New Places to Play In.

Xander watched his daughter crawl around Giles' living room to babble at the various pieces of furniture. He blindly snuck a kiss from Oz as he leaned over the back of the couch.

Oz pulled his head around, giving him a deep, passionate kiss then smiled at their daughter. "Touch that plant again and take a nap," he warned.

"At least it wasn't one of the books," Xander said quietly. "Got up for a soda yesterday. By the time I turned around, she was trying to read it."

Giles snorted. "She has been raised around magic," he reminded them, patting his leg as he walked past where she was sitting. She followed him, talking the whole way.

"Pretty soon she'll be fetching," Oz quipped.

Giles glared at them. "She is not a dog." His expression softened as he looked at his youngest lover. "We have to go in tomorrow," he said happily.

Xander stood awkwardly, the bandages between his legs feeling like a diaper still, and wandered into the kitchen for a kiss. "Then one more week before more than cuddles." He smiled at Oz, waving him in for a hug. "We okay with this part?"

"Which? Bandages coming off or the other?" He rested in the strong arms of both his men. "I'm okay if you are. Just give me a few minutes to look at you." He felt the timid nod so looked up at Xander. "Not sending you away. She was wrong." He cleared his throat. "Buffy said that to hurt us. I like you for the whole you, even this new you."

Xander nodded again and was hugged by all of them, even Miri. He bent down to pick his little girl up so they could all hug her. "We've got to go home soon so someone can nap. Then we can go shopping." She clapped her hands. "But you are staying away from the fruits this time."

Giles groaned. "I had no idea she could reach that far." He still shuddered when someone mentioned the words 'apples' or 'oranges', remembering quite clearly the waterfall effect of falling fruit.

"Babies have incredibly stretchy arms," Xander told him.

"And ours has a future of crime." Oz tweaked the end of her nose. "Grapes," he said when Giles looked at him.

The oldest man nodded, giving the baby a sad look. "I'm afraid so. She has this habit of shoplifting them." He touched her long hair, smiling at her father. "Ate a whole stem. The cashier caught her."

Xander nodded, shifting her higher in his arms. "Remind me sometime to tell you about my own record of grand theft strawberries." He kissed the side of her head. "Come on, Miri, let's let you nap." He put her in her stroller, waving at his lovers.

"Wait up," Oz said, kissing Giles quickly and following them out the door. "Want to see what you did to your place."

Xander grimaced. He had taken his frustration and confusion over his operation, and his anger at Buffy, out in decorating his apartment above the store they all ran. "Sure," he sighed, handing over the stroller. "You push."

Oz looked at the wall, nodding at the soft, multi-colored surface. "Sponge?"

"Yeah," Xander said, sinking onto his new couch. "The endless hitting let me work out my frustration." He closed the blinds with the remote and turned on the lamp with the dimmer switch on the table. "Top coat's silver," he said, watching the little specks sparkle. "You really like?"

"Very artistic and comfy," Oz said, coming over to sit beside him. "Spend your hospital settlement money?"

"The interest for the last year." He yawned, leaning against his lover and closing his eyes. "Not too much?"

He shook his head. "Just right. One question though, what are the big blots from?"

"Thrown stuff," Xander admitted quietly.

"Explains the lamp and vase shaped ones but what's the big silver one?" He pointed it out.

"Bear," Xander said, not opening his eyes. "My mother sent her a bear for her birthday. Three actually, two pink and one brown one." He opened his eyes to look up. "The remaining two are deep in your closet."

Oz nodded slowly. "Her birthday's not for almost two months."

"She forgot when, that's what the card said." He started to shrug but decided to cuddle instead. "I don't want her to have them."

"Then they'll be in my closet until she's old enough to decide about your mom." He pulled Xander onto him, turning to lie down. "Sleep, babe, I'll listen for her." Xander nodded, snuggling down. He waited until the younger man was asleep to whisper the rest. "I'll protect you both."


Xander walked through the grocery store, keeping an eye on Miri as he grabbed food. He pulled up beside Willow, letting the baby grab her bare waist.

"Hey!" She turned, breaking out in a big smile. "Did you grab me?" she asked the little girl.

"Me!" Miri said happily, waving her arms for a hug. "Me, me!"

Willow leaned down, hugging her. "Yes, you." She straightened up, looking at Xander. "Shopping?"

"Yup. She needs nummies and I need real food." He stroked the baby's hair. "Want to help?" She nodded so they headed down the aisles. Xander stopped in front of the baby food, looking at her then the jars, a few times. "Okay, what do you want to eat?" he asked her.

"She needs veggies," Willow said, pulling some jars of corn down. And some asparagus. And some broccoli.

Xander tossed in some meat-based jars. "Glad you weren't in charge of feeding me," he joked. He threw in some bananas and some other fruits. "We got balance," he cheered, kissing his daughter's cheek.

Willow smiled, laughing lightly. "Almost." She tossed in some more veggies. "Now you do." She smirked. "Come on, I have to go try to fix Spike again."

"Uh-huh," he said, nodding, with just a hint of a smile. "You just enjoy having a lap dog." She smiled, nodding happily. "Okay," he said. "I'll play that game." He shrugged and they started for the register. He patted down his pockets, frowning.

