Xander looked up as a ship started to land on their roof, smiling all the way home.  He pulled into the garage, Charley was frowning at his bike already. "I told you I was having that shock problem."

"Fine.  I'll look at him tonight.  Who was that?"

"Not a clue.  Damn big ship though."  He walked out the back door and headed in through the patio area.  "I'm home!"

"I'm magnificent and you should bow to me!" Chassis called.  "It's only right that you come home to bow to me."

"Yes, three of us!" he shouted, hurrying up to hug her, and Victor since she was holding him.  "Hi, Victor.  I bought you a treat," he said, pulling out the small bag of baby candy.  The baby grabbed some to gum, smiling at him.  "You're such a good boy," he cooed, rubbing noses with him.

"You, get off her," the other mouse demanded.  "I know her boyfriend!"

"I'm not dating you, Pit, you're an arrogant bastard," Chassis said dryly.  "This is Xander, Vinnie adopted him into our clan."  She stole a piece of candy and let the baby down, patting the twins on the head. "I see you two are down here too."  She beamed at Xander.  "Where's my slacker cousin this time?"

"Probably on patrol.  We just had a Plutarkian pop up last night."  He beamed at her, then at Throttle as he came out with real food to put on the table.  "Ham?  We're having ham?"  He gaped at his mate in awe.  "You cooked a real ham?" he asked, sounding amazed.  "I love you."  He hugged him and kissed him as hard as he could, making Throttle clutch the walls.  "I adore you, you spoil me so well!"

Throttle smirked at him.  "I thought you deserved it after hunting last night."  Xander blushed.  "We'll talk about that later.  Tonight I'm spoiling you, even though we do have family down.  Hey, Chassis.  Vinnie's at the store with Modo for the moms."

"Sure, not a problem.  I'll sit here with my baby cousin and make sure he's a proper Van Wham family member. Oh, that's Pit.  He's here to look at the building stuff."

Xander smiled and waved.  "Hi, I'm Xander.  You'll be with me."  He grinned at his mate again.  "Can I chase you around the house?"

"No, but I'll let you chase me downstairs later," he offered.  "Let me get everything else before it burns."  He went to get the other stuff, bringing it back.  He brought out the last few cans of root beer and then called the bros.  "Guys, we're ready to eat.  Where are you?"

"On our way home," Vinnie called.  "We had to stop to get a trailer."

"I've got to get one of those for us," Xander decided, sitting down in his second usual spot.  Then Throttle sat down and pulled him into his lap, fixing a plate for him.  "Why are you being possessive?" he asked, looking back at him.

"Because I am. You deserve it," he promised, kissing him gently.  "If you two want to eat, I'd get over here.  Victor, we've got ham."  He squealed and came over, he liked anything that was food and it was a lot of food.  Xander kissed him and put him into his high chair.  "Detail, you sit in Xander's seat.  Shot, you take Rimfire's.  He can eat with you on his lap if he wants."  She beamed at  him and stole Rimfire's seat with a smirk for him since he was coming up the ramp.  "Good.  Come eat.  I've got plans for tonight."

"When were we looking at the human building methods?" Pit asked as he came over to sit down beside Chassis.

"Well, Rimfire," Chassis said, smirking at him.  "What's this I hear you finally got a girl, you shaggy and mangy beast?  Does she like your furless patch on your back?"

He blushed and shook his head.  "She helped me fix that, thank you," he squeaked, sitting down and putting his niece in his lap. "Great spread, Throttle.  Where's the bros?"

"Coming.  They went shopping for the moms," he offered. "Dawn?"

"Coming," he promised.  "She was changing clothes after her martial arts class."  He looked at his niece, then dished up some potatoes and handed her his fork.  "Eat."

"No!  They're not hot dogs."

"No, they're potatoes and they're good for you, eat," Xander told her.  "There's no hotdogs tonight.  We do that now and then."  She pouted at him.  "Throttle made a special effort to cook this much food for us.  You'd better eat.  Or no snack and no tv later."  She continued to pout but dug in.  Rimfire added some gravy from the jar and some salt and pepper after tasting it.  She looked at him and he nodded so she tried it that way, loosening up a bit. "Try it without the gravy, Rimfire.  Lots of kids don't like the stuff the way you do."  He beamed at Chassis.  "He's spoiling me."

"I can see that.  This is bigger than most feasts at the base."  She grinned at him. "What'd you do this time?"

"His boss called today and he's been doing a lot more for Mars than I realized," Throttle admitted.  He gave Xander a squeeze.  "He deserves the treat.  He never asks for them."  He pulled over some ham and fixed a plate, letting Xander have their fork.  "Eat.  You need to eat.  You're pretty skinny and Enamel will nibble my tail again." Xander kissed him, then dug in, eating heartily.

Dawn came up after Modo and Vinnie appeared, walking with them.  "Ooh, ham.  Did someone come threaten to take the Xander baby mouse away?" she teased, sitting down beside Rimfire.  "Hi, I'm Dawn."

Chassis smiled at her outfit of pants with cartoon characters and a tank top.  "I can tell.  Most people don't go out dressed like that."

"Honey, I'm home.  I'm not going out tonight.  These are comfy.  Get over it. I could be naked or wearing much less."  Rimfire blushed.  "But he hates it when I do that."  She kissed Rimfire on the cheek.  "Better, baby?"

"Much."  He grinned at her.  "You need to eat too.  You're much too skinny.  My gray furred grandmomma said so."

"Your grandmother thought I should be rotund," she teased, but she did fix herself something.

"Oooh, someone's getting lucky tonight," Vinnie taunted, noogying his cousin.  "Hey, finally made it down?"

"You bet!  I heard some great things about the trouble you three or so get into down here.  I wanted some of my own."

Xander grinned at her.  "Well, you've come to the right house."  He heard a minor gunshot and sighed, getting up to open the window.  "That had better have been a backfire!" he shouted.  "Or else I'm taking heads off!"  All the noise stopped and someone ran off very quickly.  "We need a dog that can play fetch that crook."   He picked up the phone, watching him run.  "Hi, I just heard something like a gunshot and when I opened my window, there's a guy wearing dark blue jeans, black and blue sneakers, and a green hoodie sweatshirt running for his life toward City Hall.  I can't tell.  Please.  Last Chance Garage.  Yup, that's us.  Thanks."  He hung up and went back to his mate's lap, grinning at him.  "Sorry, I called it in since he's running scared."  He dug back in, only stopping to grin at Vinnie.  "I'm being spoiled."

"I can see that. You deserve it."  He looked at Throttle.  "Did you get to look over his new contract yet?"

"Not yet," Throttle admitted.  Xander pulled it out of his back pocket and handed it over.  "Thanks, babe.  After dinner.  You eat."  He heard another bike and sighed.  "Enamel's here and it sounds like his bike's heavy, so probably Shell too."  Modo chuckled at that.  "Pit, grab some extra chairs from the closet in the bedroom behind us."  He got up to get those, bringing them back.  The table was a bit cramped, but it was okay.  At least until Dawn bumped her elbow one too many times and switched places with their niece so she could be babied by Rimfire.

Shot beamed at her uncle Modo.  "I'm a big girl."

"You are," he agreed happily.  "You have pretty good manners too, just chew with your mouth closed.  You know your gray furred great-grandmomma would be proud of you for it."   She nodded, doing as he ordered.  Detail was already showing off her good manners.  "Good girls," he said, smiling at them.  "Pass the potatoes, Rimfire?"  They were passed down, and then the gravy was as well.  "Thanks, nephew."

"Welcome, Uncle Modo.  I've got the broccoli too."   Vic let out a squeal at that word so he got some handed to him by his daddy.

"POOOOOOFFFF!" he said happily, lapping his daddy's cheek before eating.

"Thanks, son.  Try Daddy?"


"No, Daddy," he said slowly and clearly.  "Or even Dad."

"Poof!" he said firmly, then beamed and ate another bite.

Vinnie just groaned.  He grabbed the phone to call over to the garage.  "We're having a real dinner.  You coming or not?  Chassis and Pit are here."  He smiled.  "Sure, I'll save you a good plate and bring it over with the son."

"Ohmygod!" he squealed, smiling and trying to get the phone.

"Yeah, he's got some broccoli, he's happy.  Sure."  He hung up. "She's armpit deep into an oil change."

"I've got her a plate in there, Vinnie," Throttle offered, nodding toward the kitchen.  "I cut one really thick slice of ham and saved it for her."

"Thanks, bro."  He grinned at his son, then at his cousin.  "Why are you here?"

"Ferrying Pit," she said sarcastically.  "I was the best piloting choice so they don't crash the building stuff."

"I'll call Boris later to get the keys to the warehouse," Xander promised, taking another bite of the ham.  He grinned at his mate. "I love you."

"I love you too.  Eat more."  Enamel and Shell walked up together.  "There's enough, eat."

"Did your freezer break?" Shell teased as she sat down next to Shot.  "Hi, dear."

"Who you?" she demanded, scowling at her.

"I'm Shell."  She stroked her arm fur down.  "We're friends of the family."

"Yeah, I guess you are," Rimfire admitted.  "Thank you for saving them."

"Not a problem," Enamel assured him.   He took his own seat and hauled half the food down their way, giving Shot some more potatoes since she was eating them.  Shell and Rimfire fixed them for her and she smiled at him.  "You're welcome too."

"Doc, can we work around not having anyone up there trained for OB stuff?" Dawn asked.

"I'm not sure how," he admitted.  "Short of admitting them down here to medical school and then doing the Martian training?  Or maybe taking a few of the medics and finishing their training?  Maybe doing an apprenticeship thing?"  She smiled at him.  "I've been trying to figure that out myself.  I've already talked to Micah about it.  Someone would have to do an illusion on them so they wouldn't have to worry about hats and things."

"Sure.  I can do that," she reminded him.  He smirked at that.  "Oh, Charley's been feeling nasty again and Xander and Vinnie have a bet about her being pregnant."

"I know.  She says she's not."  Vinnie sighed.  "Sorry, man."

"Not your fault.  I keep tryin'," Vinnie said dryly.

Throttle pinched him.  "When she's ready, Vincent.  Not before."

"But, Bro, I want the kids to be close.  Like Spike and his little sister."

"He and Anya are close," Xander defended.  "He knows he has to watch out for her because he thinks she's not able to do it herself."  Vinnie snickered at that.  "She's not the toughest mouse, big brother."

"True," he agreed happily.  "She's not.  She will however make someone a very fussy wife."

"And then some," Chassis put in.  "She's recently decided she's going to find herself a boy like Rimfire so she's making Anvil's son into him.  He's getting really fed up with her image makeovers."  Rimfire groaned at that.  "Fortunately Anvil remembers you, Rimfire."

"I'm sure he does."

"Who can forget such a studly mouse," Dawn teased, making him blush again.

"Guys, trying to eat here," Xander stated firmly.  "I can't keep down my very excellent spoiling-type dinner with you two being so mushy and cute.  I don't want to do that to reward all his hard work.  I'd rather play ‘chase' later."

"Eww," Dawn said, shuddering.  "I don't want to think about you two and sex tonight," she complained.

