Note: The convention took place between when Speed got back (page 133 with normal margins) and the time when Xander took Horatio shopping.

Miami Connections: Vegas Outtake

Xander stepped off the plane.  He wasn't sure why he was in Vegas for the convention but he had been sent a ticket late last night.  And hey, he could have fun.  Vegas was the city for fun, that's why they had conventions here, so people like Horatio and Mac Taylor could finally relax for a weekend and remember that not everything was a crime, yet.  He pulled out the directions as he walked, heading for the exit marked 'to parking garage' figuring there'd be cabs near there or they could point him in the right direction.  He found the cabs easily enough and headed over to one.  "Do you know where this is?" he asked, showing him the directions.

The cabbie smirked and nodded.  "Sure do, there's a convention this weekend. You part of that, sir?"

"No, but my kinda parent is.  I'm guessing he got bored and sent me tickets out."  He smiled as he got into the back seat, pulling out his wallet to get some money.  "So, how many other CSI guys did you haul?" he asked as they took off.

"'Bout fifteen or twenty," he admitted.  "They're not usually a chatty bunch on the way in, they're more fun on the way out.  I guess they all come in tired and stuff."

"Yeah, my dad worked like a mad bitch all week to get the time off for this."  The cabbie laughed.  "Seriously, twelve and thirteen hour days, man.  We're in Miami and we've got two crews of techs.  They work really hard.  As the joking-mother says, Miami never closes."

The cabbie grinned back at him.  "Still, they gotta have stories to tell."

"Them and me both.  I'm a stripper."  The cabbie gaped so he smirked.  "I go by Darkness down there."

"Wow.  I heard a few guys talking about you."  He turned back around and went since the car in front of him waiting to merge into traffic had went.  They were soon at the hotel and Xander paid him, giving him a nice tip.  "Thanks, man.  Go right through the doors."

"Thank you.  It's nice to find honest cabbies."  He grinned at that and Xander walked inside, going to the check-in desk.  "Hi, I got sent tickets and a reservation."


"Xander Harris."  She checked and frowned.  "Try Darkness."

"First or last?"

"Possibly only but it could be in any combination with that or the last name Speedle."

A familiar hand came down on his back, making him jump.  "What are you doing here?" Eric asked smugly.  Xander handed him the email directions and his tickets.  "Who...?"

"Not a clue, man."  He looked at the receptionist, who was filling out the card.  "Which was it under?"

"Darkness Speedle."  She handed it and the card key over.  "Already paid for and the computer says you have a message."  She walked off to do that, coming back with it.  "There you go, sir.  Enjoy your stay."  She smiled at Eric.  "He yours?"

"One of my buddy's sons."  He handed the tickets and stuff back, following Xander to his room.  Then he took the message from him.  "One of your usual clients," he said, waving it, giving him a look.

"Not my fault," he complained.  "It was signed Tim."  He took it and read over the instructions.  "Good thing I brought my own clothes.  Out, Eric.  I've got to rest."  Eric snorted but left to find the others and tell them.  Xander looked up.  "Okay.  Whatever you want."  He shrugged and unpacked the interior bag.  He had thought about doing an open pole night out here just to see what playing in the highest of high leagues was like.  Apparently someone else was looking forward to it too.  He got himself stretched out and ready, leaving the majority of his gear on the bed so he could take his bag in.  He grabbed his card key, put the wallet in the safe after taking out a hundred bucks, and headed for the club in the new message.  He got there and walked in after showing it to the door guard.  "Hi.  I was told to appear here tonight?" he told the bartender, handing it over to him as well.

"Boss!" he called after glancing it over.  He handed it to him.  "Where do you usually work?"

"Gay boy city.  South Beach," he offered with a grin.  He looked at the manager.  "I thought my pseudo-dad wanted me in town."  He shrugged. "But I was thinking about finding an open pole night in one of the top clubs."

"You any good?"

"I work for Jack at Bravado.  I'm Darkness."  The man moaned at that so he grinned.  "I get that a lot.  I only brought the one outfit with me since I wasn't really planning on working out here this weekend.  Are there any restrictions on music or anything?"

"Our DJ can play whatever he can find in the system," he offered, leading him that way.  He had heard Jack brag about his boy.  "You have any strange pre-dance rituals?"

"Maple syrup and a twenty-ounce of coke classic."  The guy looked at him.  "I don't drink, sorry.  My clients usually get me this cranberry slushie icy thing.  Tastes really good and even if it had the vodka it's supposed to he couldn't smell it."

"Okay.  I'll tell the bartender you do virgin."  He smiled at the DJ as he stood up.  "This is Jacks' boy Darkness.  He got sent out here to help us tonight."

"Cool.  What's your tunes of choice?"

Xander looked at the machine, then pointed.  "May I browse? I only brought stuff to listen to on the plane and I tend to dance to goth or jazz."

"Sure."  He got out of the way, letting him pick out four songs.  "Ooh, you do long sets?"

"I do very long sets," he offered with a grin.  "I'm in a mellow mood."  He looked at the boss.  "Any rules about shoes on stage?"

"We'd prefer if you wear 'em," he offered.  "Otherwise no.  You go barefoot on stage?"

"Three of my acts I do," he admitted with a shy grin.  He felt a shiver go up his spine and recognized that feeling.  "Wow.  I didn't realize I was that close to my former home."  He looked at him. "How far are we from LA?"

"Few hours, an hour by plane.  You from there?"

"Just outside.  A few hours towards the desert."  He shrugged. "I haven't done this set often but with what I brought with me, it'll go best.  When do I go on?"

"Two hours good?"

"Fine with me.  Do I hang here?"

"If you want.  You and the boys can trade stupid client stories and you can raid the lost and found too."  Xander grinned at that.  "I hope you perform like you do out there, Darkness."

"Xander."  He shook his hand.  "Dressing area?  And lost and found.  I'm always looking for new stuff."  The manager smiled and walked him that way, letting the DJ arrange his system for the guy.


Eric found Speed later that day, finally.  "Someone sent your son airfare and instructions to go to a higher end club on the strip."  Speed choked on his drink, looking at him.  "Didn't mean to time it, sorry, Speed."

"Yes, you did," he warned.  "Where is my errant offspring?"

"He's not answering his room phone so I guess he already left.  I know which club so we can go lurk if you want."

"We probably should," he agreed, looking around.  "There's Aiden and Danny.  Tell them.  I'll find Horatio."  They split up and he found his boss chatting with Gil Grissom and Mac Taylor.  "Bad news," he sighed, looking at Horatio.

"Someone sent your son airfare so he could dance out here?" he guessed.

"At what rank do you get given the ESP so I can stop before I get there?  Eric saw him.  He's already left.  I'm hoping for lack of a rescue mission tonight."

"Your son hasn't found a situation he couldn't get out of yet," Mac said patiently.  "Is he still normal after the hypnosis?"

Speed moaned.  "Worse.  My boy is worse now."  He shook his head and smiled at Gil.  "Would you like to come watch my kinda-son strip and see if you can figure out how he draws serial killers?"

"I'm not much for strippers, but I'm wondering if Lady Heather will be there," he mused.  "She often goes to see new talent."

Eric came jogging up with Aiden strolling and chatting behind him. "It's halfway across the city, Speed.  We gotta go.  H?  Coming?"

"I'm not sure I can handle another show of his."  He finished his drink.  "Mac, I'll be back later.  Gil, breakfast?"

"Of course."  He smiled.  "Don't worry, if something happens it'll be my shift that'll be called in."

"Good to know.  Tell Catherine I said hello and that I'll be back soon."  He walked off with his guys.  "Who sent him the airfare?" he asked quietly.

"He said the first email was signed Tim," Eric told him. "He didn't print that page.  I only got page one of two handed to me.  The note that was left at reception wasn't signed."  He grabbed Aiden's arm and she smiled at her conversation partner before walking out with them.  "He's in under Darkness Speedle if it matters," he offered when they got into the cab."

"I carried him in earlier, nice guy," the cabbie offered.  He grinned at them. "Which club is he at?  He didn't think he'd be stripping this weekend."

Everyone looked at Eric, who pulled out the piece of paper he had made notes on and handed it over.  "That's what I remember from the second note."

"That's fine. It's a decent club.  Fairly high end."  He got them started and looked back. "Usually they require a suit and tie, but, Miss, you could probably get in anyway."  He merged with traffic and took off.  "When is he going on?  Their shows usually start around eight."

"Not a clue," Eric admitted.  "It wasn't in the note as I remember it."  He looked at Horatio.  "His boss?"

"Or one of his clients who thought he needed to be here," Aiden suggested.

"Possibly it's one trying to figure out why he draws who he does," Tim complained.  "This many CSIs in the city?  Someone's bound to have an idea."  That got some laughs.  "Have we had others of us heading that way?"

"A few.  One of the local guys that didn't want to go to the convention.  He said he was having a bad week and having to make nice would only make it worse."  He shrugged.  "So, he any good?"

"One night he made tuition for the whole year," Speed said dryly.  The cabbie whistled.  "That's why I'm sending him to college."

"Yeah, but a young guy's gotta play while he's young," the cabbie offered, puling up in front of the club.  "Here ya go."  They got out and paid him, then headed inside.  They each picked their preferred watching spot.  Horatio got a dark corner table by himself so he could watch the crowd as much as he did the boy, hoping he could figure out which of his regulars had sent him the ticket and instructions.  Speed and Danny got closer to the stage.  Eric and Aiden sat together against the wall, able to watch Xander and the door.  They were fully covered in case something happened.  "Poor guys.  If he's makin' that much money, let him until he's too sore ta work and then make him go ta school," he said quietly.  "Makes more sense to me."  He called his dispatcher, telling her he was clear and where.  Then he went back to the hotel.


Mac Taylor walked back over to join Gil Grissom at his table, smiling at him.  "Hey."

"Welcome.  What's the problem with this son?"

"Oh, Xander," he sighed.  He looked around and waved at Don, making him come over.  "He wants to know why a posse went after Xander."

Don snorted and sat down, turning the chair around to sit backwards in it.  "Xander.  How do you describe a Xander?"  He and Mac shared a look, then looked at the local CSI boss.  "Xander is... from Sunnydale first of all."


"Yeah, a few hours from here," Mac agreed, sipping his coffee.  "Xander's town has a small survival problem and he's had to fight a bit often to make sure he and others survived."

"Why?" Gil asked.

"Vampires," Don told him.  Gil giggled.  "Seriously.  Not the goth kids."  He pointed at someone at the bar.  "Things like her."

Gil looked, then got up and went to talk to her.  "Hello."  She smiled at him.  "Are you a criminalist too?" he asked politely, leading her back to the table.  "This is Don and Mac from New York's crime lab."

She smiled at them and sat down.  "Hello."

Don smirked at her.  "I know Harris, from Sunnydale."  She hissed. "Just prove it to him and don't eat anyone here this weekend, 'kay?"  She nodded and glanced around before vamping out.  Gil blinked and reached over to test the new ridges. "Like we said, Xander's fought a few different wars with her kind."

She nodded.  "He's infamous among our lines."  She changed back and swatted at Gil's hand.  "Why is he here?"

"His dad and mom are here."

"The Harris'?" she asked, snorted dryly.  "Why would we care?"

"Speed and Aiden," Mac told her.  She moaned and shook her head.   "Disappear. He's off stripping."  She nodded and hurried off.  Mac looked at Gil.  "Sorry, proof is always easiest."  He took another drink of his coffee and waved a waitress over for a refill.  She brought them more coffee and accepted a tip from Don with a wink, heading back to her rounds.  "So, anyway, Xander's fought for at least four years against things like that."

"But Xander's got this little problem," Don continued.  "He seems to draw some very bad people to him.  For some reason, people want to kill Xander, even if they've only seen him strip."

Mac nodded.  "You'd think they'd want to sleep with him instead but no, serial killers seem to like Xander a lot.  He's caught a few for us."

Gil Grissom shook his head.  "Do we know why?"

"No one knows why, it just happens a lot," Don offered. "We hate that it does, but it happens a lot.  He makes a hell of a lot of money drawing the deranged, but it happens a lot."

Mac nodded.  "We've bagged three major serial killers thanks to him.  One who was caught in Montreal, and two that went to Miami to be with him."  He fixed his coffee the way he wanted and took a drink.  "We should probably talk to Horatio," Mac noted.

"Why?" Don asked.  "You think he's got another already?"

"I think it's probably past the due date on one, but no.  I noticed a few things.  Did you see that Xander had a crush on Horatio?"

"Yeah," Don admitted dryly, smirking at him.  "Doesn't mean he reciprocates."

"No, but I don't think Horatio is going to notice this and I'd rather him be aware and able to let Xander down gently instead of upsetting him.  Who knows what'll take the kid if he upsets him and makes him cry.  Or if they'd go after Horatio for hurting him."

"Point," Don admitted. "I guess you could. I doubt he'd want that talk coming from me."

"True."  He looked at Gil.  "Are you all right?"

"Fine," he admitted, shaking his thoughts off.  "How many of them are there?"

"Hundreds, but they're not spreading as fast as they could.  They've got their own handlers of their evil badness," Don assured him, taking a drink.  "She was probably here to have a vacation too."

Gil looked at him.  "I'm going to go lay down."

"Sorry, Gil."

"Not a problem, Mac.  I live to learn, I just have to consider the implications of this being real.  I wonder if Greg knows," he mused as he walked off.  "Greg knows many strange things so maybe he does."

Don and Mac shared a look.  "Danny went with the group," he offered.

"Maybe Danny will take over if Horatio doesn't take Xander.  They seem like they could make a cute couple."

"Mac, then we'd have to have Xander in New York with us."  Mac let out a small moan at that.  "Not that I'm complaining about the work, it'd be easier to catch the sickos with him around, but still."

"Point," he agreed, finishing his coffee and heading for the bar.  He needed to get the mental image of Xander in New York out of his mind before it stuck and he found a reason to invite him up to draw more of their population of evil so they could catch them.

Don shook his head and finished his drink.  He'd check on the kid later.  After all, he was like his kid brother.


Xander strutted out to his opening number, slowly sauntering, head down to the jazz music.  He looked up, catching someone's eye, then moved closer, squatting down in front of her to tease her lips with his fingertip.  She smiled and stole a kiss but he backed off with a wicked smirk, moving on to a few others until the music changed.  Then he started to get into it.  A bit more funky and sensual, slowly undoing the button-up shirt.  Ever so slowly peeling it off and then tossing it back toward the stage entrance.  He had the crowd in his hand, either that or they were bored, and he felt the same shiver of magic from earlier.  His hellmouth was calling to him.  He moaned and tipped his head back, leaning on the pole as he sank down, letting it all go.  The magic cried out to his body and it filled him, then he started back into his dancing, acting like he was stepping over a former lover and going to entice a new one.  The women in front of him moaned and he swayed slowly, his arms over his head, as he drew her in.  Another one held up a larger bill and he winked at her, but went to the next one, letting her stick it in his g-string while he undid his pants button.  She shivered and he licked his lips and quirked one eyebrow up.  She moaned and bounced so he moved on, teasing the next one.  She shivered and paid him, so he let her undo his zipper for him.

