really don't want to tell him that."

"Then don't. Sometimes secrets are permissible between lovers." He smiled at the younger man, his former assistant, then let him go. "Go back to them, be happy with him."

"We'll be leaving the planned day. We wanted to spend some time focusing on us."

"Hey, it's good for you guys to get away." John nodded and walked away, letting Oz go back to his dinner and his lovers.

Xander looked at Oz, swallowing his bite of pork chop quickly. "What's going on?"

"I asked him about Miri's mother. She's not doing more than following orders now." Giles looked a little sad. "Any idea where the other girl got sidetracked at?"

"Wesley's seen her recently. They sent her to LA. He'll send her up when we get back."

"Then we'll have to work on training her?" Xander asked with a frown.

"No," Giles said gently. "She's trained fully already. She's from New York, is much like Buffy was. Very full of life and vigor. Her Watcher was good about keeping her centered so she should be fine."

"Okay," Oz said, taking a bite of food. He nodded at the person watching them. "People."

Giles turned to look at the man, smiling at him. "Ah, Patrick. I had no idea you were still in town." He looked at his lover. "That's the new girl's Watcher. May he join us for a moment?" The younger men nodded. "Thank you." He turned, nodding the other man over.

The other Watcher, a dark haired, slightly built Asian man, sat down across from them. "Ah, Rupert, how goes your end of the continent?"

"Fine," he said warmly, "though your charge hasn't made it past LA yet. She's with Wesley right now." He felt the nudge to his side so looked at his lovers. "This is most of my family. This is Xander," he said, patting his shoulder, "and the other is Oz."

Oz waved, wiping off his hand before shaking the other man's. "How's it going?"

"Oh, tolerable. I've found her successor, a bit of an ego problem there." Patrick smiled at Xander. "I had no idea that your town's influence spread to here, though I read in the papers that you were hunted for a bit."

Xander put down his glass. "Yeah," he said, nodding. "I'm just glad he took a deal." He looked up at Giles. "Are we really getting the next girl?"

"She'll be up for a few days to meet and talk with Buffy, a conference of sorts."

"Then why don't we get the girl after her to come too," Xander suggested, looking at Patrick again. "It'd help her to learn the job easier probably."

Patrick looked thoughtful. "I wouldn't be adverse but her mother may. She's a very strong presence in her life. She about tossed me out of the window when I explained it to her." Giles smiled in fond remembrance. "Ah, I see Buffy's mother had the same problem?"

"Not really. She found out when Buffy had run away at one point. She and I had a few discussions during that time, she was most distressed at the calling."

"She accepted," Xander noted. "They got over it."

"Ah, but she worries."

"Not too much," Oz said, putting down his fork. "She's left for a long term assignment. They hardly ever talk anymore. Joyce has almost decided to go back to being ignorant of the subject." He looked at Patrick. "I like Xander's idea though. I think it'd be good for both of them to hear from Buffy exactly how hard the job is and some of the common pitfalls. She could speak from personal experience and from Faith's."

Patrick frowned. "Yes, I'd heard she'd finally been captured. How is she doing?"

"She's not really living, just existing," Oz told him. He leaned a little closer. "Xander used a knife that had a certain property about souls." Patrick nodded so he sat back up. "I just asked one of the federal agents who's been watching over us while we're over here. He said she's basically on automatic."

"Hmm, that could be very practical. Where did it go?" he asked Giles, who blushed. "I see. Which one did you give it to, Rupert?"

"Spike," Xander said softly. "I gave it to Willow and she implanted it in him along with the Priest that was possessing him at the time." He smiled. "They're keeping him quiet and gentle."

"He wouldn't hurt Miri anyway," Oz pointed out.

"I know, but it's nice not to have to fear him too." He grinned at his lover. "He's a good doggy now."

"Just don't allow Willow to hear you say that," Giles told him solemnly. He looked at his former colleague. "If you feel it would be all right, we could easily host the young ladies for a short conference. Jenna's just a few hours away and we're in LA every few weeks so we could meet both of them and bring them both up."

Oz wiped his mouth, putting his napkin back into his lap. "I think that it would be good to let them know what can happen. Buffy would be a good example." Giles frowned at him. "She would be. We don't want another one to go through the same thing because she didn't know."

"A good point," Giles said, putting down his fork and quickly chewing and swallowing the food in his mouth. "I'll ask Buffy to tell them about it."

"Speed," Patrick asked, frowning. Giles nodded. "I can understand that. Her fights are almost legendary among the Council." He looked at Xander. "But I hear someone else's daughter is too."

"She's fine. Wes is babysitting her at our place," Xander said, putting down his glass of milk. "We want to keep her out of it but Buffy's sat her a few times." He looked at Patrick. "Why?"

