The time came as it always did for the winter to move on and for Halloween to come.  Xander had explained it to the guys, who after four years on earth were still confused about this holiday.  "Okay, tonight we can hit the neighbors, since there's not that many, hit the mall about an hour before they end their trick-or-treating if traffic isn't too bad, and then there's a big thing at the park but the lines are going to be atrocious."  He looked at Charley, who only smiled and shook her head.  "Then back here to do a costume change, head to the movies, initiate the bros, then back home?"

"Or clubbing, could be a lot of fun in the costumes," Dawn offered.

"True, or clubbing," Xander agreed with a grin.  "Our usual place is doing a costume thing."  She beamed at that.  "We'll still only get about an hour and a half before they shut for the night."


"Point," he admitted.

"Why are we doing this again?" Modo asked.

Okay, so at least one of them was still confused. Xander looked at him.  "Personally, I go out for the candy and to play pranks.  You can just go out for the candy and to see all the costumes, big guy."  He patted him on his arm.  "Then again, I've got a pretty good costume of you going in the finest low-tech fashion."  Dawn snickered at that.  "I do. What're you going as for the kiddy part?  And is Meg babysitting?"

"She sure is," Dawn agreed happily.

"She is?" Vinnie asked.

"Yup.  Oz is going to wolf-out just enough to be a good costume for the kiddies, then we're dropping Vic off after the park thing.  We can go get him in the morning."

"Fine," Vinnie agreed, smirking at him.  "What are you going as, Dawn?"

"I thought about going as Wonder Woman but I'll get cold."  Rimfire just gave her a look so she grinned at him.  "So I'm going as a cheetah instead.  I've already got my grease paints and they're easy enough to clean off.  Costume's already in the closet with the print tights, skirt, and shirt."

"You own cheetah print clothes?" Vinnie asked.  "Why?"

"Separates, please.  I'd never normally wear them together."  She smirked at him.  "You've told me before the top looks good on me, Vincent."

He snorted.  "We'll see."  He looked at Xander again.  "What are you going as?"

"Modo."  Modo blushed at that.  "Well, the tradition is that you go as something supernatural, mythological, or famous.  He fits.  And I've got a cardboard version of his arm and everything."  He smirked at them.  "What's Vic going as, Charley?"

"I got him a lamb outfit but it doesn't fit him."  She looked at her son.  "He could go as a ghost."

"We can make him go as a little Modo," Dawn teased.  Now both Modo and Rimfire were blushing brightly.  "He'd be very cute."  She looked over as Chassis walked up the ramp.  "Are you going trick-or-treating with us?"  She looked perplexed.  "It's a holiday where you go out and ask for candy."

"Does it have special significance?"

"Candy and pranks," Xander told her.  "You could see if Stan's going anywhere."  He grinned at her.  "I'm not sure if detectives have to pull that night or not. According to the paper, the regular officers are going to be at fuller-than-noon strength."

"Okay," Chassis said dryly, going to call him.  She smiled when he picked up his phone and hit someone with it before answering.  "Stan, babe, I was just told something about trick-or-treating? It sounds scary, should I plan on hiding with you or going out to keep Vinnie and Xander from pulling pranks?"  She smiled.  "I wouldn't mind in the least, Stan.  Sure.  Love you too.  Need lunch?"  She chuckled.  "I would if Welsh would let me but after I had to subdue the last one for you he told me I'm not allowed to do that just to get kisses."  He groaned.  "I'll see you tonight."  She blew a kiss and hung up.  "He said he does a scary movie marathon.  We'll be at his place with Benny and his wolf."

"Say hi to the spirit for me then," Xander said dryly.  She gave him a funny look.  "Diefenbaker's not a normal wolf."

"Are you sure Wrench didn't adopt you into the family?"

"Usually.  Though you can go ask him if you want," he offered with a grin.  She just looked alarmed and backed off.  "Go play, Chassis."

She nodded and hurried off, taking Vic with her so he had the chance to become a normal member of the family.  She'd have to try really hard to help the boy be a normal VanWham mouse.  "Come on, Victor, let's head to the playground.  That way you can see other kids."  She made sure his hat was down over his ears and his baby biker jacket was on before she slid him into the chest carrier and took off with him.

Xander and Vinnie smirked at each other.  "Okay, since it looks like we may not have any sorcerers that night after all, maybe, we can be fun and play."

"Why don't the demonic like halloween?" Dawn asked.

"Not a clue beyond the fact it's a pretty neutral night, kiddo.   Maybe they think everyone else is doing it so they don't."  He shrugged. "Why argue with a free night a year?"

"Good point."  She snuggled into her corner with her laptop.  "He wants me to do a what?" she asked, looking at the email she had clicked on.  "Rimfire, why are we doing a paper on the Mayans for US history?"

"I don't know who they are so I can't answer that," he offered, coming over to look at it.  "Huh.  Not a clue.  Call?"

"Yes.  Please."  He went to call for them, then came back shrugging.  "Did he give a reason?"

"No. He just said it was our final paper topic and to please let it be relevant."

"Okay, how do you make a civilization that died centuries before there was a US even thought about into a relevant US history topic?"  He shrugged.  "Give me the phone."  She got up, going to the office to call him herself.  "Sir," she said when the teacher answered.  "This is Dawn Summers, from US History.  You just told us to do something on the Mayan's history for a US History, freshman level, class?  How am I supposed to make that relevant?"  She listened to him.  "Yay, I'm a Wiccan, but I follow Brit traditions.  Unless you're funding an expedition down there for me to study the ruins and find magical markings on their temples and things, I can't relate them back.  There's no sources."  She glared at the table the phone was sitting on.  "Really?  I'm not a major, sir.  I'm a languages, Middle Eastern languages, major.  Again, not really relevant."

She heard his ultimatum and growled.  "By Halloween?  That's in a week!  You want me to do a major research paper in a week!  Fine, I'm going to the damn chair of the department."  She slammed the phone down and printed off the email, heading down to her bike.  This was not right or fair!  On the way she called Micah.  "Why am I doing a paper on Mayan culture and their magic relating back to the current US, very diverse, ideas about mysticism for my US history class?"  She listened to Lorne sounding confused.  "Me either.  Ask Micah if it was him."  She waited, listening while she rode.  "Fine.  No, I'm going to lodge a fucking complaint about the asshole."  She hung up and took her ear bud out, going a bit faster.  She pulled into the college and the parking lot right next to the building, heading to the elevators.  She saw the teacher in question sneering at her and glared back.  "You will be punished for this," she sneered back.  "Watch me go complain."

"He won't take it off.  It's the teacher's responsibility to give relevant homework."

"This is US History up to the Civil War.  There's no relevance to the topic you gave me."  She hit the button and headed up to the Chair's office, smiling sweetly at the woman.  "I need to lodge a complaint about a teacher."


