Xander looked over at Vinnie, then down at his hand.  "I hate being injured."

"I know," he soothed, smiling at the silly look of the plastic bag over Xander's hand so it wouldn't get wet in the pool.  "It won't be too much longer.  Dawn's tired of it too and she's looking at healing spells just for burns."  He shifted closer to hug him.  "At least Throttle hasn't snapped at you for being miserable today."

"True," Xander admitted.  "I'm sorry I got so hurt."

"It's not your fault. You were trying to protect yourself, little brother."  He smoothed some of his hair back.  Then he got back into his seat.  He had promised Throttle he wouldn't touch the boy without him being present.  He heard the bikes come back.  "Sounds like your man and Modo are back."

"We're in here," Xander called.

Throttle came in and stripped, then climbed in between them.  "Were you two good little mice?" he asked as he pulled Xander in for a cuddle.  Vinnie got his other side and he grinned at him.  "Cuddling by proxy?"

"Hell yeah."

"I tried so very hard but I still itched," Xander said miserably. He held up the plastic bag.  "I hate this thing.  Can I cut it off?"

"No," Throttle said patiently.  "We can't replace it down here, babe."  He gave him a gentle kiss. "I saw Micah out roaming around."

"Yay," he said flatly.  "He'll make fun of me."

"I doubt it," Vinnie said, trying to make him quit pouting.  "He won't if he knows what's good for him."  He reached over to give Xander a gentle squeeze to the arm.  "Is it aching too?"  Xander sighed and nodded.  "You know, we could probably get you something for that."

"I'm a tough mouse, I can survive," Xander assured him.  "I did when my eye was popped."  He shifted, cuddling between them, looking up at Throttle.  "I'll still be good but I'm chilly."

"I am too," he promised, cuddling him with Vinnie.  Xander was so pitiful when he was injured.  It was enough to make him wanna give him treats and baby him.  Then again, it appeared the magic pout was working on Vinnie too with the way he was cuddling the Xander.  He looked at Vinnie.  "Don't forget, he's still mine."

"I know.  Keep your tail on.  I'm not stealing him yet," Vinnie assured him.  "I'm taking this time to get to know Xander better so we'll have a deeper and more meaningful quad when you and Charley girl give in."

Throttle groaned.  "Not gonna happen, bro.  Never gonna happen."

"Bet me.  Who can resist my manly and studly charms," Vinnie said with a bright and sassy grin.

Throttle reached over and dunked him, then pulled Xander into his lap.  "Just for that, you've lost your Xander cuddling privileges for the rest of the week."


Micah rode into the garage, looking at Charley, who was scowling at the doorway.  He looked behind him, no one there.  "Did I come at a bad time to yell at Xander?"

She snorted.  "You could say that."  She threw the towel she had been using to clean her tools at the table and turned to look at him.  "Let's see.  He's injured.  He's whiny.  He's also been hit with a lust ray so he wants *my* mouse.  You tell me, Micah."

He looked at her for a moment.  "How about the other way around and you start from the top?" he suggested dryly. She glared at him.  "I haven't heard a thing about this other than he had to go check on his father.  Who then died."  He swung his leg over his seat, leaning against his bike instead.  She beeped and he patted her.  "Sorry, girl, let me put down my kickstand."

"You might want to get her out of the way too," she said patiently.  He nodded, moving her out of the way and plugging her in, then walking Charley into her office to talk to her.  She flopped down and looked at him.  "What was the last thing you heard?"

"He got a bonus for them using his design again and for the early completion of his last building."

"That was about two weeks ago.  Since then," she said, kicking the door shut.  "Since then," she started again.  "We've had Limburgers come back.  We've had Dawn and Rimfire starting school.  We've been attacked here once and Xander and Vinnie both got captured while they were out training Xander.  They got hit with a lust ray.  They found Enamel there and he had been hit with a paralyzer beam of some sort that took the feelings from his hands and arms for the next six months.  We found Staff's sister there with Detail after the kid made her crash.  Then we come back and things start getting back to normal but then Xander gets called and told his father is alive, he's to come see him so they can do something about him.  He goes out there, it's a ruse," she said bitterly.  "He was paid thirty grand to get Xander out there.  He only wanted the money.  Throttle was shot through the office window while Xander and his father got into it a few times and Xander got injured.  Xander comes back and becomes a bastard in the hospital, ignoring the second degree burn on his hand since Throttle was unconscious, and then they come home so they're both injured and whiny, and Vinnie still wants them both," she finished bitterly.

He considered it for a moment.  "Why did I not get a report about this?" he asked finally.

"Dawn said she didn't think you wanted to know that my mouse was writing bad poetry."

Micah walked over and gave her a hug.  "It's all right.  You know he'd never totally leave you with as long as he chased you."  He patted her on the back once he let her go.  "So, where are they?"

"Enamel's laying on his bed listening to the Harry Potter books on tape because that's about all he can do without his medical helpers.  They gave him two trainees to help train."  Micah nodded at that.  "He can't do anything with his hands and arms and I don't begrudge him the help, but it's all just at the same time."

"I understand," he promised.  He gave her another pat.  "So, which Limburger is back?"

"Both of them," she said bitterly.  "They've started a genetics research center on the same campus the kids are going to."  Micah winced at that.  "The bros blew the hell out of it when they went to get Xander and Vinnie."

"Good.  I can see that.  Now, lust ray?"

"Yeah, lust ray," she said grimly.  She heard a splash and groaned.  "Guys!"  The splashing stopped.  "Sorry, they must have moved to the hot tub.  They were in the mineral pool."

"Let me go over there and talk to Enamel first then I'll come back and finish taking the report to type up later."  She nodded, going back to her puttering.  "She's got a funny engine knocking.  Any idea what that is?"

"Yeah, her oil cap's not on tight enough," she said, going to fix that for him.

Micah walked next door, smiling at Vic since he was playing in the patio area.  "Should you be outside alone?"  Tara meowed.  "That's fine then, I'm sure you're a great sitter, Tara."  He patted her then headed inside, running into Enamel, who was staring at the kid.  "Something wrong with him?"

"No, just watching the clouds."  He looked at him.  "Sorry."

"For what?"

"Getting captured.  They got me while I was out riding and did it to me.  I went to do laundry."

"It happens.  I'll pop around and tell your landlord that you're injured and recovering at a friend's house."  He looked him over.  "You okay?  You look like you're losing weight."

