Healing Times.

Oz looked up as Willow walked into the store, nodding her and Spike upstairs, watching his ex go up to be questioned. He motioned their part-time helper over, letting him take the register so he could join his men in the questioning. He walked into Giles' apartment in time to see Willow turn very pale and sit down.

"So, new soul?" Xander asked Spike, who grimaced. "And you had better not ever hurt either of them."

"I won't hurt the babe," Spike said, backing away from him. "I'd not do that, I love the little creature." Giles scowled at him. "Child," he amended. "And she picked a bad soul, not me. I didn't pick it."

"I didn't pick it," Willow said patiently, apparently they had had this argument before. "It just picked up the closest one and that one happened to belong to a priest."

"A *devout* priest who believes in non-violence and is trying to rip my bleedin' head off!" Spike shouted. "It doesn't even want me to hunt the bad guys." He looked at Giles. "Please fix me," he begged, getting down on his knees when it didn't appear to be working. "I'd stay souled, just exchange it for me? Please?"

Xander and Giles looked at each other then at Oz, who was shaking his head. "I'll see if I can't find a spell," Giles finally agreed. "But I will not see any of us harmed over this. Or I had better not at least."

"No, I'll be good, just get the priest outta me. I'm possessed, and not in a good way."

Xander snorted, turning to laugh. "I'm sure," he managed finally. Giles patted his back. "Thanks," he said, turning back around. "But, back to business. You two have to go help Wes so we can all escape this weekend."

Oz groaned. "I agreed to take Jordy this weekend," he said. Xander pouted at him. "I can't cancel, his parents are doing what we wanted to do."

"We could always carry out our plans here," Giles suggested. "Refuse entry to the apartments upstairs except for ourselves and certain deliverymen. Take the time to just be alone for a bit."

"Doesn't solve my problem," Oz noted. "He doesn't like Miri."

"Ah, well then, would you be terribly disappointed if I took the time with Xander alone?"

Willow stood up, pulling Spike with her back toward the bedroom, tagging Wesley on the way to follow her.

"We could do us next weekend," Xander suggested, looking at his other lover, who walked closer to hug him. "Oh, God, I missed this," he sighed, relaxing instantly into the strong arms.

"I'd like that," Oz admitted. "And you have to leave Sunday so I have to work that night. Shouldn't be a problem. I can take from Thursday on off." Xander nodded, his head now firmly resting on the shoulder all but holding him up. "Comfy?" Oz whispered, kissing the side of his neck.

"Yup," Xander sighed. "Very comfy. Would like to sit though so I'm not so bent over." He moved them over to the couch, getting back into position as soon as they were both seated. "Yeah, like this."

Oz looked up at Giles with a small pleased look. "I have part of Saturday off," he said. "Could I come up?"

Giles leaned down, kissing the younger men gently. "Of course you may. Xander and I will be up there starting tomorrow night after the end of my shift and when you're free on Saturday, just knock and we'll let you in."

"He has to sleep at home," Xander mumbled. Oz nudged him. "Well, on Friday night and Saturday night, you'll have to be up there too." He looked up. "Otherwise you're sleeping right here."

"True," Oz said with a small grin. "So I could theoretically just pop over," he saw the small pained look, "but I'll stick to Saturday so you two have the time alone."

Giles smiled at him, mouthing, 'Thank you'. "So, how was work today?" he asked.

"Fine, little slow, about what I expected though since Terry, the guy from the High School that's trying to gather all the magic-users together so they can all get to know each other and work together instead of trying to kill each other again, came in. He bought lots of stuff for the first meeting, planned out an intricate spell to work together." Giles smiled at that. "Looked pretty healthy, wasn't going to cause us any problems at least."

"Then it's definitely a good," Xander mumbled, face buried in Oz's neck still. He kissed the flesh he was laying against. "I think we should just do this one night a week"

"Taking time to cuddle?" Oz asked. He felt the nod so looked up at Giles. "Or we could cuddle and talk," he suggested. "Doing both at the same time might solve a few of the problems we seem to have."

"I think I could get used to that," Giles said, smiling at his men. "I should go shoo those three from my bedroom before Wesley's forever stricken with the image of Spike and Willow on my bed together."