She handed him her basket, taking his keys to Giles' car, and went out to find his checkbook. She came back in pulling Oz behind her. "You forgot them at home," she told him.

Oz handed over the checkbook and the loose money, stealing a quick kiss. "It was on the coffee table." He hugged the baby, who was napping - almost. "Come on, want to check your bandages."

They checked out, heading home.


Oz walked over from his apartment, after having helped Willow carry up the groceries so Xander only had to carry Miri, sitting down on the comfy couch beside them. "Our lawyer just called. He wants to know if you want to sue your parents," he said quietly. Xander shrugged, looking at the crib in the corner. "You could get a restraining order. She tried to call Social Services," he whispered, leaning on the firm shoulder.

Xander turned to frown at him. "Did she?"

"She did, they're not opening an investigation at this time. Seems the complaint was baseless, something about you being a transsexual."

"But I'm not *doing* that!"

"We know." He licked over the tense neck. "Giles will be here soon, we'll plan. Relax, no one in their right mind would take her from us."

Giles walked in and saw the angry look so decided to change the subject. He looked at the new furniture and paint job, smiling. "I see you worked things out in your own way." The younger man gave him an embarrassed grin, motioning him over. "As long as you didn't move the furniture."

"Nope, went to LA to a big, huge discount furniture place that was having a major sale. Got it cheap and they delivered." He grinned to cover the lie. "Only spent half the yearly interest from the hospital thing for both rooms."

"It's comfy too," Willow said, going with the topic change. "I laid down on the bed to test it and it was sinful but firm." She handed off Miri to her dad. "She was having puppy dreams."

Giles frowned at her. "Why does everyone insist she's dog-like." He waved at her. "You're a nice, normal, healthy child. Aren't you?" She babbled at him. "See, she agrees. Do stop saying that about my daughter."

Xander nodded. "Yup, and she's ours too." He kissed the top of her head.


Wesley beamed as Giles and Miri walked into Angel's office, taking her immediately from her stroller. "And how are we today, Miriam love?" She babbled and patted his face. "Ah, I see. We'll have to discuss that later." He looked up at Giles. "Doctor's visit?"

"And lunch." He motioned Wesley closer, leaning down some. "Xander's mother had tried to call Social Services to have her taken because of his surgery," he said quietly. "We've stopped them but do be careful about her today."

Wesley sat back up, frowning. "That woman is evil. As evil as anything we've fought, Rupert. Can you do anything against her?" He saw the small shrug and sighed. "I'll not let her out of my sight, don't worry."

Giles nodded. "Thank you." He checked his watch. "I'd best go now. Have fun." He left the office.

"No one shall take you on my watch," he promised, hugging her tightly.


Oz stood behind the doctor, watching the layers of bandages come off. He gasped when the area was finally uncovered, then smiled up at his lovers. "Not bad. Very natural."

The doctor chuckled. "It's the opening he was born with, we just reopened it for him." He pulled out the stirrups. "Feet up, please. I need to check the inside of it too."

Oz walked back up, grabbing Xander's free hand, kissing his forehead as fingers entered him for the first time. "How does it feel?" he asked.

"Strange," Xander said, trying to wiggle away. "That hurts."

"Sorry." The doctor looked up, removing his fingers to pick up a plastic, duck billed-looking piece of equipment. "I need to take a closer look. You'll feel some pressure when I open this," he demonstrated, "then my fingers will be going back in." Xander nodded, clutching Oz's and Giles' hands as the speculum was opened. "Okay, now I have to look." He rearranged the light.

Giles leaned down, kissing his lover lightly. "You're doing so well," he whispered. "Just a bit longer and we can gather Miri and go home."

Oz squeezed his hand. "Then we want to look at you," he said quietly. Xander nodded, gasping as the doctor pulled out of him.

"Okay, Xander, sit up so we can talk." He tossed his gloves and the speculum in the specially marked trash can, then looked up at the three men, getting comfortable. "The ultrasound didn't show a few irregularities." He cleared his throat. "Your cervix is completely closed by scar tissue. I'd have to look at your hormonal work-up, but I'd say you're not ovulating." Xander grinned, sighing in relief. "Yes, well, just a guess here but a few doses of hormones and you could do the artificial insemination route easily." All three of their mouths fell open. "This is fully your decision but I want to start monitoring you more closely. Blood tests every three months and exams every six for the next year." Xander nodded slowly. "I also expect for you to have some sort of hormonal swings if you start using it." He smiled kindly. "Everything else looks fine so we could reclose, correctly this time, in a few more weeks."

Oz grunted. "What about..."

"More than likely, you'll need some lubricant. Please use a water based one. Other than that? Be *very* gentle with it."

Giles nodded. "I don't believe we'd be anything but gentle." He patted the young man's shoulder. "We do have one concern though. Someone told his parents and they called Protective Services."

The doctor grimaced. "If he allows it, I can testify. No problems there. I'll check on this end though, see if one of my staff leaked the information." He patted his patient's knee. "Be kind to it for another week then learn what it does so you can decide about reclosing." He stood up. "Any other questions?"

"PMS?" Xander asked.