"I'm fine," he sighed, walking off.  "Just tired and hoping it's nearly done with."

"I'm sure it'll be sooner than they think."  He went toward the garage, hearing the splashing, and found Rimfire and Dawn in there.  "Guys, reports, what you're paid to do," he said impatiently.

Dawn smirked at him.  "We weren't sure what to report and we were waiting on some definitive closing information for it.  We have no idea whether or not Enamel's going to be okay by the end of six months or not."

"He will be.  He's a stubborn mouse, Dawn."  He looked at them.  "Even if it's not the whole situation, I still want preliminary and during-problem reports about things this big.  I can't help and cover for you guys if I don't know."

"Not much to cover for," Rimfire offered dryly. "Enamel's got two almost-docs down to learn from him and help him for now.  Xander's burn is making it so he can't work.  We're doing random patrols out near the college to look for more goons."

"By tonight, I want a report for my bedtime reading pleasure, kids.  I want it to be as full as possible and spelling mistake free, Dawn."  She nodded, giving him that same patient look.  "Or else I'm making you two buy your own books next year."

"Yes, sir," they complained in unison, and Rimfire got out of the hot tub to grab his backpack and their new laptop to start on it.

"Thank you."  He went to check on the others, tapping on the mineral pool's door before walking in.  "Hey.  I came to check on everyone since I hadn't heard anything and Meg is presently off line due to maternal stress."  He looked at Xander's hand.  "That's got water in there, kiddo."  He came to sit on the side of the tub and take the plastic bag off, looking at the bandages.  "You need to change that."

"I hate doing it," he said sweetly, grinning at him.  "Get off!"  Micah chuckled but let his hand go.  "Thank you."

"We should let Enamel look at it anyway," Throttle offered gently.  Vinnie pouted from his seat.  "You can help me wind the bandage for him if you want."

"How bad is it?" Micah asked.

"He grabbed a stun rod," Vinnie told him.

"Twice," Throttle added.

"I didn't think the rod part was going to burn me," Xander defended. "I thought only the tip did that."

"Well, now ya know," Vinnie teased.  "Next time, kick it."

"Sure, next time I'll bring a weapon and shoot him first," Xander said grimly.

"So....what happened?" Micah asked.  "Since I don't have a single report, verbal or otherwise, from anyone in this clan of yours, Xander."

"Hmm.  Where to start," Xander mused, looking back at Vinnie. "Got any clue, Gred?"

"Nope, Forge, not a single idea where to start."

"Well, Charley told me the general outline, so how about some details?" Micah suggested dryly.

"I'll fill you in later," Throttle promised.  "Let's go change that bandage."

"But I wanted to soak and it can't hurt it," Xander whined.

"Kid," Enamel said from the doorway.  "Quit whining."  He sniffed.  "No, not in this water.  It could make the burn infect and then you'd hate me because I'd have to have one of the kids scrub it out for you daily."  Xander shuddered and curled around his poor hand.  "So behave.  Did it get wet?"  Throttle nodded.  "That's fine.  Let's change the bandage and recream it.  We'll figure out better waterproofing solutions later."  Xander sighed and got out, making Enamel blush and turn around.  "I didn't need to see that.  I really didn't need to see that. Please put on a towel."  He walked off, heading back to the lounge area since that's where most of the bandages were.

"I'm average for my height," Xander defended.

"And then some, kid," Enamel called back, blushing brighter.  He ran into Modo, who was also blushing.  "Got out in front of me," he complained as he walked past him.  "The bandages still in here?"

"Yeah, I just put them back in the basket.  He up for another change?"

"He got 'em wet," Enamel offered, flopping down on the couch.  "Heat!"  He knew he was hanging around while Proxima took the opportunity to go to the local medical library and do some research.  "We're changing Xander's hand."

"Sure, boss."  He came out of the study.  "That internet is a really neat thing.  I've found all sorts of stuff."  He coughed and blushed a bit when he saw Modo.  "Who was doing the sexuality research?  They had a bunch of very unusual practices bookmarked.  I never knew some of those things were possible."

"Oh, momma," Modo moaned, heading downstairs.  He saw Rimfire and Dawn snuggled up while they typed and blushed brighter.  They were obviously naked in the hot tub.  "Don't you own suits?"

"You said my bikini was worse than me being naked," Dawn offered as she typed.   Modo moaned.  "What's wrong?"

"Heat got into your bookmarks."

"Huh.  Hopefully he had the same sort of fun I do," she said with a shrug, going back to writing.  "Which Limburger hit them?  It's for the report."

"Marshall had the older one do it," Vinnie said as he came out in a towel.  "You're doing a report for Micah?"  She sighed and nodded.  He beamed.  "Have fun with that."

"Yay me.  Wanna do my English homework tonight?"

He snorted.  "Nope.  Have fun with that too."  He walked Xander up the stairs, grinning at him.  "She's letting me have her poetry book when she's done with it."

"Wonderful."  He shook his head.  "I suck at poetry."

"We can't all be the romantic people that Vinnie is," Throttle said from behind them, taking his Xander back.  "Remember, you lost your Xander cuddling privileges."

"Fine," he pouted, leading the way up there.  He pouted at Enamel.  "Tell him I've been good."

"As opposed to what?" he suggested dryly.  Vinnie glared at him so he smirked.  "I've never seen you this sappy in the past, Vincent.  Did you read poetry to Charley too?"

"She wouldn't let me," he complained, sitting down in the chair.  He adjusted his towel at Heat's look.  "Don't even think about it, kid.  I'm cute and the most studly mammajammer in the universe but I've got plenty of worshipers."

"You mean I've got to put up an altar to your ego?" Xander demanded, frowning at him.  "You never told me that!"

Throttle just moaned and sat down, putting Xander in his lap.  "Hush.  Before I send Vinnie out for a day-long scouting mission."

"Yes, dear.  You know I loved you first," he offered with a shy grin, kissing him gently.  "Think what sort of mouse I'd be if I had loved him first."

"You wouldn't have the spots," he said dryly, teasing one with a fingertip.  "Okay, go ahead while he's in a good mood."

"If you don't hit Heat this time, kid, I'll even give you a candy bar," Enamel promised.  Xander snickered and shook his head.  "I know it hurts, but he's trying to be gentle."