"Not funny," Willow said, walking back out, Spike dragging behind her. "Just because my p...Spike isn't totally healthy doesn't mean he's going to do things to me in your bed."

Spike's muttered, "There's a thought," filled in the silence in the room.

"Did you just call him your pet," Giles asked, stunned. He looked at Spike, who glared at him. "You allowed her to chain herself to you?"

"Allow nothin'," Spike complained. "When she was messing with the chip the *second* time, she bound me to her as her *willing* companion." He growled at Willow. "That's why I kept tryin' to get you to fix *her*!"

Giles glared at Willow, who blushed. "What do you have to say for yourself?"

"It was an accident?" she guessed. She moved away from the men, inching toward the door. "I'm sorry," she said, running out. Spike ran after her, growling, face distorted in disgust.

Giles moved Oz's feet, sitting under them, still shaking his head. "I can't believe she did that to anyone, much less to him."

"She told me she enjoyed her Spike-lapdog," Xander said, lifting his head enough to talk clearly. He looked at Giles, grinning. "I'm comfy."

"That's good," Oz told him, "but I'm supposed to be working." The younger man turned to pout at him. "I'm sorry, we can do this later after I bring the money up here, okay? Giles' bed?"

"We could all pile up on his bed," Giles suggested quietly. "I believe I could use such a mind- soothing hug." Oz passed Xander over to him, lifting his limp body with a grunt. "Thank you," Giles said as he accepted the burden into his lap. "Would you..." He never got to finish, Xander having snuggled into his body as only he could. "Ah, perfect," he sighed, leaning his head back and closing his eyes.

Oz moved, letting Giles lay down in his spot. "Be up in a few hours," he said quietly, touching the top of both their heads before leaving.

Giles looked down at his lover. "What brought this on?" he asked quietly.

"Just wanted cuddles. When I get hormonal, I really want to curl up in the middle of your chest and stay there." Xander looked up. "Sorry if I just grossed you out."

"Xander," Giles said, stroking down his face, "that thought doesn't sicken me, not like you think. I was just having some difficulty putting you and those concepts together." The younger man nodded for him to go on. "I have trouble with women and those concepts but adding you to it, to put it in your lingo, blew my mind." That got a small smile. "Did I get that right?"

"Yup, very." Xander gave him a gentle peck on the lips. "*I* still have trouble with that concept. Those three little letters are the hardest thing I've ever said. That's why I don't use them." He laid back down. "So we're okay with this?"

"Xander, love, we're fine. I missed this too. I missed having you curl so willingly into me like I was your safe haven from life."

"Are," Xander mumbled.

"Am I?" The younger man nodded. "Then I'm very thankful that we're working this out between us." He stroked down the gently sloping back. "When you went home after your surgery, both Oz and I took a long time to sit and think about what this could mean for us. What might happen if you could get pregnant, if you wanted to keep it, if you wanted us to share that part of you, and I have to say some of my thoughts were less than complimentary at the time." He combed through the dark hair with his fingers. "I thought that you were going to try to use it as the primary focus of your life, the thing that gives you your identity, and I'm pleased I'm wrong. You're still Xander, and I love that about you. The unchanging nature of your being, the willingness you have to do what's best even if it scares you spitless. The willingness to put up with me when I'm ancient in a few years."

Xander looked up. "You're not old and you're not getting ancient. Forty-something isn't old, it's on the bottom side of middle aged. That's why technology exists, so you can live as long as we do." He put his head back down. "Any more talk like that from you and I'll have to be mean. I'll have to wiggle like so," he moved his hips over the older man's then stilled, "and then stop."

"That would be cruel," Giles agreed with a small smile. "But I am older, quite a bit older, and it is a concern for me." The younger man frowned up at him. "I'm old enough to be a parent to you both and I worry about how you see me."

"Nope, not in the least bit parental. Then I would be incestuous and I'm not into that." He grinned. "Relax, Rupert, you're not that old and we don't care about your age. It may have been a factor when we were younger but not now. Oz and I are both in our twenties and we're happy with you, which is more important than the number of birthdays we've had. Maybe together it's a scary number but individually it's a little, tiny number that's weakening as we speak." He laid his head back down. "Better?"