The song changed and he danced back to the nearest pole, dancing with it, making love to it like he was on top.  A long lick up it and then a heated look at his bitches.  The magic was making him feel excellent and giddy, it was like the best orgasm ever and it was long lasting.  He got his pants off and the women all moaned so he 'toweled off' with them, tossing them over his shoulder.  He went back to his bitches and they were more than happy to help him.  He glanced at the manager, who nodded for him to go all the way.  He snapped the side of his g-string and they all gasped and grabbed so he danced back, smirking at them and wiggling a finger.  He danced through his last song with the g-string snapped but not off, making them howl because they only got glimpses of his cock as the fabric rubbed across his hardness.  His tips were gathered for him and he bowed, then blew a kiss to one particularly pretty girl in the audience.  He winked at the one who had done his zipper as he strolled past her and off the stage.

The manager came back and smirked at him.  "Nice job.  Can you do another?"

"I'm used to being one of the usual dancers at mine," he admitted with a shy grin.  "I haven't danced in front of women in a while though."

He laughed.  "I'm not surprised dancing in South Beach.  Got any picks?"

"Oohh, if I had stuff to go goth I have a killer one.  My dad hasn't even seen this one," he admitted, shivering and bitting his lip.  "But damn it, I need my leathers and stuff.  Let me step outside to get some air for a minute?"  His clothes were handed off and he walked outside, going to take in big gulps of air from the dingy alleyway.  He concentrated on what little magic he had, pleading with the hellmouth to bring this one outfit and two other things in.  They landed on his head and he grinned. "Thank you, Sunnydale.  Love ya, babe, but I still live in Miami.  You can beg and plead though," he whispered, going inside to change.  He handed the DJ that CD and winked at him.  "Whenever I'm up next."

"Sure.  You going to do drinks?"

"I probably should," he agreed happily, glancing at the manager, who nodded for him to get out there.  He walked out, getting his coke and strolled over to where his bitches were.  They crowded around him and bought him whatever he wanted.  One was kinda quiet so he gave her his best shy boy grin.  "Are you nervous?"

"You're just so...animalistic," she said, tipping her head to the side.  Her pigtails swayed a bit. "How do you do that?"

"I don't know. All I know is that it brings in psychos like you wouldn't believe. I'm up to ten stalkers now."  He saluted them with his glass.  "So, are any of you guys in for the CSI convention?  My pseudo-parents are both CSIs.  Someone paid my airfare so I could do this show and hang out with them."  He took a sip.

"Which one's your dad?" one asked.

"Tim Speedle from Miami, and Aiden Burns is my pseudo mom, she's in Seattle now but she was in New York."  He grinned at the guy on stage. "He's good."  He tossed a few fives at him and the women crowding the stage tossed more.  He winked at the guy, getting one back, then grinned at his women.  "I work in South Beach. I haven't danced for women in quite a while."

"Do you prefer women?" the ponytailed one asked.

He nodded.  "As far as I know.  I haven't given it much thought.  So far I've had the self- esteem destroying cheerleader, the go-all-night slut who tried to kill me.  I had to call someone to come get me before she actually did kill me on my prom night, and a few who were lesser threats but not by much."  They all stared so he grinned.  "We don't know how I do it but I draw them.  None of you are dangerous, right?" he asked with a small pout.

"No," most of them assured him.

The ponytailed one grinned and winked. "That depends on what you consider dangerous, Darkness."

He kissed her on the cheek.  "Watch my other set and see, baby girl."  She shivered and he got up, strolling back there.  The manager had given him the look so he knew it was soon.  He got back there and changed shirts.  He barely made it out to his intro music, walking out there, his eyes steamy as some of his bitches squealed.  They recognized the music.  He blew a kiss to their table then rolled his head around and focused his gaze on someone closer, someone he knew.  Danny.  He blew a kiss at him too, then got back into the music, the magic still pumping through him, making him almost glow to those watching.  He danced and showed it, flashing little bits of skin while being the dangerous guy he was.  His earrings were dangling, swaying counterpoint to his rhythm.  He was sex personified.  He was power and lust, drawing them closer.

The stage got crowded and he glanced at the DJ, telling him silently to go ahead and play an extra song.  He got a nod and went back to it, his eyes boring into the eyes of his admirers, daring them to step up and be the one he would seduce and take home.  He got down to his g-string, a leather one with a single diamond stud, just like his earring was at the top, holding down the dangling chain.  He moved closer to the ponytailed one and stared her down, making her squeal and bounce, and him grin and smirk, then sway closer.  She moaned and stuffed his g-string with a paper-wrapped bill then winked and ran off.  He finished his set just as clothed and the guards had to gather a lot more this time.  He strolled into the back and grinned at the manager, who hugged him.  "Anything else?"

"No, go enjoy that girl.  She looked like she understood."

Xander grinned and put back on his other clothes, heading out the back door once he had his CD.  Out there he got yelled at.

"I swear to Fucking God!"

"Hi, mom."

"Xander, baby," she said, smacking him on the cheek.  "Are you trying to get kidnaped?"

"I love you, but I've got a date."  He kissed her on the cheek.  "Come get me for breakfast."  He jogged off, catching a cab before she could quit being stunned.  He got back to the hotel and found her waiting on him, picking up her hand and kissing the back of it.  "You mentioned music I should hear, beautiful darkness of purity?"

She shivered and nodded.  "I have *just* the best thing for you to dance too.  Come on."  She drug him toward the elevator, babbling happily about her music collection.  He bounced along with her, nodding along, chatting with her.  At least until the hand hit the back of his neck and pinched. "Ow!"  He ducked, grabbed the wrist and swung the guy into the wall.  "Oh, hey, Don."  He grinned at him.  "We're talking music."  He blew a kiss.  "Have mom help me get up for breakfast."  He followed her into the elevator, grinning at her.  "I don't usually pick up the customers," he admitted.

"That's okay, you're the first stripper who danced to music I knew the name and words to," she said happily.  "It's something I can understand."  She drug him into her room, kicking the door shut.  "So, where you from?"

"Sunnydale," he said happily.  "By the way, my name's Xander."

"Mine's Abby."  She kissed him on the cheek.  "I know this isn't your thing."

He pulled her closer and kissed her deeply.  "Yeah, but you understand and you're not going to be a psycho stalker.  I can tell."  She giggled and kissed him back.  He moved them closer and put his best efforts into it for her, making her moan and clutch his arms because he was swaying some to the music he could hear in his head.  She gulped air when he let her come up and smiled.  "Sorry swimmer's breath control."  He dove back in, his hands kneading her back and butt, blatantly going for a grope.  It was so nice, she was just the right sort of soft and squishy in the perfect spots.  It gave him great handholds he'd be using again later.  He pulled back and tipped her chin up.  "I'll leave it up to you, Abby.  How far do you want me to go tonight? Do you want me to make you howl and scream like a she-wolf in heat or not?" he whispered in her ear.

"I'm not usually a screamer," she said, nipping his neck.  "Biter I'll admit to."

He moaned and tipped his head off to the side. "Baby vamp, you can bite all you like.  Biting's fine and I take tests every other month. My last one was clean just a week ago."  She moaned at that and nipped him harder this time.  "Whatever you want, baby."

She sat on the bed and pulled off her t-shirt, showing her braless state.  "What's your kink, Darkness?"

He smirked.  "Oral sex."  He pulled off his shirt, giving her the extra special private show he usually only gave in privates with people who paid him a hell of a lot to drool on him.  She moaned and pulled him down to straddle her lap, kissing him.   "Are you clean?"

"Very," she moaned and he nipped her neck, making her shiver. "You do that very well."

"I had a vampire teacher," he promised with a smile.  She smirked.  "I'm from near LA."

"No way."

He nodded. "Yeah, I'm from Sunnydale."  He kissed her again, taking control of her mouth, mind, and body.  He got her onto her back and pulled off her skirt and boots, leaving her panties for now.  He got down to his own g-string and left it there while he touched and explored.  She wiggled and kicked and squealed as he teased and tasted her, hands clutching the bedspread, eyes squeezed tightly shut.  He smiled at her, moving lower to taste her over her panties.  She squealed and arched up, bucking under his teeth and tongue. "Want more?"

"Just don't rip those, they were a present," she panted.

"If that's what you want."  He sat up and slid them off her, tossing them onto the dresser.  He looked at her then took off his g-string, watching her swallow.  "Later for that, baby.  Should I even try to find a dental dam?"

"No, hell no!  It's not as good with latex."  He smiled and laid back down, kissing her while one finger teased and found the bigger hot spots for her.  Then he slowly made his way back down, stopping to play with the tempting nipples and the little bump of a belly.  He finally made it down to where she wanted and she screamed, just let out a wail of pleasure, which made him one happy boy.  "More!" she demanded.

"Your wish and all that, m'lady."  He went back to it, making her shiver, shake, and moan, bucking up and forward whenever his tongue moved outside of a hotspot to get it back there.  He chuckled into her, making her howl when his tongue followed.  Back and forth, teasing all the minor spots and the bigger ones randomly, making her come.  She panted, relaxing, at least until he cleaned her up and kept going.  He chuckled again and dove back in, getting his tongue deeper this time.  When it wasn't his tongue, it was two fingers teasing her little hot spot up by her cervix.  He heard her start to chant and plead for more so he went back to the simple pleasures, nibbling and sucking on her clit, making her go off again until she calmed down.  He could keep going all night like this.

After her third one, Abby pulled him up to kiss him.  "In me, Xander. Now, I need it. I need that final one."  He slid into her, making her wrap herself around him.  He was going slowly, just rocking her gently for now, when the door burst inward. He pulled her gun from under her pillow and pointed it at the older man and the younger one standing there.  "Unless you're her daddy, she's busy."

"They're my coworkers," she said, taking the gun.  "You shouldn't do that, they might've shot you."

"Yeah, and you," he said, leaning down to kiss her and get back to what he had been doing, which made her moan.  "I don't care if you two watch.  I work in South Beach and I've seen plenty of gay boy sex."  He leaned down to nip her neck, making her arch up and shiver.  "Easy, beauteous one, I've got you," he whispered in her ear.  "If they wanna watch they think you're beautiful.  Either that or me."  She pinched him and he grinned, moving down to get her back into the mood.  Not that he minded, this was his favorite part of being with a woman, oral sex.  As soon as his tongue hit her clit, she was screaming happily and thrashing and he just let her have whatever she wanted.  This was the part that he enjoyed most about sex with women, making them scream and writhe. He didn't care if someone watched her get off or not.  She came against his tongue and he kept going, making her reach whole new octaves.  Then he surged up and replanted himself, making her squeal and claw his back, but it was good.  He finally let himself come after she had one last one.  He panted in her ear, hugging her.  "I hope I brought you joy."

"Oh, you did," she said hoarsely.  "I can't believe they watched. Hi, Gibbs.  Hi, Tony."  She waved weakly, making him laugh.

He kissed her neck again, making her shiver.  "I should go," he whispered in her ear.  She nodded.  He slid out of the bed and found his clothes, looking at the men still standing there.  "Where I come from, you either knock or you get hurt.  I'm sorry as hell I pulled her gun, let's be thankful I have *really* good reflexes. Okay?"  He walked out, heading down to his room with the list of new music he should check out.  He had to go back for his bag and the younger guy tossed it at him.  "Thank you."

"How much do you make?"

"I don't have sex for money, dear.  I have sex for fun.  I take off my clothes for money."  He strolled off, whistling.  He made it back to his room and found Speed laying in there.  "Shouldn't you be with some cute, yet geeky girl who understands you when you babble?"  Speed snored so he stripped off and showered before climbing in next to him.  He could hear the yelling from down the hall moving closer and got up, opening the door to smile at her.  He nodded and she walked in, letting him slam the door in the old guy's face.  "He's never had someone he picked up in a bar?"

"No," she said.  "He's too uptight!" she yelled.  The other guy on the bed snored and turned over.  "Oh, um, boyfriend?"

"No, pseudo father.  Timmy!"  Speed woke up.  "Dear, I love you but this fair damsel needs a room for tonight.  Can you maybe go home?"  Speed glared at him.  "She appreciated my music.  You can easily got commiserate with the old guy out there who's yelling."  Tim got up and glared at him.  "Yes, I know, breakfast and us are going to be a fight."  Tim walked out and slammed the door.  He grinned at her and waved at the bed. "Do you want left, right, or center?  I promise I will keep something on."

"Center's fine.  I like to cuddle.  Gibbs will be fine by the morning."

Tim looked at the guys out there.  "Don't ask.  Xander draws the naughty and bad to him.  If she's like that, she's a new fan.  It's willing and free in his case.  He hasn't had any in months.  Forgive my boy Xander, he's horny and she's cute," he finished in his most sarcastic and dry voice.

"He pulled a gun on us," the younger guy complained.

"Yeah, Xander's real protective.  It's the sorta guy he is.  He damn near knifed me one time when I got close enough to shake him."  He nodded at Mac as he came up the hall.  "He pulled a gun on them when they broke in on him having sex."

"He's got some combat trauma from his past life," Mac agreed.  "He almost got Don by the elevators earlier for grabbing him."

"He got me by the back of the neck, he's lucky I didn't have a stake," Xander called.  "Now, I've worn this lovely one into needing a nap and you're loud!"  Something thumped against the door.  "Go away!"

"Fine, sorry, Xander," Mac called, walking the agents off.  "Come on, let's talk about Xander."

"Is he a paid escort?"

"No, he gets his teasing fix in by stripping," Mac assured them.  "As far as I've heard he hasn't had anyone in months, if not nearly a year."  Tim nodded and grunted behind him. "You can go to bed, Tim."

"Xander might as well be my kid."  He looked at the agents, who didn't look impressed.  "My room, Mac.  I pulled his records with me in case something happened and it came back to haunt us."  Mac nodded and headed for the block of rooms the Miami crew had.  "How was the show?"

"I didn't go.  Didn't you?"

"Yeah, but they didn't want to let me in.  Hey, Don," he called when he saw him come off the elevator.  "He's sorry."

"Yeah, fine," he said, smirking at him. "Your boy needs a leash holder."

"My boy is a bad tease," he agreed.  "He pulled a gun on them when they came in to save their friend from Xander's lust."