"Then put that shielding spell on that last wall," Throttle told her.  He smirked at her and she grinned back.

"Why?  It's great fun late at night.  You both talk in your sleep.  Hold whole conversations about grass."

"We did?" Throttle asked, looking at Xander.  "Grass?"

"I was dreaming about crabgrass the other night," he offered.

"Yes you were, and it was attacking so Throttle burned it all with a nifty flamethrower we've got to construct for the bikes and then ravished you once you were saved, you bimbette," Dawn said happily.

"I don't mind being the bimbette  now and then, but you've got to take on that role too, Dawn.  After all, Rimfire's got to want to save you now and then."

"It's the rescue sex," Rimfire assured him.

Modo moaned.  "Nephew."

"She drives me to it, Uncle Modo," he protested.

Modo stared him down.  "Manners are a mouse's best friend," he reminded him firmly.  "I will soap your mouth like my gray furred momma would."

Chassis giggled. "He's said worse unintentionally."

"In front of Stoker," Rimfire agreed.

"That doesn't make it something you say in front of your family," Modo said patiently.  "Your bros may be your family but you don't say things like that around your baby nieces."

"Yes, Uncle Modo.  I'm sorry."  He kissed the back of Dawn's neck. "She does drive me to it though."

"Enough mush," Vinnie pronounced.  "Before your bike tries to take out hers again."

"It did?" Chassis asked.

Rimfire grinned at her.  "She got jealous."

"Ah."  She nodded.  "Well, she's a pretty girl, Rimfire.  I'm sure you have to defend her from boys like Pit here all the time."

"I'd never think about hitting on her," he said, frowning at his pilot.  "I'd only go for a nice, polite, young mouse maiden."

"Which is pretty good considering there's a birth discrepancy," Enamel noted.  "Nearly two to one now, Throttle."

"Eh.  Vic's a boy.  That's enough for us."  He gave Xander a squeeze and Xander fed him a bite, making him smile.  "I wasn't hinting.  I can wait."

"It's not fair to make you wait when you're the one who cooked."  He kissed him and shifted sideways to start feeding him as well.

"I couldn't even hope to get away with that," Dawn muttered.

Chassis grinned at her.  "They're special.  He's a white mouse and we need special upkeep and maintenance."

"We should go to the club tonight," Vinnie decided.  "Celebrate your first night on Earth, and then you can do the boring materials stuff tomorrow, Pit."

"I've got to work," Xander said dryly.  "Trisha's crew pulled a Rimfire and got jealous of mine.  They've been slacking hard.  My crew about went in and killed them today, got them nearly finished.  Oooooh!  Dawnie!"  He grinned at her.  "Trisha likes the detective Ray."

"She does?"  She considered it.  "Well, he's handsome enough, for an older guy.  Not my type in the least.  I hear he lives with his family still."

"That's common among Italians," Xander assured her. "His mother probably demanded."  He heard someone knock and groaned.  "Go around the back and enter!" he yelled.  He kissed Throttle's ear.  "Sorry, babe."  He fed him another bite with a grin.  "Love you."

"I love you too, Xan.  Now you eat.  You need to eat.  I nibbled."

"Are you one of the human baby mice now?" he teased.

"Just for that, I'm tying  you down and making it extra torturous before I let you come," he growled.  Xander shivered and stole a longer kiss.

Enamel shook his head, looking at Chassis.  "Why are you two down here?"

"Building materials. Apparently the great white lustful mouse here got us the privilege of using his company's thirty percent discount."

"Congrats.  I've got some stuff and money I can kick in," he promised.  "Not that much but some."  Shell beamed at him. "It's not fair to the next generation," he reminded her.  "They need more so they can continue on.  Including a full textbook set for the medical library."

Shell smiled and kissed him on the cheek.  "I love it when you're mushy.  You rock my world."  He blushed but smiled at her.  "I'll reward you later."

"We have guest rooms," Xander offered, pulling back to pant.  "Wow."  He stole a light kiss.  "What happened?"

"Your boss jokingly offered me money to sleep with you.  I about went through the phone and I realized I haven't spoiled you recently."  He gave him another squeeze.  "Eat, Xander.  Before I have to fuss."

"I'm eating. This is my second helping."  He fed him another bite of ham then ate one himself, making sure Throttle would have the energy to please him later. He grinned when Throttle moaned at him eating.  "Are we going with the crew?"

"Hell yes.  I haven't seen you dancing in a while."

"It's sweater night at the usual club," Dawn told them all.

"Eehh, not tonight, princess.  We'll go somewhere more Martian," Vinnie told her.  "Xander, Planter's?"


"That fluff place?" Modo offered.

"Double ick," Dawn told him.  "Too heavy."

"Some of us like heavy metal," Chassis offered.

"Yeah, but I can't tease Rimfire to it," she retorted dryly.   "It's not as conductive to dancing either."

"Point," she agreed finally, after thinking about it for a minute.  "What's the usual one like?"

"House music, techno with some heavy metal mixed in now and then," Vinnie told her. "There's a good median place just up the street from it.  We'll go there."  Everyone nodded at that.  "So, doc, why you in?  Not that I mind."

"Checking on your girl for you and I've got to call Stoker to check on Primer and the baby."  He ate a bite of broccoli.  "The usual postnatal stuff."

"Need the transporter?"

"Nope.  I can do it all by call.  My link's still broken at home."  He shrugged.  "It happens."  He ate another bite and felt Shell's hand come over to stroke his thigh. "How dressy is this place?  She's dressed up but not for clubbing."

"Pretty usual," Throttle told him.  "We can go in our riding stuff."  He looked at the actual button-up shirt Enamel was wearing.  "You'll need to change."

"I've got the cutest green dress that's too tight around my chest that you can borrow, Shell," Dawn offered.  "Or you, Chassis.  Actually,  I've got a stunning blue wrap dress that'll make you look wonderful."

"I like you in that dress," Rimfire complained.

"Hush, babe.  I'm loaning her some clothes.  Plus the shower and my good smelling bath stuff if she needs it."

"I wouldn't mind," she offered with a grin.  "I thought I smelled some chemicals down here."

Vinnie beamed at her.  "Xander put in a mineral pool for me."  She gaped and stared at Xander, who just smiled and fed Throttle another bite of his dinner.  "'Lil bro, eat your own," Vinnie complained.  He shook his head.  "I don't even do that for Charley girl."  He looked at Enamel, who was watching them.  "At least he's eating."

"That is a good thing.  I'll go ahead and do a quick check of him tonight too."

"I'm fine," Xander promised. "Really, I am. I'm not even hungry."  He finished off that slice of ham and cleaned his plate, then stood up and hauled Throttle up, letting him have his lap now.  "There, now you eat," he said, teasing his stomach fur by gently stroking it.

Throttle moaned and stopped the fingers.  "I can't eat when you do that, Xander.  The only thought I get is pouncing."  Xander kissed the back of his neck and just held on lightly while Throttle scarfed more food.  He was hungry.   He'd definitely need the energy later.

Xander leaned closer.  "Doesn't Pit remind you of Wes?" he whispered.

Throttle grinned at him.  "Definitely." He got himself some more.  "Vinnie, when you're done, we'll get Vic in with us since Xander could probably use a shower.  You go feed Charley girl.  We'll head out at nine?"  Everyone nodded, that was over an hour from now.  "Pit, you're more than welcome to come with us if you want, or you can stay here and surf the internet or watch TV."

"I'll go out with you.  I wanted to see how Earthers constructed their buildings anyway."  He smiled at them.  "I promise not to be a bother."

"It's not a problem.  You can't be any more hyper than the twins," Modo assured him.

Vinnie snickered.  "Or the day that Vic started to crawl."

"Poof?" Vic asked, looking at his daddy.  "Poof poof?"

"No, son, Spike's not here," he sighed.  "If he were, we'd definitely need a sitter tonight."

"We need a sitter anyway," Dawn said, nodding at the twins.

"Sic ‘em on Stoker, since you've got a transporter and all," Chassis offered with a bright smirk.  "Switch is trying to convince him to have another son."

"His next son's going to be just like me, only flighty and fun," Xander said with a grin . "I know he will be."

"So he'll be Stoker's poof?" Vinnie teased.  Xander beamed and nodded.  "Wonderful.  I hope he survives."

"How do we know this?" Rimfire asked dryly.

"Because I said so.  After all, I named Anya and it's not even her reborn."

"Good point," Throttle agreed dryly.

"At least Anya wants to be a girl like me," Dawn said happily. "She could be fully like her namesake, all about the moans and the moolah."

"Dawn!" Modo snapped.

"She was," Xander assured him. "That was just how she was."

"Yes, but that was still not polite and not to be said around the kids," Modo argued.

"Point.  Dawn."

"Sorry, Uncle Modo.  Sorry, girls.  You'll forget you heard that soon."  Rimfire gave her a cuddle.  "What am I wearing tonight?"

"The green leather outfit," Xander told her.  "Since you'll have bodyguards out the butt tonight."

"I'd rather not get into a bar brawl over her," Rimfire said patiently.

"Okay, then the green top and the light green skirt," Xander said with a shrug.  "A bit more tasteful but still her usual tease."

"I like that idea," Rimfire agreed, looking at his girl, who only smiled at him.

"Remember, no sex in the bathrooms," Vinnie said tiredly.  He looked at his son, who was starting to nod off.  "We need a sitter tonight, don't we, baby?"  He pulled him out of his chair and let him cuddle.  He had gummed quite a bit of his dinner and eaten it instead of spreading it around.

Throttle took the baby from him.  "Go feed Charley girl, we'll get him bathed and ready for bed."  Vinnie grinned and hopped up, going to get that plate and take it over to her with a soda she'd like.  Throttle looked at them. Then at Dawn.  "Don't you know someone who's babysat in the past?"  She nodded.  "They expensive?"

"I'm not sure they still are sitting," she admitted.  "They're at the university with us."  She concentrated and her phone came over to her, letting her dial the number. "Hey, Mandy, it's Dawn. No, we're looking for sitters for the baby mouse and two twin nieces of Modo's.  Well, Throttle thought of you first, " She admitted. "I wasn't sure you were still sitting though.  Know anyone?"  She smiled.  "Yeah, one infant, two precious and active twins.  About two?"  Rimfire and Modo both nodded.  "Yeah, and the usual precaution as well.  Yup, they sure are," she agreed happily.  "Sure, I understand.  Thanks."  She hung up.  "Wash, sorry.  She doesn't know anyone she can trust not to scream at the sight of them."

"Let me," Xander said, calling his boss. "Hey, boss.  I need a babysitter tonight.  No, one of Vinnie's cousins is in town and we're all going out.  Yeah, Vic and Modo's twin nieces.  Please.  Sure!"  He beamed happily.  "You sure he wants to watch the kids?  Then I'm all for it.  Thanks, man."  He hung up.  "Vampire me is bored, and has decided he's fascinated with Faith's stomach.  He heard and volunteered."  He stole a piece of ham and nibbled then went back to stroking Throttle's stomach since he wasn't eating anyway.  Throttle moaned and shifted a bit, then went back to eating.

