Greg looked up when he heard the fax machine at the reception desk start up.  He was hovering close by because he was waiting on some information.  The information he got wasn't what he had expected however.  He frowned at the picture of his cohort in evilness and his new pet...bunny?  He looked at it, how he was standing.  Then he groaned.  "Ryan got an evil pet rabbit," he complained.  "Oh, well, chaos can be fun," he sighed, tucking it into his pocket.  The information he wanted came over a few minutes later so he went to get back to work, considering the implications of Ryan and a pet bunny.  He finally broke and called down there.  "What are you studying next?  Languages.  Sure, that's mostly harmless," he decided, grinning at Nick when he walked past the door.  He waved a paper and Nick came in to get it.

"You're right, there's not much left on the science side for either of us.  Sure, I can see that.  No, I was thinking I'd go for a bio degree next time.  Make my lab work more interesting."  Nick moaned, shaking his head as he walked off.  "What did you name the evil bunny?  George?  That's a good evil name, sure, and you wouldn't want to disappoint those kids either since they picked it for you.  What did you have in mind, Ryan?"  He listened then cackled.  "I'm there.  I'm so there.  We'll conspire tonight.  Hey, if Speed thinks he can keep up, the more the merrier, man.  Sure, talk to you later."  He hung up and got back to work.  Chaos was definitely fun.  Nick came back a few minutes later.  "Do you think I should get an evil genius pet?" he asked him.  Nick gave him one of those cautious looks.   "Ryan Wolfe finally settled on his.  He got an evil genius bunny.  I think it's about time I got one too."

"Why would he get a bunny?"

"See, the Sisterhood knows a lot of evil genius types.  There's been the few with the stereotypical cats or dogs, but they're pretty mundane ones.  It's the ones with the really good pets that do the greater things in life.  Let's see, there were four with evil genius bunnies.  One with evil genius ferrets.  One had snakes.  One had one of those helper chimp monkeys as his evil genius pet but he was a bastard.  I should get one of those," he decided.  "They're fun pets and very smart.  Unlike George, the evil genius bunny Ryan got.  She's *okay* but he can't train her to go do things for him.  Then again we've got to go shopping again too.  It's time to start on the evil genius wardrobe.  I don't want to be Doctor Evil or anything.  I'd look sucky in a Nehru jacket."

Nick felt Greg's forehead.  "Are you feeling all right?"

Greg beamed.  "Just fine, Nick.  Why do you ask?"

"You're talking about evil geniuses."

"Yeah."  He nodded.  "So?"

"Never mind.  Wait a week before you get a pet, Greg, and make sure you can have one at your apartment."  He walked off, going to find the tylenol packets and Grissom.  "Hey, Griss?"  He looked up from his reading.  "Greg's decided he needs an evil genius pet."

"I didn't think Greg liked cats."

"He said there's been others with better pets, the ones with cats are stereotypical.  Ryan Wolfe apparently got an evil genius bunny."

"How high was his fever?"

"He felt normal to me, but I think maybe Greggo's been working a bit too hard again."

"I'll talk with him," he promised, letting Nick go back to work.  Grissom finished the report and got up, going to find his minorly genius tech.  "Greg?"

"Do you think a chimp, like the helper monkeys, or do you think maybe I should do an evil ferret, Grissom?"

"I think you need a short vacation and possibly some medical attention, Greg.  Are you feeling all right?"

Greg beamed.  "I'm just fine, Grissom.  You?"

"Like Nick, I'm starting to have a headache.  When was your last day off?"

"Two days ago but I got called in on that scene at dawn."

"Uh-huh."  He came in to check his forehead, then nodded.  "Maybe you should go home early tonight to make up for that."

"I don't need time off, Griss.  I can go shopping later on.  When things are open again."

"I think it'd be better if you slept, Greg."

"I'm fine."

"I don't think you are.  We'll let Warrick handle this tonight since it's your case together and you can go home and rest, okay?"  He walked him off, running into Catherine.  "Make sure Greg gets home all right please.  No shopping tonight, Greg."

"Fine, Griss."  He looked at the very confused looking Catherine.  "He didn't like my plans for my own evil genius pet."

"Okay," she said, nodding slowly.  "Let's get you home, Greg."  She walked him off, dragging him by the arm.   Grissom was right, Greg was seriously overworked.   He let her see the picture in his pocket, making her smile.  "That's a cute rabbit."

"It's Ryan's evil bunny George.  It's his evil genius pet because we're not stereotypical enough to need cats."

She felt his forehead, then sighed.  "This has got to be overwork.  You go right to bed tonight, Greg.  Call in a nice girl, have sex, but don't go out.  Just rest tonight."  She got him into her car and drove him home, making sure he went inside before heading back.   Maybe they'd take his Teacher computer from him for a bit.  It might make sure he got more sleep.


Ryan Wolfe walked the new book into the lab a few days later, smiling at Charlie when he ran into him on purpose.  "Greg's finally finished his history diss.  He got it bound at a vanity press and everything so we could hand out copies.  He sent them to me last night."  He handed him his copy with a grin.  Then he walked off, going to work in the crime lab.

