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Xander looked at the tower in front of him, then at the mice around him.  "I'm tired of these morons."  He looked at Dawn and Rimfire.  "I know you two have a final.  Get to it.  We'll tell you what's going on later."  They both gave him a dirty look.  "I mean it!  If you don't go now, you can't help at all!"  They rode off, still frowning.  "Thank you."  He looked at Throttle, who was smiling and shaking his head. "Their education comes first.  I don't care if they don't like it.  It comes first.  There's always a fight to get into, they can brawl later."  He looked at the tower, then at Throttle.  "I'm seeing a minefield."

"So am I," Vinnie admitted.  "Which we can't let explode or we'll get into trouble."

"Ya think?" Stan said from behind them.

"Sure, come join the party.  You're nearly family anyway," Xander said dryly, waving him forward.  "The bad guys are there."  He pointed.  "I'd like them out somehow."

"You can't set off the mines or their security company or else the cops'll get involved," Stan said firmly.  "So said the mayor."

"While I like the mayor, does he think I'm telekinetic?" Xander asked dryly.

Stan looked at him.  "Not really but you're kinda God-like sometimes so he's not really sure what you are."  He looked again.  "They've got a massive contract with a security company.  They've got a minefield.  They've got their usual compliment of goons and weapons, and we can't bust them."

"Not even with the stuff that you made us take down the cannons because of?" Vinnie asked.

"They got an exemption for a fifty thousand dollar donation to the governor," Stan said bitterly.  "Wolfram and Hart are good."

Xander pointed at their building.  "That's them.  Hell's mouthpieces.  The flaming fart on the butt of magic."  Vinnie snickered at that and Modo moaned. "They are."  He looked from one to the other, then at Throttle.  "Take down and revise 38."

Throttle considered it.  "That's not real complicated and it might not work, Xander."

"They're arrogant and expecting they can beat anything.  The yearly sacrifice was already stopped by the freeing of their shipment of people from Asia.  Their quarterly profits are down at the moment because they couldn't buy that one judge, may she rest in peace, and got caught.  Limburger's already trying to buy stuff even though he's counterfeiting money."  He looked at him again. "It's about the only hope we've got."

"Point," he admitted.  "But we don't have anyone who can get in there."

Xander smirked.  "Are we sure about that?"  Throttle and Vinnie both looked at him.  "You'd be surprised."

"Uh-huh, too dangerous, they've already got your scent," Vinnie complained.

"They don't have a clue what I looked like," Xander said dryly.  "And scents can be changed, dear big brother."  He grinned at him.  "I still need to work out some details, but I think I can pull it off."

Throttle sighed but he did consider it.  "It'd only work once, Xander."  He looked at Stan.  "Would it be considered legitimate evidence?"

"It might, depending on what you're talking about.  I don't know all the codes yet."  Vinnie leaned over and whispered in his ear.  He groaned and held his head. "I'm not sure.  I'd have to ask Stella.  That's one of those gray areas that could get our butts chewed and put in jail."  He looked at Xander.  "I want you to sit down with Stella and whatever you've already got.  I want you to explain it to her in great detail.  She won't tell no one.  I know she won't."  Xander nodded.  "Will you?"  He nodded.  "You're sure?"

"Yeah, if she can't and won't tell, it can only make it easier."

"Good.  Then I'm getting you two together tonight.  Don't worry about her freaking.  She quit doing it to Chassis a few weeks back."  He sighed and looked at them again. "What's the building in between them?"

"I've been wondering too but I think it's an apartment building," Modo offered.

Xander looked.  "Not with those windows, not unless they renovated from a former business space.  You only put those on businesses, they can't open for residential purposes and it's against the city codes unless it's a revamped building and then you can get an exemption."  He considered it, then looked at Modo.  "That might be a very good question, Modo.  Let me check with the city's offices.  They have to have it on file."  He rode away, heading down there.  He walked into the city's offices and grinned at the woman he had been filing paperwork with since he started working in the city.  He had taken down the address earlier and held it up.  "What is this place?  It looks neat and someone wanted to know if they were residential or not. I said I'd come check."

She took the address and looked over the records, then shook her head. "It's records storage."  She looked at him.  "It's a yearly rental for storage area, listed as mostly likely used for records and files, paper things."  She handed it back with a smile. "When are you going back to work?"

"When Boris finds me a crew needing a lead," he offered with a grin.  "Thank you.  When are property taxes due?"

"Last week."  She pulled up that file and handed him his bill.  "Payable quickly, Mr. Harris."

He looked at it and choked. "For six lots?"  He looked at her.  "That's unreal.  It's three times what it was last year."

She pulled up records by his name, handing over the printout.  "When did you buy those?"

Xander looked and snorted.  "I didn't as far as I know.  I only own the house next to the garage, the lots behind us, behind the garage, and beside the garage."  He looked at the list again, then winced.  "That's Limburger property," he said, pointing at one.  "That's where he built his new tower!"

"All right, let me get a form to protest this.  That way we can research and won't foreclose."

"If I own it, I'm ripping the shit down," he assured her.  "I want that criminal syndicate the hell out of this city before they do more damage."  She gave him a chiding look and he calmed himself, calling Throttle.  "Did you know I owned the land the tower's presently sitting on?"  He smirked at the spluttering.  "Neither did I."  He hung up and went back to looking at the list, marking stars beside what he knew he owned.  "I own these," he said, pushing it back.  "Please fix this?"

"I will.  Give me a moment."  She finished filling out the form with the property file numbers, then stamped it.  "Take this to the mayor's office to get a stay of taxes, and then to the surveyors and records offices to make sure they know too."  He nodded, taking them and the list.  "Thank you, Mr. Harris."

"No, thank you," he said dryly.  He walked up the hall and hopped up the stairs, nodding politely at the secretary.  "There's been a paperwork mess up.  It says I own Limburger Tower."  He handed her the forms and the list. "I don't.  I only own the ones with the stars."

She looked at it, then at him.  "The Last Chance is yours?"

"No, the lots around it are mine.  I'm Xander," he said, shaking her hand.  "Charley's brother-in-law, kinda."  She nodded and buzzed the mayor, who came out personally.  He looked really confused now.  "They somehow have me owning Limburger Tower."

"Come in, Mr.  Harris, let's see what we can do to help you."  He led him inside, taking the forms to look over and the list.  "Well, this is impressive, but I know you don't own some of that.  One of them is my mistress' house," he said honestly, sitting behind his desk.  He dialed the records department.  "Mildred, would you please come up here and bring the land ownership files?  The hard copy if you could. There's been a mix-up on one Mr. Harris' files including him owning some things that he has no idea who lives there."  She must have said yes because he smiled. "Yes, he's up here, thank you, dear."  He hung up.  "She'll be right up.  Let me fill out this stay of taxes form."  He found a copy in his desk drawer and filled it out, then handed it over. "That goes to the records office and the office you just left."  Xander stole a post-it and wrote that down, sticking it on there.  The mayor smiled.  "I have to do that too, Mr. Harris.  So, how is the construction business going?"