"Can we trust the vampire you not to eat or hurt them?" Modo asked.

"He's still scared of you, big guy.  It's not a problem.  He's fascinated with babies anyway."  He shrugged a bit then nuzzled Throttle's back, earning a wiggle and Throttle's tail playing with his ears.  "Eat.  You'll need your energy to keep the hands off me."

"I will," Throttle agreed, eating heartily.  He saw Chassis's hidden grin as she ate.  "I will.  That thing on Mars?  Not even close.  He and Dawn have driven whole clubs to beg."

"I enjoyed watching her work too," Rimfire agreed.  "It's just hard keeping hands off them."  He dug into his dinner since he hadn't eaten yet and Dawn was done.  He would need more strength than Throttle did.  Dawn was hotter than Xander in that proposed outfit.  She smiled and kissed him on the cheek, getting up and heading downstairs.  "Chassis, when she's done, I'll show you to the guest rooms and get you some of her stuff and that dress."

"Thanks, Rimfire.  We'll have a good gab fest later."  She winked at him and he blushed.  "Ooooh, really?"

"Lots you don't know about," he assured her smugly.

Shot yawned.  "Uncle, I need bath and bed too," she complained.

"Not me," Detail said happily.

"There'll be another Xander coming to watch you three tonight," Modo promised, pulling her into his lap to cuddle her.  "We'll get you guys cleaned up once I'm done."  He smirked as Throttle got up with the totally asleep baby mouse and Xander took him to go shower with him.  He got the girls moving downstairs once Detail had finished her plate and drink, getting them cleaned up and into bed too.  Then he went to shower and change.  By the time he got back upstairs, everyone was there but Dawn and Chassis, who they could hear giggling down in her room.  "Ladies!" he called.  "We're waiting."

"We're women, you always wait on a woman, Modo," Dawn called back.  "It's polite."  Chassis let out another giggle.  They came up the stairs and everyone's jaw dropped.  Dawn looked wonderful in her forest green leather vest and slightly lighter silk skirt that barely fell halfway down her thighs.  The black heels were just high enough that she came up to the same height as Rimfire.  She kissed him and he quit drooling.  "Hi, babe.  Think I did a good job on Chassis?"

"I do," he agreed, but he was staring at her.  "Wow."

Chassis smirked at Vinnie and Charley.  "So?"

"You look hot," Vinnie agreed.  "Let's go.  You bring your old heap, cuz?"

"Of course," she agreed, punching him on the arm.  He was wearing  a very tight t-shirt that showed off every muscle he had wonderfully.  Xander was in dark blue leather pants and a shirt that was probably tighter than Vninie's or else he was built better.  Throttle had on a black muscle shirt over his jeans.  Modo had on some really tight jeans and a muscle shirt as well, and he would be hit on at the club if there was any justice.  Pit was wearing some normal clothes, fairly causal but nice enough and a bit looser.  Charley was in Dawn's former pink dress and it made her glow.  Enamel pulled up as they walked down to the garage, smirking at them.  He was back in jeans and a tight black t-shirt.  Shell was in the dress Dawn had given her, she walked out to get onto the back of his bike and he visibly drooled.  She grinned at Vinnie, who only winked and walked Charley off to his bike.

"Bro, she can't ride in that," Modo complained.  "She'll show everything she's got."

"The car needs gas," Xander called.  He grinned at Throttle.  "Your bike or mine or both?"

Throttle considered it and looked at his bike, who nudged him.  "Yours.  We look more dangerous on yours."  Xander's bike moved forward and Xander climbed on, letting Throttle get on behind him.

"Now, that's a bike," Chassis said in awe.  "It suits you, Xander."

"Thanks.  A warrior and a lover."  He winked and they were off. "I hope you know where we're going."

"I do and Modo can call out directions if we get lost," Throttle assured him, closing his helmet.  There was a bit of a breeze tonight.  He almost felt sorry for the girls.  Then again, only Chassis wouldn't have a nice, warm body to snuggle against.  "You sure you want to go out tonight?"

"Yes, it'll keep you unjumped and from taking it for longer," Xander joked, speeding up to get through a yellow light.  He saw a familiar car and paused beside it, opening his visor.  "Detective," he said.  Detective Stanley Kowalski looked over at him.  "Are  you stalking someone?" he teased.

"No," he snorted.  "Just dropping someone off.  I was trying to decide on pizza or chinese tonight."

"Go tacos.  They're good for you," Xander offered with a grin.  "A few veggies never hurt anyone."

Stan looked them over.  "Goin' out?"  Xander grinned and nodded.  "Where ya headed?  Just in case there's trouble again with those goons."

"The Battery," Throttle said, removing his faceplate too.  "You could join us. You already know what Xander is. "

"True," he agreed with a grin, "but I'd never get hit on with you overly muscled boys there."  He grinned at Dawn, who had helped him with another Wolfram and Hart matter a few days earlier.  "Thanks again, that lawyer did get arrested."  She just waved him off with a grin.  "Have fun and be safe tonight, kids.  The city don't need another war."  He stared at the pale Goddess riding up behind the group with the other original city mouse.  "Maybe I will show up later," he decided.  He shook himself from staring, knowing he was staring and probably making an ass of himself.  He grinned at Xander, who only winked and sped off.   Stan watched the Goddess go in his mirrors, smiling a bit.  He called Vecchio's house.  "Xander's got some family in.  Nah, a new guy and a gorgeous female.  Yeah, dressed ta kill me.  Huh?"  He snorted.  "No!  Dumbass!"  He hung up and headed for his house.  He definitely needed to clean himself up a bit if he wanted to introduce himself to her.


Xander smiled at the bouncer as he parked and got off, pulling out his wallet.

"I've got it," Throttle promised, paying everyone's cover since it was cheap tonight.  "All of us."

The bouncer looked at them, drooling at Dawn and Charley, but just staring at the other two.  "I should ask for weapons but you'll probably need ‘em."

"Nah, we can whip the tails of people who try to grab what's ours," Rimfire promised with a bright smirk.  He walked his girl inside, taking her right to the floor.

Xander smiled at Throttle and crooked a finger, walking backwards to lead him out there.  Throttle could only smirk and follow his hot little mate.

Vinnie looked at the others.  "You want us to get the table and put stuff down?"

"We can," Charley agreed.  "Then your tail is mine, Vincent."  He winked at her and they found a large table, putting their jackets and things down at it, along with Pit, who was just staring at how Xander and Dawn were moving.  She drug Vinnie out there, dancing next to him.

"Whoa, she's good," Chassis said happily.  "Much better than they did on Mars."  She walked out, going to dance with the two married studs.  "Boys, can I cut in?"

"Sure," Throttle agreed, letting her between them.  She wiggled her way in and they all got down.  The music was a bit loud but it was hard and pounding through them.  Chassis was laughing.  Xander was happy.  Enamel and Shell were tightly wound with each other's tails.  Rimfire had his most possessive grip on his girl's waist and was already having to glare some people away.  Modo was being danced with by some young blonde girl who was cooing up at him and feeling his arm's muscles.  Pit was drug out once but he couldn't dance that well so he was set free for a bit by his captor.  He scurried back to the table, obviously thinking he needed video of this to show the others how loose they were down here.

Stan walked in and spotted the group near the edge of the floor, heading down into it.  He smiled at Xander.  "May I cut in?" he called over the music.

"Stan, I love you, but I've got a man already," Xander taunted.  "Here, have Chassis instead so I don't have to get jealous and neither does Throttle."  He handed her over and moved closer to Throttle's stomach, teasing him until he was growling at him to stop.  Xander just winked and let out a small evil smirk.  "What's wrong, babe?  Tired already?"

"Not yet, but you're gonna be," he promised, pouncing his mate right there to get a kiss.  Xander pulled back and grinned then turned to dance against him, knowing it made Throttle insane.  Vinnie danced Charley over and forced him to switch, and he grinned at her, kissing her gently.  "Hey, Charley girl.  You okay?"

"I'm wonderful!  I haven't had this much fun in nearly forever!"  She wrapped her arms around his neck and smiled at him.  "I'm here to make sure you don't get gay bashed."

"That's fine," he agreed, putting his hands on her hips to guide her better.  "We all know where you and Xander belong."  Xander came back, dancing behind her, with Vinnie behind him.  He moaned and looked over at his bro.  "Tease."

"You bet," he agreed happily.  He moved against Xander's tail, making him moan and shiver a bit, moving him closer to Charley, who only shivered and let it all go.  "That's my girl," he praised. "You go, sweetheart.  You were the lady of the night long before Dawn ever got tits."

"I'm going to get you for that later," she vowed.  She turned, dancing Xander off, making him chuckle and pull her closer to dance with him.  She squeaked a bit but let it happen, knowing it was driving their mates to distraction.  They'd not be sitting tomorrow, neither of them.  She felt someone's tail inch up her leg and moved but Vinnie got her back and she was trapped in the warm, soft, white vise of those two lovers.  She moaned, a small hitch to her breath.  "Vinnie!" she called.  "Too much."

"Is never enough," he promised in her ear.  He pulled her off to a dark corner, where he worked out a bit of tension with only his hands.  He was surprised, she hadn't put on anything under the dress, but it was all the better for him.  "I wanna slam into you right here, right now, and have everyone watch me claim you," he hissed as he worked her into a frenzy.  "I wanna make it so hot you howl, sweetheart."  She bit the edge of his ear to hide her scream of pleasure and he winced but let her do it.  He finished up and licked off his fingers, then kissed her.  "I'll clean that up later.  Keep it warm for me, babe."  He walked her back onto the floor, holding her tightly while she recovered and they danced some more.

Chassis grinned at Stan when she saw what her cousin had been doing.  "I'm not that demanding."

"I never get past third base on the first date," he promised, grinning at her.

She giggled and moved closer, kissing him gently.  Then she moved back and danced with him, doing what Dawn was to Rimfire.  She heard the moan, smelled the lust floating around her, and shifted slightly closer.  She heard him chanting ‘I wanna be a good boy, I wanna be a good boy' over and over and decided he needed to lose that stigma.  He obviously wasn't a boy and he clearly wasn't just good.  She winked and turned, doing what Xander was doing to his mate, and Stan snapped, dancing her off very unsubtly to the bathrooms.  He pushed her into one of the stalls, kissing her hard.  It was a bit awkward since he didn't have the same raised snout, but she made do.  He kept true to his words, he only groped and touched; they didn't have actual sex, but it was more than enough for both of them for now.  She came down, panting against his chest, hands fisted in his shirt.  They shared a gentle kiss and she smiled.  "So, tell me more about yourself, Stan.  I wanna get to know more than the slightly geeky exterior that's going to be driving me up the wall later when I dream about you."

"You're so smooth," he teased, kissing her again.  "Wanna go back to the floor?"

She moaned and arched against his body.  "Right about now, I wanna say fuck it and take you on a wild ride in the park.  Or on my bed, or your bed, or hell, even on the sidewalk."  He blushed at that.  She smiled and eased up, he was a nice and good boy, like Modo had been back in his heyday.  "I'll stick to promising you lunch and coffee?"

