NC-17 We Should Do This More Often.

Xander floated gently across his new pool, smiling goofily. "I'm happy," he told Wesley as he walked in. "Join me? Oz is trying to get the kids to stop pouting because the adults are getting first dibs."

Wesley smiled as he headed into the changing area. He came back a minute later wearing loose swimming trunks and dived in. He popped up next to Xander, who was across the pool and looking stunned. "I don't need to breathe," he reminded the boy.

"Point," Xander agreed happily, dunking the vampire and swimming off.

Wesley came up laughing and chased after him, dunking him once he caught up to him. They continued to play tag for almost an hour but ended up breathless on the side of the pool together. "That was fun," Wesley announced.

Xander nodded. "Definitely fun. I miss playing sometimes."

Wesley gave him a hug. "I'd gladly play like that anytime you wanted, Xander. I know how much being a father has meant to you, but you're right, you need time to play also." He let the young man go, hearing someone walking towards them. "I do believe Oz has found you."

"The kids?" Xander asked, turning around to float while holding onto the side.

"No, just him I believe." Wesley smiled as Oz walked in, locking the door behind them. "Do you want me to leave?" he asked, smiling at the other young man.

"Nah, I just wanted to make sure the kids couldn't follow." He stripped off everything in front of them and dived in. "Clothes are optional, right?" he asked when both other men stared at him.

"Sure, as long as the kids aren't in here," Xander agreed, looking at Wesley. "Good with you?" The vampire nodded. "Okay, just remind Kaiya no fur in the pool."

Wesley smiled. "I doubt she'd do that anyway. She hates to be that wet in her furred form. It mats on her." He pushed off from the wall, swimming away. "I'll give you some privacy."

Xander swum into Oz's arms, giving him a hug. "I'm happy," he said quietly. "I missed the water."

"I know. That's why I didn't say anything when you enlarged the pool during the planning stage. Did you two have fun playing?" he asked.

"You caught us?" Oz pointed up at the camera. "Ah. You were *spying*." Xander leaned over and nipped Oz's wet shoulder. "Were you being naughty?"

"Very," Oz groaned, rubbing up against Xander's speedos. "God, I want you."

"There's a large bench in the changing area," Xander offered.

"No, in the water. I can hold you up in here."

"Are you saying I'm fat?" Xander teased.

"No, I'm saying you're taller," Oz told him, locking their lips together. He heard Wesley getting out of the pool but he didn't care. His and Xander's love was a beautiful thing. He floated them closer to the shallow end, and one of the walls, stroking across Xander's stomach with his free hand. He ran into the wall, but it was all good. He flipped them around, letting Xander grab onto it while he grabbed onto his mate. He worked on getting the wet spandex off and tossed it over his shoulder, slipping a finger into the female hole his lover was blessed with. Xander groaned so he positioned himself and slid in. "Been too long," he whispered, licking across Xander's neck. "I missed you these last few weeks."

"I missed this too," Xander moaned, kicking his lower body back so it was easier for Oz. He clung to the wall, mouth barely above the water as he floated and took it. It was so good to just lay there and take it. His head was dunked under the water once, but he was a water baby and it was still all good to him. He came with a groan, watching as his spunk was sucked into one of the cleaning vents. "Wow," he panted.

Oz moved them back to the wall, hugging his lover tightly. "Sorry about the dunking," he whispered.

"It's okay, I didn't choke," Xander told him, turning to get a hug. "I liked that," he said with a smile, then he yawned.

"Hmm, nap time," Oz agreed, pushing Xander up onto the wall. "Watch out," he warned as he pushed himself up. He rolled onto his side, pulling Xander down next to him on the semi- smooth tile. They cuddled together, falling into a gentle nap.

A little while later, when Wesley came back for his clothes, he backed out and relocked the door. They needed their time alone.


Xander grabbed his leg as he woke up and Oz was instantly awake and helping him with the cramp. "Oww," he complained. "I hate those."

"I do too," Oz said calmly. He continued to massage the tense muscles, working out the nasty knot that had formed. "How's that?" he asked finally.

"Good enough," Xander said, pulling his lover into his arms so he could get a kiss. "Thank you."

"Anytime," Oz reminded him, nipping him on the nose. "Do you realize we left Blair alone with the kids and bedtime?"

Xander grinned. "Yeah," he said fondly. "He tells good stories so I'm sure they didn't mind." He gave him a squeeze. "I'm good with leaving him to that."

"Fine with me," Oz agreed, putting his head down on the dry shoulder and yawning. "Want to swim some more?"

"In a few. I'm enjoying this cuddling stuff."

"Hmm, we should do this more often," Oz agreed quietly, his eyes closing again. "It's late you know."

"I know," Xander whispered, rubbing down the dry back. He smiled when he heard the first snore, getting comfortable so Oz could rest on him some more. He liked to be Oz's pillow, but he really could use a pillow and a blanket.