"Much." Giles smiled at the firm butt wiggling across him again. "If you keep doing that, we'll traumatize Wesley with images of us."

"He can deal. Or stay hidden, even better," Xander said, kissing the chest he was laying on. "Now shh, I'm getting happy here." He finished wiggling and settled into the hard body, planning on staying there for a very long while.


Giles rolled into the body beside him, pulling it closer to him without opening his eyes. He had missed this sensation, waking up next to Xander was very different than wake up next to Oz, but both were a treat. He took a deep smell of his lover to enjoy his natural smell, getting a head rush as the essence filled his being.

"Um, cuddles," Xander murmured, pulling his lover tighter against him. "I missed these." He gave a sleepy grin, eyes still closed as he wiggled his hips, feeling some evidence of mutual happiness. "For me?" he asked quietly, blinking up at the older man.

"A good portion of them are," Giles admitted, placing a gentle kiss on top of Xander's head. "I believe you're right, I missed waking beside you." He smiled gently.

"Good, ‘cause I'm not movin'." Xander closed his eyes again, resting his head on the waiting shoulder, earning a small laugh for his words. "Not, get over it." He wrapped his arms and one leg, all he could, around the warm and snuggly body. "You can't move until I'm ready," he whispered.

Giles smiled, playing with the dark hair teasing his bare chest. "If you would like," he agreed. He tamped down his biological needs, not wanting to interrupt this special moment but eventually his body demanded some attention. "Xander," he said softly, "I need to move. I'll be back in a few moments."


"Just for a minute?"

"Why?" Xander lifted his head, blinking at his lover. He ran his hands over the strong back, smoothing the little wrinkles in the flesh out. "Give me a good reason."

"Biological functions." Xander unwrapped himself from his body, scooting back. "Thank you, just a moment," Giles promised as he slid out of the bed, heading for the bathroom. He had just started to relieve himself when the warm body molded itself against his back. "I didn't need the help," he whispered, blushing as the smaller hands did just that, helping until he finished.

"Shh," Xander whispered, licking over the older man's neck. "This is a bonding moment." He aligned himself in to the quivering crack. "See? Your body likes."

"As do I." Giles relaxed into the slow grind, closing his eyes as his hips started to rock in rhythm, helping the hand now stroking him. "Ahh," he sighed, going limp as he got off unhurriedly. The hands ran up his body, stroking in slow circles.


"Much." He turned in the loose arms to grab a short kiss. "Much better, love."

"Good, it's all part of my plan to keep you in bed today," Xander confessed with a naughty grin. He tried to back up but was held still, looking up into the green eyes. "I'm being sneaky," and his grin got bigger.

Giles shook his head. "I had no plans of moving unless we both wanted it anyway." He kissed Xander again and gave him a little squeeze. "Come, back to bed with us. I liked how we were earlier." He smiled as his young lover traded places with him, using the facilities.

They walked back to the bedroom together, making a quick stop to gather some breakfast materials, and Oz who had been at the door, before heading back to bed. They all snuggled down together, letting Oz cut the fruit up for them all so they could feed each other with little nips, licks, and kisses. Finally sated, they stripped Oz and cuddled back into the semi-sinful bed together.

Oz looked over at Giles then down at the man between them. "Missed the Xander filling," he noted.

Xander grinned. "I'll come be the meat in your sandwich any day," he quipped.

"So bad," Oz told him, nipping his neck before kissing Giles over his playmate's head.

"Truly rotten, but it falls to us to tame him," Giles told the, smiling down at the youngest man. "We've done a good job with it, he only has the random outburst now."

"Hey!" Xander complained. "I'm fine the way I am." He nipped Giles. "Just ask Blair," he said into the skin.

"We shouldn't have to," Oz said gently, pulling the now tense body against his. "You shouldn't have to ask either."

"Are we doing the talking thing?" Xander asked.

"I would like that," Giles said, hugging both of his men. "I would also like for you to have better self-esteem. We could never love a worthless man and we love you dearly." He squeezed them, smiling at Oz as he felt him squeeze Xander.

"But I'm not good at *anything*," Xander complained. Oz covered his mouth so he couldn't say any more.

