Merle, the crew chief Xander used to work with and who was working on their addition, walked up to Xander and whispered in his ear. "Sorry, it's mostly unavoidable," he complained.

"No, I get it, it's not your fault.  Is that special room done and hooked up at least?"  He nodded.  "Fully?  It won't blow the fuse or anything?"  He nodded, grinning at him.  "Then that's cool.  We're leaving tomorrow.  Have Modo or Stoker or Charley look over things if there's any doubt.  But no one goes into that room until we get back but Vinnie."

"Sure, Xander.  What's that for anyway?"

Xander gave him a small smile. "It's the best birthday present I could ever find," he said softly.  "Go ahead and put that sign up if it's done. I'm going to get him."  He jogged through the new bottom connecting door, finding Vinnie coming out of the bathroom.  "Good.  You did take my advice.  Come on.  I've got something to show you and only you.  Until we get back, this is only your room, but then you've got to share it with me for at least a night."

"Sure, Xander," Vinnie agreed cautiously.  "Is it going to explode or is it something kinky?"

"Not that I know of, you'll have to tell me."  He looked around and walked in, then grinned and took Vinnie's towel from around his hips, using it to cover his head.  He flipped on the secondary lights, then turned off the main ones before leading him inside and closing the door, locking it securely.  He looked at the tub, plugging in something and flipping on the valve for the water pipes.  He adjusted the knobs then grinned as it filled.  He turned and pulled the towel off, using a hand to cover Vinnie's eyes.  "I know you told me not to," he said quietly, standing in front of him.  "But you missed them so much and you can't really go home for a long stretch of time for a few more years probably, so I thought I'd do it anyway."  He moved his hand then poked Vinnie when he didn't open his eyes.  "You can look."

Vinnie opened his eyes, staring up at the dim lights recessed into the ceiling, which looked like a rough cave ceiling.  He looked at the walls, seeing a few shelves with pails and vials, then he noticed there was water running.  He stared at the thermal tub for a moment, walking over to swish his hand through it.  "It's cold."

"It'll warm up.  It takes it a few minutes.  I went looking for a thermal treatment spa because it has the heater to keep the water at a constant temperature."  He moved closer to hug him.  "I tried," he admitted quietly.  "In the jars and stuff are the components Stoker told me were in the pools.  You can mix and match them until you find whichever combination you like or for whichever pool you want to remember."  He gave him a squeeze.

"Xander," he said, turning to hug him back.  "Oh, man, what can I say?"  He looked around again, just holding on for now.  "Wow."  He picked him up to squeeze him harder.  "Damn, bro, I just don't know what to say."  He sniffled a bit and Xander let him hang on, sitting them on the edge of the spa while he cried.

"Hey, you guys okay in there?" Modo called.

"Yeah, but you can't come in until Throttle and I have been back at least a day.  This is Vinnie's private space," Xander called.

"Sure.  He okay?"

"Yeah, just remembering," he said quietly, patting his big brother on the back.  "So, you like?" he asked with a small grin.  Vinnie nodded, wiping his face off.  "It'll take about ten more minutes to fill, and about twenty to heat through."  He picked up a basket. "These are sea salts, I didn't think you'd want them but I got a few sample packs in case."  He gave him an impromptu kiss then stood up.  "You've got to ask Enamel if Charley can come in with you. You mix and match to your heart's content.  There's a brighter setting of lights if you need them and there's a fan if you put in too much sulphur," he added with a small grin.  "Okay?"

"You can stay."

"I made this one for you.  The night we come back, you can teach me how to do this.  For now, this is your room until we get back.  Only the people you allow in here can come in here."  He brushed some stray furs off his antenna.  "You need brushed," he teased. "There's a hair clog filter too."  Vinnie chuckled at that and gave him another bone- crushing hug.  "Hey, this is what I do," he promised.  "This was going to be another bathroom but I didn't think you'd mind too much.  Oh, the closet in the corner still has a toilet so you don't have to go too far and there's a mini-fridge behind that yellow rock," he said with a wink.

"Stay?" Vinnie asked.

"If you want."  He sat down, running a hand through the water.  "What should we put in there?"

Vinnie got up to look at the shelves, noticing a book up there.  "What's this?"

"Chemical compositions of the various springs.  Stoker found it in the archives."  Vinnie grinned and flipped through it, finding one he liked.  He looked, finding a measuring spoon set, then set out to measure the right stuff into the water.  Xander picked up a large wooden paddle to stir for him.  "Just like a cauldron."  That got another grin, then Vinnie turned up the heat as high as it would go.  The water was soon steaming and Vinnie climbed in, hissing a bit as the super heated water hit his bare flesh.  "Hot enough?  That's as high as the safety features will let it go.  It's at the boiling mouse point."

Vinnie grinned and nodded. "Perfect actually."  He wiggled in the water, finding a padded seat.  "This is something we needed.  Those rock ledges were too hard.  The marble slabs were worse because they held too much heat.  This padding is *nice*, bro."  He helped him in, snuggling against his side.  "Thank you."

"You're welcome."  He put an arm around Vinnie's shoulders, letting him cuddle in.  "There, how's that?"

"Cool with me.  This one used to be a couple's pool anyway."  He grinned up at him.  "Do we have a phone?"

Xander stretched his tail out, finding the waterproof headset and keypad, bringing them down for him.  "Here you go.  Enamel's still number three and it dials the same."

Vinnie stuck the modified earpiece into his ear and dialed the speeddial setting.  "Hey, doc, technical question.  If I took Charley to a thermal mineral spring, could she go in with me?"  He grinned. "Only tepid ones?  Like lukewarm bath?"  He nodded. "And not too many heavy minerals.  What about sea salts?"  He grinned.  "Sure, thanks, doc.  No, it's relevant, just planning our next weekend off.  Thanks."  He hung up and pushed them away, snuggling back into Xander's side.  "He said it'd have to be one of the cooler ones."

"There's a setting for cold water too," he shared.  He gave him a gentle squeeze.  "I didn't bring in any books."  He grinned down at his grinning big brother.  "I thought about bringing in a tv and vcr to *really* spoil you but then you said you used to read in these."

"I'd be too spoiled if you did that," Vinnie agreed quietly.  He gave him another squeeze.  "I love you, little brother.  You try very well and it's nearly as good, and I'm feeling so spoiled and loved."

"Hey, that's what Xander's do for the ones we love."  He stroked him on the back of the head.  "Just relax.  We're not leaving until tomorrow and Throttle can pack the bags for us."  Vinnie grinned at that.  "So, was this one of those that you bathed naked in?"

"Not if the monitors were around, but they liked to disappear for a few hours at a time so the couples could cuddle.  They left me alone in there for nearly a week once with my girl.  She finally got tired of cuddling and jumped me, but then she decided she didn't want a biker the next week."

"Pity for her bad taste," Xander said dryly.  Vinnie chuckled and nodded, snuggling in better.  "Sure, I'm a comfy pillow.  Throttle said I need more time in the gym since I'm not building stuff now."

"You're perfect enough for me," Vinnie promised.  Someone knocked on the door.  "Go away.  It's mine until the day after they get back."

"I was going to ask if my man was in there with you," Throttle said dryly.

Vinnie looked up and grinned.  "Yeah, but I'm getting a spoiling cuddle and you can have him back later."

"Sure.  Xander, want your blue shirt packed?"

"If it'll fit."

"Okay.  I'll see you at dinner."  He walked off.

Vinnie grinned and snuggled in again.  "I like you in that blue shirt, I knew I was right to make you buy it."

"You were, he drools over me in it," Xander agreed, stroking his back.  "We're going to have to conspire to keep Dawn from dumping smelly bath stuff in here."

"Yeah," he agreed happily.  "It won't go with the minerals at all."  He looked up.  "All mine?"

"All yours until we've been back a day, then you've got to agree to bring me and Throttle in here and teach me how to do this like one of the natives.  Then you can decide or leave it open."

"Okay."  He relaxed again, enjoying this.  It smelled right, it felt nearly hot enough, and it was just dim enough to be one of the hidden springs.  "Did you remember a shower?"

"Bathroom's next door."

"Point.  Remember not to leave any of the heavy sulphur water on your fur or it'll turn you orange."

"Sure."  He settled in deeper, getting comfortable for a long soak.  "I got the biggest I could find.  It supposedly seats eight."

"It seats three mice," Vinnie said dryly.  "That's all it needs to sit."  Someone knocked on the door.  "Go away."

"Fine," Stoker agreed.  He headed back to the main lair, looking at Throttle, who looked a bit confused.  "Problems packing?"

"Why do I smell sulphur?"

"Because Xander spoiled Vinnie rotten," Stoker said fondly, grinning at him.  "If you hadn't claimed him, Charley girl would be accepting a third in their bed right about now."  Throttle gave him a sideways look. "They're cuddled."

"I trust them," Throttle said, sounding like he did.  "I'm just wondering what's going on."

Stoker winked and led him back to the addition, to the bathroom.  "He put this in the plans," he whispered, moving the small plate.  It exposed a piece of one-way glass and he grinned, then let Throttle look.

Throttle looked and smiled, then put the plate back, nodding as he walked off.  Xander was one special mouse and you could tell who he loved best.  "Bro," he said to Modo.  "Don't plan on feeding Vinnie or Xander tonight.  They'll come out later."

"There's a mini-fridge in there," Stoker told them.  "I went to snoop while they were putting it in.  I gave Xander the report on chemicals in the various pools too."

Modo grinned.  "We've got a pool?"

"A hot pool, one of the springs," Throttle said gently.  "It's a surprise for Vinnie.  He and Xander are curled up in there.  So we've got to be shocked and awed when he unveils it."

"That room that's only his until you guys come back?"  Throttle nodded.  "That's fine then.  I won't expect to see him except at bedtime."  He shared a grin with them.  "We need a picture of them curled up."

"I was over there snooping when Xander pulled Vinnie in," Stoker admitted quietly, glancing around.  "He was crying."

"Yeah, Vinnie used to love those pools," Throttle agreed.  "They were one of his favorite things on Mars.  It eases the ache for him."  He hit Modo on the arm.  "What're we having for dinner?"


"That's fine. I'll bring them dinner when it's ready."  He went back to his room, still grinning at the specialness of his mate.  No one but Xander would have done this for Vinnie.  They wouldn't have even thought about more than getting him a weekend at a place that had hot springs.  Yeah, his man was one of the great ones.


Xander whispered at Throttle's bike while they waited for her to be loaded, getting a few quiet beeps in return. "Remember, it'll be a few hours only.  Then we'll be back on you.  First thing.  Got it?"  She beeped again and a handler came over.  "Hey.  Be very gentle with her. She's a specialty racing machine.  She's very delicate, worth millions, and a prototype."

"Yes, sir," the handler said.  "Is she in neutral so we can move her?"  Throttle nodded.  "Thank you, sir.  I'd let you load her yourself, but regulations and all that."

"We understand."

Xander turned her loose and the handler kicked up the kick stand gently, walking her into the plane.  He carefully put her in a walled off section and strapped her down. "There you go, miss," the handler said gently.  "As special as I can make it for the three hour flight."  He walked off, leaving her there.

The bike shifted to move one strap but otherwise she was pretty comfortable.  This wasn't such a bad thing and they'd have a long ride afterward.

Xander took the tag and put it into their ticket pocket, walking Throttle back to the gate and checking in.  "Hi.  Vacation."

"That's a nice destination," the woman agreed.  She saw the cargo sticker and looked at him.  "Vehicle?"

"My bike," Throttle told her.  "We're flying out and riding back."