As if his thoughts were heard, the door started to open and Doyle stuck his head in, giving him a wink and a smile. He came over and handed over a backpack, sitting beside them. He unpacked it, putting out the small camping lantern and the blanket, using it to cover the naked couple up. He pulled out a sandwich and handed it to Xander, winking at him as he stood up. "The kids are sleepin'," he said quietly. "We all had to bribe them with pancakes tomorrow." He waved and left, closing and locking the door behind him.

Xander turned down the lantern a little and prepared to eat, but Oz looked up at him. "Hi," he said happily.

"Who was that?"

"Doyle. They had to bribe the kids to go to bed. Someone's getting up early to make pancakes."

Oz put his head back down. "As long as it's not me, it's all good," he noted, covering his head. "You need a pillow, don't you?"

Xander grabbed the backpack and quickly emptied it of the condoms and lube that had also been brought down, putting them safely nearby but away from the lamp, and bundled it up under his head. "I'm good," he announced. "You can rest if you want."

"Actually, I want some more of what we had earlier," Oz said, nipping at a hard nipple. "Quick swim and then nap again?"

"Swim or sex?" Xander groaned.

"Tag, you're on the bottom?" Oz suggested as he threw off the blanket and rolled into the water. He watched as Xander made sure everything was safe then took off before his lover could join him in the water. "You're it," he called as he swam across the pool.

"You forget, I was on the swim team," Xander called as he started off after his lover, catching him by the foot fairly quickly. "You're it," he said with a grin, taking off for the other end of the pool, length-wise. Oz frowned and judged his lover's path, swimming to intercept him. He nearly caught him but Xander dived at the last second, turning under him and heading off again. "Come get me if you want to be in me," he called.

Oz growled and took off after his lover. It might have been good exercise for Xander's legs and back, but he was horny and determined to catch his lover.

Jim watched on the security camera, handing the bowl of popcorn over to Blair and Doyle, Cordelia had had to leave to go soothe one of the boys.

"I think the pool was an excellent idea," Blair said happily. "Did you remember condoms?" he asked Doyle as he stole a handful of popcorn.

"Yup, and Xander found them already," Jim said, taking the bowl back to get some more popcorn for himself. "Think we should call in Sam?"

"Nah, let her sleep," Blair said with a smile. His wife was very anti-voyeurism.

Cordelia came back in and stole the popcorn as she sat down, and they all settled in to watch. "Good camera placage," she congratulated Jim.

Blair and Doyle both nodded, tipping their heads sideways to watch as Oz finally caught Xander by being sneaky.


Miri snuck down the stairs and peeked in the library, smiling at all the people in there. She turned around and ran into Spike, giving him a pitiful look. "Walk with me?" she whispered.

"No," he said, picking her up. "I think not." He gave her a hug and carried her into the kitchen, where he and Wesley were talking. "Little bit's up," he said as he sat down.

Wesley smiled at the little girl. "Don't you think you've gotten enough done recently, Miriam?"

"Me just ask for help," she said innocently. Both vampires laughed. "I did."

"I know," Wesley said, reaching over to ruffle her hair. "You did a very good job of it too." He kissed her on the cheek. "Go get a book and I'll read to you."

"Unclie's watching the monitors in the library," she sighed.

"So go get the book I was reading you," Spike told her. "It's in the living room." He let her go, listening to her run and get the book. "Think she knows?"

"What? That her fathers are snogging in the pool? I doubt it." Wesley smiled at Spike. "Though, I was nice and snuck out so I wouldn't have to watch them going at it earlier."

"Going at what?" Miri asked as she walked back in.

"Playing tag," Wesley said quickly, glaring at Spike, who was laughing. "I doubt she needs to know about that sort of thing."

"True, not yet," Spike said, lifting her up and taking the book. A scream came down from upstairs and both vampires jumped up, leaving the girl at the table, heading up to investigate. They found Sam clutching her stomach. "What's wrong?" Spike asked her, kneeling down and laying a hand on her stomach. "It's time. Go peel Blair away from the monitors." He helped her sit up and wrapped her in a sheet, picking her up and carrying her down the stairs. "Blair, bloody git, it's your fault, come get her."

Jim looked out of the library, then fell out of his chair. "Blair, it's time," he said, closing his eyes as his best friend ran over top of him to get to his wife.

"Come on, we'll get you to the local hospital. Your doctor can come up really fast. Or we can fly you down, either one," he said, patting her on the hand.

"Blair, car!" she demanded. "Spike, carry me!"

"Yes, ma'am," Spike said saucily. He grinned down at her. "You know, bossy women turn me on."

"Mine!" Blair growled.

Spike laughed. "Well, you're fallin' down. Thought I'd get my bid in now." He followed Blair out to Jim's truck and put her in the back. "Want me with you?" he asked.

"Yes!" Sam screamed. "Need someone steady."

"Hey!" Blair complained as he got in to drive, patting himself down. "Damn."