Charlie looked at it.  "Evil Geniuses: their plots, their plans, their failures, and their pets," he read.  "Interesting."  He opened it and walked off reading, giggling after the first few pages.

"What's that?" Don asked, taking it to look at the cover.  "A history book, Chuck?"

"Greg Sanders' history dissertation.  It's really cute and funny, but it's very well researched and annotated."  Don took it to look at, then shook his head quickly.  "He had it bound at a vanity press place and made sure Ryan got some copies for their friends down here.  I'll give you mine once I'm done."

"Sure.  It looks like it's at least interesting."

"It's funny.  Greg's got a good hand at writing."  He went back to it, smiling at the information included.  "He went back to Roman times.  One's even a mathematician."

"What did he do?"

"Not a lot but he had a lot of plans that he didn't have the math for back then.  Otherwise he might've been the first Leonardo DaVinci."  He looked up and smiled.  "If they had the math that we do now the world would be a vastly different place."  He went back to reading.

"With our luck, our family would've been slaves of the Roman empire," Don joked.

"Maybe but you never know," Charlie retorted.  He turned the page and kept reading.  It was a really good look at a lot of geniuses and their evil plans.


Ryan walked into work and smiled at Speed, handing him a book.  "Greg's history diss.  He had it bound by a vanity press."  He walked off smiling and happy.

Speed looked at the title then at Ryan's back.  "Not funny, Wolfe."

"It's his, not mine.  I'm not in there yet.  I'll be in the next edition."  He beamed as he got onto the elevator, waving before the doors closed.

Speed looked at the book again, then opened it to the first page, going over the premise.  He finally walked off, going to hand it to Horatio.  "Greg's premise that there have been many evil geniuses in the world is okay.  His thought that their ability to have pets is correlated to their ability to follow-through on plans is a bit odd, and his one that the less stereotypical the pet the better evil genius they are is really odd, but it looks like it's a good book," he offered, letting Horatio have it.  Horatio stared at the title then let out a small, soft moan.  "It's Greg's history dissertation, H."

"I'm sure it is."

"Ryan said he'll be in the next edition."

Horatio nodded.  "I'm sure he will be.  What is he working on with Doctor Sanders?"

"I'm not really sure," he admitted.  "I was chatting with them and they had another private window going at the same time.  Greg's thinking about doing a biology or a biomed degree next time.  Ryan's thinking languages.  I'm still working on my other classes."  He shrugged.  "But I did pass my first nine hours."

"Congratulations.  Do I have a grade report somewhere?"

"It's being sent to you."  He took the book back.  "He said Greg had it bound at a vanity press and sent over copies for us."

"Uh-huh."  He called Las Vegas.  "Grissom, how is your new novelist?"  He smirked.  "Yes, Greg, Grissom.  He had his history dissertation bound.  I would expect a copy, yes.  He sent Ryan Wolfe a few.  Oh, I don't think it'll be shocking.  What sort of evil pet did he get?"  He held his head.  "Of course he would, they're hyper like he is."  He sighed.  "Thank you, Gil.  Yes, Speed said it looks like a good read but it's a bit...odd.  Thank you.  Just a fair warning, Gil.  Have a good day."  He hung up and put his head down.  "Go away, Speed."

"Going, H.  I'll even close the door so you can have a nap."  He walked out with the book, closing the door behind him.  Calleigh gave him an odd look so he let her see the book's title.  "Greg's history diss."

"Interesting."  She took it to look over, giggling within the first page.  "He writes really well."

"Better than I do," Ryan called.  "I suck at writing things."  He came up and slid the file in his hand under the door, grinning at her.  "I can get us more copies if we need more."

"I can share with Speed for now.  If I like it that much I'll write him."  He beamed and walked off, going back to work.  She walked off reading, giggling every few pages.  Now she knew why she didn't have a pet.  She wasn't the sort to have these ideas.

Speed went to hide in the locker room for a few minutes, banging his head against his locker.  Sanders and Wolfe needed their own special place where they wouldn't warp others.  They really did.  Because if they had made Horatio Caine need a nap something very bad was going to come of this.  He got an idea and went to get the book's information, sending it out in an email to a few people who should know about their future plans.


Amanda Disher walked into New York's lab, looking around.  Danny smiled at her, handing over a sheet of paper.  "A flaw?"

"Only in someone's head," he said with a grin.  "From Miami.  Speed's bragging on Greg's history diss."

She read it over, then reread the title, groaning a bit.  "They get like that now and then, Danny.  You simply have to endure and give them ideas until they go onto something else or Ryan destroys his house so he can get it out."  She patted him on the shoulder.  "It'll be okay.  They can't really destroy the world."  She walked on, going to Mac's office.  "Mr. Taylor."

"Miss Disher," he retorted with a smile.  "I see you've found Danny's news from Miami?"

"I did and it's like them.  Every now and then they get into these moods.  You have to throw new ideas at them until they lock onto something else.  Otherwise Ryan destroys his house, gets it out of his system in the lab, and then goes back to normal for a few more months."  He handed over the picture Speed had sent him in the same email.  "Oh, my.  He's gotten a pet?"