"Oh, that's a wonderful vacation, sir.  I hope you have a lot of fun."  She got them checked in and gave them boarding passes.  "Anything else?"

"Nope, not yet.  How long?" Xander asked.

"About ten more minutes before we start boarding.  That way you can get a magazine or something."

"Sure.  Thanks, miss," Throttle agreed, heading to the bathroom.  Airplane bathrooms were very tiny according to Vinnie.  Barely big enough to squeeze into.  He drug Xander with him, he would destroy it if he couldn't fit comfortably.  Then he got him a milkshake and they got in line to board.  "Are you sure she'll be fine?"

"She'll be great," Xander promised. "She may get a bit chilly if we get too high up, but she's strapped so she can't move or get hit with anything.  The handler was very gentle and I saw him talking to her too."  Throttle nodded. Xander understood she was his baby and he treated her like it.  He hugged him around the arm, then walked past the gate girl, handing her their boarding passes.  He steered Throttle to the first class section, smiling and winking at the stewardess.  "Our honeymoon."

"Congratulations, sir," she said with a gentle smile.  She checked their tickets.  "Hmm, first class?"  He nodded.  "Did you upgrade?"  He nodded again.  "That's why there's that mark there."

"They were printed at home and I need to change my cartridge," Xander said dryly.  She chuckled at that and sat them down.  No one else came up to claim the seats so they were fine and everything was good.  She smiled as she walked past them again.  "No luggage to be stored?"

"It's all on my bike," Throttle told her.  "Can we check on her during the flight?"

"I don't think so but I may be able to," she said with a wink, moving on to check on the other few passengers.  She came back.  "Once we're in the air, would you like some champagne, gentlemen?"

"We're more rootbeer and soda sorts," Throttle offered politely.  "Thank you though."

"You're welcome."  She leaned down next to Xander's ear.  "If you really must celebrate before we land, use the bathrooms up front, dear.  They're crew mostly so they're cleaner and it's a bit nicer and less crowded."  She went back to her checking, finally flicking the switch that said everything was in order.  "Thank you for flying Virgin Airlines and I hope you have a wonderful trip.  My name is Susan and I'll be your crewmember today.  Now if you'll pay attention to the film we'll be underway shortly."  She sat down and buckled herself in as the plane backed away from the gate.  She saw the tanned young man grab the other one's arm and the armrest and decided she'd check on them first and start at the back of the cabin for drinks today.  He looked like a first time flier.


Throttle accepted his bike, looking her over carefully. There was a piece of lint on her but no scratches, no dings, and his mirrors were in the same spot.  "Thank you," he said with a gentle smile.  "Do I tip you?"

"Not necessary, sir.  You have a good time in the Bay City."  He walked off to help unload baggage.

Xander grinned and stroked the seat.  "Give us ten to get out of the airport and we'll fill you up," he promised.  She beeped quietly.  "Let's go.  We're already checked through."  Throttle grinned and got on, putting on his helmet.  Xander got on behind him, his helmet in hand too, and they were off.  Xander put on his helmet once he had put in his cellphone's earbud, that way he could call the house.  "Hey, Stoker, we've landed, the baby's fine, and we're headed to our hotel.  The number's in the office, under the phone if needed."  He hung up before anything could be said.  "There, done and we're free."  He snuggled against his lover's back.  "I liked cheering at Dawn's graduation.  It was much better than mine. I didn't even have nightmares about mine afterward."

"Yeah, but the one before was about to drive me nuts," Throttle teased.  "See, I told you there wouldn't be a demon invasion."  He stopped at the first rest station and got her filled up, making her one happy bike.  "Tunes?" he suggested.  She flipped on the radio, searching for a suitable station to play through their helmets.  "Thanks," he said when she found one.

"I loved this station."  Xander hummed along with the present song and they were off again, heading for the city proper.  They pulled off at a spot overlooking the city.  "See, I told you lots and lots of hills."  The bike beeped happily and Throttle chuckled.  "It's built on seven hills actually so some of the streets are very twisty and turning, plus up and down on the same street.  Let's go.  I'm starved."

"Sure," Throttle agreed, grinning at him.  He started them moving again, merging back into traffic.  "Where's the hotel?"

"See the big orange bridge?  Head for the hotel on the left of it, facing the bridge. It's the one with the big sign on top."

"Cool.  Nice views probably.  How high up are we?"

"Next to last floor.  If we really wanted to, we could spy on Oakland."  He giggled as the bike beeped and started down a hill.  "I put directions in her earlier."

"Thanks.  Okay, babe, let's hit the hotel, then we'll crash for a few hours before going to see some of the sights."  She beeped and sped up, taking them right to the hotel.  Throttle found the parking garage and pulled in, finding a section marked off for bikes.  "This is really nice," he said in slight awe.

"They've got a lot of bikers through here and it was recommended by one of Charley's biker buddies.  It won't get too cold so she won't catch a chill.  Mild deterrence," he ordered.  "The people here should respect you.  They haven't had a theft of a bike in nearly a year."  The bike beeped and settled in happily.  "Okay, let's check in," he said, taking Throttle's hand to lead him to the desk with their stuff.  He grinned at the woman behind the desk.  "Harris."  She typed in the name and smiled, handing them a brass key and a few brochures.  "All in?"  She nodded.  "Thanks.  The bike lot is still safe, right?"

"It's very safe, sir, and we do have surveillance and guards in there.  Is yours the black lowrider?"  Throttle nodded.  "Then I'll check the cameras now and then, sirs.  Did you need anything else?"

"Food?" Xander asked.  "Somewhere closeby."

"We have room service or there is the restaurant in the hotel for a light snack before your plans for tonight."  Xander winked and walked his mate off, waving.  "You have a nice stay, sir."

"Thank you.  You're wonderful," he called, turning to grin at her, then turning back around to push the button on the elevator.  "I made dinner plans for tonight," he admitted.  "Something special that you can brag about."  He grinned at Throttle and then gave him a wink.  "Feed me?"

"I've got what you need for a snack," he promised, kissing him gently.  The elevator arrived and they climbed on, staring out the glass sides as they went up.  They got off and Xander walked them to their room, opening the door but letting him in first.  Throttle whistled as he looked around.  "Really nice rooms."

"Yeah," Xander agreed happily, going to open the curtains.  He waved a hand. "With a wonderful view."  He turned and found someone clinging to the glass, taking off his helmet.  The guy fell and he waved at him, smirking as he did so.  "I'm guessing that's the Spiderman wannabe who climbs all the best buildings."

"That was mean," Throttle said, pulling him closer to kiss him stupid, or straight.  "You need to be punished."

"Ohh, yeah, and the bed's perfect for that," Xander promised, skimming out of his clothes then hopping onto it, stretching out for his pleasure.  "See?"

"That's a big bed," Throttle agreed, coming over to tie his mate down.  Then he stepped back and undressed, giving him a good show.  Xander was more than ready for him when he moved closer again, but he only let him have a few inches of his cock to suck on.  "Be a good boy and you can earn more."  He pulled back to look down at him.  "Are you going to behave?"  Xander nodded.  "You're sure?" he asked.

"I'm not the naughty peeper," Xander said with a smirk.  "We heard you."

"I couldn't see more than where you two were sitting so I'm still going to be surprised."  He gave him a long, gentle kiss.   "You're so damn special, Xander.  That meant the world to Vinnie."

"I know, that's why I did it," he pointed out with a small grin.  "It's still his and only his until the day after we get back.  Then he's bringing us in to show me how it's done properly, then the others can come in as he wants.  It's his room."

"Sure," he agreed happily.  "We may never see Vinnie again except when it's time to fight," he offered with a small grin.  "Did he cry?"

"A bit.  I saw how much he missed them, Throttle."

"I know you did, babe.  That's why I love you, because you do stuff like that."  He stole another kiss then gave him more cock to suck on.  "Since you were so good then."  Xander devoured him, making him moan and press in further.  "Yeah, like that," he agreed happily.  He heard a thump and looked back, smirking and waving at the guy clinging to the glass.  Then he went back to feeding Xander his cock, making him more than happy.  The man fell off again when he saw Xander grab onto Throttle's tail to play with and this time he didn't come back.  Apparently he decided on another route to the top.


Xander stopped the bike and patted her.  "You be okay out here or do you want a real parking spot, babe?"  She beeped and seemed to settle into the nice street spot.  It was a quiet street and there wasn't too much traffic.  He got off and walked the blindfolded Throttle to the doorway, smirking at the doorman.  "It's a fantasy for him," he whispered.  "When's the next tour?"

"It's invitation only, sir."

"Harris, party of two, for dinner as well."

"Ah, there you are," he agreed, crossing him off.  He nodded with a small grin.  "Go ahead and wait inside, boys."  Xander beamed and paid the fees, then walked Throttle inside, taking off his blindfold.

Throttle looked around, then at Xander, mouth open.  Finally, he managed to squeak out, "You brought me where they make hotdogs for dinner?"

"Kosher hotdogs," he admitted.  He stole a kiss and waved a hand.  "There's a tour in a little bit.  We'll go on it and then we'll eat."

"We're going on the tour?"

"This one won't include the yards, like mine did.  Just the history, the pressing, that stuff."

"Oh, okay."  Throttle gave him a crushing hug.  "Love you."

"Love you too, Throttle."  He grinned at the guards.  "But you've got to eat seafood with me tomorrow."

"No squid?"

"No squid and it'll be a place you can get a steak."

"Sure."  He walked his mate off, holding his hand tightly as they looked at the exhibits in the lobby.   A few more people joined them and then a perky young woman came out to put them into the rolling golfcats so they could take the real tour.

The man in the cart next to them leaned over.  "Are you Jewish, son?" he asked kindly, smiling at him.

"No, sir, I just like hot dogs.  I used to live next to Quigley field in Chicago and I ate there every single day for about three years."  The man laughed and went back to watching and listening to the perky young woman.  He took the camera to take pictures of everything they were going past.  Wait until his bros saw this.  They'd be green with envy!  At the end of the half-hour tour, they ended up in the restaurant, where Xander had made reservations for them.  They settled down with menus, looking at all the hotdog offerings.  "Can I get a copy of the menu to take home?" he asked their waitress.  "My bros won't believe this."

"I think we can make you a copy," she said with a happy smile.  "What'll it be tonight, sirs?"

"He'll have the ballpark special and I'll have number four, eggs with runny middles."

"Sure.  To drink?"

"Rootbeer," Throttle said with a grin.  "The only thing that should go with a hotdog."  She smiled and took their menus, going back to the kitchen.  She brought out their drinks and a copy of the menu with a wink for Throttle, then went to check on the other diners.  Throttle grinned at Xander.  "I don't know if I'm as happy as Vinnie was when you were spoiling him, but it's really close," he said with a bright grin.

"I thought you might like this," he promised.  "There's a tour video too."

"We can get that for Modo."  Xander nodded, smiling at him.  "Are we shipping stuff back?"

"Before we leave the city," Xander promised.  "We'll ship it to the garage with orders not to open it until we get there.  We can get the film developed before then too."  He nodded, that sounded good to him.  "By then, Vinnie may be out of the pool too."

"Probably not," Throttle said, shaking his head.  "I think his record's about nine days.  Then he ran out of money to eat and had to come back for a payday.  We managed to capture him then and take him out on patrol with us."

Xander grinned at that.  "He looked so cute curled up on my stomach in the pool.  There's stuff to mix for various pools too.  Just no girly bath stuff."

"Not an issue," Throttle agreed. "We can keep Dawn out of it.  Is she hitting the dorms?"