"I still want to know what he did with his tongue," the younger guy, Tony, complained.

"Don't ask," Don and Speed told him together.

Don looked at them.  "Xander's a unique case.  Really, really unique."

"An understatement?" Mac teased, letting Tim open his door.  They walked inside and Speed found the folder, handing it to the agents.  "The edited version."

"What's the unedited version?" the older guy asked.

"I can't get it and he won't tell me.  That's what I know," Tim told him.  "From his last two years in Sunnydale and then his sudden trip to Montreal."

Tony sat down to read it, snatching it from the senior agent's hand.  "What the hell?" he asked, looking at the cops.  "That's...."

Gibbs took it back with a growl, then looked at the first picture, then at Tim.  "He was where?"


"How do you know about that stuff, boss?"

"Classified," he said flatly.  "Don't ask."

Mac smirked.  "It's kinda humorous.  He was possessed at one point in time by a PFC, Infantry, Army version."

Gibbs handed it back.  "Is he straight?"

"Most of the time," Mac agreed.  "Some combat trauma.  Startling him is always a very bad idea, especially since he draws trouble."

"Serial killers, stalkers, psychos who're just lonely," Don added dryly.  He looked at Tim, who was asleep again.  "Why is he here?" he asked Mac.

"Someone sent him tickets and an invitation to dance locally," Mac said with a smirk.  "Eric spotted him and they went."

"I hope they taped this one," Don joked.  "Frank's wife would like that."  Mac chuckled and nodded.

"So he's clean, he's not using drugs, nothing like that?" Tony demanded.  Mac looked at him.  "We worry about Abby.  She can draw some trouble herself."

"Xander's never used drugs that we know of, especially since he started stripping.  He doesn't drink, they buy him these cranberry slushy things," Don assured him.  "He told me before he goes on he drinks a coke with maple syrup."  Mac and Tony both grimaced at that.  "It works for him.  Xander's fairly unique.  Thankfully.  If there were more, we'd be driven nuts tryin' ta save 'em all."

"I'm just glad Horatio has to deal with his issues instead of us," Mac noted dryly.  Speed snorted so he looked at him.  They were waking the poor guy up.  "We have more people with severe mental issues than you guys do."

"I doubt it.  Yours come down to play with us."  He flipped into his side.  "Put the folder away before you leave.  Let me sleep. I've got a son to chew out in the morning."

"Sure," Mac agreed.  "Gentlemen?"

"Fine," Gibbs agreed.  He handed the folder back and nodded Tony to follow him.  "He's not a danger to Abby.  He'll protect her all weekend if I'm reading him right."

"If you're sure, boss.  He still looks like a player to me."

"He doesn't get enough for that," Don noted, walking out.  He groaned and patted himself but Mac had already closed the door.  "No key."

Mac grinned.  "I'll offer you the other half of my bed, but I cuddle."

"No thanks.  You're not built right for my tastes."  He headed to Xander's room, tapping gently.  "Xander?"  He got up and answered it, giving him a dirty look.  "Can you break into hotel rooms?"

"Yes," Abby called, getting up.  She came out to follow him to his room.  Then she patted him on the cheek.  "You're cute.  Are the other two fussy people okay?"

"They wandered off pouting since you're not with them."

"You're sweet but they work with me.  Gibbs is a terror and Tony's a playboy.  Xander's sweet."

"He is," Don agreed with a grin. "But if you hurt him, we get ta hurt you."  She giggled and hugged him.  "You sure you can stay with him?"

"Yeah, I'm hoping for that tongue thing again.  I almost *died* from his tongue thing."  She skipped off, going back to her snuggling.  It was one of her favorite things.

Don watched her go.  "I need ta find me one of those.  Sweet and decent."  He got into his room and found his wallet and card key, then closed the door.  "We need more of those in New York."


Speed tapped on the door for the second time, giving his son a look when he opened the door with a yawn.  "You wanted to eat breakfast?"

"Please."  He closed the door and came back a minute later, dressed and face damp from some water.  "Abby, love, I'm going to breakfast.  Join us when you get out," he called into the bathroom.  He grabbed his keys and wallet, making sure he had his card key.  Then he followed them down to the breakfast buffet.  He handed Tim the messages with a nudge.  "I'm going back tonight to get my fees."

"I heard it was good," Don said as he joined them.  "Danny's still drooling."  He sat down, looking at him.  "You pulled a gun on a federal agent?" he mouthed.

"He broke into the room while I was having sex!"

Don sighed and shook his head.  "They're being protective of their girl."

"That works for me, but they could've knocked," he noted dryly.  He stood up and smiled as Abby skipped over, kissing her gently on the forehead.  "Abby, this is my pseudo-father Tim Speedle, his coworkers Eric Delko and Horatio Caine.  All from Miami.  The others are Mac Taylor and Don Flack from New York."

"Hi."  She smiled and waved.  "I'm forensics for NCIS, DC."  They grinned and waved so she pulled over a chair, grinning at Xander.  "Would you move home with me?"  He shook his head. "Are you sure?  I'd let you continue to strip if you wanted."

"No, sorry.  Tim wants me in college.  I wish I could."  He kissed the back of her hand with a grin for the guys coming up.  "Look it's the overprotective people who can't knock," he said sarcastically and loudly.

"Knocking is for cops, we're Feds," Tony said dryly, glaring at him.  "Abby, would you like to have breakfast with us?"

She looked at them, then at the others.

"You'll have us in a few seminars," Mac assured her.  She nodded and gave hugs all around, kissing Xander hard enough to make him moan, then skipped off with her coworkers. "She's some lady, Xander."

"She's sweet," Don told him, punching him on the arm.

"She is," Xander agreed, grinning at him. "See, I can meet normal, nice people."

"Yeah, it's a fluke since she's the first," Don taunted back. "Your track record speaks for itself."  Abby giggled and hugged him around the neck.  "He does a lot of drawing strange and mentally challenged people.  It's nice that he got you."

She kissed him on the cheek.  "I'm not that nice.  But it's nice of you to say that.  Can I have my purse, Xander?"  He handed it over and she winked.  "Going back tonight?"

"Only to pick up stuff."

"Shoot.  I was going to blow my last paycheck on you."

"Don't worry about it, Abby.  You don't have to pay."  She blushed and danced back to her buddies.  He grinned at Don.  "She is very nice and sweet and she gave me great ideas for some new music."

Danny stumbled over, glaring at him.  "You made me have funny dreams all night."  He sat down and glared at everyone else.  "Did anyone else get those?"

"I had a few informative ones," Eric said dryly.

"I'm fairly happy they kept me out," Speed noted, sipping his coffee.  "We should get food."  They all headed up to get breakfast, coming back to eat.  He looked at his son.  "Got any idea who sent you?"

Xander shook his head. "Nope."  He dug into his eggs, eating heartily. "I haven't done that one in a long time.  Since the first club."  He ate another bite. "I've gotta do that in my home club soon."

Don shook his head.  "Remember to send people with handcuffs," Danny complained, frowning at Xander. "I saw you naked and wiggling all night."

"Sorry," Xander said, shrugging a bit.  "Kinda.  It's my job, Danny."

"Yeah," he snorted.  "Horatio, were you there?"

"I was," he admitted, looking at Xander.  "It was a nice job, Xander."

"The hyena was screaming 'make more pack members'," he admitted.  "It was kinda fun to do that."  He grinned at them.  "Does this mean someone who's bored is going with me to pick up my check and tips?"  He smiled at the woman walking past the table who winked at him but went back to eating.

Everyone at the table nodded.  There was no way Xander was going to be allowed out alone.

"I'm here for that weapons workshop," Don admitted.  "But I'm free this afternoon."

"As am I," Horatio admitted.  "Unless I really want to go to the AV lecture."  He looked at Don, then at Xander.  "Both of us?"

"It might take that much force," he agreed.  "How honest is that owner?"

"He knows Jack," Xander admitted.  "If I have a problem, I can call Jack and have him blacklisted."  They looked at him.  "You don't do that to your talent, even the visiting ones.  It earns you a bad name and no one wants to work for you."  That got some nods.  Xander grinned at them all.  "I don't need two bodyguards.  Really."

"Shut up, Xander," Don said dryly, shaking his head as he cut into his steak.  "You need more than us usually."  He ate a bite.

"Before you get another one," Danny agreed.  "With last night, *I* nearly became one of your stalkers."

"Should you, I'd have to fire you," Mac reminded him.  "Unless you married him and kept him out of trouble, Danny."

Don choked, looking at him.  "That's a bad thought," he wheezed.

Xander reached over and clapped him on the back a few times.  "At least he didn't suggest you could protect me from Danny."

"With the way those two Feds were complaining about how you had fun, it might take both of them to keep you amused," Mac offered.  Horatio and Speed choked at that while Danny and Don just shook their heads and Eric giggled.  "What did you do to her?"

"All she said was a tongue thing," Don told him.

"Sue me, I'm an oral guy," Xander defended with a small blush.  "I don't get complaints."  He stuffed his mouth and kept stuffing it until his plate was empty and then he got up to get more food.

"Horatio, you and me?" Don asked.  Horatio nodded as he sipped his coffee.  "Good idea.  You realize he's doin' it to drive us nuts, right?"

"He's not," Horatio said, looking around.  Xander was chatting with someone at the breakfast bar, smiling happily at them.  "Xander?" he called quietly.  Xander looked over and beamed then held up a finger and finished his discussion before coming back with a full plate.  "Someone from last night?"

"Yeah, the head of LA's labs.  Tim, did you know Angel is not only in LA now, but he's working with Cordy?"  Tim moaned and held his stomach.  "They've been causing some problems by helping solve things."  He dug in, eating happily and beaming at them every once in a while.

"Eat more, Xander, that way you get fat and quit drawing so many people to your ass," Don ordered.

"I'd only get more muscles.  I get plenty of exercise, Don," he quipped back, grinning at him.  He ate another bite.

"Yeah, running from your fan club," Eric joked, nudging him.  "She's cute."

"She is, and she's nice.  She's so far out of my usual class that I about worshiped at her feet before I began."  He paused before taking his next bite, his fork halfway in the air.  "I should probably call Audry and see if Mrs. Townsend is still okay."  He ate that bite.

"What did you do to her?" Don asked.  His stories were usually amusing and cute.  Usually.  A few had sent him for some private time with himself.

"Gave her repeated orgasms until she had a seizure," he admitted, eating another bite.

Everyone stared at him, mouths at varying stages of openness. Finally Horatio laughed.  "You are joking, right?"

"No.  I was a good boy, I called EMS for her. The last I knew she didn't have any lasting effects from it, but it's nice to check."  Everyone got up and went to get more food and coffee, sharing meaningful looks.  "Sorry.  Didn't mean to share that way."

"Bragging is bad, kid," Danny called back, sharing a look with Don.  "I didn't think that was possible."

"I thought it was one of those urban legends," Eric pouted.  "He is not getting near any of my women."

"Afraid you'll never get any again?" Speed taunted.

"No, some women don't need that much stimulation. Some of them like the gentler things. Things like dinners out and dancing."

"I've never met a woman who didn't want it to be good when it happened," Danny teased

Don paused, then smirked at him. "We get to tell Aiden."

Mac moaned and shook his head.  "Leave me out of that one please."  They nodded and planned how to get the best reaction from her on the way back to the table.  Then Aiden and Danny took Xander to his spa appointment so they could all be spoiled rotten by the man who gave them good tips on how to do what he did to others.


Horatio walked into the club first, taking off his sunglasses and looking at the bouncer at the bar.  "Xander?"  He came in with Don.

"Darkness!' the bartender said happily, coming over to hug him.  "Ooh, you gave us a *great* night last night.  The boss wanted to ask you to do a single show tonight."

"I don't wanna repeat so soon," he offered.  "Plus I'm not sure my dad would like it.  Mom?"  Horatio gave him an unamused look.  He grinned then at the bartender.  "In-joke at home."

"Hey, if my mom looked like him, I'd have stayed."  He went back to the office, getting the manager.  "Here he is, Darkness."

"Oh, my new favorite dancer," he said, hugging him.  "I have your check from last night," he promised.  "I did want to see if you could do a single show tonight."

"I'd have to ask my pseudo-dad.   He's here for the CSI convention."

"That's fine.  Can you call?"

Horatio stepped away to make the call.

"You have very attentive bodyguards," the manager said happily.  Don pulled his badge.  "Boyfriend?"

"I'd never keep up with him."

"He's like my big brother," Xander said happily, beaming at him. Horatio hung up so he looked at him.

"He's not happy with it since we have a dinner tonight," he offered quietly.  "That means we couldn't be here to watch over you in case something happened."

"Some of the local guys aren't going," Don admitted.  "We could bribe one of them."

Horatio nodded, calling Grissom.  "Gil, Horatio," he said quietly, walking away again.  "No, we need someone to watch over Xander tonight for a single act.  Maybe thirty minutes and make sure he leaves in one piece and without someone following him."

"Tell him we're at the club that had the spontaneous orgy last night," the manager called.

"The manager said there was a spontaneous orgy," he said quietly.  "No, Xander is Tim's adopted son and he somehow manages to draw some of the worst elements to him.  We're up to about ten serious stalkers."

Don was watching Xander's face.  "How lowball was that?" he asked.

"That depends. Are we counting the guys who come back night after night for months on end and only talked to me and only bought me drinks?"  Don considered then nodded.  "About fifty counting them.  Ten serious."

Don sighed and shook his head.  "We need to fix your stuff before you die, Xander."

"I'd love for someone to figure this out and tell me, Don. I'd love nothing better than to not draw those people who're mentally unstable.  Hell, I'd dance a polka in joy!"  Don smirked a bit at that.  "I would!"

"I'm sure you would," he agreed, giving him a clap on the arm.  "We'll get you fixed yet.  Maybe you'll date that nice Abby girl and she'll make you quit dancing."

"She said I could continue if I move with her."

"Yeah, but dating a stripper is hard.  People get jealous when they see their girl or boy friends dancing and getting others hot."

"You dated a few, Detective?"

"Two," he admitted.  "Both girls," he said at the speculative look.

"I tell you what, it was strange dancing for women last night," Xander told him.  He looked at his temporary boss.  "I'll need to shop."  His check was gotten and handed over.  "Thank you."  He looked then nodded, looking pleased before he tucked it into his wallet.  "Where's a good place to get it cashed?"

"There's a good place up the street," the bouncer offered. "Some of our guys go there."  Xander grinned at him.   "It's a cheaper fee and they won't care that you're not local.  Just tell 'em you're in town for a convention."

Xander grinned again.  "Thank you."  He looked at Horatio as he came back.  "Am I on?"

"You are.  Two of Grissom's guys will be here for the time that you dance.  Then they're off for the rest of the night.  Agreed, Xander?"