"I had to take some time off due to a bad burn on one of my hands and I was replaced.  I'm waiting on my boss to find me a new site and a new crew."

"I thought you took over."

"Only in the absence of our boss.  I was the interim head."  He nodded at that.  "Now there's someone more tolerant and patient than I am so they're back in charge," he offered with a small grin.  He stood up as a woman entered, shaking her hand.  "Hi.  I don't know what happened."

"What's your name, sir?"

"Alexander Lavelle Harris.  I own the lots around the Last Chance garage.  The ones on either side, behind my house, and the one behind the garage.  I live on the left side if it helps.  We were recently just assessed."

She flipped to his name and looked.  Then she looked at the forms.  "That's not right," she said, marking out all but one.  "Well, it does say you own where Limburger Tower is," she admitted, looking at him.  "I don't know why."

"Me either.  Does that mean I can have it torn down?  I hate that criminal and his syndicate."

"You may be able to," she admitted.  She made marks on the sides of the ones that needed to be checked, looking them up in another file she carried.  "No, Wolfram and Hart owns the other four."  He handed her an address and she looked that up.  "And that."  She looked at him.  "Why?"

"A few years back they were trying to kill me.  We have a restraining order against them," he said honestly.  "And I still didn't make their building collapse."  She giggled and swatted him gently, but went back to looking.  "How could this have been changed and how do I get it fixed?"

"Now that I know, I can upload this older backup file for you and fix it. You're not the only one that got things changed recently.  I was thinking a hacker did it but the only two we know of in the city didn't."

"I know a few," Xander admitted, "but most of them like me."  He pointed at the tower's entry.  "What do I do about that?  That's a really expensive tax."

"Since you've got a deferment, you could sell it back to them," the mayor offered.  "That way you'd have a lot more money and be able to bankrupt them a little more.  Speaking of, what happened to their money a few years back?"

"I heard the Feds got it.  They are a criminal syndicate."  He shrugged.  "Not a clue really."

"You did write that first set of letters?"

"But not that last one," Xander said with a small smirk.  "Try to blow up my house again," he added for good measure.  "He made me his enemy and I just outed what we already knew."

"Very well.  It worked for the city and the one that could have caused a ruckus in the courts wasn't done by you?"  He shook his head. "You're sure?"  He nodded.  "Do you know who did?"

"Yes, but that's classified," he said dryly.  "Sorry.  I kinda do that work sometimes as a weapons designer."

"You are?" the mayor asked.  Xander nodded.  "Is that why I heard something about a cannon on top of the Last Chance?"  Xander nodded, blushing a bit.  "That's fine then.  As long as it was resolved.  Can you pay for the other properties today?"

"Sure!"  He pulled out his checkbook and checked the balance, then pulled out his credit card.  "Have to do some creative switching tonight.  I made a deposit and didn't write it down yet."

"Of course."  The mayor amended the form for just that property then handed it back with a smile.  "There you go.  Now, let her copy that first form, also take it down to the surveyors office, then take that deferment form back to the records office."  Xander nodded, standing up and shaking their hands before leaving.  The mayor looked at her.  "Have we always had these problems?"

"Every now and then Wolfram and Hart likes to pick on someone they consider dangerous to the corporate goals.  I'd say they didn't like him much.  He was responsible for their attorneys being arrested for attempted mass homicide a few years back."  She took the form and the records back with her, going to upload the correct versions. It should fix most of it. Now that they knew the cause, some hacker could be arrested.  Too bad she always seemed like such a nice girl too.  She walked back into her office and the door shut behind her, Meg was waiting on her.  "Dear," she said patiently.  Meg held up the warrant.  "Oh, dear.  What's going on?"

"It wasn't me and I'm a Fed too," she admitted.  "Because of my hacking abilities, but someone tried to set me up and my agency's all over this one."  That form was handed to her and she flinched.  "Ow, poor Xander and his wallet.  He works with me by the way."  She looked at the older woman. "It's not your fault, dear.  Wolfram and Hart are bad guys.  It wasn't just the ones trying to kill people, it's all of them.  We're working with the less covert feds and the local prosecutors on it."  She took what she needed and copied that form as well, then left whistling happily.

The woman sighed and sat down to fix the records, finding them already being fixed.   Apparently pissing off Mr. Harris brought quick and sudden retribution.


Xander came back from filing everything and flopped down on the couch, handing over the list.  "I still apparently own Limburger tower."

"Oz said he met with Stella.  They went over the hacking of the records but they weren't sure who made that change.  Oz then called and said he needed the Wolfram and Hart stuff.  He can't find the orange box."

"Of course he can't."  Xander got up and headed into the library, and up into the room he had hidden above it.  He heard someone run into the wall and smirked, canceling the illusion over the boxes.  He carted the first two down then went back to get the other two, then closed the room again.  The rest of that didn't need to be found yet. He found Stan and Ray waiting on him.  "What did I do this time?"

"Nothing yet.  Stella sent us over for some records?"

"From LA's branch," he admitted, pointing at the boxes.  "The orange box contains stuff about the local branch and other branches as well but it's a worldwide conglomerate of evil bastards.  They're hell's lawyers."

"So we've heard."  He and Stan both grabbed two boxes.  "These are the only copies?"  Xander nodded.  "You're sure?"

"The other building exploded," he said dryly.  "I'm fairly sure."

"Why didn't you hand over this the last time?" Stan demanded.

"Because half of that is strange shit," Xander said bitterly.  "They deal in that too."

"Stella's going to make you buy her antacids then," Stan advised, walking out to their cars.  "Hey, Ray, who's that guy Stella's dating?"

"Not a clue," he admitted.  "How did he get these?"

"They're part of an inheritance from Angel's crap," Dawn told them as they rode up.  "By the way, Stella is dating one of their attorneys, Stan.  Be a bit careful, okay?"  He nodded, taking that advice.  She headed up to the library, giving Xander a hug.  "What else is up there?"

"Don't worry about it, you're not allowed up there."  He looked at her.  "How did it go?"

"Not too bad.  I passed at the very least, which is all I had to do to keep my A."  She headed to get a snack and tell the others that the files had been sent.  "Xander, why do you own Limburger tower?"

"Someone hacked and put it in my name," he called.  "That means I can have it foreclosed on."  The phone rang and he answered it.  "Yes?"  He sat down and put his feet up, listening to the reasonable sounding man on the other side. "I figured you were scrying. By the way, did you know you can feel that?"  He chuckled.  "Really?"  He listened to the offer.  "Nope, sorry, not good enough.  I want you and Limburger and all the Plutarkians off this planet before I kill you all.  That's the only deal I'm willing to make.  Get out of my solar system."  He hung up and went back to watching the clouds roll in.  "Looks like another storm," he said when Modo walked in with some cocoa for him.  "They wanted me to sell the land to them so they could double-cross Limburger."  He took the mug with a grin and sipped some.  "So, what's going on in the office?"