"His evil genius pet George."

She moaned.  "This is going to be worse then.  But it's usually funny."  She sat down.  "I wonder how the dissertation came out."

"I'm not sure I want to know," Mac admitted.  He dug out the forms she wanted, handing them over.  "I believe you needed those?"

"I do."  She smiled as she looked them over, then at him.  "That one machine isn't working for you?"

"We don't have much call to use it and the interface is a bit difficult for some of us.  Those who play video games have an easier time using it.  Don Flack's very good at using it since he plays video games."  She smiled and nodded, making a note on the back of the form.  "Otherwise we love them."

"Good.  How is your problem tech doing?"

"Still pouting but she's got other problems at the moment."

"Good.  Well, I suppose not for her, but good overall."  Mac smiled at that.  "Tiff and Stephni were going to test Tiff's new bike down in Miami," she said.  "It's meant to break the speed of sound and has a lot of weapons.  Could I interest you in going to the demonstration in a few months?"

He grinned.  "I could appreciate that.  Did the terrible duo help them?"

"No, when they work together Ryan does the physical components and helps Greg with the chemical design issues.   The last time they got *playful* they figured out how to make anime style body armor, complete with weapons.  The last time they got evil Ryan did it alone and came out with the clothing eating foam.  We managed to avert them going together for the last few times.  Mr. Grissom even helped once, not that he's aware of it but he needed poor Gregory for overtime."

"That can come at the most inconvenient times," Mac agreed.  "Should I put anyone on alert up here?"

"No, I'm afraid poor Mr. Grissom is probably going to have it there. That would explain why Ryan wanted his body armor moved back to Miami so he could upgrade it however."  Mac shuddered.  "It works very well but humanity won't be ready for it for a few more decades, Mr. Taylor.  Trust me on this."

"I do."  She smiled at that.  "Horatio's told me about your girls down there and their teasing nature."

"Sisters, please, not children," she said, holding up a hand.  "Both my girls are good little girls."  He smiled at that.  "One's at MIT at the moment and the other's rather hiding in plain sight loafing off being a housewife.  She decided she wanted to be an English major."

"The world needs more poets," Mac offered with a small grin.  "They make people happy."

"She does very well.  She's working on some children's books at the moment.  Her husband isn't the one I'd choose for her but that's a reality most parents have to face.  Oh, by the way, if he hits her again, you'll be cleaning up a body.  I've sicced one of our security guards on her protection."  She handed over the address.  "It's her house, she has sent him away, there is a restraining order.  He's there to make sure she reports him if he shows up again.  She's being a bit...emotional."

"That can happen," he agreed, putting into the corner of his desk organizer.  "I'll listen for her."

"Thank you, Mr. Taylor."  She stood up.  "I'll see you in Miami in a few weeks.  I'll have them let you know the exact time very soon."  She smiled and walked off, going back to her car.

Stella walked into the office.  "That's one sweet, smart woman.  What's with the evil genius network?"

"I'm sure it won't affect us, it's Greg and Ryan."

"Oh.  Okay.  Who're Greg and Ryan?"

"Ryan is down in Horatio's lab and Greg is out in Grissom's."

"Oh!  Even better.  They can deal with the evil genius network.  Danny heard from Speed that the book going around on that email is a pretty good read."

"Maybe I'll find it and give it a try then," he agreed with a smile.  "How's your case?"

"Crappy," she said succinctly.  "Yours?"

"About the same," he admitted. "Is Marty done with anything yet?"

"Still working."  She walked off, going to check on Danny.

Mac went to his own lab to get back to work.  He had enough goofing off for the week.


Greg walked a copy of his book back to Ecklie's desk, handing it over with a beaming smile.  "My history dissertation.  I had it bound and sent out copies to friends.  That's the lab's copy."  He walked off, going to the locker room.

Ecklie read the introduction section, looking very confused.  "How can you get a history degree with this?"  He went to find Grissom since Greg was his pet tech.  "Grissom?"  He looked up from his file reading.  "How is Sanders getting a history degree with this piece of fluff?  It's not like it's real research or anything."

"It's a lot of research but I have a humorous writing style.  The official diss was a lot more dry and boring.  That's the book of the diss," Greg said from behind him, grinning at Grissom with a wave.  "I'll be in the next edition with Ryan."  He walked off again, going to his scene since one had been called in.

Ecklie handed over the book, walking off shaking his head.  Grissom read the title.  He read it a second time.  Then he groaned and called a short staff meeting.  Someone had to know what was wrong with Greg since he didn't have a fever and was just as bouncy as normal.  He put the book down on the table.  "The book version of Greg's history dissertation.  He gave Ecklie a copy for the lab."

Catherine looked at it then moaned.  Nick did much the same.  Warrick looked a bit confused.  Sarah shrugged it off.  She even did the brave thing and read the premise.  Then she looked at them.  "If he's right, some year he'll be in here, right?"

"He said he and Ryan Wolfe would be in the next edition," Grissom said grimly.

"The boy needs a distraction from the lab stuff," Warrick decided.  "I'll see if I can set him up with anyone, Griss.  After a few good nights, he'll be a normal boy again."