"She said she didn't want to.  That the only thing she'd really miss were the frat parties and she didn't want to rush a sorority anyway.  So she's staying at home if it's okay with everyone.  If not, she wants to take some of her trust and get a small place next to the college."

"Fat chance I'm letting them shack up together permanently," he said dryly.

"That's what I said.  She said it was only an idea and that she understood.  Did you see the ring?"


"Ring."  Xander smirked at him.  "Rimfire wanted to do the engagement ring thing but Modo wouldn't lend him the money.  That's why he's been working with Merle.  She paid for it and he's paying her back, but she got to pick it out."

"Wow.  You mean like this?" Throttle asked, pulling something out of his pocket.  "I know you wanted to do it the human way too," he said when Xander just gaped at the small velvet box.  "Xander?"

"Oh, my God," he whispered reverently.  "Oh, my God!  I feel like Dawn, but that's all I can say."

Throttle grinned and opened it, showing him the small diamond stud.  "It's a mix of yours and ours," he said gently.  "I never knew if you wanted a ring."

"No, that's great!" he said in awe.  "Can we do it now?"

"Not here, but we can find a spot or we can wait for Sturgis," he offered. "Your choice."

"Piercing stud tonight and put the real one in at Sturgis?" he asked, sounding kinda giddy and goofy to his own ears.

"Sure, babe."  He stole a quick kiss and put the earring back.  "Anything you want."  Xander got up and danced around before sitting back down.

"Did he propose?" their waitress asked as she came back with their food.

"Yeah," he said, showing off the earring.  "It's his.  He said yes."

"We heard him shriek," she admitted with a grin.  "Sit down and eat, sir.  You'll need food to wear him out later so he's sure you meant your yes."  Xander sat down to scarf down the food, making them both smile.

"I'll have to remember this for the next time he says he doesn't like hotdogs," Throttle said with a shy boy grin for her.  "I was going to wait for somewhere he felt like I did."

"It's not always the place, usually it's the person that makes it special.  Or so said my husband when we nearly got sank on the ferry and I proposed."  She put down their check and walked off, smiling at her coworkers.  "He proposed.  Nearly a carat it looked like. Earring diamond stud."

"He'll look good in that," her fellow waitress agreed happily.  "I think that's the second one we've had in here."  She went back to wait on her few customers, smiling at the happy couple.  Finally Xander couldn't take it anymore and got up, tipping Throttle's face up to give him a real kiss.  "He just proposed," she told one table of staring people.  They clapped and cheered, which made the rest of them do it.


Vinnie picked up the extension when someone yelled at him to, smiling at the sated, happy voice on the other end.  "Hey, Xander.  Modo said it was you.  What's up?"  He heard the squealing and smirked.  "Good!  It's about time"   He chuckled.  "Sure, put goo boy on."  He grinned at Throttle's assertion that he should be called that.  "Nah, I'm too comfortable for that.  How was dinner?  I helped him find the spot."  He grinned.  "Congrats, man.  Sure, when you get back.  Nah, I don't mind.  You still didn't get to see all of it."  He beamed.  "Sure.  You have a good night too.  Later, guys."  He hung up and went back to soaking until someone pounded on the door.  "No!  My private space for a whole week."

"Vinnie, are you coming out tonight?" Charley asked.

"Probably not but I'll try to bring you in later tomorrow, after work.  If Enamel says it's okay."

"Sure.  Want dinner?  I made your favorite."

"Leave 'em there, I'll get 'em in a few minutes," he said, stretching out in the warm water.  "Maybe after I nap again."  He yawned and grinned some more, sinking down in the water to get comfortable.

Charley left the food there and went back to the lounge area. "What's going on?  I haven't seen Vinnie in three days.  Not one quip, not one smug expression, not even a stray white hair.  First he was helping Xander and now he's in his private space."

Modo grinned at her.  "It'll be fine.  You'll be seeing him soon.  After all, he's got to come out for another book soon."

She sat down to pout.  "That's not fair.  Whatever Xander did is not making me happy."

"Yeah, but it's making him happy," Modo reminded her gently.  "He'll let you in soon."

"He said I could come in tomorrow if Enamel agreed.  Why would the doctor have to agree?"

"Call him over and let's see.  He's probably bored tonight with Shell out at the opera by herself."  She nodded, grabbing the phone to call him.  "Did you leave Vinnie food?"

"Yeah, outside the door.  He said he'd get it soon.  Enamel, Vinnie won't come out of his new private space and he said you have to agree to me going in tomorrow after work.  Are you two dating now?" she asked bluntly.  He chuckled and answered her. "Please.  I haven't seen him in three days.  Not even a speck of white fur.  No, Xander and Throttle just called from their trip.  Xander took him on a tour of a hot dog plant out there.  Yeah, it was a happy sounding couple," she agreed.  "Throttle officially proposed human style while they were eating at the plant."  She grinned. "Sure, I made more than enough hot dogs.  Yup, there's cold root beer too.  Sure, whenever you've got a free minute to come beat my mouse for me.  Thanks."  She hung up and sat down to nibble on her dinner. "He'll be over once he puts on clothes."

"That's probably a good idea, yeah.  It's a bit hot today but the cops might frown on him riding naked."

She grinned and kicked him under the table, at least until she heard a ship coming in.  "Hmm.  Carbine?  It landed instead of crashed and Rimfire's only out to Chef Andy's with Dawn."

"Momma?" Modo called.

"Not quite yours," she called back, coming down the ramp, proving to be Throttle's mom.  "Where are my boys?"

"San Francisco on vacation," Charley said with a small grin. "They'll be back in a little over a week."  She held out her spare hotdog.  "Want one?"

"Please, child.  How are you feeling?"  She touched her stomach and grinned. "Very, very strong. Do we know what it is yet?"

"A boy with my hair color," she admitted with a grin.  "I'd let Vinnie hug you but he's now got a private space that no one can enter until Xander and Throttle get back."  Enamel rode up the bottom ramp and she got up to get him some food, bringing the rest of everything to the table.  "Here you go.  They didn't tell you they were going?" she asked the mother as she sat down again.

"Of course they did, but there's two birthdays coming up that we've got to make plans for, child.  Plus this one's birth," she said with a small smile. "Modo's mother will be down in about a week.  She had to help some of the new little ones settle in.  That Racer is quite the card."

"He is," Modo agreed happily.  "I'm glad momma took him in.  He needed a lot of love.  His parents died on Plutark."

"That poor baby," she sighed, shaking her head. "Vincent!"

"Later," was called back faintly.  "Comfy."

Enamel got up and went to check on him, finding the door with Vinnie's name and 'private space' on the sign.  He tapped, then grabbed the food and walked in, staring in awe.  "This is fantastic," he said, looking around.  "Wow."  He shut the door and handed him the plate.  "Which pool are you replicating?"

"Thermal spring two," he said in a dozy voice.  "Charley?"

"Not unless you're going to switch to four and start over with the chemicals.  No sulphur."

"How about sea salts," he asked, pointing at the basket.  "Xander got a few trial packs."

He sat on the edge of the pool, laying out a few.  "Those are okay for her.  You're still going to have to turn the heat almost completely off.  Did you ever visit the sea?"  Vinnie nodded, grinning at him as he ate a hotdog. "Remember those seawater pools?"  He nodded again, still grinning.  "She can soak in that with only those packages," he warned.  "Otherwise it could hurt her or the baby.  If she feels the first cramp she's to get out of there and take a normal bath immediately.  Got it?"  Vinnie nodded. "Good man."  He looked around again.  "This is really great.  Xander did an excellent job on this."

"I know," he agreed, sniffling. "My baby brother loves me."

"He does, man.  He certainly does."  He patted him on the arm.  "Remember to drink a lot.  Your fur's drying out and that's a sign of dehydration.  I'll have her bring in a jug of water or her favorite juice while you rerun everything."  Vinnie nodded, using his tail to pull the plug on the tub.  "How long?"

"Twenty minutes.  Let her food settle first," he offered, getting out to hose himself off next door.  When he came back, the water was restarted, the tub was rinsed out, and the heater was set at the lowest setting.  He found a bathrobe on the back of the door and scarfed the rest of dinner, leaning there as the water refilled.  He picked up the wooden paddle to stir in the salt that was lining the bottom of the pool, smiling as Charley came in.  "No suit needed, sweetheart.  Shut the door."  She shut the door and took off her blindfold.  "Xander made it for me.  It's like one of our hidden pools on Mars."

"Wow," she said, looking around. "I know you said you liked them.  No wonder I haven't seen you in three days."

He pulled her closer, kissing her gently.  "I love you enough to share one with you," he promised, nipping her bottom light lightly.  "Enamel said you can't sit in one of the hot pools like I was, but I can compromise and do a seaside pool with seawater."  He went back to stirring.  "Those should be dissolving."

"It doesn't always," she offered, taking off her clothes.  She gave him a shy look and turned her back.

"No, babe, let me see the baby."  He turned her back around, helping her out of her clothes, bending to kiss the small lump of his son.  "Hey, son.  You wanna soak with the mommy and me?"  He grinned at the weak kick. "Yeah, it'll be fun.  We'll cuddle."  He pushed himself back up to pull her closer so he could kiss her again.  "I needed this break."

She smiled and stroked his cheek. "Sure you did.  Why are you orange?"

"Too long in a heavy sulphur solution.  It'll come out soon."  He climbed in first, testing the water.  "It's a bit cool," he warned.  She shrugged and walked up the two steps, then sat down next to him, moaning and wiggling on the padded seat.  He let her curl up against his side, using his toes to stop the water.  "There.  I hope you don't mind.  We conspired to keep me in here alone for a few days."  He stroked her belly under the water.  "It's just so special and something I've been missing."

"No, I don't mind, Vinnie.  It's great.  Xander's the best spoiler on this planet I think."  She gave him a gentle kiss and his hand moved down.  "Not in the water.  It'll foul it."

"Having you get off in it only purifies it," he said with a breathless, low voice. He pulled her into his lap, impaling her immediately on him.  He had missed her and he needed her.  He needed to share this with her. "The next time we all hit Mars, I'm going to take you to the real ones.  Even if they're not open."  She smiled and nodded, letting him do whatever he wanted.  "Please, move, babe."

"If you want."  She gently shifted up, then slid back down him.  "There's too much water."

"There's an overflow drain right under the lip," Vinnie promised.  He helped her move, moaning at how good she felt in the water.

"I actually wanted to spend time with you without sex," she said with a small grin, clutching his shoulders.  "I don't know why."

"Why be bored waiting for it to happen?" he teased, leaning down to lick at one of her nipples.  He tasted a new taste and stayed there to suckle.  "You're leaking."

"I wasn't."

"You are now and it's good."  He went to the other side to take some of that too.  "How soon before the baby's born?"

"Another month."

"Damn.  Just one more month."  He stroked her stomach, staring down at it as his hips worked.  "Pretty soon you'll be out, son, and then I'll have to give up on her breasts in your favor."

"Not all the time," she said with a small blush.

He leered at her. "Good.  You're much too sexy to leave alone totally."

"I feel like it when you look at me that way," she admitted with a light blush.

He groaned and flipped them onto the seat next to theirs so she could lean and he could stand and have her that way.  "You're the sexiest woman in the world.  Those pinups of Rimfire's?"  He snorted.  "Washed out, pale imitations of you.  Some skinny little supermodel?  Staving waif I feel sorry for but not desire for.  You and only you, sweetheart.  You're the most stunning visual feast I could ever dream up.  So don't pinch me or I might lose it."

She pulled him over to kiss him.  "Sometimes you say the best stuff," she said with a small smile.  "It makes up for all the bragging and saying dumb stuff nicely."  He beamed and got back to work, making her arch up into his thrusts.  "Vinnie!  Careful!"