"Nothing yet.  Throttle reported in to Micah what had been found.  Micah suggested you have it demolished."

"That's a thought I'm having too, but the mayor suggested I make them buy it back from me, which means a lot of money going into Mars' accounts."  He took another sip.  "I don't  know which is the more pleasant idea really."

"Personally, I like the idea of them being fishcicles," Vinnie offered as he trotted in. "You handed over the old evidence?"

"Yup, and Dawn said Stella's dating Lindsay."  He took a gulp of cocoa.  "We're going to get snow tonight.  You might go warn Charley."

"Sensing the weather?"

"No, I'm watching it snow by the lake," Xander said, pointing with his mug.  Vinnie hugged him.  "Thanks, bro.  Got any other options?"

"Stoker said to put a destruction clause in the selling agreement."

Xander smirked.  "That's a good idea."  He finished his cocoa and settled in to watch the snow start, liking this pretty version of Chicago.  He'd miss snow when he got to Mars.


Micah walked in stamping his feet clean of snow and stroked the bikes huddled around.  "Sorry, I couldn't bring mine, the roads were too nasty for her.  I left Max bike-sitting."  He headed upstairs, hearing everyone in the library.  It had the best view of the storm.  "Missing it already?" he joked as he walked up the final ramp.

"Yup, I will," Xander admitted.  "You?"

"I like snow but it makes me ache."  He looked at Xander. "Who hacked to give you Limburger tower?"  He shrugged.  "Could it be them?"

"Could be," Xander offered.  "It could look very bad on me if someone realized that's how it happened but the only hackers I know didn't."  He looked at him.  "Want some cocoa?  We've got instant pulled down."

"Sure, I wouldn't mind a cup."  Dawn went off to make him some and Micah took her seat.  "What are you going to do about it?"

"I'm trying to figure out the most vindictive thing I could do to them," Xander admitted.  "Like cutting the gas line in Siberia vindictive."  He looked at him.  "Got any ideas?"

"No," he admitted.  "I agreed with Stoker.  Put a destruction clause in the agreement to sell and then give Mars that money."

"That means either you destroy it or they destroy it," Throttle admitted.  "And their minefield."

"I hadn't thought about that," Xander admitted.  "How did the governor give a dispensation for property that wasn't owned by the people asking for it?"  Everyone stared at him and Micah pulled out his phone to call DC and his contacts there in the Senate.  They could get the necessary paperwork. Or they could bust Limburger for having the mines, which were illegal by law. Xander picked up the phone and the phone book, finding the number and dialing it.  "Hi, I just found out I apparently own a building I didn't think I did and it has a minefield in front of it by dispensation of the Illinois governor.  I had no idea about this and I'm wondering what my legal steps are at this moment.  No, I had no idea until I went to the tax department today. They found it on me.  No, I've got a tax deferment in because I didn't realize it, but I'm wondering what my legal steps were."  He listened.

"Since I didn't know I owned the building and the people who asked don't own the building, and they're not paying me rent or anything, can I have you guys pull them up and destroy them?  Do I flip a pebble down onto the first one and let it go 'boom'?  I need to know my legal options.  Yeah, he's helping to make sure I'm not arrested for this.  I have no idea," he admitted.  "They were saying something about hackers in the system but this was listed before that. I seriously had no idea I owned this place.  Thank you.  Yeah, this number is fine, we're watching it snow.  Thank you again, Agent."  He hung up. "They're checking on that.  I don't want that in the city, it's dangerous.  Some homeless person could decide to sleep in the shadow of the tower and set them off."

"I agree with that," Micah assured him. "Who did you call?"

"ATF.  They're mines, that's them, right?"  Micah nodded.  "So I'm checking with the proper authorities."  He frowned at the storm. "There's a ship landing by the towers."

Everyone stared, then nodded.  "That's not Plutarkian that we know of," Throttle admitted.  "I haven't seen them before."

"Maybe it's more of them being dropped off," Modo suggested.  "They got kicked off another planet?"

"Maybe," Xander agreed, watching the ship take off while Micah called Oz to go watch. "Huh."  He looked at Throttle.  "Do they have that satellite up yet?"  He nodded. "Good."  He looked over as Dawn and Enamel walked in, the doc carrying his kid.  "Hey.  We ran into strange stuff today.  Did you know I owned Limburger tower and have for the last two years?"

"No, I hadn't," he admitted.  "Since when?"

"Apparently two years," Xander said with a small shrug.  "I have no idea how."  He took his new mug of cocoa from the tray Dawn was carrying and settled in to sip it. "Pull up a chair, doc."

"Thanks. He likes watching the weather."  He settled in to help his son watch it, listening to him coo at the snow hitting the glass.  "Maybe he'll be a weatherman instead."

"Let's hope he's not chronically wrong," Vinnie said with a small grin.  "That's a horrible fate."

"It is," Xander agreed. He looked down as a van with lights and sirens pulled in next to the garage.  "Hey, ATF."  Micah snickered. "Shouldn't I have called?"

"No, it was a good thing to call.  You can point out that call to them if they don't know."  Someone pounded on the door and Xander got up with a sigh, taking his cocoa with him.  "Any plans yet, guys?" he asked the rest of them.

"Nope, not yet," Throttle admitted.  "We're waiting to see how this works out."

Xander put up the garage door, looking at the man with the assault rifle.  "If you don't put it down, I'm going to have to hurt you.  There are children in this house."  The agent just looked stunned and Xander continued to sip his cocoa, leaning in the doorway.  "Now then, I just called you guys."

"Are you Mr. Harris?"  He nodded.  "You called about those mines?"  He nodded.  "Where are they, sir?"

"At the base of Limburger tower.  I can show you where.  We noticed them earlier from where we were watching the city move at lunch time."  He got on his bike and grabbed his helmet, putting his cocoa mug down.  "Come on, follow me."  He headed out, going to the parking garage they had used earlier.  He looked down at the property, then pointed.  "They're along there.  The birch trees mark the safe path as far as we know.  They may be turned off right now.  We saw some activity there earlier with a helicopter or something."  They looked from it to him and back.  Xander picked up a rock and threw it down there, making one explode.  Then he looked at them.  "Those things.  Those are mines, right?"

The agents groaned and went looking for the permit that was supposedly on file.  The head office said they had found one.  It was faxed to them and they huddled to read it, then looked at him.  One of them stepped forward.  "When did you become aware you were the owner of this property?"

"Today," he admitted, finding the forms in his pouch and handing it over.  "I went to see what an odd building was and to see how much I owed in taxes so I could pay them because I forgot.  They pulled up a whole list of shit I didn't own and said that a hacker had gotten into my files.  The backup proved me right, except for this one."  He frowned a bit.  "I have no idea when or if I bought it or not. I don't remember doing it. I think I would have remembered doing that and I don't."

The agents nodded, taking that form to look over.  Then that one smiled at him.  "We will be removing the mines as a matter of public safety, sir.  Thank you for helping us with that."