"For giving irrelevant homework."  She handed that email to her and the copy of her syllabus she had stopped to grab.  "I'm in US history to the Civil War.  How is that relevant?  And he gave me a week."

"You know, many students complain about such matters," she started delicately.

"Lady, I'm not a damn major.  I could care less," she snarled.  "I'm a languages major.  This isn't my area there either and the paper is not relevant to the class.  I'm filing a damn complaint or else I'm going to the fucking dean."  She handed over the form and Dawn filled it out, and then she went to the Dean.  There was no way she was letting this continue.  By the time she got home, there had been six phone calls, and she was in the right.  She walked in and looked at Rimfire.  "The Dean had to step in," she told him.  He shivered.  "Yeah, well, he didn't think it was real relevant for a non-graduate class either.  That this was master's thesis work, not freshman history work.  He sided with me and the chair fell over himself to agree once he heard."  He nodded, letting her vent.  "So now we're doing one on the mystical properties of early american magic beliefs."


"Yeah.  He's still bent on that.  Since it's *relevant* and I'm a known Pagan, they didn't think I'd have any trouble with that."

"Uh-huh.  This is a joint paper, right?"  She nodded. "You're sure?"

"If not, I'm sure we'll uncover enough stuff about Salem and the witch trials for you to do your own."  She headed up to the library, then called Fred from up there.  "I need sources and a list of books for a paper on early american mysticism.  Because the teacher tried to get me to link Mayan traditions to american magic for US history to the Civil War.  I had to go to the dean."  She sat down with some paper, taking notes.  "Thanks, babe.  Can I quote you as a knowledgeable source?"  She smiled and wrote down the book's name.  "Any others?  It's a joint paper but he might still try to get Rimfire."  She wrote down more and smiled.  "Thanks. I know we have at least two of those."  She hung up and went to find what she could.  Fred said she'd Fed Ex the rest as soon as she pulled them.


Xander came out of his bedroom a week later, smoothing out his gray shirt, and putting on the cardboard arm.  He grinned at Modo, who only blushed.  "What?"

"You look good as me, Xander. The arm's turned funny though."  Xander looked, then adjusted it, then he saw Vic, who was wearing bunny ears.  He groaned and grabbed the baby, taking him to get him dressed too. He came out holding him, making Modo grin.  "Well, I feel loved."  He patted Vic on the head.  "Hey, little guy."

Vic grabbed his fingers to gnaw on, beaming at him.  "Grumpy."

"No, little bro, Staff cured me being grumpy earlier," he promised, taking him to carry upstairs.  "Okay, are we ready?"

"Charley's sick so she'll meet us at the park," Vinnie announced, grinning at his son.  "Oooh, don't you look so cute," he offered, getting baby chuckles.  "Is it time?"

"Five more minutes," Dawn called as she came up the stairs.  "Hair up or down?"

"Down," Xander told her.

"Cheetahs don't have ruffs."

"There's a wind."

"Sure, hair down."  She looked over as Rimfire drug himself up the stairs, smiling at him.  "See, you'll have fun too."  She pinched his cheek.  "Come on, let's head.  We've only got ten neighbors.  It should be fairly quick.   The mall gave out great stuff last year."  She took Xander's arm and walked him out, letting the other mice follow.  Throttle was down leaning on his bike and she grinned.  "Nope, we can walk the first part.  Sorry, baby," she said when Rimfire's bike backfired.  "We're only going around the neighborhood.  We'll be back in a half-hour."  She stroked her and walked on, taking her playmates outside to have some fun.

Xander beamed and caught Throttle's hand, making him sigh and follow.  He was a giant mouse, he didn't have to dress up.  Even though Vinnie had on a cape and fangs.   Six of their neighbors were hit, they had their lights on, and then they headed back to the garage to gather bikes and head off for the mall. Throttle watched all the kids in costumes, eyes bright with sugar already, and mentally shuddered.  They were feeding Vic, Vinnie, and Xander candy.  Were they insane?  "I'm confiscating the bags when we get home," he ordered.

Vinnie and Xander both cackled and everyone around them looked, then smiled.   Modo moaned.  "Please, no bouncing mice tonight, guys?"

"Sure," Xander called, beaming back at him.  He rushed ahead to a goth shop, grinning at her.  "Trick or treat!"

"You're a bit big," the salesgirl said tolerantly, looking him over.  "Who are you supposed to be?"

"Modo," he said, pointing at him.  "A hero of the Martian war for Freedom."

She just grinned and shook her head.  "At least you've got an imagination, you big kid."  She grinned at Vic.  "And you brought a miniature one too.  Cute."  She looked at Modo.  "Wow, you went all out for your costume, man.  I'm damn impressed."  She handed out full size candybars with a wink for each of them.  "There ya go.  Hit the music store, they're giving out sample CD's too."  They all beamed and headed over there. Up one side of the mall and down the other.  She saw them as they were on their way out, just smiling at them.  They were the most imaginative costumes she'd seen that year. She saw the bigger one's ears twitch when someone called a name over the loud speaker, then the middle sized one squealed and hugged them, dragging them back to the desk.  She looked out, they were just up the floor from her.  Apparently they had won the mega basket of candy from the bulk shop.  "Wicked," she said fondly, grinning and waving.  They all waved back and she got a good bar for the kid coming in. "Here ya go, kid.  Next year, try to go as them.  That's a really cool costume," she told the little witch.   One came in wearing Harry Potter gear and she had to chuckle and give him some too.  "There ya go."  The middle sized mouse went running past with the really white vampire mouse and the others following at a dead run to try to get the candy from him, making a lot of the parents either sigh, or laugh.


Charley looked up as the family joined her at the parking lot, smiling at them.  "The line's not too long yet."  Xander kissed her and handed over the baby, making her smile at the chocolate-rimmed mouth.  "What did you eat?"

"A hershey bar," Xander said innocently.  "We won the mega cauldron of candy!" he said happily.  "The mall thought we had the best group concept costumes."  He beamed proudly and drug Vinnie away from his candy.  "Mine! I entered us."  Vinnie pouted.  "I'll share when we get home.  It's got gift certificates to the bulk place too."  Vinnie's already bright, sugar-high eyes lit up at that and they shared a conspiratorial evil look.

"Come on, before you make us wait longer to get Vic candy," Charley said, dragging the others away, pushing the two 'adult' mice in front of her.  It was the one holiday she could let Vic and Vinnie get sugar sick.  After all, it's not like she was sleeping with Vinnie tonight.  Not for a very long time, not until he was worn out completely from walking the floor with his son, who was also cackling and waving his cardboard arm.  She adjusted it and smiled at him. "Did you have fun?"  He let out his version of the wicked chuckle and she kissed him on the ear.  "It's all right.  We'll ration it the rest of the week and your daddy will be up anyway."