"I really do," Heat promised, sitting down across from Xander, the basket now next to him thanks to Modo coming back and handing it over.  "Let's see what's going on now.  Did you get it wet?"

"The bag leaked," Xander said grimly.

"That happens sometimes, Xander."  He cut open the taped portion and then worked to unwind it, wincing a bit as some of the gauze stuck.  "Sorry."

"It happens.  Sores and burns leak lymph fluid and blood," Enamel assured him.  "You should try wrapping a tail injury."

"Don't tell him that story!" Vinnie whined.

"I wasn't going to, but if you continue to piss Throttle off, he does know it too," Enamel reminded him dryly.  Vinnie curled up a bit at that and Enamel blushed and looked away from him, glancing at Xander, who he could also see right up the towel of.  "Um, Throttle, maybe some towel management lessons would be in order," he said, forcing himself to look at Modo, who was shaking his head.  "You okay, Modo?  You look tired."

"I'm a bit sore.  Heat, can you do those deep tissue massage thingies for backs?"

"Unfortunately my hands aren't strong enough for that," he said, glancing back at him.  "Proxima can.  I can't even get Enamel's arms to tingle a bit."

"That's fine. I can work on your back for you," Vinnie promised.  "What's wrong?"

"I slept funny."

"The bed's too short so he's got to curl up," Xander told him.

"Not my fault the humans don't make bigger beds," Modo said dryly.

"They make them for basketball players, they should make them to fit you too," Xander said patiently.  "Let me look online, Modo."  He looked at him.  "You know, if I had any sense at all, I'd have put in suites for each of you guys."

"I like our room, babe," Throttle assured him, his breath tickling Xander's ear and making him shiver.  "The room can be smaller, that's why there's the rest of the house."

"Yeah, but a bigger bed won't fit in Modo's present room.  Hey, big guy, wanna take this room up here?  That way I can get you a bigger bed?"

"I'm fine, Xander.  I just haven't had Staff to curl up on recently."

Xander stared at him for a moment.  "With a bigger bed, you wouldn't have to curl up around her, you could pounce her in the finest hyper-mouse fashion, Modo.  I'm sure she'd enjoy that and having a desk of her own in your room."  Modo blushed at that.  "Good, then we'll plan on moving you up here.  I'll go looking for the bed once my hand's redone."  He looked down at his hand and blanched, then looked away quickly.  "Eww."

"Sorry, Xander," Heat offered gently.  "I'm trying to be as gentle as I can."  He looked at Enamel. "There's a bit of peeling."

"Take off any loose skin.  It could trap bacteria down there."  He nodded, working as gently as he could to take off the peeling pieces and then he put on some new neosporin and rebandaged it. "Good job, Heat.  Pretty soon we'll let you practice on tails."  He looked at Xander as he got up.  "There's a candy bar in the fridge."

"Thanks, Enamel."  He headed in there to get it and a rootbeer, then went back to the computer.  He came out to look at Heat.  "You were watching Dawnie porn?"

"I thought she was doing research for a class," he said with a blush.  "I was curious at how humans did it."

"The same way, only we don't have tails or antennas, and we're much more oral," Xander said with a grin once everyone had moaned at that.  He went in to search for massive beds, finding a few good sites.  "Modo, how tall are you?"

"Just under seven feet," he called back, coming in to look.  Since it was going to be his bed and all.  Xander clicked on the first site, making him blink a bit.  "Why are there horses in those beds?"

"Just don't ask, big man.  Just don't ask," he advised.  "It does mean that they'll hold up even if you and Vinnie start to bounce around during a fight so it's a good thing."  He clicked on the first thing he found 'find a bed for me'.  He selected what he wanted and it came up with a chat window, the guy asking him what sort of horse he had.  He snickered and wrote that he had a very large friend and that they needed something that large and sturdy, that Modo was over seven feet tall and weighed about three hundred pounds.  The guy came back with two links.  Xander clicked on the first one.  It took him to a new site but it was the same bed, just without the kink added in.  "Well, this one's really firm.  It does come in the king size in the ten foot.  That'll give you enough room to really stretch out, even when you're not up on the pillows."  He let him read the description, then went back to click the second link. "How about that one?  A pillow top would add a bit of softness but it still appears firm."

Modo looked at the price tag.  "That's way too expensive."

Xander swatted him with his bandaged hand, then winced.  "Shut up.  You can't be at peak efficiency without having a good night's sleep.  Curling around Staff is wonderful, but sometimes a guy's got to stretch out."  He looked back at him.  "Do you want some softness to smoosh her into or not, Modo?"

He blushed.  "I'd prefer it but it's still too much."

"You'll pay me back someday."  He clicked on that one.  "Go play with Staff so we can move the stuff around."  He sighed and nodded, heading out.  "Bring me my wallet too."

"Yes, dear," Throttle called, tossing it from the doorway.  "You found a bed that'll fit Modo?"

"I found the site that people use when they want to take their horses to bed, dear.  It'll fit him too."  He looked inside his wallet, sighing when his first card didn't go through.  He pulled out his emergency card and dialed the number on the sticker to activate it.  He wetn through all the steps, then went back to work, buying him the bed.  "What type of frame does it have right now?" he asked.

"Headboard only."

Xander glanced at him. "Is Modo a footboard sorta guy?"  Throttle shrugged.  "Sure.  We're redecorating that room. You guys have got to move furniture and stuff for him since I can't.  Send him to go play with Staff for the next week."

"Sure," he agreed dryly.  "The rest of the stuff is stained cherry if it helps."

"It does," he admitted. He found that they sold frames and sheets, which made him very happy.  "Hmm.  Would he want a headboard with sliding doors and a squarer look or a sleigh bed type?" he called.

"Sleigh bed," Vinnie called back.  He looked at the bed and whistled.  "How are we fitting that in there?"

Xander pulled out some paper and sketched a square with his good hand, then another one for the bed, that was now kitty-corner facing the doorway.  The armoire and dressers were also put in as squares and labeled, plus a desk.  "Here, find Dawn's old desk and put it in there too.  Then get to moving her dresser and things."  Vinnie gaped.  "Please?" he asked with a slight grin.

"Sure, bro."  He went to do that.

"Staff said she wanted her old dresser," Dawn called a few minutes later.  "Both of them."