"Not as far as I can tell, but that's why we'll be monitoring your hormones. Definitely no period."

Oz nudged his lover's shoulder. "Just don't get cranky with me, I'm fragile." Xander hugged him tightly then Giles. "Okay, so clothing?" Oz asked the doctor.

"I'd stay with loose clothes for a while." The doctor waved, walking out. "Have fun gentlemen."

"Wow," Oz said, summing it up for them.

Wesley looked up from his reading on the couch in Angel's outer office, frowning at the spot Miriam had been in not a minute earlier. "Miriam?" he called, sitting up. When she didn't reappear, he wandered around the office, checking everywhere he thought she could get into, calling her name quietly so he wouldn't wake Angel.

Angel woke up to something sitting on his chest. Not a very big or a very heavy something, but definitely something, and it was staring at him. He opened his eyes, focusing on the baby. "Who let you down here?" he asked her.

She waved her arms and babbled, wiggling on his bare chest. "Me!" she said finally, nodding.

He chuckled, sitting up, putting her on his covered lap, making sure the blanket covering his nudity was between them. "So, how did you get down here?" He ducked the candlestick that came flying at his head, frowning at her. "Did you do that?" It made another pass while she made airplane noises by vibrating her lips, just like daddy probably. He set her on the bed, grabbing his robe to slip on. He held his hands out to her, smiling as she crawled into them, hugging him. "Thank you, but you should be upstairs."

"No!" she said, letting him go, falling back onto the bed thankfully. But she started to cry.

"Miriam," Wesley exclaimed as he walked into the apartment. "How did you get down here?"

"Same way she made a candlestick fly," Angel said dryly. "And she doesn't want to go back upstairs either." He smiled at his helper. "You deal with her while I get dressed."

"I'm sorry, I didn't know she would wake you up," Wesley said, sitting down on the bed to hug her. "There, there, love, he'll be back and you can play with him if he says so," he soothed.

Angel looked out of the bathroom, snorting. "What kid would want to play with me?"

"Spike!" Miriam said happily. Then she babbled another string of me's and no's.

Angel nodded. "Okay then," he said, slipping back into the bathroom to change. When he came out, Wesley was asleep on his bed and Miriam could be heard in the next room. He walked that way, taking the book of demon classification from her, making her cry again. "Oh, stop it," he said quietly, putting the book on the table, well out of her reach. Then he watched it fly back down to her. "No," he said, taking it again, this time putting it back into the bookcase. And again, he watched it fly down, with another one this time, a book of spells he had stolen off Giles. "No," he said, picking her up and wandering over to the elevator. "Lets go find you one of *your* books." He scowled at the man on the bed. "We'll be discussing this later, Wesley," he promised quietly as he pushed the button for the elevator.

Unfortunately, the gate on it wouldn't open. He looked down at the baby he held, looking into her deep brown eyes, so much like her father's. "Don't give me that look. Your bottles are all upstairs, along with your books." He ducked as she pulled the book over to her again, just getting his head out of its way. "Miriam," he sighed, sitting down with her on the couch. "You can't read that book, it's not for you."

"I quite agree," Giles said, coming off the elevator. He picked up his spell book. "I had wondered where this went to." He looked at their communal daughter. "We've had a discussion about his, Miri, no books like this for you yet."

Xander frowned, slapping his arm lightly. "Not until she can use on her own," he reminded. "We made a deal." He looked at his daughter. "Drop it. Now," he said quietly, giving her his 'dad' look. And she did, it fell onto the floor. And Angel's bare foot.

"Oww," he complained, handing her off. "She snuck away from Wesley, he's apparently having a nap problem."

Oz snorted. "Yeah, she's done that to me a few times too, but only at Giles'. She's drawn to his books." He wiggled his fingers at her. "Behave or no music later." She pouted. "No," he said, shaking his head.

"Me?" she asked pitifully.

"No, not you," Oz told her. "No music for you unless you be good." He shared a look with Giles and they both looked at her father, who was holding her.

"What?" Xander asked.

"We were thinking of inhibiting her for a while," Giles said. "A small spell to keep her from pulling things and the like."

The youngest man frowned. "We'll see," he said. He looked at Angel, smiling slightly. "She hurt you much?"

"No, scared me some. Woke up to her sitting on my chest staring at me." All three of them nodded, smiling these tolerant smiles. "I see that's happened before." They all nodded again. "Okay, so what's up with her?"

"She has a gift," Giles said, sitting down and taking both daddy and daughter into his lap. "Telekinesis. It was turned on by a Spirit Guardian."

"Who hated a lamp," Oz reminded them. He took Miri, sitting on the other side of the couch. "But when the spirit was banished, she kept the gift. Now we have to cover her crib or all sorts of things wake up with her in the morning."

"Wrenches," Xander told them. "It was shiny and she liked it."

"Well, she has good taste then," Cordelia said as she walked into the room. She waved at the baby, who plucked a flower from her bouquet. "Hey, that's mine. I earned it by going out on a date with a guy I didn't like." She took the flower back after rubbing it down the baby's cheek. "Yes, you're going to be a wonderful woman. Very pretty and smart." She smiled at the father. "And I'll even teach you how to dress cutely if daddy will keep letting Uncle Wesley sit you." She looked around. "Where is he anyway?"