"I like coffee," he promised.  "Usually it's the first thing I head for in the morning."  He kissed her again.  "You wanna go back and dance, Chassis?"

"Hell no.  The only dancing I want is naked."  He moaned and nodded.  "If we can agree I don't have to do all the work….."

"Hell no, I like giving my woman pleasure."  He walked her out the back door, letting her get on her bike.  "Follow me?"  she smiled and nodded, taking off after his car.  He parked in front of his apartment and hurried up the stairs, holding her out there for a moment while he checked things.

"Oh, please, Stan, I live on a military base full of guys like Rimfire.  A little mess isn't going to deter me."  She walked in and smiled as he fed his turtle.  "You're a lovely little thing," she offered, stroking the hard shell gently.  "Ooh, and shy."

"They are," Stan agreed.  He locked the doors and led her to the bedroom, going to have his way with her.  Every which way he could since she wasn't native and she couldn't stay for long.  He'd let himself have this dream for as long as he could, it'd give him something to hope for.  He worked her dress off her, then stripped himself quickly, being a gentleman and carefully laying her on his bed.  Then he went to work pleasing her like he couldn't in the bathroom, making her howl and claw at his back while he touched her.  "You need to be appreciated," he told her as he licked down her throat. "You've got the body of a Goddess and obvious skills.  You're tough, yet you're just so juicy."  He moved down to find all the little hot spots on her body, tugging on the hair gently, teasing the obvious ones and the spots that made her moan and thrash.

She was going to go insane under him. "Stan!" she shouted, arching up.  His mouth had found a pleasurable spot that she hadn't known about on her stomach.  He was teasing her with it, but a finger was teasing her below so it was all good at the moment.  Then he went lower and she didn't know you could do that!  "Damn!  Cheese!  Stan!" she panted, coming against his tongue.  He smiled up at her and she stared back.  "We don't do those things.  I never knew you could do that."

"Oh, you can, and I love it," he said happily, going back to it.  She was definitely a full meal for him and he hadn't even begun to think about her tail or antennas yet.  She pushed up against his mouth and he let her, doing whatever she wanted him to do.  She grabbed his ear and pulled on it so he moved up to kiss her, letting her lick away the mess he had made.  She flipped them over and slid down him, moaning the whole way.  "Oh, Chassis," he moaned, grabbing her hips but his hands moved up her sides to continue the pleasure.  "More.  Please?"

"I'm certainly going to try," she said, moving the way she needed to.  She could feel herself getting close and she knew she was going to lose it.  She had never felt like this before.  She felt Stan pull her head down and went with it, letting him have her antennas.  She had no idea where he had gotten that thought but he was licking them and that itchy, twitchy, nerve surge of an orgasm started there before moving through her and forcing a wail out of her throat as she came hard.

He made a purring/humming noise and flipped her over to go back to what he had been doing, riding her smoothly, but hard, and keeping her antenna entertained.  She was writhing under him and he grinned.  "Good?"

"Oh, Cheese!" she said.  "More!  I've never…!  More!"  He chuckled and went back to it, switching antennas and it got better.  Apparently that other side was even more sensitive.  She let out a throat-ripping scream of pleasure and he came with her this time, then he let her antenna go and just held her.  Oh, Gods, he cuddled!  She snuggled in, resting her cheek against his chest.  "Damn," she said finally, having calmed herself back down. "I should have taped that.  That way I can never forget even the slightest detail."  He chuckled and stroked her back, giving her a gentle squeeze.  "If I ask, would you come live on Mars with me?"

"Sure, some day.  If you get serious about me," he promised sleepily.  She smiled, he could feel it, and she wrapped herself around him, making him one happy human.


Xander smiled as Throttle led him into their bedroom, getting free long enough to check the door before locking it and stripping off for his mate.

"No, do it properly," Throttle said with a husky voice.   He kicked off his boots and leaned back on the bed, arms crossed behind his head so he couldn't touch Xander while he stripped.  He knew the rules if he asked for a stripping.  Xander smiled and started to move to the music he could still feel surging through his body, taking his time to move closer and then teasing his mate before shifting back out of range.  Before he could get rid of his pants, he had to turn on the radio to cover up the moaning his mate was doing, but that was fine.  A little music never hurt their sex life.  Xander changed beats with the song on the radio smoothly, like he was part of the music.  The leather pants' first button was undone, showing it was a button fly.  Xander teased his stomach fur, running gentle fingertips through it and around his navel.  The second button was flicked open and you just could just see a hint of his cock peeking up.  Throttle moaned and shifted so his legs were spread.  Xander smiled and flicked the third and last button, exposing more of himself but still not all of it.  As he danced, his pants slowly started to slide until he finally did away with them, then he moved to dance for him, standing right beside him so he could see everything that he was offering.  Throttle shifted again, freeing his tail to swish in agitation as he watched his mate move for him.  He wanted to be naked right that moment, but he was still in clothes.  "I wish you could strip me," he said, staring at him.  "Right now I want to tail you while I play with your antennas."

Xander moaned and pulled Throttle up, stripping his t-shirt off in one quick move.  The field specs were put back into place and then Xander moved with him, making Throttle match how he was moving as he undid his jeans.  "This is how you strip, babe.  Soon I'll have you able to do it for me."  He stepped back, watching Throttle move with his jeans hanging open, his stomach rippling in the low light they preferred in their bedroom, and his fur just calling out for marks from them.  He licked his lips, diving in to taste his throat, making Throttle pull him closer.  The older mouse did start to tease his antennas, just a quick breath across them at first.  A gentle brush down his back to smooth the fur, and then a very quick grab and flip onto the bed by Xander, who pulled those jeans off him, tossing them aside.  "I feel primal with you, Throttle.  You bring out the wicked, nasty, snarly animal in me."  He pounced, going back to tasting and exploring his mate all over again.  He was still scenting him when the thin tail tip entered him and Xander let out a howl of pleasure at that, throwing his head back to let it out at the ceiling instead of into the firm chest.

Throttle bunched up and flipped them over, going to do a bit of teasing himself but Xander wrestled him for control this time and won.  He was a lot stronger than he looked because Throttle found himself on his back and pleading for mercy as Xander licked every inch of his chest and stomach, then smoothed his fur out with his fingers so it was like being gently petted.  Throttle shivered as that tongue came back, leaving a scent trail down to his thighs.  Xander rubbed his cheek against the soft skin of his sheathe and went past to tease his inner thighs, which he knew drove Throttle insane.  He tried to move, tried to get him to do more, but Xander nipped him and switched sides, showing he was in control.  It was like Xander was claiming him as his prey, his claimed prize, maybe his beta in his pack, showing and proving that he could do whatever he wanted.  He was staring up at him now as he licked and tugged on the hairs down there, and Throttle met his stare.  He only blinked once during it but he wasn't sure if Xander did or not.  He did see the feral smile and knew he was in for it now.  Xander licked slowly up the underside of his cock, making him grab the sides of the bed and hold on for dear life.  He had never see Xander like this before.  This was a different Xander, one who was going to claim him.  He didn't need his bros to see and approve, this was holy for him.  This was like their binding.

Xander's tongue explored every inch of him, including just inside the edge of his sheathe.  There was nothing that was secret from Xander's tongue.  He knew then that he wasn't getting any other lube tonight, just Xander juice and saliva, and in some way that thrilled him.  Xander, pure Xander, was exhilarating.  Xander was nudging his inner thighs now, almost kneading him.  The tongue came back to lick and play with his cock while he was kneading and Throttle lost it then, shooting off against that warm, scratchy tongue.  He heard a purr and looked down, but Xander was flipping him over.  It was going to be an animal coupling, not their usual gentle or even their rougher stuff.  Both preferred it face-to-face and this was not going to be this time.  Maybe later, when he had proven Xander was his pack alpha, but not this time.  He felt the tongue come back there, along with the nose, sniffing, testing him to make sure he was all his.  He knew he carried Xander's scent from their last time fooling around, Xander had sucked him and had used some of his precum as lube while fingering him, but now that tongue was much more thorough.  His insides were licked.  That was the only way he could think about it.  Then the body moved, the warm fur brushing the fur along his cheeks the wrong way as it slid up his body.  He heard the purr in his ear and the hardness pushing and let it go in.  This was what they needed tonight and he was all for it.

Xander nipped him but Throttle could feel that he was pleased.  The running purr was in his head now, he could hear it coming from his mate's mind, his satisfaction as he lay embedded in his body.  Xander nipped him again and he shivered, earning a quiet chuckle and then he was moving.  Pushing.  Pulling.  Thrusting.  Making him howl into the bed like an ancient cavemouse.  There was no more higher thoughts.  There was no more Xander, no more Throttle.  Just two very ancient primal beings claiming each other.  Xander knew what was his and he was making sure everyone else would know what was his.  Throttle was letting him, trying hard to connect their minds.  He wanted to feel this from Xander's side.  He had to, he wanted it so bad.  Xander finally got the point and lowered his shields, letting him in.  All Throttle could feel was the pleasure and the pressure to release soon.  He could feel the purr as much as he could hear it.  It was like it was ghosting across his fur and making sure that he knew how good it felt.  Xander sped up a bit, shifting angles when he felt the pleasure increase.  Throttle was whimpering like his bitch now, begging for him to do more, always more, and Xander's purr calmed him, soothed him, showing him he would get all he needed.  Xander's hand started again, this time stroking.  His stomach and chest were petted in comforting circles but for some reason the usually-comforting action was just making him need it more.  Xander was invading him and he was there!  He came!  He could feel Xander roar against his neck as his dominance was complete!  Xander finished off slowly, leisurely almost.  Just a slow, gentle, rubbing between them.  He let go with a small whimper and withdrew, sniffing his claim to make sure of it before forcing Throttle onto his back and lying on his vulnerable stomach.  He continued to purr at him, making Throttle calm down and hold him.

Throttle could only lay there and hold on.  Their minds were still together.  He could feel the stiffness in Xander's thighs from all the work he had done.  He stroked him gently, making sure his mind showed how much he loved Xander, how much he meant to him.  He felt him drift into a nap and smiled, still petting him.  Xander deserved the petting.  He felt his mind slip deeper into Xander's, letting him feel where this had come from. He was deeper than he had been before and now things were so much clearer.  All the instincts they had wondered, all there.  He smiled because in the darkness of his mind he could feel the patient watching.  He had his mental self sit down and felt the shadow creep out to him, letting him pet it.  This wasn't the hyena, like Vinnie thought it could be, it was a shadowy black beast with soft fur and tender ears.  "You're just a purr machine tonight," he said quietly.  The animal huffed and he went back to petting it.  "You rest, I'll guard you."  Xander curled up in his lap and Throttle lay down around him, cradling and protecting this fragile and gentle demon creature.  Because he knew this thing could tear him apart, it just wouldn't now that he was his.