"I suggested he call someone the night Grissom sent him home," Catherine offered.  "Nick?"

Nick gave her a look.  "He was talking about getting one of those helper chimps."  He texted Greg, getting back a smiley face.  "Her name's Juliette.  He'll bring her in for breakfast to show how smart she is if we want.  Or we can wait a few weeks until he's had time to train her."

Grissom shook his head.  "Am I the only person seeing a problem with this book?"

"No," everyone said.

Sarah handed it back to him.  "It does look amusing.  It's not heavy feeling to read it.  It looks like a good, historical account of some very strange, hypothetical thinkers."  She got up.  "Let me know if we need help sedating Greg this time."  She walked off, going back to work.

Nick looked at Grissom.  "Can we get him grounded from his other lab work for a few days?"

"I'll get onto his laptop and see," Grissom said, going to do that.

Catherine picked up the book, making both boys glare at her.  "If Sarah thinks it might be a funny read maybe it will be.  I need a new book for bedtime reading."  She went over the premise, giggling at some of it.  "It is good," she offered a few pages later.

"If we humor this mood it'll get worse," Warrick complained.

"He just got a chimp as an evil genius pet, Warrick," Nick pointed out.  "How can it get worse?"

"I don't know but it will."

"I'll let you borrow it when I'm done," Catherine said with a smile.  "He went back to Roman times."  He walked off shaking his head.  "Nick, why don't you calm him down and see if he can get Greg laid.  It'll probably help the poor kid."

"Sure, I'll mine some of my contacts too."  He walked off, going to hide and plot with Warrick.

Catherine looked up when she heard footsteps, waving Jim Brass into the conference room.  "Greg's turned his history dissertation into a book."  She let him have it.  "Don't lose my spot."

He looked at the title, then at her.  "Where is happy boy?"

"Scene."  She grinned. "It's cute, witty, and funny."

"All things Sanders aspires to," he agreed, handing it back.  "Not my thing though.  Thanks anyway.  Where's Grissom?"

"Trying to get the people at his other job to ground him for a few days since he's doing things like this and getting his first evil genius pet."

"Ah.  That makes more sense then."  He walked off, going to find Grissom and make sure he was still okay.  "Want me to have Sanders replaced on his scene?"

"No, let him work.  Maybe it'll work the funny mood out of his head," Grissom said grimly.  "If not, the boys had a plan."

"Uh-huh.  You know, it could be worse.  He could've gotten something really strange, like fish."

Grissom looked at him.  "Somehow that doesn't seem much better than a chimp, Jim."


"One of the helper monkeys," Nick called. "Her name's Juliette."

Brass just nodded.  "Let me go have him removed and grounded to the lab here, Grissom.  I'll be right back.  Who should I trade him out for?"

"Sarah's free."  Brass smiled and went to handle that.  Sarah wouldn't mind.


Ryan looked at the clothes catalog he had gotten from Valera, then at his own outfits.  "Why do I need to change wardrobes to be an evil genius?" he muttered.  "I'm like this because I'm already an evil genius."  He shrugged and decided to keep his present wardrobe, just add a few special touches to it this time.  He found his box of ideas in the bottom of the closet, where he had left it, but he found that someone had made some remarks on the ideas he had already had.  Not nice ones either.  "I'll just have to prove them wrong," he decided, taking his favorite and heading out to the lab to get to work.  A few hours of scrounging things in the storage room and he was ready to settle in and solder and hum and mold things to his heart's delight.  His current body snatching pads could wait for a few days.  This one was going to be much more fun.  He heard someone come in and waved a hand.  "I'm at the table."

"I can see that," Don Epps agreed, coming over to look over his shoulder. "What are you doing?"  The idea sheet was handed to him.  "Who did the comments?"

"Some boring person without vision."

"Oh.  Okay."  He put it back down carefully.  "Charlie said you're working on an idea to take over bodies?"

Ryan beamed at him and gathered what he had, taking it and Don down to the cafeteria.  "Don wants to see me test my latest thing," he called.  "I need a test subject."  Charlie's head popped up.  "You sure?"

"As long as he can't make me do stuff."

"No, I'll let you make him do stuff, that way we can measure the level of resistance it takes to break free."  He drug Don off, letting Charlie follow, and a few other interested people.  Tiff got both of them wired to the monitoring equipment while he placed the control pads where they'd need to go.  He had to pop back to his lab to quickly finish the one that needed the cover applied.  He had been short one.  He came back, putting it where it needed to go, then checked things and flipped the switch.  Nothing happened.  He put in batteries and did it again, making Don yelp but Charlie giggle.  So he changed the polarity of the wires.  Charlie yelped this time but Don jumped.  "Okay.  Charlie, make him do simple things please."   Charlie made Don walk, sit, stand, making him look very confused.  "Don, I want you to start trying to resist the actions.  I'm trying to see how much resistance it takes to override.  Don't worry, they won't short or anything."  Don gave him a horrified look.  "Try really hard to resist."

"I am."  He closed his eyes and forced his hands to quit moving.  The EEG showed the spikes of his resistance and he eventually got his hand to stop moving like Charlie wanted.  The rest of him was dancing but not that one hand.  "I can't make the rest quit."