"She's been broadcasting nap feelings," Oz said.

Angel pointed at his room. "Woke up to her sitting on my chest." He shrugged at her look. "Sorry, but she thought I was Spike."

Xander laughed. "Oh, you're not Spike. He and Willow are her favorite babysitters." He waved at his daughter. "And if you're really lucky, they'll take you again tomorrow night."

"Willow was giving your bed wanton looks," Oz noted. He looked down at the little girl. "Would you like to see Auntie Willow tonight?"

"Spike!" she said happily, bouncing. Then she started to chant his name.

"Oh, bloody hell, she's found me here too," Spike said as he walked in. He tugged on a piece of her hair. "Willow sent me to find you before you three came home. Said to tell you Buffy's out now before I go play." He grimaced. "Bloody machine of yours must have quit," he told Oz, who shrugged. "Now if only you could find something for my head?"

"Not likely," Oz told him. "I'm not in with the Fed anymore." He handed off the baby, standing up. "Where is she?"

"Her ma's. She ran home to her as soon as she got out. The witch bribed a nurse to call her with updates." He looked down at the baby. "Did you get your monsters confused, sweetling? He's not me."

"Spike," Xander said in warning. The vampire gave him his best innocent look. "Yeah, right," he snorted, "get over it. You're staying this way so we can have a dependable sitter."

"You've gotten cruel in your old age," Spike whined. "It's bad enough the witch keeps trying to mess the blinking chip up and ends up turning me into the poof here," he motioned at Angel, "but to insult me like that? I've been good. She's made sure of it."

Giles smiled, just a hint of malice in it. "I'm sure she has," he said quietly, "we'll talk to her later about messing with your chip." He smiled at his daughter as she landed in Angel's lap. "Thank you for the information. It's always best to know where one's enemies are."

"Are we?" Xander asked quietly. Giles gave him a confused look. "Sure, she's been cruel, but she needs us to help her."

"Then she can apologize," Giles said quietly, kissing the younger man's cheek. "She had no right to say that to either of you and I refuse to let her get away with it." He hugged him tighter. "We'll figure out what place she should have later or tomorrow, my dear boy. Never worry that she's going to hurt you again." He looked at Angel. "Buffy seems to think some very cruel things about him right now." He stood up, settling his lover on his feet. "Come on then, let's take the baby home." He took the bag from Cordelia, letting Oz take the baby. "We'll be back soon. Don't blame Wesley too much, it's not his fault she's got a stronger will than him, she gets it from her father."

Xander laughed, hugging him. "Yeah, she does. Combined." He walked into the elevator, taking his daughter. "My turn."

Angel waited until they were alone. "Cordy, I need the Malifectum. It's on the second shelf upstairs. We need to check up on her. A baby could do some very bad things with power like that." She nodded, using the stairs.


Giles looked around his apartment, shaking his head. "I wonder who did this?" he said snidely, walking over to look at the books that had been pulled out. "Don't seem to be any missing."

Oz stood behind him, doing a silent count. "Giles, that case held seventy-six books, how many are there, seventy-four?" He got a small nod so helped him right the contents. "I'm not telling him," he whispered.

"No, Xander shouldn't know that she was looking for things to use against us." He straightened up. "She took a small book of spells and one on demonology?" he asked the piles.

"Which she are we talking about?" Willow asked as she walked in. "His mother or the other she?" She walked over to look at the piles. "Okay, I'm guessing the blond she."

"That would be my assumption also," Giles said tiredly. "We'll have to wait and see what she does with them though."

"We're going to wait and see what sort of demon she calls up?" Oz asked. He pulled Giles to the couch, sitting him down. "I'm thinking some offensive tactics are called for this time, Rupe."

Giles shook his head. "No, if we do that, we could spook her into calling up something so powerful only she could stop it."

Willow shook her head. "I'm going to go over and see if she's ready to be human. Later." She closed the door behind herself.

Oz looked at Giles and smiled. "We should go camp at his place this time. He has food now. And cable." The older man smiled up at him. "And I want to check him out, take a closer look. It's really very much like he looked before, just a small line when it's closed." He helped Giles to his feet, walking him out to the sidewalk, locking the door behind himself. "Oh, and have I said how much your idea to let people study your books and copy information turns me on?"

"Oz, right now, everything turns you on. You're clearly about to change." He smiled gently down at his lover. "I guess we'll just have to wear you out well enough to let you sleep your first night." They walked down the street together, smiling and/or nodding at people they knew.

Oz ran up the stairs first, bursting into Xander's apartment, frowning at the man sitting on the couch, fully dressed. "Not bathing?" he almost whined, sliding down next to him. "I would have thought that you'd be taking a long soak since you couldn't for the last month."

Xander handed over the card he'd picked up from under the door. "Was inside," he said quietly. He looked up as Giles walked in and shut the door. "Lock it, please?" The older man nodded, doing so easily. "My mother wants to visit with her." He glanced toward the crib, where Miri was playing with a bear. "It was under *my* door, Giles. Somehow she got up here."

He frowned, taking the card from the limp hands and reading it. "I dare say not." He sat down on the other side of Xander, fitting himself into the small space to hold him tightly. "I'll write her a nasty reply, how's that?"