Rimfire pulled Dawn off his bike and down to her working room.  Their room was too close to Throttle and Xander.  He didn't want them to hear her screaming in pleasure tonight.  Tonight it was all his.  They walked in and he felt the shields go up and smirked at her before working on her dress.  She got out of it and stood before him, naked, furless again, and smiling.  He could smell her lust, he could tell what she wanted.  She had said this was one of her things, this slight naughtiness of being naked while he was dressed.  "Suck," he demanded.  She raised an eyebrow and he moved closer, kissing her hard, making her moan and arch into him.  "You gave yourself to me tonight.  We agreed, you're mine and only mine tonight.  That was the agreement for me letting you out in that trashy skirt.  Now, suck me.  If you're really good, I'll get the oil out for later."  He pushed her down and she knelt in front of him, calling over a pillow for her knees while she undid his pants.  She didn't lower them much, just enough, and that was all she needed. She went to work on him, like she had promised.  She had promised she'd play this game tonight and that he could be the dominant one for the night.  She'd get him back tomorrow of course, but that was fine with him.  She was working him as good as she knew how and he was inches away from slamming himself deeper into her throat.  So he pulled back and took off his shirt, watching her eyes as he did so.  She was smiling slightly, being naughty.  She knew how they played this game.  He got out of his pants and boots, then his socks, leaving himself completely open to her, but she wasn't smiling.

He picked her up and kissed her, ignoring his own taste for now.  Her legs wrapped around his waist and he pulled back to nibble and suck on her throat, knowing what she wanted him to do.  Instead, he got another idea, one he had seen in one of her journals.  It wasn't his fault she had left one on sex magic out, and some of the ideas had been…intriguing.  He walked her over to the pile of pillows in the corner, settling her among them, then flipped her onto her stomach.  A quick reach brought the oil she had made.  It was one that helped soothe muscle aches when they had worked out too hard and it was a favorite of theirs for sex.  He lubed himself, watching her shiver.  There was a bit of a breeze in here tonight.  He lit the altar candles, bowing to them properly, then dove in to taste her. She was wiggling and shifting, opening her thighs, but he kept them where he wanted them, barely open.  It gave him the best advantage this time.  She moaned when he nipped her clit, but that was all.  So he moved up and slid inside, a long, smooth, hard push into that warm cavity.  She was clutching a pillow to her chest and he could hear her gasping into it.  He took the pillow, moving it aside.  "I wanna hear it.  That's why we're in here, Dawn.  Out loud."

"More," she gasped, pushing back.  He spanked her.  She held her breath.  "Please, Rimfire?"

"What did we agree?"

"That I'm yours since I was going to cause so many hard-ons," she panted.  "Please!"

He slowly shifted, barely pulling out then moving back in again just as slowly.  She was begging and pleading for him to speed up but he liked this.  She had agreed, he got all of her tonight for the way she was dressed and how bad a tease she was.   This was his reward for putting up with her flighty moods and her odd moments of darkness.  She was his and only his, and he was not going to let anyone take anything else from him.  He pushed back in harder, and she gasped, letting it out for him.  She knew he needed this release now and then. That's why she made these little deals.  He had to have an outlet for his possessive attitude, his fierce and firm hold on all those he held dear.  He was really riding her now and she was letting him hear it.  It was glorious and he could feel the oil he was using heat up around them.  Soon it would be better and nothing and no one would ever part them.  He looked at the altar, then down at her back.  "Mine," he growled.  Not a question, a statement.  She was his.  All his.  No one's but his.

"Yours," she agreed, trying to find a handhold.  "Rimfire, please!"

He pulled her up against his chest, still in control.   He was panting in her ear, making the sweat rolling down her face dance away from each pant.  "Vow it," he moaned.  "Now, here."

"Vow?" she asked, fingers clutching his thighs.  "Yours!  All yours!"

"Vow!" he demanded, going harder.  She was sitting on his lap now, he had her firmly in his arms while he ground himself into her.  "Vow, Dawn, mine!"

"Yours!" she shouted.  One of the candles on the altar went out and she gasped, then wiggled free of the steel-like arms around him.  He caught her and brought her back, putting her onto her back to have her this way now.  She stared up at him in shock and awe.  "Yours," she agreed.  "Mine?"

"Yours," he agreed firmly.  He was back to pounding into her now, making her move with each movement.  He smiled down at her, tender even in the midst of his streak of possessing her.  "Mine."

"Yours," she agreed.  She wiggled free and kissed him, then nuzzled under his chin.  She bit the side of his neck, an ancient custom from when Mars was still clans.  He moaned and tipped his head back, letting her taste of him, drawing just a hint of blood up.  She licked her lips and sat back, tipping her neck to the side in a silent invitation.  He stared at her for a moment then leaned forward and bit her hard and fast, making her gasp and clutch his arms, but it felt good and right.  He licked the bite clean then put her back onto her stomach.  He took a calming breath, letting it out slowly.  He wanted her too much, he would hurt her like the time after the succubus if he wasn't careful.  He didn't want to hurt her.  His hands were shaking, he could feel it and see it.  She looked back.  "You won't."

He nodded. "I can."

"You won't."  she grabbed his hand and pulled him on top of her.  "You won't," she repeated firmly.  He nodded and slid back into her, this time into the tighter spot.  He loved doing this to her and she loved it just as much as he did, but he didn't want to hurt her.  He slowly and carefully had her that way, making her moan and shake and eventually come from the friction.  He relaxed and pulled out, getting a baby wipe from a nearby box on her potion making board to clean himself up.  He looked at the oil, then at the candles.  They were down to one now.  He looked up at it, staring at it.  It was her candle to the Goddess.  He knew what they were doing and he bowed to it, finishing this.  He leaned down, hugging her.  "If mine life fails it must be from thine's own hand and thine's own wound," he said quietly, picking up her chopping blade.  He looked at it then at her, seeing the knowledge in her eyes.  He looked down at the blade.  "My love is a fierce shield around you," he said, handing it to her. "I cannot harm you but would you harm me that is in thine's own hand."

She looked at the knife, then at the candle, then sent up a silent prayer.  "If mine life fails it must be from thine's own hand and thine's own wound," she repeated.  "My love is like a forcefield around us, protecting us and sheltering you from the storms."  She stared into his eyes.  "I cannot harm you but will you would harm me that it is in thine's own hands and will."  He gripped the knife with her, but the knife disappeared and she sobbed, falling into his arms. "Rimfire?"

"Yours," he repeated, sliding her into his lap, taking her again.  He could feel the magic again, it was around them.  "No, she will not conceive," he said quietly.  "It is not safe."  The power was still there.

"Heal those who need it," Dawn pleaded, adding some of her energy to it. She felt Rimfire move and shifted her higher onto him, letting her have him all.  She was back in control and she lay down, pulling him back on top of her.  "I let you lead, this time."

He smiled and went back to what he had bee doing, pleasing himself by teasing and torturing her until she came many times before he did to prove she was his and only his.  While he worked himself in her body, he concentrated on the magic, letting it go out to his native world, letting it heal whoever there could use it.  They needed it more.  He felt himself getting closer too soon and tried to hold it back but this was Dawn and he couldn't ever hold himself back with her.  She came with a small moan of pleasure and he came after her, feeling the magic floating away.  He hoped it had helped.  He saw Dawn close her eyes and put his head next to hers, joining her in her silent prayer.


Vinnie walked Charley up their stairs, going backward while kissing her as often as he could.  He knew something was going on over at the house, he could feel it.  The same as he could feel a gentle purr in the back of his mind.  That was the other couple and he pushed them back out, finally getting Charley onto their bed and naked.  He undressed himself slowly, like he had seen Xander do in his memories, and she grabbed him by the chest fur, pulling him down on top of her.  "Geez, babe, I'm tryin' ta be cute and all."

"You're already cute, you big, white puffball.  Now, lick!"

"My pleasure," he said with a leer, going down on her.  She knew what she wanted and apparently it was his tongue.  He'd get more later, she couldn't resist him having everything and anything he wanted.  He shifted around so she could put her legs over his back, it'd give him leverage later, and went to town with her.  She was wiggling and squealing and giggling as he worked so he had to hold her down a bit but it was good for him.  She came and he cleaned it up delicately, then surged up and planted himself in her, kissing her gently with a grin.  "Sorry, I broke."  He moved hard, fast, giving her what she needed so she could have another one soon.  He might only get one tonight but it was going to be a good one.  He pushed Throttle and Xander from his mind again, concentrating on what he had here.  He didn't and couldn't care what they had at the moment, he had what was his and only his.  He pulled her up with a hard yank and she landed in his lap, seating him deeply within her so he could still kiss her while he pleasured her.  This was all about her pleasure tonight.  She wanted and needed it, he was more than happy to give it to her.  After all, if she was happy, he'd get more in the morning.  She was moaning and rocking on him in counterpoint and he was loving every second of it.  She screamed and he twitched his ear, but kept going.  He was so close!  She pulled back and slid off him, making him stare.  "What's wrong, sweetheart?"

She grinned and moved away, pushing him down onto his stomach.  Then she opened the little side drawer to find the little thing she had stolen off Xander with Dawn's help earlier.  She flipped it on and looked at it, then at his tail, giving it a wicked smirk as she put the small vibrating collar over the base of his tail and closed it.  Vinnie shot off the bed with a yelp and looked back, his tail just jiggling.  It was too much, he was going to go insane.  She giggled and kissed him.  "I figured you might like that."  She pushed him down again, just concentrating on his tail.  She moved the disc up a bit, letting it rest closer to his hole while she played with the tip.  He was laying there, his mouth open, barely breathing, just experiencing it.  She smiled and teased herself with his tail, sure he wasn't  going to mind if she used the extra-bendy and slim toy she had found him wielding.  She was pleasing herself when she felt the tail start to twitch like normal.  That just meant she had to turn up the vibrating collar.  She flicked the switch to the next setting and Vinnie went back to mindless lust while she got the vibrating tail again.  It was very good.  She considered it, then her mate.  "Vinnie, can I do with anything else?"

"Tail yourself," he moaned. "Please, Mars, tail yourself."  He shifted slowly so he could watch her, smiling in pleasure when she laid down facing the other way.  That way he had a perfect view.  She did insert the tail and was riding it when he started to get some control, and he found out the thing had a third setting.  "How many more!" he panted, his voice high and squeaky.  He wiggled, moving the tail in her, and she wiggled from it, groaning a bit.  "Up or down, sweetheart, pick, please!  "Up is sensitive, down is sensitive!"

She smiled and pulled it down by another inch and he went wild.  She gasped as the tail shoved deeper into her than it had ever gone before.  She hadn't expected that.  She started to move but the tail was dancing as Vinnie's body danced with it.  She reached over to hold his tail down, against his crack, and he let out a scream of pleasure that she swore made some dust fall from the ceiling.  It was all she could do to hold on, he was tailing her and she was nearly vibrating from it.  Then he suddenly broke and the tail moved out some, but he was there, pushing in and taking it all.  He had arranged himself so his tail was underneath him and between them but he was okay with that.  She was going to go insane.  He hadn't had her this hard in ages.  She was losing her mind and then his antenna connected with her head and she felt what he was.  She forced herself up and moved the ring back up, robbing him of the vibrations around his hole, but hitting that sensitive spot that was like a prostate on mice.  He bellowed and shoved in deeper.  She gagged, swearing he had just somehow gone through her cervix or something.  But he pulled out and pulled her into his lap, having her harder and deeper.  His hands were on her breasts, kneading and playing, tweaking a bit.  Then one slipped down to tease her clit while she rode him and she could feel his pleasure at her renewed writhing.  She finally came and went limp.  He picked her up and held her while he finished, and he still felt like he was going up through her insides and up her throat.  He came and she was dropped, but he fell beside her, panting hard.