"Agreed.  I'll get done and go back to the hotel after dinner."

"Good.  We'd appreciate that."

Xander hugged him.  "I'm sorry. If I had known it'd be such a problem, I wouldn't have come."

"I know," he soothed, patting him on the back.  "What are we doing?"

"Shopping," Xander said dryly.  He looked at the boss.  "Where am I going shopping?"

"Depends on what you want."

"Something I haven't done before," Xander admitted. "I've had this great idea but I haven't had the time to finish working it out and find the new music."  Horatio looked at him so he shrugged. "I haven't.  You know I don't mean to be a problem."

"I know," he soothed, letting him go.  "When we get back, we'll see if we can handle your security a bit better."  He smiled at him.  "All right?"  Xander nodded. "Don, did you want to go shopping with him?"

"Like Danny, I might turn into one of his stalkers," he teased.

Xander pinched him.  "If you are, you'd better be excellent at oral sex and teach me how to do it just as well as I do women."  Don blushed at that and nodded, backing up.  He grinned.  "I'd hate to not be as good as I am now.  After all, Tim wouldn't have a way to pick on me without more rescue stories."

Horatio looked at him.  "Should we see that ex again, we will have to complain."  Xander nodded, eyes wide.  "Good.  Are you done?"

Xander looked at the manager.  "Any restrictions?"

"Full monty or not.  Whatever music you want, however long you want.  Longer is good instead of shorter if possible.  Do whatever you want, babe.  We had some whales asking about you and clubs like mine live on their whales."

Xander nodded.  "I'll do my best to impress, sir."  He walked out with Don and Horatio around him.

"So, let's see the check," Don demanded once they were in the rental car.

"I doubt you want to," he said weakly.

"How much did you make, Xander?" Horatio asked.

"Um, nearly your salary?" he suggested hesitantly. Don gave him a long stare so he pulled it out and handed it over.  "Sorry."

"Ya know, with checks like these, you should be paying protection."  He handed it back and Xander gave him a hug over the seat.  "I'm only a little bit jealous.  Think you could teach me?" he teased.

"Sure.  You can help me practice."  He pointed at the spot.  "There please?"

"Xander, do you not have your debit card?" he asked dryly.

"Well, yeah," he said cautiously.

"Then use it, Xander, that way we can guard the check.  You can show it to Speed later."

"Okay," Xander agreed.  "I'm doubting it's going to take that much money to find what I want."

"Good."  Don gave him an odd look. "You want me to hold that for you?"

"With the way you locked your keys and wallet in your room?  I've got a room safe."

"Fine," Don agreed dryly.  "You owe us dinner."

"Sure," he agreed happily. "After the formal dinner or before?"

"After," the cops said together.

"The food is usually horrible.  If not, we can have dinner before we fly home tomorrow." Horatio nodded at that and they pulled into the store Horatio had in mind.

"Am I doing a jazz set?" Xander asked, giving him a hug.  "I can, I did my first one with a button-up shirt and jeans."

"I saw," Horatio assured him.  "It was very...arousing, but a bit odd to see you in a button- up shirt."  He looked at him.  "Shall we start here?"

"Okay.  How about at the goth shop two up?"

Horatio looked at him.  "It might scare me," he said dryly.

"You'll have fun, I promise," Xander assured him, getting out and dragging them with him.  In there he found himself two new shirts but nothing for his act.  Though he did find something for Abby and had it sent back to her room.  Then they went on.


Xander met his guards at the doorway and grinned, shaking their hands.  "Thank you for doing this for Horatio.  All the guys in Miami worry about me."

"Why?" the younger, blond guy asked.

"Um, ten stalkers, half serial killers," he said with a small shrug.  "It's kinda a bad habit that they like to follow me. And last night I kinda helped cause a spontaneous orgy."  The other guy, tall, dark haired, dark eyes, blinked at him.  "Sorry."  He grinned at them.  "I've got two choices of music, I still haven't decided.  Do I do something comfortable or something new that I've barely gotten to practice?"

"Do whatever will get you the most tips," the bartender called.  "You've only got twenty, Darkness.  Quit being a twittering virgin."

"Righto," he said, imitating a British accent.  He stepped up, getting his favorite drink of maple syrup and coke to take with him.  "Guys, find a seat in a corner.  Just in case it becomes desperate."  He headed back there and weighed the two CDs he had made.  Then he handed over the more comfortable one.  "We'll go with slightly slutty and 'fuck me now' music," he told the DJ, who just grinned.  "I'm not so sure the new one will work and the music's the same except for the last number.  I don't wanna disappoint."

"What's the last number look like?" the manager asked as he walked up to him.  Xander finished getting ready and pulled him into one of the private rooms to show him.  The guy nearly crawled out.  "Do that one, Darkness.  Please."  He switched the CD for the one Xander had been listening to through his headphones, then went to his private bathroom for a few moments alone with a waitress.  He wasn't sure of her name, but she was cute and still tight.

Xander's music came on and he skateboarded out, spinning around the pole, then he stopped, kicked it up, and gave the crowd a wicked smirk.  He could feel the magic coming for him again and welcomed it, letting it purr through his body.  He got into the music, getting down and funky with his board and the pole now and then.  He loved the hair sweep - where he grabbed the bar with one hand and leaned back, letting his hair drag on the floor.   It was more impressive with women but his hips were rocking against the pole.  He could hear the moans and stood up, shoving his skateboard backward and surging forward as his music changed.  His shirt came off and he danced some, enticing those nearest him.  He saw some drool and smiled at them, getting onto his knees to crawl over.  She smiled and patted him on the cheek but no tip.  He got up and went back to his dancing.  Maybe it wasn't working tonight?  He glanced at the DJ, who shrugged and changed the CD's back to the original, letting him finish off on the old one.  He came out pouting.  "It was better before."

The manager looked at him.  "It was all on credit cards, Darkness."  He led him to his office once he was redressed. "Would you like to do a different one?  Maybe that act from last night?"

"I try not to repeat immediately."  He considered it, still pouting.  "If you want, but my guards are gonna leave soon."  That got a nod and he sent a bouncer out to tell them it was okay and they could go.  Then he came back with the pitifully small stack of credit card receipts.  "I sucked tonight."

"You didn't suck and we all have bad nights," he offered.  "This is your first one?"

"Third since I started."  He pouted some more, then at the bouncer, who shivered.  "I don't know if I should even try."

"Do you have a pouty act?"  Xander nodded.  "We go more for techno and hard rock locally," he offered.  "The jazz stuff last night was nice but that was crowd specific."

"I can try my dom act, but if I'm upset and not angry I come off as 'angry kitten' instead of 'I'm going to flay you alive'.  It doesn't work as well and I get blown kisses instead of money.  The last bad night I had one of those."  He stood up.  "Let me meditate for a few minutes and see if I can cure the pouting problem."  That got a nod and he was shown to a back area where he could be alone.  He sat against the wall, closing his eyes and concentrating, arguing with the magic.  He was not some easy goofball and the hellmouth couldn't turn him into one. They argued back and forth but the hellmouth finally gave up and said 'fine, if you want to just be sex, you'll emit nothing other than sex', then blinded his mind.  Xander got up and the first thing he realized he had handed his DJ the music and had picked up his bullwhip and riding crop.  Not that he had carried them out....  But then again, they were only hours from Sunnydale.  He blacked out again, waking up on stage just as he used the bullwhip to 'capture' his lover, the pole, and pulled himself closer to it.  He felt the microphone on and smiled, he was going all out.  The magic agreed with him.  It rushed up and filled him with that familiar tingle of slightly oily darkness and lust. This time it wanted him and it was showing him how much by letting the others see its desperation and desire.

He caught one woman's eye as he left his bullwhip there and pulled his riding crop out, going over to stroke it down her cheek and tip up her chin.  She blushed at the look in his eyes.  He danced on to the next one, smirking at her easy submission.  He winked and moved back to another one, making her shiver and the very dominant person beside her give him a long look for his poaching.  He smirked and got the one on her other side, then her, marking her as his later 'bitch' and going back to the one who blushed.  "Undress me," he ordered coolly.  She stood up and undid his shirt, so he left it there with her.  He danced and swayed for her while she gripped it then he saw Abby pop up next to the stage, going over to tempt this pretty one.  She moaned so pretty for him, and for the guys behind her.  He smirked at her, using his crop to lift her chin up so he met her eyes.  "Undo me," he ordered in time with the music.  She reached up and undid his belt and button, then daringly did his zipper.  He smirked and danced off as his first song changed, then the second one came on and he pulsed with it, demanding submission.  Even the domme in the front row was reaching for her panties by the time he was done.  He didn't even have to take off his pants.

His last one came on and he kissed Abby during it, pulling her up to give her a spanking, his fingers hitting between her legs and his palm the flat of her ass.  Four spanks in all, making her moan very loudly; then he gave her a forehead shove backwards, watching as her men caught her.  And they were her men now, he had given her to them.  He moved back to the domme, making her shiver and shake as she played with herself.  "Mine," he demanded.  She whimpered at the look in his eyes and he quirked up an eyebrow.  She nodded and came.  He danced back and with a hiss of sound the whip came free, letting him turn and grab the next dancer coming out and pull him out, kissing him harshly, making him moan into the microphone.  Then he smirked at him and strolled off whistling in time with the music.  He came down off the magic high and went limp against the wall, panting harshly once the microphone was taken from him by the DJ.  "It hasn't been that good in a while," he moaned, curling up in his little corner for a bit to calm down.  The manager came back and handed him a soda.  "Clean?"

"Very."  He looked him over.  "You need that shirt back?"

"It's just a silk shirt, she can have it."  He gulped the cold soda, giving himself a stomachache but it was good, so good, after being out there.  He looked up at him.  "Better?" he asked with that same goofy grin.

"Much, but all the tips were on credit cards."  He helped him up and to the front, letting one of the bouncers get his bag.  "You do that one down there?" he asked, helping him into a seat.  All the credit card tip receipts were brought in so they could look them over, that way the guy would know he wasn't cheating him.  He could see how dangerous he was now; Jack's warning now made sense.

Xander shook his head.  "Only in Montreal.  I usually bartend in Miami anymore and only dance on special occasions and at special requests.  Or fill in.  I've only done that one once before."  He shrugged then winced.  "Ow.  Now I remember why."  The manager smiled.  "Can you make sure I go back to my hotel?"

"The little goth chick produced her ID and badge and said she's making sure of it."

"I'm going to get teased forever for that."

The manager smirked and nodded.  "Only if your bodyguards from earlier hear."  Xander nodded that they would.  "Are you thinking about moving out of Miami?  You could have a really bright future here, Darkness."

"Nope.  Dad wants me in school this spring.  January is counted as spring semester, right?"  That got a nod.  "I'm starting down there.  I'm not even sure if I'm dancing while I'm going to school.  I might cut it back to only special requests at that time."  He shrugged and winced again.  "I need a hot shower."

"I'd say.  I'll run these card receipts tonight to get you your check before you leave, and like the others that haven't come across yet, I'll send them down to Jack for you."

"Thank you."  He took his bag from the bouncer and bowed.  "It's been fun.  This is a lot different than Montreal and Miami.  If only because there's women."  That got a laugh and the bouncer escorted him out to where Abby was bouncing around outside.  "Why are you taking me back?"

"Because you'd be stolen otherwise," she pointed out. "I've never seen anything so hot!" she moaned.  He smiled and gave her a gentle kiss, then winked at her.  "Wanna go dancing tonight?"

"I need to shower and change."

"You can go sweaty, I don't mind," she assured him. "You might need a shirt."  He grinned and pulled his one from earlier out of the bag and put it on, making her drool.  "You look slightly less deadly.  Please, Xander?"

"Sure, Abby.  Let's go dancing.  Are daddy and big brother coming?"

"Yup.  Probably.  Gibbs is really paranoid that I'm going to move to the Miami PD now."  She linked his arm through hers and walked him off to their car.  "Gibbs, we're going dancing.  Can you let us off at a nice club?"

"I'm not letting you two out of my sight," he said firmly.

"Hey, none of my usual psychos have followed me from Miami," Xander complained.  "Besides, it's not like I can't handle myself, thank you."  He looked at Abby.  "Where are we heading?"


"Which is where?" Gibbs demanded since he was driving.

"South of Paris."  He nodded and headed that way, so she turned to look at Xander.  "That was SO damn hot, Xander."

He grinned.  "Thank you.  I've only done that one once before then I got to play with the fire hose my next set since there had been a, um, spontaneous orgy."

"We had table-switching orgies," she assured him with a grin.  "Your escorts were both drooling."

"They didn't go home?"

"No, they decided since they were in and still had a drink left they were good to stay for a warmup to their night off."

"I heard the younger one whine about bottling it," Tony offered, looking back at them.  "Don't make out in front of us, okay?  Abby is our buddy and we don't wanna see her that way at the moment.  We saw more than enough of her last night."

"Next time, knock," she retorted, grinning at him.  "Gibbs, left," she called.  He changed lanes and pulled up in front of the club.  "You can leave you stuff in here, Xander."  She pulled him out and inside, paying the cover. She squealed at the music and drug him out to the floor, letting him swish and sway against her, staring down into her eyes with humor and a slight smirk.

He could feel her friends staring at him and the younger one move into the crowd to be closer in case something happened.  He and Abby had a silent conversation and she looked worried but he could see that she wanted them.  She was shifting due to her wet panties.  He moved them closer to Tony and she grabbed him, pulling him between them.  Xander got his back.  "Relax," he ordered in his ear.  "She wanted you here."  That got a nod and he grinned at her over his shoulder, glancing around and giving Gibbs a silent nod closer.  That got him moving and Xander pushed him into place, dancing with him now.  "He needs someone more stable," he mouthed, then he vanished into the crowd.  He easily got his stuff out of the car and headed back to the hotel, leaving the new trio to work things out.

He knew later the two non-virgins to kinky sex would have to break in the shy Tony to male/male sex, but it would be a lot of fun for him to imagine later.  It would make his night and he knew how well Abby tasted and could only imagine what the musk flowing off the two men would taste like, since he hadn't tasted them.  He made it back to his hotel, winking at the woman behind the counter.  "Anything for me?"  She handed over a message, earning a smile.  "Thank you."  He went up to shower and change clothes.  When he came out he looked at the message and shook his head, then decided to get dressed.  He pulled out his cell and typed in a text message to Tim, grabbed his keys and wallet, then headed out.


Tony looked back at Gibbs, then at Abby. "Why am I in the middle?" he asked as quietly as he could.