"Wow I'm good," Ryan said happily.  He turned it off, making Don collapse onto the floor in a heap.  "Sorry.  You're back in control now."

"Good to know.  Someone help me up?"  They helped Don up, taking both boys to baby and check over while Ryan gathered his results and went to tell Greg how it had went.  Maybe he'd include this in his old body armor or with the new project....


Horatio got a call on his morning drive, heading to the lab to pick up Ryan.  The guards handed over the sheepish looking young man.  "What did he do?"

"He's been working all night.  We know he's not aware of what time it is so we know he wouldn't have called off for your team.  The good news is that he did get his body controllers to work, Lieutenant.  He tested them on the Epps brothers last night.  Charlie's still thinking that it can help with his personal research of choice."

"Which is good for him.  Mr. Wolfe?"  Ryan beamed at him.  "Are you fit for duty?"

"As long as I can crash sometime nearer to dinner."

"Fine.  We'll see.  Thank you for dragging him out of the lab."

"He was cackling and scaring Tiff and Stephni," the guard offered.

"Perhaps he'd like to tell me what he's doing?"  Ryan leaned closer and whispered, making Horatio shake his head.  "That's not a good idea, Ryan.  What if someone gets hold of your prototype?"

"I'm going to have it keyed so only certain people can use the controls."

Horatio shook his head, pointing at the hummer.  "Get in the truck, Mr. Wolfe.  Thank you, boys."  He followed him, staring at his back.  "Should I drive through somewhere for coffee?"

"I can drink Eric's sludge.  I had breakfast in the caf."

"Good."  He got in to drive, making sure Ryan buckled up.  "I still think it's a dangerous idea, Ryan.  Someone could take it from the building."

"Someone broke into my house and graded my idea box too," Ryan said dryly, giving him a look.  "It'll be fine, boss.  Really.  Greg's having a party today because I got the body controller to work."

"We're keeping you two apart."

"We can chat," he said happily.

"We'll see."  He backed out of the parking space, heading for the crime lab.  "You do know that you have now scared not only the lab personnel but techs in our lab, Greg's lab, the LA DragonTech lab, and someone in New York's crime lab?"

"Wow.  I'm good."

"That's not the way I'd put it."

Ryan snickered.  "If you say so.  My next area of studies looks like it's going to be languages; do you have a preference of which one you want me to start with?"

"Try psychology."

"I hated psychology, didn't understand it at all, Horatio.  Besides, I got warped ideas when I took it."   Horatio shot him a look before parking in his usual spot.  "I did."

"Start with one of the Asian ones then, Mr. Wolfe.  Also, do remember you can't brag in the lab."

"I know.  Only Speed's cleared to know what I'm working on."

"He is?"

"He's in a lab class.  That means he can request time to work in ours to go over everything."

"Interesting.  I do not want you to fall down today.  Perhaps a nap during lunch?"

"If I nap you'll never get me up."  He got out, heading inside, grinning at Frank.

"Have fun with the ladies?" Frank teased.

"Worked all night.  According to Horatio I scared the ladies."  Frank snickered.  "I know, I'm not that sort of scary, evil genius.  Just a mild, semi-normal one."  He got into the elevator, heading to the locker room.  He ran into Eric in the halls.  "Did you make coffee?"

"Not yet," he said, looking at his outfit.  "What are you wearing?  You haven't worn that since your first month here, Wolfe."

"I was in the lab all night, Delko.  They handed me to Horatio because I forgot what time it was.  Can you please go make sludge?  Your sludge is very good at keeping others awake."

"Uh-huh.  What about your date last night?"

"She had to deliver a baby suddenly.  We rescheduled for Sunday night."  He beamed and walked off, going to change shirts so no one would complain.  Probably.  Now and then he still got funny looks for owning clothes but oh well.

Eric went to start a pot of coffee, giving Horatio a look.  "Is he back to normal today?"

"He finished his newest project."

"Aah.  No wonder he was up all night."  Ryan came out and he handed him a cup.  "Here, you probably need it.  Did you eat breakfast?"

"Yeah, around four when I had to stop and raid the chemical closet.  I was hungry."  He shrugged and sipped the coffee.  "Thanks, Eric, you make good sludge."  He walked off with his divine potion, heading to work.  "Maybe I'll work coffee into something," he mused.

"Mr. Wolfe, focus on *our* work here," Horatio called after him.

"I am."

"That is not what you just said."  Ryan shot him a grin before going into ballistics to say good morning to Calleigh and then heading to work on his own case.  Horatio looked at Eric, who was snickering.  Then he went to confiscate his laptop for the day so he had to work on crime lab projects, just in case.  Even though he did find him logged into a chat room over lunch through the new equipment.  He shut it off on him and made him go eat with Eric watching over him.


Stephni walked up to Ryan that afternoon, leaning on his shoulder.  "Pookie, Don's *really* sore."

"From the resistance or from the shocks?"

"We're thinking from the resistance.  You didn't do a follow-up?"