"Yeah, but I wanted cuddles tonight," Throttle complained.  "I'll never get Xander to calm down."

Rimfire coughed and pointed at the dias. "Plutarkians without a mask.  Even they take advantage of the holiday."

They all turned and waved when he noticed them, beaming brightly.  Vinnie and Xander were already bouncing.  Marshall Limburger just whispered in someone's ear and the formerly chemical smelling candy was replaced with good stuff.  He continued to watch them but they simply stared back.  He shivered and got up, heading back to his limo.  The plan was busted for tonight.  He called his father, who instructed him to wait, and he told him the whole group was there already.  They talked about an assault on the garage but by the time he had looked out, they were through the lines and there was one waiting patiently.  The youngest mouse.  Damnation and scale rot!  He was eating chocolate too!  They decided it was too risky and left it there.


Xander came out of his bedroom adjusting the tight gold speedo and flipped back his wig, smiling at Modo.  "Hey."

"Why are you making toast?  By the way, thanks for the snack."

"Go make more, we'll need it later," he complained, giving him a nudge.  "Trust me."

"Why would we need toast?  Don't they sell popcorn?"

Xander just sighed.  "It's a part of the playfulness of the movie, Modo.  Go make more toast for whatever you ate."  He sighed and went up to do that.  Xander followed to grab the kits for that evening, handing them to Charley once they were fully toasted again.  "Here ya go."  He smiled at Vic, who was smiling sweetly at him.  "We need to drop you off."

"Meg's in labor."  She shrugged.  "He can be indoctrinated early."  She smiled and he grinned.  They looked at the others.  "Let's go!  Xander, tickets?"  He went to get them from the desk, handing them over.

"There is no way you're going out in that outfit!" Rimfire said in outrage, following Dawn up the stairs.

"It's a costume, and yes, I am!" she shouted back.  She handed Xander the cloak he was borrowing.  "There ya go, Rocky.  Let's go, people, I don't want to wait all night to get in!"

"Go put on some clothes!" Vinnie demanded.

"This is the appropriate costume, you'll see why soon.  Right, Charley?"

She looked it over.  "Not the usual stockings."

"They had a run."  She shrugged. "I substituted the best I could."  She twirled her cloak around her shoulders and put up her hood, taking the baby mouse.  "Tickets?"  Charley patted her purse.  "Good, then let's head."  She looked at Rimfire.  "I can ride on my own."

He growled. "There is no way you're leaving the house in that!"

She smiled and pinched him on the cheek, then walked off.  "Come on.  Who am I riding with or am I taking my own bike?"

"Bring your own, just in case," Charley called.  "I'll ride it back if I must."  She followed, Xander forcing everyone else to follow them out and down to the bikes, then take off with them.  He really did look good in the black velvet cloak on his dark bike.  She almost teased him about mage bikers but he winked back at her and pointed ahead of them.  Wrench was there.  She giggled and pulled up beside him, nodding.  "Coming with us?"

"Yeah.  He got me a ticket."  He looked at Dawn's outfit, then smirked.  "Nice job.  I'm surprised he let you out in that. "

"He didn't," Rimfire said grimly.  "Quit looking at her, Wrench."

"Fine, Rimfire.  Shall we?"  They all nodded and only had to make one more stop to pick up Enamel.   Who was drug out by Shell.  He was all-but kicking and screaming but she was bouncy and happy so he allowed it.  Apparently she'd been on candy stroll too.  Xander just cackled and headed for the old theater, leading the way.

Vinnie looked up at the marquis.  "The Rocky Horror Picture Show.  Well, at least it sounds like something we can watch," he offered.  He parked and got off, following his girl's tail to the line.  Xander wiggled his way up front and took the tickets, counting them out.  She handed off the baby when he gave her puppy eyes, digging out the one that had slipped.  He kept Vic and they moved up slowly.  Vinnie looked at the guy taking tickets and pointed at Xander.  "He's got all ours."

"So he said.  Hey, Rocky?"  Xander beamed back at him. "How many virgins?"

"All the big mice.  Everyone not in costume.  Little Vic here can go through it when he's older."

"There's a mounting rite too?" Rimfire asked, curling his tail around himself.

"No, kid, calm down," the usher said fondly, smirking at him. "College boy?"  Dawn smirked and nodded, leading Rimfire inside.  He shook his head and marked the tally on the sheet.  They were going to have a lot of fun.  He always did.

Xander got them a whole row and plopped down.  "Okay, guys, when they call for the virgins, that's you guys.  You go up there and play along.  It's fun.  Not dangerous or anything."  The 'adult' mice gave him an odd look, even Vinnie did.

"Trust me," Charley ordered.  Dawn headed out to get them popcorn and drinks.  She came back and Charley waited until the MC's for the evening showed up to hand out the packages.  "Don't open them yet.  You'll know what order to throw them in.  He put them in order.  So start at the top when everyone else does."  They just looked really confused, especially Enamel.  "Don't worry, it's fun.  It's not the sort of movie you'd normally go to, but it's fun."

"I've seen it on tv," he admitted.  "I've never been to one of these before."  She just beamed at him. "They have no idea, do they?"  She smirked and shook her head.  "Oh, well."  Now everyone was giving him odd and 'help us' looks.  "Don't worry, guys.  It's all in fun.  Just play along and no one gets hurt."  That got a group nod.  He looked at Shell.  "You could have warned me."

She kissed him.  "Shut up, dear."

"Fine."  He slunk down a bit, smiling as the MC called for all the virgins to come up. "That's us, people.  Move."  Most of the mice moved but Modo had to be pinched by Dawn.  Shell grabbed his arm and drug him up there, herding the mice in front of her.  Enamel looked at her.  "Have I told you today you're going to make a scary mother?"  She just smiled and kissed him again. "Fine."  They were led up onto the stage and had the balloon put between their knees.  He nearly jumped when his was popped but it didn't hurt him or anything, just the noise.  They were finally let go and headed back to their seats.  Throttle had to move to Xander's other side so Modo and Staff could get between Charley and Vinnie and those two.  Charley was worried about the evils of two white mice hyped on sugar.  "How much trick or treating did you guys do?" he asked Dawn.

"The six neighbors.  The mall, where they won the mega cauldron.  The park, where Limburger decided to hand out normal candy instead of the other stuff he had planned on.  Then home to change and here."

"I noticed the grease paint in your hair.  What were you earlier?"

She grinned.  "A cheetah."  She kissed him on the cheek.  "Be good, doc.  No being nosy tonight and we're clubbing after this at the usual spot."  He just whimpered. "Think about the desperate call you'll get if Vinnie isn't calm by the time he crawls into bed with Charley tonight."