"Because you're toy material," she assured him, leaning against his chest to tease the buttons on his shirt, making him shiver.  "Just let it go, Tony.  I know what you want."  He shook his head so she let a hand slip lower to tease his stomach, then his sides.  She found one of Gibbs' hands and drew it back with hers. "I know what you want," she assured him.  He tensed up when she pushed him back into Gibb's harder body.  "Let it go. Experience, Tony."


"We know, DiNozzo," Gibbs assured him. "We can handle that too.  He gave her back to us."  Tony nodded so he looked at Abby, who was smirking a bit wickedly.  She let go of his hand and stepped back, starting to get sucked into the rest of the crowd.

"Oh, no," Tony said, pulling her closer and turning her so she was between them now.  "No escaping if he gave you to us.  You're ours, the same as you were before we came."  He stroked her neck, teasing a fading bite mark from last night.  "You like that?" he asked.  She nodded, leaning back into Gibbs' body for now while he moved closer.  "I think there's better things than having some stranger's tongue in you, Abby."

"I don't know.  His tongue was pretty good, Tony.  We'll have to see how good it is."  She smirked and turned around, pulling him against her back while she danced with Gibbs.  "You know I'm going to be possessive, right?"  He nodded.  "You're sure this won't violate your rules?"

"It does, but I think it's worth it."  He kissed her, hard, deep, tongues dueling, then he pulled back to smirk at her.  "Depends on how you want it, Abs."

"Oh, I want it a lot, Gibbs."  She pulled Tony closer again, letting them kiss over her shoulder.  Tony moaned and made a grab for Gibbs' head to hold him in place.  "Just let it go, Tony. It'll happen," she soothed, dancing against his front now.  "We should go back to the hotel."

"We should," Gibbs agreed as he pulled back. "That what you want, DiNozzo?  Back to the hotel to prove how much better you can be?"

"Please."  Tony let himself be led off by the hand.  When they got to the car they found the kid's things already gone.  Abby got him into the back and straddled his lap, kissing him until all he could do was moan and hold on.  He heard a door open and felt another warm body, glancing over in time to feel different lips take control of his.  He felt the front seats move up and it allowed him more room to move.  Abby came back to open his shirt and tease his chest while he and Jethro kissed.  It was different but it still felt really good. He reached over to touch, stroking up under the t-shirt to the warm, lightly furred skin.  His hand met Abby's and she guided his to the better spots, making the man kissing him moan and arch against his fingers.  He smiled and concentrated on that, watching his hand move under the t-shirt, at least until he felt a hand touch his cock and rub their palm down him.  That's when he realized they were in a car in a public parking lot.  "We're going to get busted," he said, puling back.

"Easy, DiNozzo.  The cops around here expect it outside a club."  He pulled him in for another kiss but let him go fairly quickly.  "We can go back to the hotel and sneak past the desk. Then we'll see what happens."  He stroked the hard cock again and Tony shivered, arching up into his hand with a moan.  "Give me ten minutes to get us there.  Abby, fix my seat."  She did that while he got out and walked around to get in and drive, watching Abby and Tony kiss and grope in the backseat.  When they got to the hotel, he let Tony lead the way in, taking whatever needy kisses he could have, sharing them with Abby when she got insistent.  He got them up to his room, since his was larger, and everyone gathered in, putting down weapons and keys.

Abby grabbed onto Tony's shirt, taking it off him as quickly as she could.  Then she attacked his belt.  He grabbed her hands.  "Slow down.  I'm not leaving."

"I want to see what you've been bragging about all this time and getting naked now saves ripping things later."

Gibbs reached around and undid Tony's belt and pants for him, letting them fall.  "She's right, unless you don't want to ever wear these again," he said quietly in his ear. He stepped back and undid his own shirt's buttons but Abby came over to strip him as well.  "Do yourself."

"I don't want to."  She wiggled when she felt fingers attacking the hooks on her back.  "Thank you."

"Welcome," Tony said in her ear.  He finally got all the hooks undone and then the two buttons.  Her bodice got tossed on top of their guns. He stroked up her side.  "Are you sure we shouldn't call him back for you, Abby?" he asked in her ear.

"I'm sure.  I'm yours.  He gave you to me. Back at the club it was symbolic."  She wiggled until her skirt's closure was in front but Gibbs got that for her.  "Thank you."  She pounced him to kiss him, taking control of his mouth.  She heard the quiet moan from behind her and blindly reached back until she found something to grab onto and hauled Tony closer to hold against her back.  She got done with Gibbs' mouth and turned just enough to take Tony's.  Hands went around her waist and she leaned back, trusting Tony to hold her up.  He pulled back to breathe, and the hands stroked over her waist and stomach.  "Bed.  Standing means I'll fall."

"We won't let you fall," Gibbs assured her.  He went back to his kissing, choosing a target just behind her ear.  She wiggled and tensed as he played, then Tony took her mouth back.  They did move it to the bed for her, laying her down so they could each take a side and lave and tease all of her body.  By the time she was huffing and clutching, Gibbs and she had shared a long look.  She flipped over suddenly, pinning Tony to the bed, getting to work on his body.

"This is about you, Abby," he protested.

"Hush, Tony.  This is about us, not just me."

"She's right, this is about us," Gibbs agreed.  He paid the same attention to Tony's body.  Tony was holding onto Abby for dear life when they got done with him.  Abby glanced at Gibbs before she slid down Tony's body. "Let him have you however you want, I'll take him," he whispered in her ear.  She nodded and kissed him, making him clutch at her arms.

"Tony, tongue," she ordered, sliding off his body and back onto the bed, moving his hand down to touch her again.  "Now."  He flipped over, going back to teasing her, going where she wanted. "Tongue," she ordered, arching up to get it where she needed it.  Tony smiled and went down on her, doing as best as he could.  She moved his head and pressed back into it.  "Tony, I'm not like the sluts you've dated.  I'm harder and I'm different."  He shifted some, making her scream and let go of his head, her head arching back.  "There!" she shouted. "Deeper!"  He followed along, letting her dictate.

Gibbs kissed her, keeping her from ordering and letting Tony see if he could please her without the intense lessons on how to do an Abby.  She came and he had to help free Tony from the thighs.  "Calm down," he ordered.

"I can't!"  She pulled him back down.  "More, Tony, more!"

"More coming up, Abby."  He got back to what he liked to do.  He may not be as good as some stripper with an oral fixation but he had never had any complaints before.  He stiffened as he felt a finger touch his ass, glancing back at Gibbs.  "Don't."

"Hush," Abby ordered, pulling him up to kiss him.  She took his mouth and his brain over, letting Gibbs do whatever he wanted.  "In me," she ordered quietly.  He nodded and slid into her, moaning a bit at how tight she was.  She went with him, letting him touch and taste whatever he wanted while he pleased her.  She was already more than content.  She saw Gibbs lean down to lick the sweat of Tony's back, making him moan.  "Please," she begged in his ear.  "Let him."  Tony stiffened but the tongue came back to lick up the trails of sweat.  It was erotic and he was getting lost in the sensations.  It kept up while she kissed him, making him go back to what he had been doing.  He tensed up slightly when a finger breached him but it touched something that made him gasp and shiver as it was manipulated.  "Let him," she ordered, taking his attention again.  "I need you, Tony."

He nodded and got back to her pleasure, making it as good as he could for her.  She wasn't like any other woman he'd slept with before, she was special and she deserved his full attention. "You deserve more," he panted as he worked.

"You're doing great," Gibbs assured him, reaching around with his free hand to tease her clit, making her get panty and huffy again, making her clench around Tony's cock and claw up his back and shoulders.  "She likes it a bit dirty," he whispered in his ear.  "Do you have a kink, Tony?"  He shook his head frantically.

"We all have one," Abby panted.  "Tony!  Let us have you!"  She flipped him over, taking what she needed, staring into his eyes.  "Please, Tony.  Do you like to be talked to?"  He nodded, grabbing onto her hips and arching up to get her better.  She squealed and came, bearing down on him, collapsing against his chest.  He kissed and stroked her, helping her calm back down.  She pushed her hair back, staring at him.  "Tony, can we make you this happy?"

"I'm happy."

She reached back to touch his cock.  "You're still hard.  Let us fix that for you?"  He nodded, still stroking her back.  She wiggled off his body, sharing a kiss with their boss.  "He needs you."

Gibbs moved until he was laying beside Tony, taking his mouth for his own pleasure.  One hand was stroking his chest and stomach, keeping him calm and accepting.  "You never answered, Tony.  Do you like anything specific in bed?" he asked in his ear, watching him s shiver. "Talking dirty or just talking?" he asked.


Abby laid on his other shoulder. "You're going to look so hot with him buried in you, Tony," she said quietly, taking over the soothing duties.  Gibbs moved down to tease and tempt him, making Tony hiss and arch up as he was nipped.  "Relax, let him play.  It's not often he gets to play."  She kissed him gently. "Next time will seem more natural," she assured him. "It's just this time that's awkward. You'll love it.  I love it when I'm touched there and you guys have special g-spots."  Gibbs laughed at that.  "You do."

"I guess you could call the prostate that."  He licked across Tony's stomach, cleaning up the wetness trail Abby had left on him.  Then he kissed her, making Tony moan.  "You're mine next time."

"Of course I am."  She smiled and kissed Tony.  "We'll let you have him," she said with a wink.  He blushed.  "Just relax."  She rolled him onto his side, letting Gibbs have full access to his lower body because she pulled his upper leg over hers.

"I was playing with that," Gibbs complained.  He flipped Tony back and under him, going back to driving him insane.  By the time he got ready to touch Tony's cock, he was pleading and making begging noises every other breath.  He licked over it and Tony arched up, nearly shoving himself in his mouth.  "Easy," he soothed, stroking him gently.  "You'll get it."  He licked across him, giving him a gentle suck, slipping in a finger to get it wet.  He used it to go back to teasing Tony to open for him, making him arch up and yell.  "Easy," he soothed.  Abby kissed him and he smiled. "You two look good together."  He rewet his finger and went back to it.  "Abby, lube?" he asked quietly. She slid off the bed and got him something, making him smile at the all-natural lotion she handed him.  He slicked up two fingers and inserted them, making Tony hiss and wiggle.  "Calm down. It's just me.  It'll be okay."  Abby's mouth came down to tease his cock, taking his full attention while Gibbs got him ready for him.  He switched up to three, smiling because he was so limp.  Abby's lips were magical.  He slicked himself up and moved forward, pulling her off and making her turn around and remount him.  Tony whimpered when she squeezed around him.  Gibbs smiled, resting his chin on Abby's shoulder.  "Tony?"  Tony looked at him.  "Ready?"  Tony shook his head.  "You are."  Tony shook his head again.  "You don't want to?"  Abby squeezed and moved, making Tony arch up and clutch the sheets.  Gibbs slid forward, pushing gently against the tight hole.  "Relax," he ordered, pushing in.


"Calm down, we have you," Abby soothed, kissing him, taking his attention again.  "Relax, he's got you.  It's good."

"Hurts," he panted.

"Shhh, give it a minute.  It'll be better."  She felt Gibbs press against her back and smiled at him.  "See, he's in now."  Gibbs nodded when she glanced back.  "Whenever you're ready for him to move, squeeze."  Tony finally flexed with a small whimper.  "Good boy."  She pulled off and licked him clean, giving him her best blow job while Gibbs got to work pleasing him.  Tony finally got into it, arching and shifting.  Gibbs ended up lifting his legs off the bed and putting them over his shoulder.  He surged forward, getting harder and faster, then suddenly slowed back down when he noticed Tony tensing up. He shifted position, letting Abby kiss him and push his sweaty hair off his forehead for him.  "There," she praised.  "See, better."

Tony lifted his hips up, pulling Gibbs down to kiss him. "More," he growled.  "Now."

"Anything you want," he promised, going faster, shifting his angle to pound his prostate with each stroke.  Tony let out a shriek and came.  Gibbs smirked at him, winking.  "Still think you won't like it, Tony?" he asked in his ear, speeding up again.  He finally came and collapsed for a minute, panting hard.  He lifted his head and kissed Tony again.  "Next time, you ride me.  My knees ache."

Tony smirked at him.  "Sure, boss."

"That was so hot," Abby said, smoothing down both of their hairs.  "We should rest and shower. Then we'll move to Tony's room so no one has to sleep in the wet spot."  She kissed them both.  "You were so hot," she told Tony.  She grinned at him.  "You're not a virgin anymore."

Gibbs gave her a light head nudge.  "I need a nap."

Abby beamed.  "You do.  You did a lot of work, Gibbs."

Gibbs pulled her over, putting her on top of Tony and moving to silence her the easy way.  He made her squeal and scream as he attacked her clit with his tongue. She wiggled and clutched Tony's chest, letting him kiss her into silence.  She came and went limp. "Better.  Now I can nap."  He laid down again, pulling Tony against his chest.  "Now we can nap."

"That was mean," Tony chastised gently.  "I like her mouth."

"Keep it up, watch me surge back into your ass and ride you into a coma," he growled.

"I like talking and cuddling after sex, Gibbs."

"Me too," Abby agreed.  She hauled Tony against her chest and whispered in his ear, making him giggle and hug her.  "We should pounce him."

"When I can get it up again, Abby."  His head came up and he wiggled.  "Condoms?"

"Oops," Abby said sheepishly.  "I'm on the shot."

"Not like I can get you pregnant and I'm pretty sure you're clean," Gibbs assured him, moving to cuddle him from behind.  "I haven't had any since long before my last test."

Tony looked back at him.  "They can't test for everything, boss."

"Confessing?" he asked dryly.


"Then I'm not worried."  He put an arm around Tony's chest, stroking his stomach.  "Rest.  Then we'll go again and make Abby babble and squeal in a few different octaves."

"Can't wait," Abby said cheerfully.

"Can I be on top this time?  I'm kinda sore."

"I can help you cure that," Abby assured him, wiggling out of his grasp and heading into the bathroom.  She came back out.  "We need to go to my room. I've got the better tub."

"I've got a spa attachment hooked up to mine," Tony offered quietly.

"Put on enough clothes to head there," Gibbs said in his ear.  "She's right, a warm bath will ease the ache and a wet, naked Abby is fun."

"How do you know?"

"It's been an occasional thing, after the hard cases," Abby told him, kissing him.  "Put on just enough to make it down there, Tony."  He sighed and got up, wincing a bit.  "It'll be okay."  She kissed him on the butt cheek and helped him into his pants and shoes, then grabbed their guns and ID's, plus the room keys.  "Come on."  She walked him down to his room, wrapping the towel more tightly around her body as they headed down there.

Gibbs gave himself ten more minutes to recover then headed down to join them.  A wet, happy Abby was probably as much fun as a wet, cuddly Tony was going to be.