The other Watcher smiled, leaning back. "We've all heard what her mother tried to pull, and we all applauded your actions too. Relax, I would never bother her. I do best with late teen Slayers." He bowed to Giles. "I'll call you later this week to set up the time for the conference. I believe your men have good points."

Giles waited until they were alone to look down at Xander. "I had thought they all knew, there's no such thing as privacy within the Council." He stroked down the tense arm. "Relax, it was just a nicety."

Xander nodded, picking up his fork to finish his dinner.


Xander rolled over and met bare bed, frowning. "Giles?" he called softly. "Oz?" He sat up when he didn't get an answer, looking around for a note. When he didn't find one, he climbed out of the bed, heading out to their little sitting room, looking around in confusion. He picked up the phone. "Hi, this is Xander Harris, are my mates down there in the restaurant?" he asked the operator. He grunted and hung up, turning around in the empty room. He headed for his bag, pulling on some clothes, and headed down to the front desk. He smiled at the woman manning the desk. "Did I just talk to you?" She nodded. "Did you see them leave?"

"I'm sorry, sir, I've not seen them this morning." She motioned one of the doormen over. "Have you seen the other members of the Harris party?" He shook his head. "I'm sorry, sir. Didn't they leave a note?"

"No, and they would usually." He frowned, heading for the coffee shop. He bought a cup of coffee to go, heading out into the day. He walked up to the other doorman, the one that always seemed to get them cabs. "Have you seen the others I'm here with?"

The older man smiled at him. "I saw them leave a few hours ago with another man. They didn't look pleased of course, it was just after I got here. Didn't they leave a note?"

"No," he said. "Did they say where they were going?"

"No, they got into a car. A tan sedan, Lexus." He opened the door for a woman walking up the street, tipping his hat. "Did you need to go out today?"

"Huh? No, I think I'm going to wait on them." He smiled at the man, heading back inside. He went directly back up to their room, looking around at the neat area. Oz's bag was laying open so he walked over to look down in it, smiling at the picture that was resting on the clothes, but decided not to pry. He sat on the couch, turning on the tv to wait.

By the end of the sixth cartoon, Xander was starting to get worried. He picked up the phone, hitting the key for an outside line, then dialed in Oz's pager number, a gift from John last Christmas. He pushed in the room number, hanging up and waiting. By five minutes, his fingers were tapping. By ten, his feet were shifting. By twenty, he was desperate. He walked back over to Oz's bag, looking down at it, picking it up to look down inside to make sure that the pager wasn't down in there. He dropped it guiltily as someone knocked on the door, heading over to answer it. "John," he said, pulling him inside. "Where are they?"

"I just came to pick up Oz, we were going to go to the good bookstores." He looked around. "They're not here?"

"They left around dawn according to the doorman." He shrugged at the dirty look. "Sorry, I woke up alone and I went looking for them. He said they left around the beginning of his shift. Got into a tan Lexus." He sat on the couch, chewing on his bottom lip. "You don't think...."

"No, kid, I don't think." John patted his shoulder. "Stay here. I'll call if I find them." He closed the door behind him, heading down to the lobby. He actually met Giles there, pulling him into an elevator and hitting the emergency stop button. "What were you thinking? You have that kid scared to death!"

Giles just looked at him blankly. "What?" he asked dully. He dodged the hand to his neck, or tried to, but it checked his pulse anyway. "I'm fine."

"I'm sure," John said, starting the elevator on it's way up to his room. "Where's Oz?"


"Short guy, got red hair, doesn't speak a lot?" John prompted.

"Yes, I know him."

John shook his head, pulling Giles down to his room, letting himself in with the key he held in his hand. "Give me the phone," he said as he sat the man down on the couch. Xander jumped up to hand it to him, checking Giles over.

"He's got a concussion," Xander said, looking into his eyes. John glared at him. "Hey, we've been taught first aid, basic and beyond. We needed it." He shrugged. "Where's Oz?"

"I know him," Giles said again.

"Shh," Xander said, patting through his hair. "Should I take off his jacket?"

"No, leave it," John said, taking the phone a little ways away. "Hi, this is John Munch. No, trouble's found them. No, not him. The other two. I've found one and he seems pretty far out of it. Can I get some help over here?" He nodded and hung up. "Okay, we've got someone coming." He turned back to find Xander lying Giles down on the couch. "Be gentle with him. He's not in real good shape." Someone knocked on the door so he went to go get it, letting a stunned looking Oz in.

"Oz," Xander said, coming over to look at him. He hugged him, kissing his temple gently. "I was worried," he whispered. The slightly older man just nodded, hugging him tightly. Oz started to tremble so Xander led him over to the love seat, sitting beside him and letting him cling. "What happened?" he asked gently.