"No, clubbing's good. That'll wear out some of the sugar."  He nodded, showing he supported that idea.   "We'll go too just to make sure he's calmer."  She snickered and Shell snorted, kissing him stupid for a few minutes.  "Why is the little bit here?  I didn't think this was suitable for babies."

"It's not, but Meg's in long-term labor."

"Ah."  He nodded.  "I've seen a few of those."  He looked over as the screen came to life, the actors on the stage taking their places.

"Is this a play or a movie?" Modo hissed to Charley.

"Just watch, Modo. This is to experience, not complain," she said patiently.  She grabbed the first thing and so did Xander and Dawn.  The others took their cues from them.  She looked at Vinnie, who was looking a bit bored and smiled at him, winking a bit.  "Just wait," she whispered in his ear.  It twitched and he put an arm around her shoulders.  He even kissed the side of her head.  They threw the rice when it was time, prompting the others to do it.  The others were still looking confused, but they'd perk up soon.

"It's that guy from Muppet Treasure Island," Staff whispered to her mate, pointing at the guy up on the screen.  He nodded. "Wow, he's so different."  She heard Xander chuckle and grinned at him, he winked back and mouthed, 'just wait'.  She shivered and leaned into Modo's arm.  She didn't like horror movies but so far this one wasn't *so* bad.  A bit of a slow start for the ones Vinnie usually liked.  She heard Vinnie yawn, then they were doing a number?  Everyone stopped fidgeting to look at that.  Xander and Charley were up in the aisle doing it with some people.  She looked up at her mate. "Huh?" she asked.

"She said it was something to experience," he said with a shrug.  The movie moved on and they just watched.  They ran into Xander's character next.  Throttle looked at the guy on the screen, then his mate.  Then he groaned and shook his head.  His head came up at the rock music and apparently it was all right again.

Wrench looked down at Xander.  Then he smirked and shook his head.  He couldn't see Xander as a monster like that, but he was cute in the speedo.  He felt someone flick him on the ear and grinned at his cousin, who was glaring at him.  So he winked and went back to watching, noticing Dawn was plucking out her next thing.  He did so too.  It was a bit this time, but that was fine.  He choked on his bite of popcorn at the 'sex scene' but so did Modo and Staff.  "Subtle," he murmured.  Charley just beamed at him.

The movie kept going and they got to the part where everyone was dressed like Dawn.  And Rimfire was still growling.  She laid a hand on his arm.  "You know, Xander could have done that too," she whispered.  "He used to play Frank all the time when he was a human.  He introduced me to this."  He just gave her an odd look and slunk down a bit more, hiding his smirk at that image.

"Man, I miss my old corset," Xander whispered just loud enough for them to hear.  Throttle just gave him this alarmed look.  "I used to go as Frank."

"I'm cleaning out your closet myself when we get home, Xander."

At the end, the MC came up and took off his hood, showing himself as the bro's favorite DJ, Sweet Georgie Brown.  "That's all folks.  You don't have to go home, but you can't stay here!"  That got a round of loud applause and whistles.

Xander looked at Charley.  "I'm still not sure I like Meatloaf as Eddy.  I know there wasn't anyone else of his stature back then, but something's always bothered me about how he played it."

She kissed him on the cheek.  "At least it wasn't a Gibbs brother, Xander."

"True.  Anyone wanna watch Sgt. Pepper with me when we finally get home?"

"No," everyone said, Vinnie looking a bit panicked at that thought.

"Okay, how about The Wall?"

Wrench looked at him.  "Don't you have to be stoned to watch that?"

"I do okay up until I lose which is the reality and which is his fantasy in the last half hour.  About when he shaves off his eyebrows," Xander assured him. Then he grinned. "Chassis said she thought you brought me into the family recently."

"No, sweetie, if you were my choice, you'd have been mated to me and kept on a light chain in my bedroom," he said sweetly.

"I'll whip your tail," Vinnie said firmly.

"Bros," Georgie said as he came up to them.  He looked at Xander.  "Xander, right?"  He beamed and shook his head.  "You actually got them all here?"

Xander smirked.  "Blackmail."  Charley chuckled at that.  "I used to go as Frank but I haven't been able to since I grew fur."

He looked at him, then at Throttle.  "I don't think I can imagine a horrified enough look on bright boy's face if you came out in thigh highs, a corset, panties, and heels," he admitted, cackling a bit with the pictures he had.

"Three inch stilettos, thank you," he said with a curtsy.  "We're heading out to club.  Any word if anyone got Limburger-tainted candy this year?"

"Nah, not that I've heard.  Have a nice night, guys."

"That was weirder than any Sapphic art movie," Rimfire complained. Georgie looked at him.  "We've had to watch a few in Sensitivity to Women class."

"It's called Gender Sensitivity," Dawn sighed, looking up and praying for patience.  "It's a good Sociology elective, Rimfire, and we're covering men the rest of the year.  We spent longer on women so you'd have a hope in Hades of understanding us."   She smiled at the DJ.  "Nice work tonight."  She shook his hand and drug Rimfire off.  "Come on, we're heading to the club."

"Sure," Charley called.  She shook the DJ's hand.  "Thanks, it was wonderful."

"You're welcome, ma'am."

"I'm Charley.  This is Vic.  He's the white blur's son."  She smirked and walked out.

Vinnie shook his hand.  "His birthday's next week, I'll call in to get the usual then."

"Sure.  It's a classic song.  It'll go over well."  He clapped Modo and Staff on the arms after shaking their hands.  "Hey, guys, I see you're still together."  Staff blushed and nodded, clinging to his arm.  "She's a sweetie, Modo."  He leaned closer.  "Who was the hottie earlier?"

"Dawn.  My nephew Rimfire's girl," he said with a grin.  "She vexes him to no end."  They shared a laugh and then Throttle drug Xander out, talking about how to clean his closet while Xander was going to be tied to the bed.

Georgie watched, just laughing at that.  He checked the row, they had picked up their own trash and everything.  He found a jacket and brought it up to the front booth, and to the mouse waiting there. "Yours?" he asked her.  She smiled and took it. "Did you have fun?"

"I did," she agreed happily, hugging him a bit.  She whispered in his ear and he nodded.  "Sometime during the afternoon is fine.  It's our special song and it's our anniversary tomorrow."  He grinned and nodded again.  She hurried off, putting Enamel's jacket on for him.

"Now that's love," Georgie told the girl working the booth.  She nodded and sighed. "They cleaned up their own mess."

"Yeah, but almost no one else did," she said with a grin.  "They were going clubbing."

"I don't know, Throttle seemed pretty sure he was going to be cleaning out Xander's closet since he said he used to go as Frank n'Furter."  She gaped, then giggled at that.  He nodded.  "He has the body for it too.  And man, that hottie," he moaned, hissing through his teeth.  "I'd tap that in a heartbeat if she wasn't taken."