Tim felt his pocket vibrate and pulled out his phone, looking at the message with a sigh.  "Xander got bored and went out clubbing."  Eric moaned.

"We need to get in touch with his guards, see how it went," Don offered from the next table over.  They were seated with smaller departments in their own states.  The smaller Pensacola department people looked at him, then at Horatio.

"Speed's son," he explained.  "He has bad habits."

"Like teasing," Eric complained.  "When does school start?"

"The fifth of January," he sighed, shaking his head.  "I'd rather be out having fun than at some stuffy dinner anyway," he noted dryly.  "Not to say anything against your departments, but...."

"You don't do award dinners," the Pensacola department head agreed with a smile.  "Neither do I usually but I heard we're up for an award in our state."  She looked at Horatio, who blushed a bit.  "I guess you guys could leave after that and bring him back here for our dance tonight."

"Then we'd never cut loose of the kid," Don complained, leaning back to get closer to them.  "Trust me, Xander steals all attention from everyone."

"He's been cited in two different divorces," Eric agreed dryly.  Everyone stared at him.  "You didn't see that in the paper?"  They all shook their heads so he pulled out his wallet and handed it over. "I meant to taunt Xander with it on the way back."

Speed looked and moaned, handing it to Horatio.  Who only smirked and shook his head, handing it to the New York table.

"Hold on, I read that one.  Something about a stripper named Darkness?" the Pensacola tech noted.

Speed nodded.  "That's my boy."

"Really?  He's that old?"

Horatio shrugged one-sidedly.  "Adopted."

"By necessity, he had bad parents," Speed assured her.  "He's starting college this spring semester."

"Congratulations.  You got him off the bad part of the city."

Speed shrugged. "He doesn't drink, doesn't use drugs, and doesn't sleep around or sell it.  I was already impressed with my boy.  But he is a bad tease."

Aiden got the message when Danny snuck over to her table and handed it to her, then snuck back.  There were speeches going on and she got up, heading back to the Miami table, waving it.  "My son did what?" she demanded quietly.

Eric grinned at her.  "I only saw it today, Aiden."

"Uh-huh.  Where is our son now?" she asked Tim.  He showed her the last text message.  She took the phone and typed in 'let us know where you are every hour and when you change clubs, just in case', then handed it back and went back to her table, scowling.  Her coworkers wisely moved away from her.  "My boy's being slutty," she complained, handing over the news article.  "He didn't even sleep with 'em."

They read it, then gaped at her.  She nodded.  "Yeah, that guy from last night, my adopted son Xander."

That got a swallow.  "Wow.  Did you teach him that?"

Aiden shook her head.  "I wish but no.  My boy's a mantwat at times.  Even if he doesn't sleep around."  That got a few sighs.  "You know the goth chick from DC?  Abby or whatever?  I heard her buddies kicked in her door last night to try to save her from Xander and his tongue, and they got into it in the hallways."  She looked at the Vegas table, seeing the amused looks.  "So, any reports from the guys who went with my boy?"  She handed over the news article and one, the cop, coughed and spluttered.  "Oh, you know Xander," she said dryly, smirking at him.  "How?"

"Vacation," he wheezed.  He sipped some of his water and looked at her.  "I know Inspector Ferris and he wanted my opinion on a case since I was on vacation up there."  He gave her a helpless look.  "Xander's your son?"  She nodded.  "Then you're Aiden, right?"  She nodded.  "Oh, shit, he's the one they went with earlier?"  She nodded again, smirking now.  "Crap.  Gil, call Greg and Nick, make sure they're still all right.  The good inspector wanted me to see if I could find out how the kid drew serial killers and rapists."

He called his guys, getting up to take it out of the dining hall.

"Maybe someone brought him out here so we could figure it out together," Aiden joked.  Jim Brass, the cop, just stared at her.  "Someone sent him a late plane ticket and then the invitation to dance out here at that club.  And hey, it might take all of us CSI guys to figure out how he does it and stop it.  Before we get a repeat of the bunny paper guy."

"Oh, no," Jim moaned.  "Him?"  She nodded.  "Any others?"

"The daddy guy a few weeks back. My boy got to spank him because Horatio didn't give him a code word to get them in there sooner."  He choked again and she grinned. "What routine did you see?"

"The one with the bullwhip.  He said it was his first one.  I had to leave before someone grabbed me and forced me to take part in the orgy it started. The poor waitresses hid in the kitchen away from everyone.  His next act I heard he got to use the firehose on everyone."  She giggled at that. "Seriously," he offered, smiling just a bit. "I've never seen a spontaneous orgy, but one couple started and a few more added in and then it went from there."

"My boy is so bad about inspiring lust," she sighed, shaking her head. "I'm wondering if the source is the bad parents or us now."

"He's not yours naturally?" one of her coworkers asked hesitantly.

"No, we ran his parents out of town for being shitbags and tryin' ta sell him for some extra cash to a Master in LA who trained and then killed his pets.  I literally made them run for their lives when I heard from the sobbing Xander on Speed's chest.  No one touches my baby that way and gets away with it."

"He needs his own personal cop," Don said as he came over, squatting between them.  "We've decided we're blowing this place after the awards and going to dance with him.  That way Eric can be a slut and pick up someone and so can you.  You up?"

She pinched him on the cheek.  "I don't need ta pick up someone, Flacky, but sure."  She smiled at Jim Brass.  "He saw Xander in Montreal."

"His bullwhip routine," he sighed, nodding, looking amused at least.  "Spontaneous orgy."

"Yeah, his text message about earlier said the same thing happened tonight when he did it again."  He stood up and grinned at him.  "Any news from his guardians tonight?"

"Grissom is in the halls."  He considered it.  "Probably trying to talk Greg into not trying to keep him."

Don snuck that way, interrupting the complaining.  "Tell them that Xander's starting college in a few months."  Grissom jumped and looked at him.  He grinned at him.  "We heard about the orgy."  The phone was handed over and Grissom went back inside.  "Hey, it's Don Flack, from New York.  No, Xander's kinda like my kid brother.  He's the adopted son of one of our former techs and Speed from Miami.  Yeah him.  So, what happened? He mentioned the sex going on."  He leaned against the wall, one foot coming up to brace him, while he laughed. "I didn't know he had bad acts."  The other one made him moan and shift some.  "Yeah, we all wanna know how he does it.  I can get you sweat samples if you want.  He hates that psychos taunt him because of this."  He smirked and nodded. "Sure!"  He hung up and walked inside, handing Grissom his phone back, then winked at Brass.  "No hose this time and they want sweat samples."  He went back to his table, leaning back to get closer to the New York guys.  "They want sweat samples locally."

Ryan looked at him.  "So do I, man.  I want to market it.  We could make billions making people smell like Xander in heat."  Horatio scowled at him.  "We could," he defended.

"No more alcohol for you, Mr. Wolfe," Horatio said dryly, looking at Don.  "How much longer?"

"The awards," he joked.  "Next up probably."  He sat his chair back down and went back to eating.  He'd need his strength.  Danny and Mac both looked at him so he smirked.  "We should'a made Stella come."

"She didn't have the leave time," Mac noted dryly.  "The next time we have to see Xander dancing she can come."

"Probably with a scream, like the others," Speed joked, glancing over at him with a wicked grin.  "He's at some club called Egypt."

"It's near the pyramid," one of the people from the table on their other side noted. "It's pretty trendy."

"My boy needs spanked," Speed complained, finishing his beer.

"Why?  He's good enough at making others spa...."

Eric covered Ryan's mouth.  "If you finish that sentence, I will lose all respect for you," he warned.  He sniffed his drink. "He's drinking juice, H."

"He had a few earlier," he was assured. "That's why Mr. Wolfe is going to be sleeping it off very soon."

"And hey, he's doing all the dumpsters for the next month," Calleigh said happily.  They all agreed with that, making Ryan pout.  She looked out the doors to the entry, blinking a few times.  "Wow, that's hot."  Speed and Eric both looked.  "The trio from DC," she said quietly.  She watched as the mouths attacked each other and the girl only got in the middle a few times.  "Maybe they'll make her forget Xander."

"I doubt it," Jim Brass said from behind her.  "We ready?"

"Horatio's up for an award," she pouted.

"I haven't been clubbing in years, I'll get his," Mac offered.  The rest of them nodded and got up, following Aiden and Jim Brass out and to the cars.

"What about the awards?" the presenter complained.

"I'll pick up Horatio's if he wins one," Mac called, grinning at her.  "Speedle's son was doing naughty things again.  They went to make sure it wasn't dangerous this time."  That got some laughs from the other tables.  "You guys remember the Daddy killer?  The kid helped capture him for Miami and New York."  That got some moans.  "He's still in Florida if you guys need to put in requests to move the body."  A few people pulled out their phones to call their home areas.

"Is he a profiler?" the girl from Albany's lab asked perkily.

He shook his head.  "Stripper.  They just like him for some reason."  She blushed at that and hurriedly sipped her wine. "We caught the two bunny paper killers thanks to him too."  She took another drink.  "Do we have anyone from Montreal here?"  She nodded and pointed at the 'other countries' table.  "Excuse me for a minute."  He got up and walked over there, smiling at the RCMP officer. "Hi, Mac Taylor, New York CSI," he offered, shaking his hand.  "Do you know an Inspector Ferris in Montreal?"

"I've heard of him.  He had a spate of luck with serial killers."  The officer smiled.  "Do you know him?"

"No, but the reason for his luck is safely in Miami and being overprotected.  Can you tell him that somehow?  I'm sure he's worried about Vex."

"Vex?" another one said, blinking at him. "The stripper that drew all those psychotic men?" she demanded.  Mac nodded.  "You know of him?"

"He's Tim Speedle's adopted son.  Tim's in Miami's CSI unit.  So he helped us with the Daddy Killer and the bunny paper guy."

"Oh, my," she said, smiling brightly.  "I'm so glad that he's moved onto a higher calling.  Is he still stripping?"

"His dad's making him start college, but for now he is.  He just got done doing a set earlier tonight here in town.  One of his clients sent him airfare and an invitation so he could spend some downtime with the Miami crew."

She smiled at that and nodded. "I know Inspector Ferris personally and I'll pass on that message.  He's doing well?"

"Quite well.  Everyone loves to have him back."

"Oh, good.  I'll be sure to tell him, Mr. Taylor."

"Call me Mac."

"Then I'm Diamonda."  She smiled at him.  "Are you attending the dance later?"

"I hadn't been planning on it, but I can if you'd like to escort me."  She blushed and nodded.  "Then come find me after dinner."  He smiled at the other office.  "Have a good meal."  He went back to his seat and made sure his tie was straight.


Eric finally found Xander and pulled him closer to him so he could hiss in his ear.  "So much for a quiet night in," he complained.

"I'm being good," he complained, turning to dance with him.  He waved and smiled at the others.  "Hi.  Abby demanded we go dancing."

"Where is she?" Speed asked as he drug Xander over to their table.

"She and her two boys went back to their hotel room to have some fun.  Tony was going to prove he had just as good of a tongue and they were going to prove to him that he wanted boy sex just as much as girl sex."  He flopped down and accepted the drink.  "Thanks, Aiden.  I'm being very good."

"I doubt it," Calleigh and Speed complained, then stuck their tongues out at each other.  Don pushed her head into his so they ended up kissing.

"They say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas," Aiden joked when they came up for air.  She looked at her son.  "Tapes?"

"Ask the guy," he noted dryly, shrugging a bit.  "As far as I know there's not."   He grabbed a pretzel out of the bowl a waitress put down with a wink for her, getting a blush and her moving on.  "Whatever I don't pick up tomorrow he'll send to Jack in a few days, when the credit card companies pay up."  He ate another bite. "Aren't you guys supposed to do an award thing tonight?"  He noticed the stranger coming up and nodded politely at him.

"Relax, he's part of the Vegas team," Speed assured him, looking at him.  "What did you do?" he demanded, almost whining.

"I did my dom act," he said with a small shrug.  "I had fun."  He smiled at the new guy. "Hi.  Oooh, hey, I know you."

"Jim Brass.  We met in Montreal," he said, shaking his hand. "I see you still have bad luck."

"Or really naughty pheromones," he agreed bitterly.  "Why?  Did another one follow me here?"

Jim looked around, then nodded. "There's two who're suspects but never proven on rape charges.  Another one I recognize from an assault a few years back."  He looked at him again.  "Why don't you just hire a bodyguard?"

"Because with my luck, he'll end up wanting me too and I don't want to become some cheesy romance story plot about the kidnaped love of your life."

"Ah."  He nodded and sipped his drink.  "I understand fully."

"Too late," Speed said, staring his son down.  "Didn't you say you were coming back to read and wait on us to get free so we could go have fun together?"

"Yeah, but Abby showed up with her overprotective guys and she demanded we go clubbing.  Since she *clearly* wanted them both, I gave them a nudge in the right direction.  I can almost imagine Abby cooing at Tony for being such a big boy and taking his first man."  He shrugged and finished his drink, then got up. "I'm going to go back and have fun."  He noticed Horatio coming over and grinned at him.  "Hi."

"Evening, Xander."  He stared at him.  "Are you behaving?"

"More or less. Abby wanted to go play tonight."  He shrugged.  "I gave her a nudge.  Her boss and her buddy are going to be very attentive and I hope one of them likes oral sex like she does."  He grinned and hauled Horatio out but he got free. "Oh, come on!  I need someone to dance with!"

"I'll go," Calleigh offered, letting him drag her off.  "Did it feel weird dancing for women?" she teased.

"Hell yes!  My first act tonight always got me good tips from men," he complained as he moved with her.  He finally grabbed her hips and showed her how to move on the same beat he was, making her blush but follow along.  The others slowly trickled out, all but Jim and Horatio who were playing daddy at the moment and watching over them all.  Speed and Eric finally saved her so he grabbed Aiden and pulled her closer, hugging her while they danced.  She appreciated him and his dancing.  He grinned at her.  "Hi, mommy."

"Hi, baby."  She kissed him on the cheek.  "Naughty boy."  She spanked him and he howled, making her grin.  He snuggled in closer, hugging her.  "It's all right."

"I don't mean to tease that badly," he complained.

"We know," she assured him, pushing him back some.  "How's your back?"

"Okay.  A bit tense but good."  He winked and moved differently as the song changed, daring her to keep up.  Which she did beautifully.  Don and Danny came over so he pulled the guys around her, dancing against Don's back until he moaned, then going off in a new direction.  A familiar hand caught his and he found Horatio there, giving him the thousand yard stare.  "What?" he mouthed.

"Rest break," he ordered.

Xander nodded and followed him back, going to get him a new drink and himself a new coke, then he came back to sit at the table, grinning at the father figures.  "Hi again."  He handed Horatio his beer, getting a smile for it.  "See, I try very hard to be a good boy."