"You're good at tons," Oz whispered in the younger man's ear. "You're good with the store and selling stuff. You're good at the writing stories for Miri stuff. You're a great father. You're good at the important things." Xander nodded, relaxing again. "You just have to decide some things."

"Things?" Giles asked.

"Just a little planning," Oz soothed. "College or not, more kids or not, the future stuff."

"No and no," Xander said firmly. He saw the small frown starting on Giles' face. "I'm not good at school."

"Actually, you're good with the business and they do have that program of study here. You might even think about bookkeeping classes so we don't have to pay anyone to do that for the store any longer." Giles rubbed down the shivering back. "Cold?"

"No, reaction to having to think again."

"Bookkeeping is a calculator math and simple formulas," Oz said quietly, "and you already do the business stuff."

"So why screw it up?"

"Because ten years from now we don't want you to regret not doing these things," Giles told him, giving him a small squeeze.

"Maybe when Miri's older," Xander said, looking at his men.

"We just want you to consider it," Oz whispered as he leaned down for a small kiss.

Xander nodded. "Okay, but no more kids." He saw a sad look flash across Giles' face for a brief second. "You wanted one?"

"Yes, I would like to carry on the family name and genes," Giles admitted, "but I accept Miri as my own."

Oz shrugged. "Not an issue for me at present. I refuse to pass on the furry problem." He cut in over Giles' attempted comment. "Even hypothetically."

"I can understand that," Xander said, rolling to look at him, "But if someone could find the virus, it could be weeded out by doing the test tube thing."

Oz kissed his lover deeply. "I know, but we can't do that yet." He moved his hand down the younger man's stomach, and down to his cock. "Both of us having these," he gave it a small stroke, "means it's more complicated."

"It's true there are many horror stories about surrogates," Giles mentioned as he scooted up behind Xander to cuddle him, "but they can't all be true, I'm sure the norm for them is a decent woman."

"Do you really want that, Giles?" Xander asked, turning his head to look at the older man.

"I would," he said gently, "but I don't need it."

Xander and Oz shared a look and nodded, all the times they had been there for each other let them know what the other was thinking and feeling at that moment. "We wouldn't mind," Oz said, "But they'd be communal too."

"Yup, we'd share and Miri would love to be a big sissy." He grinned at them both. "If you want one, have one, Giles, we'd love them too."

"I'll consider it," Giles told them with a pleased smile.

Xander nodded, snuggling into Oz's body. "Time for a nap."

Oz laughed. "You nap, we'll talk over you." The younger man shook his head. "No?"

"Nope, we *all* need a nap, heavy discussions require them to recuperate." He was cuddled harder, making him smile as he fell asleep safe and loved.


Xander looked up from his pampered space on the couch, watching his lover get them food. He held his arms up, silently asking for them to be filled, and Giles slid into them after taking off his robe. "Let me feed you?" Xander asked.

"I believe I'd like that," Giles whispered, stealing a small kiss. He handed over the carton of Chinese food with a small smile. "Shall I get us a plate?"

"Nope, we have a fork and a coffee table," Xander said as he set thing up the way he wanted, picking up some of the Kung Pao Chicken, dangling the spicy meat in front of the open mouth, playing it around the waiting lips. He waited until Giles settled on his back against his stomach to feed it to him, but this gave him an excellent view down the bare body. He dropped the meat so the older man could pull it off the plastic fork, going after a piece for himself as the first was chewed. They finished supper in that manner, just enjoying the time they were spending together. When someone knocked on the door, Giles discretely covered them with an afghan off the back of the couch.

Wesley walked in with their daughter, cradling her against his chest. "She wanted to say goodnight." He handed her over, stepping back to watch.

"Goodnight, Miri," Giles said, kissing her cheek. "Sweet dreams." He handed her over his head.

Xander grinned, taking his daughter to hug and kiss her. "Goodnight, sweetie."

She yawned and patted his face. "Night." She snuggled down on her Daddy's shoulder, playing with Daddy Giles' hair as she fell asleep.

Wesley smiled, taking her sleeping body back. "Good night," he whispered before leaving.

Xander looked down at Giles, seeing the small sad tint to his eyes. "I'd love another baby, Rupert," he whispered, leaning down to kiss the top of the older man's head. "So will Miri."

Giles looked up with a small smile. "I'm still considering if I really want and need one."