"Me too," she agreed, and they shared a grin.  He went to help with the cleanup.   It had been a charity event after all.


Vinnie parked in front of the club and took off his helmet.  "Babe, I love you, but that was stranger than Sartian movies," he complained.

She grinned and kissed him gently.  "I told you it was to experience. Did you have fun?"

"Well, yeah," he admitted. "It was still odd."

She just grinned.  "So?"  She got off and walked up to the door, watching as Xander and then Throttle pulled in. Modo and Staff were right behind them, and then Dawn drove up with Rimfire chasing.  She smiled at him.  Shell and Enamel parked and brought up the last of the group.  "It's all of us tonight."

"I can see that."  He looked at Xander's outfit.  "Keep the cloak on, please."  He patted the baby.  "Taking him out for his first turns on the floor?"

"Our babysitter was in labor," she said with a grin.  He let them in with a smile for them.

One of the people in line complained. "How come they get automatic entrance?"

"Because people buy drinks instead of jumping them," he told her.

"Yeah, but it's still not Studio 54," another complained.

"They were at the Rocky Horror showing," another one behind her sighed.  "I see why they buy drinks though.  Rocky there had *nice* abs."

The guard smirked.  "Just don't hit on them. They're a really tight group."  He let in the next bunch at the nod from inside.  He could see the owner beaming at the group on the floor and caught his eye.  "The white one's Rocky," he called.  That got a scared look but he calmed down, remembering the others were still there.  No one would be damaging the club tonight.

Rimfire looked at his girl as people came up to steal her, even though he had her in his arms and she was wearing her cloak over her outfit.  "Dawn," he moaned.  She just kissed him.  "I get the point of the costume, babe, but you're driving everyone insane."

She just smiled at him.  "Surely a big, strong mouse like you can handle that," she offered coyly.

"We're not supposed to cause property damage, babe.  Or commit homicide," he growled at the newest woman to try to take her.  "It's a costume."  She wandered off.  He looked down at her.  "I need to mark you better as mine," he growled in her ear.  "You need a big sign that says 'taken by a jealous mouse' flashing over you."

She held up her ring.  "That does this."

"Not well enough."  He kissed her ring, then her.  He looked down at her.  "Fuck this.  That place we were at, we can do that there, right?"  She looked startled.  He drug her out, nodding at the bouncer.  "Tell them not to wait up, we're fine," he ordered, dragging her to his bike.  He looked at her bike, then her.  "Get on.  Follow me."


"Now, Dawn.  Right now."  She nodded, getting onto her bike and starting it.  She followed him out to the airport, letting him drag her inside and to the nearest ticket counter.  He put down his wallet and their credit card.  "Two for that Vegas place," he ordered. The girl behind the desk smiled.  "How long?"

"The flight is three hours long," she offered quietly, smiling at him.  "Did you need help out there?"

"No, I've got it," he promised, smirking at her.  "Thank you, ma'am."

She looked at them.  "Well, most of the security questions won't apply to you since you don't have any bags and I can tell you're not hiding anything explosive," she offered dryly, handing over the tickets.  "No weapons, sir?"

"No," he said, taking the wallet back and shoving the card inside.  "Thank you for your help, ma'am."

"You're welcome.  You might stop by that big green bulletin board, sir.  They've got some things, like car rentals and planning agencies on there."  He nodded, dragging Dawn off.  She smiled at them, they were so cute.  He did stop and picked up something to read on the way.  She looked at her nearest coworker, smirking at her.  "They're heading for Vegas."

"I could see that.  Why was she dressed like that?" she asked in a clipped British accent.

"You've never seen the Rocky Horror Picture Show?"  She shook her head. "I'll show you sometime soon, dear.  Come over tonight."  That got a nod and a grin and another customer came in.  It wasn't often that you got a lot of customers at three in the morning.


Rimfire came off the plane, finding someone waiting for them with a sign.  He smirked at him and walked Dawn with him.  "Hi."  He smiled and shook the guy's hand.  "Are we all set?"

"Yes, sir.  We've got just enough time to get there.  You did bring your birth certificates, right?"

"I've got 'em," Dawn admitted, pulling out the emergency pack she carried in her purse.  She checked, she did have Rimfire's fibbed one on her.  She smiled at him.  "Why?"

The driver smirked at him. "You didn't tell her you were marrying her today, sir?"

"Not yet."  He walked her off, smiling at the people staring.  "That's why I'm marrying her," he called at a few gaping ones.  She giggled at that and he beamed at her, walking her outside.  He winced at the coolness, but it was nothing compared to home right now.  They were let into the limo.  "We're going to this nice place.  You can pick out a dress.  I'm going to pick out something to wear too.  We'll be married, then we'll make it back in time for our class, all right?"  She just stared and he kissed her.  "Okay?"  She nodded, bursting out in tears and hugging him around the neck.  "Shh, Dawnie.  I love you."  He stroked her back. "Any wrenchhead who comes near you had better be warned off now."  He kissed her on the nose, grinning at her. "Besides, now you can participate in the discussion next week on marriage in gender whining."  She swatted him and leaned back.  "Go ahead," he told the driver.

"Just waiting on the cab in front of me, sir."  He looked back at them.  "Is she going to be changing back into that later?"

"Not if I can help it," Rimfire growled. The driver beamed and put up the separating window.  He saw some champagne and held up the bottle and she shrugged.  He popped it and poured some for them, kissing her gently as he handed over her glass.  "To us."

"To us," she agreed, smiling at him.  "I'm really happy."

"I know you are," he agreed, smirking at her.  "I so wanna brag like Vinnie at the moment," he said happily.

She laughed and kissed him. "You'd better not ever get that sort of ego, Rimfire, or else I'll have to start spanking you again."  He blushed and ducked his head, nodding.  "Good boy."  The limo moved and they were off.  It wasn't a long ride to the chapel, but it was pleasant.  She got out and walked inside with Rimfire, stopping at the desk. "He got too stunned and got demanding during the night," she said with a small blush.

"That's fine, we see it all the time," the older woman said, smiling at her.  She pulled out the paperwork, taking their birth certificates.  She filled out their wedding license and stamped it, then handed it over.  Rimfire handed over his card and she ran it, then smiled at him. "Right this way, dears.  Lets get you something more suitable.  Unless you really want to be Magenta and Eddy to get married?"

"No, I want her in something fantastic to show what a queen she is," Rimfire assured her.  "Is this a rental or a buy?"

"We do rent them, but some brides have wanted to keep their special dresses so we do offer that service as well," she offered with a smile.  She opened a door.  "In there please, Rimfire."  He walked in there, closing the door behind him.  "Come on, dear.  I'll help you find something to make you look like a princess instead of a punk rocker."  She led her into the dress room, turning on the lights.  "Let's see, you're a what size?"