Jim jumped off the end of the porch, running over to them. He pushed Blair over, shoved Spike in, and got in to drive. "Call her doctor, tell Doctor Adams that she's in labor. Spike, is it real labor or false ones?"

"Like I know," he snorted.

"Equal timed?" Blair babbled as he tried to dial the number a few times. Sam snatched the phone from his hand and dialed it for him, handing it back as she started to pant. "Real," he told Jim. "Hi, this is Blair Sandburg, my wife's in labor and we're out of town. No, Sunnydale. Please!" he begged. He looked back at his wife. "They're transferring.... Doctor Adams? No, it's Blair Sandburg. Sam's in labor and we're at the farm. What? Sure. Yeah, we'll wait."

"I want drugs," Sam called. "I liked being knocked out last time."

Blair handed her the phone. "Here, he wants to talk to you."

"What?" she grunted into the phone. "Because it's really big and it hurts!" She blew out a breath as another one started, grabbing Spike's arm to squeeze and claw. "Yes, now!" she ordered. She handed the phone back to Blair. "He'll be up in a few minutes, he'll catch a flight up." She panted, staring up at Spike. "I'm counting on you to keep them sane and alive," she told him. "No passing out Blair, no frantic Jim."

He laughed. "Sam, I'm not the guy to ask. I've only seen this once and that was Xander. Weren't exactly normal."

She glared at him. "Do what I say or I'm going to hypnotize you and get you in touch with the soul you still carry," she threatened.

"Fine," he agreed. There were some fates worse than being staked. His soul, a former priest who loved misery, was the biggest. He grabbed the door as Jim spun around a corner, pulling into the parking lot of the local emergency room. "We're here. Jim, go get someone," he ordered, staring down at Sam. "Blair, unbuckle and stand outside the car." He got her sitting up and able to be pulled out by the orderlies, who came running. "Her doctor's on a helicopter up," he told the orderly as he helped get her settled. "The long-haired one's the husband, the other's the best friend. I'm the stable and sane one."

The orderly looked back at the man standing beside the truck. "You might wanna do something 'bout him then," he said with a grin.

"Sandburg, come," Jim ordered, following them into the emergency room. He headed for a phone and started the obligatory round of phone calls, first one to Bailey, then to Sam's daughter Chloe.

Blair whimpered as he followed his wife into one of the curtained off rooms, clutching her hand.

"He's gonna toss," Spike warned, right before Sam's water broke and Blair passed out. A nurse came running to help him. Spike looked over at her. "He gonna make it?"

"Probably," she said, giving him a smile. "First time father?"

"They've got an older childe, hers," Spike said, pointing at Sam. "He's new to all this. Where's the big, hulkin' one?"

"He's still on the phone. We've heard from her doctor, who said we could give her medicine if she insisted," she said, looking at Sam, who was panting and nodding so hard she was hitting her head on the gurney and making it bounce. "All right, I'll call someone down. Let me get an orderly for him so we can put him on a bed too." She jogged out, going to call down an anesthesiologist. She was *not* going to deny anyone their rightful drugs, especially not a woman who had a vampire watching over her. She wondered if the vampire knew his feeding face was out.


Doyle picked up the phone. "'Lo," he said sleepily. "Really?" he asked, sitting. "All okay and all?" He smiled at Wesley as the vampire walked in. "Good, yeah, I'll tell 'em. Yup, right away, Jim. Thanks." He hung up. "Both mommy and baby are good. Blair passed out. Jim and Spike had to go rough on the nurses to get Sam enough drugs." His smile got brighter. "A baby boy."

"Yes!" Cordelia said from where she had been sleeping on the couch. "Have the terrible twosome come in yet?"

Doyle shook his head. "They're nappin' in the changin' area. Fast asleep last I checked." He winked at her. "Want to call on John?"

"Let me," Wesley said, jogging up the stairs. He pounded on the other agent's door, walking in at the first sound that he was awake. "Sam went into labor," he said, shoving the man roughly.

"Shit," John said, sitting up and searching around for his glasses. "How far apart? Did anyone call the doctor?"

"We've done all that already," Wesley said with a smirk. "A wonderful little baby boy."

John glared at him. "She already had it?" Wesley nodded. "Why didn't you wake me up?"

"Because we never thought of it." He sat on the bed. "Blair passed out and Jim had to pull out his inner creature of the night to help Spike terrorize the staff for Sam." He smiled again. "She's fine and Jim's called most everyone else already."

"Good." He flopped backward. "Where's the bobsy twins?"

"Still in the pool house after a good shag," he reported. "Or two," he added as an afterthought.

John shook his head. "Good for them. Wake me up around dawn so I can go to the hospital." The vampire didn't move. "Something else you needed to share?"

"Yes, just this," Wesley said, leaning over and kissing him hard. "There, I feel better now," he said as he got up and left, closing the door behind him.

John used the sheet to wipe off his mouth. "Glad you do," he muttered as he flipped onto his side so he could go back to sleep.