"The guards handed me to Horatio this morning.  I called, he said he was fine, just stiff.  Charlie was fine and I figured it was from the resistance.  We can try one where no one's resisting later on to make sure."

"Might be a good idea," she agreed, giving him a hug.  "No track jacket?  Usually you wear those when you're in evil genius mode."

He beamed.  "I didn't want to scare anyone.  Besides, I got told to quit wearing them to work."  She giggled.  "Anyway," he sighed. "I've got my next idea."

"Is your house still okay?"

"Yeah, I didn't have to destroy it at all.  I got into my big box of ideas and found someone had graded them as illogical, faulty thinking, and impossible.  So I'm working on one of them and a new one that could go with the old things.  Do you think I could put that with the body armor system?"

She patted him on the back.  "The two electrical impulse systems would cancel each other out, Ryan.  You might be able to build a set in for emergency moving of fallen people."

"That's what I was thinking.  That and training purposes."  He shrugged and got back to work.  "Horatio wouldn't let me chat with Greg."

"Red wants a normal tech, Ryan.  You're still in evil genius mode."  He gave her an evil smirk.  "Did it help on a case?"

"Yup and I totally freaked Frank Tripp out when I busted bad on a suspect."  She giggled and walked off, going to check the equipment for them.  He got back to work, then glanced around before calling Don Epps.  "You didn't say you were sore."  He listened to him, nodding.  "More so in that one hand?"  He grinned.  "I thought it might be the resistance.  We'll make sure tonight.  Not on you if you don't want to.  Sure, you can watch this time.  Later, after dinner.   I'll be there, cases willing."  He hung up, getting back to work.  Horatio gave him a look from the doorway.  "Doing a follow-up.  Stephni said that Don was sore this morning and he never told me."

"Resisting the movement?"

"It sounds like it but I'll make sure tonight with a non-resistance test.  Want to help?"

"Not particularly."  He walked off, going back to watching Ryan from afar to make sure he wasn't *too* warped today.  He had heard how he had questioned the subject for Frank.


Greg came in that night smiling and happy.  He had gotten to review the tapes of Ryan's two tests and it was good.  "Ryan's new project works very well.  He's at the testing phase and no harm has come to his subjects if they don't resist," he said at Catherine's odd look for his grin.  "He's thinking it's going to be used for training or therapy purposes."

"What did he do?"

He stepped closer.  "He was building a body control unit," he said quietly, making her gasp.  "Stick the controllers on one person, stick the movers on the other, let the mover be moved.  It works really well.  I saw the tape of his first two live tests.  Resistance is possible but makes you sore the next day."  He went to get his things out of his locker.  "Do I have a scene yet?" he asked as he walked past Grissom.

"Not yet, Greg.  Can you sub in DNA tonight for a few hours?"

"If I must," he sighed.

"Thank you.  She's running late from the doctors and we've got some time sensitive swabs."

"Sure.  I can sub for a few hours."  He grabbed his lab coat out of his locker and headed back to his first love.  Not that he wasn't still infatuated with his first love but it wasn't the same anymore.  While he worked he was thinking about his next evil project.  He was behind Ryan now and he needed to catch up.  His idea box at home was empty but nothing new was coming.  Maybe he needed more coffee.  He bounced out to get some while a sample was running, coming back to find the tech taking off her jacket.  "You here?"

"For now," she agreed, smiling at him.  "Thanks, Greg."

"Welcome.  You've got one running, one in the pre-run spinning, and one that I'm soaking."

"That'll work.  Thank you."  He nodded, heading off to get back to his other work.  She checked everything, he laid out containers and forms where he was currently working so she knew what everything was.  He had also cleared a good bit of her backlog for her.  That was very nice of him to do.  He must've been thinking hard.


Ryan woke up at four, looking around his apartment.  "Huh."  He wrote down the idea he had just gotten, then laid back down, listening to his usually quiet neighborhood.  Tonight there was screaming so he got up and put on clothes, his badge and gun, and his shoes, grabbing his keys and flashlight on the way out.  He saw why, shaking his head as he walked over.  "Dana, problems?" he asked.

"Get this man out of my house, Officer Wolfe, please!"

"Sure.  Sir, if you don't leave I'm going to have to call a cruiser to arrest you."  The man sneered so he tapped his badge.  "You're bothering the neighborhood.  It's four in the morning.  Your choice.  If she doesn't press charges, I will since you woke me up from down the block."  The man stomped off and he looked at her.  "Need escorted down to file a restraining order?"

"No, he's just a bad date," she complained, smiling at him.  "Thank you, Ryan."

"Welcome.  Next time call, they'll escort him off for screaming that way."  She patted him on the cheek and he went back to his place, noticing someone's lights were on.  He paused, staring at the house.  They were never up this late.  Those neighbors went to bed at nine every night.  They were an older couple with no kids.  He checked around before heading to their gate to look in the front window.  What he saw did not make him happy.  He ran home to grab his phone, coming back dialing.  "Dispatch, this is CSI Wolfe.  I'm watching one of my neighbors be robbed.  1214.  I'm out front.  Thank you."  He hung up and watched to make sure they weren't hurting the old guy in the living room.  He looked to be asleep, no visible blood he could see.  A cruiser pulled up and he waved the officer over, letting him see.  "They don't have kids.  She makes great cookies and told me God was never that kind."