"Six or eight. My prom gown was a six."

"All right."  She smiled and led her to that rack, letting her look.  She looked as well, finding a corset ballgown in ivory silk with gold ribbon embroidery.  She held it up.  "How about this?"

She touched it and smiled.  "I don't know.  Gold and my complexion?"  The woman looked then nodded, going to find something else.  Dawn found one, it was white with silver tracings on the top.  It was another strapless model and she held it up.  "How about this one?"

"Is it in the right size, dear?  It looks small."  She came over to check.  "That's a size two."  Dawn grimaced and put it on the correct rack, earning a smile.  "We can see if there's one like that though."  She searched, coming up with a fairly plain gown.  It was white, had a tight bodice and a full skirt.  It had the pointed waistline.  She held it up and Dawn shook her head.  "Are you sure?"

"Yeah, the shoulders never fit me on those things."

"Ah."  She found another one and brought it over.  "Off the shoulder," she offered, holding it out.  Again, long sleeved.  It had a fur trim around the top neckline. It had silver tracings along the bodice and an unattached skirt that was white with flecks of glitter on it.  "Let's try this one, dear.  I think you'll like this one."  She led her to the changing room, letting her try it on.  She looked as Dawn came out.  "I think you're an eight after all."  Dawn nodded and went to hand it back out.  She came back with another dress, handing it over. "Try that."

Dawn came out on the cloud of silk and velvet.  It was off the shoulders too, but the top was in a off-white stretchy velvet.  The skirt was in off-white silk.  She looked at herself and nodded.  "Perfect," she decided.  "Shoes?"  A pair was found and she stepped into them, smiling. "Good.  Now, veil."  A tiara was found and she arranged her hair to support it and highlight it, leaving it a loosely woven sideways braid on the back of her head.  She smiled.  "Good?"

"Take your hair down, dear.  Maidens always get to go unbound."

"Um, not exactly that pure," she admitted with a small grin.  She took down her hair, then rearranged it, finding a style she liked better.  Then she smiled and looked at her helper.  Who nodded. "Good.  Rings!" she said, patting herself on the head.  She looked at herself again, catching sight of her face and her new shiny, oily spots.  "And eww, powder?"

She winked and got her a makeup bag, watching as she retreated to do her makeup.  She was very skillful and it made her look delicate.  She walked her to the options case, finding her a pair of leather gloves in off-white and a necklace and earrings.  Then she was ready.  They walked out, and Dawn was handed a trio of roses, all part of the package.  The credit card was run for the amount of the dress and things since Dawn had checked the 'I'll keep it' box on the slip.  "So, what do you do, dear?"

"I'm in a language degree.  Rimfire does computers."  She took the card back and it went down her top, then she was led to the room, smiling and nodding at those people around them.  She waited in the back area while Rimfire was led in.  She smiled as the traditional music started, walking up to him slowly.  He gaped, then smiled and waved her forward.  She walked up and took his hand, smiling at his classic tux with ascot look.  He kissed the back of her hand, holding her hand in his leather gloved one.  The minister smiled. Dawn smiled back.  "Oh, rings," she said, handing them over.

He smiled and took them.  "We are here to mate this very cute couple, Rimfire and Dawn, in holy matrimony.  Let no one come between them."  He opened his book.


Dawn came off the plane and blanched at the time on the wall.  "We're going to be late to class.  We won't have time to change," she called.

"Hell," he muttered, grabbing a burger as they passed a vendor, then following her.  "So go to class like that," he told her.  She gave him an odd look. "I'm sure the professor has seen more odd things than a young woman in a wedding dress in class."  She rolled her eyes but got onto her bike and headed out.  She had a test, he just had to show up.  His farming teacher would only clap him on the back and smile at him for it.

Dawn parked and paid the meter, then ran up to her classroom, including across a busy street.  She panted as she burst into the room. "Sorry, ma'am."

"Dear, is that your halloween costume?" she demanded.

"Um, no, professor, Rimfire and I just got back from Vegas," she admitted with a blush, showing her rings.  "Sorry.  We were a bit later than we thought."  She took her usual seat, arranging her skirt around her.  "I didn't mean to cause an interruption."

"No, dear, that's all right.  Congratulations.  Also, Professor Myers was looking for you earlier.  He said to stop by about next semester's schedule?"

She nodded at that, smiling and letting the professor get back to their discussion.  She took the offered pen with another blush when it was test time.


Xander hung up the phone, looking confused.  "Dawn was wearing a wedding dress to class," he noted.  Modo choked and spluttered.  He looked at him.  Then he handed over his wallet after checking it. "Go find them a cake and food.  Throttle, honey, were you planning on dinner?"

"I was.  Why?"  He came out, looking at him, cute in his apron Xander had made him wear.  "Why?"

"Dawn was wearing a wedding dress to class."

"I can make dinner tomorrow.  Modo, bro, go to that nice place up the street from Chef Andy's and get him to make some of those things for them."  Modo nodded, going to get that for them.  "You're sure?"

"Yeah, pretty sure.  Doctor Myers just called gushing about how pretty she was in her wedding dress and how the rings suited her and Rimfire, who was waiting impatiently for her to get done."  They shared a look and Xander looked up.  "Hey, Wills, or Seal?"  The Seal appeared, smirking and arms crossed. "Any way to get Buffy here?  Dawn just went to her Russian class in a wedding dress."  The Seal squealed and hugged him, then nodded, going to use the transporter to steal Buffy.  She babbled and Buffy let out a wordless scream.  "We didn't know, Buffy!  She left while we were clubbing last night, after Rocky Horror."

"I still say that movie warps brains," she complained as she came up the ramp.  "She did? You're sure?"

"Her advisor just called to tell me how cute she was in her wedding dress."

"Mom is *so* going to kill her. Mommy!"  Joyce meowed from her spot watching the fish.  "Dawn got married, mom."  Joyce looked at her and meowed calmly again. "Huh?"

"She said they did a Martian style bonding earlier this year while they were going at it," Xander admitted.  "They hadn't made it official on Mars yet."

"You didn't tell me this!"

He shrugged. "It's like a handfasting, Buffy.  They did it as Martian witches."

"Oh."  She sat down to scowl, waiting on the bikers she could hear coming back.  Xander flopped back down and she looked at Throttle.  "Hi again.  It's me.  Are you guys coming for Thanksgiving?"

"We can if you want.  Staff might be here for Modo this year though.  Or he might hit Mars for a few days.  We're not sure.  The Plutarkians are back."

"I heard."  She looked over as the bikes parked downstairs.  "Get up here, Dawn Rachel Summers!"  Dawn walked up the ramp looking sheepish. "You couldn't tell me so I could come!"