"Not an issue.  I'd hate for some kid to be wanting a snowball fight and to get blown up or some homeless guy going to sleep in the shadow of the tower and setting them off.  That's why we were calling around.  I didn't want that and I didn't know, but now that I do, I want that stopped and gone.  For that matter, you guys can arrest the Limburgers too.  I gave no authority for them to seek a dispensation like that.  Whatever helps, I'm there."

"Thank you, sir.  We'll go handle that right now.  Let us copy this form."  He put it into their fax machine and made a copy and sent it back to the office as well, then handed it back.  "Have a nice night and be safe getting home, sir."  They took off together, going to storm the tower. Someone was going to be answering some questions about those mines and someone was going to jail.  So far, Mr. Harris had the best story and he looked clueless too.


Micah smiled as he walked into the office later that night.  "They're in hot water.  They're nearly poaching fish."  Xander grinned at that.  "By the way, you bought it when you bought Charley's mortgage.  You found a small one for the lots around the tower and bought them for some reason."

"I did?"

"You put a bid on a set of lots out that way at the same time through the same office and officer of the bank.  It was those lots."  He clapped him on the back.  "The ATF agents decided you were very nice and a good citizen.  The Limburger syndicate is looking pretty weak at the moment."  He sat down.  "Xander, are you all right with moving to Mars?"

"I'll miss some stuff," he admitted. "Like popping out to the mall for new music and stuff, but I guess I'll get used to it."  He looked at him.  "It's a big move.  Even bigger than from Cleveland to here.  I'll just miss some stuff, like snow now that I'm used to it."

Micah nodded. "I understand.  I wish we could make it snow on Mars too.  They could use the water resources."

Xander nodded. "Willow tried a few times but it never worked."

Micah grinned at that.  "I'm sure it'll work some day, Xander, and remember, you can always pop down to shop through the office."  Xander nodded, grinning at him. "Counting on that?"

"Of course.  Otherwise I'd have to carry a lifetime supply of toilet paper to Mars with us."  Micah looked horrified and Xander grinned.  "That's the same look Throttle got."

Micah burst out laughing.  "Oh, that's a bad image.  That'd be a ship all by itself."

"Or something like that," he admitted.  He pulled up something and got out of the way, letting him see the plans he had drawn up. "Tell me what you think."

Micah moved to sit behind the keyboard, looking them over.  "How are you getting all this up there?"  Xander just grinned.  "You think magic will work like that?"

"It worked to get the truck up there and unloaded.  Getting some cargo containers and things up there won't be much different."  Then he smiled. "And one permanent displacement spell as well."

"I see."  He looked it over, then at Xander.  "Do I want to know how you can do this?"  He shook his head.  "Should I stock up on tylenol for Dawn?"  Xander nodded.  "Alone?"

"No, but I'll be carrying mine with me," he offered with a grin.  "Besides, to be effective and efficient in my new job...."  He grabbed his head and smiled.  "Thanks, Seal."  He looked at him. "Wrench said he'd help too, he just wanted to see analysis first."

"That might be a good idea, yeah," he said dryly. "Since Willow said Mars is low magic."

"She also said the magnetic core is out of whack.  She's trying to figure out why, even if she does have to go bug Fred a lot."   He moved Micah and took his seat back, then printed off the lists he had made. "We'll need this," he said, handing them over.  "Stacked neatly in cargo carrying containers."

Micah blinked at the list, then at him.  "You can't get this stuff up there?"

"Doing so would strain Mars horribly at the wrong time. We're bringing it with us."

"Fine," he agreed, tucking them into his jacket pocket.  "I don't know why, but fine.  Are Enamel's things on there?" Xander shook his head.  "How about his house?"

"Notice how I stipulated easy construction panels?  They'll do until we can get the rest built."

"Sure."  He shook his head.  "That'll be a miracle."

"Only a minor one.  Then again, Stoker thought I should start my own cult on Mars.  That way there could be a lot of Xanders forever and ever."

Micah shuddered at that thought.  "I can see you being a cult leader, Xander, but I didn't need that mental booger."  He walked off. "Let me know if I'm adding to the list."

"Only personal stuff but that can be in an empty container.  I'll need to know masses though."

"Sure."  He waved a hand and headed for the library.  "Your boy is insane," he told Throttle as he passed him.

"Xander, I thought rule number three was no cult on Mars!" he yelled.

"I'm trying really hard not to," he called back.  "It's not my fault if it starts on its own."

"Yes it would be," Modo assured him.  "Staff's tryin' ta nap, bro.  Please!"

"Sorry," Xander offered with a nice grin.  "How's she doing?"

"Just fine."  He blushed a bit. "Is it normal for women who're pregnant to crave things?"

"Things like pickles or things like their husbands?  Though the answer is yes."

"Oh, okay.  Pickles I can get her when she wants them."  He blushed and walked off, going to talk to Vinnie about this.  "Bro?"

Vinnie grinned at him.  "Ah, the second trimester. You'll need to start taking naps, bro.  This makes her feel closer to the Goddess.  It makes it all good later on too."

"You're sure?"

"I'm sure," he said dryly. "It's my favorite part of the whole process."  He winked at him and grinned, going back to his reading.  "How are we getting back to Mars?"

"He was talking about displacement and cargo containers."

Dawn headed down to the office. "I'm moving how much weight to Mars?"

Xander looked at her.  "We."

"I'm moving how much weight to Mars?" she repeated, leaning on the doorway, arms crossed over her chest.

Xander grinned at her.  "We, Dawn.  We're moving it on the day that Mars is closest to Earth. You, me, Vinnie, and Wrench.  That's a few months before the official move.  I'm heading up there with Wrench to start the construction so we have a house when we get up there. I'll come back a week before the final move and do the final displacement spell on the house and the garage and things, with you of course and Wrench if he's up to it, and then we'll be up there and only have to ride out through the transporter once the house is back in place.  Then you and Rimfire will be coming up through the transporter and will pull it up after you.  It'll be moved out to the house since you're the ambassador, and we'll be there."

"That's a lot of mass, Xander.  That's going to take a lot of magic, even at the closest time to us."

Xander grinned.  "I know.  It's covered and handled.  Relax and let it go.  I'm that good and so are you."

"Fine," she said, shrugging a bit. "If you're sure."  He nodded.  "How are you sure?"  He just grinned.  "Please tell me you're not counting on the Seal?"

"Not a bit.  Mars is low magic.  You'll want to start filling storage spaces now and then too.  Willow is working on it but it won't happen yet."

"Again, if you say so," she said dryly, walking off to tell Vinnie.  Maybe he'd be able to talk Xander down to reasonable stuff, like letting Chassis fly some stuff or moving it by transporter.


Xander grinned at Vinnie when he crawled in beside him that night.  "Where's your mate and mine?"

"Throttle's giving her a backrub and they're both coming in here.  How are we getting stuff to Mars?"

Xander kissed him gently.  "Let me worry about that.  You just enjoy it.  It'll only be two spells a few months apart. Worry more about making sure Staff gets back to Mars to deliver.  She said she wants to."