"Okay.  That's definitely a theft.  Does he usually sleep like that?"

"No, he's usually in bed by nine.  That's what got my attention.  You want front or back?"

"I'll take back, you take front.  Try knocking."

Ryan nodded, heading that way slowly to give the other officer time to get into position.  He knocked and the guy answered the door.  "Hi, Officer Ryan Wolfe, MDPD.  Is there a problem?  I noticed the lights and Marge and Harvey are never up this late."  The guy gave him a horrified look.  "Do you have any ID, sir?"


"ID, sir.  Now.  I'm already cranky at this time of the morning."

"They're my parents."

"Marge said they didn't have any kids.  I'm one of their cookie receptacles.   ID please, sir, now, or I'll have to wake them up to verify your identity."  The guy tried to get past him but he got him down.  The officer came in through the back door, doing another sweep of the house, shaking his head when he came out of the bedroom.  "Gone?"

"Yeah, but no obvious reasons."

Ryan looked at the guy.  "You're in so deep."

"They died yesterday, man!  They're already smelling!  I did not kill the old folk, I found 'em like that!  They don't need that stuff!"

"So?  You don't either!"  He handed him to the patrol officer.  "Go ahead and call it in.  I can wait."

"Sure.   You sure you don't want it?"

"I'd be considered involved."

"Wow.  That's a cherry job.  How much school did you need?"

"A masters."

"Gotta think about that."  He stuffed the thief in the back of his car while he called it in.     One of the night shift CSI showed up.  "Officer Wolfe noticed something was wrong and called it in, ma'am."

Ryan waved from his spot on the steps.  "Harvey and Marge are very nice older people.  Go to bed at nine, don't sleep in the living room.  I saw the lights on when I went to break up a neighbor having problems with a bad date who was screaming and yelling. I looked in the window and saw the suspect packing things in the living room.  Marge told me she'd never been blessed with kids and didn't ever mention any other family."  The CSI nodded slowly.  "I'm their favorite cookie receptacle outside the neighborhood kids."  He stood up.  "I think the officer found Marge in a bedroom.  Harvey's in front of the tv.  The stuff he was packing is still in there."

"How did you get him out?"

"I knocked.  He came to the door claiming he was their kid."

"Interesting.  You want?"

"It's four in the morning and they were very nice people.  I know a lot about Marge's last heart checkup."

"Fine.  It'll be our case.  Thanks, Wolfe."

"Welcome.  Oh, there's a schnauzer somewhere in the house.  Haven't heard her.  She's about eighteen and she'll bark but not bite.  No teeth left."

"Good to know.  Thanks."  She walked inside carefully, looking around the room before she moved in further.  She found the dog guarding the woman's body.  She did get growled at but a pet stopped that.  The woman was dead.  The guy was dead.  Both had been dead most of the day it looked like.  She put the dog out back for now, letting it do it's business and stare at her.  Ryan came over through the back gate with some food and water dishes, making it a happy old dog.  He winked and walked off again, letting her have it.  She called it in to get the ME there.  By the time the bodies had been removed, someone had stolen the dog.  She assumed it was a neighbor and that was fine with her.  The poor thing wouldn't be adopted out at the pound at its age.  One thing did mystify her so she went to stop Ryan on his way to work.  "He taped the Price is Right?"

"He thought there was some sort of conspiracy code within the prices and presents offered. He had been working on it for twenty years.  Marge called it his loveable quirk."

"Okay then.  It appeared they died naturally earlier yesterday morning."

"I'm sorry, I wish I knew who to notify."

"I found a sister on the phone's notepad.  We'll contact her."  Ryan nodded.  "Thanks for the easy one, Wolfe."

Ryan smiled.  "Everyone should have an easy, natural death."

"True, they should.  Who got the dog?"

"Probably one of the kids up the street.  They like to taunt the dog but their daughter loves the little toothless beast.  Expect a redheaded mother to come asking soon."  He got into his car and waved.  "Later.  Have a better day."

"You too."  She watched him pull out and went to find that indeed there was a mother there with the dog under her arm.  "Ma'am, the family who used to live here passed," she said gently.  "If one of the neighborhood children wanted to adopt the poor thing it'd be better for it.  At its age, it'll never be adopted at the pound."

"That's a good enough reason then.  We wondered why you guys were here."  She patted the dog.  "Fine, you can belong to Brittany."  She smiled.  "Natural causes?  Marge was a great babysitter for the neighborhood."

"Yes, ma'am, it appears that way.  Then some unkind thief broke in."

"It's better that way."  She walked the dog off, going to tell her daughter she could keep it.

The CSI shook her head, going back inside to finish her scene.  Just in case the thief had helped along the deaths.


Ryan made it into work and found Horatio watching for him.  "My neighbors died."

"I saw the report.  Out for a walk that late?"

"One neighbor was having a loud fight with a bad date who wouldn't go away.  Woke me up."

"I've done the same thing.  Are you rested?"


"Good.  Then get to work, Mr. Wolfe."