"Sure.  That'll just make it a bit more eclectic than matching," Xander called back, going back to looking at the furniture he wanted.  He finished that up and went to sheets.  "Hmm, soft t-shirt, regular sheets, and satin sheets."  He looked at the satin sheets.  "Honey, black or red satin?"

"He'll kill you," Vinnie called back then he chuckled.  "I can't imagine Modo sleeping on red satin sheets without feeling like he's in a brothel."

"Point.  There's pale pink."

"Modo's too much of a guy for that," Throttle said as he came in to look over his shoulder.  "If you have to, get him the white ones."

Xander clicked on that and most of the others as well.  Then he finalized the order, clicking on 'ship overnight'.  The total made him wince, but Modo's happiness and health was worth it.  He heard the hiss from Throttle.  "He needed the larger bed. His back's always hurting these days."

"True, but that's a lot for shipping."

"It's a huge bed," Xander told him, going back to that page.  "See!"

"King sized.  Ten feet long," Throttle read.  "Wow.  Yeah, that'll fit him even if he's scooting off the pillows.  He'll need some more probably."

"We can get that cheaper somewhere else," Xander admitted, going to search for one last thing.  "Corner tables for the bedside tables," he said at the confused look.  "They'll fit better since the bed's going to be angled."

"I saw the plans.  Shouldn't the armoire be on the other side?"

"No, that'll look more unbalanced," Xander admitted, searching for what he wanted.  "What color are her dressers?"


He nodded and chose two in white, then went back and went for something more functional that came in white.  That got ordered and then the pillows and throw pillows and a comforter for overtop of everything else.  "This way he can still have his quilt but he doesn't have to put it out so the cats won't shed on it so much," he said to ease the confused look.  "Besides, I think Modo will like chenille.  It's nearly as soft as his heart is.  Something very suitable to seduce your lady on."  He logged off and shut down the computer, then went to check on the rooms.  "Dawn, Rimfire, you're helping us move Modo and Staff's room upstairs!" he yelled when he saw the stuff spread around their room.

"Let me finish the report and my homework first," Dawn called back.  "We'll do it tomorrow, Xander.  When is whatever getting here?"

"Two days."


"Plenty of time," Rimfire agreed. He looked at Dawn.  "Why are they getting moved?"

"Because their bed isn't big enough and your uncle always has a backache," she said, kissing him on the cheek.  "He's a big mouse, dear. He needs an enormous bed."

"Where would you find a bed to hold Uncle Modo?" he asked.

She grinned at him.  "I found a few but they were at kink sites.  Either that or you could put two kings side-by-side and then another one width-wise at the foot of those two."

Xander leaned into the garage area.  "I went with a pony bed."

"Like for horses?"

"No, like for those who want to sleep with their horses," Xander said dryly, smirking at him.  "Because it'll hold him no matter what he does.  Such a big lover needs a big bed to practice his arts in."  He disappeared again, heading back into the mineral pool.  Vinnie was in there pouting so he curled up next to him, nuzzling him on the cheek.  "Missed you."

Vinnie gave him a look.  "I'm not allowed to cuddle you."

Xander nuzzled him again, wrapping his arms around him.  "That's fine, I'll cuddle you instead."  Vinnie grinned at that and kissed him gently.  "So, you said you wanted to talk.  What about?"

"I want to know you better.  It'll give the other two time to get used to it, and us."  He nuzzled him back. "So we should talk."

"We should," Xander agreed happily. "Where did you wanna start?"

"Hmm, I know some about your childhood.  Did you get to see some of mine?"  Xander shook his head, still grinning.  So Vinnie leaned closer, letting their antennas touch.  "Lower your shields, bro."  Xander concentrated and lowered his shields, letting Vinnie inside.


Up on Mars, Wrench looked around, looking very confused.  "What just happened?" he called.

"Someone got Spike with something," Willow called back.  "He's not feeling very well.  I led his mommy to him."  She floated into his office, grinning at him.  "I'm sure he'll be fine.  Why?  What did you feel?"

"Something like a ripple in the magic."  He grimaced a bit then shook his head.  "I'm sure it'll work out, Goddess willing."

"True, it usually does," Willow agreed happily.  She leaned down to press a kiss to his cheek.  "You work too hard. You need a nice girl mouse."

"Yeah, but the only ones I've ever liked have been my cousins," he said dryly, smirking at her. "Sorry to burst the dynastic bubble and all, Willow."

"Poo.  How else am I ever going to be a mommy if you don't have kids?"

He snorted.  "Um, find a male ghost?"  She gave him a 'get real' look.  "I know, go find those elf mice again and offer to help them."

"Sure."  She beamed and faded out.  She liked the elf mice.  They were kinda stuck up but kinda fun.  Like really stiff versions of Vinnie and Wrench.


Xander shook his head, pulling back to look at his big brother.  Then he kissed him gently on the end of the nose, cuddling him tighter.  "Wow."

"Yeah, very.  Now I know how Throttle got sucked in while doing your life review."  He pinched him under the water, grinning at him.  "We should move on."

"We should," Xander agreed.  "Hmm.  How about first times?  That should pass over most of the awkward and nasty teen years.  Unless you were hurt?" he offered at the hesitant look.

"No, nothing like that, lil' bro," he promised, pulling Xander closer so they could share some more memories.


Xander looked around, he could see everything like he was watching a movie.  He wasn't *in* the picture, but he was watching it, like through a two-way mirror.  He could almost imagine having some mental popcorn while he watched, but this was a special moment and it deserved his full attention.  Vinnie was spread out across a few pillows, on top of a bed, in front of him.  Vinnie's tail was waving slowly as the tan mouse behind him stroked his back and shoulders, saying something.  Vinnie grinned back at him and it was a much younger Vinnie.  Probably a late teenager if that old.  The older mouse moved and bent down to blow across his hole, making the younger mouse shiver and shake as a finger was added.  Xander shifted a bit in his seat, but it was a good thing.  He felt Vinnie pop in beside him and pulled him down to kiss him.  "Did you love him?"

"No, he was using me to break in someone cute and have a young lover no one else could touch," he admitted, sitting beside him.  "I was so young."

Xander grinned at him.  "So was I, mine was just quick and after the heat of battle."

"I saw.  That's why I'm done already.  She wasn't that good either."