"Won't work."

"Restraining order," Oz suggested again. "We could file in the morning." Xander shook his head. "No?"

"No, I checked and we don't have probable cause for harm. Emotional pain isn't good enough." He fell into his friend's arms, clutching him tightly. "I don't want her here, she'll taint the room," he whispered.

"Then we'll make it a neutral place," Giles suggested. "And we'll all be there, make it very clear that she'll not see her again." He rubbed over the tense back. "Don't worry so much, Xander, we'll take care of you. Same as always."

"I know," he sighed, pulling back to look at the much older man, "but I still worry. I remember what living with her was like and I refuse to do it again." He snuggled into his chest, closing his eyes. "Can I have cuddles? I was about to come hide at your place."

"Of course you may," Giles said softy, sharing a look with Oz over his head. "You know you only have to ask."

"Got to grab something from my place, be right back," Oz said, getting up and unlocking the door. He came back in under five minutes, nodding at them, tossing over the bottle of lube. "We decided that we had to christen your new bedroom," he said with a small grin. "You game?"

"Want to bathe first," Xander said with a small smile. "Had a new one put in, really nice. Want to come help?" He looked at Giles. "You too?"

Giles looked at the connecting wall to the bedroom and bathroom. "Where did you get the space?"

"There's a big open space next to both of our apartments," Xander told him. "I had to have someone come in to install the air conditioners since I was still in bed then and I had him look and see if anything else could be done to give her her own room." He kissed them both then stood up. "That was the other half of my interest for the year. The crib will be moved in another three days, once the plaster is dry and the smell is gone." He held out his hands. "Come see. It's in that space that used to be the attic." He led them through the new, larger, bathroom, opening the other door with a flourish.

Oz's breath caught as he walked in, smiling at the painted on animals and the small furniture. He turned around, then looked up to see the stars on the ceiling. "Wow," he whispered. He looked at Giles, who was looking out the window. "This is nice."

Xander nodded. "Yup, very nice. Most everything's in here already and she's seen it and approved. And you notice the walls have some padded feeling to them," he patted the soft pale green fabric draping the walls. "I put some padding in between the panels but I made sure that the baby monitor will still carry through it." He turned it over, showing the bluish/purple fabric on the other side. "There really is nothing on during the day except cooking and decorating shows, and soaps." He grinned, accepting the hug from Giles. "I learned how to paint really quickly," he said. He sighed as Oz hugged him from behind. "This is okay?"

"Very okay," Oz told him. "I'm sure she loves it already."

Giles nodded. "I wouldn't mind living here. Maybe bring my study into this space on Oz's side." He smiled at his other lover, accepting the kiss across Xander's shoulder. "Very nicely done, love."

Xander squeezed them both. "There was one other thing, I had him check the codes, since this was going to have an inspection, and Oz, our living rooms are out of code. I had another beam put into my ceiling but yours would still need it."

"Okay, how much and who did you use?"

"I used the guy on the corner and he had great references. I told him I'd send him to you." He turned, hugging his other lover hard. "So nice to share this with you," he whispered. "Like living with you."

"You know," Giles said with a teasing smile. "There's that rather large storage space that we never use downstairs. I could always move there and we'd never have to travel again." Xander laughed and hugged him, trying hard to pick him up and swing him around. "Enough of that," he said gently, "you're not supposed to be lifting yet." He petted through the dark hair. "Would you like that, Xander?"

"Yup," he said, nodding.

"Me too," Oz said, smiling at him. "And less of a commute to work if we sleep in."

"And with the settlement money we have, it shouldn't drain us too much," Xander added. "And I kinda already had him measure it," he said, backing away slightly. "He made some really cute plans and everything." He ran into Oz, being grabbed, so turned to give him a small kiss. "You have one for your space too. Especially since your apartment was done backwards from mine."

Giles tapped the youngest man on the back, taking his own kiss. "I believe we should talk more about this first but I'll agree to look at them if Oz would."

"Hey, could use a home office and cage space," Oz said, nodding. "We'll see, Xan." He kissed him hard. "Let's see this new tub." They walked back into the bathroom, gasping at the large tub the younger man pulled the curtain from around. "Whoa. Jacuzzi and everything I bet." He bent down to look at the controls and grunted as he felt his rear being pinched. "Just for that, I should take a taste of you."

"I'd like that, I believe," Giles said, pulling him around to kiss him hard. "I did what Xander was thinking, dear, so you can taste me."

Xander snorted, turning on the water. "Come on guys, I can't have sex for another week."

"Did you hear the doctor say that?" Oz asked Giles, who shook his head. "We didn't hear him say that. We heard 'be gentle' but not anything about no sex." He pulled the younger man into his arms, plastering him against the wall to kiss him hard. He licked over the now sensitive lips as he pulled back. "Strip for us babe, want to see all of you." He pulled back, sitting on the small bench that was built onto the outside of the tub. "Show me all you have."

Xander took off his sweatpants, slowly sliding them down. He wiggled his eyebrows at the small smile for his underwearless state, turning to bend over so he could take the pants off his ankles. His breath caught at the tender touch to his body, the first in a month, pushing back against the soft fingers. "Oz," he whispered. "No teasing."