"Take it off, please, take it off," he begged.  "Before I start again."

"You're on my arms," she said.  "I've got to move."

He moaned and wiggled and tried to move but it wasn't working.  He finally got his tail free of her body and flicked it toward her but that made it shift and it hit that spot higher than it had before, sending currents of heat and lust and agonizing vibrations that were going to drive him mad.  "Charley, please," he begged.

"Get off me so I can."

He managed to shift some more and she grabbed it, flicking it in the wrong direction.  That got him to move.  He shot off the sheets, gripping the headboard until she could take it off him.  He looked at her.  "Please, Charley, you know what I need now."

"I can feel it, Vinnie.  Come here, I'll try."  He laid down, a vibrating white blur against her pale blue sheets.  She reached into the drawer, finding her old vibrator.  It was going to have to do this time.  She wet it down with her tongue a few times then slowly slid it into him.  It was slim so it wouldn't cause any problems, but it wasn't enough.  He was sobbing in need.  She had been mean to tease him that way.  "Call one over," she ordered, knowing he would follow it.  "Use the magic and call one.  A big one.  I'll use it on you."

Vinnie tried, he couldn't concentrate.  He lunged up and kissed her, blocking out everything but that then.  A small box appeared and he mentally cheered, she had a few more.  He watched as she pulled out some lube and used it on her fingers, using them to open him.  He moaned and went to his knees, he needed this.  That had made him only want this now.  He had to have it. She had to take him.  He felt something hard, but cold, slide into him and gasped, clamping around it.  "What?" he tried.

"Marble.  I don't know from where."  She used it a few times but it wasn't enough.  She found a flesh-like one and switched them out.  He howled in pleasure and she grinned. "Like that, Vinnie?  It's probably about Modo's size."

"Throttle's he panted.  "Trust me."  He went back to his knees and hands, letting her have her way with him.  She was good at this.  He needed to get her more things to do this with.  He howled in pleasure as she let it get deeper, and she responded by nipping him on the butt cheek.  He bit his own arm, trying to keep it down.

"Let it out, Vinnie.  I didn't want to make you go this far."

"Oh, quit!  I like this!  More!" he shouted.  She smiled and went back to it, making him arch his back and ride it.

"That's it, Vinnie, ride this big cock.  Who's is it?"

"Yours," he moaned, trying so hard to get it deeper.  He lost control of his shields and felt Rimfire and Dawn.  He felt Xander inside Throttle and the intense claiming they were doing.  He let out a scream of his own and turned onto his back, pulling his knees back.  "Babe!  Please!"

She switched out to a longer one, inserting it and he went nuts, making her need look like nothing.  She bent down to lick the head of his cock while she worked and he pulled her spare hand up, putting it on his antenna.  So she steadied the dildo as she got him onto his side, curling him up a bit so she could reach both.  He was helpless in the face of her onslaught.  He was keening now, and she was giving him what he needed.  She could feel him, his shields were gone.  She was still in his head and he was one big, ragged nerve of need.  "Use your tail, stroke your own cock," she ordered.  He did so and that's when he came.  He tensed then went totally limp.  She took the toy out and he whimpered, but she went down to tease around the hole, blowing gently across it.  She licked across the bottom of hi balls and then moved forward to clean him up.  He went limp, smiling happily.  When she was done, she curled up next to him, clutching his chest.  "Sorry."

"No, was good," he said tiredly. "Need that now and then."  He kissed her.  "Next time, wear the thing so I can feel you pounding into me, sweetheart.  It'll make it go faster."  She looked stunned. "They make stuff for that."  He kissed her again then let out a sigh of pleasure before falling asleep.

She rested her chin on his chest, thinking about what he had said.  It was definitely different and not part of their usual sex life, but if he wanted that now and then…as long as it wasn't every time.  She pushed the toys onto the floor, she'd have to clean them in the morning, but she could do that too, just as long as she got normal sex then.


Vinnie came down the stairs the next morning, beaming proudly at his bros since they were all in the garage's kitchen.  Well, at least Modo and Stoker were there.  "Where's Throttle and Xander?"

"In bed," Modo said dryly.  "I called him off.  Boris was amused that he had made Throttle take him that hard."

"There might be more to it than that," he said as he sat down, wincing a bit.  "Charley girl's in bed too.  She needed a nap," he said smugly.  He watched as Enamel came in and went right to the coffeepot.  "Yours broken?"

"No, yours is over there."  He stared at him.  "The office, Vincent, now."  Vinnie raised an eyebrow.  "I mean it."  He got a sigh and Vinnie trudged off.  Enamel went upstairs for a moment to check on Charley then came back down with a stick he had seen on the counter.  He showed it to him.  "Yours?"  Vinnie stared in awe.  "She called before passing out.  Dumbass."  He smacked him upside the head, shaking that stupidly happy look off his face.  "How hard were you on her last night?"

"Pretty," he admitted, then he straightened up.  "Is she okay?"

"She should be.  I'm going to go examine her.  You're going to wait in here."

"But the bros…."

"In here. I don't want to break that news to them in there."  Vinnie nodded and he left, taking his coffee upstairs with him and his pouch.  He found Stoker in the bedroom and kicked him out without a word said, just hauled him out by the arm and slammed the door in his face.  He attached his little scanner to her stomach and sat beside her, sipping his coffee while he searched for the probable baby.  He found it, nestled safely, and smiled.  "You're fine so far," he promised, stroking her hair.  She blinked up at him, looking confused.  He showed her the panel.  "So far.  I'm going to check again in two days.  Just in case.  I told him but he's holding off on the announcement hopefully."

She sighed.  "Sure."  She yawned.  "Vibrating rings are dangerous."

"Vibrating rings?" he asked.  She found it on the floor and handed it to him.  He looked at it.  "Where did you put it?  Just so I know what to do to Shell when I buy one?"  He got all sorts of ideas from these guys and she always enjoyed it and gave him full credit for being so good in bed.

"His tail," she said smugly, grinning a bit.  She pulled the covers higher.  "I'm sleeping in today.  Customers be damned.  Vinnie can change oil if necessary."

"Good idea, Charley.  Like I said, give it two days and I'll be back to check.  At this stage it's nearly nothing."  She nodded, yawning again.  "You rest.  I'll make the big lummox make you a real breakfast."

"Had that already," she said smugly.

"Uh-huh, but that's not very nutritious and you do have to worry about that again."  He brushed her hair off her face again.  "You rest.  I'll see you in two days."  She nodded and he gathered everything, heading downstairs.  Vinnie was vibrating in the garage.  "She's okay.  Just tired. Make her *real* food for breakfast, Vincent.  What she had is not nutritious.  Make her actually eat."  He looked at Stoker.  "Okay, now why is Xander not waking up and flinching when someone knocks on his door?"

"It was one of those really good nights when most everyone got some," Vinnie said from the doorway.  "What's she want?"

"Food.  Good food.  Make real food.  Make it something she'll like.  She's sleeping, you've got time to figure out how to use a frying pan," he said facetiously.  Vinnie blushed and went to figure out what they had.   He started on breakfast, much to Stoker's amusement.  "Even really great sex has never stopped Xander from jumping up whenever someone walks into his room and he's asleep," he told Modo.

"They went psychic there for a bit," Vinnie offered.  "I…. my, um, shield dropped for a few minutes in there and I felt them. They're probably going to need a hot bath soon."

"What were they doing?" Modo asked.

Vinnie looked at him.  "I was a bit preoccupied at the time," he said finally.  "It's not like I was trying to bother them or anything."  He went back to making his girl an omelet.  He wasn't doing it very well but she would appreciate it nonetheless.

Modo looked over and shook his head.  "Let me, bro."  He got up to fix the meal for him, shaking his head.  "Do you think they're still stuck?"

"Probably," Stoker said dryly.  "I warned the punk time and again about that."

Enamel reached over and swatted him across the ear.  "Shut up."  Stoker glared at him and he glared back.  "Those two are special, Stoker.  If you haven't realized yet that Throttle and the guys aren't the typical baby mice cowering in fear you used to teach, then you need glasses.  Throttle and Xander have had psychic sex before.  Probably a number of times.  They're like that.  From what I hear they're also into bondage now and then." Stoker shivered at that.  "Throttle is not some cheese-brained little moron doing stupid shit to gain attention and neither is Xander.  Which is why everyone likes him, including his boss."

"You heard about that?" Modo asked.

"Yup, did."  He shifted, looking uncomfortable.  "Boris  asked if he should up it when he called to see if Xander was going to have any more growth spurts."  He looked at Stoker.  "You need to get over it.  Throttle is still your protégé, even though he's with a guy.  No one's making any comparisons and you're driving him up the wall."

"Throttle usually laughs at that stuff," Vinnie said dryly.

"I meant Xander," Enamel said dryly.  "A few weeks back, the boy was hurting from something or other.  Where did he go?"

"I don't know," Stoker admitted.  "Vinnie?"

"He was?"  He shrugged.  "He didn't say anything to me."

"Would he?" Modo asked.  He looked at Enamel. "You watch him."

"Hell yes I watch him.  He's the one thing that does great things.  He inspires groups, he takes over and runs the show efficiently and effectively.  He can plan battles.  He can do some limited magic.  Reminding you of anyone you knew in history?"  Both younger mice stiffened.  "Exactly," he said dryly.  "So we've got him, we've got the cats, we've got Dawn.  We've got Throttle."  He finished up his coffee.  "You forget what a college degree used to entail, boys.  Some of us may not be M'dreth, but that doesn't mean we're stupid and clueless."

"How did you know?" Vinnie sighed.

"His bike.  Though I had my suspicions when I met him.  Who else could just suddenly turn mouse?"

Vinnie concentrated.  "Someone's purring.  I'm guessing it's Xander.  I'm also guessing that Throttle's the one petting him."  He sent a mental nudge and felt himself be slapped for it by a tail.  Not a mouse tail, but a furry tail.  "Hey!"

"Don't get in there, you'll get stuck again," Stoker complained.

"Coach, since the night that we had those living nightmares, Charley and I can feel those two having sex anyway.  It's not like they can't eject me now and then."  He got up to grab the breakfast from Modo when he heard movement, pouring her some juice too.  She had always wanted juice the last time.  He carried everything upstairs, smiling at her as she made her way back to bed with a yawn.  "Come on, sweetheart, I got you breakfast."

"Thank you."  She kissed him and obediently lay back down.  She was handed the plate and the juice, which she gulped.  "Any more?"