"Nope," Xander said dryly.  He went back to watching the memory.  The older mouse was up to two fingers now and Vinnie was nearly vibrating like he'd had a whole pot of coffee again.   The mouse chuckled and spanked him lightly, telling him to hold still.  It'd get better.  He took some stuff out of a small pot that was beside his hand and rubbed it on himself, then slowly forced his way inside the prepared body.  Vinnie let out a howl but he just stroked his back and hips until he calmed down and then started to move slowly.  "Is that special lube?" he whispered.

"It's called sun dust.  It's one hell of a stimulant and used like that, it's something to make you so horny you'd rip yourself open to scratch that itch."  He stroked Xander's tail when it came down to lay across his shoulders.  "I'm fine, bro.  I agreed to it beforehand.  That's how he played with the younger mice.  It made us more relaxed."  He watched his performance, it wasn't too bad, but he was howling as his lover pounded him with little finesse.  "I'm better than he ever was."

"Yes, you are," Xander agreed.  "You can get Charley to that point without the use of any drugs."

"I can," Vinnie agreed smugly.  "I'm damn good."  They shared a grin then they watched as the bigger mouse got off and flipped Vinnie over, helping him to ease that pressure.  Vinnie sighed and got up.  "That's all there was.  At least he cuddled me afterward.  His prize possession and his lover."  He hauled Xander up and shoved him back into his own head.  He woke up to find Throttle across from them.  "Just sharing memories."

"I saw."  He leaned over to kiss him.  "You both deserved better for your first time."

"Well, yeah, but I wasn't that picky at that age," Vinnie admitted sheepishly.  "I got better taste and skills as I aged."

Xander snuggled against his side. "It still sucked that he had to use the drugs to make you that insane.  My second time was so much better and I learned a lot more."

Vinnie grinned at him.  "I was his for about six months, and I did learn a lot.  He's the one who taught me how to pleasure myself and women."  He nuzzled Xander's chin and neck, making him shiver.  "It wasn't so bad.  That stuff is incredible.  It felt wonderful at the time."  He sent over the more direct memories, sharing in Xander's.  Throttle coughed to break them up.  "Just letting him see what it was like, bro."

"He doesn't need to know what sun dust was like, Vinnie.  We can't get any even if I were so inclined.  I'd never sit if I used it on him."  He leaned over to grab Xander and pull him into his lap, letting Xander kiss him.  "Thanks, babe.  Need cuddled?"

"No, I'm good," he promised, grinning wickedly at him.  "Then again, I could use something *else*."

Throttle snickered.  "You don't want cuddled but you want sex?  How typical is that?"  He teased Xander's opening, making him flex it and show that he could take him.  "Hmm, prepared and alone in here with Vinnie?  Naughty mouse, Xander."  He turned him around and slid him down his cock, making Xander moan.  "Say you're sorry for teasing him."

"Sorry," Xander said breathlessly, grabbing onto Vinnie to hold on.

"Ah! You know better!  He can only watch, Xander.  If he wants sex, he's got to grab Charley girl."  Vinnie got out and went to steal Charley, bringing her back and into the pool.  She was quickly taken in the same position and he and Vinnie set up a mirror rhythm.  He'd push up into Xander and he'd push up into Charley.  Xander would moan and Charley would groan and they kept going.  "This is how it's supposed to be, Xander.  No more teasing Vinnie."  He pushed up really hard and Xander yelped, but whimpered as he pulled out and went back up him.  He started to work himself but Throttle's tail captured his hands, holding them away from his body.  "No, from me, babe. You can have anything you want."

"Please!" Xander demanded, tipping his head back.

"Turn around," Throttle ordered, helping him do that so he could play with his antennas.  Xander was sobbing in need now.  He knew he had teased and deserved it, but Throttle wasn't going to be that mean to him.  He inhaled one of the slim red antenna and worked it gently with his tongue, adding a slight pressure as he sucked.  Xander arched up and came with a needy sounding whimper and a sob of relief.  "Whose are you?" he demanded gently.

"Yours.  All yours."

"Good boy," Throttle soothed, stroking his back.  Xander rested against his chest.  "Too much temptation.  No more being alone with Vinnie, Xander.  It's not fair to him."  Xander nodded, looking over as Vinnie and Charley finished off.  She was clawing up his arms and panting hard, then suddenly stiffened and went limp in his arms.  Vinnie kissed the back of her neck, nuzzling and murmuring to her as he finished off.  Then he let her curl up in his lap.  Throttle leaned over, kissing Vinnie on the end of the nose.  "You okay?  He's sorry he teased."

"No, he didn't tease, Throttle.  We agreed to share some memories to get to know each other better."  He stroked Charley's side.  "He cuddled me, not the other way around."

"I know.  I saw," he pointed out dryly.  He shifted so he and Vinnie were sitting next to each other and Charley and Xander were lying facing each other.  "We need to talk, Bro.  This is getting too hard."  Vinnie nodded at that, going back to soothing his lover. Throttle leaned down to kiss the top of Charley's head.  "She's asleep."

"She is," he agreed with a touch of smugness.  "I'm that good.  So's Xander."  He gave him a gentle kiss on the head, then looked at his former lover.  "I think we can handle it, Throttle," he said quietly.

"I know you two could, even with me being there, but we can't hurt Charley girl, Vinnie.  She deserves better."  Vinnie nodded at that, looking down at the fragile body in his arms.  "Until she says so, no more playing like that.  You've got to take it a bit slower."

"We would have done this same thing before the ray," Vinnie protested.

"Yeah, but that ray changed things, Vinnie.  I felt him getting hard watching you take it."  He nuzzled him in a slightly more than friendly manner, making the younger mouse blush.  "I won't hurt Charley girl and you two are already really close.  Let's face it, she's bothered by times like this now and then."  Vinnie nodded at that, giving him another gentle kiss.  "Enough," he ordered.

Vinnie looked at him.  "You were affected too."

"I was," he admitted, grinning a bit.  "Then again, I've been addicted to you in the past."

Vinnie grinned at him. "If you had said mushy stuff like that when we were together, we'd still be together."

Throttle shrugged a bit, shifting Xander a bit in his lap.  "It wouldn't have mattered.  We'd still have broken up because I needed someone I could be possessive over."  He looked down at Xander, watching him not sleep.  "You okay?" he asked gently, stroking his side.  Xander nodded and yawned, blinking up at him.  "I was a bit affected," he admitted, "but it's still not fair to Charley girl to even do this stuff, Xander.  I won't have her hurt."