"With the water, I can go deeper," he whispered in her ear.  He was working it for all he was worth and he could feel her body reacting.  He let her go over, then carefully bent his head down while he was still inside her, a silent invitation to play with his antenna.  She smiled and teased him, making him groan and thrust, his breath catching as he came.  "Ooh, sweetheart," he moaned, sinking down beside her.  "I needed that. I wish you could be in the hot pools with me."

"After the baby's born and I quit bleeding," she promised, leaning against his side.  She yawned.  "This is really nice.  He thought of everything but a bookshelf and a minibar."  His tail opened the minibar fridge and handed her a rootbeer, making her smile.  "Never mind, Xander knows you all too well."  He grinned and nodded. "Did you sleep in here last night?"

"Yeah," he said happily, settling in for another nap.  "This is a good spot to nap."  The phone rang and he put the earpiece in.  "What?" he asked in a sated, calm voice.  "Sorry, guys.  Didn't mean to. No, we're in a cool seawater one.  She's in here with me."  He grinned down at her.  "Sure."  He hung up.  "Xander said they're sorry if you catch anything from them.  Throttle's still getting bleedover from me."  She blushed.  "I consider it a great compliment."

"Me too, but I don't want to feel them having sex either."  He chuckled and kissed her, pulling her closer.  "You're right, we need a nap."

"Yeah, we need a nap," he agreed, closing his eyes so he could have his own.  He was tired now.  But it was a good tired.


Four days after they had left San Francisco, Throttle pulled up to entryway to Sturgis, home of the yearly Harley festival.  The festival was next week but you could already see a lot of bikes parked everywhere and it was like he was catching Vinnie's bounciness.  He pulled over to look, then look back at Xander.  "Where are we staying?  I know you had to book this in advance."

"Actually, the original trip was just this far," he admitted with a grin.  "See the white sign?  We're at that inn."  Throttle nodded and took off, going to check them in.  He let Xander off the bike to do that while he parked his baby among the other bikes.  Xander took a picture of him, getting a grin in return, then he went inside.  "Hi, Harris?"

"Hi, Mr. Harris," the older man said with a smile.  "Here for the full festival?"

"That depends on Throttle," he admitted.  "Maybe.  I booked for the whole time but if we leave early you can probably find another person," he said with a wink.  The man smiled and nodded, checking them in.  "What's going on today?"

"Mostly it's just sitting around, refinding old friends and making new ones.  There's some sport riding up the street later probably, they do it every year."  He looked over as Throttle walked in with their bags.  "Be right with you, sir."

"I'm his," he admitted with a grin.

The old man grinned at him.  "That's a special thing to be, boy.  Good job on nabbin' this one."  He handed them two keys and then winked at Xander. "Up the street, where the picnic tables are, they're holding one of those meet and greets, boys.  Go there for lunch."

"I will.  Thank you, sir," Throttle said, heading up to their rooms to put stuff down.  Now he knew he sounded like Vinnie when he had caffeine, Xander was stroking his back in a comforting way.  Throttle took the time to watch the street, smiling at all the bikes.  "There's going to be thousands more here soon," he said in awe.

"Yup, there sure will be, and most of them won't care if you're a bit fuzzy," Xander assured him.  He gave him a hug and a kiss on the back of the neck.  "Wanna go meet people?"

"Yeah," he agreed, turning to kiss him hard, and heard some cheering.  "I think they appreciate you too."  He drug Xander out, getting them back on his bike and heading up the street.

"That's a pretty bike," one guy said in greeting.  "Well tricked out too from the looks of it.  You guys staying all week?"

"I planned on it but I also thought he might only get to stay for pre-event stuff," Xander admitted as he got off, taking off his helmet.  The guy looked at him, then shrugged and held out a hand.  "I'm Xander.  This is Throttle.  He's slowly teaching me the ropes."

Throttle got off his bike and shook the guy's hand too.  "Hey."

"Hey.  I'm Pyler.  Go ahead and sit boys.  Were ya'll from?"

"Chicago," Xander said, sitting down and pulling Throttle down next to him.  "Sorry, he's about to float off."

"Nah, it's all good your first trip in.  This is about my sixth and I still gawk like a kid," he admitted with a grin.  "So, you're what?"

"Mice," Throttle admitted.  "That doesn't freak you out?"

"Why would it?" he said with a shrug.  "I'm from Atlanta.  Ain't nothin' freaked us out since we saw General Grant with a bunch'a torches."  Xander giggled at that. "So I take it the boy's spoiling you rotten?"

"Oh, yeah," Throttle agreed with a bright grin.  "We flew out to Frisco and then rode back this way.  It's been a great trip.  We needed this."  He looked at Xander's earring, then pulled out the real one.  "Wanna do this now?"

"Sure, if we can," he promised with a grin.  "My engagement ring."

Pyler whistled.  "That's a pretty piece of hardware."  He looked at his ear.  "It'll fall out there."

Throttle considered it, then shook his head. "It shouldn't.  The ear's pretty thin but it should hold it."  He fingered the area around the piercing stud.  "If you want, I'll let a professional pick," he offered.  "I can't imagine it falling out anywhere but on the interstate."

"Sure.  Pyler is there a guy here?" Xander asked.

"Oh, yeah, a few," he agreed dryly. "Riley!"  He noticed Xander stiffen. "Know someone by that name?"

"Yeah, former military putz who used to date my best friend."  He looked up at the big, bald, kinda pudgy African American guy walking their way.  "Which he is not," he said in awe.  "Hey," he said, holding out a hand.  "Xander.  This is Throttle."

"Hey," he said, shaking it.  "What's up?  That's a pretty ring."

"It's his engagement ring and they need to put it in," Pyler told him.  "I'm not sure it'll stay where that stud is."

Riley blew on his fingers before feeling around the ear, shaking his head. "Way too thin, it'll catch and rip."  He looked at the curves of the ear.  "How about here?" he asked, pointing at a spot just inside the inner crease. "It'll be subtle, but wink out at you and blend in great with his fur."

"I like that," Throttle agreed.  "How much?"

"Ten," he said with a grin.  "You two new?"

"No, I've been biking since I was about seven," Throttle told him.  "Got my present lady when I was sixteen.  I'm just now getting Xander up to the point where he's wanting to ride all the time and we've got to start teaching him the games and the fun stuff."  That got some smiles from the people walking their way.  "Need me to move?"

"Nah, I'm good," Riley said, heading inside to get a tackle box.  He came out, accepting the money from Throttle and set up to do the boy's ear.  "This'll hurt."

"So did the other one," he said patiently, gripping Throttle's arm and squeezing his eyes shut as the needle went in.  "Shit!"

"It's all right, Xander."  He replaced the needle with the earring and fastened it on, making sure there was a small plastic spacer behind it.  "Take the spacer off in a few days.  That'll make sure your ear doesn't swell and eat the backing."  Xander nodded, grinning up at him.  "How's that for your boy?"

"I like that," Throttle admitted, looking at the diamond that was nestled in the white fur.  You couldn't see the setting but the diamond itself was like a hidden treasure.  "I like that a lot."  He stole a kiss.  "Now he's got to find me one?"

Xander opened his fanny pack and held up something.  "While you were staring at the chocolate factory and said I couldn't go."  Throttle snatched it, grinning at the pretty solitaire in there.   "Can you nestle his too?"

"Sure, kid."  He accepted the other ten and went to work on Throttle's ear, earning a small yelp but that's all.  "There, pretty as a knockout in a bar brawl."

Xander beamed at him.  "Thanks, Riley."

"You're welcome."  He closed and put everything up, then sat down with them.  "Where you two from?"

"Chicago," Throttle said, fussing with it.  "That feels strange there but it's a good strange."  Xander kissed him and he moaned, forgetting all about the earring for a moment.  "Hmm, people," he reminded him as he pulled back.  There was some clapping.  "Thanks."

Xander grinned at the watchers, winking.  "You guys'll get sore hands if you do that each and every time I make him moan."  A lesbian couple laughed at that and clapped them on the back.  "Thanks, ladies."


Riley shook his head.  "You're somethin' else, Xander," he assured him, but he was grinning.  "Chicago?  I heard something about some angels up there on bikes?" he asked Throttle, who nodded.  "What took you so long to come to us?"

"Been busy," he admitted.  "Xander's spoiling me rotten."

"They flew out to Frisco and are driving back," Pyler told him.

"I'm from near LA, that's some damn trip," Riley said in amazement.

"I'm originally from Sunnydale," Xander told him.  Riley smiled at that.  "I ran into them and then went back a few years later to stay.  He puts up with me."

"Any boy who can make a man like him dance and wanna sing, they're good together," Pyler said with a wink.  "Any more like you at home?"

"Yeah, there's two bros, one of them's got a nephew who's dating our adopted daughter, and then there's the occasionally dropping by moms and people."

"Which mom's on her way down?" Throttle asked, teasing his new earring again.

"Yours first, then Modo's momma's coming down for the birth.  She said she'd have to because someone would have to calm Vinnie's baby boy down quickly or else he'd be worse than Anya."

"I don't think it's possible for a kid to be worse than Stoker's kid," Throttle said, shaking his head. "Our mentor's oldest child and she keeps trying to steal my boy."  The others laughed at that.

"She was named after my former girlfriend.  Born on the anniversary of her death," Xander said with a small shrug.  "She's a great kid, but she's bitten and screamed at people who try to take away her Xander cuddles."

"Where you guys headed after this?" Pyler asked.

"Oh, we're headed home.  Vinnie's son is due within the month. Plus I've got to find a new job or else I'll drive everyone at home insane doing nothing."  Throttle nodded, cracking them up again.  "I was thinking about sending Modo, one of the bros, to the bike week in Florida but I didn't think I could do it this year and I'm hoping on next year."

"He'd bend over backwards," Throttle said with a grin.  "Or you could send us all here next year."  Xander's phone rang and he snatched it, looking at the number.  "That's a 911 code."  He opened it.  "What happened?"  He listened to Micah.  "No, we're in Sturgis."  He grinned.  "Yeah, Xander's spoiling me.  What happened?"  He listened, then nodded.  "Call the house, get Vinnie out of the pool, and they can handle it.  Don't let Dawnie go, she's hot to kick someone's butt.  Sure."  He hung up.  "Micah said they just had an unauthorized person trying to attack DC."


"Apparently they were pissed at the president too."

"Wonderful.  We needed?"  Throttle shook his head.  "Cool.  I wish them a lot of fun dealing with the menace this time."

Pyler looked at them.  "Are you two MIB or something?"

"Not quite," Xander admitted with a grin.  "We're more a comfy home and rest stop sort."

"I'll keep that in mind the next time I'm in Chicago," Riley said with a grin.  "You sure you wanna head home?"

"Yeah, we've got the daughter getting ready to start college this fall," he sighed, shaking his head.  "Besides, we just finished putting an addition on the house and I want to soak in our new spa."  He looked at him.  "Which is still in the garage.  We couldn't find another spot for it that it'd look right."

"We have a spa in the garage?"  Xander nodded. "Why?"

"So Modo can soak and polish his baby."

"Oh.  Cool," he decided, grinning at him.  "We'll have to try that out when we get back."  He stole another kiss. "Food good here?  He's going to be begging for food soon."

The guys laughed and nodded. "Very good.  You comin' to the games later?" Pyler asked.

"Yeah, Xander needs to see what they're all about and my girl's good to compete."  He looked back and saw someone staring at his bike in awe and his baby preening.  "Behave."  The bike beeped and nudged the woman then settled in to be admired. "Show off," he muttered.