"Sure," he agreed, nodding. "Do I want to know?"

Xander just grinned at him. "Have you ever wondered how the transporter lines work when they take minerals and stuff?"

"Not really.  I figure it's like the transporter only it goes to a holding spot...."  He gaped.  "We are?"  Xander nodded.  "Then what's the magic?"

"Turning ours into one."

"Oh."  He blinked a few times. "Okay then."  He nodded.  "Good idea!"  Now he knew Xander was insane.  "How are you going to manipulate where it comes out by magic?"

"Fred."  He just grinned and opened his book again, going back to reading.  "It's fine, I could probably do it on my own but Dawn has more math and Wrench will be anchoring the spot.  So we'll basically be aiming to hit him.  You'll be the backup."

"Sure," he agreed, nodding.  "Then what?"

"Then Wrench and I go up and deal with the housing stuff, then we do one last move a few weeks before the final move date.  Then we do the shopping stuff we'll need and take that with us the normal way or have Chassis fly it back."  He smiled sweetly.  "See, I do have a plan."

"You do," Throttle agreed as he walked in.  "Is it realistic?"

"He's going to turn our transporter into something like how they use to steal minerals and send them to a holding site."  Throttle looked unsure at that.  "It'll be fine.  We'll be aiming to flatten Wrench.  The magic will be to change our transporter's beam into that one."

"Which will mean creating a focusing crystal to beam it through, which is the magic," Xander agreed.  "See, simple."

"Why can't we just take one of theirs and reprogram it?" Throttle asked.

"Because I'm not sure it's not hardwired in," Xander admitted. "Then I'd have to go find the holding station and drag it to Mars."

"Oh.  Okay," Throttle said, not sure if it'd work but Xander said it would and he knew about strange stuff, and he said Fred was helping him so it was going to be fine.  He was sure it'd be fine.  He sent up a silent prayer to the Gods for their assistance in making it fine but he was sure it'd be fine.  Xander would make it fine.

"Charley, kiss my bro there to knock him out of that thought loop," Vinnie said dryly, smirking at her.  She kissed him and made him moan, then laid down between the two white mice. "How are you feeling now? My baby girl doin' okay in there?"

"She's a relaxed white mouse," she said with a grin. "So am I."  She stole a kiss.  "It's been over six months.  Has the beam worn off yet?"

"It's lesser," Xander admitted, "but not totally gone.   I need to go over house designs tomorrow too.  Do you guys want your own house or a connected suite to ours?"

"Huh?" Charley asked.

Xander summoned his working laptop and pulled up the designs.  "Pick."  He handed it over.

She looked at them.  "One's two houses and one's two apartments connected the rest of a house."  Xander nodded and grinned as Throttle came over to look. "Where's Modo's?"

"I was going to make him one of his own whatever you decide.  So if you go with the suites, he'd get one. If you go with houses, he'd get one."  He shrugged. "Just as easy as building two really."

"I like the suites idea," Throttle admitted.  "It's nice and it shares resources better."

"I like it too," Charley agreed.  "It's far enough away that we'd get our own space but close enough to be there for everything."  Vinnie nodded, liking that idea.  "What about Enamel and Rimfire's places?"

"Enamel's getting a corner of the lot.  I've already told him that.  That way he can hide and have a love nest with Shell. That way he can also see patients without us knowing who they are.  Rimfire and Dawn will get their own small house on the other corner.  She'll have to do official type stuff so she'll need her own study spaces and things."  He pulled up the overall plans, letting them see them.  "That's with the suites.  I figure we'll be the north corner, Vinnie and you will have the East.  Modo and Staff will have the Southern because she said she liked the view.  The Western will be an open area for the bikes and the garage.  The transporter will end up here," he said, pointing at a round spot.  "The mineral pool is this room," he said, pointing at it.  "The hot tub will be out by the bikes again, so we've got the good views."

"Those take a ton of water, Xander."

Xander looked at him. "There's more water than you think," he noted dryly.  "The Seal found a handy port to the underground river system on the land too.  We'll use that and recycle it for the tubs."  Vinnie nodded that he accepted that idea.  "We can even use a filtration system.  Whatever we recycle out will be used out in the greenhouse and the small gardens.  Which sends it back down to the river eventually.  It just makes a few stops on the way.  Also, Willow says she found another pure water stream underground.  It's around where they want to put the university.  They're looking it over now.  Besides all that, it'll mean less time going out to be stared at when the people start to see that it's getting good so they can get a bit paranoid again.  That's bound to happen.  That's why Stan and Chassis get a house between Dawn and Enamel's if they stay together."  That got another nod and someone tapped on the door.  "Yeah?"  Rimfire stuck his head in.  "Probs?"

"Lawyers.  They want you to sell Limburger's land to them."

"They can wait until a decent hour.  You can tell them I'm not giving up sex tonight for them.  Tell them if they try to make me I'm bringing that other Xander our Ray saw, the consort, and having him do away with them."  Rimfire grinned and went to tell them that.  They listened and someone drove off quickly.  "Good. Rimfire, are you all right?"

"Fine."  He closed their door on the way past.

Xander looked at Charley and Vinnie.  "Does that suit you guys?"  They both nodded.  "Good."  He beamed at them then at his mate.  "You?"

"It's all good to me, Xander, as long as you're not going to tax yourself doing it."

"I figure Wrench and I can easily build the house and teach a bunch of the kids something about construction as well.  That way some other people can build houses too."  That got a small smile.  "Plus Stoker threatened to send me the recruits who didn't have a clue and needed shot down to put them to work too.  That way they were doing some good somewhere for Mars by watching to make sure I didn't do odd things."

Throttle grinned. "I can see that."  He stole a kiss.  "It's still not totally off you guys yet?"

"Not yet," Vinnie admitted.  "It's a lot weaker, but I still want to cuddle him. Just not more poetry."

"Thank you, I don't think I could have stood any more," Throttle pointed out. "You're a really bad poet, bro."

Vinnie shrugged. "At least I was trying to be sweet. You never do that for Xander."

"He never asks me to read to him in bed unless he's sick."

"You could read me stuff if you wanted," Xander offered, putting his book onto the floor and the laptop more carefully onto the floor and sliding it under the bed.  Then he got up and moved it, just in case. They hadn't broken a bed in a while but still.  He climbed back in on Throttle's clear side, letting him snuggle Charley between him and Vinnie.  "How's that?" he asked with a grin.

"I wasn't going to say anything," Throttle assured him.

"He's a very good cuddler," Charley offered. "I almost asked for that for Christmas."

Xander looked over at her. "I got you something nearly as cuddly as me."  He grinned.  "It's cute too."  He stole a kiss then went back to cuddling his mate.