"I don't want to hurt her either," he promised, staring at his mate.  "I really don't."

"I know, babe, but you two are already so close.  The stuff you used to do is so much worse now and it will hurt her.  She's been hurt already.  She was throwing stuff around earlier."

"I just don't want to be left alone," she said quietly.

Vinnie kissed her on the top of the head.  "Babe, even if we went for the foursome, you'd never be left alone."  He pulled her up and around to face him, grinning a bit at her.  "I promise.  We're not gonna leave you alone.  You're gonna be the sandwich between two white mice and Throttle can save you all he wants."  She blushed at that.  He kissed her, then kissed Throttle, then Xander, then kissed her again.  "It'll be all of us, sweetheart.  I promise.  Even if Xander and I do take off for a weekend to be alone, you'll still be with Throttle and you can jump him and make comparisons, which I'll come out on top of, of course."  She swatted at him for that.  "See, you're not going to be alone.  I'm never leaving you.  I fought way too hard to get you to ever leave you.  Even when we move back to Mars full time, you're coming with us."

"The garage...."

Vinnie kissed her gently.  "We'll come to that when we get to it, sweetheart."

Xander leaned over to nuzzle her chin.   "We'll find someone who'll love it just as much as your family has," he promised gently.  "We'll start looking the year before.  Or maybe Staff and Modo will want it.  Who knows.  That's a bit away from now.  We've got to get the kids through at least college first."  She nodded, letting him pull her over to hold her.

"Being crushed," Throttle complained, letting Xander go to sit between them.  "It'll be just like when we go dancing, only we'll both be the white mouse sandwich filling."

"The bun in Vinnie's hotdog?" Xander teased.

She looked at him, pushing back some.  "Get those dirty and smutty thoughts out of your head, Xander.  Not while I'm on your lap.  I'm not a toy to share."

"I know."  He kissed her, making her moan and go limp again.  "You're much too good to ever be bed candy.  That's Vinnie.   You're a more filling meal and should be savored like it with the wine of your juices flowing freely among us."  She shivered and clutched at his shoulders as his tail stroked the inside of her thigh.  "You'll never be just a quick treat, Charley.  We'd never treat you like that.  We're two really close couples with a bond between us that makes us want to sleep together.  You're still Vinnie's, but I might come over to tease you now and then."  He stole another kiss and handed her to Throttle so he could pull Vinnie into his lap.  The way he fell made it easy enough to spank him.  "We'll even help you keep this one in line."

"Sure you will," she said dryly.  "You're one of the causes of him being bad."

Xander winked.  "Thank you."  Vinnie wiggled until he was sitting up, staring at Xander.  Xander beamed up at him.  "Can't we agree to be good for her?"

"I'm always good for her."  He leaned down to steal a real kiss, making Xander clutch at him and return it.

Throttle looked down at Charley, who was staring at those two go at it.  "See, you're not alone."  He stroked her hair and let her curl up on his chest.  "I'm not pushy either, Charley girl," he said gently.  "If you wanted it, it's there for you.  You can even help me punish Xander when he's being naughty."  He gave Vinnie a shove, making him back off.  "Let him breathe, bro.  I want him living."

"Sorry," he panted, staring at Xander.  "You're good."

"Yes, I am," he agreed smugly.  He grinned at Charley.  "Aren't I?"

"You're doing okay so far," she admitted.  "I still don't want to be a full quad.  I'd feel odd about it.  That's not the normal human way."

"I get it," Xander agreed, nodding a bit.  "You were raised to be a good girl with one boy for the rest of your life.  We can keep it at the usual level, I hope, most of the time.  If and when it happens, it does, but not permanently.  I treat you pretty close already."  She nodded that was true.  "So we're good?"

"You're very good," she promised, leaning over to kiss him.  "Just wear Vinnie out for a bit."

Xander beamed and looked at Throttle, who nodded.  "He could use a nap."

"I don't need a nap yet," Vinnie said dryly.  Xander grabbed him and pulled him back into a kiss, making him moan and grab on.  Xander was like fire over his skin.  Everywhere he stroked a burning itch followed to have the hands back there.  He pulled back to pant.  "Xander?  Magic?"

"I don't need any, Vinnie.  You?" he asked smugly, putting Vinnie back into a seat, then standing up and heaving him up onto the side of the pool.  He got some clean water to rinse his boy off, making him shiver at the cool touch over his warmed skin, then leaned down to lick him dry.  Vinnie was clutching at him, arching up into his touch, and Xander was loving this.

"Why are they so hot?" Charley asked.

"It's the beam, babe.  That and probably the magic stuff.  Remember Rimfire and Dawnie's first few weeks?"  She snorted and nodded.  "It's the same thing."  Vinnie howled in pleasure as Xander deep throated him, leaning back and clutching whatever he could reach.  Throttle pulled him over so he was laying on the padded edge of the tub and Xander was now on top of him.  Vinnie grabbed onto Throttle's neck with a death grip, holding on for dear life as Xander showed him how skilled he was.  Throttle sighed.  "He's very good at that.  Just wait until he strips for you."  She looked up at him, smirking a bit.  "He's very, very good at teasing."

"I've noticed in the past," she promised, kissing him with a grin.  "Are you sure you're okay with that?"

"I'll have him afterward," Throttle said smugly.  "You can reclaim Vinnie however you want.  I'll have Xander begging and pleading for mercy and to go ahead and permanently open him for my pleasure."  She chuckled at that.  "You think I'm kidding?"  They looked at Vinnie as he let out another howl.  Xander was sinking down on him and looked blissed out.  "Ride him, babe.  He's all yours until Charley wants to tail him herself."  She shivered at that.  "You've got a present in our closet," he whispered in her ear.  "Vinnie told me what happened and asked to borrow some stuff for you.  Xander found you your own set."  She shivered again, clutching his arms.  He chuckled in her ear, watching as her nipples got hard.  "All you have to do is ask, Charley girl."  He shifted her a bit so she could do whatever she wanted, and she let him have her.  He groaned as she slid down him and then moved to lean her against the tub, taking her from behind this time.  She clutched Vinnie's arms, sharing a kiss with him as he rode her back to pleasure.  She was definitely wanting this and was very wet for him.  He felt her shaking increase and felt one of Vinnie's hands come down to help her and memorized that spot.  He wasn't particularly knowledgeable about human girls.  She came in his arms and he growled in her ear, working himself faster.  Xander leaned over to kiss him and he pulled back to pant, going faster and harder.  Xander and he locked eyes and Xander started to speed up, making Vinnie wiggle and beg and plead.  He matched Xander's speed and felt her get started again, going over after her this time.  Xander came right after Vinnie did and he pulled his mate over for another hard kiss. "You're mine tonight, Xander, and your tail is in our sling all night."