"He didn't tell me!" she defended.  "He drug me out of the club and to the airport and suddenly we're on our way to Vegas and he's growly and soft and nice and sweet, and look," she said, tossing over the DVD.  "The wedding."  She smiled hopefully at them all. "Hi, guys."

"Uh-huh," Throttle said, looking her over.  "You do look pretty, Dawn."

"I'd look better if I could redo my makeup."  She pulled her credit card out and put it on the table.  "Sorry, it was poking me."  She looked at Xander and Buffy.  " Hi."  Her mother meowed and she bounced over to kiss her and scratch her ears.  "Hi, mommy.  I made sure they taped it for you.  Sorry."  She meowed patiently and gave her hand a gentle lick.  "Thanks, mom."  She went to sit beside Buffy, hugging her. "How did you know?"

"Doctor Myers called and said you were adorable in your wedding dress," Xander told her.  Modo came up the stairs dragging Rimfire.  "That was quick."

"He had everything ready," he admitted, looking at her.  "Well, you look wonderful, Dawn."  He pulled her up to look at her. "You do look good.  I'm very proud but you're still going to do this on Mars. Tonight."

"Yes, Uncle Modo."  She kissed him on the cheek and smiled. "Thank you."

"Welcome, dear."  He looked around. "No Vinnie or Charley."

Buffy looked at her sister.  Then at Rimfire, who had the grace to at least blush. "We'll be talking, young man.  I never got a chance to properly threaten you."  The house phone rang and she answered it.  "Xander's house'o'love."  Xander snickered at that. "It is."  She listened to Wesley complain.  "Chill, Wes.  Dawn went out and got married last night. I'm being a big sister. You can take Faith out tonight."  She hung up on his spluttering.  "There, settled.  I'm sure I can get home somehow.  Willow!"  She appeared, grinning already.  "That Seal of yours is pretty happy now."

"Of course," she offered with a grin.  "She's not in Sunnydale anymore."  She squealed and floated over to kiss Dawn on the cheek and try to hug her.  "Oooh, you look so pretty!  That is *such* a great dress," she squealed.

"Bro, food?" Throttle suggested dryly. "Find Vinnie and Charley too."  He nodded, going to do that while Throttle went to call Mars.  The kids could tell Micah themselves.  He got a very sleepy Exhaust.  "What time is it up there?"

"Nearly dawn.  Why?"

"Dawn and Rimfire are coming up for their bonding soon.  After dinner for us.  We're going to have to bring her sister too."  Exhaust raised an eyebrow at that.  "The Slayer.  She already knows about us.  Xander told her."

"I see.  Why?"

"So she wouldn't try to kill him for being a furry demon.  Anyway, a few hours good?"

"Fine," he agreed.  "Hopefully nothing interrupts this time."

"It had better not," Throttle said dryly.  He shook his head.  "It's been a long, strange 24 hours, Exhaust."  He hung up, then went to tell the others.  "We're heading to Mars after dinner. It's nearly sunrise there."

"Sure," Modo agreed, smiling at Dawn.  "Should we invite Stan and Chassis over since none of us have seen her recently?"

"Probably," he admitted, going to call but Dawn already had the phone.  "Sure, you do it."

Dawn beamed.  "Detective, I love you, but would you please send Stan and Chassis home tonight?  Because there's a wedding celebration and we need to bring them home," she offered with a grin.  "No, he drug me off while we were clubbing and surprised me," she offered with a sappy grin.  "I went as Magenta during the corset dancing and he growled all night and got possessive and drug me off," she admitted.  "Oh, but it was sweet, Ray.  Really, it was.  Sure, I don't care."  She grinned at him yelling at Stan across the room to head to Xander's for wedding cake soon and to take Chassis with him.  "Thanks, dear.  No, it's on DVD.  Sure.  Laters."  She hung up.  "Rimfire, remind me I need to go see him tomorrow sometime."  He nodded and sat down beside him.  She stroked his knee.  "Buffy, there's no shovel talk needed."

"I was thinking more a steam roller.  Xander's guy I could see beating with a shovel but you're my only sister, Dawnie.  He gets the slow, painful, inching steamroller treatment."

"You mean like in _Roger Rabbit_?" he teased, grinning at her. "I'm very protective of my Dawn.  I love my Dawn.  She drives me insane."  Buffy smiled at that.  "It really was spur of the moment on my part, Buffy.  I decided I couldn't stand anyone else staring at her."  She nodded, accepting that.  "At least we remembered to have them tape it."

"I heard.  We can watch during dinner."  Everyone smiled at that.

"Okay, why did I close the garage early," Charley demanded as she came up the ramp.  She stopped to stare at Dawn, who wiggled her fingers.  "Oh, please let that be a costume," she moaned.  Dawn smiled and shook her head, stroking Rimfire's thigh.  "You know he's going to use you to force me, kid."

"Sorry, Charley, but it was a spur of the moment thing," Rimfire offered sheepishly.  "I had to mark her as mine and I wanted the full package.  I took her to Vegas."

"We got a call from her advisor saying how cute she was in the wedding dress she wore to class," Xander told her.  "Bro?"

"Coming.  Chasing Vic inside," he called, slamming the door. He carried his son up and stopped, then squealed and rushed over to hug her.  "I'm so happy!  Wrench!"  He came out of the library and grinned, waving at her.  "Isn't she adorable!"

"She is.  That wedding dress is truly adorable on her," he agreed.

"Wedding dress?  I thought it was another thing like the prom," he said dryly.

"No, we've already had Homecoming," Dawn told him.  "No proms in college, Vin.  No, he drug me to Vegas last night."  His eyes started to sparkle as he looked at his woman.

"Don't you even think about it, Vincent," she warned. "Enamel said no stress."

"But it's good for the baby to feel love," Wrench offered.

"You hush," Charley ordered.  "No input from the Martian Watchers."  She stared her mate down.  "No, Vincent."

He smirked and grabbed her, kissing her deeply until she couldn't breathe.  Then he looked at Rimfire. "How did you do this?"  He got up to write out notes, handing them and Dawn's credit card over with her hand-wave.   "Thanks, guys."

"Uh-huh," Xander demanded.  "In front of the rest of us, Vinnie.  We want to help!"  Vinnie pouted.  "You can do it here!  I mean it."

"Fine," he pouted.  "But she'll agree right now."

"She'll agree over Solstice too," Xander said dryly.  "Or Beltane."

"No, no more babies," Charley said, shaking her head.  "We don't need to be married during a fertility holiday!"

Dawn snickered at that.  "Well, Solstice is the restarting of the world, a new life."  She smiled at them. "Sure, we can do that."  Someone pounded on the door and she sighed, getting up to answer it.  "Oh, it's you," she said, grimacing at Greasepit.  "If you so much as *think* about dripping on my wedding dress, I'll smear you into DNA samples."  He backed up, eyes wide.  "What?"