"Xander, do you want to keep Vinnie from wearing me out tonight?" Charley asked.  Xander moaned a bit and bit his bottom lip before nodding.  She looked at Throttle.  "I'm sore and he wanted something I'm not totally comfortable with.  I like being the girl in our relationship but he's having one of those 'please pound me' days."  Vinnie blushed at that.  "Think you could handle that for me?"  He nodded after glancing down at Xander and feeling how hard he was against his thigh.  "Good.  Tail ring?" she demanded.  Vinnie handed it over with a pathetic look.  "I still love you but I'm not comfortable doing that for you, Vinnie. Therefore I'm going to let Xander do it for you."  She kissed him.  "All right?"  He nodded, stealing a second kiss.  "Good boy."  She handed it to Throttle.  "Here, have my boy for the night."

"Both of them?" he said in awe.

"If that's what you need, bro."  He watched as Xander shifted over and carefully moved Charley out of the way, then pushed Vinnie closer to him.  "Am I in charge?"

"I could stand some being ordered around," Xander admitted with a small grin. He took the tail ring and looked it over, then flipped it on and slid it up Vinnie's tail, making him shiver and get hard again.  "You might want to take those pants off so we don't rip 'em, Vin."  Vinnie got up and stripped, then laid down on his stomach.  He was tense so Xander got to work on his legs and lower back, massaging and kneading until the poor guy relaxed and things started to go faster.  Then he slid the ring farther up the tail.  Vinnie tensed and slowly moaned, forcing himself to relax again.

"Do to him what you do to me," Throttle ordered.

"Strip?" Xander asked, looking down at himself.  "I'm not really dressed for it in jammie bottoms, dear."

"I'm sure you're good enough in them ," Charley said, smirking at him.  "Come on, I haven't seen you do that in person yet."  Xander blushed but got up and turned on the radio, finding nothing playing that they liked.  So he called the radio station and asked them to play a few certain songs, that way he could tease his lover.  The first one came on a minute later and he started to move, dancing a bit, moving and swaying back and forth while he teased them.  Vinnie had his tongue out.  Charley was gripping Vinnie's arm.

Throttle was kicked back with his arms behind his head.  "The rules state no touching until he comes to you."

"Hey, I can always give him a lap dance," Xander said, making sure the phone was hung up.  He yanked Vinnie up and put him into their chair, dancing around him.  He grinned.  "Hands on the arms."  Vinnie gripped the arms, watching him move and sway for him, then he moved closer to make it a true lap dance, making him shiver.  He ran a hand up his stomach, ruffling his fur, watching Vinnie follow the trail he made.  He worked himself over a bit, making him moan and lean forward, but Xander moved back, grinning at him.  "Naughty you."  He moved his pants down some, unused to using elastic-waisted pants for this, and Vinnie drooled.  He moved closer again, then wiggled them off, dancing fully naked now.  Vinnie leaned forward and Xander backed up, smirking a bit at him as he went to tease Throttle now.  He was moaning and gripping the headboard behind his head so he couldn't touch him.  Xander felt someone move up behind him and glanced back but Vinnie was on his knees, watching from the end of the bed.  "Very naughty white mouse."

"Yes, I am," Wrench called.  He tapped on the door. "The evil lawyers are back."

Xander grinned. "I'll be right back."  He put on a pair of real pants and headed out there, going to beat the crap out of them.  "They'd have to interrupt while I'm trying to strip," he complained.

"You can do that?"

"Yes, dear, I did it a few times in my life," Xander sighed.  "Even for money when I was broken down once."  He opened the door and glared at the lawyer, making him flinch. "You're interrupting my sex life."

"You're not done yet?"

"Some of us need more than four minutes, dude.  Go the fuck away."  The lawyer whimpered and held out the papers.  "Drop 'em inside.  Then go.  I'll get around to it sometime tomorrow."  He dropped the papers inside the door then left.  "Thank you!"  He slammed the door and turned to look at Wrench.  "I don't care if you listen at the door but don't interrupt."  He went back to it, slamming the door and locking it, leaning against it.  He went to put some CD's in, needing the extra help, and it'd hopefully cover up the moans he'd be creating.  "Now, these I'm more used to stripping in," he said fondly, dancing in front of Vinnie, arms above his head for now.  Vinnie leaned forward to kiss him and he backed away, grinning at him.  "This is all a tease, dear.  Move that ring one inch up."  Vinnie reached back, staring at him as he did so.  He moaned and Throttle moaned.  Apparently they had played this game before.  He looked back but Charley was watching him so he went back to watching Xander, drooling heavily now.  He even slurped some of it back since he needed to swallow.  Xander got to the point of being unzipped and unbuttoned, letting the pants hang open, and Vinnie was losing his mind.  As his personal tease moved, you could see hints of his body.  He wanted the whole thing.  He pounced.

Xander chuckled and patted him on the back while they kissed, pulling back to breathe. "You're not supposed to touch, just watch."

"To hell with watching," he moaned, kissing him again.  He felt the ring be moved against the base of his tail and moaned heavily, a deep, vibrating sound.  Then it was turned to the second setting, making him wiggle and thrust.  "Oooooooooooooh!" he shrieked, but Xander got him onto his back, looking down into his eyes.  "Please!"

"Is it torture, babe?" he cooed, stroking through his chest.  "Should I get out the cockring?"  Vinnie whimpered so he got up and pulled one out, putting it on him.  Then he stood over top of him to finish getting out of his clothes.  He heard someone come near the door and hit it with the pants, making whoever run away.  Then he went back to dancing, standing overtop of him, letting him see everything he had.  Vinnie was stroking himself but he wasn't going to get anywhere with that ring on him.  Xander shifted to give him a better view, and got a moan.  Finally he fell to his knees to kiss him again.  "What did you need, Vinnie?"

"Me.  In," he panted.  "Please!"

"Sure."  He grabbed some oil, looking at it.  "Babe, is this the normal stuff?"

"No, that's the good stuff.  Try this instead," he called, handing over a bottle of stuff and putting the pot away.  He had planned on using that on Xander later, but oh, well.  He saw Xander move back to lick and suck on Vinnie, watching as a finger prepared him.  Vinnie was bucking up and nearly sobbing.  Xander flicked up the ring to the next setting, then sat up, patting his lap.  Throttle moaned.  "Sit on him, Vinnie.  I wanna see that."

Vinnie climbed up Xander, sitting on him.  He forced his way down, groaning as it eased some of the ache he was feeling.  Then Xander bent him forward and started to work him slowly, teasing his tail, Xander's tail stroking the inside of his thigh.  It was incredible.  He was out of his mind.  He thought he was seeing things in the corner with the sparkly thing standing there but he didn't care!  He humped back and Xander whispered in his ear, making him howl in pleasure as he moved faster.  Then he flipped the vibrating ring all the way up and he lost it totally.  He bucked and Xander pounded him, making him limp and needy.  He was pleading to come, he was pleading for more, and that's when Throttle cleared his throat.