"I'm not," Giles said. He spanked the firm rear, just once. "I do wish you two would give me some credit for being naughty."

Xander stripped off his shirt, straddling both their laps since Oz was in Giles' lap. "You're so very naughty you should be taken," he licked over the side of Oz's neck, "hard." He grinned, getting up to turn off the water. "Okay, everyone into the tub." He climbed into the water, sighing at the silky feel of it against his bare bottom. Then gasped as he felt it enter him for the first time. "Okay, now I understand why women do this. Felt nice." He curled up in his corner, watching Giles and Oz take the other side. "No cuddles?" he asked with a pout. He looked over his shoulder to make sure the door was open, then turned back to find Oz in front of him, his mouth being taken hostage again. "Yeah, like that," he said, pushing against the teasing fingers around his cock. "Please?"

"Sit up on the edge, babe, want to look at you." He gave him one last kiss, then watched his younger lover sit on the edge of the tub, sitting on his knees to examine him. "Spread those tight thighs for me, Xander," he whispered, right before licking over hard cock.

Xander leaned back against the side of the sink, bracing himself on it, as he opened himself fully up to his lover, letting him do what he wanted to with him. He jumped as he felt the gentle lick to his new hole and had to restrain himself from pushing him away, needing to get over this part if he was going to keep it open. "Please," he begged, pushing against the tongue.

"In a minute," Giles promised. He came up behind Oz, touching the area also, holding up the heavy sac to look at it. "Very sweet looking," he murmured, using both his and Oz's finger to touch it, both of them looking at the youngest man's face to see if it bothered him. Xander was panting, wanting more now, so they entered him slowly, feeling around the surface.

"Feels normal," Oz said, wiggling his talented finger around. "Not any different at all." He leaned down, sucking and licking the spot, then inside. He came up with a great big smile. "Tastes the same."

Giles laughed lightly, turning his head to share the taste with a kiss. "Yes, it does, doesn't it." He sat up, sharing a light kiss with Xander. "Come into the water, love, let us play."

He nodded, sliding down onto Giles' thighs, kissing him hard. "Yes, want you to play, teach me how to work it." Oz chuckled behind him, sliding up between their spread thighs as Giles scooted them backwards. Xander wiggled as he felt the slick finger enter him. "Yeah, Oz, please," he sighed.

Giles looked at Oz. "Are you sure?"

"Yup, want this one," Oz told him. "We agreed. You can have it when we do our first threesome in him." He added another finger into the tight channel, spreading them gently. "Want you," he told the younger man, pulling out his fingers to slide into the new hole. "So very much." He pulled Xander onto his lap, watching him suck on Giles' tongue while he took this all-important first. "Liking?" he asked after he was all the way in.

"Very," Xander panted. "Want more, now." He pushed back, moaning as the slightly older man buried deeper into him. "Yeah," he panted, riding him now. "Glad I didn't put in too much water," he said, grinning at Giles. "I know you want some of this," he said, pulling off Oz to turn around, wiggling at both of them as he rested against the back of the tub. "So I'll let you both."

"Gentle use," Oz reminded him, sliding back in slowly, watching himself. "Do like this though." He looked at the head resting on his shoulder. "How about you?"

"I find it most intriguing," Giles said, sliding a hand over to touch the area, to tease and entice. "Bit different without a clit, but otherwise normal." He smiled at Xander's incredulous look. "Well, it looks much the same. No fleshy outer lips but otherwise normal." He moved around his lover, taking a taste for himself. "Hmm, very nice." He did it again, licking Oz as he went in to provide more moisture. He smiled as the squishing noises began, telling them both it would all be fine in there. "Do hurry up, Oz, I want to play too," he said softly, smiling.

Oz shot off, moaning, leaning down to kiss Giles deeply, then pushing in as he finished shooting off, taking one from Xander, awkwardly at best. "Need to find another position," he complained. "Like his mouth." He pulled out, smiling at the moisture that tried to follow him. "Looks normal still," he said, shrugging. "And you were worried."

Giles moved him out of the way, lapping delicately at the small fold of flesh. "I'm sure we can find many hours of mutual pleasure from this aspect of you, my dear boy, so relax about it." He dove in with his tongue, sending Xander crashing over into his first vaginal orgasm. "Ah, I had hoped you'd have one of those with us soon." He slid a finger in, bringing him down gently with tender thrusting. "Would you like some more?" he asked sweetly.

"Stop and get jumped," the youngest man promised, closing his eyes and leaning his head on his crossed arms. "Need knee pads. Want to stay like this." Oz chuckled so he looked at him. "Well, I like this. I think I'm keeping it." He wiggled his eyebrows. "Much more fun than just *one* hole." He wiggled his butt at Giles when he felt the small swat. "Okay, I can go with that level of play," he offered. He moaned as he felt the slick slide into him again, watching Giles enter him for the first time. "Good?" he asked with a small grin. "I've already started those exercises to keep it tight for you two."

Giles moaned, leaning across the younger man's back. "I'm sure you have," he said, panting as the younger man showed him, looking at Oz. "How did you stay so long?"