"Some guy. Made us come, said they were agents and needed to ask us about something that had happened recently," Oz whispered. He looked up at John. "Your enemies. They asked about you." He got up to go kneel beside Giles' inert form, stroking over his face. "You'll be okay," he whispered.

"I'll call Wes and have him tighten security around Miri," Xander said, picking up the phone and dialing home. "Wes, me. No, Oz and Giles were kidnapped for a while. Yeah, okay, you have the codes? Good, just keep her in today." He hung up, looking up at John. "He's had the security system on since last night when someone tried to deliver food they didn't order." He went to join Oz beside Giles, adding his own touches.

John shook his head, pinching the bridge of his nose as his head started to hurt. "I knew there was a reason I didn't want to be real today." He went to answer the door, hand on his gun. He let the ambulance crew in, pointing at the men. "Them."


Xander sighed as he sank onto his own bed, closing his eyes as the two bodies with him clung tightly. "We're okay," he whispered, patting through Miri's hair and over Oz's back. "Giles will be home tonight and we'll be fine." He looked up as his bedroom door opened. "What's up, Will?"

"Just wondering if you guys were okay."

"Fine," Xander said, waving her inside. "Giles will be home later. John'll bring him in from LA since they couldn't get us on the same flight today."

"John got it fixed," Oz said quietly, looking at her. "The guys looking for him were found but not stopped. The message that we weren't fair targets was received. They'll never come after us again."

"Who was it?" she asked, sitting on the foot of the bed. "Do I need to worry?"

"No, they wanted John and knew Oz had a connection to him," Xander said tiredly. "Giles was thought to be his lover so they took him too. They just thought they were there to cushion me for the trial or I'd have been drugged too."

"At least there wasn't any damage," Willow said, patting the guys' legs. "Should I take Miri with me for a while?"

"NO!" they shouted together, clutching her to Xander's chest.

"Okay," she said, nodding, smiling. "I'll go downstairs and work in the store for a while. Just in case Gary needs some help." She waved at the baby then walked out.

Miri looked up at her daddies and pouted. "No play?"

"Later," Oz promised her, kissing her forehead. "Just relax for now. We need to relax." She smiled and snuggled down next to his face. "Thanks."

Xander slowly relaxed his grip on his family, as he slid off into sleep.


Xander woke up at the funny sound in the living room, sliding silently out of his bed and padding out to check on Miri. When he didn't find her in her crib, he frowned, looking at the livingroom, then over toward where the door was not quite closed, heading over to where he could hear Oz snarling in his cage. He walked into his lover's apartment, stopping as he watched a wolfed out Oz sniff Miri, who was smiling and reaching out to pet him. "Be careful and back away," he said softly. "You can't pet him." He sat down out of range of the long arms, pulling her into his lap. "How did you get in here?"

"Me hear," she said, clapping. Oz growled softly. "Shh, daddy," she told him, wiggling a finger in the air, just like Auntie Willow did to Unclie Spike. She tried to get out of her daddy's lap but he kept her there. "Me pet!"

Xander rubbed her back, shaking his head as she looked up at him. "You can't. You shouldn't even be in here. This isn't Daddy Oz, this is the Wolf and he could give you big boo-boos." She pouted. "Sorry, but no." He reached over to pick up the phone, calling down to Giles'. "Get up here. No, I found Miri trying to pet Oz." He hung up, going back to looking at his daughter. "You can't be in here again, not when he's furry."

"Fuzzy!" she said, trying to get to her other daddy again. She caught the reaching hand, patting it for a second. "Fuzzy daddy!" She blew a kiss.

Giles grunted as he joined Xander on the floor. "I see we have a problem. How did she get over here?"

"Lowered the crib side again." Xander handed her over, looking down at her. "Miriam, this is really important." She pulled her thumb up to suck, pulling some of her hair up to play with too. "Daddy Oz is dangerous when he's like this. You can't come in here. He's not a fuzzy, not like you hamster Piglet is."

"Xander, shift this way," Giles said quietly. He nodded at the painted on line on the floor. "Miri, do you see that line? The yellow one?" She looked up and nodded. "You are never to get closer to the cage than that unless you can hear Daddy Oz talking to you." She looked confused. "Never go past that line. Do you understand that?" She frowned at him. "No, going past the line is bad." He pointed to it. "Bad."

She pouted, turning to look at her Daddy, who nodded. "That line is bad. No farther than that, Miri. No closer to the cage." He shifted away from the grasping arm. "Never again." She shook her head. "Tell me," he said, taking her thumb out.

"No pet fuzzy," she said, still pouting. "Pretty fuzzy but no pet." She looked up and her daddies nodded. "Me sleep?"