"Mine now, Xan."  Xander looked back and spanked Vinnie, smirking at him as he rode him harder. "Now.  You get off on me, not for him.  Now."  Xander thrust in again, still staring at him.  So Throttle had to get up and grab Vinnie, putting him onto the bed.  He tied him down, then slowly eased the ring off him.  He was so far gone he probably didn't realize it.  He was still trying to hump the air and Throttle was teasing his stomach and thighs, the way he used to do it when he drove Vinnie mad.  He slowly slid in and Vinnie whimpered, pushing back against him. "I'm not teasing," he soothed.  "Let it go."

"Can't!  More!" he shouted, arching up, sobbing for real now. "Please!"

Charley looked at Throttle, then flicked open the cockring, watching as Vinnie spewed like a volcano, letting out great sobs of relief.  Throttle waited until he was done then slowly built his way back up, watching as Vinnie let go of everything and let him do whatever he wanted.  Vinnie was so far gone that he didn't feel anything now but the pleasure.  "Xander, put that on," he ordered, handing back the cockring.  "You're next for teasing."

"You told me I could," he protested, but he did hitch himself up.  He grabbed the bottle of lube and went to work on himself, but Charley took it from him and did it for him, kissing him gently.  He grinned and kissed her back, but she spanked him.  "Fine, I'll be a good tease."

"Charley girl, why don't you hit the chair?" Throttle suggested as he worked.  Vinnie came again and he moaned, pulling out of him.  He opened his bedside table and found a plug, sliding it in gently.  Vinnie let out one last gasp then slowly relaxed.  "I'm going to punish my tease, Vinnie, you should watch," Throttle whispered, pulling out the shortest straps they had.  He hitched Xander's arms to the headboard, then his ankles to the footboard, making him stretch out on his stomach.  He propped a pillow underneath Xander's hips for easier access and to tighten the straps a bit more, making him moan.  "Did you like that?"

"He's very soft," Xander moaned as Throttle checked him.  "He felt so tight."

"He still is," Throttle agreed.  He spanked him, making Xander howl.  "Whose are you?"

"Yours," he moaned.  "You said I could tease."

"And you did.  Did it feel good?" he asked.  Xander nodded, putting his head down.  "I should let him have you again," he offered.  They both moaned at that and Vinnie used his tail to get free, stroking Xander's back gently.  "Are you all right?"

"That was incredible," he said hoarsely.  "Have him, Throttle.  He deserves a reward."

"You think he deserves a reward for making your wife horny?"

"Yeah.  He's very good at what he does."  He looked at him as he leaned down to lick some sweat off Xander's lower back.  "It hasn't been that hard and good for years with a guy.  Not since you and I in our earlier days.  Being with my sweetheart is a whole different type of pleasure."

Throttle smirked at him. "Thanks, bro, but he's still getting it for doing that to you."  He pushed the butt cheeks apart, looking at the hole.  "It looks so tight and innocent.  Like he's never been touched there."  He pushed his way inside, wincing a bit.  "He's still very tight in there."

"I only got him to two fingers," Charley admitted. "That's how far he got Vinnie."

"No wonder you went insane, bro."  He slowly seated himself and then pulled back, slamming in the next time.  Xander moaned into the bed.  "Whose are you?"


"That's right, and I'm going to make you wish you were on your knees."  He slammed in harder this time, going for a hard, quick ride for now.  It always made Xander beg, then he undid the straps, letting Vinnie finger him while he got him repositioned on his back, still stretched out, but the pillow now elevating his hips.  He slid back home, staring down at him.  "I should get to mark your tail as mine, Xander.  I haven't gotten to do that in a while."  That got a moan and Throttle leaned down for a kiss, still working on him.  "I should make you just as insane as Vinnie, but I can't be that big of a tease."  Xander nodded, trying to arch up to meet his thrusts, but he wasn't allowing it.  He suddenly pulled back and pulled Vinnie into his lap, bending him down.  "You, take my boy.  He did you, it's only fair."

"Can I use the ring?" he asked.  Throttle tossed it over and watched as Vinnie clipped it on, turning it on medium.  Xander jerked and wiggled, growling as he tried to move it.  "Is it in the wrong spot?" he teased with a grin.  "Should I move it?"  He went back to teasing his hole, then leaned down to lick across the head of his cock.  Xander broke one of the straps and Throttle moved to hold him down, making Vinnie smirk. "He's stronger than I am."

"He's going to go primal and do us all to death if you don't cure him of it," Throttle warned.  Xander was struggling to flip Vinnie over but Vinnie slid home and Xander growled, breaking the leg straps.  Throttle moved back and watched as Xander flipped Vinnie over and rode him, doing whatever he wanted and needed to get off.  There was no thought there, just primal need and want.  Xander was riding Vinnie, gripping his arms to hold himself upright, and growling in pleasure as he moved.  Then Throttle pulled him off and put him onto his stomach again, holding him down by the shoulders while Vinnie got up to pounce him.  "Do him well, bro.  Otherwise I'm not going to be able to sit tomorrow."

"You and me both," he joked, going back to it.  It was hot and wonderful and kinky, but Xander was in need.  Vinnie turned the ring up to the highest notch, watching as Xander howled and let everything go.  He could only hold on as the body thrust back against him time and again, giving him some resistance and something to use.  Then Throttle took off the ring and Xander howled, pouncing him.  There wasn't much preparation.  Xander licked him and stretched him with his tongue, then he was in there, pounding into his mate while Vinnie was trying to keep him going from behind.  Vinnie came first and went limp, he was done for the night.  He flopped across the end of the bed, watching as Xander and Throttle moved against each other.

Charley got up and got the swing down, then nudged Vinnie.  Vinnie groaned but got up and yanked on Xander's tail, getting pounced again.  He nodded at the swing and Xander smirked, but growled in pleasure.  "Get up there, babe, we'll make it good," he promised, stroking his cock.  Xander hopped up there and Throttle came over to hitch him down and have him again, going as deep as he could.  Xander was still wiggling so Charley came up to kiss him and it was good.  She was panting and gasping, and Xander wasn't ready yet.  Throttle came and groaned.  He undid Xander and went to lay on the bed, knowing his mate was going to have him again.  Xander slithered out of the swing and kissed Charley, then got down to lick her a few times, then he went to pounce his mate again, just having him in gleeful abandon.  When he felt Vinnie move to undo the cock ring, he switched to him, tossing the plug over his shoulder.  Vinnie was howling in pleasure as he worked him off, clutching hands with Throttle.  Then Charley came over to help him along.  Her wetness covered his mouth to muffle his gasps, groans, and screams, and it was even better.
Throttle nudged Xander and flipped onto his stomach, letting Xander have him again.  Vinnie needed Charley now and Xander needed him.  His tail managed to get the cock ring undone, but that wasn't enough.  Xander still rode him, faster and harder, making him grab the headboard and try to break it.  He heard a creak and let out a scream of pleasure as Xander finally came and bit him, sending him over the edge.  He went limp, laying his head on Vinnie's shoulder while Xander finished himself and stroked his back.  "Damn," he said finally.

Xander flopped down on his back, cuddling him.  "I'm sorry if I hurt you," he whispered.