"Easy, wasn't as tempted as you were." He teased the older man's hole, sliding a finger into it. "Do him good and get a reward."

"Yeah, me," Xander said, pushing back. "Understand now why women want men who last longer. Please more?"

Giles smiled and pulled out, pushing back in harder this time. "How's that?"

"Good, more," Xander said, grinning over his shoulder. "Want lots more, Giles. Now!" He squeezed his newly found muscles, liking the way the older man's face bugged out and he came immediately. "Oh, please," he begged, shutting up quickly when the older man's tongue replaced what had been in there, working him hard, one hand on his cock, a finger teasing his prostate, his tongue giving him the hard ride he wanted. "Yes!" Xander shouted, coming again. He smiled as he came down, feeling himself being pulled back down into the water, looking up at his men. "Thank you," he whispered.

"You're welcome," Oz told him, getting out of the tub. "Got to go check on Miri. You rest and recuperate so we can pull you into bed to christen it."

Xander curled up with Giles. "Did you like?" he asked softly.

"I haven't been that excited since before I was your age," he admitted. "I'm almost ashamed of my performance, I'll just have to steel myself to do better next time." Xander giggled, snuggling onto his chest. "Sleep, precious one, we're still here." The younger man simply nodded, closing his eyes, as he curled up on the older man's body.

Oz came back an hour later, after feeding and talking with Miri, smiling at the two men sleeping in the sinful tub, adding some more water to keep it warm. He climbed in beside them, setting the baby monitor on the sink.


Xander looked out across the mall, wondering where his mother was. It had taken Giles almost three days to talk him into this meeting, at last telling him he'd regret it sometime in the future. So here he and Miri and Oz were, watching the crowds. Finally, his mother sat down across from them. "Hello," she said quietly, waving at the child. "How are you, deary?"

"She's fine, mother," he said quietly. "Why did you want to do this?"

"Because I felt I was too harsh before and I want to be a part of her life, same as I was yours."

Oz took the child at the look on his lover's face. "Let me go change her," he said, taking her bag and walking into the bathroom.

Xander leaned closer. "Mother, you weren't there for me. I refuse to let you screw her up."

"Son, she needs to be around normal people." She pulled a page out of her pocketbook, a page from one of Giles' books. "You can't expose her to this," she said quietly. "Just give us custody and we won't tell."

"Who'll believe you," he said, taking the page. "And I don't deal with this one, sorry." He stood up. "Meeting's over. Go tell and see who listens Mother, no one wants to know." He took the stroller, pushing it toward the bathroom. He heard the quiet spell words and walked faster, getting to Oz as he felt the strangeness hit. "No," he moaned, grabbing him. "Her," he whispered.

Oz caught him as he fell, putting Miri back into the stroller quickly. He looked around to see if anybody was around as he pulled out his cellphone. "Giles? I think we guessed the wrong person took your books. No, the mall. Need you up here now, and maybe Will. No, he's breathing, sleeping but breathing." He hung up, nodding at the security guard. "Can you take him to a couch or something? I think he passed out. His mother was saying cruel things about *our* child."

The guard called for some help and they got him onto a nearby couch, leaving them alone once Giles came to help.


Giles looked at the sleeping form on the bed. "Well, with what was in the book and the relative inexperience of the person casting, either she bollixed it or she had someone else work him over." He closed his book, looking at Oz. "I can do a general counter while you go get the books back." He frowned as someone knocked on the door. "Make sure that's Willow before you let her in."

Oz walked out, smiling at his former girlfriend, and frowning at Buffy. "What do you want?" he asked, very quiet and very controlled.

"I want to help," Buffy said, looking down. "Just because I was being mean to him doesn't mean I won't protect him, Oz. Just tell me what to beat up and I'll gladly go do it."

"Guilty conscious," Willow said, walking in and handing over the bag of herbs. And a small book. "The woman that runs the magic store gave me this for you. Said it should help now." She walked into the bathroom. "Let me get ready."

Oz walked in after her, showing her to how to work the shower and pull out the hidden wrap around doors. He walked back into the bathroom, shaking his head at Buffy sitting beside his lover, holding his hand. "Not afraid it's catching?"

"No, I talked with the people at the hospital and they said it happens a lot around here." She looked around the room. "He did a nice job."

"Yeah, he did," Oz told her, walking over to help Giles prepare. "What can I do?"

"Go guard the door with Buffy and keep Miriam over at your place," he told him. "Her being exposed to this level of magic could accelerate what she can already do."

Oz and Buffy nodded, picking up the baby and diaper bag, going over to his place across the hall. He set her in the playpen in his spare room, looking around to make sure anything she might grab wouldn't be harmful. "Watch her," he said, walking back out to the door. It took him a few minutes but he came back to find Miri alone, Buffy asleep on the floor. "You shouldn't do that," he told the baby, picking her cooing little body up. "That's not nice."

Giles looked at the results of his spell, which was nothing, and sighed, calling on power he hardly ever used anymore. He started by knocking Willow out, then blocking Miriam's powers from use until she was ready to handle them on her own, and then looked at the younger man, dismantling the spells around him. He smiled when he was done, warding him against further attacks from either Miri or Willow, and whomever had used Miri's power against him.