"Yes, love," he whispered, climbing off and helping Vinnie back into the water.  He plucked Charley off his mate's body and put her back in Vinnie's lap then took his rightful spot, wincing a bit.  "Go easy on me."

"Not a chance," he growled, nipping him on the neck.  "You're all mine, all night and all of tomorrow."  Xander shivered and nodded, teasing his chest fur.  "Good boy, Xander."

"Man," Vinnie said in awe.  "You've got more stamina than I do, bro," he said, swatting at him.  "Go claim your boy."  Throttle got out and took his boy back to their room, setting up the sling with familiarity and practice, then putting his mate into it and tying him down.  Vinnie kissed and nuzzled his mate, making her push at his nose.  "You okay?"

"Yeah," she offered, looking up at him.  "Wow."

"Very wow.  He needs someone like Throttle to keep up with him.  I prefer my girls and boys to like it slow and gentle now and then."  He kissed her and cuddled her better.  She smiled and pinched him, but he let it go this time.  They both needed cuddled.


Throttle found the special pot of lube he had picked up on Mars the last time, putting it on the dresser.  "Babe.  Look at me."  Xander looked up at him and shifted some.  "Are you going to do that without permission?"  Xander shook his head.  "Are you sure?  When I came in, you two were all-but having psychic sex."

"We traded memories of our first time."

"And he was nearly in your lap and your hand was making stroking motions near his hip," Throttle told him.  Xander blushed a bit so he walked around to kiss him.  "I understand, but with permission only."

"Yes, sir."

"Good boy.  Now, who owns you?"

"You do," Xander said with a small grin.  "What's that?"

"Something special.  Something I like now and then.  It'll make you itch if you don't soak it out later," he warned.  Xander shrugged.  "You're sure?  I can let it go for another time."

"You've got me. I'm yours, Throttle.  Anything and everything, up to injury."

Throttle kissed him again.  "I'd never do that on purpose."

"I know."  He leaned up and stole another kiss. "Can I please be touched?"

"Sure."  He ran his fingers through the soft chest and stomach fur, finding some mild shedding.  "You need to be brushed.  I'll do that later."  He slowly moved lower, finding Xander coming out of his sheathe again.  He leaned down to tease the hard cock, tasting him.  Nothing of Vinnie had touched him there.  He decided to be a bit kinky and undid the leg ties but left his hands tied, carrying him into the bathroom to clean him out.  He wanted a totally clean Xander.  He was his, he didn't want to smell or taste Vinnie inside him. He brushed his boy's teeth while the water was warming up, then got the enema hose out.  Xander let out a quiet moan.  He'd only done this once before and Xander hadn't sat the next day.  He attached it and ran it in the right direction, sitting down so Xander was bent over his lap.  Still standing, but bent over his lap, his arms hanging loosely off the other side of his legs.

He inserted the hose and stroked his boy's back with the other hand, timing it mentally.  Xander shifted so his legs were farther apart but let it happen.  When he could feel the water start to slosh and puddle against his thigh, he spanked him once, making him tense up.  He withdrew the hose without warning and tossed it back into the sink and stood up, putting Xander down on the toilet.  He turned off the water, crossing his arms while watching his boy remove the water.  When he was done he cleaned him up.  He knew Xander realized this meant he'd always take care of him.   He was embarrassed but even if Xander was paralyzed from the neck down he'd be taken care of.  He sniffed the opening, then looked at him.  "I should do it again," he warned.  Xander swallowed and spread his feet apart.  "Are you sure?"

"If you want," he offered gently, looking up at him.  "I promise."

"Good boy.  You know I'll always take care of you."  Throttle started the water again and sat back down.  Xander went limp across him and Throttle inserted it again, going back to his stroking and soothing.  He let it go longer this time, waiting until Xander was trying to shift and not let any out before taking it out.  His boy clamped down and he let him get rid of it, then cleaned him up again.  The hose was put into the cleaning basket and he walked Xander back.  He didn't care who saw his boy naked since Vic would be out of sight right now.  He got Xander back into the sling and closed and locked the door, just looking at him.  He tied his ankles back into place and Xander shifted his hips a bit to get more comfortable but otherwise he was perfectly still.  "Good boy."  He walked around to stroke his stomach again.  Xander tensed up but let him have his tease.  He slowly soothed him until he was hard again.  Then he went back to look at his open body.  He scooped out some lube and looked at him.  "Last chance."

"Please," he begged.  "I want it."

"I know you.  I'm in a claiming mood, Xander."  Xander let out a small whimper. "Last chance to back out."  Xander shook his head and watched him as he went to work preparing him.  Slowly, one finger at a time, he was lubed and stretched.  He watched as the special juice in the lube started to make Xander writhe in his bonds.  He smirked at him.  "I thought you might like that.  It's premarta oil.  It's like palm oil down here but a lot stronger than muir juice.  Does it tingle?"  Xander nodded hard.  "A good tingle?"  He nodded again and let out a small moan as Throttle teased his prostate.  He knew Xander would be begging if they were in bed but they were here and he knew what his mate wanted.  Throttle coated himself, letting the tingle start in his body too.  He stiffened and moaned a bit, grabbing onto the nearest strap.  At least until he calmed himself down.  Then he moved into position.  "Ready?"

"Please?  Throttle, I NEED this!"

"I know.  Calm down or I'm not going to start."

"It just keeps growing," he growled, shifting his hips.  "I can't stop."