Riley looked, then snickered.  "Damn you boys ain't normal, but you're fun."  He clapped them on the back.  "Let me track down a waitress for you two.  You're right, he looks like he could do with a few good meals."  He went to find a girl, carrying her back to the table to take their orders.  "They want the barbeque."

"Pork, steak, or chicken?" she asked.

"Pork," Xander said immediately.  "What sort of sauce?  Spicy, sweet?  Mustardy?"

"A bit sweet, but Louisiana style," she offered.

"I'm so there," Xander assured her.  "Sandwich?"  She nodded.  "Cool.  Rootbeer?  Throttle?"

"Sounds good and he did treat me to the hotdog factory.  Two please."  She smiled and nodded, going to get it for them.

"That's where he formally proposed too," Xander shared.  "My boy loves his hotdogs.  I have to struggle to get him to eat anything else now and then.  One meal out of every ten is a good average."  Throttle grinned at him.  "But I don't mind, he brushes his teeth after the onions."

Their tablemates laughed at that. Then more people came over to sit with them and introduce themselves.


Xander had Throttle stop at Chef Andy's and he ran inside, carrying a small cooler.  "Hey, Andy?"  He got a grin.  "If I give you something that made Throttle beg and moan in pleasure, can you duplicate it?"

"Probably.  What's in it?"

He handed over the cooler.  "We found this place just a few hours away.  That was frozen when we left and I kept it in the cooler the whole way.  He tried it at Sturgis and loved it so we went searching for the best spots, as recommended by the bikers."  He grinned.  "I made sure the place's name's on it in case you get stuck or anything but he literally moaned and begged for fourths.  He said it's nearly as good as your hotdogs."

"I'll try," he offered, opening the containers.  He sniffed it.  "It's still good and cold, nice work, Xander.  He eatin' it with slaw?"

"No, he doesn't really do slaw.  Neither do I, but I'm pretty sure Vinnie will.  He's a bit like Mikey that way."  Chef Andy chuckled, taking a taste.  "Can you duplicate it?"

"Oh, sure," he promised.  "I know just the sauce."  He looked at the name.  "Yeah, not an issue, Xander.  When you need some?"

"Whenever you get it ready I'll get a lot for the boys that night for dinner."  He winked.  "Thanks, Chef Andy.  Did they call in lunch yet?"

"Not yet, son.  Whatcha need?"

"The ususal," he said with a grin.  The chef put the pulled pork barbeque into the fridge and got to work making them their usual order of hotdogs.  He paid and took the bag, heading off to the bike.  "I got lunch too."

"So I can smell."  He sped up, going to the lair and pulling inside the new garage. "We're back and we brought food!" he yelled.

"I love you," Vinnie called.

"You'll love me more when Chef Andy figures out the new stuff we just brought him that Throttle adored," Xander called as he walked. He walked into the kitchen and grinned at Modo, hugging him.  "We'll have to get the Sturgis pictures done before we can show them off.  One of the guys asked us not to make any of him."

"That's fine," he agreed, grinning at him.  "How was it?" he asked Throttle.

"Spiritual," he said, still smiling. "Sixteen thousand bikers in one town at one time being bikers."  Modo grinned and hugged him, clapping him hard on the back.  "We found someone locally who can beat even you at bottles and brodies, Modo, he's wonderful!"

"He's been biking for nearly forty years," Xander told him.  "Started as a kid on a trail bike."  He hopped up onto the counter. "He spends a lot of time at a local bar called the Low Rider."

"I know that place," Charley said as she came in.  "Not for the casual biker.  Who'd you meet?"

"Christopher Manley.  They called him Squeeze?"  She grinned at that.  "He got within millimeters of that bottle.  Throttle nearly beat him but he was about a quarter of an inch off."

"He sounds good," Modo agreed.

"The bar's like Tola, where the Freedom Fighters used to hang out," Throttle told him.  "We got an invite for you to go down there and arm wrestle with him.  He said you'd look like fun."  Modo grinned at that.  "He's a *big* guy.  He's nearly as big as you are."

Vinnie came in and sniffed at the bag. "Lunch?"  He grinned, looking at Xander's ear.  "I like where he placed that, little bro.  That's the sweetest spot."  Xander beamed and blushed a bit.  "Very sweet.  Get it done in Frisco?"

"I had the original one done there but the solitaire was too heavy so they decided to nestle it further in," he admitted.  "I about bit Throttle when the first one was done."

Throttle grinned.  "The piercer thought it was cute."

"He also wanted me to have you for dinner," Xander quipped, smirking at him. He grinned at Vinnie.  "We stopped at a place after having some stuff at Sturgis, and found something that made Throttle moan and beg for fourths.  I dropped some off with Chef Andy and he said he could replicate it.  So in a few days we're having that."

"Cool," Vinnie agreed, grinning madly.  "Pictures?"

"We've got to have them made, and we promised Squeeze we would destroy any with him in it.  I didn't know he was iffy about them when I took a few of him on his slide."

"Sure.  Later?"  Xander nodded.  "Can we all go down there?"

"If you suddenly become less orange," Xander teased. "Didn't rinse off?" he asked, playing with a bit of orange belly fur.

"My toe got caught on the plug switch and let it out while I was sleeping," he admitted sheepishly.  "I've got stuff to use on it.  Let's eat, then they're mine for a few hours, then we'll head down there after hitting a one hour photo place and dinner," he ordered.  "Throttle, your mom's still asleep."

"Stoker's kids probably wore her out," he said, heading for her bedroom.  "Momma?"  She came out and hugged him hard enough to break him. "You okay?"

"I"m just fine, son. It's just the day of that attack," she said gently.  He gave her another squeeze and she relaxed in his arms. "Did you have fun?"

"Momma, sixteen thousand bikers in one spot being bikers," he said in awe.  "I can't even begin to describe it."

"Good, baby.  You needed it."  She looked at his ear and squealed.  "Oh, that's so pretty!"

"You should see his.  It's like it's hidden in the same spot."  He pulled her back to the kitchen, letting her grab her lunch.  Then he sat down and put Xander in his lap, cuddling him.  "He took me to a plant where they make hotdogs," he told Modo.  "Our first night there and he had been sneaky, arranging for a tour and then to have dinner there."  Charley came back with their box and he grinned, taking it from her.  "Thanks, Charley girl."

"Not an issue.  I know I've got stuff in there but I'm more patient than some white mice."

"I'm a good white mouse," Xander said promptly, grinning at her. "Even if we did make that Spiderman guy fall off the hotel twice."

"He told a news crew that he had seen two people dressed up in furry costumes going at it and that's why he fell," she agreed, grinning at them.  "You had fun?"

"It was great fun," Throttle promised.  "It was what every road trip was supposed to be.  That freedom to wander, but with a final destination in mind.  I don't think it could have gotten any better."

"Except for the person who tried to steal the bike in the city," Xander pointed out.

"Well, yeah, but his pitiful pea shooter didn't compare to the gun we pulled up from the front cannon.  He ran off swearing never to do it again."

Vinnie snickered.  "You two are so bad," he said, shaking his head.  "What's this new stuff?"

"You'll see in a few days," Throttle told him.  "I can't describe the flavor but it's great. It melts in your mouth and it's a bit tangy, but a bit sweet, and it's wonderful."

"Of course, we'll expect you to eat it with coleslaw," Xander finished with a grin.  He looked at Charley.  "We found the most excellent pulled pork sandwiches."

"I bet."  She grinned at them. "Pictures?"

"As soon as we get them developed," Xander promised.  "We only got the ones from Frisco in the box."  He sat down to open it, handing Modo his tour video and some stuff.  Then Charley got her stuff, then Vinnie got the stuff from the bottom layer over the pictures.  "Did Dawn and Rimfire's come separately?"

"Yeah, and she took off with hers," Charley agreed dryly.

"That's fine, she was meant to," Throttle agreed with a wink for her.  "Less bouncy female to drive us insane for the next week."

"Rimfire ended up confiscating that candy stash from her," Modo told them.  "He's hidden it on her and is slowly handing it out so she doesn't bounce him to death again."

"Yeah, that's why I went to the chocolate factory and Xander went shopping," Throttle agreed.  "That's when he found my earring too."  He played with it and his mother swatted him.  "Sorry, it's new, I'm still getting used to it."

"It's a beautiful stud," she chided.  She looked in Xander's ear and grinned. "I can just barely see his.  It's a pretty thing too."

"It is and it suits him because he's a beautiful thing himself," Vinnie said proudly.

"You are the most mellow mouse.  You didn't come out the whole two weeks, did you?" Throttle teased.  Vinnie grinned and shook his head.  "Then I'm happy for you, bro.  We get tonight, right?"

"With him."

"Sure," Throttle agreed.  "Charley girl?"

"I'm not allowed to soak in the hot pools," she told him.  "After the birth.  Keep him from becoming a sponge and living in there."  She ate a bite of hotdog, then moaned, holding her stomach.  She swallowed and pressed, breathing deeply.  She noticed the stares.  "False labor, guys, I promise."

"We're getting special sheets and stuff for the baby to come on tonight," Xander told her.

"Already done," Modo promised. "Momma's bringing some down tonight when she lands."  Throttle nodded and Xander grinned at him.

"We've got everything else set up and waiting on her," Throttle's momma promised. "All we needed was you two studs to come back."  They grinned at her, Xander blushing a bit.  "Hurry up and eat so Vinnie can show you his special area.  We'll let you know if it's time."  They nodded, eating quickly and hurrying away.

"At least we'll be able to get Vinnie out for the birth," Modo offered, and Charley swatted him, giving him a look, but a grin too.  "We should take the pictures out for them."

"Sure," she agreed, smiling at him.  "Guys, can we take the pictures out to be developed for you?"

"We mailed them," Xander called.  "It was about ten rolls of film and stuff."

"I'll check the mail today then," she called back, shaking her head.  "That's handy."

"Yeah, you don't have to worry about room in your bags," Modo agreed. "I can't wait to see Sturgis.  We've heard some great things about it."

"Maybe you can go next year," Charley offered, grinning at him.  "Take Staff maybe?"  He blushed a bit.  "Modo, you know she adores you, right?"  He nodded, grinning sheepishly at her. "Then why are you waiting?"

"I'm waiting to find her somewhere special for our first real date."

"Take her to Six Flags.  We've got the passes now."  He nodded. "Go find your woman, Modo.  Bring her back. They bought more than we could eat since the son isn't agreeing."  He got up and went to get her from the office, carrying her out and sitting her down.  "Eat," Charley ordered.

"They're back?  I was going over the bike's specs and I didn't hear them."

"They're back and in the pool with Vinnie," Charley admitted with a grin.  "Eat.  We'll be hitting Six Flags this weekend."

"Sure."  She grinned up at Modo.  "He's said some great things about it."

"We'll go up Friday, so you can get it without being Vinnied on the rides," he promised.  She gave him a hug around the arm and dug in.  The phone rang so he got it.  "Yeah, Chef Andy, it's Modo?"  He grinned.  "Sure, we can come eat in tonight.  Not a problem.  Yeah, they were going to go out tonight anyway.  Sure.  Thanks."  He hung up.  "He's perfected the new thing and wants us to come try it tonight."

"Sure," Charley agreed.  "If the baby cooperates."

"I've never heard of a cooperative baby, they must be pretty rare," Staff teased.

Charley nodded.  "Fairly so from what I've seen but this one likes Chef Andy as much as his daddy so it's okay as long as he gets hot dogs."

"Like father like son.  Vinnie's going to be bragging for years on his boy's love of hot dogs."