"We wanted to challenge youse mousies and the bunch'a youse to a battle," he said grimly.  "Please?"

"Not tonight, I just got married," Dawn said, slamming the door in his face.  She checked, nothing on her dress.  She headed back to the ramp, hearing Chassis pull in. She smiled at her and Stan, kissing him on the cheek.  "Hi.  We snuck off," she offered with a grin.  "Come on, we're just waiting on you guys."  She walked up the ramp.  "Chassis and Stan are here.  Greasepit said he wanted to challenge us to a battle but I told him it couldn't be tonight and slammed the door in his face.  He looked really hurt."  She sat down on Rimfire's lap, smiling when Xander took her picture.  "Thanks, babe."  She looked around.  "Food?  He fed me treats for lunch."  Throttle snorted and put out the food, letting everyone come up and get their own and sit wherever.  The DVD of the wedding was put on and almost everyone decided to sit and stare at it.  Except Vic, who was watching the fish.


Carbine walked in and saw people waiting, wincing a bit.  "What happened this time?"

"It's time for their formal bonding," Modo told her.  "They did it Earth style and now it's our turn.  Were Momma and Cell out there?"  She nodded and the older women came in with Stoker.  "Momma.  He ran off with her to do it.  We've got a DVD of the wedding."

"Rimfire!"  He ducked his head, giving her a sheepish look. "Couldn't you wait a day?"

"No, Grandmomma.  Sorry.  She's mine though."  He hugged Dawn to her.

"I like the mating dress, dear," Cell offered, kissing her on the cheek and pulling her away from her son.  "Well, Primer said you were a woman worthy of this family and I seem to like you more and more each time I see you."  She looked at the other human.  "Your sister?"  She nodded.  Cell smirked at her. "I'm Rimfire's Momma."

"Hi.  Buffy Summers," she said, shaking her hand.  "I got summoned by the Seal."

Stoker coughed.  "Finally, punk?"

"Finally, coach," Rimfire agreed happily.  "Oh, and they made us watch this strange ritualistic movie last night too."

Dawn sighed. "It's a cult classic, Rimfire, not a ritualist movie."

"It has dances, it's a ritual," he said dryly.  "You wear special clothes to it, you do odd things to add to the energy of the night, you do the ritual dances, you do it in groups, it's a ritual."

"Well, then it was a ritual for charity," she said dryly.  She looked at the others.  "We made them all go see the Rocky Horror Picture Show after trick or treating."

"Fortunately some of us stole the candy and hid it," Staff noted dryly.

"Oh, don't worry, honey, I've found it and gotten it back.  It's hidden in my special spot," Xander said happily.  "It's not a ritual, Rimfire, there's no prayers to a deity."

"Fine, I still stay it's a ritual."  He looked at the elders.  "Can we do this so Buffy can head back to Cleveland?  We've already been yelled at about taking her."

"Sure," Stoker agreed.  "Carbine?"

"No."  She shook her head. "I won't."

Chassis glared at her.  "Because she's human?"

"No, because she hasn't asked his mother for permission yet," she said bitterly.  She looked at Stoker, then at Exhaust. "You can."

"I can.  Dawn and Rimfire, front and center," he ordered.  He looked around.  "We can wait for everyone else if you want."

"They'll either be an attack or an interruption again," Rimfire said dryly.  The doors slammed open and he pulled his weapon, making the guy walking in whimper.  "Sorry, doc.  Having a wedding here."

"Oh, that's fine, I can wait," he promised, sitting down on a bench against the wall.  "Go for it, kids."  He smiled.

"Momma?" Dawn asked her.  "Grandmomma?"

"Go for it, dear," Cell said, turning her around. "Don't make me frisk you like Xander did me."

She snorted.  "I doubt you'd like it."  She took Rimfire's hand and smiled at the Councilor.

"Do you take him to be yours, to honor and listen to him when he's being reasonable?  To treat him as well as you do your bikes?"

"Sure," she agreed.  He pinched her.  "I do."

"Rimfire, do you take Dawn to cherish and honor, will you listen to her when she's being reasonable and you're not?  Will you treat her as well as you do your bikes?"

"Yes, sir, I will."

"Good.  Any issue forthcoming?"

"Oh, hell no, there'd better not be," Dawn said smartly.

Exhaust smirked at that.  "We have to ask, dear. You're now married by Martian standards as well."  She squealed and kissed Rimfire, then hugged him.  "Thank you, dear.
Go have your honeymoon night."  She winked and drug Rimfire off with her.

"I don't need that mental image," Buffy called after her.  She shook her head and shook his hand. "Thank you.  Do they need to pay for it?"

"No, we like weddings, we do them for free," he offered with a smile.  "Nice meeting you, Miss Summers."  She smiled back and let Throttle send her home.  "Xander, why did you tell her?" he demanded.

"So she wouldn't stake my ass," he defended.  "I didn't tell her until we got there for Thanksgiving.  I was guilted into coming and got told to bring Modo and Throttle.  You try dealing with a houseful of twenty slayers waiting for dessert."

He shook his head.  "No thank you.  Fine.  You were preserving life and limb."

"Yeah, mine," he said dryly, walking Throttle off and back home.  He found someone in his way and smirked.  "Hi, Ray.  He's right behind us."

"Sure.  We've got to go beat the snot out of someone who tried to blow up the college."

"Hey, maybe we don't have classes tomorrow," Dawn called.  She smiled at them.  "I don't care what's happening, do not come wake us up unless it's a life-threatening emergency."

"Then go to a hotel, Dawnie," Xander said patiently.  She squealed and grabbed a small bag, heading off with her tolerant mate in tow.  "She runs off and gets married last night, heads to class in her wedding dress, and doesn't think about a hotel," he said, shaking his head.  "Stan, Ray's here!" he called.  Chassis and Stan came out last, with Wrench hurrying through after a minute.   "Good.  Go have fun.  Chassis, sweetie, if you're that serious, you can borrow hers."  He walked off, going to pounce his mate.

"Xander!  I want to clean out your closet!  I don't want any sort of corset in here!"

Ray moaned and rubbed his head.  "I didn't need to know that."

"For Rocky Horror showings," Stan told him, patting him on the back.  "Who?"

"Not an idea.  He's sitting there crying that no one will play with him."  He nodded. "Let's go."  Stan gave Chassis a deep kiss then hurried out.  "You're really that serious?"

"Yeah, I think I am," he admitted, smiling at him.  "Benny likes her too.  Turnbull came over for our movie thing last night and he adored her, wanted to try to keep her."

"Turnbull needs a wolf of his own," Ray complained, getting in to drive.

Stan just chuckled at that mental image.  Turnbull with a wolf of his own.  Yeah, right.

The End.

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