"You're a great daddy and it's important to you. We aren't hurting for money or space, and we're almost veterans of baby care now." He grinned wickedly. "But the majority of the diapers are your's. I got most of Miri's so it's only fair."

Giles laughed, shaking his head before turning over to give the younger man a hug. "I'll take that under advisement." They shared a long, slow kiss. "We'll see."

"Okay, just remember we'll stick up for you whichever way you go."

"I think I'm going this way," Giles told him, moving down to nip his lover's neck. "Or possibly lower."

"Hey, all good to me."

"So I noticed," he said as he stroked over the hardness that came out to rub against his stomach. "I do believe you missed more than cuddles."

"Yup, but I'm okay if you only want to cuddle." Giles lay back down, looking at him. "I really am. We don't have to start the sex stuff again, even though I'd love to have you buried in me, if you don't want to."

"I do think we should take this slower this time, do more talking and less sexual interplay, but if that's how you feel..."

Xander shook his head. "Didn't say that. I *said* that we didn't have to if you didn't want to."

Giles looked down his body. "I think it wants to, love." Xander rolled his eyes. "I know what you meant," he said, kissing him, "and I do agree. I would love just to hold you all night even though the thought of sex with you is about to send me plunging into you unprepared."

"Could," Xander reminded him and saw the hesitant look. "See, we do need to do some more talking." He looked down his body, his mind showing him what was hidden from his view. "That part still gets to me too," he admitted quietly, "and I can't lose you guys over that little part of me."

"Have you ever seen it?" Giles asked him, seeing the uneasiness. His lover shook his head. "When my cousin, my closest female relative, came into being a woman, her mother sat her down and handed her a mirror, telling her to examine her body and get used to it, that that was the only way she would ever be comfortable with what she was feeling and able to do now." Xander was looking at him now, uncertainty in his eyes. "I'd like to show you that part of yourself, make you see it as we do." He got a small nod in response so stood up, holding out a hand. "Come, let's go settle you on the bed and we'll find you a mirror."

"Don't have one you can hold."

"Then I'll go steal Oz's. He has one in his cage room." Giles walked the younger man into the bedroom, then headed over to his other lover's apartment, knocking gently before walking in. Oz just looked him over and shook his head. "Just going to steal your mirror to show Xander that part of himself."

"Sounds interesting."

"He can come over," Xander called.

Oz got up, heading to grab the mirror and followed Giles back to the younger man's apartment, closing both of their doors behind him. "You sure?"

"Yup, this way we can all see it together." Xander looked at the mirror then down at himself. "How are we going to do this?"

"Well, I thought about sitting down here and letting you see yourself while I held the mirror," Oz told him, "but Giles is going to have to lend a hand too so your balls don't get in the way." The younger man nodded. "Okay, spread those tight thighs for me," he said, moving between them and putting the mirror where it would need to be.

"Clothes," Giles reminded him. He held the mirror while Oz stood on the bed and stripped as fast as he could, watching him sit back down in his former position before handing it back. "Now," he said, lifting up the small sack and moving the lamp he had turned on so Xander could see it better, "just look at it for a few seconds."

"No outer lips?" Xander asked, reaching down to touch the area. He jumped as he felt his fingers graze over what he was seeing. "I thought I'd have big, fleshy outer lips like everyone else," he told his lovers. He tipped his head to the side. "Can you even see it when my balls are down?" Giles let them go, showing him the little hint of the separation they would normally see. "Okay." His balls were pulled back up again. "Um, wow." He looked up at Oz. "We should have done this sooner."

"Yup, we should have. Now examine it more, look at it all you want." Xander went back to the mirror image, touching around the edge. "Open yourself," Oz said quietly, watching as the small separation was opened to show the muscles inside. "See, very normal looking."

"Yeah," Xander whispered, running a finger around the opening then letting it dip inside to touch the moist muscles. When he couldn't really do what he wanted, he sat up, piling the pillows behind himself, propping himself up so he could reach his hole easier. He watched as his finger dipped inside, touching the muscles' edges then teasing across the width of the hole. "Ooh!" he shivered, eyes closing as he let the finger slip inside himself.

"Watch yourself," Oz whispered, shifting the mirror some to give him a better view.