"Too true," Throttle's mother agreed dryly.  "Then again, that boy doesn't need a reason to brag.  He's just like that.  That's why he's a white mouse."  That got some giggles and they finished lunch.


Vinnie finished fixing the water, then let them in, grinning at Throttle's boxers.  "No cloth in the pool," he chided.  He checked the halls, kicking the Tara cat out.  "You crapped funny for days after drinking the water, sweetheart.  We'll cut a small kitty flap in for you soon."  She meowed and licked his nose then gladly went to curl up in the sun in the library.  Vinnie checked again then closed and locked the door, grinning at Xander, who winked at him.  He checked the pool and it was nearly deep enough so he turned off the water.  "Okay, take off the blindfold."

Throttle took off his blindfold and looked around, looking stunned.  "This is great," he said in awe.  Xander manipulated the lights, turning on the dimmer bulbs.  "Wow.  This is like one of the hidden springs."

"Yeah, it's great," Vinnie agreed, hugging Xander to him.  "I put in stuff so it's like the one near the base.  No clothes in the pool.  It'll only get 'em dirty anyway."  He wiggled out of his clothes and got in, sighing in pleasure.  Xander climbed in next to him, cuddling up with him.  "What's your next trick?" he whispered.  "Modo's been pouting."

"We just found a buddy for Modo to swap stories with," he shared quietly.  "They're a lot alike.  The bar should bring back good memories too."

"I liked Tola's a lot," Vinnie agreed.

"Didn't you nearly destroy it a few times?" Throttle asked as he stripped off and climbed in, hissing a bit.  "Ooh, hot. Good after a long ride, but hot."

"Yeah, but the owner didn't mind, he thought it was great fun."  He beamed at him.  "You think he'll like it there?"

"I think he'll be like Norm at Cheers there," Xander said with a grin.  "Besides, I did something special, it's just coming for Staff."  He snuggled in again, getting comfy with his man on one side and his bro on the other.  "I like how this turned out."

"Me too," Throttle said, still looking around.  "We can mix and match for various pools?"

"Yeah, but Charley can only come in if it's in cool water and we use the sea salts in the blue basket.  Enamel said so."

"Sure, bro," Throttle agreed, grinning at him.  "No wonder you're orange."

"I'm a happy orange mouse too," he quipped back.  Xander chuckled against his chest and they looked at him.  "You don't mind, right?"

"Nope, this is special between you two," he promised.  He stretched out with a groan.  "I haven't been on my bike for that long in years.  She was so happy though, bro.  She was showing off, she was preening.  A few of the girls there wanted to pet her and take her home, but Xander had to point out the only one who got to take her and her rider home was him.  We had so much fun.  We've got to go next year.  Together."

"Sure," Vinnie agreed.  "We'll leave Rimfire and Dawnie in charge."  He grinned as Xander shifted, snuggling in harder, snuffling at his chest.  "I think someone needed a nap."

"I had him on the bike about a hundred miles ago," he admitted. "Right after lunch.  You will love this stuff, bro. It's perfect."  Vinnie grinned and leaned over, giving him a gentle kiss.  "Thanks," he said with a grin.  "Feel better?"

"Much.  Charley felt you two after lunch.  That's why I was out and dried off when you came in."

Throttle chuckled.  "I don't doubt it, but I'm sorry about that."

"Not an issue.  I enjoyed it, she enjoyed it," he said smugly, winking at him.  "The baby liked it too.  He kicked the snot out of her during it."  Throttle chuckled again.  Xander shifted and he felt a warm hand cover him.  "I think he thinks he's laying on you."

"He'll be fine," Throttle promised.  "If he gets too touchy, shift him over."  He watched as Vinnie nodded and got comfortable.  "Minifridge?"

"Behind the yellow rock."

Throttle reached back and grabbed a rootbeeer, looking inside.  "We need to stock more in there.  We'll stock on the way home tonight."  Vinnie grinned at him.  "You appreciate this, right?  He was worried all week when it was going in, even if I didn't know why."

"Throttle, man, I love him for this.  If he wasn't yours, he'd have been mine right then and there, on the side of the pool, and he'd have not come out for the last two weeks either," he said, sounding serious.  "Instead, the first night Charley came in here, she almost didn't get to leave."

Throttle pinched him, grinning at him.  "I'm not sure I would have held back."  Vinnie grinned at that and Throttle shifted some.  "These are so much nicer than the marble slabs at the spring near that base."

"Yeah, he went for massive comfort," Vinnie agreed happily.  He moaned and moved Xander's hand.  "Not yours to do that to, little bro."

Throttle snorted.  "You said you wanted to compare."  He took his lover back, letting him nestle against his chest and play with him.  He was soon up and ready.  "Not in the pools, babe.  Please."

"Like I care, go ahead," Vinnie said tolerantly, sliding deeper into the water.  "You might want to rinse off if you're sucking on him, it's still got a small sulphur content."  He watched as Throttle slid out of the water and grabbed a bottle of clean water to pour over himself, shivering because it had to have been cold.  It didn't seem to matter though, since he was still hard and Xander was already mouthing it and drying it off to get it wet his way.  "That's one talented mouse," he said in appreciation, watching Xander work.

"He's still mostly asleep too," Throttle moaned, holding his mate's head down.  Xander pulled away and panted, then went back down again.  "Sorry, forgot you don't have gills anymore. Please don't tease, babe?"  Xander went back down, humming as he went and it was great, just perfect with the warmth of the pool around his feet and ankles.  His mate between his thighs, and Vinnie watching them.  He came and stroked Xander's neck, moaning a bit since he was still swallowing.  Xander pulled back to use the end like a pacifier, totally asleep again.  Throttle got him off and Vinnie held him while he slid back into the water, taking his boy back once he was seated.  "Sorry, sometimes he has really good dreams that he likes to act out."

"Not an issue.  Any mouse who's that talented asleep has got to be one of the great ones awake."  Vinnie shifted closer, leaning against Throttle's free side.  He got an arm put around his shoulders too and grinned up at him.  "Thanks."

"Welcome.  You deserve it for being so mellow and calm."  Vinnie grinned up at him and got comfortable, and he found himself with two mice teasing his stomach fur.  "That's a dangerous thing to do," he warned with a quiet growl.

"Danger is my life," Vinnie taunted back.  "Charley'll be here soon."

"If you don't quit, she's going to find you bending over and taking it," he warned.  Vinnie just pinched him and grinned up at him, but thankfully someone tapped on the door.  "Charley, come save him if you want to keep him unmolested."

She came in and shut the door, locking it.  "What did he do now?"  She looked at where Vinnie was laying and obviously teasing.  "Naughty white mouse."

"Yeah, well, that's kinda the definition, sweetheart."  He shifted over, coming over to tease her.  He felt the magic start and blocked it, then pulled her over to sit in the edge of the tub, helping her out of her clothes.

"I can't come in."

"I don't want you in, I can't do my favorite things when you're in the water."   He spread her thighs and dove in to taste her. He pulled back and looked up.  "It'll be soon.  Your taste is changing."  He shrugged and dove back in.  He loved his son and his woman.

Throttle groaned and shook his head, looking down at the mouse against his side.  "Xander?"

"Hmm?  Want another one?"

"I need more, babe. You promised to finish making me beg for you."  He nodded at the other couple.  "Please?"

Xander sat up and pushed Throttle back onto the side, making him turn around.  "Did you do what I asked you to?" he asked, moving his tail out of the way so he could look at his hole.  "It looks clean but did you *really* clean it for me."  Throttle nodded so he blew across the opening, making him shiver.  "You're sure?  If I check and you didn't, I'm going to have to go help Vinnie in punishment."  Throttle and Charley both moaned at that and Throttle nodded again.  Xander licked a finger and let it enter him slowly, teasing him.  "Yeah, you still feel pretty clean."  He leaned forward, blowing through the tightened little ring, then he licked it, slowly letting his tongue get deeper and more involved.

"I didn't know you could do that," Charley said, grabbing onto Vinnie's ears.  "Be more gentle."

"Sorry," he said, easing off the pressure.  He watched Xander for a minute, then shrugged and dove back in.  "Not that different, really."  His girl was starting to shake, he could feel it, and he wanted her so bad, but Enamel had said no real sex, just oral and touching.  So he used his tail in her, stroking the thin tip in and out slowly, going with the pattern he was using to suck her clit. He heard his name being called and felt fingers teasing his antenna and decided he could speed up.  This was all he wanted and she was his.  She was gasping and clutching at his head, and he had to keep her thighs apart, but she was going off even if he had to do something spectacular.  He heard Throttle shout and glanced over.  Xander had just slid home.  Ooh, that was a pretty sight.  Throttle bent over, Xander having him by the hips and just slamming into him while he begged nonsense words.  He'd have his girl doing that again in a few months and he couldn't wait.  He heard her scream and sped up, using a finger now in place of his tail.  She was so close, but hung up on the edge so he twisted his finger, adding a second one, and shifted how he was tonguing and sucking on her clit.  She nearly hit it again, he could feel the shakes starting, then she finally went over with a loud wail.  He gave her a few more gentle finger thrusts to help her calm back down and felt something extra slimy.  "Ummmm," he said, looking at it.  His fur was dotted with blood.  "I think your water just broke, sweetheart."  He looked up.  "Sorry."

"Not an issue.  The baby can come now," she panted, grabbing him by the shoulders.  "Guys!" she snapped. "Baby!"  She groaned and held her stomach, trying hard to breathe.

Throttle finally got off, right into the overflow drain, and Xander spanked him before getting off himself.  "Oh, cheese," he groaned, panting hard.  "Xander, babe.  I won't be sitting for another week," he complained, letting his mate cuddle him from behind.  "Damn, boy."

"Yeah, I'm good," Xander said smugly, giving him a gentle squeeze.  He pulled out and sat down, letting Throttle sit in his lap for a few kisses.  "See, you thought it was nasty to clean that spot."

"Never again," he vowed.  "I'll never balk at anything like that again."  He put his head down on his mate's head, eyes half closed as he looked at the other couple.  "Another false pain?"

"No, her water just broke," Vinnie offered, helping her through that one.

"Babe, phone," Xander said calmly.  It was shifted over by Throttle's tail and he called Enamel's cell.  "It's us, Charley's water just broke, get here as soon as you get this message," he ordered, hanging up and putting the phone aside.  "Okay, let's get her ready."  He stood up, letting Throttle stand on his own, then walked over, noticing the water was deeper.  "I'm going to kill Dawn if she broke anything."

"The shelves aren't as deep as they were," Vinnie complained.

"Dawn, fix the shit before it all spills and you have to fix it manually," he snapped, looking up.  The magic unwrapped from the room and he got out.  The pool was still deeper than it should be. Besides she couldn't give birth in it.  He picked Charley up and carried her back to the main bedroom, the one where everyone else seemed to give birth "Modo, do we have the special sheets on the bed?"

"Yeah, Momma just got here and put them on.  Why?"

"Her water broke," Vinnie said happily, following his wife.  He headed back to the kitchen, coming back with a glass of ice chips and a spoon, settling in beside her. "Whatever you need me for, I'm here," he promised.  "Ice chips, screaming at, hitting repeatedly," he added with a grin.

"Good, I'll probably need all those and more."  She let Xander help her sit up and then felt him slide behind her, giving her a better spot to rest. "Thank you.  Much more comfortable."

"That's why all the babies like to nap on me," he quipped happily.

"Um, guys, shouldn't all of you be *dressed*?" Modo asked.  "Are we doing something really special for this one?"