"A whole new jar," he said happily, going to get it for her, and the toast that Modo had just gotten done.  He took them all up to her again and sat down with her to baby her.  "They think Xander and Throttle are stuck again."

"Yay them," she said before taking a bite.  "They'll come out soon enough.  I can hear something purring at him."

Vinnie grinned.  "I'm thinking that's Xander's inner beast," he offered, giving her a kiss on the cheek.  "Eat, you need to eat."

She pinched him.  "I'm going to get you for doing it to me again."

"Sure, babe, if it takes and all, I'll let you beat me night and day for the next six months."  She grimaced. "Okay, eight," he sighed.  She pinched him again.  "Ow!  Hey!"

"So far I am, therefore I get to punish you."  She ate another bite.  "I can't hear Dawn chatting."

"She's not down there," Vinnie admitted.  "Neither's Rimfire."

"We should probably check on them," she said, then yawned again.  "I need a nap."

"Sure, you nap.  I'll handle anything that comes in that's not too hard.  After all, I can repair the bikes."  He kissed her again.  "Done?  You should finish that."

"Tell whichever one cooked for you that they did a good job and I'll eat it later," she promised through another yawn.

He grinned.  "I'll tell Modo that since he kept me from botching it up too badly."  He covered it with a clean towel from the closet but left it beside her bed, then went back downstairs, going over to the lair to check on everyone else.  He saw Rimfire's bike a bit slumped and patted it.  "What's wrong, girl?"  She beeped sadly.  "No, he's not leaving you.  They're just in tighter now."  He went to check, finding them in their magic room.  He noticed the candles looked like they had been lit recently.  The air smelled of wax and sex.  He walked in and slammed the door, getting a glare from Rimfire.  That's when he noticed the bite mark on his neck.  "You're in so deep.  Stoker's here."

"Cheese," Rimfire moaned, putting his head back down.  "I'll be up soon.  Can you toss us some clothes?"

"Hell no.  Go shower, you stink, kids."

"Fuck you," Dawn muttered.  "I'm allowed."

Vinnie rolled his eyes, going over to haul Rimfire up.  Tugging on Dawn would get him slugged by Rimfire because he was the epitome of a jealous mouse.  Rimfire glared at him.  "Go shower, now.  Take her with you.  Before Stoker comes over.  Or Enamel."

"Hell," Dawn complained, using Rimfire to pull herself up and steady herself.  "Shower, we do stink.  I think the oil broke on us."  She walked off, his hand in hers, and headed for the nearest shower.

Vinnie looked at the altar.  "You satisfied now?"  He felt the peace and contentment around him. "I guess you are.  Fine, you tell his mother."  He went to his bros' room, tapping gently.  He felt another mental nudge and went in, smiling at how they were tangled together like a knot.  Then he tickled Throttle's ear.  He got tail-swatted for it.  "Stoker's here."

"Fuck me," Xander complained.

"No, you fucked him, bro, get it right," Vinnie said dryly.  Xander lifted his head and grinned but didn't open his eyes.  "He's already complaining about you guys and mental superglue."

"Fuck him," they agreed in unison, then closed their eyes.

"Nope, not today, guys.  Today we got stuff to do.  Stuff like clean up, find Chassis, take Pit shopping and to the warehouse.  Little things like that which I cannot do.  I'm studly, but I don't know nothin' about building a house."  Xander moaned.  "Besides, I'd like the mental purring in *my* head to stop, please."

They both looked at him again.  "Sorry, bro, my shields failed majorly," Throttle sighed.

"Mine too," Vinnie agreed, sitting on the foot of the bed.  "Then again, with what Charley did to me last night, I'm not surprised they failed."  Throttle smirked at him.  "You know that vibrating ring thing you guys used to have?"  Xander moaned and nodded.  "She used it on me in just the right spot.  You might be missing a few other things too."

Xander lifted a hand by a few inches, pointing at his closet.  "In there, red bag with gold lettering.  Not the other one.  That one's his present."  Vinnie beamed and went over there, going to find his bag.  He found Throttle's and peeked.  He'd love that set of straps, they looked comfortable.  He found his bag under some other stuff and backed out of the closet, running into Enamel.  "Sorry, they got me something."

"Wonderful.  Use it carefully."  He stared him down.  "No more overly wild sex, Vincent.  It's not good for her until the second trimester."

"She is?" Throttle asked.

"She is," he sighed.  "Probably.  They got a bit wild last night themselves and he was a bit energetic so we're waiting to see if it's going to affect the baby implanting herself."


"Possibly, just guessing. Did you want another son?"

"I'd like one who didn't call me poof," he offered.

"Teach him how to say daddy."

"I've been trying."

"Then he's enjoying seeing you blush and struggle against it," Enamel told him. " I'll check his vision again today."  He bent to check on Xander, then looked at Throttle.  "Nice job, he's now his own age as a mouse."

"How?  He was only fifteen last night."

"Hmm, you did *what* last night?" Vinnie asked dryly. He grinned at them.  "Come on.  We've got to eat.  You've especially got to eat, bro."  Xander stood up and you could tell he had lost a bit of weight.  The remaining baby fat was now gone from his body.  All his muscles stood out in splendid display.  Vinnie almost felt jealous for a second but he knew he looked better, even when starved.  He helped his little brother toward the shower, then came back to get Throttle too.  They both needed it.  And probably more but that should do for now.  He went to raid the fridge, bringing back more eggs, bread, and other stuff, but Modo tossed the bread.  "Was it bad?"

"It was when I tried to make a sandwich yesterday.  Dawn and Rimfire?"

"Um, bro, maybe you should sit down," he said, helping him into a chair.  "Um, I woke ‘em up.  They're kinda sore."

"Nothing new there," Modo said grimly.  "And?"

"They're both wearing bite marks on their necks."

"Excuse me?" Modo asked.  "They bit each other that hard?"

"Here," Vinnie said, laying a hand on where Modo's own former wife had once put a scar on him.  "Both of them," he said, staring into his remaining eye.

Modo jumped up.  "They did what!" he shouted.  "Rimfire!"

"Oh, shut up," Dawn called.  "He's got a headache."  She walked in leading Rimfire, putting him into a chair and frowning at Modo.  "You, sit down."  He glared at her and she glared back.  "Happened in the middle of it, neither of us planned it, but his headache ain't getting' better by you yellin' at him," she said firmly.

"Dawn, quit," Rimfire said calmly, patting her on the hand.   He stood up slowly, facing off with his uncle.  "I'm a grown mouse.  She's a grown woman now.  You all knew we were going to be bonding someday soon.  Well, it was kinda spur of the moment but it happened," he said dryly, staring him down.  "You know damn well I'm gonna take care of her.  I already do."

"You're too young!"

"Oh, quit, Uncle Modo!" he said firmly.  "I've been figuring out how to do this since last Christmas!  She's been mine since then in everything but bonding.  Now we're bonded.  You should have expected this."

"Fine, then you're going to tell everyone and you're going to make it official on Mars," he said firmly.  "Now, right now."

"We've got classes this afternoon," he said dryly.  "After classes we'll all go.  I'm not endangering ours or Mars' future by skipping my first day of college."  Modo and he stared each other down.  "I will tell Momma and Grandmomma before then if you want so they're not shocked and they can get there.  But I can't head to Mars until after classes are done for the day."

"Fine," Modo agreed, nodding a bit, looking at Dawn.  "You got anything else to put in?"

"Yeah, quit yelling at him," she said firmly.  "The only one who yells at my man is me."  He looked stunned at that.  "You're his uncle, Modo, quit acting like his damn owner.  I'm his owner."

Rimfire chuckled and kissed her on the cheek, sitting her back down.  "She hasn't had any caffeine yet," he apologized.  "We all know she doesn't like mornings either."

"Especially not with the magic hangover she's got," Vinnie said, staring Dawn down.

"Yell at him about that.  That was his thing, it just hit him," she said with a  wave of the hand.  "Yay me.   Should I try to find a white dress or is that not required on Mars?" she asked Stoker, who was staring numbly at them.   She snapped her fingers in front of his face.  "Earth to Stoker, you're down here now."  He blinked and stared at her.  "Do I need a white dress or anything else?"

"No," he said, shaking his head quickly.  "Not necessary.  Just be yourself."  He stared at Rimfire.  "Magic hangover?"

"She does do magic, the binding did include vows to protect each other, yeah, she's probably got a bit of one from last night.  That and I think I may have pulled her hair again once or twice."  She shook her head, getting up to rummage for something to drink.  She sat down with a soda, then looked at Xander as he was led in.  She let out a small giggle and handed him the soda, getting herself another one.  He took the unopened can with a frown.  "I hadn't drunk from it yet."

"I still don't want to know where your mouth was last night."  He looked at Rimfire.  "You'd better be good to her or else I will skin you and use your parts in horrible ways that'll make your shade beg and plead for mercy while crying blood tears.  You got that, Rimfire?"  He nodded quickly.  "Good.  Dawn, did we not have this talk about patience being a virtue when you were about sixteen?"

"We did, and it just kinda happened, he started it," she said, taking Rimfire's hand.  She wasn't scared of Modo, he wouldn't hurt Rimfire or her.  Xander would kill them both, unintentionally but he'd do it.  "Sorry, Xander."

He grimaced at her, then at Rimfire.  "Where's the knife?"

"It disappeared," Dawn said, then popped her soda and took a drink.  "She blessed it."

"Wonderful," Vinnie said grimly, glaring at them both.  "Sit!"  They both got comfortable and he went to start making more food, which Modo took over again.  "You okay?" he hissed.

"No.  I'm gonna go pout."

"I understand, big guy.  She'll treat him right and you know your momma loves her already.  We all knew it'd happen soon."  He gave him a nudge and a grin.  "Enamel said it might be a girl."

"Then we'd all better practice our aim.  That'll be one pretty baby, bro," he said with a sad grin.  He looked at his nephew again.  "Go call your mother."

"Fine."  He got up and went to call from the office.  It had a comfortable seat in it.  He put his feet up on the desk and grabbed the keyboard and the mouse, connecting to Mars.  "Hey, Carbine, I've been ordered to call my mother and my grandmother.  Can you please connect me in?"

"That depends, why would you need to call them?" she asked.

"We'll be coming to see you later," he said patiently.  "For now, I have to tell them first.  Uncle Modo said so."

"Rimfire, this is really for…."  He growled and she raised an eyebrow.  "You have better manners."

"Then get my gray furred Grandmomma to yell at my tail," he snapped.  "It's been a long damn night, I haven't had any breakfast yet, and my tail's sore.  Oh,  and we think we've got plutarkians again here.  Xander thought he saw a Limburger along with Greasepit, Greasebomb, and a bunch of goons."

"Excuse me?" she demanded.  He nodded.  "Since when?"

"About a day ago.  I'm sure that'll be discussed over breakfast, but I still need to speak to the two scary women in my family.  If you wouldn't mind? I still have trouble hacking in from this end."  She frowned but pushed the button.  He typed in the call code and his mother's commander/husband showed up.  "Sir, I need to speak to my mother on my Uncle's orders."

"Did something happen to the twins?"