Throttle got their lone cockring and put it on him, then smirked at him.  "You need better
control, Xander."  He slid into him and Xander howled.  He didn't care if everyone in the house stared in shock at the noise, Xander was his and staying his.  He started slowly, just easing his way in.  Xander was ready to beg and sob with need.  He was in the same state he had brought Vinnie to earlier.  Throttle started to move, spreading the lube back a bit more.  Xander arched up and howled again.  Throttle leaned down to lick across the head of his cock, making Xander swear.  "Ah!" he warned.  "That's one."  Xander forced himself to calm back down.  He knew swearing in bed during sex would get it stopped for at least ten minutes.  Throttle went back to his gentle, easy going claiming.  He didn't need to be that hard today.  Xander was going to be screaming in need and begging him to do anything to him.  He was nearly there and he wanted to see it.

"Gods!  Throttle!  Please!"

"Shh, I've got you," he soothed, stroking his chest while he worked himself a bit harder.  Xander was going over too quickly and he needed him to last.  "I can back off."

"If you do, I'm magicing the toys!" he shouted.

"Fine."  He grinned and grabbed onto the mobile hips, slamming into him.  Xander howled and the swing brought him back to so it again.  Over and over, claiming his mate.  That lube was driving them both insane and Throttle didn't have much more control than Xander did.  He knew what he wanted.  Xander wanted more than he could ever possibly give and he could do something about that with something he had bought.  Xander let out another swear and he pulled out, going to get the larger toy.  They had talked about this in the past but he had never dared to use it on him before.  He'd never been this insane before.  He slid it inside the wet, slippery spot and Xander's eyes bugged out.  He smirked at him.  "You wanted more."

"You more!  Not that more!"  He pushed it out and wiggled, trying to get his mate.  "Please, Throttle, babe!  Anything!  Now!  Yours!"  He smirked a bit and leaned on his hips.  "Please!" he pleaded.

"Fine."  He slid back in, going slowly.  Xander was already out of his mind.  He could play all he wanted and it would only get better.  Xander was howling and screaming in pleasure and he hoped the sound proofing spell held.  He didn't need to explain this to the cops tonight.  He finally worked back up to his usual hard, fast, sweet rhythm, making Xander pass out from it as he came.  Throttle let himself go over too, leaning down to bite Xander on the neck.  "Mine," he growled.  Xander sighed in pleasure.  He pulled out and walked around, waking him up gently.  "Mine?"

"Yours," he promised, and got kissed for it.  He got free and leaned his head over, biting Throttle on the neck.  That got a howl of pleasure.  "Mine?"

"Yours," Throttle assured him, kissing him again.  He stroked his stomach.  "I should clean you."

"Untie me.  It'll be there later when I can do more."  Throttle untied him and he pounced his mate, sliding back down him.  He was still slightly hard and he wanted more.  Throttle rolled them over, going back to what he had been doing.  He was getting a whole new second wind.  Xander was scratching and clawing up his back and he was enjoying every minute of it.  So what if he needed bandages.  He glanced at Xander's hand but apparently he wasn't feeling any pain.  Xander let out another howl of pleasure as he worked and flipped them back over, smirking down at his mate.  "Never leaving me," he stated, riding him as hard as he could.  Squeezing on the upstroke, slamming his hips back down to take it all, smirking the whole time.  "Swear it."

"Never gonna leave you," he promised, stroking up the firm chest to tweak the tender nipples.  Xander shivered and leaned down to kiss him again.  "Never leave me?"

"Never."  He stole another kiss and went back to it, making Throttle howl in pleasure as he got off this time.  "Oooh, looks like you've got to go back to work," he said smartly.

Throttle pushed him back down onto the bed and went to work on his cock orally.  Then he let it go and pulled his head down, going down on his antenna.  "There's more than one way to make love to a white mouse," he growled.  He needed Xander to be limper than he was.  He needed to come out on top this time.  Xander was wiggling and writhing under him, begging and pleading noises coming freely now.  He tailed him and Xander let out a scream of pleasure, going limp under him as he passed out again.  Throttle smirked and worked himself off one last time, on Xander's stomach this time, then laid down beside him.  "All mine.  Forever mine."  Xander curled into his side, clutching him for strength and sanity.  He felt some energy pass between them.  "All mine," he soothed, stroking his back.  He yawned, letting himself fall asleep now that he had proven his claim this time.

What did he care if Micah had to take Vic for a long ride and Vinnie and Charley were getting the bleedover and going at it again.  They deserved as good as he had.  Rimfire and Dawn were going at it in the hot tub but they didn't really care at the moment.  Micah came back for a few minutes, then took the baby out for dinner.  He'd bring back food.  Someone would probably need a lot of it, and some tlc.

Enamel sighed and rolled onto his side, wishing his mate was back.  It's not like he could help himself with his hands not working.  He concentrated on her and felt her heated mental touch.  She came running back and jumped him, making him feel more alive than she ever had.  He'd have to claim her some day soon.  If he had bros who'd care.  Then again, the family said he could consider them like that.  He nudged up into her and she clutched his shoulders, riding him until she was mindless and he was insane with needing more.  Then she twitched her tail and shifted just right, bringing him off and bringing herself over.  He settled in to nap on her with a contented sigh, she even wrapped his arms around her.  "Love you."

"I love you too, Enamel."  She kissed his forehead. "Soon you'll get to touch me again.  I'm going to be wild and insane by then," she whispered.  He shivered and she smiled, going down to taste him.  "I'll miss you touching me," she said, looking up at him.

"Shift your tail this way.  I can do other things," he promised.  She switched around, letting him have her lower half so he could pleasure her.


Heat and Proxima met out outside the back of the garage, staring at each other.  "Lots of sex," he told his fellow student.  "We should check on everyone, make sure they've got enough fluid and no one's injured."

"Was it that good?"

Heat swallowed and nodded.  "Oh, yes.  I checked on Xander and Throttle.  He had premarta oil on his dresser."  His hands shook as he lit a cigarette.  "Thank you for lending me one."

"Not an issue.  We'll check everyone later.  Where's the baby?"

"Their human contact, Micah, took him for a long ride."

"Oh, good.  They do have some sense."  He looked around again.  "Fine.  You get the juice, I'll get the glasses.  We'll leave some beside each couple."  His comrade nodded and they went to sneak juice into each couple's room.  When they got to Enamel and Shell's room, Shell grinned at them and nodded.  "We thought it might be needed," he whispered, then he backed out.  They had been told Enamel had a fierce temper about what was his.

She grabbed the juice and gulped it straight down, then settled in for a nap.  She hoped her last client didn't get too upset.  Not that she cared at the moment, but she hoped Stoker didn't get too upset with her.

To Be Continued.

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