"Oops," Vinnie said, hurrying to his room to get some boxers.  He came back and found someone had gotten Xander a towel, and gave him a look.  "More clothes?"

"Why?  I'm going back in while you hold your son."

"Point," he agreed happily, beaming at him.  He spooned some ice chips into her mouth, letting her squeeze his hand.  "How far apart are they?"

"About four minutes, whatever you two were doing in the pool apparently sped her along nicely," Modo's momma offered.   "Charley, I know you helped Switch through hers, I'm going to do the same for you.  You know the drill so just let it go, okay?"  She nodded, squeezing Vinnie's and Throttle's hands.  "Modo," she said gently, her son was standing in the corner looking really scared.  "Modo!" she snapped, making him flinch and look at her.  "Go find Staff, call your nephew, we'll call if you're needed to come hold her hand."  He nodded, escaping as fast as he could.  "My boy's a sensitive one, hates to see anyone in pain unless they deserved it," she sighed, shaking her head sadly.  She heard a bike and looked out, smiling at Enamel as he drove in and parked.  "We're in here, it seems to be traditional."

"Probably," he agreed.  "This is where Switch had her first one."  He came in and put on a pair of gloves, looking at her.  "I'm going to check, it's going to hurt for a second."  She nodded and Vinnie looked away.  He checked her cervix and smiled.  "You're really close.  How long have you been in labor?"

"I had one of those false pains during lunch," she panted.  "Then super stud here got hot again."

"That'll almost always set it off," he agreed.  "Vincent, I told you no sex."

"I only licked and touched her," he defended.  "I just had to work really hard to get her over that final barrier."

"Which made my water break," Charley agreed, wincing and squeezing their hands hard, her face scrunched up.  "OW!"

"I've got a bit of local for you," Enamel soothed, going back to his bike to get his bag and bring it back.  He smiled and moved Vinnie, putting in the nerve block expertly, then she sighed in pleasure.  "Better?"

"Much!  With this I might even go through this again in another ten years or so."

Vinnie kissed her.  "Not before three, sweetheart," he promised.  "I want this one up and wandering and talking fully before you even *think* about another one and you can tell me if we're having another one."

She pinched his ear.  "No more kids," she said firmly.  "One's enough."  He nodded, spooning more ice chips into her mouth.  "I'm going much faster than Switch did."

"Yeah, well, you've got better motivation.  This kid wants out to play with his daddy more than the others did."  He looked at Vinnie.  "Come down here, daddy.  That way the baby comes more quickly to play."  Vinnie looked stunned and shook his head.  "Yes, you.  Stoker saw his being born, you can come watch yours come out."

"Go ahead, big brother, I've got her," Xander said gently.  He nodded and shifted down there, moving to stroke her ankle.  "We've got a free hand," he called.

"I've got it," Modo called, coming in to let her squeeze his.  "Sorry about that."

"Not an issue," Charley agreed, swallowing.  "Ice?"  He spooned some out and let her have it, then grinned.  "Good job.  Just let me break your hand and I promise to apologize for any swearing later."  She let out a shriek and arched up.  "Can't you make him come out faster!"

"Push, that gets him out faster," Enamel said tolerantly, helping hold her hips down.  "Come on, you can do this.  Switch was just a teenager and she did it.  You can too."  Charley screamed again but she did push this time.  "Good, now give me about thirty more and you'll have a son," he said with a grin for her.

"Shouldn't the pain killers be helping?" Vinnie demanded.

"They are.  Babies hurt, Vincent.  You'll see why in a minute."  He pulled him closer, letting him see.  "That's the top of the baby's head. Look at the hole it's coming out of.  She'd be in more pain without the drugs."  He shivered and moved back to stroke her stomach, kissing her and giving her encouraging words.  Then he came back to help her push, watching it all from above.  "Good job," Enamel praised, moving to help the baby come out.  "I see an antenna, oops, the second one popped out.  Good sign, come on, give me another few good ones, Charley," he encouraged.

"Come on, you can do it," Xander agreed, working on her shoulders.  "Just bear down and shove.  The baby's got to come out to give me someone to play with."  She snorted but continued on.  "Good girl, come on, just a bit more."

"Everyone keeps saying that, but I think his big nose is stuck!" she shouted.

"Nope, the nose is nearly out," Enamel promised.  "Just a bit more and his head'll be free and then it'll be his shoulders."  Vinnie gave him a look.  "They have to come out too."  Vinnie grinned and went back to encouraging her, and Enamel noticed something.  He'd have to make the daddy calm down soon.  Otherwise he'd be doing this again in another ten months.  He freed the head from her body and then caught the rest. "A boy!" he said triumphantly.  He clamped the cord and handed Vinnie the scissors, keeping him from reaching for the bandoliers he'd normally be wearing. "Cut, not burn, and they're on your bed probably," he said tolerantly.  Vinnie carefully cut the cord, then grinned as he stole his son to hold and cuddle.

"Hey, bro, can we see?" Throttle teased.  Vinnie let him see the baby mouse, who had almost no fur and a little pudgy tail, just like Vinnie's baby picture did.  "He's cute."

"He is," he said proudly, grinning at them.  "Hey, little guy.  Welcome home.  Yeah, it's the daddy.  I'm the one who talked to you all the time," he cooed.  "Hey.  Hi."  He grinned as the baby tried to blink at him.

"Name, daddy?" Enamel asked.

"Victor.  It's a tradition in my part of the family to name a 'V' name."  He grinned at Charley, who shrugged. "You like it?"

"Yeah, I like it," she promised, stroking his tiny foot.  "You need a bath, son."

"I've got it," Throttle promised, prying the baby from Vinnie's arms.  "Let's go follow the tradition, little guy.  Then you can have the daddy and mommy back.  I promise."  He found the mothers had prepared the warm oil bath and settled in to bathe him gently.  He brought him back, watching as the daddy stole him, then went to get the oil to clean her up.  Everyone else was shooed out but him and Vinnie and he grinned at her.  "This'll feel kinda odd but it's soothing and good for you," he promised.

"Can you take Vinnie and make him get off in the bathroom?" she asked quietly.  "Before he jumps me."

"I'm holding it in, sweetheart."

"Vinnie, it's going to be weeks before you're going to be able to touch me."  She took the baby from him.  "Go take Xander into the bathroom and get it out of your system now."

"But, sweetheart!"

"Now."  She looked at Throttle, who shrugged and nodded.  "Xander?"  He came back in and shut the door, now wearing a pair of sweat pants, but you could tell he hadn't found any underwear again.  "Can you take Vinnie into the bathroom and get him off before he jumps me?"

He blinked a few times.  "You're asking me to go have sex with your husband?"

"Just hold him, whisper to him, tease him a bit," Throttle ordered.  "No actual sex.  No touching."

"Sure."  He shrugged at Vinnie, who looked confused.  "Come on, Vinnie.  Apparently she thinks you're a bit too happy."

"It happens," Enamel said from the doorway.  "One month without sex, of any sort, Vincent," he said firmly.  "No touching her there, no licking her there, no tailing her there, nothing."  He looked stricken.  "She's got to unstretch and all that.  So go wear it out on your own and we'll work on how you can do that."  Vinnie nodded, dragging Xander with him.  "You're lending him your husband?" he asked Throttle, coming in to get the baby to examine.  He sat down next to the bed, attaching the small scanner to his belly so he could look him over. "He's perfectly healthy, Charley, and he will have your hair color as his fur color."  He unhooked the baby and made notes about his size, weight, and overall appearance, then slid him into a white furry set of footie pajamas before handing him back.  "There you go.  One perfect little mouse."  He stood up and grinned at her.  "Need anything else?"

"Only a month?  Can't it be three, or six?"

Throttle chuckled.  "You'd never get him to wait that long, Charley girl."  He finished up and stepped back, grinning at her.  "All done.  Now we're going to settle you on the couch so we can do the sheets, and Vinnie should be done sometime soon.  I can feel him getting a bit too warm at the moment."

"Yeah, me too," she said dryly.

"Modo, come pick her up and put her on the couch," Throttle called.  "We've got to take the sheets now."  Modo came in and carefully helped her into a bathrobe, then carried her and the baby out to the couch, settling them in the nest of pillows he and Staff had been working on.  He grinned at her and patted the baby on the belly before going to hide again.
Throttle stuck his head out of the room.  "Momma?"  Both mothers looked at him.  "There's blood on the bed, do we need to burn it too?"

"No, dear, we'll do a purification on it and then flip it over," Modo's mother promised.  "Primer about bled for days during the twins' birth."

"Sure."  He carried out everything to be burned, taking it outside.  It was quickly lit on fire and he grinned, watching as everything that could harm the baby was taken out of play.


Xander closed and locked the door behind them, walking up behind Vinnie to hold him.  "Sorry, but orders and all that," he whispered, making Vinnie shiver. "I understand, Vin.  You wanted to dive in, celebrate the baby and worship her as the goddess she is," he agreed, stroking his stomach.  "Unfortunately orders are orders.  It could be worse.  It could be a year."

"No, not that long," he moaned, pulling his cock out.  "He's right, I can't hurt her."

"So get it all out in here, Vinnie.  That's why I'm here.  To give you naughty images of her in a few weeks.  Her laying there with the baby in her arms, letting it nibble some lunch."  Vinnie moaned and started to touch himself.  "Her feeling it when you watch her and grinning up at you, putting the baby aside to welcome you the same way."

"Oooh, momma," Vinnie agreed, going faster now.  "Please, please let her want me again?"

"How could she resist?" Xander asked, teasing the spots that usually got Throttle going.  Vinnie came and went limp for a minute, then started again.  "Again?" he teased.

"I am one of the greatest lovers on Mars," Vinnie reminded him, turning to kiss him.  "Please, Xander?"

"I'm not allowed to touch, Vinnie, only give you dirty thoughts."  Someone tapped on the door. "He's busy."  They tapped again and he went over to look out, letting Throttle in.  "Sorry."

"No, I felt him rub against you and I wanted to come watch," he admitted, locking the door behind himself.  Vinnie gaped at him.  "If you need it and no farther."

Vinnie pulled Xander back, rubbing against him desperately while Xander whispered in his ears about how pretty his wife would be and how willing and waiting for him.  He got off again, leaning on his shoulder. "Thank you."

"You're welcome, bro," Xander soothed, stroking his back. "You can handle a few weeks, you're a strong mouse."  He kissed him gently.  "Now clean up.  We both need a shower before we're both orange."  Vinnie grinned at that and started a shower, pulling both of the couple in there with him.

"Already?" Throttle teased, seeing him getting hard again.  "C'mere, Vinnie."  He pulled him closer, letting him wear it out on him this time.  Charley couldn't be jumped or she'd be hurt and he knew Vinnie's first instinct was to worship her, the same as his was.  Probably the same as Xander's was.  He felt a hand come around to help them and groaned, liking it a lot.  Xander was very good.  Vinnie came with another groan and Xander got him cleaned up, then Throttle got the rest of his swallowed and that was all he needed.

Xander flipped the switch on the tub, letting it fill while he finished cleaning himself up.  Once the water was high enough, he shut it off and closed the curtains, leaving them there.  He walked out in a towel, stopping to whisper in Charley's ear.  "They're in a bath, we wore him out a few times," he assured her.  She smiled and nodded.  "If you need us, yell."  He headed down to his room to find clothes, putting on a pair of soft, older jeans, then coming back up the stairs.  "Okay, I'm decent enough again.  Who's doing the burning?"

"Modo," Throttle's mother said with a smile.