"Not as far as I know.  But then again it's been a long, strange night."  He smiled weakly.  "Really, sir. I need to speak to her and Grandmomma afterward."

"Fine.  This time.  It had better be important."

"I'd hope so."  He gave him a dry look.  "They actually expected me to wait longer for her."

The commander gaped then hurried off, he could hear him running.  Dawn brought him a plate and a root beer.  "Thanks, babe."  He gave her a gentle kiss and a grin.  "Go before someone singes your tail too."

"Why would I?" Cell asked. "This had better be important, I was just training a bunch of new recruits in how to ……"  She trailed off when she saw her son's neck, tipping her head to the side.  "Turn your head in the other direction, son," she ordered.  He did so and she moaned.  "You dumbass!  You absolutely stupid, moronic, imbecile!"

"Hey!" Dawn protested.  "Only I get to call him that, woman!  You gave birth to him and I took his tail.  At least I appreciate it."  She glared her mother-in-law down.  "Modo said he had to call.  Otherwise you just would've gotten a call to come visit with Carbine when we showed up.  You do not yell at my man!"

"Well, you're protective of him, I like that much about you," Cell admitted.  "We will be talking, Miss Summers."

"I'm sure you will be, but you don't scare me.  My sister's bitchier than you.  So are the other slayer twats.   You ain't got nothin' on seventeen slayers on the rag at once."  Cell actually smiled at that.  "So calm it down, he's got a headache."

"Fine.  I'll save my yelling for in person.  Is there a child coming?"

"Oh, hell no," Dawn said impatiently.  "Not until we're back on Mars.  Permanently on Mars."  Cell nodded at that.  "It's a long story and we'll tell you sometime soon, but not now and not over this.  I'm going to go eat now.  I have a headache too."  She walked off, heading back to her breakfast.

"So, momma, did you and daddy do the thing with the knife too?" he asked, taking a bite of bacon.

"The knife?" she asked flatly.  He nodded.  "Yeah, did you?"  He beamed and nodded.  "I'm supposing it disappeared?"  He beamed even brighter.  "Did you even stop to think?"

"No, we were having sex and the urge and knowledge came to me.  It seemed to make her happy."  He shrugged. "It was only a matter of time anyway, momma."

"Fine, but no babies.  When are you bringing her up here for longer than a ten minute visit?"

"The holidays, in about four months."

"Fine.  We will be talking then, son."

"Yes, momma.  Can you switch me to grandmomma?  Uncle Modo said I had to call her too.  He's a bit upset."

"Gee, I wonder why?" she asked sarcastically.

"That's okay, Xander said he'd skin me and use me in horrible ways that would make my shade cry blood tears while begging for mercy.  Even Uncle Modo shut up at that one."

"Hmm.  I agree and I'll help him if you hurt her."

"Except for that one incident with the succubus," he started.

"I don't need to know about you and sex, son!" she said quickly, transferring him to Throttle's momma's house.

"Hey, Auntie.  Where's my Grandmomma?"

"In the garden, dear.  What's going on?"  He tipped his head to the side and she squealed, looking very happy.  "Finally!"

"Last night during sex.  Uncle Modo is not pleased with me," he said dryly.  He dug into his eggs.  "He's making breakfast too."  His grandmother came in and gave him an expectant look.  "It's not grandkids."

"Good.  What was it?"  He tipped his head to the side.  "Is that a bite mark, Rimfire?"  He nodded, eating another bite.  "Hungry?" she asked dryly.

"During sex, grandmomma.  It just kinda hit me and I went with it."  He beamed at her.  "We've already been threatened and we've got to go visit Carbine later to get hitched after classes.  We'll wait to do it down here by Earth standards for a while.  It'll just screw up her taxes or something."  He shrugged and ate another bite of breakfast.  "Chassis and Pit are here somewhere but not here presently.  I'm guessing Pit's off exploring somewhere and Chassis, well, I think she found a guy in the club who liked her."  He shrugged.  "Xander will know but he's not in the best of moods this morning.  They were having psychic sex and got interrupted apparently."  Both mothers sighed at that.  "Stoker's down here too.  Want me to send him back with the twins?"

"No, not yet,  let Modo have some fun for a few more days.  I'll make sure we're all there this afternoon, grandson."

"It's about ten local time here, we don't get off classes until six-thirty, so seven by the time we get home, eight tonight probably when we get up there.  Sound good?"

"That's nearly the middle of the night, son."

"Damn it."  He sighed and looked out in the hallway.  "Dawn?"

"No, me," Modo said patiently.  "Problems?"

"Time difference."  He looked at him.  "We won't get home until seven probably.  Our class is from four until six-thirty."  Modo nodded at that.  "So, that means probably eight after we change clothes and she quits fussing.  Which grandmomma said puts it about the middle of the night."

"What time?" Modo asked, coming in.  "Hi, momma.  Did you yell at him?"

"Son, it was only a matter of time," she chided.  "Besides, I like those two.  They've mostly got their heads on straight."  Modo grimaced at that.  "They're good kids."

"They're too young," he protested.

"So they'll learn to be adults together.  Goodness, son, I married at fifteen."  He gaped at that.  "You nearly had another older sister."   Modo sat down at that news.  "So they'll be fine.  We were and Rimfire's just like his granddaddy."

"No, I have a better sense of humor," Rimfire said dryly.  His grandmother chuckled at that and nodded.  "We've got classes for the next three days," he sighed, looking at his uncle.  "Up to you, Uncle Modo.  To us it is official."

Modo grimaced.  "When's your next free day?"


"That's a holiday here, son," Modo's momma offered.

"Again, not great," Rimfire agreed.  He looked at him.  "If you truly want me to do this today, I can say I have to duck out early, at five."  Modo looked at him and nodded.  "Dawn and I both can."

"Can what?" she asked as she joined them again.  "Bad timing?"

"It'll be about the equivalent of ten at night," Modo's momma offered.

"So I call the teacher, tell her we're eloping tonight, we're leaving at five.  I told her things like this might happen due to childcare and other problems around here."  She shrugged.  "She seemed understanding."

Rimfire found his stuff from the school and dialed the normal phone, getting the operator at the college.  "Hi, ma'am, I need to speak to Doctor Sharpeneva in the English department please."  There was a buzz and he was transferred.

"Hello?" a tired voice called.

"Doctor Sharpeneva?  This is Rimfire and Dawn, we're in your class this afternoon?"

"It's been canceled, kids.  Not enough people coming.  We needed twenty and we only got fifteen."

"Shoot."  Dawn pouted a bit . "They won't reconsider since it's mandatory?"

"No. I tried that already.  They're suggesting 215 or 219 instead."

"Both of those were really early," Dawn protested.  "Unfortunately we have nighttime commitments about half the time and wouldn't be able to go.  Can we trade into 314?"

"Not without mine first," she offered.  "Personally, I would take poetry, it's an online course."

"I hadn't thought about that," Dawn admitted. "I thought it was by permission only."

"Some of us can't do poetry," Rimfire said grimly.  "I'll never make it through the readings."

"It's writing," the teacher said plainly.

"Then I'd never pass," Rimfire assured her.  "I cannot rhyme worth anything."

She let out a small chuckle.  "So take one of your other mandatories, like a computer class."

"I'm already on for those," Rimfire said.  "I'll talk to my advisor later ma'am, thank you."

"You're welcome.  Why were you calling?"

"We were going to have to cut out early to elope," Dawn told her.

"Oh, goodness.  Congratulations," she said, sounding happier.  "I wish you the best of luck, you two. I hope to see you next semester.  Have a good day."  She hung up.

Dawn looked at the parents.  "Okay, so we can come up.  That was our only class today.  When's a good time?"

"In about three hours," the mothers said together.

"Give Cell some time to complain first," Modo's mother offered.  "I'm assuming you told her first, grandson?"  He nodded, finishing off his eggs.  "Good boy.  We'll see you then.  That's usually a break for them anyway."  She wiggled her fingers and cut the connection, when sent them back to Carbine.

"Three hours good for you, sir?" Rimfire asked.  "Our first class got canceled."

"Fine.  We're in down time then," she agreed.  "I'm sure I'll be seeing your whole family?"

"Most likely," Dawn agreed.  "You need to see Buffy too?"

"Xander has custody of you, that's enough," she said firmly.

"Sure.  That's good with us."

"No, have her bring Buffy up," a voice called.

"Hey, Rivet.  We're coming up during the holidays."

"I need some information," she called.

"Then we'll send you down.  We're not exposing Mars to Buffy Summers," Carbine said firmly.  "Go away, kids."  She hung up on them.

Rimfire finished his breakfast quickly and looked at his uncle.  "Is there any more?  I figure I'll need the energy tonight."  Dawn swatted  him.  "I should. It's our honeymoon."

"I just started, honey, it's going to be a few days," she said firmly, going to get him some more food.  He would probably always be a bottomless pit.

Modo patted Rimfire on the head.  "I'm proud that you're thinking ahead, Rimfire, but I think you moved too fast.  I'm not disappointed, but I still think you moved too fast."

"Which is great and all, Uncle Modo, but I know very well Grandmomma stopped you and your former wife from sneaking out to elope twice before you graduated."

"We, um, kinda had to," he admitted dryly.  "Then she lost the baby.  We still stuck together though."  He stared him down.  "I will expect that from you."

"Of course.  She's mine and only mine."  Modo grinned at that.  "I'm forgiven?"

"For now, until you do the next stupid thing.  Call your advisor, see what you can put in that class's  place for next week."  He walked off, going back to his food.  He felt better now.  "Three hours," he announced.

Xander nodded.  "Sure, I can find clothes by then.  Should we try to call Stan and see if he's still got Chassis?"  Everyone stared at him and he beamed.  "You didn't seem ‘em leave?" he asked with a catty smirk.  He pulled over the phone and dialed the station from memory.  "May I please speak to Lieutenant Welsh?  No, sir, Xander Harris.  It's not an emergency either.  Well, Detective Kowalski if he's in, but if not, him.  Please.  Sure.  Ray's fine."  He grinned as the phone was switched.  "Ah, detective.  Did Stan call off?"  He sipped his soda.  "Because he's got one of our Martians with him for a long discussion since last night and there's going to be a wedding today.  We thought she might like to attend."  He grinned.  "Sure.  Thanks, man.  You okay?  Then you have an easy day, detective."  He hung up.  "He'll call him at home."

"I'm sure he'll like that," Vinnie agreed with a grin.  "Think they hit it off that well?"

"Hopefully.  Stan's a nice guy," Xander said, finishing his soda and sitting up fully again.  He winced a bit. "I could use a soak in the hot pool.  Vinnie, can I?"

"We'll go together.  Since she won't let Carbine bond us."   They got up and headed next door to go rest in the hot tub and work on Xander's Martian some more.

Enamel shook his head.  "Kids."

"Tell me about it," Stoker said grimly. Then he grimaced.  "Why am I agreeing with you?"  Enamel laughed at that.  "Asshole."

"Not really.  Otherwise Xander wouldn't like me."  He smirked and got up, heading to check on Charley then head home.  It was happy news he could pass on.  Shell would be pleased.

The End.

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