"You do try," Horatio agreed dryly, sipping his new beer.

"You don't always succeed," Brass joked, "but you probably do try."

"He tries very hard," Horatio assured him.  "If only to keep Speed from worrying."  He looked at Xander, who only grinned.  "Smooth, Xander."

"Mom deserves a great guy or two.  They'd probably share her.  Don's sure he's straight and Danny.... I'm not taking bets on that one or asking."  Horatio smiled at that.  "Wanna dance with me, mom?"

"No," he said, shaking his head.  "This is not my sort of music, Xander."

"We can change clubs.  They're all busy."  He grinned at him.  "If you want.  Or there was that dance tonight."

"Which won't be as loud as this," Jim Brass assured him.  "We could go somewhere more adult.  Xander would need to change his shirt, but we could go."

"I can buy a new shirt," he teased.  He grinned at Horatio, who shrugged so he went out to bounce over Speed and Calleigh.  "We're going somewhere more grown up," he called, then he bounced off.

"Too much caffeine," Eric taunted.

"Yeah, ya think?" Speed shot back, grinning at him. "Think they have any good latin clubs around here?"

Eric shook his head. "I checked, they're not like Miami's.  Nothing that authentic."  He shrugged and went back to his current dance partner so they could continue their silent 'I want you' talk.


Xander skipped into breakfast the next morning, smiling as he sat down.  "Hi, all."

"Did you get any sleep?" Calleigh asked tiredly.  He shook his head with a bright grin.

Ryan reached over and nerve pinched him, making him pass out.  "Thank you. Some of us aren't in the mood for chipper this morning."  Horatio raised an eyebrow as he came over. "Happy people suck."

"With what you said last night," Eric started.

Ryan leaned closer to him.  "If you finish that, I will beat your ass.  Not only was I not drunk, I know what you did last night."  Eric flinched.  "Got me here?" he asked quietly.  "I keep yours, you drop last night."

"Fine," he agreed.  He sat up and smiled.  "He's still growling from his hangover."

"I can see that," Horatio agreed, checking Xander's pulse.  "He should be up soon."  The waitress looked. "All nighter," he offered.  She nodded and put some extra coffee cups at their table then walked off.  He took his own seat and poured some coffee, looking at the others.  "We leave when?"

"Six," Speed told him.  "We'll get back in time to go to bed tonight."   He sipped his own coffee, flinching when Don sat down. "Coffee?" he offered.  Don grunted and poured some, glaring at Xander.  "It's not his fault."

"He got her hyped up and that way," he growled.  He kicked Xander under the table, waking him up.  "You're loud and you wound her up, Harris."

Xander looked at him, leaning on the table.  "If you answered that need, I'm not to blame for that," he shot back, staring into his eyes.  Don's eyes showed his amusement.  "No one *made* you have fun last night, Don.  Or should I call you Flackie, like she does?"

"Speaking of fun last night," Speed said, slapping him across the back of the head. "I saw that."

"Ooops."  He shrugged and poured some coffee, then looked around.  "Did we get the buffet?"  Everyone nodded so he went to get himself some breakfast.  Up there, he ran into someone who smiled in that 'I want you to make me money' way.  "Hi."


"Some days, but only on shift.  Why?" he asked politely.

"I'd like to offer you a chance to come out to work in Vegas."

Xander shook his head.  "Sorry, can't.  Dad wants me in college in January."  He filled his plate.  "I hope you can find someone good though."

"Would your father listen to reason? You could be making a lot of money."

One of the guys from the strip club walked up to him, coughing a bit.  "Mr. Braun, how nice to see you again.  Did you know Mr. Harris was the son of a CSI out of Miami?"   The casino owner glared at him so he shrugged.  "Xander's going to school for profiling."

"Which he could easily do when he's tired of dancing."

"Which would've been about ten months ago," Xander admitted patiently, looking at him.  "Wish I could help you, Mr. Braun, but dancing isn't my future.  I promised Tim I'd spend a year at college and give it a real try.  That's what I'm going to do because I keep my promises.  Tim's too important to me to fuck this up," he said quietly.

"You could get home easier," he offered. "I hear you're from LA."

"Few hours outside, heading this way actually," he offered dryly.  "I'm from Sunnydale."  The man's eyes went wide.  "Yeah, I felt it," he noted dryly.  "Therefore I'm going to have to turn down your generous offer and go back home to Miami, where I have a family."  He walked off, taking the kid with him. "So, why did you stay?"

"Because we had a free drink and the others were fun to watch."  He pulled a chair over.  "Hi, I'm Greg from the local labs, formerly DNA now CSI level one."  Everyone waved.  "Do we know how he does that?"

"We're still working on it," Ryan admitted.

"Can I have a sweat sample?" Greg asked Xander.  "I think it's got to be pheromones."

"It probably is," Ryan agreed.  "We've got all that in the stuff from him, plus some dance tapes." Speed looked at him.  "I wondered after I had to watch him that first time.  It's not like I like guys."

"He doesn't, he likes smart women," Xander offered dryly, looking at Greg. "You can have whatever you want.  Do you need something I sweated in on stage or just any sweat?"

"Any sweat as long as you were acting the same way," he offered.

"Let me change shirts and you can have the t-shirt I've got on underneath," he promised.  Greg beamed at that.  "Hey, I want to stop it.  I'm tired of the stalkers and serial killers."  He shrugged and dug into his breakfast, eating a bite before going to change out of his t- shirt, leaving him in his purple button-up instead.  He handed the t-shirt to Greg, who bagged it and put it on his lap.  "Let me know what you find."

"I will.  Thank you, Xander."

"Welcome."  He grinned at him.  "So, any idea why I flubbed so bad on the first one?"

"It looked like your mind wasn't synching with your body."  He shrugged. "It was hot but just as hot as the others," he offered.  "The second one it looked like you were in full persona, unless you're usually a dominant?"  Xander grinned and shrugged.  "Practicing?"

"No.  Just an alpha dog," he assured him dryly, still smirking.  "Ask Abby if she can talk."

"They ordered in," Greg admitted.  "She's hoarse when I called.  She said to tell you the tongue thing was great but Tony's was trainable and she was having fun training him for her pleasure."

"One should always have fun training their lover in how to please them," Xander agreed.  "That's why I pushed them together."  Greg blushed at that.  "What?"

"You spanked her."

"I did," he agreed happily. "And she liked it."

Speed looked at him.  "Did you tape this one?"  He nodded, handing over the DVD.  "Thank you."  He looked at the rest of them. "My room?"

"My room's bigger," Xander offered.  "Plus I've got to pick up that second check."  He ate a bite of eggs.  "If he quit with the waitress who was under the desk before I left."  He ate another bite and hummed, digging in again.  "My tickets are at four."  He finished his plate and got up, heading up to get more food.  He came back and sat down again. "I'll go home and sleep then."  He went back to eating.  He had burned off a lot of energy last night.

"Hungry after the two trips to the bathroom?" Speed asked dryly.

"First, I didn't do anything more than touch, thank you.  And get really nice blow jobs.  Secondly, I'm a big boy.  I do know what safe sex is.  I've practiced it each and every time I've had sex since the time Faith jumped me.  Thirdly, dad, pot, kettle," he said firmly, staring at him.  Calleigh and Horatio both blushed at that.  "Got me here?  I'm a big boy.  If I wanna let some girl blow me in the bathroom for her pleasure and then tease her mercilessly with my fingers, I can do that."  He finished his plate and got up.  He saw Horatio's unhappy look in his direction and decided he'd had enough for the day, even if it did make him sound like a drama queen. "If you've got any complaints, find me a permanent girl or boyfriend."   He headed back to his room to clean up and then change clothes.  His new ones were put into the duffle bag he had gotten earlier, and the safe was emptied and put back into his pockets.  He headed out, running into Don in the hallway.  "What?"

"Not yet, kid."  He pushed him back inside, closing the door behind him. "He worries, it's what parents do.  So do big brothers.  'Cause even though you're smart about that stuff, things can still happen.  We both know that."  Xander sighed and sat down, staring at him.  "We both know condoms break."

"I didn't have them that way.  I let them give me covered blow jobs.  Almost no risk to me.  Then I teased their little clits and made them squeal in pleasure as they bent over the sink.  My mouth did not go anywhere other than their lips, the upper ones.  My fingers were then washed once they had walked out.  I didn't lick them clean like I would've with Abby.  I didn't sniff them first.  I washed them like the good little boy I was being.  The second time...."

"Hold on.  The first had *two* girls?"

"Yeah.  They wanted to do it together.  So yes, I was being very good and turned down the threesome, Don."  He stood up, looking at him.  "I'm a good boy.  The second time was a lady about Mac's age who was kind enough to ask first.  All she wanted was some naughty fun in the bathroom and I gave it to her.  Again, only groping and I only got a handjob.  I'm a good boy most of the time.  Even I'm allowed to slip if Speed and Calleigh had it in the bathroom.  If Horatio got picked up by not one, but three women who thought redheads were the sexiest thing on the earth, I can get picked up by nice people too."

"You can, but he's still worried.  That's what dads do."

"I know, and that's why I was so blunt.  I'm a careful person when I screw around.  It's not like I'm a club whore."

"You're not," he agreed, nodding to show he agreed.  "Hell, for all I knew you were a virgin."

Xander shook his head.  "Nope, not hardly.  Not with Faith the psycho slayer jumping me and on top.  Not with Cordy, I blow the team, as my girlfriend.  Not with the few I've had sense then.  I'm very careful and very safe when I play.  The closest I got to naughty was spanking Abby and the way my fingers fell they hit her clit and her ass."  He shivered at that and Xander shrugged.  "She got what she wanted and needed and I'm happy for her.  Therefore I got to find some of my own happiness.  I can't *stand* being alone all the time. Too much time without a girlfriend makes me go odd and wrong.  I already knew this."

"That's fine, as long as you're careful."  Xander nodded.  "Are you seeing anyone?"

"I was but she wanted me to pierce my cock for her and I wasn't prepared to take that step."

"Fine," he agreed, pulling him closer for a manly hug.  "Where were you headed?"

"Airport."  He pulled back and grabbed his bags.  "I leave earlier and I've still got to pick up that check."  He walked out.

Don saw the wallet and hurried after him, catching him in the elevator. "You dropped this, kid."  He teased the top of the check.  "You need to put that in there better."

"I know, it's too big."

Don undid it and folded it into quarters, then put it back, bending the end around the fold.  "The bank'll still take it," he assured him.  He punched him on the arm as they ended up in the lobby.  "Write me if you get a boyfriend, Xander. Or a girlfriend."

Xander blushed.  "I've never had a boyfriend."

"Have you thought about it?" he asked quietly as they walked up to the check-in desk.  He checked his watch.  "Shit, I've got to head out too.  Come help me pack."  Xander nodded, going with him.  "Have you?"

"A few random dreams and some wondering.  I'm not even sure how I'd figure out if it was a good thing for me."

"Try it," he suggested.  "Just be very particular in who you choose.  Remember, there's some bad people out there who'd love nothing more than to tie you down and fuck you eight ways until you die."  Xander nodded, understanding that.  "Am I forgetting anything?"

"Suitbag," he said, pointing at it. Don gathered that and checked the bathroom then under the beds.  A few more things got shoved in there and they checked out together, Don even going with him to pick up his check.  They got there too late for Don's flight so Xander winked and paid for his with his debit card, upgrading him to first class.

Don hugged him.  "I love you, kid.  You're a neat little brother."  He went to their gate and parted ways.  He was going to gate 18 and Xander was going to 24.  Xander grinned and winked, then strolled off into the small bookstore to get something to read.  Don called Speed.  "Your boy's already picked up his check and I got him to the airport.  No, he changed it to an earlier flight.  We had a talk.  He was careful and good, Speed.  He knew what he was doing.  Safer than you probably were," he assured him.  "So don't worry about Xander.  He just needed it really bad.  Because the boy wants someone to treat him like how he treated that Abby girl.  Since he don't have it...."  He let that trail off at the understanding sigh.  "So find him someone.  He said he's miserable without someone serious in his life, and yeah, he admitted he'd thought about guys but never seriously.  So start setting him up with everyone you can."  He hung up and got up when his boarding was called, heading over to check in and get on, smiling at the 'air hostesses'.  It'd be good to get back to New York and he was definitely energized and ready to face work again.

And wasn't that really the reason you went to these conventions?


Mac walked up to Horatio in the lobby, shaking his hand.  "Another fun weekend of Xander madness comes to an end," he said dryly.

"I'm wondering where he is.  Have you seen him?"

"I know Don went after him so they're probably together."  He moved Horatio out of the line of traffic.  "We weren't sure whether or not to mention this to you, Horatio, but it's been noticed by Don and I at least.  Did you realize he has a crush on you?"  Horatio shook his head.  "He does.  A pretty strong one.  It wasn't Speed that sent him off to his room this morning, it was the look you were giving him."  Horatio fidgeted and he sighed.  "We don't want you to hurt the kid.  Don might come down and smack if you hurt him too much, especially since that means you'd probably get attacked and he'd definitely be taken by someone so they could treat him better.  So if you don't want the boy, be very gentle with him."

"He's half my age."

Mac looked at him then shook his head. "Horatio, that kid is no more his actual age than Eric is.  Think about it, when was the last time Xander was nineteen."  Horatio nodded at that, looking down.  "The kid can keep up with veterans my age.  He always seems to be around older guys. Plus, I hear there's advantages of having younger lovers, namely stamina."  Horatio gave him an odd look. "It's not like I know but Don says so and he's just recently quit dating someone who was twenty-two.  Said she was the real source of viagra."  Horatio snickered a bit at that.  "If it comes down to it, think about it.  Think really hard and consider the actual boy, not his chronological age.  Use his mental age. Which is older than Eric," he said, watching him flirt with someone in the lobby.  "Isn't she one of the local CSI?"

"Yes, she is.  She was oversight there for a while," Horatio admitted.  "I'm not sure that he's even thinking that way about me, Mac.  He could just see me as a parental figure."

"Horatio, if you gave the boy a chance and an option, he'd be on you faster than horny teenage girls on a cute patrol officer in uniform."  Horatio laughed at that.  "Watch the boy, get to know him.  Let him see the real you, not the scowling guy you become at work when Eric goofs off and gets some in the closets."  He saw Danny coming.  "We're due to fly out soon.  Call and write, Horatio.  Your team is definitely livening mine up again."  He shook his hand and walked off with Danny next to him.  "Well, did you learn anything?"

"A lot.  Including why spa stuff is so expensive."

"I meant for the job, Danny."

"I took notes at everything I went to."

"Which was how many seminars?"