Modo's momma sighed and nodded.  "My poor husband did the same thing to me," she told Charley.  "I had to make him go live with his bros for a week before he was calm enough to come back.  He was bouncing like a white mouse on muir berry juice."  Xander grinned at that so she hugged him.  "You did that very well."

"Not the first time," he pointed out with a grin.  He sat down at Charley's feet, taking the baby to hold.  "Hey, Victor.  How about we call you Vic?  That good with you, little guy?"  He grinned down at the sleeping baby.  "You're going to be one spoiled little auburn mouse, Vic.  Your daddy's going to do everything for you.  He's even going to be worse than Stoker is with Spike.  Yeah he will," he cooed, grinning down at the fluttering eyes.  "I'll go out in a few minutes to get some diapers and a few bottles and some formula for when you're tired of feeding him for a few hours," he promised, grinning at her.  "That way we can babysit."  Charley grinned at that, yawning a bit.  "Here, let him nibble for the first time, then we'll let you sleep and I'll bottle him the next one."  He handed him back, watching as she shifted, then let the baby latch on.

He immediately took to it, sucking hard.  "You're just like your father, very good with your mouth, son," she said fondly.  Both mothers giggled at that and gave her a pat, helping her into a better position.  "How long do I bleed, Enamel?"

"Some women it's two weeks, some women it's a bit longer," he offered. "No tampons."

"No, I figured they'd get lost," she said dryly.  "I feel like one of those tunnels they have in the north that go through the mountain."  He chuckled at that.  "He's a huge kid."

"He is," he agreed.  "Just a bit above average and very healthy."

"Yeah, that's what's important," she agreed, letting him switch to the other side so he'd get used to that too.  He wasn't sucking quite so frantically now, it was more like he was having a casual snack, and then he fell asleep.  She handed him back to Xander, then yawned and shifted down again. "I need a nap."

"Of course you do, child.  You did a lot of work just then," Modo's momma promised.

Throttle's mother tucked her in.  "We'll make sure you've got a wonderful dinner."

"Chef Andy said we're supposed to be going there tonight," Modo said from the ramp.  "Everything's gone, Momma."

"Good boy, Modo.  Do you want to hold him?" Her son looked stricken and she laughed.  "Some day, son, you'll be giving me grandbabies too.  Staff, did you want to come hold the baby, dear?"

"Please."  She came out of the kitchen, taking the baby to sit down and cuddle. "Hi, Victor.  I'm Staff.  You're so cute!" she cooed, teasing his belly.  "And very full.  Did you have mommy nummies already?"

"Yup, and now I'm off to get some diapers and a few bottles so we can babysit.  Should I find a breast pump too, Charley?"  She nodded, yawning again.  "Okay.  I'll be back.  Throttle, I'm taking your bike!" he yelled.  "Getting stuff for the baby from Walmart!"  He headed out, going to the new garage, grinning at the machine in the corner.  "I wonder what you are," he said, shrugging it off.  Someone would tell him soon enough.  "Hey, doll, Charley had the baby and we've got to get some stuff for him.  Wanna go for a short spin?"  Throttle's bike wiggled then beeped contentedly.  "Please?"  Vinnie's bike moved closer and nudged him.  "That's fine, we'll take you instead," he agreed, stroking her.  "You rest, baby.  You had a long ride and you deserve it."  Throttle's bike beeped in contentment and he got on Vinnie's to head to Walmart.

A salesclerk saw him park and headed inside. "Sir, there's a very white person on a red motorcycle.  Isn't he banned for scaring the fish?"

"Does he have a mask on his face?" the manager asked.

"No, not this one, sir.  No shirt, kinda, but no mask."  They watched as he walked past.  "Sir, you're supposed to be wearing a shirt."

He turned to grin at her.  "The bike's actual owner just had his son and we're picking up some necessities.  If it takes me more than twenty minutes, I'm going to pout."  He turned back around and headed back to the baby stuff.  He'd have to lash stuff to the back of the bike by the time he was done, but she didn't seem to mind too much.


Vinnie pulled outside of Oz's place, smiling at the landlord.  "Hey.  Oz and Meg in?"

"Going at it like bunnies from the noise," he said dryly, looking at the thing on his chest.  "He's cute, kid."

"Thanks.  This is Victor.  He was just born today so now he's getting shown off.  It won't take long, I promise."

"Like I care.  The person who complained about bikes parking out front left last month."  He held the door open for him, watching as the father carried his new son inside to show him off.  "Tell the mother I said congrats and to rest.  New babies are hard."

"Oh, she will be, even if we have to help out in the garage."  Vinnie walked slowly up the stairs, holding onto the pouch so his son couldn't move or get bounced any.  He tapped on the door, grinning at the half-dressed woman who answered it.  "I've got a treat for you."

"Ooh!  He came!" she shouted, taking the baby out to snuggle up to her nearly bare body.  "Ooh, aren't you such a sweetie, baby love?" she cooed, sitting down next to Oz, who at least had put a pillow over his lap.  "Look, he's a bit furless and he's got a little tiny tail, and he's so cute!"

Oz sat up, looking at the baby.  "Hey.  Don't worry, she won't make you deaf."  He took the baby to hold, looking down at him.  "You'll get cuter as you grow up, just don't be like your dad and brag about it.  Women hate braggers, kid."

"Victor," Vinnie told him, leaning on the back of the couch.  "It was a fairly easy birth and Charley's fine."  Meg stole the baby back and his son, being the future stud he was, tried to latch onto the bare nipple.  She yelped and moved him, handing him back. "That's my son," he said proudly.  "Always ready for a good meal."  Meg swatted at him but she was grinning.  "I didn't mean to interrupt, guys."

"No, that's a good interruption," Oz offered.  "Has Xander spoiled him yet?"

"Xander went to Walmart for diapers, formula, a breast pump, and a few bottles and came back with a stroller, this carrier, a playpen, and more clothes than Dawn has," he said dryly, cracking them up.  "He's so deep in super fuss mode, he won't even spoil Throttle.  But I can't say as I blame him.  I've got an adorable son and he deserves all the good stuff."  He grinned at him.  "We're having dinner in tonight if you guys wanted to come over soon."

"Tomorrow, man.  Let Charley bask in the glow of not being kicked for a night," Oz told him.

"Thanks, Oz.  Later, Meg."  He walked out, tucking the baby back into the carrier gently, stroking over the small antenna.  "Yeah, you'll be fussed over by everyone for being so cute."  He got back on his bike and started off again.  He had one more stop to make.  Vinnie pulled up to Chef Andy's, smiling at him as he came out. "Hey."

"Where's everyone else?" he asked, staring at the pouch thing on Vinnie's chest.  "What's that?  Getting practice?"

"Nah, it's tradition that the Van Wham heir get taken out to be shown off to everyone," he said fondly, waving him closer.  "This is Victor.  He was just born a few hours ago.  My momma must've carted me to fifteen different houses on the day I was born, but we've only got a few people here we want to tell."  He grinned at him.  "So can we get dinner to go tonight?"

"Sure thing, Vinnie," he said, patting him on the back. "Congratulations.  How's Charley girl?"

"On the couch.  We're waiting for the bed to dry before putting her back into it."  That got a small smile.  "She's taking a nap.  This little guy tried to eat off his Auntie Meg, but she didn't seem to mind."  He grinned at him.  "Modo thought the rest of them might come in anyway, but we're pretty well lazy tonight, watching him learn about us."

"I understand," he promised, going to wrap those sandwiches up.  "Here you go, Vinnie," he said with a grin, handing him the bag.  "Xander already paid earlier."

"He said he didn't," he protested, but Andy waved the money away.  "You sure?"

"To celebrate that little guy?  Yeah.  He's too special to make you pay tonight.  Have him and Throttle call me to make sure I got it exactly right and if you want, I'll put it on the regular menu for you guys."

"Thanks, Chef Andy.  Say bye-bye, Vic."  The baby grunted.  "We'd better get back, he's probably hungry.  Expect to see him in a few more days."  He tucked the bag between his legs and took off again, heading back to the lair.  The only people left to tell were on Mars, or in DC.  He'd call them later.  He rode up the ramp and handed over the bag, sitting down in front of Charley so he could hand the baby back to her.  "Here you go, momma.  Vic tried to eat off Meg since she was mostly naked, and Chef Andy thought he was adorable too."

"He is," she agreed, patting him on the head. "You're still sleeping on the floor for the next week."

"Sure," he agreed.  "If that's what you want."  She smiled and nodded.  "Then that's what I'll do for you."  He kissed her and took his sandwich, looking at it.  "Coleslaw?"

"Eat it," Throttle prompted.

Vinnie took a big bite and moaned as the meat melted in his mouth.  "This is good.  We need more of this," he said, taking another one.

Throttle ate his, and nodded. "Really close and better."

Xander took a bite, grinning at him.  "I like this."

Modo looked at his, then at Vinnie's.  "No coleslaw on mine?"

"You don't like cabbage, big fella."

"Point," he admitted, taking a bite, then he moaned.  "Oh, this is good."  He ate a bite of Vinnie's.  "That's better though."  He finished off his and dug into the bag.  The mothers got one each and then Modo got up, going to go back down there and get some more.  Even if he had to beg.  He pulled up outside the shop and got off his bike walking inside.  "Throttle said this was better than the original.  Can we have twenty more?  Half with slaw and half without?  I like coleslaw on this."

Chef Andy smiled and nodded. "I made an extra large batch for you guys," he promised, going to get it and warm it up.  "It'll take me a few minutes, Modo.  Does Charley need anything special?"

"She's drinking.  The baby didn't let her eat for the last few days but Enamel said that was fine.  That she could drink today and have soup tomorrow and then real food the next day.  She'd be too sore to use the bathroom anyway."  Andy nodded as he worked. "Staff's just taken to the baby like it was hers," he said happily.  "She keeps stealing him to sit and cuddle and coo at him.  Vinnie and my momma just give her this tolerant look and let her do it."

"She'll make a good momma to your brood too," Andy promised. "Just twenty?"

"We had one each," he offered, considering it.  Four bros, Staff, both mothers. "Yeah, that's about another three each and an extra one for someone."

"I'm out of hamburger buns but I've got kaiser rolls.  That okay?"

"Sure, it sounds really good," he admitted.  "A bit more firm than the buns were.  Those things just *melt*, they're good!"

"I'll make another batch in a few days," he promised, finishing up and handing over the bag.  He took the money and smiled.  "You be good to that baby.  Remember, they cry during the night because they don't speak."  Modo nodded, grinning at him before heading out.  Andy picked up the phone and called a few friends. "Squeeze, this is Andy.  No, good news.  Tell everyone down there that Charley girl had the baby and it's a boy.  He's adorable."  He grinned. "Yeah, I know 'im.  He just picked up some new sandwiches.  Throttle wanted to know if I could make a good pulled pork and apparently they like mine the best," he said proudly.  "Sure, not a problem. I'm open for another hour or so.  Yeah, adorable.  Little tail, no fur, tiny nose.  Just adorable.  Vinnie said he'd have his momma's hair color though.  Sure.  Whenever you're ready.  Yeah, tell the rest of them so we'll lay off her this week.  She don't need to be working on a bike or a car just after birth.  Though, Staff's a good mechanic from what I hear.  No, Modo's girl."  He stirred the meat with a grin.  "Yeah, her.  She's a bit shy.  She barely said three words to me when she was in last and she stuttered those. Loves his bike the way he does.  She walked out and polished some dust off it the last time she was here.  Yeah, it's good for him.  Sure, I'm guessing it'll be a few days but sure.  Thanks, man."  He hung up and went to put that recipe up on the board.  He'd be making a lot of this stuff apparently.

The End.

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