Xander opened his eyes, watching his finger as it pleasured him, his other hand coming up to play with his cock. He make little pleasure noises in the back of his throat, eyes still riveted on his finger as it slid and out of him. He felt the bed dip as Giles sat beside him but didn't pay it any attention until his balls slipped back down. "No."

"Let me get something to hold them up better," Giles told him, pulling something out that he had made earlier, tying the little sack around the balls and against the swelling cock. "There, how's that?"

Oz nodded. "Much easier." He shifted the mirror some, letting Xander see more of himself. "Okay?"

The youngest man nodded, going back to what he had been doing, this time watching not only his finger but Giles' also. No matter how much he writhed at the feelings the fingers were giving him, he kept his eyes glued to that mirror, watching it all happen, even when another finger joined them, coming around the mirror to tease him too. He whimpered as he came, back arching up but still not able to take his eyes from the sight of his body. He brought up some of the clear liquid, tasting it with a little lick, then looked at his men. "I taste good," he said, grinning. "And we need another mirror, a bigger one."

"We'll figure out how to do that," Oz assured him, putting the one he held aside to move up the youngest man's body, kissing him. "Yes, you do taste good, we found that out the first day and we should have shared that with you then."

"Yup, we should have done that sooner." He pulled Giles down beside them. "I liked that." He kissed him too then took his dirty finger to clean for him, switching it out for the one Oz held up.

"That is sexy," Oz told him, kissing their lover gently, sharing the taste with him. He smiled at the hand moving down to play with him. "I want to play with you now," he said, sitting back up and taking the hand off his cock. "Giles, go get the video camera so he can watch it later, the one with the screen." The older man left, coming back after a few seconds later with the camera they used to tape Miri's important moments, sliding a new tape into the slot. "That's a new one, right? Not her birthday? I don't want her to be traumatized in a few years."

"No, dear, I unwrapped it from your stash in the drawer in the office." He positioned it to best show the area, adjusting the lamp so it wouldn't glare on the screen, then nodded at Oz.

Oz slowly kissed and licked his way down the firm body under his, not playing or teasing, just making his way quickly down to the area he wanted to be at. He glanced at the little screen then shifted the camera to get a better angle, going back to his licking. He licked over the outside of the youngest man's hole, slowly working his tongue inside, holding the legs down as they started to buck beside him, not even noticing that Giles had to reposition the camera for him since he was now inside the tight heat. He licked and sucked on the hole, working his tongue to the best of his abilities, smiling as he felt the tremors signaling an orgasm start. He saw the camera being moved from the corner of his eye, but knew that Giles wanted to catch the look on Xander's face, so continued on his mission to help his lover understand himself better. The second one took him by surprise but he rode it out, shifting his body so he wasn't pushing his hardness uncomfortably into the mattress. He sighed as he raised up to look at his lover, licking his lips, and was instantly pulled down so Xander could do it for him. When the kiss after he was clean ended, Oz pulled back, looking at him. "See?"

"Very muchly," Xander said, with a small, happy smile. "Now I see what you guys do and that was *so* hot." He rolled onto his side, pulling Oz down to cuddle him. "Come nap with us, Giles?"

"I believe I have..."

"I'll fix that," Oz told him but he found himself sharing it with Xander, who matched him tongue play for tongue play, the older man coming while they were teasing him.

Xander looked down at Oz then up into his eyes, and getting a little nod, went down to thank him for what he had done. He sucked him in slowly, teasing his tongue along the veining and the interesting spots he had discovered on earlier forays into that territory, pleasing them both when Oz came the first time Xander swallowed him.

They all lay there in a pile, limbs tangled, camera forgotten, lamp on the floor. "Wow," Xander said finally. Oz pushed on his head to make him be quiet so he could sleep. "No, I mean really wow. We just really made love." Giles pulled himself up to look at him. "I mean, we were showing me what to do and I felt like I *had* to make sure you guys got tons of pleasure too."

"I'm glad you realized that," Giles said, smiling down at him. "Now rest, love, we all need it after that."

Oz nodded from his position on Xander's chest. "Nap," he said firmly. "Make love later."

"Okay." Xander stroked through both older men's hair, touching gently what he finally realized was his too.