"Most of the ones I wanted ta go to.  I fell asleep during the spa thing."  He grinned.  "It was better for me than someone boring talking about skeletons."

"Get the notes from someone," he said patiently.

"Yeah, you need a copy of mine, Mac?  Since I know you played golf all day yesterday?"

Mac smirked at him.  "Blackmail will get you dumpster jobs, Danny."

"Yeah, yeah, blow some more air up my skirt, Mac.  I already get the shit jobs on the shift."  He walked ahead to get the cab, putting his stuff in the back and climbing in.  "We're hitting the airport."

Mac took his time putting his luggage in the back then got in, looking at him.  "Next dumpster job is Lindsey's."

"Thank you. It's about time the new girl got some."

Mac nodded.  "But you get to work with her."

"If I must," he sighed.

"You must."


"Thank you."  He nudged him once they were under way. "At least you didn't hit on every woman in there like Eric did."

"No, I only got a little bit from one nice girl on Aiden's crew.  Eric bagged ten or twelve I think.  Boy's a slut."  Mac nodded.  "You and Horatio talking about Xander?"

"Yup.  He didn't know Xander had a small crush on him."

"Ah.  Well, they'd be hot together and Horatio would definitely make him quit stripping.  I see him as a bit possessive."

"Caine, possessive?" Mac snorted.

"You mean you didn't hear the rumors about what happened to the poor schmucks who touched his hummer or his team?"

Mac looked at him.  "Who told you about that?"

"Wolfe.  Said it's well known but Horatio protests it was started by Frank.  Wolfe said it's been going on since Horatio was on bomb squad and he joined the PD down there as a rookie.  So yeah, definitely won't have a problem with Xander stripping anymore if they get together."

"I'll have to add my encouragement before Xander runs away to join us in New York."

Danny looked at him.  "Don't wish that on our city.  I know we've got some shitbags, but really, Mac.  That's just plain old mean."

Mac nodded.  "I know.  I told Don not to think that either."  He slumped down some, glancing at his coworker. "Think we should call down there later to see if we can get tapes for Stella?  Just in case he does quit stripping?"

"Could work.  It'd make her happy too.  That's a souvenir she'd enjoy a lot more than the t-shirt you got her or the spa stuff I got her."

Mac smiled at that.  "I'll call around later to see who has them."


Mac looked at him. "I thought Ryan was straight."

"He's trying to figure out why the boy draw's 'em, Mac. Besides, I take him as bi."

Mac nodded. "I'll leave that to your more knowledgeable senses.  It's not like I've judged people for sleeping with in years."

Danny nodded. "You should start practicing, Mac.  Some day you'll want those skills and they're already pretty rusty."  Mac nodded at that.  "I'll take you clubbing with me if you want."

"I don't think I'd fit in.  But thanks anyway."

"Not an issue.  Let me know if you want to come with me some night."  They pulled up in front of the airport and he paid the driver.  Mac handed him half of it and they got a receipt, then headed inside.  They knew that if Flack missed the flight, Xander would get him so they weren't too worried when he wasn't there by the time the flight was called.


Tim walked into his apartment, seeing Xander asleep on the couch.  He dropped his bag and closed the door, walking over there, waking him with a gentle shake on the shoulder. "Hey, you're gonna hurt your back, Xander."


"Go to bed, son.  I'm not upset with you finding you needed it."  He stroked over his hair, easing the pout.  "You need to date, not have club whores. We'll work on that this week. I know some nice women and men."  Xander looked hesitant.  "You can talk to me about that stuff.  I don't care who you date as long as they're good to you."


"Really."  He let his hair go.  "Now, bed.  The couch is not a bed and Jack left a message on my phone saying your check would be ready Tuesday."  He got a small grin.  "How much did you make?"  Xander handed them over and he gaped, then looked at him.  "Damn."

Xander nodded.  "Don thought I should hire my own protection unit."

"You could with this sort of money."  He hopped over the back of the couch, making Xander move his feet quickly, then accepted them back into his lap.  "Who was the guy at the buffet?"

"Greg said his name was Braun?"

"Sam Braun.  He owns a few casinos.  We were told if we ran into him to be very polite and then leave.  He's apparently old style.  Like Capone."  Xander let out a small smile at that.  "You good?"

"I turned him down and cited you."

"Good.  I'm glad you came back."  Xander frowned at him so he shifted, letting Xander cuddle him.  "We don't do much talking anymore, Xander."

"That's because you work hellish hours and I'm on the club's schedule."

"Still, we get the same days off and we never hang out."

Xander poked him on the arm.  "That's because you don't take your days off.  The last time you got a day off, it was to go to Sunnydale."  Speed shuddered at that.  "Exactly. Oh, he knew where I was from.  He shuddered at the name of Sunnydale."  He licked his lips and looked at his dad.  "Dad?"  Speed looked at him, then sat up, tipping his face up to look at it in the light.  "What?"

"Something's different."

"I ended up communing with the hellmouth and told it to fuck off.  I think that's why I had that bad set."

"Fuck."  He sat up fully and pulled Xander into his lap, looking into his eyes.  "Are you feeling magic withdrawal?"

"No, it wanted me to go home.  It missed me," he said with a small pout. "It tried everything to get me back, and ended up leaving me blacking out at the start of my set and I guess the hyena may've come forward a bit stronger."

"From what I saw on the DVD?  Yeah, just a bit," he noted dryly. "Then again, Jim Brass said it was about the same as last time."  He stroked his back.  "Are you sure you're not feeling withdrawal?  I know you did when you came to Miami the first time."

"I did, but I'm not."

"Can you still feel it?"  Xander slowly shook his head.  "Okay, do this for me.  Concentrate on the magic you have, Xan."  Xander closed his eyes and concentrated, making him smile as he started to glow.  "Do you feel any hellmouth contamination that wasn't there before or are any of those parts stronger?"

"A little bit in one area," he admitted, looking at him.  He frowned at his glow and it disappeared.  "I'm finding it easier to access the local magic. Like it unplugged that hole for me."  Speed nodded, that wasn't so bad.  "For some reason I have the feeling that I told it to make another me if it wanted me back."

"I'd hope not a literal one or else we'd have to steal it."  He cuddled his son.  "When's your next day off?"

"Two weeks.  Jack considered this time off."

"Jack and I are about to have a talk where I run him over with the bike," he noted dryly. "I've got Wednesday off if you wanted to call in sick.  We can watch movies and have popcorn?"  Xander grinned at him for that.  He gave him a squeeze.  "Don suggested we start setting you up with people.  Think you could handle that?"

"I only want someone who'll cuddle."

"I agree, Xanders need cuddles to stay sane," he offered, cuddling him closer.  "Male or female?" he asked quietly.

Xander shifted, sitting next to him.  "I don't know, dad.  I've had...thoughts I guess you'd call 'em."

"Everyone has those.  Do you think you could handle dating a guy if he was the one?"  Xander shrugged.  "Okay, should we start finding you reference sources?"

"I used my pass to get into one of the gay sex clubs.  It didn't look that different."

"First, sex clubs are dangerous," he noted patiently.  "Secondly, a real relationship is nothing like that, Xander.  Real relationships are things like *dating*."

"Which I never got to do a lot of.  I'm good with the after but not the foreplay in that case.  Even though I'm very good with foreplay."  Tim poked him, shaking his head.  "Sorry, had to be said."

"I heard, trust me.  Abby bragged more than enough for you and then she compared."  Xander blushed at that and hid his face against Tim's chest.  He stroked over his arm, smiling down at him.  "If you want to think about it more closely, find some sites online or a book to show you what gay sex is like, kid.  I can even handle you listening to gay porn now and then as long as it's not the fetish shit.  Because if you get into the fetish shit, I'm having you put on drugs."  Xander blushed hotter, looking up at him.  "You are?"

"A bit into being tied up.  Maybe some mild toys.  I'm not sure."

"Well, find a good gay sex manual and let's see what turns you on," he offered.  Xander nodded and hugged him around the waist, cuddling in.  "If you do, I'm sure we can find you a nice man to date.  I'd have to approve of him of course, but a nice guy to date."  Xander nodded, relaxing against him.  "So, what are you looking for?"

"Someone who treats me well and doesn't want to kill me.  Someone who cuddles."

"Any other requirements?" he teased, tickling him a bit.  Xander shook his head.  "Smart guy, pretty guy, jock?  Eric?  Ryan?"  Xander looked up at him.  "What sort of guy."

"Someone like Horatio's darker twin; a guy who can have some fun and let loose, but has control now and then when the situation warrants it.  I would never put up with someone who called me their bitch or their pussy."

Speed smiled at that.  He doubted anyone would be calling Xander their pussy.  "Okay, well there's supposedly a nice gay guy on SWAT."  He shrugged.  "I'll see if he's dating and if he'd be willing to go out with you."  He dropped a kiss onto his head.  "You should be in bed."

"I don't have to get up until noon tomorrow and I've already had a nap."

"Point."  He yawned and pulled him tighter, getting comfortable.  "Maybe I'll wake up sick tomorrow."

"Horatio left a message as he was driving home that said 'should Speed call off tomorrow, I will be skinning him' and then hung up."  He wrapped an arm around Tim's waist and got comfortable, ending up using his thigh as a pillow.  "I need to buy a computer of my own so I don't traumatize you with my porn."

"Yeah, that might be nice," he agreed dryly.  "We can look on Wednesday, plus find you some less lusty clothes for dates. You looked good in the shirt earlier today."

"I was having a jazz mood and Jim didn't complain so we went to a jazz club and I got hit on by the pretty woman with way too much jewelry and perfume. Then I had to pretend to be with Horatio to get her to leave me alone and not take me home with her.  She was kinda insistent," he complained, frowning at the blank tv.  He switched it on, getting a mild chuckle.  "Too quiet.  Quiet is bad."

"Most people like some quiet now and then."  He stroked through the dark hair.

"Quiet leads to an attack," he reminded him.

"You had way too many years hunting," Tim complained, watching the mindless comedy.  "Who was watching PBS?"

"You were.  Nova."

"Oh, sorry."  He shrugged and got into the Dr. Who episode.  It wasn't something he watched very often but he knew Xander liked it.

"I like the next-to-last Doctor better," Xander said quietly.

"I'm calling someone to detox your magic just in case," Speed assured him. Xander called over the phone, too comfortable to get up.  "Way too much magic in this house," he noted as Xander dialed.
"Yup.  Yo, plague of my life.  Why did the hellmouth reach out and try to entice me back?  Well, it left me feeling slutty," he noted dryly.  "And I ended up causing an orgy.  And now Tim thinks that something's wrong.  Well, I could call Giles and tell him to come to Miami, but...."  He smirked. "I didn't think you wanted him anywhere near your hidey-hole, Ethan."  He laughed at something he said.  "Think about it this way, Ethan.  My adopted father is Speedle, who works with Caine.  Who thinks you're some guy named Fredro?"  He smirked.  "I thought so.  Now, I've had Willow hack into the Watcher's database, including your Juvie files."  That got a shocked silence.  "I have the only copy of that CD, Ethan, and I do know where certain people now are.  I can gladly bribe you with that to make sure I'm still okay.  No, I got sent to Miami by Tim when the Powers brought him back.  They wanted to fix something by sending me off the hellmouth permanently.  Well, you are a plague, Ethan.  Consider it a compliment with what you do for a hobby."  He smirked.  "Really?  Do you make money being a chaos sorcerer like I do being a stripper and drawing psychotic assholes who want to kill me and keep my parts?"  He smirked.  "Darkness.  Yup, that's me."  He smirked.  "Thanks.  No, we're on eighth, in the demon apartment building.  Sure.  Now's good.  Thank you, Ethan."  He hung up and sent the phone back, then got comfortable again. "He'll be here within the hour."

"Good.  Way too much magic in this house."  He went back to petting his kid.  He purred, it was nicer than a cat.   "We should take a normal vacation some day," he said thoughtfully.

"That would be nice, but what is a normal vacation?"

"One where you go somewhere just to have fun. No work or anything."  He shrugged.  "Spring break?"

"I hear it's a lot of bikinis.  We could just take the week off and sit on the beach to watch the young girls with perky, firm breasts bounce."

"No, Eric does that every year.  Cruise?"

"Stilted actor."

Tim poked him, then grinned down at him.  "I agree, but not the type I was talking about.  I was talking about a big boat that goes places and has clubs on board."

"You want me to do that?  Considering how much of a problem there could be?  They'd stalk me around the ship."

"Good point.  Hmm.  Lots of kids go to Cancun for spring break.  That way we wouldn't look like a pack of dirty old men sitting up here on our beaches."

"A beach is a beach.  Spa?  Spoil ourselves senseless?"

"I can see that," he admitted.  "Or maybe somewhere like a theme park that had one attached?"  Xander beamed up at him.  "Good.  Compile a list and we'll decide on a target in January."  He went back to his petting, letting Xander answer the door with magic this one time.

"I hadn't thought it was that bad," Ethan complained as he walked in and shut the door behind him.  Xander yawned again.  "I will need to look him over by himself, without other influences."

"Why?  Gonna repossess me this year?" Xander asked with another yawn. "Sorry, up all night in the clubs in Vegas."

Ethan walked over and pulled the boy up, looking him over.  "It's going to be another long night.  We've got to make you drain all that chaos energy, Xander."  Xander nodded, letting him lead him back to his bedroom.


Speed walked into the station the next morning, making Eric smirk at him.  "What?"

"Ten guys got into a brawl over Xander last night."

"The hellmouth reached out to ask him to come home before his botched set," he admitted. "Ethan helped him wear that negative energy out last night.  He's fully crashed on the couch."  He yawned a bit, stretching up and back.  "You missed the sorority house that tried to get him to move in with them."  He headed to his locker to grab what he'd need, and then to his lab.  "I'm in," he called as he walked past Horatio's office.

"Speed, what happened to your boy?" he called, making Speed turn around and come back.  "I got reports for you saying that he was in the clubs last night?"

"The hellmouth reached out to him, wanting him to come back.  He said that's why he thinks he botched that one set.  The chaos guy you both know made him go out to wear it out in the clubs, watching over the draining so he could suck up some of it and use it later to make Rupert pout. I've already heard about the sorority house and Eric told me that there were some guys who got into a brawl."  He heard the very deep snarl and looked at his boss. "He was okay."

Horatio handed over a report.  "More than a few.  They ended up busting one of the anything-goes clubs because Xander was making the women do illegal things."  Speed read it over, then looked at him.  "In public outside the club."

"That happens anyway and he wasn't there, Horatio.  I got a full list of where he went when I made him breakfast. He was their excuse."  He shrugged and finished his trudge to the lab.  He would let Xander know he was blamed for that later.  Just in case it came back to haunt him.

The End.