"Yes, you need to go back to sleep," Xander said with a small smile. "We'll have Daddy Oz talk to you in the morning." He got up, picking her up from Giles' lap and taking her in to her crib over here, putting her back down. "You sleep in here, we'll be in the bedroom." She nodded, laying down with her teddy bear. Xander went back to the cage, and finding Giles gone, followed him into the bedroom, lying on top of him and falling back into a restful sleep.

Neither of them heard the cage open. Or the crib side lower.


Oz woke up looking up at Miri, who was grinning down from on top of his chest, making him groan. "How did you get in here?" He sat up, looking around the room they were in, frowning. "How did I get in here?"

"Oz?" Xander called from the cage room. He ran into the room, picking up Miri to look her over. "You got out," he explained quickly. "We found her in there last night."

Oz got himself to his feet, leaning on Xander until he found his balance again. "She okay?"

"Yeah, not even a scratch." He kissed her, handing her back. "We told her crossing the line was bad," Xander told him, holding Oz up as he hugged him. "I just went in to let you out and found your door open."


"No, not at all," Xander said, kissing Oz's head. "Come on, lets get you into your bed with us." He led him into the bedroom, settling Oz onto the soft mattress beside Giles, who was still sleeping.

Oz looked down at their daughter. "Did you let me out?"

"Fuzzy!" she said, pouting. She picked up a pillow and hid her face in it. "Like fuzzy."

Oz and Xander shared a look. "I'll put an extra lock on it," Oz said finally.

"I don't blame you, but I don't think it'll help," Xander said quietly, laying himself on top of his lover's body. "This wasn't you getting out, this was her letting you out after we told her she couldn't pet you."

"Pet? Me?" Miri asked, pulling the pillow away and smiling. "Me pet? Me?"

"No, no petting zoo for you," Oz said, tweaking her ear, making her pout again, weathering the big, sad eyes. "You can't pet me either. I could hurt you very badly."

She shook her head, looking at her other father, who was snoring behind her. "No," Xander told her. "Let Daddy Giles sleep." She nodded, snuggling down to sleep between them. He covered her, and then them, closing his eyes. "We'll talk about how to protect you later."

Oz nodded, wrapping Xander in his arms. He fell asleep too, lulled by the loving warmth around him.

Giles woke up, looking at his bed mates, frowning at them. He reached down to scratch his ankle. He found a small scratch but shrugged it off mentally as someone's toenails during the night, cuddling in with his family so he too could go back to sleep.


Xander looked over Willow's shoulder as she looked at the little test stick. He kissed the side of her neck, walking out to sit in Giles lap, smiling at everyone there.

She walked out, handing it over to Giles, then spun and kissed Spike, hard. Giles looked at the stick then swallowed. "Then it's done," he said softly. Xander kissed him, adding to his faint feeling. "I think I need to lie down," he told them, handing the stick off to Oz and getting up pulled by Xander. He was walked back to the bedroom, the bed readied for him, and his lover helped him strip and get into it. He closed his eyes, clutching the warm body clinging to his, rocking them gently. "It's real," he whispered. "I'm to be a father."

"Yup," Xander said quietly, kissing his forehead. "You rest, you can be happy later."

Giles looked up at him and smiled. "I'm happy, it's just a bit of a shock. I never expected to have my own child." He looked toward the door as it opened. "I really am happy about this," he told Willow.

"Hey, shocks can drain you," she said, holding up a hand. "I can understand that. It just hit me too." She lay on the other side of the bed, facing them. "We'll be okay together. You're going to be a great daddy to this one too." She picked up his hand to squeeze it. "Do you hope it's a boy or a girl?"

"Healthy would be nice," Giles told her, frowning. "It's gender doesn't matter to me."

"Well, it's sex would be important if you have to redecorate," she pointed out. She put his hand back. "I only hope it's gender and it's sex match, that can be really painful if it doesn't." She got off the bed, leaving them alone and closing the door behind herself.

Xander looked up at Giles, kissing him gently. "Do you ever wonder if the Hellmouth has tainted you too somehow?" He got a small nod. "What if it has?"

"Then we'll have to see." He rubbed over the t-shirt clad back. "Strip and join me, Xander, we could both use naps."

"I have to go see Blair in an hour."

"Ah, yes, I had forgotten about that."

"Can I tell him?"

"If you'd like," Giles said quietly, going back to his rubbing. "I'm sure he'd be happy too. When is your next appointment?"

"Um, six weeks. They wanted to scope the scar tissue." Xander sat up to take off his shirt. "Just make sure I'm not late," he told the older man, kissing him again, his hand moving down the firm stomach. He didn't find the expected hardness and looked up. "You okay?"

"Yes, I just need the comfort of your body over mine right now. Sex would be a bit much for me at the moment." Xander nodded and lay on top of him, wrapping around him to soothe them both. "Thank you."

End this story.