"No you didn't hurt us, but you're being a pillow tomorrow," Vinnie joked.  He shifted and moaned, and then the bed creaked again, cracking the boxspring down the center.  It caved in and they all fell into the new hole.  "Shit."

Xander climbed out, helping lift Charley out first.  She was either asleep or unconscious, so he helped Vinnie out then headed outside and across the snowy pathway to the storage building and Enamel's apartment above it.  He pounded on the door.  "The bed broke, Charley's hurt.  Come now!" he demanded, trying to pull him.

"What?" Enamel asked.

"The bed broke while we were having sex!  Charley won't wake up!  Now! Right now!"

"Coming.  Let me get my kit."  He looked at him then blinked a few times.  He grabbed his bag and followed him over there, looking at the mess that had been made.  Two of the straps on the swing were broken.  One of the support hangers was pulling free as well.  The bed was a nice 'v' shape, and Charley was on the floor with her head in Vinnie's naked lap.  He had to step over an obviously used butt plug and cock ring to get to the side of the bed. "Were we gentle with her?" he demanded as he knelt beside them.

"She wasn't part of this one," Vinnie admitted, stroking her hair.  "We were wearing me and Xander out."  Enamel looked at him and Vinnie frowned.  "Sometimes I need it," he defended.

"Not saying anything against it, Vinnie.  I'm just wondering if you'd be willing to sell whatever got you that hot."  He attached the little disc to Charley's chest, looking over the readings.  "She's fine," he soothed.  "Perfect.  Just a bit tired.  It looks like she's asleep and the baby's bouncing around in there happily."  He took it off and put it on Vinnie, watching the reading.  "You're fine, just tired.  You should probably soak a bit too."  He blushed and put it on Throttle, then blinked and blushed harder.  "You too."  He put it on Xander and went bright red.  "All of you guys, go sleep in the mineral pool.  Let me start it.  That way she won't be hurt by anything in it."  He went to create them a warm resting pool, one without heavy chemicals and that wasn't too hot.  Anything as hot as Vinnie usually liked it and it'd burn the stretched and vulnerable tissues.  He came back and lifted Charley up, carrying her that way with the three overprotective men behind him.  He saw Modo coming down and shook his head.  "Overstressed the bed during sex.  She's fine, just asleep."

"Bros!" Modo complained.

"She wasn't involved," Throttle defended.  "That was mostly Xander and Vinnie!  Hell, I got caught in it too!"  He helped hold Charley while Vinnie and Xander got her stripped, then Vinnie got in and he handed her over, watching as he settled his wife into his lap.  He got in next and hissed a bit, but when he looked Xander was gone.  "Xander!"

"He's getting some juice," Enamel said quietly, checking them over.  "Are you all right?" he asked quietly.  Throttle nodded. "You're sure?"

"Could you turn up the water a bit, doc, it's cold," Vinnie complained.

He checked and turned up the heater a bit, then looked over as Wrench walked Xander in, then left to get a tray, blushing just as hard as he was.  "Would you like to tell me what happened?"

"Vinnie needed it so I let Xander tease him by stripping," Throttle admitted.  "Then things got better from there."

"Xander can strip?" Wrench asked as he came back with the tray of juice and snacks.  "Here, you look like you need food for energy," he offered, handing it to Vinnie.  "Eat it all and make sure she eats."

"She'll get to eat first," Vinnie promised, nudging his wife gently.  "Charley?  Sweetheart?  Are you okay?  I've got some juice and stuff to nibble on."  He kicked at the table he and Xander had installed, putting it down to hold the tray with Enamel's help.  Then he pulled her head up to kiss her.  "Charley?  Sweetheart? Please wake up?"  She yawned and blinked up at him. "Are you okay?"

"I've never gotten off without a single bit of manual help," she admitted, blushing when she saw their helpers.  "Watching too?"

"The bed broke," Throttle told her.  "You wouldn't wake up."  Xander let out a quiet whimper.  "It's not your fault and I liked it.  Vinnie liked it.  Even she liked it, babe.  You're not in trouble and you can always go find a more sturdy bed."

Charley kissed Xander gently.  "That was incredible," she told him.  "I've never seen anything so hot before.  I got off without having a single touch of help."  He gave her a shy grin and she smiled, kissing him again.

"Hey, Throttle, can I borrow him for my next birthday?" Enamel asked.

"Sorry, I only make him go out to tease others when he's been really, really bad."

"Really, really bad?" Xander teased back.  "Like how bad?"

"Like giving the kids on Mars fur dye bad," he said, grabbing some juice.  "Or maybe helping them learn to apply it to mark themselves as a gang."  Xander 'eeped' and ducked under the water.  He pulled his mate up to look at him. "You did what?"

"I put the rest of my last batch in Spike's saddlebags," he offered.  "I gave the kids their own insignia too."  He gave him the puppy eyes look.  "They're very cute.  It's a dragon on a motorcycle balancing on a dagger."  Throttle moaned.  "It comes out after a few weeks."

"Fine, if you start a cult on Mars, then he can have you for his next birthday party."

"If I asked, would you teach me?" Wrench asked.  "That way I can find a lady and make her brainless now and then too."

"Cuz, you have *no* idea," Vinnie said smugly, stroking Charley's back.  "He started out and then you interrupted us, so he put back on clothes, then he came back and started over again."  He moaned as he shifted. "Then he made me go insane, then he lost it."  Xander moaned but he was kissing Throttle.  "I wish you to have a lover like those two some day too, man.  I hope you find a lady like that."

"Me too," Wrench admitted, dragging Enamel with him.  "We'll see you in the morning, hopefully you'll be able to sit by then."  He closed the door and looked at him.  "Do you think the club Xander's going to open on Mars will have strippers?"

"No.  There's one out by one of the farther bases that has some once a month and the city of Omega has a club that has some," he offered. "Some guy was complaining to Shell about his girl working there."  He walked off, heading back to jump his mate.  Not even the cold outside on his naked body made him less hard.  She smiled as he walked back in and slammed the door.  "They broke their bed.  Charley got off without having been touched."  He dove into her lap, licking and sucking for all he was worth.

"Dear, gently!" she demanded, holding his ears.  He didn't care, he got in there as deeply as he could and then he surged up and pulled her down onto him to ride her into a dreamless sleep. By the time he was done, neither of them could move, but he didn't care.  He'd sleep in the wet spot on the couch.  His tail flopped onto the throw on the back of the couch until it fell off, then used it to cover them.  He held on for dear life, knowing he'd never lose her now. She whimpered a bit but he stroked her back, calming her down.  She'd need a long, hot soak tomorrow too.  The baby cried and they both moaned but Wrench slid in and grabbed him, taking him back to the main house with a nod and a grin.

It was nice to have such understanding friends.

Maybe he'd get Xander stripping for his birthday after all, then he could have Shell that same way and watch her get off like Charley had.

Or maybe he'd have Xander teach him so he could do it for her.  That might be better.  He didn't want her to compare.

The End.

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