He blew out the last candle, standing up and stretching, allowing Willow to awaken as he walked across the hall. He walked into the spare room, smiling at the spaces marked off on the floor by his lover in chalk. "Where's the cage going?" he asked, making Oz jump. "Sorry."

"Hmm, I figured this wall," Oz said, pointing at the space he was drawing. "It's the most stable, and it faces the outer wall." He stood up, brushing his hands off on his pants. "And I told them to leave it bare brick." He walked around the marked off space. "Enough you think?"

"Maybe a foot or two more into the room, but not to the window," Giles suggested, pointing at a nearby one. "You could angle the outer wall, give yourself some more room." He stepped inside the area, kissing him hard. "It's done. They used Miri's power against him." He stepped back, looking at the cage area. "Will it be done in time?"

Oz shook his head. "Not unless I take my old one apart and do it really quickly. It's in two days." He stepped across the line. "I noticed that she quit playing with the ribbons on her playpen. Did you fix it?"

"Yes, and tomorrow, we need to fix a few more things."


Xander walked into the courtroom, earning a gasp from his mother. "I'm not injured," he said, holding out his arms. Oz had been listening and had told him when to come in. "And, although you can't tell, I'm more than fit to be her father." He walked up to the judge. "This is about my child and I demand the right to be here."

She nodded, waving him at the empty table. "Please, Mr. Harris. Do you have an attorney?"

"Yes, but he's in a civil matter at the moment with the city council." The judge winced. "Yes, I'm *that* Xander Harris." He looked at his mother. "And there are a few things I think you should know about her supposedly loving care," he sneered, then turned back to the judge. "How do I tell you?"

"In my office. Mr. Harris and Mrs. Harris' lawyer, please. We can call her in if we need her."

When they came back half an hour later, the Judge took her seat. "Mrs. Harris, I believe there were many things you didn't tell me." She nodded at the bailiff. "I think that if you check, you'll find a new warrant for her arrest. And I also think that you'll need to get me a restraining order paper to fill out on the younger Harris' behalf." She turned back to Xander's mother, frowning at her. "Ma'am, after what your son told me just now, which was all very verifiable when you call the right people, I wouldn't let you raise another child. Not even one that would die without a home. I'm granting Mr. Harris' request for a restraining order. Bailiff, if you find that warrant, please hold her and call someone in to enforce it." She looked at Xander, shaking her head. "I'm always sorry when the family court system is used to punish a good person, but I do want to do a follow-up with you, as you have a most unusual situation here. I also want you to attempt therapy," he opened his mouth but she held up a hand, "I said attempt. I know that you have loving people to talk to. I met one and he seemed most supportive but I feel that you might still have issues concerning your daughter's conception." She pounded her gavel. "Request denied, Mrs. Harris and I only wish I had seen you sooner." She stood up, nodding toward her chambers. "Give me five minutes to call my daughter and I'll be right back."


Giles smiled tolerantly at the officer as he handed in the report of the robbery. "I know you need more than that," he pulled a folder out of his briefcase, handing it over, "so I brought pictures and complete information on the books I know are missing."

The officer looked at it and looked up then headed over to another officer, coming back with him.

"Mr..." The plainclothes officer looked at the form then back up, "Giles, we have your books right now. It seems the person you filed against had a small problem at her house last night and we were called. Since it was a break-in and they were on the floor, we have them as evidence that may have been touched by the burglar."

"May I claim them?"

"If we can have these pictures, and if you agree to let us have them back for the trial, then yes, you may. Right now." He looked down. "We found six similar books, would they be yours?"

"I'm not sure, I haven't had a chance to go through my research library. You see, I study ancient cultures and their ceremonial practices. Those books were both important reference materials to me." He smiled sadly. "I couldn't prove she had them until she handed her son a page from one." The officers nodded. "But, yes, you may have the pictures and if I may see the others I could tell you readily enough if they were mine."

Giles left the police station with eight books, five very dangerous ones that Xander's mother had gotten somewhere, even though he'd been looking for years for a few of them, and met his men at his new car, not feeling guilty in the least for the lie because he had taken some very dangerous material out of her hands. "Ah, good morning boys. How did it go?"

"My mother's been arrested and is being held pending processing," Xander said, sliding on his sunglasses. "Talked to the lawyer and our money's in the bank making baby money as we speak." He smiled at Oz. "He helped me have a very dramatic entrance and the judge had to call her daughter before the next case." He handed over a check. "Your share."

Giles looked down at it, his mouth falling open. "I ... Isn't this the whole amount?"

"Yes and no," Oz said. "Since they fussed over paying us, there was some interest. That's actually about two-thirds of our settlement." He patted Xander's shoulder. "We already went to deposit ours and he arranged to have more access to his other settlement, pending your approval of course." He patted the car. "Then we headed over to the dealership and paid off the rest of your car for you."

"Yup, you can pay us back by letting us lick you though," Xander said, big grin showing. "And the other way around of course since it's an early birthday present."

Giles laughed lightly, putting the books into his trunk. "I'm sure that would be most acceptable," he said as he walked past them. He flinched at a loud noise, and grabbed his upper chest, falling into the street.