"Of course.  Otherwise I'd be at the other lab."  He grinned and walked inside, going to be evil to some bad guys.  It was almost as fun as being an evil genius but not quite.  But it was better for society.  The idea from last night came back and he had to sketch out the chemical compound before he lost it; it went safely into his locker and he got back to work.  He could do that later.


Greg bounced into work a week later, giving everyone a manic grin.  "Ryan figured out how to make a super coffee-flavored coffee!" he said happily, loudly, beaming at everyone. "It's fifty times the strength of a cup of really good coffee and it's even flavored like really good coffee!"  He bounced up the hall, doing a fairly credible Tigger impersonation.

Grissom looked at his other CSI.  "Go stop him."

"Can we knock him out?" Nick asked.

"Safely please."  They nodded, going to corral Greg until they could tranquilize him.  Grissom went to call Miami.  "Horatio, could you please test Ryan Wolfe's new coffee- flavored super solution?  Greg's bouncing like Tigger.  He said it's fifty times the strength of a cup of good coffee and he even managed to make it coffee-flavored."  He sighed.  "Exactly.  Thank you."  He hung up, going to make sure they had Greg comfortably out on the couch in the break room, plus that they had some coffee waiting on him for when he woke up.  Just in case he crashed.  He found their ME looking him over.  "Heightened heart rate?"

"Some but not what I'd expect with this sort of stimulant.  Any idea what it is?"

"Ryan Wolfe's newest evil idea," Grissom said grimly.  "He and Greg are evil genius partners or something."

"I see."  He got helped up.  "He should be fine.  Nick did a very nice nerve pinch to knock him out."  Greg moved in his sleep.  "I wouldn't recommend handcuffs.  He might hurt himself."  He walked off, going to make notes.

Grissom covered the poor boy up, going to make his own.  It was always interesting when they saw new or future street drugs.


Horatio walked into the lab, watching Charlie Epps bounce and mutter math at the guards and his brother. "Ryan's solution?"  Don glared at him.  "Greg got some too."  The guards all shuddered.  "Grissom had him sedated.  Do a nerve pinch or something, Don."

Don managed to get his brother held still and knocked him out.  "Dad's going to complain about this."

"It'll be fine."

"Ryan watered it down for him but this is too much!"

"I'll talk with Mr. Wolfe myself," he promised, going to the lab he usually worked in, one of the guards following.  "Did he take some of his own solution?"  They nodded.  "Is he bouncing?"

"Crashed an hour ago."

"Good."  He found what Ryan was working on still on the table.  He was working on diluting it back down to normal human strength.  "What strength did he give Doctor Epps?"


"Grissom said it's like fifty cups of coffee."

"Yeah," one said dryly.  "Ya think?"  He smacked Ryan on the cheek until he got a groan and then the green eyes looking at him.  "You made Charlie bounce and be scary."

"I diluted it."

"Don's going to kick your ass," the guard assured him.  Ryan pouted.  "Up, explain it to Horatio.  You got Greg too?"

"Greg had how to dilute it too."  He sat up, rubbing his eyes.  "Sorry, Horatio."

"Mr. Wolfe, how strong is this?"

He looked at him.  "A quarter off the original.  I diluted it down by half before working on how to dilute it further.  I even made it coffee-flavored for those junkies."

"I heard.  Is this...ethical?  Charlie at quarter strength had to be knocked out."  Don stomped in.  "That was quarter of the original strength."

"So it's only twenty-five cups of coffee?" he said grimly.

Ryan nodded.  "Maybe a bit less.  I told him how strong it was.  He tested it without me asking.  He wanted to know what I was doing."

"Well, he woke up already and he's doing math like a mad person."  He grimaced.  "Can you dilute it further?"

Ryan got up and went to do that, handing him the drop in the glass of juice.  "Ten?"

"Ten is still way too much for most humans."

"Not on stakeouts."

He took a careful sip of the juice, then grimaced.  "Coffee in orange juice is odd, Wolfe."

"I'll use water next time."

Don finished the drink, then blinked a few times.  "You weren't kidding, that's...yeah, that's about ten cups of coffee without having to pee."  He walked off with the juice, finishing it off.  He was awake now!  He could go help Charlie, or at least watch Charlie, and maybe he was hyper enough that some of what he was explaining would get through to him.

"I need a smaller dropper," Ryan told Horatio.

"You need to go home, Mr. Wolfe."  Ryan pouted.  "Now.  Before this somehow makes it onto the streets."

"It's not addicting."

"I do not care.  No giving it to Speed either."  He walked him out, letting the guards lock up the bottle of solution and the design notes.  "No more this week, Ryan."

"But that's a good thing."

"I do not care."  Horatio got him into the hummer, taking him back to his place to drop him off.  "I'll see you in the morning."

"I'm off tomorrow."

Horatio looked at him.  "Do not torment others or you won't be."

"Yes, Horatio," he sighed, going inside.  He went to write Greg a note saying he was sorry it was so strong.  Not that he was.  Greg had said he needed something to kick his brain into 'high'.  He'd be paid back undoubtedly but oh well, that was how they played.

The End.